Friday, April 09, 2010

Screaming Through the Rooftops

It's been a while, and we're hopped up! (You may want to keep your hand on the volume controls for this podcast.) We're so happy to be back, and even happier to be looking forward to watching All My Children every day.

It's good, people. Really good. Not sure what to expect when our beloved LoBro leaves, but we'll take what we can get for now.

One Life to Live
? That's another story - literally. (But General Hospital gets a special mention. They're doing some brilliant work over there, folks. Might be next on my DVR list if OLTL goes down the toilet.)

Thanks for sticking around and sticking with us. As always, leave your ass-toot thoughts and commentary here, and we'll be right there with you.

Oh happy day!

4/9/10 Podcast


jason said...

YES! New Podcast!! But is it suppose to be 21min long?

Terry in Toronto said...

I am so excited for a new podcast! I was starting to go into withdrawal and taking little hits by listening to the last one over and over again.

Can't wait to hear you Ashley and Jordan! You've made my day.

Shadow said...

Hi Jason, It's about 66 minutes long. I was able to download it off Itunes early this morning.

I've listened to a few minutes so far and it's a loud, hilarious romp. Literally had to pause after the first five seconds and compose myself so I could hear the rest. Classic Ashley and Jordan.

Edyta: Ashley, just the thought of Edyta and I have to go straight to confession. Smokin' hot sex she is.
Doherty: Queen of Skanktown! Girl has wrinkly looking skin, sounds like a 10 pack a day smoker and I swear her front teeth are come out at night. Probably lost them in a bar fight. Sorry Jordan.

Shadow said...

"...and I swear her front teeth all come out at night."

Sorry for the typo. Doherty scares me and I flinched while typing.

Ashley said...

Hi Jason --

I posted whilst uploading the new 'cast to the server, so you were probably the first one to download and it wasn't completely done uploading yet. Should be cool now, like Shadow said.

Shadow, you make me giggle like a schoolgirl!

Love y'all!

Ash xo

Mel Got Served said...

Can't wait for a new episode! I've been loyally watching AMC again! OLTL has been dropped for 1. lack of time and 2. hate of the current state of the show.

Anyone watch Treme last night? I DVRed it but I'm such a huuuuuuuge Wire fan that I think this show will be amazing.

Bxgal said...

so... here comes Tea's brain tumor. ugh.

jason said...

Thanks Shadow and Ashley! Can't wait to listen? (=

Mel Got Served said...

Gaaaaah! It frustrates me that Kendall and Ryan act like they had sex one time after Greenlee "died." You were in a legit relationship! You left Zach temporarily!!! It was much more than grief sex.

OMG JR and Annie- hot hot hot hooooooooooooooooooooooot. And the scene juxtaposition of Adam passing out in the courtroom to JR & Annie giving in to passion- powerful!

Let's play a new AMC game called "Who Will Murder the DA?" It's a cursed position!

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey All,

I started watching AMC again. Yup. I've gone and done it. Still catching up but agree with Ashley and Jordan about Damon. I think the actor is good and hot and I like the character and all his character defects.

Jen said...

Mel, so true about Dixon and Ivy on 90210, IDK why but it works in so many ways w/ them, fun, serious, teeny bopperish, I root for them.. I don't like Teddy at all, he's almost like, actually he's worse than Annie to me, and I still can't believe Navid or Dixon would be friends w/ him. I wished they would have kept Ty or even Ozzie for that role. Navid and Adrianna put me to sleep b/c to me it's so blah...and lives on Jellybeans and random mates, no longterm options for either other than thierselves to cause issues.

Anyway AMC, give JR & Annie more time in those types of scenes, yes it was 30 seconds of bliss but the cut scenes made it look like minute man action, although Colby saved it talking about calling JR for hours I LOVE IT..Marissa really has no idea what's going on, sniff the rm. girl. Jacob and Melissa just got "IT" the "IT" factor. I hope it's more than just tonight w/ them.

Brooke being there for Adam was so sweet, him leaving the hospital so quick was wierd. For major surjery Brooke sure looks and walks healthy.

Kendall should smack Greenlee, but that means it's the old Greenlee, so when does the old Kendall SMG's version of Kendall return?

Love the Damon SL and how they are humanizing him, also about time Scott showed some anger at David.

Oh Annie is so hung up post sex, I liked seeing that b/c it makes JR stand out from all her experiences, the way they seem to be writing this is they yearn for ea. other in a way they never have w/ anyone else and it's about time I see that type of SL, if she were to say "incredible" one more time LOL.. I love her. I'm loving Jannie or JANN w/e we'll call them.

Shadow said...

Dangit you two! I'm laughing along snortin' and laughin' and then SHAZAM! You two are all verklempt over GH and Betty. I can usually hold it together but Ashley in protective mom mode ~almost~ got me. Fortunately I held it together because I hate kids in peril stories so GH is repulsing me right now. Then just about the time I'm working all that out BAM! - outta no where comes Jordan's Betty Breakdown. Dude I felt moisture in the corner of my eyeballs and I barely watch that show! I wanted to reach thru the Ipod and give you the ol' man hug-- shake hands, throw free arms around the each other, briefly chest bump, and separate without further fanfare-but a hug no less for some friendly support. You two are funny, sweet souls, and I am so happy to have found you both. Thanks for brightening my Monday and touching my heart. I'm still cracking up over "testing god damnit".

Ashley said...

Oh Shadow - you made my night! I can just picture you and Jordan doin' that "man-hug"/chest bump - though I'm not sure if Jordan can actually do a "man-hug." Wait a minute - maybe it's that queen Ellis that can't do the "man-hug." On second thought, I do think Jordan could hug-it-up in a (mostly) manly way. ;)

When you gonna guest host live and in the flesh? Anybody out there know of some software where Shadow could join us from across the miles?


Jen said...

Funniest pt. of the podcast for me was the Gigi joke

Skylar whatareyoudoing..Skylar pleasedon't...WTF was she uninspired, bitch atleast give the man heart in those scenes UGH!!! I hate Rex/Gigi

Oh Marissa needs to be recasted, I just thought about that one. If you're going to be a Hayward, and a nice girl to bat for ppl to root for vs the bad girl, you need to be, I wanna pin you to the walls hot, no wonder JR screwed Annie and well. Prbly the best sex he's had since the tool shed w/ her sister.

Laura said...

Thanks for the new podcast, something to listen to on the way home. Be careful about Denise Vasi on Twitter. She must search for her name.

I just said Rancid played by Denise Vasi is a bad actress and I got 2 messages from her, the first one was sorry you feel that way.

Number two is why do you follow me?

Anyway if you want her to get the message that she needs acting lessions she obviously searcher for herself on twitter. I don't want to be mean and say more, but has she never heard she can't act before?

Fish and Chips didn't do so good on DWTS. But that Edyta has the body all women want.

Welcome back.

Have any of the New York People seen the Addams Family Musical? I know it needed some work when I saw it in Chicago, and they worked on it and the reviews still weren't so good.

Good News, Glee tomorrow, the kid Jonathan Groff from OLTL and Spring Awakening will be on there soon.

Shadow said...

I just learned of the Adams Family musical a few days ago. Gotta say, that sounds horrid. They are also turning Gilligan's Island into a movie. And replacing ATWT with $25,000 Pyramid? It's like Sherwood Schwartz has become the king of all media at 98 or however old he must be now. I hate all that shit. I don't want remade "classic" TV. I'm a fairly simple guy just looking for some good storytellng with some characters who mean something and have a little history on the show. I don't want to give back Brooke. Its been so long-since way before she left in 2006-since we've seen the real Brooke like this. I want more Julua Barr. Im looking forward to seeing some Chandlers and Courtlands. I will settle for some recasting, but I want to see some familiar characters. ITA with Jordan about Ross and Pete. Give me some good Taylor Miller. I don't care about Cliff. Kill him. Recast him. Divorce him. Whavtevs. Can't wait to see Gillian Spencer! And hey, bring on Mary Smythe (real version please) and Vanessa or Janet for a touch of crazy. I'd totally support any effort to undo Stuarts death, de-loonify Marian and let them live happily ever after in the carriage house. If Adam was the one who died, then Brooke wouldn't have to leave. As for nostalgia of the Green Acres-Brady Bunch typ, all I need is an occasional Phoebe Flashback, Donna Do-over, Martin Memory, and so forth. Note to Frons: Dont be a dick: Bring back Carmen Thomas!

Unknown said...

Tuesday's AMC Line of the Day:

Greenlee to Kendall- "Everytime Zach leaves the room you have to sleep with someone to get over it."


Unknown said...
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Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Mel. I never saw the wire on my to do list but I LOVED TREME. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but it sure is for me. Love quirky character driven material. With a talented outstanding cast. My Khandi Alexander and Melissa Linda Warner AMC Leo and the music I'm hooked.

Mel Got Served said...

Jordan, DEFINITELY watch The Wire. It's an investment of time, but soooo worth it. So gritty, realistic, emotional, powerful... it's perfection.

Also, in terms of Ugly Betty, I don't want Daniel and Betty to be in love. While I love that Betty made Daniel a better person, I hate how on every show there can never be just male and female friends, it has to be romance. I always like Daniel and Betty cause they were boss/employee and best friends.

Also, we could argue about Betty being beautiful on the inside cause I thought a lot of time she was a bit of a jerk, but deep down and overall she was a good person just selfish maaaany times. I always joked I hated Betty but loved everyone else. Personally, I wanted Betty with Gia because he always challenged her and called her out for her attitude, etc.

Arizonagal said...

If TPTB could get Robert Newman on AMC as Ross I would LOVE it! Or, how about this, how about he's the senior anchorman at WRCW. Newman has aged so well, he could be potential love meat for anyone, from Erica to Madison.

Am I the only one that thought that the Annie/JR kiss was - disturbing? I don't know, kind of icky because JR is really a heartless slime. I know Annie is vulnerable and needy, but I hate seeing her used like this.

Jordan you crack me up. Shannon DoHURTee? Bwahhahaha. Yes, she was definitely better than Buzz Aldrin. White guy ain't got no moves! Poor Aiden Turner, man he is hard to watch on DWTS. He's not the worst dancer, but his awkwardness makes me squirm. When is Edyta going to get a partner worthy of her talents and body.

Fox News was here at work today, check it out:

Ashley said...

Cool AZGal! Interesting story too. You people know I'm a raging liberal, so I don't watch Fox News, but this seemed pretty fair and balanced to me. You work on a bee farm?

Ashley said...

Oops - forgot to add: I will say that I noticed that nobody mentioned climate change as a possible culprit on the Fox News segment. Is it?

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...


JANE LYNCH EMMY FALL 2010 Hands down.

Mel Got Served said...

Arizonagal, I feel similarly. While I find JR and Annie so hot, I hate that he's using and abusing my Insannie.

AHHHHH Lost was awesome. Glee was great. Idol was terrible!

Jen said...

It's so wrong how I find JR/Annie so hot, it's like stop being hot towards ea. other it makes me think rd.2 of sex is but a glance away. I've never felt that way about him and Marissa, sweet girl but a mousey voice that puts you in guilty feelings territory is not what JR needs. It's been a short term and they're getting into supercouple territory w/o the hook up.

Ryan is looking hot these days, and tolerable, did I just say that?

ugh Kendall needs to smack Greens, I loved her calling her out FOR KIDNAPPING & DRIVING OFF THE CLIFF w/ SPIKE!

Adam/Brooke are adoreable.

"Looks like a party huh!"

OT: GLEE was awesome Rachel Berry just pwns, Jonathan Groff was hot, 90210 was good w/ no Teddy, *hint hint* Matt Steger and Tristan Wilds ahh I love them. So adoreable. Tristan Wilds isn't even legal yet. I feel horrible for wanting to take him away to some island. Like a child rapist or something.LOL

Back to AMC. Srsly the witty lines in this epi of AMC were amazing I wasn't bored once, I haven't for awhile now. Colby impersonating Marissa when she said "well Annie can the life out of anybody"

Adam to JR hinting that sexual encounter w/o knowing. LoBro magic, Liza/David have heat..shame it won't be touched or explored for awhile. Zach pissed me off, if you don't love her like that, let her go.

Shadow said...

For some reason I watched Idol featuring Adam Lambert and the songs of Elvis. I was over here. The remote was over there...

I wonder if Crystal's hair stinks? Who knows what's stuck in there!

I hate neck tattoos like Andrew's more than regular tattoos. I keeping wanting someone to wipe that shit off his neck.

Ellen adds nothing. Kara's goofy earnestness drives me insane. Bring back drunk Paula!

I think Adam & Tim had an eye thing going on.

Adam told Lee to be more playful which is hard for Lee. So Adam tickled Lee's nutsack with a feather during his performance.

Aaron seemed nervous & looked like he was going to vomit but he's the one guy who doesn't make Ryan look like an elf.

Arizonagal said...

Wow greasy lips Farah Fath really sucked in her "powerhouse" courtroom scenes. There was nothing behind those words. Amazingly bad, suckworthy performance. Not one real moment. I was watching thinking how Bree Wmsn or Florencia or practically any other actress on OLTL would have shined in those scenes. Giving up Sierra Rose meant nothing to her. OTOH Fish and Kyle were so genuine. I can't believe FF has fans.

Arizonagal said...

I think the reason I find the JR/Annie thing disturbing and creepy is the guy almost died, visited his mom who had all these profound words of wisdom. Is he so wretched that the minute he's well enough he'd bag his old man's wife just for revenge? What did he learn during his illness?

Having said that, it is good soap!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

A new podcast! Yes!

Haven't been on the blog in a minute, but I figured that a new podcast was worthy of me taking time out of writing my paper (I'm writing about the declining popularity of soap operas, so I guess this could be considered research, right? lol)

Great 'cast as always. Jordan and Ashley you crack me up.. You need to be on television immediately!

Glee was amazing last night! I was worried that it was going to maybe lose it's spark after the long hiatus, but I am glad to say that I was extremely wrong.
Best line of the show was Brittany saying, "Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?"
The actress who plays Brittany is fantastic, he deadpan expressions and delivery of her lines is brilliant. Also Indina Menzel is a dream. Can't believe she hasn't been in more TV shows and movies.

Also, you guys were talking about Kara Dio.. whatever her name is from American Idol and I wanted to just throw out there that she co-wrote the Britney Spears song "Ooh Ooh Baby" from Blackout (one of my faves from that cd).

Anyway can't wait for the next podcast! Raising two babies comes first so it doesn't matter how long away it is I, and I'm sure everyone else, will wait patiently.

Arizonagal said...

Casey Shameless, I can't think of a better place to do research on the decline of soaps. The intelligence and insight of the bloggers always opens my eyes!

I love Idina Menzel. Glee cut out about half way through last night, damned satellite company! Did she sing anything?

Jen said...

Arizona, the thing is that this is JR's evolution to Adam Chandler the 2nd, the fact that Annie is his dad's wife isn't the point, the fact that his life is not complete and is changing is what I see.

'I love my wife....but god help me....I want you'

Whoever wrote that line, and had Jacob say it, what an amazing job.

AMC right now is Maria handing the baby to Brooke good, that's what I told my mom, she agreed. She said, last yr it was crap....this yr. 2010...PV has life.

Shadow said...

I'm watching Ugly Betty for the first time in eons. It's good. Betty, Marc & Amanda dancing was sweet. When did they become friends with Betty?

Ignacio is killing me. I love Ana Ortiz. I look forward to her next project. Willy is beautiful awake but kind of scary looking laying down with her eyes closed.

Glad it's all working out for everyone.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

DISGUSTING. OLTL was just disgusting today.

Yes it was great to see the brilliance that was Ron C. and his team with the kids. As of right now this is the only thing that has yet to be ruined on OLTL. two generations of teens on OLTL with powerfull material to play and they did rise to the ocassion. I'm hoping the rumors of phasing Destiny out is not true. As intense as the materail was it was not the entire episode. I was bored to death with Kelly and potential love interest contestant number 2 being shoved down my throat. In what seems to be the tired " The insanse Asylum is being run by corrupt people so they either tried to kill or killed your relative who was being treated here". Seriously?

Yet what really got me to the point that I just wanted to reach into the television and just strangle Melissa "Snatchalie Clayface" Archer, were the scenes with her and Marty. W.T.F. I was having Pratt-nam flashbacks. These scenes were so disgusting to watch. They made no sense what- so- ever. Who approved this material. I just still can't believe what I watched go on today between these two women.
LAZY LAZY LAZY writing! So dissapointed in Ron and the writers. LAZY writing Rachel's exit. Lazy writing Schuyler's exit. Lazy writing wait nothing was even written for Kish's exit they just vanish into thin air. I said it before the payoff is to see Roxy bond with Schuyler. That is what the audience wants to see especially after the performance and chemistry they showed last week. Instead Scott is fire and Eileen is put in a position where her character is not tied to anyone on the canvas and she further becomes unnecessary.


Arizonagal said...

Jordan I am loving the kids right now on OLTL, there is so much going on there. I so agree with you about Kelly. When I heard Gina T was coming to OLTL I was so excited. I never thought it possible to be so bored watching Gina T. I hate the way TPTB brought Kelly back to Llanview. It was too rushed, just like the exits of Stacy, Kish, Schuyler, Rachel and Kim. And through all of this OLTL bloodshed and the loss of good actors/characters, we still have to put up with Gigi, the worst "hacktor" on the show - no talent, no charisma, no intelligence. And what has happened to JP, aka Rex? All the mugging and gesturing and bugging eyes. I know this guy can act. He's "not going to be doing Medea on Broadway" (wink nudge) but he has - in the past - been decent. I really going to miss Kish. On the up side, I am saving about 20 min a day, just ffing thru the bad stuff on OLTL.

Arizonagal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laura said...

I just want our little family to know our friend Shadow twittered me last night that he was in the hospital for observations for chest pains last night. Let's all pray he's feeling better soon.

Mel Got Served said...

Keeping you in my thoughts Shadow! May he be back soon to bring us his snarky insight on all of our favorite shows.

Norn Cutson said...


Shadow said...

Hey everybody. Thanks for the nice words. It's been a crazy two days here. Yesterday morning started off great with an awesome workout, happy kids and wife. During a meeting at work my left arm started hurting and after I I stood up at one point I started having incredible chest compressions. I felt like I was choking and couldn't breathe. Ended up in the hospital ER and they checked it all out. After a while it all calmed down but I am sore. Turns out there was no heart attack thankfully but another condition that mimics the symptoms of a heart attack. My grandfather ignored symptoms and died very young. My Dad had bypass surgery very young and although I'm healthy, I don't want to make assumptions and end up like them. The hospital was great and this other thing is totally treatable. So I'm ready to snark away! They poked and prodded me all might so I'll probably snark more tomorrow after some sleep tonite. So good to be tucking in kids and helping the Mrs get ready for tomorrow. Love and blessings to you all!

Mel Got Served said...

Glad to hear you're better Shadow! It's been a hard 24 hours here for my family, so hearing that you might also be sick put a damper on my night but I'm glad to hear everything is OK and you're back home with your family. Looking forward to the snark! (and you'll get a good dose of laughter medicine from tonight's Survivor)

Shadow said...

Thanks Mel. Blessings to you and yours. I'll say an extra prayer for y'all tonight.

Jen said...

Woah I can't believe LoBro is going there, the break up trigger to JR/Marissa, she sucks in bed. That's the impression he gave me when he rejected going upstairs.

LOL to her wanting to be sisters w/ Annie. LOL..that over used smile when she said it.

Annie/JR need to use the tunnels, it is so gonna be on soon, JY those sexy expressions he keeps using.

Tad got alot of nerve asking Brooke for that favor.

Damon/Jesse scenes were so funny, loved Brooke and Adam kiss at the end, the soap clench kiss. Awww.

Unknown said...

Yes, Zach's love for Kendall has changed but he never said he didn't love her and I believe he does. All love changes on soaps no as in real life.

Since Thorsten isn't coming back I say recast Zach with Ted King

Crystal said...

Loved Ugly Betty. I liked the ending mostly. Much better than Gilmore Girls ending which I am still traumatized by.

Loved GLEE. Brittany is my fav!

Unknown said...

Shadow, I'm so happy to hear that you are okay! It's always good to get checked out when you have scary symptoms like that. I hope that you continue to be in good health.

On another note, I LOVED today's episode. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. Let's just say that as far as Greenlee is concerned, the BITCH IS BACK! I am seeing the girl I used to love to hate coming back strong and it's about damn time.

Arizonagal said...

Shadow that must have been a scary evening for you. So glad to hear you are okay. Mel hope you and famly are doing better. Hugs to all you bloggers and TGIF!

Anonymous said...

It’s always huge news when Kate Collins returns to All My Children as that madcap badass Janet (From Another Planet) Dillon. Last seen in 2007 when she was shipped off to the nuthouse, Janet has escaped in a nurse’s uniform and will pop up in Pine Valley April 30—with a vengeance! While institutionalized, Janet was allowed to take computer classes and she learned online that her daughter Amanda—the object of her sick obsession—is now a hotshot fashion model with a child.

“Janet, in her insanity, thinks she can manage Amanda’s career better than anyone else and wants to take her and the grandbaby off to Europe. She’s even made fake passports,” reports Collins. “And of course she sees Amanda’s husband, Jake, as a big threat to all this. He’s an obstacle and he must be dealt with!”

Janet also makes a shocking claim: Back in 2005, she killed Amanda’s father, Trevor, by stuffing him in a meat freezer. Now she says she did it because Amanda didn’t love her as much as she loved Trevor. “It’s very intense,” Collins says. “I don’t know how Amanda will ever be able to cope with that. After this, any kind of reconciliation between those two is probably impossible.”

Collins is such a puzzlement. She always attacks this role with great relish, giving a dazzling and hilarious performance, yet she is, in essence, retired from the profession. She lives in Chicago, with her theatre director husband Charles Newell, and their two sons. How can somebody that good be so uninterested in a career?

“I was so happy to give it all up to be a mom and a wife, and to live in a community that we love,” Collins says. “And I still get to come play and be Janet sometimes! How cool is that? I have the best of both worlds, and without all the angst that comes when you’re trying to parlay a career. I don’t have to worry if my skin is beauteously clear. I don’t have to worry about weighing too much. I don’t have to worry about trying to look younger at auditions. That’s very liberating! And I think it makes me a better actor.”

Crystal said...

Mmmmmm Zach on a boat with a cute hair cut and that sexy blue shirt. I will stay on the boat with him!!! It's a good thing I am not Catholic, I'd have some bad thoughts confessing to do, lol. ;)

Ashley said...

Jeez, Shadow, I nearly had a heart attack reading the blog! I hadn't read it in a couple of days, and saw Laura's post, and I was afraid to keep scrolling down. Seriously, my heart was beating out of my chest! So glad to read your post that you were doing okay! (Although I must say that whilst I was breathing in and out of a paper bag to calm myself over this crazy news, I did have a zen moment and trusted that you would be okay. I mean, you're a crazy worker-outer an' shit!)

This place is a nicer place because of your giant heart, Shads - so glad to hear it's feeling better (the heart, that is)!


Jen said...

That's nice that Greens sell your friend down the river.... when Kendall returns it's time for the little bitch to be put in her place.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Shadow. Glad to hear that you're doing OK. I've been super busy at work and like Ashley hadn't checked the blog in a few days. Good for you for responding to the signs and going to the hospital especially if there's a family history of heart conditions. Better safe than sorry.

Take care and stay well.

Ashley said...

So, the search is back on for a recast BINX!!!!

Check out what one of my sources sent me!


ALL MY CHILDREN (Rerelease of Bianca Montgomery)
Episodic AFTRA
Casting Director: Judy Blye Wilson
Location: Los Angeles
Start Date: Starts Middle of May


[BIANCA MONTGOMERY] We are resuming the search for this character; orginally posted on 3/10/10. Please do NOT resubmit! It is NOT necessary to resubmit anyone already submitted! Contract role. Caucasian female. 24-26. Daughter of Erica Kane (played by Susan Lucci). Bianca is beautiful with a vulnerable, kind quality- yet she embodies srength. Bianca has been living abroad with her female partner.

What a-holes!!!! (And they misspelled "strength," not me!!!)


Ashley said...

BTW - did anyone catch Kendall and Spike's spanish word for "FISH" this week? It ain't really "pesca" - that's a VERB FORM, as in, "You fish." The noun for live fish is "pez," right? And for food it's pescado, I think. I mean, I know my Spanish sucks, but come on! Google, anyone?

Ash xo

Jen said...

The correct term is 'pescado'

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

haha I kind of enjoy the fact that Spike was saying "You fish." to Ryan. lol

Another thing I enjoy is Annie and JR! They are so hot! I think I have found my new favorite couple..

Also, Shadow, sorry I couldn't drop a line earlier, but I am glad that you are back in tip-top shape!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Also, I don't have any faith in Judy Blye Wilson..
NuBianca is going to suck.

(P.S.- I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think that I am lol)

Mel Got Served said...

I was at the doctor's office yesterday and they had a copy of the April 20 Soap Opera Digest and in the interview with the new writers, they mentioned they'd be bringing some new Cortlandt's into the fold. Wanted to pass that on!

Mel Got Served said...

PS I hope AmandaFan is actually Del Henry, still jilted from all her rejections when he bartended at Confusion.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

For some reason, I feel like AmandaFan is going to be Janet from another Planet.

Unless, AmandaFan has said anything sexual, I can't remember, but I don't think they have

Ashley said...

Alas, I think we had a spoiler that mentioned Amanda's "fan." but you didn't hear it form me or Jordan!!!

Also, if they're in this much of a rush t o cast Binx, that AIN'T good! J.Blind sucks when she has the time to cast, let alone when she doesn't!!!!

All I know is, they better not cast some bullshit as our Binx. I'm a have to whoop some serious flabby JBW ass over there if she does!


Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Haha Ashley you crack me up.. Flabby JBW ass lol
I just hope the heads at ABC Daytime learned a lesson or two from the "Real Greenlee"/ Sibine Singh debacle. If they thought recasting Greenlee was hard, they don't know what's in store for them with finding a suitable recast for Binx.

Also does anyone know what kind of watch Greenlee was wearing on Friday's episode. I'm been searching the web and I can't find anything! Let me know if you have any info about it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ashley, Jordan, and the rest of the PVP bloggers

Its been a while since I've dropped in on the blog, but I wanted you to know I still wait patiently for every podcast, and you never dissapoint! This year has been check full of drama of my own, and its nice to see you all still here, I really think this is the only blog I've ever seen that consistently keeps the kind of standards of intelligent "banter without bashing"....just more proof that the fans of daytime drama are and have always been a lot smarter than mosts give us credit for....LOVE the parked car podcasts, I picture myself sitting in the back seat doubled over in pain from laughing, and some days around here you guys were only only thing that got a smile out of thanks....kep it make this homesick New Yorker proud!! Yiu guys really deserve a talk show of your own, but I'd be so afraind it would spoil the ambience and spirit that you bring to it....can we get it produced from inside the car???

So muc to talk about these days, but a lot of it has been said by all you intelligent folks already.
And I haven't read as much of the blog as I'd like, so here'a a question...has anyone noticed a hint of OLTL's preoccupation with Barney Miller? It's not as constant as GH's 24 references, but first a cop named "Fish", now a nurse named "Wojohoeiwicz" (Don't know if I spelled that right). Anyone notice any more names I might have missed??

Also, it might not be a bad idea to send up some "best of" podcats in the weeks when life just doesn't allow for a new one....I've got about a dozen alone in my smart phone and always find them entertaining even when the recaps are outdated....because of course thats not really why we listen anyway...something to think about....
...thanks again for brightening some pretty dark days this year here in Sin City....keep it all coming....and whne you all want to finally meet, lets do it here in Vegas!!


Cathy in Vegas

Dianne said...

Am I the only one feeling shades of the Suxtet with Kendall's fretting over having to go back to Pine Valley to "fix things" with Greenlee with no regard for her husband and children? Please don't take us back there!!!!

Unknown said...

It will be Kendall and Erica vs. Greenlee and David.

Arizonagal said...

Hey Cathy, I noticed the Fish and Wojo references too. Guess that tells everyone how old we are, eh? I have a BFF in Vegas. You two outta get together and tell each other stories! Good to hear from you again.

Okay so I'm over being offended by the JR/Annie sexual tension. After watching them and then watching JR and Marissa, I totally get it and I like the heat. Poor little Marissa, she is AMC's answer to Marko, no? She's too innocent and on soaps, the cuckold is always played too trusting and naive. Loving this.

OTOH, there was way too much Ryan/Greenlee/Kendall crap. Am I the only one who finds this boring? I simply hate the way women keep going to Ryan and asking this effin' idiot to fix things for Greenlee. And Kendall is back as dumb as ever. The TPTB just picked up the same old tired ball and ran with it. Meh...

Laura said...

Taylor Miller aka Nina was just on the noon news in Chicgo. She still looks beautiful. She said it was so much fun to return and her and Gillian visited James home and had a nice visit with his partner. She said he was gruff like that on the show but once you got to know him it was all good. He also walked her down the aisle in real life. I loved the old clip they showed of Taylor yelling at Palmer for trying to get rid of Cliff.

I will be watching tomorrow. Showing my age here but I remember Gillian as the original Nicki/Vicky
on OLTL.

Also I just found out Peter Haskell died, he was in a lot of stuff but he was on Ryans Hope.

Jen said...

Smartest thing Ryan did was put his foot down to chasing Greenlee, as a former Rendall fan I truely believe that.

JR/Annie make dirtiness and pervs come off hot, it sucks for Marissa, I mean she smiles so much and reminds me of Markko or remember Becca Tyree? except Becca was hotter. If there is a god these things will happen.

1. JR saids Annie's name in bed w/ Marissa

2. Marissa walks in on JR/Annie having sex

3. She's recasted

DancingElf88 said...

Marissa for some reason makes me uncomfortable. She tries to be sexy but it doesn't work. It comes off as awkward and cringe worthy. JR and Annie are SO freaking hot. I haven't liked Ryan in a VERY long time but yes I am glad that he's backed off of Greenlee I hope it stays that way.

Unknown said...

UGH, I'm so disappointed about what the spoilers are saying for AMC. I'm not going to ruin it for you people, but I am not amused! We just got our show back again. I don't want things destroyed!

Walker said...

Yeah I'm excited to see Taylor Miller's return. I wasn't born when she was first on but I see her at Treasure Island all the time.. Such a sweet lady..

Jen said...

I got to give Jacob credit for making me care about who some here call E-Babe & his marriage, the battles between his good and evil side... since Babe was the whore we'll call her the 'Bore' anyway..I get that I'm suppose to feel sorry, but srsly I keep watching to see when the hell is Annie going to break them up. My. GOD. do. me. that. favor. already.

It's hot, it's cold, yes, no, up, down...I really want this. WTF someone tell me how long will it take, late summer? early fall?

Shadow said...

Thanks for all the nice comments! I'm totally fine. I've been running like crazy the past couple of days-almost to prove a point. That was a freaky episode and scared the bejeebies out of me. Listen to your body and err on the side of caution!

I'm really interested to see Palmer's memorial. It was hand crafted bt LoBro herself in keeping with his wishes for a lowkey farewell in real life. Sort of fascinating that he add-libbed for the camera on the 40th and she found a way to utilize that footage in the story. Yes, she is THAT good. He deserves a proper send off, as does Adam. Thank Gid LoBro is there to write it. If it were Pratt who penned the eppy JaLu would be having sex on Palmer's coffin and Adam would probably get shot in the head by Tad and die while a vacant Ryan ogled the big shiny Moon after a night of careful missionary style sex with Erica surrounded by 1000 white candles as Opal watched and vibrated with her crystal ball.

Mel Got Served said...

The new nurse/Jackie's latest antagonist on Nurse Jackie is dreamy. I don't know his name, but I heart him.

Jen said...

You know I just realized, w/ Palmer's epi. coming up, Adam Chandler is said to be leaving this wk. It's amazing the parodoxs of it, the elements involved here, his all time foe on the show R.I.P. in Palmer Cortlandt, meanwhile the one person you'd never expect, his son JR is really what's going to end his reign in Pine Valley. The scandal of all Chandler scandals brings down the great Adam Chandler as his son takes his place.

Jen said...

"If it were Pratt who penned the eppy JaLu would be having sex on Palmer's coffin and Adam would probably get shot in the head by Tad and die while a vacant Ryan ogled the big shiny Moon after a night of careful missionary style sex with Erica surrounded by 1000 white candles as Opal watched and vibrated with her crystal ball."

DOL Shadow! DOL!

A said...

Jordan thoughts lol?

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

I'm sorry I was starting to type when I saw that A. sent me something that left me speechless. After composing myself in more ways then one.....

Okay first Shadow like everyone else I was so concern. Glad that your feeling okay.

Just saw today's episode of AMC. Again not the way I would have handled it but so much better then the way they handled Eileen (Myrtle's) goodbye or even Sturat Chandler.

As always I would have liked more then one day, more clips, more scenes with the people who came back. I also feel that an event like this, while tragic because the actor passed away in real life, it could still help the show by moving it to the next stage.

With that said I cried. It was well written and acted. A nice small brief tribute to James. The last scene had me crying so much from the image that sort of resembled the original cast gathering for the 20th Anniversary to a surprise short appearance by someone who should have been there. I thank the powers that be for that small gesture. Also please that Lorraine seemed to be incharge of this and that they did not wait for the new headwriters.

I don't want to be the voice of doom. I wish that I can have faith in the new team but I can't. The only reason that Gl bounced back towards the end was Kreisman was given co head writers one was Jill Lori Horst who had history with the show. Then I tuned in a bit to ATWT Yikes, it's even worse then when I left it and these two are coming on to take over AMC.

The show is back on track, leave it alone Frons, let Lorraine work her magic, or get Claire Labine.


Anyway A. I have been so down that link put a smile on my face and other things THANK YOU. Now if I can only find a gay man who looks like that I will be Happy. All the hot ones are straight.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...


Crystal said...

Loved seeing the flashbacks today! I am so sad they never got Palmer & Opal back together. 8(

Anyone else think Téa pushed Marty?

jason said...

I enjoyed today's AMC and I did tear up. I thought it was really well done.

Glad to hear you're doing good Shadow!!

brtedi said...

I just heard your latest pod cast (April 9) Ashley, I have to agree with you guarding Edyta from Dancing With The Stars. The lady is gorgous! She’s made the illusion of ’almost’ wearing costumes an artform.

On a related note, IMHO Kate Goslin will continue to receive the ‘mercy’ votes, for as long as the show's fans can tolerate her lack of skill as a dancer/performer. A lot of people identify with being divorced parents earning a living.

Jordan, GH is wonderful, right now! Dante and Lulu—So far, these two characters have a sense of humor in the midst of turmoil. I completely agree with you about the “Corithos” children. Put the current Kristina, Molly, Morgan and Michael #2 in a scene with each other (and/or Dante) and I’m there!

On a final note for the evening, while I’m not at all familiar with “Ross Chandler” on AMC, add Robert Newman to the cast and I would be such a happy soap fan!

Ashley said...

I'm with (most of) y'all -- I truly loved the JM tribute eppy. I cried like a little kid, snot and all, at that last shot (won't ruin it for those who haven't seen it yet).

Thought it was elegant, touching, dramatic - loved the Daisy/Opal s/l! Loved our beautiful Nina, loved La Looch's near-tears! Just really, really loved it so, so much.

Hopefully J. and I will be able to get together to talk about it with y'all soon.


PS - Any of y'all McPainer's feel any love for the man after today's OLTL? I really thought he did great with the news of Marty's miscarriage.... I've always been a fan of his, uh, subtlety. I think he's actually much more thoughtful about his work than we might give him credit for. He kicked ass today. Loved it. (And I ain't loving much on OLTL these days.)

xoxo again!

Shadow said...

I was really inspired by idol last change the channel, change the air filters, do some extra flossing. My teeth are so shiny this morning.

Arizonagal said...

Oh Palmer, that tribute made me miss ya even more! RIP James Mitchell. Damn, he was such a great character and a huge presence on the show for so many years. Daisy looked good. She was still wearing the same clothes she had on the last time she was on, about 20 years ago. Nina, still gorgeous and so elegant, very Grace Kelly. I'm glad it wasn't strictly a clip show, but the clips they did show were perfect. That had to be the most touching classy tribute I've ever seen on AMC. It was all heart.

Unknown said...

Shadow! You literally made me laugh out loud with your post. I was inspired to turn off the TV until Glee came on. The kids on that show reminded me that there are young people on Fox who can actually sing. What a concept!

Jen said...

Nice to see Brooke shoutout YT tonight. Erica/Brooke

'Brooke & Erica have a moment'

'Brooke, I'm gonna say this the nicest way I can...shut up & take the plane'

I still don't feel Greenlee or David..IDK why.

Annie's fantasy, god I love her. Srsly she's like the little hell raiser w/ a heart of gold that wants to be loved, JR stop fighting it.

IDK what Jacob did, but he has his body back to lick cream off ya levels.*sorry I'm trying to stay PG w/ him* I sooo didn't expect that fight to that hot ass kiss, Damn you Adam, your timing I mean. But what a cliffhanger. After seeing couples on this show, MCE/JY put everybody to shame. Srsly, it's not even close how great that hate to love chemistry is.

Adam and Brooke in the park...LOVED IT

That's all I got right now.

Amanda said...

I can't believe it guys! I'M BACK ON AMC! I watched Palmer's tribute! LOVED IT! I wanted to see what was going to happen with Brooke and Adam, and Adam walking in on JR and Annie. WHOOOOOOAAAAA!! Where has this show been?????? I missed you AMC!!!
Unfortunately, I will probably only be watching to round out the week and see Adam make his final bow. But WOW...was this ride worth it or what?!?!?!?!

Norn Cutson said...

i had a snotty cry over PALMER'S tribute, too.

PALMER & DAISY are one of my first AMC memories (my first is OPAL & LANGLEY), so besides the actor & character passing, this is another sign that i am growing older as well.
Everyone seemed to have the reaction of "why did i waste so much time?"
that was making me cry...we spend s much time defending our egos we dont have time to love & share.

i think NINA looked more lovely than EVER!!!!

but i did get distracted by ANGIE's CHER™ wig & JAKE's HAIR CLUB FOR MEN™.

Shadow said...

Norn, there is something going on with Jakes hair! What's with the 24 Hour bedhead? And Angie's 'do always strikes me as a don't.

First of all I LOVED every second of Nina & Daisey. It all seemed so natural and unforced. I beloved they were still connected to the town as much as ever. Great talents those two. Could use a little dental work, but lovely and wonderful just the same.

Shadow said...

So glad to see so many peeps back on the blog we haven't heard from in a while! What a nice week with all the vets front and center on amc and all of you here to share your thoughts.

Terry in Toronto said...

I'm still catching up on the past two weeks of AMC on the DVR and really looking forward to the Palmer tribute. I too am happy to see so many familiar names on the blog.

Jen said...

How amazing is this write off story for Adam/Brooke. WOW, really think about it and you guys will understand.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Today's episode of AMC was must see. Brillianty executed in all areas, acting, writing, directing. It screamed classic AMC. I won't go into details for all that have not seen.

Maybe there is hope for OLTL. If they will continue to show Mark (Brody) lawson jumping rope with his shirt off at least once every episode. I will tune in for sure.
In the immortal words of Envogue and Salt -N- Pepa What a man, What a man, what a mighty mighty good man.

Jen said...

JoHud, you Ash spoke about how the evolution of Tad into Joe, and Damon into Tad...tonight we saw the same thing, I don't want to spoil it either, it was really amazing.. but how awesome Adam/Brooke after all these yrs. from what seperated them, the reason they first broke up... coming back to essentially put them back together after all these yrs., while you know who comes full circle as a selfless man, while the other one does the 180 that's been in his destiny. It's as if they switched places.

*If there are spelling errors, it's b/c that's how good that epi. was...I got chills from it.*

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

AMC has been on fire lately. It feels soo good to actually be looking forward to the next episode. I can't remember the last time I felt this way about All My Children, but, regardless, it feels great to have this feeling back. The Palmer tribute was pretty much flawless, so happy that LoBro was on hand to write that episode because God only knows what would have happened it if was in the hands of Pratt. As I have said it before, I'll say it again. JR and Annie and SEXY! They could just be literally making out in the back of every scene and that would be okay with me. Those two have some real chemistry. I can't wait to see what is coming down the pike for them. Also, will they just have Greenlee and David hook up already, I think those two could have some real chemistry as well, given the chance. And, dare I say, I am actually liking Jackson and Erica back together. It's high time LaKane has been given a real mature storyline and the way Jack was there for her during the Palmer tribute was really sweet. It almost made me forget how much he bobbles his head... almost

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Oh! and I forgot to mention the amazing duo that is Adam and Brooke.. They are so good it is upsetting me that they are leaving, but what a classy way to write them out. Lorraine is a genius.

Okay, now I am done.

Unknown said...

LMAO Jordan! I agree with your comment about OLTL. I don't normally watch that show because I usually have a class during that time. I was home today and was getting ready to turn the channel when I saw that fine man and his jump rope. I was riveted to my screen and end up watching the whole episode. Well played OLTL, I like your style. :)

Shadow said...

Adam to Annie about Brooke: "We have history together!"

Annie, shouting in reply: "So do we! Maybe it doesn't go as far back because I'm not a DINOSAUR, but I thought it was just as important to you!"

Jen said...

Shadow I was LOL when she said that.

How about what happened between JR and Adam.

JR to Adam: "Annie is only w/ you for the money, for the I for the sake of this family made the decision she had to go"

Adam to JR: "Since when do you start making decisions for this family"

People this use to be the other way around!

Arizonagal said...

Damn AMC was *SMOKING* last night. Everyone here has already crystallized my thoughts perfectly. BTW the new writers material starts May 12th. I read that somewhere, can't remember where. TGIF!!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Guys do you love me if so then help me. ABC is planning a talk show with Tori Spelling and her Gay BFF. Like if Will and Grace were doing it. Write in to that have to be nice now Brian Frons and get me in the running. I think it would be amazing and whenever Tori is on vacation I can try and get Ashley there with me. I'm serious people. Jordan needs a real job. Last year was not nice on the job front.

Saving AMC later....saving the best for last.

GH When titans clash Dante and Sonny wow. Still not liking NU Michael but the haircut helped tremendously. On Monday he looked like Chaka from Land of the Lost the original version.

OLTL surprised me thou. I have to say loved the scenes with Tea and Todd ( how do you not see the electricty these two have) In comparriosn to the sleep aid that is Todd and Kelly. Hell even Todd and Marty have more heat. With no Rex and GIGI, for three days I was in heaven. Love Blair with Ely. But the winner today was Starr who realized after three years her last name was Manning. Yes for those of you who don't know when Starr was younger she was as bad as her brother. Nice to see that side of her. Hell hath no fury but I will give Hannah credit she held her own bravo ladies excellent work. Great writing. What I like about this is that it won't be a lover who breaks Starr and Cole up but the bad blood between there families.

Arizonagal said...

Jordan, you were born to host a TV show. You have the gift of gab, which in itself is not that rare, BUT, you also have the gift of making whatever you say interesting and your mind is like a friggin IMDB database of information. Boyfriend, tell us where to write and we'll do a write in for ya. You and Tory would be my guilty pleasure.

On AMC, love Brooke, ADORE her, do not want to see her leave. I am spoiled now with her visit. Stay Brooke, PV needs you. Damn, is she wise and smart and successful and everything a woman should be? Only other person who comes close is Angie. Erica has approached (and passed) the age of wisdom but she is emotionally about as mature as a petulant teen. I regret Brooke wasn't in PV long enough to trade barbs with Erica as in days of old. However, Julia Barr was finally treated to a long overdue, terrific farewell. I can't believe TPTB really thought we'd all just forget about her. I hate the way she was so disrespected years ago when she was written off the show. Holy Effin Cow, AMC has not been this good in *years*, it's blowing my mind and all the actors are bringing it.

On OLTL, I knew there was a reason I've enjoyed the show this week. No G-Rex! Great stuff with Starr, Cole, Marko and Langston. I love hating Natalie (aka Fatalie, Snatchalie). McBain showed his tender side finally. Why is Todd even more psycho scary than usual? That doesn't make sense to me. And does anyone think there's a clue in that vase Kelly is treasuring?

On DWTS, thank god Kate is gone. On Project Runway, congrats to Seth Aaron, his stuff rocked (so did the other two). On Nurse Jackie, WTF does Jackie see in Eddie? On US of Tara, love the new alter ego.

Unknown said...

ROTFL Jordan. I didn't know who Chaka was and I went straight to google images and looked it up. Spot on lookalike! Love it!

brtedi said...

"On Monday he looked like Chaka from Land of the Lost the original version."

ROTF!--Jordan, when I was a kid, t loved that "Land of the Lost"!--It was so cheesey and campy--It was good! Wesley Eure ("Will"/"Mike Horton") was such a ham you could serve him with eggs for breakfast--LOL!

But, I digress, Chad Dull makes me miss either "Michael", right now. So far, I'm not feelin' the love for this kid either...

I got to tell you guys--I just saw my first episode of Glee, on my local Fox affilate...Loved it! --Sue Sylvester!!! OMG!

Aside from that, the entire cast is so talented!

On to AMC: Is anybody enjoying David and Greenlee as much as I am?--For the first time, I'm getting to see David in an entirely new light. Over the past six years,I've watched the show, apparently the writers have forrgotten one essential element with the character----his vulnerability. It's encouraging to see his humanity/ the motivation behind why he does what he does. Otherwise, "Dr. Evil" is just another cartoon, no mater what the effort VI puts into his performances.

Arizonagal said...

Yes Brtedi, can't believe I'm saying this, but I am liking Greenlee and David and I never thought I'd say that because it just seemed like such a gimmick. But you take these two nasty damaged people and put them together and they get each other. I hate Dr Evil and have wondered how VI could stand to play that for so many years. I like it when TPTB give him a heart and I'll get behind anything that keeps Ryan and Greenlee apart.

Jen said...

There was no romantic chemistry in that kiss between D/G, and I gave them a shot but that was just me. It sucks that I also was thinking, that's Leo's brother, it's like Anna having sex w/ Leo. They missed the boat w/ him and Liza or Scott/Greenlee IMHO...I've always said I'm for D/G as big bro/little sis' past that just, I never thought I'd say this..that was Ryerica all over again.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I am personally loving the David and Greenlee pairing. I thought they were hot together and had great chemistry. That is one of the things that is making AMC so good lately, the chemistry. The writers have put characters and actors together who just explode when they are on screen with one another and I am loving it. Can't wait to see where the David and Greenlee (Davelee? Greenid?...) pairing goes.

Shadow said...

I'm loving rhe Evil King & Queen of Pine Valley. The way David is being written now, he's a far more believable successor to Palmer & Adam. A little more empathetic. Somehow LoBro has turned him from a cartoon villain into a tragic, damaged not altogether unloveable antihero. Their relationship seems to have purpose as well. It's mor than just "Frons and Craputhers think these two attractive people should hookup on screen". I hear ya Jen-it's all in the writing. In less masterful hands this could be disastrous. Here's hoping the new writers don't totally blow it.

Unknown said...

I'm loving David and Greenlee too, but I'm not happy about where the spoilers are going on this. Don't wan't to ruin it for everybody but the reason I'm having such a hard time being happy about this pairing is because I've always had a feeling that they aren't going to be the endgame. :(

Jen said...

Shadow, I hear ya on David...but there are just so many points I don't buy his evil king of PV act. I think as soon JR dumps the bore daughter of his for Annie, they (JR/Annie) will become the king and queen of PV, b/c they'd have more common enemies and JR would accept he doesn't have to be a good little boy for everyone and Annie wouldn't change that in him. This pairing w/ Chandler Ent. and currancy assumingly in the near future being JR's source could cause more havoc than the over propped IMO D/G pairing.

Mel Got Served said...

Catching up on AMC now. I had a hard time watching Tuesday's episode because it was definitely poor timing in life (my grandmother's funeral was on Tuesday, so I couldn't bear to watch a 2nd, even if it's fiction). But I really liked the episode and kept composure the whole time until Dixie greeted him. Loved that part.

JR/Annie are soooo hot, eventhough I hate that Annie gets duped. But loved how she pointed out how bland Borissa is.

And if I find out Amandafan is Janet, I'm going to be soooo disappointed (and I am so sure that's what the case will be). I'd much prefer a psycho-obsessive stalker rather than a crazy mom scenario.

I too enjoy David and Greenlee but in some interview whereever the new writers talked about Ryan and Greenlee so it's inevitable that we're going to get stuck with this sucky couple that no one likes (except for the people who apparently use AMC's Facebook page and always beg for Greenlee to hook up with Ryan and for Annie to go away).

I really like the Adam and Brooke stuff, and the Brooke and Erica scene was great.

In non-AMC recaps, Idol was TERRIBLE! Survivor was AWESOME with all caps- what an amazing play. Parvati is a Survivor legend in my eyes now. Glee was great and I'm so glad they are using Santana more cause I think she's great. In guilty pleasures, I've gotten hooked on 9 By Design, mostly because the homes they create are astonishing. I was trying to get away from "big family shows" but Bravo always makes their shows a little different.

And please, everyone watch Party Down on Starz. It is hysterical. I think you can watch the 1st episode on It's also OnDemand. This show has such an awesome cast and makes me laugh out loud week after week.

Michael said...

The tribute to James Mitchell was perfect. I would have loved to see more clips of the “old coot” in action: I wanted references to Monique Jonville and the Serving Spoon, Jasper and Myrna, Dottie and her mom as unwanted borders, Natalie, Cynthia, Donna and Vanessa, but Nina and Daisy’s presence made it perfection for me. Daisy even dressed like Daisy would dress. Thank you for the lovely tribute AMC!

Shadow, so glad you are well and back to cracking me up again.

Mel, I am sorry for your loss. My grandmother passed over a year ago, and a fleeting image will remind me of her and I miss her terribly all over again. I try to remember the part of us that’s immortal is the part that our loved ones carry in their hearts and memories. ps. you are soooo right about this year's season of Idol.

Jordan, it is only a matter of time before you are a superstar. A force of nature cannot be contained. Have you guys ever thought of starting your own YouTube channel? PVP would go viral in a nanosecond baby!

brtedi said...

This may be old news, to some of you"But, when I read it this afternoon, I simply grinned.

" ... Jeff Branson IN for Season Two of Venice
By Jamey Giddens on April 10, 2010...."

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Mel my heart and prayers go out to your family at this time.

Well the main T.V. season is coming to an end and not a moment to soon. I'm burnt people. I did drop Private Practice after that horrid season finale last year. I also did not start up again with Gossip Girl when they came back. They really think everyone has A.D.D. the way they break people up after one episode. Serena has been in love with three guys and counting this season thus far.

Damages was so calm this season in comparison to season 1 & 2 but boy did it deliver in the last two episodes in spade. If this is truly the end they will have put closure and tied up things from all three seasons.

Said good bye to Ugly Betty and gettign ready to say goodbye to Lost and 24.

Shows I wish would go and I hate to say it, but Grey's while I did enjoy it much more this season. I have lost faith in the creator and feel she is so unfocused on what do with Grey's. Brothers & Sisters while I still love the cast and characters, this season was not their finest hour. With Rob leaving and Calista cutting down, there seems to be more drama behind the scenes.

Flashfoward is a big yawn at times. Again so uneven, so many producers and they can't tell what works and what doesn't. I will admit that every time I'm going to pull the plug on it something happens that keeps me hanging on.

I like V a great deal. Yes they have a very awkward pacing in their storytelling but it has improved. A hot cast that can act. Joel Grestch is amazing he looks way younger then his age. Morris Chestnut mmmmmmm. Elizabeth Mitchell.

Saw the most bizzare show Starrz Gravity. I really enjoyed it. Yeah Party Down is back.

30 Rock....I must be insane EW said this is their best season....I don't feel that way at all.

Good Wife is beyond Good. Again how important it is to have a talented supporting cast. Just like Castle, while the leads are hot an have so much chemistry. The show would not be the same without the entire supporting cast. Plus uber sexy Michael Trucco is playing a new love interest for Beckett. How this man is not a lead in his own series is beyond me.

Have high hopes for Happy town.

Tryign to catch up on The Tudors and Breaking Bad very behind.

Loving US of Tara and Nurse Jackie (despite no Mohammed).

TREME I give it **** love everything about it.
I watch to much tv I need to get a life lol.

facebook sucks they have not gotten back to me and I miss you guys terribly so I'm going to ahve to do a new page

Shadow said...

WTF News of the Day (from Pine Valley Bulletin):

"Robert Curtis Brown has been cast as Paul Miller, the man that Damon always believed to be his father. He debuts April 28 when he comes to Pine Valley to visit Damon. The question I have is, why cast the man who is not Damon's father but still leave Hillary dangling!? AMC has not contacted Carmen Thomas-Paris about reprising her role of Hillary, but have said they have not ruled out bringing her back.

If you want Hillary and Carmen back in Pine Valley, please make your voice heard! Respond on the message board to the Hillary Wilson articles on the Official All My Children Website and! Or reach out via email to AMC Producer Julie Carruthers at or ABC Daytime President Brian Frons at! You can also write the show: 500 Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA 914521."

Arizonagal said...

Mel, so sorry for your loss. Sending you big {{HUGS}}!

Finally caught Friday's AMC. The writing was perfect. One thing I have noticed is JR is being written as less evil and more conflicted about what he's doing to Annie. I like that, so far, his little plan has backfired and Annie is using it against him.

On OLTL, my god, Ford is such a dog. I'm with Starr, Hannah is being too intrusive and needs to get the hell out of Starr and Cole's lives. Starr was great on Friday.

Jen said...

For the first time EVER! Jacob is getting something to do on this show other than whine as. JR....

Arizonagal, I agree.. I think what we're seeing w/ JR is for the last few weeks to the next few wks, he's turning into his father and doesn't know how to handle it. Scott knows, Adam knows, Angie saw it...Colby has and Annie does too. Remember how Adam was a do everything for the sake of me or my family kind of guy... and damn what any body else thinks. That's what JR truely is, he's been in conflict w/ who he is and what ppl want him to be.

In his Marriage he's trying hard to be someone he's just not... w/ Annie he acts like himself and she loves it. Almost like she's his version of Brooke. Annie would never try to change what he is or what he does, Marissa would 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th guess him.... And that's alright if he wants to be good and live a life that won't make him happy but will be safe. In one sense he can continue living that lie and make just Marissa happy or choose what he really wants in Annie. Whichever he chooses it will be his decision... but he can't have both. If he chooses Annie, he's not gonna be accepted by people in PV, an endless list, from the Martins/Hubbards/Kanes/Heywards/Colby...but again it's about what he wants and damn everyone else.

Annie to me is JR's realization to who he is. He's as evil and rebelious as they come. She's pointed out how he is still trying to do things to get accepted, while fighting what he wants, which is her, and to be himself w/o caring what anyone else thinks. That's my take on this SL w/ JR or JR/Annie.

Arizonagal said...

Okay, this was something that got under my skin for a few reasons. I don't remember all the details 'cuz I was snoozing, but Erica and Jack are talking to some photographer, and the photographer starts gushing to Erica about how she is gorgeous enough to be the model for this ad. This woke me up enough for a seriously painful eye roll. Does Looch have it in her contract that 1) no one dare ever call her a grandmother; 2) all men are required to fawn over her incredible beauty; 3) no one is ever to notice that this broad is getting way older; 4) she must address each fawning flirtatious remark with a toss of her clairoled mane?

As a successful professional woman who has had multiple marriages and multiple successes, she should find that tired old line both an insult and a brown nose. If the same thing were said to Jackson, would he find that a compliment? Hell to the no, he's worked way to hard, gone to school, spent years relying on his intelligence to ever find some tired old line about his looks complimentary. It's that old double standard, Erica has earned all the accolades, made tons of money, but some well-meaning but clueless guy chooses to suck up to her by complimenting her looks, not her brains. Instead of putting the guy in his place, she does that coy hair toss thing which one day soon is going to result in her wearing a neck brace when that skinny little neck of hers snaps. I'm not a raging woman's lib person, but it is an insult to Erica and I just wish she was smarter. And, really, is Looch ever going to acknowledge she's probably the oldest member of the current cast? She's a real PV senior citizen.

When a woman is Langston's age we aren't surprised by her gullibility, when a woman is as ancient as Erica, we want someone tough like Phoebe or Brooke! Looch outta embrace her age and all the power and wisdom that come with being a "woman of a certain age."

okay, off my soapbox now!

Arizonagal said...

Okay, this was something that got under my skin for a few reasons. I don't remember all the details 'cuz I was snoozing, but Erica and Jack are talking to some photographer, and the photographer starts gushing to Erica about how she is gorgeous enough to be the model for this ad. This woke me up enough for a seriously painful eye roll. Does Looch have it in her contract that 1) no one dare ever call her a grandmother; 2) all men are required to fawn over her incredible beauty; 3) no one is ever to notice that this broad is getting way older; 4) she must address each fawning flirtatious remark with a toss of her clairoled mane?

As a successful professional woman who has had multiple marriages and multiple successes, she should find that tired old line both an insult and a brown nose. If the same thing were said to Jackson, would he find that a compliment? Hell to the no, he's worked way to hard, gone to school, spent years relying on his intelligence to ever find some tired old line about his looks complimentary. It's that old double standard, Erica has earned all the accolades, made tons of money, but some well meaning but clueless guy chooses to suck up to her by complimenting her looks, not her brains. Instead of putting the guy in his place, she does that coy hair toss thing which one day soon is going to result in her wearing a neck brace when that skinny little neck of hers snaps. I'm not a raging woman's lib person, but it is an insult to Erica and I just wish she was smarter. And, really, is Looch ever going to acknowledge she's probably the oldest member of the current cast? She's a real PV senior citizen.

When a woman is Langston's age we aren't surprised by her gullibility, when a woman is as ancient as Erica, we want someone tough like Phoebe or Brooke! Looch outta embrace her age and all the power and wisdom that come with being a "woman of a certain age." Stop being such a girl and be a woman!

okay, off my soapbox now.

Mel Got Served said...

Arizonagal, you also missed line item #5 of her contract that says, "No open mouth kissing even if there is no tongue involved. A simple rubbing together of lips should suffice."

T said...

I'm with you AZGal. It's beyond silly that Erica is still foolish and self deceiving in this way. Erica is no supermodel, unless they're heading for ivory soap territory where they are going to shoot her nude celebrating the 'natural' bodies of women of a certain age. Now that would be groundbreaking.

Ashley would throw up in her mouth but it'd still be groundbreaking to see Erica's little pilates-to-death body wrinkles and all. They could get Leonard Nimoy to guest star as the photographer ... oh wait .... he only takes photos of full figured women. Sorry Susan Lucci.

Mel Got Served said...

I would love if when Kendall returns to the canvas and brings Ian and she meets up with Erica his first words ever are "GRANDMA" and she flips. I just wish the other characters would aknowledge it too because they all dodge the "g-word" with Erica and always say "the boys", etc. I think the closest was Annie ripping on her once and making a comment.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I've mentioned this before, but I will mention it again because I am desperate lol. If anyone has any information (or can find any information) on the watch that Greenlee has been wearing in the last couple of episodes it would be greatly appreciated. I have paused my DVR, zoomed, scoured the internet and I can't find anything. So please, my love for this watch is inhibiting my viewing of the show because I keep pausing and having to rewind because of dialogue I have missed from just staring at the thing haha.. What can I say, I'm a watch enthusiast. So let me know if you can find anything about it. Thanks everyone!

Mel Got Served said...

Ah the watch! I forgot to bring this up. AMC must be budgeting cause the other day Greens had that watch on and the price tag kept flapping around. My eye kept jumping to it. Someone must be doing the ol' wear it and return it trick!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Haha I thought it was a price tag as well, but it's just another bracelet that she is wearing under the watch.

Crystal said...

There must be a way to get in touch with the stylists to figure out that watch.

Crystal said...

caseyshameless, try this. Maybe they will get back with you.

Bxgal said...

How to Make it in America/Southland both renewed for another seasons and One Tree Hill is back! Today is a good day.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Thank you so much for the link Crystal! It looks like that is going to be my best bet in discovering the make of the watch. Again thank you so much, it is greatly appreciated.

brtedi said...

Hi, Ashley! After watching today's episode of AMC, I have a favor to ask you. The next time you ann Jordan are recording your latest pod cast in the car (so it doesn't disturb your babies) would you please give us your take on "Jesse's" reacton to "Natalia's" nude photo shoot, at Fusion. I know, I'm not alone when I say, I'd love to hear it--LOL!

Shadow said...

Hey Mel, so sorry to hear about the passing of your grandmother. They are so special. I still miss mine. I'm sure she was comforted by you greatly-her witty, thoughtful granddaughter. Blessings to you and the whole Served family.

Mel Got Served said...

Thank you all for the kind words- I love our little PVP family! :)