Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Show!

It's a New Year, and (let's hope) a new show for our All My Children.

We've taped a new podcast for you, our beloved listeners, marking the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. We haven't watched much, we admit, but we'll be watching this year, the 40th year of All My Children, and the first year back for our beloved Lorraine Broderick.

We hope you'll stick with us as we attempt to keep our own little show going - babies, unemployment, ghetto neighborhoods - and we promise to (try to) watch again. And why wouldn't we? There's much - finally - to look forward to.

So pop the cap on the malt liquor, kick up those hootchie heels, and join the fun. And, oh yeah! Don't forget to leave those ass-toot comments of yours here.

12/25/09 Podcast


Anonymous said...

I tried to click on link to Podcast and it says page not found

Anonymous said...

The link to Podcast is now working. Can't wait to listen to it.

Miss Pasty Honey said...

I can't wait to listen. I sure hope it's mostly AMC stuff.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

New podcast for the new year! Yes!!

Happy New Year to everyone here at the PVP family, especially you Ashley and Jordan! Seriously, I want to thank you both for continuing to put up a podcast free of charge (but for future reference I would totally pay to hear you guys' ass toot commentary).

This podcast was one of the most entertaining ones I have ever heard. You guys should record in the car more often because hearing about everything going on around you in the neighborhood was HYSTERICAL!

Moving on, speaking of BBC America, does anyone here watch SKINS? It's a drama about teens in Bristol, England and let me tell you it is AMAZING (especially the first two seasons). If you have a chance to check it out you definitely should, especially you Jordan, because it is like Gossip Girl, but with balls. lol

Totally agree about Franco on GH. I am over the story line. I have now begun fast forwarding through his scenes. He just isn't bringing anything to the table.

Umm well, AMC.. The dialogue has been better, which is good. I'm looking forward to the 40th anniversary show. I'm going to miss Alicia. I'm happy Rebecca is back (although I might be the only one lol). I can't wait till Pratt is gone! And that is basically all I have to say about it at this point.
Actually, one more thing, I totally agree about them recasting Kendall (and even Bianca if need be). Erica needs her daughters. There needs to be the "Kane Women" running around Pine Valley. Without them, the show would be missing a much too integral part.

Well, I'll stop rambling now. Can't wait to hear what you guys think of the 40th Ann. show!

Terry in Toronto said...

Happy New Year Ashley & Jordan and everyone in the PVP family!

I'm so excited for a new podcast. Looking forward to exciting adventures in Pine Valley and Llanview this year. Maybe I'll have to start watching AMC again.

Health and happiness one and all.

Ashley said...

Miss Pasty Honey - so great having a new voice on the PVP blog!

I hope you're not too disappointed - Jordan and I didn't talk about AMC hardly at all. We're having a hard time watchng the Pratt material.

But we PROMISE - we WILL be watching the 40th Anniversary. We can't wait!

Thanks for listening!

Ash :)

robynlicious said...

Can't wait to listen! I've been anxiously waiting for a new podcast!

Anonymous said...

Finally heard the podcast! Happy New Year, up your new years Pratt.

I so agree w/ Ashley, I'd go the other way for Chrishell but her pairing w/ Jake so turns me off, they just do nothing for me. We had her w/ Jamie, Jonathan JR, almost Josh...but Jake annoys me, I still don't get thier union & really I pray for the end of that RL, as for Ryan, you & Madison, trust me it works, you'll bond through craziness and it'll give us Madison vs Greenlee or Madison vs Annie...Oh gawd this is so needed.

P.S. your in LA bring back Sterling's (Dre Woods) for Colby.

Shadow said...

There hasn't been much to talk about on AMC. Aidan's freak out was a waste to kill time pending the move. Out of respect for his tenure he deserved a more sensible send off. It was pitiful watching him whimper goodbye to Kendall. And the Zendall thing? Pratt destroyed them, & we all need a break.

I don’t see the point of debating AMC until after the anniversary when Pratt's schtick starts to wane & Lorraine's storylines begin to surface. I hope AMC ratings go thru the roof this week. Kelly Ripa has worked hard to promote her appearance. Hopefully she’ll deliver her audience & people will tune in for Brooke. Back in the show's heyday there were several strong matriarchs whose voices set the tone-Phoebe Ruth Mona & Myrtle. Now all the characters are on an equal plane. Erica Greenlee Liza & Annie act like peers. Their age & experience are treated as irrelevant & that's a huge mistake. Instead of presenting distinct characterizations, they are all just sort of varying degrees of crazy. At this point in her life, Erica should represent a modernized, less bigoted Phoebe. Brooke should be voicing Ruth’s sensibility. Angie is already the maternal voice of Mona. Opal assumed the heart of the show from Myrtle, but Pratt dumbed her into a cartoon. She was always cooky & clairvoyant, but NEVER a particularly good psychic. Hopefully if Ripa & Barr spike the ratings, ABC will see the mistake they made in letting Barr go & bring her back.

I’m glad Rebecca Budig is back, but she’s too man crazy. We need to know more about what motivates Greenlee besides a dick. Erica's POV arose from her insecurities about her absent father. She spent her life demanding attention & reassurance from those close to her & striving for security in her own right. I can't say I understand what motivates Greenlee other than the penises of Leo Aidan & Ryan.

Brilliant actresses like Debbi Morgan & loveable sweethearts like Chrishell Staus give me hope, but the men are a problem. Palmer’s character needs to be resolved while James Mitchell can do it. AMC should recast Pete let Palmer hand over the reigns. However long David Canary continues with the show remains to be seen but w/ the right material he’s electrifying, yet even he seems queezy w/ current storylines about Stuart’s murder & Viagra. Adam was always a tragic character but never a victim. Pratt has almost emasculated him. As for Pete, instead of a dashing, media, tech savvy ingĂ©nue, we have a skinny, dorky loser working as a Fusion clerk. Instead of a powerful, shrewd professional with a remarkable business acumen starting to act like dad (think Clint OLTL), JR is a drunk codependent crybaby who has just about sucked the Chandler tit dry. Sure Adam Mayfield's Scott is handsome, warm-hearted, & conscientious, but he’s dull & if he disappeared it wouldn't matter. Ryan, on the other hand, is an overbearing, competitive, dominating, spiteful, hostile, obnoxious, hard-headed, pushy, stubborn, manipulative, egoistic, hairless, fake tanned, girly man. Cameron needs a game show.

Jesse & Tad are the best men on AMC & need a gripping drama to highlight their chemistry & reestablish their bond. Despite Pratt/McTavish’s attempts to ruin them Michael Knight’s & Darnell William’s acting somehow makes you overlook their indiscretions. They deserve storylines worthy of their tenure & talent. For example, Joe & Ruth rescued Tad from an abusive life with Ray Gardner & provided the stability Opal couldn't. Tad should be distraught over Joe & Ruth leaving Pine Valley. They are his emotional rock & should retire in the house they probably paid for by now. Jesse could be helping him through it.

Hopefully January will bring changes that inspire us again. Lorraine Btoderick could eat Alphabits & crap out a better script than Pratthole!

Thanks for the smiles & chuckles last year. Looking forward to sharing many more in a Pratt-Free New Year!

Brian said...

I don't know if this has been asked, but does anyone know if the day writers are being replaced with the move? I'm talking about the day to day dialogue.

Shadow said...

Nurse Gayle isn't as much of a goober in these episodes as she usd to be.

When she isn't whimpering over a man Kendall is extaordinary to watch.

Erica is alone and she hates that. Sure, she has Ryan but he's not Erica-worthy. Her mothers, daughters and grandchildren are gone. Even her evil sister Silver and jerk father Eric are dead (good). Her brother Mark is gone. Jack is gone. Being alone goes against everything she's spent her life working for. She needs a family and people around who love her unconditionally. AMC has got to give her a home and should recast the girls if necessary. It would be wise to bring Mark back with or without Ellen. Erica could use her brother--someone that who loves her unconditionally and doesn't want to effe her, someone who can give her the type of support Mona would have given her. Erica seems so flat and neutered. I'm ready for her to wake up and start making tings happen.

So Spike is traveling and I'm guessing Emma goes to boarding school. Yeah! AMC doesn't need any more babies kids. (But you know they'll be SORASd and back as 18 year olds next summer.


Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Totally agree Shadow.. Erica Kane needs family. It's a major part of who she is. Without them, she is a lot less of a force. She needs a community of people standing behind her no matter what. Hopefully, at least Eden will return and they will only have to only recast Kendall, but if not I am throwing my support behind recasting both character. As much as I love those actresses, I care about the characters more.

Shadow said...

I like Rob & Kwak. They look good together and the flower thing was sweet.

I like Tad & Liza together. Even though she isn't the real Liza Colby they do have chemistry. Michael Knight brings out some spunk in her. I hope he can get past her man hands.

So nice to see Jake and Amanda together with Trevor and not fighting. I'm OK with Jake.

OK Greenlee's eyebrows are plucked, she's perfectly toned, her hair is styled--not very coma-ish. And her first word was Ryan. gimme a break. She should have just said "Dick!" cause that's all she's ever worried about. Give the girl a break. She should swear off men for a while and just get her life and family together.

My dream would be that Erica realizes that Ryan is just a f%ck buddy. She's comfortable with him but he's not "the one" and she reconnects with Jack who really makes a long effort to woo her back. Then I'd love for Greenlee to dump Ryan take a break to get herself together.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Hey all,
Happy New Year!
Things we cannot wait for:
1) the day Pratt's name is no longer on the show
2) the chance to listen to the new podcast!

OMG zendall's goodbye was a travesty they could not keep them for two more days for the 40th? And where did Kendall get clothing she packed? Didn't Zack give it all away tot he Miranda Center?

We watch every episode, never skipping even one, and it just hurts to watch. It insults our intelligence, and makes us sad, the only hope is L.B. coming back.

Shadow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shadow said...

Hello everyone. I'm sick and in the bed bored out of my mind. I've been thinking about changing my avatar now that Pratthole is out. My goal for 2010 would be to get Julia Barr back on contract so this is what I came up with. What do ya'll think?

Crystal said...

So glad to hear a new podcast. You two are crazy recording in the car, ha ha. It is freakin cold, I can't believe there were people just wandering around outside!

You should try doing the show over the phone. I know it isn't quite the same but, when things get crazy it could be an option. That is how my DH does his show.

Anyway, I have had the flu since before Christmas so I have basically missed the last two weeks. I did get the show in, cause what else did I have to do? I think it just made me feel worse. ;)

jason said...

Shadow I love your new icon!

Thanks JordAsh for giving us a new podcast, even though it meant you had to record in the car. Though you guys should record in the car again because it was entarning and lol-worthy hearing you talk about the stuff that was going on outside the car.

Ashley, I agree that Kim does have frog eyes! Kim is in the Sex and the City Movie! She's in the very beginning and plays the girl who hits her man with the purse once she finds out he's married. Haha.
I'm surprised you guys didn't talk about the big Kish sex scene! I'm so happy ABC let them have a normal scene with no cut-aways.
I'm sad to hear Stacy is going, I rather it be Rex and Gigi (I too like Gigi with Schuyler) I'm happy that random but HOT producer came back Landview!

Michael said...

I think I finally understand the appeal of this reality TV craze. I swear to God, twenty seconds with Ashley and Jordan in that car on that NYC Street was 100 times more compelling than the entire scripted tenure of Mr. Pratt. You two are brilliant, hysterical and too wonderful for words. I would soooo PayPal for you two until it hurt.

Shadow, your post was incredibly insightful. It is pointless to continue to criticize the show now that they are working to fix it, but defining characters like JR by their weakness rather than their struggle to overcome their weaknesses has been at the core of the recent morass. “Motivation, motivation, motivation” must be the mantra for the new team. Things have been happing just because they were written that way. Why, when Erica discovered Adam was willing to risk her grandson’s life (with a faulty heart valve) did she never confront him? Why would Kendall sleep with Ryan eight minutes after Greenlee died? Why did Aiden become obsessed with Kendall? Why did Marissa and JR fall in love? Annie and Adam? I saw it all happen, but I have no idea about the “why” of any of it.

I read, enjoy and am thankful for all the posters on this page; Happy New Year everybody!

DancingElf88 said...

Ashley that orange drink thing reminds me of a Dave Chappelle joke about grape drink. You should YT's really funny.

Jordan : I don't watch all of ATWT...just Nuke because I love them. But i do like NutMeg because she's sticking it to Damian who has been working my nerves.

You should do more podcasts in your funny.

I still use chickenhead. And I use hella all the time.

Grest podcast!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Pretty good little article on the state of soaps in the new Entertainment Weekly (George Clooney is on the cover). Basically just talks about how the medium has been declining since the early nineties and how soaps are trying to combat the problems they face in this economy. All in all it's a pretty good read that's worth checking out. Although you OLTL fans will be chagrined to see One Life to Live on a tombstone next to GL and ATWT...

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Sorry but I will continue to listen to the podcast because I enjoy Ashley and Jordan but since the characters of Zach and Kendall are gone there is really nothing left on AMC for me. I like Erica but I can't stand the character of Annie and what the writing has done to Adam

Norn Cutson said...

❤ i love ya'll! ❤

Shadow said...

Right back at you Norn!

Anonymous said...

This was a great should do it from your car more often....hilarious! I would listen to you guys read the phone book!

I will watch the 40th anniversary shows, but I won't get back to regular until after Pratt is gone.

Regarding's a mixed bag. I am not a fan of the Lily/Damien storyline, but I love Holden with Molly. I hate the Paul/Barbara/James storyline, but I love what they did with Katie and Ghost Brad. I love Paul and Emily together...and I hate that TPTB want Paul with Meg. I hate how the family leaders are marginalized (Emma Snyder anyone). I LOVE CARLY TENNEY!!!!! I hate that Nuke has become like Smallville, with a new enemy every week. It's gotten boring. No couple has ever been through so much in such a short period of time.

I used to say "Hella" all the time, but not much anymore. I also used to call people chickenheads, but stopped when someone called me one....I am such a hypocrite!

I do wonder what AMC will be like without Zendall. Like it or not, the show was centered around them. Who will be the focus now? Anyone? Anyone?

Anywho...loved the podcast!


Shadow said...

Our local affiliate always airs AMC on a day behind basis so I have to wait and catch the current day's ep on SoapNet at night. Drives me nuts.

Anyway, they are airing Stuart's funeral today. Marian was so sweet to Adam. She told him Adam how much Stuart loved him and that he would forgive Adam so she does too, and then she hugged him. So it makes no sense that a few days later she freaked out and tried to shoot Adam. Pratthole is an idiot.

Jennifer Bassey is amazing as Marian. She has always been a brilliant actress and her recent episodes showed what a powerful performer she is. She can draw you in even when the storyline is absurd. You watch someone like her and realize how truly terrible people like Denise Vasi and the girl who plays Marissa are-DBTE, boring, plastic. I worry about AMC casting more hair models in LA instead of tenured, professional Broadway performers that made the show so great in its prime.

Good writing helps though so at least Pratt is gone.

Mel Got Served said...

Yay new show! I haven't totally finished listening yet, but wanted to jump in on the conversation.

I too haven't been watching AMC but will watch for the anniversary this week.

Now OLTL, I HAVE watched and am loving! Am I the only one who kinda liked Clint kissing Kim at midnight? Love this story! What's great is IMO, Clint knows he's probably being used but he's like who cares, I got a hot assistant. Loved seeing all the couples at midnight kissing, cuddling, etc. And I loved the Matthew/Destiny scenes which were heartbreaking, but so true to life.

Arizonagal said...

Happy new year Ashley and Jordan and all you bloggers!

Okay so now you guys are hating on AMC so much that you are dissing the commercials? ROTFL!

Oh man, this podcast was priceless! If anyone ever doubted the love and loyalty of our precious JordAsh, put those doubts to bed. Doing the podcast from the car? Priceless and so friggin entertaining. LOVED IT!

Also, very glad there was no gun play involved.

Almost like an episode of COPS. There was an element of danger never before heard on the podcast. I was literally in fear for you guys, out there on the streets putting your lives on the line for your legions of loyal fans! Too cool.

Ashley I agree, Greenlee's dark hair makes her complexion sallow - not flattering. What really gets me is this - big deal, more Greenlee and Ryan angst - groan.

So Haley and Mateo are back to honor PV as the best town in America? Time to raise the bar, America. Scary.

Hope you feelin better Shadow. And ew, you called Eek and Ryass Eff buddies. I was so hoping they hadn't gone there.

Who is that Rob guy that Krystal is seeing? He looks familiar, like an old soap vet.

JordAsh, you guys rule.

Mel Got Served said...

Finished the podcast on my commute home. Glad you are liking Kimmy and Clint too! I definitely think they're taking the route of her really falling for Clint because even on New Years when Kim got to the Mayor's Ball and saw Dorian talking to Clint, she didn't approach in a back off bitch way. She seems to genuinely like him because he doesn't treat her like trash.

I was glad Gigi picked Schuyler but it's hard to watch knowing as soon as the baby daddy news comes out and she finds out Schuyler hid the truth from her she'll dump him for Rex again. I mean, people are still pining for Rex and Gigi to reunite. Insane.

And from the podcast, Yasmine Bleeth probably doesn't act anymore because of her busted face. Since Yasmine Bleeth was such a cocaine addict, her nose like fell apart. If you've ever watched Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding, which was like a big reunion in 2002-2003 (because my college roommate and I made an effort to watch it-hahaha), she is in it as Caroline, who I loooved so much before, and she looked BAD. I googled "Yasmine Bleeth now" and got this picture and this is her mugshot from a while back And it's such a shame because she was gorgeous and a good actress- just a lesson: don't do drugs!

Michael said...

What was all that contrived moon-centric dialog today? "...just like the moon--it never changes..." Huh? Doesn't the moon change every night?

I love Greenlee. Do you think they could have spent five minutes thinking of a better way to script the return instead of spinning the "soap cliché" wheel and coming up with amnesia, paralysis and life-threatening surgery?

It was great to see Kelly & Mark today. Kelly sold the inane stuff she had to say. I thought we were getting two days of 40th anniversary, but it looks like just one.

Jason, you are right, I thought there would be a lot more KISH chatter.

Mel, unrelated to PVP--your "Jersey Shore" stuff is golden!

Shadow said...

I've been tinkering around with my Julia Barr icon. This is the latest version. With Pratt gone I needed something new to champion. I think we're probably stuck with Crapputhers for a while. I thought with the new writer coming in it was a good time to campaign for certain characters (vets) to return. Anyone else got any ideas what we should push for next?

I watched the Haley/Mateo eppy today. It was great seeing them. Kelly Ripa acted as naturally as if she never left the show and it was fun seeing them. Her little dustup with Erica wasn't awful but it was awkward. The main thing is that I really wasn't counting on seeing so much Greenlee or Moon bullshit during the anniversary eps. I guess we're going to get like 3 minutes of Bianca, Brooke, Greg, Maria, Palmer & Nina tomorrow. They better not waste any time with damn moon or I'll be pissed.

I had a thought during today's show. I've been trying to figure out why the hell they would sign Damon to contract. He has nothing to do with anyone on the show and they didn't sign Bailey. Adam and Haley spent some time talking about Haley's son Lorenzo which I'm thinking must have had some purpose. I wonder if Damon will turn out to be Lorenzo? Too far fetched?

Shadow said...

On Twitter someone tweeted this hilarious observation: "How nice to see Erica's grandson keeping her warm on the balcony."

Mel Got Served said...

Thanks Amphitrion! :)

If there was moon talk then it's official Chuck Pratt is still writing. He's obsessed with the moon. I guess he chose that rather than the whole "Green Butterfly" fascination.

Anyone watch The Bachelor tonight? I couldn't help but watch this wreck, especially after hearing a castmember was sleeping with a producer. My instant first impression guess was Rozlyn and judging by the "This season on the Bachelor" preview, I'm sooo right.

Shadow said...

Erica screwing Ryan is like Zach slipping the bone to Myrtle. Poor thing probably had a heart attack when she read Pratt's script calling for her to drop her bloomers on the craps table!

discodan said...

Basically ready to have a heart attack... they do a whole segment about loss, and instead of having Erica talk about her deeply conflicted feelings about losing her one and only son that had been through so much hardship already, they have her talk about Myrtle, a job that honestly should have been Zach's. I'm so pissed.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

The 40th Anniversary show was a BIG letdown..
Why the hell was their so much talk about recent stuff that has happened? I was excited to watch the show because I wanted to get more of a sense of the history of All My Children that I don't know about because I started watching in the early 2000's, but unfortunately I didn't get that. Did we really need to talk about the 2008 tornadoes... yet again? Did we really need that much Babe talk (and NuBabe at that!)? It was just stupid. Plus, why did the "Loss" section start out with scenes from Bianca's coming out? A little confusing, no?

There were some good bits though. Lily was great (the part about her having some trouble at MIT because one of the school's colors is red had me LOLing for real..) and Erica saying "Brooke who?" was classic. Plus, I was happy to see Alicia, I thought she wasn't going to be in it, but I was glad that she was.

All in all, it was a major disappointment. Not what one would expect from a 40th Anniversary show. But exactly what one would expect from that piece of ish Chuck Pratt.. Can't wait until he is gone!

Shadow said...

Can't watch AMC until tonight. I'm home sick and finally catching up on Mad Men. I haven't had time to watch all the stuff I recorded until today. I have to agree with Ashley about January Jones. She's Great to look at and thankfully for her the writing is good, but Ms. Personality she ain't.

Arizonagal said...

Random thoughts:
I really felt so bad for Shane when he came to see his mom and caught her with Schuyler. That poor kid. Too bad his mom is a selfish bitch who doesn't think about anything but her own pathetic needs. I could just feel how let down he must have felt and that was heartbreaking to me. Now I really hate this Schurler / Gigi story. The timing is not right and why the hell is she sleeping w/this guy when she and Rex were just taking a break? This is not a couple I am going to cheer for. I adore Schuyler, he's so appealing, but please TPTB, put him with someone else, anyone else. How about a pairing with one of the upcoming Kramer women? Gigi and Rex deserve each other - and I don't mean that in a nice way.

Bummed to hear Crystal Hunt, aka Stacy, has been canned. Crystal Hunt is an adequate actress but her Stacy character was really overshadowed by Kim's arrival. What makes Gigi a more viable character than Stacy? Is Farah Fath a better actress? I don't buy Gigi and Rex as an uber couple, though TPTB seem to think they are.

I don't see any longevity to the Kim/Clint relationship, but I did think there was a kind of creepy chemistry between them (did I really just say that?). For the moment, they need each other and she really does rejuvenate old Clint. Plus, icky as it is, this is fleshing out Kim's character.

JordAsh thanks for saying my smurf pic is hot - blush. In RL I look very much like an aging Ugly Betty, right down to the red glasses! I ain't no beauty queen but loved the compliments. My mom was in a hospice for a week, then sent home for in-home hospice care and then hospice dropped her because she didn't die in the requisite amount of hospice time! So now she's home, in bed, watching judge shows all day and nancy grace and jane whosit all evening. She has full on dementia and doesn't know what's up. Sucks to get old.e

Mel Got Served said...

Hey all, if you're watching NCIS: Los Angeles tonight, a high school friend of mine is on it! He's playing a Sudanese "Lost Boy" that LL Cool J's character adopted when the boy was 9. I guess there's recurring potential, which is so awesome. I lost touch with my friend after high school, but always had big hopes for him. I guess he also had a small appearance on GH but not sure who he was.

I'm off to watch OLTL and maybe AMC- though I might put it off til the weekend.

Arizonagal, you are so spot on about Gigi. A lot of times I think Gigi's a decent mom, but she's also so selfish. I still haven't figured out why TWO guys are pining over her? Would love to have Adrianna return and get paired with Schuyler.

Shadow said...

Since I'm home, I've watched OLTL for two days. Gigi is not cute. WTF is with that hair? That tan? That frosty lipstick? Who is she, Pat Benatar? I rocked PB in the 80s, but she was no beauty and neither was 80s fashion.)

Dorian and Viki are fantastic as always. The key is that they make eachother so much better. It reminds me of how great Erica and Brooke were back in the day-always drawing the most riveting moments out of eachother's performances. Erica's never had a better rival. Thing is, Viki, Dorian, Erica, Brooke are all worthy of eachother--they earned those scenes. They all have the experience and the chops. None of these younger folks have earned it yet so they don't have any credibility when they go up against a character like Erica.

Mitch is scary. Doesn't bother me but him spewing evil while he's holding the bible in the camera may not be setting well with a lot of folks. OLTL is an slickly produced, well-written, and brilliantly-acted show but there's a lot of envelope pushing-the rapemance, Mitch the evil apostle, Kish, Dorian giving blow jobs in the den. Maybe it's all too much too fast. I am not being the least bit judgmental and I realize ABC does nothing to promote OLTL, but I'm must stumped how overlooked the show is. Two men or women so much as hug in primetime and people go beserk. Mention oral sex and the FCC freaks. Despite the lack of promotion it's amazing to me that these topics don't generate publicity in and of themselves. OLTL is a head scratcher. The talent is there. It's certainly controversial. Shy of ABC getting behind it, I'm not sure what else they could do to garner OLTL some recognition. They could tone the stories down, but that camp, controversy and currency are what set it apart from the other shows.

I'm just thinking outloud here...

Mel Got Served said...

Shadow, excellent post. When I saw Daytime Confidential reporting that OLTL was ranked last in the ratings again I was baffled. I just finished today's episode and I'm hanging onto the hours until the next one. I have only one idea of why OLTL could be last, but I hate to think our world is so close-minded. Before I start what could be a debate and perhaps controversial, I must say that I find the Kish love story amazing and beautiful, so well-written... but I think there's many soap watchers out there that are not so open-minded and may have changed the channel. While we on the internet have fallen in love with couples like Kish, Otalia, and Nuke, I would assume a lot of households that are older in nature and more conservative may think differently. I just hope it's a horrible coincidence that the 3 lowest rated soaps were the only soaps courageous enough to truly explore same-sex love stories (AMC obviously delved into this with Bianca's story, and I don't know how ratings did at that time). I pray that the reason OLTL has low ratings is just because it's not a "name" compared to AMC and GH and not because we live in a closed-minded world who views love as so black and white.

To OLTL I say thank you for writing such an amazing show and that if people aren't watch, they are truly missing out on a gem. I have never, ever enjoyed a soap as much as I'm currently enjoying OLTL. It takes balls to stand by what you believe is an amazing story, and OLTL will go down in history as displaying a same-sex romance with the same love, respect, and passion as the other couples on the screen.

Arizonagal said...

Yo Mel I so agree w/ your post, and Shadow's. I am incredulous that OLTL remains at the bottom. But then, so did GL - in the basement for years before its cancellation. Obviously quality is in the eye of the beholder. I've watched a lot of soaps thru the years and OLTL is bringing it every day, as did GL. AMC doesn't come close and hasn't for quite some time. What it does do, I think, is tap into the desirable demographic.

AMC never even came close with Binx and her GF (can't even remember her name) to the romance and sensuality that OLTL is giving us with Kish. Kish is sweet and believable because OLTL is not afraid to go there. AMC tantalized us with the gay and transender stories but never delivered. Can you imagine what would have become of the gay/transgender stuff at OLTL?

OLTL is giving us such entertaining menacing evil with Mitch. Remember when Roscoe Born was on AMC and they wrote such crap for him, he bailed. RB can do evil w/o the slightest hint of a mustache twirl.

And Shadow, you nailed it. I can never watch Vicki and Dorian without thinking of the old and great days of Erica and Brooke. Though I'm sure it was never intended, Eek's character has suffered greatly from not having a worthy opponent. Eek has tested the waters sparring with Greenlee, Annie, but there's a generation in between them. Eeek's only worthy opponent of late was Mary Smythe, but stupidly TIIC never seized that opportunity. Brooke made Eek better, more interesting, and vice versa.

And how much is Eek being wasted on yet another lame relationship when she could be conquering PV the way Dorian does Llanview? Enough with the 60 yr old teen, it's embarrassing.

Well back to watching Biggest Loser while I down a few bunuelos!

Luis Merino said...

watching AMC right now. GAG ME!!!

I'm seriously offended by the fact that they're passing off this tripe as a 40th Anniversary special episode.

It's so clear that the writers were targeting fans of the show from years ago, trying to wrangle them into the storylines of today, as opposed to giving a proper tribute to the whole 40 years of AMC.

Double EYEROLL. Why couldn't they do a week-long extravaganza like OLTL's....

Shadow said...

Luis I'm so glad you said that!! Everyone on twitter seems to be fawning over the anniversary episode. I didn't think it was terrible. It was nice, but it seemed more like the kind of fluff you would air during the holidays instead of a repeat of the tornado--like they do with Desperate Housewives and Survivor during Thanksgiving. It was hardly on par with Viki in heaven having conversation with Asa and her dead alter all week.

It was more of a commercial for Pratt than an anniversary celebration of 40 years of history. Granted we have seen so many of the famous scenes time and again, but whoever really gets tired of them? And while at first it seemed like Haley's show was a smart idea, but typical of Pratt the execution of the idea was less than great. There really wasn't much substance-like Pratt still didn't know the past & wasn't too sure about the future either. They told us a little about all the characters, but not much about the past. I imagine that it played better to people who were less familiar with the show.

Don't get me wrong. It was nice. If nothing else it got Brooke back. That's huge!! Honestly I bet her return had more to do with Agnes or Susan than anything. Whatever I may say nothing mattered as much to me as Julia Barr being a part of it. Somebody was smart enought to know she had to be a part of the show for it to have any credibility. Now, are those same people smart enough to get her to return permanently? I hope so.

Funny thing. Nobody has ever said where Brooke has been or whether or not she ever left. For all we know she's been visiting Bobby in the attic at the Martins. Today when asked if she'd "come back" she said "Sure i'd come back". I am praying that is more than a tease.

What was the aversion to showing prior actors in the roles of Liza, Ruth, Babe, etc. I think we can handle seeing Marcy Walker ,Mary Fickett and Alexa Havens in the roles they created without losing our minds. We get it. They aren't coming back but if you didn't know better you'd think Liza just moved to town for the first time listening to what Jamie Luner's Liza said today. When Adam was hilariously recounting his marriages they could have shown Marcy.

Performer of the day? Darnell Williams. This was the first time in a long time I felt like I was watching the real Jesse Hubbard. No goofy, contrived pretense. Just an old guy from the hood who did ok for himself and found a good woman. He even mentioned Center City!

Even in something like this Debbi Morgan acts her ass off. Such a talent. They have got to give her something worthy of her extraordinary talent. Girl needs to get her Weave on again. Hate the Annie wig on her.

Adam was genuinely entertaining and in rare form. No feebleness. Commanding presence. Obviously very proud. A gem. Loved him with Haley. Quirky thing: I always loved the way Adam said Natalie. It just rolls off his tongue so regally. Good to hear him say it today. That's the kind of bond you make with characters over time & these shows build such good will. Too bad the nets seem to have forgotten how that works.

Adam was sitting on the couch talking about Stuart with 3 framed pictures behind him--NuBabe, JR & Lil A, Stuart & Adam at the Marina with their faces blotched out because it was actually David Canary & his double, and somebody else who looks like Cher. Who was that? Haley? And can't they even mention Skye anymore?

Randi, honestly, who gives a shit. She came twirling from off screen onto Frankie's lap. Vomit.

Brooke talked about Laura for 5 seconds and I almost lost it. Julia Barr can stir more emotion in just a few seconds than Rancid can in 365 days. Again, Julia Barr is the real deal.

I really did like JR Martinez' part. He's getting so much better and his part was perfect really. Glad he's sticking around.

Shadow said...

Other notable items:


Cindy Parker, awwww.

Ellen Wheeler, Kiss of Death!

Awww, Emma drew a picture of the family without a gun!

Technically JR may not be Tad's son, but he should mentioned him when he named his kids.

I can't believe they even showed "Weekend at Berney's Babe" and not Alexa Havins.

I burst out laughing when Lilly recited the bus schedule, but was I supposed to laugh?

Nice job on the opening. I was hoping they would do something like that to include the returning vets, but didnt think they would spend the money.

The ruby slippers. Turner or Time Warner owns Wizard of Oz. Guess that's why they didn't actually mention the movie by name.

Loved Opal & Palmer. God bless James Palmer. He can still deliver a line. Opal saying she "may not feed or beautify the locals" anymore was cute. I miss the Glamorama and the Chicken Shack. Now that she's on skid row, shouldn't she go back to work in another cheesey, successful venture?

Liked the tip of the hat to the Santos family. The whole hairbrush/bathroom schtick was cute but we didn't really see much of the clan. If you hadn't ever known them you wouldn't have learned much from this. At least they acknowledged Julia. I miss her too. Way better than Nurse Gayle.

Not enough time on the Dillons as important as they were for so long. Didn't even mention Janet. Wouldnt it have been great if they could have finally showed Janet meeting her grandson? I love Kate Collins. Crishelle Staus gave a sweet and effective performance with what they gave her.

As always, nobody stumps harder for their job than Susan Lucci. She was precious talking about Mona, Myrtel, the Kane girls. Surprised there was no mention of Mark, but there never is. She looked stunning and had the best line of the show: "Brooke who?" and proved my point: AMC needs Julia Barr. Brooke Makes Erica Better.

Jake said: Thing about Pine Valley? We looove our history! But we really are about moving forward.” I'm thinking love history? Since when? Such a Pratthole kind of line. If they loved the history, they would have shown more of it.

Erica said: "Everyone who lives here feels a connection. You don’t have to be related. You don’t have to like eachother. You can have disagreements. Pine Valley is like a big home with a lot of rooms.” My thought was that's the problem. No boundaries. Everybody living in the same house, barging in on each other all the time. It's less AMC, more Eight is Enough. These people need some space like they used to have. Real people don't act like the live in one big house with lots of rooms.

I don't dislike Natalia anymore, but that bit about her being single was pointless from an anniversary standpoint and part of what made it seem more like a commercial for the current show than an anniversary special. I can watch that shit next week. I want to see Nina and Brooke damnit!

Adam & Krystal had so much chemistry and their age wasn't such a big deal. Remember when they got frisky on the gurney? Honestly she should have an epiphany and go back to Adam. Again, he's too old to pull off this thing with a young'un like MCE. He should still be rocking the world, but he should have a solid believable marital relationship with someone who can go the distance with him on screen. They could reak a lot of havoc together.

With the Martins gone, we need Jesse and Angie, Erica and Jack to be solid. I'd like to add Adam and Krystal to that list.

Gotta get Brooke back on contract!

Highly advisable at least as recurring: Recast Timmy, Janet from Another Planet, Recast Pete, More Courtland family, Skye, Marian, Kane daughters, Some new men who can act

Shadow said...

Laurence Lau--shave that moustache immediately! AMC didn't do you any favors this time buddy, but you're still a fave. Without the stache.

Arizonagal said...

WTF was that 40th tribute? Too many voice-overs during the old clips. I wanted to see and hear the whole clip. Too much of the current players and not enough of Nina and Brooke and the rest of the old timers. Not surprised Pratt did not deliver. The last two shows were really a let down. A big yawn.

Anonymous said...

Jesus friggin..Chr.. that was the 40th Anniversary show???? I'd rather not say anything, just that 1 - 10, it gets a 6. That's all.

P.S. bring back Dre for Colby, we need some young romance w/ longterm ties, Dre said he would come back for her, lets pick this story up again.

Shadow said...

Eva Larue was great. I mean when was last time we've seen REAL tears on amc? No glycerin! Tears out of her eyes for Julia. Ditto Brooke talking about Laura. Makes those dry sniffs we've grown accustomed to look really silly.

Couldn't they have dropped David's evil piano playing schtick for one episode. He wasn't always such a dillweed. They could have shown Lenora, him and Leo, him and Anna. Stupid Pratthole!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Now this is just my opinion, but I thought Eva's tears were BS. Totally looked fake, at least to me.

Mel Got Served said...

Shadow, sit down cause I know you're about to faint: Julia Barr is coming back as Brooke!!!!

Arizonagal said...

One thing that amused me from Monday's show. Greenlee asked David why he hadn't told anyone she survived the accident. He says "well... they had already held a memorial service..."

Shadow said...

I'm in the midst of a birthday extravaganza for my son but I just had to drop in say HOT DAMN BROOKE IS BACK!! I'm jumping outta my skin today! Aside from firing Pratthole this is the best thing AMC could have done to get the show back on track. I love Brooke & Tad's friendship. Brooke & Adam's friskiness, Brooke & Erica's competitiveness. She's great w/ everybody! More later!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Wow Julia Barr is back! Looks like your profile pictures are really doing their jobs Shadow! First Pratt fired, now Julia Barr is back. Please make one that says "Fire Vasi!"- it just might work! lol

Brian said...

I could have strangled Ryan on Wednesday's episode. While making out with Erika, he ignored his cellphone. Meanwhile his son has been taken out of Pine Vally by his mother and Emma is at a sleepover. Shouldn't a responsible parent answer his phone or at least check to see who is calling?

jason said...

Shadow now you need a Save OLTL icon!! I'm so excited Brooke is coming back! As for the Anniversary show, I liked the episode but I don't like that thats all we got. If we have these characters back at least have them in Pine Valley and interact with the other characters.

Shadow said...

Even with glorious, heavenly news like the return of Julia Barr, the show's just going to suck until Pratt's stuff is finished. Until then the storylines are irrelevant and not worth straining our fingers for. The main thing is the other work being done to course correct the show--like hiring back Julia Barr.

I could not be more excited about Julia Barr's return if I was cast in the show myself! AMC really started to stink when she left. The stench grew unbearable under the gaping Pratthole looming over the Valley, but finally Brooke is back to freshen up the place. Good for Julia & AMC. Hallelujah for us.

Thank goodness she's back with Lorraine instead of Pratt; otherwise, I'd be warning AMC not to kill her, put her in a coma, impregnate her, or throw her in Oak Haven.

We have a lot of fun here and I think PVP and other great sites like Daytime Confidential, Nelson Blanco, We Love Soaps, Daytime Royalty, PrattFalls, Soaps in Depth, are beginning to make an impact. Somebody is paying attention and sifting through these places looking for gems of advice. Let's face it, this is some seriously sweet, free focus group insight here.

Ashley and Jordan and all the PVP bloggers and participants provide some truly satirical, hysterical, observations about AMC and OLTL but also the news and pop culture through a fun house mirror. It makes this all so much more fun. There may not be as many as there were for a while, but I still think soaps have a fighting chance. Everybody has their faves. Mine are on ABC. Historically AMC is my no. 1. OLTL is my no. 2. Thankfully PVP is pulling for both! One avatar can't change much but our collective voices and efforts can.


Crystal said...

Shadow, that is quite the powerful and quick icon...what should we have you ask for next?! 8)

Nat's Guy said...

I'm cautiously optimistic about Brooke coming back. Love that Julia Barr will be on my screen again. But this "great story arc" could turn out as badly as other recent returns (Dixie, Maria, Julia, David). So I'll wait and see.

I agree with whoever said you guys should do the podcast in Ashley's car again. Her neighborhood is like a soap opera in itself.

Dr. G said...

I absolutely LOVE your podcast and am ashamed that I have not commented before now. I've been listening for over two years and am always excited when life permits the two of you to post a new hilarious podcast. I look forward to all the changes to come for AMC and to hear all your commentary along the way. I must admit that I am a big fan of the Ryan and Erica pairing...clearly in the minority I'm sure. I think it is because they have played it out over a long time when other relationships seem so rushed. It is a little annoying that their storyline is all about Greenlee now but I'm sure it will lead to good soapy drama in the future.

Thanks again for all you do!!

Anonymous said...


I *loved* this week's podcast from the car. Y'all should do that more often!

Jordan, I also *love* Being Erica. It is taking me back, too.

Regarding the anniversary episodes, I have only watched the first one. Seeing Haley and Mateo, but especially Haley... I cried for 15 minutes straight. Like a baby!

The first AMC episode that I ever watched (from perhaps 1989) was an episode in which Haley (bad girl with the streak in her hair) was given a present by an older character, and she opened it in front of this older lady and Opal. Inside was a conservative, floral, puff-sleeve dress that she was asked to wear to some big party. Of course, Haley didn't like the dress. After the other women left, she sat alone and held up the dress, making a face. Then she noticed that in the dress box was a slip to be worn under the dress. She held up the slip, and the wheels in her mind started turning. Of course, Haley wore the SLIP to the party!

Seeing Haley made me cry cry cry because my story used to be good, and these characters matter to me, and this soap opera matters to me.

I wish JordAsh, all bloggers, and AMC many, many beautiful moments in this new year. Lorraine Broderick, please save my show!

Becky :)

Shadow said...

Dr. G, some like to listen, some like to blog, some like both. It's just great that you're getting a kick out of it one way or the other!

Becky, I love it when people talk about their favorite scenes. Hopefully it helps TPTB realize what makes us tick--the humanity of the story not the OTT stuff. If Pratt wrote that, Haley would have lapsed into a coma from the shock of the dress or used it to kill someone in the bathroom.

Crystal, I am so excited about Julia Barr! It's nice to know where your imaginary soap friends are and after all those years suddenly she was gone without explanation! Did she have a tumor or Alzheimers & wander off to Center City? I'm happy that ABC is making things right both for Julia, the show and us. We're all invested in AMC one way or another.

As for a new icon, some suggested 'Save OLTL'. It's always been my no.2 soap, but I'm sort of singularly focused on AMC. I want both to thrive, but my heart is with AMC and it's the show I choose to champion. OLTL is firing on all cylinders, but I just don't have a lifetime, irrational passion for it like AMC. My goal for now is for AMC to stop sucking.

The PrattFalls girls suggested a Bianca & Reese icon, but I feel like Eden Riegel & Tamara Braun could return whenever they want. I just get the sense they don't really want to so I'm not as enthusiastic about that.

Our Pratt icons addressed an obvious deficiency with the show’s writing. It’s simplicity was it’s brilliance. Didn't you make that one Casey? Or was it Laura? I keep forgetting. I just copied it and tons of others copied it and then soap mags started reporting about it. Man, that was perfection! It should hang in a museum next to Andy Warhol's stuff!

Lots of people suggested "Fire Denise Vasi". She sucks but doesn't make or break the show and I believe that will just work itself out anyway the way things are going.

DiscoDan suggested "Bring Back Colin Eggelsfield". I've always said Erica needs her brother or some male relative in her life who she can confide in without worrying about sex. It would be cool if Lorraine could bring him back and undo the unabortion and find some other way to explain who he is to Erica. I'll leave that kind of creativity to Jordan.

Another suggestion was bring back Marcy Walker, but I don't think she wants to and despite the miscast I don't hate Jamie Luner. I don't know why but she's interesting-not because she's a good Liza. I can't explain it. I wouldn’t mind if one day she just assumed the role of Skye and someone else took over the role of Liza. Weird, but I’d get over it.

I thought about Cady McClain. I sense that could be what Julia Barr's storyline has to do with though. They keep teasing us about Dixie. They said the Satin Slayer didn't kill her. In the anniversary show Tad dropped some hints. I don't think that one needs us. If she comes back most people would be happy. Plus, she’s a free agent now that she’s done at ATWT.

I think 'Bring Back Robin Christopher's Skye' might be a good choice.

"Fix David Hayward” is a good idea, but not very catchy. Irizzary is a great actor and David has an interesting character history. AMC has a lot riding on David but he's a total cartoon with no real family. All his women are sloppy seconds and his children annoy me. I just want him to have a purpose that makes sense and good soap.

I don't know. Is anybody passionate about another cause for AMC? Maybe we should all make suggestions and then if they want to, Ashley and Jordan can talk about it some on the next podcast.

Shadow said...

Erica & Ryan are laying in bed after sex. He looks frustated. Her makeup is perfect. He just realized he may have miscalculated their age difference. His math skills haven't improved, but the 2 liter bottle of personal lubricant and book "Licking Vaginal Dryness without a Prescription" on Erica's night stand tipped him off to the error.

Sore Alejandro said...

best podcast ever after having my wisdom teeth pulled it made my recovery much better. Even though the laughing hurt. More podcasts like this !

OLTL FREAK said...

Great podcast you guys should try to do more from the car maybe when it gets warmer

I just saw the AMC anniversary episode and it felt like a younger extended version of Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People Special

I was waiting for Babs to pop out.

It was great seeing the everyone

Loved OLTL...Blair & Elijah = HOT HOT HOT!!!!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Yeah Shadow, I made the original "Fire Pratt" icon, but I am afraid that was the peak of my creativity because I cannot for the life of me think of a good one to replace it with... lol
Also, you made some very good points. "The Vasi Problem" (which is what I suggest she be referred to as from here on out) will work itself out. I believe the "survival of the fittest" is the strongest in the soap opera world. If you aren't pulling your weight, you will get your walking papers sooner or later. Which brings me to Jamie Lunar, I completely agree with you Shadow on this as well, she is very interesting. I can't quite put my finger on it, but she holds my attention for some reason and, dare I say, I am looking forward to where NuLiza is going as a character.

Also has anyone heard any rumors on if Eden is supposed to return or not?

Crystal said...

So was the supposed to be Erica and Ryan's first time? I thought he had been banging her for a while. I guess I FF too much.

OLTL was HOT HOT HOT yesterday! I totally knew who Dorian was going to appoint, ugh. I hope it works out OK. Dude needs a bit more depth to his character than twirling mustache villain.

DancingElf88 said...

Elijah and Blair are so hot and Todd and Tea are so heartbreaking. My Tea can't leave. Loving OLTL

Shadow said...

Can't wait for stuff like this quote:

Erica to Brooke: Well Brooke, if my marriages didn't end, yours would never start.

Shadow said...

Why they should bring Janet back for Amanda and Jake:

It's an old story, first it was Jamie, and then Jonathan and now JR, I can't win."~ Amanda

"I think your problem is alphabetical. The J's, Jonathan, Jamie, JR, I think you should change letters...try C." ~ Janet

"I'm very intuitive Sweetheart...when I'm not hallucinating." ~ Janet to Amanda

And now she's married to 'J'ake with a J!

Shadow said...

I just don't buy that Erica, the Oprah of Pine Valley, lives in a 1 room efficiency. answers the door in a robe & hosts her company in front of the bed where she *just* had sex. I mean, Seriously? Erica Kane who must have 4000 pairs of shoes and a huge wardrobe does everything in ONE room. It's an office, a family room, a dining room, a sex den. Give that poor woman her own La Boulaie. How are we supposed to believe she is the enormous star she is when she is homeless?

And did Opal really just walk into Erica's room and have a psychic orgasm? That creeps me out. She must be exhausted at the end of the day walking through all those sex vibes, tornado vibes, helicopted vibes, bloody bathroom stall vibes, etc. And yet she has no idea that Greenlee is alive and returning to mess with her girlfriend's love life?

Ryan Lamery said...

Hey pvp... I have a question for Jordan, Ashley, and everyone who posts on the blog. Most of us on here are watching/loving OLTL, and complain about all the things we can't stand about AMC. Are there any storylines, characters, anything you can't stand about OLTL?

Mel Got Served said...


In terms of OLTL, I think it's pretty unanimous here at the PVP that no one likes Gigi much and can't stand Rex and Gigi as a couple.

Personally, when Starr and Cole come on I want to take a nap. They are soooo dull. I thought Starr was supposed to be a spitfire, the daughter of Todd and Blair. She is a 17 year old grandma. I don't care for this couple and would rather see some interesting roadblocks come into the picture because right now, it's a snooze.

Shadow said...

Ryan Lamery-Best Ryan name ever!


As for OLTL, I was home all week and watched it more than usual. True about Granny Starr, but she's ok. It's all pretty interesting in Llanview until Gigi & Rex show up and then I go straight to the FF button. Gigi and her goofy hair are an INSTANT turn off. I can't concentrate on what she's doing because I just keep thinking about how stupid she looks. And Rex to me is the OLTL version of Ryan Lamery, all teeth and OTT acting. But then Dorian & Viki or Bo & Nora come on and I'm captivated. Mitch scares the shit out of me but its so interesting. Makes me long for Tina though. He was a freak with Stacy in the hospital room. He's come a long way over the years. But that Rex & Gigi need to just stop!

Shadow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shadow said...

For JORDAN and all the RYAN'S HOPE fans out there:

Mel Got Served said...

So I'm starting the 40th anniversary right now but I have one thought before I get started: Pine Valley was voted the best town in America.

Ummmm, like 2 or 3 years ago a serial killer rampaged through the city. Besides that, the city has been plagued by murder, crime, and a corrupt DA. Multiple kidnappings, exortion. I don't know what the Atlantic Press committee was smoking when they voted for best town!

Shadow said...

The thing I like about OLTL is that you can debate whether or not you like or dislike the storylines, but there is no denying it is well written and well acted. That is how it should be. Let's hope the same will be true for AMC in 2010. It's more interesting to debate the merits of thought provoking story than just the quality of the writing.

DancingElf88 said...

I don't like Gigi and Rex as a couple or separately. I think John and Natalie are boring and I may get flack but I'm not a big fan of Erika Slezak. But other thank that I love OLTL

Mel Got Served said...

I always say that Vicki has old face. My mom said she always had old face. In their anniversary episode when Vicki died and they showed flashbacks, if I didn't know better I would've thought they filmed they recently. No offense Erika Slezak- I think you're talented!

PS My old college roommate told me that sister dated John Paul Lauvissier (or however you spell his stage name) when she was in high school. My roommate didn't like JP because I guess he took my roommate's Phillies hat, signed his name on it and said keep that cause he was going to be a star (my roommate was still youngish at the time). Well I guess he fulfilled that promise, but my old roommate really loves the Phillies so he was furious.

Shadow said...

OK, I'm actually commenting on OLTL this week. It's rare. So I have a question really.

Has anyone *ever* answered the door wrapped in their bedsheets seconds after having sex in them like Gigi did? Seems like a soap thing. And did Gigi not have a peephole in the door to look through and see Shane was on the other side? I mean if by chance he didn't get what they were doing just by the sheets themselves, I think Schuyler's tent pole and the big wet spot in middle of Gigi's sheets may have given them away. And then they stood there talking to him holding up their sheets. How about pausing for a moment to put on some panties while you talk to your kid? Geez what a skank.

Shadow said...

OK, after giving it some thought, I've decided to throw some love to Eden Riegel, Bianca and Reese for a while. I'm pragmatic. People love Eden and Bianca. Whenever she's on the ratings go up. And everybody's pissed about how Bianca and Reese played out. So, I'm thinking we need Eden back for the ratings and Erica. Erica has to have a daughter in town and obviously Alicia's not an option for a while. Secondly, I have no doubt Lorraine would write a lovely story for them and give the fans what we didn't get the first time--a love story. We never learned a thing about Reese except that she had really bad taste in wallpaper, bad timing and a retinal issue.

We got Brooke and that was absolutely the most critical step in resuscitating the show. The next vital step IMHO is to get Bianca Back. My only concern is whether or not Eden wants to come back at this time. If you think she should, copy this avatar and email ABC, AMC and most importantly Eden. You can contact her through her myspace page, twitter or PrattFalls.

If Brooke is the conscience of the show, Bianca is it's heart.

Michael said...

I just watched the 40th anniversary debacle. I know I am tardy with any observations. I have to say, I would have sat through the whole hour on a thumb tack to see the snippets of Palmer, and glimpse of Nina, Brooke, Jenny and Phoebe, but the show was, in near totality, a dud. Did we need the ridiculous pretense of a TV special about the best city in America? Has anyone ever seen a special like this on television?

I can just imagine it… “Hey honey, put some microwave popcorn on and sit with me and watch a hour of television about someplace we never heard of with a bunch of people we never heard of talking about other people we don’t know. Oh, I can’t wait until the doctor with speech impediment says some more stuff about how nobody likes him or the old guy’s daughter asks him to reminisce about the twin brother he just killed.”

Maybe the gang could just have each privately marked the departure of Joe and Ruth with memories of their town. I would have liked a lot less of the last three years and a lot more of the previous thirty seven.

Mel Got Served said...

Amphitrion, what a great idea. Tad, Jake and the Martins could've put together a video-restrospective to say goodbye to Joe and Ruth and therefore show the 40 year history.

My other idea was that some sort of women's magazine came to do a profile on Erica Kane for a woman of the year sort of thing and then go over history, past to present, with Erica's life, loves, and enemies.

Shadow said...

How do you have a 40th anniversary show and mention nothing about Phoebe whose descendant's were the first to settle in Pine Valley? Or the global conglomerates and brands which are based there - Chandler Enterprises, Courtland Electronics, Fusion, Enchantment, Tempo.

I love this line of Amphitrion's:

Oh, I can’t wait until the doctor with speech impediment says some more stuff about how nobody likes him or the old guy’s daughter asks him to reminisce about the twin brother he just killed.

I always wondered if anyone else noticed that about Hayward.

Arizonagal said...

If the 40th "celebration" had been a real network show, it would have been in such poor taste to do on the heels of Stuart's death. Worst anniversary show EVER - I remember AMC's 25th, it stank way less than this garbage. Too much barf-worthy reminiscing by Ryass and Eek, not enough of the old timers.

Been catching up on Big Love in preparation for Season 4 and all I gotta say about it is WOW.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Shadow love the new avatar so, if you don't mind, I am jumping on the band wagon and making it my avatar as well.

All though, I wouldn't mind a recast for Bianca, if it were completely imperative, my first choice will always be to have Eden return. Quite honestly, finding a replacement for her would be a tall order. She is an amazing actress, who, as Ashley puts it so eloquently, can turn shit in to Shinola at the drop of the hat. Plus, without either Bianca or Kendall, I think the character of Erica is really going to suffer. So here's to hoping that both Bianca and Reese return! Cling!

Shadow said...

By all means, anyone who wants to use the Breese avatar is free to swipe it for their own use. Maybe our collective showing will help make the case.

As our favorite vets like Erica mature, I would like to see the show begin to anchor itself around Bianca. She's current, transcends the issue of just sexual orientation, and has an internal drive and awareness not unlike her mother's. Their relationship could drive the show with the same emotional punch as Mona's and Erica's did. Bianca is the only offspring on the show with any shred of credibility now. I just have to overlook the stupidity of the baby with Zach. Somebody said it before, but it is too bad Brooke doesn't have a lesbian daughter for Bianca to hook up with! That would fire up Erica. How great would it be if it turned out Reese was related to Brooke and Brooke introduced her to Bianca during a trip to Paris! I guess we'll stay tuned and find out what the new writers have in store for PV.

brtedi said...

Earlier this evening, I caught ther last two minutes, or so, of Monday's AMC. I know, that last scene between Ryan and Erica was supposed to be some big, hunky, romantic moment, for the characters. But, out of my discomfort, I laughed. "Noooooo! She's Spike's grandma...

(For some of us, I say this with my Rendall bias, still intact. ;-))Where's Kendall? Ryan should be doing 'lip ups' with her, not her not her mom! Eeeeeewwww! Good Heavens! I hope, AM returns, after an extended parental leave.


Laura said...

I really haven't watched this show much. Upset that Adam is leaving and glad Brooke is returning. The real soap opera seems to be late night tv.

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