Monday, October 05, 2009

Please Don't Feed the Animals

If you're wondering what the hell that means, click here. (Scroll down to the part about AMC and Nelson Branco's boycott of "one of the worst shows in the history of television." Meow!)

We're back this week, folks, and no, we didn't watch. With two babies and severe sleep deprivation, I literally cannot - and will not - sacrifice almost 5 hours a week to this drivel.

Lots to discuss besides the crapola and bull-ca-ca that Pratt has wreaked on our Pine Valley - like, for example, rumors of Becky Budig's return, Thorsten and Alicia's certain exit, Dorothy Lyman back as Opal?, and lots of other fun stuff!

We miss you all lots, and even if we're not posting (or watching) every week, we're still loving the PVP community! All are welcome, so stop by here.

10/02/09 Podcast


Mel Got Served said...

It's official: I set up a series recording for OLTL! The news that Rebecca Budig is returning for a Ryan/Greenlee/Erica triangle, the nonsense that has been occuring the past 3 weeks, and the fact that talentless hair models have been kept on this show, and AMC can't afford to allow some of the amazing recurring talent to do periodic LA filming has pushed me over the edge. I just watched 7 minutes of Days of our Lives, which I stopped watching years ago, and this 1 1/2 scenes I saw was better than 52 weeks of AMC that I've seen.

Mel Got Served said...

BUT, can't wait to hear you guys rant about the show so I can hear the mutual disdain!

Ashley and Jordan, you two are heroes. You have lives as well and I truly thank you for still podcasting about this trainwreck. Maybe we can change the name to the "Pine Valley Prefers Llanview Podcast"

But a million times THANK YOU! And I posted about 15 minutes ago in last week's thread, AMC should be thanking your podcast because it's the only reason I've kept watching the past year or so.

jordan hudson said...

Well I saw Friday's episode this morning and last Monday's last night . Yes the show is so bad that watching them out of order gives me some entertainment. I could not get past the first 15 minutes of Today's show. The Hubbards actions make no sense. Who are these people. Angie and Frankie are Doctors...Doctor's. They promise to save lives. And the nonsense that poor Kwak and Tad have to say. I just stopped it. I will try to watch it in the morning.

Then I watch Today's OLTL and .....incredible. Florencia, Kassie, Trevor and Michale were FING amazing. the different levels and emotions they played. Goosebumps as Tea confronted Ross and How Cruel Blair was when she told Todd the truth.

jason said...

Okay I totally squeeled when I opened my itunes to fine a new PVP downloading! Can't wait to listen.

Why in the hell is the real Greenlee coming back?? She doesn't spice up ratings, and she's not a fan favorite. The only way I'd be happy if she came back was if her and RyASS rode of together in the sun set, but unfortunately Cameron Manthison is moving to LA. I haven't watched amc in two weeks. I don't miss it at all. I don't know why I haven't deleated it off season pass. I just cant.
Mel, at first I thought you were saying that Rebecca Budwig was coming on Oltl! I thought that'd be interesting.

Mel Got Served said...

Awesome podcast JordAsh! The only downside to a new podcast: I miss my morning train nap! HAHA! I stayed awake the whole time to hear the whole podcast.

As for Brothers & Sisters, I'm going to try and watch, but I'm kinda over it. Nora irks me to no end- I heard her voice for 2 seconds and I wanted to break something. I get it- she's just like a real life mom who doesn't want to give up on her kids- but she's sooo annoying to me. But what I wanted to post is that I heard Balthazar was also let go because he allegedly didn't get along with the cast (mostly the guy who plays Kevin- the only character I still like... and Scotty!)

Ash, I felt the same way about the Sofia chick on Modern Family before. I've never seen the big hoopla around her, but clearly ABC has a thing for her because she was on Dirty Sexy Money briefly, and on that show about robbing Mick Jagger. But I am really enjoying her on this, so I'll take back the junk I previously said about her. I always called her a 2nd rate Catalina from My Name is Earl (loooooove Catalina).

And to go along with the podcast, here's Aiden in his hair model shot again:

Happy Tuesday!

Bxgal said...

daytime confidential is reporting that Rebecca Budig is coming back to AMC when they move to LA. They also say that AMC is going to make a Greenlee/Ryan/Erica love triangle!!!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Podcast guys! BXgal, are you trying to make me throw up?

Erica/Ryan/Greenlee triangle? That is more like the Bermuda Triangle, because it will drain the life out of everything on the show in a giant whirlpool of SUCK.

I added Jordan on Facebook, I hope he accepts me. I want to see pics of the AMC stars from the 90's!!!

Even though I agree with Nelso Branco's boycott, I am sticking with All My Children until the bitter end, just like I did with Loving. I have watched since 1980.

Shadow said...

I'm there with you Tyrone, although I'm a lot less diligent.

I really needed a podcast this week. Work has been a killer, and you two just make me smile for a while rather than clench my teeth. The topic really doesn't matter much. We're all busy, so thanks for taking the time and sending a little love into the world. It's a good thing.

Budig doesn't surprise me. I should be excited, but it's hard to get pumped when you know Pratthole is at the helm. If they are going to bring her back, they need to build a family around her. It's the layers that make it interesting. Otherwise it's just a rehash of Ryan/Greenlee/Kendall with Erica standing in for her daughter. They need Jack or Mary Smythe to return. It's those moments between them and Erica that make the difference. Without family like in Bros and Sisters, Dallas, OLTL, isn't it just another shade of Melrose?

Do the right thing AMC. Spread the stories out amongst the cast. Don't concentrate so much on 3 people. And bring back a Real Vet now.

Oh, lest I forget:


Melissa said...

yippee!!!! A new PVP podcast! Jordan and Ashley, you're the best :-)

I've been bad about posting on the blog lately, but I have been limping through AMC and dancing through OLTL. Our beloved David Vickers is on Desperate Houewives now! We'd better not lose him as David - he's my fave character on all of daytime.

DancingElf88 said...

A new podcast...yay!
Jordan it's me who likes Nuke. I love them...I can't help it. Through the bad writing I just...I love them I can't give up on them. I saw some of today's AMC...that Amanda/Jake sex scene was nice though. A Ryan/Eric/Greenlee triangle? EWWWW...vomit.
You should just talk about One Life to Live. I don't begrudge you not talking about AMC because it is indeed horrid.

Did anyone catch One Tree Hill?

Shadow said...

A Greenlee, Ryan & Erica menage a twat? Can't we just have another tornado?

Shadow said...

Found this blurb about Greenlee:

"When last seen, Greenlee was on a motorcycle in her wedding dress, on the way to a lesbian wedding when her best friend Kendall ran her off the road! Her body was never found."

I wonder how long we'll have to watch Greenlee lay around a locked house under Nurse Chuckie's care and then slink around in the shadows of the hospital, Chandler tunnels, and Pine Valley foilage before anyone realizes she's alive?

jordan hudson said...

Dancing Elf. I knew it was you the minute podcast was over and I was kicking myself. I was also a tad hung over when we did the podcast lolol.... I love OTH this season everything abotu it. Gossip Girl needs to do a OTH and write out Serena and Dan they bore and annoy me. Michelle Tractenberg is to GG what Heather Locklear is to the original melrose. They are stupid for not making her a regular. The show should be Blair VS Georgiana.

Mel I know what Ashley means about Latins doing accents. It works for me with Sofia because that is the way she really talks. It annoys me when someone is hired to play a Latin and they are asked to fake a thick accent and the character is written o be dumb because of it. Like the weather girl on the short live Good Morning whatever from the creators of Will and Grace. Sofia on this show is neither and I live her.

Finally finished Mon AMC there were two great scenes with Tad and Jake. Tad saying what we all feel about these Baby schemes of Jake. But two scenes does not compare to the TNT on OLTL. Not one minute of dull all action and Y&R....that show has been killing me with the caliber of intense performance except for that Lily (no way could she be Victoria Rowell's child talk about dead behind the eyes)

Norn Cutson said...


you got me rollin' on the floor screaming!!!!!!

Norn Cutson said...

Ash, the key to doing an impression of VIKI is the "a-tall", as in, she runs the words "at all" together in a kind of faux-snooty way!

DancingElf88 said...

Jordan I don't watch GG...I read the books but never really got into the show. I love me some OTH. I do miss my Luke and Peyton though [ it seems like I'm always rooting for the characters people hate :)].
I did like the Tad and Jake scenes too. JR really does look like Powder or Lex Luther either one.

Crystal said...

Just listened to the podcast. I just have a minute but I had to hop on with just a couple of things.

1. JR as Powder is pretty funny but, I thought he looked like a giant pink penis. I think it is because his neck is so thick. ;) I thought it would have been better if he would have done it himself than having Olive do it.

2. I couldn't disagree more about the Jared storyline on OLTL. I could be totally wrong but, I do not think they are going to write him as evil. I absolutely think it is a red herring. That dude from jail could have been helping him or he could have been talking to someone else. I think the way they will write him out is to have Natalie loose faith in him and he will leave her over it.

Mel Got Served said...

The first person Gossip Girl should and needs to write out is Nate. He contributes nothing to this show and is only on it at this point because he's dreamy. He only kinda interracts with Dan and Chuck now. Nice to look at, crappy on the stories. Love love looooove Georgina. Vanessa is by far the prettiest but I don't know what died on her head this season. Her hair looks so dull- like my puppy after rolling in grass and dirt all day.

Melissa said...

Jayzus!!! Don't get behind the wheel of a car in Pine Valley, because you WILL get in an accident (or you will kidnap a friend's baby, but either way, it's no party).

Shadow, sadly, I'm sure you're right on about Greenlee. Why oh why do character returns always lurk for weeks before they reveal themselves??? I shudder to think of Dixie's "disguise" at the costume ball.

Bxgal said...

this is why i LOVE OLTL!!! I loved that Fish and Stacy talked today!!! If it were AMC, we would have forgotten that Fish and Stacy slept together.

also... i read on Nelson Branco that Brody's sister is gonna appear. Nelson wishes it is Kim. In my opinion, that would be perfect!!

Shadow said...

I can't believe Mrs. McCluskey is having sex. She was actually naked n a bed scene. Shudder.

When did Julie tell Lynette she was pregnant?

I don't care for psycho-Katherine.

Shadow said...

I wonder what horrible thing we did to deserve Bethenny Frankel? She's like the new locusts.

Anonymous said...

How can you be a Pine Valley Podcast when you don't even talk about it. So what AMC is in the dumps you are here to talk about it no matter what. No true fans here I see, sorry I even wasted my time coming here.

If you are going to be a PV podcast then talk about Pine Valley. Otherwise this is just plain ole crap!

Anonymous said...

How do I find Jordan on Facebook?


discodan said...

Hey guys, Soapoperanetwork is reporting that Soap Opera Digest reports that “AMC” Head Writer Charles Pratt Jr. has confirmed to them that the mystery patient of David Hayward’s (Vincent Irizarry) hench-woman, Nurse Gayle, is indeed the not-so-dead Greenlee Smythe.

Looks like those plot deviced phone calls to Connecticut were well-placed... good thing Aidan's leaving... he's the only other one that knows that the body wasn't Greenlee.

Mel Got Served said...

I don't want Greenlee back at all, but here's a story idea. Greenlee, vengeful at her best friend Kendall for running her off the road, begins "haunting" Kendall- stalking her, starting trouble, etc. It all culminates with Greenlee somehow causing the death of Zach (writing off Thorsten Kaye). All of this drives Kendall to the brink of insanity and she can be written off the show as being sent to Oak Haven.

Crystal said...

Dear anonymous, I am saying this with much love to a fellow AMC fan. If you are a long time listener then please, carry on. Obviously you are not in the place for you. Otherwise, I don't feel it is right to be so quick to judge from the most recent show.
Ashley loves AMC. She started the podcast for pete's sake! Jordan Hudson is a fierce fan. He has more love for this show in his little pinky than Pratt does in his whole body. What has happened to this show is deeply saddening. Any show has ups and downs but, this is beyond anything I have ever seen. It feels as if the show is dying a very long drawn out death. It is in pain. We are in pain. Please do not attempt to punish us for how we express our grief.

Shadow said...


I understand where you're coming from. We all love the show and want it to succeed. We gather here out of our common interest for AMC, and out of that we've found other topics we enjoy discussing as well. Of course there are differing opinions as to AMC's current state, but Ashley and Jordan give us the freedom to express our opinions about the show and we try to give them the same courtesy to express their opinions in the podcast. After all, it's really their house and we're just guests they have invited for a chat.

In my own opinion, the writing on AMC is in the toilet with Annie's bangs. Nobody wants to be too negative, but the current writing staff makes it a challenge to be anything else but critical. Actually, it's great to have someone share some positive thoughts about the show to give us a chance to see things from another perspective.

I listened to the podcast after I saw your post and 2/3 of it was about AMC which is more than the time any other pcast gives it as far as I'm aware. So please give PVP another try and stick around to see what happens here. The discussion always comes back to AMC eventually. The OLTL discussion in the podcast has been a great source of conversation for comparative purposes with AMC. And when AMC is good, it takes up most of the time.

Anyway, people who post here don't always agree about things and there are people who post here who really like things about the show. Hopefully, you'll find it a fun, polite place to dish about AMC and other interesting stuff with two terrificly entertaining pop culture observationists.

If it's not your cup of tea, I wish you well and hope you find something more to your liking.

DancingElf88 said...

Why did I torture myself watching AMC today...oh yeah because of Annie but even with her I can't take it. The hypocrisy of everyone concerning Annie being the apparent murderer makes me angry. i was seriously so angry I audibly growled. In what universe does it make sense to keep a once insane woman in captivity to revert her nack to the hot crazy mess she was? It's like locking an alcoholic in a booze filled bar or something and then watching them self destruct. WTF?! JR's shiny ass bald head is distracting.

but on the other hand OLTL continues to please me. I;m glad that Mel is back I've missed her. David Vickers is wonderful.

Mel Got Served said...

I don't get why everyone is so pissed at Annie for killing Richie when every single one of them also considered offing Richie themselves. Annie did the dirty work for all of you!

DancingElf88 said...

Exactly Mel. If anything...Zach and Ryan were planning on it...premeditated murder anyone? Plus Annie is the only one who didn't threaten Adam's life and came in that house with no motive for murder. So what the hell?

Jordan did you see ATWT? Psycho!Stalker!Meeg is kind of amusing. I don't like this Damian/Lily/Holden/Meg debacle. I would have boycotted that sham of a monstrosity marriage too. I like Forbes March as Mason.

Shadow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shadow said...

Here's a positive comment: I was on the fence about Erica and Ryan and not really loving the change in their relationship, but then I saw Mrs. McCluskey between the sheets with her lover on Desperate Housewives. Since then, Erica and Ryan haven't seemed as distasteful.

So everytime they show Erica humping Ryan on AMC, they should immediately cut to a commercial promoting Mrs. McCluskey's upcoming love scenes. Of course, I'll probably go blind and develop a nervous tick...

DancingElf88 said...

LMAO Shadow. Well I don't watch Desperate Housewives so thank goodness I'm saved from that. the problem with Erica and Ryan isn't the age's context. I hate Ryan, for one, and the man hops from one woman to the next without a proper distance period and is the King of self righteous. It's ludicrous that Erika Kane who could have any man on the planet chooses to be with a man who was heavily involved with her daughter and her former step-daughter...ESPECIALLY with the way yan treats the women he's with. RIDIK!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I was on today and there were some items posted about soaps (via. Nelson Branco I believe). Let's hear your guesses...

Which major All My Children star is worrying her castmates with her erratic, non-sensical behaviour? “We think she’s on drugs. Her skin is a dead giveaway. She’s increasingly irrational and forgetful. That, or she’s completely nuts,” the mole suggests.
- I have no idea... Man Hands J. Lu? lol jk

Which returning soap super-hunk has been nicknamed “12-pack” by some of his co-workers — but even though he has great abs, that’s not what they are referring to.
-Jonathan Jackson?

Which soap superstar says that she’s humiliated and ashamed of the garbage dialogue she’s been given and actually apologizes to her castmates and crew before and after her scenes are filmed? And yes, it’s who you think it is.
- LaLooch?

Terry in Toronto said...

Thanks for another podcast Ashley and Jordan. That was a terrific rendition of O Canada Ashley! I appreicate also your keeping the podcast PG for our tender Canadian ears. ;)

I really wish they would just cancel AMC and get it over with. I'm sorry to say that but the travesty that the show has become is more disrespectful to Agnes Nixon and all the amazing actors who put in time in Pine Valley and all the millions of fans who devoted time and energy to watching the show over the years, than putting it out of its misery. Debbie Morgan sidelined in favour of Denise Vasi says it all.

I'm so loving OLTL. Every episode has me on edge because I never know what's coming and the drama is so perfectly integrated with the comedy. David Vickers has lines like no other. I can't wait to hear what you guys think of his whole "gay for pay" scene with Dorian.

Glee is also good and I'm glad Jorday likes Corey Monteith who's from British Columbia. I think the whole cast is good but for me Corey isn't that believeable as a jock. He has no muscle and he's got a bit of a tummy. Jane Lynch really makes it and I loved loved loved Kristin Chenowith. She could so easily replace the wet rag who plays the music teacher's wife. The one who's faking the pregnancy and replaying Stacey from OLTL's storyline. I want to know more about the Asian girl and the African-American girl characters. I hope they feature them more soon as well as the kid in the wheelchair.

Brian said...

I enjoyed the podcast this week. It was interesting to hear what you two think needs to be fixed, because I agree 100%. I would love to hear a fantasy version AMC on the podcast one week where Jordan and Ashley talk about what should be happening in PV rather than the garbage that we are actually getting from Pratt & co.

And is it me, or is it good news that RB is coming back as recurring? I think all actors on a soap should start off that way. Then if they are good enough, bump them up to contract. Did Agnes Nixon originally tell actors first starting out on AMC that they would be given only so much time on the show before they would be replace or written out if they didn't fit in with the show? That should still be followed.

Shadow said...

Casey, I've wondered about the person on drugs. Not sure. Maybe Turby was on the crackpipe.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

haha shadow that would explain A LOT lol

Crystal said...

I am 10 minutes into Glee and I am about to pee my pants. If you are not watching this show you are missing out. I don't want to spoil anything so I will get back to it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, guys!

I've been gone for a while... Yes, AMC is hard to watch, making my blog comments scant. I have enjoyed reading many of your insightful posts, however.

I just had to post today because TK is looking hot. Does anyone else think he looks a lot younger/thinner/better recently? I was enjoying Alicia's dream sequence, let me tell you.

While I'm here... Annie is a star, Madison is a star. JR, Ebabe, Randi, please go away!!! RB I am so over you, and Ms. Lucci, you go kiss that young man. You go!

Becky :)

Anonymous said...

I have been listening for awhile and I know they love AMC. I also know this is their home but it says PVP... PINE VALLEY PODCAST. If you are going to be PV Podcast then talk about it... Llanview and them are not in PV so it doesn't make since to talk about them.

You want a podcast about any everything change the name. Take that BIG RED BOOK off the front that says ALL MY CHILDREN... Otherwise this is just a waste, you aren't talking about what you have titled.

Long time listener lost!

Shadow said...

Too bad Anon. This week's was a 70 minute podcast of which at least 40 were devoted to AMC. When they switch to OLTL, just FF to the end! Anyway, sorry to see you go. PVP will be here when you want to come back.

Casey, maybe the 12 pack dude has like 2 extra toes or something.

Terry in Toronto said...

Buh Bye Anonymous

Terry in Toronto said...

What did people think of Tea's big admission on OLTL today? I totally saw that coming ever since she and Blair were trapped in the KAD cellar.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, much of the reason I come here is for the posters here. And the biggest reason I listen to the Podcast are for Ashley and Jordan.

Some days, I could give 2 sh**s about All My Children(lol). I love my show, and I will stick with it, but the PVP for me is all about Jordan and Ashley's commentary. The show is BAD. I can always just read a synopsis.

Anybody who doesn't want to listen..don't listen, and don't waste bandwith posting on here. Go to Soapcentral, where they censor your azz, or go to daytime confidential and listen to 4 country hicks cut actors to shreds.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Hey Anonymous,
If Ashley and Jordan don't want to talk about AMC they don't have to because guess what it is there podcast. It started out as a podcast solely dedicated to AMC, but since the the writers appear to not be dedicated to AMC, why should Ashley and Jordan and the rest of the fans be. You can say all you want, but AMC sucks right now and if a little OLTL talk is what keeps a podcast coming every other week then I am okay with that..

Shadow, ohhh 12 toes! I didn't even think of that. My mind instantly went in the gutter lol

Anonymous said...

All of ya'll can kiss my ass! I hope they shut this site down!

Crystal said...

Wow, no one was mean to you. I am sorry you are so unhappy. I hope you find a place with some like minded individuals. That is all I have to say to you.

jordan hudson said...

OLTL today was perfection in storytelling. The way everyone's storyline was interwoven. This is why Ron C. and his team are great and Pratt and his team are a bunch of morons.

History repeats itself in reverse at the end of today's OLTL , brilliant for those of you who never saw the original incident tube people. Actually you can tube numerous T&T scenes. Too & Tea are excellent together no matter who is playing Todd as long as Florencia is Tea. hell I will even go as far as to say that the only couple to give Todd & Tea a run for there money is Tea and Blair. They work off each other like the Classics, Erica/Brooke, Dorian/Vicki.

Saw AMC, is it me or now that she is going Mongrieff is showing slight signs of life behind the eyes (a little too late Missy) Jamie Lunar was embarrassing to watch the other day with her crying as Colby let her have it. The real baby's mama may not be Dead behind the eyes but she is a bad actress. I can't believe that they see a bunch of girls and this is the best they have. I can find a better actress on the corner.

Now they have Annie held hostage. Who are these people that they area above the law. Who is Jesse that he covers for them. Honestly this show has jumped then shark. I never thought I would be missing the days of Satin Slayer and death by pancakes. That old saying "Stay with the Devil that you know"

jordan hudson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ERIKA P. said...

Hello everyone my name is Erika, I'm new to posting but I have been listening to the podcast for the last year. You guys are brillant this site is like a drug to me I am always checking back for new post and comments

Jordan and Ashley keep up the good work the podcast always has me cracking up (I don't care if people look at me on the bus thinking I am crazy....LOL)

I love this site !!!!!!

discodan said...

Wow intense drama in the PVP... dang.. I guess not much has changed lmao jkjkjk

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Buh Bye Anonymous

Welcome Erika P.!

And Jordan you are so right. It is amazing that I can no longer say that I think Satin Slayer is the worst story line of all time.. I would have to say this past year is the worst story line of all time. Those damn tornadoes killed more than Babe and The Comeback.. They killed our show.. :(

DancingElf88 said...

I caught some AmC today and I am so...angry. I used to be able to at least some slight sliver of enjoyment from this show but with this whole kidnapping Annie thing...are you effing serious? Who does this crap? Like WTF?! I can't even articulate properly the disgust and and anger this brings. Jordan I agree that Colby is slowly showing signs of life but that scene with her and bailey (?) was painful. It's like DBTE vs. DeaderBTE. Ugh...just ugh.

OLTL however was superb. Love it love it love it. Although I'm conflicted with the whole Kish thing because honestly I'm kind of liking Nick more and more and want him with Kyle above Fish.

jordan hudson said...

LMAO Dancing Elf....I was so feeling the same thing. Watching MonGrief and the Selena Gomez Wannabe go at it together was painful. Imagine having to be part of the crew filming it thou. LMAO.

I think I should be written in as Tea's younger bisexual brother and I can be in a triangle with Tika and Kyle. Nick is so not cute and he has to much the opposite of Fish. Kyle needs someone in between ME ME ME!!!!! LOL Funny that the straight boy is the best actor and the most believable Gay man then the gay men. When he looks at either of them and talks about them he plays it. I heart him!

Arizonagal said...

I can't think of anything more nauseating than a Greenlee Ryass Eeek triangle. Man... I am just sitting here shaking my head. I just can't believe the stupidity of this. I got nothing....

DancingElf88 said...

Jordan email Ron C. and do it! Yo that chick does look like Selena Gomez. Kyle and them lingering looks...ooh straight to the heart. I love me some Tika

Norn Cutson said...

listen, Granny Pratt, we know its you, even if you're too chickenS*#% to sign your name!
Get off the computer & let us grive in our own way!
If you had raised your son to have any respect for women, maybe none of this would be happening!

think about that, AnonyPRATT!!!!

Michael said...

I do love Greenlee. Her best storyline was never with Ryan. I hope someone sees the folly of this triangle, but it seems the AMC writing staff is giddy with anticipation over the whole idea. Erica and Greenlee don’t need to fight over a man. They have great chemistry as adversaries independent of any romantic entanglements. And once more, because they do not seem to grasp the point: ERICA IS THE GRANDMOTHER OF RYAN’S SON!!! The idea of them as a couple makes my flesh crawl. I love Susan Lucci, she is glorious and beautiful, but I can’t watch another tonsil swap with her and that idiot. It has nothing to do with the age gap.

Shadow said...

I love it when n69n comes out swinging. He's always watching out fit PVP.

I totally think Anon is Pratt. AnonyPratt. HA!

Amphitrion ITA.

Laura said...

I guess Chuck Pratt doesn't like our blog. He gave himself away when he said he wants it shut down!

Great podcast. I think of this blog and the podcast as our little private club of friends.

I am pretty much boycotting AMC, actually I am just saving time. I see a few minutes here and there. But OLTL is hot. So is Y&R.

Just a reminder, do yourself a favor and get caught up on Glee on Hulu.

Bad news, OLTL is now not going to Hi-Def because of money. But in typical ABC fashion they are denying that it will be cancelled.

I saw the drug rumors. I thought Ja-Lu wondering what drug turns your skin orange? But I pray it's Rancid, maybe that will get her off this show. If anybody looks drugged out, it's that chick. Her acting resembles Michael Jackson on Propofol.

Jordan thanks for being my friend on facebook. Your pictures reminded me of the good old days. Geez, Vincent I. was so thin. Marcy Walker was so pretty, and I loved seeing my favorite Sharon Gabet.

jason said...

One Life to Live was amazing today. "The gay banner is well hung." I love this show.
It's weird I was thinking how I'm excited that OLTL is going hi-def today and now that news is out that it's not.

Terry in Toronto said...

I don't know about you guys but I really couldn't care about hi-def as long as OLTL keeps on delivering the hi-quality writing and acting. I'd watch it on a 9 inch black and white tv set over Pratt-ized AMC in hi-def wide screen any day. Quality content wins out every time!

Erica Kane said...

Hey all!! Sorry I haven't been posting, busy busy busy...Jordan I wanna say thanks for being my friend on facebook (ashley too), I couldn't tell you when the last time was I saw a full episode of AMC. I watch from the beginning to the opening sequence, and if nothing grabs me I next it until OLTL comes on...OLTL has been firing on all cylinders lately it is so good!! I could seriously watch an hour of Todd, Tea and Blair every day and then another hour of everyone else. Todd, Tea and Blair should move to Pine Valley, and take up the whole 1:00 time slot and then have the rest be OLTL from 2-3:00. Wouldn't it be hot if Kimmie turned out to be Todd and Tea's daughter!!! I know she is too old, but this is a soap....I hate that they are not taking OLTL hi-def, I fear it is another nail in the coffin...I am loving Y&R many people seem to be hating on Y&R for it being dark, but that is one of the reasons I am loving it. I am loving Glee and I have gotten comepletley hooked on NCIS...any other NCIS fans out there??? I am not too sure about NCIS:LA, but the original is rockin!!! Dollhouse was one of my faves last season, but this season it is boring as hell...I think it should have been cancelled. Project Runway is great...anyone have a fave yet??? Oh well enough rambling for now, I am off this weekend will try to post more then...
Love you all
Miss Kane/Christopher

PS: The verification word is gag I wonder if the programmers watch AMC too...

Crystal said...

So would Tea's kid be around Mathew's age group? That is in my giant doughnut hole of viewing. Now that I think about it he/she would have to be younger than Jack, right? Don't they always say they tried to kidnap the kidS.

Arizonagal said...

Wow, can't believe I'm caught up on AMC. Stayed up late last night and watched everything I'd DVRd.

First off, Annie, disguised as the unknown comic, is freaking out in this little room, tied to a chair. once she finds out it's Aidumb, why is she still freaking when he puts the bag back on her head? I think InSannie would be much tougher than this and would not be such a wimp.

Zach is nothing but an arrogant thug, his character is so ruined I am beginning to really despise him.

Zach and Kendall appear ever so slightly worried that Aidumb might hurt his captive chica during his torture/interrogation. The only tactic Aidumb ever used was "what do I want Annie?" Over and over again. Sheesh, tough guy.

I don't get Adam's reaction to Annie's disappearance. Moping and next to tears? That ain't Adam. He'd be all about getting some action, finding his woman, he'd never waste a moment wallowing in pity. Who is this guy?

From earlier in the week, seems like the Hubbards - the REAL Hubbards, Angie and Jesse - have been reduced to satellites in orbit around their stupid daughter-in-law. What a waste of talent. Give them a damn storyline of their own. Enough with the Rancid.

Chuck Pratt, did it ever occur to you that the viewers might want to see some *acting*?? I want to look at pretty young things, I'll go out and buy a magazine. Rancid has lovely big eyes, but that only increases the magnitude of her vacant stare.

And I know ya'll think Madison is not redeemable but I think that is exactly what they are doing, and I love it. Finally, we have a character who has the potential to be interesting. We have an actress who can act. Steph G is so terrific, I think she can make this work in spite of the crappy writing.

Terry in Toronto said...

Ron C. is writing for his life!

OMG! I know that OLTL has been good, OK better than good these past few weeks but today's episode was out in the stratosphere! From Dorian quoting Madonna, to Roxie's return, to the redemption of Marco's parents, to Matthew's determination to walk, to anything that comes out of David's mouth ... I could keep going ... and I haven't even mentioned the Todd/Tea/Blair cliff hanger. I feel like I need to decompress after watching this show because iI experienced cliffhanger energy at every commercial break.

Anybody who is not watching this show is so missing out. Thanks Ashley and Jordan for pointing me to Llanview. I owe you guys big time!

Arizonagal said...

TNT I so agree with you... OLTL is amazing. I so did not see that whole Jared thing coming. Actually that is my only complaint. Too much out of left field, like TPTB just to turn him from a good guy to a bad guy. Minor complaint. I live for every minute of every show.

You know what I love the most about OLTL? There is so much happening, it's so rich, full of drama, full of comedy. How do these writers do it? How do they give us a masterpiece of entertainment on a daily basis? I am blown away by this soap. Love this show, love these characters!

brown penny said...

Hi bloggers. I have been gone for a really long time. I had a little accident, I accidentally stole, er borrowed, a large sum of money from my employer. The call of the casino was too loud, too powerful, I succumbed.

After misappropriating a small sum of money, 200K, from my stingy boss, I was caught, quite by accident, by a newly installed security camera. Seems my boss was getting a little suspicious! Well as you can imagine, boy was my face red. Especially when an old gambling buddy fingered me as a compulsive gambler. What? Who, me? Sure I like to toss a few coins in a machine now and then, but believe me, I can stop any time I want.

Well facing a trial and a prison term, I decided to beat cheeks and create my own freedom. I headed west, far away from the boardwalks of Atlantic City. Traveling the back roads, picking up hitch hikers, sampling the greasy wonders of truck stop fare from New Jersey to the dusty roads of Cripple Creek, Colorado where I discovered a diner selling a cherry pie that'll kill ya.

Oh, wait... that's Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks. WTF? Where am I? Annie kidnapped by a lime juicer? Krystal suddenly hot for Tad? Jalu rubbing her slutty self up against that creep Zach? Oh rats, fell asleep again, just a dream, a sweet wonderful dream. No money, no cherry pie, no dusty roads, just another long week of AMC to watch. AAAHHhhhhhhh!

Haven't blogged in a really long time. Hope Jordan and Ashley and the rest of the PVP family are doing well!

DancingElf88 said...

Just saw OLTL..brilliance! I really hope that Todd and Tea work through things and get back together. I like that Markko's family is so conservative but trying to accept his choices and decisions. That David Vickers is awesome. Matthew's determination to walk is really something. This is what I love about this show...realness. How realistic and good is it that Tea covered funds for the surgery in the case. Simple but effective. Can't wait till Monday.
Roxy's back! Love her.

Laura said...

Meanwhile over at Daytime Confidential, Jamey replies to someone who did not like him bashing AMC and praising OLTL.

"Not just lately......but I've watched AMC religiously for decades.
What are you hoping to accomplish by bashing other soaps? Throw AMC under the bus to save OLTL? It won't motivate people, but most likely backfire."


Jamey's response.

I've watched for decades as well and the show is a trainwreck right now. The Stuart murder mystery monstrosity. Denise Vasi. The Erica/Ryan cougar mess. Denise Vasi. Dr. David Doom controlling of Pine Valley. Denise Vasi. Jesse, Angie and Tad supporting hair models. Denise Vasi. Stephanie Gathschedt...

Were it not a trainwreck, I wouldn't bash it, not even to save OLTL, but when I know that Brian Frons is favoring a show that doesn't even have a long story, is being written by a hack, and produced by someone who is more concerned with getting her corns buffed with her BFF over at CBS, then yes, I am going to keep pointing that out. OLTL is ten times better than AMC, and has been for years, but ABC is blatantly favoring AMC and that is unacceptable. If it wasn't a one, or the other situation, then I wouldn't be this in your face, but the fact is, only one will survive and I am not trying to see that be a Chuck Pratt-written, shell-of-its-former self AMC without a fight.


Terry in Toronto said...

Go Jamey indeed!

Laura said...

I tried watching AMC tonight, but I can't. Aiden is on and I still can't understand him.

But while channel surfing, I see Susan Lucci is on HSN. I'd rather watch her hawk some cheap jewelry than watch that hot mess that is AMC.

A Denise Vasi tweet for you enjoyment.

Just finished the holiday promo. I just wanna say... I LOVE MY JOB!! Haha!!

Damn, she'll be on until the end of the year at least.

Enough of being negative. I can't wait to watch OLTL on SoapNet. I prefer it to most primetime shows.

I am glad, The Middle, Modern Family, and Cougartown have been picked up. I love the lady from GH on Cougartown. I also like her on GH.

Everyone have a great weekend. Happy Columbus Day.

Shadow said...

This place is jamming today. Brown Penny, AzGal loved your posts. Never watched Twin Peaks. You almost had me there. Jamey's post about DVasi-hillarious and sad.

I tried to start a tweet/retweet "Fire Chuck Pratt" campaign today, but I don't think it took off. Maybe one of you can try. Hit a few blogs and enter Fite CP. That dude is a disaster.

So behind on everything it seems-a week of AMC to watch but 5 hours of Kidnapped Annie, Weepy Adam, and Aidumb just sounds unbearable. I may have to rely on ya'll watching so I don't have to.

Blessings to you all. I'm going back to my contracts. Ugh.

Shadow said...

The new AMC opening by PrattFalls:

Arizonagal said...

Well RATS Jordan and bloggers, you got me watching Modern Family. I didn't want to like it because I feel like I have enough to watch on the tube, but caught it last night and was ROTF. Also caught Flash Forward and am hooked. Caught the first two episodes on hulu. This show really reminds me of Lost.

Mel Got Served said...

Holy crap! I watched OLTL Friday and while I was guessing Tea's secret was a kid, I had no idea it was TODD'S KID! Never hide a kid from Todd Manning- that is the one thing I know about this show!

Michael said...

OLTL's stunning and talented Tea, Ms Florencia Lozano, is not just a great actress, she is also a playwright. I just got this email today:

'UNDERNEATHMYBED' is an original play written by LAByrinth Company member Florencia Lozano, co-developed and directed by Pedro Pascal.
A staged reading of this great story will be presented at The Public Theater, NYC on Wednesday October 21, 2009. 8pm. Admission is FREE.
The cast includes LAByrinth Company members.
The Public Theater | 425 Lafayette Street | NY, NY 10003 | 212.539.8500

I don't know if FL will be there, but for the continent separating me from the event, I would be there for sure.

Laura said...

I have been enjoying Jordan's pictures so much. They take me back to a happier time on Soaps. When I loved Edge of Night and Ryan's Hope and the other ABC Soaps.

The Taylor Miller picture reminds me she is in a new Chicago movie about Lesbians with Sharon Gless. It had a showing here recently but I don't get downtown too much. I'll have to wait for the DVD I guess. It's called Hannah Free. It sounds good.

It's so strange to turn on AMC and see in the podcast stuff that it is happening. I just can barely watch it so that's what I have been doing.

Jordan do you have any old pictures of Michael Storm from OLTL. I am facebook friends with him, he seems very nice.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. It's going to get cold in Chicago tonight.

Crystal said...

Watching Chelsea Lately and a proactiv commercial came on. I didn't know MCE and Chrishelle were in their ads! It's like they were walking by the AMC studios and just threw them in.

Shadow said...

Proactive could have use Pratthole for a commercial about ass-pimples!

Shadow said...

I wonder if they could unSORAS Palmer or "do a JaLu" Palmer and recast him with Eric Braeden or somebody? AMC needs some tough old coots to balance out the cast, especially with Dr. Joe and Palmer off canvas. A good writer could figure out a way to make something out of Erica and Bobblehead Jack.

For any of you who may not have had a chance to check out Jordan's photos, they're a great trip down memory lane!

Crystal said...

I have a bad feeling they are trying to turn AMC into The Hills only with a bunch of (literal) babies. Shudder

Crystal said...

Have you guys seen 'TheReceptionist' on youtube? HA-larious!

Laura said...

i lost my cellphone pls send me all contact info to my personal email. thksss

The genius that is Denise Vasi on Twitter. God help me.

jordan hudson said...

Laura LMAO LMao. You slay me! The Genius that is Denise Vasi. I live for that line.

Anonymous said...

For anybody not on Facebook, you HAVE to join. Jordan has posted so many photos of our favorite soap stars of yester-year...A MUST SEE!

It will make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Jordan, do you happen to have any pics of the actresses that played Edna and Dottie?

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I just learned that Frankie and Randi have fans? And they call the couple "Frandi"? Really? Who are these people and what kind of horrible past have they had to make them "Frandi" fans?

Crystal said...

Fans? Who are these people you call fans?

I miss Prattfalls 8(

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

haha Crystal! I miss Pratt Falls too!

Is it just me or does anyone else think it would be hot if Madison and Frankie hooked up?

Arizonagal said...

Madison and Frankie, now there's something I might find watchable. Who are these Frandi fans?

I'm telling ya, this Vasi chick is going to move to Cal and make it big, not because she has a shred of talent, but just because she's pretty.

Why couldn't she have stuck to modeling. That vacuous stare would be right at home on the runway.

jordan hudson said...

Arizonagal, you misunderstand me. I love Stephanie G and thought Madison had so much potential but as writer Chuck Pratt made a huge mistake by writing the character into a corner. Now this being the NUAMC, Life doesn't matter as two doctors actually contemplated assisting a woman in ending her life. When another Doctor first impulse is to grab a gun and go over to his nemesis mansion and put a bullet in him. My god the whole town tried to kill Adam. It's just hard for me to ignore the fact that Madison killed Henry. There needs to be more to her back story then an old fart for a father. But even as a killer I would rather have Madison with Frankie then the genius that is Denise Vasi.
I will see if the quality is good on my Edna/ Dottie pics.

Unknown said...

I would rather have Frankie/Maddy (Mankie) then Frankie/Randi (Frandi). Stephanie Gatschet is SO much better than Denise Vasi. Mankie have something Frandi NEVER had/have ..... CHEMISTRY!!!! They spark. Cornelius Smith is a wonderful actor but Denise Vasi was/is bringing him down. I find myself bored as Hell w/ him and them. When he's w/ Stephanie they play off each other, they vibe, they click. If TPTB were smart (YEAH RIGHT) they'd pair Frankie w/ Maddy. Give the characters something AND the Hubbard family something. Blandi has been a weight around the Hubbs since she was introduced. GET RID OF HER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

We are back on the blog!
So sorry to have been away, but my mom (Susan) has been very ill and just got out of the hospital, after an extended stay. I have been taking care of her and working (I just graduated from university in June). No Jordan I have not missed a Podcast, I just have not had the time to write on the blog. Love you as much as ever and many more posts will follow.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

So now that I have you all caught up, here are some things we wanted to tell you:

1) Jordan you have to wear something fierce and go to a taping of the Wendy Williams show, we have been watching for 2 months because of The Soup and we LOVE IT. How You Doing! So now here is the plan tell us what you are going to wear because we want to see just how hot you are. Jordan wow them with your charming personality and perhaps you will be bale to do the opening announce. Also there are hot gay men in the audience.

2) We know AMC sucks but you don’t need to beat a dead horse, just change format and keep talking about entertainment in general, you guys have an amazing chemistry and maybe you can get into such a groove that you can submit something to Sirius XM because you two fill a niche and I am sure people would be interested in your point of view. There are so many boring people on Sirius XM and you two would certainly spice things up.

3) Glee, modern family, community, and Cougar Town are great. Don’t like Hank or the Middle. I agree about Parks and Recreation and don’t really watch it anymore.

4) Can’t wait for 30 Rock to debut this week.

5) Just to let you know Jerry Douglas did a phone interview on a Toronto news channel and said that when TPTB told Eric Brandon he would have to take a pay cut, he said absolutely not. Eric told Gerry that Y&R would give in, as they could not do that show without him. Gerry believes daytime is a young person’s genre now and Eric should take what he could get. Gerry is on recurring status, because he is too expensive so therefore he does not get any work. Gerry said Eric is walking away from Y&R.

6) Another AMC point, there are too many kids and not enough families. Everybody has multiple kids but no stable families, I don’t care what form or shape they take just give us stable loving families. At least one, and no the Hubbard’s don’t count.

7) We hate the material they give poor little Emma to spew. Actor or no actor they have to think of her well being. Where are her parents? Is she one of Jon and Kate’s kids?

8) Here is a thought and maybe it will come to pass, what do you think the chances are that when Pratt goes to LA, some other show will entice him away and he can destroy them?

9) Do you have any direct communication with Nelson Branco in Toronto?

10) As much as we hate and complain about AMC, as a Canadian I want to know what is it that Americans like about the show.

11) We saw the Good Wife episode that Natalie Hall was on and she was NOT DBTE.

12) Ashley, people say “God bless them” about the twins because they don’t want to give them the evil eye, trust Italians on this one.

13) The cast of Glee has two CDs coming out before Christmas.

14) Jordan you need to come to Canada, we love you here. BTW Toronto is the gay capital of Canada.

15) Today is Canadian Thanksgiving

16) Jordan have you heard of or are you watching a new Canadian show called Being Erica? You would love it.

17) Jordan what happened your stance against watching a Bill Bell soap? When did you drink the Kool-Aid?

18) Jordan are going to join twitter? Then you would be in better communication.

Stay well hopefully we will be able to keep in touch.

Crystal said...

Elyse thanks for checking in! Sorry to hear about your Mom 8( I am glad to hear she is out of hospital.

Laura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laura said...

From twitter:

EXPRSO: Any ATT# I-Phone# reps out there @DeniseVasi needs a new phone. Hook up this amazing actress with a phone please.

I need to post, can anybody hook up this dead behind the eyes actress with some acting classes once she moves to LA!

My Denise Rant for today.

I saw a few minutes of AMC when Emma tumbled down the stairs. I thought that saves them from moving her to LA. I couldn't bear more than a few minutes.

Crystal said...

Laura, I couldn't take anymore. I HAVE to follow Denise Vasi on twitter now! It is just too much awesomeness 8) I am hardly on there but, I will check more now.

Shadow said...

Denise Vasi's twitters are like no other. She tweets in baby talk. I hope she moves to CA and is quickly greeted with huge success and gets the hell off our show.

Unknown said...

Jordan (and all Y&R fans),

You have to check out this video!!!!!

brtedi said...

"I just watched 7 minutes of Days of our Lives, which I stopped watching years ago, and this 1 1/2 scenes I saw was better than 52 weeks of AMC that I've seen."

Mel, it's not just a random occurrence. It's Crystal Chappel (and Michel Sabatino!BTW, since were talking "Carly and Lawrence"--Wasn't "Nicky" Lawrence's ward, rather than his son, at least initially, in the original storyline. To my knowledge, back then, Carly and Lawrence never had a biological child. It's been so long. I don't recall. Did Carly and Lawrence adopt Nicky?


brtedi said...

"I just watched 7 minutes of Days of our Lives, which I stopped watching years ago, and this 1 1/2 scenes I saw was better than 52 weeks of AMC that I've seen."

Mel, it's not just a random occurrence. It's Crystal Chappel (and Michel Sabatino!BTW, since were talking "Carly and Lawrence"--Wasn't "Nicky" Lawrence's ward, rather than his son, at least initially, in the original storyline. To my knowledge, back then, Carly and Lawrence never had a biological child. It's been so long. I don't recall. Did Carly and Lawrence adopt Nicky?


brtedi said...

Opps!--Sorry about the duplication.

Mel Got Served said...

brtedi, I used SoapCentral's character bios to look up Nicky. He isn't adopted: Nicholas is the biological child of Carly and Lawrence. I still get grossed out thinking of Nicholas Alamain and Kate- or anyone with Kate. Always hated her.

Crystal said...

Spongebob is taking Pearl to her prom. MUCH more interesting than AMC today! ;)

DancingElf88 said...

LMAO Crystal. Caught some of AMC...Angie actually agreed to this farce? I'm glad Double!Kendall is refusing to go. Throw a wrench in their plans and send all of them to jail. I watch this show and there's no one to root for except Annie (for me) and Scott. Everyone else I want to punch in the face.

Terry in Toronto said...

Welcome back Elyse. I hope Susan is doing better.

jordan hudson said...

Elizabeth it wont let me see it because Im in the USA :( UGGH what is it what is it. I'm behind on answering you guys. Elyse I will tomorrow trying to make a den tin the dvr.

I think Private Practice I'm dropping. Heroes and Gossip Girl might be next. So disappointed with GG yesterday. What was up with that corny ending. If this was good daytime this could have been the whole season. It was like sure your our child we thought was dead Hi! The best thing was Michelle ( who use to play Lily on AMC) as Georgiana and once again she is gone. UGGH.

NBC canceled South Land...UGGGGHHH! My Regina King and sexy sexy Benjamin Mackenzie.

Finished Season 1 of Durham County. LOVED IT. Season 2 is in January and I cant wait.

Beth Maitland is Dynamite on Y&R and NU Adam has proven he deserves to be Adam with his deep conflicted and tortured performance. When he broke down on the staircase. They sure can cry over at Y&R.

OLTL Come on how can you not see the chemistry between John and Blair. No one makes him exciting the way Blair does. When he is with Natalie or Marty zzzzzzzz.

Yet Blair and Ross HOTTTTTT!!

Michael Lowry is one sexy MF!

Tea and Todd what can I say that hasn't been said.

Florencia you are a goddess.

Unknown said...

Sorry bout that! See if this one works.

Crystal said...

Breathless Erica today "Emma needs to wake up so she can see her handsome father."

Blair is good with Jon I agree. Cassie is pretty much great with anyone. She is a great actress. I used to watch her when she hosted Knit and Crochet Today and let me tell you, she is NOTHING like Blair.

Anonymous said...

Nothing this week?

daisytex said...

I was in the supermarket checkout today, and Soap Opera Weekly had an article about AMC. They're pretty convinced that the following changes are in the works:

1. Thorsten Kaye is leaving(no big surprise)
2. Joe Martin's role is being fazed out.
3. Taylor's role will go bye bye
4. YIPPEE!!!!!! Brianne MyGrief is not returning as Trollby!!!!!!!!!! No word if the role will be recast.

Times, they are a changin'.

Crazy Daisy xo

DancingElf88 said...

I missed the last like 5 minutes of OLTL...sad but I'm trying to find it on YT. Seriously John and Blair= hot. He is so boring with Marty and I just hate Natalie so anyone she is with is automatically snoozeville for me. I love Michael Lowry as Ross. How great was he with Elijah and when he ran just to see if Blair was ok? I hope he stays!
I don't watch GG but sorry it disappointed you Jordan. But OTH was great. After like 7 years it's still my favorite show.

Shadow said...

Anon- sorry, no podcast this week. For a diversion, if you're interested, Denise Vasi tweets every scratch, sniff and fart she makes on Twitter.

Nelson Blanco soapgeist is up. In his list of things to watch he has a new item: "Top Show to Boycott: AMC". Ha! Of course, he's making a point about Chuck Pratt's hideous writing.

Mel Got Served said...

Jordan, I'm with you about GG. It's suffering from college syndrome majorly. Georgina is the best part, but if she was on all the time, she'd become the whiny, annoying, selfish Blair that I'm getting tired of. Jenny looks likes a terrifying bag lady. It's sad when I'm enjoying the new 90210 and Melrose more than this formerly amazing show. Greek has gotten college life on TV right for the first time. One of the best shows I watch for sure.

I keep deleting AMC from my DVR. Trying to find in time to squeeze in OLTL- just so hard with all my primetime shows!

Norn Cutson said...

hey ya'll
i wanted to invite you to visit my blog!

you can also get there thru my regular website

thank you!

Norn Cutson said...


hey ya'll
i wanted to invite you to visit my blog!

you can also get there thru my regular website

thank you!

Mel Got Served said...

Awesome Norn! I love seeing your artwork, so this is great.

Anonymous said...

Denise Vasi should do a movie like Brenda Dickson(Ex-Jill Y&R) "Welcome to My Home"!

I know you can't compare the two, but I think it would be so lol-worthy.

"Welcome to my Tweets"

Erika said...

Todd and Tea were awesome on OLTL, I hope they get back together soon

I loved when he said "You were never my wife your just my ex-fiance"

Even that line was supposed to hurt her I thought that line was hot

They fight and love each other with so much passion.....I FREAKING LOVE THEM

end of rant....LOL

Terry in Toronto said...

You GO Oliver Fish with your bada$$ taser-riffic self! I loved when he told Ross that this wasn't the day to mess with him. .... and then he went and did it again! love-love-LOVED it!

jordan hudson said...

As of Yesterday I gave up As The World Turns and Private Practice.

Sexy Canadian Cory Montieth form Glee was on Chelsea Latley all kinds of something wonderful but sadly straight...but so beautiful awww those Canadian Men.

SOAPFAN said...

Did you guys see? General Hospital did a promo for Jonathan Jackson saying "Elizabeth's First Love Returns"

The whole thing REEKS of "The Real Greenlee". Nikolas NEVER LEFT Port Charles, so why are they saying he "returns"

Classless, tasteless, ABC Daytime!