Sunday, January 17, 2010

Compare & Contrast

Mixed opinions, here, but we have taken a little flak for our One Life to Live coverage. I mean, we are called The Pine Valley Podcast. We get it, people. We hear you. We just can't help ourselves, though. One Life just does it better. Take the following:

  • One Life has mature adults screwing maturely (e.g. Bo and Nora); AMC has Tad and Liza making out in front of teens and hired help.
  • One Life at least attempts to respect the truth of a woman's fertility cycle (where Stacy actually has to account for the month delay in her pregnancy); AMC's Amanda has a 6-month fertile period. (Her ovum are very, very hearty.)
  • One Life has folks who have to apartment hunt when they have no place to live; AMC just puts everyone in Greenlee's old apartment (or the Santos/Grey mansion).
  • One Life has great stories and characters; AMC has... great hairstylists? Nice sets?
Ouch. Okay, so maybe that last one was harsh. We're here to tell the honest truth, people. This is our show, and we need to hold the a-holes in charge to a much higher standard. Thoughts? Opinions? Give us yours, here.

1/15/10 Podcast


Shadow said...

Check ya'll out! A new podcast is good sign of a great week ahead. I love the Rosco Born stuff so I'm glad you're talking OLTL. Besides, with LoBro (Ashley I love that moniker)and other new writers on the way (someday), it's a good idea to talk about what's good on OLTL so similar changes can be made at amc. And if you want to throw a little Idol in there again like last year, I'm good with that too!

Eric W.P said...

new podcast! thanks guys!
this means so much and makes Mondays so much more tolerable.
can't wait to hear your thoughts

DancingElf88 said...

Woohoo a new podcast!
I love Jersey Shore...that ish is funny as hell. Jordan you want Ronnie? I'm all about Vinny. Fist pumping all night.
The only AMC I saw was Annie dancing for Adam which I agree was gross nd Adam in the hospital. JR needs to get off my screen. Every time I see him he just whine, whine, whines....ugh. The Scott/Annie hug was cute.

I want a Kim/Clint coupling too. OLTL is too hot.

Grease 2 was horrible....I'm sorry.
I'm looking forward to The Deep End because of my Mehcad Brooks...he is so hot.
Thanks for the Haiti shout out because my Dad is out there...this podcast did make my day better.



jason said...

Anoter podcast for the third straight week!?!? I'm suprised and SO happy! Can't wait to listen.

And you are not harsh on AMC, it's how you feel! I'm not watching the show till Prat-Hole is no longer listed as head writer. By the way does anyone no how much longer his reign of terror is going to last?

What did we think of The Golden Globes? I think The Hangover is the most over-rated movie of 2009. It was funny, but it wasn't the funniest movie of the year. 500 Days of Summer, It's Complicated, and Nine all deserved Best Picture over The Hangover.
I loved Avatar mostly because it's visualizing stunning, the story wasn't anything new. I was hoping for The Hurt Locker to win.
I loved Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side, but was pulling for the girl from Precious who had an amazing performance, and even more amazing for someone who has never acted.
I'm annoyed that Jane Lynch lost best supporting actress, though I do love Nikki on Big Love.
I would have liked to see Glenn Close win for best actress or (and I know she's unpopular here) January Jones.

jason said...

Well it looks like PVP got it's first spam comment! We have arrived!

jason said...

Also wanted to add that I'm happy Meryl Streep and Drew Barrymore won. Both and their performances were spot on and brilliant.

Anonymous said...

DancingElf88, that is a bunch of bullshit and you know it, JR is the only one on that show that acts like himself!!! Scott, I like him, but lets be honest he's getting bullshit to work with, Colby can become a star, she really can, very young looking prbly the next heir to the Chandler legacy when they kill Adam off.

Jordan, Ashley is 100% right, Marco comes off gay, a hot girl like Langston should be get having scenes where she is buying condoms to screw. Ford is the sexual temptation, lust, he's going to turn Langston into a woman, OLTL ROCKS!

Jordan, if Micheal Lowry doesn't get signed, I'd take him right now over Ricky Paul Goldin. RIGHT NOW!

OLTL FREAK said...

I nearly fell off my chair with excitment at the sight of a new podcast

You guys are on a roll!!!

Yeah to the cast of Glee for winning last nite, counting down the months til April for new episodes

Have a good day everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to GLEE!, I'm a GLEEK too!

And I forgot to add, I know it's wierd this is an AMC blog but Langston's wandering eye, I FLOVE. I'm in my early 20's I have a bf, but you do look and sometimes more than that. It's great to see a young female w/ a sexual on daytime TV. THANK YOU OLTL!

Anonymous said...

sexual pulse*

DancingElf88 said...

Anonymous: Sorry but he's a whiner. NuNuColby is ok. Scott is given shit to work with but he always pulls it out. Adam's getting killed off? Figures...

Ashley said...

Let's not forget the pioneer of young & hot & lusty - our very own Brooke! Her young lady days were RANDY! And she was amazing to watch as she grew into an incredible and self-assured and strong woman.

Sorry, Anon - I'm with Elf. Although there are times I don't mind him. :)

Love you ALL!!

Ash xo

Shadow said...

I agree JR is a whiner, but they have heaped so much shit on that kid and emasculated him to the point where I don't think he knows any other way to be. Scott is wandering aimlessly thru Pine Valley with nothing to do but watch his aging uncle get lap dances from his hot wife. Let's face it, the storylines still SUCK Prattastrophically. No debate. The most powerful man in Pine Valley has surrounded himself with the most ill-equipped, sad sack of infantiles imaginable. What I'd like to see is the Chandler clan grow the hell up. Whether it's now or later eventually David Canary will leave. JR & Scott should step up and believably take over Chandler Enterprises with a JR/Bobby Ewing type rivalry to it. Not necessarily good v. evil, maybe just cut-throat v. integrity with a dose of "you're dad killed my dad" to complicate things even more. They need separate estates the works. Colby should be a force to reckon with in her own right though on good, sometimes strained terms with both. NuColby3 is fine. Her Farrah hair and chicklet teeth are no big deal. The problem is that they've reverted her back to a kid again. Stephanie Gatschet should have been cast as Colby so we could have had 3 adult, interesting Chandlers. And maybe Skye could have come back to Mama them all. How dimented would that be to have Skye as the new Chandler Matriarch?

(Ditto everything I just said about Pete Courtland. He should be aged and recast as a hot, smart up & comer who restores the Courtland name, cares for Opal and hates the Chandlers. Maybe bring back Taylor Miller as the Courtland matriarch. Who cares about Cliff at this point.)

BAck to the Chandlers. Again Pratt fucked that all up. I'm hoping that scene of Adam's in the bed was the writers telling us that they realize the Chandler clan has been adrift. Adam actually mentioned that Scott has just been drifting thru town with nothing to do. Maybe I'm desperately inserting meaning into scenes that just conveniently fit my hopes for the show. We'll see.

I will say this. Although the storylines are as stupid as the day Pratt was fired, the dialogue has been increasingly better, there seems to be an attempt happening to explain their way out of Pratt's stories, and the performances have vastly improved.

Take, for example, my least favorite storyline of all-David's fake death, Jake's paternity and Amanda's stupidity. I have found this to be the most ludicrous, stupid waste of time and talent in the whole Pratt timeline. What he did to Eden Riegel's Bianca was almost criminal, but the concept was ok. The David/Amanda/Jake storyline is the absolute best example of how infinitely inept, talentless & stupid Pratt was as head writer of this show. Whatever setbacks he may have had in terms of contracts, the move and all that are totally irrelevant. This idea was a titanic blunder in its own right. His stuff was so bad the actors just couldn't fake it any more.

We're beginning to see eppys now that filmed after Pratt's termination was announced. I see people stepping it up despite the incredibly stupid shit they have to say. I see David beginning to layer his performance with a little more subtlety and a little less moustache twirling. Greenlee hasn't wowed me yet, but I don't hold it against her that she and David are finally talking. They should be! She was the love of Leo's life. Finally the writers are acknowledging that these two people do have a family connection! It's odd that it took so long, but if these are the characters we have to live with, at least they are FINALLY starting to act like they know each other.

Even Nurse Gayle, who I detested under Pratt's pen, has given a better performance and begun to question David's activities. I don't love her, but she actually has a brain and isn't there to just make Pratt's daily whim happen.

Shadow said...

As for Jake's paternity, if we're going to get out of this predicament we're just going to have to suspend belief until LoBro or whoever is firmly entrenched in their own storylines. I would have been ok if they jumped back 5 years or forward 5 years or erased it all in a coma but it looks like they want to work out of it. At least they realized making David the father was terminally stupid for the show. The one good thing to come out of it is that Amanda will be a Martin. The Tylers, Courtlands, Santos, Merricks, Montgomerys & Dillons are gone or down to only one representative. Hell Erica is the only Kane these days. At least now Team Martin has grown by one legacy character.

But the real thing I'm holding on to is Crishelle Staus's performance on Jan. 12. Despite the ludicrous, absurd plot, whoever wrote her dialogue took the time to somehow and quite remarkably explain to us why she has been acting so naively and protectively, even stupidly, of David Hayward after all he has done to her. Just looking at this one scene on its own terms and her performance in this one scene, I was satisfied. Nice save for whoever wrote that scene and for how lovely Chrishell played it. Hopefully now that entire stupid plot is finished and the whole gang can move forward to LoBro's new material.

My point is that, although Pratt's writing and influence is still very prevalent, I see effort to change. Second case: Krystal. They could have killed her 6 months ago and I wouldn't have blinked. Now she's getting some spunk back. I can't wait for them all to get out of Tad's house and I'm hoping that's the real reason for its repainting. Again, things are about to change. I've seen the pictures of the new sets. They are bigger, brighter & roomier.

So that's my message of hope for the week. If anyone has been harsh on the show over the year it's been me. If it doesn't turn around fast or they kill Brooke I will dutch oven AMC with the most hideous of gases I can muster from the depths of my bowels, but for now, I do want to recognize the few positives I see, cross my fingers as I wait patiently and, in the meantime, enjoy the hell out of whatever Kharmic Bitch is coming the ways of Stacy and Mitch on One Life to Live!


Amanda's Awesome Performance

Shadow said...

Amanda's performance starts about minute no. 2.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

hahahaha I definitely don't have a four year old daughter, so it wasn't me, but OLTL was hot this week!
Don't listen to the haters talk about what you want, it's your podcast! You could talk about calculus and the molecular structure of plants and I would still find this podcast endlessly enjoyable.

TRANNY CARLY!!! OMG, Jordan thank you for reminding me about the mess that was Jennifer Bransford! I had totally forgotten about her! I remember watching the scene where her and Reese, I think, got into a cat fight at Kelley's I think and literally that "woman" looked like a she hulk tranny. It was kind of amazing, but terrifying at the same time. Now that I think of it, that Carly fought pretty much every girl in Port Chuck. Bottom line: she was a mess. Thank god they replaced her with Laura Wright. Although my favorite Carly will forever be Tamara Braun.

Now onto AMC... dun dun dunnn
Didn't we already find out that David isn't the father? I hate this story line it's so stupid. It's Chuck Pratt's version of the final twist of the knife. Just get it off my screen already. This "writer" has singled handedly destroyed the core of the show's most loved characters. It's redic! Can't wait for Lorraine.

I know what you mean Jordan, but Greenlee was once such a good character, I guess I am just still holding out for that person to return. We need strong, bitchy Greenlee back. Not this stupid, lovesick over Ryan, Greenlee. That's not who she is. Hopefully Lorraine will fix this character up and give Rebecca Budig something to actually work with because when Ms. Budig has good material, she does good work (IMO). But I do totally agree, Leo is the love of Greenlee's life, Ryan ain't sh!t.

To wrap things up thank you for yet another podcast! You guys are the best!

Shadow said...

About the HDTV eppys-

AMC started airing at the new LA studio on Jan. 4. My understanding is that the show will begin airing in HDTV on Feb. 3. The studio was already HDTV ready when AMC moved into it. Hopefully Pratt's crap will have completely run its course by then.

About the new Opening/Intro--

Last fall one of the soap sites misreported that AMC was going to get a new intro after the move. Obviously there was some concern ABC would screw up the last remaining decent thing about the show. Later that week the site issued a clarification that AMC would just be "updating" the current opening with pictures of the then to be announced contract stars. The updated intro started airing last week. Aside from putting Opal & Greenlee back in the montage and deleting Aidan, not much changed. Annie's position moved-different shot but she's still blonde. Seems like they could have updated Annie and Krystal to shots showing their brunette locks. Opal looks proud to be there but a little awkward. Greenlee's 1st shot is OK. She looks like she's running away to take a poop in the second shot. They flash by Tad's two shots faster and he's still brunette. It's more interesting who is and isn't in the intro. No Colby or Damon who are supposedly on contract, but they left in Joe, Palmer, Kendall, Zach, & Amanda all of whose status is either changing to recurring or terminated. They really should move Joe and Palmer to still shots in the front with Phoebe and leave the live shots for current cast members.

They really need to put my sentimental faves back in the flyaway shot: Brooke or Bianca.

Brenda said...

I'll tell you why Lorraine Broderick and Claire Labine won't take the job as head writer - they are either a) not being offered the job because Frons wants yes-man writers who will take his orders or b) they were offered the job but they know they would be expected to be yes-men.

Shadow said...

To answer Ashley's question about Marco, you can't help but wonder. At that age my hormones were crazy. I woke up with raging wood and spent the day trying to meet a girl to have sex with. Always respectful, but always workin' it. At 17 the only muscle a guys worried about pulling is, well, you get it. My only slight modification to what ash said would be the love/romance part. At 16 or 17 the guy really just has the goal in mind-no big emotional context. Obviously not the case in every single case. Like a gay kid dating a hot chick like Langston.

Oh yeah, as for me, Team Grease 1 all the way. I so wanted to do Rizzo and that pouty platinum blonde Pinkette who later starred in the sitcom wit Kristi McNichol.

Ashley said...

Thank you, Shadow!

Look, all I'm saying is... When I had my first taste of man-love, I couldn't get enough, and neither could he. I find it hard to believe that it was just my raging Latina hormones! We were like Marco and Langston - loved each other, were each others' firsts, dated a long time... But we were young, and when you're young, you want to hump all the time. Pulled a *muscle*? Let's get real, people!

Now, if I want sex, I watch One Life. :)


Shadow said...

Ok, I've been on here way too much today, but I just get a kick out of the different ways people see and interpret things and then express themselves. After extolling how beautifully I thought Crishell played that one scene last week (see above tome) I saw this post on twitter that literally made me burst out laughing:

This funky ass ho Amanda done let 3 men hit & now they all getn swabbed 4 dna. #ugh Get ya slit stitched #amc

OMG I love the digital age.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we on AMC are getting hit by this Jamanda train of SHIT!, god hopefully it ends soon. Is it me or is anyone not yearning for Marissa to like slap Amanda across the face...why is everyone so nice to her, did they forget how this shit happened, and it'll do wonders for Marissa showcasing her not so soft attitude, SRSLY SOMETHING!!!

Anonymous said...

I almost cried when I heard the OLTL theme in your opening.



Arizonagal said...

Damn Jordan, we sure do miss you here on the blog!!

I get a bad feeling about the longevity of Adam Chandler. Is he moving to LA?

Holy Smokes there is never a dull moment in Llanview. Charlie Banks having a meltdown. Larko mixing it up over Ford (dude put a shirt on). Eli/Blair steaming up anything you can lay on or lean on. I am totally enjoying the Rex/Stacy/Schuyler situation, though I do think Schuy is being a bit of a snake, even tho he's not the biodad. Kim and Clint are sparking. Dorian is conflicted. Mitch is one bad ass cult leader. David Vickers gets 87 cents, and on and on and on.

I am really bummed Crystal Hunt is leaving. I have read this is because TPTB are bringing on Gina T, who I LOVE, but couldn't they have 86'd the other Morasco sis? At this point it's more about Stacy than Gigi and between the two of them I just prefer Stacy, hands down.

Meanwhile, over at AMC:
Adam is getting a pacemaker, JR is grump and more SOS....

brtedi said...

I know, GH isn't discussed all that much, at the pvp pod cast. But, I have two say, Jonathan Jackson is acting his face off--- and Rebecca Herbst & Tyler Christopher ain't bad either! ;-)

I'm not big on the whole "Nikolas"/"Elizabeth" intanglement. But, I know, it's the classic stuff of soaps. So, I have to roll with that--- But, with all do respect to the previous actors in the role of "Lucky" (the way the character has been written, over the past 8 or so years,) watching "Lucky", has been akin to looking at a glass of tap water---and waiting for it to do something, imho.

I can't tell you if it is the writing, or the actor's interpretation of the materal...Sort of like which came first the chicken or the egg... JJ has litterally been tearin' it up, lately!--The ol' Spencer home may never quite be the same again--LOL!

Considering I completely missed JJ's first stint on GH,his take on "Lucky" is a welcomed, and unexpected, treat.

Quite honestly, I haven't been this enthused about a character or a storyline on GH, since the introduction of my favorite 'gangstress' "Faith Rosco" or the initial romance between "Jason and Courtney".

Right now, as a soap fan, there are just certain scenes that make me grin, from ear to ear.


Crystal said...

Jordan, thanks for recommending Being Erica. It is really awesome and I have now watched all the first season that was on last Sunday so, I am ready to go for this week.

Norn, You are a nut! I love it. I left you a comment.

I haven't watched any AMC or OLTL this week yet because I have been only watching Being Erica and this weeks How I Met Your Mother which I found hysterical!

DancingElf88 said...

Jordan thanks for talking up Scrubs 2.0/ I caught up on some episodes and they are HILARIOUS. I love that Dave Franco (Cole right?)...he's hilarious. I'm loving it.

Terry in Toronto said...

Talk about whatever you guys want to talk about as long as you keep talking to us. Love the podcast and love your take on OLTL and all the fire on there.

Norn Cutson said...

*i'd* like to pull MARCO's muscle, mmMMPPHHhh!!!

Crystal said...

Watching eBabe in her (hand me down from Kendall) stretch pants and all I could think of was this.

Shadow said...

Not that it has anything to do with AMC, but the founder of Taco Bell died. Hopefully it won't affect the quality of the food.

Anonymous said...

You guys need to talk about One Life to Live more! Every time you start in on an OLTL recap you both suddenly come to life and I can feel the passion through my iPod. Conversely, I feel your pain when you are forced to discuss AMC in it's present state.

Mel Got Served said...

Anyone want Kim to kinda hook up with David Vickers too? Their scene was classic! And then Clint saying if he's gonna be her daddy she's gonna have to think about the sugar. LOLOL and a bit of ew, yet awesome.

Anyone else think Ford could be an illegitimate child of Vickers? I think he kinda resembles him.

Anonymous said...

I just starting watching OLTL again (haven't seen it since Cord was with Tina), and OMG!!! I don't know what took me so long!

I haven't seen such smart writing in a long time! Dani actually looks up Todd on the internet? Wow? Kyle and Fish actually talk and think and realize that Stacy might be pregnant with his child?



brown penny said...

To Anonymous, not anon Jenny or Courtney, don't you have a nickname? It's confusing to read your posts and not know if all of them are from one person. I'm just sayin'.

Unknown said...

I am new to your podcast and LOVING it. Particularly liked :

comments about New-New Colby's hair -- wtf? it is tooooo much. Literally.

Love that you talk about OLTL -- it's so great right now.

I am a long time AMC viewer and appreciate that you guys know the history so well

My fave thing? You talked about MEL on OLTL... he and Dorian were my all time favorite couple...I agree with Jordan that the actor did not look to well - he looked like me might have been missing some teeth? Anyhow - I hope they bring him back more. He is fantastic and his chemistry with Dorian is fantastic.

Keep up the good work .. And thanks for making me crave dark chocolate cashews!

Unknown said...

Just watched today's OLTL and how unbelievably awesome was it?!?! The Kyle/Oliver/Kim/Stacey fight at the mansion stole the freakin show. Brett/Scott/Amanda/Crystal owned today's show.

I think the thing that made their scenes together so effective wasn't just the funny lines but everything they said and did was character driven and not merely plot-driven (yet it did further the whole Guppy plot). Scenes that are funny, character-based and still manage to further the story are something a lot of soaps in general often lack so the stuff at the mansion was ace.

WATCH OLTL!!!!!!!!!! It is THE best daytime soap on television!

Brian said...

Shadow, are the new set pics posted publicly yet? I wanna see!!!

Anyway, I thought that this weeks ep's so far have had some good moments. I was surprised on Marissa and David's scene. I actually heard some emotion for eBabe. (kinda wish we had original Babe back.) I'm liking Madison.

Saw the new 2010 promo for AMC. It shows more Angie & Jesse! And we get an Erica/Greenlee showdown at fusion. Greenlee should be fighting for her company not Ryan!

I think AMC is stuck with these kids. They can't age them too much, because they still have teenage Colby. It would be weird if she were suddenly the same age as Emma. But, if they do age the kids, anyone else want a teenage Miranda? We need more Kane women on the show.

Laura said...

I was so glad. I had two podcasts to listen to on my way to and from work on Tuesday. They were both great, except Grease 2 was bad. Two words. Adrian Zmed. I remember him on Chicago's Bozo circus as Clown Adrian.

I didn't hate today's episode. But some thoughts. Liza's coat looked like a bathrobe. Fast forwarded through Lex Luther and Olive Olive in their dull gray clothes.

Mel Got Served said...

I am soooo on the Grease 2 is amazing bandwagon. I own Grease 2 on DVD, don't own 1. The songs are epic. Hot guys. Doloris from Fame. Motorcycles, awesome songs, and most of them look 30 rather than the 40 year olds in the original Grease.

Brian, I think AMC could maybe age Miranda, Little A, Emma, and all the other 90,000 kids of Pine Valley to be more like Molly and Morgan's age on GH. Sort of late elementary to tween age. I think Molly on GH is adorable and perfection. She's got the brains of Special Lilly without the color red paranoia.

And PS I still find it insane that Lily went to Harvard with such a red phobia/disorder. The entire Harvard area is plastered with red, not to mention most Boston colleges and professional sports teams are red. She is probably locked in her dorm room at all times watching broadcast TV (cause they don't get cable at Harvard- boooo!)

And another PS, not to self promote, but my blog has extensive Jersey Shore summaries :) I don't know what I'll do when it ends this week, but I'm hoping to have some additional posts besides summaries to remember the good times.

Shadow said...

Brian: I've seen a few others, but today I could only find the ones Crishell posted:

New Wildwind

New Wildwind No.2

New Chandler Mansion

brtedi said...

Ashley, over at twitter, how is this pod cast listed? There's a "Pine Valley Show"--and underneath that, it says, "Pine Valley Pod Cast" 'cause if that's you, then you have some bigtime followers--like Martha Stewart and LeVar Burton--Just so you know. :-)

Steffi (Ms.Anonymous) said...

Ok, AMC just continues to suck. David I feel sorry for you, unfortunately you are the prop for Jamanda's love train of epic boredom, funny I'd actually enjoy Marissa and JR if Marissa had a bad girl personality, I have soft spot for those two. A vengeful side against some in PV *coughs* Amanda, Jake...Tad, Kwak, would do Marissa good.

Every couple in PV has equaled boredom to me. IDK what to say, and they're hiring writers that don't have any idea of what ea. character's personality is so what's to say there....

OLTL continues to excite me, don't watch it around minors. My god Langston just sleep w/ Ford I wouldn't hold it against you.LOL

Steffi (Ms.Anonymous) said...

Lets go deep in a few details, Jordan, Ashley whoever maybe you can podcast about it.

Did how ugly and unrootable the David/Jake fight was? A decent writer has Jake grab David by the arm and close the door on his face.

Here's some more bullshit on this show.

Colby parks her car in the front of her house, the PV burglar went from WildWind to another house, to Confusion, how are they doing this teleportation. Is it a ghost? Mind you Colby's car is stolen point blank infront of the house, where security would be, what no cameras at Chandler estates? How fucked up is this?

Little A comes running out of the blue from his rm. which remember is a hotel rm. that JR/Marissa lives in, where does he sleep when they were trying to have sex w/ thier shirts on, the bathroom?

PV police dept. can send forensic squad to a break in at WildWind where nothing was stolen. Man Jesse sucks at his job.

jason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jason said...

Who else loved the Hos vs. Mos fight today on OLTL? It was greatly written, fun to watch, and just epic. I hope we get more of Hos vs. Mos. I died when Stacy said "Check and Mate Bitches." I love this show!

OLTL FREAK said...

I freaking loved the Ho's VS. Mo's scene on OLTL

Kyle was awesome when he said "No you just need an ass whooping" , I had to watch that scene like three times

I am loving me some Kish, they are the best couple on OLTL right now

OLTL just rocks !!!!

Steffi (Ms.Anonymous) said...

Check and mate bitches *finger snap*, had to be one of the most stand out lines all mth. I LOVE OLTL, Srsly the podcast needs to talk more about that show.

Oh and Langston thinks she's a nympho for thinking of Ford while having sex w/ Marco. Danielle's scene was good, "All my life my mom said my father doesn't deserve me" But Todd Manning does...and she's checking the rap sheet that's infinity.

Mel Got Served said...

I think what's going on with Langston and Markko is also their differences in life right now. He's a college guy with a dream of film-making. While Langston is ambitious and has her musical to write, she's still in high school which is a different world. So I think Markko is grasping for time to spend with Langston since he's always shooting, in classes, etc. And Markko's always been kinda uptight, and he grew up in an uptight family, so I think it's kinda realistic. And I think their struggles are pretty realistic: juggling busy lives with the desire for a busier sex life.

Starr/Cole are soooo dull. In my opinion, giving someone a kid on soaps usually is the kiss of death and it had to happen to Starr so young on the show. I like that she's a good mom and spends time with her kid, but snoooooze for soaps. Starr/Cole need a breakup and some new obstacles, cause personally, I don't like the 2 together.

Mel Got Served said...

New headwriters officially announced... Donna Swajeski and David Kreizman.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Testing 1....2....3

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

OMG Im back and able to get on the blog. I don't know how long I can do it. I'm at work so I have to make this quick.

I miss you remember you are All My Children lolololol.

Okay OLTL IS BEYOND HOT. Yesterday was amazing. In the words of Stacy Check and Mate Bitches.....

Crystal I'm so glad you are loving Being Erica.

Dancing Elf I wil so be mad if ABC does not continue Scrubs 2.0. I'm still not crazy about the lead girl but everyone else rocks. And I so prefer David over James. He kills me.

Better off Ted is so intelligent.
Cougar Town is getting more deeper with every episode.

Love the slower pace of 24 this season and how bad ass is Renee
Was not taken with Human Target as much as I love the cast. Something is missing.

I will say Life Unexpected was a surprise. I LOVED IT! So not what I thought it was going to be. Hope CW will support this show. I'm so taken in.

Last but not least. Soap History is in the making on GH right now.
I'm talking Karen Wolek Confessing at the trial on OLTL. Reva jumping in the fountain on GL.

Jonathan Jackson will win Best actor in 2011 for 2010. If you did not see this week catch it on the weekend. This man is tearing it up. I hope the writers do not mess it up. I can't wait for him to reveal that he knows. He broke my heart. I came back for him and this is why.

Loev you guys miss not being able to be with you. Soon.

Arizonagal said...

Check and Mate Bitches... Oh My God I am going to miss Stacy. Big HUGE mistake letting her go. I'd say I hope some other soap picks her up but with the way soaps are dying, who knows?

Jordan... you care about your loyal bloggers. Sniff... we have missed you so.

Arizonagal said...

Oh yeah, what was with bad ass Renee on 24? Last year she bored me to tears, this year she has some cojones and some serious PTSD or PMS.

I hope the new AMC-90210 has some bedroom sets. I am so tired of seeing people making out on couches and you know someone is always going to walk in on them. Ridic!

Did not enjoy Jake's outburst at David and all the fists flying. Instead of some intelligent rants from Jake all we get is the macho brute crap. David, though I do not defend him or his actions, has been THE punching bag in PV for way too long and I am so sick of it. When was the last time he lit into someone? I don't know if he ever has, he's at least a villain who uses his wits.

Unknown said...

Hey Jordan! ~ I LOVE Unexpected Life, it was fantastic!
It lived up to the promos & the critics praises. Its a keeper.
I'm not a watcher of the CW shows for so many reasons but this brought me in. Its like I'm watching ole school WB shows. BRAVA for the show.

P.S ..... Jordan are you ever gonna join Twitter? If not can you link your FB page w/ Twitter .... it would be nice to post & get your ideas about the soaps & primetime shows during the wk.

Gagalovr said...

Jordan have u listened to Kesha's new cd. I think u will love it. It is so good, it gets better than "Tik Tok."

DancingElf88 said...

Jordan you're back! I actually like the lead girl on Scrubs. She does make me laugh. She's no Crazy Elliott but I do like her. And I just keep liking Dave Franco more and more.
OLTL is the heat. The Hos vs. Mos fight was so epic. I have to wait to see today's episode though. Haven't watched AMC though

Mel Got Served said...

New Scrubs is all about Denise to me- she's perfect. Dave Franco is hilarious and the other guy (forget the character's name right now), well if we didn't know Dr Cox's son was like 6 I would think this kid could be an illegitimate child. I am loving new Scrubs and I hope it gets to stick around. "The jet ski is the motorcycle of the water."

Unknown said...


My friend, you need to start tuning back into Y&R!!!! First of all, Victor and Nikki are back and Victor is kicking ass and taking names already! Crazy Patty is planning her revenge plot on Jack and Dr. Emily and she is cracking me up in every scene. Plus, Heather and Billy hooked up this week and it was HOT!! Check out the Soapnet reruns if you can!

~Elizabeth :)

Norn Cutson said...

i nominated PVP for a SHORTY Award in the PODCAST category!
you can too!

...& i am in the running for ART and SWEETESTGUYEVER categories, so vote for me, too!
(my twitter name is @n69n)

Arizonagal said...

Ashley, did you see Project Runway tonight? I could just hear Lucy saying "what an inspired use of burlap." Most of those dresses were amazing. The winning dress rocked. I am surprised Ping survived this challenge with her model's assets on display but then what do I know about fashion!

Arizonagal said...

What's that big round thing in Jake and Amanda's apartment? The decor is strange to say the least.

Annie looked beautiful today, freshly cut bangs, perfect face, great hair, she is gorgeous. Scott was cute too, though in the dark sweater and jeans, he reminded me a bit of Dieter from Sprockets.

OLTL was kind of dark today, but good. I loved that Marty didn't let Todd think he'd gotten away with everything.

Matthew and Daniella are so cute together. Didn't think I wanted to see him w/anyone other than Destiny, but M and D are working. Ah, young love.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Hey everyone, don't want to toot my own horn or anything, but I'm pretty psyched and wanted to share with everyone here at the PVP that today is officially my one year anniversary of being clean and sober!
I want to give a special thanks to Ashley and Jordan because on those especially shitty nights when I was really down on myself this past year I would just turn on the PVP and feel instantly better. You two have made me laugh and during this past year that has been the most important thing. I will be forever grateful for what you two do and from the bottom of my heart I truly thank you.

Steffi (Ms.Anonymous) said...

Even OLTL's darkness was good last night, that Danielle girl can be the next Starr..just don't give her no babies.

AMC...what's left to say really. I liked Madison w/ Randi in her scenes, JR & Colby have much more chemistry than Borissa & him, Jake/Amanda nearly put me sleep again. May I add I never thought this girl would be so boring, but w/ Jake it is clearly a better option than taking sleeping pills.
IDK what to say PV has taken the big 3 of the next generation and just ruined them. JR, David, Amanda.

Arizonagal said...

Kudos to you Ms. Casey Shamless, on your one year anniversary. That is AWESOME! I echo your sentiments. PVPodcast got me thru some tough times too. Keep it going girl.

Steffi, I love Daniella. That girl can act. She's got a great future ahead of her. Loved her scenes with Matthew. Can't wait until she and Todd meet up.

My only minor nitpick with OLTL is that John McBorring character. The guy has one expression, reminds me of a hound dog. He never smiles, frowns, nada. Wonder if he's botoxed his face into paralysis? The scenes with him and Natalie were torture. She's grown on me. I know she's not a favorite here, but at least she's a decent actor. McBain gives us nothing and he has no chemistry with anyone other than Blair and that's just because Blair heats up any man she's with.

Loved the drama with Vicki and Charlie and genuinely felt really bad for both of them.

Crystal said...

I ♥ that the alcoholics all hang out in bars AND everyone finds this perfectly normal.

I actually DO love that Krystal is dating some random guy! What a novel concept. You mean you don't just keep going back and forth through the same three people every year?! weird!

Ms. Casey, CONGRATS! How great does it feel to have control over your life rather than letting something else control you.

jason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jason said...

Ms. Casey congratulations on one year sober! I know how hard addiction can be, and one year is a big deal. Hope you continue to be sober! =) Ditto on everything you said about Ashely and Jordan.

I second the person who said Ke$ha's album is better than Tik tok. The album has a lot of fun party songs but it also has some deep tracks that you wouldn't expect from her. I love the album.

What did we think of The Deep End? I thought it was okay. Could be better, could be worse. I'll give it a second chance. Having a couple hot guys in the cast doesn't hurt.

Laura said...

Congrats on your year of sobriety, and for sharing this important milestone with our family. I am so proud of you. This podcast also helped me last year when I lost some family members.

Speaking of sobriety soaps don't do a very good job of portraying alcoholism. Charly in a bar, Schuyler working at Rodi's. The open bar at Katherine Chancellors home, the Chandler mansion, the Quartermaines while alcoholics live there.

What do you think of these new head writers? I don't know much about them other than their show killing reputations.

Laura said...

Nelson Branco just reported James Mitchell has died. AMC should have done more with him on the anniversary episode. I hope that they have a tribute to him. RIP James. I enjoyed your dancing and acting

brtedi said...

After watching Thursday’s and Friday’s eppys of AMC in which the ‘evil Dr. Dave’ helped Greenlee with her rehab/ physical therapy. I have both positive and negative comments about what went on in those scenes.

First of all not unlike “Taylor”, months before, Greenlee attempts her first steps in socks…She’d fall on her butt! I couldn’t help laughing. However, then I realized, for the actors in scenes like these , socks do serve a purpose. IRL when a person’s legs are paralyzed, depending on the extent of injury, the legs and feet muscles atrophy (shrink) becoming week or useless, without some form of stimulation

So unless the actor has the time and luxury to research this, like Daniel Day-Lewis in the movie “My Left Foot”, performers like Rebecca Budig must conceal their wonderfully toned physics with socks and sweat suits.

Now, for what I thought was absolutely horrendous: David yanking away Greenlee’s walker!!! :-( For any one who has used mobility aids (wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, etc.) These become a part of one’s personal space, not to be messed with!!! At the very least taking away someone’s walker, etc. is rude. At worst, irl, it’s dangerous!!!

Closely related to the notion of forcibly taking away equipment, is the idea that yelling at the person is essential to help them ‘miraculously’ become mobile. Give me a flippin’ break---Severely stressing someone out, by in large, has he reverse effect. The person becomes nervous which pretty much impedes any progress.

All of this said, I did think, part of RB’s interpretation was positive. At one point, Greenlee did appear to break a sweat, as she struggled to take her first few difficult steps, on her own, using the walker, without David's 'help'.


jason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jason said...

RIP James Mitchell. Thank you for the many years you gave us as Palmer.

Brian said...

I'm confused about the head writer situation. Chuck Pratt was presumably fired on Nov 21st. We were then told that they had just filmed the 40th anniversary. So these episodes that are currently airing are post Pratt. So when do we expect his storylines to fade out?

One of the reasons I ask is because I actually liked Fridays episode. Not only did Adam hand out the Trust requirements, but it also ended on a cliffhanger! You read that right! A cliffhanger... on a Friday! I couldn't believe it.

I must say I enjoy the Trust idea. It's AMC's way of keeping Adam on the show even after his departure. Kinda like when Phoebe died and she banned Jamie from marrying Babe.

And does anyone miss Alexa as Babe still? I would have taken her over Greenlee.

Steffi (Ms.Anonymous) said...

I flove Alexa, hated Babe. Or is it Arabella, either way I hated that character as soon as that baby SL came and then she went to was a bunch of argh!

RIP Palmer, you old coot. :(

Now on the show.

Pls. I'm begging them not to pair Colby w/ Damon. If anything they should bring back Petey (recasted) or Dre, since they were close to Colby in her teens.

Surprised that Ryan's character is getting watchable and very surprised how natural the chemistry is between Stephanie and Cameron.

Marissa needs to go, my god just go away. No offense Brittany Allen b/c she can act but your character is basura. (trash)

Scott needs a SL.

Tad & Liza were fun to watch, nice to see some more natural chemistry/fun romance.

Greenlee, needs to walk already but I love that reaction she had to seeing La Kane on the tube.

I was thinking about this, how much more chemistry does JR & Annie have than he does w/ Marissa, and he has more w/ the Colby than both of them. Someone at AMC screwed up there. My god ever heard of screen testing....before casting. AND LET JACOB GROW HIS HAIR BACK ALREADY! This is fucking ridiculous what he's had to do for this SL & and it's not even a good SL.

It was a good epi. suprisingly to me and Jake/Amanduh wasn't on! HALLELUJAH! FOR THAT ALONE...improvement. Unfortunately it won't be consistant.

OLTL, FINALLY! Starr and Dani meet, I loved thier talk about who Todd is, and Cole sold that reaction to her talking about what happened to his mom. Ford & Langston another HIT! YES! that's how you play seduction on soaps. GOD how hot is OLTL really I mean really, it needs more viewers, ppl tell your gfs, watch this show, aside from the murder SLs it has so much more.

Mel Got Served said...

I'm still voting they bring back Sean Montgomery for Colby. I can't even remember why they got rid of him. Bring back Sean and Jackson, then Greenlee has an actual family and some ties to PV besides Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Sean cheated on that Colby w/ Zach's ex. wife, his character was boring too.

Mel Got Served said...

But they re-wrote Sean to be boring. He and Colby were both bad seeds and then both were written to be kinda saintly (until Sean banged Hannah- I forgot that was basically why he left). I think they could bring him back with an edge or at least a maturity that could help him out somehow. I'd rather have a character with true ties to Pine Valley then these random write ins like Damon or Dre. And while Dre was nice on the eyes, he was a really dull character too.

Michael said...

When a great soap actor dies, we mourn twice. First, we mourn for the man, but also we grieve for the character. James Mitchell was a remarkable, accomplished, and incredibly talented actor, teacher and dancer. Palmer Cortland was one of the greatest characters in the history of daytime. I am sad the world has lost this great man and these two souls. I will miss them both.

Terry in Toronto said...

Congrats on your one year Ms Casey Shameless!

Shadow said...

Congrats Casey. You're an inspiration. That's hard work and I hope the effort continues to fill your life with joy and fulfillment.

Amphitrion, thoughtful as always, you expressed my sentiment perfectly. What a fitting way to eulogize this great man. For 30 years he entertained me. I've benn mulling over the great stories he was in on amc. Always messing with Cliff and Nina and Rad and Dixie. When he was married to Natalie and Nat had an affair with Ross. Nina finding out that Myra was her grandmother and Monique was her mother Daisy. His sweetness with Erica and Bianca. His bitter rivalry with Adam over the years.

Brian, Pratt was fired but amc had taped way ahead of schedule to accomodate the move. The 40th was taped in NY. Pratts stories are still playing out but we're nearing the end. I think the breakdown writing is getting better as Pratts involvement has diminished. LoBrow has been focusing on the new transition stories.

The reactions to the new writers seem mixed don't they. Hard to judge. Apparently he was ok until Ellen Wheeler screwed the pooch at GL. She worked with Agnes. Then again so did McTavish. I just hope LoBrow sticks around in some capacity. With her around they all may have a chance. So many great people out there. They could have chosen somebody with a stellar rep rather than these two. Maybe they are talented but they're coming off two canceled shows. Why spend the money promoting the heck outta amc and then bring that criticism on. You gotta question Frons judgment. I'm scratching my head over this pick, but crossing my fingers. It certainly can't get any worse.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Shadow said...

oh yeah, did you guys see Taylor Gildersleeve's (ex-Sidney) publicity photo for OLTL? She was a turd of an actress on amc so I can't imagine why OLTL would cast her but I will say this: Dang, she got hot! Check her out over at Pine Valley Bulletin.

Steffi (Ms.Anonymous) said...

From what I remembered she played that little annoying bitch role perfectly. She pissed ppl off into liking Colby. BTW she's 18 now. When she started on AMC she was 16 but was also commited into beauty pageants. That's a Miss NYC teen USA for any of you guys that care of that.

Mel, I remember Sean, kid was boring. Colby made him interesting aside from that his chemistry w/ Lily was horrible, and Jackson was near nonexistant.

Steffi (Ms.Anonymous) said...

With that said they let Sean go at the wrong time, this is how we know AMC didn't have an idea of how to write anything. A good writer would have made Sean not only a bad seed but lie about it not get caught snd become jealous of Dre & Colby's friendship, that would have made for an interesting triangle, instead they decided miss I can't act for shit Yaya DeCosta, and they paired her w/ Dre, you want to talk about an interesting guy who's SL was written, look no farther then Dre Woods, he was suppose to be Colby's love interest, w/ baggage, his father was suppose to be an ass and Adam was suppose to hate him.

Enter Petey and they wrote Dre into like this cool kid that fed off Colby rubbing her coolness at geeky Cortlandt, it just was horrible writing, Petey and Colby should have never been, Sean should have rivaled Dre. And Corrina was suppose to be more than just a nanny prop, unfortunately someone decided she wasn't more interesting that Cass..god I'm glad Cass is gone.

Steffi (Ms.Anonymous) said...

With that said they let Sean go at the wrong time, this is how we know AMC didn't have an idea of how to write anything. A good writer would have made Sean not only a bad seed but lie about it not get caught and become jealous of Dre & Colby's growing friendship, that would have made for an interesting triangle.

Instead they decided to bring miss I can't act for shit and I look even worse for this role Yaya DeCosta , they paired her w/ Dre, you want to talk about an interesting guy who's SL was rewritten? look no farther than Dre Woods, he was suppose to be Colby's love interest, w/ baggage, his father was suppose to be an ass and Adam was suppose to hate him.

Enter Petey and they wrote Dre into like this cool kid that fed off Colby rubbing her coolness at geeky Cortland, it just was horrible writing, Petey and Colby should have never been, Sean should have rivaled Dre. And Corrina was suppose to be more than just a nanny prop, unfortunately someone decided she wasn't more interesting than Cass..god I'm glad Cass is gone.

Sorry I had to re-write this, atleast unlike AMC I try.

brtedi said...

"Marissa needs to go"

Not to be critical of the actress (I hate to bash actors) But can't they just write her off--somehow.

And while I'm at it, couldn't we all get selective amnesia, reguarding that butt ugly blue dress the actress wore on Friday?

Someone above mentioned Alexa Havens--Ah, if she'd only return as "Babe" or any other character for that matter.

Alot of the time I was luke warm reguarding the character "Babe". She wasn't always the sharpest crayon in the box. But, I did enjoy seeing Collin Egglesfield on screen with her. No mater how over the top Babe's storylines got. I thought AH made lemons out of lemonade.

I think, what made me a fan of hers, initially, was her guest appearance on "I Wanna Be A Soap Star"--She really gave Alec Musser excellent advice/guidance. Personally, I think, he won because of her.


discodan said...

Hey guys
Shadow told me that you guys were talkin a lot of GH in here lately, and you all know that GH is my baby lol. I've been super duper busy with school that I havent had a chance to come in and talk soaps with my PVP family.
One quick note: my opinion on the 40th anniversary episode.
I can understand Pratt's reasoning for choosing the documentary style episode. He doesn't know the history of the older characters and doesn't know how to interweave them into the current canvas to celebrate the majesty of Pine Valley. It's lazy, but at least it's honest. And as much as I'm bagging on the episode, segmenting with topics like love and family and hope and home, gave me goose bumps hearing them talk about it because i felt that despite the words on the page, each actors was really telling the camera what All My Children meant to them and I was satisfied. I however, was so aggravated that Erica didn't even mention Josh at all in anything...ESPECIALLY HER CHILDREN! I WAS LITERALLY THROWING THINGS IN MY HOUSE! I WAS HOME ON BREAK AT THE TIME AND MY MOM TEASED ME ABOUT IT FOR TWO WEEKS! I WAS THAT UPSET! Anyways, really really loved Mateo and Maria... so talented. It's nice to see Brooke, even though I was never a huge fan (But I'm glad she's coming back for a second run...). Palmer.... tears ran down my face seeing that man tease Opal and Adam, and talk about how nobody leaves Pine Valley... at least not for good lol.... (RIP James Mitchell.... you are a gift and we will miss you more than you will ever truly know). Hayley was doing some facial aerobics in her acting that was so distracting lol... idk about her, but it was nice to see her. AND AS MUCH AS EVERYONE MAKES A BIG DEAL ABOUT LAURENCE LAU'S CHEEZY PERFORMANCE, HE WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE PARTS OF THE EXPERIENCE, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THIS EPISODE WAS. AN EXPERIENCE. EXPERIENCE THE HISTORY. EXPERIENCE THE PAST. EXPERIENCE THE PRESENT. PRESS ON FOR THE FUTURE. THE YOUNG AND THE OLD. THE RICH AND THE POOR. IN JOY AND IN SORROW. IN TRAGEDY AND IN TRIUMPH. YOU ARE ALL MY CHILDREN AND YOU SHOULD BE DAMN PROUD OF IT, WHICH IS WHY IM GOING TO TAKE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE TOWARDS THIS SHOW FROM NOW ON REGARDLESS OF THE QUALITY. I LOVE IT TOO MUCH TO BE NEGATIVE. Anyways, Lily was also great, but they should've had more of her. Jake had a few good inspiring words that I also liked. Overall, Pratt was lazy, but the heart is still beating and hope is coming, so smile though your heart is aching.

discodan said...

Anyways, onto the real reason why I'm hear..... GH! Anyone catch the newest promo? They might as well give Maurice Bernard the Lead Actor Emmy right now, because he's been so good all year. First Claudia's birthday party, and now this.... he's so powerful. The show itself has been excellent lately. Dante and Lulu are torn and in love but cant be. Liz is finally about to be called out on the whore that they've written her into, despite the fact that SHE WOULD NEVER EVER EVER EVER SLEEP WITH NIKOLAS! THIS IS DUMB! THAT'S HER BROTHER IN LAW!!!!!!! Oh well.... as good as Jonathan Jackson has been lately as Lucky, I keep feeling that they are ignoring all of the Greg Vaughan years where the character matured as a man, a father, and a cop, because as much of a mistake that people seem to make his career choice out to be, it's already been made and undoing it would be a discredit to where the character is today. Spinelli and Maxie need to stop being the angsty couple, and Maxie needs to learn to keep her damn legs closed. Ethan and Kristina... as much an age gap that fans keep clammering about... they have chemistry... I love both characters, and I hate Keifer. He pretty much needs a bullet in his chest for beating Kristina repeatedly. Snooki told me to tell you that it's never okay buddy. Love the Quartermaine action lately and FINALLY IM SO EXCITED THAT THEY ARE BRINGING BACK SOME OF THE WARD FAMILY!!!!! (...even though these characters technically shouldn't exist according to the familly tree and logic... but now Guza is really really regretting killing Justus so I guess it will slide). Michael's being a punk and that needs to stop. He needs to being dealing with teenage problems and not the mob. duh lol. Can't wait for the big Cassadine storyline coming... Helena is the baddest villain of all time (Mitch Laurence is #2. Forever and Always).

So this was a long note lol
but I gotta go to sleep
follow me on twitter at discodan42. i talk soaps there lots lol

discodan said...

Proof in the Emmy win

Ashley said...

CaseyShameless, you rock. 1 year clean and sober is HUGE. I just hit 16 years in November (alcohol was my drug of choice). It gets easier every year, believe me. You can do it! Life is SO much better without it. I love waking up in the morning now, seriously.

You ever feel out of it, you drop me a line at



Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Wow, 16 years. That is truly inspiring Ashley. I can’t even imagine being 16 years clean and sober, but I am going to try my hardest to get there! Everyone says that the first year is the hardest and I can honestly say that it has been, but with each day, it does get better and I am looking forward to being in the position you are in, living a fulfilling life without drugs and alcohol. Thank you for sharing with me that you are also in recovery, it gives me even more hope.
I also want to thank everyone here at the PVP for all your kind words and encouragement. It really does mean a lot.

Moving on to what we are really here to talk about… lol
Discodan, I am loving GH right now! It is the only soap I truly look forward to watching on a weekly basis (Y&R is working it’s way back up there now that Victor is back). Maurice Bernard is a powerhouse. I swear there is nothing that man can't pull off. Even when I should hate Sonny, I love him because of his acting. Wonderful! Anyway, Ethan definitely needs to kick Keifer’s ass and then hook up with Kristina. I am totally for the Kristina/ Ethan pairing. Although, there is an age difference I think they have good chemistry and it would be awesome to have Luke’s and Sonny’s kids hook up lol. Also, (I am alone in this, I know) I am really liking the “Niz” pairing. I don’t know, I think they are just hot together and this conflict has given Jonathan Jackson some great material to work with. Although, I do agree with you about them erasing all the progress the character made when Greg Vaughn was playing Lucky. But besides that, I am really liking that S/L, especially now that Luke and Lucky are starting to bond.

As for AMC, here are some random thoughts I had while watching this week's shows...
Stupid. Dumb. MCE kills it. What the hell kind of surgery has Greenlee walking in a week? What a dumb ass mug. I liked Opal and Erica’s scenes. Jake and Amanda are annoying now. When the hell is LoBro’s writing starting? Why was Rebecca Budig wearing the same thing on the show that she wore on the View? I miss Alicia.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Ashley,

I listened to the podcast and then I watched OLTL and Marco was all over Langston like white on rice! I guess he heard you and got over his sore muscles.

love me some OLTL.

Love me some PVP.

Whole lotta love going on in the afternoon and it's not just teens. Can't wait for Vicki to use her womanly wiles to get Charlie back on the wagon. LOL.

Ashley said...

Ms. Casey -

I hesitated to give you my actual number, because I thought it might seem daunting to you, being in your first year (which IS the hardest, believe me). Please know that I gave you my number onlyt to let you know that there are others out there just like you in recovery. And while we're at different points on the "rope" of recovery, we're all on the same rope.

Congrats again! Abrazos!!!


DancingElf88 said...

Casey congratulations on 1 year sober.
RIP to James Mitchell. Caught up on OLTL yesterday and still so hot.
I loved the Starr/Dani meeting and that Ford just keeps getting hotter and hotter. John Mcbain still bores the ba-jeezus out of me and he and Natalie are torture for me.

I hope Marty gets more of a storyline soon. And more Brody and Jessica! I'm missing my Layla. That's one of my very few gripes with OLTL. Where the eff is Layla?

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Honestly Ashley, I appreciate the fact that you told me your number. Although it is a far reach from where I am, it gives me comfort to know that someone like you has gotten through the rough stages of recovery and has lived to tell the tale, let alone have a happy family and life. It sort of gives me something to look forward to, like I know that one-day I too will have a family that makes me happy and that all this mess will be a distant memory. Not completely forgotten, but not something that runs my day-to-day life. Again, I really can’t thank you enough. Every story about recovery I hear only gives me hope.

Crystal said...

brtedi, YES they could write Marissa off.
1. The only reason we 'know' she is Babe's twin is that after Krystal had the babies and placed eBabe in adoption she did some investigating and found her stalked the parents into being her friend etc. I don't know about you but, I don't have much faith in Krystal's sleuthing skills. Especially when she was like 19 or whatever.
2.So they can make Marissa NOT her kid and now you have a missing twin.
3. Bring back Alexa as Babe's twin. DONE

brtedi said...

As I type, I have Monday's AMC on in the next room. Today it was said, "Annie" would inherit 1/3 of "Adam's" estate, once he kicked the bucket...Wouldn't she inheret 50% of everything, or am I confusing inheritance laws with community property laws (say, in California)? Does anybody know about this?


brtedi said...

Ooooow, Crystal! I like the way you think! :-D --After all, this is a soap, and original cast members can, and do, come back to their original roles don't they? I think, you're on to something. As a teen mom, the entire thing could be explained by Kwark not having her act totally together---Opps! Ebabe was really Kwark's, child afterall!--If something like this was written, I think, fans would be very forgiving, overlooking past writing-imho.


Shadow said...

I haven't watched in a few days. Is Pratt still showing in the credits? I had to rework the avatar to protest his continued airtime.


OLTL FREAK said...

To any Gh fans in the room , if you have not watched it today you really need too

Jonathan Jackson has given his emmy winny performance today he was freaking awesome

I am loving the relationship between Starr and Dani their scenes have been great and they were even better today

OLTL was really good today it could have been Natalie if somehow Natalie was the one that was kidnapped

oltl freak said...

i meant ....winning

Crystal said...

I seriously did not need to see JaLu's black lacey panties again. shudder I was having flashbacks to the card table with Zach.

Anonymous said...

Crystal, you are a genius! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes make it happen!!

I enjoyed Adam and Annie today. Adam turning the will into a romantic gesture... loved it. Plus, the twist with Scott sets up the inevitable love affair that I am so looking forward to!

Heard (spoiler alert!) on another blog that a Randi/Frankie/Madison love triangle isn't being ruled out. I have been praying for this!!! They should've done it long ago, had Madison be the murderer of her husband and have Frankie find out and not care because he loves her so... That storyline is history, but Frankie and Madison still has sizzling potential if you ask me. Kick Randi off the show in the process and I'm in heaven!!

Love to all the bloggers,
Becky :)

brtedi said...

A question/observation reguarding Scott monitoring Annie's love life, if Adam were to die--

Isn't that a littlle like a fox 'monitoring' the hen house? --LOL!


Steffi (Ms.Anonymous) said...

Anonymous, I don't feel the chemistry at all w/ Madison/Frankie, to be honest I felt it more w/ her and Ryan of all ppl. They had hot chemistry w/o even looking at each other. With Frankie I just think that wouldn't fall into the kind of guy he is, and really it's most likely him black her white that has you there, we know she's not going to stay paired w/ him Madison is too interesting a character and why would the Hubbard's take her in favor over Randi? I can't think of one reason, well unless Pratt's last deed to AMC is to ruin him & Hubbards more.

Crystal, I'd so go for that, I realize now how much I miss Alexa, this girl is a good actress but does absolutely nothing for me.

Jake/Amanda are BEYOND BORING! that's all I can say about them, besides them not even making sense for each other.

The Chandler clan was fun to watch, get ready, get set Damon will be paired w/ Colby, starting the same problem we had w/ Petey, she had no options and now this guy has a kid, btw he's clearly Mateo/Hayley's 1/2 son, not even a little mystery by this show, they just give away the plots. And pair ppl up w/ no options or drama.

OLTL Ford is my man candy, my gawd he is too hot for words to describe, him and Langston was ridiculously sexy to watch, again that's how you do seduction. Amazing how Starr's mom jumped in there too. Langston has to be like the only soap teen written correctly on television.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Okay at work so can't be on long. Caseyshamless I'm so proud of you. One day at a time. Just know that you are not alone and you have a community here that is behind and I personaly will be here for you here and on facebook once I get a new computer ( hopefully soon).

Miss you all and it hurts not to be able to communicate with you the way I use to.

R.I.P. James Mitchell. You have given us so much years of entertainment.

Okay it was not a fluke. Last nigth was the second episode of the CW's Life Unexpected and I was blown away with this show. I don't even want Gossip Girl to come back. I like Monday night just the way it is now. OTH and LU.

Just like I said history was made on GH. J.J. is a male Diva. Just like Brooke finding out Laura got hit by a car, Karen Wolke confessing on the stand and Reva in the Fountain. Lucky tearing into Liz and Nicholas was beyond outstanding. Jonathan Jackson is a true actor and one of the best actors ever. He was able to show not just Lucky's rage but the hurt and the love that was betrayed.

Debbie Morgan was qouted on Welove as saying the new writers L.B. material is notciable because she finds herself wnatign to know what happens next. So there is hope.
Love you all miss you all

Arizonagal said...

As much as I am totally SICK of Ryan Effin' Lamery (thank you whoever invented that one) I agree with posters who said put Ryan and Madison together. Lets face it, Cameron Mathison is not going anywhere, he's found his meal ticket, and other than game show hosting, this is it, AMC is his gig.

Recycling another Ryan/Greenlee "romance" just makes my skin crawl. I hate those two together, it's beyond toxic. It's time for some fresh relationships. Time for Ryan and Greenlee to tap some strange.

This icky cougar relationship with Ryan and Eek is also way creepy. This antiseptic fragile victorian sex is just not sexy at all. Watch out Looch, don't break a hip having sex on that hard floor and don't let that bottle of astroglide roll too far away.

As far as cougars go, I always find myself comparing Erika with Blair and know what? No comparison. Blair last night, grabbing Ford and planting one on him. Damn, could you ever see Erica doing that? I love Blair's confidence with men. No hair tossing, no primping and prissing about. She is all woman and Eek is still acting like a teenager.

Oh and how about Langston! Feeling bad for Marko but loving Langston's raging hormones. Great story.

brtedi said...

FYI: The latex band Rebecca Budig used is a ligitimate rehab product,found in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and physical theraphy establishments. Thera Band comes in large rolls. you cut to the lenght you need. The lighter the color, the less resistence. Yellow is the easist. Black is really tough, for most people. With the lime green one RB was using, trust me, she wasn't straining herself. LOL!


Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Guys, Palmer's gone! I just saw his obituary in the New York Times

I knew this was going to happen sooner rather than later but it still makes me so sad. I started watching AMC when Palmer was in his heyday back in the eighties.

RIP James Mitchell.

OLTL FREAK said...

Jerry Ver Dorn and Amanda Setton have the most amazing chemistry

How hot were those scenes yesterday for some reason I felt like I shouldn't be watching but I couldn't stop

I so hope those two gorw to really love wach other they are a super couple in the making

DancingElf88 said...

I want Kim and Clint together too. They do have crazy hot chemistry and I want them together. I loved how yesterday at the end everyone was in the same room. OLTL does the best music montages.

Shadow said...

Idol Observations...

Apparently, Avril really IS stupid.

I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt this season, but Kara is no Paula. Kara bugged me last year and she strikes me as an imbecile this year. At least Paula could blame it on the painkillers.

Best LODs: Katy to Kara: (1) this isn't a Lifetime movie. (2) Is she talking to a puppy?

jason said...

Ugly Betty has been canceled. =(. Can't say I'm surprised. At least ABC is giving the show time to wrap up and have a proper series final.

I missed Paula for about five minutes. I like Kara, though sometimes she tries a bit hard.

Anonymous said...

OMG did anyone else find today's episode compelling from beginning to end?

Is something wrong with me??

All the sudden Colby's interesting?! Maybe it's the Chandler Mansion library and bedroom that we haven't seen in a million years that I find so compelling. That, and Annie and Scott eavesdropping in the hallway. Yes, they scened in the hallway!

Jeez, Krystal and Tad was even decent. Ms. Bobbi Eakes, are you back?

Natalia and Brot, loved it for the first time.

Even Former Melrose Place Star Jamie Luner (love that name the best, still) worked up some chemistry with Jesse. (Didn't she? Am I crazy?)

And, stop the presses!, I didn't fast forward over Damon, and I didn't regret it.

All this and more on Wednesday's All My Children.

Anyone? Anyone?

Becky :)

Crystal said...

Becky, I am with you. I hardly FF'd at all!

I think we will all be happy with increases in sets. I hadn't realized how restricted PV had become.
However, if I never see the Pine Cone Motel again it will be too soon!!! It was cute in the old Ryan/Kendall days but I am so over it now. I have never met anyone who lived in a motel/hotel/yacht club IRL.
Just sayin'.

Arizonagal said...

Becky the show is indeed improving - gotta knock me some wood here - and I too am finding JaLu almost appealing. As Ashley said recently, if she was anyone other than Liza, she'd be just fine. Well, I hate to say it, but I'm starting to buy her as Liza and I like her chemistry with Tad. She's an odd duck. She's no Marcy Walker, but she has her own appeal and she gives Tad something to do.

Anyone know when Brooke is coming back? Did I hear Adam say that the new intern, that Archibald guy, is related to Brooke?

Colby look hot marching around in that clingy little dress. I like this Colby, she can act too. Lest we all doubt she's an improvement, close your eyes for a moment and remember Ms. B MonGrief. Ouch, that was mean. I'm sure BM is a really nice, smart girl.

I'm on the fence about Damon, not sure I like the actor and definitely don't like the character. I fail to see the usefulness of the Bailey/Damon team.

I was so glad when Brot called Nagtalia on her bitching and moaning. It was really getting to me too! Enough already. I know she's a dedicated cop but this is ridic and annoying.

Is this a new Stuart baby? Too cute!

Bxgal said...



Also, Lady Gaga was amazing at Radio City.

brtedi said...

Hi, AZgal! :-)

You made some excellent points--I'd like to chime in on a couple of them.

"baby Stewart" makes "Bailey" watchable. Both babies in the role were/are adorable!I just knew every time the camera was on the original, that baby had a grin just waiting to happen...See my point about Bailey?--Never cared about her, she was just a way to get those babies on screen.

Taking my notion about Bailey one step further, maybe Bailey is a mere means to move along the plot with Damon and Colby. At this point, Bailey won't believe Damon isn't the serial thief. Those two break up. Damon and Colby (eventually) fall for each other. Naturally, after an extended period of hiding out in her room.

On top of that, Damon will appeal to Colby, if for no other reason than he's the polar opposite of that ivy league senior classman Adam hand picked as her potential suitor. Damon, as the storyline progresses (if the new writers don't change it, that is) is poised to become the next 'bad buy with a heart of gold', imho.

On to Natalia: If she whined anymore I thought my ears would bleed--LOL! Who promoted her as Pine Valley's answer to Kojack or Columbo??? Arrrg! She doesn't need to be on site, for every case--24/7She thinks she's Cagney and Lacy rolled into one! GMAB! Everybody has days off---


Anonymous said...

As excited as I am to have Greenlee out of the hospital and back in PV pissing people off, I am not looking forward to her getting back together with Ryan. What I would LOVE is to have her hook up with Scott. He's the reason she came to Pine Valley in the 1st place, right? And I imagine they would have some fierce chemistry. This would also make Annie jealous & maybe let the crazy out more often to play.


Arizonagal said...

OMG how did I miss Greenlee and Scott, that would be hot hot hot. And it would piss of scores of people, most of all Annie and Ryan. Erica would be jumping for joy. I love it.

brtedi said...

Usually, I think, Susan Lucci has great taste in wordrobe, when it comes to "Erica" But, on Friday's show---Did anyone else think her white frilly/fluffy dress was reminisent of the "swan dress" worn by the performer Bork at the grammys a few years ago?


Shadow said...

OMG will she or won't she turn the doorknob? What if it's too slippery? I hate it when that happens. Oh Chuck Pratt you are the master of suspense!

Hey, I hope nobody trips over poor Taylor's remains in the restroom stall at ConFusion. Have we seen her since her unfortunate pee during the Dance-a-thon?

Shadow said...

Starting to dig JaLu. She's perking up and good with Tad.

Greenlee and Scott? YES! They should go at it like porn stars!! Ryan and Madison have possibilities too IMO. Kwak is looking better. I like her with the architect. So nice to have some fresh genitalia in town!

I'm on painkillers btw.

Mel Got Served said...

Found this article on EW toda. It's Agnes Nixon talking about AMC's move west, GL and ATWT's cancellation, and the future of OLTL.

Anonymous said...

Jen, Greenlee and Scott would be incredible! Ooh...

I agree with the prevailing opinion that Madison has chemistry with Ryan, but I like the actress and don't want to see her sucked into the Ryan Lamery vortex. I'd rather her be put with Frankie, forcing Randi off my show.

So glad AMC is getting better!

Becky :)

jason said...

I actually watched Friday's episode and it was good! I'm not behind Erica/Ryass, I don't give a shit about this Damon guy and Randi is still on, but the show was watchable. I'm actually excited for Monday's episode, based on the cliffhanger. Though being a long time Soap watcher, chances are something will stop Greenlee from opening the door. I think Pratt-Hole is out!

Anonymous said...

Still better than Pratt-hole, and Randi is getting better. Under Pratt Erica would have a gun loaded on the other side of that door pointing.

brtedi said...

Has the show one high def, yet? It Or is it just the way it's being recorded? The scenes look 'crisper', somehow....


Mel Got Served said...

Brtedi, I believe I read tomorrow is the 1st day in HD.

brtedi said...

Thanks. mel! :-)

Melissa said...

The Damon / Colby storyline reminds me of a much less entertaining Erica and Jeremy (when he crawled through her window). I'll take anyone over Bailey, although Damon doesn't look like a real person - maybe is's the makeup, but he looks like a wax figurine.

Arizonagal, you are totally right on about Blair's sexual fierceness vs Erica's giggling pre-teen sexuality, and I so agree about the OLTL / AMC comparisons. That said, I am enjoying AMC a little more recently. Annie is flawless as a spoiled brat. Flawless! Okay, other than that, I'm still unimpressed. The teen characters are ridiculous. I watch them and then watch the rich acting and writing of the teens on OLTL, and I can't believe the difference. Madison is so boring, it's silly. WTF? You spend two nights at the Miranda center, and every bitchy, conniving, insane part of you morphs into a stepford wife? That's some counseling they've got there. I guess TPTB felt that the vaccuum left by Blandie needed filling. Yawn.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Dare I say, I actually liked AMC today. Rebecca Budig killed it, in my opinion. I like that she is having all her scenes with David. Those two interacting has been long over due.

However, it has been a little annoying because you can tell the difference between scenes shot in NYC and LA, but whatever. Now I'm just waiting patiently for HD to kick in and Charles Pratt Jr.'s name to be off my screen- I can't believe it's only days away lol.

brtedi said...

Is it just me, or does it seem Rebecca Budig is having more fun,now, than during Greenlee's last go round with Aiden Devane? ;-) Ryan fan or not, I'm ready to see Greens start kickin' butt and takin' names! :-D

Steffi (Ms.Anonymous) said...

Is it me or did Opal leave Jenny and Kathy home alone? and Amanda just up'd and left Trevor in the apt. home alone. AMC has like the worst parental figures ever. Oh Jake has no life aside from David Heyward and who the hell do these four bafoons think they are forcing anybody out of town?

Arizonagal said...

Hi bloggers, my mom died on sunday after a hell of a two year battle. This week has been frantic with the business end of death. I'm not writing an obit here, just felt like letting you all know because if something serious happened in your lives, I'd want to know about it! Sending you all big hugs because this is one of the most caring, real places I go on the internet.

I just want to add something about hospice. It rules! My mom spent the last day of her life surrounded by family and friends and a wonderful hospice staff. As death goes, it could not have been any better, more peaceful, more perfect. My best memory is when we decided to say a Hail Mary prayer while we all layed hands on her. A room full of lapsed Catholics could not remember the prayer but thanks to the hospice family rooms we were able to google and print.

Mel Got Served said...

Big hug, Arizonagal! We're all here for you :)

jason said...

As Jordan would say ONE LIFE TO LOVE WAS HOT TODAY! Tomorrow needs to be here I can see what happens next!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I'm sorry for your lose Arizonagal, but it sounds like your Mom was surrounded by loved ones at her time of passing and she is in a better place now .

Like Mel, said we are all here for you!

jason said...

Arizonagal sorry for you lost, but I'm happy your mother had a room full of family with her. Thank God for Google, I'm surprised I still know the Hail Mary prayer.
This is why I love the PVP community, because we talk about our favorite TV shows, but we also share parts of our personal life here. =)

Crystal said...

Arizonagal, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. 8( I know what you mean about the hospice. The workers are truly special people.

Anonymous said...

Arizonagal, I'm sorry for your loss.

brtedi said...

AZgal--Hospice (and the people that work in it) can be an absolute blessing to both the client/patient and family members.

As far as the grief process goes, there is no timetable. Don't let any one rush you, in terms of any major decision making, or tell you how you should feel. Do what feels right for you, whatever that may be.

Loosing someone you love isn't something you 'get over'. Anybody who says that, even with the best of intentions, hasn't been where you are. Your loss is something you (eventually) learn you live with... You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Mel Got Served said...

This is going to be a sad Thursday. Frances Reid, portrayer of the iconic Days of our Life matriarch Alice Horton, has passed at 95. This is one of the saddest celebrity deaths for me. I always felt like Alice was a 3rd grandmother. I remember thinking our Christmas ornaments at my grandparents house with our names on them were just like the Horton/Brady tree. So sad. She will be missed immensely.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Arizonagal, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

I miss being able to talk to you all.

Hopefully soon. At work but have not been able to read all the post.

Just know that a new computer is on it's way and once it is all set up I will be able to be with you guys again.


LOST is still amazing to me.

IDOL is a hot mess. So glad Heather Long Boobs shouted it out on Cheslea Latley.

The Deep end is not getting better.

AMC is slightly not as horrendous as it has been but enough when is Pratt's reign over. Even Marvel Comics has ended their Dark Reign.

tlz said...

How much longer until Pratt's name is not in the credits? I keep watching the first few minutes of the show every day looking to see is his name is off. It seems like an eternity ago since he was fired. Shouldn't be like any day now? I'm getting very impatient.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

General Hospital is really on top of it's game right now.. If you aren't watching it, you should definitely check it out because it is brilliant.

Terry in Toronto said...

Sorry for your loss Arizona Gal. What a gift that you were able to lovingly share your mom's goodbye journey with family friends in such a supportive environment.