Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Best of Both Worlds

So - we couldn't take it anymore.

An hour of All My Children "discussion," and 5 minutes of One Life to Live? Sorry to disappoint y'all that listen to The Pine Valley Podcast exclusively for our ass-toot AMC commentary, but we had to expand the show. I mean, c'mon now - I think even the cruelest of folks wouldn't expect us here at the 'Cast to watch (anymore) so you don't have to! I've got two babies waking up every hour to eat, and that torture still ain't worse than 5 hours of All My Children every week!

So let us know what you think. Oh yeah - and help us come up with a new name. Y'all are clever, and I got Mommy-brain. So do your thing, darling bloggers, here. (Can't wait to hear what you come up with!)

11/13/09 Podcast


BetseyD said...


How about "The Pine-View Podcast"?

Somewhat lame, I admit, but its late.

By the way - thanks for the Podcast - I really look forward to them, and miss them terribly on the weeks that you have to skip!

That being said, I totally get where you are coming from, Ashley, with the whole Newborn/Sleep-Deprivation thing! Been there, done that, twice now, and cannot even imagine how much more difficult it is with Twins!

Hang in there - it does, eventually, get easier - once you are back to a full six to eight hours of nightly sleep!


Shadow said...

Honestly, there's so much goodwill with the PVP name, I wouldn't change it no matter what you talk about. It's been ages since it was exclusively about AMC anyway. There's Mad Men, Idol, OLTL, GH, Jordan's soaps, Ashley's babies, listener shout outs, all kinds of stuff. I think the show is bigger than just Pine Valley or Llanview. It's really just about the delightful banter and streams of consciousness of you two. If you change the name, you have to update all the links too. Besides, ABC still calls AMC "All My Children" even though the show hasn't remotely resembled anything close to "All My Children" in years.

Anonymous said...

First I hear there is a new podcast, then Ashley accepts my Facebook friend request...

It's going to be a good day.


PastaMom said...


1st post though I've been listening for a while. Jordan you've got me watching and LOVING OLTL again

Thanks for the podcast - couldn't watch AMC at the end of the week with how good OLTL was. OLTL made AMC look like the "amateur" hour.

No Matter what you decide to rename your podcast - it'll still be great.

Mel Got Served said...
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Mel Got Served said...

Haven't finished the podcast yet, but had to say I only have one OLTL gripe: the timing! Matthew and Daniella flew to Seattle and got prepped for surgery, while Bo, Nora, Eli, and Tea were all still in London at the headmistress' office. They must've been arguing for 16+ hours!

But I tried to put the logistics behind me and enjoy the ride- which I did!

Yesterday was the first soap cram session I had in awhile to get read for the podcast, but I didn't cram AMC. It was a full day of OLTL and it was good! I don't like Natalie at all, but at least she turned it out in her scenes with Jared dying.

I did see 15 seconds of AMC on Soapnet this morning before I left for work and it was Kenall and Aiden and Alicia Minshew is soooo phoning it in. I have this special technology on my TV where it's like closed captioning but shows the actor's thoughts and hers were, "C'mon baby, pleeeease come out soon so I can go on maternity leave and never come back."

Smooshiest said...

Oy, I have watched AMC for the duration, but for the first time in years, I actually boycotted Friday's ep - I have no idea if any of what David and Amanda did will spill into today's ep, but if it does, I will turn it off! I can't believe I am actually saying that.

Best thing is your podcast, because while it kinda skewers AMC, it does so with heart and the knowledge that if CP weren't killing it, you'd still love it like you once did - it also helps me watch it with a little humor behind it and not take it so seriously!

Shadow said...

Right on Smooshy.

Norn Cutson said...

you know what else is brilliant & beautiful about MARCIE & MICHAEL'S baby?

they named the baby GABRIEL...& remember, when MICHAEL used to be AL, & went to heaven, he saw that in the future, he & MARCIE were going to have a baby named GABRIELLE, after his mother, GABRIELLE MEDINA!!!

its got me crying again just thinking about it!!!

Norn Cutson said...

so naming the baby GABRIEL is a way of tying up a storyline from almost TEN YEARS AGO!!!!

Anonymous said...

and that is why OLTL is beautifully written.

AMC needs to take a lesson.

Jordan - thanks for the Mitch history lesson. I had to listen to it twice to catch everything, but it was very helpful.


discodan said...

Keep the name. Keep on the fight. Fire Pratt
Love Dan

robynlicious said...

LlantanAMC View (Pronounced Llantanamic or Llantanamac)

I missed 1.5 months of AMC and OLTL. AMC is in the exact same place. The girl playing Emma might not not want to act, she might just be bored as hell. I would be. I swear the only words out of Ryan and Erica's mouths have been "I'm going to protect my daughter" and "You're one step ahead of Annie [this time]". And Kendall's dumb ass not being able to be without contact with Zack for 10 minutes is insulting to her.

I actually missed shit on OLTL.

Agreed with Melgotseved on the logistics of the flights to/from London, Seattle, and Napa Valley, but that thing happens every cut-scene on AMC. I'll let it slide on OLTL.

I don't comment, but I listen to the PVP almost religiously. LOVE it!

Erica Kane said...

how about the chuck pratt can suck-it podcast.....

Shadow said...

I'm just sentimental about the name. To me the Pine Valley community I love now is the group who gathers here to dish about everything from JaLu's schweaty ballsack to blocked nipples, soaps, and anything pop culture. I can't think of anything that covers all that. And PVP is catchy!

Ashley said...

Hmmm, Shadow, Dan.... You might be right about keeping the name... Plus, I'm too damn busy to even change my Facebook status, let alone change all the "marketing"...

We'll see...



Mel Got Served said...

I agree- I'm too attached to the PVP Podcast name. Maybe like PVP Podcast- And More! If you have to change it. Or at least we can change the names in iTunes to say Ashely Mendoza and Jordan Hudson (a special spot in our hearts always for Taylor Crawford)

Jordan, thanks again for explaining Mitch on the podcast. Might have to do some Youtubing to see some Mitch Laurence classics.

Norn Cutson said...

yeah, the name is already branded, keep PVP!

Laura said...

How about All My Lifes to Live at the Hospital! I have been enjoying GH and I hope you will be discussing it more.

Keep the name the same, we all know what's up. In ITunes, we could all update our reviews to reflect the changes.

Don't waste time on the name, just keep the podcast coming.

Great podcast this week.

Just out of curiousity did Wendy Riche and Pratt work together on GH. I sent her a note saying I enjoyed her on facebook when she became my friend, she sent me the nicest note saying I made her day, etc, etc. I said AMC needed a lot of help, and she dropped me as a friend. I could care less because it's not like I know her, just curious.

Unknown said...

Hi Ashley and Jordan,
I'm so thrilled that you're now including One Life To Live in the show! [That Tea/Todd scene at the end was pure gold, thank you for that.] I love hearing your commentary on different shows, espically now that I've stopped watching All My Children. [Ha!{ By the way Jordan, you're not the only one who loves V, it's my favourite new show this year. I hope it stays on.
I love the idea of calling the Pine-View Podcast. It fit so well. Long live the podcast under whatever name you choose.

Mel Got Served said...

Forgot to ask, did anyone else see Carmen on Flashforward last week? She was the owner of a bird store or something. Good to see her talent being utilized!

discodan said...

I will say one thing about OLTL... I still don't buy Mitch Laurence using a gun to kill someone. It's not his style... he just doesn't get his hands dirty. It's not in his history.

Shadow said...

I have given the new name a great deal of thought. Here is my suggestion:

All My Young Gleeful Children and Restless Mad Men in General Love to Live With Beth Chamberlain and Adam Mayfield As The World Turns with Schweaty Balls & Clogged Nipples Podcast.

Just a thought.

Gene said...

How about "Pratt sucks" Podcast. LOL Or Ashley and Jordan hour discussing about how Pratt needs to be fired, ASAP.

Unknown said...

Although I could never compete with Shadow's title, I'm going to throw out an idea just for fun:
The Port Pineview City Podcast, that way you have four soap option to cover: General Hospital (Port Charles), All My Children (Pine Valley), One Life to Live (Llanview), and Young and the Restless (Genoa City).

Jordan, can you start doing five minutes at the end of the show for Y&R like you used to do for OLTL? I'd love to hear your comments since I watch that show more often than AMC nowadays.


Mel Got Served said...

If you really think you need to change the name, why not just change it to the Pine Valley SOAPCAST? Then it refers to the main show (AMC), but also indicates you'll talk about soaps in general.

Brian said...

So I went over to the All My Children ABC website and they have a new video posted, "The top 9 AMC moments of 2009." In that I came up with an idea for the next podcast. We need the "top 10 worst moments of AMC for 2009." I think the biggest challenge would be picking ONLY 10. and I love the fact that even ABC could not come up with 10 moments. How sad is that?

brtedi said...

Wow! This was an unusual soap watching day for me. I genuinely liked certain aspects of Wednesday's episode. First of all, I would be amiss if I didn’t make a couple of wardrobe comments.

1.) The grey layered look really works for Cameron Mathison---And, it was working for me too! LOL!

2.) Chrishell Strause looked gorgeous in her green satin and lace sleepwear set –Ah, if we could all look that good!

Now, onto the show itself:

I just knew Adam had to have an extra copy of cd showing Annie & Scott—Woo Hoo!

Kudos to Adam Mayfield & Melissa Claire Egan!—I love that Scott is struggling to maintain his integrity (a word we don’t often hear on soaps).In spite of becoming emotionally and hormonally overwhelmed with the idea of being anywhere near Annie. Scott continues the psychological battle to maintain his ‘inner Stewart’, living up to the expectations of his late father. Yay! For me that was good soap. :-D

Heck, I even liked Eric’s reaction (an indignant “Oh!”) at the mere notion that Ryan was still dealing with his feelings for Greenlee. –But, did we have to endure Pratt’s fixation about the moon, in regard to Ryan and Greenlee?—It just reminds me of that annoying song “Somewhere Out There” from “An American Tale”, the animated Disney movie about immigrant mice. Loved the movie, but that song really grated on me! Bah!


MaraNYC said...

I stopped watching AMC for a while when they killed off Dixie with the stupid poisoned pancakes, but eventually I started watching again. But now... wait... sorry, I almost threw up in my mouth again just thinking about it... They've finally gone and unequivocably done it! I surrender! I give up! No more AMC for me. No way Amanda would agree to sleep with David (or any woman with a man she couldn't stand)- in the backseat of a car no less - unless her or her child's life was in danger. HELLO! If you can't get to the clinic, waiting another 30 days is far less torturous than allowing him to touch you! These writers are IDIOTS with Pratt at the helm! They've destroyed this show. ICK!

brtedi said...

So far this week, my favorite “Bo & Nora” moment involved them not wanting to leave each other.

“Nora”: “I don’t want you to leave.”
“Bo”: “I don’t want to leave, either.”— His luggage hits the floor, as he heads back to Nora! Then, in their next scenes, they were eating pizza. Both characters were trying to be honorable! :-D

I absolutely enjoy Destiny! For me the character is successful with David Vickers, Shaun and especially Mathew. JMHO

Ashley and Jordan, I think, you guys are on to something about Charlie and Jared. If the two actors are making an exit, then it may be to budget for Thorsten Kaye, who could very well be returning as Patrick. Lastly, if OLTL is coming to an end, then most fans probably want Vicky and Clint to reunite. So, the outcome of writing off Jared and Charlie is twofold.


Shadow said...

I have a hard time accepting Viki with anyone other than Clint. I'm old school I guess.

Mitch Laurence is a golden. Too bad Tina can't pop up to screw with him and mess up his plan. Nice way for her to make amends with the family.

Bo and Nora are so sweet and relatively classy. Why can't AMC do something like that with Susan Lucci? Theirs is a mature romance by adults who make each other feel young again. Who can't identify with that? Much different from the cougar thing which seems desperate and pathetic.

Enjoyed the Tea/Todd clip at the end of the podcast. Just a nice conversation that didn't advance a plot point, but rather explained much about the characters psyche and point of view in life. I miss those moments. Those are the ones where you bond with a character-not when they are bitching and catfighting all over town.

OSusanna said...

I hope you don't change the name. What's in a name anyway? It has never limited the content.

Besides, call me crazy, but I still love AMC. I HATE the current writing, storylines and most of the current characters. But I still have a soft spot for the show and I hold out hope that one day, it will be enjoyable again and we can all look back on this dark dark period and laugh about it. Anything's possible if they get a talented writer. And I'm sure we'll all watch the anniversary episodes.

So, here's hoping that someday you can actually talk about AMC more again and in the meantime, we'll enjoy everything else!!

jordan hudson said...


I hate that these executives think that all we want to see is two young hot bodies going at it. Sorry Bo& Nora might not be in the networks age demographics but for me I so would rather see them going at then Rancid with anyone.

BO & Nora are amazing not boring (Sorry Nelson Branco don't agree with you on this or who the real Beth Raines is.) They have so much chemistry and for fans who remember there love story we have waited so long for this moment and it is beautiful to watch.

Now if we can finally have Clint & Vikki fall in love again (Yeah I'm old School too).

yet it's not just them, It's an entire cast that is knocking it out of the ball park. Kimmy and Stacy the other day were hysterical. Todd dancing with Blair but thinking of Tea. Destiny and everyone she is put opposite great.

The Mitch storyline and how it is impacting on everyone's lives.

Brody & Jess

The brilliance that is Ileine kristen's Roxy.

Michael Lowrey who should be a contract player on any show. He is great.

My Flroencia.

I thought having Todd and Danni on the phone was hysterical. Especially when Danni told Tea what she thought of the man on the end. Yet today's ending.... see that's how you do it...Keep us coming back for more.

Laura said...

I wondered Today if Natalie and John will end up back together and what will happen with Marty. It could be they are having Thorsten come here. He won't even have to leave the building or his BFF Whoopi. I never liked John and Marty together.

Ashley said...

I effing love GLEE!!!!! I'm watching last week's eppy on DVR - so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was WAY off on this one. WATCH GLEE!!! And OLTL. (Of course.)


Shadow said...

I don't know what the deal was with Glee last week and this week, but everybodys talking about how it gotten even more brilliant. I'm gonna have to check it out.

Biggest Loser: they' ve been treating the "grandma" on the show like she's as old as the hills. Tonight she revealed she's only 49. That isn't old! Not when u r 43 anyway."

OSusanna said...

Yeah Laura, I'm pretty sure they are getting John and Natalie back together. I hate him with Marty so that's ok. He's kind of tolerable with Natalie.

BTW, Ashley - leave her alone!!!! She has definitely been pretty lame lately. But when she first got to Llanview, she was fierce!! She showed up at Asa's funeral in a red dress, for cripes sake - she knew she was the true Buchanan heir. She has a lot of personality; they just haven't been using it. Plus she forgave Jess/Tess much much too easily for what she did. I love Jessica too (I remember when she was born) but it's a little annoying that she is such the golden child no matter what she does.

But anyway, OLTL is darn near perfect. I just wish I hadn't been so spoiled on the Mitch Laurence thing. I don't even read spoilers, I just saw it coming a mile away. I think it would have been a lot more exciting if it had been a surprise. Oh well.

jordan hudson said...

News from my source regarding AMC

Julia Barr and Taylor Miller look great.

My source was just so emotional when they saw Julia Barr.

Heard the NUNU COLBY is way better then Mongrief and that without makeup looks like she could be Marcy Walker's daughter. Sadly AMC feels the need to over do hair and makeup and worries that people will think she is a hair model and not give her acting the notice it deserves.

Look for a shocker with a certain baby. All I can say is...WHO YOUR DADDY?

Mel Got Served said...

Looks like Suds Report might've declared the answer to Jordan's "WHO YOUR DADDY"

In non-soap news (haven't had any nights to watch OLTL yet), Project Runway finale was a sucky snooze. Survivor was awesome. SYTYCD- sorry Jordan, but I don't care for Victor. He's very talented, but not a star to me. I'll all about Russell and Ryan.

Mel Got Served said...
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Mel Got Served said...


OSusanna said...


Unknown said...

YAY!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear what Ashley and Jordan are going to say about this. I bet Jordan is going to jump up and dance around the room! They need to hire JORDAN HUDSON as their new head writer! PRONTO!!!!!!

OLTL FREAK said...


I can finally watch AMC again!!!!!!!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

OMG!!! I literally just threw my lap top on the floor (on to a nice comfy carpet of course) when I read those beautiful words on Daytime Confidential!!!!


discodan said...


oltl freak said...

We need to have a parade in front of the ABC studio!!!!!!!!!!!!

jordan hudson said...

I still can't believe it. I'm crying my eyes out. I feel the same way I did when Nelson Mandela was finally released and Beyonce asked Taylor Swift to finish her speech. There is a God. Ding Dong the Pratt is dead.

jason said...

OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG! BEST NEWS EVER! THERE IS A GOD! I'm so happy right now! I really thought he'd never be fired. I have hope for AMC again!

discodan said...

So will there be a joyous podcast next week, Jordan?

Norn Cutson said...


Shadow said...

Ain't it grand how a shitty day can turn golden in a blink?

Norn, I was speechless too! Now I just keep wanting to shout FREE AT LAST!! Pratthole's rain of terror is finally over. That can't burn out his storylines fast enough. Hopefully whoever is replacing him will pen the 40th anniversary show.

I said it before--we the fans would outlast Pratt. We've been here for 40 years!

Who'd have thought in 10 days time we'd get Julia Barr's return and Chuck Pratt's exit? The universe is at peace again.

Unknown said...

So who would y'all like to see as AMC's new HW(s)?

My pick: Kay Alden & Amanda Beal
Miss Nixon as creative consultant.

Ashley said...

Did you seethe ratings, BTW?

The Ratings Are In!

Nov. 10-14, 2008

1. Y&R 3.3/11
2. B&B 2.4/8
3. OLTL 2.1/7
4. GH 2.0/6
5. AMC 1.9/6
6. ATWT 1.8/6
6. DAYS* 1.8/6
8. GL 1.3/4

Nov. 9-13, 2009

1. Y&R 3.2/11
2. B&B 2.2/8
3. AMC 1.9/6
3. DAYS* 1.9/6
5. GH 1.8/6
5. OLTL* 1.8/6
7. ATWT 1.7/6

Nov. 2-6, 2009

1. Y&R 3.2/11
2. B&B 2.2/7
3. AMC 1.8/6
3. DAYS* 1.8/6
3. GH* 1.8/6
6. ATWT 1.7/6
6. OLTL* 1.7/6

Check out OLTL coming in at #3 PEOPLE!

I'm also really curious what did that god---- Pratthole in? His ratings were fine, it seems - sometimes coming in as the top rated ABC soap. And you know Fronsie - he loves the numbers. There's so much more to this story, but for now -






Laura said...

Thank you Santa! I will still keep my picture because Frons has messed up a lot. I feel bad that these people have to uproot their families to LA now. I am so glad I read the news here first with my AMC family.

I wonder if some of his cast members, aka Lunar will go. A girl can hope.

Our hard work has been rewarded!

Unknown said...

Ratings for the wks 11/9 - 11/13. The demos that networks care about:

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 1,139,000 (+16,000/+69,000)
2. GH 976,000 (+57,000/-17,000)
3. DAYS 912,000 (+43,000/+81,000)
4. OLTL 806,000 (+84,000/-160,000)
5. AMC 752,000 (+51,000/-107,000)
6. B&B 717,000 (+13,000/-102,000)
7. ATWT 614,000 (-10,000/-34,000)

Glad that OLTL is up. Also OLTL ratings went up from the previous wk so that's good.

Can I say again how excited I am that Pratt is gone? I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

discodan said...

LOL hahaha its all good Ash.. I'm feeling the exact opposite feeling that I felt when Obama won the election... hahahahaha

Brian said...

Thank god Pratt is gone! I know what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving. This guy needed to go a long time ago. My only regret is not seeing the look on his face when they told him. From what I've seen of this Pratt-hole, I'm guessing he put on a smile. Whatever! He is gone and now I can look forward to possibly getting my program back. If he is let go right away, is their hope he will NOT be writing the 40th anniv? Maybe January will be a good month of AMC?

San Fran Jason said...

wow I am happy Pratthole finally got the heave ho. I will watch the show in January to see the old faves return. Then we'll see what happens. I'm not promising to start watching again regularly though. Oh and OLTL *IS* HOT!

Shadow said...

I love it when my gmail inbox says "Direct message from Chrishelle Stauss". She asked me what my new avatar was going to be. Sigh....

Norn Cutson said...

i'm looking forward to the interviews you *KNOW* Pratt will give, where he blames everyone in the world but himself!

Bxgal said...



D-Money said...

OK, I'll admit that when I read that the podcast would be less AMC and more OLTL, etc, I wasn't a happy camper. With the 15+ shows I DVR daily, I definitely don't have time to add another soap. So, I reluctantly downloaded the podcast to my iPod and planned to listen to the part that was AMC on a short road trip the other day. To my surprise, I listened all the way through even though I don't have the vaguest idea who any of the OLTL characters are. I listened solely because of the hilarity that is Ashley and Jordan. Seriously, you guys could probably read the dictionary and it would crack me up and entertain me. So, even though I won't be watching OLTL, I'll still be listening because you guys are a riot. Keep up the good work!

Now on to the 29 years (off and on) that I've watched AMC, I've never felt the need to FF through anything. There have been characters and/or storylines in the past that I didn't care for but it was never bad enough for me to not watch. Sadly, this past week, I've ff'd through everything that is Aiden, Kendall, and Zach. I'm not sure if it's because the storyline is stupid as hell (which it is) or if it's because I just can't give a crap about characters that are mentally gone now and will be physically gone soon. Whichever it is, I hope that whomever they hire as the new head writer comes up with some compelling storylines so I can go back to watching all the way through.

Here's my vote for who I'd like to see back for the anniversary episodes: Dimitri Marick! I loved that character and I think I had a little bit of a crush on him. He could go to Wildwind and tell Dr. Evil to get the hell out of his house.

And here's my random thought/question for the day...why doesn't anyone on AMC have a dog? Or a cat? Or even an effing fish? Just about every one I know has some kind of pet but no one on AMC does. I don't remember seeing once since Harold the dog. My dogs can act better than 2/3 of the people on AMC...and they work really, really cheap.


Laura said...

The new Pratt Falls discussing the firing of Pratthole is so funny. I liked how they said he did a path of destruction like Sherman marching through Atlanta. Also a not so nice mention of Carruthers and Frons.

I wonder if him trying to do a cougar story with Petey and Brooke was his downfall?

Norn Cutson said...

you know, i bet Pratt asked for a raise...

Shadow said...

I'm just feeling cautious. Curious what Monday will bring. ABC can be do stupid. It's great that he's out but who knows what out of the blue plan they have next. On Survivor, there is the "merge" of the tribes. Monday could be the "merge" of one soap into another or some dumb shit like that. I don't think anything just happens over there. There is always a plan. What if they bring in Ellen Wheeler? She's probably cheap. I'm praying today that the news will be good and have the blessings of Agnes Nixon.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

How does everyone feel about the rumors that Lorraine Broderick is in as head writer at AMC?

I'm not familiar with her work, so for those of you who know what her style is let me know if this is a good thing or a bad thing..

I do however take comfort in the fact that she trained under Miss Nixon.

brtedi said...

I just read over at Daytime Confidental Lorraine Broderick will be the transitional head writer over at AMC. Having no idea who she is or what her qualifications are, I looked her up on wikipedia. Thew lady's gotten around! :-) Anybody who quits DOOL because she feels characters are SORASed too quickly into front burner storylines rather than being integrated more gradually definately has my vote. Seems as if she just might know a thing or two about the genre of daytime--Thank goodness! :-)


Mel Got Served said...

I think you'll all enjoy the Serving of the Week that will be up on my blog tomorrow morning! Check in at 9AM EST! :) Mel Got Served

discodan said...


She was the golden age of Guiding Light, the baby switch of Lily and rise from the ashes of James Stenbeck at As the World Turns, Sami on death row at Days of Our Lives, and the head writer during Natalie/Jessica/Viki/Mitch/Victor/Todd storyline at One Life to Live. She is gold and AMC is getting her. YAY!

Anonymous said...

On Y&R - - They can't be serious if they think we are going to buy Nick as the new Victor.

Any business man that uses the word "sweet" when talking to a potential business partner is a moron.


jordan hudson said...

Okay for those of you who don't know Lorraine Broderick is a giant. She studied under Aggie and has worked on AMC off and on for almost 30 years. She is like Ron.c C of OLTL. She has history with the show. She has integrity and is exactly what this show needs to bring it back to life. I only wish they would just make her head writer. In a matter of fact it was when Lorraine was head writer that I truly was head over heels with AMC the way I'am with OLTL now. She gave us the plane going over the cliff with Maria, The Kevin Shieffeld coming out storyline. Janet and Trevor and most important the traingle of Adam , Liza and Jake which Mctavish ended when she came on board.

jason said...
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jason said...

I remember hearing Jordan talk about Lorraine Broderick on the show before. I'm so excited that we might get our All my Children back. Remember how bad OLTL was when Dena Higley left? I'm thinking Loraine can do a 180 turn around like Ron C. did. This all seems to good to be true.

I loved OLTL Friday! I didn't want the episode to end! I thought it was Bree Williamson show was the best screamer on the show, but the one and only Florencia Lozano, owned the show with her scream!

People on other sites are talking about, how the writers did a character assassination on Ross, by making him crazy. I completely disagree, we've barley known Ross. We don't know what his past with Tea was like. I like that they gave Ross a dark side, I think the character is Bi-Polar. However, I hope they didn't make Ross crazy as an easy was to get him off the show.

DancingElf88 said...

Happy Days are here again! Pratt is gone thank Jesus!! I can start watching again. And happy for my OLTL being # 3 that show is fire! Can I say how much I love that Rachel and Tea are friends again? And Stacey and Kim are pure gold.

jordan hudson said...

Ashley and I talked about this. Ross was a sahdy guy when he was introduced before. Hello this man was going to kidnap Todd's kids for money.

The AMA is such a hot mess.

Once again Jennifer Lopez amazes me with how stupid she is. Yet for some reason I think the queens will live for this song. sigh

Shadow said...

This is just one piece of incredible news after another. Julia Barr back. Pratt gone. Lorraine B. back. Frons' identicsl twin must have thrown down the bottom of a well.

Laura said...

Glad Lorraine Broderick is coming for awhile, other than Claire Labine, she's a close second. Glad to see a woman be a head writer, plus she knows the history. Now on my greedy wishlist. This person and her tweets need to go.

Going to see 2012.. The "fee" has been buggin to c it. Hope its good bc its longgggg

Isn't it so cute she the fiance the fee? Ugh. What's the matter dear, you can't pay attention to anything longer than a sitcom?

But it's been a great weekend. Glad we could all share in it.

Shadow said...

Hi Laura. We saw 2012 tonight. Movie was so-so and long, but not hard to sit through. The FX were nifty enough. Loved Tamara. She died the worst though--stuck under the animal crates getting shit on before drowning. Bless her heart. Lesson: don't be a home wrecker. And didn't you know the mean Russian and his spoiled fat kids were gonna bite it too?

discodan said...

Speaking of 2012, I guess Dominic Zamprogna (Dante GH) was in it... so I imdb'd him, and apparently he was on "Are you afraid of the Dark" on Nickelodeon as a kid...

DancingElf88 said...

I don't watch GH but I used to live for Are You Afraid of the Dark! Nick used to have the best it kind of sucks.

Mel Got Served said...

I totally remember him from Are You Afraid of the Dark! He was also on this Canadian teen soap that Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang from Smallville was on). I think it was called Edgemont- they aired it for a while on ABC Family and then on like Encore or something in recent years. He was kinda like the skeezy cheating boyfriend who was practically raising his siblings. He had a girlfriend but lusted after Kristin Kreuk. I'm really liking him on GH, but GD Lulu has a big mouth! If she doesn't shut up she'll get yet another boyfriend of hers killed.

Mel Got Served said...

This Serving of the Week is for all us AMC fans that finally had our dream come true!

Crystal said...

I come back from vacation to the most fantastic news! I can't believe it. I went to check the recap on AMC and there it was at the top of the page. I thought maybe it was a cruel joke just to get my hopes up but, it looks like it is real. It's a Christmas miracle!

Mel, my dole whip was GREEN for the Christmas party??? It was very strange. Tasted good though.

Mel Got Served said...

Green?! Share pictures. Good thing it tasted good. But welcome back- hope the trip was awesome. And glad you arrived back just in time for the awesome news!

brtedi said...

I was so intent on blogging about a "Pratt-less" AMC last night, I forgot to ask a question about OLTL:

When did Stacy start paddinding herself, faking a pregnancy? When did she miscarry Fish's baby? What'd I miss?


Mel Got Served said...

Brtendi, I think Stacy is padding herself because Rex's baby is supposed to be farther along than she is right now with Fish's baby, so the padding is to make her look bigger until her actually belly comes in. And I think the padding just started on Friday since Kim stole it from a department store (LOL).

Correct me if I'm wrong folks.

Crystal said...

That sounds funny! I am sad I couldn't record OLTL last week. I just didn't have enough room the DVR to fit everything so the soaps had to go. I will have to hit youtube and see what I can find.

brtedi said...

Thanks, mel!

I pretty much watch OLTL everyday--especially lately--I thought I must have missed something major-LOL!

As far as AMC goes,two words made me applaude unexpectedly--"motility problem"--Yay! I can't stand this storyline! David holding Amanda's uterus hostage?!!! What an icy and horrible notion--Oh, barf!


brtedi said...

Monday on OLTL:

Kudos to Brody for (litterally) standing by Jessica, at one of the lowest points, in her life. That's what I call passing a test. He was willing to help her, without hesitation, when she really needed him. That was a very good character moment. I was downright inpressed!