Monday, February 15, 2010

Are You Ready?

  • for AMC in HD
  • for PVP on TV..., that is?
  • for new Head Writers DK and DS?
  • any other abbreviations my brain is too fried to be clever about right now?

We here at the Pine Valley Podcast are thrilled to be back! Due to various illnesses, inclement weather, etcetera, etcetera, Jordan and I have hard a hard time getting together to record our little show. But we're back, for now, and it's oh-so-grand! We love doing the podcast, and hope you enjoy it. It's our first in over three weeks - yikes! And so much has happened - our beloved James Mitchell passed, AMC started airing in HD, Lorraine Broderick's episodes started airing, Jordan and I started watching again, and, oh yeah! Shadow, Jordan and I got nominated for two Spirit Awards on, courtesy of the lovely Nelson Branco! The (soap) world is a very different place since you and I last spoke, and it's just tickling us pink.

For those of y'all who have mentioned that we've been a little, ahem, down on All My Children for, oh, the past two years or so, then this (might) be the podcast for you! Okay, so it's not all good, but it sure ain't all bad! And it's been a very, very long time since we've been able to say that.

So join us, friends, for some lively conversation and only a *little* AMC bashing! And please, please, please don't forget to tell us what you think about it all, here.

2/12/10 Podcast


Elyse in Toronto said...


Can't wait to listen to it... waiting for iTunes to download!

Dr. G. said...

Mine is downloading as well! Can't wait to hear the new podcast on my long and snowy drive to work tomorrow. Welcome back and congratulations again!

jason said...

I can't wait to listen to the new podcast!

Daytime Confidential is reporting that Daphne Duplaix (Rachel) from Oltl has been let go from the cast. Some our the comments are saying taht oltl is trimming the cast due to budget cuts. Disappointing that they're cutting Rachel. The actress is great and the character is great. Why not send Rex and Gigi off, and keep Stacy and Rachel.

Terry in Toronto said...

I'm in line for the new podcast and can't wait!

Donna said...

I just saw Daphne Duplaix (Rachel) from Oltl on a McD commercial advertising the new chili sauce that just debuted in the Chicago area. Sorry to hear that she is being let go.

Terry in Toronto said...

That's disappointing if Daphne gets cut from OLTL. Farrah Fath is the worst actress ever. "The ice is cracking" was the most emotion deprived line ever delivered in daytime. I cheered when Gigi went under and I was so disappointed when Rex pulled her out. The actress and character have not lived up to the quality around them.

Mel Got Served said...

Rex pulled Gigi out of the water like a bear hungry for salmon.

That's disappointing about Rachel. I really like that there's friends in Llanview that are male/female and it doesn't have to be a love thing (her and Schuyler). I would assume Greg could be next out the door, unless they pair him with someone else. He's kinda grown on me a bit.

Hey guys, did you know that Danielle hates Todd and Tea and Todd broke up again? Ahhh- I wish we could make some steps forward or just skip it for a week or so.

Shadow said...

I just like saying "Daphne Duplaix". I wonder if that's her birth name or one she picked when she started acting? You don't meet many Daphnes anymore. Tricky name-- sounds very Scooby Doo and sort of pornish.

Kate said...

Woohoo! "Let the bloggers bloggle!!!"

Crystal said...

I can't wait to listen. I have been stuck in my house 5 of the last 9 days and I can't take it anymore!!! Won't this snow ever stop? Anyway, at least this gives me some entertainment that is not Dora the Explorer or Spongebob Squarepants. ;)

Mel Got Served said...

I love Dorian, but if I didn't have to hear "my girls" or "Kramer girls" for a couple weeks, it would be a nice relief. I get the same way about the "Kane women." Always drives me nuts for some reason.

And so far, amazing podcast! (Didn't get to finish it all this morning) Jordan, you better share your Twitter name with us so we can talk tweet together!

In Olympics news, last night's pairs long program was pathetic. All but 2 pairs fell. This is the OLYMPICS. I get the nerves part, but this is supposed to be the best of the best. I'm glad the couple from China won who have gone to 4 Olympics and needed the gold.

Also, Big Love this week was RIDIC!! Wow, so good. So many storylines beginning, new details surfacing, plots thickening. In case people haven't seen it, I'll wait to see it but WOW-O-WOW!

Bxgal said...

word is that Greg Evans will stay on the show even if Rachel leaves. DC says that he'll be kind of like the town doctor. He'll probably just be in any scene that takes place in the hospital.

Anonymous said...


I was listening to the podcast and I have been going to a school in riverdale for a while. Please, if you have any questions about Riverdale, let me know!


Unknown said...

Okay I have a new guilty pleasure. You ready for it .... "RuPaul's Dragrace". That show is so damn addictive I can't even tell you. LMBO.
Oh and

WATCH OLTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura said...

Can't wait to listen. I have a new addiction I am ashamed to admit. Following Tila Tequila on twitter. Oh my God, this girl is a train wreck. Really don't know much about her since I never followed her on tv. Heard more about her since Casey Johnson's death. This girl is one hot mess. Claims she pregnant. She makes Stacy and Kimmy look like nuns.

I was home sick today and bravely turned on the last half hour of AMC in high def. It sunk in that only one more month of David Carnary. I am going to watch more just to see as much of him as I can. I will really miss him.

Crystal said...

Hey guys, great podcast!
I just have one comment about Todd & Téa. Dani should absolutely hate Todd. I am glad they haven't had her accept him yet and I hope they don't for a long time. I get that they are going for the sweetness between Todd & Téa but, it is just too subtle and it doesn't feel like them. It is boring! These two people are hot together and they can't be together. You should be able to practically feel the heat and the need radiating off of them. There is just nothing there. I don't know if it is too subtle or what.

SPOILER if you haven't watched today's (Tuesday's) show.

AMC today. Ryan made me SICK at the end. GAG he is so smug and cocky. bleh bleh bleh

OLTL today. The way they took out Stacy was terrible. I didn't like it at all. I think Ford has an allergy to fabric since he never seems to be wearing any clothes. I loved him and Langston together today! Yay David Vickers!!!

Mel Got Served said...
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Mel Got Served said...

Finished the podcast, want to say that I do like the whole Todd/Tea storyline, however it just seems like things are on repeat. Todd/Tea get together, remember Dani, breakup, Todd laments Dani, goes to Starr's place, rinse, and repeat. I don't expect, nor do I want, Dani to accept Todd overnight but either stay with Tea or breakup. I'd rather maybe Todd/Tea stay together and Dani just have to deal with the anger she has towards Todd. I just want to take a step forward, be it positive or negative.

Once they pulled Gigi out of that water they better be careful- that spiky hair of hers might freeze and poke an eye out.

HD has made me realize more than ever than Ryan has crazy eyes. He's so horrible. The character, the actor, everything. I bet he has to drink tea with honey every night to prevent him from losing his angry, gravely voice.

Favorite AMC moment: Annie getting offended that Mrs. Annie Chandler and Adam didn't get invited to David's crazy wedding.

Shadow said...

When Ryan grimmaces and talks through his teeth, I keep waiting for someone to ask "Ryan, are you ok? You seem pained". and then for him to respond "No. I have to poop really badly".

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Shadow,

It's funny that you think Daphne sounds pornish because the actress got her break in Playboy. I saw clips of her on youtube although not full monty kind of stuff. I read somewhere that she's of Haitian descent hence the name.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Congrats on the spirit award just goes to show hoe much Canada loves you.... Now like any good Canadian I have to go back to Olympic Hockey.

Elyse in Toronto said...

so sorry how not hoe just a typo

Anonymous said...

David Vickers killed it, as always. Do you think it's possible for a Kelly/David/Kimmy triangle?

I was not amused by the Greenlee-Ryan convo. It's like she turned weak and lost her verbal sparring skills in the face of Mr. Lamery.

I actually loved the David/Angie interplay. It was a bit of the mustache-twirling, but he's just so much more likable now.

Nat's Guy said...

I tried to peak in on AMC, but it's still bad to me. I'll try again when Brooke comes back. Has anyone read a certain spoiler about Adam that came out recently? It made me say WTF Lorraine.

OLTL is pretty good so far this week. I love that all the Cramer women are coming back. I could do without Dorian saying "my girls" every five minutes though. The Dorian/Viki fight today was amazing as usual. Even though I never really liked Stacey her death was a little sad. Rex barely tried to save her and Fish should stood by and watched his baby mama sink.

Amelia, I like RuPaul's Drag Race too. It's so damn campy. My favorites this season are Tatianna, Jujubee, and Jessica Wild.

Jordan, I totally get what you were saying about your haircut. Not every barber can do a good fade.

Btw, this was another great podcast!

Shadow said...

Does anybody play Words With Friends on their iPod touch or iPhone? It's my latest obsession and entertaining timewaster.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

I'M NOT AMUSED!! and for once it's not directed at AMC but OLTL.

After an excellent episode on Monday, yes even GiGi and Rex were working for me on Monday. Don't get me wrong they were still not giving 100% but the situation made up for it.

Today did not work for me. I'm trying to have faith in my Ron and Frank. I'm all for people coming and going. That is life. I think the problem with Soaps today is that they hold on to certain stars and characters too long. Sometimes a character is done and needs to go.

I also get that Gina T. must have cost a great deal and your cast is big and you need to trim. But seriously Daphne.

I'm sorry but I'M NOT AMUSED. Rachel is important to the canvas. She has reconnected with her best friend Tea, she has made a new friend in Schuyler, she has a brother and mother. She use to date Kevin Bucahnon. plus I like Daphne damm it.

Then you go ahead and kill off the wrong Morasco sister. A commercial that claims "with an ending you didn't see coming." For that to be true it should have been GiGi who died. That would have surprised us. Everyone has reported that Crystal was let go, you guys just never confirmed it. So one of the best couples on the show Kim and Stacy are no more.

You want to trim fat how about John and Natalie get back together and move away. How about Gigi and Rex get back together and leave town with Shane. Christian leaves town to find Antonio.
As much as I hate to say this Scuyler can go you have written him into a corner. There can be no way Gigi can forgive him. He is not the baby's daddy. His ex is dead and his BFF just got written off the show. As much as I love Ford and I love seeing him in undies, I would rather have Rachel and Stacy stay on the canvas.

If you ever needed a reason to fire J.P. and Farrah today's episode proved it. Never have I seen two actors show how much they could care less about there job. At least Mongrieff, Vaseline, Mattheison and Turner care enough to try. They are horrible on AMC but they at least attempted to perform.

I'm dead serious when I say that I'm going to loose all respect for Frank Valenti if he does not either whip those two spoiled performers into shape or let them go. They only want to work with each other. It shows. Farah was awful in the car with Scuyler, I did not believe for one moment that she loved Scuyler she seemed to be full of nothing but loathing and suspicion.

Rex's face when Stacy went under. he get's a paycheck...Hey JP ACT! Dumbass!!!

Then I had to deal with Fish becoming a sterotype. What was up with him turning into the only Nelly Queen. I wanted to just Bitch slap him and say MAN UP! Dorian has bigger balls then Fish did in today's episode. Who are we kidding Robin Strasser has a bigger pen@# then all the men on OLTL, Ron C. Frank V. and Brian Frons. I love me some Robin Strasser.

I wont say that I'm worried yet OLTL but you do have me scratching my head.

Oh there were two real men on today's episode. Brody and Clint. Taking on the police, hell yeah.

AMC takes two steps forward and 100 steps back. I do not like this commerical with Greenlee telling Ryan she loves him yawn. You just gave Greenlee her balls back. Let her and us move on. This is really going to piss me off.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Okay half way through American Idol and is it me or is this a hot mess. I don't know why? Did they always handle it this way at this point. I feel like it's all over the place.

Mel Got Served said...

With JR's cancer getting bad again, and likely needing another bone marrow transplant, who do we think the donor will be? Last time it was Richie. God, it would be amazing if Annie was the donor. He'd go beserk, just like he did for Richie.

We'll have to see if they check the history of last time when no one else was his match.

Bxgal said...

UGH!! Greenlee only came out to the public two days ago and Ryan has already picked her up!! RYAN NEEDS TO GO!

funny moment from OLTL I just saw... when the nurse mentions to Clint and Viki that Natalie is in the hospital, based on their faces, they were probably thinking, "oh thats right. we have another daughter missing!" LOL

Arizonagal said...

Someone mentioned Ryan's crazy eyes. Didn't notice it so much on AMC (perhaps because I still FF thru most of his bullshit), but I did notice it on that Cheer commercial, Dr. Dan looks downright deranged.

Shadow said...

Maybe his thong is too tight and it's twisting the short and curlies. That wide eyed stare is actually pain.

Mel Got Served said...

Crazy Eyes Lavery

Even Crazier Eyes

Mel Got Served said...

Some more hilarious AMC images, courtesy of Arizonagal.

The Three Stooges

Where's Bianca?

Even Crazier Crazier Eyes

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zach and Kendall Return to AMC!
Alicia Minshew, who is currently on an extended maternity leave from AMC after giving birth to daughter Willow last November, and Thorsten Kaye, who opted not to continue on AMC as Zach in the wake of the show's move from New York to Los Angeles, are making a short-term return to Pine Valley. She will first air on April 9; his first air date is April 13. Minshew tells Digest, "I don't know what the story holds for Zach and Kendall other than that they come back happy and together. I think these episodes will be more about Kendall dealing with Greenlee, who knows that Kendall slept with Ryan and knows that Kendall ran her off the road! So, there's plenty of drama there, and I can't wait!" The actress reports that she agreed to fly out to L.A. to tape these shows when AMC EP Julie Hanan Carruthers agreed to fly out her baby and husband, as well, and that Kaye surprised her by agreeing to join her. "He said, 'If you go, I'll go!' I've been seeing him all the time — I saw him yesterday, in fact — but the chance to do scenes with him again ... I couldn't be more

Mel Got Served said...

Watching Tuesday's OLTL and at one point, and I think it's due to the choices in acting, but at one point I really thought Rex was intentionally going to let Stacy die. JP gave a look to the side early on that to me came off as, "Let 'er drown."

Jordan, you're so right about Schuyler being written into a corner. He's lied about this baby for weeks now. Gigi will flip and there's no redeeming him with Gigi at this point. There's no one else to really pair him with, so I don't know what will/could happen to him. I guess what could maybe happen is Schuyler falling off the wagon for lying, losing Gigi, and getting caught stealing drugs again.

And OMG Starr and Cole are soooo boring. I call them Coldsore. Starr is like a 40 year old in an 18 year old's body.

Crystal said...

Yay, I hope the REAL Zach comes back! Not the pod person that left.

Ericka said...

Why did they change the sets? Wildwind is new,even the Chandler Foyer is different. The door used to be right across from the parlor entry and now it's to the right. The stairs look different too but I'm not sure. Did they start doing HD just in wildwind?

Mel Got Served said...

I would guess the sets, especially a lot of decor, is new because either they couldn't replicate it in LA or didn't want to ship everything from NY to LA. And I'm guessing floor layouts (like adding more staircases to Wildwind) were to make more room for filming, storylines, or even implement changes they maybe always wanted to make but couldn't for time/old budget reasons.

OLTL FREAK said...

Robin Christopher (skye chandler quartermaine) heading back to GH in March

Norn Cutson said...

ya'll made me blush :)

Laura said...

Oh my God, I love Skye. I am glad there will be closure to Zach and Kendall. Ryan needs to follow them and their mutual kid together.

I am also excited Taylor Miller will be there for a Palmer Courtland tribute. What a shame she couldn't come when he was alive. I pray that Daisy comes back. I also hope they do it before David Canary leaves. But Canary left himself open for future visits.

I am cherishing every last minute with him.

I agree Rex and Gigi could have drowned. I am invested in Rex more than Gigi, aka Sonic the hedgehog.

I do want Fish and Kyle to raise the baby. Ford is so hot, if he was to hook up with David Vickers, that would give Kish some competition.

I love having David back.

So that goofy Greg will now be the new Larry Woleck. Although if they pair him up with Layla, he is not quite as boring as Christian.

Mel Got Served said...

Oh man, I made a blunder. Richie didn't GIVE JR bone marrow, he STOLE JR's for his leukemia. Either way, this maybe means Annie could be a match as it might be those Novaks could both be matches.

My AMC history mistake!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the Spirit Award nomination. I absolutely LOVE the Pine Valley Podcast. You two must have had some influence on the recent writing changes. Lately, I have not been fast forwarding; sometimes rewinding and watching a scene again. David is back, devious as ever, but with a soft spot for Greenlee. All the characters have depth and dimension again and reasons for their stories. Thank you - you two deserve the Spirt Award for not giving up on the show! Thanks for making me laugh and look forward to your show. I feel like we are friends.
Mary in Kansas City

Eric Wilfred said...

i love how you guys are doing the podcasts in the car! i feel like i am in there with you guys!
and loving the American Idol chat!
missed you guys!

Dr. G. said...

Loving the new guys always make me laugh. For once I was sorry to arrive home because I still have 38 minutes left!

What a great laugh to see those pics of Ryan's crazy eyes! Speaking of laughs did you all see Opal hitting David over the head with her purse on Mondays ep? Great comic relief until Jessie took control of the scene.

Disappointed by the Erica/Greenlee cat fight but even more disappointed by Ryan's profession of love and suggestion of getting married when Greenlee just "returned".

Unknown said...

Can Mitch cross over from OLTL to AMC and kill Randi, Madison, Marissa, and Ryan? That would be a crossover story I could get on board with! I would typically not wish this on a character like Ryan who's been around for so long but those smug looks on his face all week have been making me sick. I wish Leo's ghost would pop up and terrorize him or something. UGH

Shadow said...

The news of Robin Christopher returning to GH royally pisses me off. Myrtle and Palmer are dead. Joe retired to fucking Florida. Adam is leaving. Bianca already left. Sure Brooke, Nina, Dixie, Jack, Kendall, and Zach are coming back for short stints, but not permanently. Even Chrishelle could bail at any moment since she's recurring. After they all leave and Adam is gone, we are left with sure to be screen hogs Randi, Madison, Marissa, Lamery, and a bunch of Chandlers who all together couldn't fill Adam's shoes or Skye's pumps. Too early to tell if they can salvage David or not but he doesn't have nearly the goodwill with me that others have.

AMC fans have been clamoring for Robin Christopher to return to AMC for years. They didn't pony up for her to return to Myrtle's funeral. She wasn't at Stuart's funeral (probably because she heard they were going to make them sing "Rubber Tree Plant"). She wasn't part of the 40th anniversary. Now when the cast is thinning at a lighting pace, ABC takes the most interesting character out there and sends her back to GH? Trust me, I know the whole Skye Quatermaine thing, but that's all bullshit to this #amc fan. Skye belongs in PV as the queen bitch of the Chandler clan. At least watching her try to be the Queen B of the Chandler clan would be fun to watch. JR isn't half the actor of David Canary and isn't going to be able to carry it off alone. They have so decimated his character anyway I can't see JR stepping up. JR is a loser and doesn't have big enough balls. Scott hasn't proved himself yet. Colby3 is no Skye. Annie is out of the Chandler clan soon and killed the only family she had. (I won't even start on Billy Miller.)

Don't get me wrong. I love Rebecca Budig, Michael Knight, Susan Lucci, Jill Larson, Bobbie Eakes, RPG, Debbie Morgan, & Darnell Williams, but they aren't enough. There is no socio-economic difference in these people like the Martins/Wallingfords/Tylers had to be interesting. The families are incomplete and rag tag. Amanda has never introduced her baby to Janet or Tim. Erica doesn't have a family to lead because everyone left. The Courtlands have almost faded into oblivion. Nobody strong enough is around to believably take charge of the Chandlers.

AMC seriously needs a polarizing figure and pissed away a fantastic opportunity with Skye. Robin Christopher is in LA for God's sake!

Here's the deal. I'm so excited about Brooke's return, but I don't want to get all jazzed up on AMC again only to have it nose dive into the toilet because they didn't think ahead to what happens when she and all the other part timers leave. Who are the new writers supposed to pen for? Randi, Madison, Ryan, Fusion? Vomit! I will not go back to that shit.

Time to start announcing some long term plans for AMC. Great, the show is in LA and in HD. Thank God Frons was smart enough to get some great people back if only temporarily. Obviously Lorraine Broderick and the returning actors care about the show's legacy and the other actors, but I'm betting they aren't there to do Frons or Crapputhers any personal favors.

So I'm ready for some long term commitments and announcements. Lorraine Broderick on contract in some capacity. Brooke on contract. Bianca on contract. Ross on contract. I don't want to watch the new writers just dick around with Marissa while we wait for them to figure out a story and then send out feelers for returns. If there was ever anyone that should have been a snap to contract and pull a story out of your ass for it would have been Robin Christopher's Skye. Even Bob Guza gets that.

Don't get lazy AMC. You're not out of the woods yet. From where I'm watching, tough days are ahead if you don't keep the momentum rolling for the fans.

HEY GH-spend your money and efforts wooing back Genie Francis' Laura or Anna Devane or somebody.

But Skye on GH when AMC is in LA. WTF????

Arizonagal said...

Wow, Stacy's death on OLTL was just tragic and brutal and heartless and a real effin' bummer. I hated the way she was killed off. My only hope is that she's not really dead. I hope they don't find a body. I know IOAS but I really wanted to see her be a mom and bond with her baby. Who's going to raise little Sierra Rose (I flove that name). It better not be Rex and Gigi.

Jordan, you nailed it on everything you said about OLTL. The wrong sister left. I do not accept Rex and Gigi as a super couple, super annoying couple maybe. There is just something so smug and cold about both of them. Not to mention the loss of Rachel. Bad decisions!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Congrats you guys on the Spirit Award nominations!! I can't think of any other people who deserve it more!

Amelia, I saw you mentioned Ru Paul's Drag Race earlier and I am LOVING that show! I didn't watch it last year, but I started this year because of all the hype and I am so happy that I did! If you want crazy camp, Drag Race is the place to go. It's reality show gold!

Kudos, for the "Crazy Eyes Lavery" pictures Mel and Arizonagal! That gave me a good laugh! That boy has got some crazy ass eyes..

Haven't watched the last two days of AMC.. it obviously hasn't completely recuperated yet from it's case of the Pratts, but I still have hope. I'll probably check them out tonight. However, I am not liking the whole David blackmailing Angie thing. Can we please see some depth with Dr. Dave? It's so annoying.

Last, but not least. I know you mentioned "Dancing with the Stars" in the beginning of the podcast, so I am going to take this time out to say, again, that I want Rebecca Budig on the next season! She would be amazing and I personally think she could win it all!

Terry in Toronto said...

I agree with Jordan that Mitch Lawrence is a villain who does villainous things. Why is anyone surprised that his mind works in a sick and demented way? He's a psychopath! It made total sense to me that he'd claim Jessica as his own in that disgusting Chinatown way. Shades of Phillip Garrido who kidnapped that girl and had two children with her. Crazy, narcissistic people with delusions of grandeur do crazy stuff.

I'm glad Stacey's gone and not at all surprised that Crystal Hunt left in the same lazy-a$$ way she came in. Her acting was one-note and boring and so lazy. She dragged her chanclettas into that lake and literally took a breath before ducking her head under water. The only person whose acting is worse is Farrah Fath playing her sister. The only good soap to come out of this will be the fight for the baby and I know lots of us will be rooting for Fish and Kyle to get custody of little Sierra Rose. ... which by the way is the stupidest name I've heard in a while.

Gonna miss Rachel and I hope they give her a good send-off. Would rather she stay and Gigi be gone.

Lovin' Ford and the drama he's stirring up. Langston's feelings and the conflict they create are so natural and believable. Doesn't hurt that we'll get to see lots of Ford in his undies.

PVP rules!

Shadow said...

Terry, I love it when you post (and I'm serious)!

Mel Got Served said...

Almost gagged on my vomit a minute ago when I just saw a promo on Soapnet calling Ryan Lavery "Irresistible." I can't tell you a single person that likes this character. Give me a break.

Shadow said...

Finally! Erica has a real home of her own. I do think the extra sets will help the storytelling by reducing the contrived ways people meet up. I wonder if they kept the Yacht Club set?

Unknown said...

Congrats on the nomination guys... you deserve it!!!

I'm excited to get my Blaze back on GH. She's pretty much the only way of making Luke and Tracy a triangle (Best coupling of the last five years on GH. Just saying), and Tony Geary always brings his A game when Robin Christopher enters a room. I just hope they age Lila Rae, her daughter, to Morgan's age. That kid needs a love interest that isn't his cousin LOL...

I'm also excited that AMC has gotten a lot better. Greenlee needs to punt Ryan in the nads and Erica needs to stop wearing flowing purple shirts when her nipples are clearly sticking out of them. Just sayin. The Martins need to stop pounding their chest, and the Chandlers just need to band together and yes that means Annie too. I'm excited to see what this Sonya mystery woman that Adam is having Tad find. I'm thinkin there's some Chandlers out there that we have yet to see.... :)

Also, the Stacy death has been written so amazing. Honestly, it has been my favorite part of this whole stunt. I'm gunna miss Stacy, but Sky, Fish, Rex, Gigi, Kim, and Kyle are gunna bring their A game with the fallout and I can't wait.

Norn Cutson said...

if any of ya'll are in Brooklyn, my art will will be on display @ OZZIE'S on 7th Ave during the whole month of March!

Courtney said...

I started watching OLTL again because of all of the fanfare, but I must have picked a wrong time. Mitch...WTF! Jessica/...WTF!! And talk about crazy eyes...what is up with the Rex dude blinking all the time? I can't pay attention to his lines, because he is literally acting with his eyes.....

I have always been a Vicki/Dorian fan, I love that Clint is the new Asa (wish I could have seen how that happened)...and to be honest, I liked Stacy too. Too bad she's leaving. Destiny is a cutie pie, I'm looking for her to get better in the acting department too.

Shadow said...

I'm behind on #amc this week. Watched a little last nite. Strikes me that if u have to lock a chick in a castle to convince her she is in love with you, she's probably just not that into you. Ryan needs s friend who can explain this stuff to him in words he can understand.

Unknown said...

Shadow I agree! I rewound that scene where she hits him with the door and runs out of the room a few times. Cryan getting hit with a door never gets old. I was so happy to see that she was trying to find a way to get the hell out of there.

Crystal said...

Norn, ooo congrats! I wish I could go see it.

The Ghost of Verla Grubbs said...

First time posting, long time listener to the podcast. I was an avid AMC watcher during the 1991-1993 years (my Natalie in the well!) but then turned in and out until 1998 and then basically lost hope ever since. Started re-watching now that LoBro is back...

Just annoyed at one thing on Tuesday's eppy.... Adam Chandler telling the Michelin Tire Guy (J.R.) that he'll get the entire family to donate and then listed off Skye, Hayley, and Colby. Can we at least have a little taste of crappy history with him saying that yes even though Skye is not a biological Chandler she'd be tested anyway? Just made it seem as if she truly was a Chandler. If that's going to be the case they need to clarify it. Or even better what about Ross Chandler (Lottie and Palmer's kid)?! Bring him up... he's got that blood in his veins.... and that marrow in his bones....

Shadow said...

Ghost of Verla Grubbs-First of all, I love your name! About the only show that warms my heart like AMC is the Carol Burnett Show. Such fond memories of both from back in the day. And Carol on AMC? Perfection!

About Skye and Ross, I had all those same thoughts too when he mentioned Skye being tested.

And probably my favorite campy story of all time was Natalie at the bottom of that well. I used to have an enormous crush on Kate Collins. She was beautiful. She's still a gave as Janet. I would love for them to bring her back and let her meet her grandson. Trevor would either finally give her peace or bring on a whole new level of crazy.

Shadow said...

--She's still a "fave" as Janet!

Ghost of Verla Grubbs said...

Hey Shadow!

There was never a better line delivery than Carol as Verla sitting with Eileen/Myrtle at the Chateau I think it was, and that loony tune Liz Taylor wheeling that wash-pail past then and Verla announcing that "someone blew out that lady's pilot light!"

Mel Got Served said...

Holy crap! The well! For years I've been trying to remember what show did the twin hidden in a well. At one point when I was little my mom was home during the day and we'd watch soaps but I couldn't remember what show the twin in the well was. I remember Maxie/BJ but couldn't remember the well. Thank you Ghost of Verla Grubbs!!


Bxgal said...

Hey all OLTL fans! Tika Sumpter (Layla) is going to be on The Monique Show tonight!!

Shadow said...

I thought Viki was going 2 pop an alter when she found out about Dorian & Charlie. I luv how it all comes back 2 Viki & Dorian.

Robin Strasser is great but nobody does does pissed, sarcastic & indignant like Erika Slezak. She's giving Dorian Emmy worthy hell.

Stacy sure is a slow drowner. My fave part was when she took a big breath & blew bubbles out her nose B4 she went under the last time.

Most people freeze & fade. Stacy jabbered 2 the end & all but held her nose going down. That last fart bubble was a nice comedic touch

I hate it when Viki cries though. Irritating cryer. Love how no matter what Dorian does to wrong Viki, she always gets in Vikis head.

If the ice can support the guys now while Rex is fishing 4 Stacy, why didn't they do that first rather than throw her a tattered piece of string?

brtedi said...

With the mention of Ebabe adopting Little A, does any one else think Babe (Alexa Havins) will return before the ink is dry on Little A's legal paperwork?

Somebody tell me, did Tad and Jake deliver a captured David, to Erica's newly re-renovating digs?

OK. I know, I'm sooooo in the minority on this one (being a Ryan fan 'n' all). But, even I have to admit--"Ryan", hun, give it up already!--"Greenlee",little pitbull that she can be, had to resort to fainting to make you chill out!-- :-0

Maybe, AMC is really gearing up for a wedding between Greens & Dr. Dave????

On a more positive note, at least CM has a fairly good sense of comic timing with RB as "Ryan" got bonked in the face with the door.

And on a final note for the night, it's the return of the Tire Iron!! MCE just makes me grin!--Can we give that thing an honorary Emmy,or something---"Annie" and her ever faithful (and apparently ever present) tire iron--Now, that's what I call a memorable soap duo! ROFL!

Anonymous said...

OLTL - Why has Rex not gotten deathly ill? He was in the icy water & now out in the freezing cold. Not even a sniffle? C'mon!

And I know it's been a long time & people have been SORASed, but back when Megan was alive, wasn't Jessica a little girl? She and Marty weren't friends then were they? But I was happy just to hear Megan's name.

SKYE - It KILLED me when they rewrote history & made Skye not a Chandler. Since she's coming back to GH (which I am excited about --- though I'd rather see her on AMC), can they still re-re-write it back on AMC so that she's really a Chandler? I was hoping that when Adam said they'd get Skye tested for Junior.

AMC - I'm loving Crazy Annie 2.0. I cannot wait for Brooke to come back! It's gonna be sooooooo goood!

The Ryan thing is just pathetic. Let Greenlee move on to spar with La Nana Kane. I love Rebecca Budig & the revived Greenlee, but this Ryan crap is boring me.

The David/La Nana Kane thing also bored me. Why won't they let him go? Leave David alone, he's an anti-hero now! So so so misunderstood.

GH - I love the whole Elizabeth/Real Lucky storyline, but if I have to hear one more time how SHE cheating on him with Jason I'm going to throw something at my TV. Did I miss something or did Lucky crush HER world when he was jacked up on the pills & Maxie? That's not Elizabeth cheating, that's her moving on after being cheated on.

- Jen

Mel Got Served said...

My new name for Ryan is Smug A-Hole. I absolutely HATE this character more than any other sick villain, baby kidnapper, poorly acted teen, etc. in the history of every other soap.

Mel Got Served said...

Also, when Rex tried to save Stacy all it reminded me of is when Augustus Gloop falls into the chocolate river and they try to save him with a giant lollipop. (I also expressed these sentiments with Shadow on Twitter)

Other thing I'd like to thing: get a montage of moments of Annie and her tire iron and set it to music like "I Will Remember You" or "Love Lift Us Up"- something romantic!

Mel Got Served said...

Oh and one more thing about Smug A-Hole Ryan: he acts like he and Kendall had a one night stand after Greenlee died and just had to mourn her together. NO, they then started dating and sleeping togheter, with Ryan putting a huge strain (to say the least) Kendall and Zach's marriage. So St. Ryan needs to shut his crazy-eyed pie hole.

Anonymous said...

Mel -- I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. You are spot on about Smug A-hole Ryan. And I would pay good money to watch a montage of Annie & the crowbar. I'd like to nominate "Greatest Love of All" as the song.

- Jen

Shadow said...

How about a new Celebrity Deathmatch between Rex and Ryan? Ryan can grit his teeth and grunt and Rex's eyeballs can bug out until they both asphixiate themselves in the tangle mess of Ryan's thong.

Ghost of Verla Grubbs said...


I nearly died when during the first 10 - 15 minutes there is a cameo by lovely Jill as a balding, black-toothed mental patient trimming rose bushes and smiling at Leo! YOU GO JILL! She should have thrown on her pilgrim outfit and started screaming to Leo that "danger was a'comin'!"

Courtney said...

i saw that too! I was so caught off guard that when she came on screen in Shutter Island..I yelled...THAT'S OPAL! In the theatre...good thing I didn't get kicked out!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

That IS Jill Larson! There was a glimpse of her at the end of the trailer, but I couldn't tell if it was her because she looked so creepy and it wasn't listed on Good thing to know that my eyes didn't deceive me.

Terry in Toronto said...

I wish we could vote for you guys on the site.

I so want the PVP to win.

It is so not enough just to be nominated. Canada loves the Pine Valley Podcast and Ashley Mendoza, Jordan Hudson and Shadow.

O Pine Valley,
Our home and native soap

you get the picture

Arizonagal said...

To all of you bashing that soap-whore Ryan, a big HOLLA. I just wanted to effin' SCREAM when he locked Greenlee in that room in an effort to remind her of how much she loves him. Now I gotta admit, I FF'd through most of this nauseating bullshit, but where were Ryan's mea culpas? He shoulda been begging her forgiveness for acting like a total shit 20 minutes after he thought she was dead. He's guilty of kidnapping, domestic abuse, and he's most guilty of making me want to barf up a lung every time I have to watch him mug and grimace his way through a scene.

I hate Ryan with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. I hate him more than any soap dude ever. His presence in the Greenlee scenes cheats me out of the enjoyment of seeing Budig back in action. He is totally unwatchable.

I swear, Cameron Mathison is just so happy to be working that he will gladly overact any crap script he gets, be it soap, commercial, or crappy gameshow.

Well, now that I got that off my chest...

Mel Got Served said...

I would rather watch Alexander Cambias seduce Brianna Moncrief's Colby while that teen jam band friends of hers videotapes than watch a single scene with Ryan Lavery.

Mel Got Served said...

Sorry, I forgot that I'm not calling him Ryan Lavery anymore. Smug A-Hole.

PS Discodan told me some spoiler scoop about AMC and to quote our host with the most, I AM NOT AMUSED!!

オテモヤン said...


Shadow said...

Wow! OLTL offered Amanda Setton (Kim) a contract and more money, but she declined. She's going to LA for pilot season. Her last ep airs in April. She already taped her last scene. Maybe that's why Stacy's dead-the team was breaking up anyway. Bummer for OLTL.

Mel Got Served said...

This is the worst news I've ever received. However, I would watch any show Amanda Setton is on so best of luck to her- you have a viewer for life in me!

Unknown said...

OLTL doesn't have any super couples. Todd and Tea are hot but super couple material they are not because it is hard to root for a couple where the man punched the woman in the face like she was a man. Also Todd has the rape history(Yes! so do other male leads of super couples like Luke on GH) but Luke redeemed himself and hasn't pulled some of the evil things Todd has. Back to couples: Rex and Gigi, Brody and Jessica, Natalie and John, Marty and John, Starr and Cole, Langston and Markko, etc are just dull as dishwater

OLTL also has to way to go dark and make you feel like you need a shower. It is well written and I would watch it over Days,ATWT, and B&B but not over AMC, Yand R and hell no not over GH.

OLTL needs some of what GH's has not the mob but the hotness did you see the Jonathan Jackson scenes are the Maurice Bernard scenes. OLTL needs that fire

Anyway can't wait for Zach and Kendall to comeback

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I would rather watch Alexander Cambias seduce Brianna Moncrief's Colby while that teen jam band friends of hers videotapes than watch a single scene with Ryan Lavery.
Haha! Mel you kill me!

But, seriously, it looks like the majority of us hate the character of Ryan Lavery, which is really sad because I actually used to like him. I don't know how everyone else feels, but a couple years ago I thought he was an important part of the show who brought a lot to the table. Now I don't give two poops about this character and his crazy eyes and gritted teeth. And if I saw Cameron Mathison on the street, I might just punch him in the face.. it's sad, but true.

T said...

Ryan Lavery sucks thong and Cameron Matheson is an embarassment to hardworking Canadian actors everywhere! There. I said it.
I'm not even watching AMC anymore and I still resent Ryass.

Hey Alicia, I think Brody and Jess could be a hot super couple. I still remember him putting on his military whites and them dancing alone in the bar after hours and then him showering with her and washing her hair and just holding her in bed after yet another trauma. That's supercouple hotness. The writers just need to give us more of that along with the angst and Jessica in peril/Jessica having a mental breakdown/Jessica seeing her dead husband's body/Jessica being kidnapped/Jessica being tortured with electroshock/Jessica being shot/Jessica ... well, you get the picture.

And then there's Blair and Eli if you're into hot, steamy, adult coitus.

Michael said...

I came to the podcast way too late this week. Bravo and congratulations for the nomination! You guys are the best and deserve a roomful of trophies for your work!

Mel Got Served, Shadow, Arizona G, the bashing of Lame-o-Rama is priceless. That guy gets on my nerves worse than Gigi’s tragically-sharp hairdo. I wish I had a dime for every time he swirled his “crazy eyes” around and said in a hoarse whisper. “…I get that.” (Geenlee, you’re mad…I get that, or Annie, I drove you insane…I get that or Erica, my boy calls you Gammy so people think it is repulsive that we slept together…I get that…).

Alicia, you comments got me thinking about the difference between the shows right now. I think they all take turns being great and not so great from time to time. I would match Brody and Jess or Kyle and Fish or Bo and Nora for Lulu and Dante or Maxi and Spinelli.

There is no denying that GH has been great lately. The cast is fantastic and the production values are unmatched, but I wish one person on the show knew right from wrong. Amoral characters like Todd exist on OLTL. He is considered a pariah and his own daughter is disgusted by the thought of his crimes, but everyone on GH is completely amoral. There has to be light and dark. Luke, Sonny, Jason, Carly, Maxie, Sam, Spinelli, and Johnny all talk about murdering people, lying to police and committing myriad crimes as if this was commonplace and had no repercussions. It gets a little old and diminishes my sympathies for the characters over time. Lulu telling Sonny off was great, I want a little more of that kind of thing.

I see great stuff from everyone here. I feared when the show improved, the wit and wisdom of the posts would diminish, but it’s like you guys are in some “Golden Age” of remarks. You have never been funnier (and that is really saying something!!!)

Have a great week everyone.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

I'M NOT AMUSED !!!!!!!!! and again it's at OLTL and not AMC. I will save my comments for the next podcast. Just be aware that I don't play favorites when OLTL is heading into Crapputhers land I'm going to call them on it.

I have to say I'm really happy that Nip/Tuck seems to be exiting the way they came in. While I do feel that they lost there way lats year, I wouldn't say they jumped the shark. I mean how could a show about jumping the shark jump the sahrk. Ryan Murphy always said the cases were based on real life procedures which just proves fact is is often stranger then fiction.

Damages continues to be a class act. It's a one trick pony but just like 24 as long as the storyline is entertaining, well crafted who cares.

Archer is just twisted. SOA has me waiting for season three and I'm lookign forward to there new show Justified.

Bad news I may have to restart my faceboook account. Everytime I think the computer problems are over with another rears it's ugly head.

BIG LOVE no only two more episodes. I have to disagree with Linda Stasi's (NY Post) review about the show this season. I still care about theses characters and think the writers have done a superb job of making the premise of the show universal to all. The reality is that yes the first season showed how this family can and could work but as in real life nothing is perfect and nothing can stay the same people grown and change. In a smaller family unit people grow apart, fall out of love, realize they want more out of life. I think showing these characters as human beings is what makes us able to understand them and the choices they make. Like any family it will be watching to see if they can survive as a family through the hard times or if someone will choose to leave. I think the show is only growing.


OLTL FREAK said...

So bummed about the news regarding Amanda Setton. I would have loved to see her on OLTL much longer and see the relationship between Kim and Clint become something real

RYASS needs to go to Tool Academy he is a perfect candidate for that show

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Bree Williamson is not given the respect that is due to her. She is amazing and I so see heras a 17 year old great work but then she is a talented dedicated actress. Jessica gets the EDEN CAPWELL AWARD not since SB Eden's has a daytime herione been tortured non stop.

I love Bob Woods. Another OLTL actor who is not given the respect he deserves. His scenes with Shayne on Friday and his stuff today just brilliant. Anyone can do hystericla over the top material. Some better then others but it takes a true artist to take the simple scenes and make them stand out.

Speaking of that Brett Claywell again knocked it out of the ball park today. Well written, thought provoking scenes. Maybe the reason Scott Evans was lousy on the mountain is that Brett just brings out the best in him.

Funny how today Farrah Fath is able to bring some life to GiGi when she has to rip Schuyler a new one. I'm so sick of her and J.P. and there we will only give 100% when we like the storyline attitude. They should take a cue from the kid who plays there son.

Shadow said...


For those of you who may not remember anything but her relationship with Edmund and sickening rivalry with Maria (a la McTavish) here’s a little background on Brooke English and how she came to be…

Brooke English came to Pine Valley in 1976 as the rebellious niece of professional socialite Phoebe Tyler. At the time, Phoebe was too busy manipulating the lives of her children to notice that Brooke wasn’t the squeaky clean boarding school sweetheart Pheobe believed her to be. Fireworks would later ensue after a supposedly wheelchair stricken Pheobe rolled into her poolhouse and found Brooke having sex with one of Pine Valley’s most respected bachelors, Dan Kennicut. Phoebe flipped out and ordered Brooke to leave immediately, but through a turn of events Brooke learned of Phoebe’s paralysis deception and blackmailed Phoebe into letting her stay permanently.

The rivalry between Brooke and Erica started quickly over a football player named Tom Cudahy who owned a local restaurant called The Goalpost. While Erica got the hostess job and married Tom first, Brooke continued to toy with Dan and began sleeping with Erica’s half brother Mark Dalton. Dan bored Brooke and Mark was way too interested in Ellen to be serious with Brooke. While Erica was at home due to an illness, Brooke began working at the Goalpost and she and Tom became close. Of course Erica and Tom divorced and later Tom and Brooke married and the rivalry between Erica and Brooke was forever solidified.

Over time Brooke matured into a competent businesswoman, respected journalist, woman of conviction and great empathy for her fellow residents. Where Erica often leaned towards hysterics and theatrics, Brooke remained calm and rational.

Over time, Brooke was on and off again with Erica’s brother Mark. Erica slept with Tom once while he and Brooke were married (and Brooke was pregnant). Erica shot and killed one of Brooke’s boyfriends, but gave Brooke the interview that started Brooke’s career as a journalist. Erica and Brooke were held hostage not long after Adam and Erica divorced. Although Brooke and Adam had often butted heads, he eventually gave Brooke the job of Editor at Tempo, a job formerly held by Erica, just to piss Erica off which, of course, it did. Eventually, Brooke and Adam married, but after Adam decided that Brooke was infertile, he devised a plot to impregnate the nanny name Dixie Cooney. Brooke slept with Tad once and got pregnant with Jamie and Dixie ended up pregnant with JR from a tryst with Adam. Adam and Brooke divorced. Tad and Dixie hooked up. Adam and Tad are forever at odds with each other.

Things took a sad turn for Brooke when her Laura, her daughter with Tom, was run over by a car. Tom’s then wife Barbara Montgomery was supposed to be watching Laura, but was too busy gabbing on the phone to notice when Laura went outside to play. The moment when Tom told Brooke about Laura’s death was probably the most incredible moment I remember on All My Children. My second favorite scene with Brooke occurred between her and Erica when they butted heads over Bianca coming out. Powerful stuff from a phenomenal actress.

I think the Brooke I adore is coming back for a visit, and she’s a little different from the one who kept Maria’s babies from her. (Forget that shit!)

I have hoped and prayed and campaigned for Julia Barr's return. I'm so glad she's back while LoBrow has charge of the pen. Opposite Erica and Annie and in a storyline involving the Adam watch Julia Barr is going to be a fantastic treat. Trust me. You’re going to love Brooke English. Don't miss a minute of her return. Hopefully, she'll take up residence permanently again.

Mel Got Served said...

"But still, I bet you lock your bedroom door tonight."

I LOVE INSANNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jason said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Amanda Sutton is leaving OLTL!? This sucks. Now can they keep Rachel!?

Feb. 23! I'm so excited for Brooke to come back! When is Dixie coming back?

brtedi said...

There are two reasons why I talk to my tv screen, as I watch a soap:

1) The writers have totally botched an episode.


2) I’m really getting into it!---Monday. I liked what I saw.

(I’m going to get this one out of the way)

Clearly, Ryan has decided to take a different tact with Greenlee, after overhearing her conversation with Jake…Atta boy, Ryan!

Frankie: Opps! Gotta keep track of those Post-It- Notes.

Colby gets busted regarding the tire iron. But, not over the head by Annie, yet. ;-D

I like the way Jesse treated Angie, so sweetly. We need to see that more often.

Annie! –Melissa Claire Egan was on a roll.

brtedi said...

There are two reasons why I talk to my tv screen, as I watch a soap:

1) The writers have totally botched an episode.


2) I’m really getting into it!---Monday. I liked what I saw.

(I’m going to get this one out of the way)

Clearly, Ryan has decided to take a different tact with Greenlee, after overhearing her conversation with Jake…Atta boy, Ryan!

Frankie: Opps! Gotta keep track of those Post-It- Notes.

Colby gets busted regarding the tire iron. But, not over the head by Annie, yet. ;-D

I like the way Jesse treated Angie, so sweetly. We need to see that more often.

Annie! –Melissa Claire Egan was on a roll.

brtedi said...

Ugh! How do I delete?

trish-la said...

Loved this week's podcast!

Wanted to say thank you, Jordan, for bringing up the topic of lazy actors...those who rely on big gestures, twisting their faces and harumphing around instead (as you pointed out with Bob Woods) taking a quieter, more "still" approach. I am bored and tired with Rex, Gigi and Skye and their endless arm waving, face making, stuttering, blah blah blah. And, my biggest pet peeve? If an actor cannot cry on cue, he/she should not be expected to fake it with lots of face scrunching and noise making (Natalie, Kimmee, Norah) .... they have this little device where they will blow menthol into an actors eyes to make them water and then the actor gestures the shuddering shoulders, the grimace, etc. to match up with the "tears". Bree Williamson is a great cry-er and it just makes the others look weak. No shame into being able to cry on cue - they can't all be Katherine Hickland!
Anyhow - I'm new to the podcast and the blog and really enjoying it.. keep up the great work and THANKS!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...


If I'm not mistaken it was when he came aboard that they decided to make all three shows have similar dark and gloomy simialr opening credits. While GH did not bother me until they refused to update it, and OLTL I was able to deal with. I really felt that AMC opening did not really represent AMC at all. My favorite being of course the origianl ( I know it's dated) and the 1990 opening.

GH's new opening is hip, modern and shows respect to the actors by having their names. LOVE IT!

Mel Got Served said...

My only GH credit gripe? No Molly and Morgan!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

that was papa hudson' gripe too Mel. They are most likley not on contract and that is why.

Ericka said...

I loved the GH opening too! Loved the real names and how the character names were kind of watermarked on the screen. Very nice!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I LOVE the new GH opening! It's updated and classy, but still has that daytime drama feel and Epiphany is in it!! (I'm sorry, but that alone makes up for Molly and Morgan not being in it- even though they deserve to be.) All around great update that the show was in dire need of, but like you said Jordan I think AMC and OLTL should definitely follow suit. All the ABC shows should have the same look and feel. But I do have to say that I love AMC's theme song. I think it is the best one out of all the shows.

Mel Got Served said...

I was pleasantly surprised about Epiphany as well- didn't realize she was on contract so was very happy. I figured Molly and Morgan's absence was recurring but they need to sign those kids stat.

Oh and Nurse Laverne from Scrubs is currently a nurse on Days of our Lives. Amazing!

I know Little A is now AJ but I propose we obey his original request and call him Buzz Lightyear aka Buzz.

Courtney said...

Big Love is great this season. I love those moments when Barbara has a look on her face talking to Bill that says "I don't know if this is a calling or a damn good excuse to sleep around!" The show is so much about the relationships, personalities, ages, experiences...great show!

Nip/Tuck seems like it is running out of gas, so it may be a good time for it to go. They can only do so many things with McNamara and Troy and it seems the last thing they can do is have them sleep together. They are totally married, in my mind!

Archer - I love it! maybe I am twisted

SOAPFAN said...

Happy 25th Birthday Ashley ;-)

I have been absent from the boards lately, but I am glad to see people are enjoying AMC again.

I am enjoying it as well. Im so glad they put the camera style back closer to the way it used to look.

I am also happy to see more old favorites return. The show is slowly coming back from the brink.

Shadow, have you checked out a show called Caprica?

Adreana Joseph said...

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