Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh Man, I Got Nothin'

I have to admit, when Ashley asked if I would post a new blog this week, my first thought was "Oh shit, I'm busted". You see, I haven't watched much since the last time I posted during the dance-a-thon. Sure, I've caught a few minutes here and there, but mostly I've kept up through your astoot comments, the blog, the podcast and spoilers. Honestly, I don't feel like I've missed much. From what I can tell, very little has really happened on the show. Nobody on the show has really accomplished anything or grown as a person. The show's just treading water waiting for the move. The drama off screen regarding the move has been far more interesting, but my interest in that is even beginning to fade. Rebecca Budig is coming back. Woohoo.

Anyway, I thought I should try to say something really positive about the show--at least just one thing. Not much there for me right now though. About all I'm hanging onto these days is, "Nice theme song". Anyway, this show has been dissected over and over again by some of the best minds in the soap business. Twitter is a'buzz with the FIRE PRATT petition that is circulating. So what am I going to write about that hasn't been said over and over again the past few weeks?

How about a poem? Well it seemed like a good idea at first. The problem was finding my inspiration. Ryan and Erica? Ick. Annie and Adam. Vomit. Randi? Be serious. No the only thing that sort of inspired me was my total detestation of head scribe Chuck Pratt. Right away the rhymes starting whirling inside my brain, "Hickory Dickory Dock. Chuck Pratt can suck my....". However, I remembered that Ashley likes to keep this PG and I already said "shit" in the first sentence so I gave up on that ditty. After pondering this for the better part of a few seconds, I was able to put together this little number to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies:

Come and listen to a story ‘bout a hack named Pratt
There is no worse writer, he’s a total ass hat
He is killing All My Children, makes me wonder WTF
Why won’t the network get rid of this guy Chuck?

Pratt that is, Charles Pratt, Pratthole.

Well the first thing you know when his writing hit the air
Viewers said, “Chuck get away from there”
Said Melrose Place is the place you ought to be
Then Frons loaded up the show, moved it to Los Angeleeze.

Hollywierd, that is. Andrita Studios. HD.

Well now it’s time to say goodbye to Pratt and all his kin.
To Judy Blye Wilson, Frons, Crapputhers and Brianne
They aren't invited back again to stay in Pine Valley
Even when it starts broadcasting in HDTV

Haul ass, that is. Suck it, We dutch oven you!

Take Denise Vasi, y'hear?

I don't even know if that made sense, but it made me smile a little. Who doesn't love the Hillbillies theme song? How are you all coping with the state of AMC right now? Let's commiserate with each other, right here.


Shadow said...

411 On Soaps printed our picture of the FIRE PRATT picture with the X on it. Check it out:

BELINDA said...

Stellar song, Shadow, and awesome tip o' the hat to the PVP blog!

Ashley said...

Holy freakin' funny, Shadow! I got the Beverly Hillbillies tune stuck in my head now!

I'm sorry to put you through this. NOBODY should be asked to watch AMC right now! It's just not right!


Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Bravo Shadow! Another brilliant blog entry.. makes me laugh everytime..

And wow who would have thought that putting a little red x and an emotion that everyone was feeling (fire pratt) over a picture of his ugly mug would be such a big hit! lol

DancingElf88 said...

LMAO Shadow. Thanks for making me smile today. Sadly I can't contribute much concerning AMC unless it's about scenes strictly concerning Annie. So here goes:
Annie says Adam killed Stuart
Emma is still in dream (lucky her she doesn't have to witness the monstrosity that is Pine Valley)
Ryan is a dick
That's all I got

Arizonagal said...

How shall I say this delicately? Our little Emma needs to be home playing with her Nintendo DSi. Back in the old days of GL when Hayden Panettiere played Lizzie Spaulding, I was blown away by how talented a little tyke she was. Little Emma? Not so much. She's a lovely little girl but I'm not feeling the drama here. WEHT Kathy, Tad's little girl? She might have been up to the challenge.

AMC lately leaves me feeling empty. Too much spray tan, not enough acting. And maybe I'm the only one who doesn't give a rats ass that Budig is returning. Wonder what kind of energy she'll put into Greenlee this time. Is she only coming back because she heard Aidumb was canned? I know she hated being his squeeze.

Ooh, Ryan was trying to act again this week. He was doing that menacing whisper crap that I HATE. I don't know what annoys me more about that guy, his "acting" or "dancing".

Shadow, loved your song, will be singing it all day!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I agree AZgal.. Emma is.. eh (eh there's nothing else I can say.. haha sorry had to put a Lady Gaga reference in there somewhere) but yeah, she's adorable no doubt, but in the acting department.. she's (i'll be nice) not on par with some of the other young stars I have seen.. However, she is still better than Rancid! haha gotta love a good Denise Vasi dig.

As for Budig returning I am beyond happy! I love me some Rebecca Budig, but I understand why people aren't as excited as I am. She phoned in her last run at AMC. I still have memories of when Greenlee was a dynamite character and I guess I am just holding a candle out for THAT Greenlee...



Laura said...

I want them to see my picture that preceeded this. Fire Frons! My artwork is famous. I am the next Norn!

Loved the Hillbilly Song, I have it on my ipod. When we all hated our white trash neighbors and they moved away in their stock car trailer, we played it on full blast as they were leaving. Mature, don't you think!

I am beginning to think Vasi's twitters are better than Fron's writing.

I saw some of today's show while doing other stuff. Gee Emma is sick, so they can get a new actress.

Did anyone read the blind item Nelson Branco wrote about nobody being sad a arrogant AMC star isn't moving. Not to hard to figure out it was Thorsten.

I missed Glee last night on my way back from Iowa, have to catch it on Hulu. Love that show.

I posted the petition on Nelson's facebook page and it made news in his tv guide column.

Hope everyone is doing better. I too have been watching a little bit of Days. Anything is better than AMC, including C-Span.

Crystal said...

Did you all see the quotes from Pratt on Daytime Confidential. If not go look...

OH he is SUCH a genius. No writers ever killing off characters on soaps ever leave openings for them to be alive. Why, I've never heard of such a thing! In fact, he should be given every Emmy just for coming up with such a gem.

All hail the great Pratthole. That man is an A-S-S

Unknown said...

Just saw an article on Daytime Confidential.... so now Pratt is saying Rebecca Buding was always his favorite?!?!?! GMAFB!!!! I thought "Jamie "doesn't kiss ass" Luner was his fave?!?! This man is such an idiot. He needs to be fired, never to write for a daytime soap EVER!!!!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Just read this article about a disgruntled football fan who raised money and rented a billboard to vent his frustrations with the team and their coach.. I'm thinking this should be the next step in the "Fire Pratt" campaign.. I mean, how rad would that be?

Here's the story if you are interested:

Shadow said...

I can't imagine what Pratt would write if he didn't like you. Can you imagine the shit you'd have to act out? Maybe that's why Jill Larson sees blood everywhere all the time. He's just screwing with her head. He supposedly loves MCE and she spent months talking to a vent. He loves Turbo Luner and that poor bitch must feel like she made a deal with the devil with the crap he's giving her.

jordan hudson said...

Well I got caught up on Grey's 4 hours and I have to's back for me. I was so invested, no more ghost, hopefully no more back stage drama or if there is they will keep it to themselves. One of the nice things is that with two series regulars gone and two who will be M.I.A. for a few episodes that they are allowing some of the supporting cast to step up and take center stage. Rather then bring on more new regulars keep giving the cast you have the time they deserve..

Wednesday night's have been a blast for me with my ABC comedy's and then Glee. I feel so good when I got to bed Wednesday's.

Shadow said...

Jordan, are you still trying to follow Heroes? I heard Monday was a good ep. I'm *this close* to giving up on it.

Laura said...

Couldn't go without a Denise Vasi tweet today.

"sorry ive been MIA had a full day. auditioned for a macys commercial & had a great meeting regarding a pilot idea. just finished cooking"

From your lips to God's ears honey! Get that Pilot and leave the show. I hope Pratt is the writer and he takes you with him!

jordan hudson said...

Shadow I have the last three episodes on my DVR and Have to watch the first two on line.

I so have not been liking Heroes since the second season...I'm thinking it might be time to pull the plug on it for me.

I will say that I never thought I would feel that Grey's would be must see t.v. for me after last season but somehow they really have got there mojo back. Tonight's episode was amazing. This entire season has been like the first and reminded me why I fell in love with Grey's. I so hope I will be able to say that about AMC one day.

In other news Flash forward tonight
hmmm.... kind of made me think I might be pulling the plug on it. After three episodes that kept me intrigued, tonight's fell short of the bar they have set. From some badly written scenes to overacting. I will have to see about this.

Crystal said...

I think I am giving up on Flash Forward too. meh There are great actors on it but, it isn't quite enough for me. Maybe I will give it one more week.

Glee wasn't as good as last week, which I was LIVING for as Jordan says, but still good. I think it was a lot of the songs weren't doing it for me.

Michael said...

Bravo Shadow, you managed another tour de force---clever, biting and extremely funny.

I did not mind today’s AMC episode. I thought the climax at the hospital was energetic and I thought the Zendall moments were sort of charming. All things Ryan however were awful. I wish the show would be much better in the smaller moments so the big moments would have so much more impact. Oh, and I was I was left wondering if we were we supposed to be cheering for Kendall’s doppelganger to stay locked up against her will so she could be stuck with a shiv again. Whatever.

OLTL has a great cast. It also has this penchant for finding secondary performers that are not necessarily great actors, but they have such authenticity as their character that the veracity of the performance is unquestioned. Mostly I mean Destiny, and to a smaller degree, Fish. I love the honesty and realness of these characters.

Shadow said...

Aw shucks you guys. Glad you liked it.

I recorded Flash Forward the first night. Watched 15 minutes and was bored. Deleted it. It's not Lost. I should probably be embarrassed to admit this, but I like Eastwick. Never like vampire stuff, but I'm a sucker for magic and hot girls.

Mel Got Served said...

While I enjoyed Glee this week, I thought there were just too many songs this week. I love musicals, but 5 full musical numbers in an hour (well 43 minutes) is a lot, especially when you have like 6 other shows to watch that night. But still loving it.

I also caught Nip/Tuck which is outlandish as always, but that's what I like. Matt as a mime? I died laughing.

I have not watched AMC, nor do I have it set up on my DVR right now. I could give a shizz.

Jordan, I agree about Grey's. I was not really excited about the new season and actually was giving it the 3 episode ultimatum, but it has definitely gotten better. While it's not must-see for me, I do DVR it and watch it over the weekend. Too many other Thursday shows to keep up with.

Haven't watched last night's Flash Forward yet, but I guess I'm now prepared to know I might be bored. I'll give it some more time, but we'll see. It's definitely no Lost.

Extremely sad that Mia Michaels is not going to be on this season of SYTYCD. I hope it's just that she got other career opportunities, and not because say Adam Shankman got promoted to 3rd judge, etc.

Terry in Toronto said...

You should be writing for AMC Shadow. Your posting was way more interesting than what passes for drama at 1:00 daily on ABC.

Unknown said...

I completely agree with you that last night's Grey's was one of its best in a looooonnngggg time. First time I actually felt like the show and especially the dialogue is getting back to its roots. The actress who plays Callie was so amazing last night. Loved all of her scenes. I wasn't shocked when Izzie was let go, but I was shocked with how moved I was by Christina's speech. I've always thought she was a bit self-righteous, but last night I really felt her pain.

Are you still watching Private Practice? It is getting better and better every week. It's almost like as soon as I gave up all hope and stopped watching it, it rebounded. The only reason I watched it last night because I wanted to see Dr. Bailey's crossover, but I am now hooked again because of the episode.

Last, Glee was amazing once again this week. Mel, I agree that they were a little heavy on the musical numbers, but they made up for it with more Jane Lynch. If that woman isn't nominated, or heck, if she doesn't win the Emmy for best supporting actress in a comedy next year I will be flabbergasted. Their writers definitely deserve a nod as well.

Erika said...

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos will both be on AMC for their 40th anniversary episode as per Daytime COnfidential

Any ideas on Pratt will screw this up?

Shadow said...

I wonder if Pratt even knows who Haley and Mateo are? He probably thinks they're lesbians. Somebody better fill him in quick before he has Mateo show up pregnant with Ryan's child. More than likely Pratt will have Haley return only to suffer some type of head wound, debilitating blindness or just to die violently.

Mel Got Served said...

They're probably bring Haley and Mateo on just to make them Stuart's killer.

Arizonagal said...

I love it when Shadow says "I got nothing" and then proceeds to blog a tome on Pratt's swath of destruction complete with a theme song!

BTW I also got nothin' about AMC. It's all a blur. Even when I watch, I feel like I must've missed something - the show is so disjointed.

I'm going to the bay area next week, anyone know where I can find a good female impersonator show? Never seen one, dying to. It's a small thing, but still on my bucket list.

Crystal said...

Thinking of making some AMC Sims maybe I can come up with something slightly more entertaining than the show. Ha ha

Anyone have any storylines they want me to do put them off. I am off to work on a fabulous Annie with her bitch bangs. I have to remember to make her really really tan.

Crystal said...

I have a few sims. Problem is I don't have any custom downloads and Sims 3 comes with practically nothing. arrr

Anyway, these are rough but, here they are hopefully they work:

Annie and Adam
Annie, Scott and Adam

David, Amanda, Trevor, Annie

Mel Got Served said...

Make a Sim of Ryan, then put him in the house with a ton of fireplaces, enter construction mode and remove all the doors and windows- let chaos reign. My brother always used to do that when we had the Sims!

Just got back from Where the Wild Things Are. I really enjoyed it, but definitely not a kid's movie. A real deep thinking sort of movie in a way. But let's be honest, the whole time I was just jealous of that kid played Max cause I just wanted to hug all the Wild Things.

jordan hudson said...

Mel lol I love that Hayley and Mateo killed Stuart I wouldn't put it past that Pratt hole.
Shadow I like Eastwick too. A reviewer called it Desperate Housewives meets Charmed. Is it something I would tell everyone to see no. Just like Castle it is entertaining...comfort T.V.

jason said...

Great job Shadow!

I'd be more excited for Hailey and Mateo returning if Pratt-Hole wasn't ruining the show.

Don't care that Rebecca Budig is coming back she phoned in last time. I don't have respect for that. Go out Sydney Penny style!

Will pratt-hole ever be fired? sigh.

Laura said...

I liked where the Wild Things are. I went at 10:30 AM yesterday for 5 bucks. About 6 people in the theatre. I love that when I see kids movies. I like kid's movies but not having kids at them!

Loved the comment about the Santos killing Stuart.

Brian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brian said...

Why is it that I'm dreading the 40th anv of AMC? Maybe because Pratt is still writing and Fronz is still in charge. I am hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

Laura said...

Monday is the birthday of our dear friend N69/Norn. I wish I could get Chuck Pratt fired for his birthday!

On facebook on Ashley and Jordans page I posted a link to the Denise Vasi article that was printed awhile ago in Chicago about her apartment with her stripper pole. Not sure how to link here.

It's been so cold here. I have to head back to Dubuque again tomorrow to take my daughter back to school. Is Taylor still there?

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Arizonagal said...

Well I just finished a week's worth of AMC on my new HDTV. A few observations:

JaLu, ruching is not your friend! Get rid of that nasty gray shirt, it accentuates your muffin top big time. And did Chuck Pratt's ass pimples migrate to your forehead? Time for Annie and Amanda and James Spalding to hold a Proactiv intervention.

Adam, HDTV is not your friend. Do something about those eyebrows!

Zach must be doing some man-scaping, didn't he use to have a hairy chest? Now it's baby butt smooth and spray tanned to perfection.

Erica's lipstick is still painted way outside her natural lips, and it is so obvious. Makes me wonder, why Looch hasn't had her lips plumped? She's no stranger to plastic surgeons.

I find it so annoying that Amanda says she's going shopping and David wants to drop everything and join her. Jeez, Amanda feel like a prisoner much? This story line is so incredibly stupid. Hell, I'd stand in line to take a whack at this idiot with a shovel. Go Amanda!

Annie's skin? Flawless. I hate the way everyone treats her like they are just so much better than she is, so much less felonious. Let he who is w/o sin.....

Ryan on HDTV? Still a total jackass. This guy is a creep, dickhead, asshole, asshat, asswipe... I can't stand to watch him, I just end up FFing through every scene he's in.

jordan hudson said...

Was I on crack this week because somehow between Thursday and Friday I felt like I missed an episode. This is a perfect example of why Pratthole and his team are inept at their job.

I will say this I'm so loving me some Brot and Natalia. If only he would actually give them some air time and a real storyline. They have chemistry and work well off each other.

OLTL was amazing. So Matthew is heading to the school where T&T child is attending. See love how everything come together. Also Evil has returned to Llandview ( no not Pratthole) Mitch Lawrence is back and I can't wait.

Y&R I'm very concerned. I have not been watching long but even I can see how important Victor & Eric are to the show. Eric Bradeen is superb. Not AMUSED!

DancingElf88 said...

Jordan: Mitch is Jessica's father right? He raped Viki when she was preggers and somehow she got pregnant by him and Cliff? Is that how Gnat and Jess are twins but have different fathers?
As for Y&R I'm not a fan of Victor and I don't like how he manages to win gets annoying. I agree with the people of DC...he should've just taken the pay cut. He is talented and his chracter adds a wonderful dynamic to the show with the oodles of history he has with everyone but if doesn't want to take the paycut like everyone else...he has to go.
I haven't seen AMC but considering the horrendous, delapidated mess this show is I'm going to venture and say that the inconsistencies are due to Pratt's tripping off acid and not your coke habit :D

Hve you been watching As The World Turns? I think it's gotten better. I'm enjoying Meg for the first time in forever...I like her going psycho. I like Forbes March as Mason and the Luke and Noah s/l so far. But the whole damian/lily/holden stuff is a dud. I was excited for a reunion and it was so ruined for me.

BELINDA said...

Someone on another board suggested a name for Kendall's ''double'' that I find brilliant and hilarious: PRETENDALL.

ERIKA said...

I was wishing that Kim was somehow Tea's and Todd's child but i know she is too old

I can't wait till we find out who the child is, what if Matthew falls for her If its girl..A Buchannan and a Manning together

I love how OLTL stories all inter- twine...LOVE IT

Mel Got Served said...

My only comment on tonight's Mad Men (also expressed on Facebook and Twitter): It's a Dick [Whitman] in a box!

jordan hudson said...

Dancing Elf.

Mr. Bradden has said he is not above taking the pay cut when his contract expires. I see his point. he negotiated a certain rate and he expects Sony to respect what they agreed upon. Sony is trying to be shady.

Done with ATWT. I don't get what they do to there characters. Lilly jumping into bed with Damian seconds after Holden dies. Meg becoming obsessed with Damian. Paul falling in love Emily after all there history. He no longer loves Meg or his daughter. As much as I want to support I can't the show is all over the place and is giving AMC a run for it's money as worse soap.

Crystal said...

Pretendall is awesome!!!

We need a new Annie name. I keep calling her plain ole "Annie" now. I guess I don't think she is so Insannie anymore. I do like SpraytAnnie but, seems a bit long.

DancingElf88 said...

I actually kind of like Paul and Emily. I would think with his memory back he would be more about her then adopting Liberty's baby. I was never a Meg fan, but for some reason I'm kind of enjoying her being a little psycho. I can tolerate ATWT but AMC is just...oofa.
Crystal I just call Annie Bangs

Anonymous said...

I kind of enjoyed AMC a little last week. Well, little bits of it...

Enjoyed Zach and Kendall's warm moments. Of course this whole storyline is bonked, but I did like their interactions.

I also enjoyed Adam Mayfield's acting. He really looked pained about the whole ordeal. Adam is still POD ADAM, but Scott is very convincing.

Scott is finally drinking like a mutha****in' Chandler...whut whuuuut!

I enjoyed Oompa Loompa Annie also. I liked how she gave it right back to NevErica AKA POD ERICA. I also enjoyed the ending with little Emma. Man, that little girl is headed for the loony bin! Ryan and Erica made me gag. I guess it's good Greenlee is coming back, because i want these two ended NOW!

Angie and Jesse are dead to me now. I just can't watch them! Jesse is a stupid donkey, and Angie's weave is smarter than she is.

Props to Fakendall/Pretendall for knocking JL on the head. PV residents must be really strong if they can knock people out in one shot.

Amanda channeled Janet and whacked Dr.Devious on the head, in what was probably the most ridiculous thing I have seen David Hayward do!

I still enjoyed the show though. Here's what I wanna' see in LA:

(1)More split personalities

(2)Another pair of twins in town

(3)at least 2 older people (45+)

(4)More sets.

Laura said...

Maybe Eric Braedon could save AMC. He would be a good foe for Adam and a great love interest for Erica. But they need a new writer. He has a lot of fans.

Calling Claire Labine? You can tell that Pratt had no long story, and now with people leaving he has to write things differently for these changes.

P.S. Happy birthday Norn/N69.

jordan hudson said...

Well AMC today was ....I liked Natalia and Brot and drunk Scott. The whole shenanigans with Jesse/ Zach/ Ryan is so stupid.

OLTL love me some NUCarlotta. Also love the twist with Ross & Elijah did not see it coming but so makes sense and explains a lot. I love the use of history that Pamela Stewart was used a character that goes back to the 80's.

I have to say D.H. & B&S last night on ABC were great. Both shows have been strong this season starting. I can't wait for Nov 3 and V. Hoping that it lives up to the trailer they have been showing.

jason said...

All this season of Mad Men Jordan has been sayingthat it's all quiet before the storm, and Jordan you were soooo right. I can't wait to see how it's going to unfold now that Betty knows about the truth about Don and Dick. But only three episodes left of Mad Men left, this season flew by.

DancingElf88 said...

I didn't watch AMC.
OLTL was so great. I like the twist with Elijah and hard is that Chuck Pratt? I don't know who Pamela Stewart is...who is she? I really like NuCarlotta also. I liked that Layla thought about Christian hooking up with her sister. Good writing

Laura said...

Attention Gleeks: Jonathan Groff from Spring Awakening and OLTL will join Glee. He played Henry the kid who was going to bring a gun to school and he was written out after the Virginia Tech incident. He is a great singer.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is JR getting fat?


Shadow said...

JR is the worst looking bald guy I've ever seen. And he has that spare tire around his middle.

PVP is like a support group for people who used to love AMC. I feel like I should begin every blog entry with "My name is Shadow. It's been 12 days since I've watched an episode of AMC...".

jordan hudson said...

Dancing Elf thank you for mentioning the Layla Situation. I too thought it was excellent choice on the writers that Layla would fight her feelings for Chris because of her sister. And as much as you all know I don't like Chris or David Fumero, He does nada for me (I actually am more turned on by his real life wife then him) The kiss was HOTTTTT!!!

That's how you do it.

Jenny Jr has been packing it on for awhile now his GH & B&B days are long gone

BELINDA said...


I think it's funny (funny ha-ha, not funny hmmmm) that there is such a difference in opinions about JR's chrome dome between this board and another major AMC board. Most of the folks at the other board think he is hot, hot hot and I love 'em so much that I just don't have the heart to say I think he looks like a bottle of roll-on deodorant. Glad I can say it here! ;-)

Shadow said...

Belinda, I really like the actor who plays JR and I think he has rocked every hair style he's had from short to long. I admire his boldness when it comes to his hairstyle. But bald just isn't working on him. He looks stumpy and fat. He doesn't look like a cancer survivor. He still has eyelashes and brows and he hasn't lost any weight. The real issue probably for me is that I hate this storyline and I tire instantly of any conversation about JR's alcoholism. Very after school special-ish and Ebabe is no fun. I can only imagine how the other blog would receive my thoughts on the subject! We all have our opinions and I'm glad we can share them here honestly. If somebody disagrees and thinks he's smokin' the bald look that's great. It's those differences and respectful debate that makes this place special!!

Mel Got Served said...

The PVP board seems to be the only ones with common sense besides Daytime Confidential (except Luke hates Insannie). If you go on Twitter, it seems like people love eveeeerything about this show. Have they been watching the same show? And the fact that there are "Frandi" fans? Well that nearly pushed me off the edge. I think there just must be one person somewhere who just really wanted to love some couple and deem them a supercouple and picked the crappiest one this show has.

I love this board cause it's honest and not ass-kissing. If you go anywhere else, they're unhappy but will still watch the show and support it til the end. But by giving AMC the ratings you're supporting the horrendous writing.

Laura said...

Hi I'm Laura and I backslided a little yesterday and saw some of AMC out of habit. But I then left the room, and I did not watch it on SoapNet. Today maybe hard for me because I am home from work. Please pray for me.

This is from Wikipedia. A good reason not to use this as a source:

Early Years
Even before her debut as Randi Morgan on ABC's daytime soap opera, "All My Children," Denise Vasi had already established herself as one of the entertainment industry's top women to watch. The budding actress, who is currently the face of Olay's Spring 2009 on-camera advertising campaign, has graced the pages of international and domestic glossies (including ELLE, Marie Claire, GQ Italy and the cover of French magazine Clam) as a sought-out model. Now, with her first long-term role in a television series and several feature films on the horizon, she is making a fast and determined leap into Hollywood.

Acting career

As Randi Morgan, the actress plays a "hooker with a heart of gold" who is encouraged by Dr. Frankie Hubbard (Cornelius Smith, Jr.) to ditch her tumultuous past and lead a more fulfilling life. It's a complicated role, but one that the New York native has embraced, working directly with the show's producers to develop her character arc and watching Jane Fonda in Klute for inspiration.

Denise Vasi attributes her diligent work ethic to her mother, who raised the actress and her two younger brothers in Brooklyn, New York. After Denise was approached to model numerous times, a family friend eventually sent her snapshots to agencies, and the young girl of Puerto Rican, Dominican and Greek heritage was signed to Ford Models at the age of 12. From there, she went on to balance her modeling career with school, studying finance and management at Long Island University while booking modeling gigs and taking classes to pursue her long-term dream.

Today, she is represented by Next Models and has been featured in numerous on-camera and print campaigns for leading cosmetics and hair care brands (Olay, Spring 2007 and 2009; Bobbi Brown, Spring 2008; Target; Nexxus; Urban Decay; Cosmpolitan’s “Beauty Capital of the World” NYC banner campaign) as well as fashion labels (Fiorucci, Spring 2009; Dollhouse; American Eagle; Old Navy).

In addition to "All My Children," Denise's acting credits include the upcoming Disney feature film release When in Rome, in which she plays opposite Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite, Blades of Glory), "Law and Order: Criminal Intent," the feature independent films Doorman and The Good Guy (starring Alexis Bledel), and music videos for Grammy-winning recording artist Common and R&B singer Mario.

Are you F**king kidding me! A top woman to watch?

She modeled the role of Rancid after Jane Fonda in Klute! Don't even get me started. She ain't even in line with AMC hookers like Donna and Estelle and sure isn't Karen Woleck. I wish Billy Cylde would come back and bitch slap her. Comparing her to Jane Fonda is like comparing me to Cindy Crawford.

I have to read this everyday to keep me away from this show.

I saw the big poster for this movie she's in at the theatre and her name wasn't on it.

My Denise rant for the day. Fire Pratt.

Did you notice Nelson Branco is linking the petition is his columns.

Crystal said...

Belinda, roll on deodorant that is hilarious.

I think I should just make those stupid comments like some other places just for fun.

Ok here goes:
"Oh, I hope Madison doesn't come back and try to get between Randi and Frankie again. I love them soooooo much!"
UGH, I think I just threw up a little.

DancingElf88 said...

Jordan I know you love you some We Love Soaps. They just started a video series. Here's the link if you're interested:
(I hope it works because I don't know how to link things on the blog). I missed my One Tree Hill yesterday...does anyone know of a place I can watch it online?

jason said...

Mel, I can't believe how many people I've see on Twitter that still actually think AMC is good! Are they sucking up the actors or do they really think Frandi is a hot couple!?

Mel Got Served said...

They have to be sucking up, right? I just don't get it. I was allll about Frankie when they came on, until they paired him with this sack of potatoes with makeup on.

Laura said...

Excuse me Mel - Denise Vasi has already established herself as one of the entertainment industry's top women to watch! LOL

Anybody watching GH today? I can't believe Bobby, Leslie, and Audrey were taken out of mothballs for a scene. Back in the day they all had frontburner stories.

I left today and when I came home AMC was on. I thought the bald head was Brot, when I realized it was J.R. and Nu-Babe, I shut it off.

I read some spoilers and I am not amused! Just when i think it can't any worse, it looks like it will.

My name is Laura and I have kept this show off my DVR for almost three months now!

Daytime Confidential has links to the hilarious story of Mr. Kitty the documentary. He is the new Brenda Dickson.

Shadow said...

Laura you are cracking me up today. Maybe we're approaching this Denise Vasi thing all wrong. Maybe we should embrace "Frandi" (which sounds as ridiculous as the couple it pairs) and promote the hell out of it. Get it to skyrocket on the Twitter trending thing--spread the love everywhere. Denise Vasi is a top or whatever. Maybe Frandi's skyrocketing profile will inspire Oil of Olay to make a movie and cast her in the starring role as a hooker with a heart of gold but bad skin who turns her life with the aid of a proper moisturizing regimen. She'll have no time for Frandi anymore and ditch the show and release her icy grip on the Hubbard family. Free at last, Free at last. Thank God we shall be free at last!

Crystal said...

Shadow maybe you are onto something. We LOVED Annie's bangs and they took those away from us.

Shadow said...

We showed the love for Carmen and look what happened to her. Goner! Loved Stuart. Dead. Adored Marian. Crazy farm. Loved Dixie. Poisoned her. Absofuckinglutely watched this show for Brooke. Terminated. Rianca was Hot so Pratt hooked Reese up with Zach. And then Eden and Tamara quit.

Show the love and TPTB will probably bury Frandi.

brtedi said...

Hi, all!--

I have a question for all the twitter people-- I'm a brandnew tweeter, so bare with me :-D

OK, I get how you can post a comment for eveyone to see what you're upto on your twitter page--But, what if you want to respond to somebody else---people on facebook have walls one can write on...But, what is the tweeting equvalent???


jordan hudson said...

OMG OMG OLTL Mama Evans needs to be on contract. When she slapped Gregory and told him off.....see that's a mama. I'm sorry but I love me my Evans family. Sean and Destiny may not be doing Shakespear in the park any time soon but they are %100 percent believable playing Sean and Destiny and I would rather watch them then rancid,Mongrieff and Aidumb any day of the week.

Matthew is just too much. The intensity of this storyline. I believe that Bob woods and Hilary Bailey smith are the parent sto this boy. I don't know how they are doing it but they are going somewhere so deep that I just feel their pain as a parent.

And that ending. While I do like Nick, Fish it is Kyle who is the strongest actor and funny that as the one straight guy he is the most believable playing gay. I want to marry Kyle he is so HOT but just like my Adam Mayfield hopelessly straight :(

Laura said...

I loved that Momma slapping that boy upside the head. So real, and also because I don't like the actor playing Greg. I've been wanting to slap that crybaby for weeks.

Back in the day OLTL had the strongest actors. The real Florida Evans Esther Rolle even played the role of Sadie Gray for a while after Lillian Hayman.

We had Ed Hall, Jr. on OLTL and now we have this guy! Just like we had Ruth Warrick and now Rancid. I sound like an old lady talking about the good old days, but Jordan pics have me visiting memory lane.

There is nothing on TV and that show that shall not be named is on. But I'm on facebook and multitasking.

Yuck, JR proposed. If he's on with Petey it will look like Lex Luther and Clark Kent. He has been looking like the Pillsbury dough boy lately. Remember when we complained about the long hair? Well this look is worse. But hair grows back, unlike bad scripts.

Jordan your crush on Kyle is like mine on Nate Berkus. Hot is hot it doesn't matter if they are gay or straight!

Mel Got Served said...

Hey Brtedi! To respond to a person on Twitter, there's 2 ways to do it. When you are reading a person's tweet there is a little curly arrow that you can click on that will populate the top part where you write your message with "@twitterusername" and then you can type in your message. Or you can simply type in any message @twitterusername and it will be directed towards that user. So, for example, if you wanted to tweet me, you could write @MelGotServed CHUCK PRATT SUCKS!

Hope that helps :)

Shadow said...

"The show that shall not be named", Lex, and Clark. Laura your vacay has you firing on all cylinders today

Brtedi, I've been messing with Twitter too. It isn't as intuitive as Facebook. Learn about hashmarks which is apound sign followed by a key word. It helps you find others with similar interests and it helps them find you. For example, you might tweet to me @shadowusr Fire Chuck Pratt!! #amc. Mel can probably explain it better.

My name is Shadow and I don't recall the last time I watched AMC but I know that I absolutely am crazy in love with FRANDI!! Denise Vasi is a hot mama! Like Jane Fonda in her prime I tell ya! I don't want to put ideas in anyone's head but II can't believe somebody else hasn't scooped her up for another series or something. I have bought gobs of Oil of Olay because I want to have supple skin just like hers! FRANDI IS DANDY!!

jordan hudson said...

OMG Ryan's Hope is so hot right now. I have been crying my eyes out. Now they might not be the best looking cast but boy could they act and the few who were not at the same level as the powerhouse could hold there own due to the brilliant writing of Claire Labine. Seeing RH makes me wish that instead of showing the original 90210 24/7 they should show old AMC, OLTL, GH, hell show Edge of Night or Loving rather then crappy movies.

winjo said...

melgotserved--Thanks for your tips! :-D I sent you a reply, via twitter--Let's hope it made it through. Apparently, tonight, twitter went down for a bit, due to high traffic.


brtedi said...

"...Brtedi, I've been messing with Twitter too. It isn't as intuitive as Facebook. Learn about hashmarks which is apound sign followed by a key word...."

Hey, Shadow!--I'll give it a go. Any suggestions are helpful. Thanks!


PS--What the heck happened to my username in my last post?! LOL!

Shadow said...


I used to watch Ryan's Hope all the time. It came on just before AMC in our market. That happy little theme song and rising sun and the Simba-baby thing with Maeve and John used to hook me in. Plus I was crazy hot for Nancy Addison (Jillian). I was just a little kid in a small Texas town and was fascinated by the bar, the funny accents (Irish and New York). Delia was captivating. I loved Ilene Kristen was such a unique, quirky actress. I didn't always understand it at the time b/c I was young but loved watching it. I thought Roger, Seneca, and Frank were cool. Thinking back it's interesting how much RH used to recast its characters. Who knows how many people played Mary and Siobhan. I think even Robin Matteson played Delia for a while and I want to say Walt Willey was on there. (I had checked out of RH at that point and switched to OLTL after AMC if I was home from school and could watch.) I wonder what ever happened to Nancy Addison. Hey, did you take any pics of her back in the day?

Mel Got Served said...

Brtedi, I didn't get the tweet. Must've been since Twitter was weird last name- make sure to send me a tweet again! :) @melgotserved

Unknown said...

OLTL (10/21) was FABULOUS!! I have loved Mama Evans since her first time on the show and yesterday just made me love her even more. Someone put Tonye Patono on contract!!!! She dropped some great knowledge on Greg yesterday. Heck even Rachel looked scared.

Norn Cutson said...

i wanted to tell ya'll that i randomly watched two episodes of OLTL & 1 AMC!

actually not so randomly; i'm @ my sister's & we love to watch together.

i DONT want to get pulled back into tv, but OLTL is sooooo entertaining!
& its something i especially enjoy watching as a family & discussing.
besides being so progressive, its just good solid character-driven storytelling.

I like the new CARLOTTA!
I LOVE THE EVANS FAMILY (except that dr brother...he just doesnt snap my bean & the actor seems a bit over his head)
don't love NICK but he's ok.

The only thing I remember from AMC was ANGIE's CHER wig & my sister pointed out that when PRETENDALL bashed JLU in the head, JLU held the hem of her top down as she fell!

Anonymous said...

New podcast? Come out-come out, where ever you are!!

DancingElf88 said...

Catching up on today's AMC waiting for OLTL to start...Powder and Olive Oil make me want to upchuck. They are not sweet or romantic. Thus marriage? Boo...!
Hey lil Emma's awake. Ryan and Erica are still bile inducing. Waiting for OLTL...AMC drags and drags on.

Crystal said...

DV tweeted "sorry ive been MIA. i got lost in a page turning book, had very impt meetings and a really great audition. just focusing for a while."

I am with ya' DV, I wanted to find out if he would try those green eggs and ham too!

bless her heart ;)

Shadow said...

Yesterday somebody, Daytime Confidential maybe, that AMC is getting new credits with the move. Ordinarily that wouldn't be bad but I fear TIIC will screw up the best remaining part of the show--the theme song. Or they will take out Pheobe from the opening. Or have 20 stills of Rebecca Budig.

begin squealing saxophone and que voice-over: All My Children, brought to you by Oil of Olay. With Special Guest Star Rebecca Budig as the Real Greenlee. And Featuring Top Lady of the World, Face of Olay and Winner of Some Bullshit Prize for Her Dramatic Role in "Bitch Has Eyes of Stone. Written by Chuck Pratt."

I have to stop. I'm making myself queasey.

jordan hudson said...

Shadow, I have many pics of the RH cast I will try and see if I can get any prints form me negatives.

Sadly Nancy Addison passed away awhile ago. So young. She was an incredible actress, a beautiful women inside and out. She was so gracious to the fans outside the studio and I was so happy to meet her. She use to love my pic and always wanted copies.

I went to see Florencia Lozano's (Tea OLTL) reading of her play. This woman's talent is endless. Not only is she an a amazing actress. She truly is a gifted writer as well. The play was quite interesting at times political and very funny. She has a great way with dialogue and all her characters sound unique. I enjoyed it a great deal.

Laura said...

I loved Ryan's Hope I watched it in high/school college. Kate Mulgrew was from Dubuque Ia and only 2 years older than me, we had mutual friends. She seemed so much older than me at the time. I think she was 21 or so. At lot of actors were on this show that went on to better things.

Ron Hale, Ilene Kristen and others were also on this. Julia Barr was a favorite character of mine on here, Renee Szabo I think it was. A very different character than Brooke. The Irish priest on AMC was a bartender on this show. Here it's on a bit early for me to watch on SoapNet. But if I'm up I always try to catch it. Look at IMDB to see who was on this show. The sets were cheap, but the writing was amazing. And except for a few actors they were all great. Except one Faith who I could not stand.

I now schedule all my appointments when I am home around AMC so I have a reason to miss it. But I have been enjoying GH again. This soap is the one I watched with my Grandma back when it started in 63. So when I bitch about stuff, it's because I go way back with these soaps and I really loved them.

We had no VCR then and I can remember coming up with some kind of illness to stay home to watch these shows for a big event.

I remember the who Luke and Laura wedding, the who killed Marco Dane on OLTL, the Karen Wolek hooker scene, the BJ gives Maxie her heart storyline. These were gripping. Now we have the who killed Stuart and who cares.

My daily Denise Rant. I think she read Where the Wild Things are because she didn't understand the movie!

Heres a twit from this twit - Progress always involves risk! You can't steal 2nd base with your foot STILL on 1st!!!!

Not a bad quote, because it's not hers. Maybe she was reading a book of quotations for her twitter followers! It's from Frederick Wilcox. But I love her and hope AMC keeps her forever.

Mel Got Served said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Michael Ausiello just report Colin Egglesfield is OFF Melrose Place! So is Ashlee Simpson! Big Bummer for Colin. He's one of the better actors, but I will admit, I don't see much storyline potential for him. But it sounds like these 2 characters might've been out of the picture in the plan anyways:

Mel Got Served said...

My mom used to watch AMC back in the day, so I told her who killed Stuart Chandler. Her response was "I don't even want to hear that." Even people who stopped watching years ago knows this is horrible.

Erika said...

Kim has set her sight on a Buchannan man , I cannot wait to see how this story plays out it ....I KNOW THIS IS GOING TO BE HIGH-LARIOUS

Laura said...

The show that shall not be named is on. It was pretty obvious who they were making the killer be in the last few days. I'm just glad it will be over.

Jordan and others, you have to look on YouTube for Ryan's Hope. Long before James Franco came to GH, Christopher Reeve did a guest spot on RH. I also found this interesting clip of the last day of Ryan's hope from GMA with Joe Garagiola. It was interesting how they were talking about ratings back in 1989. 20 years ago and little has changed.

I found some interesting stuff on YouTube, and old Loving Clip with people all on GH now, including the character of Tracy Quartermaine plus Debbie and Darnell. I didn't watch Loving much, I worked full-time and it was no Ryan's Hope.

Laura said...

I forgot to mention it seems Cameron M. is up for a host job on GMA. Gee what a shame, I would hate to see him leave AMC. This is my opposite thinking so that it can happen. I think it would be a better fit for him.

SOAPFAN said...

Cam getting a permanent gig on GMA, and RYAN leaving PV would be a godsend to me!

I don't think Cameron would have a shot though. I doubt Frons will let them steal his Golden Boy. He will probably do shady things behind the scenes to block it.

I think Chris Cuomo will be chosen. George Stephanopolous is too stuffy...he looks like he needs prunes or something.

But I can dare to dream of a Ryan-Less AMC!

Michael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shadow said...

I'm frisky for some Frandi!!! Cuz I think they're so Jim Dandy!! Love that Denise Vasi and iI find her plagiarism to be super inspiring! Whatever you do ABC don't let this supercouple get away.


Unknown said...

I am soooo hoping for Cameron to get the GMA job! Then when Rebecca comes back we won't have to be subjected to a retread of Rylee!!!! They will be forced to put her with someone else, maybe even someone she has chemistry with, like say Jake for instance!

DancingElf88 said...

I just saw OLTL. David+ Destiny= Brilliance. I loved that so much. I don't like Blair's obsession with Todd and trying to ruin Tea. It was funny and great before, but I really don't like how she's acting. DO NOT revisit Todd and Blair. I want her wuith Ross who I'm loving. I also adored those Tea and Rachel scenes. Lovely.
Poor little Matthew is stuck at Hogwarts with Tom Riddle...who I'm liking.
I like that Daniella too. Is she supposed to be around Matthew's age? When did Tea leave last...wasn't it like 8 years ago? I may be wrong or it may just be SORAS. But I hope they don't tuin Matthew and Destiny...I love those two together.
Jess and Brody...squeal! I love these two. Although Brody's sister...a little DTBTE but maybe I should give her a chance before I judge.

Not touching AMC...haven't watched and don't care to.

Arizonagal said...

Haven't seen THTSNBNed all week, been on biz in Berkeley. Didn't miss it once. Am so happy to hear this wonderful news about CM possibly going to GMA. Go for it CM, this is where your future is. If not game shows, then get thee to a morning news show. Now we all know if you go to GMA you'll be doing fluff man-on-the-spot interviews with D list celebs 'cuz you just aren't a hard news guy.

Anonymous said...

Oh man - Collin Eggsfield AND Ashley Simpson have been fired from Melrose.

Does Ashely watch Melrose just for Collin? (Probably not with two babies!!!)


brtedi said...

Brtedi, I didn't get the tweet. Must've been since Twitter was weird last name- make sure to send me a tweet again! :) @melgotserved

melgotserved: Yep! Twitter wasn’t acting right the other night. But, I figured out I didn’t pay attention to the character counter, either. If you go max out the characters, it doesn’t let you ‘reply’. Somehow, I sent you a blank tweet. But, that was then. Tonight, I had more success! I sent you a tweet, earlier tonight regarding the letting go of Collin Egglesfield from Melrose Place.

IMHO, it would behoove Pratt to rehire Collin Egglesfield as “Josh”. If I were Pratt, considering AMC will soon be in LA and CE is there already, why not tweak a little history? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind if Josh’s death was ’reinterpreted’ as a dream sequence---and Collin Egglesfield stepped right out of the shower—a la “Bobby Ewing”/ Dallas ((blush)) LOL!

As for Rebecca Budig/ “Greenlee”, I can’t believe I’m saying this…Forget Ryan. Put Greenlee, eventually, with Josh. In their scant scenes together Budig and Egglesfield had wonderful chemistry together, as if they’d been scene partners for years! (If Greens paired up with Josh, wouldn’t Erica have a fit? ;-) )—If it was up to me, that’s what I’d do.

Shadow said...

I dont thinkthere was ever a funeral for Josh. Was there? Maybe he's the one Nurse Chuckie us caring for .

For the record about Stewart's murderer: this was in my opinion 1000 worse than death by poison pancakes. Pratt is an idiot. He should be fired.

Laura said...

I saw some of the THTSNBNed last night. But I don't remember any of it. I was listening to my old high school football team online. Did they do the murder reveal and do I even care?

Behind on OLTL, this working for a living gets in the way. I did hear Eric Braeden is headed back to Y&R. Not surprised, where can a 68 year old actor find work.

I read the Branco blind items and it had some interesting thing, east coast newcomer is a lesbian. Natalia? Or is she considered a newcomer. I do like her with Brot. J.R. Martinez is about the only good thing to happen to AMC lately besides Scott Mayfield.

Also a blind item about a vet being taken off contract. I think it could be David Canary, rumor is he will be staying until March. Who will be left on this dumb show. I see no reason to watch it.

I really hope Cam M. gets the GMA show, because he seems like a nice likable guy who I enjoy doing stuff like this.

The next Halle Barry tweeted TK is on my team is this Thorsten Kaye. I doubt it. She was on a show last night playing Diahann Carroll's granddaughter. I hope Miss Carroll taught her a thing or too about acting. I didn't watch it, because I can't bear the thought of her leaving AMC and getting another gig. LOL

jordan hudson said...

The back story with Tea and daniella was even better then I could imagine. That she never knew for sure until last year it makes sense, Ron C. is a god

Anonymous said...

Now AOL is saying that Eric Braden ISN'T leaving Y&R - - he has agreed to the pay cut, just like everyone else has taken.


jordan hudson said...

OK finished OLTL LOVE DANIELLA. This is going to be good also love Tom he use to be JJ on ATWT lucky him that he is gone from that wretched show and on the hottest soap.

Also just saw the second episode of Being Erica and all I can say is LOVE IT! The first epsiode was cute but the second epsiode showed the direction the show is going and it's deep. and Tyrone Leisto from Wonderfalls is on it and I love The lead and I love CANADA.

Anonymous said...

OLTL - thank goodness they finally cut Jack's hair...but what's with the mullet??


Terry in Toronto said...

For all of you longtime OLTL fans ... and Soapcyclopedia Hudson .... I need some help understanding the Daniela storyline. When exactly were Todd/Tea/Ross stranded on the island? Weren't the kids that Ross kidnapped Starr and Jack? If that is the case, it means that Daniela was concieved and born after Jack so she should be younger than Jack. I'm having a hard time with Daniela being Matthew's age and so much older than Jack.

Help appreciated.

Unknown said...

Thank you Ashley and Jordan for adding me on Facebook! Love Ash's pics of the twins and Jordan's pics of the soap celebs!!!!

jordan hudson said...

Elizabeth I'm so glad that you are a part of our community.

Terry yes you are correct in regards to the issue with the ages of Todd's kids. I'm overlooking it as is the head writer as this makes it much more interesting.

New podcast coming in the next 24 to 48 hours

Mel Got Served said...

I watched all 5 episodes of OLTL this week! Finally I'm totally on board! I watched 0 episodes of AMC.

I think my line of the week goes to Todd when he said, "You brought my granddaughter to a soup kitchen?!" I love Todd's attitude. And that Jack kid- man, love him. Such a mini-Todd. Kim trying to go after Bo is brilliant. Loved David and Destiny, especially David's ineptitude at spelling. Some day, I want to be Tea and have her beautiful hair.

Unknown said...

Thank you Jordan!!! And thank you for saying that my pic on Facebook looks like Elizabeth from GH! You are too sweet.

Also, are you still loving Y&R? I have to be honest, I am getting a little frustrated with the all of the holes in this baby switch of it are annoying the heck out of me. I love that they gave Stacy Haiduk a twin character to play though, anything that keeps her on the canvas is fine by me!


jordan hudson said...

Elizabeth...I'm still loving Y&R, yes there were some holes but it's still a devilish twist in the storyline. I agree too anything to keep Stacy on Y&R. I love that twist. The only thing that bores me on Y&R is the young kids, Daniel, Daisy De La Hoya and the irish/Brit/ Aussie girl. I like Michael's brother and while I can deal with Kristoff st. John his kids I can do without. The african americans on Y&R need some recasting and then a story.

brtedi said...

"...She was on a show last night playing Diahann Carroll's granddaughter. I hope Miss Carroll taught her a thing or too about acting. I didn't watch it, because I can't bear the thought of her leaving AMC and getting another gig. LOL."

Laura, I know the show/episode you're talking about--The one on usa network, about the con artist/forger solving cases while under house arrest...I did a double take, when I saw Denise Vasi, in her scene with Diahann Carroll. I thought, "She's in a scene with Diahann Carroll, how did that happen? She has to be able to act!!" :-o --Should we be frightened? LOL!


brtedi said...

"I dont thinkthere was ever a funeral for Josh. Was there? Maybe he's the one Nurse Chuckie us caring for . "


BTW, thanks for the tweet advice. :-) --And no, I don't think, "Josh" even had a funeral. (I was actually paying close attentention to the show back, then. ;-) ) All of the references about Josh came interms of Kendall's surgery.

Erica wasn't even furious at Zach, for the shooting...The whole thing was basically swept under the rug, as if to say, "Oh well, Kendall needed a new heart and she got one."

Kendall was a little sad, over the loss, but she barely shed a tear--Who knew grief could be similar to speed reading!--Opps! There it goes. Blink and you'll miss it. :-(


Mel Got Served said...

Brtedi, forgot to mention, I still didn't see your tweet to me :( What's your twittername and I'll follow you.

Shadow said...

Marathoning like 4 weeks of AMC for the podcast this week. Lots and lots of ffing. So what was with the barn sex?

Scott is a terrible drunk. Why is it that for some people acting drunk means talking like a 5 year old? Terrible.

I'm not usually one to praise the fake tanning, but JR needs to spray tan his forehead. It looks like a butt. You know how people have tans but their butts are like bright white. I swear if someone drew a line on the back of his fat head it would like like a butt.

Butthead, get it?

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Haha! Jordan

Y&R's Amber is totally Daisy de la Hoya!! I have always wondered who she reminded me of! lol

Crystal said...

OMG, Aidan is reciting poetry, again. Ode to Kendull...

SOAPFAN said...

I will be so happy when Thorsten and Alicia are gone from AMC. Today's show made me certain of why I really can't STAND Zach!

Why is Scott's mouth always opened? lol!

Mel Got Served said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robin C said...

Crystal said: "We need a new Annie name. I keep calling her plain ole "Annie" now. I guess I don't think she is so Insannie anymore. I do like SpraytAnnie but, seems a bit long."

Well, now that she's going to marry Adam, who is more than a little bit into senior citizenship, we should call her GrAnnie :-)

Robin C said...

Re the article on Denise Vasi who plays a "hooker with a heart of gold". WTF? They got the hooker part right, but she was pretty f**king hostile.

She has a heart of ... um ... well, I think it beats, anyway.

DancingElf88 said...

Caught up on OLTL. Why Todd/Blair again? Again people? I want him and Tea. As much as I like Todd...his whole Tea doesn't deserve his love and how she lied and all that is wearing on my nerves. With all the crap he's pulled he should cut her some slack. I have to say that I am liking Kyle and Nick more and more...don't know why. Kyle looked rocking in that suit.
I like Daniella but why they gotta mess up my Matthew and Destiny...porque? But I really love this story development.
I feel bad for Ross not being able to see who he thinks is his daughter.
And I always love Jessica. I wonder though...I'm pretty sure Mitch Lawrence is Rex's father and since he's also Jessica maybe he's the one doing all of this? Hmmm

Didn't watch AMC

Shadow said...

Nice pic Ty.