Thursday, February 04, 2010

My How Things Have Only Slightly Changed

Yesterday was the first day an entire AMC-LA episode aired in HD. In the past I have recorded the AMC replays on SoapNet because the city I live in airs AMC on a one day tape delay. I don’t know what it is about SoapNet, but none of its HD offerings ever look so hot to me. Y&R & GH always look a little grainy compared to their original CBS/ABC airings which are incredible. Anyway, I checked out AMC-LA-HD on Hulu and it was amazing! Everything really does look bigger, brighter, and cleaner. The sets have been nicely updated with fresh paint, roomier rooms and doors that don’t wobble. And low and behold everybody got a haircut, lost their fake tans and look great-maybe even younger. I worried about how some of the older actors would appear, but my fears were unfounded. The entire cast looked their best. The only thing that irked me was seeing Chuck Pratt’s name scroll across the screen again. I hoped HD would mark the end of Pratt’s run on AMC. Dude, take a hint!

I have to be honest about my viewing habits lately. I’ve been working like crazy and busy trying to keep up with the kids. I hurt my shoulder earlier this month and the minute I get home I pop a painkiller and let it work its magic. Even if AMC was airing fascinating stories, I’d be hard pressed to lucidly get through an entire episode so I’ve continued to skip around and fast forward as if Chuck Pratt was still there in his glory. This is how I approach AMC right now: I watch the opening to refresh my numbed mind about whatever happened the day before, then I scan the first five minutes for evidence that Chuck Pratt is still in the writing credits. If I see Pratthole’s name I mutter something vile and inappropriate and place my finger carefully on the FF button watching Madison, Frandi, JR and Marissa whiz by in a blur. I slow down to sample what’s happening if I notice the Chandlers, Opal, Tad & Liza, Greenlee & David and, like watching a trainwreck, Erica & Ryan. Anyway, I’m able to finish an entire episode in less than 10 minutes.

Because I’ve been skimming the show so liberally I’ve been reluctant to post a new blog, but the last post was getting pretty long so I’ve thrown caution to the wind. Remember though, at the time I’m writing this I’m two hours into some primo painkillers and typing with a gimpy arm so cut me some slack.

Everybody’s raving about GH and OLTL so I’ve been checking them out. There’s just no comparison between the amazing quality of the stories airing on those two shows and the crap on AMC. I have never been a member of the GH fan club, but I have to admit the parts I watched last week were chocked impressively with so much intelligent dialogue and palpable emotion. Even though I barely watch OLTL, it’s filled with tour de force performances, great comedic qualities, and lots of tender and scary moments. Watching OLTL is exhausting because you run the gamut of dramatic emotion from grief to joy. Now I’m totally jazzed about the OLTL snow storm. I was never excited about the AMC tornado, and I watch AMC everyday.

There’s just not much happening with the AMC storylines that’s grabbing my attention. These days when I watch I find myself mostly just observing the differences in the new sets and stuff like that. It’s like “OOOh, Adam got a new couch.” or “WOW, that’s a nice mantle in Liza’s apartment.” Amanda had some nice performance moments a few days ago but, honestly, I’m grasping at straws to stay interested. I feel myself slipping into a donut hole, but I’m desperately trying to hang in there until LoBro’s stories begin airing. I hear she wrote some amazing stuff for sweeps and for Brooke’s return, but good gosh bring it on already.

I should note some positives about the show so nobody thinks I’ve just turned into a hater. Granted the stories are still lame, but the dialogue is much better. The actors seem reinvigorated and it shows in their performances. Not only are they acting better they look better. Seriously, who knew KWAK’s boobs were going to look so great in HD! Her abundant HD cleavage alone almost made the investment worth it. The new Chandler and Wildwind sets are more substantial and it’s nice to see people spread out a little. Even the hospital and Tad’s place seem less claustrophobic. That’s great for Tad considering half the town is still living in his house. Having Opal around more and mixing it up with Erica and the gang on a regular basis is a blast. She gives the show a huge pick me up every second she’s on the screen.

Now that Rebecca Budig is out of bed, she looks hot and is showing some spark. It took that girl no time to ditch the Dearfoams and hospital garb and slip into a tight little suit, some stilettos and proper accessories. Who knew Nurse Gayle was such a good personal shopper? Anyway, Greenlee seems to be putting a worthy effort into her performance this time. Maybe that Bob guy she was married to was dragging her down during her last stint and the divorcee life is agreeing with her. Then again, maybe she just has an easier time working off David's slight speech impediment than Aidan’s unintelligible ramblings. David and Greenlee definitely have chemistry and whatever they do together, it should be fun. When she was with Aidan she always looked a little confused like "WTF did he just say to me?".

The Chandler’s are getting more interesting as a group and Adam looks healthy. Of course he's getting to grope Annie so it's no wonder he’s perked up. Marissa in all her Hee Haw-teeth glory still bugs me, but she gets sort of interesting when she’s pissed at David. Maybe these new writers can do something with her.

Amanda and Jake I love, but I fear AMC ran their coupling into the ground before they could rescue them from Pratt’s storyline. Again, maybe the new writers will surprise us. One thing for sure is that they need to be freed from the clutches of evil Dr. Dave and the endless baby drama.
Forgive me for slipping back to the negative but I’m sorry, Randi is the new Turd. I see no improvement there and wish she would land an amazing hair deal or contact lense deal requiring her full attention outside LA. I agree Madison may have some chemistry with Ryan, but she’s kind of a bore lurking around Fusion playing Mammie to Erica. And speaking of Ryan, Cameron needs to lay off the Botox or whatever has erased virtually every traceable line from his face! I can’t blame him for tidying up a bit for the HD premier, but his face is less expressive than Erica’s. It’s like they told him he was going to have to play with Erica’s snatch and the look on his face froze forever. Whatever the deal is with him, Lucci has never looked better. Maybe it’s one part genes, one part surgical and one part pilates, but we should all be so lucky to look so phenomenal at her age. I think something about this move and HD has refreshed her entire appearance.

It’s been a while since LA has been so enamored with a celebrity like the city has fawned over Susan Lucci. They have rolled out the red carpet for her and I’m so happy to see her get the proper respect she deserves. ABC is incredibly lucky to have her. Let’s face it, she’s the most recognizable face in daytime and if this deal in LA flies, ABC should kiss her ass.

So that’s it. Not much to say about the show itself while we continue to wait out this transition.

The two most important things to note are this:

First, AMC lost a legend when James Mitchell died. Just the fact that he was on the show for 30 years is amazing. Just try to think of someone you know who has held a job anywhere nearly that long. I loved Palmer and the entire Courtland clan. They were introduced to AMC when the show expanded from 30 minutes to 60. I could go on and on about him and my favorite Palmer stories, but our own AMPHITRION said it so beautifully in the blog:

When a great soap actor dies, we mourn twice. First, we mourn for the man, but also we grieve for the character. James Mitchell was a remarkable, accomplished, and incredibly talented actor, teacher and dancer. Palmer Cortland was one of the greatest characters in the history of daytime. I am sad the world has lost this great man and these two souls. I will miss them both.

Secondly, regular PVP poster AZGAL’s mother died this past week. Although we never met her mother, we all understand how much the loss of a parent means to a person. I wish I had words that could lessen AZGAL’s sadness right now, but at least she knows that she and her family are in our thoughts and prayers as they grieve.

So what’s on your mind? Feel free to spill the details right here.


Unknown said...

Beautiful post Shadow and all very well said indeed! Have to make a further comment after today's show. We FINALLY got a Leo mention! I had to sit up and cheer when David said, "It's moments like this that make me understand why he loved you so much." Is it too much to hope that somebody in that writers room is listening to us? You know what they say, when things are this bad there's no where to go but up. Any little improvement is worth celebrating.

Side Note: GH is so awesome right now! I have never been more riveted by that show than I have been the last two weeks. The two stories (the Nik/Liz/Lucky triangle and the Dante/Sonny revelation) finally came to a head and the fallout from both has been amazing. It just goes to show that what we really long for is good payoff.


Mel Got Served said...

I tune into AMC today to see the high definition and I'm plagued by JR/Marissa, Randi AND Madison in a scene, and the godawful Fusion workroom (if I never saw a poster for Charm! again in my life I wouldn't shed a tear). Maybe I should've picked a better day to tune in! I will definitely agree, the show looks amazing but you can tell everyone's got an extra layer of concealer and foundation on.

GH was on fire last week. With Lucky's blowout with Liz and Nicholas, and Dante/Dominic's showdown with Sonny- man, GH is definitely getting the supporting actor Emmys this year! (Unless someone tries to get in the lead category)

I'd like to give another shoutout to Frances Reid from Days of our Lives who passed away today at 95 (I posted in the last blog entry as well). Alice was the heart and soul of Salem for me and the many years I watched Days, so it was quite sad to lose another soap legend.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Elizabeth! It was great to hear David bring up Leo. However, would it have hurt for Greenlee to acknowledge it? Couldn't she at least have said, "Yeah, Leo really loved me. He wouldn't've jumped into bed with Erica Neck....errr, I mean Kane (is it just me or should La Luc keep her hair down to conceal her age)".

- Jen

Norn Cutson said...

❤ all warmth & blessings for ArizonaGal & Family ❤

Unknown said...

I agree that the scene would have been even better if Greenlee had actually acknowledged Leo's existence, but considering that he wasn't mentioned at all during her last tenure on the show, I was excited just to hear David remind her of him. Leo would be kicking her right now if he knew he Ryan obsession had been reignited. The writers forget that he helped her get over Ryan and move on in the first place. Now we just need either David or Jake to stop the insanity this time around and sweep her off her feet. I'm rooting for Jake but that's just my preference. :)

Ms.CaseyShameless said...


Just looked at the All My Children Facebook page and this was the status:

"Fans - now that Greenlee has arrived back in Pine Valley things are really heating up. We took this opportunity to take a look at her true love, Ryan, and some of his greatest moments throughout the years. Take a look at the steamy gallery and chime in on your favorite Ryan moment."

Gross!! Why do they keep insisting that Greenlee's true love is Ryan? Are they really going to keep shoving that pairing down our throats?

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Trying out a new profile pic to express my frustration...
Let me know what you think.

Unknown said...

OMG Ms.Casey, I LOVE your new pic. That needs to be the new FIRE PRATT. :)

Shadow said...

Casey I love it too. Can you put the text in a bold font or something to make the letters stand out?

Shadow said...

I'm hoping this whole Greenlee/Ryan thing is just an arc to get her back on the show, in cahoots with David, and at odds with Erica. Hopefully Greenlee will realize in this process that she's lucky to be alive and that Ryan is not for her. Both she and Ryan need to fall in love with other characters organically. They should play them off different people until something clicks rather than just shoving them off on other people. Greenlee/Jake/Amanda could be interesting. Greenlee/David have some possibilities. Greenlee/Annie as frenemies united against Ryan/Erica have some real possibilities. I would love it if Bianca could come back and give everybody a piece of her mind for acting like such dicks to each other or maybe protect her sister's company and livelihood from disaster.

Les K said...

Today is the first day in months that I am attempting to watch AMC. Everyday I have turned on my DVR and turned on AMC and let the show start and the minute I saw" wriiten by Chuck Pratt " on the screen I would automatically erase the episode . But I figured that since Lorraine Broderick's episodes should be starting any day now I should start watching again to catch up. I must say all of the actors look great with the HD. I am just ready for the show to get good again. I have been watching AMC since 1977 and I want my show back. I grew up with this show and it really hurt me to stop watching it. But it got so bad that I couldn't take it anymore. But I am ready to forgive and forget and I am hoping that Lorraine Broderick will get the show back on track. I do see potential with the Greenlee David wedding . And I hope they make Greenlee a super bitch again and have her and Erica go at it ! and I can't wait for my girl Brooke English to come back !

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Here ya go, Shadow, I made the letters black and bold and clearly legible for TPTB. lol

Anyone who wants to use my profile pic, feel free!

Anonymous said...

OLTL was HOT today! It's killing me that I have to wait until Monday to see what happens next. And funny enough, for once in a long long time, I'm even looking forward to Monday's AMC. I can't wait for the Greenlee/David nuptials!

Now back to OLTL, but when Jess was all catatonic in Mitch's lair, I just wanted her to turn into Tess, escape with Stacy. Tess, Kim & Stacy would be the most entertaining set of friends ever!

- Jen

Norn Cutson said...

"favorite Ryan moment"

it could only be the thong.

brtedi said...

I have some overall comments for this week. Let me start with GH:

Let's hit the biggies, first--

Dante & Lulu

1.)The relationship between the characters is well written--and very well portrayed by the actors.

2.) Their relationship started of with a slow build. It seems from the onset, there was an element of friendship at the core of their romance. Yay!

3.) Dante respects Lulu--In her previous relationships, with the exception of Spinelli, I don't think, she got that much respect.

4.) Humor/flurting---Even at a very serious moment, such as when Dante regained consciousness, He says, " Hi, beautiful... I dreamt you loved me...and that you wanted to jump my bones." LOL!

---Probably the coolest thing about that is, underneath all of it, Lulu knows he loves her.:-D

What did Dante tell Sony?--"Gee Dad, looks like you're a good shot." :-0

I liked how the jr set discussed Sonny--as a gangster.

Morgan asking Dante if he lied about being friends-- Awwww!

Joslyn kept smiling as Carly and Jax argued--That baby/babies are so sweet.

Just who's gonna be the first in line, to smack Keiffer?! (like that scene in Airplane!) Put Jason & Sonny at the back of the line to end his foolishness. The little horndog! X-(

I really like that Olivia and Carly are still friends.


Mitch Lawrence & Jessica----At the end of Friday's s show, was there the suggestion of incest? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww! Brody better show up. pronto!!!

Two words: Gina Tognoni (Can't be soon enough!)


David & Greenlee! Never seen her bitchy.... I think, I'm gonna like her that way!--I bet, Rebecca Budig is having a lot more fun working with Vincent Izarry...When she worked with Aiden Turner, she looked so bored. Zzzzzzzzzz.


Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Hey all,

Shadow, the post was beautiful, and props for doing this through a drug induced haze. We understand how hard that is as my mom has serious pain meds for her chronic pain problems. You will also note that if you watch an entire episode of AMC while on heavy drugs the show is MUCH better. Not advocating an addiction in any way (Pratt is not worth it). We don't want Ashley to see any of us on some Dr. Drew spin off show.

AZGAL, we are very sorry for your loss, our thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Things that make you go hmmm…

We have to defend Madison, she has truly done an about face and has potential. We don't think her and Ryan as a pairing works. We think a Madison Frankie pairing is in the cards, they have serious chemistry, too bad he does not have even one once of it with his "wife". We hate her and want her GONE!

And Rupunzel... we mean Colby, Bless her heart is trying. We see and appreciate the effort. Damon is so athletic to be able to climb into the Chandler mansion using only her hair. Kudos.

BTW, why has Liza turned into an Umpa Lumpa! Her hair and skin are now the same colour orange, we hoped being in the LA sun would help but alas it has not.

Is it just us or is Natalia the next Calbumbo! There is nothing that girl can’t do, she is a hacker extraordinaire, CSI crime scene specialist, and is the only one save Jesse, and Brot working on the force, maybe he could see Angie if anyone in the department did anything but walk back and forth in background, if they only pulled their weight like Natalia.

David and Greenlee are (to use Jordan’s vernacular) HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! We low this pairing, we could see it coming weeks ago, she went toe-to-toe with him and he could not fool her for a moment. This just might be the best David pairing since Anna. Greenlee will give him back some of his humanity, which was slowly stripped away by Pratt, one horrible deed after the next, and he can help her to stop gazing at the damn moon like werewolf and get the hell over Ryan.

Things look bright, we have gone through the long torturous reign of chuck Pratt (one we can all tell out kids and grandkids about one day) and have come thought the other side. Can’t wait to see LoBro’s name on the show signaling the Pratt’s reign of tyranny is truly over.

Hope everyone enjoys the super bowl!

Mel Got Served said...

"favorite Ryan moment"

When he motorcycled off a cliff and there was a chance he was gone forever.

Or when he got shot in the head... and unfortunately survived that too.

Steffi (Ms.Anonymous) said...

Ms.CaseyShameless said...
Here ya go, Shadow, I made the letters black and bold and clearly legible for TPTB. lol

Anyone who wants to use my profile pic, feel free!

If that means if anyone wants to follow someone acting like an immature 'look at me' ass, I guess so.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Excuse me Steffi..

I am honestly confused by your last statement. Is there some punch line in there that I am just not getting. Surely you are not being that vicious over a little profile picture.
If you haven't noticed, we here at the Pine Valley Podcast are a pretty nice and quiet little group and honestly this is the last place on the web I would expect to be called an "immature 'look at me' ass". I assure you that is not what I am trying to be, I am simply stating my frustration over AMC continued push for the relationship of Ryan and Greenlee. I don't think I am the only one that feels that way (hence my "feel free to use it" statement), but I also know that there are those out there who like the "Rylee" pairing. To that, I say to each their own. However, I am not one of those people and I don't want to see them on my screen anymore. If that makes me an immature ass, so be it.


Unknown said...

Haven't said this yet, but ArizonaGal, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

Finally got to watch yesterday's show. They are doing so much coverage on this snowstorm! They pre-empted AMC yesterday and then my cable was out during soapnet's reairing.

Anyway, I must say that I can finally sit through at least 3/4 of the show (which is saying a lot). This whole David/Greenlee thing is so hilarious combined with Tad/KWAK/guy at the hospital and the Brothers Martin and their off-color commentary.

Have to say that not only are things getting more interesting, but the dialogue is improving. Love Greenlee talking about Kendall and saying "I was in a hole with her husband for months and I didn't sleep with him."

Best line though has to go to David trying to convince Erica that he wasn't behind the Fusion computers crashing and saying did anybody think to wonder why he would have any motivation to do this. "Erica, I don't hate makeup and I don't hate you." I hope this keeps taking the positive upswing and doesn't come crashing back down.

~Elizabeth :)

Shadow said...


I may have misunderstood your last post too. I think Casey's avatar is a stroke of genius! We make and trade avatars a lot here at PVP. After all, this is the site where the "Fire Pratt" avatar was born. We don't always agree on everything here, but we never diss each other. Hopefully, that isn't what you were doing. I'll assume the best.

Michael said...

Shadow, you are astounding. I am going to start taking painkillers just to see if they help me write half as well as you. You have a great skill and keen insight that mixes with humor and sentiment to make beautiful essays that masquerade as blog entries. Thanks for all you do for us!

AZ gal, I am so sorry for your loss. You are a terrific presence on this site, filled with vitality and warmth. I can only guess your mother helped to make you extraordinary. You have my sincere condolences.

There is nothing like a twelve-hour work day to cut into my soap schedule. I am playing catch up with the DVR this weekend. AMC has not been making the cut with GH and OLTL on fire this week. I am encouraged by the returning Greenlee’s spark. She is a star and could save the show, but never with Ryan. I think the havoc Pratt wrought on the show was due to being hell-bent on having a situation where Erica and Greenlee fought over the same man. Geeze.

Crystal said...

brtedi, yeah more than a suggestion. I really hope Jess is faking and she is the one that takes him down!

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

People, people after all we have been through, please let us not turn on each other or momma Ashley will put us on the naughty chair LOL.

we have not seen Thursday or friday yet, will play PVR catch up tonight so I cannot comment on the cute lines that were posted.

on another note I (Elyse) have given in and am watching OLTL, my mom is still holding out. I must say i am not nearly as happy with OLTL as the rest of you as I think Mitch is just another Alex or Mike Cambia omnipresent villain (Hate him don;t enve love to hate him).

Finally Enjoy the olympic GO CANADA!!!!!

Elyse in Toronto said...

Sorry all meant to say Finally enjoy the olympics GO CANADA!!!!!

Mel Got Served said...

I will say I am looking forward to the Mitch Laurence storyline ending. It's just felt like a long time- I am looking forward more to the aftershock of the end of Mitch and low it has affected the Llanview-ites.

Arizonagal said...

Thanks and HUGS to all of you for the condolences. Meant a lot to me. The memorial was lovely and the family is healing. One thing that got me through was late night TV therapy, watching OLTL. AMC and my recent discovery, Desperate Housewives. Where has this show been all my life? Lifetime shows 3 episodes a day and so I am catching up on the history and loving it. It's quite clever.

Gotta say I was pretty appalled at the icky suggestion of incest on OLTL. I was also shocked at Mitch's violence towards Stacey. I guess it's good soap but it made me uncomfortable, as did Jessica's shock therapy. And now, poor little Stacey wandering around in the snow with half the citizens of Llanview. Kind of lame, corny, but so entertaining.

Was anyone annoyed at the way Gigi was hounding Schuyler over what his big secret was while he was driving thru the snowstorm? She couldn't let him hang up and drive? And now she's out wandering around in the storm?

Over at PV 90210 I am enjoying the new sets. And for pete's sake, Opal, sometimes a cup of tea is just a cup of tea. If I hear her say danger is a comin' one more time. But still, watching the show, I am amazed at how many the actors made the commitment to the show in California. It really feels the same to me, which is good and bad. I will be thrilled to see Pratt's name off the screen.

Eeek looks a little different to me in HD but the rest of the cast looks the same. Annie and Greenlee have amazing skin.

Casey Shameless, you hit the nail on the head with your new pic. Greenlee needs Anyone But Ryan. ITA. TPTB got Budig back so please use her this time and don't waste her talents.

Argh, Ashley I have been trying to rent the Hurt Locker from Netflix since you recommended it in the last podcast, apparently so is everyone else, still not available.

Shadow said...

Elyse and Susan!! I'm so happy to see you posting this week. I've missed hearing from you. I am looking forward to the Olympics too.

Azgal: glad to hear the memorial service went well. When the mrs. was battling cancer last year TV therapy was a godsend. Pretty cool to be able to catch the abc soaps In HD on Hulu and now. Wonder why Soapnet hasn't gone HD yet?

So is everyone on the mountain now on oltl? What did Mitch do to Stacy?

Shadow said...

Amphitrion, you have a gift of saying the perfect things at the perfect times. Thanks for the kind words!

DancingElf88 said...

OLTL was so good...but I was hella creeped out by the incest suggestion. Please don't go down that route OLTL.

So it's ok to start watching AMC again? It's getting better?
Ms. CaseyShameless: I think maybe Steffi was referring to Greenlee as an immature ass and not you. Maybe she's not a Greenlee fan?

Ms.CaseyShameless said...


You should definitely start watching AMC again, not just for the new sets and the HD, but because the upcoming David/Greenlee nuptials are bound to be a spectacle! It feels so good to finally be looking forward to All My Children. Although it is not as good as GH or OLTL, it feels like the dark days are over! lol

And I hope I am misunderstanding Steffi's comment. I don't want any "beef" here on the PVP blog lol

Laura said...

My sympathy goes out to you Az girl on the loss of your mom. I am glad everything went well at the service.

Each day will be hard for awhile. But you are in my thoughts and prayers.

I haven't really watched AMC much, maybe I should try to get caught up. It sounds like Melissa Claire Egan's Proactive works on HD!

I have been enjoying OLTL and GH though.

And also Y&R has picked up some with the return of Victor and Steven Nichols on there. But that Nu-Malcolm ex-Eddie Winslow is bad. He says Jabot like Jaw-bo.

I saw a movie last night I liked on HBO, Temple Grandin, about the woman with a PhD in animal husbandry who has autism. Her genius is used for designing animal pens, not bus schedules.

Shadow I liked your post, hope all is well with you.

Ashley and Jordan how are you doing? Jordan are you going to be watching the Olympics looking for hot Canadians?

Oh and Steffi, you must be in the wrong place. Go find the Chuck Pratt Fan Club.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

"He says Jabot like Jaw-bo."

Hahahaha! Laura, he is terrible! I don't know what they were thinking when they recast HIM as Malcolm.. Definitely one of the worst recasts in soap opera history.

Melissa said...

Love the post, Shadow. You always put such a great effort into them, and we appreciate it!

ArizonaGal, like everyone here, I am sorry for the loss of your mom. You are in my prayers.

Has anyone seen Cameron Mathison's new Cheer commercial??? It's a hoot.

Dr. G. said...

This is a wonderful, friendly community and I am determined to make the time to visit and post along with everyone.

As others have said, my thoughts are also with you, Arizonagal and your family.

I'm starting to get behind the Greenlee/David dynamic but still don't like seeing her so obsessed about Ryan. I was glad David called her out on her anger towards Kendall and really missing her friend. Has Greenlee even mentioned her father? I, too, was waiting for some form of acknowledgement regarding Leo and felt like Rebecca Budig wanted to say something but it wasn't in her script from Pratt who thinks we are all interested in reunited the love-torn couple of Ryan and Greenlee. (Can you see my eyes rolling?) Any mention of Leo might take away from that pairing. For me the writing was very sloppy and and forced. Erica and Ryan in front of the fire just so Greenlee could see them but then get fully dressed afterwards. Who does that? And who wouldn't hear your door opening and someone standing there?? And some magic flash drive that just happens to be in the same place in Ryan's apartment and that they leave behind. So much for covering your tracks.

I do like the new sets. It is fun to find the differences...something to do when the dialogue gets boring.

Walker said...

AM I the only person who can see that AMC is slowly starting to improve? And I can't believe I'm saying this but the Greenlee and David duo is what's making me tune in.

Crystal said...

Walker, yes it is getting better!

Mel, I LOVE your new pic!

Shadow said...

Yeah Laura! I was just thinking about you. Good to hear from you.

I didn't have time to really watch Fridays ep, but I sped thru to see what you were talking about with Erica. She did look a little windblown. The hair was very LA. The eyem makeup was odd I thought.

Still having fun checking out the new sets. Wildwind is much nicer. So is the police station thank God. La certainly agrees with Crishelle. Kwak in that neckbrace cracks me up. Fitting for her character if you think about it.

Looking firward to the wedding, but the thing I'm most excited about is close--Brooke's return!!

Crystal said...

Mitch is crazy! Poor Jess she has it from both sides of the family. I don't think Bree stands a chance!

Mel Got Served said...

Finally watching AMC after god knows how long and Jackson is calling out Erica and telling her to think about Spike, yet still can't the use the word GRANDMOTHER to describe her. "Her [Kendall's] mommy and his [Spike's] daddy." NO- his GRANDMOTHER kissing his FATHER.

Enough of a rant. Loving pissed of Greenlee. I like any person who hates Ryan.

Brian said...

I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I actaully really liked last week! It might just be the flashy new sets, but I think the Greenlee/David scheming is actually really fun. Kinda hope they don't pair them up romantically, though. They are better as friends.

Ryan Lamery said...

Totally agree with you guys about amc improving, if only in terms of the Greenlee/David story. I hated Greenlee the last time she was back but I love her vengeance!!! I'm actually looking forward to watching AMC tonight, as I always am to watch OLTL.

So sorry ArizonaGal, you have my thoughts and prayers.

Arizonagal said...

Mel I love your new avatar. Who is this little girl? Too cute.

And hell yeah it's about damned time someone all Looch a grandmother. It's not a dirty word and the use of it is not going to make her older. This much be something in Looch's contract, that word must never be uttered in her name so that we will continue to believe she's 39?

Michael said...

Amen MelG, I just logged on to say exactly the same thing you already posted. Finally, the characters are saying and doing things that make sense. My head is no longer imploding when I watch. I never cared about any age difference; it was the bizarre family connection and the history of the two that made it sooo Mitch Lawrence icky.

Shadow said...

What I liked about Ryan and Erica before they hooked up was the maternal way she treated him and the way he seemed to truly care for her as a surrogate mother or mother-in-law. That kind if relationship, like Zach and Myrtle can't be manufactured but Pratt who has the emotional depth of a thimble misunderstood that affection for sexual attraction. I shudder to think what heinous affair Pratt would have cooked up for Zach and Myrt had she not passed.

My guess that Greenlee and David are so much better now is because LoBro is involved. She totally gets those characters. Greenlee wasn't ever supposed to be a nice Ir boring girl. Shitty writing just made her that way.

Mel Got Served said...

Thanks for the avatar compliments! It's actually VICI the little robot girl from Small Wonder. Someone posted a hilarious review of the 1st season on DVD so I snagged this picture because 1. it's funny and 2. I'm pretty sure I tend to make this face in a good 15% of pictures I take.

The thing that also bugs me about the grandmother thing is that on every other soap there are far younger grandmothers who embrace it. On OLTL sometimes Todd shudders at the name but also embraces it and loves his granddaughter. Jeez, Mitch Laurence can't get enough of calling himself Father and Grandpa!

Shadow said...

FINALLY!!!!!!! LoBro's name appeared in amc's credits today. But so did that fucker Chuck Pratt. Oh well, everybody knows who's doing the heavy lifting.

Shadow said...

It's amazing how much better today was without Pratt, with Jack and Erica. Jessie was better. Liza was better and I swear she's slowly fading to a blonder shade. She even referenced Jake knowing what it's like to lose family. Hello! A reference to Colby withou any awkward dialogue. Just a reward for long time viewers who know. Newer viewers probably thought she meant Trevor which is ok. Erica was acting and seemed so much more herself. Jack talking family. Greenlee and David scheming. David tossing off witty sarcastic banter. I love you Lorraine. You complete me.

jason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jason said...

Amc is watchable again! Even though I hate to see Pratt Hole's name in the credits, I think ABC still has to do it legally since it's still his storylines. Correct?
I'm also really loving Greenlee this time around.

Oltl is great but I fast fwd through John/Natalie scenes. Don't care about them. I can't believe how far Mitch went with Jessica. Thank God Brody walked in!

Mel count me in as someone who loves your Avatar! I use to love Small Wonders when I was kid!

w3w said...

Is it just me, or was the hair & make-up really bad yesterday???

Elyse in Toronto said...

AMC was the best it has been in over a year yesterday ! So happy to see LoBro's name on the credits!!!!!!!
Hopefully Pratt's will be off in a week or so... finger crossed.
Jack and Erica were amazing together! Finally someone call her on dating her grandson's father!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it right now.

Crystal said...

Jack was doing some fine bobbleheading yesterday! 8)

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

What a difference a Lorraine makes. One day and leaps and bound. AMC has a long road ahead to catch up to OLTL & GH but it's nice to see that there is hope. I will say that I did see improvement with last Friday's episode but how great it felt to see Lorraine's name in the opening credits.

With that said Susan Lucci looked beyond hot Friday with that black number and the retro Hair. Then stripped down for the end and going into Monday. La Lucci has it still.

OLTL- How hot was that when Brody busted in at the end. He is all man.

GH- J.J. Maurice and Zamagona are beyond words.

I gave up on the Deep end. It just got worse with the second epsiode and five minutes into the third episode it was just too painfull. I felt like Chuck Pratt was writing it. Im not joking I was really sure his name would come up as writer. The show that continues to amaze me is Life Unexpected.

Miss you guys soon I hopefully will be back online 24/7

Arizonagal said...

So Shadow, does one pill make you larger? Hope your gimpy arm is healing. I FFd thru most of OLTL yesterday. Watched the Mel/Dorian scenes. Ms. Strasser seemed a bit off her game. Half of the cast wandering around on Llantano Mtn to me is just silly. John and Natalie make me want to push the button, Frank. The Mitch/Jess scenes were totally disturbing. And my poor little Stacey covered up by all that snow or whatever that stuff is. Anyone know what they use?

Shadow said...

LOL and thanks AzGal. I tried to watch OLTL yesterday. I was on a high from a decent AMC ep so I thought I'd enjoy another quality show. Why can't ABC ever get AMC, OLTL and GH all in synch? I saw Mitch talking to Jess about having a perfect baby with her and was creeped out. Turned it off. Like somebody said, I'm sure the fallout will be great, but maybe they should hurry this along. And pregnant women in peril, even bitchy ones, is never entertaining. Watching Stacy mosey around the mountain cold and cramping wasn't very entertaining either. I'm not so great with ghosts either and I'm tiring of Ghost Mel popping up all the time when Dorian needs a boost. Hey, it's like one bad week out of 52 so I forgive. I'm so eager for AMC not to suck I'm eurphoric though when it doesn't (which has only been 2 days so far).

Loved Jack and Erica yesterday. Sometimes you don't know what you have until it's gone. I'm not making fun of Jack's bobblehead again until he is safely on contract.

I am excited about Brooke getting all up in Annie's business when she comes back to town. Annie's going down but knowing Brooke she'll probably rehab Annie while she's at it.

Shadow said...

That's quite a painter Adam had. He painted the staircase and it looks like it faces a different direction now and is twice as big. Very cool. Good news: the ConFusion bar lights are gone! Bad news: the rest if ConFusion isn't.

Mel Got Served said...

I would personally donate $10 grand to the AMC character that burns Confusion to the ground.

Shadow said...

I luv everyone telling Erica & Ryan how gross they are. It's as if LoBrow is giving voice to our very thoughts. I like Pratt having 2 swallow every turd storyline he dropped on amc.

Mel Got Served said...

I will personally donate $5 grand to the AMC character that finally calls Erica GRANDMA.

Shadow said...

Shit there's a hooker in Erica's office! Oh wait, it's just a bad actress.

Mel Got Served said...

I'm loving Erica's makeup since the HD switch. They've gotten rid of that thick black eyeliner completely around her eyes and swapped it more a more natural look. It looks so much better, more natural.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one watching Erica and searching my mind for the most recent compelling romantic scenes for her?

I came to...

Mario Van Peebles!

Erica needs a sexy male counterpart. Jackson, not sexy. Ryan, not sexy with her.

Mario Van Peebles!

Becky :)

Michael said...

I hope Mitch Lawrence’s last contemptible act is to have his evil minions hold Gigi down and shave her head. I might then believe he IS getting secret messages from God. That haircut is driving me nuts.

Loving the comments on the "painting " and "gradma-gate"

OLTL FREAK said...

Kim to Roxy:

"I have been known to cut a bitch" !!!

I freaking love Kim she is the best

DancingElf88 said...

First time watching AMC in many months and I'm actually really enjoying. I didn't watch AMC during Greenlee and Leo and all of that so when she came back I was not a fan. but I'm really liking her this time around. I so hope they keep her and David together...she humanizes him and I like that. So...kind of confused though. She crashed Fusion's hard drive or something? I really liked the end scene when Jack saw her and I love everyone calling Erica and Ryan out. I also liked their break up. Not only was it long overdue but also really mature.
Annie and Scott need to get together ASAP. And all of the new sets look so pretty.

I'm sorry people but I am not feeling NuNuColby. Is she an improvement over Moncrief...hell yes. But I'm just not feeling her and who is this Damon guy?

Now on to OLTL : I really wanted Jessica to be the one to shoot that crazy ass nurse. Her family keeps talking about how strong she is, I just really wanted to see that strength.

Roxy and Kyle are so cute. I love their friendship.

Natalie and Jon still bore me.

I liked Stacy and Gigi's talk. I hate Gigi but I did love how she called Stacy's number.

Roxy and Kim's scene's were my favorite. Best line: "I could take you. I have been known to cut a bitch." I <3 Kimmy.

Arizonagal said...

Amphitrion, you're reading my mind about Gigi and that gosh awful hairDon't. It drives me nuts is when a woman has long bangs and they get stuck in their eyelashes so every time they blink their bangs bounce around. I find that so distracting.

Christine said...

Mel, I couldn't agree more about the GRANDMA comment. It's like the big elephant in the scene everytime she talks about Kendall's sons. At least she should play it "as Erica", telling them she won't be called "Nana" even though she is one!

Also, they need to build an office for Scott and Annie, working in the living room with the laptop on your lap to manage trillions of dollars doesn't look credible.

I was sooo tired of Greenlee when she left but I'm quite happy since her return. I like the David/Greenlee combo. I just hope they will not make them jump in the bed too soon.

it's good to have our show back on track! :-)

Shadow said...

I found out that Erica is FINALLY getting a permanent place to live and moving out of that damn casino hotel. Over the past two years she's shacked up in a myriad of hotel rooms, Chandler Mansion, jail but hasn't had her own permanent digs. I have never understood how the most fabulous diva in soap history, the Oprah of the Pine Valley world, lives in an efficiency with a bed in the middle of her room and a closet that couldn't hold enough clothes for a weekend pool party.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Today's episode was pretty solid...

Annie and Scott are HOT together. Can't wait for those two to start shaking things up.

Jacob Young is at his best when he is acting opposite David Canary.

Jackson bobbled his way through all of his scenes. And if you just found out the daughter that you thought was dead was indeed alive, wouldn't you be sobbing? I don't know, just annoyed me a bit.

NuNuColby is no match for Annie.

If they put Greenlee and Ryan back together. I am going to barf.

Did anyone else read on Daytime Confidential that Josh Duhamel said he would come back to All My Children? Does anyone actually believe him? I'm not going to get my hopes up, but a Leo return would be beyond amazing!

jason said...

Daytime Confidential has photo's from Crystal Hunt's (Stacy) Birthday Party. Pretty much everyone from OLTL, especially the young cast is there, except for Farah Fath (Gigi) and John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex) So I guess the rumor about Farah hating Crystal is true. According the comments on DC, Farah thought "the strippers" were hurting her storyline, she wanted to work with Erica Slezak more and Farah was big part in Crystal getting fired. I'd rather see Stacy over Gigi any day.

Here's a link to the photos:,0

I'm sick of Todd and Tea and Starr and Cole having the same talk about Dani every episode. Why not show Christan and Layla or Blair and Eli?

I love today's cliffhanger and I really hoped Charlie shot Mitch.

The AMC commercial's make me sick. I'm not excited for Ryass and Greenlee to fall "in love" again. I want a David/Greenlee pairing!

Mel Got Served said...

I in no way condone Mitch Laurence's disgusting incest plan, but if he's going to force his own daughter to carry his kid, couldn't he have at least considered artificial insemination rather than having sex with his daughter? BARF.

In life news, the Massachusetts meteorologists admitted they have egg on their face with this snowstorm. They predicted 15in and basically we have a mere dusting on the ground- now my area is expected to get 4-8 inches. They caused hysteria here though- tons of schools closed or halfways, state warning to try and let employees out early... what a blooper.

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness, I don't think I can comment on everyone's posts. It got busy around here! Is anyone else snowed in like I am? I haven't left the house since Sunday. 8(
I am in dire need of a podcast!!!! hint hint hint. ;)

I like nunuColby with JR. I don't like her with Annie. She hasn't figured out how to do bitchy well. She does that squinty smiley face. Maybe she should hang out with eBabe, ha ha. They can smile at each other.

Jack was way too understated. I know he didn't raise her but, supposedly they were close. I think I would pass out, fall over and at the very lost sob hysterically. The commercials where Ryan is bugged eyed saying 'you're alive?!' looks equally ridiculous.

Oh and maybe it is because I live in the midwest and not a cool place like Pine Valley but, do they really let 17/18 year olds work at bars? Around here you can work at a restaurant that serves alcohol but, you aren't allowed to serve it until you are 21.

On to the good. Annie looks fabulous still but, I wish they would stop pulling her bangs off to the side. Scott is HOT! The new sets look good. Greenlee looks fierce. Yay on Erica getting a real place and breaking up with Ryan.

OLTL has been good. I am so over the Dani/Todd/Téa thing. I LOVE Dani and Destiny bonding over Matthew's big mouth.

I don't like the stuff with Natalie and John but, if it gets her away form Marti I am all for that. Thorston needs to go on OLTL! I miss him. 8(

Laura said...

Okay I agree AMC is better. I pretty much watched a whole episode today. I think it is being de-Prattified. Erica and Ryan breaking up is good. But Ryan can stay away from Greenlee. At least they are mentioning Leo, and I saw where he said he would return.

I loved seeing Brooke in Promos. Soap Opera Digest had a little interview with Cady about returning and a nice tribute to Palmer. I didn't know his partner was an Oscar winner for costumes. What a talented couple.

The Mitch thing was a little creepy, but that is true to his character. I am kind of sick of Gigi and Rex and the actors. Maybe they could be shipped off to the ranch with their kid.

I watched the show after Idol and kept waiting for Kelli Giddish to say I'm Di from the streets!

Is anybody watching Idol? I will pay closer attention when they knock down the number of people.

I think Howard Stern could replace Simon because like he said he was a program director for radio. But I don't know if he and Ellen would be a good fit. She did okay, but time will tell. I think Idol will fade away and X-Factor will take off.

Enough rambling. I pretty much stayed in the last two days. We had about a foot of snow and a small earthquake at 4:30AM in Chicago. I was asleep and missed it. The story of my life LOL!

Oh welcome back Jordan, hope you get back online soon and can record a podcast with Ashley.

Shadow said...

Get this! TV Guide Canada nominated PVP for a soap opera spirit award for best podcast! How totally cool is that?! Here's a link:

Shadow said...

Try that link again:

DancingElf88 said...

Crystal I'm snowed in. I couldn't go to work today and my first class was canceled for school tomorrow. I was really hoping all classes would be canceled. Haven't seen today's AMC yet.

I loved the Dani/Des bond too. I'm sick as hell of Gigi and Rex. Get thee off my screen pronto.

I'm over the Todd/Tea/Dani stuff too. Stop letting the chick run your lives Yeesh. I get it: she thinks Todd is terrible for what he did and she should. But I'm sick of the same convo over and over again.

I bet Charlie shot Jessica and not Mitch. I agree with DC they need to give that girl a break. She's in peril every 6 months.

jason said...

Yay! I'm happy PVP got two nominations! Congratulations Ashley, Jordan, and Shadow!!

I agree, I think Howard Stern would be a good fit on American Idol. He'd say how he feels, would be funny and if what a lot of people don't know about him, is he has a heart and he can be nice.

Lol Laura, I have Past Life with Di recorded and I know I can't watch it without thinking of Taylor's impression on her.

Mel Got Served said...

LOLOLOL "I'm from the streetssssssss"

Congratulations on the nomination Jordan and Ashley! Maybe Nelson will visit NYC some time and could guest with you!

Crystal said...

"TV Guide Canada nominated PVP for a soap opera spirit award for best podcast!"


Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

I'm Back! Omg the new computer is here and I'm online again. So I will be back on the blog and able to talk to you guys about everything.

PAST LIFE WAS BAD really bad Linda Satsi of the NYPost was dead on with her review.

Have mix feelings about A.I. this year, While Ellen is funny it's someone who isn't really a singer. At least Paula was performer. I actually liked all the guess judges, Posh, Neil, Katy, Joe, Avril.

As the week has gone on AMC is slowly coming back to life. I guess Obama was right YES WE CAN!

It seems some of you are not feelign OLTL right now. Sadly I'm lovign it. I guess for me knowing Mitch's history this all feels right to me. More important is that he has truly left long lasting scares in the citizens of Llandview and if the rumors are true he ain't done yet. I only hope that the suprise twist we didn't see coming is that is GiGi who dies and not Stacy. I'm sorry Farrah Fath and her KFC looking lip gloss has to go. While she is not as bad as does this girl get work at least Denise Vaseline is hot. Gina starts this week as Kelly.

OMG I can't believe we were nominated....that is beyond cool. More reasons for me to love Canada. I will say this after seeing the last episode of Brothers & Sisters I now know for sure that Canadian Luke Mcfarlane is my future Husband he just doesnt know yet.

Also if you love great vocals and song writing must get the New Corrine Bailey Ray CD have been playign it non stop.

Brian said...

Did anyone else rewind the JR fall yesturday on AMC? I think I watched in 5 times. And did anyone else cheer when Lorianne's name was added to the credits this week? You can tell that somethings different.

Arizonagal said...

I am so happy Jordan is back! I am doing cartwheels. We've missed ya Jordan. And congrats on the noms, now can we vote on these?

Jordan, don't get me wrong, while I am not amused by some unintentional lameness on OLTL, it still rules. I loved LOVED the scenes with Daniella and Destiny, and the look on Matthew's face was priceless. I adore these kids.

On HD theater:
I saw the JR fall and it looked like he really banged the hell out of his head. Ouch!

Looch's makeup was flawless from the neck up, but why was her bony chest marinating in all that baby oil?

Jackson's head bobbing made me dizzy. Was it always that wobbly?

Please LoBro, stop the insanity with the David/Greenlee nuptials. These aren't for real are they? I hate these lame revenge marriages and Greenlee has already been there. I am expecting huge improvements in the upcoming weeks.

Crystal said...

So, I was wondering. What exactly would it take to get your death certificate reversed. That must be a tough job to have in PV. That person must be really busy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm just punch from sadness over Alexander McQueen's death...but I fell like I need to let out the inner demons here & just speak all bitchy-like from my cold black heart....

I don't know if you people have the same HD as I do, but La Looch looks AWFUL. She looks really really old. Don't get me wrong, I'd kill to look as good as she does for her age -- but since the HD switch I can't get over how much older she looks. It just makes the Ryan/GrammaLooch pairing even more sick & twisted.

And what's with Jack not mentioning or thinking to ask if Greenlee didn't want to see Ryan because she's seen the tabloids of GrammaLooch's cougar attack? If it's in news in France, it's gotta be news in The PV. I think his head-bobbling has rattled his brains. I wanted to feel some emotion at the father-daughter reuniting & there was none.

Oh, MCS --- from your typed words to God's ears -- if only we could have Leo back! One second of screen time with Leo & Greenlee would prove that Ryan could never ever ever EVER be her true love.

NuNuColby is a train wreck.

Cannot wait for Brooke to walk through that door! Here's an odd thought...but wouldn't she & David be hot?

As for OLTL - I actually really like Natalie & John. I always have from the beginning. I just wish Natalie would go back to be being conniving -- that's when I loved her best.

The Mitch/Jessie thing is CREEPY, but I expect no less from Mitch.

GH has been AMAZING. I stopped actively watching for a long time, but now it's the 1st soap I go to on the TiVo rotation.

Hope you all are surviving the snow storms. If it makes you feel any better, it's cold here in San Diego too (the mid to high 60's).

- Jen

Arizonagal said...

Damn the HD! I'm noticing all sorts of little things.

Wonder if Ryan's pet name for Eek is Nana?

And lest I sound way negative, here are some things I have enjoyed recently. Jacob Young is really good. Even when he has crap to deliver, I am enjoying his performances.

Greenlee is back to her nasty ways but not over the edge nasty like she used to be. Great to have Budig back and acting like she wants to be there.

Marissa isn't smiling as much when she delivers her lines. It was a small thing but drove me nuts since most of the time she had nothing to smile about.

JaLu and Tad are growing on me and Michael Knight seems to be enjoying himself.

Annie's true colors are coming out again. I can't wait to see her and Greenlee lock horns.

Anonymous said...

Ashley and Jordan,
Was there a podcast this week? Your facebook page mentions it but it has not shown up on iTunes.

Mel Got Served said...

Stacy's baby is going to be so confused when it remembers the day it was born and Kate Gosselin delivered her.

TnT said...

I've only seen two episodes with Lorraine Broderick so far and I'm really enjoying them. It seems as though she's taking a lot of the complaints that the viewers have been blogging about during Pratt's reign, and letting the actors express it in their scenes. Example: The way many of the actors are finally revealing their disgust over Erica and Ryan and the intervention that was done with Jake, telling him, "enough already!"

Shadow said...

TnT-I've noticed the same thing and loved every second of it. I love thinking that Pratt had to sit there while she came up with ways to deconstruct his stupid bullshit. It's sort if like we're getting to dutch-oven Pratt after all. Thank you LoBro.

Sadly, SON confirmed David Canary is leaving in March. I'm so grateful to him for so many fantastic years and he was obviously planning on retiring from the show, so I can't help but be happy for him and wish him the best, but I'll miss him. U can't imagine who could fill the voids left by him and James Mitchell. Amc needs Brooke and Bianca more than ever now, but they need some older guys too. Maybe Ross?

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG I have not seen AMC or GH yet but did see OLTL.
Kish has competition for best couple on OLTL. Stacy and KImmy are great together. I so hope the rumors are not true about Crystal Hunt she has been amazing this week.

Gina T rocked on her first day back. So nice to see the Kramer women. I wish Melissa Fumero would come back or just recast Adrianna. the character is needed.

As grossed out as people were with what Mitch did. It was such a powerful scene when Brody had to tell Clint and Vicki about it. I just cried.

I will say Mcbain is coming across like John Mayer a total douche. First he dumps Blair when Marty comes back now he will dump Marty because Natalie is free. whatever better for John and natalie to get married and leave Llandview.

And what an ending. I really don't have any clue what is going to happen and I love it. That is good Soap Opera.

Also have to say Robin Strasser was on fire today. This woman is a force of nature. God how I wish I was around when she played Rachel on AW.

Okay is it just me or is 30 Rock just weak this season. It's like they have real funny moments buit that's all if even that. It's like the spark is just gone. Meanwhile Parks and Rec. is killing me. What a funny cast.

Mel Got Served said...

Jordan I agree about 30 Rock. It used to be must-see on Thursday but now it's a weekend catch-up show. Parks and Rec I stayed up until midnight to watch. LOVE IT! I want a Galentine's Day brunch!

Arizonagal said...

Okay Jordan, speaking of 30 Rock, was that Don Draper from Mad Men with the nerd glasses?

Unknown said...

OMG...loved AMC today! I'm not going to ruin it for those who haven't seen it yet but I really feel like the show is beginning to get an energy and a vibe back to it again that has been missing for a LONG time. It definitely wasn't flawless, but it is getting drastically better every day.

The major problem is still the pushing of the Ryan and Greenlee pairing obviously, but I'm choosing to ignore that and to look at what I'm enjoying and ignore everything I don't like. Hopefully LB will get the writing team to come to their senses and break up this pairing once and for all because I must say that I'm loving having Old Greenlee back and I'm afraid if they saddle her down with Ryan again she will completely lose all the bitchiness she has regained.

I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I did!


Dr. G. said...

Okay...I'm over my moment of sadness at the break-up of Erica and Ryan. I never thought they should be long term and there IS that creepiness factor because of Spike and all. However, I feel they had Erica let Ryan go because of this whole direction of him declaring his love for Greenlee and asking her to marry him immediately (promo not a spoiler). Can you see my eyes rolling yet again. She is not his true love and he is not hers!! Guess they didn't want to make it like Ryan dumped the great Erica Kane. I still hope we get a good cat fight at least. I'm loving the Greenlee and David dynamic more and more and we got a good Leo moment at least today. AMC is definitely getting better and I really like all the new sets. While Susan Lucci is so amazingly stunning, I am also seeing more age on her in HD.

I must say that today's ep was some great classic soapy drama. Had to laugh at Jessie trying to peer through the layers of white veil to see her face at the end!

I still haven't been brave enough to start watching OLTL. I know it will hook me and I can't find time to keep up with AMC, GH, and ATWT as it is.

Congratulations on the nomination, Ashley, Jordan, and Shadow! I also hope you have time for a new podcast in the near future. It always brightens my day.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Yeah, Arizonagal that was Jon Hamm from Mad Men on 30 Rock, he's been on there a couple times before as Liz's love interest.

Plus, I totally agree. It has not been that funny this season. The only really good episode was the one with James Franco and that was just because he was really funny. Parks and Recreation is hysterical right now. I'm so glad it got picked up for another season. However, the funniest show on television right now is Modern Family. If you are not watching it, I highly recommend that you start.

Also, has anyone heard if Better Off Ted has been picked up for another season or not? I still love that show!

Shadow said...

You won't see me do this very often, but everyone is asleep and I'm hyped on caffeine so here goes:

OLTL Wednesday:

Do people like Schuyler because he seems OK to me even though he spells his name wrong.

Why is it raining pieces of toilet paper on Lantano mountain?

So we're supposed to believe Nurse Butch could take Brody? Don't think so.

Nice Natalie flashbacks. Apparently she wasn't always um, thick.

Does McBain ever wash his hair?

Kim v. Roxy. Love Kim but my money is on Rox for the long haul.

Brody punched Mitch. As fake as the falling toilet paper.

Gigi has Gosselin hair and silver eyeshadow. Even Kate doesn't have Gosselin hair anymore. OLTL should fake us all out and kill her not Stacy.

Rex has crazy eyes and makes tourettes faces.

McBain has girly man tatoos.

OLTL Thursday:

Mitch is ridiculous.

"Llanet Search". OLTL doesn't miss many details.

Destiny is a rockstar. Just my opinion, but I don't care for the guy who plays Greg. Shouldn't they give Jessica a break for once?

The girl who plays Danny looks like she could be Adam Mayfield's little sister.

Wow Gigi is being a BITCH.

Who knew walking around in fake toilet paper could be so exhausting? Dorian may have an easier time if she would put down that tree.

Jessica: "Father, this man is confusing me."

How come AMC doesn't have any Brodys? He's good. He shouldn't turn his back on Mitch though.

You know how in a cartoon the cartoon eyes bug outta their head and make that wacka wacka wacka wacka sound? That's Rex.

Charlie said he's going to kill Mitch but Mitch has to do something for Charlie first. I know Charlie hasn't been getting much, but this hardly seems an appropriate time for a handjob.

Tea is a hot latina. She has a sexy stomach. Ok she has a sexy everything. Except when she over enunciates "Daniella".

Wow, who'd he shoot?

Shadow said...

More on AMC this week:

Loving the promo with Julia Barr's return!

So nobody can ever get married on Valentine's Day ever again?

Love the growing attention to detail-the choice of three wedding dresses was symbolic. The froofy dress for the bland, boring Pratt Greenlee or the black/pink dress for the bitchy Real Greenlee? It's more than just good writing and good acting. Details across the board have improved. And no more shaky-cam!

NuColby is fine, especially now that she's relaxed a little and lost some of that recast awkwardness. The real problem with Colby is that they have changed the character's personality so many times, but I like this devious scheming bratty version. Fitting for the spawn of Adam and Liza.

Adam killed Scott's father. Is it such a big deal if Scott slips Annie the bone? Seems like the least Adam could do.

What 80s resale shop did David find this silk blue dress with the puffy sleeves for Greenlee? And the clipped back bangs remind me of There's Something About Mary.

Jack to Greenlee: Don't go dyin' on me again!

It did look like it actually hurt when JR hit his head on the dresser, but I'm a little sad to see the headwound trend continuing.

Annie's bangs are in that awkward growing out stage.

Colby to Annie: You know what gets on my nerves? Your tongue down Scott's throat".

I wonder if that thing around Erica's neck is going to be hungry when it wakes up?

David to Ryan: You are aware that people usually knock? In Pine Valley? Since when?

Contrary to some of the comments I've seen I think Lucci looks great in HD-no different from DWTS. She just doesn't usually wear low cut dresses with rodents around her neck. At least there's an attempt to make her look glamorous again. You can actually see the individual hairs running down the back of Ryan's neck, yet suddenly his hairline is receeding. Too much stress. He should quit.

Ryan and David are no replacement for Palmer and Adam. A more empathetic David and not Ryan would be better.

Opal, Jack and Erica in the same room. Awesome.

KWAK and her hi-def boobies are fantastic. She looks a little more trailer park which is much more like Kwak. That's what I mean with the detail. With LoBrow not only are people beginning to sound different, they actually are beginning to look more like their individual characters. Everybody looked the same and acted the same age under Pratt. I hated that.

Natalia is McGyver of station cops. Now she speaks Leech, whatever that is. Natch.

NuVal sucks.

My god did anyone besides me notice the coin necklace flouncing around in KWAK'S HD cleavage? It's been awhile since I though KWAK was this hot.

When Jack's Parisian client "John Jacques" called, I swear he mixed his French with Spanish.

It's amazing how fast LoBrow is turning David Hayward around. Greenlee v. Marissa could be interesting.

Ryan's apartment doesn't look that different to me but they were talking about it on Daytime Confidential. Did ya'll notice anything?

My fingers are exhausted.

Brian said...

Shadow, I think Ryan's penthouse is just stretched out more. The mantel on he fireplace is longer (making the set bigger). Also, the balcony looks different, too (not sure why).

Will anyone forget about when Annie jumped for Ryan's apartment and Greenlee said, "she made it." Best Pratt moment ever. Apparently he didn't realize that Ryan has send before that he lives in the penthouse (which according to Pretty Woman is the very top of the building).

Unknown said...

Was anyone else as sad as I was that we didn't get a scene with Tad tracking down Nurse Gayle? I loved that line "I should have pulled the plug on the bitch when I had the chance," and I would have loved to see Gayle say that to Tad about Greenlee b/c that Nurse Chuckie cracks me up. :)

Mel Got Served said...

That Damon kid has one massive head.

Mel Got Served said...

Greenlee's dress looks like how little Esther from the movie Orphan dresses.

TnT said...

I still love the changes that are being made, except the Ryan/Greenlee pairing. I really hope it doesn't happen. But I have my doubts, becasue I've been reading the comments on the AMC fb page, and it seems most folks are very much in favor of them together. It just baffles my brain. I'm assuming they are also the same folks who kept the ratings up during Pratt's reign. They must like crappy SLs. Hopefully LoBro doesn't take their opinion into consideration on what to do with Ryan and Greenlee.

Arizonagal said...

Shadow, priceless comments, you crack me up.

OLTL - Oooh Rex, you piss me off! Now he knows the baby isn't his he doesn't give a rats ass about Stacey or the Baby. Whadda jerk. He and Geeg so deserve each other. Has John Paul always been such an over gesticulator? No subtle performances from that guy.

Loving the teens, give me more of Destiny, Daniella and Matthew.

Here's a big DUH for Gigi, not noticing she'd wandered out onto a frozen lake. Just when you think she can't get any more lame, she proves ya wrong.

Gina T and Bitchy Bangs looked Fabulous! Can't wait to see more of them.

Okay so Tea and Todd broke up
AGAIN. I'm so over that at this point I just hope they both move on. Enough already.

Didn't we all know Marty was going to walk in on John and Natalie? John is a dog.

AMC: Relieved Eek and Ryan broke up. Frustrated me that Eek couldn't just enjoy a fling w/a young hunk, she's gotta know where it's all going. If she was really a cougar, that wouldn't matter, she'd just enjoy the ride.

Greenlee's veil was so ridic, kept thinking she was going to walk into a pew.

Gonna miss David Canary. No more patriarchs on the show.

Brot puts up with too much from Natalia. She's quite the little know it all lately. Beyotch!

Mel Got Served said...

"The moon's kinda me and Greenlee's thing." BARF. You can tell it's Pratt's scripts and Lorraine B is punching them up but has to tolerate some BS. I thought their "thing" was that comic book ring and the green butterfly.

Cue Greenlee on a trapeze on top of Fusion- maybe my favorite AMC moment ever because it was so insane.

Shadow said...

Natalia is so unpleasant and Brot is so nice. Seems like they're trying to do a Taming Of the Shrew type thing. I'm thrilled they are trying to use Brot. I dont even notice his burns anymore. I just think if him as I would any other dude, and I would tell my friend to move on because she's so full of crap, not that sexy, not very feminine, just a pain in the ass. Try as I have I just can't get into Natalia. I haven't given up though.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Just saw How to make it in America from HBO. LOVED IT! Maybe it's because I appreciate how it really is capturing the real New York as a whole. I was even able to tolerate Lake Bell who I can't stand. Luis Guzamn is hysterical. Bryan Greenberg I use to love on OTH. And Victor Rasuk is just sex personafied. Yeah I have it bad for that boy. Just really enjoyed the 1st epsiode and it left me wanting more

Shadow said...

The Wedding on AMC...

After months of Ryan and Erica, watching Jack and Erica again makes me appreciate how well they play off eachother. It helps tremendously that the writing is better. Two years ago when they were airing "The New Divorce" or whatever on New Beginnings they were do hard to watch, played out. Truth us it was just bad writing. Looch and Walt are great together.

Marissa is such a frump. JR's stich amost completely healed up in like one day. They shouldn't draw lines on his head or he will look even more like a penis head.

Amanda is off the charts HOT. LA agrees with her. Even RPG cleaned up nicely.

Opal has a new dress. It reminds me of Bianca's wedding dress. Guess she's not poor anymore. KWAK is WAK. She looks like Xena the Warrior Princess.

Tad and Liza look respectable. He thinned out for the HD. Funny how they all hate David but dressed so formally. Except Jessie whose sorta ghetto'd out by comparison.

Brian, Im laughing looking out Ryans window. "She made it."

That veil is ridic. Are those scratches on Liza's chest. Wow, Tads an animal.

Just pause your DVR and look at the back of Marissa's neck. Holy shit! She's like Sideshow Bob!

Shadow said...

And a little more OLTL...

We always kid about Jacks bobbly head, but Viki actually throws her head from side to side when she's worked up- like a mad turkey gobbler.

I like the other nurse better than this nurse.

McBain has the scraggliest goatee.

Seriously, that baby is naked and Gigi's walking her around outside in a toilet paper blizzard. At least if she falls in the lake her hair will freeze and fall off and she can start over.

The Cramer girls. I'm going to be pissed if they kill Cassie when she comes back. I always liked Cass in the day.

I appreciate the attempt to do something communal that involves the whole town. It's sweeps after all. But this mountain s/l is overcooked. Ron should stick to galas, weddings, and that sort of thing for OLTL.

Holy shit look at the gizzard on Viki! I know they're saying it's back surgery but I hope it's a neck lift, brow lift, and whatever else. I paused it when Brody was telling her and Clint about Mitch almost doing the deed with Jess. Viki looks more like Clint's drunk brother!

Can't Dorian at least just kick Mitch in the balls once?

is Staci gonna die on the couch? It's not that ugly.

OLTL even manages to work the insurance registration process into the episode.

Apparently one of the Cramer girls are going to gag on cheap champagne or something. Ooo that Mitch.

FFd Natalie and McBain.

Staci has a hippo face. Ok, the ice. Is there any particular reason she doesn't just get off if it?

Shadow said...

I meant: "Staci has a hippo face."

"Ok, the ice. Is there any particular reason why Gigi doesn't just get off if it?"

Shadow said...

Let's see, Celebrity Fit Club or the Olympics? I ran 6 miles already today & worked out. Luging is dangerous & just sounds suspect anyway. I'm going Fit Club. Only the Celebrit part is a bit of a stretch. Hasn't Bobby Brown been on this like 3 times before? Remember when they had A-listers like Tempest Bledsoe, Jackee', Screech, Willie Ames, etc.?

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

A New Podcast is on it's way.

Unknown said...

Yay! New podcast!!!!

jason said...

Yay!!! Can't wait for the new podcast!

Both amc and oltl had great cliffhangers. I can't wait to see what happens to Gigi and the rest of Landview.
I lived for Greenlee reviling herself to the church. I watched it again twice. It was campy, juicy, and pure classic soap! So happy that amc is coming back!

I agree about 30 Rock, I haven't been "lol'ing" much this season, it's good, but not great like it use to be.
Parks and Recreation is my favorite comedy and I hope it gets recognized at the Emmy's this year.
I still love Modern Family, and as much as I want to like The Middle, I just can't get into it. Same with Cougar Town.
Anyone watching Damages? I love that show! It's great.

Brian said...

I have two questions about the creation of Fusion. Didn't it start off as Kendall and Greenlee wanting to get back at Erica? They then had Kendall buy the building (from Palmer), Greenlee used her trust fund, and Liza funded the majority of it as a silent partner. They also brought it Mia (not sure why) and Simone.

My question is: Why hasn't Liza taken control over fusion? Didn't she put up the most money at the time? I would love if Liza took over and gave the company to Colby.

Terry in Toronto said...

Yah new podcast!