Monday, March 15, 2010

We Love It!

Okay, so we may not be shouting it through the rooftops (and that's only because my babies were sleeping), but - and I'm almost afraid to write this - we love All My Children right now! From Tad acting his age to Brooke and Annie going head to head, to a trip down memory lane with our beloved Dixie, to the return of the REAL Greenlee (and we're not talking about the actress!), the residents of our beloved Pine Valley are feeling like their old selves again. And we here at the PVP are grateful.

This is the show we grew up with, folks - the quiet moments that our co-host Shadow talks about, the relationships, the warts-and-all characters that we love no matter their foibles. (Well, maybe there are a few we could do without.) Thank you, Lorraine. Thank you. You're one of the greats.

So for the few of you who didn't always appreciate our frank commentary on the sad state of affairs (IOHO) at AMC, tune into this 'cast. We even complained about One Life to Live! (We'd like to think we're nothing if not fair.)

So turn on and tune in, viewers. And please, please, please let us know what you think here.

3/12/10 Podcast


Bxgal said...

YAY! new podcast! so excited! downloading now!

Terry in Toronto said...

YAY! New podcast! Can't wait to hear it. This has just made my week!

Mel Got Served said...

I better get to sleep early cause if there's a new PVP that means no morning train nap!

Elizabeth said...

Loved the podcast! Thank you Ashley and Jordan for making time to do this for us! Your hard work is very much appreciated!

jason said...

I love you guys for giving us a new podcast! Can't wait to listen!

DancingElf88 said...

Listened to this last funny! I so agree with you about basically everything. I have to start watching AMC again...I'm just so used to not watching that I forget sometimes. I have mad catching up to do.

OLTL: spot on. I'm rooting for Schuyler too. Especially after yesterday's episode. Rex is like the biggest a-hole on the planet. My Kyle and Fish...I love them. Getting rid of them is a BIG mistake.
Thank you for the podcast!

Mel Got Served said...

Good to know that heaven contains the same harsh lighting as ConFusion.

Thanks for getting me a little verklempt on the train ride in when Jordan started talking about the Adam/Tad scene.

I'm halfway through the podcast- just about to get to the OLTL part. Can't wait to hear that rant!

Jordan and Ashley, don't you be knocking Boogie Nights- it's a personal favorite. It's so much more than "that porn movie"- it's funny, sad, violent, emotional, great acting. It's a long movie but I can watch it all the time. I think it's stellar.

Christine said...
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Arizonagal said...

Woohoo new podcast, I am so friggin excited!#%! Jordan and Ashley I will hang on your every word.

Damn just when I think there might be something human in that douche bag Dave Hayward, he goes and dunks Adam in ice water. I really hated that scene, even if it was supposed to do him good. Ha! What a load of b.s. that was just cruel and I felt bad for David Canary having to do that scene. Creepy, disturbing scene.

Anonymous said...

Jordan -

TOTALLY AGREE! Hate Sandra Bullock and have no desire to see her movie.


Mel Got Served said...

On Friday's OLTL where Roxy asked Marty if she hasn't told John because she's afraid John dresses in black all the time and he'll dress the baby in blacked, I died laughing. OMG hilarious.

If they re-pair Cristian and Jessica, the only thing that gives me hope is the idea of the super sexy pairing of Brody and Layla. OMG that would be hot.

However, Rex and Gigi SUCK. They only want to be parents out of spite.

Is it true the new blonde ho is sticking around as a new Cole/Starr obstacle? They need it cause they are snooze-worthy.

Elizabeth said...

WTF was Emma doing in a bar (Confusion) on Monday? Ridic!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

I'M NOT AMUSED!!!! I truly believe that this leak about the Mo's on OLTL being unprofessional is from T.P.T.B. at ABC, in an attempt to cover their homophobic asses. If this is the case then I'm even more upset with that closet case Frank Valenti and Ron C. for throwing these two actors under the bus. I don't know if I will be staying around Llandview, with the lost of Rachel, Schulyer, the ho's and mo's.

You see Frank it's not about just the mo's your allowing your show to creativley tank, giving Frons just the reason he needs to cut it.

Diversity in Llanview, well Rachel is gone, the Evans were never on contract, now Tika is off contract. The ho's who were very low class. The Mo's who were mo's. Now it seems that your dropping my Florencia in favor of a Todd & Kelly pairing.

You want me to endure more of those two wretched actor's Farah Gossling and J.P. Lavoratory. Snatchlie and Mcbore zzzzzzzzzzzzz. I wish I could tell you the insanse story they have planned for Marty, John and Snatch. I aswear to God that Chuck Pratt must have had a hand in it.
Also it looks like they are going in the direction I thought iof for Schuyler and why bother if your writing him out. STUPID!

Hopefuly The new writers of AMC will follow Lorraine's path. AMC is on fire....I can't get enouhg Brooke and Annie. The Tad & Damon storyline is soooooo working for me. I love how it involves everyone. The scenes with Opal and Liza were amazing and once again I'm able to deal with Ja Lu as Liza.

The show that is HOT this week has to go to GH with a story that is so needed to hopefully educate young viewers in light of what happened with RiRi last year. At first I was uncomfortabel with Christina lying about who Chris Browned her but then I remembered that a woman here in NYC confessed that she lied a few years ago about a man who raped her when he didn't and I realize that this aspect was also very relevant. I truly hope this storyline will enlighten people. I cried today watching GH. Even Mumbles Spencer did a great job.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Hey Jordash and co,
We are loving AMC right now.

I (Elyse) agree with you Jordan, i don't think i will be around Landview much longer!

my mom (Susan) is SO happy to hear you being critical of OLTL, as she never jumped on the OLTL bandwagon (as I did).

Also, has anyone tried to peel off the faces of Frank Valenti and Ron C lately.. why you ask? From what i hear Pratt has been known to wear masks. He might be trying to take down OLTL like he tried to do with AMC. LOL

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

P.s. cannot wait to listen to the podcast, we are saving it because we cherish them.

Shadow said...

Guess what??? I love it to!! I can't say anything negative. The good so outweighs the bad it would be nitpicking unfairly. I am even starting to like Damon. I admit that I am so excited about the possibility that Hillary could return. I Loved her-not Brooke English loved her, but certainly Dixie Cooney loved her. Love the idea of reestablishing the Martins generationally. Love the idea of bringing anyone back from the English/Tyler/Wallingford clans. Love the show being DRIVEN by 3 strong, mature women with distinct points of view-Erica, Brooke & Angie. A lesser writer would have thrown those 3 into a chair throwing, hair pulling catfight over who gets to blow Ryan. In LoBro's hands we are TREATED to these lovely, richly portrayed icons respectively towing the lines with their upstart rivals Greenlee, Annie & Co. Angie and Jessie have moved beyond the Dumb Cop and New Dr. Joe stereotypes into a loving, committed professional couple who advance other stories but without losing their own vibrancy and focus in the process. Fusion still may be the weaker link in it all, but it doesn't suck! I've NEVER liked Fusion, so that's a big statement. I'm even starting ti soften on Ebabe. Opal warning Liza (ne' JaLu for me now) was a delight. Clearly in all the dialogue LoBro is retelling the history of these characters. Granted it's the abbreviated version, but it's being done so well, so conversationally and much less awkwardly than OLTL tried to do a few weeks ago. ( no slam intended.). I freaking worship Julia Barr.

I have a theory. Fronzilla firespit Pratt upon PV and almost killed the show. His ass was on the line. He had to turn it around. He caved and convinced Agnes Nuxon ti bail him and the show out. She said ok if he fired Pratt and hired LoBro. Hence Pratt was unceremoniously sacked and LoBrow returned as a favor to Nixon and the cast, but wouldn't agree to make it long term-just as long as Nixon was actively consulting. And so she went to work and suddenly Nixon was EVERYWHERE promoting the show and in some cases extracting a pound of flesh. Frons had no choice but grin and bear it. Agnes got a chance to help her friends and cast like a mother helping her child one last time. I think all the returns-Julia Barr in particular, walt Wiley, Rebecca Budig, etc. were all secured by Nixon and LoBro out of respect and mutual admiration. Why else would Julua Barr have ever agreed to come back? Certainly nor because of Fronzilla or Crapputhers who shit all over her in 2006. All just my theories of course, but Agnes and LoBro saved this show again. I hope for once Fronzilla is paying attention and The new head writers are taking notes. After all, eventually like any good mother, Agnes has to let her children go it on their own. She won't be here to save them everytime. I think the chances are better if they Fire Frons. Considering how he handled Eden Riegel, I'm not optimistic Fronzilla can really change. He proved whit Pratt that he doesn't get the genre.

But I'm loving this moment with AMC, and I pray every day the miracle turn-around continues. If not, at least it's a sweet goodbye.

Arizonagal said...

You know what AMC has me doing right now? Watching with anticipation, imagining the possibilities. I haven't done that in ages. I am loving the Tad/Damon stuff. All of a sudden JaLu is making me feel her pain. I am getting it and it's good stuff. I'm trying to think of anything snoozeworthy lately - oh yeah, Ryan. I know everyone says he's better and I agree, but he still annoys and bores me at the same time and not many soap characters can do that. What I also love about the show is it's more balanced, less Ryancentric. It's about damned time Tad got a real story. Yesterday's show was just plain good stuff.

OLTL has me less than thrilled but I am not ready to bail. I totally dread a Kelly/Todd pairing and feel TPTB are forcing it on the viewers. I am a big Gina Tognoni fan too, but TPTB need to use her wisely. This just seems so convenient to stick her with Todd. Very sorry to see the hos and mos going. I so enjoyed the Stacy/Kim pairing, I'd just watch them with a smile on my face. I really bought the romance with Fish and Kyle. It just seems like spring cleaning in Llanview and nothing is being saved.

There is still good drama to watch on OLTL. I love the Langston/Ford boinkfest - poor Marko. I love Wonder Years Jessica. I'm curious about this Hannah character and where is this going? There are good things on OLTL, amidst the bad, and we rarely said that about AMC during the Prattavish years. Hang in there OLTL viewers!

INAHAM said...

AMC gets its act together and OLTL fires Florencia Lozano.WTF! ABC.

Mel Got Served said...

WAIT, WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? Florencia has been fired? Wow, OLTL, you truly hate your fans right now and I'm not even going to say what I was really going to say.

Mel Got Served said...

One Life to Life... As Long As You're a WASP

@WubsNet on Twitter is saying even more cuts are coming.

Jamey's blind item has got to be Tea and I'm LIVID. I only recently got into OLTL hardcore and I have been obsessed with Tea/Florencia.

Wow, on a day I'm getting so much good news I hear this blind item stinker.

Arizonagal said...

Congrats to OLTL for their GLAAD award! (sarcasm off)

Shadow said...

I think 411Soaps jumped the gun on announcing Florencia's firing. No official confirmation.

Be that as it may, I think someone at ABC is taking the name "One Life To Live" too literally. At this rate, pretty soon they will have to change the name to just "Nigel".

Mel Got Served said...

I am actually going off of Daytime Confidential's blind item that is so obviously Tea that it's not even funny. Once INAHAM mentioned Florencia, I went to DC to get the news and saw the blind item.

Terry in Toronto said...

What is going on at OLTL? Things just sound crazy right now!

Jordan and Ashley have spoken so I have fallen into line. AMC is back on my DVR and I will be checking out last week's episodes on youtube.

Thanks for an amazing podcast!

Shadow said...

Idol Thoughts by Shadow...

Chrystal is a lot more cordial and pleasant than I realized. But oh those teeth.

Orianthi made the Idols look pretty good.

Katie looks like a bee.

Lacey looks like a cockatoo. Tim needs to stop doing the stunned step backward thing when he wins.

Kesha, love it at the gym in a cardio workout but wouldn't pay a quarter to watch that shit live.

Bye bye birdie. Sweet girl though.

w3w said...

LOVED the podcast Ashley & Jordan! Thank you!

Tad & Hillary's song that you were trying to think of Jordan, was Almost Paradise. I don't think it is Lionel Richey, though. When they first mentioned Hillary on the show, I broke into song..."Almost Paradise. We're knocking on heaven's door..."

BELINDA said...

"Almost Paradise," by Mike Reno of Loverboy and Nancy Wilson of Heart, also was featured in the movie "Footloose."

I'm not sure what part of that I'm most ashamed of knowing.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

W3W, Almost Paradise was Tad and Hills song but the song I'm talking about was the song that played when tad was walking around the park after Hill and him broke up it was Lionel richie's Love will find a way.

Im crying as I write this. I just saw the new episode of Ugly Betty and I can't believe that the network is giving this quality show the boot.

Tonight's episode was so touching and really struck back to the core of why Betty La Fea has been so popular world wide.

From Betty's storyline with the uber hot Aaron Tevit (someone make this guy a regular, he is hot and can act). To Willie storyline. To Justin. Great guest stars like Carol Kane and Dana Ivey. ABC in the words of Mo'nique sometimes you have to do what's right and not what's popular. Standing by quality shows and really making an effort to get people to watch instead of just standing by the pathetic shows that are riding on another shows coat tails (Private Practice).

The OLTL situation has me disgusted. From the spin doctor who thought it would be a smart move to blame the actors who play Kish for the end of their storyline. To the obliteration of ethnicity in Llandview. Everytime I think we are moving forward, I realize how far we really have to go and sometimes it seems like we never even left. 2010, a president of ethnicity and we still cant a representation on television shows that truly reflect this country let alone the world. SAD!!!!!

Avril Lavigne was awesome on Chelsea I love the song Alice and can't wait for her new CD!

Tuesday night is my new favorite night. Lost, The Good Wife, Justified and SouthLAnd...... good t.v.

Can't get enough of the new and improved AMC. MK was incredible today made me cry. Damon is so godo when he is working opposite the vets. Debbie and him great. the scene when he overheard Angie and Frankie sublte and powerfull writing and acting. I even enjoyed Ryan with Madison. Greenlee with David. Even the little mini storylien with Jake and Amanda working for me.

I will say it again. ROBERT NEWMAN as Ross Chandler. Bring back ANNA STUART on contract as Mary Smythe.

brtedi said...

"...Damn just when I think there might be something human in that douche bag Dave Hayward, he goes and dunks Adam in ice water. I really hated that scene, even if it was supposed to do him good...."

AZgal, believe it or not, David dunking Adam's face in a bowl of ice water really is a ligitimate way to slow the heart rate,in an emergency, for someone with Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). My mom lived with the condition for ten years.

Honestly the writers are doing a fairly good job of presenting Adam's medical situation, even if we are talking a soap.

SVT is a condition that developes when a person is under severe, long-term. stress. This would hold true for Adam worrying about JR's cancer, for example.

IRL medical situations, SVT causes one of the four chambers of the heart to work harder and pump faster than the others. This throws the heart's electrical impulses off, generally messing up everything else, with the heart.

SVT aka "the silent killer" ends with the patient either having a massive fatal heart attack or a severe stroke...I don't think we need to guess how Adam is going to go...

On a far lighter note, on Wednesday's AMC episode, did anyone else catch, Ryan telling Madison, everyone drives off a cliff once in a while , when he was trying to console Madison, about making mistakes.

I was glad to see LoBro isn't afraid to poke a little fun at some of the show's less than steller moments.

Shadow said...

Belinda, I love that you knew that!

Brtedi-you are our own medical fact checker! I love how you know this stuff and take it as a good sign that the medical conditions are starting to have some basis in reality. No more paralysis in socks!

Jen said...

Jordan thanks for quoting me on the podcast, I see Ashley did agree she was getting better, but I get your point, that reguardless of material you rise above it like MCE, who is prenominated for an emmy did. hit it right on the nail about Damon/Tad, Tad is now Joe Martin, Damon is Tad at 18, except w/o the cadding.

WOW AMC needs to rethink Lorraine's position WTH would you ruin a good thing? A character I haven't had much patience with in Ryan is actually quite good, the SL of how he cons Zach out of his casino and becomes it's new owner, that's something he would do. The brilliance to have Madison face that casino and the actions she once did there and relate those two WOW. And the casino fantasy sequence, it had passion, not a random sex it up scene, there was looks, stares, jewelry, it was beautiful.

Amanda & Jake still bore me but they were quirky yesterday. Angie being a hard ass to Damon was wonderful, Tad/Jesse talking about the past wonderful, Tad talking about not being in this kid's life for 18 yrs. strong stuff, there was one scene that sort of stood out, when Frankie was talking to his mother and Damon had that "why didn't I have a mother that cares like that" look. I'm slowly starting to like this kid.

Arizonagal said...

Okay Brtedi, are you in the medical profession? I learned something here today. thanks for the info!

Arizonagal said...

When did Jake get all cave man on Amanda. I didn't get his kanipshin over her working a shift at Confusion. At lest he knows where she is. TPTB please don't make him a knuckle dragger.

trish-la said...

DOTTIE!!!! Thanks Jordan for remembering the fabulous Dottie .... I would LOVE to see some flashbacks with her and Edna!! The hair ! The lips!

Great podcast.... ;)

Ty said...

Yeah, Props to Jordan...I loved Edna and Dottie! Remember the pregnancy storyline? lol!

I would kill to see Dottie or Sybil back on for a lick.

BTW, I am so disgusted with OLTL right now. Just found out my favorites are being fired or leaving left and right. Kim, Sky, Rachel, Kyle, Fish, Tea,Layla, maybe Brody

I fear that Jason Tam(Markko) is next on the chopping block.

They better have a damn good reason for writing off so many fresh characters.

trish-la said...

I had heard about Kyle and Fish, Rachel and Skye being "let go" - knew Kim was leaving on her own terms.. but Layla, Tea and maybe Brody??? What the heck is going on over there?

It was so good there for a good stretch - wonder if this is cost cutting measures?

SYBIL back on AMC would be so awesome.... it's nice that they are giving these nods to the AMC history w/ Brooke and Tad, etc..

jason said...

So the current rumors from the OLTL fourm at Television Without Pity, are the Ron C. is out of the job at OLTL, but won't be announced till after Emmy's, because Frons doesn't want him to get a sympathy votes. If this is true what a f***ing a**hole. Just be a man and announce it.
The other rumor I read was Frons has an idea for a Kate Gossling talk show and Frons is the reason Kate got on Dancing with the Stars. Who the hell would watch a talk show with Kate Gossling? If someone as a great as Bonnie Hunt can't have a successful talk show, who would think Kate Gossling show would work?
If Ron is out, idk how long I'll keep watching. Maybe the new head writer will be better or on par. Just no Chuck Pratt and Megan McTrash. Please soap gods, please!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

trish la Sybil is dead!

But then this is Pine Valley

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

I hate to say it my source told me that they thought they overheard soemthign about a new writer but was not sure if it was a new Head writer. If this is the case then it would explain all the horrid moves that are being made.

This is Lorraine Broderick circa 1997-98 all over again. Every Magaizne screamed that AMC was the best show on the air, Critics loved it said it was true to Agnes's vision of the show. The rating went down. ABC blamed the Kevin Gay Sheifield storyline and Lorraine was fired. UGGGHHHH!!!!

brtedi said...

"...paralysis in socks!"

Shadow, thanks for the good laugh! ROLF!

AZgal, no I'm not in the medical field. My mom had SVT. Dunking the persons face isn't the way to slow/ stablize the person's heart rate, but it is one way.

I think, the writers wanted to see David douse Adam--and the actually found a realistic/ justifable way to do it! ;-)

brtedi said...

Uh oh, please insert the word "only" into the above paragraph--as in:

"Dunking the person's face isn't the [only] way to slow/stablize the person's heart rate, but it is one way."

trish-la said...

Just finished listening to the pod cast -- you guys are so much fun and so right on the money! Especially about Gigi and Rex... L A Z Y acting which equals hammy overacting. Blecch.

SO happy to see a real "bad boy" in Ford and I did not like him at first - now I can't wait to see where they go with this!

OKAY - serious AMC trivia question - cannot remember for the life of me the lovely quiet woman who I think was a hooker and Benny's sweetheart? I want to say her name started with an E, like Elaine?

New to your show and blog and LOVING it!! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

soapnet posted a new interview with the new amc writers.

Mel Got Served said...

Oh, the new Emma's child star giggle makes me cringe. OMG it's awful and cliche. It sounds like a programmed sound bite.

Ty said... you mean Estelle? I think that was Benny's's been so long, and I was a child when she was on.

She was a blonde right?

trish-la said...

All day I was saying 'Esther?" "Eleanor"... ESTELLE! Yes, she was a blonde, very delicate features, not the "hooker" type at all.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Greenlee to Ryan Thursday:
"Spinning dreams for people... anyone? hahaha"

OMG!!! Lorraine Broderick I so heart you!

Does anyone else remember Remember, circa 1998 Ryan went from con man to do-gooder. His big idea was It was like a Make a Wish Foundation, but without any business plan.

Meanwhile, I'm distracted by Ms. Lucci's amazing figure in that hot pink number. Wow! And Ms. Bobbi Eakes in coral, MCE in lavendar. The wardrobe department is doing a good job!

And may I echo almost everyone on here and say that the Tad / Damon storyline is knocking home run after home run for me.

Peace to all the bloggers!

Becky :)

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

If I remember Estelle did get to married Benny. I think Billy Clyde killed her. I was a wee lad so that storyline is vague.

OH why wont they just leave it alone. Lorraine has done the impossible she has not only made AMC watchable but brought it to heights it has not seen since Aggie came back to out Bianca!

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed AMC, more then I did OLTL. Sorry with so much Rex, GIGI, Snatchlie and John, I found myself more interested in the TAD/Damon storyline. MK is finaly being treated like the star that he is after so many years of horrid stories or non existant. The fact that the show is taking the time to really deal with every aspect and beat. My god even Ja Lu has been better as Liza.

While OLTL seems to be following some mandate and the Todd/Kelly pairting is being rushed with no real reasoning behind it. Now rumors are after Tea , Brody is next. I won't support OLTL, if all these deapartures. Guess you only have one life to live if your straight and white.

BELINDA said...
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BELINDA said...

Correction about "Almost Paradise" - it was ANN Wilson of Heart, not her sister Nancy.

Having been mistaken about which sister dueted w/Mike Reno, I am somewhat less ashamed than before. However, my initial shame is replaced and magnified by the admission that I have this song on an old love songs compilation. On cassette, no less.

Shadow said...

Anonynmous-Thank you so much for telling us about the soapnet interview. They said the right things. Now we'll see if they are talented enough to pull it off and actually write it. I like the idea of rebuilding the Courtlands.

Estelle! 'Stell! Can't tell you how I loved that womanand that story with Donna, Benny, Chuck, Billie Clyde. That hooker storyline was much more realistic and heartbreakingly sad. Benny and Stell were do romantic. Benny's monolgues when she was in the hospital ripped my heart out. Estelle never glammed up. She was always a mess but so hopeful for a better life but Billie Clyde wasn't gonna lose her like he lost Donna. I was a kid and this was fascinating. Probably inapproriate for me to watch but hookers, pimps, doctors, Real mature love, class strife, it was all so much more captivating than another bugs bunny cartoon. And I do love my Bugs, btw. Thanks for reminding me of Estelle and the gang. That really was one of the best and illustrates how ibsipid and absurd Randi's hooker with a heart if gold is.

Jen said...

LOL did I read that correctly? is JR going to seduce Annie? B/c I like this evolution of him becoming the next Adam Chandler, it's been long awaited. And Marissa pulling towards David's help when Annie becomes too close to her husband possibly?

Heywards vs Chandlers vs Courtlandts vs Martins on the horizon

JR + Annie = Must Watch TV for me, where's Jordan, why can't I get a fix on this from him or Ashley?

Crystal said...

Did anyone else find it amusing that the hooka was the one that knew the bible reference.

Crystal said...

I am thinking OLTL is going to be trying out the 'one man show' soon.

Mel Got Served said...

Erica's hair looked really good this week- I like it as one solid color rather than the blond highlights. However, and I need another day in PV to see it, but I was wondering if maybe she's rocking a wig? I just didn't notice a scalp and the hair seemed to just look different. I don't really care either way cause La Lucci looks great with this hair color!

brtedi said...

Did anyone else find it amusing that the hooka was the one that knew the bible reference.

Are we talkin' the David & Bathsheba reference?-- I thought, it was Natalia who explained it---and the reference was missed by Greenlee---I didn't think the hooker was the only one who got it.

Elizabeth said...

Nah it wasn't Natalia, it was Rancid who explained the King David reference. Musta been reading those hotel bibles in between Johns. :)

Mel Got Served said...

Now it makes sense: there are bibles in every hotel room!

Oh and 1 word for Thursday's One Life to Live: SELENA!!!!!

Shadow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shadow said...

Remember what a mean skank Rancid was at first? I guess she lost her religion while she hook'in. Must be hard to say the Rosary with a penis in your mouth. Rancid still is so I'll defined in terms of character or personality. The support staff at Fusion consist of a cheap hooker/Internet porn 'ho and a murderer. And yet they are chiefly responsible for the launching of these new lines. How long would that stay quiet in real life? I can overlook a lot for characters I've grown to love, but not these two dimwits. They're tying up a lot of cash for parts that could go to part timers. I will concede to keeping Natalia if we could ditch Rancid and Madison. They should have cast Steph G as Colby or somebody related to PV. Randi was is one mistake of Pratts I don't see getting much better. Define her, recast her or dump her.

Terry in Toronto said...

I like Southland too Jordan but I thought it had been canceled.

Mel Got Served said...

I heard Randi was more a Frons decision than the writers. And technically, I think Esenstein/Brown added her. The character is just dull- I won't even go by acting. There is nothing to the character. I don't find anything about her the underdog or someone to route for- she just exists annoyingly.

BTW, does anyone get extremely irritated when Greenlee, Kendall, or Erica are the models for Fusion ads? This drives me nuts- self-centered much? They always hunt for the new "face of Fusion" and then opt for themselves instead with some terrible ads. As someone in marketing, my first goal with Fusion would be to redesign that godawful logo and get some creative campaigns.

But I did like this week that we saw a shot down a hallway proving that Fusion is actually run in more than 1 room. Finally!

Shadow said...

Mel-YES it drives me nuts when they use themselves as models. It's all so cheesy. Aside from the glamour shots, the ads in no way represent reality. Think about cosmetics ads today. There's no copy or anything in the ads-just a bodyshot or closeup, some cheesy type font, some shamrock, doillie things. Hardly the look of an international cosmetics marketing juggernaut. More like a 5th grade art project.

I noticed that Fusion hallway shot too. In fact there were several "new" sets-Adam's bedroom, some stuff in Fusion, the Casino. It is nice not to see everybody in the same place. Still think it's odd how everyone at the Chandlers eats in the parlor.

Mel Got Served said...

I would never go to the Pine Valley Casino (does it have a formal name?) They only have 1 black jack table! Where's the roulette for me?? I can't even remember if there are any slots. It's a one room casino. Reminds me of when I was in college in West Virginia and there would be a small back room in a bar where you could play those electronic nickel slots.

Also, didn't Ryan also get shot in the head at the casino? Or just shot in general? I guess the casino could be renamed Headhunter's. Knowing Ryan and his desperation, he'll call it The Green Butterfly.

And I'm going to do something REALLY rare: compliment ConFusion. Now that they've switched to LA, the lighting is soooo much better. No longer does it have the insane asylum lights/the new lighting used by Dixie's heaven.

I'm finishing up this week's OLTL right now and the good news is I can FF a good 15 minutes of Rex and Gigi, thus saving me time.

The more I think on it, Markko has to be the dumbest guy in the world. I think maybe he's getting a minor clue now that he found a button, but he really believed Langston was trying to find a safety pin for her sweater in Ford's office where she was also planning to wait for Markko?? You're dumb!!! And Langston always makes a weird face when she lies. She should never try to play that one table of black jack at the PV casino.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Terry it's on TNT Tuesday nights here in NYC at 10PM. Third episode of the new season. NBC was so stupid to drop this show. It has only gotten better with Regina King tearing it up. It's when I see Regina King making something powerful from a simple scene that I get frustrated that Denise Vaseline has a job and dares to call herself a thespian and put herself in the same category as Ms. Morgan, Ms. King heck even Destiny on OLTL.

Mel I'm sorry but I'm almost certain Rancid was Pratt. He was trying to go for a Chuck/Donna thing. E & B wrote Colby falling for Frankie.

Yes it seems like Marko is one dumb guy but the sad thing is he isn't. He actualyhas trust in langston. That is what is going to make this so heart breaking.

Mel Got Served said...

I think one time I brought up Randi to Nelson Branco and I said I hoped she'd get cut post-Pratt and Nelson made a comment saying she was a Frons pick or something.

Good point about Markko- it is trust. I just want to grab him through the TV and say, "Open your eyes!!!"

Jen said...

Markko is gonna be so crushed, I mean soooo...but they are giving scenes w/ Star, especially since Cole is busy w/ Ford's left overs, so that worries me.

Srsly Markko, the tragic LOL I make of all of this is how much he trusts her.

What are you doing in Ford's office? Uhhhhh shopping?

Why is your shirt unbuttoned? It came that way, IDK must have lost it in gym class?

Where were you? Uhhh looking for you?

Not what she said, but if she would have he'd buy it.

Norn Cutson said...

i guess i will just have to comfort Markko.

Shadow said...

You know the new writers say they want to "reinvigorate" the Cortlandt/Chandler rivalry. I've always said they should do that, so I'm glad, but I'm also wondering, "What Cortlandts?". Palmer died. Opal and Palmer are divorced. They left Daniel Kennedy in NYC. As far as I know Daisy & Nina are only back for the funeral. Dixie, Will & Di are dead. Myra and Zlian are dead. Cliff's on another show. Haven't seen Donna in years. Or Bobby. Or Ross or Laney. Or Ellen. Was Ellen married to Mark or ross at the end? I don't recall. Maybe Palmer left his estate to Janet Dillon for grins and Kate Collins is coming back? What Courtlandt?

Shadow said...

BTW, thank you all for reminding me about Sybill. I totally forgot about that witch. She was evil! Loved Dottie & Edna in the day. Edna used to crack me up with Zphiebe and Benny.

Nat's Guy said...

Jordan & Mel, Randi was an E&B creation. She came on the show in the summer of 2008 before Pratt started. I doubt he was even aware of who Chuck and Donna were and how E&B were trying to re-create that storyline.....just like he had no clue about any AMC history.

Mel Got Served said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mel Got Served said...

From Twitter:

Fans who want to see Randi & Frankie have a baby sent a 7-foot stork to the #AMC studios!

This may be shocking, but I'm speechless.

Arizonagal said...

Marko's naivete, his lack of relationship experience, shows. But even as we grow older, we can be duped, look at Sandra Bullock. Anyone can be cuckolded, no?

What is the deal with Greenlee's zippers? Is this a new style? I've seen it a couple of times on project runway too. It seems so juniors.

WTF is Fusion doing a photo shoot at the PV Casino? Dumb dumb dumb. BTW this casino needs a name, any suggestions? Lamery's Gamery? Ryan's Jerks or Better? Ryan's Golden Nuggets - 1000 sq ft of gaming fun!?

Are the models going to be posing on the one and only blackjack table? Isn't this a shoot for their new natural line? It would never fly in RL. I'd love to see them do something real like an outdoor photoshoot.

Wonder if when they rebuilt the Chandler mansion after that last hurricane, did they rebuild the tunnels too? That's quite an extensive system of tunnels.

Mel Got Served said...

The Nivea Gold High Rollers Lounge

Mel Got Served said...

Whoooooa. Big news on Twitter. Drew Garrett is being recast on GH. SHOCKED.

GH just recast Michael! Chad Duell will take over for Drew Garrett! #GH

Elizabeth said...

In the words of Jordan Hudson....I AM NOT AMUSED! Hoping that we hear the scoop behind Drew leaving A.S.A.P. because there was no reason to recast the role! This is another Ambyr Childers fiasco all over again!

Elizabeth said...

In other everyone gearing up for Aidumb's appearance on Dancing with the Stars tonight? Bwuhahahaha

Brian said...

Gh's loss is AMC's gain. Why doesn't AMC take on Drew Garrett? From the YouTube clips I found, he seems like a good actor. I'm sure AMC can find a place for him. Maybe even a grown up Spike?

Shadow said...

Hopefully, Randi got an STD in her 'ho days which prevents her from reproducing talentless Hubbards.

Aidan and Edyta were unintelligible, but hot to look at. Unfortunately, he can't dance much better than he can act.

Nurse Jackie!?! WooHoo! Still don't get why they got rid of her friend at the hospital. The opening is a little jazzier.

Mel Got Served said...

GD I love Nurse Jackie! As usual, it's the perfect length yet leaves you craving more (sort of like Jackie and her drugs). But I like that they [KINDA SPOILER] brought on the other druggie nurse as a new antagonist for Jackie- should be interesting. There are no words for the hilarity of Dr. Coop and Zoey.

Aiden was such a stiff dancer, but man, I didn't realize he was actually funny. Chrishelle was in the audience- they should've gotten her on the show. I am making it my life's mission to make Shannen Doherty win that huge tacky discoball.

My guess: Kate Gosselin will go home 1st purely based on personality.

Shadow said...

I wonder if Pam Anderson will pole dance her way thru every episode? It was hot, but I felt like I should disinfect all around the TV just to be safe.

jason said...

I'm excited for Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara tonight! Great shows.

Does anyone watch Mercy on NBC? Our Amanda Setton aka Kim from OLTL was on last week and played a Snooki from Jersey Shore character. She did a great job.

AMC was perfect today. I'm so happy this show is back. Today's the first time I bought Jlu as Liza. Liza and Damon have chemistry. That's a cougar romance I'd like to see.

Oltl is still good, when you fast fwd. Rex and Gigi. I don't get why a lot of people hate Langston and Ford, I'm loving it and totally buying it.

I hope Kate Gossling is out first, so abc daytime knows we don't want a talk show from her.

Jen said...

Anyone notice how JR and Annie continue to rock the possibility of hate-sex between them, they hang on ea. others words and literally have so much in common, it's hard not to see this.

As for Damon, now is not the time for cougar SLs w/ him, he has a good thing going w/ being the spitting image of Tad, work that, don't ruin his character before he starts. Once upon a time ppl hated him.

Jen said...

Oh before I finish my last post before I go nocturnal, Brooke's heart to heart w/ Annie wonderful.

Oh and how amazing did that scene w/ the Chandler brats come off. Colby and JR putting thier heads together, finally acting and coming off like snobby Chandlers, I felt like they were Adam's offsprings today, AMC is starting to get hot again. Whoever ain't watching, watch infact nows the time to tell a friends to watch.

Arizonagal said...

on DWTS (sorry Jordan, I know you hate this show):
Aidan was stiff, but more rhythm than I expected - about halfway through the show Les got just plain mean and he really skewered poor Aidan Turner. So glad to see Vincent I. and Chrishell S. there. I loved the look on Chrishell's face when Aidan was getting blasted by Len. She cared so much, she is just precious.

Mel, you got Kate Gosselin pegged. She let her lack of personality show big time, she was cold and stiff and no sense of humor. Girl needs to loosen up and have fun. She is so puckered.

Pam Anderson was on something, you gotta know that girl was high as a kite. Good drugs were involved, I guarantee. Good dance but incredibly skanky - no surprise.

I liked Niecy Nash. Can't remember who else danced. It's all about personality and confidence at DWTS.

Welcome back to Nurse Jackie and US of Tara!

Norn Cutson said...

hey NYCers
is that Melissa Clare Egan in the CHASE COMMUTER CASH ads in the subway?

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

I never thought I would be able to say this ever again but AMC IS HOTTTTTTTTTTTT.

So much of what is going on is classic AMC. Thank god for Lorraine Broderick the woman who saved Aggie's baby AMC.

The whole Greenlee, David, Adam stuff is just classic.
MEK is breaking my heart, this actor has been so wasted in the last few years that your just forget how powerful he is. He is what Bob Wood's is to OLTL.
I'm loving the whole Tad/Damon.
For the first time I'm sincerly buying Ja La as Liza. She has really stepped it up in her scenes with MK the other day.

As far as Annie and JR, Yes Jen your right the potential is incredible. The hatred between these two can only lead to passion. It reminds me when Ross & Natalie were going at it.

I still say they need to bring back Ross Chandler and let Robert Newman play him. They have to bring Anna Stuart back as Mary Smythe and on contract.

The Liza/ Damon coupling could be an interesting twist. Not only would Liza be getting back at Tad but she would become her mother. Oh the potential AMC has right now.

GH has been heartbreaking to watch. Last week Maurice Bernard and Nancy Grahn had a scene that to me was OSCAR worthy. Don't tell that people on daytime are not great thespians. I dare anyoen to watch that scene and not have respect for the work they did.

OLTL well again it's hard to be excited when I know how this is going to turn out. I can't be excited abotu a show that is going to become the REX/GiGi/John and Snatchalie hour.

I love the return of Nurse Jackie and US of Tara very simple easing back into the lives of the characters. Sometimes you don't need to try hard to just entertain. Another show that was not what I thought it would be was FX Justified. It was also very simple and I enjoyed it even more then if it would have played out like I thought it was going to.

HBO and SHo are killign me. The HBO show TREME about New Orleans looks very good and The C word with Laura Linney and My precious. Jordan and his DVR need a vacation

Ro-JnA08 said...

Loved the podcast! Also love the name. "Vaseline!" Get rid of Vaseline and I think we'll see some light in Frankie's eyes. Poor Frankie doesn't have doesn't have a life anymore, he has to deal with the Bland one. "Eh!" He needs some excitement in his life. I agree with Jordan, I don't see a change in DV. She's still a bad actress! No my bad... She's not a actress, she's a bad wanna-be and it's time for them to get rid of her boring a$$.

I agree with you both when you say the show is THE AMC the old viewers are use to. Humor, drama, friendship. I wish they would keep LB would keep writing, because she's turning the show out. She's bringing back that fire, that want and desire to watch again... She's showing what AMC is all about.

Long time viewer. Big Angie and Jesse fan! Ro~JnA08!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

REGINA KING RULES! While Southland is an ensemble piece were everyone is just fantastic....I have to say Regina King is killing me. I love her character and her choices as an actress amaze me. She is so unique. It is great to see a female lead character of color kick ass.

Lost tonight was beyond brilliant. talk about a show in which every episode feels like your watching a movie. The cinematography, writing, acting, score. This episode was classic and gave us some vital information. Quality!

Still no word from facebook on my situation. UGGHH!!!

Mel Got Served said...

While I really enjoyed tonight's Lost and we definitely got some good answers, I did think there was about 10-15 minutes of filler that could've been summed up quicker. A lot of shackle tugging.

But you're right about it being like a movie Jordan: the score, cinematography, writing... all excellent.

I really enjoyed the episode, but I'm not giving it an A+ like most people are. But at least for once I understood what was going on- yay wine bottle explanation!

Jen said...

Please let Lorraine continue to write or atleast head the creative dept. my god even Mad dog Madison/Ryan have potential chemistry. She came off jealous in that scene, he came off genuine, and he's yes I'm one of those, he's looking real hot these days.

Love the Damon/Tad SL love everything about it and JaLu is rocking it as Liza finally, the back and fourth w/ her Tad, Damon, Krystal w/ a K...JR keeping that secret is sooo Adam like, I loved that thing between his sis and him, she'll keep his secrets he'll keep hers. That's how I wish David/Greenlee would turn out w/o the romance, I actually think she should get tested w/ Scott down the line. Can't wait for the next podcast.

brtedi said...

Some quick observations or two about AMC, then I’m off to bed.

1. Doc in a box! — During Tuesday’s episode, now that’s what I call an entrance. I don’t think, in the nearly six years I’ve watched AMC, I’ve enjoyed David and Greenlee this much. Period. Greenlee’s got some ornery spunk goin’ on… I like it. I thought I’d never say this. ‘Doctor Evil’ has a bit of a heart, under all of that nefarious intent. Do I mind that David just might be a little in love with Greenlee? Not at all. Thank you, LoBro!

2. From Tad the Cad to Tad the Dad
While I wasn’t watching during Tad’s earlier, wilder days, I’ve heard a lot of good things about the writing and MEK’s performances back then. Currently,the interplay between Tad and Damon is what soaps are supposed to be: families (Even if Damon doesn’t know it, yet) acting like families, actually dealing with challenges they face.

3. As a write this, I have to laugh. Even speaking as a diehard ‘Rendall’, I genuinely like Ryan and Madison, together. Both characters have chilled out. Somebody is writing towards the actors' strengths…Hallelujah!

4. My only gripe is, I’m not buying the rivalry between Randi and Madison. But, then again, like most of us here at the blog, I’m not big on “Randi” at all. So, my whole point is probably redundant.

Mel Got Served said...

I think with Randi and Madison it's just like WHO CARES? No one really cares for either of these characters, so who are we supposed to route for?

This Tad SL is so awesome. I am loving every second of it. I feel like the years I've watched the show I've never really seen Tad... now I have and it's so good.

Arizonagal said...

OMG the scenes with Tad and Liza were f**king AMAZING! And this is the first time I've said Liza and not JaLu (I think). She is Liza for me now. I loved the breakup scenes, damn I've been there, and that dialog was so real and raw. They were each so busy defending their feelings, they had no room to understand the other person's feelings. Great writing, great acting. I hung on every word, and when it was over, I felt really bad for both Tad and Liza, I didn't take sides. Brilliant.

Damon's pill/boozefest was a little OTT. I too want to see a Madison/Ryan pairing, mostly because I'm enjoying Greenlee/David and I want to see where that's going.

I have finally had enough of teen angst Jessica. She's a great actor but the character is getting on my nerves. This isn't normal 17 yr old behavior, this is 17 yr old psycho behavior.

Roxie slays me.

Arizonagal said...

One nagging question. Does Tad have a job? How the heck does he support that house full of people?

Norn Cutson said...

this is for Jordan & ya'll from my friend Nadya Ginsburg!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Norn, tell your friend that I loved it the. Hysterical.

Arizonagal..... If I remember correctly Tad still has the Orsini fortune to live off of.

Brian said...

Does anyone know if Alicia Minshew is coming back for keeps or just temporarily? Just been wondering.

Bxgal said...

ok, so much to talk about! I warn, it will be a long post, sorry in advance!


jordan, you and me are just alike when it comes to TV! my DVR is never below 88%. haha.

AMC - its been HOT! although i still hate Ryan, he's not as annoying as he was when he was fighting with Annie over Emma. I love seeing Brooke back working opposite with Adam and I can't wait for her to cross paths with Erica. Annie is still amazing, they are finally giving her the writing she deserves. Love Greenlee and David as a team, and one of the people at daytime confidential said that if Leo were to come back, a Greenlee-David-Leo triangle would be great. i totally agree. I hated Damon when he first came on the show, because he was just a waste, but now there are a million reasons for him to be on this show. That truly proves that it was the writing and Chuck Pratt’s laziness to blame. The Tad/Liza breakup scenes were the best scenes this week (so real). I feel like she has finally earned the right to be called Liza. IMO they still need to change a few things like get rid of Marissa, Randi, Natalia, Brot (if they’re not going to use him), and recast Colby (just read that Ambyr Childers had a baby last month!) till they get her right.

I love Ford. He is a true bad guy. But the fact that he is shirtless in every scene is a little too much. But i love that Daytime Confidential are calling him “Built Ford Tough.” Genius!! The fact that Langston is growing up is so real. A real high school senior would not be in a relationship like the one she is in with Markko. This Jessica as a 17 is growing on me. It would be great storytelling if it was permanent just like what they did with Jason on GH. I feel bad for Brody, cause they were practically married, but he should give up and hook up with Layla. This Mitch story needs to end once and for all. Don’t care about Sierra Mist because half the people involved got fired, and we all know how its gonna end. However, just like many people on this blog have said, i cannot fully enjoy this show when i know what is coming down the pipe. I’m sad to see Kim leave (i liked her since GG). Layla on recurring is a little upsetting, but it was her decision. i’m content with them letting Schuyler go (i never really got into the character). I am not happy about them firing Rachel, and if the rumors about them getting rid of the Evans family are true, I will be further upset. Also, if the rumors that ABC (Frons) wants to get rid of Tea are true too... F*** u Frons!! I really hope them getting rid of Tea is not true... she’s barely in it as is, and now they’re putting Todd with Kelly! And, the biggest OLTL story... KISH! As Mr. Hudson would say, I AM NOT AMUSED! Kish has been groundbreaking when it comes to gay storylines on TV. They haven’t stereotyped them as gay, they went through the same things as a gay couple, as a straight couple would have (as it is in real life). Even though I’m a straight woman, I can relate to this couple in certain ways. If Frank V. and ABC had said that the decision to get rid of Kish was because they told the story they wanted to tell, i could have accepted that. Every story has to come to an end eventually. But the fact that they blamed OLTL’s poor ratings on what they call “gay overkill,” is truly disgusting. OLTL got so much attention last year because of Kish, and i feel bad that Scott Evans and Brett Claywell are being blamed for the poor ratings, when their storyline was the best in 2009/2010. I will stop watching the show if all I see are Rex/Gigi, Natalie/Marty/John, Starr/Cole (who are getting boring real quick). Its funny cause
I now find myself glued to the screen when i’m watching AMC and FF through most scenes on OLTL when it used to be the other way.

Bxgal said...


GH - I’m an on/off GH viewer, but i understand everything that is going on. I love that they are using the veterans and that they always bring up history (stuff that happened more than five years ago). Jonathan Jackson is KILLING IT as Lucky! Truly an amazing actor and if he doesn’t win an Emmy next year, i don’t know who will. Love this Kristina storyline, and the actress who plays Kristina has been doing an amazing job with this adult material. the actor plays Ethan needs to step it up, he is the weak link in this story, he has been given Emmy material. Luke and Sonny scenes this past week have be great.

other shows besides soaps - How to Make it in America is my new favorite show. as a native New Yorker it is great to see some other part of NYC represented on TV right now besides the UES on Gossip Girl (which i have been phasing out - not great anymore). Victor Rauk and Bryan Greenberg (who i have loved since OTH) work great off each other, and Luis Guzman and Kid Cudi are added bonuses. Lake Bell (who i am not a fan of) is very slowly growing on me. Everything about this show is amazing (the music, direction, writing, etc.)
NBC made a big mistake when they cancelled Southland. TNT is finally giving this show what is deserves. NBC gave it absolutely no promotion, nothing. after i saw a few episodes of the first season, i got lost cause i never knew when it was on. But i am so happy that TNT got a hold of this show. I love the “real” feel of this show. I never liked The O.C. and thought that Ben Mckenzie was a one note actor, but he is great on this show. And Regina King... WOW, please give her an Emmy.

One Tree Hill - i have been with this show since day one, if this show does not get picked up for an 8th season, i will be very upset. I know there are contract negotiations and other stuff, but i have learned that it is either Life Unexpected or One Tree Hill that gets picked up, not both. I saw the first episode of LU and it was cute, but it this is the kind of show that would have been good for The WB in the late 90’s, with Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, 7th Heaven. Not on The CW in 2010, with shows like Gossip Girl, 90210 (which will never live up to the original), Melrose Place (good as cancelled), ANTM, Fly Girls (why??) and High Society (why??). OTH has already filmed their final episode for this season, it probably has a happy ending and is cliffhanger free, just incase its the final episode of the series. But OTH deserves one more season to wrap up storylines that have been eight years in the making. I hope The CW makes the right decision.

this was a long rant about TV, but there is just so much that has to be said.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Girl your my long lost twin. We agree on everything except Cole & Starr and Life unexpected.

lolololol I do agree that LU is like an old WB show that's why I like it. The CW started out great by pickign up Veronica Marrs and Everybody hates Chris but then they went insane with all these hideous realith shows and the 90210 melrose reprise. Life has gotten really deep with each episode and while everyone is a tad glam looking for kids on the streets and in foster care, the subject matter has really grwon with each episode.

OTH for me still has life as far as I'm concern the show should focus on the James Sisters and Nathan. The last episodes before the break showed how great the show could be if they go in that direction. While I love me some Brooke they seem to have two OTH going on as the gang never unites.

I too LOVE HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA. I'm a little piss thou that HBO is not giving any publicity for this show. No talk shows are having the cast on. No buzz about it. I will be so mad if the show doesn't get picked up. Maybe it's because as New Yorker I can relate to it more. It just really resonates me. Victor has been on my radar since I first saw him in Raising Victor Vargas and yes big Bryan fan from his OTH days. Still think Peyton should have been with him.

You know I'm feeling Southland big time.

Yes AMC has been hot. GH as well. While OLTL has some great moments it's hard for me to stay invested when there seems to be so much in the air. Rumors of Tea and Brody being cut. While I love the Jessica storyline, it's only great if Jess falls back in love with Brody. I despise Christian, he is a bore as an actor. Yorlin the original Chris was much better. I hate that REX and GIGI will be on more. Snatchlie annoys me to no end with her chewing the scenery.
I will say it made me sad to see potential and no that nothing will come from it. The scene with Dorian and Kim was amazing. My mind went nuts to see these two act off each other...then I remembered Kim's gone. SIGH!!!! R.I.P. OLTL

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Okay to all my Canadian siblings, has there been any work up there regarding Being Erica being renewed for a Third season. Help your little Latin New York Brother out. I need to prepare myself if these last two episodes are the end.
What Ally Mcbeal was for me in the late 90's Being Erica is for me now.

Jen said...

I was looking for a knife or crowbar somewhere between JR/Annie's hug, The Chandlers are turning into must watch TV for me, I couldn't take my eyes away from that flock, apparently in PV sipper dresses are the thing now?

Mel Got Served said...

I forget if it was on Twitter or DC, but somewhere reported that Layla is actually on contract not recurring.

And Rex just signed a multi-year contract so... prepare to suffer.

Arizonagal said...

I don't get it, does Annie really want to have sex with Adam? While I love both of them, there was a real ick factor to their scenes when she snuck into Adam's bed. Would a hot young chick really want sex with an old goat like Adam? I'm way older than MCE but I couldn't do it, he's old enuf to be my dad. Also David Canary doesn't seem comfortable in these scenes, though MCE is really selling it.

I hope all these posts about the blood letting on OLTL are just rumors. Would TPTB really let this many people go instead of just writing SLs for them?

Shadow said...

I think Annie is in love with the idea if being Mrs. Adam Chandler and she's doing what she thinks she needs to be Mrs. Adam Chandler. Having sex with him is one if things on the list. She's never had a normal relationship ot an example of a loving relationship so she's making the wrong choices. She cares for Adam and she wants to be cared for back and is looking for security emotionally more than anything. I don't think it's as simplistic as just wanting his money or anything like that. She's much more desperate than that under Broderick's pen. To me, that's what makes this Annie more riveting. There is a context and emotional need to her actions. It's more than just Annie causing trouble for the sake of plot. She needs stability and respect and grounding or she risks losing her sanity again out of paranoia and the contempt of people like Ryan amd Greenlee and JR. Adam is the only one willing to even tolerate her so she has to do whatever to make it work. She's so obsessed she can't see how frail Adam is becoming. She just sees other people holding her back as they always have.

Norn Cutson said...

sharp analysis, Shadow!

Anonymous said...

hey Jordan,

From your French Canadian listener:
There is still no word on season 3 of Being Erica. I love it too. The 90s music when she goes in the past is just great.

Also been loving Damages. Ellen's development is just so interesting she's getting to be more and more like Patty but just more self-aware. She doesn't see things as black and white anymore. Plus Wendy Moniz (my favorite dinah) is on although not much


jason said...

I wanted to guide everyone to a great interview with Michael Fairman and OLTL headwriter Ron C. Michel has a lot of great interviews with Soap people.

Jordan, I get what you're saying about it being hard to watch oltl, knowing all the backstage stuff. I'm trying to forget about it and enjoying it while it's still good.

Friday's AMC was perfect (minus Rancid) I'm loving it. I'm loving Liza! I'm loving Colby! I even hope the writers go for a Madison/Ryan romance. Mainly because it will keep Ryan from Greenlee. I don't know why Lorraine Broderick didn't take the head writer job permanently, but I read she's staying on at some capacity. I hope that's true.

According Nelson from TV Guide Canada, our Florencia Lozano isn't going anywhere. Thank God!

I hate that Rex renewed his contract and people fans like, such as Rachel and Kyle are off contract.

I wonder if the Kish protest outside of the GMA studios will have any effect...

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Well I'm on day two of this stomach virus flu thingy I have. I don't know if that contributed to my crying so much during the first episode of HBO's The Pacific. War stories are not something I seek out. The first film about War that I saw and really got to me was in College film appreciation when I saw Bridge over the River Kwai.

I have to say that this was incredible but like Precious not something I think I can see again. It was raw and showed the true horror of war. To know also that it is based on three real people only makes it more heart breaking. It was like watching a movie. Look I love my light fluff and camp stuff but nothing gets to me when it is true art and your swept into the moment. Also Jon Seda a Latin actor who I adore and should be workign much more the he does is one of the leads and from what I can see in the coming attractions he is giving the performance of his carrer. He has a fan of me since I saw his incredible naked tush in I like it like that.

With that said AMC is HOT! The Chandlers and there shenanigans are classic soap. Juts like The Quatermaines of yore. I really wish they would consider keeping Julia Barr on as Brooke. The David and Greenlee story is great. Susan Lucci looks amazing. Love NuNu Colby with her hair just dead and straight more realistic and flattering to the actress. MCE is gearing up for a Best Actress nom 2011. I know Aggie would be so proud of teh character of Annie.

GH has been out of control with gut wrenching performances. The Sonny/Luke scenes were like watching two gladiators go at it.
Kristina is fascinating.

OLTL ......... aye caramba. Again while there are good things going on it truly is hard to enjoy it when we know it will all be changing drastically in a few weeks. They have not announced it offically but it seems that Ron C. is gone as head writer. The question is did he quit or was let go. The fact that ***Spolier Alert** Tea has a brain Tumor that is fatal......ugggghhh.
Also an inside source told me that the actor who plays Reed not so good.

Laura said...

Oh I am so behind on my ABC watching. Thanks for keeping me up to date. OLTL has been disappointing. Are they killing the show to make room for Thorsten or what the heck is going on?

Rex may have signed a contract but I don't think this show will last much longer. Obviously ABC put all their effort into AMC and it shows.

Jordan is your facebook working yet? Us fans are so sad we even talked to Ellis. He told you to stop calling him a queen!

I have been watching GH some lately and I am sorry to see Drew go, he will land on his feet.

Norn, I loved Al Roker Face!

I went last week to see Johnny Weir skate to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. He is so talented. I just started watching his show on Sundance? Does anyone watch it?

I have watched this season's Idol. I think Crystal should win, but if she doesn't she is an original who will do okay.

Remember when we wanted Aiden fired? Did you ever think you'd see him on the covers of magazines with Kate Gosselin. I think he's probably a nice guy just not an actor or dancer it seems. If he can't carry a tune, he's the opposite of a triple threat.

I am looking forward to Eden being on Y&R. I hope they pair her up with Billy Miller.

I am glad I kept my fire Frons icon. He needs to go.

I enjoyed seeing Lindzie Leatherman on GH this week, another mistake ABC made in firing a young talent.

Any word on when the Palmer memorial will be?

I enjoyed the old hooker talk. I remember these days. Does anyone remember the Principal from the breakfast Club Paul Gleason playing Dr. David Thorton on AMC? Was he Dottie's dad? I thought of him during the John Hughes tribute at the Oscars. I know he died a few years back.

Arizonagal said...

Wendy Moniz was my favorite Dinah too - until Gina Tognoni came to Springfield and knocked my socks off. So far, though, on OLTL, I'm just not feeling it yet. Perhaps it's the Todd/Kelly connection, I'm so not ready for that.

I am enjoying Allison Perkins and her chaos. Still finding good things on OLTL. I like Hannah being the catalyst for some relationship trouble for Cole and Starr because no teens with school and kids to deal with would have such smooth sailing.

Mel Got Served said...

Laura, I love Be Good, Johnny Weir! Looooove Johnny.

So I was bored today and had the choice between watching a movie (Inglourious Basterds) or TV, and as usual, I picked TV. Anyways, finally decided to try the United States of Tara and OMG it's a revelation... like the first time I watched Nurse Jackie last year. LOVE. IT.

I finished all of this week's AMC and only FF'ed through Randi/Madison Ryan parts (depending on who his scene partner was). I'm really enjoying it.

I like this new Colby because she's bringing back the brattiness that a young Chandler should have. And her blond hair is sooo beautiful in the more naturally straight way. Like it's spun of gold- haha.

Shadow, your analysis of Annie is so spot-on. When I see people on AMC's Facebook whining about Annie needing to go, I have to bite my tongue. I LOVE Annie. She is my favorite; I think the way Shadow loves Brooke is the way I love Annie. I don't have the history that everyone has, but Annie started as a dullard but has become my reason to watch. She's a broken women and has never been #1 in someone's book, and that's all she wants from Adam. DC has been saying they don't like desperate Annie, but I love it. Annie has always bordered on a desperation and it's when her desperation goes to an extreme that the crazy comes out.

Also, I think the grossest thing ever was Jackson essentially giving Jake sex advice. <>

OLTL... I just don't have the motivation. I was going to watch it on Hulu but realized it would be hard to fast forward through Rex/Gigi when you stream online so I need to make OLTL my morning project but it's soooo hard. But I will say, the Brody/Jess scenes on Monday... LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. So sweet amazing. I loved when Jessica was ranting about Christian is in the future and she's stuck in the past with her feelings and Brody responded, "Me too." So good. If the end-game of this storyline isn't to reunite Jessica and Brody, I might have to tap-out.

Arizonagal, I like Hannah too. And FINALLY she blurted out that it was skanky Ford so Cole could finally get a clue.

I mean with OLTL, overall there's a lot of good but for me the bads are what sticks out because when you watch the bad, you know it's ABC/Brian Frons pushing for these crap characters to get stories.

Mel Got Served said...

PS Best line of OLTL (based off the 1 episode I've seen), is Allison Perkins when Schuyler was like, "Why do you want the baby?" and she's like, "I don't want the baby- I don't even like babies!" I died.

Shadow said...

I'm with you Mel. Annie's great-finally a complete character with real motivation and a chance for MCE to work some meaty material. Love her vs Brooke-every eyeroll, every turn if the lip. She's a delightfully unstable and unstable is far more interesting than flat out crazy.

Jen said...

Ice Cream/Pizza/laptop and my girlfriends w/ me, movie night and watching Look Who's Talking.

21 yrs. later John Travolta and Kirstie Alley still make me blush, and who can forget Bruce Willis as baby Mikey, it still gets to me when she realizes while staring at the mirror her breasts are back and he realizes he's drinking breast milk w/ his coffee.

DancingElf88 said...

MEL you can watch OLTL on YT. A user named OLTLViewersChannel posts the episodes. They even have episodes that dates back to '08. I FF thru Rex and Gigi too. There are still some really good things on OLTL so I'm still enjoying it. I like Hannah too.

Shadow I love Annie. Shoot I loved ever even when everyone thought she was boring and dull. You're right she's always wanted a family. People that would love her completely and not bail when she didn't satisfy or wasn't perfect. I also love her vs. Brooke.

Sorry peeps I am not feeling NuNuColby. She does look better with the hair. But IDK something about her just bothers me.

Kind of started watching GH. The Kristina abuse story is interesting to me...I might start getting into the whole show

Shadow said...

I've read on a few boards that dome people areconcerned that Brooke isn't acting like Brooke. The deal is she is acting like like the REAL Brooke English that Aggie created and not the watered down desperate version as McTravish wrote Brooke to be. Brooke English is a fiercely independent, strong, goal oriented woman who is sometimes misdirected by a need to be loved. Similar to Erica but from a different, less hysterical personality angle. She's driven and ethical, but proud and direct. She's no demure wet blanket whose existence is there only to console. She is a protagonist, a do-er, a lightning rod, the one Erica secretly worries could get the jump on her though she'd die rather than admit it. Erica charms them like a pide piper. Brooke leads them by example. Put them together and the friction blows reason out the window. This week these two Soap Titans meet. I'm excited for viewers who will see for probably the very first time how it is really supposed to be done. And it will be thrilling to watch these three mature women, Broderick, Barr & Lucci, in glorious action. Seriously, every writer, actor, director, network executive should be tuning in for this. It's like the soap equivalent of the OJ Verdict. 30 years of history. Broderick fired. Barr dismissed. Lucci disrespected. But all 3 have outwitted, outlasted, and outplayed them all-McTavish, Pratt, even Frons. They're all 3 back turning it out every day. As a fan of the REAL AMC and all the fine people who have worked for the show over the years, this us a victory for the people who understand and get this show and this genre. I hope you will all tune in this week and enjoy what to me amounts to a lifetime achievement as the stage is set for the exit of two of our most beloved leading actors, James Mitchell & David Canary. Imagine the significance of this time in the real lives of these people. It's going to be the performances of their lives.

(if for some reason it sucks then Fire Frons, Pratt was a dick, etc. etc....)

Arizonagal said...

Shadow, as always, you serve to enlighten us all. Great points about Brooke. She is not perfect. Anyone who remembers her knows she can be a pain in the rear, she can be self righteous, judgmental. She knows who she is, she is extremely confidant and not always tactful. That is what makes her energy with Erica so terrific. Two strong women (of a certain age) facing off and reveling in the challenge. Damn how I've missed that!

I know Julia is only here for a brief visit, but oh how I wish it could be more permanent. Nevertheless, I am thrilled with how TPTB have brought her back.

Mel Got Served said...

A few weeks ago on OLTL we discussed Destiny's sudden speech impediment. I feel bad cause she sounds kinda weird now and I think it even impacted her beautiful voice.

Also, Starr pronounced her names weird- like an odd "A" pronounciation or something. First she called Hannah, "Hah-nah" (like haha) and then she called Karen "Kah-ren". Kinda weird. But kudos for Kristen's work this week of urging Langston to confide in her, etc.

Also, Llanview High must either be really poor and can't afford the rights to a musical or have a lot of faith in a musical portraying teen pregnancy to allow this. My high school wouldn't even allow Grease for fear it would cause more gang violence than it already had. Yes, Grease causing gang violence. I'll stop there so you can all laugh.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Everyone,

I did it! I started watching AMC again. So far I loved seeing Brooke and Adam again and Insannie is just as entertaining as ever. Not sure yet about Greenlee. She does seem more like her old self but it will take me a while to get adjusted to the hair. Loved Angie getting serious with Damon and referring to how much he is like Tad back in the day.

So far it's mostly good.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Dear little Latin New York Brother,

I have Being Erica news for you: CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) has yet to add season three to next year's line-up; yet by all accounts it 'looks positive' that it is coming back. I hope you get the Canadian show '18 to Life', it is a fabulous half hour sit-com. Maybe you can watch it online. I tipped you off on Being Erica, over a year ago and I'm glad your enjoying it.

AMC is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it ALL! This is the best it has been in like 10 years! My mom harkens it back to the glory days, as she has been there since day one (yes, she is old LOL).

As you know I felt compelled to start watching OLTL because you raved about it and I love Thorsten and wanted to know what was going on whenever he rejoined the canvas. However, my PVR has not been co-operating this week and has failed to tape OLTL and i could care less. There was a time when have i scoured youtube to find out what happened but now I cannot be bothered! It is a Hot Mess! My mother insists that I tell you all, that she is a hold out and will NEVER watch OLTL as she believes it has always been a hot mess.

Love from the land of universal healthcare!

Shadow said...

This is why OLTL has always been my no. 2 show. It will cast dime interesting characters, get good, go overboard on something outlandlishly unbelievable (Eterna or the recent Mitch s/l) and then quickly crash & burn. I just can't ever stick with it. There are characters and actors on OLTL I truly love & adore, but ABC always jacks with it just about the time the show has me hook line & sinker. They could have fine tuned it a bit without gutting it. Now it's just a drab baby drama. I don't like the hoard of Cramer women. Ford is douchey. I loved Mitch and Tina in the day, but this version of Mitch is OTT. Jessica as a teen again us just more if the same. I remember just bring DONE with Viki and all her damn personalities. It gets predictable. I have always thought the show was it's strongest when Dorian was front and center. I bet for a while they push her back or declaw her. Again, whenever Strasser left, I have a donut hole in viewership. I want good things for OLTL. I've watched off and on for years, but it's been a frustrating relationship.

Crystal said...

Just read Bree Williamson is expecting. I wonder if it will be written into the show.

Shadow said...

Hey Jordan-did you catch today's scene between Jesse and Liza. He brought up her trying to break up Greg & Jenny and when she accused him Jesse of raping her. She was offended like Tad was last week when Liza mentioned him sleeping with Marian. I really really love Lorraine Broderick!

Jen said...

I'm going to be a little critical and to the point here. Get this David/Greenlee SL some where already. PV can not move on until this SL ends, and it's not even an eye catcher SL, I'd understand if they had immense chemistry but David & Greenlee don't have it, David/Erica do, David/Liza do even David & his boring daughter had better chemistry, just making a point here. Can Jesse/Angie/Ryan/Erica/Natalia/PV as a whole move foward from this already.

I feel the show needs to shift focus to that Chandler SL, it's sure as hell better than the lynch mob vs David SL and making everyone around it come off as clowns. Oh and the villian in waiting needs to be JR Chandler, as David Canary retires and what an unbelieveable great he is, Jacob Young must graduate into this role of Adam Chandler Jr.

Rant over.

DancingElf88 said...

They're actually making me like JR. I always found him really bratty and whiny but I'm liking him...especially if he keeps bumping heads with Annie. Holy hot chemistry batman.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Sigh....And here is the problem with OLTL. As powerful as today's episode has become pointless. Why? Because we will never see the next chapter, the follow through, the evolution of the characters. This is truly sad. Scott Clifton is the one who is let go after giving a powerful performance that was always 110% honest and truth no matter what obstacles or talentless KFC lip gloss wearing actress he was put opposite. We wont see what would be the most intersting stories play out. Watching Schuyler's redemption as he bonds with Roxy and falls for Rachel. To see Oliver and Fish deal with being parents. To see Kim and Clint fall in love.

No instead we have to deal with Prattish storylines that are going to be coming up. Like I said once Florencia is gone I will be gone too.

Arizonagal said...

I haven't seen today's OLTL yet, but yesterday's was rockin! I know Jordan, I feel your pain, bad stuff may be a comin' but while it's good, I'm going to enjoy it.

Scott Clifton was so friggin' good yesterday. I loved the tender scenes with Marty and John, and they usually bore me. I'm so over Allison Perkins, enuf of being wacky just for the sake of being wacky. She is so two dimensional. Loved the scenes in the prison hospital room with Schuyler and Mitch.

I was annoyed when Bo didn't immediately kick Kelly and Todd out because "she has to talk to Mitch about her mom." Sheesh, gimme a break. Annoying.

I loved that Starr confronted Langston and she finally admitted it. I'm not feeling any real regret from Langston either.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Jordan,

I have to say that I'm enjoying lots on OLTL while I can. Schuyler is great right now and I also love the Langston and Ford storyline. It's complex and true to life and classic soap. I do agree with you that I will be sad to see so many of the characters that I really connect to leave the canvas and I'll likely also check out if Florencia does.

brtedi said...

Some quick observations about AMC:

I’d bet the farm, Damon has Dyslexia. In the simplest terms, Dyslexia involves how people’s brains interpret and process information differently. That’s why he’s “bad in math”. There are a variety of different forms of Dyslexia. I’d bet we’ll find out Damon writes his numbers backwards and or reads everything from right to left, instead of left to right. This would be why he probably got frustrated, while looking at Randi’s inventory sheets. “Left” and “Right” can be totally foreign concepts to someone with Dyslexia. We may find that Damon, while having above average comprehension of information, has trouble reading (focusing ) on individual lines of data. (In cases like these, using a mouse to highlight specific information is a godsend!) I, for one, am intrigued by seeing such a storyline and (hopefully) how it will be handled.

Speaking as someone who is dyslexic, and went for years without it being diagnosed, this storyline may be well worth watching.If LoBro has a hand in it, I look forward to it.

David & Greenlee--I love all of the goings on with Greenlee & David! Personally, after only watching AMC for 6 years, I’m seeing a ‘brand new’ side to both of these characters. Bitchy Greenlee is the best! And, seeing David fall head over heals in love, with her, is a trip!

I even liked the conversation between Ryan and Greenlee, where she calls him out about being a “white knight”. IMHO, everybody (Ryan fans or not) got something they liked. when Greenlee said this. Some think Ryan is a chronic meddler, while other fans still maintain he was simply trying to help someone he loves. Either way, it’s a win/win.

Lastly Madison & Ryan—Does anyone else think Madison just might go off the rails, due to insecurities, if these two get together, or is it just me? Think: Fatal Attraction.

Crystal said...

Did anyone see that pic of Aiden on daytime confidential.
Ewwww thanks DC, now I have to bleach my eyeballs!

brtedi said...

As I commented yesterday, I forgot to mention one of my favorite moments. I think it was from Tuesday’s episode, when JR caught Brooke and Adam having a personal moment .I thought the scene was wonderfully executed. Simply put, sometimes less can be so much more. Kudos to both the writers and the actors for that one!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

This is becoming too much for me to handle...first AMC becomes AMC again and now GH is becoming GH to me again. Just as OLTL is this close to loosing me again!

A Black President and now a Black Quatermaine. I love the actress playing Maya. She is breathtaking and the girl so far can act. So you see like I said before there is no excuse for Denise Vaseline to be on AMC anymore there are talented, beautiful women of color out ther who can act rings around that blow up doll.

Why does Maya mena so much to me because it is using the history from the Claire Labine era. One of my favorite storylines was Mary Mae Ward and her connection to Edward and friendship with the Spencers cut way to short with the untimley passing of the outstanding Rosalind Cash. So to see them finally using them and to build up the Quatermaine clan....sigh and her younger sister is coming too plus Brooklyn Ned & Lois's kid. They really should get Scott Clifton back as Dillon. OLTL treated him so badly after he is giving an emmy winning performance even with that insulting exit storyline that is on it's about character assasination.

I'am NOT AMUSED about the recast of the Corinthos boy's. They better leave the Davis girls alone.

AMC has been killing me this week hard to believe that this is the same show from three months ago. just goes to show you that with a good writer everyone will excell (except D.V. sorry Jen). Even Walt Wiley, who was not bobbing his head...interesting.

RYAN'S HOPE is HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!! Claire Labine is a Goddess. I thought I loved Ryan's Hope before but I didn't realize what I had missed. The detail to storytelling and characterization..OUTSTANDING.

Ilene Kristen deserves an award for giving such a great performance despite having to play opposite those two turds Hellisa Archer and J.P. LaDouche! What is up with Snatchlie and her mugging for the Camera. I thought she was Batman's villian Clayface,the way her face kept making the most grotesque expressions all week. You call that acting...Jeez!

Mel Got Served said...

Clayface- HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Isn't it funny OLTL fired Brett Claywell and Scott Clifton, both of which are their shows pre-nominees for Outstanding Younger Actor Emmys??

What annoys me right now about OLTL is just that they clearly rewrote the Mitch's kid story at the last minute to get rid of Schuyler and inevitably make Rex Bo's kid. It's just so obviously transparent and what I've loved about OLTL the past few months is I didn't know what was coming next and it was keeping me guessing.

I'm bummed Morgan is being recast on GH but he booked a pilot so I say congratulations and can't fault GH for recasting. Michael is a whole other story and they have some explaining to do because this makes no sense.

Finished season 1 of United States of Tara. OMG soooo good. I'm dying to start season 2. I think my Halloween costume this year should be Gimmy the Poncho Goblin.

I quit V last night. I made it less than halfway and was BORED. Flashforward has not a single likable character (especially the drunk guy and his AWOL daughter- holy crap are they torture to watch), but at least there's an interesting mythology. V is just dull and wasting amazing talent (Elizabeth Mitchell, Morris Chestnut). And I should add for me to quit a show is verrrrrry hard. It's like an addiction that I can't kick.

In personal news, big news on the Melissa front: I bought a condo! Kids, it pays to live with your parents for 3 1/2 years and save, save, save! I'm closing in June- very excited, also nervous. I mean, I'm got a DVR addiction that is going to have to be moderately controlled. Thank god for Hulu!

jason said...
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jason said...

Congrats on the condo Mel! You should have a pvp house warming party! ;).

The Schuyler being Mitch's son twist felt very Pratt-hole ish to me. I don't like it because it means we're going to get a Rex and Gigi looking for Rex's parents storyline. My heart's breaking for Schuyler that he's going to have get rid of his baby.
LOL at David saying "Sierra Rose, is that a desert?" The end of Kim is near and I'm gonna miss her!

Mini Spoiler Alert - IM NOT AMUSED that Schyler kidnaps Gigi. Give the character some dignity. Gigi is the new Babe.

Loving Amc but I wish Damon would get a haircut.

Shadow said...

Jason, thank you. I finally figured out that it's Damons hair that bugs the shit out if me. He looks so pasty and sickly with that 'do. I just like my soaps stars clean and coiffed. They don't have to be the hottest, but a little hygeine helps.

Mel how exciting. Now you don't have to wait for your dad's shows to end, although it sounds like y'all have fun together. Congrats on the new digs!

Guys got the most part, I've checked out of OLTL. I just don't care. That nurse that kidnapped Sieera Rose is a total stooge. I just don't get it lately and was hanging by a thread anyway. But that's me and oltl-always jumping in and out.

Thank goodness amc quit sucking. The deslwith Madison is that she's PVs new working class girl-sort of a Donna Beck without the hooker part. We'll see. She's not bad but she isn't great. I can take it or leave it bur I can tolerate it a little while longer. My real concern is this talk about Fusion being mor "Sex and the City"-ish. I have never liked Fusion. It's no Enchantment. And I have yet to see a SATC comparison that worked out well. I don't want to hear Rancid and Maduson talking about dicks over Cosmos next to Trevor's stroller.

Amphitrion said...

Congrats Mel! You deserve the best!

Shadow, re OLTL, I agree the flip flop with Rex and Roxy was too contrived for the smart show I have really loved for the last year or so. Why was Mitch a match for Shayne--coincidence?

On GH, Robin trying to convince a woman that Sonny is really a good guy: “Hey Olivia, I know he shot your son in cold blood with the intention of killing him, but he didn’t know it was HIS son too. Give the poor guy a break.” Geeze Louise, she is a doctor for crying out loud. I want Diogenes to show up with a lamp and find one decent person in that god-forsaken Port Charles. Probably because I work with police officers, it rubs me the wrong way. I love the dialog and the actor’s are brilliant, but come on, toss me a bone—even an old western needs one guy in a white hat. Great to see Skye again! I love Robin Christopher.

Shadow or Jordan, what happened to Ross Chandler? I guess I have a donut hole on this one. I loved, loved, loved the Natalie, Palmer, Ross, Ellen quadrilateral back in the day, but for the life of me I do not know what became of Palmer’s son and Adam’s Nephew.

Ashley, you are one of the sweetest, funniest people on the planet. Those twins are blessed to have you for a mom. Jordan you are the greatest. Together you guys are the best co-hosts in podcast history. There has to be a way for you to get rich and famous doing this!

Jen said...

"just goes to show you that with a good writer everyone will excell (except D.V. sorry Jen). Even Walt Wiley, who was not bobbing his head...interesting."

Pfffft.....LMAO whatevs. I still love your rant.

Your podcast better have something about JR & Annie. I really love that SL.

Arizonagal said...

Who hoo Mel, congrats on the condo purchase. After I got divorced from hub #1 first thing I did was go out and buy a house and nothing feels better than doing it by yourself, right? So happy for you girl.

Echoing the comments about Schuyler getting the bum's rush with this lame baby switch story, a totally obvious afterthought. If TPTB were the least bit clever, they could have worked it out w/o this b.s.

I just don't get it, someone explain to me why we have to lose Schuyler and Rachel while keeping dufuses (dufii?) Rex and Gigi? Do they have super couple status?

It was great to see Vickers but again, it feels forced, he's just there to usher Kim out.

I'm glad Marty didn't lose the baby and I really never thought I'd care, but I like seeing the kinder, gentler side of John.

Brtedi, yeah I think you're right, Damon has a learning disability.

I love seeing Tad go thru this drama with Damon. He's getting paid back big time.

Mel Got Served said...

I can't stress enough how much I love whatever they did to Susan Lucci's hair. It looks so much healthier, smoother, stylish, and the color's great.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

JORDAN HUDSON IS IN LOVE. I fell in love tonight when I saw this man give an outstanding performance on stage in this Musical. Yes I have had the hots for him for years but when you see someone in their element doing what they love to do..... thats is attarctive, sexy, captivating. he touched me. How I wish I could get him to notice me like I noticed him. SIGH. I'm talking about none other then Bobby Steggart who brielfy played Sam Grey (Edmund and Maria's son but really a Martin and a Warner considering that Kelsey and Bobby are his bio parents). I remember when they first brought him on. I said finally they cast a young actor who really has some chops and was so angry when they chose to write him off the canvas. He then quickly got on the radar in the theatre world winning raves for each show he did. Now He is in YANKS and he was outstanding and I'm just in awe of his talent. It has been so long since someone has made me feel.........

Jen said...

I just want to add, that according to the ratings, eversince David/Greenlee's SL has been put front and center, the ratings have been dropping, IDK what that's about, IDK what to say there, but it's something that can't be ignored.

Is this SL really weighing down PV?

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Well OLTL is as good as gone. The rumor is that Jean Passasination-ante is going to be the new head writer. The show can hang it up. This woman turned ATWT into the hot mess that iot became after she and Chris Goutman ousted Hogan Sheffer. Now Frank V and her will put the final nail in the coffin of OLTL. Breaks my heart that a Head writer who actually does his job which is to write a good quality show is ousted and yet another talentless hack ala Prat, Mctachish, Kreisman (can't count Swajeski because I was actually okay with AW when she was the head writer). The only thing I can thibnk of is that Frons want's a raeson to can OLTl and the only way he could do that and not get heat for it was if he could make it as bad as AMC was during the Pratt years. I wouldnt be surprised if he told Frank V, destroy your show and I will put you on AMC. There is no loyality on ABC daytime.

Mel congrats I hope to be you one day.

Amphi honestly so much happned and went back and forth that I can't be 100% sure but I think that Ross and Ellen left town to try and work on their marriage. I could be wrong.

Never the less I think ROBERT NEWMAN would be the perfect choice for a new Ross Chandler.

Arizonagal said...

Jordan from your lips to God's ear. I would LOVE to see Robert Newman on AMC, OLTL, hell anywhere. I guess I'm surprised that with all the talent at GL I haven't seen most of them anywhere else. Where are Newman, Zimmer, Jordan Clarke, Dan Cosgrove, Jeff Branson, Marcy Rylan, etc.? I heard Tom Pelphrey was on ATWT but I don't want to start watching a soap that is going away next year. I guess I still miss my GL.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Marcy is the new Abby on Y&R Danile is on ATWT as Chris Hughes and Jeff Branson got some pilot or movie role which is why he had to drop out of Venics

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

OMG Just saw Southland. I know I'm always talking about Ms. King but the show really has a powerful cast. In this latest episode Shawn Hatosy who plays Officer Sammy Bryant blew me away. A powerful scene at the end. This show truly has stepped it up for the 2nd season and I hope TNT will reward with a renewal.

Okay I tried to watch DWTS but this is worse then AI as far as it ebing a popularity contest. Seriously Shannen gone and her and Pam bottom two. Uh Aiden, Buzz , Kate were horrible. I also hate that the songs are always covers my some horrible wedding bands.

The Ghost of Verla Grubbs said...

Ugh... I know it's a soap and I have to suspense my disbelief but really OLTL...

The Rex/Schuyler baby switch is so implausible from a historical standpoint that I would bet my tax refund that Ron is not penning these scripts. Ok it was 87 when Dorian "killed" Mitch for trying to rape Cassie and Allison switched Jess and Fire Crotch-alie. Allison was then hit by a car and in a coma for years and years. If everyone thought Mitch was dead how was he in Statesville? If Allison was in a coma how was she switching these other kids (since Rex is suppose to be younger than Natalie).

Ron C is usually so good at this stuff that he just CAN'T be writing this dreck.

Anyone who is not familiar with Mitch and Allison please You Tube anything with them and OLTL from 01 -02. THAT is Mitch and Allison.

And my Ryan's Hope......can we petition this show to be on again in daytime in repeats? Kelli Maroney's Kimberly is a TRUE seductress and schemer, and my Rose Alaio...OH!
My face lights up whenever she on the screen.

brtedi said...

"...Jeff Branson got some pilot or movie role which is why he had to drop out of Venics...."

Jordan, According to Jeff Branson's, he worked on both "The Magnificent Cooly-T"
(2009) & "I Spit on Your Grave"
(2009), post GL.

During conversations on a old "Shaynah" fan board, it was posted, he got "The Magnificent Cooly-T", just as "Venice" was set to start production.

brtedi said...

"...eversince David/Greenlee's SL has been put front and center, the ratings have been dropping, IDK what that's about,...."

Jen: Dang! I really like the whole "David & Greenlee" thing. He understands why she's re-discovered her "inner-bitch" LOL!

Jen said...

I haven't seen anything worth while there, it's does nothing, actually to be quite honest it's not discovering much, it's a planted plotline that needs everyone around them going against David and Greenlee rides shut gun to more nonsense, and it's literally not even sensible. The only good I got from this SL is that D/G interact but it still lacks any romantic chemistry, and honestly I'm rooting for Liza w/ David b/c there you can see something that looks and comes off great on screen.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Vera OMG I too love Rose Alaio....I truly think Jack and her are incredible. I know they don't end up together but looking forwrad to what happens being that I started watching RH years laters. I never like Jack with Leigh Kirkland. but this character and actress I adore.

Yes Kimberly Harris sure was giving Tina Clayton a run for her money back then. I also love Rae with her younger man. Claire Labine is brilliant. I too refuse to believe that Ron C. is behind the craziness that is OLTL.

Arizonagal said...

David and Greenlee? Meh... that's all, just meh. I do see some good acting. There are some good scenes, but I don't buy their feelings of love and I'm not feeling the chemistry. However, in order to avoid yet another Ryass/Greenlee reunion I'm willing to suspend my disbelief and ride this whole DG thing out. IMHO it's one of the more boring stories on AMC. I'm watching for Annie, Adam, Brooke, Tad, Damon, Liza, JR and I'm hoping for at least a guest appearance by Hillary.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

So just finished seeing the soaps. Thumbs up for GH & AMC. A big F.U. to Frank V. and company at OLTL. I will start with the good. AMC was again tkaing anote from their history and what they do best. Storylines that are truly human, relatable and timely. I can't stand people who are on their cellphones, blue tooth or texting. Pay attention when your driving. I love the fact that Damon did not walk away injury free. The biggest shock was the other person who was injured, giving the rest of the cast the chance to really give incredible performances.

Then comes GH. I will alwyas love GH for giving Nancy Grahn a home after SB was axed. This woman is a force of nature as an actress, thou never getting the acknowledgment she so richly deserves. In the hands of a less seasoned artist today could have been a campy, over the top hot mess that would have been made fun of on The Soup. Instead we were treated to a powerful moment of acting. See you don't even need lines to be able to play all the emotions that were running through Alexis. I was on the edge of my seat. Again this storyline is great because it involves half of the canvas and everyone is given the chance to really showcase themselves.

Then there is OLTL......... I swear to God PRATT is writing this. I have ceased to be "NOT AMUSED". I'm just disgusted! The only thing I can say is Scott Clifton, Barbara Garrick and Ilene Kristen deserve an award for making this manure watchable.

Jen said...

Arizonagal, I get that I just don't like covering it w/ more crap, this time crap that has no romantic chemistry at all. Adam still loves Brooke so much, I weeped, and I weeped when JR started tearing up w/ Annie, damn S.O.B. does it to me sometimes. I liked Ryan/Madison, she's not alright, glad it's not just he randomly saves her, point to him letting her walk away, points to Madison for walking away.

OLTL...OMG it is a travesty what they did there.. WTF did they do to Skylar on that SHOW! F.U. is too nice, more like BURN IN FUCKING HAITI'S!!!!!!

Arizonagal said...

You know what I'm tired of? Why does Ryan have to be every woman's white friggin' knight? There is just nothing normal about that guy, nothing relatable. Just once I'd like to see him be the "mansel" in distress.

As for Stephanie Gatschet (Madison), give her some good material, she can handle it. She's not DBTE.

I loved the scenes with JR and Annie, they were delicious!

Shadow said...

Julia Barr is perfection. Adam Annie Tad Erica Jack JR & the show have benefitted hugely from Brooke's return. She HAS to stay. Hers is the fabric that fills the tattered frayed edges of the otherwise tenuous relationships on this show. No bullshit kind of girl with a hint of vulnerability. Love every minute.

Elizabeth said...

How much longer is Greenlee going to be wearing that UGLY silver dress? Everybody else has changed and she's still in that horrible frumpy thing. Rebecca's a gorgeous woman. Why do they have to stick her in such ugly clothes?

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Thank you Everyone at Ugly Betty for tonight's episode. I'm still crying.

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Annie and JR are HOT, HOT, HOT!! I love that we're getting evil JR back. I missed him! I hope he cheats on boring eBabe with Annie pronto! Also, how hilarious is it that eBabe has swine flu! Oink, oink.

Crystal said...

I agree, Greenlee's dress was awful!

Ugly Betty was AWESOME!!! I am already so sad it is almost over.

Being Erica is done for the season. I hope it is coming back!

Mel Got Served said...

They just cast some dude as a new love interest for Erica and a triangle for her and Jack (Michael Nouri). UGHHHHHH. Erica is 60- can't they just finally have her settle down. At some point, just put her with Jackson and let their nasty kids be their roadblock. I'm so over the Jack and Erica dance and I've only watched the show for like 6 years. After like 25 years of this, isn't it about time to say, "let's make it work for good?"

And as I said on Twitter, if you're going to do a triangle, then do Safari Jeff cause he was awesome. But Discodan pointed out then they'd have to aknowledge Josh and lord knows they can't do that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's Damon's tiny little grey teeth that are bothering us? Hope they don't send him to Newest Colby's dentist.

I love PVP--you resurrected a dying soap!

Arizonagal said...

Regarding Greedlee's latest dress, it was very Cruella Deville. Meanwhile Looch has spent the last week channeling Wilma Flintstone.

Anyone know when the Chompers memorial is? Looking forward to seeing Nina and Daisy.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

A new podcast is on the way.

facebook is not gettign back to me :(

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Okay so I'm all caught up with GH & AMC. Still behind on OLTL. Why? Because it is like Chinese Water torture. I can't believe that this is the same writing team. It has been so awkward, not just in the writing but the acting and direction as well. All the Rex/ GiGi/Bo/ Nora stuff yikes!!!!.
What the hell did Scott Clifton do to Frank V. and Ron C. to deserve the exit storyline they gave him. I was disgusted with how everyone has been treating Schuyler. Especially when Brody hit him. Did Brody not shoot Rex just two years ago when he was going through his crisis, some empathy from him would have been better. I will give Scott & Iliene credit for working this. Thank god they have not f'ed up the Langston storyline. Love Starr and Ford going at it. Also props to Florencia, how can they even consider killing my Tea off. I actually liked when her and Brody went at it. Hey If Jess doesn't wnat him give him to Tea. Snatchlie and her Clayface expressions are annoying the F*&^ out of me more then that Blowfish we call GIGI!

Nancy Lee Grahn is kicking ass. Gh has been so amazing.

Loving me my AMC!!!!!! Look you all know that If I had my way Beth Chamberlain would be playign Liza a.s.a.p.

but I do have to admit that I can deal with Ja Lu now that Liza is behaving like Liza and not that water down version that Mctrash-bitsch turned her into but the real Liza. What she pulled today with Damon's Parole officer. That is Liza Colby people.

I reazlie that is all Mctvaish can do is write weak women she not only killed Liza but Brooke as well! That is why it has been so much fun having Brooke back because she is a strong woman again.

Arizonagal said...

Jordan I agree with you 100% about OLTL. I loved the Roxie/Schuyler scenes. I always love it when Ilene gets air time because she has never, not once, been boring as Roxie. It is never a chore to watch this woman. Starr and Ford, that was good stuff. I love the way Langston is so under Ford's spell that she can't see the truth.

I am loving JaLu's Liza but when I hear Beth Chamberlain's name I always wonder "what if..." She would have been great as Liza but JaLu is rocking the role now.

I was thankful that when JR made his little move towards Annie, she walked out of the room. What I like about this story is it keeps ya guessing. I never thought JR was hot but there is some real heat between him and Annie. By contrast, when Ebabe is with JR, nada, nothing, snoozeville.

Oh man, what a week at work, TGIF bloggers!

donna said...

Erica's getting a new man,and he'll be played by Michael Nouri:

I agree with Jillian's comment. He would have made a great Dmitri recast.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! There has to be another season of BEING ERICA!!!!!!!!! That is not enough. I can deal with saying goodbye to 24 & Lost they said what thye had to say and I have to let Ugly Betty go before it's time. But please CANADA I need more Being Erica.

Shadow said...

Mel said (and cracked me up): "At some point, just put her with Jackson and let their nasty kids be their roadblock."

LoBrow connecting all the dots between Brooke's accident with Damon and Laura's death is impressive. This is the way I like my soap.

Mel Got Served said...

Just watched Ugly Betty and had to second how good it is. It's disappointing that it's ending, but in a way, there's something positive about it. How many more years could Betty still work at Mode? It's clear she has a passion for writing about world issues and if she stuck around Mode forever, it would be her being safe forever and just a little unrealistic. The ending of the show has finally made the character of Betty grow up, which I like. But don't get me wrong, I don't want it to end either! But man the Justin stuff, so powerful and amazing; I kept getting verlempt!

Always anyone else recognize Henry's kid? It was little Spike!

Shadow said...

Jordan, you are so right about McTravish ruining Liza & Brooke. That's why I hate McTravish so much. I mean Satun Slayer and all that bullshit was awful. Killing Dixie with pancakes was outrageous. But what she did slowly to Brooke and Liza was damaging much more deeply and permanently changed the tone of rhe show.

Liza and Brooke were great together but I think Liza has a better plastic surgeon. She looks 20 years younger than Brooke for some reason. ( meow)

Shadow said...

Holy shit! Soapnet showed Mary Fickett in a Tad promo!

Mel Got Served said...

I have an admission to make and I pray Shadow won't kill me. When I started watching like 6 years ago, I didn't like Brooke. At the time though, it was McTavish writing, Brooke was back-burnered and when she was on I was always like "whyyyyyyy." Well know I know WHY. This character is great. It's a shame that for some generations the version of the character they know stinks. That's also why I can not, will not ever like Ryan. He may have been awesome once, but for me he's like waterboarding.

Thank you Lorraine Broderick for showing me what the character of Brooke really was meant to be- now I'll have to YouTube to see some more of the real Brooke.

Mel Got Served said...

Listen, I love Bobbi Eakes and think she's a great actress but Krystal's kinda run her course, IMO. No one really cares for a Krystal & Tad pairing and without Babe, there's not much to her. Marissa will never be Babe and quite frankly once Pratt changed history to make Krystal SELL her baby, the character has sort of been tarnished. Even the possible rivalry between Krystal and Liza isn't that interesting cause Krystal just seems neutered compared to her past self that was shootin' whiskey and doin' anything for her babygirl. Krystal's just a glorified babysitter this point; she's Corrina Corrina with a contract.

It's like they shoved her into Wednesday's episode (which I'm currently watching) for no reason. She flips out because David has no clue that Marissa has swine flu. Krystal, he's in JAIL. He's not checkin' Facebook status and tweets in the slammer. Um, why? IMO, Krystal and Ebabe can leave PV to go bond. The only possible interesting angle to this is yet another Little A aka AJ aka Buzz Lightyear custody battle because Marissa is now his adoptive mother so has rights too. Maybe then these characters could be interesting but for now, zzzzz filler.

Jen said...

My laptop is acting up, so real quick

Oh wow... BOOMCHIKAWAHWAH during Annie and JR's seduction scene...MCE/Jacob have added rootable homewrecking sex back into this show, btw I think JR is really falling for her, either that or he has a very good poker face...THANK YOU!!!

Everyone was great tonight from JR/Annie, Ryan/Tad/Jackson, The triplets from hell, That bitch Liza, David, Adam. Congrats on making this Friday a memorable epi. atleast for me LoBro.

Shadow said...

Jenn said: "MCE/Jacob have added rootable homewrecking sex back into this show". So true!

Mel, I hear you about Brooke. I have always loved the character and actress but I remember being frustrated the past few years the way they wrote her. Very out of character much like Dixie was unrecognizable her last year before the pancakes. She's always had a vulnerability andt she's tough. Erica does sort of rattle her chain though. And she's always had a soft spot for Adam, but a limited tolerance for his meddling ways.

I almost lost it when she got all verklempt about Laura's and Damon's apology for texting. I knew immediately when she clammed up where her mind was. No words were necessary. Just her hand to her face and the tears swelling in her eyes said it all. No verbal attack necessary. That's why the vets and history need to be incorporated and celebrated not ignored. Fantastic stuff.

Still can't get over seeing the Real Ruth!

Damon does has weird gray baby teeth. They contrast so oddly to NuColbys giant blinding chiller teeth.

Shadow said...

Laura's death .....Colby's giant blinding chicklet teeth. Damn IPhone.

Mel Got Served said...

Watching Friday's episode right now and Erica just arrived in Spain to rant on and on about Greenlee to Kendall. Erica is talking about how David did all these horrible things and it got me thinking: how could Erica, who clearly holds grudges forever, how could Erica Kane EVER forgive Zach for murdering her son? Sure Josh was erratic and had issues and held Reese hostage (and Erica wouldn't have cared much about that- she hated Reese). I just wish Erica still harbored some residual anger, or someone else would bring it up.

Ah this JR and Annie stuff is so good. And last night I watched the scene where Damon asked Brooke for forgiveness- omg so good. I got verklempt as Brooke remembered Laura and I wasn't even watching then and felt all the emotion. THESE were some great scenes.

Also, I'm loving Liza. Pratt's sexpot version of her was a joke. I didn't see much Liza when I started watching (it was just her on the run with Colby and temporarily hiding Babe and "Sweet Baby James"), so I don't know her whole story. What I love is just how manipulative Liza is: she's powerful, ambitious and will get her way whatever it takes... and it's with her manipulations, not her dropping her undies on that one blackjack table at the casino.

PS What casino closes at night? No wonder Zach had to sell it- all the good money comes from the people pulling all nighters at casinos!

Shadow said...

The broken shutters drive me freaking nuts! The show is so good but they keep panning over Ryan to the casino walls and there are broken slats. Fix that shit! It's all new! That is the most drab, depressing casino on earth. There's like a jukebox! In the hallway and a one blackjack table with a pair of panties caught on the table leg and a cum spot on the top. I wish the Port Charles mob would come burn it down.

Elizabeth said...

Wow...need a cold shower after that last JR/Annie scene yesterday. Let's have a triangle between JR/Annie/Scott and just let things be hot, hot, hot all the time. WOW!

jason said...

I never thought I'd be saying this... I'm loving Jamie Luner as Liza! She's been all kinds of fierce.

Loved the meeting of Greenlee and Kendall. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't left till the end of Friday's episode.

Jr and InsAnnie are hot! I hope they go through with it and have sex.

Oltl has been okay. Loved the scenes with Roxy and Schuyler and it's too bad they're going to be short lived.

I never thought I would hate David Vickers but I don't like how he got rid of our Kim. I hope she comes back soon!

There are two episodes left of Damages this season and I can't wait to see how it's going to end. It's sad that a show like this isn't getting enough viewers and I hope they find a way to bring it back. They're talking about doing the same deal they have for Friday Night lights. Air it Direct TV first and than on NBC later. Except for Damages it would be Direct TV first, than FX. Anyway to keep Glenn Close and this brilliant cast on air.

Jordan what did you think of Lady Gaga's Telephone video?

I hope we get a new podcast soon, I miss you JordAsh!

Mel Got Served said...

Old Navy just got way sexier: the guy who plays Eli is this new spokesperson! He's wearing a tux though; no shirtlessness!

So the question is, if Annie and JR hook up, what happens to Scott? He's so under-utilized as is. I hope he doesn't hook up with Ebabe. I think EBabe needs an additional nickname to demonstrate how boring she is.

Jen said...

InsAnnie & JR made it sinfully pleasuring to root for that, I also took a shower after just watching them make out, they better have sex. Oh god if they do I can just imagine his wife and her in the same rm. back in PV, can we say awkwardness????

What happens to Scott? he can always go after Greenlee, they have a history, or Borissa when she gets either recasted or retuned to be less like a Martin. When are we getting the new podcast?

Laura said...

Yeah a new podcast is coming!

I try to behave myself on twitter but when an AMC fan asked me who Rancid was I called out the actress by name and said she is a bad actress. She sent me some messages back saying, sorry you feel that way. And then asked why I follow her. I think her tweets are entertaining. She actually retweets Lindsey Lohan like she is a profound individual.

Oh well not to hurt her feelings but do you think I am the first one to call her a bad actress?

Upset with OLTL, still behind on AMC but loving GH lately except the scary thing that showed up on my screen pretending to be Bobbie Spencer. I have watched this woman since she was Lana on OLTL, and I seriously did not recognize her when she walked in the room.

Women, less is more with plastic surgery!

My question for our Puerto Rican hosts: You seriously were not surprised when Ricky Martin came out were you? I hear this is big news every night on the news in Puerto Rico.

I like Ricky Martin, he is hot and I don't care what team he plays for, he is sexy and it's a shame he couldn't come out earlier.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...


Sadly I have know for year and I mean decades about Ms. Martin. The reason I knew or a fact was one of his ex's had fooled aroudn with a friend of mine and then the same guy was trying to hook up with me. So I don't know why anyone on that Island is in shock. Stevie Wonder could tell he was gay. Just like Ellen and Rosie better late then never.

Sad day I'm heart broken about Dixie Carter's passing. Big Designing Woman fan but big Dixie fan. First time I ever laid eyes on this Legend was on Filthy Rich and was in love instantly. Stunning, vibrant, Classy. What a woman. R.I.P. Dixie.

Laura said...

Jordan, I agree about Ricky, sad people feel they can't be out. I guess the next best thing to being out is to marry Elizabeth Taylor! Speaking of which did anybody see the clip of Tony Geary saying they were an item on Wendy Williams? Yeah sure! He said he was her boy toy.

Does anyone because me remember Dixie Carter on Edge of Night? She also it seems filled in for Nancy Pinkerton as Dorian on OLTL. That I probably saw but don't remember.

She was also good on Desperate Housewives. A lot of our old tv icons are passing.

Jen said...

OT subject...So get this, my friend got me into watching pts. of season 2 90210 *I KNOW...why she bothered*, it's not bad, not great, in the middle, so I'm watching the last epi. that aired via her DVR today and found a couple that makes me feel like it's H.S. and makes me say oh what the hell I'll give the show a shot, can you believe it's Dixon & Ivy...what a fun tandem that is, the fake date, the stupid nicknames, and if Tristan Wilds were IDK 4-6 yrs. older I might...but Matt Lanter can... So now I might watch this show regularly until it cancels that is.

Jordan, when does that podcast come out? ...LOLs.

Mel Got Served said...

Jen, you are not alone! I am really enjoying new 90210. At first, I didn't care for the character of Ivy- she seemed waaaay too old. Now, I LOVE her. Her and Dixon, I think this is an amazing match. I also relate to the character much more than the others. But I'll say this story with Adrianna and Gia- not a good match. It's just like the OC when they made Marissa hook up with Thirteen from House. But the other couplings and triangles are great. Silver & Teddy, Naomi & Liar + her lies + their lack of a mental connection. Heck I LOVE Jasper as a villain. He's the new Emily Valentine!

Anyways, I also recommend 90210. It's always going to be compared to the classic, but it can't be the same- it's just another show in the zip code. Remove it from the original entity and it's a fun show with witty dialogue, hot hookups, lots of 26 year olds playing 16, and fun stories. Their only dud is Annie but she's pretty minimal at this point too.

I also really dig the new Melrose but I know this one is DOA.