Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

I have been bantering back and forth today on Twitter about the new General Hospital opening. Apparently, people are really happy with it. I'm a little more reserved about it, but most of you know I don't have a particular sentimental spot for GH. As I'm sure you all realize, I like the introduction to AMC better, but really that's irrelevant to my point.

Here's the deal. I want the entire ABC soap block to thrive so I'm thrilled to see ABC trying to win the easy points. That old GH opening was ridiculous. Although the new intro is certainly much nicer and much more contemporary, it's still a little derivative of the AMC intro, and I think that sells GH a little short. I feel the same way about the OLTL intro. Why does everything on ABC daytime have to look the same? That's not a rule in Primetime and, to be honest, I don't want to watch 3 hours of lookalike programming. I think each show should have its own identities beginning with their opening and closing sequences. ABC can brand the time period with the similar visual cues on the bumpers between the shows.

Back when ABC Daytime stamped AMC, GH and OLTL with similar opening looks, I'm sure it sounded like a good idea to some corporate marketing dingleberry, but as a fan I want creativity—something that hooks me when the show starts. I love that AMC theme song. When I hear that guitar strum I go all Dick Van Dyke jumping ottomans to get to the TV. I like how AMC kept the falling pictures motif, how the photos blast across the screen in synch with the music, and the vintage pictures of Pheobe. It gets me stirred up emotionally every single time. It's not as sentimental to me as the 1990 version where the lamp turns on and camera pans across senior cast members Phoebe, Langley, Brooke and Adam, but it's better than most of what's on TV day or night. Think about the pitiful one to five note chimes for Lost, Heroes or Desperate Housewives. The opening sequence and theme song has become a lost art.

The AMC theme song has layers. It starts with a catchy little strum, then a startling guitar strum grabs your attention and the song swells into a rich pallet of piano, winds and strings before gently fading away with a misty eyed Bianca blowing away in the wind and Erica taking her place back in the AMC family album. (So far, I don’t like anyone in the fly away other than Bianca. It definitely shouldn’t be a dude in the flyaway.) The original AMC opening and theme was quite appropriate in its day, but even at the age of 5 I remember thinking, "They really need to perk this up". The "white pearls" opening sucked if you ask me. Bringing back the falling pictures in the mid-90s was brilliance.

Oops, I've digressed. Yes, I'm biased. AMC is my sentimental fave on all counts, but I have a lot of heartfelt sentiment for OLTL too, especially the Cord, Tina, Max, Gabrielle years when I watched it without fail. When OLTL came out with that Peebo Bryson theme song for OLTL it was a BIG deal. Honestly, my favorite was the instrumental version with the pictures of the town and the collage of faces at the end. It told a story. It always made me feel like I'd left Pine Valley and taken a quick drive to a nice town not far away where Wanda Woleck sold pie and people traveled back in time and to underground cities. The main thing was that after an hour of AMC, the OLTL theme song perked me up and commanded that I pay attention for another 60 minutes of soap. The Peebo vocals were OK and are kitschy fun now, especially when Norn sings them, but a little over the top at the time. I'll never forget when they dropped that opening and went to the waving silk sheet with the Jugband opening. It was hideous. I quit watching. It was like an intro for a bad porno sponsored by Macy's home department or something.

But consistently I would flee the room when that old GH theme song que’d the ambulance pulling up to the hospital. It was an instant turn off for me. The retiring opening bugged me too. It was a testament to cheese with Tony Geary kicking over the chair in the end like he’s some sort of bad ass. Sure for die hard fans, I can see why that was maybe no big deal, but for passive viewers like me it elicited huge eyerolls.

I will say that when the corporate branding dweeb decided the three shows needed a unified look that the openings for GH and OLTL improved dramatically over their immediate predecessors. As much as I may not have cared for them they were way better than openings for Y&R and other soaps. GL was OK for a while. Another World had a decent opening when it used Crystal Gale's vocals. The rest of the soap intros were like time warps to the past--in a bad way. Anyway, clearly the OLTL and GH intros were rip-offs of the AMC idea and I think the copycat approach does them a total disservice. Why not free the creative teams of each show to produce individually styled openings that showcase each shows thematic cues? Why not give them all access to orchestral arrangements capable of producing equally rich, classic instrumental pieces on par with AMC or the best shows on TV? After all, these shows air 5 times a week! That guitar theme on OLTL is so annoying and that screeching sax solo thing on GH reminds me of similar screeching sax themes from the 80s like LA Law. Even the older AMC falling pictures opening used a saxophone that today sounds dated.

It's sort of like the characters on AMC for the past couple of years. Instead of unique characterizations by a diverse cast with unique diction and articulation and look, everyone in Pine Valley looks, sounds and acts the same. They even all were the same clothes from some cheap mall store in NY. Erica is a mother whose children have children, but don't call her Grandma. She and Adam have to compete with 20 year olds for dates. Angie has even morphed into Black Annie now with the straight hair and bangs! The homogeneity of the characters is amplified by the indistinguishable intros to each show. Except for the guns, the head wounds and the occasional time warp, it’s hard to tell where one show stops and the others start. Soaps are about diversity and the creative process. ABC should give each of its soaps their own room to create an identifiably unique stamp in the Daytime lineup. I don't see Whoopi straightening out those nasty dreads and getting bangs.

I do like some of the visual cues in the GH opening-the roulette wheel behind Geary, the hospital, etc., but when did Port Charles turn into such a mega-metropolis? And what's with the creepy castle on the hill? Did those people from Passions move to Port Charles? I love the use of the actors real names--a classy touch. Better music may have won me over.

Now it’s time to re-do the OLTL intro. I just hope that when it happens, OLTL gets to strut its stuff a little so it stands out as something other than the show between the other two. It is absolutely the show on the edge of pop culture and it's opening should clearly depict that we aren't in Pine Valley anymore.

As for AMC, I feel like I've been through a war. We've been fighting for this show for years. I’m losing characters that I’ve known for 20 and 30 years. How does a soap fan put into words the connection he or she has to the characters in a show? When I’m sick at home from work, those people are always there for me! They always show up at exactly the same time to make me feel better. (Unless the weather's bad or the President needs to talk to me.) I love them and I miss them when they disappear.

Today, my beloved Brooke showed up. I doubt today's episode was outta sight exciting, but I'm ok with that. It’s a comfort that she came home for a visit. I don't need to be thrilled to the core every day. I so hope Brooke stays longer than planned, but it’s a sign things are returning to some semblance of normal. I'm still suffering from “PPT”-“Post Pratt Trauma”. I'll be having a nice day and then Shazam! I remember Brooke disappearing into the hospital elevator, the Satin Slayer, Reese kissing Zach, Zarf, Poison Pancakes, Stuart hitting the ground dead, Marian being hauled off to Oak Haven, Aidan talking to a vent, babies being held like Mufasa to a tornado ravaged sky, baby swaps, sex by candlelight, Jupiter sized Moons hovering outside Ryan’s window. I need normal on AMC for a while. The theme song and intro are the only parts of the show that haven’t been completely gutted, and I’m not ready to give them up. For now, they are sacred cows.

And you just thought I was just going to write love letters to Brooke English this week, didn’t you? One thing’s for sure, it’s not boring on AMC, OLTL and GH these days. There is a lot to discuss along with Idol and whatever else pops into your astoot minds. This is where you tell us all about it, right here. And remember, if you haven't heard last week's podcast, it's available on Itunes or the link at the bottom of last week's blog post. Funny stuff! Don't miss it!


Terry in Toronto said...

Shadow you're too much. Thanks for your post.

robynlicious said...

"Aidan talking to a vent" LOL. I nearly spit fried rice at my computer.

Mel Got Served said...
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Mel Got Served said...

Shadow, did you faint at the end of today's episode at the sight of Brooke?

A whole episode without Ryan- it was heaven.

Norn Cutson said...

Shadow, you had me screamin' with laughter!
especially the jugband with the sheet!!!

Shadow said...

I didn't think amc could possibly do anything today to top Brooke's return, but they took Pratthole's name out of the credits too!

How's David supposed to pee?

I gotta wait thru 45 minutes of Frandi to get to Brooke? Brooke's worth it, but SHIT, Frandi? They're making me suffer for Brooke who, by the way, should be in the damn fly away in the opening.

Boy, here's something I never thought I'd say: I'm happy to see Nurse Gayle. Said David, "She has the brains of a chicken". Ha!

Holy cow! Gayle called Greenlee a bug-eyed twit! We may make fun of Greenlee's bug eyes but I've never heard the show do it.

Wow! Pratt's out of the credits and Brooke came back. The real surprise? Erica winked! Now THAT is how you do CGI.

brtedi said...

I've never been a fan of "Nurse Gayle". Frankly, until today, she's been quite fogetable. But, I had fun watching Erica, David, and in the end Gayle...Sure Nurse Gayle is lacking as a character--But, what I saw was that the writers were actually trying to write for the characters. For me that's a major departure from the reign of Pratt.

"Can I kick him? Can I kick him, just once?" ---LOL!

As for OLTL, today...I realize Gigi is suposed to be distraught. But, I just wanted to tell her, "Woman, put a sock in it!"--

As for Scott Clifton, he's a talented actor. I know of his previous work on GH, as "Dylan Quartermaine" (For the most part, I really liked "Dylan", until he cheated on "Georgie" with "Lulu". But, I digress)

"Schyler" and "Gigi" could cause all of us to start bleeding at the ears, with all wimmping and whinning!...Someone please give these two characters a one-way ticket to "Harmony" ( Passions)

Shadow said...

OK, IMHO Ellen adds nothing to Idol. She takes up time though, and we know Idol loves wasting our rime. The only thing I hate more than the Beatles? Idols singing the Beatles. I'm a HUGE Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks fan. OMG, my girl Stevie must be suicidal after listening to Lacey Brown demolish Landslde. Talk about sucktastic.

Mel Got Served said...

The best part of AMC yesterday is David talking about how Gayle was just too easily manipulated, which she overheard, but Erica got her on her side immediately.

Gayle: But I thought you said we were like sisters.


Shadow said...

Who knew Nurse Gayle was so tall and lanky? She and Marissa both remind me of Alice the Goon from Popeye, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Love that Adam will review his life in the context of Palmer's passing. The value of life has been inconsequential on AMC so I'm glad their exits will be meaningful aside from just the act of a funeral and Adam's departure. I can't think of a better way to honor Palmer than by showing how the loss of their rivalry affects Adam immediately and going forward. Although they may be gone, there is no need to forget. Erica and Zach are their most moving when they are reflective of Mona and Myrtle.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Well it seems that GiGi and Rex on OLTL are like Ryan on AMC when they are not on it's a better show. Today was the OLTL that I love. We got to see the TNT storyline move forward as Jack and Dani finaly meet. Dani dealing with having Todd as her father is so different then Starr.

I really like the Snoop OLTL theme I wish they would keep it. I guess I'm in the minority but it just makes me think of the Peabo bryson theme.

The thing that annoyed me was we got to see the Evans clan again and this just showed the potential that is being wasted with having Rachel leave. Maybe fans have not been responding because they only give us once in a blue moments of Rachel and Greg. How do they expect the audience to be invested and care when they are not commited to these characters. We should have seen The Evans Xmas dinner not hear about it today.

Anonymous said...

What's up with Destiny's mouth today? She is talking funny.


Anonymous said...

And why would you have old lady Blair Cramer introduce Snoop? Wouldn't it have been more appropriate to have Christian do it? Anything for Depiva to get a mic in her hand.


Mel Got Served said...

It sounds like Destiny might have a retainer in her mouth. I know when I got a retainer it gave me sort of a lisp and therefore I refused to wear it. Be resilient for the straight teeth, girl!

Mel Got Served said...

Is he getting F's? Then don't say No, NO-RA.

OMG this is classic.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Jenny it actually would make sense for Blair to do it she is the owner of Cap. and she performs there Christian is left over from when she bought it from Antonio.

A.I. was a snooze fest yesterday. They say it will be a woman this year not after watching last night. Everyone was either okay or zzzzzzzzzzzz.

I was glad to see the Kara that I loved from last year. Don't know why she was playing the village idiot during the audition process but havign her give really constructive criticism about performances is a breath of fresh air from Simon's bitchy remarks (thou he was tame last night) and Randy yo dog b.s.

I agree with Shadow thou about Ellen, yes we love Ellen she is quite the comedian but this is not the comedy club or Chelsea Latley.
She either repeats what the other judges say or if she starts the critique it sounds as if she is reading a promter or what she has remembered people saying from past seasons.

I do like my little Black Hayley Vaughn Santos and thought she was unique. Was it flawless , No! Does she need training , Yes! but she was entertaining and different. I so disagree with them on I think katie the 16 year old who performed last. I usually dont like when kids sing adult songs because they dont sound convincing. I thought she worked it. Bad teeth girl was okay but one hand in my pocket is not something that makes you jump and take notice.

We will see how the boys will do.

Shadow said...

Holy crap the AI guys were horrible! Funny they all sang rather contemporary hits for a change and it was worse than ever. And did Alex Lambert always have a mullet? I couldn't pick 6 guys I'd want to hear again.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

For me to overall the guys did a better job. They may not have all nailed it but to me it was better song selections, more risk and actually giving performances.

Ellen was even better tonight.

For me Garcia is the most polish out of the 24. He should be recording. I liked his performance the boy can truly sing. I also liked the other latin boy Munoz, and the boy who looks like he's 8 who did the country song.

Cara's man was okay but Bryan Adams is a favorite and while he didn't butcher it it was okay.

I so don't like that Kendrick Tendrick hall guy. The personal trainer is a joke. I do agree with Simon the Urban kid should have not been the sub. He was bad. I feel like he and Ashley Rodriquez are definite goners tomorrow.

The one person who I hated and so did the judges was the guy who butchered Get here. A favorite song of mine by Miss Oleta Adams. Yet how was what he did any different then Adam Lambert. They both scream. Look I said it before and I will say it again only Patti can get away with screaming and making it sound good and making you feel it.

My Kris Allen will be performing tomorrow. YEAH! I really hate that no one is paying him any mind. I love his CD, even more then Archuletta's ( thou I do love Archie's too)

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

wow shadow really that is the way I felt about the girls last night. I was only able to pick 3. When I said the guys were better that wasn't sayign much because the girls were bad. I think I will be skipping AI this year.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

After what I went through in the last few years I have finally given up on love. My friend that Queen Elis use to say he admired that no matter how many times I was hurt, I would get up again and not loose my faith. Yet I have been closed off after all I went through in the last few years.

Yet it was this week's episode of Secret Diary of A Call girl that just made me believe again. Who would have thought. I was so surprised when a third season showed up. I thought the show was done. ( The Brits are not like us there shows run for like 6 episodes a season and maybe 2 seasons if your lucky. This show continues to amaze me. Billie Piper is one of those women who makes me want to go back. She is HOT!

OTH better not cancel by the CW. The last two episode had me all cried out. Bethany Joy (another I would go back for) and James Lafferty are the real heart and soul of OTH.

Damages.......Glenn Close is amazing.

LOST still captivates me.

Okay off to go watch Being Erica.

Mel Got Served said...

Idol sucks right now. I think I'll give it another week and if it's this bad again, it'll be buh-bye from the Reality Rundown.

Still trying to force myself to watch this week's Bachelor reunion for the Rundown, but I might just have to use recaps to base it off of. I hate the Women Tell All, especially when the show is making up a huge scandal and smearing a woman in the process. Do I think she's 100% innocent? No. But do I think this woman openly had sex with and made out with the producer? Hell no. This show is BS.

Jordan, did you see Being Erica is on Life Unexpected? She's so great on it.

Mel Got Served said...

Ok by far the best part of Snoop's performance was little Jack getting down front row. And of course Toddd just standing completely still. LOVE this kid.

Terry in Toronto said...

OLTL was amazing today! Beyond ON FIRE if that's possible.

I loved Snoop and how the writers integrated him in so many storylines and made it believeable. It wasn't just a performance in the club it was a visit to the town and checking in with people he knows. NO RA. I agree with you Mel, Classic.

I also loved how the writers poke fun at the inconsistencies that we all pick up on. They acknowledge the things that don't fit so well like Jack being surprised that Dani isn't his little sister and that she's not 8 or 9.

How perfect is it that Dani is giving voice to who Todd really is. It can get kind of fantastical that he's a rapist who everyone pretends is just a regular guy next door. Dani is helping show that there are consequences for Todd's actions and everyone suffers not just Todd. I loved those three together, Todd, Dani and Jack because for once the guys have met their match.

Yup, Little D has got a retainer and her 'friend' Matthew is a player with two dimes on the go.

When the writing is in place you cannot mess with Llanview. Fo shizzle.

Shadow said...

Jordan, the girls bored me. The guys repelled me. None of them have any snap. None of them are even any fun to poke fun at. And 4 judges is just too much. I never missed an Idol season but I'm just not that into it this year. And as great as The Brooke English Show was today, I need to free some time to watch amc. It's getting good again so it takes so much longer to watch!

I'm not a huge JR fan. Jacob Young is a wonderful man, but he bugs me a lot of the time. The writing has never been strong for him either I know this cancer is supposed to rehabilitate the character from his loser past, it still feels so artificial most of the time-that is until Brooke walks in. JR mustered such sweet sentiment for Brooke and Tad. I love him plaing off them. Their affection for each other shines.

brtedi said...

If the young lady playing "Destiny" is wearing a retainer, then I say, God bless her. As a teen, I had to wear a retainer, fortunately only at bedtime. The thing took up the entire roof of my mouth. Eating or talking, with any grace at all,
would have been impossible!

Now on to Bo and Nora, reguarding the lipstick on Mathew's check. When Nora's back was turned, Bo couldn't help but smile! LOL!

Bo, reguarding Nora:"..."my old, old lady...." Careful there, Bo! Ha!

It'd hard to say, if Nora was bit harsh reguarding Daniela. Irl, I'd say, definately. But, considering this is a soap, confloict is mandatory.

I was very happy to see the entire Evans Family back in full force. I wondered what happened to Shawn.--Looks like he's dating Greg's former love interest --and momma Evans has welcomed her into the fold! --Oh, my! That's fun!

Shadow said...

Terry saying things like "fo shizzle" puts a big smile on my face.

Arizonagal said...

One comment about Idol, which I rarely watch. That blond dude singing to Kara? Embarrassing! I just felt embarrassed for everyone and even tho he's good, it was just so kiss ass and hard to watch. The rest of the final 12 - meh.

Finally catching up with AMC. Creepy soap whore Ryan brings Greenlee food and pours on the charm thicker than molasses. That was icky, followed by even ickier, when he watches her sleep. I never find that romantic, always creeps me out. Lamery is just this close to being a stalker, so much wasted potential.

Meanwhile, in RL, I got lost in a parking garage yesterday and it wasn't nearly as funny as that Seinfeld episode.

Unknown said...

OMG the lines on today's episode are hilarious!

Brooke to Annie: "I don't need an etiquette lesson, thanks."

Greenlee to Erica: "Want to be my matron of honor? All you need is a hideous dress...check."

What a difference good writing makes!!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...


Right with you on today's AMC. Folks believe it AMC is Watchable again. Is it our AMC, not yet but the old girl has some life in her left and hopefully she will continue to heal. It was so nice to see intelligent banter. the only thin I don't buy is the surprise with Adam. Don't buy that situation at all considering Adam's nature.

mel of course I caught Erin on Life unexpected. If Being Erica is done then I hope Life will make her a regular. I love her! oh my Canadians.

Unknown said...

I agree that I am not buying this thing with Adam but I am choosing to ignore the situations/characters that irritate me b/c so much is getter better.

Love Brooke coming back and integrating right away with everyone. Her comeback has been so smooth and she fits in so beautifully it's as if she never left. I especially loved Adam setting Annie straight about her being part of the family.

Loved the whole Natalia/Ryan thing at the bar b/c it's Ryan going back to his old con days and as much as I HATE him and Greenlee together, his character and his lines are vastly improving. He needs to go back to being a con man like he was when he first came on.

Loved Erica asking Brot to break into the office b/c that is totally something that Erica would do. She wouldn't let a lock get in her way, she's Erica Kane.

Love the Randi and Madison have been on less and we don't have to see them leading storylines 24/7.

Last but not least, love Greenlee and David going through with their plans to get married and actually looking at each other like there is a possibility for it to turn into a real romance somewhere down the line. And, I loved Greenlee calling him on the fact that she knows he is up to something with Erica. This is Real Greenlee, she is not an idiot and she knows when something is up. I miss her after we had to deal with PodGreenlee during her last stint.

Anyways, so much to celebrate about this show getting back on track! I only hope it continues!

Arizonagal said...

Here's what I don't like about Greenlee and David marrying. First of all, marriage on this show is never really a commitment. How often have people gotten married for all the wrong reasons? Revenge, greed, green card, etc.

What I do like about the Greenlee/David marriage is that at least she's not married to Ryanderthal.

I'm not sure I see all that much improvement yet on AMC. Watched it last night in about 20 minutes, so much to FF thru. Not sure I'm buying this new Angie/Jesse story. Doc Joe did the COS gig for years and never broke a sweat. Now Angie's doing the job and she's acting like she can barely handle all the work. That bugs me. Then Frankie trying to cover her desk brushes aside an aortic aneurysm like it's an ingrown toenail? Yet another reason to never check into PVH.

Damon hasn't grown on me yet. Glad Stew and Bailey are gone. Big surprise Damon finally fingered for the crimes.

I hate to say this but I like JaLu. I could feel her pain when she found out Stewie is gone. I like her with Tad and they actually have chemistry.

I'd like to see more of Krystal and her boy toy, can't remember his name.

Favorite scene of the week, Colby opening the door to Annie holding a tire iron. Priceless!

Mel Got Served said...

I think Jamie Luner and Michael Knight have great chemistry. I like seeing Tad in love, so I'm glad this pairing works. I didn't really know the character of Liza since I started the show much later than most, so I have a slightly easier time accepting her but not that much. I sort of still just pretend she's someone else with a name Liza.

What's funny is Ryan is so offended that Greenlee would marry David without being in love. Ummm isn't how Greenlee and Ryan got married (but technically were like secretly in love with each other?) They got married as a business arrangement so suck it Smug A-Hole Lamery!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

I'm so done with AI. Look I'm not one to be all bias when it comes to my Latins. I'm the first one to say that out of all the girls Ashley Rodriquez was the worst. She had to go. I did not agree with Janelle or janie thou. I thought Lacey who did Landslide was by far the next to go afetr Ashley.

Yet the fact that Joe Munoz was axed in the same group as the sub. I truly thought Joe would be safe when it came down to him and Sub boy. Because Sub boy was my first choice to go. Maybe America just does not like Latins...I don't know this was total bull caca as far as I care. Don't know yet who the second guy is but wouldnt surprise me if it would be the last latin.

Kris Allen is adorable.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

If you have not seen Steamboat go to Daytime Confidential the first episode is there. LOVED IT! This is now my new favortie webseries. This should really be picked up as a show.

Also when Desperate Housewives announced a new Lesbian storyline. I was like here we go but i should have given them some credit. it started with the last episode and it seems to be going down in a very Otalia sort of way. Now a good storytelling is what I want and that's what I go and I'm loving it too.

Mel Got Served said...

On looks alone I picked Ashley to win, seemed like a total package... til she sang this week. Bleckh.

The people who got voted off, what did they sing? I don't know their names, just "Guy who ruined this song" "Girl who slaughtered "Landslide", etc.

brtedi said...

"...Loved the whole Natalia/Ryan thing at the bar b/c it's Ryan going back to his old con days...."

elizabeth, glad you commented on this. I was glad to see that LoBro, etal are acknowleding where Ryan started and are trying to move the the character at least somewhat closer to what he once was. I have to tip my hat to them, for at least making the attempt.

Crystal said...

Maybe they are going to listen to up and try and make Ryan like the old Ryan a little bit more. I think it would be interesting to see more of a fusion (ugh that was not intended as a pun) between Ryan the Dad and Cambias head (even though he never works there!) and the con man, motorcycle riding, fight club Ryan.

Arizonagal said...

God please no more shirtless, sweaty, fight club Ryan, that was the worst. Remember when he came so close to punching Greenlee out?

How about giving Cameron Mathison some acting lessons instead, so no matter what he played, we'd get it, it would be relevant.

Our Ms Brooke is looking fab. She is so smart, you can see by her subtle expressions that she already has Annie figured out. Brooke is one worthy, savvy opponent. Love having her back!

Ashley said...

You people have me ROTFLMAO? Who needs us! You people are FUN-NEE! Fo shizzle! ;)

Yeah, I knew that Jordan was gonna boycott A.I. after not one, but two! latin Idols were the first to go!

I find Idol PAINFUL right now. Hurry up, folks, and get good quick. My ears can't take y'all's learning curves!

Been watching AMC and could not agree more with my man, Shadow. I am LOVING the quiet moments in PV. My favorite so far (I'm only thru Wednesday, peeps, but I'm working on it) were Annie's snarky faces at Brooke. She was like a 7-year old. I LOVED it. MCE has truly found this character. She's nailed it, and continues to surprise me as Annie. What's more, LoBro has nailed Annie (and she didn't even create her). That's some perfect Annie behavior right there - not necessarily some crazy stunt, but jealous little snips. (And the tire-iron? Oh yeah! Daytime's best couple on the tube right now, Annie and that tire-iron!)

(Was I supposed to laugh when chubby, 5 o'clock shadow-head JR fell at Lil' A's b-day party?)

I'm loving me some Erica too! That grenade thing she did when David was tied up? The classy way that Erica demands various deviltries, as if she's asking for a turkey, lettuce and tomato, hold the mayo? LoBro, I love you.

I'm excited again by AMC. Jordan and I are trying to get together this weekend -- we've been trying to get together all week, but the NYC weather has been foul, foul, foul. Missing you guys!


Arizonagal said...

Question - What the bloody hell does AJ stand for? Adam Jr? He's not Adam Jr, he's A3, no? This new nickname confuses me. What is Adam chandler's middle name?

Mel Got Served said...

I think it's supposed to be Adam + JR = AJ. Again, I'm still calling the kid Buzz Lightyear as he originally requested.

OLTL FREAk said...

The pre-noms are out for the emmys

Florencia was not on the list , neither was Trevor St. John total Bull-S**T!!!!

Some how the chick who plays Marissa (EBABE) was nominated...WTF!!!!

OLTL FREAK said...

daytime confidential has the list

Mel Got Served said...

I think I read somewhere Trevor St Jean didn't want to submit himself.

As for Marissa, it's just a pre-nom. For the people in the younger category, she's Meryl Streep compared to Randi or the 2 renditions of Colby. I think it's pretty easy to nominate the 2 better of the stinky crop of younger actresses.

Unknown said...

Favorite part of today's episode:

Nurse Gayle eavesdropping on Greenlee and David and then climbing over the railing when Erica came. How hysterical was that? I beginning to love Nurse Gayle just because of how campy her scenes are.

brtedi said...

There were some things I really liked about Friday's AMC:

David and Greenlee--He was genuinely being sweet to her. "Sweet" is never a word, I thought I 'd use to describe David Hayward. That entire discussion of how each of them needed a friend, someone they could trust. That was good writing!

There must be some kind of cosmic convergence, because I actually liked Nurse Gayle, this week , too! Kudos to LoBro, etal.

If I said anything nice about Annie and Brooke that just might be redundant. :-D

I have two brief observations about OLTL:

I figured out where they got the extra money to pay Gina Tognoni to return. OLTL reduced its wardrobe budget. They won’t payout for “Ford “ to wear shirts! ROTF!

I’m so loving Cassie De Piva playing off Gina Tognoni. For this soap fan, that’s happiness on a stick! :-D

Terry in Toronto said...

We miss you too Ashley and appreciate your efforts to get another episode out to us.

Unknown said...


Seems that we are on the exact same page about most things! I agree that David's character has vastly improved because of how sweet he is with Greenlee. This is not the same David who was so forceful with Amanda and Krystal. The fact that he turned Greenlee down after she kissed him just shows how much he cares about her and doesn't want to mess up their relationship. I just hope that TPTB don't mess this up by having David doing something stupid and/or having Greenlee run back to Ryan.

jason said...

How in the heck was the legendary Robin Strasser not given a pre-nomination. It's voted on the oltl cast, so do they not like her? As Jordan would say I'M NOT AMUSED.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

As I write this, I'm crying. It's been over 12 years since I felt this way. Since I can say that I spent today watchign AMC, OLTL & GH and had that feeling I had when I was a teenager and I would run home from school to see my soaps.

I never thought that AMC would be the same after what Mctavish did her last go aroudn and then Pratt. But today was my AMC. My god I was even able to watch Ryan with out hurling. Characters were justified in their actions. I saw the Erica, Tad and Adam that I know and loved. Julia Barr what can I say. Greenlee and David together who knew it could work. Even Nurse Gayle is working it. Two new kids, yes Emma has a pulse now.

GH...Jonathan Jackson leaves me breathless. An all star cast of powerful thespians on GH that just now how to work every momemnt and then some.

Yet a day free on GiGi, Rex, Natalie and John made OLTL HOTTTTTTTTTTT again. What a powerful episode. From Roxy and Mitch finally having some alone time. To The powerful realistic storyline going on with Langston and her sexual awakening. To the Kramer women reunion. To the Jessica storyline which is funny and romantic. Brody is such the soap Hero. The way he loves this woman. That's good Soap people. Even the little things like having Sean's dad turn out to be the guard when Roxy went to see Mitch and having Andrew be the one to deliver the tragic news and a surprise visit from an Old character that reminds us Mitch is not done yet with the citizens of Llanview.

"I just can't cope without my soaps."

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

oh yeah the emmy pre noms


Unknown said...

So happy you feel this way! Now I'm crossing my fingers harder than ever that you and Ashley will be able to get together soon so that we can hear all of your thoughts on the podcast. Is it too much to hope that one of these days the show will be good enough for you guys to start doing full blown recaps of each storyline like you used to? I miss those days so much! Anyway, glad to hear of your happiness. :)

Unknown said...

Also, I agree that NuEmma has a pulse. What is sad is that in her first few scenes she already showed that she's a better actress than Randi.

Mel Got Served said...

I miss old Emma cause I always liked that she seemed to dislike Ryan. As I referred to it on Twitter, "aloof disdain."

Norn Cutson said...

did ya'll see this interview w/ Julia Barr?
She's so intelligent!

Unknown said...

Did ya'll hear the latest???? Aidumb is going to be on Dancing With the Stars!!!! Can't wait to hear Ashley's reaction to this one (since we all know Jordan doesn't watch that show). Maybe he will use some of the skills he learned on AMC to add to his dancing!!

Mel Got Served said...

Shut the front door! MUHAHAHAHA! He's giving the ol' middle finger to PV. You can't get rid of Fish and Chips forever!

Mel Got Served said...

PS Elizabeth, what other celebs made the cut?

Unknown said...

I wish I knew! I just saw this on the Pine Valley Bulletin. The official announcement of all the cast members is supposed to be tomorrow night on ABC during the Bachelor. I just had to share this little tidbit as soon as I saw. :)

Mel Got Served said...

Darn! Was hoping someone scooped them. I don't watch DWTS, yet I feel this crazy need to always see what "stars" they cast.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Guys,

Do I dare start watching AMC again?

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Aidumb on Dancing with the Stars? Noooo! I thought I was rid of him forever. Damn you Aiden Turner! Seriously, who is he having sex with at ABC? lol

But on a good note. I thoroughly enjoyed Friday's episode of AMC. I thought the David and Greenlee kiss was nice. I am totally for those two getting together. Although I wouldn't mind a David/ Erica reunion either. Also I am glad that the writers are giving Ryan a little more depth, I like that they had him refer beck to his "con man" days. Plus, I am interested where they are going with Ryan and Natalia.. They could be hot together.

As for the pre-noms, I glad Alicia finally grew a pair and submitted herself for lead actress. Although I don't see how anyone from AMC is going to win with the crap Pratt gave them to work with last year.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

We feel your pain; we too are suffering from PPSD Post Pratt Stress Disorder. AMC has certainly stepped up and we are extremely excited by the reemergence of our Ms. English. Perhaps we should all inundate the AMC message boards and e-mail TPTB as we did when we wanted Pratt gone to tell them we are happy don’t F%*@ this up! Our trauma is so ingrained that we still check the opening credits everyday incase it was a cruel joke and Pratt will rise again like the phoenix and tornado and tsunami will ravage AMC. Gladly we have been engrossed in the Olympics and sadly they are coming to an end, so our attention had been somewhat diverted but the look, the feel, the pace, the dialogue (dare we say witty banter) the plot lines are fun and plausible. WE love ms. Lucci and one will ever touch her are the granddame of daytime soaps but someone sent her to an acting class in LA because she was ROCKING IT THIS WEEK WITH DAVID. I HAVE NOT SEEN THIS KIND OF PASSION IN HER IN years, and the chemistry between her and David was quite suddenly reignited. Shadow you are always on point and we appreciate all your efforts.

brtedi said...

Casey Shameless--Did I read you right?! Aiden Turner on DWTS????

God bless, him!---Let's hope he dances, better than he acts...The guy's gotta make ends meet, somehow.

I just watched my first youtube episode of Steamboat the Series


Really, fun stuff!

Crystal said...

Jordan, I am glad you are happy but, I disagree on one thing. Those kids are Terrible. Emmatwoshoes does this bounce walk thing I already can't stand and AJlightyear is just so gee golly swell I can't take it! ha ha ha He also pauses before his lines. A. Lot.
Just sayin'

It is rather nice to have the old Greenlee and the old David back! Is it wrong I want them to 'win' and make them all pay?! I have a bad habit of siding with the villains in a storyline. ;)

Crystal said...

You know I couldn't get into the whole David tied up thing because, I too just kept wondering how he went pee. It is sad I was distracted from what was evidently a great performance. 8(

Mel Got Served said...

You can tell these new kids are LA showbiz kids. I noticed Emma's pep-in-the-step too.

But I must say in terms of Lil A's aka AJ Lightyear, this kid looks the most like Babe to me. I like his little mop top.

New show I'm obsessed with: RuPaul's Drag Race. OMG so fun and RuPaul might be the funniest person EVER. Her timing and wit is so hilarious. And if you are watching, Sahara is a dead-ringer for Sheree of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Yes, brtedi you read me right lol. Aidumb is going to be on this season of Dancing with the Stars.. At least that is what Elizabeth wrote on the blog a little earlier... I swear if he wins because middle American housewives think he is "hot" I'm gonna hurl lol

And Mel! I love Drag Race! My fave is Tatianna.. Did you see her Britney impersonation? It was UNCANNY!

Mel Got Served said...

CaseyShameless, I'm all about Tatianna and Pandora Boxx. Their my favs by a landslide- both were amazing on Match Game.

Anonymous said...

Crystal....I so totally agree with you about Greenlee & David. I want them to win too. I found myself wanting to fast-forward through Nana La Looch at the end of this week because she was harshing my Greevid good vibes.

- Jen

brtedi said...

CaseyShameless, if middle American housewives, do think he's 'hot', then they need to make adjustments to whatever digital cable setup they have...Somethin's wrong with their tvs. ;-D

Now, I'm a little nervous to google the rest of the contestant list. LOL!

Jen said...

First time poster here from LA. I'm starting to get back into AMC, why was the show all about death? Anyway it's more interesting now. IDK if any of you know but some of the main AMC actors did a shoot for Los Angeles magazine, looks hot as hell.


Anonymous said...

Well, speaking for the West Coast quasi-housewives, I think Aidumb is hot -- as long as he never speaks a word. He manages to kill most of his attractiveness points as soon as he opens his trap to badly act.

- Jen

P.S - Hi to the other SoCal Jen!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

haha when I said Middle American housewives, I was referring to my Mother and her friends.. They are going to eat him up.. lol

brtedi said...

Just caught episode 2 of Steamboat on youtube--It's a trip! Draw a number for the dead actor's dressing room (with the wide screen tv.) "the brownie diet"--LOL!

Beth Chamberlin needs to be hired by a soap, any soap, fulltime.

Shadow said...

"All you need is a hideous dress . Check." 

Erica imitating a hand grenade. 

I'm still chuckling over those two scenes.

To our Canadian friends here on the blog, thanks for being such wonderful hosts of the Olympic Games and for a crazy, ridiculous, wildly entertaining hockey game! What an amazing game by two amazing teams. Because of that game alone, these games will never be forgotten. Now the world knows what we've known for sometime here at PVP, Canada is an incredible place full of gracious people! As Terry in Toronto says, Fo' Shizzle.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

What an evening I had yesterday trying to make a dent in the DVR.

Yes I have a life, but for me T.V. is my escape. With everything going on in the world, let alone my own life, My shows allow me to just escape and be entertained. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, sometimes I'm enlightened and find an answer to something going on in my own life.

I love a great movie, but a TV show allows me into the life of these characters beyond two hours you truly get to know them.

With that said this year I will be saying good bye to some of my favorite shows. With Lost it will be okay because it is coming to an end and their story will be told. With others it will be saying goodbye way to soon.

After seeing Ugly Betty yesterday, I was so touched by every aspect of this show. How the characters have grown and are still growing as people. How the relationships keep evolving. Just when you think you know them they can surprise you. The talented cast that only got better when they moved to New York and started to use New York actors both theatre greats and up and coming. Then I realized there are only six episodes left. Yes, not only did ABC abort Ugly Betty but to add insult to injury they cut the season order down to 20 instead of 22.

Judith Light is amazing and with her hair longer looks just as good as she did when she was on OLTL and Who's the Boss. Her performance with Canadian (Should have known. He is so hot how could he not be ) Neal Bledsoe as her long lost son Tyler proved this show still has life in it. Vanessa Williams and Ana Ortiz who never got the recognition they should have for their incredible performances.

Desperate Housewives continues to amaze me with the storylines for Gabrielle and Lynette and now their Otalia storyline which I'm loving. Make Julie Benz a regular Marc Cherry.

How to make it in America is fantastic. I guess I like it because I can relate as New Yorker trying to make it. I love seeing New York Actors working it on this show. Seeing people like Joanna Gleason, Martha Plimpton,the little boy who played Cassie's son on GL, Broadway's Robin Dejesus in supporting and day player parts. Yes and seeing Victor Rasuk getting out of bed, butt naked doesnt hurt either.

Life Unexpected which was so unexpected. Even Brothers and Sisters which whil I'm enjoying again has me worried about the future with Rob leaving and Calista cutting down her episodes.

And while I lost GL and ATWT got Pratthole-ish that I had to stop watching and now it to will fade out. I have RH on Soap net (don't know for how long) But al three ABC Soaps are on an upswing with OLTL and all time high. It looks like Love in the afternoon is back.

OLTL FREAK said...

Julianne Moore returns to ATWT!!!

I don't watch that show but I think that is awesome!!!!

Mel Got Served said...

Allison Perkins!!!! I hope we find out the secret she had from a few years ago!!

Mel Got Served said...

One Life to Live Drinking Game: Take a shot whenever Dorian says "My girls" Warning: you will get really intoxicated at this rate. #OLTL

donna said...

Ugh. Aiden Turner on DWTS.

Who does he have pictures of? Frons and a farm animal? Crapputhers and a mule?

I hope they provide subtitles.

Laura said...

Gag me - This years DWTS special challenged contestant is Aidumb. We've had one legged, deaf, old, overweight, etc. Now someone who nobody can understand. Brush off the Aidenator. Just when I thought it was safe to go back to ABC, this guy gets a primetime gig!

But I get to use my nickname Aidumb I created a bit longer. It already is a hit on Twitter.

I agree he has something on somebody.

Mel Got Served said...

Aren't you usually supposed to hire a soap star that cross-promotes their daytime shows? Good move getting a guy you fired 3 months ago?

I finally get rid of Jake tonight and we find out he's on DWTS too?? Oh boy.

And Kate Gosselin... weird, I thought this show was called Dancing with the STARS... not Dancing with A-HOLES. I can't wait until she's first voted off. I'm calling it now: Ochocinco wins.

Unknown said...

Hey Guys!
More Dancing with the Stars news, courtesy of Good Morning America. Aidumb's been paired with Edyta!!!! That kind of works since she's Polish and it's hard to understand her sometimes too. Maybe they will subtitle their practice sessions so the rest of us will be clued in on what's going on!

Jen said...

Am I the only one hoping that JR and Annie hook up?

I think Jacob and Melissa have that I hate you, I loathe you heated sex chemistry. Anything to save him from Borissa. Oh and what does that say when Annie's voice is what gets him out of his coma?

SOAPFAN said...

LOL @ "Borissa"!

Arizonagal said...

Poor Edyta, I would so like to see her win one year and with Aidumb, what are the chances? I may be wrong, but Aiden Turner strikes me as having two left feet, like that guy in Best in Show.

Erica Kane said...

Hey everyone...long time....actually have a day off, and am watching AMC live...Damon just told Tad his mom's name was Hillary....could he be Hillary Wilson's son...as in Langley Wallingford's daughter????? I had heard they were going to tie him to the past of the show....wonder if he will end up being Tad and Hillary's kid.... I know his age is off, but heck so is Dani on OLTL....

Unknown said...

Line of the day:

Erica: "Some of us have class."
Greenlee: "So classy you slept with the man your daughter cheated on her husband with!"

Loving the sassy new dialogue. Let's keep it up people!

Shadow said...

Wow Ms. Kane, that would be something if they dug all the way back to Hillary. You know Pratt didn't think of that one. Tad does seem to have taken an interest in him. Never thought of that one. Although I'm not thrilled with Damon so far I do like the idea of rebuilding the English/Tyler/Wallingford family names although here he would be half a Martin. I seem to recall Jordan saying he Hillary bored him, but I sort of liked her. In fact there's a slew of old characters I remember fondly-- like Dottie Thornton and Edna, Benny Sago, Lanie, etc. I sort of liked all of them. Seems like some of them could surface with some offspring.

Norn Cutson said...

Darbi & Roz interview the casting director of UGLY BETTY in the new episode of the EVERYTHING ACTING podcast!

Elyse in Toronto said...

I am happy to hear about Adian Turner on DWTS.
I bet ABC gave him the spot as part of his package for treating him badly and his character going crazy.

Shadow said...

Norm, how was your show? How cool to get to exhibit your work!

Jen said...

I watched AMC today, left thinking... I find it wierd that Madison now remembers Greenlee, I think it's setting up a rivalry, who knows what Greenlee did to Madison in boarding school, but Madison would definitely crush Greenlee now, especially w/ Erica on her side teaching her the ropes.

Norn Cutson said...

Shadow, my show is up the whole month of March!
the opening was fun & I've sold two pieces already!
there's photos on my fanpage!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

I have to say I'm in heavy like with AMC right now. Maybe it's because Pratt brought it so down that even Mctavish would have been a move in the right directing. The show was damaged to the core and I think Lorraine has done an incredible job trying to salvage the destruction left in the wake of the Pratt era.

The characters are human even David. The scenes are about people and connecting not about the moon or tornados. Even more important the dialogue is intelligent, witty and true to the characters. The scenes between Erica and Greenlee are perfect as Greenlee acts like a spoiled brat and Erica behaves like a woman of a certain age should using her wit.

I have even grown to deal with LaLu as Liza. I still think the role should be recast for numerous reasons but at least now the character is being written as Liza and the she does have chemistry with Michael Knight. While Damon is not the best actor in the world, he was okay in his scenes with Michael Knight and Michael Knight shined in those scenes (Sorry Mike Pratt did not treat you or tad right Lorraine sure is.

The only thing that is standing out like a sore thumb now on AMC and reminds me of the Dark Age of Pratt, like a Vietnam Flashback, is Denise Vaseline as Rancid the happy hooker Hubbard. She must be tricking with Frons or someone at ABC to still have this job. She is the new AIDUMB!

Parenthood premiered last night. So wanted to like this show. I loved the movie and even watched the first series spinoff with DiCaprio.

My girl Monica Potter who I love and gets no respect from Hollywood is in it. Mae Whitman, Bonnie Bedilla, Craig nelson, Peter Krause..... Jason Katimis from Roswell and FNL is behind it.

So why didn't I like it. Well I could kind of had dealt with Erika Christensen a bland boring actress who must be sleeping with someone to still be getting work. Seriously with all the actresses in Hollywood, I could name 15 right off the top of my head who would have done better.

This Dax Sheppard guy who I can't believe is living with My gorgeous Kristen Bell. I don't care how hot the body is ripped abs don't do much when your face is like the back of a the bus. He seems like such a douche bag. He was on Chelsea Lately and I thought he was a contestant from Tool Academy.

Then there was the scene that was stolen right from an episode of my beloved Brothers and Sisters. It was like I was the Riverdale Y watching a community theatre production of Brother and Sisters.

I could have dealt with all that but the fact that female lead role that was played by Maura Tierny was replaced with Lauren Gilmore Graham was the final Straw. I know so many people loved her on Gilmore Girls. She is one note as an actress. The scenes that I saw with Maura were so intense and rich. Seeing those same scenes yesterday with Lauren she comes across as a caricature. No depth or thought put into it...all superficial, sterotyping. A pathectic insult to women. Mae Whitman overpowered her in their scenes together. As much as I'm not a Helen Hunt fan she would have done a way better job. hell they should have given Monica the bigger role. Again I could name 15 actress who could have worked that role. Instead they went with what they consider a name in hopes that Gilmore viewers would tune in well they lost me because I could have overlooked the other things I listed about I can't overlook Lauren Grahme. When will they think outside the box....all I could think about is how fing hot would it have been if instead of tryign to go for a name they woudl take a chance and make a name by pullign someone from another genre. Cady Mclain would have turned that role out.

Arizonagal said...

A Few Comments:
Favorite drag queen: Pandora Boxx
Old Emma: Comatose
New Emma: Too bouncy? Personally I'll take bouncy over a coma any day of the week!
New AJ: He's a cute little California kid. Only thing that bugs me about him is his name. AJ - which I assume stands for Adam JR, which makes no sense but leads me to the question, why did JR never change his name?
Randi: Does it seem like she's been demoted to Girl Friday at Fusion and on AMC?
Madison: Where is she?
The Haywards: Will they consummate their marriage?

Mel Got Served said...

Worry not, Arizonagal. Denise Vasi promised us on Twitter Randi is getting a story. I know we're all thrilled.

Favorite Drag Queen: Pandora Boxx, with Tatianna a close second

Drag Queen that I think makes herself look like a scary skeleton: Morgan McMichaels

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

People if you have not come home ...start with today's episode. All My Children is back on track and today proved it. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and after today's episode I realized it's real Pratt is gone and good storytelling with intelligent writing and use of character history and solid acting is back in Pine Valley. I only hope that The new writers will take notice of what Lorraine is doing and follow that.
While the new Kathy is not bad IO prefer the original Kathy.

Mel Got Served said...

Original Kathy was perfection. A bubbly little girl in the spitting image of Dixie. I'll have to quickly peep today's episode just to see what she looks like (I'm still only halfway through Monday's ep- too many shows!)

Shadow said...

Idol Thoughts-

Ow Shit! My eardrum just burst!! These Idols suck!

Did Hayley V fall into a thing of glitter? Didi sounded like doodie. Lilly , I don't get whatever "it" is. Katelyn, the piano part was ok.

Paige, um....ow shit! Siobhan just did it again before I could type how crappy Paige was. Hey, why is Randy is dressed like Black Santa?

Shadow said...

Adam and Brooke talking about Laura's death.

Adam to God: "It's been a while since I've confessed my sins. I'm usually trying to cover 'em up...if you want a Chandler, I'm available".

Tears streaming swelling in my eyes.

JR to InsAnnie from the depths of his coma: "Get out you bitch".

Now that is good soap.

Shadow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shadow said...

I like the new PVH chapel & Angie going there to express her faith & spiritual contemplation. Refreshing to see a character have a quiet, reflective moment instead of embarking on a lame revenge plot, twirling pistols or handing out head wounds.

Erica about Ryan hiring Liza: " Really Ryan, you couldn't have found a better attorney with a blind Internet search"?

jason said...

All my Children is back! I can't beleive it!

What the hell happen to Cady McClain's hair! It's so bad!

Does anyone else watch Damages? I love that show, it's like a movie every week.

jason said...

I guess I can't spell. Lol believe*

So i was think of a name for Kim and Clint and I could only come up with Klit...

Jen said...

The dialogue is getting way better. I'm sorry Jordan we don't agree on Denise (Randi) she's actually getting better, even the soaps mags have pointed that out. Maybe you just don't like her?, which is ok not to I guess.

The show feels more real, the characters have more real emotion, Erica sounds like Erica, Ryan isn't over written and punching everyone in sight, Greenlee is back to being a spoiled brat, BTW I don't want her relationship w/ David going long, they kind of nearly put me to sleep and I crave more Erica/David, but D/G are better than Jamanda who just knock you the f out. I do love Luza and Tad, and even coma heated pairing of JR/Annie, now this is another level of sexiness, these 2 need to get together stat when Adam kicks her to the curb hopefully.

I'm pledging allegiance to a Jannie hook up, sex up the Chandler mansion evil style, erase all Babydawl and Borindawl feelings, and they can take over Pine Valley.

Arizonagal said...

ITA AMC is back and IMHO it's been gone since the late 90's. After Brooke left it really went downhill, was that during the McTrash years?

I care about AMC again and it feels so good. My God, even Damon is vastly improved. I actually enjoyed his scenes with Tad. My only minor minor nitpick with yesterday's show? Tad saying "jinkies". It just makes me cringe when he says that, pushes a button.

It felt like old soap yesterday with David once again plotting to take Angie down, Greenlee marching in to take over Fusion, Annie and JR scenes were priceless, Brooke and Adam reconnecting. Even Randi seemed to have a teenie weenie little tiny spark of personality - did I just say that?

On OLTL, shame on Ford! But, again, good soap! I really wanted Blair to bring him down, but knew it wouldn't happen so soon. Poor Langston, so being played and too young and naive to see the signs.

Loved the scenes with Kelly and Todd in the chapel. Todd was so friggin' deadpan and smart ass and I love that Kelly has his number.

Jessica at 17 is blowing my mind. Those scenes with Christian, holy cow, that chick totally convinces me she's a teen again.

Too much good stuff!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

No Jen Im right about Denise Vasi, Im sorry but I know too many real actresses of color that can act rings around her. She is a model who lucked out and was given this role because of her looks. No one can tell me that she is an actress. It is an insult to put her in the same scenes as Debbie Morgan.

You can like her. To each their own. hey I love Britney Spears but am I going to call her a singer in the same way one would call Barbara, Ella or Liza no.

So like Denise Vasi but dont expect me to ever giver her any respect as an actess. She is a reminder of the Dark Pratt era and needs to go back to modeling while she has some years left.

Can she grow and get better who knows but as of now she is not an actress.

Jason I watch Damages. How could I not. I LOVE GLENN CLOSE. She is an actress.

SOAPFAN said...

Y&R just snagged Eden Riegel! Go check out Daytime Confidential to see the sad/happy news.

Arizonagal said...

Okay, just one thing, I was so distracted yesterday watching OLTL Gigi/Rex scenes. It's so obvious old fish face Farah Fath aka Gigi had her lips plumped and it looks AWFUL. Did she look in a mirror? Ridic!

Mel Got Served said...

So are we all pretty confident Damon is going to be a long-lost child of Tad? They do both have large heads.

I'm so waiting for a Brooke/Annie smackdown. I'm hoping Annie throws down a "Bitch, back of my man!" line.

Mel Got Served said...

Dixie might've gone to heaven, but that is a haircut and color from hell. Don't like it at all- sorry Cady!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

OMG two excellent days of AMC in a row. I feel like I died and went to heaven.

This whole using Nurse Gayle scheme is classic AMC I'm loving it. I'm glad to have Dixie back anyway I can. Yes the wig is scary. Yet I'm loving me Angie's hair the last few days.

MCE is finally getting material worthy of her acting. Annie is now a classic Soap character. She gave an emmy award performance Wednesday.

I only hope this will not end when the new writers come aborad.

Go to welovesoaps.net. Again they have blown me away with a juicy interview with ex AMC headwriter Winser Washam, who gives much insight to being a headwriter and working on AMC and why he left.

OLTL has been so hot. Love the twist when it came to which Kramer woman got killed. Ford is what soaps have been missing a real honest to goodness cad.

Brian said...

Is it too early to say recast Bianca? Eden Riegel is out for good if she does well on Y&R. Let's get the Kane family back on AMC. Recast if need-be.

Arizonagal said...

Damon and Tad have a connection? I agree, they have huge heads. I was just noticing last night, Damon is this skinny little guy and his head is like bobble-head size - huge. Does head size have anything to do with - oh nevermind.

Wonder if Damon is maybe a spawn of Orsini? He was vague about his parents.

Someone needs to take a hose and put Cady's hair out. Sheesh.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I am rather happy that Eden Riegel is going to Y&R, although a little sad because I was holding out hope that Bianca was going to return once Pratt was fired, but whatevs. Riegel will rock on Y&R and it's going to be great to see her reunited with Elizabeth Hendrickson (I loved Bianca and Maggie), but I bet ABC is shitting their pants because it's yet another AMC actor stolen from them.. too bad Frons and Crapputhers don't know what they are doing.

And, just saying, I'm all for a Binx (and Kendall, if need be) recast. The Kane women need to be on the canvas.

Oh and I agree, AMC has been solid the past couple of days. My only gripe is the Frankie hand story line. I don't get why he just won't got to PT...

Mel Got Served said...

I agree about Frankie. I wish there'd be some sort of concrete scene where it explains why he refuses to get PT. It's obvious his new story is getting addicted to painkillers. Let's just hope someone in PV can get him down from that high- and by that what I'm basically saying is, a new love interest.

While I know the Kane women are essential to AMC, I have soooo enjoyed not having to suffer through Zach and Kendall hogging all the screentime. Granted they were on with horrible writing, the show gets sucked into their orbit when they're around.

Are we sure the red is a wig?? If it's a red wig covering her blond, surely they would've made her take it off...

Anonymous said...

I am normally again fake lips (i.e. Farah) but Gina T SERIOUSLY needs some. Her top lip is non-existant.


Shadow said...

Don't be sad about Eden Riegel. Check it this major newsflash!

Newsflash: Hot on the heels of CBS's surprise announcement that Eden Riegel has joined the cast of Young & the Restless, ABC announced the signing Cagney & Lacey's Tyne Daly as All My Children's Bianca Montgomery and C&L's Sharon Gless assuming Tamara Braun's role of Reese. ABC Daytime honcho Brian Frons says age is irrelevant for these esteemed actresses. Besides, said Frons, the recasts enable AMC to continue ex-head writer Chuck Pratt's plans to "butch things up a bit".

Hot Off the Press: Guiding Light returns to TV starring everyone who has ever acted on All My Children but hasn't died yet!!

Seriously, no big deal. AMC still has Denise Vasi!! Yay!

I would so love it if they recast Bianca with Bucktoothed Boogarface Bianca. There was a resemblence.

Anonymous said...

I have a question: Does anyone else remember the castle where Greenlee & Ryan got married being NOT anywhere near PV? I remember clearly Simone & Kendall having to take a plane to get there. How are they all able to get back & forth from the castle now so quickly? Do they sail there from Pennsylvania's vast coast line?

Truth is, AMC has gotten so good this week that I'm having to stretch for things to complain about!

- Jen

Amanda said...

That's Cady's hair! She recently blogged that she had gone red.

I think she's a natural Strawberry Blond.

jason said...

Erika Slezak better get her Emmy Speech ready for next year. Love or hate her, those scenes today with Charlie were well acted and written. For people who knock Soaps, they should watch those scenes.

brtedi said...

As far as the castle where Ryan & Greens originally got married....Heck, even though that was before I started watching, I always thought the ceremony and the events leading up to it were at Wild Wind---Or, was that when Ryan and Gillian got hitched????

ryan lamery said...

well i'm on long island so on sunday i am losing abc.. thank god for soap net! i really was liking the hd amc too. i hope ashley and jordan aren't losing abc.. i know it's most of ny with cablevision but not all. damn you abc and cablevision!!!!!!

Jen said...

"So like Denise Vasi but dont expect me to ever giver her any respect as an actess. She is a reminder of the Dark Pratt era and needs to go back to modeling while she has some years left."

I can understand your hatred of the Pratt era, he was a clown whose answer for everything was gun play and death, but to blame Denise who is definitely getting better in her scenes, and when I hear ever.. really ever? the girl prbly went to acting b/c she it's something she loves, she's what less than 2 yrs. into this? she's recieved some kudos for work w/ a complex character, I'm not going to say she should go, and your reasoning about everything Pratt needing to go, Crazy Annie was created by Pratt, Jake/Amanda one of the most mismatched boring couples on soaps 2nd to JR/Borissa continue to be on my screen b/c Pratt created it's dynamic, nevermind in 98 or 97 she was what 6 yrs. old? I'm not sure but I also heard he was her babysitter, which if true has to be one of the most disgusting dynamics continuing...anyway there's good and bad, but ever is permanent, that just signals a hatred toward one thing and never budging no matter even they or it proves you wrong, not liking her I understand but not giving her a chance to prove she can do it that's not something I can get with. Josh Duhamel wasn't a great actor at all when he started, look at him now, still not great but made some improvements, Colin Egglesfield another ex. heck Ricky at times comes off amateurish on screen not everyone is an Aiden Turner you know just a pretty face w/ no hope or a Brianna what's her face you know Colby #2. We'll agree to disagree on that.

Wow I don't really care about that character so much but you made me go into a long rant. And w/ that I'll say goodnight. I'm wiped.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Jen lololol you crack me up. Im fine with the fact that you like Denise Vasi. I will never like her. I don't think she has any merit as an actress. She was hired because of her looks. She has not improved, in my eyes, one iota, in the two years she has been on the show. She is a waste and stands out like a sore thumb in a cast that is now on full throtle with a writer who is giving them material they can really work with. My god even Nurse Gayle has stepped it up.

In regards to Annie. Annie was a character who was created by McTavish, if I'm not mistaken that was one dimensional and served no real purpose. Hence why Taylor and Ashley nicknamed her Blandie. Pratt not knowing what to do with her created this storyline where the character went from boring to the typical soap opera character, who is crazy because there is no reason for it, other then they don't know what else to do with her. Kind of like Dana Delaney on Desperate Housewives. Now being that MCE can act and is an actress she ran with the material and went beyond what was in the script. She created Annie by giving her an identity finaly. When you love a character despite the garbage that is being written for them that is a testemant to the power of the actor to rise above bad material. Now that a real writer is writing for Annie we are seeing how powerful this character can be. When she is put opposite someone like Julia Barr, she grows even more.

Denise Vaseline has been working opposite two of daytime's greatest actors. Both emmy winners and she learned absolutley nothing from them. When a powerhouse like Elizabeth Rodriquez , a respected theatre actress who won people over with a unique character like Carmen Morales is written off but a bland model is kept on, it's wrong.

I will respect that there are many of you out there who adore this airhead but you will never hear me say anything nice about her acting.
I'm sick and tired of people like her getting in this business on their looks when they have no talent.

Despite what Judy Blight Wilson thinks. ACTING CAN NOT BE TAUGHT!!!! People can improve over time, with more experience but you have to have some sort of talent in you. Denise Vaseline is a blow up doll. She has a smile and yes why she is not dead behind the eyes, it's like the lights are on but no one is home.

So on this subject we are going to have to agree to disagree. I will not rest until she is back where she belongs behind the Clinque counter at Macy's in NYC or selling Chimichurris in Washington Heights.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Ryan Lamery...yes indeed I will be one of those without ABC. I despise Cabelvision to my very core. They are the worse cabel company in America, bunch of crooks, the service is the pitts and the peopel that work for them are so rude and nasty when you can actulaly get them on the phone. I'm hoping that Soap net is not also part of this deal being that ABC owns them. If I could I would go time warner

Mel Got Served said...

For Jordan, Ryan Lamery, and others possibly losing AMC: you can watch on ABC.com or Hulu.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

The Good Wife retunred this week with another solid episode. This show is amazing. I will say this Christine Baranski and Gary Cole have so much chemistry. It is nice to see two people of a certain age being given air time and having well written scene which they worked with. These two were smoking together. Archie Panjabi as Kalinda is the definition of hot! I love this show.

Well will be depending on you guys to update me Sunday with Oscar wins.

Also gave AI one more week and I'm done. It was silly. While I know my little Black Hayley Vaughn Santos is not perfect how could she go home and that Landslide girl is still on. And Kieth Urban while I will admit is a hottie come on he can't sing. It is painfull to listen to him.

Arizonagal said...

In defense of Denise Vasi, I think the core of her problem as an actress is that she just really has no personality with which to infuse her character. It's been mentioned here that Teri Ivens (Simone) was not the greatest actress and that's true. Why did we all love her? Teri had a great personality and sense of humor. I think Vasi tries hard and tries to use all her acting class tools, but she comes off mechanical and boring. Surrounded by a mostly stellar cast, her flaws are spotlighted. It's almost like "look, she's trying to act." I don't want to see the wheels turning when she acts, I don't want to see the effort in a scene.

By contrast, scenes yesterday with Tad and Brooke were so real there were a few times I thought MEK was making his own lines. It was just a comfortable, real, conversation and so relatable. These are the moments I want to see on AMC. LoBro stepped up the scripts and the actors are stepping it up too. Loving it!

Oh, the castle - I thought the castle was at Wildwind and was the same castle Ryan and Gillian used. I'm confused about the location of the castle too.

Wow, can you tell the redemption of JR is on full throttle? I'm not hating it either, Jacob Young is up to the task.

Heaven is sure small, eh and how did JR earn his wings? I thought his next reality would be less celestial and more hellmouthy?

Shadow, you crack me up, Cagney and Lacey... mwhahaha.

Arizonagal said...

The only thing that bugged me yesterday was Nurse Gayle. Why take Erica hostage when she coulda shot David in the knee? Made no sense. In fact, that whole lame plan to coerce David to sign this "contract" is really out there. I want Nurse Gayle to be smarter, more savvy. She has already proven to be deceitful and cunning, so keep her that way. I hate it when a character is dumbed down.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Arizonagal. I loved what you had to say about Denise. I wish i could express myself so. I have to say you guys should be writing the show. You are all so amazing with words. I have yet to see today's show. Was hopign that nurse gail pullign the gun on Erica was part a plan. Guess not after reading your post lol.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

From We love soaps.net

"I’ve played Bianca for 10 years now and it really hurt me when I felt like I didn’t know my character anymore. I’m a really emotional person and maybe I care too much, you know? I let my emotions get the best of me. It was really difficult to feel like I was losing sight of who Bianca is. She was getting lost in the shuffle. It just really hurts. There is a lot of hurt. Y&R is a blank slate and a fresh start and there’s so much potential."

No Eden you are so right o care about the character that you invested so much in. As an actress yuou have ever right to care. Pratt and Craputhers are to blame. I wish you the best of luck on Y&R

Shadow said...

Of course I too respect everybody's opinion, but I'm not making any excuses for Denise Vasi. Pretty girl. Looks fantastic in still photos. Absolutely not an ounce of acting skill. Trips over her lines. No inflection. The only thing I'll give her is that the character was a stupid idea from the beginning, but I don't see she has the skills to rise above it. Frankie marrying a hooker/internet porn sensation and somehow Angie and Jessie were OK with that? Just the fact that Frankie, a young handsome black professional, would marry a hooker is Pratastically idiotic. Given that he is young handsome black professional and makes a healthy income, I don't see that happening. He's the character that should be unattached, dating and mixing it up in hot sex scenes with hot single women on the show. If a chick needs to get laid, he should be the go to guy, but he's completely anchored to this albatross character. The worst part is that Frankie, who I think is talented, somehow has become worse of an actor after being paired with her. I've crushed on a lot of talentless actresses before but something else about the story or situation helped. Just nothing in Randi's ho' bag of tricks to interest me.

As for Eden, I was really bummed out yesterday but the interview with We Love Soaps helped. I really wish her well at YR and hope ABC fuckups like Frons learned something about how to treat people going forward. Whether Pratt turned out to be a success or failure, they disrespected every single aspect of the show-the actors, the crew, the writers, the creators, the fans, the history. I'm still sort of amazed Rebecca Budig came back considering the way the botched her return and embarrased her during Pratt's run. Clearly she hated every second of it. I've always said that the Kane daughters should be recast. Considering the difficulty and uncertainty surrounding Minshew and Riegel I think it should have already been done, but as long as it wasn't I held out hope that a deal with Riegel would work out. My guess is they blew their wad on the move, Budig's return, etc. and they thought they could skimp on her--as if they'd done Eden a favor moving to California. Of course, I'm speculating completely about all this, but you can only piss in your warm spot so long. She delivered ratings every time. When they needed her she was there. When Pratt threw her to the wolves I don't think I ever heard ABC stand up for her, but they should milked the storyline for all it was worth. These shows are different. You're dealing with very real, very established relationships. I don't subscribe to the mantra that "business is just business". To me, business is about relationships. In this case the relationships are so tight it's more like family. I do believe that "family is family" and you don't screw family. Eden played Bianca for 10 years. Pratt was there for maybe 2. So I wish her well and I'm good with it, though still a little sad.

But now that they screwed her and all of us over by failing to cast her, and they were in talks a mere weeks ago, it's time to recast with a spectacular actress capable of building on the character's legacy.

Courtney said...

Just watched OLTL today and had a thought....it must suck to be a virgin, and wake up 10 years later as a parent. All the responsibility of parenthood and you don't even remember the fun of conception! That sucks!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Shadow another person who has a way with words. I'm glad you brought up that point in regards to Cornelius. I remember how great I thought he was when he first started. I too feel that playing opposite Vaseline has had a negative effect on his performance.

Saw AMC today three days in a row where it felt like my old AMC. Today had key moments that where classic AMC. It almost feels like the last few years never happened

tot-teacher said...

Hi! I'm new here but have lurked with amusement for ages! I've been watching AMC for 1,000 years... well... okay.. maybe just 30. :O)

Just had to pipe up... Tad and Damon.. father and son?? He's.. Hillary and Tad's son? woah... the ages would be WAY off wouldn't they? (which I know in SoapWorld is normal but.. jeeze!)

If I remember correctly.. Tad and Hillary were together in the mid 80's? (were they married? did they even sleep together?)

Jamie came along in the early 90's... Wouldn't that make Damon like... 10 years OLDER than Jamie? But Damon is just a teenager!... (technically.. JAMIE should be the teenager!)

I'm anxious to see how they play this off.. if they are father/son.

(..Tad did mention to Damon "you remind me of myself at your age".. I thought.. "uh-oh.. here we go..")

oh.. and I agree with the Greenlee/Ryan/Castle thing.. it was in some far away place! hehehe

Anyway... nice to meet ya'll! :O)

Shadow said...

Welcome Tot!

I don't have a problem with the length or color of Dixie's hair, but surely they don't do "Dumb and Dumber" bangs in heaven.

Anonymous said...

The castle Ryan & Greenlee got married at was definitely not Wild Wind. It was a hotel because when Kendall checked in, they told her that Ryan's wife-to-be was staying in the room next to his & Kendall freaked out, bought a wedding dress in the lobby, & locked Greenlee in a turret.

As for the Denise Vasi debate...I personally think she's a crappy actress & detracts from the storyline. Granted what's written for her is kind of lame, but a good actress could run with it. I work in theatre & have a daughter who is an actress, so I have to watch a lot of actors practice their craft. I think that it's a talent and while you can hone it and eventually get better, you can never make up for a lack of personality. She has a pretty face, but there is nothing behind it and no matter how many acting classes she pays for, or how many professionals she works with Miss Vasi can never learn to have chemistry with the audience. All the other actors Jen mentioned had personality to spare and that's what allowed them to improve.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Welcome Tot-Teacher!

I wish I was writing a more happy post as to not scare you off of the PVP blog, but, unfortunately, I'm not lol

This Eden Riegel thing is really caught in my craw. When I first heard the news I was ecstatic, but now, after sitting on it for a while, in the words of Jordan Hudson, I AM NOT AMUSED (lol)! Don’t get me wrong, I am still very happy that she is joining the cast of Y&R and I am sure that she is going to do a bang-up job because, let’s be honest, you really can’t expect anything less from Ms. Riegel. However, what has me so disgusted is the way the heads of AMC (yeah, I’m looking at you Fronsie and Crapputhers) have treated this fine actress. I can’t believe that once that Pratthole was fired, they didn’t immediately call up Riegel and start negotiations to get her back on the show. They waited until they heard that she was in talks with Y&R! She has never been anything, but faithful to the character of Bianca and All My Children and after what Pratt did, Bianca deserved redemption as a character and Eden deserved a decent story line. What get’s me even more is that she actually called them last time she was on and told them that she was available anytime they wanted to bring Bianca back, that’s shows how much she loves the character of Bianca Mongomery. Meanwhile, Frons chases around Rebecca Budig and throws money in her face every time she leaves the damn show! Don’t get me wrong I love Ms. Budig, but spend the money on someone who actually wants to be there. Eden is a fan-favorite and Bianca is one of the best characters that has ever been on the show and she as an actress, and Bianca as a character, deserve more respect than what they have been shown. Hopefully, this has taught Frons a lesson (although, I won’t hold my breath, since I feel as if I have been saying that for the past couple of years) and he will find an adequate recast for the character (I will not put up with a DBTE Bianca). That being said, I wish Eden Riegel the best of luck at Y&R and on CBS, hopefully they will show her the respect that she so strongly deserves.

Arizonagal said...

Well Shadow, regarding Dixie's hair, maybe heaven has a SuperCuts? It's the bangs that kill that haircut. Looks like some carpenter took a level and just cut straight across and the bangs don't go with the rest of the haircut. Too harsh, ages her. If you just look at Cady's face, still beautiful, still flawless, but when you first see her, all you see is those bangs, no dimension.

Shadow said...

Somebody in the hair dept at #amc really LOVES bangs. It's the only trick they know. Even the Weave seems to have lost out to the Bangs. I miss the Weave and its competition with Livia's Medusa Dreds.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Well at some point ABC allowed the Oscars to air on cabelvision.

What a boring show. The pace was so slow.

NOT AMUSED MY Gaby did not win but iy's all about politics.

It was nice that Kathryn Bigelow won.

Waiting to see movie anything but AVATAR please Lord.

jason said...

Jordan, I agree with you about the Oscars. They were slow. Steve & Alec didn't do much after the opening monologue. What was up with that dance segment? Seemed like it went on forever. I thought Meryl Streep deserved more than Sandra, but I would have also loved to see Gabourey win.

elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Jen said...

Funniest thing I saw tonight pre Academy Awards, Mimi (Mariah) is in the middle of an interview, the diva takes out her mint, saliva and all still on it and gives it to Nick (more like demands him) to hold for her, not throw away, hold, and then continues her interview like this is normal. Nick Cannon has no balls.

DancingElf88 said...

Ashley happy birthday!!

Norn Cutson said...

★❉.¸.•*✰ ¡happy birthday, Ashley! ✰*•.¸.❉★


Mel Got Served said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!!!!!!!!!

SOAPFAN said...

Happy 25th Birthday Ashley ;-)

I have been absent from the boards lately, but I am glad to see people are enjoying AMC again.

I am enjoying it as well. Im so glad they put the camera style back closer to the way it used to look.

I am also happy to see more old favorites return. The show is slowly coming back from the brink.

Shadow, have you checked out a show called Caprica?

Arizonagal said...

Welcome Tot-Teacher! Regarding Tad and Hillary, I wondered the same thing, could Hillary Martin by Damon's mother? And wasn't Hillary related to Langley or Phoebe? Damn, that was so long ago, I have more questions than answers. The last I remember of Hillary and Tad, they were locked in a bank vault on their wedding day.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Was it just me or was Farrah Fawcett not in the "In Memorium" montage last night?

PS- Happy BDay Ashley!

brtedi said...

I have an oddball observation, reguarding Marty, Roxie and the pregnancy test, on Monday's OLTL:

For something that was supposedly got peed on it surely got handled a lot.

Aside from that, I'm I the only one that thinks John & Natalie are just plain annoying, together?

Mel Got Served said...

Natalie, from what I've seen of her, is always a spoiled whiner to me. I didn't see Natalie in her glory days, but she just seems like an annoying butt-in-ski to me.

Marty's pregnancy test reminds me of the time Kendall kept carrying hers around- wasn't it like in her purse and stuff? Eww.

brtedi said...

"...Marty's pregnancy test reminds me of the time Kendall kept carrying hers around- wasn't it like in her purse and stuff? Eww."

LOL!--mel, I completely forgot about Kendall's ever 'tote'-able pregnancy test.

brtedi said...

Best wishes, on your special day--Ashley!

Shadow said...

Ty: I haven't seen Caprica yet but I've heard great things about it. Do you recommend it?

Shadow said...

You know this hospital room Annie is in is hardly private. Brooke found it easily enough. Jake actually looks decent today. I like Jake & Ryan as friends. Can't believe I said that. What is Erica supposed to do if she has to pee? Greenlee va the Hubbards was a kick today.Natalia told her not to blame her for her "stanky taste in men". If she keeps going ghetto on people I may start to like her. Jessie had some good quips today too. He's been far less keystone cop lately. Brooke is perfection , but that kiss she gave Adam was so awkward. I actually feel bad for Annie. Instead of just crazy for the heck of it, she's insecure and unnerved for a reason. LoBro demonstrates week after week how good she is and what a turd Pratt was.

Norn Cutson said...

i saw an interview w/ the actress who plays NATALIA on WELOVESOAPS & she seemed like a really cool person!

OLTL FREAK said...

The Pratt Falls girls talking about Eden going to Y&R:


Arizonagal said...

I swear there are many times it seems like Annie really does love the old goat. It's not often TPTB show the vulnerable side of Annie, but I like it when they do.

I'm not loving John and Natalie, but I'm glad to see Marty getting a story line and I can't wait for her to dump his sorry ass.

Looks like Starr and Cole are going to have some company in their relationship. Seriously, just what they need. It's rare that young couples have such a glitch free relationship, could be interesting, time to shake things up.

Just noticing today that the transitions from old story lines to new ones on OLTL are almost seamless and I love that. They just keep reeling me in. I'm hooked.

Nat's Guy said...

"...Marty's pregnancy test reminds me of the time Kendall kept carrying hers around- wasn't it like in her purse and stuff? Eww."

"LOL!--mel, I completely forgot about Kendall's ever 'tote'-able pregnancy test."

Today Marty had the test in her purse, it fell out, and Natalie picked it up. Stop touching the pee stick ladies. Ugh.

Mel Got Served said...

It's official: Scott Clifton (Schuyler) is out at OLTL. Not surprising at all though, cause the character has totally been written into a corner. Sad though cause he's good looking and can act (even if sometimes it's a bit exaggerated).

Arizonagal said...

Schuyler is out? Not surprised, TPTB ruined his character. And Gigi still remains... She must know where the bodies are buried.

Dianne said...

OMG! Thank you, Ms. Broderick. With your writing and the understated performances of Cady McClain and Michael Knight, I'm actually weeping for a character I have never liked!!

Welcome back, AMC!!!

Unknown said...

I dunno why but I cannot manage to feel sad for Powder dying. Maybe it's the contrived way it came about and the fact that him and Olive Oil have no chemistry. But you're right Dianne, Tad and Dixie are working overtime to make me feel something. Bless them.

Nat's Guy said...

Horrible news.. Kish is being written out at OLTL. Damn!


Mel Got Served said...

Kish is out too?!?! KCUF YOU ABC!! (read it backwards) I am beyond pissed, however not surprised that they didn't resonate with the "mainsteam audience" as I made a comment about that a while back. I'd like to reiterate my comments from a while back: Kish is not a story about 2 gay men-it's a story about love, finding yourself, and falling in love in the process. If people can't look past the gender of these 2, well then shame on you because this was one of the best love stories I've seen on soaps.

Oh but don't worry folks the epic love story of Rex and Gigi lives on. GRRRRRRRRRRR.

jason said...

Wow Kish, Rachel, Schuyler, Kim (I know it was Amanda's choice) are all going to be off the canvas? Yet character most people don't about like John McBain, Natalie, Gigi, and Rex, are all staying? Looks like Brain Frons is making some big changes at OLTL.
Also, in true Frons fashion, Scott Evans (Fish) found out via TV Guide that he's been fired. Real classy Frons!
So Kish is being taken off because "mainstream" America doesn't like them. So "mainstream" America is okay with Todd Manning rapist x2, but they aren't okay with two men in love? In the words of Britney: "now for real are ya kiddin' me?"

Shadow said...

It is terrible about Kish, but honestly I've been sitting here trying to figure out what KCUF means Mel. Finally got it. Long day.

Mel Got Served said...

Yeah if I didn't put the "read it backwards" it sounds like a Designer's Imposter brand of KFC.

Mel Got Served said...

Discodan and I have been talking on Twitter, and I think AMC should try and scoop up Scott Evans as a Jamie Martin recast.

I thought maybe bring Brett Claywell on as Tim, but Discodan said Scott could be Tim too. I could also see Scott as a mature, less of a manwhore/moron Del.

But then I was just thinking, and it's out of the box, but SORAS Pete Cortlant and bring Brett Claywell on as Pete- more mature, adult, and ready to take over for his dad.

Jen said...

Someone tell me what do we have to do to get JR & Annie together, they would own PV and become the couple to watch. What do we have to do to get this moving? Do we write to MCE,JY? perfect personalities for ea. other, perfect complexities, what do we do to get this started in the summer atleast.

BTW tonight's epi. was really good, finally the JR cancer SL has some real feelings in it.

Crystal said...

GREAT! OLTL go ahead get rid of all the good people. Why don't you get rid of those pesky Evans' too and I can just go watch Y&R instead! Of course, they will keep Gregflappyarms. I am watching until they all leave and then I am out of there!
The only way I will watch now is if David Vickers is back! Well, it was too good to last. 8(

I was totally feeling eBabe this week! It only took a mask and a hair net. (I am sooo mean!)

PS Brooke is perfection!
PPS Annie rulz!
PPPS Run to the light JR!

Shadow said...

From Pine Valley Bulletin:

The Official Taylor Miller Facebook (Nina) page has confirmed that Gillian Spencer (Daisy) will be returning for Palmer Cortlandt's funeral! This is AMAZING news! But really, how could you have Palmer's funeral without Daisy? Taylor also informs us that is now reviewing the script so should be filming very soon. James Mitchell (Palmer) passed way January 22 at the age of 89. AMC has been planning the tribute show ever since, but considering the move to LA, the new writers coming in and any other complications, it was being delayed until Spring. We will let you know as soon as we have an airdate and any other confirmations. So we have Nina and Daisy confirmed, but who else should be there? I think Will is still in prison, but what about Lanie?

Unknown said...

Hmm...wonder why Babe wasn't in heaven? Maybe it's because she's burning in hell!!!!

Mel Got Served said...


Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Someone should tell Taylor Miller that cousin Will is as dead as his sister Dixie seems to be. I also thought it odd that Babe was in Hell considering that Pratt made Amanda Baker's Babe Saint Arabella of Fusion.

I will say that going on 7 days of enjoyable AMC. I'm still amazed at what Lorraine has been able to accomplish in such a short time. She is truly a miracle worker.

What they need to do is bring back family. I will say it again ROBERT NEWMAN as ROSS Chandler.

In regards to OLTL. IM NOT AMUSED!!!!!!!!!

I guess all good things must come to an end. OLTL has been near perfect for too long. I don't know if Ron C. and his team are burnt. Or if the old AMC Studio is haunted and now Pratt has somehow possesed Ron C. Yet the things that are happening on OLTL are not sitting well with me at all.
I have no desire to see OLTL become the Natalie/John/Rex/GiGi hour.

I will stop here in hopes that a new podcast will happen soon and I can really let out my rage. I truly have lost all respect for Frank Valenti.

jason said...

Jordan I don't think what's happen at oltl is because of Ron C. or Frank V. I think Frons is stepping in and making the big changes at oltl.

brtedi said...

Over the past two days, I’ve seen some really fun/good moments on both OLTL & AMC.

Let me begin with OLTL: I just caught up with a repeat of Thursday’s OLTL:

The entrance of Kim’s bridesmaids---Oh. My Goodness!--- Priceless!

Greg to Rachael: “Maybe, you chose the wrong brother….” Yes! Yes! Yes! In this fans humble opinion, Greg may be a doctor. He May be cute. But, he’s also a pompous, overblown, windbag! (My sincerest apologies to all of the “Greg” fans on this blog---I’m just sayin’)

Now, on to AMC:

At least if they couldn’t get Alexa back as “Babe” for the day, I like to think that’s what tptb were shooting for, considering both AMC and (apparently) Ms. Havens are both in LA. At least a reference to “Babe” .

Ryan is playin’ it cool, IMO.

Did anyone notice, in the Heaven sequences, Stewart wasn’t ‘slow’? (And why should he be? He left all of that behind him! )

Tad & Dixie –Nuff said…

Major Leo references at the cemetery (and the set that doubles for Pine Valley Park—LOL!)

brtedi said...

"...ROBERT NEWMAN as ROSS Chandler...."

Jordan, while I have absolutely no idea who "Robert Chandler" is, Robert Newman would be such a plus on AMC. This GL/AMC fan would be thrilled!

Shadow said...

Jordan/I caught the same thing about Will. That was PVB's error not Taylor's. Guess "Who Killed Will" was in their donut hole of viewership.

I'm nervous folks. AMC has been good, but the new writers report to duty in 2 weeks. Yikes!

Jen said...

On AMC, I loved Annie's line "JR is alive and he owes it all to me" go get him Annie, there better be some JR seducing from you by summer sweeps.

On OLTL, how many whores does Kim know? That freaking entrance, there is no way anyone kept a straight face when that was filmed.

SOAPFAN said...

The OLTL stuff has FRONS written all over it. OLTL undid ALL the progress it has built up, and all they can do is blame the gays for the ratings slump?

It had NOTHING to do with the fact that sausage lipped Farah Fath and JPL are phoning it in?

Anyway, I heard about Taylor Miller and Palmer's funeral. I think that if Lorraine Broderick REALLY wants to create a coup here, they would have Will Cortlandt(who is supposedly dead), show up at the funeral...lol!

That would be really cool! I'm sure Lorraine could explain it.

Shadow said...

Just saw the scene where Adam told Tad how he always hated him cuz JR loved Tad like a father but gave Adam a deaf ear. Adam told Tad ti tell JR to fight. The expression on Tad's face was amazing. Incredible, powerful scene. I'm so happy to see David Canary get a chance to play some powerful stuff like this to sort of right all the wrongs of the past year. He's phenomenal in the hands of a writer like LoBro. Even JR is growing on me. After all the effort LoBro has gone to to reposition these characters, I pray the new writers don't fuck it all up and send him back to the sauce. Suddenly these ragtag collection of characters seem like friends and family. I love it.

And do I even need to say how freakin' amazing Julua Barr is. I'm telling you she is the tie that binds. MCE, MK, AC, JY, all amazing in her presence. And we haven't even seen her with Eruca yet. I love that! LoBro knows how to pace herself and save sone stuff. Pratt would have shot his whole wad the first 2 days. A fight between Brooke & Erica would have been priority no 1. Truth is, they coexisted and drive different stories and occasionally but didn't chase each other around and catfight like Erica and Greenlee.

Praying like crazy that Julia Barr stays!!!!!

Shadow said...

JR got a big fat Zit in heaven!

Shadow said...

Ok, "Eddie Haskell who" was funny.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

New Podcast coming. I did not get to address my thoughts on OLTL as I would have liked. We ran out of time. I will Blog in more detail soon. Im so tired. I just wnated to let you guys know that we finaly were able to make a new podcast.

Crystal said...

Ty, sausaged lipped. I am dying. That is just toooooooo funny! What was up with that?! She needs to find a new place.

Terry in Toronto said...

Can't wait for the new podcast. How could Kish be blamed for the ratings slump?! They have been the main reason to watch when stupid slutty Stacey (Yeah I Said It!) was filling up screentime and dumb Charlie was chewing the scenery to bits and Gigi and Rex were phoning in their performances with painted on bored expressions! I love Rachel and they gave her so little to do and now Rapist Todd is front and centre and we're supposed to be rooting for him. I'm so disappointed with these changes I'm hearing about that are occuring at OLTL. I did have a good run watching with excitement and joyful anticipation for a year and a half. It has been really good.

DancingElf88 said...

I'm enjoying most of OLTL. I just FF thru Rex/Gigi and John/Natalie. But although I am highly disappointed in what's coming with all these exits...I'm still loving it.

SOAPFAN said...

Crystal, sorry to be so shallow, but Farah Fath needs to lay off the lip collagen for real!

Ashley, OLTL is on its way out I feel. Rachel gone, Schuyler gone, Kyle and Fish gone...and now LAYLA is gone.

Well, not really gone. There are reports that Tika Sumpter has asked to be placed on recurring.

I am not sure that is the truth or not. My guess is that they gave her an ultimatum...go on recurring or just go.

It sucks that every interesting character is being erased from OLTL. If they get rid of Eli or Tea, I am going to be so mad!

Mel Got Served said...

I'm really worried about Tea now. If looks like they plan to put Todd with Kelly and even Danielle is kinda back-burnered right now. All Tea is right now is Schuyler's lawyer. I really hope they utilize her better or I'm going to get worried.

I too am fast forwarding through anything Rex/Gigi and John/Natalie. If this is the future of OLTL, then I'm going to be bummed because I only recently really hot into it, only to see many of my favorites going away.

Arizonagal said...

Since Schuyler is departing, I hope to God he takes Sierra Rosa with him. I do NOT want to see fish lips Gigi get her hands on that baby like she's some perfect mom. Gag. Anyone notice one side of her top lip is more inflated than the other? She surely notices it because she seems self-conscious about it.

Mel Got Served said...

Do TPTB at OLTL really think anyone wants those two twits Gigi and Rex to have this baby? Let's pretend it's not even Kish's baby; even if that baby was Schuyler's, I think most of us are routing against Rex and Gigi (well unless you probably go on ABC.com or Soapnet boards). It's hard to watch this story cause it's Rex and Gigi being such smug a-holes (they are the Ryan Lamerys of Llanview). I hope Kish that take baby far away from the disaster that is Gigi Morasco.

Arizonagal said...

I was surprised to see the tunnels have not been sealed. Hasn't Adam threatened to do that like a zillion times?

Anyone know if we're going to get a peak at Hillary Wilson? A few googles of Carmen Thomas show her still looking pretty good.

Unknown said...

Sorry but I miss my Kendall and I really need her to come in and sit people straight at Fusion since it is her company. She owns 51%. I hope the write Kendall like the bitch she can be

Ericka said...

I'm loving AMC these days also. Well not "loving" but it's getting a little better. Natalia and her hard ass attitude is really getting on my nerves. She needs to take it down a notch. I'm sick of all the David/Greenlee mess, hope it's almost over. What I'm really curious about is what is Adam's plan? He is really putting Annie down. And it's for more reasons than his heart. it should be good. As for OLTL, I really don't like this Jessica. If memory serves me correctly, Jessica didn't act like that as a teenager so where is this Jess coming from. She's acting more like 12 than 17 or 18. I'm glad they mention Rosanna, since Tea doesn't talk about her at all. Did Cris cheat on Jess first then she hooked up with Will and got pregnant or the other way around or were they even together? She's acting like Natalie did when she came to town trying to get over. All snooty and vendictive. I don't like it and I hope it ends soon also.

Anonymous said...

Ahh...someone who's into AMC as much as I am. I've been watching since the 1980's. I got hooked by Nina, the diabetic character. I'm also a diabetic.

You missed the day when the intro was just a few notes and a hand opening a photo album with the name All My Children on it. Occasionally, you will see the book cover.
Well, I need to set up an account so I can vent about AMC more!!