Monday, October 26, 2009

The Power of Positive Thinking

  • AMC Head Writer Chuck Pratt discovers that Adam killed Stuart!
  • Frankie and Randi are free of Madison! (Or are they?)
  • J.R. and Marissa get hitched, and, with the money they're saving on J.R.'s hair gel, the adorable couple makes plans for the future!
  • Little Emma blackmails her mommy. ¡QuĂ© cute!


Folks, I just don't know what to say anymore. I think I've been beaten into submission. I'm done. From what other boards seem to be saying, All My Kids is, like, totally awesome right now! And I don't have it in me in this post to argue. I did plenty of that in this week's cast.

Warning: this is another (mostly) negative podcast. Don't say you haven't been warned.

And don't forget: while I don't love AMC right now, I love me some PVP bloggers! All are welcome, so please, come on in for a visit here!

10/23/09 Podcast


Terry in Toronto said...

Yah! Another PVP episode. I can't wait.

We really appreciate Ashley and Jordan that you guys tell it like it is. I totally prefer that you keep it real as opposed to the fantasy boards that think Randi is the best thing since light brown bread.

jason said...

New Podcast! Woohoo!!! Haven't watched a full episode of AMC since some people decided to protest it, till Pratt-hole gets fired! All that build up and Adam killed Stuart? I would have liked it if Emma did it.

I second that Terry! We don't want JordAsh talking about how they love AMC when they don't!

Shadow said...

Can't wait to give it a listen!!

So Adam killed Stuart. After portraying a groundbreaking Emmy winning dual role for 25 years David Canary had to portray Adam as a fumbling drugged out fool so out of his mind that he killed the one constantly redeeming inlfluence in his life, his beloved brother Stuart. Stuart was Adam's only vulnerable spot. He represented Adam's humanity and without Stuart Adam really would have just been a monster. It was their relationship and the relationship with their departed sister that defined so much of who they were and the characters they evolved to be. I think all of that was too deep for Pratt. He failed to consider any of it when he dreamed up this plan to kill Stuart and ruin Adam. IMO it was as big if not bigger blunder than McTavish killing Dixie with poison pancakes. At least Dixie's death was noticed by somebody at ABC and they took action. Clearly Pratt is a dipshit at AMC. But is anyone at ABC watching? Say what you will about Dixie, she's no Adam. And Chuck Pratt has destroyed Adam and killed Stuart. FIRE CHUCK PRATT before every single beloved star on the show is killed, scarred or comatose.

Norn Cutson said...

a cup of tea-eeeee
a cook-eeeeeee
& yooooooo-hooooooo!!!!!

Mel Got Served said...

I didn't get my morning train nap in again cause I stayed awake to listen to the podcast.

Adam didn't kill Stuart: CHUCK PRATT DID.

Crystal said...

I can't wait to listen!

Who is this person that is LOVIN AMC right now?! What other shows do they watch?

Crystal said...

Ok, I am listening and had to hop on to weigh in on some stuff before I forget it. 8)

With Brot and Natalia. Why put them in training 'together' if they never show them there and she immediately graduates. That could have been a whole story. A lot of the good in their relationship is the competitiveness. Also with the physical stuff there comes a time when you don't see it. Your mind will work around it and sort of fill in. I really don't see it anymore most of the time. I also like that their relationship is in no way based on his injuries.

Also JORDAN I can't believe you said you wanted to lick Adam Mayfield etc... HA HA HA that was awesome.

ok I am sure I will be back on soon.


Anonymous said...

Hello guys i'm new

SOAPFAN said...

Those "pimples" on JaLu's head were probably a reaction from BOTOX injections.

SOAPFAN said...

If anyone wants to see Natalie Hall(Recast Colby) in a musical performace, check here out here:

If she has half the personality she has here, She should make a good recast for Colby.

Arizonagal said...

Ha, when I first read Ashley's post, I thought it said "...the adorable couple makes plans for the funeral..." Seriously, my reaction - or lack of - total indifference. Mild curiosity about who else might be buying real estate at the dirt farm. ho hum. I don't hate JR and Marissa, but I'm not feeling the love between those two. Too fast, no courtship, a few dates then marriage, typical AMC crap, rushing to the altar. Sigh...

However, my reaction at seeing a new podcast? WOOOHOOOO!!! Thank you thank you thank you Ashley and Jordan for taking the time to entertain us. Haven't listened yet but I know I will both love it and agree with it! XOXOXOXO

SOAPFAN said...

WOW a new poster! Welcome theamcfan! I hope we don't scare you away! :-)


Great podcast....I love your songs Ashley

Jordan I hope u get a chance to lick Adam's B***s.....LOL

jordan hudson said...

Good lord is ABC that fing broke that they cant change the opening credits on these soaps. Pathetic Jonathan Jackson's first day back as Lucky and Greg Vaughn is in the opening credits. Sad so sad Frons!
Yet I loved having J.J. back. Seeing him again...he is so talented.

Meanwhile My source gave me so many OLTL scoops. One I wish I didn't know. All I can say is Llanview is going to be getting even hotter. This one scoops I wont share, because it's a surprise twist and while I wish it wasn't happening, it had to go down this way for storyline validation. Ron c. and his crew are kicking serious ass.

Also Last night Castle was amazing. This show is a perfect example of why casting the right actors are so important to making a show work. While the first season was cute the writing and the stories have gotten more interesting and complex this season yet it is this flawless perfect class and there banter that really makes this show worth seeing. From the leads, to his family and the supporting cops, they are so much fun to watch.

Also caught up on Ugly Betty which to me still is going strong and love how it is now evolving.

Brothers & Sisters has also been strong this season. This last epsiode was just amaizng.


jordan half of the men in Gh opening have been killed off or no longer on the show

jordan hudson said...

or those of you who listened to the Podcast, we joke around alot and hope to never offend anyone. I was a bit naughty this and I dont have any self esteem issues. I think Im quite attractive and by the number of women who hit on me....yet for some reason the gay men new york dont show me any love.

jordan hudson said...

O.F. I know that but still lol how cheap is ABC, this is a major recast. pathetic

SOAPFAN said...

They are showing Greg Vaughn more respect than they did with Sabine Singh...on Rebecca Bighead's first day back, they changed the credits.

I think because they broke GV's contract, they are obligated to keep him in the bumper for a while until a certain date is passed.

Its bittersweet, cause I love Jonathan Jackson, but the ABC classlessness(not a real word, help me Ashley) makes me mad!

Jordan, I will pray for you in church that one day you get to lick some part of Adam Mayfield's!

Anonymous said...

Was that Bree Williamson I just saw in a Windows 7 commercial?

Yeah - a new podcast!! i can't wait to listen!


brtedi said...

"...Good lord is ABC that fing broke that they cant change the opening credits on these soaps. Pathetic Jonathan Jackson's first day back as Lucky and Greg Vaughn is in the opening credits...."

Jordan, I'm finally a "Lucky Spencer" fan. I saw "Tuck Everlasting" and I knew Jonathan Jackson was a really good actor. But, I had no idea "Lucky" could have layers and actual depth. (I Intend no offense to either Jacob Young or Greg Vaughn,in any way, but JJ had me hooked!) I can't wait to see him do a scene, with Julie Marie Berman/"Lulu".

Jordan OLTL has mentioned "Evangeline" alot, lately. Is Renee Elise Goldsberry returning?

FYI: melgotserved my username on twitter (and everywhere else on the 'net, for that matter is-- brtedi

Zendall: So, now they're having telepathic dreams?! January can't come fast enough, for me. ((sigh)) I look forward to seeing his work with Susan Haskel on OLTL

Mel Got Served said...

I have a feeling either Evangeline or a recast Nash will be coming to Llanview soon.

Love love looooove Daniella. I know there's a lot of Matthew/Destiny lovers, but these 2 had instant chemistry.

SOAPFAN said...

her name is pronounced:


Ashley said...

I'm apologizing ahead of time for being ASS-inine.

I like Brot. And I agree with y'all here, retreading the whole "I got disfigured in Iraq and now I'm unlovable" thing is played. How he looks is an issue, but I'd hate to think anyone is unlovable becuase of how they look. I do wonder if it would affect the "first impression"/sexual chemistry thing that happens when you first meet someone, and I was just trying to be honest about that, not flip.

We have a great group of folks here who love J.R. Martinez, and I count myself one of them. I've said a lot of stupid shit, but I'm not proud of this one.


Gene said...

Hey guys, this is Gene. I agree with Jordan, ATWT is terrible and AMC and B&B is equally wretched too. I think that soaps are on their last leg and its going down.

brtedi said...

Jordan, to further answer your question about Venice--According to twitter, production began 5 days ago.

Anonymous said...

In the podcast - What is FFOA?


DancingElf88 said...

Yay..nuevo podcast! Ashley I get what you're saying. Like the other people here, the scars eventually fade to me and I don't even see them anymore. Sadly (or not I guess considering the state of the show) i stopped watching AMC before the dance marathon started so I only saw glimmers of the Brot/natalia chemistry. But I do agree that maybe in the beginning the scars would be hard to get past, but would stop being there after a while.

I know this is technically the Pine Valley Podcst, but I would not cry if you talked about OLTL and then went over AMC at the end. Honestly OLTL brings me joy and AMC gives me angina. I don't understand why they treat this wonderful show like the redheaded step-child. I don't get it. I mena I know they think that AMC is more marketable with Susan Lucci and all, but I would take "unknowns" over big stars and terrible storytelling.

As for ATWT, you hate them Jordan, but Luke and Noah are the only reasons why I watch. I think their storylines are getting better now. It's finally not about someone hating on them for being gay. I just wish they were on more than 15 minutes every other month and would get out of their bubble.

Anyone catch So You Thik You Can Dance? I thik I'm actually going to like this season better than the last one. I was not feeling last year at all except for like Brandon. I'm not amused that Aryana was the first girl gone...I would have liked to see her stick around.

OTH was fabu as always on Monday.

jordan hudson said...

Yes brtedi. J.J. is Lucky hands down. See it's hard being the good guy and making him interesting.. J.J. is one of those actors that could read the phone book and it would be electrifying.

As far as Daniella. Love her. This is going to be a hard triangle. While Destiny loves Matt. I think Matt has only thought of her as a friend. She has been his rock. Oh first love puppy love young love. LOVE SUCKS !

Brett Claywell (Kyle) is my Adam Mayfield on OLTL. He is so believable as a gay man. I will walk down the street and hold your hand and a whole lot more Kyle. This storyline is great because it is about these two people, human beings, who happen to both be men and what they need in order to be together. The whole storyline is working because its not preachy and you are seeing every one's point of view. No right and wrong just people expressing themselves and different opinions. I wish Ron C. was listening to our podcast and reading our blog so he would know unlike Frons . WE love, appreciate, respect what he and everyone else is accomplishing over at OLTL.

Pattycakes61 said...

Hi everyone! I've been listening to the podcast for about a year now, but am new to the blog. I have a question: What happened to North's widow? I saw her dad show up at Angie & Jesse's place with the discs and the report of her death, but never heard what landed her in the hospital. What did I miss?

byw, I have watched AMC since the early 80s, and Jesse would not have covered up a murder and definitely would now have gone along with the whole Kendal double charade. Perhaps one day, in a post Pratt world, we will find out the real Jesse has been locked up in an anteroom somewhere, while his double did stupid things!

Shadow said...

Ashley commented how all the characters are so confrontational and that it isn't normal behavior. That been a gripe of mine for years, and it's gotten worse with Pratt. Too much plotting, scheming and revenge. No real living, breathing, relatable characters with anything remotely close to a healthy, normal relationship. The interaction among the characters is all too forced.

It would help if they would ...EFFING FIRE CHUCK PRATT!!

Ashley, I almost fell off the treadmill at the end of your opening number when you referenced Fronsie. Hilarious!

Then Jordan made his ball licking comment and I almost fell off the treadmill again.

I'm going to have to listen to you guys on a stationary bike or something.

Ashley, nobody who has listened to more than 5 minutes of a podcast is ever going to accuse you of being hateful. Your comments about Brot are illustrative of the discussion they are trying to spark with the storyline.

The OLTL discussion is useful for illustrating how AMC could be better. Keep it up.

The discussion about everything else-other shows, the babies, Jordan's pictures, whatever--it's just fun. You're like the Puerto Rican Reegis and Kelly. It works. Don't mess with perfection!

jordan hudson said...

Well Nelson Branco had an interesting interview with Forbes March. I have to say no one is a bigger fan of Mr. March. Then Mr. March, he sure is confident.

I never liked him as Scott, or Nash. I actually thought he was good as Mason but like he says in the interview nothing came of that role. My problem with NUKE as a whole.

Sorry Mr. March but Jessica is interesting as a character and she does have chemistry to the 10th power with Brody Lovett. A man who is good and noble but also has an edge and a dark side to him . Nash was just Zach Slater lite a big jack-ass.

Unknown said...

Thank you Ashley and Jordan for the shout out and the compliments!!!! You two are too nice!!!! I'm not an actress, I'm in law school, but if I was an actress I would definitely follow your advice Ashley. :)

Loved the whole podcast this week! My suggestion for a new name would be the Pineview City Podcast (Pine Valley, Llanview, and Genoa City). Then you two can talk about AMC, OLTL, and Y&R.

Loved, loved, loved the clip of Y&R with Paul and Patty at the end of podcast, brilliance!

Jordan, I completely agree with you about Y&R, except I think that Jana and Kevin can be and more multidimensional when they are away from Amber and Daniel. I must say I am loving Billy Miller right now! The cover of Restless Style cracked me up today, I loved it!

What I can't stand is that teen Abby! She's better than Brianna Mongrief but that's not saying much. She drove me nuts today. Also, where the heck is Heather? She's pretty much disappeared from the canvas.

So sad that Glee is not on for the next few weeks. I'm in mourning today. :(

Thank you again for all that you two do!

Love Always,

Mel Got Served said...

Holy crap- I just watched the Drop Dead Diva season finale and O.M.G! I could not believe who was at the door at the end! Won't spoil in case anyone else is behind but now I can't waaaaait for season 2. Plus, all the stuff about her job, etc. What an amazing show! I hope Lifetime doesn't hold off on new episodes of this gem.

Laura said...

Loved the podcast. Yeah a shoutout made my day. The show is on but I am listening to my hometown football team broadcast on the internet. The team is real good this year. The only team that was hard for them to beat was our friend Alejandro's high school.

I'd watch videos on before AMC right now. Although it sounds like Ja-lu had some good ones to post. Geez couldn't Melissa get her some Proactiv?

I noticed that today's episode seems to be a big Disneyland commercial. Emma as Jasmine, Little A as an incredible. I think J.R. has a Dopey costume on with that big head. I don't know who the evil queen is Julie Pratt-Crappola or Brian Frons?

The best thing about today is - Annie's bangs are back!

I wonder how a real writer could come in and fix this hot mess.

I don't want Dorothy Lyman back as Opal, I loved her in the day, but Jill Larson made the role her own.

I am enjoying GH again. It started with those kids of Sonny's, JJ and Helena being back. Just give me my Genie Francis and I'll be happy.

P.S. I also thought it looked like Bree in the Windows 7 commercial when I saw it!

ERIKA said...

Hey all , so since u guys talked about Glee so much I decided to watch an episode

I loved it so much I cut it off mid episode so I don't see too much

I need to see the first season asap
Is it on DVD yet and has it been only on 1 season so far?


Crystal said...

Erika, yeah it is only the first season of GLEE. You can watch episodes 4-8 here:

Maybe check itunes for the first three? I am not sure if they are on there. You should be able to get them somewhere. They would definitely be worth paying for (and I am CHEAP, lol).

ERIKA said...

LOL....Thanks Crystal

Shadow said...

Does Jill Larson not WANT to move to LA and continue with the show? I don't get why they don't put her back on contract. They use her all the time and fans like her. She was important in the tornado story and the Myrtle tribute so it's not lost on them that fans adore her and consider the heart in the show. Dorothy Lyman was great, but I've come to love Larson's version and it's very, very different. It's one thing if they offered a contract to Larson and she declined, but if they're just trying to replace her then Pratt & Co. can all go to hell.

Anonymous said...

i FLOVED the new podcast!! YAY!

Ashley, I completely get what you were trying to say, and I do think that it should be addressed. When Brot came on the scene, he had that whole "I am too ugly don't look at me" vibe. I believe that his relationship with Taylor and friendship with Frankie helped to restore his confidence. However, he would attract stares from people that don't know him and aren't around him. Pratt tried to show that in one scene in Confusion when Colby came to his defense, but it fell flat.

I would think it would be a good opportunity to discuss the superficial nature of relationships, because that does play a part in the beginning. Why ignore it? There is always someone asking, why is she with him, or why is he with her?

Also, when/if they have their first sex scene, I think special attention should be paid to the scars on the rest of his body and how she feels the first time she sees them. I don't think they did that with Taylor...If they did, I stand corrected.

It would be a good thing to see...however I don't trust Pratt with the writing. He wouldn't be compassionate.

Jordan - Great Back on FB! I am a married, hetero woman....but I will scratch the hell out of that back!


Arizonagal said...

So here's what I've noticed about this week so far:

JaLu's ginormous pimples are still there though looking less mountainous.

Emma actually had some good scenes with Annie.

Natalia and Brot!! there is chemistry. I find them interesting, it's nice though not particularly compelling, but I blame Pratt for all that is wrong with this show.

Two people I loathe more and more each day - Ryass and Zach - Thugs, arrogant bullies, asswipes.

This poetry slam between Zach and Kendall is torture.

When is Aidan going to die? That's not a spoiler, I'm just doing some wishful thinking. You know that arm looks pretty bad and he is running a fever off and on, right? So, I'm just sayin'.....

Erica should be wearing winter clothing - sleeves and turtlenecks are your friend, Looch. If it's cold here in Arizona, it must be cold in PA. Cover up that crepey neck girl.

Adam is playing feeble really well. Is he acting?

Arizonagal said...

Man has OLTL been delicious.

Daniella is so Tea's daughter.

I love Skyler. He is just the cutest thing; too good for that Gigi person. And what was up with Geeg's new haircut? It is so Kate Gosselin.

Loving the new intrigue with Brody and his evil sis.

David Vickers in a crisp white towel... need I say more?

Anytime Vicki and Dorian are going head to head I am paying attention, but not always in a good way.

Erika Slezak has definitely not aged as well as Robin Strasser. IMDB says they are both virtually the same age, with Robin being a few months older. Damn Vicki, get rid of those wattles, you starting to look like a sharpei.

I'm not cheering for a Todd/Blair reunion. It's too soon!

Poor Oliver, getting his heart broken by Kyle. Ollie's little heartfelt speech should've won Kyle over. What's Nic up to?

Laura said...

Congrats to Denise Vasi on your engagement. I hope your husband is a rich New Yorker and you will stay there.

brtedi said...

Hi, Ashley & Jordan! :-)

Jordan, the kitchen from The Cosby Show may have been used for Another World, but it was also used to be the “Decker” kitchen on Another World’s sister soap Texas.

Jordan, both you and Ashley make some very good points, regarding Natalia and Brot. During the earlier stages of their relationship, if Pratt and his team were to write it correctly, his scars, or injury, would be discussed, at least to a degree, initially. It’s part of his life experience. Natalia would need to understand why Brot reacts certain ways, in certain situations. His injuries and life experiences impact who he is in the present .

As their relationship deepens, however, Natalia would begin to see and know Brot in his entirety. She would grow to love and accept the Brot for person that he is —as much as for what he is not. As of the October 29th episode, this may be what the writers are trying to do.

“Witchiepoo” was on H.R Pufnstuf, a Sid and Marty Kroft children’s show from September 6, 1969 – September 4, 1971, according to Wikipedia on the other hand is from classic Warner Bros. cartoons. JaLu is very “Witch Hazel”-LOL! You sang “Hazel’s” song---“A cup of tea, a cookie, and you.” What can I say, I’m a fan of classic cartoons and children’s shows, in addition to daytime television. ;-)

JR Martinez tweets?—Excellent!

Jordan, I don’t think “Ross” even knows “Daniella” is Todd’s biological daughter. But, I could be mistaken.

brtedi said...

Loved David & Destiny's scenes--Awwww... she slipped about how she feels about Mathew. Go, Destiny, go! --Pack a bag and board a plane! :-)

OLTL FREAK said...

Love Love Love Destiny and David , I hope they make it to London.

The costume contest was hilarious whoever played Heidi Klum was so funny

I'm a straight woman but Kassie Depaiva looked hot in her costume

Crystal said...

Watching OLTL. Awww Nora made a jacket out of the school's drapes. How Sound of Music of her!
What kind of a party is this?! A kids party? There are a lot of kids. Why is Todd doing a stripper dance. LOL What a sad party. The one actress dressed as Heidi is funny. I don't know her name but, she was at the ball when Stacy came to town. She is hilarious.

Norn Cutson said...

The should make Dorothy Lyman head writer.

Michael said...

Ashley, since you only had to mention Brot and Natalia discussing his disfigurement and presto, it happened a few short days later—now use your magical powers to continue to improve the show. Just keep repeating: “Make everything since the tornado a dream…make everything since the tornado a dream…” ;-) Happy Halloween everybody!

jordan hudson said...

Nothing makes me happier then when a favorite TV show, which I once adored but lost it's way,is able to not only find itself and get back on track but also reinvent itself so that it's relevant again.

I wish I was talking about AMC but I believe that until Pratthole is banished from Pine Valley forever there is no hope.

I'm talking about Grey's Anatomy. The last two episodes have been gripping. Especially last week when they were trying to piece together the death of a patient in the E.R. Incredible storytelling people. I never thought I would be so into Grey's again. Another good thing is the fact that everyone is being given the chance to take center stage.

Also got back into Flash Forward.
Last week had a great Action cliff hanger and hot Lesbian Love. Pay attention Pratt, that is the way to handle two women in love. This week was good as well.

OLTL was beyond hot today. Scott Evans really stepped up to the plate today. I cried. See this gay storyline is relevant.

Shadow said...

From Nelson Blanco's Suds Report: "The beautiful but oh-so-untalented Denise Vasi revealed on Twitter that she got engaged over the weekend." Ha!

Also got a nice reply from JR Martinez. He's a classy guy. I think he always responds back to people.

Unknown said...

Speaking of shows that are rapidly improving...OMG Jordan! Have you seen today's GH yet? I was screaming at the television for the first time in forever! That show is getting better by leaps and bounds every single day! Anyway, let me know what you think after you see it!!!!

INAHAM said...

OLTL Scott Evans aka my future baby daddy kicked ass today.I don't know where he got it from, but he definitely pulled out a performance from the gut.I was riveted.Meanwhile on AMC...well...zzzzzzz!

Unknown said...

AMC: I have no words. Mainly b/c I haven't watched in 2 wks & b/c it sucks.

OLTL: A fantastic week. The whole cast is laying it down. The stories are jellying together. The writing is pure greatness. The acting .... fantastic. Brett Claywell, Scott Evans .... amazing scenes Tues.

GH: Haven't watched it in 6 months or more. Tuned back in this wk for Jonathan J. return & boy I wasn't disappointed one bit. The writing has already changed w/ Jonathon back in the role. The scenes w/ Luke were great & ole school GH. Today's (10/30) episode was AMAZING! That is the GH I remembered & loved. Great acting & writing w/o big stunts. Maurice Bernard & Sarah Brown rocked those scenes.

Crystal said...

Liking Flash Forward more.

brtedi said...

Hi, All! :-)

Today, considering it’s the day before Halloween, I’m sticking to the positive. This means, in terms of AMC, I’m setting aside pretty much any commentary on storylines or dialogue, at least for the show’s Halloween episode. That in itself, for many of us, is the real ‘treat’ ;-)

I choose instead to offer up comments on the various costumes we saw today. While I’m not big on “Ryan & Erica” as a romantic pairing, let me say, Susan Lucci was the epitome of style and class as the vampire queen—Loved it! As for Cameron Mathison, if the costume designers were going for “Le Stat” of Anne Rice’s Interview With A Vampire. Ok, I’ll bite! LOL! (When, Cameron turned around to face Ms. Lucci, I nearly spit out my coffee, laughing)

Darnell Williams and Debbie Morgan looked fabulous, as the ‘dearly departed’ couple sporting Victorian garb and cobwebs. No well dressed Victorian lady would ever be caught dead, with out her parasol, now would she? ;-)

Bobbi Eaks and Michael E. Knight were great as “Tish“ and “Gomez” Two snaps up!—LOL!

JaLu as “Cruella de Ville”—Ladies and gentlemen, hide your damnations!

Adam Mayfield as “Wolverine” Gotta love a man in mutton chops! I’m sure he could rescue Jordan, anytime! LOL!

Melissa Claire Egan Too cool for words—the ultimate ‘bridezilla’! And, where would her guy, ‘Frank’, be without her? Stompin’ mad, I’d say. :-D


oltl freak said...

Loved OLTL today such a great episode

Oliver was awesome,I thought the Cole and Markoo bit was funny I think that was the first time I liked Cole

I love how Ron C. puts the wiredest people together and it just works (Kyle & Roxie, Destiny & David)

Yes Gh was also awesome todaY

Terry in Toronto said...

OLTL just rocks! I would not mind at all Ashley and Jordan if you only left 5 minutes at the end of the Llantano County Podcast for the snoozemess that is AMC. It's all in the writing and everybody except Brian Frons knows that Ron Carlivatti knows his stuff and Chuck Pratt doesn't. I'm so sorry for those poor actors and hair models who are charged with breathing life into his dead-as-a-doorknob scripts.

To wrap up on a positive note, the kids on OLTL are amazing, Blair's body was meant for a unitard, glad Sean is up and about again so the triangle can spark and Bo & Nora give me warm fuzzies. One Life To Live is the one and only soap!

OLTL FREAK said...

totally agree with you Terry in Toronto, about Bo and Nora especially when he called her "Red"

I squealed like a little girl

Shadow said...

Trying to catch up on AMC. Aidumb is mumbling in iambic pentameter. Because it's not hard enough to understand him when he's mumbling in his normal voice.

Norn Cutson said...

oh my gosh, maybe it was just the mood i'm in but i feel like this is one of the BEST EPISODES EVER!!!!

just the visual of DETINY & DAVID VICKERS together on the plane had me howling!!!

& that REV CARPENTER was there for the wedding! i loved that!

& omg that Jason Tam, that guy just keeps gettin' more & more ****SCRUMPTIOUS****, i will eat that kid up with a spoon!!!!!

at first BO & NORA throwin stuff was dumb, but when i saw where it led, then fine!

i really like that LUNA's statue is there for THE BIG GAY WEDDING!

HAAAAA, & theres Jackie Hoffman, too!!!

that DANIELLA is *perfect* casting! at least, visually, & i bet her acting skills will get sharper too!


see this moment with ROXY & KYLE? those are the moments that are missing from AMC.

DancingElf88 said...

David and Destiny= absolute perfection. I love how they can relate to each other.

Bo and Nora..OMG! I squealed. Please get back together ASAP!

I love Daniella. She's awesome and dammit I'm liking her and Matthew...poor Des.

I loved the Manning family moment but I DO NOT want a Todd/Blair no. NO.

The big gay wedding was so great. Fish actually did a good job today. I got all misty when he made his speech. I loved that Roxy and Kyle great.

I actually liked Gigi. I can tolerate her with Schuyler.

Laura said...

New topic, is anybody going to listen to Rosie's new show on Sirius? I probably will because I am a subscriber, so I can listen to it at work. I never was a big fan of her show. It was a little fake for me. I think she is a generous person with some serious problems that come with depression. I can kind of relate to that, but I can see why her partner left her. She's seems difficult to live with.

I watched SoapNet friday night, the last 2 ABC shows are better than primetime. I noticed even the adults on AMC must dress like a Disney character. Ja-lu looks more like Cruella than Liza. Blair looks great for 46 or so. I love my David and Destiny together. That Kyle is so believable as a gay character. More so than Fish who is really gay.

But GH was very good, I really haven't watched it much lately. I was cleaning and found an old Soap Opera Digest from 2001 that said on the cover, Sarah Brown is leaving GH. It cracked me up. There was also an article inside with that Terrell Tilford aka cry-baby Greg and his soon to be wife when they were on GL. I never saw him on anything before, but I do not like him on OLTL. Maybe he just seems like the weakest link in the Evans Family. My performer of the week was Mama Evan's for slapping him.

I even watched Days just to see one of my favorites Louise Sorel. I doubt if I'll start watching it, but it looks better than AMC. But a video of a root canal coul beat it.

Did anybody see Chaz Bono on Entertainment tonight? It must have been hard growing up with Cher as a mother.

Did anybody see this is it?

jordan hudson said...

From the head writer of one my all time favorite shows.

EDGE OF NIGHT writer Lee Sheldon cared about audience
Lee Sheldon spoke at “A Writer's Life” at Wells College on Friday night.

“If you care enough about your work, then you care about the audience, ” he said. “Write things that touch people. I write because I don't have any choice,” he said. “It's not a career, it's a vocation, a need within me. I would do it for free. I have no choice.”

Obviously Chuck Pratt does not feel the need.

Anonymous said...

hey laura,

I saw this is it and loved it. all his best song and man he could still dance at 50.
That concert would have been amazing. Too bad no one got to see the final product but luckily this was captured.
I recommend seeing it for sure. Everyone I went with loved it too.

And i agree Days has been good lately not on par with OLTL but still one of the best soaps now. Can't wait to see the carly/vivian and the bo/hope/carly/justin things coming up


Brian said...

Their constant abuse to Annie is driving me crazy. She is a woman who: was abused by her psycho-brother throughout her entire childhood; watched her best friend murdered by her brother; was never shown the same love as her parents her brother from; was shunned by her family for trying to do the right thing; was blamed for her mother suicide; was formally married to a child molester; was seduced by Ryan Laverly only to be put down by his former wife's friends and family; watched her husband fall in love with his previous wife and lose all of her friends in the process; was psychology tortured by her brother for a year; killed her brother in order to stop his mind games which drove her crazy; was sent to a mental hospital for killing her brother and then driven crazier and almost killed by her doctor; was given the news that her husband has divorced her while seeking help for her mental disorder and getting remarried to his previous wife; was being used by Aiden while trying to seek mental treatment; had her daughter taken away from her; is being verbally abused by her husband, his cougar girlfriend and the rest of Pine Valley. Wouldn't you have some issues, too?

Laura said...

I think a good Christmas gift for us all to buy ourselves would be Norn's book on Amazon. It features album art with the Norn touch. Norn can you please let us know how we can order an autographed copy. Thanks

I dread going back to work tomorrow. I will listen to Rosie on Sirius since it should make the day go by faster. I doubt Angelia Jolie was interested in her.

There is a cute picture on twitter of Kelly Monaco dressed up as Punky Brewster. It seems my favorite thespian Denise Vasi dressed up as Jessica Rabbit. No pictures yet.

Crystal said...

Jessica, timely.
You know, she's not bad. She's just drawn that way.

Shadow said...

Crystal, HA! DV isn't drawn bad either. She just acts that bad. DV only wishes she had Jessica Rabbit's acting chops.

Shadow said...

BTW, Kathleen Turner was the raspy voice of J. Rabbit when KT was hot--back in her Jewel of the Nile days. I was so hot for her in the day. And if I was a Toon, J. Rabbit wasn't so bad either.

OLTL FREAK said...

OLTL was great today, especially the same sex ceremony

Kish was awesome ...Watch today's espiode asap if u haven't

jordan hudson said...

V is almost here and that means I get to see my sexy tall dark Morris Chestnut HOLLA!

jordan hudson said...

OMG Claire Labine did an interview with the guys from WELOVESOAPS.NET

CHUCK PRATT should have called Claire up for tips.

Claire Labine: (continued) There are two different disciplines, writing for an established show and creating a new reality. When you go into a show already established you have to try to respect the creator’s concepts for these characters and the basic relationships within the show and you really only have freedom to create characters when you bring in someone new to interact with the established folks. It is really hard, especially with a show that’s been on the air a long time, to capture the essence of the character as presented, so you’re not totally betraying the audience. And you have to make the established characters behave in a way that is familiar to the audience in an emotional situation with a new character. So you have to design a new character who can emotionally relate to established characters. It’s really very difficult to do.

Shadow said...

Eden Reigel tweeted that she isn't returning to AMC when it moves to LA. She said she's sad it isn't going to work out. No explanation.

DancingElf88 said...

I loved OLTL!!
Jordan Morris Chestnut is going to be on V?!! I looooove me some Morris Chestnut!

brtedi said...

Did Anyone watch the orignal "V" on NBC, during the 1980's?--When it initially premered, it was eastblished as a mini-series, set to run a few nights a week, during sweeps a couple of times a year.

Creater Keneth Jonnson initialy wanted the series to be a kind of sci-fi meets "Diary of Anne Frank", if you will. A family, including the late Dominique Dunn, along with a small band of rebels, fought aliens patterned after the Nazi regime.

In the mini-series format, the concept was great. Unfortunately tptb took the idea and transformed it into a weekly nighttime soap (Ugh!)lasting, thankfully only scant episodes.

As a fan of the mini-series, I hope the remake is as good as the initial tv movies.


brtedi said...

Now, on to Bo and Nora--Eeeeeeee!Now that's an established supercouple, if I ever saw one!:-D

A very good friend of mine who has watched OLTL for years told me Robert S. Woods' and Hillary B. Smith's characters had been in love/married but that was well before I began watching the show.

I wondered when Bo would finally 'fess up to Nora and vice versa. Now, that's good soap!: x

On a side note, when Mitch Lawrence is back in Llanview, all I can say is Brody better be wide awake and hightailing it back to PA, quick! :-0

jordan hudson said...

OLTL yesterday was amazing on so many levels. First the fact that all these characters can interact in each others story lines is how a soap should be. The wedding isn't just about Kish, it's about the election, Ameila and Nick's plan's, Dorian and David unable to say how they really feel, Kish, and how this effects the rest of the town, from the protestors to the young we get to see how each character feels. I cried so much. Thank you Ron C. for showing how we are more alike then different. This is everything the Nuke storyline on ATWT is not. Brett was amazing and shows that he is an actor. You don't need to be gay to play a gay man, you just have to have talent. I have fallen in love with the character of Kyle. I wish I could meet someone with his passion. Ron. C. has created such a beautiful, complex and flawed man. sigh.

Watching Bo & Nora made me cry. To see this revelation of true feelings between two characters in the same episode as Kish shows that in the end we all want the same thing to meet someone that we connect with. I watched when Bo & Nora first got together. Finally Bob Woods had a leading Lady who was his equal. Bo & Nora were magic. So after all these years to see them on the road to getting back together. Deep passionate writing with subtle intense performances and as I watched all I could think was this should have been the kind of material that Tad and Dixie should have had when Cady came back.

To the humor of David, Destiny and Nevil. The budding romance of Daniella and Matthew. Just flawless.

Then an intense commercial for OLTL. Even knowing that he is coming back still does not ruin the return it only wets my appetite. Mitch is back and it is like Satan has come to Llanview.

I loved V. I even loved the T.V. show. Thou I will admit it was not as great as the mini. I hope the new V is a hit. I love the cast.

Dancing Elf Morris Chestnut has been in my dreams since I first saw him on Boyz -n- the hood. That is one fine man.

I also love Diet tribe and not because Jesse Pavelka is one of the hottest men alive. As a trainer I find the show to be very inspiring to getting people motivated. From what I see of The biggest losers and those trainers yelling at the contestants. I just don't believe in that method. Thou I know some people like getting yelled at.

jordan hudson said...

almost forgot the Sean and Rachel scenes broke my heart. Also love when OLTL does the music montage at the end because they always have a way of picking the right song and it seems to fit with everyone

Mel Got Served said...

Am loooooooving OLTL. I love Destiny and all but Matthew and Daniella I'm loooooooving. I'm sure this will be a triangle to play out for a long time, but right now he just sees Destiny as his BFF. David and Desiny are comic gold. Brody's sister is a nutjob. Is Nash really coming back? I'm so intgrigued!!!

And GH! This Claudia send off is really out with a bang. Sonny brought it on Friday- amazing. So exciting. I am tuning in every day for this and the lead-in to James Franco.

And how do you know I'm dying to watch these? Typically with AMC I did a power marathon on the weekends, maybe split between the 2 days. Yesterday and today I'm come right home, plopped on my bed and turned on my DVR to soaps. Now time to unpause GH and see what's happening!

Saw literally 30 seconds of AMC this morning on Soapnet. At least David Canary was sellin' the grief since I'm not buyin' the storyline.

Mel Got Served said...

Just thinking to myself, all the guys on OLTL are so dreamy that I can't pick a favorite. I'm thinking maaaaaybe Schuyler. Or Markko? Of course there's Todd for the brooder. Brody is hot. God I can't pick! Anyone but John McBain- he's the poor man's Christian Bale. Sorry!

DancingElf88 said...

Jordan I FLOVED Boyz n the Hood. I cried at many a moment during that movie. I haven't seen today's OLTL today but I saw those intense ass promos wooowhee! So Jessica and Rez are sibblings. So excited for this. Oh and Kyle...ok I was in love with him before but after yesterday's episode...OMG is all I can say. I'm actually starting to like Fish more now.

Shadow said...

Girl can saang. Gives me goose bumps.

Cast of Glee Sings at World Series

jordan hudson said...

V just finished and I loved it. My only criticism was it was fast paced but I guess they figure we already know what the aliens are so let's cut to the chase.

With an attractive talented cast who I adore. Canadian hottie Laura Vanderhoot who makes me want to go back. Sexy Joel Grestch and My Nubian King Morris Chestnut...etc etc.

Scott Wolf in some scenes looked a little crypt keeper.I hope V gets an audience

DancingElf88 said...

I liked V too. Mm..Morris Chestnut is whooo! It was a little fast paced so I got confused at some points. But I did like it.

SOAPFAN said...

I loved V too...I was a big fan of the original show in the 80's so I am biased. The writing is a little transparent, but I enjoyed it for what it was.

How creepy was Anna(Morena Baccarin)? She is probably creepier than the original's Diana(Jane Badler)...who was sort of an 80's Diva.

Remember she ate that whole Guinea Pig? LOL!

brtedi said...

"Remember she ate that whole Guinea Pig? LOL!"

Ty--Jane Badler. Yep. "Diana"--She had a way with lowering mice, Ginea Pigs, or whatever into her mouth, by way of hanging on to the tail and dropping them in--

I watched during my high school years, with my parents. We didn't know whether to laugh, exactly, or be completely grossed out. My mom had an appreciation for good vilians. I seem to recall, "Diana" was her favorite character. LOL!


donna said...

AMC's Minshew Gives Birth!

AMC's Alicia Minshew's (Kendall) first child was due around Thanksgiving, but the baby apparently preferred an arrival timed closer to Halloween: The actress and hubby Richie Herschenfeld welcomed daughter Willow Lenora Herschenfeld — the baby's middle name honors Minshew's mother, Lenore — at 6:42 a.m. on November 4. The new addition weighed in at 5 lbs. 2 oz.

Congratulations and Welcome Baby Willow!!!

jordan hudson said...

Jane Badler from the original V and The revamped mission Impossible tv show was Melinda Kramer, Kelly's mom on OLTL

donna said...

I forgot to add that according to the lady herself, Alicia's last tape date was supposed to be this coming Friday.

So Pratt/AMC wasted her all this time, worked her up until the very last minute,and I assume that now he'll be left scrambling for an ending.

"It's not MY fault. She wasn't due for another TWO weeks."


But YAY! for Baby Willow!!!

Arizonagal said...

Loved V last night! Anna is a dream, that girl has some good genes. I watched the original series back in the 80s but can't remember much about it other than the lizard thing. Was surprised at how quickly they revealed that. Good stuff! Minor nitpick - thought the human layer of skin covering the lizards was too thick and those particular special effects were cheesy. Other than that, it rocked.

Wow, OLTL, how can this show possibly be on the chopping block? I was just feeling so bad for Sean when Rachel dumped him. Heartbreaking stuff. I really loved how Rachel, as painful as this whole thing was, had the courage to tell Sean her true feelings with such honestly and sensitivity. I honestly don't know if I'd have the grit to handle it the way she did. It's really hard to break someone's heart. And what about Greg? He could have any woman he wanted. Hell, women are knocking on his door nekkid, and he only has feelings for Rachel?

Loving Matthew and Daniella - adorable. Does anyone else think Matthew looks like he's half Vulcan? Looks like a young Spock. See this is why OLTL just works on all levels. On AMC I'd be dreading a teen story. I actually can't remember the last time I enjoyed teens on AMC. Probably not since the days of Angie and Jesse and Greg and Jenny.

The wedding was awesome! Poor Nick - dumped at the altar. Roxy was a riot. Hoping for a Dorian / David reunion. So much happening in Llanview and so far, a great week!

Terry in Toronto said...

OMG! Sean woke up and damn he's mad to find out what Greg and Rachel have been up to. I love the way that played out. Just the right amount of menace without being over the top. Rachel looked really beautiful in that green coat.

I love David Vickers ... oops sorry... Buchanan. Tuc Watkins is a God. He's hot and has the best comic timing.

OLTL just fills me with joy and I love that love is all around no matter what age the characters are. What truly stands out is the respect that the writers have for the characters and the viewers.

Long Live One Life To Live!

OLTL FREAK said...

Another great episode today from OLTL

Loved Tea & Daniella going at it that little girl is so good

I would love for her and Starr go at it once they find out that they are related

David & Destiny=GOLD!!!!

Kim making that crack about how if the baby comes out "singin I love Liza with a Z" had me on the floor

Crystal said...

I HATED Stacy before Kim. I can't believe I am loving them.

The whole storyline with Jared and group I am so not into. I guess even though I love Jess and Brody I don't really like Jess all the much. I love Tess. Maybe this will scare her into coming back out.

Laura said...

Sorry I missed that Kimmy crack. I love her. She better be careful, it looks like all these old crotchy billonaires are knocking girls up. First Victor on Y&R, now Adam and Annie from the preview. Could a Kimmy and Clint baby be next? Nah - Ron C is too clever for that.

Congrats to Alicia on the new addition. Pratt can't write do to normal circumstances, throw something like an early delivery his way and he is real stuck. Fire Pratt.

I read where Emma is being recast when they go to California.

I love Sean but I don't like that crybaby Greg, they should have hired a better actor. Another actor I did not like is Nick, too pushy for my Kyle. I think Kyle plays a gay so real. He is a great actor. He comes across more real than Fish, who is gay.

Yesterday I got into a big argument at work in a staff meeting. We enter doctor's membership records and our new software won't allow us to enter same sex spouses. My boss said there are only like 67 and he thinks its funny and it's not really legal anyway. I said you tell somebody in Iowa or a different country it's not legal! Not the first or last time we have disagreed on politics. Of course when he did his Iowa who cares bit, I got really pissed, since I am from there. I can't believe how narrow minded people are.

jordan hudson said...

Guys...I'm at a lost...I just cant watch AMC. I was talking to Ashley yesterday and telling her. A piece of me dies every time I try and tune in. I give MCE, DC, and My Adam Mayfield props for giving a performance. Yet this story watching it makes me ill. Even La Lucci is doing a Budig and I can't blame her. Imagine being the Diva on this show for 40 years and being asked to play this crap.

Meanwhile OLTL was outstanding yesterday.

The Daniella and Tea scenes were off the hook. I so believed they were mother and daughter the chemistry they have was just as strong as Blair and Starr. excellent casting. Daniella looks like she could be Florencia and Trevor's child. One would think the casting dept cloned her.

Sean should be on contract not Greg. He was fing amazing. Pitch perfect performance. His words were so on point to Rachel. Sean is the Man!

The Dani/Matt/Destiny triangle is going to be heartbreaking because everyone is so nice.

Bo and Nora are amazing.

I would love for Clint and Kim to get together. It would juts reaffirm my belief that Clint is becoming his daddy. Asa was always after them young girls, Samantha Vernon, Delilah.

Mel Got Served said...

Time out- Greg on OLTL is on contract??? I just don't buy Greg with his family- they have no chemistry together. It's as if is not part of the family at all. He's dull.

Meanwhile, GH was ridic yesterday. Wowowowow! I couldn't believe the way Claudia met her maker- I assumed she'd got shot, definitely didn't see this coming! When Sonny told Jason to bury Claudia "as close to hell as you can" I did an "AWWWW YEAH!" Loved that for once there was some realism and Carly did tell Jax what really happened in the cabin. Dante and Lulu had some great scenes, eventhough the sound of falling water was making me need to pee.

Sorry, is AMC still on the air? I removed it from my DVR.

Laura said...

While that stupid show is on, I spent my time doing something important -getting my tickets to the musical the Addams Family in Chicago before it heads to Broadway. I am going the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I will not only get to see the wonderful Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth, but Jackie Hoffman as the Grandma. Norn informed me of this. Jackie Hoffman was the woman who Roxie kissed during the gay ceremony on OLTL.

I will get you my review of it later, so you New Yorkers can decide to go when it comes.

I have been listening to Rosie radio and I kind of enjoy it. It is a good way to pass time at work. I think she would be a difficult woman to work for and to live with.

Jordan I was going to play soap trivia and post about Jane Badler on OLTL but you beat me to it.

AMC is so bad, I hate it. Fire Pratt. I wonder if Rosie is still an AMC fan? I wish she would talk on her show about how bad it is.

I love Roscoe Born. I know one time he begged for a few days on a show just to keep his health insurance. He's like the Willie Aames of daytime. I saw Willie Aames on today. He was living on benches. Roscoe does evil so good, but he'll always be Joe Novak from Ryan's Hope to me.

Here's a bit of soap trivia Jordan will probably know. But Murphy from Young and Restless played Nick Szabo on Ryan's Hope and he was dad to Rene (Serena Szabo) our beloved Julia Barr.

Here's my idea. Cancel AMC, and bring in Claire L. to write Ryan's Hope the next generation with some of the original stars like Miss Julia Barr, Roscoe Born, Justin Deas and a bunch of good young actors.

Arizonagal said...

Jordan, I'll watch AMC so you don't have to! I'm actually watching it. I don't hate it nearly as much as some of ya'll do but it is still painful to watch, mostly I just feel so bad for David Canary and the destruction of Adam, he's weak, he's frail, he's feeble, he's everyone's victim.

Here's something I don't get. Annie seems to genuinely have feelings for the old goat, but why? Where are the qualities (other than money) that would make a hot young chick like Annie fall for Adam?

I really hate Eek and Ryass. Pairing them up is a bad idea, Eek reeks of desperation and Ryan just reeks. Here are two big shot business people and all they do is plot to destroy Annie, it's lame.

I love Zach in jail and I hope he stays there for a good long time.

I hate the Jake/Amanda/David story. It is such an insult to our intelligence. It is beyond stupid and every time I watch it I can feel the writers trying to manipulate the viewers and it is so friggin transparent.

One question, is this show still as bad as the Satin Slayer days or is it worse?

Mel Got Served said...

1 million times worse than the Satin Slayer.

jordan hudson said...

I would take The satin Slayer/Death By Pancakes/ Hayley and Mateo in the Lost in space tubes over this manure any day of the week

Arizonagal said...

JordAsh, if you two are so burned out on AMC and unable to watch, then bring us a Llanview podcast, or Mad Men, or Glee, or V, whatever you want! There is still plenty to talk about!

BetseyD said...

I agree with ArizonaGal!

A OLTL Podcast, done by you two, would be absolutely AWESOME!!!

Please consider the possibility - please!!!

DancingElf88 said...

I agree! I saw a couple of minutes of AMC and I still love my MCE...that scene with Lucretia was funny and that's all I got.
OLTL was so amazing! I love me some Brody and Mitch comes back tomorrow right? I love how this show doesn't throw stuff away. Jessica still thinks about Chloe and I loved that. I'm loving this show.

Michael said...

I can remember when AMC did socially relevant stories that packed a serious punch but were never preachy or heavy-handed. I don’t think JR’s cancer story will rate with among those stories. Apparently when you get cancer you: 1) shave your head, 2) put on a couple of pounds, 3) have your symptoms mysteriously mistaken for inebriation and finally 4) meet the gal of your (and Popeye’s) dreams . JR’s final summation that “Cancer made my life better!” was one of the dumbest lines ever. I think a person could feel emboldened after surviving a horrible disease, but we were never invested in this story because it was so poorly executed. Also, we are not invested in JR and eBabe because that pairing lacks any chemistry or motivation to route for.

DancingElf88 said...

I agree with you Amphitrion. JR and Marissa make me wnt to barf. No chemistry, no build-up, just a hot mess of a stpryline. And I keep getting distracted by the color disparity between the top of his head and the rest of his face and her smiling every line.

Mel Got Served said...

When I saw bald-headed JR he looked like Michael Rappaport as the skinhead in "Higher Learning", which really freaked me out.

Crystal said...

I also think JR looks like Lex Luther (is that the right spelling??)
Remember when JR first got his cancer and I had this little sliver of hope that it was going to be a moving, touching storyline that would deeply impact this character. Ah self from a few months ago you are so so naive.

Anyway, that is too funny the girl of Popeye's dreams, ha ha ha.
What happened to eBabe. When she first came on she was kind of hot. Now she just looks like a goon.

Anybody remember the old Popeye movie where Olive sang about Bluto.

"He's got money and respect
He's better than the rest
He may not be the best
But he's large
And he's mine

It may seem funny but it's not
I'm thankful for what I've got
It may not be a lot
But he's large
And he's mine"
Awww, it's like she was singing about JR. ;)

brtedi said...

I'm about to say something uncharacteristically positive about the writers and today's episode--Please don't throw antthing at me! ;-)

Jonathan & Stewart: a parallel of loss

Personally, in today's episode, I was quite pleased to see the writers try to 'connect the dots', when Ryan drew a comparison between how he felt when he thought he killed Jonathan and how Adam must feel, currently. To me it seemed a logical way to (finally, in some way) acknolwledge a character from the past who simply seemed to 'evaporate'---and it was a logical way for Ryan to draw out Adam, hoping he would confess to the killing of Stewart.


Arizonagal said...

When I see JR I think Daddy Warbucks, but Lex Luthor could work too. Also noticed JR is getting quite the muffin top. I pity Marissa, she's got a huge job ahead of her being the wife of this high maintenance jerk.

brtedi said...

Did anyone else notice when Lucy Merriam walked down the aisle, when "Emma" was a flower girl, she tossed a handfull of petals into Cameron's lap, with a grin on her face. :-)

So now we know what Bethann Bonner's been doing, since here brief stint on GL--She's a biker babe, with a repair shop. LOL!

Did anyone else notice JaLu flubbed a line and called "Little Stewart"--"it". Something like, "Take the baby, put it down for a nap." Very poor form Ms. Lunar. Very poor form!X-(


Crystal said...

GLEE fans you have to watch this take180

Shadow said...

Amphitrion, your words are so spot on. I was trying to plow through the episode where JR said "Cancer made my life better". Who says that? I can see where someone might say that surviving cancer made a person embrace their life in the present, but wasn't the case here. Idiotic. I just deleted the episode without finishing it.

Can't believe Emma has a head wound. It's bad enough that all the adults have suffered blunt traumas, but the kids too?

These family clans are so rag tag. The Hubbards with Randi and Natalia. The Chandlers with Adam, Scott, Olive Oil and Fathead JR. JR's stumpy fat bald butthead makes me dizzy. I have to put sunglasses on for every scene he's in. So sad when you think of how vivid the families used to be. Aunt Phoebe, Brooke, Linc, Chuck, even the driver Benny. It all made sense then.

And the thought of a 40th anniversary without Brooke makes me cah-razy. Next to hiring Chuck Prat, letting Julia Barr go was the worst thing that ever happened to AMC. Worse than Dixie's death or the Satin Slayer. More than even Tad, Brooke was the link to glorious Tyler/English family tree. She is the key to so many possibilities and it's as inconceivable to me that they don't bring her back as it is that the keep Pratt around. And screw Budig and Reigel and all those people. AMC needs to cover the basics first and build from there. Erica, Angie, Jessie, Brooke, Tad, Adam, Opal, as many of their broods as possible and a new head writer. I don't care, bring back McTavish and just don't let her do anything stupid.

David told Olive that she should shave her head and hope it gives her better taste in boyfriends. What father would ever talk to his daughter that way? Horrible!

JaLu should never show her manhands. Creepy. At least the Oompah tan is fading but she's like the reverse JR. Her face is white but she's orange from the head down.

Everyone is fighting. Erica, Adam, Ryan, and Adam, JR, David, Marissa. It's just exasperating to watch. The Hubbards don't count because Rancid ruins it all for me. Where are my Martin moments? Where is the romance and fabulousness?

Amanda, Jake and David? Ew. I love sex. I love sex on soaps but all this conversation about spunk makes me ill. David wants to impregnate Amandal, blah blah blah. Can they not come up with a plot device other tha funky spunk?

I see Ryan and Erica as friends. That's always worked for me. but Ryan and Erica as f--kbuddies just doesn't work. He's too boring for her. No comp to Dimitri, Phil Brent, Tom Cudahy, Adam Chandler, Dimitri Marick, Mike Roy, Travis Montgomery, Adam Chandler or even Bobblehead Jack. The cougar thing is just dumb spin heaped upon us to try to make sense of out of it.

Shadow said...

Holy shit! I just got to the ep where JaLu got those ENORMOUS zits on her forehead. I'm thinking Botox injection gone wrong. that is weird.

Shadow said...

"My happiness bites the plum of your mouth."

That is the worst poetry ever. Kendall said she only knows stuff like "there once was a man from nantucket". The other half of that for those of you have may have missed Pratt's clever barb, is "whose dick was so long he could suck it". What the hell? This once socially relevant show has sunk so low that Erica Kane's daughter is reciting dick lymrics. My heart just breaks for Agnes Nixon. Almost hope she's too demented now to notice.

Laura said...

Actually there is a clean version of the Nantucket poem. I haven't written a limerick in years but the crappy writing on this soap has inspired me.

There once was a soap writer named Pratt
Who I want to squish to death like a gnat
He runied my beloved AMC
Along with his friend Fronsie
Get rid of them both like that!

There once was a character named Aiden
Who when he talked you go what-um?
He though he could move to LA
But somebody finally said Hey!
Because of the economy it's forbaden.

The Pine Valley podcast is a favorite of mine.
I constantly check to see when it's online.
Jordan and Ashley watch the show for me.
Their commentary is ass-toot and funny.
If only AMC would improve all would be fine.

There once was a girl named Denise Vasi
Who in her defense is very pretty
Instead of twitting and sounding like a dumbass
Enroll thyself in an acting class
And stay in New York to please me

Shadow said...

I have a new crush on Laura!

Norn Cutson said...

you could do a special all-OLTL episode!

Norn Cutson said...

those were great, Laura!

my jaw is on the floor over that “Cancer made my life better!” line!!!!!

Crystal said...

Laura, that is awesome...I love Aiden/forbaden.

Terry in Toronto said...

Great limericks Laura! If only AMC was this clever, interesting and witty ...

Thank God for OLTL and Ron C. I'm just saying.

jordan hudson said...

Just saw PRECIOUS. OUTSTANDING!!!! Like a raw nerve, disturbing, intense, heartbreaking, touching, I was so moved by this movie.

Unknown said...

I can honestly say that it is a chore to watch AMC. Which is why I haven't watched in 2 wks. I did watch (I forget what day it was) last wk. Right after Angie blackmailed her way into COS.
She goes home & their is POD-Jesse (that's what I call him b/c this is not the Jesse I love) acting freakin clueless. All I can get out of that is Debbi Morgan gave a wonderful performance (w/ what she was given). She played Angie's sadness, guilt, sorry, anger, frustration perfectly. And that's about all I got for the show formerly know as AMC.

OLTL .... what can I say? BESDIES the best soap on daytime right now. That sums it up.

GH .... I tuned back in the wk of the 26th after a 6 (or 8) month hiatus. The scenes w/ Sonny/Claudia & that whole thing was great. Made me remember why I love GH. Well I was brought back down to reality this past wk. Especially Thurs. & Fri eppys. Sonny telling his son, after he took a life, "U did good" just disgusted me beyond words. Carly and her hypocrisy is astonishing. She can forgive Sonny & Jason for not telling her about Claudia but she shrieks at Jax & Olivia. THIS is ONE of the reasons I have GH up .... Sonny & Jason can do no wrong and are forgiven w/o so much as a whisper. I see Sam has her lips back firmly pressed against Jason's backside. BTW is it just me or is Olivia on damn near everyday in 80% of the scenes?? Anyway .... I think last wk was my last wk watching ..... can't deal w/ it anymore.

I'll say last but not least .... How in the Hell OLTL is not ABC's #1 soap or the #1 soap PERIOD is amazing to me. Just craziness.
Looking forward to this wks OLTL. We have Mitch rising from the soap dead (LOL), Layla/Christian figuring out how to be together, and Kish getting romantic .... YAH!!!!!!

Peace out. :)

jason said...

"Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce"

I already miss Mad Men. =(

Gene said...

Precious looks like an Oscar winning film and hope that it gets the awards that it deserves. Also, Jordan, do you read the Cady McClain interview at She really tells it like it is about the soap industry and why it is dying and what it can do to bring viewers back to the genre.

Mel Got Served said...

Mad Men- OMGGGGGGGG. What. an. episode.

Shadow said...

I've stock-piled eps of Mad Men. I'm dying to finish the season. Best show in years IMO. Did anyone else see Miss Jan Jones' tetas on that mgazine cover? Smokin' hot.

Mel Got Served said...

January Jones is hosting SNL this week. We'll have to see how it goes cause I share Ashley's sentiments in regards to her acting. Great character, average actress. Sorry!

Shadow said...

Ok. I'll go with the average actress/great character thing. And great tetas.

brtedi said...

I had to comment now, even while in the midst of watching Monday's AMC. I have to admit MCE does look lovely, in her white dress and those seriously tricked out wings. However, how much more poignant would it have been for Stewart to come to Adam's defense?!


brtedi said...

I had to comment now, even while in the midst of watching Monday's AMC. I have to admit MCE does look lovely, in her white dress and those seriously tricked out wings. However, how much more poignant would it have been for Stewart to come to Adam's defense?!


brtedi said...

Just yesterday, I emailed a very good friend of mine, Nash would pop up a la Norman Bates' mother...Bwwaaaah!

Shadow said...

Bye bye Eastwick. ABC didn't order anymore eps. Not surprised, but I liked the show. Emptyheaded quirky show but better suited to cable or old Fox. Too bad.

Norn Cutson said...

Jordan, be sure to listen to Darbi's latest EVERYTHING ACTING podcast!

They interview the casting director of PRECIOUS!

oltl freak said...

OLTL was great again!!!!!!!!!

Why this soap is treated like the red headed stepchild baffles me.

Tea and Nora =Mama Bears with big bites...I love when hese two go at it

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Rosie Radio!! Makes the time between PV podcasts goes by quicker.

YES - We would LOVE for you to make it the Landview Lowdown...with just a few minutes of AMC sprinkled at the end. As with most of you, I haven't DVR'd AMC in almost three weeks....and I am not missing anything.


jason said...

Jenny, I'm lovin Rosie Radio too!! I can't wait to see Precious, I'm reading the book and plan to finsish it by Friday to see the movie.
I hate OLTL and love AMC! (using reverse psychology on Frons)

Shadow said...

PrattFalls commented quite astootely: "Chuck (Pratt)isn't lazy. He's worked his ass off to ruin All My Children."

Crystal said...

I am going on vacation. It was so fun to delete all the AMCs on my DVR but, painful to delete all the upcoming OLTLs. During sweeps. cry cry cry
So, when you don't hear from me until the 24th or so don't get worried. I will be having a good ole time in Walt Disney World.

Mel Got Served said...

Disney- yaaaaaay! Have a Dole Whip Float for me! We'll keep you in the OLTL loop!

Mel Got Served said...

PS Crystal, if you have Verizon Wireless, it looks like they have really cool apps for Disney Parks that tell you wait time, Fast Pass time, etc.

Laura said... — The line-up for “All My Children’s” 40th Anniversary celebration gets juicier.

TV Guide Magazine is reporting that along with Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos and Julia Barr, Eva La Rue, despite recent reports to the contrary, Laurence Lau, Taylor Miller, Eden Riegel and Leven Rambin will be returning to “All My Children” for at least one of the the soaps two 40th Anniversary episodes.

While storyline specifics aren’t yet out in any detail, TV Guide Magazine reports that the aforementioned characters return will coincide with Hayley’s (Kelly Ripa) television talk show. The magazine also hints that their may be even more surprises in store.

Below is the list of alumni slated to return for the “All My Children” 40th Anniversary episodes. So far.:

Julia Barr. Barr played Brooke English from 1976 to 2006. The actress is an eight-time Daytime Emmy nominee, and a two-time Daytime Emmy winner. Two of Brooke’s ex-husbands currently reside in Pine Valley, Adam Chandler (David Canary) and Tad Martin (Michael E. Knight). Barr is also one-half of “AMC’s” greatest rivalries: Erica (Susan Lucci) and Brooke.

Kelly Ripa. Ripa played Hayley Vaughan from 1990 to 2002. Hayley is Adam Chandler’s daughter with Arlene Vaughan. Ripa left “AMC” to go on to greener pastures which included the permanent co-hosting gig on “Live with Regis and Kelly” and an ABC sitcom titled “Hope & Faith.”

Eva La Rue. La Rue played Dr. Maria Santos from 1993 to 1997, and again from 2002 to 2005. The actress met her real-life ex-husband John Callahan, ex-Edmund, on the show and conceived her daughter Kaya with him. La Rue currently stars on the hit CBS crime-drama “CSI: Miami.”

Mark Consuelos. Consuelos played Mateo Santos from 1995 to 2002. Mateo is Hayley Vaughan’s husband and Maria Santos’ younger brother. Consuelos left “AMC” with his wife, Kelly Ripa, and has appeared on many different shows since, including several guest correspondence gigs on “Oprah.” Consuelos has been married to Ripa since 1996, the couple shares three children.

Taylor Miller. Miller played Nina Cortlandt from 1979 to 1984, and again from 1986 and 1989. The actress also made guest cameos on the soap in 1994, 1995 and 1996. Nina is Palmer Cortlandt’s (James Mitchell) daughter. Nina was one-half of “AMC” greatest couples, opposite Cliff Warner played by Peter Bergman.

Laurence Lau. Lau played Greg Nelson from 1981 to 1986. The actor has done guest stints on the soap since. Lau made up one-half of another “AMC” supercouple, Greg and Jenny (Kim Delaney). The character of Greg is good friends with Jesse (Darnell Williams), Angie (Debbie Morgan) and Tad and has a sordid history with Liza (then-played-by-Marcy Walker).

Eden Riegel. Riegel played Bianca Montgomery from July 2000 to February 2005. The Daytime Emmy award winning actress has done seven return stints on “AMC” since her original exit, lasting anywhere from one episode to several months. The character of Bianca is Erica Kane’s (Susan Lucci) youngest child and soapdom’s most (in)famous lesbian.

Leven Rambin. Rambin played Lily Montgomery from 2004 to 2008, and her half-sister Ava Benton from 2007 to 2008. The Daytime Emmy nominee is slated to guest star on ABC’s hit medical dramas “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” later this season. The character of Lily is Jackson Montgomery’s (Walt Willey) adopted daughter. Speaking of Willey, the actor returned to tape at the studio today (the episode is slated to air at the end of the year) and may pop in for an appearance on an anniversary episode, as well.

Most of these guest appearances are slated to air on the January 5th, 2010 anniversary episode

Shadow said...

I am seriously about to scream like a sissy girl-in agood way! And I'm not going to say anything negative like Chuck Pratt better not fuck this up. Just thanks ABC. I'm genuinely excited. Check it out:

AMC has landed six beloved faces from Pine Valley's past to join Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa (ex-Mateo and Hayley) when AMC celebrates its 40th anniversary on January 4 and 5: Eva La Rue as Maria Santos; Eden Riegel as Bianca Montgomery; Laurence Lau as Greg Nelson; Taylor Miller as Nina Cortlandt Warner; and Leven Rambin as Lily Montgomery. BUT FINALLY... Julia Barr (Brooke), the 30-year vet who left in 2006 after she was asked to go recurring, has agreed to come back as Brooke English. I LOVE BROOKE! I will pray every day it works into a more permanent gig for the character of Brooke. WOoHoO!! It is so great to hear something good for a change about this show I've invested gazillions of hours to during the course of my life!!

Laura said...

I will watch the 40th anniversary special to see my Brooke and Nina and the others. They should have done a who killed Palmer instead of losing Stuart. I wonder if they will kill Palmer off. It would be weird to see Nina without Palmer. I can't really watch the show except to notice silly things, like Ja-Lu's skin, JR's hair, Insannie's Bangs, Angie's weave, etc. Of course I can do all of this with the volume down while I listen to the repeat of Rosie radio.

I wish Agnes Nixon or Jordan was writing the reunion show. The ideal story would be Aggie saying I created you, and he destroyed you. So everyone pushes Pratt down an elevator shaft.

A girl can dream can't she.

Glad you liked my little limericks.

Crystal said...

Mel, those apps look awesome! I have some of the ones on my ipod but, they are not official ones. The times one I have is usually not very accurate. I do have a really good one where you can put in all your dining reservations and hotel and such.
Guess I will HAVE to have TWO Dole whips now, huh? 8)

Today's show was SO mind numbingly painful. Are we really supposed to believe Aidumb loves Kendull now?
I can't wait to see all the returning characters too. I know the story will be horrible but, maybe I can mute it and make up my own, ha ha.

Mel Got Served said...

Crystal, if you could pack a Dole Whip in dry ice and mail it to me, that would be great!

As soon as I saw Julia Barr was coming back for the 40th anniversary I knew Shadow was going to go crazy with excitement.

Here's hoping for the best with this anniversary. Maybe all these veterans return for the death of unknown-to-them Pine Valley resident Randi Morgan-Hubbard. I can dream, can't I?

Crystal said...

Mel, Ha ha ha do you want a float? It may get a little sloppy. 8)
I thought you were going to say the vets were returning to mourn the death of the show.

Norn Cutson said...

that's thrilling about Julia Barr!!!!

Shadow said...

I am seriously deliriously estatic Norn!! The day Julia Barr left was when it all started going south for me on AMC. Lucci gets all the glory, but AMC was as much Barr's show in my opinion. Her stories were incredibly moving. Her relationships to Phoebe as heartwrenching as Mona and Erica. Her relationships with Tad and Adam were so intricate. She's connected in one way or another to the whole town. The loss of Laura in the car accident and Tom telling her just brings on the waterworks. That scene with Erica about Bianca being a lesbian was incredible. She was there through the whole Cindy thing. No disrespect to anyone else, but they could end the whole Carey clan right now and take all that money and give it to Barr and hire that GH guy who got fired as a recast Jamie. WooHoo. Endless possibilities with Barr.

I'm purposefully ignoring the Pratt problem for a while to just revel in the possibilities. If someone could actually persuade all these wonderful people to come back, maybe, just maybe, that issue will remedy itself as well. To all the talented actors and actresses who are and have been a part of AMC I say, SIEZE THE MOMENT and help restore this once great program to its glory. Speak out against the weak links who drag it down. I'll take 43 minutes of solo monologues by Julia Barr and Taylor Miller over 5 seconds with Denise Vasi. Oops sorry, that was negative. And Taylor Miller? What a wonderful surprise. If she came back, so could Bobby Warner and a host of fantastic Courtland relatives. With or without Cliff, I love Nina. It's been a while. Cliff could have died by now. i don't really care. She's awesome!

Wish they could sprinkle the week with Kathleen Noone's Ellen, Mark Dalton, Tom and Livia, as many as possible. Maybe a big ol' thing in the park right out of the Guiding Light finale.

Shadow said...

Tomorrow if they announce that Kate Collins is reprising Janet for a few, I'm going to lose it! I want to see that scene where Janet meets Amanda's son for the first time. For all these years of watching Janet obsess over Amanda, I want to see her revel in the joy of her grandson, and maybe the thrill of her exacting some Janet justice David and/or Jake for not taking care of them better.

Again, just dreaming. I know who's writing. But I can dream.

Shadow said...

How great would it be if AMC incorporated all the returning actors into the opening credits for the anniversary shows?

Shadow said...

The name of the podcast this time was "The Power of Positive Thinking". Okay, so here I am being all positive and all I hear are crickets in the background? I know, the show is appalling right now and there's the problem with Pratt writing the 40th, but aside from all that aren't you just a little curious and excited about seeing Brooke? Haley? Maria? Greg? Matteo? Bianca?

Crystal said...

Shadow, I'm excited! 8)

GLEE looks so good next week! I can't believe I have to wait until I get back from vaca to watch it. 8(

jordan hudson said...

Its the little things as well as the big things that mean so much on OLTL. So much detail goes into this show. For instance having us be there to witness in Marcy and Micheal's joy even thou they are no longer on the show. It shows that Ron C. and Frank V respect the audience .

Unlike Pratthole and crapputhers

Laura said...

I think Julia Barr should go to Y&R and play Murphy's daughter. Taylor could go there and be a love interest for Jack. Then the Szabo's from Ryan's Hope, and Cliff and Nina could be reunited. I just love these two actresses and I want to not have Pratt write for them, because I know he will wreck it.

I think Brooke should be an editor for a new magazine and she coaxes Rancid away to model for her, never to return. Nina could be the new Cougar for Ryan and he leaves with her, never seen again. Wishful dreams.

I think we should all live blog or twitter that day.

I have been enjoying GH lately. I think aging Sonny's kids led to the upswing, and how lucky did they get with James Franco going there?

Crystal said...

I am glad Jake looked up a nice BANKRUPTCY attorney when calling the clinic. Sloppy sloppy.

Laura said...

Thorsten Kaye is a co-host on the View for Whoppi's birthday.

Melissa said...

Crystal, I was just getting on to point that out. In huge letters, BANKRUPTCY. They go through all the trouble to get a Pine Valley phone book, and he chooses that page to get the name of the clinic.... groan!

Laura said...

I didn't watch the show today. I couldn't. Bold and the Beautiful had a wedding. I don't even care about this show, but it had to be better than AMC.

On a postive note. Happy 19th birthday Disco Dan.

jason said...

Excited for the reutrn on Julia Barr!!

Does anyone here watch Parks and Recreation? It's hands down the funniest show on tv. Is it just me or has 30 rock sucked this season?

jason said...

And happy birthday Disco Dan!

OLTL FREAK said...

OLTL glad we get to see marcie have her baby

I miss Marcie & Michael

OLTL is the best at putting everyone's story together in some way


Crystal said...

WOW Annie is really pg?! I am so shocked I fell out of my chair.

OK just kidding.

Erica kissing Ryass today....ewwwwww.
David and Amanda talking about making a deposit in the car....ewwwwww.

LOVED Marcy having the baby today.
Anyway, I am so sad I am going to miss OLTL next weeek 8( You all are going to have to catch me back up.
I leave tomorrow morning and I won't be back until the 23rd. Don't have too much fun without me. ;)

jordan hudson said...

OMG JASON I was so going to talk about that on the next podcast. I too feel that Parks and recreation is kicking ass this year. The first season was okay. I had said the cast was great but the material was average. This season they are writing for the cast and I have been laughing my ass off. I love the new supporting cast members. The one with Fred Armisten as The Venezuelan was hands down the best episode of this show so far.
With that said 30 Rock is taking for granted all the acclaim. It has been so off so far.

Shadow said...

Happy Birthday Dan!

Mel Got Served said...

2 words: Greg Pikitis. Halloween was the best episode for me! Parks and Recreation is definitely improving. Love Andy- he was so great on Everwood and I always hoped he'd find success again.

Mel Got Served said...

Forgot to ask, I'm catching up on OLTL but need some help: can someone explain Mitch Laurence to me? How is he Jessica's father if her and Natalie are twins? And why in god's name would Natalie ever marry this psychopath?

Unknown said...

Okay, so I haven't been watching that consistently, but I did watch a little this week and I have to give a HUGE shout-out to Melissa Claire Egan! She was hysterical this week, asking Scott to push her down the stairs and then fighting with Ryass in the hospital yesterday. She looks amazing everyday and she acts her heart out. She is the only reason I watch anymore.

She deserves some kind of medal of honor for having to put up with the crap she puts up with and making it work. She reminded me this week of the earlier days when she first started going crazy and Ashley and Jordan first started liking her.

Brian said...

I feel shameful! I'm now 2 weeks behind on AMC. I have them on my DVR and I really don't want to sit through them. I don't blame Jordan for not watching. I don't get why there is so much missing between episodes. It feels like a connect the dots story-model. Is it worth catching up at this point?

Michael said...

I love, love, love OLTL these days, but yes MelG you do need a compass and a table of the elements to follow the details of this back story. OLTL is the newest soap on my daytime repertoire, but I guess I’ve been watching it for nearly a decade. I barely remember Mitch marring Natalie. I believe he was posing as “Michael Lazarus” and she had no idea who he was until after they were married (it was a very brief union and it was quickly annulled) I think it was some serious revisionism that made Natalie and Jessica fraternal twins by different fathers. The story was redacted to say that Mitch drugged and raped Victoria Lord Buchanan around the time she had conceived Natalie with Clint the second child was Jessica. Mitch’s cult followers stole Natalie, but Jessica was actually Mitch’s child. Clint and Vicki never knew there was a second child and Natalie was raised by Roxy. I remember Mitch and Dorian marrying, and Dorian’s famous line about the Llanfair Mansion: “I married two monsters (Victor Lord and Mitch) to get this house!’ Mitch has a huge history beyond that, but I don’t know about anything before the turn of the century.

Mel Got Served said...

Thanks Amphitrion! That was definitely helpful! Guess I'll have to spend some rainy Saturday time reading up on OLTL history!

Anonymous said...

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jordan hudson said...

Okay everyone there will be a new podcast this week so be on the look out for it . Mel answered your Mitch Lawrence question on the podcast, but I see amph beat me to it. lol

Mel Got Served said...

Thanks to you both then! :)

OSusanna said...

Hey, just a request....I think we all agree that AMC is not worth watching or talking about. OLTL is fantastic, but I am actually loving GH even more. This has always been my favorite soap since the 80s when I was a kid. Any chance you guys will make some ass-toot comments on the awesomeness that is this show right now????

jordan hudson said...

Osusanna I think so Ashley plans on tuning in when Franco comes aboard and Im back because of JJ

DancingElf88 said...

Just caught up on OLTL and I'm loving it! I love the Tea and Eli scenes. I love me some TnT but Todd is acting like a gullible dipshit at the moment. I think Tea and Eli would be interesting. The actor that portrays Jared did a good job in his final scenes but still don't feel much of anything for the actress who plays Natalie.

I watched some AMC...ok just the Annie scenes online and I still love her and Scott so much! My MCE and Adam Mayfirld rock! Can't wait for the new podcast.

jason said...

Jordan I'm really hoping either Modern Family, Parks & Recreation, or Glee dethrowns 30 Rock at the Emmys next year, all have been a 100% better than 30 Rock. I hope you guys discussed the Mad Men Final on the podcast, I wanna hear ya thoughts on it.
January Jones didn't do the best job on SNL, I don't think she horrible like a lot of people are saying. I was really rooting for her, I think she's terrific on Mad Men. It's not all her fault the writing wasn't the best last night.
I'm with everyone else, less time on AMC more time on OLTL!!

Mel Got Served said...

Respectfully disagree Jason: January Jones sucked on SNL. In terms of writing, they write skits based on their host, and if the host stinks, it limits them because each sketch is supposed to feature the host. People think comedy is easy, but it's the hardest. When I heard she was hosting, I knew it would be a bomb. I still think on Mad Men she's the weakest too. Sorry if you are reading this January Jones!

But definitely agree about the Emmys. I think Modern Family has the best chances to dethrone for Best Comedy. Jane Lynch could definitely get best supporting actress in a comedy as well. And Puck as hottest guy. Wait, that's not an Emmy.

OSusanna said...

Oh Great. Thanks Jordan!!!

Laura said...

Brian said " feel shameful! I'm now 2 weeks behind on AMC."

Brian, save your sanity and your time and delete it. Listen to PVP or read a recap or something. Just out of curiousity, how many of us watch AMC every day?

My story. I seldom watch it during the day. I will sometimes watch it at night if nothing I like is on tv. But I always must be doing something like surfing the web, checking email, etc. I can't waste my attention on this. I only perk up with I see Annie and Scott on screen. I still watch some of my favorites. But that stupid David Amanda storyline is the stupidest I ever saw in over 40 years of soap watching.

I can't wait for the next podcast. As much as I hate AMC, I love our little community. Thanks for the Parks and Recreation tip, I'll have to start watching it.

I saw the youtube of the black girl from Glee singing the National Anthem. I thought she did one of the best performances of it ever. And my girl Mary J. Blige rocked it too.

I am going to drive a few suburbs over and find the childhood home of Jane Lynch and leave flowers as a shrine to her. I have loved her in everything since I saw Best in Show. She so deserves an Emmy.

I can't wait for the podcast.

Anybody besides me checking out the best deals for Black Friday?l Best Buy had an okay laptop last week for 250 dollars. My friend got one for her son.