Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Forty and Feeling... No So Fabulous

We watched this week, dear viewers. And we were excited to watch! After all, it was an anniversary show - the 40th Anniversary of our beloved All My Children. How badly could anyone screw that up? Even Pratthole! I mean, all you have to do is show some classic clips, feature the amazing veterans you had come back (Julia Barr, Kelly Ripa, Taylor Miller, Laurence Lau, Eva LaRue, to name the best), and voila! A show even Ashley and Jordan could love!

I truly, truly hate to say it, but we didn't love it. Like most of y'all, we were disappointed. We wanted to love it! We wanted to rally behind it! Alas, our love was not meant to be. Oh Lorraine, Lorraine - you can't come back too soon!

Take a listen to our latest, then give a hella holla, if you like, here.

1/8/10 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! What a surprise to come back from lunch and find a new podcast!!! You just made my whole afternoon.


Stacy said...

Welcome back..you were missed. I enjoyed the show..did I want more? Of course! But all in all, it was better than I was expecting.

Arizonagal said...

Wuh??? A new podcast? I am downloading right now, but had to stop to say Thank You! to Ashley and Jordan. Wow, whadda treat. I just want to say I appreciate each and every podcast you guys do. Ashley with twin babies and Jordan having to go across town. We know it's a lot of work for you both - you guys are the best.

Oh and I so agree with JordAsh, Pratthole missed a HUGE opportunity to do something right, and how easy would it have been to throw some classic clips at loyal viwers? This show really showcased his ineptitude in a big way. Total b.s.

Anonymous said...

Jordan - - YES, I hated Noah too!

Ashley - - YES, Marissa kinda gives me the creeps too.

LOVED the podcast!

Brenda said...

Great podcast guys. I like the idea of a retirement party for Joe and Ruth. Those two characters were cast aside like a pile of garbage.

I totally agree about Babe. They had their choice because NEITHER actress is on contract to the show, and they chose nuBabe. I was also very upset they chose to leave out Mary Fickett. Sorry, I have nothing against Lee Meriwether but Mary played Ruth for 26 years. To leave her out of it just goes to show how disrespectful and cheap ABC is. Ever since Lee took over as Ruth, Ruth became a figurehead. All her scenes were just her hugging Joe, smiling and nodding and occasionally speaking. Ruth was a REAL character when Mary played her, and they totally just erased Ruth. No original clips of Joe and Ruth together, so stupid.

The whole thing was a huge letdown for me. And what about LIZA? You have Liza, a character who is so rich in history with the show and Jamie Luner talks about Liza's most RECENT story of trying to win back Colby? Excuse me??? What about Tad sleeping with your mom, you accusing Jesse of rape, your marriages to Adam, etc etc. Oh but I guess that would involve showing a flashback to the REAL Liza, and ABC is too cheap to pay Marcy Walker the royalty fee, and we would also see just how much Liza has "changed" if we saw a flashback of her. So stupid. This show has become such garbage!

DancingElf88 said...

Yay a new podcast! I'm so happy.
Ashley you should definitely talk more about OLTL because I watch that more than AMC so I wouldn't mind at all. Kyle and Fish were indeed beautiful and touching but I have to disagree about Brokeback Mountain. I saw it and I felt nothing.

I cried too when Mel showed up at Dorian's. It was so beautiful and heart breaking. Robin Strasser is brilliant and I don't understand why she is so underrated.

Nat's Guy said...

Those audio clips at the end of the podcast from the 20th Anniversary were more moving to me than the entire 40th Anniversary show. The whole concept with Wave and the interviews was a load of crap. The actors didn't come off as natural to me. And I agree that there was too much talk about things that happened in the last year.

Ashley, whenever JR says tramp steamer it makes me giggle too. Who says tramp steamer anymore?

More OLTL talk is fine with me. There's so much good stuff going on with that show. My one beef: I hate when Ashley calls Natalie "Fatalie". The poor girl isn't even fat. And she's not the best actresss on the show, but she's still really good. Love me some Missy Archer. Aside from that, loved the podcast.

Eric W.P said...

i am so excited to listen !
i swear i felt i was sitting with you guys in the car during the last podcast! i am even more excited to be with you guys again!
thanks, and happy new year

Shadow said...
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Shadow said...

Idol Questions:

Why do they all point & squint when they sing? Is riffing necessary? Seriously, Kara again? W/o Paula can't they buy Simon a shirt?

Why does AI sound like Biggest Loser this season? How come guys sing Whitney Mariah Kiley songs? George Strait-Nigeria-Who knew?

One guy had cancer. One girl's grandma is dying from alzheimers. The last girl's parents were protective & made her go to church.

Monday on amc:

Greenlee "HAS to take Vitamin B12 or her MOOD will hit rock bottom". Just let a dog bark when she speaks until Lorraine takes over.

Listening 2 David tell Greenlee about the past year is like reliving a scary bad dream. Wish he'd skip 2 the part where Pratt gets fired.

I wonder what goes through Camerons mind as switched love scenes in bed between Erica and Greenlee?

Jamie Luner has a crappy fake laugh.

The only thing believable about Erica/Ryan and Adam/Annie is Erica & Adam ragging on each other about how stupid they are.

Last time I had surgery I do not recall having erotic dreams in the OR.

jason said...

Hooray! Can't wait to listen to this podcast!

Am I the only one not loving the Mitch storyline on OLTL? I think it's to plot driven. I don't hate it, but I don't love it. I'm happy it's ending soon. Also I hate that Lowell is back. I know we're not suppose to like him, but he's to one dimensional to me. I love everything else on oltl though.

Anonymous said...

Good and Bad


Colby, FLOVE her! I love this Colby, I love her attitude, now don't ruin her w/ Damon, bring back Dre as the friend that helps her through this whole Adam/Annie crap, that she really wants to get w/ eversince Angie's CaliParisHilton dumbdaughter showed up and we can write something watchable for this character and rootable in the love dept.

Ryan/Erica's bed scene, don't get me wrong, I don't like them, not one bit but that was a good scene, Kendall calling after Erica was...well you know was funny to watch. Oh any scene where Cameron has his shirt off is good t.v. I'M SORRY IT'S TRUE!

Madison working at Fusion and walking in on R/E, b/c I know she will so break it up. That's the only reason I can think of her walking in on them, otherwise it's just bullshit.

Amanda actually researching an illness, small scene but it's just nice to see she knows how to use a laptop every now and then.

Randi & Frankie, look there are haters of them and there are lovers, I love them, and I'm glad Angie talked w/ some sense tonight about Madison working at Fusion.

The Bad

WTF is this bride of Chucky's deal on this show, unless your going to kill David or cause trouble, or be his next love interest which I would buy if not for the pyschotic trait, GET OFF MY SCREEN!

Jake/Amanda, everytime I give them a shot, just end it pls. Everything there is just so wrong, in 1999, if you were watching this show Jake was 29, Amanda was 6...JUST END THIS!, they are so forced, so boring, it's sad that she's eternally locked to boredom, add something of excitement to this baby reveal, fine don't let it be David's but for the love of god don't let it be Jake's either, that kid this SL's plot and even the emotional aspects of it will be better off having JR be that baby's father, and after he beats cancer having him find out the truth. This whole Jake/Amanda, gives me nothing, like nothing, I actually root Marissa/JR more than them, or Frandi or Tad/NuLiza and they've only been on for weeks, no they aren't epic but when Ryan/Erica looks better than you, we have a problem.

Where are my Brot/Natalia scenes? WTF is the force keeping them from cameras until someone dies again?

Jessie/Angie as a younger viewer, I didn't thier hey day, so to the new writing staff, show me what's so special about them, I had to go YT to find that, now show me what made them so EPIC.

Scott needs a role, he can act, is so eye candy but he needs a role on AMC. Something is missing w/ him in PV.

That's all I can think of right now.

Mel Got Served said...

Can't wait to listen to the podcast later! And I'll actually understand better since I did watch the episode- yay!

Shadow said...


From: @soapsindepthabc
Sent: Jan 13, 2010 9:28a

Big news: ATWT's ex-Rosanna, Cady McClain, is heading back to AMC! http://abc.soapsindepth.com/latebreakingnews/

sent via TweetDeck
On Twitter: http://twitter.com/soapsindepthabc/status/7711526533

Mel Got Served said...

HOLY SHIZZ!! Wonder how they're going to work Dixie back in.

Shadow said...

To paraphrase the abc soaps in depth article, Dixie's return "is a short run to do a story with Tad. No word if it's alive or as a ghost."

Ashley put the into to the 20th anniversary at the end of the podcast. It includes one of my favorite Phoebe quips: "You stabbed me in the back with your swedish meatballs!" She was incredible. I hope when Brooke comes back they will flash back to something with her and Phoebe.

Shadow said...

Check out Pheobe and the gang here. And notice the old intro features Julia Barr and David Canary up front and Susan Lucci at the end. They were all three the headliners for years. So excited for Julia's return!

AMC 20th Anniversary

Arizonagal said...

Coupla things. First - Cougar Love - there is no comparison between cougars Erica and Blair. Erica is afraid to get her lipstick smeared. Dare we see that the makeup artists paint above the natural lip line and dare she get her hair mussed. And then there's Blair, all crazy and messy and doing it on desks. Man oh man, Blair is just going for it like a friggin tiger, she's full on sexy and sexed up. She makes Erica look so vanilla by comparison. This is the way it's supposed to be when you're a woman of a certain age. You know what you want and you know how to do it and the hell with everything else! Spicy!

And then as someone else already mentioned, there is Ryan/Eek and Ryan/Greenlee. Although I can't stand the dreck that is Ryan/Greenlee, you can clearly see the difference in their kissing scenes. Again, Eek falls short. She is a timid lover who will let men do her, but she is not participating - much. And it's obvious that Cameron much prefers makeout scenes with Budig.

Mel Got Served said...

IMO, I think the lacking of sexy kissing is just something Susan Lucci isn't in to. Even when she kissed Jackson over the recent years, she kissed like "old movies" where they just move their heads side to side to make it look passionate.

I'm guessing now that she's mature and essentially can do what she wants, she has a lot of say over her love scenes.

Arizonagal said...

Oh Mel, I totally agree, Looch is not into it and has a lot of say over her "sex" scenes. She's never been a passionate character or kisser. That's why she'll never sell it as a cougar.

I'd like to see her enjoy this relationship as a fling and not make something serious out of it. She should just have fun and don't assume it's going to lead to something. She's not carefree and lusty like Blair, she's still high maintenance. She flirts well but there's no follow through.

Meanwhile over at OLTL Blair and Eli are going at it on the desk of the new Commish and who walks in? David Vickers!! Love it.

Shadow said...

Is anybody excited about Dixie's return stint. Anybody?

Ashley said...

I TOTALLY am, but I'm also not....

I fear that LoBro will bring her back as a ghost. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LoBro and trust her, but she may have her hands tied on this one.



Ashley said...

BTW - I just made up "LoBro." WHy do I like that so much?


Arizonagal said...

How many times can they bring Dixie back? Sheesh. And every damned time TIIC brought her back they totally screwed it up. Here we go again, more Ghost Dixie. I suppose this time she's coming back to give Tad permission to move on with JaLu?

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

OMG Brooke and Dixie are back? YAY! AMC might be moving in the right direction! fingers crossed.

Crystal said...

I am ALWAYS excited when David Vickers (Buchanan hee hee) comes back!

I haven't listened to the podcast yet and I haven't watched the show all week. I don't have much to contribute right now.

OLTL FREAK said...


brtedi said...

There were aspects of OLTL I really enjoyed today!--

David Vickers and Kim "the bim"-bo!Priceless! Let's here it for writers who can write and actors who can deliver. I love it that David may be a goldigger, but he is trying to defend his "Pa" & "Uncle Clint". LOL!

I can't wait for more David & Destiny moments.

The youg lady playing Daniela is doing a wonderful job...

Now for AMC--

Here's a thought on Rebecca Budig's hair color: According to Daytime Confidential, on twitter, RB and 'bachelor Bob' Ginney are getting a divorce. Maybe, her change in haircolor is indicative of the changes in her personal life...Hmmmmm.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Great podcast guys! Seriously, I can't thank you both enough for taking time out of your lives to make it.

The short ending of the podcast gave me more of a sense of the history of All My Children then the entire 40 mins of All My Children's anniversary show.. SUCK IT CHUCK PRATT! (I am actually going to be a little sad that I will no longer be able to say that once Pratt leaves.. it's just really fun to say)

Also, I meant to semi-recant what I said about Eva's tears on the anniversary show. They were genuine. After watching it again, I have to give her that. She did good. I guess it was just the bad taste of the ann. show made me bitter towards everyone and I took it out on Eva La Rue's acting when I should have been taking it out on Eden Riegel's bangs. (Now those were bad! But I would still love her!)

Moving on, so glad you are warming up to NuNuColby, Ashley. I think she has benefitted from sharing a lot of her scenes with Melissa Claire Egan because that girl is so good it is basically sink or swim when someone is acting opposite her and Natalie Hall (NuNuColby) seems to be keeping her head above water. Plus, as someone mentioned, I am LOVING her attitude! Although, I will say the girl needs to tone it down with the over-annunciation. It's bordering on annoying.

One last thing about AMC..
Is it just me or is Jake becoming too over the top? I don't know, I just feel like every time he is in a scene he is trying to mimic/ out do Michael E. Knight. Probably just me though.

Shadow said...

Laura asked me to make her a OLTL avatar, so I did. If you love OLTL and want to tell the world, feel free to pirate this avatar for your own use!

Shadow said...

Oh yeah, sorry about this, I just can't help myself...

Offer good for a limited amount of time only. Shadow and PVP may discontinue posting of said OLTL avatar at without notice. Download at your own risk. Neither Shadow nor PVP shall have any responsibility for whatever goofy thing happens to you or your computer or other electronic device receiving said OLTL avatar. For your own protection ALWAYS check downloaded files for viruses. We assume no risk or responsibility for your use of the avatar or other content provided on this website.

Shadow said...

Soap Opera Network is reporting that David Kreizman and Donna Swajeski are the new Co-Head Writers at All My Children.

Anybody have any scoop on these two?

Shadow said...

I guess with the new writers Otalia and Breese could wife swap. I don't think a show has done lesbian wife swapping yet.

Shadow said...
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Shadow said...

I'm a little concerned how this Haitian relief fund may negatively affect Erica's fake African relief fund. 

jason said...

I don't know anything about these head writers but people are not happy that David Kreizman is the co head writer. Right now he's the co-head writer for ATWT and Jordan isn't happy with that show. Why didn't they stick with Lorriane Brodrick?? With her, I had hope AMC could on par with OLTL.

In other new Rebecca and Bob are seprating. I'm surprised!

And AMC is going to began airing in Australia and it will be starting with The Satin Slayer s/l..I'm sure that storyline will grab the country of Australia! /sarcasm

Love your icon Shadow!

Anonymous said...

The new HWs crashed ATWT and GL, more bad news has surfaced the Bailisp girl I was actually starting to like a bit is leaving w/ her son. Leaving that Damon for Colby...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! BRING BACK DRE WOODS!!! WE DO NOT WANT COLBY & DAMON, I have yet to like anything this show has set for 2010srsly I'm praying it ends right now. They just keep on screwing it up more and more, the one guy that made sense to add in Amanda's baby SL was JR, missed on that, Erica/Ryan should have never happened, missed on that, 40th Anniversary was a joke,miss on that, Dixie is returning and leaving,more misses, Adam is leaving in March, miss on that....THERE IS NOTHING THAT I LIKE RIGHT NOW ABOUT THIS SHOW, NOT ONE COUPLE, NOT ONE SL, NOTHING! Ashley, Jordan, Shadow WHAT THE FUCK DO WE DO? WTF IS THERE LEFT?, TWEEDLE DEE AND TWEEDLE DUH ARE RUNNING THIS SHOW INTO THE GROUND, AND IT CONTINUES!

They not only ruin past generation SLs but now mess w/ the future too. JUST END THIS NETWORK GODS! END IT!

TZ said...

I like Jamie Lunar, just not as Liza. What I do when I watch her in scenes, I pretend she's not Liza, and just a long-time friend that Tad has had off camera. That makes Liza become tolerable, almost enjoyable. And pretending she's not Liza is very easy to do, since there's not even a remote comparison between the two, so it's not that far of a stretch.

tvcat1 said...

I recorded AMC for 2 days to get the 40th anniversary shows. Did I miss something on day 2? Nothing there.
They said all these people 'came back' but they just talked to the camera for a few lines! Kelly Rippa was the only one to mix it up a bit with the cast.
The clips were a few seconds with no sound.
They could have made an inexpensive show with just the long time cast and flashbacks. Joe, Ericka, Tad, Jessie, Angie, Opal, even David goes back far enough.
I'm not even a die hard long time fan and I'm just sad for the show and soaps in general. I hope AMC can survive this move and bring the show back from the brink of death.

Rissa said...

LOL, anonymous I totally agree, but calm down w/ the caps, btw that guy you were talking about the Dre kid, it's funny b/c I googled Vampire Diaries and found breaking news he's going to play Harper on "Vampire Diaries" I just thought it was funny timing that's all. I'm guessing he'll be there for Bonnie? Anyone watch Vampire Diaries? I love that show. Good luck Dre, your co-star looks way better than Cassandra Hubbard.

Mel Got Served said...

Why not bring back Sean Montgomery for Colby? Bring back someone with some historical ties to the town. If the same actor doesn't want back in, recast him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rissa!, He's going to make AMC look stupid for letting him go. Plus he lives in LA. It saids he just finished a stint on 24 and now is doing Vampire Diaries.


Dr. G said...

Thanks for the warm welcome and I'm determined to keep posting with this PVP community. This podcast was great...just like always! I love the idea of a retirement party for Ruth and Joe. Such a great idea! It was weird that David even used that news as something to tell Greenlee about the last year of her non-life. I'm a relatively new regular viewer of AMC so did not watch during the time of the 20th Anniversary. Thanks for sharing that link, Shadow!

I already mentioned that I am in the minority by enjoying Ryan and Erica together but I think some of that is because I can't stand Ryan and Greenlee. Anything is better than that! I like the history between Ryan and Erica...in that he has been her friend for years. I saw a good clip from when he brought her home from rehab in 2005. I like the idea of this being a fling more than anything serious or lasting.

I've resisted watching OLTL because I do not really have the time to add another soap. I already try to keep up with AMC, GH, and ATWT...especially now that ATWT days are numbered. But hearing all of Jordan and Ashley's excitement you make it really hard to resist. I know by all the aclaim that I'm going to be hooked as soon as I start watching and will be even more disgusted with the other soaps I watch.

Thanks again for the wonderful podcast!! Keep them coming when life permits.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hi Ashley and Jordan.

What a wonderful surprise the new podcast was when I saw it downloading. You guys light up my day!

I haven't been able to check the blog much lately because I just started a second job and things are crazy busy but life is amazingly good.

I love that you love and are so protective of all things Canadian. ... Cameron Matheson aside. I haven't seen Erica yet but heard great things about it. Will have to watch it now because Jordan has never steered me wrong. I started watching OLTL a year ago now, only because you guys recommended it and I have been riveted for a full year, out of my mind when I missed an episode, frantically searching youtube until I was all caught up. OLTL has kept me engaged all year long, I can't come up with a single day when there wasn't something in Llanview that had me laughing, crying, excited, mad ... in other words FEELING and caring what happens to the characters. That's what soaps are meant to do, get us to feel and think and I'm very grateful to Ron C. for writing this excellent show and to the PVP for guiding me to it. I can't imagine my day or week without OLTL.

In case you weren't sure, I'm all for more discussion of OLTL On the podcast. I still hope that AMC will be turned around with Pratt's exit but until there's something worth discussing I vote for sticking with quality and that means One Life To Live!

Anonymous said...

Dr. G, I like Ryan and Erica, too! Jeez, any romance. They killed Zendall. Greenlee and Ryan... no one ever wanted that! I mean, who wasn't rooting for Kendall in those days? Amanda and Jake is all about the baby, and that bores me. I wish Madison would be better written and put with Frankie, but... Ryan and Erica is all I got right now!

Ugh, when does Lorraine Broderick start?!


brtedi said...

"...It was weird that David even used that news as something to tell Greenlee about the last year of her non-life...."

Hi, Dr.G!

As far as David and Greenlee go, at one point, Greenlee was married to David's half brother, Leo. (I've seen Josh Duhamel's work on the show, courtesy of youtube. I do believe I would have been a major Greenlee & Leo--Geez,JD was good as "Leo") David has alwayss had a soft spot, for Greenlee, because she made Leo very happy.


jason said...

Hey Dr. G!

So I've listened to the podcast and good job! I saw Leap Year and loved it. My expectations were low because of the reviews. Amy Adams is fun to watch and Matthew Goode is hot. Also I think you two should spend more time talking about oltl.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Y&R viewers! I know some have tuned out since Victor left...HES BACK!!!!!!!!!!!


Arizonagal said...

Okay, going back a few days, what was with the tuba serenade? That was so bad it reminded me of Tad in the chicken costume.

Greenlee needs to powder her eye lids, sheesh that is creepy.

I agree with you Ashley, I love this lusty coming of age Langston. She is really the first normal teen I've seen on a soap. I love that she has a roving eye and still loves Marko. Teens always think that first love is forever and it is so not!

I am digging David Vickers and Kim, but Jordan I have a question. Why does Tuc Watkins have this revolving door thing going on at OLTL? Has he always been like that? I get so spoiled when he's in Llanview and then he leaves. I know his gig at Desperate Housewives can't keep him that busy.

Have a great MLK weekend ya'll!

TC in LA said...

I am relatively new to the podcast .. you guys are so much fun!! I am SOOOOO glad you talk about OLTL and especially thanks for giving props to Mel and Dorian. They are my favorite couple of all time, I think. And, I agree, Jordan, Mel did not look "well" he seemed to be missing teeth, in fact. Kind of sad. But glad he's got work!! Would LOVE it if they brought him back.
I appreciated your comments on the AMC "fake-aversary" show. What a waste of time. No Tylers? No Martins (really) ... blasphemy! And, I am so glad that I am not the only one who has noticed that New-New Colby's hair is a total distraction. I just want to put it in a pony tail!
Thanks so much for taking the time to entertain us!

Nat's Guy said...

Courtney, I saw YR today too and the show finally got good. There were actual Friday cliffhangers: a long lost child reveal, a fist fight, and then Victor came back. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

LOL to the Trevor's daddy SL, who here doesn't know how boring that SL is, could have been something had the baby that really looks like JR's is really JR's kid, but the lameness of AMC is going to make it Jake's baby. The doctors in Pine Valley are officially the most stupidest ppl in THE WORLD.

Angie + Frankie + Jake + whoever else did the DNA test like 6 mths ago!! God All My Children YOU JUST EQUAL FAIL IN EVERYTHING.

Drama, Passion, Suspense, Angst, Rootable couples w/ chemistry ...YOUR JUST AN EPIC FAIL.

Anonymous said...

That Langston girl on OLTL would OWN every character on AMC. Srsly, never thought the day would come but OLTL is completely a must watch soap, AMC needs to be burried and not dug up. IT JUST SUCKS RIGHT NOW!

Canadagal said...

I am a newcomer to the podcast and to this blog. All I can say about the podcast is that it is too short! I am loving it. I don't watch OLTL but I am a big AMC fan so I like the fact most of it centers around AMC.
I am in serious Zak withdrawals - how will I go on without my hunky Zak fix each week. I hope the new regime finds a way to convince him to come back. And if they do - keep him dark and brooding. Let him shake up Pine Valley and fight bad Adam and White Knight Ryan for their fortunes.
Dixie coming back - YUCK. Is it just me or is every one sick of her character. I like Tad (MK is hilarious) and I am enjoing Lisa and him getting together. I don't want it to be too easy though. Bringing up their past and having it cause problems alongside some new issues would make their pairing more realistic and more romantic. DON'T, DON'T bring Dixie back - she is dead, leave her in the ground.
And yes I agree - new Scott is a great actor and he needs a good story line.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Welcome Canadagal!

However, I do have to respectfully disagree with you in terms of Dixie's return. Anytime Cady McClain comes back is good in my book. I still miss that character to this day. Although, I do have to admit, I am warming up to Tad and "Liza" rekindling their romance, I am still very excited for Dixie's return. Even if she is just a ghost now.

SOAPFAN said...

I hate to say it, but the show may be screwed again with the rumored new head writers. Once again, Fronzilicious is hiring cast off from FAILED soaps to helm his show. I don't even know if Wendy Riche can do anything about this, for all her "no-nonsense" producing style.

Anyone know when the show will start being broadcast in HD? So far, everything looks like the same old shaky too close cameras, and tiny sets. AMC has no feeling of depth, or space, because the cheap handheld cameras are held too close to the characters and tiny sets. I hope the show has more of a feel of space when they film in the new studios.

Ashley, I am in agreement with you, I am NOT FEELING NewNUColby! She is not dead behind the eyes, but she is a little overdone and amateurish, overenunciating every syllable. And she has TOO MUCH HAIR! She reminds me of Miss Piggy. The actress looks too old also to be acting like a teen brat...this parent trap shiz Colby is trying to pull with Annie is just so lame!

Crystal said...

Ty, HA HA HA HA maybe Colby can take Annie fishing with her and her Dad and she can put a lizard on Annie's water bottle.

I am in no way going to complain about Colby➌'s hair! Obviously, you have all forgotten Turdby's Shirley Temple do. ;)

OLTL has been so hot, I can't watch it when my 4 year old is around!

Anonymous said...

OLTL is the AWESOMENESS that comes on after the FAIL that is AMC. Thank god for OLTL, 1 soap show on ABC that has it right and continues to amaze. They've been amazing this season.

LOL Shirley Temple Colby, I still will die of laughter when I hear Jordan Hudson refer to her as Briana Monnnnngriefffff!

brtedi said...

Eventhough, it's the wee hours on Sunday morning as I type, I have a couple of thoughts/observations about Thursday's AMC and OLTL.

On AMC during the scene where Adam lay in his hospital bed, just before going into surgery--he wanted to speak with the family...

Boy, how camera positioning can change perspective!--Adam wanted to speak with JR. But, the camera was on Scott. If one to were to assume this apparent camera positioning was intentional, then this gives the audience the sense that not only does Adam have conjestive heart failure, but he's in the early stages of dementia, as well. LOL!

As for OLTL, reguarding "Ford", I wonder if the actor was asked to take off his shirt, during the audition process, consideribg how little clothing he wore during Thursday's episode. ;-)


DancingElf88 said...

I don't mind the little clothing. He, ELi, and Brody can be shirtless all the time. I don't mind. AT. ALL. You hear that Ron C?
OLTL was of course hot. That Mitch is creepy as hell but makes me laugh at the same time. I'm kind of....kind of liking Natalie a bit more.

Michael said...

Great point brtedi, that camera POV had me a little confused as well. (SPOILER ALERT) (SPOILER ALERT) I guess we all have read that Adam will be around just long enough to wrap up a story that will have him sailing off into the sunset with a certain ex-wife. I have a tough time thinking of AMC without the great David Canary.

Dancing Elf, Re OLTL, I am loving the show. It is brilliant and I watch it even when I don’t have time, so I say this with love: forget KISH and the lesbian wedding—those gym scenes with Christian, Ford and Markko is the gayest Llanview has ever been!

Norn Cutson said...

i did this for ya'll

brtedi said...

As I type, I have Monday's AMC on in the next room. Today it was said, "Annie" would inherit 1/3 of "Adam's" estate, once he kicked the bucket...Wouldn't she inheret 50% of everything, or am I confusing inheritance laws with community property laws (say, in California)? Does anybody know about this?