Monday, August 03, 2009

They Give Emmys for This, Really?

Hey, I’m a friendly guy. In fact, I’d call myself a people person. I like all kinds of people. OK, people who act illogically bother me a little, and yes I’m quick to lose patience with people who don’t have any sense of personal boundaries. I guess that explains why I was a little concerned about our AMC friends this past week.

For example, what is with the open windows and doors in Pine Valley? And why is everyone always lurking around outside their friends and neighbors homes? Logical people don’t do that, especially when the town is in the midst of a crime spree— stabbings, shootings, break-ins. Not to mention epidemic head trauma and memory loss. Crazy people walking around killing and shooting at people and immediately repressing the memory or remembering repressed memories that totally never happened anyway! People in this town are batshit crazy!! Even if I lived in English Manor, I would have bars on the windows and booby trap all the doorways.

And when I go to a friend’s house, I usually call ahead and enter politely through the front door--especially if my friend is a single woman living alone with a baby in the house or if my friend is a wealthy old goat living on an estate allegedly crawling with security and which is the subject of a sensational murder investigation. I don’t think I’d be sneaking up on or surprising anyone. What if the open window or unlocked door is booby trapped? What if I were to startle the person and they picked up the gun laying near them on the floor, or under the bed, or in the flower pot or taped on the inside of the toilet lid and took a shot at me? You know they are at least going to hit you in the head and give you a nasty bruise. Who needs that? Pick up the phone and call first. Knock on the door and wait for it to be answered. Safety first people!

Anyway, here’s a rundown of last week’s shen-ANNIE-gans on AMC:

JESSIE is working too hard. He needs to cut NATALIA some slack and let her help. He can’t handle the PV crime spree alone.

Emotions are running high in the Hubbard clan. FRANKIE howled and flashed his big white wolf teeth over how shitty his luck has become. RANDI’s nostrils quivered after she lost the baby.

RYAN gritted and hissed and clenched his butt cheeks because he really didn’t want anybody to talk to EMMA. (I really wish somebody would pop RYAN’S thong when he goes on a rant.)

AMANDA is a beautiful idiot, and her plan is doomed before it gets underway. She is sneaking in Taylor’s window every 5 minutes, sleeping on the couch. I sort of understand where she’s coming from. There are at least 20 less people sleeping at TAYLOR’S house than the MARTIN house. But can't she just use the front door, knock before entering and call ahead?

TREVOR is already an addict—passed out on the couch with approximately 10 empty Enfamil bottles surrounding him.

KENDALL aka Alicia Minshew has a baby bulge. Manhands JALU just has a bulge.

KENDALL’s future is unclear after a repressed memory comes back to her and causes her to think she murdered the town’s beloved doofus.

ALERT: In case you missed it on SoapNet, the commercials for are sleazy and hot. Holy crap!

ERICA holds her own with everyone – DA "DUH" WILLIE, ADAM, LIZA, JACK, KENDALL, and proves why she’s the glue that binds the show together. But Granny don’t need to be bustin’ on RYAN’s nut no how.

INSANNIE rocks the jailhouse in her hot Pocahontas outfit. She may have worn it all week, but it was so much hotter than KENDALL’S tube top parade and JALU’s death wardrobe.

ZACH continued to not bathe and growl at everyone about KENDALL’S innocence while sporting that classic “buttcut” hairdo with a greasy part down the middle.

TAD and TAYLOR share some light, sweet, funny scenes that don’t involve sperm, head injuries, murder, guns, tunnels, or AIDUMB.

AIDUMB said some stuff I didn’t understand again. Something like: “Yaw wecum fo dah alibuy. Annie an aye aw fineeto.”

OPAL returned in a hilarious getup that looks expensive even though she’s allegedly destitute. She should have received a nice lump sum from her insurance company after the mansion burned. Can’t she buy her own condo and get a man?

ADAM made a rhyme: “Am I not clear? Get her out of here.” and followed quickly with something like “Erica Erica Erica Kane, Erica Kane”.

MARISSA confided to KWAK that she is dreaming of a threeway with JR and BEAKER.


It’s a very special week when STACEY LONDON and CLINTON KELLY show up from TLC’s What Not to Wear to makeover the entire town!! Watch them throw out KENDALL’S tube top collection while CARMINDY slathers her in Mederma scar fading cream. See JALU wince as they trash her collection of black dresses and undergarments for a colorful new wardrobe and underwear that doesn’t fall around her ankles! Marvel as they put TAD in the 360° mirror and show him how to accentuate the positives while slenderizing that buddha-belly. But the shit really hits the fan when ANGIE battles NICK’s efforts to tame the Weave and she takes offense to STACEY and CLINTON for trashing all the sweater vests she lovingly knit for JESSIE.

Let’s hear what you have to say about it all—right here.


Unknown said...

AMC ........ WTH can I say? Terrible .... there's something.

Jordan Hudson ~ I have a bone to pick w/ you. (LOL) I work 10 hrs a day, husband, 9 month old daughter, 5 months pregnant w/ my second ..... I consider myself very busy. Thank to you .... I have added another thing to my To Do List ..... Watch Drop Dead Diva. (LMBO)
I listened to you talking about it on the last podcast so I tuned in to Lifetime an hour earlier (I watch my Army Wives at 10) and watched. OMW .... I LOVE it. Brooke Elliot ..... she's wonderful. The writing is funny and dramatic all at the same time. And that's from watching 1 eppy. Ive added to my laundry list of shows on my DVR. (LOL) Thanks!

Crystal said...

I watched my first Drop Dead Diva last night and it was FABULOUS!

INAHAM said...

I didn't watch AMC today, and it probably sucked,so who cares. What really excited me today was seeing Florencia Lozano in the opening on OLTL! I didn't even know homegirl was on contract!I squealed like a little school girl when I saw her,no joke.

Michael said...

The intro piece is hysterical. I laughed,out loud, at least three times, reading it--while I was supposed to be working!

Laura said...

I slept through AMC, probably a snoozefest anyway. Shadow loved the intro.

discodan said...

fantastic new opening for OLTL tho...loved seeing Tea, Kyle, and heck...Stacy

way to update their opening... unlike GH who has 5 dead people in it

Shadow said...
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Shadow said...

I slow-mo’d the opening. I love those old pictures of Adam, Palmer, and Phoebe. They were all so dynamic! I wish they could find a creative way to incorporate some historical footage of Phoebe into a current storyline. They could bring back Brooke and Jamie and somehow utilize all the Duchess video they must have laying around—maybe a story about her estate or family lineage. Anyhoo, I never noticed ERICA in that beaded dress at the beginning. You don’t see it much—flies by quickly. The Real GREENLEE is still in one shot with ERICA and KENDALL all in red dresses. Nice old shot of Angie and Jessie. He looks a little younger than her. FIRST BABE is still in there in a picture with JR, ADAM and KWAK. KENDALL really is stunning. ZACH actually looks like maybe he bathed for his picture in the opening. He should make bathing a habit. JALU looks like she’s getting tickled with a dildo. That’s probably where the nickname “Turbo” really comes from. AIDUMB looks vacant. ANNIE needs her bangs. TAD has brown hair and maybe 20 less pounds. Dude needs to trim the mane and buy a treadmill, but I love the guy. KWAK looks thin. ADAM looks stoic. JR looks gay. MARISSA looks like she borrowed JALU’s dildo. JESSIE looks so happy, then he looks like he just realized what show he is on. ANGIE’S channeling vintage Whitney Houston. JOE, I love and miss Dr. Joe. He should be first. ACK! NATALIA. Was the photographer pissed at her that day? Guess he doesn’t like her storyline either. Nice shot of BROT though. Oh PALMER, I miss the old coot. JACK, now that he’s leaving I sort of like him again. Last week his head barely even bobbed. JAKE, he’s the hot one on the show. AMAMDA, she’s the other hot one on the show. DAVID, nice smile for an evil guy. TAYLOR, looks very glam for a soldier girl. FRANKIE has big giant shark teeth. I swear there’s small fish hanging out one side of his smile. This is RANDI'S best scene every day. BEAKER should open his mouth when he smiles. TURDBY, SHOULD NOT HAVE THE FLYAWAY SHOT. How is it possible they haven’t put ANGIE or OPAL in the flyaway? NUBABE Amanda Baker is still in a picture with KWAK as the book closes.

jordan hudson said...


Girl are you Latin with a 9 month old and another one in the oven lolol. Seiously is not Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives two great hours. Just lIke my NUrse Jackie and Weeds on Monday night. Who says there are not great roles for Women. Maybe not in the Movies but certainly on the Television.

Still so mad that ABC canceled my Dirty Sexy Money. Karen Darlign was on Hung last night and I amost didnt recognize her. That's acting two different characters and make up jobs and she was so different.

So far the only Soap I saw today was GL and I just can't. The whole Alan and Philip storyline just it's killing me. This is the kind of stuff Adam and JR should be playing and seeing Dorthy "the 1st Opal Gardner" Lyman on GL was great.

Y&R on Friday was again just too muhc. The writing was so powerful. Sorry guys Zach is a punk compared to Billy Abbott and Victor Newman when they went at it so reminded me of the days when Adam and Palmer would throw down. Those were the days. sigh.

I'm off to watch Grey I mean OLTL,

About time Florencia is put on contract. I have always felt she is this generations Soap Diva ala Zimmer, Strasser, etc. She is of that calibar.

discodan said...

Oh My Gosh Jordan, that Billy/Victor stuff is so fantastic I can't even put into words... so let's recap history...

Victor/Jack has always been the best rivalry this side of Jill/Katherine. Victor bedding, having a kid with, and marrying Jack's sister, Ashley. Jack bedding Nikki and Sharon, both Newman women in my opinion (with Nikki miscarrying John Abbott III).

Watching Billy Abbott take on Victor, knowing all of the history and sparring between the Newmans and the Abbotts, and watching Billy Miller take on the heralded Eric Braeden is so fantastic that it cannot be put into words. Seeing Billy's lack of fear, telling Ashley everything, and then calling him on on messing with people's lives. The only thing that was missing was Billy figuring out that Victor hired Gloria and Jeffery to get that guy to get Colleen drunk to get off the Newman board. Love my Colleen and I'm sad that she's leaving. She's the last of Brad...because Abby definitely isn't a good Carlton daughter. Plus Traci was always fantastic.

But anyways, this is what Greenlee and Erica were made of. The rivarly. The lack of fear. The clashing. It was beautiful...sigh and now we have Aidumb

Shadow said...

I just read that the show replacing Guiding Light is an updated version of "Let's Make A Deal". Seriously, CBS is replacing a 70 year old show with a game show from the early 1960's featuring adults dressed in ridiculous costumes like Raggedy Ann & Andy and giant babies. I thought CBS was hoping to skew younger with this move. I guess everyone is younger than Montey Hall though. REDIC!!

Laura said...

Geez if that Let's Make a Deal takes off, only one from AMC will go to LA. Cameron to host a remake of Tic, Tac, Dough or something equally lame.

Loved my girls on OLTL doing Grey Gardens. A big fan of the documentary, and I also liked the HBO movie. The only thing I cared about on AMC was that Julu looked better in violet and that Ian looks more bi-racial than Michael Jackson's kids. But the curly hair is cute, like Kendalls.

Shadow said...

AMC wasn't too boring today. I seriously like TAD and TAYLOR. It even sounds good "TAD and TAYLOR". Not sure what their scrunch name will be. I mean, TAD + TAYLOR = TAYLOR. TADLOR doesn't really roll off the tongue. KWAK and TAYLOR talking over fries had its moments. TAD and AMANDA had a friendly conversation in TAYLOR's house.

You how we were talking about people lurking around outside open windows in PV? Wouldn't you know, Kendall takes a pee and there's Ryan outside the bathroom window which just happens to open with great ease. Believe me, there is no such thing as sneaking out of the bathroom window of a courthouse in this post 911 age. Most courthouses don't even have windows let alone windows on the first floor that open from the outside. And fighting? Forget about it. Throw a punch anywhere near a courtroom you are instantly tazed, clubbed and cuffed. The whole thing would be on surveillance tapes, Zach would have been immediately arrested. Obviously PRATT has no legal advisors and no clue about legal process.

Shadow said...

DORIAN as a catwoman was priceless. OLTL so gets its money out of her. I really don't watch much OLTL, but it uses it's vets so well. To tune and see BO and NORA and VIKI in a major s/l was gratifying. They may not be spring chickens anymore, but their stories and acting are no less compelling. Their longevity with the show brings so much subtext and nuance to every scene they are in. Watch and learn Pratthole!

jason said...

The OLTL spoof of Grey Gardens was priceless. I love this show. It's so refreshing compared to amc.

I have the Big Brother feeds and they were epic tonight. THREE fights between Chima and Russel, where Chima threw water and Russel and pushed him, two with Kevin and Ronnie, and one with Natalie and Michelle. Tonight alone was worth the $30.

brtedi said...

8-3-09 Dinah & Shayne line of the day (for me anyway ;-) )

Shayne: “…are you happy?”
Dinah: “I’m so happy, it’s scary.”
Shayne: “Marry me, and you’ll never be scared again.”

Now, that’s a soap line if I ever heard one –Yay!

Did anyone else notice, Jeff Branson’s blue striped tie was the same one worn by Daniel Cosgrove, in the photo secquences, between commercial breaks?

Bye the way, Loved GT’s hat—Not everybody can pull that look off, but she did. Anytime is a good time for Jeff Branson to wear a suit! They looked like a postcard, from behind, on that bridge…

What I liked about the week ending 7/13/09:


Destiny & Mathew--He got in touch with his 'inner Asa'---Is the capacity for blackmail inherited? I think, Destiny has it bad for her best friend...Awww. She looked really pretty in her (formal) dress.

Nora & Bo It's about time. Nora & Clint are kinda boring...Or, is it just Clint that's boring?

Dorian & Blair --Now, there's a pair I like!

Stacy--She's kind of icky...Something's off with that storyline

Tea! Tea! Tea!--I like her w/ Todd---She's making him court her!

The show has mentioned Joey Buchanan a couple of times now.---Makes me wonder which of the soon-to-be- unemployed Guiding Light actors are set to be hired. Hmmmm...This could get good!


Not not much to say here...Do I care who shot Stewart? Not really...The writers keep vacilating between Annie & Kendall---with equal conviction. Nudge me when it's over.

The best things on the show are Tad & Taylor--They're cute!

Alisha Minshew wears pregnancy very well...She's actually getting curves!
"Emma" is becoming quite the little actress.

Thorsten Kaye got a haircut...Well, at least that's something.

GH is a mixed bag, for me, right now.

I don't really like Claudia...

Loving Olivia!--The look on her face when she dropped her papers at Carly's house...And Carly told her Sonny'd be relentless...Part of Olivia wants him to stop, while the rest of her doesn't Talk about complicated.

Kristina & Michael :-)

GaeaGoddess said...

Brace yourselves - I had a thought the other day. I don’t get them often so hear me out…

This whole time, I’ve been blaming Emma for shooting Stewart. Annie is trying to do the good mom thing to protect Emma and blames Kendall to get Emma off the hook. Kendall blames Annie because she wants to get off the hook herself, yadda yadda yadda…

What if Adam was actually the one who did it?

By his own admission, Adam was wacked out of his mind on David’s drugs so he was barely conscious of his own actions. What if he actually accidentally did it because he already knew that his life was in jeopardy if anything happened to Ian? This way, maybe Emma actually did see Adam do it, but has been in her confused catatonic state and can’t differentiate between fact and fantasy (hey – she’s only 7!), Annie knows that Adam did it, but she wants to protect him because he’s been so good to her (I know, I know. This would mean that the Adam/Annie story line would continue…EeeeeUUUU!), and Kendall actually IS innocent.

Now THERE’S a story line that could be developed! Can you imagine the guilt Adam would feel for accidentally killing his own brother? Can you imagine how Scott would react? His forgiving nature would get thrown out the window and he’d want to kill Adam himself. Maybe this is the only reasonable plot that could save this show!

Forgive me if someone has already come up with this theory. I tend to skip over the non-AMC comments on the blog and I may have somehow missed one that already had this posted somewhere.

Mel Got Served said...

I have this random theory Little A killed Stuart. No proof, etc.. just would be a ridiculous and stupid twist.

Mel Got Served said...

Jason- what time were the fights? Can't believe I missed them! I love me some BB fights! All the fights the first week alone were worth the $30. This cast sucks, but at least they fight well.

discodan said...

I personally cant even begin to stomach this 'Who Shot Stuart" storyline. Ryan's popping outta window. Zach's punching Aidan. JR is kissing Annie. I'm having issues following these things.

The only consistent thing is Buddah Belly Ian. That curly haired kid is like a Big younger Cameron Webber.

Shadow said...

Ian is cute. And GEA, I've always suspected too that it was Emma or Adam that shot Stuart. It could be powerful if Adam did it, but Pratt's at the helm so my expectations are low.

One positive, I really, really like Taylor and Tad. I hope they don't rush it. I like that KWAK is trying to accept it and her mistakes. Somebody mentioned that maybe she and Brot should hook up. It would be interesting to see her hook up for something more meaningful than just looks or money. She's made so many mistakes for so many wrong reasons. I wouldn't mind seeing Brot blow her mind and rock her world with some hot soldier love. That would be a cougar relationship I might support.

Norn Cutson said...

hey ya'll
my friend Darbi has another AMC episode airing this week, either Thursday or Friday, & she's shooting another one tomorrow!

Arizonagal said...

Comments on ya'lls comments:

Logical people don't do that, eh Shadow? When was the last time you saw a logical person in Pine Valley. The most well balanced, normal person in PV is still not logical. Most logical, maybe Joe Martin? Angie?

Ha, I watched DDD because of Jordan too. It's cute but not sure I'm fully engaged yet.

David doesn't smile, he smirks.

ITA about Colby doing the flyaway, but then it's followed by a still of EEK. Haven't they always saved the flyaway for their resident ingenue? Used to be Binx, she was worthy.

Replacing GL with a dumbed down game show (is that possible?) is a symptom of what's wrong w/this country. Quality doesn't matter to TPTBs, the network weasels! It's about skating by on the thinnest dime. Don't get me wrong, I realize I am blessed to be living in the USA with a career, a home, a loving hubby, a buncha pets, cable TV, but axing GL is like knocking down Monticello to put up a Walmart.

Back to work, uncle sam's watching.

Shadow said...

Can you imagine what they must have passed over for a Let's Make a Deal remake? Green Acres Redux? Petticoat Junction: Hooterville 2009; Yahtzee Live!; 21st Century Gong Show?

discodan said...


Wow.. that's all I have to say.

Unknown said...

Jordan ~ Dad is Spanish/Italian & my mom is black. (LOL) So ....

Drop Dead Diva is a great show. Where has the amazing Brooke Elliot been hiding? She is wonderful. Notice how she channels the voice of the actress that played Deb b4? Great.
Army Wives .... THAT. IS. MY. SHOW. I've watched since season 1, episode 1. Haven't missed a single episode yet. So glad CJ & Michael have figured out what Emmalyn's problem is b/c I don't know about anyone else but she was working my nerve.

Looking forward to another ass-toot podcast from you and Ashley soon. :)

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Hey all,

Just want to know if head the news AMC is leaving NYC. Do you think this is a ploy to get NYC to give them some new tax breaks or are they leaving?

Jorash, loved the podcast so happy to hear your voices again. many kudos to Ashley, we recognize the time it took to do the podcast and it is much appreciated.

Sorry, we have not been on the blog much but between graduating from university (that was me , Elyse), working and my mom's (Susan) upcomming sugery life had been hectic.

Jordan, we live in a suburb of Toronto, and Toronto is the gay capital of Canada, as it is the larget most cosmopolitan city. If you want any info I'd be happy to help you.

jordan hudson said...

Discodan I was thinking of you and I and our ongoing debate over Carlotta and then I read the new installment on WE LOVE SOAPS with the great Daytime Writer
Harding Lemay and came across another gem of his

I found there were very difficult areas to deal with. I wanted to do a story about a social worker who was helping Rachel [Cory] with her problems with Jamie. And they were insisting she be a Margaret Hamilton witch type [The Wicket Witch in The Wizard of Oz]. And I said, “Look, there are thousands and millions of people who need social workers, and I’m not going to write that.” I wanted a warm-hearted sympathetic woman who is really trying to help and does help. And they backed down. Once I said, “There are millions of people who need them,” they didn’t have a leg to stand on. But their attitude is the cliché, “Let’s go for the cliché.” Every time. And the cliché is dumb! It’s never truthful, and it doesn’t work dramatically.

Carlotta being a homophobe Latin religious mother CLICHE. Thanks Ron C. and Frank V. for sticking to what you felt was right. I don't think it had anythign to do with trying to force Patricia out. Saundra is a name with creidts she don't come cheap. I doubt they are saving any big money.

discodan said...

Jordan, I still love that discussion, but the point that I keep making is that the woman has been on OLTL for 14 years. You really can't say that about many actors on daytime anymore. And to drive her into a corner slowly, which is what was intended according to a source, by renaming the diner, changing sets, Kamar leaving, etc., not to mention, I tend to agree with Patricia on the point where she stated that it would seem to be out of character for Carlotta....but that's only based on the comparisons towards Carlotta's feelings towards other relationship-related situations...Cristian's marriages, Jessica cheating on Antonio with Nash, Rosanna using Will's money to get Cristian...all of which were negative responses.

Not to mention that they have played the religion card in the past with Carlotta,. I'm not saying for her to be completely against it, but I feel that her being completely accepting doesnt resinate with the character...and as you have said before,

Never undermine character in order to advance plot

BTW, now that AMC is going to LA, websites are already counting down to the return of Nico Kelly..hahahaha

BELINDA said...

"Realistic"...Like, The Way Harry Potter Is Realistic?

It's not that I'm surprised that Charles Pratt's discussions about his stories are as ill-conceived and poorly executed as the stories themselves. No, what's surprising is that, despite the fact that he is inept at everything he does, he collects a paycheck for it.

Oh, did I say "surprising"? I meant disgusting.

From Eye on Soaps:

Head Writer, Chuck Pratt, tells us that the identity of Stuart’s killer will come out “when it’s realistic,” ...He also goes on to say that Dixie’s murder via poisoned pancakes (which Alexander Cambais, the Satin Slayer, denied) is also tied into Stuart’s murder, but is “not essential to the solving of the story.”

There are two equally disturbing possibilities here:

1.) The man has no idea who the killer is, and "when it's realistic" is a vague code for "when I have any inkling who the hell I'm throwing under the bus", meaning that a much-loved veteran character was killed off with nary a thought of who the perpetrator would be, meaning that Pratt and Bob Guza are practically the same person, meaning that OH MY GOD, THEY ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD AND WE'RE ALL IN DANGER!


2.) The man actually thinks that there are parts of All My Children that remotely approach realism, which is so insane that I don't quite feel safe knowing that he is roaming the streets unsupervised.

Read the rest at:

jason said...

Wow so AMC really is moving to Los Angeles. I'm shocked,I didn't beleive the story two weeks ago. I have mixed feelings on it. AMC's home is NYC and I'm sad it's leaving its home after almost 40 years. But moving to LA might be good for the show, it will be filmed in High Definition, and hopefully the actors that play AiDUMB, Rancid, Natalia, Zach, and Ryass, will not make the move. I also pray PattHOLE gets fired before the move!! I'm worried about OLTL though. OLTL is staying in NYC and moving into the amc studios. It's been reported for awihle that Frons does not like OLTL and if an abc soap ever get cancelled, oltl will be the first to go. With GH and AMC both in LA, hopefully this will give Ron C. more freedom to do what he wants. I never thought Frons wants to kill the soaps, I think he doesn't know waht soap fans want and does a shit job saving them.

jason said...

Mel the fights happen between 10pm and Midnight BB time. Epic!

Laura said...

I would like Bill Clinton to negotiate the return of my beloved AMC from the evil claws of Pratt, Frons, and Crapputhers.

My thoughts on the move - some people don't need to be given the new address. I think this will force La Looch to recurring, if at all. I now think Pratt is waiting to see who doesn't move to write his murder story. If Alishia, doesn't it's her. If David Canary doesn't it's him. I wonder if our little kids will move? I can't imagine they all would.

The other news, all the ex-Melrose Place people are in LA. Lisa Rhinna can now chain herself to the gates of AMC for a job.

There are some funny comments at DC. Like maybe Nico Kelly will return. God, that would sure improve GH. Another person said our chompers was the first one out to LA.

Please don't let me see some of these people in HD! I will be throwing stuff at the tv like Ashley. Jerkson's forehead creases would be scary.

Does anybody watch America's got talent? Nick Cannon sounds like Eddie Murphy when he did Mr. Robinson's neighborhood.

Norn what is your friend playing on AMC?

Laura said...

Jordan, you know Hispanics aren't the only one with kids close together. Haven't you heard of Irish twins? Siblings less than 1 year apart. My mom missed it with my sister and I by 2 weeks. Congrat Amelia, and I hope you can handle it. My co-worker has two babies a year apart and her family has been here all the way from India to help her. I quit at one, but I was over 30.

katya said...

OMG, what was that lurid blue thing KWAK was drinking at ConFusion today? One can only hope it was real Windex.

Shadow said...
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Shadow said...

It's a pretty big financial commitment to move AMC to LA, build new sets, and put it in HD. With GH and AMC both in LA and in HD and wringing every last cent out of savings out of their close proximity and "streamlined production models", OLTL is looking more like a lonely stepchild. ABC is trying to spin the positive saying that OLTL is getting a space that is 30% larger than what it has now, but I've always heard that ABC thinks the AMC space is too expensive to maintain--hence the reason AMC is vacating. I'm assuming it won't get any cheaper to occupy when OLTL moves into it. Plus, Frons is trumping AMC, not OLTL, as one of the most "recognizable brands in television". He's all about the brand and for as good as OLTL is, I don't know how strong of a "brand" the show has. Of course, if Susan Lucci and/or Michael Knight resist moving, I'm not sure how strong of "brand" AMC will continue to be. They went out of their way to make sure Agnes Nixon publicly blessed the move. But who knows. If ABC really wanted to shitcan either of these shows, it would probably be cheaper to just cancel the shows, payout the contracts and replace them with remakes of Double Dare, the $10,000 Pyramid, Family Fued, or Match Game.

As for who will and who won't move, that will be interesting. Seems like they would have to have some of that lined up already. JaLu probably knew this was a possibility when she signe on. Now all the talk about Greenlee being alive makes sense. Rebecca Budig lives in California! Palmer is already there so at least maybe now we'll see him a little. I think our Laura is dead on about the Stuart murder mystery. The killer will be the character who doesn't agree to move. I'm assuming Thorsten Kaye will stay since his wife Susan Haskell is on OLTL so Zach will probably be the killer. And I guess it will be divulged that he is a terrible cook who doesn't know the difference between arsenic and flour--thus killer pancakes. Crishelle was going to leave for the west coast but signed through December. Was it because ABC hadn't determined whether or not to move the show? Now that the show is moving, will she sign up for more? Why move without a job? Did Crapputhers really go to bat for her or did AMC just luck out since she was ready to move? Tonya Pinkins goes back and forth between coasts doing Broadway and Theater. Maybe it's an opportunity to see more A, B, and C stories with a more diverse cast like OLTL. I think Original Babe and Most Recent Jamie are out there floundering. We'll probably find out that Baby Doll didn't totally bleed out her ass or that she faked bleeding out of her ass. Maybe this will make room for Julia Barr to come back or rotate with Lucci. That could be interesting.

ABC denied for weeks this move was coming just like they deny that a talk show is going to take the slot of one of the daytime dramas. I certainly hope all 3 shows are safe. It appears they are spending money on all three, but you have to wonder what evil plan is taking shape. Let the conspiracy theories begin!!

Shadow said...


JR is fishing on a pier in a suit. I usually wear a tux so the fish think I’m a penguin.

I think Lil’ A said, “Aunt Melissa!!”

Kendall is a terrible at being an escaped convict, and she’s a total nimrod. She does whatever Ryan and Zach tell her to do yet whines constantly. And is she so mentally lame that she can’t remember whether she killed someone or not? Redick.

If moving AMC to LA means everybody gets a home, then I might be all for it. I’m tired of seeing people have sex in the hospital, the psych ward, on a gurney, someone else’s home, etc. Scott is moving into the Chandler Mansion. Half the town lives at Tad’s. The other half lives at Adam’s. Taylor’s house is turning into an orphanage/brothel. These people need their own spaces.

I don't remember if Taylor and Jake ever had sex. I wonder if she will compare naked Jake to naked Tad? Should be an easy win for Jake.

Are Taylor and Tad always going to makeout to weird porn guitar music?

Ryan is going to be so pissed Adam stole all his candles!

Candles on the stairs, really? Where did all the furniture go? I guess that’s the real reason Adam had Scott move in—to light all those candles and move the furniture around.

I don’t know who killed Stuart, but KWAK is drinking a cup of 2000 Flushes. If I was a soap star, I would prefer “death by pancake” to “death by cup of toilet bowl cleaner”.

jason said...

Great News! Robin Strasser aka Dorian Lord has re-signed! Yay!! Heres what Robin said: "My dear friends, a heart attack has been averted. It is my pleasure to announce that I've said yes. Yes, what did I say affirmatively yes to? The whole deal of continuing to play Dorian. I can't allow it to be about money. It's pay cut time. Daytime is hanging on a thread. I believe that. I get it."

Crystal said...

Jason, I read that just now too. Yay, Robin!

Did you all read the stuff about Chuck P wanting to be the executive producer TOO? UGH I just glanced at it, it made my stomach hurt. It's on daytime confidential.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Laura ~ Thanks for the congrats! I have a lot of help. My Abuela is here from Spain for the rest of the year. My in laws, my sisters(I have 2 and one just had twins 3 weeks ago LOL), my parents, and my wonderful hubby.

AMC News: So do we have any rumors as to who might not make the move. I know 2 actors that do not need to forwarding actress ..... Brianne Metcalf and Denise Vasi .... PLEASE!!

P.S: And Charles Pratt, Jr.

Laura said...

People like this make Iowan's look bad.

Family fight over TV remote lands Des Moines man in jail

As Des Moines police searched for a motive in a domestic assault on Monday they discovered a soap opera was at the heart of the problem.

Officers were called to 5812 S.W. Third St., on a report of an assault. The victim, Bradley Ling, 44, had injuries from being punched.

Police arrested his son, Spencer Ling, 19, and took him to the Polk County Jail on a charge of domestic assault with injury.

Spencer Ling reportedly walked into the living room where his sister, Taylor, was watching a soap opera. Spencer switched channels and carried the remote into his room.

Taylor became angry, followed him into his room and began searching for the remote. Police said Spencer called his father, and the three became involved in an altercation.

Officers spoke with all three family members and concluded that Spencer committed an assault.

He was being held without bond this morning.

If it was AMC, B&B, or ATWT he should be let off.

Michael said...
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GaeaGoddess said...

Laura – I wouldn’t worry about making Iowans look bad. The majority of weird stories aren’t typically generated in Iowa. I’m originally from Texas, and now I live in New York, so you can imagine the kind of ribbing that I get from colleagues. It seems like there’s ALWAYS some kind of insane activity happening in Texas that the news mongrels get ahold of …and then everyone thinks that all Texans are similar to the accused. I even had one person ask me, “Is it legal to beat your wife in Texas? I heard that it was.” Um…NO! Where do people get this stuff?!?

Unknown said...

Okay ..... Just watched today's AMC. Can I tell you how much I LOVED Natalia today?!?! That girl tore Jesse a new one. She was firing on all cylinders today. LOVE her response to Jesse's "Kendall could ruin her life and her family" ..... Natalia: "Wasn't Stuart Chandler's family ruined when he was killed?" LOVED it!!
What she said to Frankie, (while BLANDI stood folded that blanket looking constipated -- sorry guilty) she could see if this was Angie, or him, or even Tad but Kendall Slater? Why would he risk his career, his reputation on her? I know some don't like the way this character was brought in, I don't either but hate her or not ..... she brought it today, IMO.
Over the last 2 weeks Shannon Kane has shown more growth than Denise Vasi has shown in 15 months. Natalia doesn't have to be on daily but give the character more scenes.

P.S: My cousin says she can see Natalia w/ Scott. Scotalia anyone? (LOL)

Mel Got Served said...

I still want Scott with Insannie, but I could maybe see Natalia with Scott. The plot point is growing on me. At least she is a better actress than Randi- that is what keeps me from not hating her as much.

Also, we were able to 3 free months of Showtime so I started Nurse Jackie last night and you all are soooo right: IT'S AMAZING! I am dying to get home from work and watch 3 or 4 episodes before SYTYCD!

discodan said...

Amelia, I think u might be preaching to the wrong choir here, but I really agree with you here. Natalia was fantastic today, telling off Jesse. I guess watching Jesse, the father and cop that she always admired, bend the law to save a woman who is a murderer. Potenitally powerful stuff i guess

Anonymous said...

GL had me in TEARS today! This story is GREAT! Even though Dinah would have to be a body builder to hold a baby with one hand and kill a person with the stroller, using the other hand...the story is great!

I wish they would have written like this all the time.


Anonymous said...

Hello All

It's been a while...lots to catch up on, but at the moment, I want to address what I heard on the View today, that AMC is MOVING to LA???? WTF???? Jordan, you MUST have the details on this....SPILL...

more later,

Cathy in Las Vegas

Mel Got Served said...

Bad News everyone: Daytime Confidential reporting that Craputher's has re-upped her contract:

Oh and Jackson Montgomery is off contract. Too bad- me thinks Jackson would like some natural sun for that tan of his.

Arizonagal said...

I'm glad to hear some positive comments about Natalia. I think she has some talent and if she got some good material, she'd know what to do with it. Don't love her character, don't hate her, just waiting for TIIC to do something with her. Randi had her chance and she is a big snooze.

Here's my informal rankings of some of the actors on the show, with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best and only MHO:

Randi = 0
Frankie = 4
Colby = 1
Aidumb = 0
Natalia = 2.5
Marissa = 2.5 (ho hum)
New Scott = 3.5
Taylor = 4 (would be higher if she hadn't dissed JR)
Insannie = 5
Kendall = 4.5 (don't like the way she works that tiny little mouth when she's acting)
Ryan = 3
Zach = 4
JR = 4
David = 4
Erica, Tad, Adam, Opal, Jake, Jesse, Angie = 5

agree? disagree? did i forget anyone important?

Norn Cutson said...

here's a clip of my friend Darbi so you will recognize her when you see her!

jordan hudson said...

Discod Dan Carlotta had taken in a young teenage boy who was HIV POZ and just because she is religious does not mean she has to be a homophobe. I know many people of various religions who are hradcore religious and they don't judge or hate someone who is different because of Race or sexuality or even religion to each his own. Patricia wanted Carlotta to be a homophobe Im never going to agree with you on that being the right character choice. I don't belive for one moment that Carlotta Vega would have an issue with her only son just because he was gay. I think Ron C who has been writing with the show since Patricia came on as Carlotta. He knows the charcater too . One must remember that Ron C. is not Chuck Pratt he has been with the show since the mid 90's. He knows the history and characters hence why it's so good.

discodan said...

I'm just sayin... nobody knows the character better than the veteran soap actor/actress that's been playing the role for the past 14 years. She deserves a lil credit

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Kendall is not the murder and what Natalia should do is some real police work. She is being played by Annie.

Does any viewer actually believe that Kendall is the killer

Mel Got Served said...

But Annie isn't the killer either.

Just had to pipe in: Amanda's baby boy Dillon wears a lot of hot pink and magenta. No boy clothes??

discodan said...

Mel, they thought that disguising the sex while they're hiding him in Taylor's place would be a good idea. In other news, they've also began wearing helmets and knee-pads because they're equally as afraid of falling while roller skating...oh wait they're not roller skating...but the potential is there...just like the potential for David to see a baby in Taylor's condo (Because they are SUCH good friends, you know), they figured the pink would throw him off completely...

(Note the sarcasm)

Anyways, I got a story for u guys. My mom was watching Live with Regis and Kelly and they had some guest host who played a paramedic in one scene in AMC.

He asked Kelly why she didn't come back for "Uncle Stuart's funeral".

Her response?

"They killed Uncle Stuart. I didn't even know. I would've come back for something like that. That's kinda big. Yeah, I had no idea..."

I want to punch Crappothers directly in the baby-maker

Shadow said...

Pratt Falls, S01 E11, The Season Finale is up:

Shadow said...


JR is dizzy. He should have skipped the extra burrito from Taco Bueno. Good scene with Marissa though--so much better than him getting drunk.

Marissa is conflicted so let’s help her out: Who would you rather, Scott or JR?

Annie is gorgeous, but she makes Adam look old.

Alicia is desperately trying to make shinola out of her shitastic storyline.

JaLu is still wearing her purple suit which, by the way, no lawyer would be caught dead wearing in court.

Rancid is *still* gassy. “Ow, Ow, Oh Frankie! It hurts so much! PFFFFffftt!”

Jessie is talking some bullshit about police making hard choices and Natalia is calling him on it. Hers is a stupid character, but I agree her acting is improving.


After the scene where Natalia was giving it to Jessie, they cut to a mercifully brief scene with Frankie and Rancid, then to Annie and Adam telling JR about their engagement, then 3 minutes later Natalia time warped to Frankie’s apartment with curled hair and all glammed up. Even when the acting gets a little better, the pacing and production sucks.

Frankie’s fingers seem to be working fine. He can hold a beer bottle well enough. I’m finding his performances almost as unwatchable as Rancid’s. She is poison to everyone who has to act with her.

Did anyone notice that Kendall is wearing matching orange slippers?

Frankie said, “So somebody committed a murder around here that I don’t know about?” Randi’s IBS went beserk…PFFFFffftttt!!!

I can see forgetting something—a phone number, your keys, maybe blocking out something traumatic. I don’t see how you convince yourself you killed somebody when you didn’t and two months ago you could recall every single second of the night in question in specific detail. Unless you are a character in a soap written by the most inept scribe ever. FIRE CHUCK PRATT!!

Kendall said it was “the force”. Pratt must have been watching Star Wars as he wrote this crap.

How sad that this pitiful scene may be the last time we see wonderful Stuart.

Arizonagal said...

Jesse telling Natalia that it's not up to them to say whether or not Kendall's innocent. This is said right after he tells Nat he thinks Kendall is innocent. Add to this several other hypocritical statements and I just want to scream. I was glad when Natalia threw it back in his face about him being a liar while she was growing up. Pot Kettle Jesse. What a shame to see the destruction of this character.

Ryan and Jesse visit Kendall in her cell and Ryan tells Jesse to leave so he can question Kendall, so what does JHub do? He leaves. sigh... I just hate seeing him written as a fool. He was never that, never.

Over at OLTL I am loving the Todd/Tea/Blair triangle. It's compelling and sophisticated. So much chemistry between those three. Frankie Negron was good, never heard of him before but liked him.

Also Rachel sparring with whosit, Greg? Good stuff.

You know our little Destiny is a shrewd one. She can be manipulative, she seems to always have an agenda, and yet she is Matthew's strongest ally and a loyal friend. She'll go far in this world with those gifts.

I actually felt sympathy for Stacy. She's a screwed up chick but I don't see her as pure evil. I find her interesting.

Geej let the twins out and their acting rivaled hers.

GaeaGoddess said...

I’m a day behind in my watching so y’all have probably already blown past this, but…

In the scene where Adam and Annie are surrounded by glowing candles (and Stewart’s blood stain on the carpet where they’re dancing), there are a bunch of close-ups of the two of them. Annie looks ROCKIN’ in that light, even though I didn’t much care for the dress. Adam, on the other hand, looked like a walnut wearing a white wig in that light. Dudes…back up the camera! It was like taking a cold shower after seeing the close-up of Annie!

And by the way…maybe it’s a good thing that AMC will be moving to the west coast. It’ll make it a lot easier for JaLu to get clothes from the set of “Legal Eagles” (from the 80’s). If she was trying to go for the female equivalent to Ed Grimley, she succeeded.

jordan hudson said...

Nothing good will come of this. Mark my words.

This move to Cali to streamline the show ...hmmm it seems that what Frons is hoping, is that some veterans will not make the move, hence saving money by not having to pay huge salaries. ABC has offered to move contract players.

Already this means that unless Jill Larson decided to move on her own to the west coast we will not be seeing Opal. What about Petey as well. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Who will stay and who will go. Your talking about people who have their lives and families situated here in NYC. Who may have no desire to pack up and move out west. Especially when there is no guarantee that the show wont be canceled in a year to make room for Aisha Taylor's talk show. (Another rumor floating around and considering that the move to LA turned out to be true......) Not to mention the fact that Frons has put so many people out of work. AMC is a family not just the actors we see on screen. There are the crew people, cameramen ,stage managers, lighting, sound, costume, make up etc. Who have been with the show for years, who are now out of a job. Then to make matters worse Craputhers is still E.P. ..... hopefully Judy Bight Wilson wont make the move.

They should make Mark Teschner the casting director while GH sucks, the actors can act on that show. He is one of the best casting directors.

Discodan we will never, ever, ever agree on the Carlotta situation. lol never ever. She is wrong. Some Actors think the world revolves around them. They never look at the bigger picture. It's just about them. There is a saying we have in the business...Every actor is replaceable. While we might not think that because you have shitty casting directors like Judy Bly Wilson who will cast a model to replace a thespian. Rememeber that some of the most popular and talented actors did not originate the roles they play. Erika Sleazak, Julia Barr, Robin Strasser, Michael Knight, Cady Mclain, Bree Williamson... the list goes on.

jordan hudson said...

AMC was so dreadful on Tuesday that I have not been able to watch Wednesday. I was embarassed for David Canary. They wrote Adam like a 16 year old as he proposed to Annie. I give D.C. and MCE credit for playing that disgusting dialogue they were given to the hilt. Another MVP is Alicia Minshew who also makes the manure shine. It doesnt change the fact that the writing and storytelling are at an all time low on AMC.

How many times can we see the same scenes played over and over again. When JR came into the out with bottle and threw it against the wall...... Seriously. Pratt is unable to commit to putting two characters together. Everything is hesitant. Is Scott to be with EBabe or Annie? Does he even know who killed Stuart ( My guess for awhile now has been ADAM). The utter destruction of the character of Jesse Hubbard. We still don't know who killed Dixie. And enough with Tad telling "screw in a lightbulb jokes" they are NOT FUNNY! What about the Tad getting shot and his personality changing. Is the storyline to be Tad lost his sense of humor.

Then I tune into OLTL on Tuesday perfection. Not only was Monday incredible with the spoof on Grey Gardens. They run with it as Dorian and Blair crash the wedding Tuesday. While I know the majority of you hate Stacy and Crystal Hunt. I thought the scenes with GiGi and Stacy were well written and acted as we see Stacy is nuts. I have faith in Ron C. as a writer that there is a reason that Stacy is the way she is and it will all come out as this storyline plays out. Crystal Hunt gave a way better performance then RANCID when it came to loosing the baby.

Wednesday did not let up as we saw three days of OLTL veterans the focus. Bob Woods was brillant with his subtle work. Frankie Negron singing a song that just worked for all the characters in the montage. OLTL rocks.

Over at Y&R. Again the veterans are the focus and more incredible work from Melody Thomas Scott. The scenes with Jill and Catherine were amazing. You would think that Miller had been playing Billy since day one. His chemistry with Walton and Bergman is so real.

Then there is GL. All I can say is thank you for allowing GL to go out with it's head held high. It may look a student film at times but it has found it's heart again. This is my GL. I have cried for the last three days. From Dinah and Shayne's wedding, to Dinah's confession and departure. Douglas Marland would have been proud. Classic well written Soap Opera when Dinah confessed to Shayne. His reaction so real. Jeff Branson was amazing. Ron Raines knocked me out when he confronted Philip. The scenes between Philip and Alan were just too much. All I could think is this is the kind of material Canary and Young should have.

AMC you are being screwed over in so many ways by Pratt, Frons and Craputhers.

Shadow said...

The folks at DC surmise that Adam is the one that died and this is Stuart pretending to be Adam and that's the reason why he's acting odd and having Scott move into the mansion, etc. I thought about that too but I can't imagine him doing that to Marion. His death is driving her crazy and I don't see Stuart allowing that. I could see him pretending to be Adam to solve the murder and him letting Marion in on the secret. Whatever, Pratthole has screwed this all to hell anyway. No way he knows where this is going.

Anybody heard who any more about who is going and who is staying?

And as for Marissa's dilemma, again, who would you rather, Scott or JR?

Jordan, I agree that Tuesday sucked. Wednesday isn't much better.

Ya'll know I don't pay a lot of attention to OLTL. I don't care about Rex, Stacy, Natty, or any of the younger crew. I watched faithfully in the 80s so I'm I big fan of the vets. Bo is my fave. Imagine my delight to switch it on this week and see all of them on the front burner Viki, Bo, Dorian. Asa's presence is still felt. They even showed me a picture of original Clint. I'm a sucker for the history. AMC is wasting 40 years of history and obviously trying to part with its past. My concern is that the show has totally lost its identity. I'm not sure it will find itself in Los Angeles. If it had new blood for writing and production, I'd be more optimistic. Pratt and Crapputhers are a turd combo no matter what side of the continent they are on.

Shadow said...

Here's what Walt Willey say's about his absence:

Willey is also writing a one-man show about growing up in Ottawa called "A Life In The Day," which will presented next year as part of his Willeyworld Community Productions.

Taking time off from "All My Children" for the first time in 23 years, Willey said the show's executives were super supportive. It was explained that his character, Jack, is off an extended trip to an unidentified country.

So what is the current status between Erica and Jack, who are presently divorced on the show?

"Right now, I understand Erica is fooling around with Ryan, which is another reason I am glad that Jack is out of town so he doesn't have to see that. I think our status is that we have some unfinished business which hopefully we will get to finish at some point."

See the whole thing at:,entertainment-lake-willey-080609-s1.article

jordan hudson said...

hmmm today AMC only reason to watch is to see Jennifer Bassey.

Okay I amdit Im upset about the AMC move because I won't be able to get Adam Mayfield sigh I know he's straight....the good ones usually

Speaking of man on man....OLTL I always said that the show which has queens working in the top positions would do a better gay stroyline and I was right. Kish was great and as hot as that kiss was was the last kiss by another couple that made me sit up and take notice. Not to ruin it for anyone but this couple is smoking together. That last scene today proved it. That is supercouple potential.

If and whne I here anything about what is going on backstage at AMC...I will will report but as it stands now...everyone is in shock.

Michael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shadow said...

HOLY CRAP!! Jennifer Bassey was fantastic today. I don't really like what they did to her--so much for the whole forgiveness thing but my God she was just incredible. That's acting the way it should be-enunciating every syllable putting emphasis in just the right places with the emotion, tears, rage. I haven't seen a performance that genuine on AMC in years. Whether I like what they did with her or not is beside the point. She brought it all. I was glued to her the whole time she was on because her performance transcended the whole plot. That's the kind of talent these shows need. With her fire lit, Liza back in town, they're crazy to just ship her off to the funny farm. ABC should set her up in LA in a fine crib and let her start her plotting her revenge on the PV snobbery ASAP. Even when it comes out that Kendall didn't do it. I would suffer through more JaLU and Brianne Mongrief for a show headed by a wickedly delicious Marian Colby. She rocked it in the 80s and she's still got it. Even the cast sitting in the court looked stunned, genuinely, at her performance. They probably forgot what a punch a real actor can deliver. Someone has to take notice of that today and be inspired to do something different with this show. I'm all for hot people on the show, but not at the expense of the talent these vets have. So yeah, Eden Reigel and Rebecca Buddig may come back. They're great and it will generate some buzz. If they really want to raise the show's bar, then they should beg Julia Barr or Jennifer Bassey to make the move on contract in LA--real Actors. Man, if you haven't seen it today, FFd through everything else. It's all BS, but Marian rocked.

discodan said...

Jennifer Bassey for president!

I would vote for her.
Just sayin...

Shadow said...

I just thought it was interesting that Walt said he is "taking time off" and that the network is being supportive while it's being reported that he's no longer on contract and the show is moving across the country.

Laura said...

I wish a wise Latino Woman would step in to head ABC daytime, because that old boys network of Frons, Pratt, and Guza is sure messing stuff up.

I am so proud of my OLTL for having a core black family front and center. This reminds me of the good old days with Sadie and Carla Gray, and Ed Hall. I grew up in a less than diverse area but I was such a big fan of Lillian Hayman. I remember her on the Leslie Uggams show. I was so excited when my aunt went to a taping and sent me her autograph. Knowing characters like this helped shape me as a person. As an eight year old I realized people of different backgrounds are more alike than different.

Jordan I agree with you on the OLTL Carlotta-gate. Discodan you are so wise behind your years. But I have seen Carlotta on here since you were probably in diapers and I can't believe she would not love her son. I think she might be shocked because he slept with half of Llanview, but she would still love him. Plus the way things are now, you act out the lines or you are out. Just like at our jobs, we sometimes have to do things we don't agree with, but deal with it.

Shadow said...

Laura said Dan is "wise behind your years". Ha! A typo of course. You know we all love you Dan.

Shadow said...

I'm thinking about re-naming Annie from Insannie to Banging Annie because she's been rocking my world since she got her new 'do.

Did anyone notice how bizarre Ebabe looked today. From the head up, pretty. But those full body shots with JR. Very Olive Oil. And she's a whole head taller than JR.

Michael said...

"Kish" Kiss

discodan said...

Laura, nobody's saying that she wouldn't love Cristian. That's not what I'm suggesting. All I'm suggesting is that the character wouldn't warm up to the idea right away....the same way Angie didn't warm up to her son marrying a hooker or the same way that Sonny didn't warm up to the idea of his little sister sleeping with Jason. I mean, cmon... If Erica Kane could have her initial second thoughts/doubts, how is it that far of a stretch to assume the same for Carlotta Vega?

SOAPFAN said...

wow...a lot has happened in the soap realm in the past couple of days. I have not watched AMC in about 2's so hard to watch.

I have been watching OLTL though, and I LOVE Brett Claywell. He really shines as the trainwreck known as Kyle.

I hope they don't put Kyle and Fish together soon, I hope they have a little drama between them, and some build up.

The kiss was great, not too overdone, not awkward, and the tension was believable. I have faith that OLTL will make a REAL gay storyline unlike AMC and Y&R(ugh).

Poor Layla...but at least Tika/Layla has been looking so hot lately. I saw her one week and she had on a brown bra...I couldn't handle it at work...had to stay at my chair for a! Christian/David Fumero on the other hand, has been looking old and "ate up", he needs some botox or facial! Just kidding, but he looks a lot older than Layla currently.

My condolences to those still watching AMC at the death of Marian Chandler...such a great character assassinated by Pratt, Frons, and Crapruthers.

discodan said...

If my source tells me right, there's gunna be lots and lots of twists and turns in Kyle/Fish/Layla/Cristian. Let's just say that Fish is going all out to prove that he's not who he was in college, maybe a lil too far...

jordan hudson said...

One week is all they got to amke up their minds and Thorsten Kaye said in today's Daily News Soap section. He does not wnat to be a father from miles away. So it starts.....Hey Thorstent screw AMc and LA and join OLTL Patrick is a much better character then Zack "Saved by the Bell" Slater. OLTL is hot almost as hot as the new ABC Promo where My Adam Mayfield rips his shirt off. HELLO!
What a man!

GaeaGoddess said...

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched OLTL, but I just watched the clip that Amphitron sent. It looked like an updated scene from “Brokeback Mountain”. Even though the plot isn’t terribly original, it looked worlds better than anything I’ve seen on AMC. (I’ve always felt that the writers totally flubbed up the potentially powerful Bianca/Reese storyline.) Bravo for OLTL!

Shadow – you’ve been asking about who eBabe should be with…

I guess I just don’t really like eBabe very much, so I’d like to spare both JR and Scott from her. If I had to pick, I’d have to go with JR for the following reasons: 1) There’d be no real current drama if she were to hook up with Scott, unless they invented something, and I think we all know that whatever the writers cook up would be incredibly stupid. 2) If she were to choose JR, there’d be lots of material to work with. The fact that JR hates her father is a start (lots of drama here!). Also eBabe seems to like that he’s a recovering alcoholic and she wants to help him (even more drama). Add these together with the fact that she’s Lil’ A’s bio Aunt, and you’ve got soap gold…if written properly.

Mel Got Served said...

Zach Morris is ONE MILLION times better than Zach Slater. Plus, when Zach Morris played god (like using subliminal messaging), he was awesome. I'd rather see him on OLTL as well.

One week seems so crazy. This is just to put pressure on them so they can cut them stat.

I want Insannie and Scott to hook up so bad. Her bangs and his abs? Ay-yi-yi!!!!!

Laura said...

Sorry for the typo, Discodan I knew I worded it wrong, but I love you except you live north and root for the sox, and I live south and root for the cubs. What's up with that?

I read about the one week thing. ABC is playing hardball. This is why the murder mystery is a mess, Pratt is waiting to see who goes before he wraps this storyline up. The Adam/Stuart thing is also up in the air because of the move. We never saw Stuart so if Adam died, it's because Canary would not move.

I hope Richie Miller goes by the set and says screw you to all of them.

I also want Thorston on OLTL, but they may want to hedge their bets and keep a paycheck on each show, because one of them will be gone soon, and I fear it's OLTL.

How stupid was Chris Engen for leaving Y&R? It's a good role, and acting jobs don't come easy.

I have to take my cat to the vet today. Everytime I pet her now I think of Kitty Benson.

Shadow said...

I was teasing Laura about the typo. I just thought it was a funny one! :)

I read about Lucci on Regis and Kelly today. She said she wasn't sure that she would move. She said they told them all after some dance-a-thon shooting and they were all tired. She said she would think about what she wants to do while she's on vacation.

discodan said...

hahaha its okay guys dont worry bout it

Marian was fantastic today. She completely broke and broke my heart in the process. I miss her already...

Marissa was a fantastic victim today. Her expressions were so great.. loved it LMAO

Poor David...sigh

OLTL was so cool today....except Rex's facial expressions. He was playing jaw line aerobics and I didn't like it lol

Jerry's back on GH.... It's a good day.

discodan said...

So Nelson Branco is saying that four of the actors have already confirmed the actors move...

Christell Stause (which is odd because she might leave anyways), Melissa Claire Egan (YAY), Aidan Turner (ugh), and Jacob Young (wooo)

Mel Got Served said...

HAHAH Aidan is the one person I knew who'd pack up and immediately head out west.

Being on the west coast is perfect for Chrishelle because I think she wants to try out for other gigs too.

Michael said...

I saw La Lucci on Live today (alas, Reege was off this whole week). That woman is television royalty! So beautiful, so poised; she was radiant and positive. I feel she never gets the proper credit for her portrayal of the iconic Erica. She plays this vain, fragile, needy, slightly-delusional character, and she attacks it from the perspective that Ms. Erica Kane is the fabrication of a damaged child. Sometimes the veneer breaks down and the vulnerability is stunning. She was non-committal about moving to California, but I think she will go. Also, she said in January, she will be 40 years with AMC!

jordan hudson said...

OMG DiscoDan and Jordan agree on something. In the words of Culture Club "It's a Miracle".

Two days in a row the only reason to watch AMC is to see Jennifer Bassey give a superb performance. As much as I detest how they decided to discard such a valuable character and actress, Jennifer just like Sydney Penny decided to go out with a bang. Literally! I too thought Ebabe was very good as a victim.

The problem with AMC is there is no use of the rich history. Everything is rushed or not even touched upon. More scenes with Liza and Colby dealing with Marian would have been so welcomed. Mongrieff did nothing with the fact that her Grandmother shot someone. Instead she was more concerned about Annie. Liza talking to Natalia. I'm to believe that neither Jesse or Angie have mentioned to Natalia the history they have with Liza. My god it wasn't like Liza got Jesse in trouble in H.S. and he had to go to detention. She accused him of rape and he had to go on the run. Everytime Liza and Jesse have scenes you don't have a sense that these two people have history. Also everytime Liza is with Adam you see that she is just too young for this role ugghh.

I'm going to go wtach Y&R and OLTL saved the best for last....awww damm still have to watch ATWT.

Tom Phelphry back on GL.....heaven sent

Crystal said...

WTH?! Zach fired Rachel today. (That is her name, right?)
So the kids lose their mother and then they also lose the woman that actually takes care of them.

I better not see Zach without those kids. If he pawns them off on poor Opal I will scream. I don't even understand why it was even on the show. It HAS to have some major bearing on the plot, right? Yeah, right.

Shadow said...

Amph, I recorded Looch on Regis and just watched it. She was incredibly gracious and quite stunning. What a warm, classy, lady. Hard to believe that after 40 years they wouldn't have had the decency to meet with her on the side and give her the heads up. She had to find out with likes of Denise Vasi. God bless her and whatever she decides. ABC is nuts to let her go. They should make it worth her while and involve her in a broader scale on ABC Daytime. Put it this way, who would you rather--Whoopi, Joy Behar, or Susan Lucci?

SOD says Jennifer Bassey is still on recurring status and could reappear anytime. I hope they see how great she is and tap her talent more. If Adam didn't make the move, she would be a strong contender for a family lead.

brtedi said...

Crystal. I'd say, AMC is starting to weed out 'non-essential' cast members in preparation for 'the big move' to LA--That's why "Marion" is off to the psych ward. TPTB are winding down storylines for those who have re-occuring status, or may not move cross country--JMHO. I think, the three little "Spikes" and "Emma" will be sorased,as well. :-(

And now on to more general comments about this week...

AMC: Not much to say here, except, there may be a ray of light reguarding this show: Annie & Lucretia---We've never seen Lucretia, before as far as I know. She hates Annie, and everybody knows it! Annie litterally rings a bell, expecting Lucretia to come at her beck and call--Especially, now that she and Adam are engaged. Annie sees herself as the lady of the mannor...ROTF!

Marion is at Kendall's sentencing, goes over the deep end, and tried to shoot her after giving a wonderful monologue (testimony) "You killed two people, the night Stewart died!"--After she unintentionally shot Marissa, I bet, Marion is of to Oak Haven. The writers don't seem to pay much attention to the foundation characters, unless they're being wreitten out.

I haven't said this in five years, of watching the show! There was a little scene with Zach and Kendall I honestly liked! She was telling him not to look at her, during the hearing. She wanted to remember the expressions on his face (He had expressions? LOL!) when he married her, and when the babies were born. ---I say there had to be a harmomic convergence, somewhere in the universe, when those scenes happened.


I really like Tea, and Bo & Nora--

The Rex/ Gigi /Stacy thing is getting on my nerves--I liked them more, back in their " Balsom & Morasco" days ("pre-Stacy" ) Now, all Gigi does is whinnnnnnnnneeee!


I really like Jon & Olivia! I can't really explain it. But, their fun! He may have started going to her appartment to 'just have fun'---I have such mixed feelings about that part, but the actress has the kind of body women wish they had...and the stuff husbands wish thier wives had. She looks good, in or out of clothes.

Jon, is rather respectful of her. He listens to her...I think, he's falling for her. Especially since Dante doesn't like him. The 'boy toy' has more respect for Olivia, than the son does!

I even liked Ethan (the Ausie puke), this week, too! -- When he told Rebecca, he actually needed her help (Or, something to that effect)

It should be a rule in soaps: The viewers need to connect with/understand why characters do what they do. So, we can do more than tollerate them, on screen.

A note reguarding GL...The scenes reguarding Dinah explaining the murder of the Edmund look-a-like were oustanding!...and Shayne's rage at"Columbo"/"Barney Fife"--as Mallet searched theit room for evidence--Oh, boy! :-D

As Shayne agonized whether or not to pitch his wedding rings, over the side if the building, I was talking to my tv screen...Now that's good soap! IMO.

This show is really going to be replaced by Let's Make A Deal?! Ack!!!

On a final note, has anybody else noticed "Beaker", ripping his shirt open in the latest SOAPnet promo? He evidentally is standing in the Chandler parlor. He has the cutest expression on his face!---But, mostly I wanna know who he's rippin' his shirt off for...Marissa, perhaps? LOL!

Shadow said...


I saw Norn’s friend Darbi—the reporter asking Adam questions.

Other than that, this show is pissing me off today.

First, the security in a courthouse is about as tight as an airport. There is no climbing in and out of bathroom windows. There is no carrying guns in or out of the courtroom. You have to go through a metal detector first. There are cameras *everywhere*. I hate being treated like an idiot. I hate that they are trying to make Marian a killer, but it is just totally ludicrous that she could tote a gun right in the courtroom. And if my mother just lost her shit and shot someone, I’d be flipping out. Liza was a little too composed. And Marian would have been trounced by security not gently nudged to a bench on the side of the room. And Kendall wouldn’t get any downtime in the courtroom after her sentencing irrespective of the shooting. They would have carted her *immediately* to prison.

Second, Jake and Tad are always watching telenovas. Is that what Pratt thinks he’s writing? He sucks like a $2 hooker!!

Third, Kendall/Zach…I don’t care. Kendall isn’t going to jail for 15 years. No drama there.

Fourth, and this really makes me crazy. If there is a blood spill in a work location you don’t call the janitor and ask him to *mop* it up off the floor like its spilled juice at Denny’s. An employee wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment has to follow very strict procedures to clean and disinfect the area and dispose of the waste using an OSHA compliant blood spill kit. This is over the top stupid. I’m surprised there wasn’t a product placement as well, like the janitor humming “O-Cedar makes your life easer”.

Fifth, as if Erica wouldn’t be at the sentencing.

Pratt is either the laziest writer ever or the dumbest. Actually I think he’s both.

JaLu is a bad cryer.

Opal’s no fool. She thinks this is as stupid as we do.

On OLTL—I love that Nora wears reading glasses!

discodan said...

did anyone watch GH Friday? OMG So awesome!

Spinelli and Sonny scene...always funny. Loved Sonny giving proposal advice hahaha he should know about proposals, he does have magic sperm.

Carly/Jax...always cute. always.

Molly/Morgan...future excellence. I loved their dynamic so much, then Keifer, Kristina's boyfriend walks in and asks the really dumb questions..

"Hey Molly, (10 yr old girl), have you been working on my college admissions essay?"

Surprisingly, Molly responds.

"No sorry Keifer. I'm too worried about Kristina to write anything."


Keifer tries to backpedal.... so funny.

ONE OF THE MANY LINES OF THE DAY GOES SONNY: "Well, she's (Kristina's) in good hands with Michael, and when she gets home, I'll tell her that you came by. And she'll call you...or she won't"

Keifer wet himself again haha

Sonny asking Molly information...too funny. The fact that Ric's kid and Sonny are interacting is hilarious to me.

Keifer going back to Molly...and Molly giving up the information....and Keifer yelling at Molly and throwing a vase..... really really dumb,

Sonny/Carly/Jax scene....meh

Spinelli/Dante scene.... absolute gold. They're dynamic is so fantastic I can't even put it into words. Dante doesn't put him down. He doesn't pretend to not understand what Spinelli's saying. Future right here...

Lulu/Robin/Maxie/Patrick/Mac.....and Spin..... hilarious. That's all I'll say

I wish AMC could be this good, but instead, we have kool aid in the janitor's closet...sigh

Mel Got Served said...

I'm doing my weekend AMC marathon and just started Wednesday's episode. Puppy joined me on the bed and no joke, was watching the opening credits. And then RANDI came on, and no lie, the puppy got of the bed and opted to go lay in the hallway. See Randi, even my DOG knows Randi is bad!

Must reiterate, I want Annie and Scott as a couple soooo bad! God, they'd be amazing!

DancingElf88 said...

AMC is ugh. I loved Annie though. Tht scene with Lucretia made me laugh. I like her chemistry with JR but that boy is way too whiny for me. He needs to stay away from her. Marissa was a good victim.
Jennifer Bassey did amazing. I'm sad that marian had to go out like that...BOO. I liked the Kendal/Zac scene..surprisingly.

OLTL is absolute perfection. I'm loving the Kyle and Fish stuff. I love seeing Brett playing something other than Dim Tim and excelling. I love Tea. Great show.

Jordan: I enjoyed ATWT. It made me laugh. I love the Paul/Emily stuff and Ms. Barbara turned it out. I hate Meg and Damian but that Damian/Lily kiss was hot. I only watch for Luke and Noah usually so having them on my screen was a plus.

My TV was acting up during YR so I missed it. But I'm catching up

Shadow said...

I always thought Lucretia was black. In fact, I thought Lucretia was the fat black lady at Stuart's funeral. Who was that? Mrs. Valentine's daughter? I thought this Lucretia was OK. Funny how now we see her and the show is getting ready to move. I'm assuming that lady won't be going to LA.

Another thing, Adam is acting like he's possessed by a retarded ghost. Who is this?

Pratthole's writing reminds me of the ol' joke:

He's so stupid, he got fired from the M&M factory for throwing away all the W's.

And these famous quotes:

"Is he always this stupid or is he making a special effort today"
- Anon.

"I don't know what makes him so dumb but it really works"
- Anon.

"He does the work of three men: Larry, Curly & Moe"
- Anon.


Shadow said...

Ricky Paull Goldin is on board for the move.

Too bad they don't have a talented writer and EP who could reimagine the character around one or both of Erica's spawn and maybe Adam's spawn. This would be an oppotunity to shitcan all the bad storylines and just reboot the whole show. It's so f'd up. They could bring in Erica, Opal, Adam, assuming they would do it, for short stints the way Eden used to do. Or not at all. A big risk would be OK if someone at the top really had a clue how to write and produce a show. Frons did go out on a limb with this. I hope he's brave enough to invest in some real behind the scenes talent to prop up Pratthole and Crapputhers.

Alternatively I hope the vets make Pratt absolutely miserable and fight everything he does for the remainder of their contracts.

Crystal said...
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Crystal said...

They can just take the girl that plays Emma and send her over to OLTL. She could be a SORAS'd Bree or somebody.

Lucretia...I thought we have seen Lucretia a ton but, maybe I am thinking of Winifred. Is she a maid? This was seriously weird.

Mel Got Served said...

What's crazy is I was blown away by the Lucretia reveal too, and then came on here and saw everyone's comments and then I went outside to read Entertainment Weekly and the 1st page I read was about Lucy Lawless' new role in some new series about Spartacus and her character's name is LUCRETIA!!!!

jordan hudson said...

NORN NORN CAN YOU HEAR ME. YOU TELL DARBI I LOVE HER. I did not know Darbi was the reporter and when I saw her, I sat up because I thought finaly they gave lines to someone who can act. Ashley and I are always amazed how the day players and U/5 are so stiff and not believable. I want more Darbi. She is also HOTTTTTTT. See this is what annoys me. She should have played that Doctor who terroized Annie not that stiff Sheridan Crane from passions.


I loved Lucretia too. Reminded me of the day when you had all those great supporting characters. MCE is a god send. How she can put a smile on my face with this wrecthed story she is involved in. I guess I should be ahppy she is no longer with Aidumb.

Sad week. GL IS DONE AS OF TUESDAY. And now AMC is moving to LA. The new rumor is that OLTL will be canceled next year. FRONS IS THE DEVIL. I blame him for GL cancelation too. Why? because he is the DEVIL, he is to blame for all that's wrong in this world. For hiring Pratthole, for makign Robin Strasser take a paycut. For Adam Mayfield liking women and not men. heheheheheheheheeh!

Dancing Elf. I will admit when ATWT calms down and tells a story then I get into but then they usually f it up. Like I was kind of gettign into Hunter and Emily and then ill he turns out to be her son and he made out with her and his sister. Was almost into Jade a finding her father until they vansihed from town, with no explanation as to where they are. Though I didn'tmind NUJade, I always thoguht they should never got rid of 1st Jade to begin with.

I like the new Paul storyline finaly but I know they will f it up. I actually kind of like Meg and Damian ( hate his new hair do) but see they are going to mess it up wont tell you what happens but it's insane if it's true.

Oh Noah and Luke....hmmm I actually started watching ATWT when they announced they were making Luke gay. Also back then Van was so hot. I stayed because Meg and Paul were just starting and I still think the first two years was classic Soap Opera with them. I also loved the teens, Gwen, Will, Casey and Maddie....yeah I'm excited the real Maddie is coming back. Alexandra is an amazing actress.
Noah I hate...never liked him. Don't like him with Luke and hate all the storylines they have given them.

Saw a commercial for Cougar Town looks funny. I'm there.

Caesy Shamless where are you ?

DancingElf88 said...

Jordan Hudson we disagree...sadface. I love Noah. I miss Jade also. I like nuJade but I loved EG as Jade and I think she left because they weren't advancing her character. She was forever after Will and I hated Will and Gwen annoyed me. I was into the Emily/Hunter stuff too. Oh well...I guess we can't agree on everything.
CANCEL my OLTL---I will so start setting ish on fire if that happens. Frons is the DEVIL. I blame him for all the world's ills.

Arizonagal said...

Jordan, I am broken hearted that GL is going away. It's starting to become a reality to me. This sucks. I have been watching since it was a B/W show about a hundred years ago. Bert Bauer is turning over in her grave right now.

Gina Tognoni, unfortunately, is too high priced to now return to OLTL, from what I read. Her exit scenes were incredible. She is so friggin talented, there isn't a person - day or primetime - who can touch her. If she's not going on to another soap, I'd love to see her show up on Dexter, Big love, Tru blood, or some other cable show where creativity isn't stifled.

Screw the network weasels. I think this slow death of soap operas is their invention. Replacing the suds with gameshows?
Soaps are a dying breed? So are game shows for pete's sake. This makes no sense. How does a game show appeal to the desirable demographic?

Is this an opportunity for soap net to come to our rescue? I doubt it when their idea of a soap is 90210... what a sad state of affairs.

brtedi said...

"Gina Tognoni, unfortunately, is too high priced to now return to OLTL, from what I read. Her exit scenes were incredible."

I was really hoping she'd end up on OLTL...As I don't want to start yet another soap...Posters at:

Dinah & Shayne Love Occurs Unexpectedly ...."

are absolutely hoping GT 'banked' some final scenes, to be part of the last episode.

Oh, I almost forgot!--The following was posted to Kim Zimmer's facebook wall the other day--I thought it might be of some interest, here, too.

Posted on Kim Zimmer’s Facebook wall:

“****EVERYONE: If your interested, there is going to be a "So long Springfield" one day event in Pittsburg Saturday, October 24th at the Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh International Airport and you can go to the website to register and make reservations.....on the list to be there: KIM ZIMMER (Reva Shayne)
GINA TOGNONI (Dinah Marler)
JEFF BRANSON (Shayne Lewis)
GRANT ALEKSANDER (Phillip Spaulding)
RON RAINES (Alan Spaulding)
BRADLEY COLE (Jeffrey O’Neill)
****See you there!!!!”

brtedi said...

"ONE OF THE MANY LINES OF THE DAY GOES SONNY: 'Well, she's (Kristina's) in good hands with Michael, and when she gets home, I'll tell her that you came by. And she'll call you...or she won't'"

discodan, ita!--Aren't you just waiting for the day Sonny, Jason, Max and Milo find out what that little Keifer fool did (hitting Kristina)? Personally, I think, Molly will (eventually) tell someone about the tantrum he had, during Friday's show...Heck, Spinelli would even track him down, through cell phone records to find his location. Bwwwaaahhh!

Arizonagal said...

WTF?! Im a day behind. I just saw Marion firing a gun. So bad, such a cheap trick, no thought, no intelligence, just a desperate attempt to cook up some drama. Oh how I hate that. AMC has o more integrity, thanks to Pratt, Frons and the rest. sigh...

Something positive, I think Tad got a bit of a haircut. He's looking quite dandy.

Adam's skin looks like pleather with that spray tan against that shocking white hair.

Amanda looks smashing in that lacy white top. Gorgeous.

Lucretia, never pictured you as a blond. Do not like Annie's mean behavior. She's mental, she's not rude and bitchy. At least she didn't used to be. She's acting like a Greenlee clone lately and I am NOT AMuSed!

Enough with the baby stashing, redic! It's a baby, surely someone hears him crying.

Oh, here's another Pine Valley law. Residents will only turn on the TV when there will be a news flash that directly affects their lives.

Jalu needs a fashion intervention. I can hear Stacy and Clinton saying, "get thee to that 360 mirror girlfriend. Jalu you need some ruching to accentuate your waist, and a deep v-neck will elongate your neck and show off the girls, and draw attention away from those problem areas. Oh, and one more thing Ms. Lunar, are you going commando?"

jordan hudson said...

Dancing Elf no they fired Elena Goode. They claim the fans did not like her. Nonsense she is what a soap needs a good bitch and I loved that she was opposite Gwen. It was a young Dorian/Vicki, Erica/ Brooke, Nora/Lindsey. All Soaps need that. Yes the focus on Gwen did get to be too much. I feel like it was always about her and Will who I think is so talented and hot was always supporting her. ATWT is a hot mess now.

Discodan said...

Brtedi I wanna punch this kid in the face. Sonny and his crew are gunna go aj q on his sorry butt and hang him from a meathook

Michael said...

Interesting, gossipy article about the cast's reaction to "the move":

Click here to go to the Suds Report.

Unknown said...

So now that RPG has confirmed that he's making the move to L.A. and there are rumors that Rebecca Budig may be returning since the show will be in her neck of the woods can we FINALLY get a Jake and Greenlee pairing? We could get the Greenlee/Jake/Amanda triangle Jordan and Ashley have always wanted! This could be the one positive thing about the L.A. move (aside from the fact that MCE has confirmed she's going too!) I might actually start watching again on a regular basis if this was to happen.


Mel Got Served said...

I don't think coming to the west coast will get Rebecca Budig back. I don't think she left because of the NYC thing, she left because she doesn't want to be on a sinking ship. If she did return, they'd just rehash Ryan and Greenlee again because for some reason TPTB think the viewers like them (yet I can't name one)

I LOLed when Opal told Tad, Amanda, and Taylor this is "The worst idea I've ever heard." Such spot on delivery. Jill Larson, please consider a move to the West Coast! I think out in LA, she could get a lot of guest spots on dramas, like a patient on Grey's or something. But in SL discussion, shouldn't they have thought of a reason why Taylor would have a baby early on? Here's an easy answer: PRETEND SHE'S A NANNY. She has no job, so saying she's a nanny for some family would make sense, moreso than claiming it's her niece.

Jalu looked like a lineback this week. I will give them credit for finally putting her in color, and I think the blue looks nice with her hair, but the shape is just not flattering. But this is the costume department's blame, not hers. Someone is slacking. These are the same people however who have Amanda wearing a lace doily at the end of the week for a shirt.

darbi said...

Jordan! Thank you so much for your kind words. You have no idea how much they mean to me. I worked on the show again this week and I'm so sad that NYC is losing another daytime show. :((((( The mood was pretty glum on the set, but I was amazed by how many of the staff (cast and crew alike) were still smiling. I have loved every second I've spent in Pine Valley; the people who work on that show are class acts, all around!!!

DancingElf88 said...

I really liked Jade too. I thought she left of her own accord. ATWT is a hot mess right now. They need to intertwine the storylines and feature more than a few characters an episode.
I had me a OLTL marathon today and it made me so happy. They better not cancel it.

jordan hudson said...

Darbi No need to thank me you have talent . I enjoyed wtaching you even for a few lines because I rather see someone who can act then the Dead behind the eyes models Judy Blight Wilson cast in major roles but you need to listen to the new podcast. We rave about you and demand that AMC gives us more Darbi. You should have been Nurse
Yes people new podcast coming soemtime today...

dancing ELF I loved Elena Goode as Jade. Every show needs a good bitch like Jade. They were so stupid to get rid of her. The Nu one was not bad but they dont even use her. Why even attemnpt a storyline if your not going to follow through. When was the last tiem we saw her or Derek.

Shadow said...

I am guessing part of the draw for Frons is Budig, Riegel and the young'uns who will sign w/ amc in LA. They have name recognition outside amc. OLTL doesn't have a similar lineup of "names" in its stable. Of course that's probably part of the reason why OLTL is profitable. Time will tell. OLTL will keep telling good stories while AMC is all jacked up. How do you write when you don't know who will be there in 3 months? Pratt can't write under the best of circumstances let alone these. I think AMC ratings will improve if the next few months are Lucci's last or if Riegel announces a return. Everyone loves to watch a trainwreck. OLTL needs to start pimping its cast to the seacows on The View, Dancing With the Stars, have Kish hurry up and do the horizontal pokey, and start pushing the envelope and getting some buzz. I don't want to see any of the ABC shows canceled. Hoping for the best.




DARBI- it is so cool that you posted here. Your Beautiful Journalist video was hilarious!!

Bxgal said...

Jordan... I was starting to like new Jade, but the last time we saw her on the show was in Feb. when Casey found out of Jade and Emily's partnership... he told her to leave and she ran out of the house...
but i recently saw her in the music video for "good girls go bad" by cobra starship. she's like in the first 5 seconds buying stuff at the deli/club. when i saw that video i was like "wtf.. where is jade?" haha.

also, Zach should head back over to OLTL. i wasn't watching it when he was on, but him and marty have to be better than John and Marty. and i'm on Jordan's side... Zach is a punk!! he needs to be more like Jeff Branson on GL (from the clips i saw) and Billy Miller (who i love on Y&R!!)