Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To Sirs, With Love

We love you, James Mitchell, and we adore you, David Canary.

This show is for both of you, with all our love.

(And, of course, to our amazing listeners and viewers, feel free to chime in here.)

4/23/10 Podcast


Karen Kaye said...

I listened to the first 3 minutes of it but it cut out and I haven't been able to get it back. I'll pick it up tomorrow. Needless to say what I heard was very touching. Jordan's recollections reminded me that AMC is part of my earliest memories too. I had a stay-at-home mum too and I remember she saved her ironing for AMC. The rare times I smell spray starch I'm brought back to sitting on the floor in front of All My Children while she ironed my dad's work shirts.

I also have to mention the graceful way they handled Palmer's death. Instead of showing us a funeral where Ross and Petey were obviously absent, they just had an informal memorial at Tad's before the funeral. Genius. I was in puddles. We are finally getting back to the Pine Valley I fell in love with at my mother's feet. She has since passed away but she'd be so glad.

And just a side note on things I loved on today's episode (27th April): Amanda saying (no joke) that she loves "going downstairs" to Jake. How did that get through the censors? I (as Jordan says) LIVED for that statement! Also, watching Jesse's full on apoplectic episode over Natalia's photographs was absolutely priceless. Loved every second of it. It feels so good to laugh (intentionally) again.

Ashley said...

Hi Karen -- Having trouble downloading it, It should be done by midnight EST.

Ash xo

Shadow said...

Palmer’s Memorial, Part 1

Some time has past since Palmer’s memorial episode. I needed a little time to reflect on it & take it all in before I commented on it so I haven’t said much. Saying hello & goodbye so quickly to so many characters I love is difficult. I’m connected to this show like no other. We all have those imaginary places we go to sometimes & since I was a child, mine was Pine Valley. As a kid I loved sneaking a peak at the fictional grown up world. I loved seeing how other kids dealt with their parents. It challenged me to think about social issues I may otherwise not have given much consideration. There were only 3 networks, two independents so not only was AMC escapist entertainment, it was informational & communicative. Over the years I’ve seen relationships grow & change on the show & watched how events & choices shape & alter relationships. For the longest time the history of the show and the characters were carefully preserved, & I grew to truly love this show, the cast, & the stories. It took on something on a whole different level from just another TV show. Obviously the world has changed, attention spans have shortened, & entertainment options have multiplied. I don’t think there will be opportunities for people to develop this sort of bond with a fictional show. AMC has had a wonderful life with some ups & some downs, but I’m better for having known it even if it was just a special place in a corner of my mind. As I watched the last week of David Canary & Julia Barr, who finally got to say the words “I’m leaving Pine Valley” instead of just disappearing behind an elevator door, I couldn’t help but wonder if I should take a cue from David & Julia & say goodbye myself to my beloved Pine Valley. I love where the show is right now. I got the rare chance to see almost everybody I love at once together in the same room. See that episode was personal to me. I felt like I was there. I was a part of that memorial, at least in my head. I could relate to it. It was human & touching & reassuring. (Heck, if Palmer can get into Heaven, I should be a shoe-in!)

There was no ego in the genuine affection displayed in the episode. We didn’t have to watch characters who didn’t know Palmer pretend to be sad. We didn’t have to spend time on other storylines for at least this one day. Their worlds kept spinning on the side while the rest of us said goodbye to our old friend, & the next day we picked up with the rest of the cast who also had moved forward in the time continuum. The days & nights make sense with Lorraine Broderick. I love that about her, among other things.

Shadow said...

Palmer’s Memorial, Part 2

It was nice to hear names of characters that mattered to Palmer, even if they couldn’t all be there. The gathering was a smart way to honor Palmer because it’s understandable Petey & Ross may not have been able to be there yet, but their absence at a traditional funeral would have been totally unbelievable. It would be easy to have disregarded Kendall with Alicia Minshew’s maternity leave, but she made an appearance. They could have completely ignored how special Bianca was to Palmer, especially since Eden Riegel is on Y&R now, but there was that sweet picture of them in the photo collage. At least they recognized that she was a part of his story. Daisy swooped in like she never really left.

I like that Palmer died in Pine Valley. Who wants to die a million miles from home? I loved flashbacks with Skye, Mark Dalton, & others. They were short, but perfect. I love the way this whole arc flowed together with Palmer’s death & Adam & Brooke’s departure. It recognized that these characters had relationships with each other that meant something & mattered & made them who they are. They challenged each other for better & worse. These aren’t just hair models bumping into each other like balls in a pinball machine depending on which way the plot lobs them.

And there we were all together in the “Martin House” or at least on the same episode together. Daisy. Nina. Opal. Erica. Tad. Angie. Jake as a surrogate for Joe & Ruth. Krystal. Brooke. Adam. Jack. Dixie. Some fried chicken. Even Mona, Myrtle & Phoebe were remembered. Even Kendall, Hayley, & Bianca got a nod. Again, all thoughtful gestures that showed although we may not see them, in the lives of these characters, the ones off canvas are still relevant.

That beautiful music at the end. Everything about Opal, Daisy & Nina. Those three gave performances that were in a whole different league. Just imagine if all these people could be on EVERY week.

Falling pictures that cued the opening credits from the family album we’ve become accustomed to seeing. You do that at memorials. You look at pictures. You talk about memories & others you loved & lost.

And perhaps the sweetest, most surprising ending Lorraine Broderick could have dreamt. And the amazing thing is we didn’t see it coming. It wasn’t in a preview. It was a gift from the show’s cast & crew who loved Palmer & the show as much as I do.

I’ll probably never see that group together again so, again, I pondered my future in Pine Valley. I don’t want to see it go ghetto again. That was just too sad. Maybe I should hitch a ride with Brooke & Adam & be thankful I was able to spend time with these folks just this once more.

But then I saw it, Holy Shit! Kate Collins is coming back as Janet. I freaking love her! And JR & Annie are smoking hot. So, let’s face it. I’m hooked and not going anywhere. Pine Valley is my “Lost” island, and I can’t get off of it even when I try!

Arizonagal said...

Geez Shadow, that was beautiful. And, also I agree, it's always great when Kate Collins drops in for a wacky visit.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

AMC was incredible today. Once again we see that this show can survive by keeping true to what AMC is about. I loved the simple scenes with Scott & Colby. The entire situation now at the Chandler Mansion is strong depsite the loss of Adam. JR has finaly evolved. The possibilities are endless to how this can play out. The show started out with a dramatic scene with Damon/Liza. As much as I don't agree with Ja Lu in the role. I can't help but look past that and see Liza Colby. The scens with her and Angie were hot.

Even OLTL had a hot day today. This must be Ron C. farewell storyline. This is the OLTL that I have loved for the last two years. Like a phoneix today's episode was despite the ever annoying Kelly and Snatchalie.

Hard hitting Drama. How could this play out any other way. The fact that everyone had been playing nice considering the history that haunts these characters. It was so believable that Cole would finaly snap. What is even better is that in the end what will break up Cole and Star is not a third party but the violent history their families share.

Also how can they not put Destiny on contract. They best not try to phase her out. This new direction that OLTL is taking sure seems to be saying that you only have one white straight life to live.

Shadow said...

"Uncle Palmer...Welcome home."

Elizabeth said...

Loved the podcast!

Thanks for the shout out and the compliments guys! I'll have to youtube Land of the Lost to find out what I missed out on! I'm an 80's baby so I don't remember it.

Elizabeth used to be my favorite character on GH before she got together with Nik, but I still like the actress so thanks for comparing me to her. :)

So glad to hear that you are both enjoying AMC these days. Annie and JR are quickly becoming my favorite pairing since Greenlee and Leo. I know they don't have the romance factor yet, but their chemistry is almost as hot. I look forward to them everyday.

Love you guys!

Jen said...

^^^ One of the best lines ever, Shadow.

Heard the podcast, thanks JoHud, and Ashley is right DaLee was just nasty, I'm hoping Liza does what teenage Liza would do to that union... but Jamanda was worse, I'm still LOL how they got the 1 min plus love scene w/ RPG being so out of shape. I still feel Jannie fans were robbed in DC it was 14 secs credits and than over. Problem w/ Jake and Amanda...the dynamic sucks, Amanda in her early 20's was never a milk toast girl but the show decided to make her that, and Jake comes off as someone w/ no life w/her..they are Rylee 2.0 pt.2...all cute..no depth and no real challenges to thier marriage..in another guy I mean. My friend told me something I had to wonder, could you imagine had the show kept this angle w/ JR/Annie only instead of the Bore, CS's Amanda would be the wife. Then ppl would have been conflicted to who or what to root for. But whatevs.

I totally called this situation w/ JR growing up as a Chandler, he's not there yet, he's still conflicted on what to do b/c it's the right thing to do and not what he wants to do. Right vs Want ...

I also loved how Annie basically erased

Ryan/Aidan/Adam/Babe/Amanda/Kendall/The Bore w/ one line

'It was the best sex of you've ever had in your life.. it was for me'


Frons must be dead to let that line get through.LOL

Where has this Liza been, this is the Liza my mom has always told me about. Vengeful, snippy, bitchy, assoc. w/ the worst of her kind in David.

Damon/Colby's scenes were so real, I still remember how I use to hate that kid, now I like him.

Tad and Damon's 'father' scenes were awesome, I liked how they left that cliffhanger style.

Brot/Natalia have no chemistry whatsoever. I just don't know what they are doing there. Jesse has reason to be angry, I LOL'd how Angie was all, it's no big deal. And finally Scott I like him being the voice of reason, but not the tough guy act, you can see the Stuart in him. Here's what I can see w/ him, he starts chasing E-Babe b/c they do have chemistry..either that or use Scott to break up Jamanda or Frandi.

The possibilities in that Chandler household is endless, that is truely a fun house right now. For the good of the show JR needs to do what Scott said, grow up and do it quickly..I predict that happens when he drops the E-Babe for Annie.

Elizabeth said...

Best part about GH today: all the babies! Did anyone who watched GH notice that Robin and Patrick's little girl was speaking Spanish while they were talking? Adorable!

Arizonagal said...

Well rats! First of all I was so busy trying to catch up on my DVR I completely forgot about Happy Town. Anyone catch it? Is it any good?

On OLTL I found Cole's attack on Todd way OTT. Seems our lovely Hannah is not all that nice and the stars continue to align to drive apart Cole and Starr and, gee, I've grown attached to these two crazy kids and hope it doesn't happen. The story of two young adults trying to make it in this world as a couple, as parents, as students, with all the odds against them, is something we can all relate to. We've either done it or we know someone who has done it. I'm cheering for the underdogs here.

Groan, the return of the super boring couple G-Rex. Who gives a rat's ass about that 1/2 heart necklace? I was able to finish that day in 20 min. Some nitpicky things. WTF did Nora do while she was gone? There was definitely a PS intervention of some sort, she looked strange. I was listening to Vicki and thought, damn does she sound like Ashley! (Ash, you still got it girl, it's a gift.) I don't like Natalie. I think Melissa Archer has acting chops, but there is nothing special, nothing to really like about Natalie. Where were Blair and Tea at when they were discussing Todd? The wall behind Blair looked like it had a Trading Spaces makeover with all those giant blocks of quilt squares. The kids were all great as usual but poor Marko is starting to look dumb and dumber and I hope he gets a clue fast!

On AMC - haven't watched this week's episodes yet!

Did Tyra Sanchez get breast implants?

Karen Kaye, your shoes rock!

Jordan, do a Youtube video and count on your fans to make it viral, that would be a great way to audition for Tori or anything else that's out there. I read somewhere that Paris Hilton was being considered as a cohost - kill me now. When has that &!*$(# ever had anything interesting to say?

Susan and Elyse in Toronto said...

Dear Ashley & Jordan;

Thanks so much for the shout-out. Although we have not been able to listen to the entire podcast, your words and emotions were so heartfelt, that we had to respond. Your love and respect for AMC has never been in question, it was a matter of not liking what it had become. We feel the same way as well, as we hated the Pratt reign of terror, but thankfully thats in the past.
The reason we have such strong feelings is that we have a commitment to AMC, and in todays climate, society no longer has that sense of involvement , especially about a t.v. soap.
You both should be so proud of the community of people that you gathered on your site. It's truly remarkable that you have made such a commitment to us. We appreciate all the effort it takes to complete a podcast, and we hope it translates into other opportunities for you both.
Jordan, Elyse and I will certainly send letters to ABC on your behalf. Thats what Brooke Burke did to get the DWTS co-hosting gig, She put it on her blog, and "put it out there", that this was her dream job, and so it happened for her. Your talent cannot go to waste, the chemistry that you and Ashley have is magic, and when boring bland people have t.v. shows, you wonder why you guys, with all your charisma are overlooked.
AMC has been magic for us. The time whips by so fast, as we have enjoyed it so much. The future of AMC hinges of their rich history. That formula is tried and true, so lets hope that this message has reached TPTB. Palmers memorial and Adam & Brookes departure certainly feels like a turning point for AMC. Let this usher in a new generation of our beloved families
Much love to you both, know that your efforts are much appreciated.

Ty said...

The tribute to Palmer had me misty eyed too. For the first time in a long time, I actually felt Erica's pain. Susan Lucci did a good job when she found out Palmer was gone.

I FLOVED seeing Daisy and Nina again! Nina was my first soap crush waaaay back in the 80's.

I loved the flashbacks with Palmer and Opal. Loved the Adam and Palmer flashbacks. I also love how nearly everyone in town was brought "together' somewhat by this thing..it hammers home the idea that these are people. No matter how much bad blood exists, at the end of the day, they are all human beings.

I almost cried when they showed Roma Downey...er...I mean DIXIE at the end saying "Uncle Palmer"

All in all, a wonderful episode. Palmer will be missed. My only gripe was that there was no Petey or any of PCs other kids there. They couldn't get Dan Kennedy back for ONE FREAKING DAY?! Criminal.

And it IS time to bring the Cortlandts back. I happen to think Bradley Cole, who is currently on GH, would make a great Cliff Warner. Remember creepy Myra Murdock, Palmer's housekeeper? How about an illegitimate child between Palmer and Myra pop up and try to claim a piece of the pie?

So much story potential!

Great Podcast guys! Ashley, I miss your songs! I hope you can do some more parody songs in the future!Thanks so much guys!

Anonymous said...

I love you Ashley, but....

DAMON? Really? Ick.


TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

I haven't cried harder for any television show recently, soap or not, than when I did as I finally watched Palmer's goodbye episode this last week. It was burning up my DVR and finally got to see it.

I started watching AMC in 91 the summer of Natalie in the well so really from that point on Palmer wasn't a main character but he was always enjoyable to watch...and I really only knew Nina and Daisy from their one-off appearances on anniversaries and stuff like that. It was Angel Dixie though at the end that just set me off and I sobbed. The writing was just top-notch and sweet Cady just emoted so much in her face and eyes (MY GOD THOSE EYES!) that I lost it. I would have loved a Donna mention though. Why is it that when something big happens to the characters who have been married multiple times we never get a mention of their past spouses? The only one I can really think of that the show plays for historical reference was Asa on OLTL. At his "funeral" in 2001 all his past wives showed up.

Now onto my Ryan's Hope... WATCH THIS SHOW! Rose Alaio, you are a goddess! Can't wait for the big Rae/Michael/Kimberley reveal! Randall Edwards gives Delia such childlike depth so really have to care for this character even though she's tried to kill people and framed drunken goody-goody Faith.

brtedi said...

According to an SOD link on twitter:

"Soap Opera Digest and Weekly Reports
Breaking News

Jeff Branson

Jeff Branson to Y&R!
Emmy winner Jeff Branson (ex-Shayne, GL; ex-Jonathan, AMC) has been cast in a contract role on the No. 1 soap. He will start filming in three weeks. Check back for more details."

Guess what I'll be watching, more often...LOL!

Mel Got Served said...

New podcast! I had no idea and was wondering, "How come I'm not getting any PVP emails from the board?" (since I get emailed all follow-up comments). A-duuuuur!

Anyways I haven't finished the episode but I almost started crying again when you brought up Dixie opening the door to Palmer in heaven. In fact I started breathing very heavily and I think I freaked out the person walking next to me, since I just got off the train and was walking to work. I think that hit me hardest because it was so unexpected, but also the welcoming I hope my grandmother got when she arrived (though not necessarily by Dixie Cooney cause I think my grandmother was more a OLTL and Days fan if I recall correctly, and if she did watch AMC she stopped a while ago). Anyways, that scene was spectacular.

What I hope now in this Chandler Mansion story is that if we are keeping Marissa around that she grows a damn backbone and channels the David Hayward in her. Heck, even the Krystal before she become some tamed dull housewife.

In non-soaps, Treme is amazing as I finally caught up. I will say, this show requires concentration so it does take effort, but it's well-worth it. The end scene this week with the Indian ceremony being interrupted by Katrina tourists was heartbreaking and powerful.

This is definitely NOT 30 Rock's best season, though it is definitely improving from earlier in the season.

I think I need my weekly re-iteration of Idol sucks, because it does. I expressed this on RealityBlurred as well, but I don't think a single performer this season would sell records. I predict this to be the worst album selling season ever (which is a record held by Taylor Hicks and Katherine McPhee at the moment). Even if Crystal has an amazing voice, what radio station is going to play her Janis Joplin throwback stuff? Never has an Idol gotten on alternative or rock radio, she's definitely not top 40. Thus the problems Idol has.

Also, just wanted to ask a favor. I am going to try to submit myself for a moonlight blog gig that I know I likely won't get since my main snark is directed towards reality TV, but if you do read my blog and have any favorite posts, can you shoot me an email at melissa "at" melgotserved.com with the post you liked. I'm trying to find my best work that I like, but also that made others laugh as well.

Shadow said...

Mel, all your stuff is hilarious! I don't know how you find the time to keep up with it all. Yours is the best site to go to for all things reality.

Speaking of Idol, ITA. Next week is Sinatra week. I am convinced the Idol producers are doing everything they can to make me quit watching. I don't want to hear these inexperienced kids try to make Sinatra relevant. There are seasoned pros who can't do that. In fact, I hate artist themed weeks and that's part of the problem. It has turned into a weekly commercial for the latest "artist" hawking a song. I just want to see homegrown geeksquads like Aiken, ghetto kids like Fantasia, farmgirls like Carrie, homegirls like JHud, waitresses like Kelly, teddy bears like Ruben, regular Joes like Chris Allen, and the occasional misguided warbler like Sanjaya wave goodbye to Mom and Dad and try to pull off the impossible in Hollywood singing their hearts out with songs selected from broad themes like 60s, 70s, 80s, etc. I can see Black Eyed Peas, kesha et al anytime, anywhere. And honestly, I don't want to watch the Idols serenading over montages of starving Africans. The formula was simple in the beginning-regular kids with big dreams and the advice of some (alledgedly) industry insiders, but Idol has lost its way in trying to be the supreme marketing juggernaut of the music universe. Too many judges, too many guests, too many/too much everything.

Arizonagal said...

Stuff I gotta get off my chest:

So what's up with this Paul Miller dude? Could he have been painted with a heavier hand? Amidst all the great writing comes this evil stepdad whose insults are gut wrenching, heartless, and ridic. Do parents really talk to their kids this way? IMHO this was a little stumble for LoBro's team and very Pratt-like.

I am not a Cady M fan and I have never liked Dixie. I don't hate her, she just doesn't ring my bell. There, I said it!

I am not an Alicia Minshew fan, I don't miss Kendall, I wish she wasn't returning. I don't hate her, she just doesn't ring my bell. There, I said it again!

I am bored with Greenlee and David, so far, and I dread this hospital takeover SL as it promises to dredge up the evil mustache twirling David, again... groan.

I love Susan Lucci, but her vanity in RL keep me from totally respecting her as an actress, and from totally embracing Erica. I mean, as an actress shouldn't you be able to go there? She's quite similar to the desperate housewives, whose faces are starting to harden like clay in the desert. One of the things I appreciate about Taylor Miller is you can tell, this is the face of a 50ish woman, still beautiful, full of character and real.

I hate it when people who are in debt (Madison) find some rich guy to bail them out. Why does no one in PV ever really suffer financial woes? Just once I'd like to see someone be broke and suffer through it and pull themselves up with their own smarts, or not.

Though OLTL has suffered lately, I am still loving it.

Got racial polarization? But seriously... though I don't agree with Arizona's new immigration laws (screw you Jan Brewer, you blonde haired, blue eyed bitch), I am still Arigonagal! I mean no offense to white folks, I'm married to one and my BFFs are blancas.

Mel Got Served said...

Arizonagal, you're not alone. I too am dreading the return of Kendall who completely sucks the show into her orbit every time she is on. A lack of Kendall has been a relief and when she was back a few weeks ago and it was more Kendall drama, I was so annoyed.

I also can't stand Madison and (as you all know from my many rants) can't stand Ryan, so it allows me to shave about 10 minutes off my viewing time when I fast forward through them. I think I would've preferred this story if Madison was going after Ryan because she holds a grudge of sorts from her and Greenlee's life in private school, and then she was concurrently sabotaging Greenlee's campaign. I just don't get why Madison went from a crazy person to an in-debt saint.

Overall I'm really enjoying the show, there's just a few things I still skip.

And Shadow, your Idol observations is so right on. I wrote a couple term papers in college about product placement in reality shows with Idol being a big one, and that was written like 5 years ago. The show a whore (who-orrrr, if you're Hannah) for product placement now.

Jen said...

'I think I would've preferred this story if Madison was going after Ryan because she holds a grudge of sorts from her and Greenlee's life in private school, and then she was concurrently sabotaging Greenlee's campaign. I just don't get why Madison went from a crazy person to an in-debt saint.'

That would have been so awesome, Mel. But here's my guess why they went this route w/ Madison, b/c PV really doesn't have rootable females. Madison has a little bit of Gillian in her, the good girl/bad tendencies which makes her rootable when she's shown now defenseless since she's broke b/c her dad is in jail and froze her assets. Also she has a gambling addiction.

Look at the good PV women.

Randi = recovering whore
Natalia = better off gay than w/ Brot
Amanda = too stupid and pointless now, my god how being a Martin has dumbed down this once strong character, WHY DID SHE MARRY HIM!
Colby = too young but has a sweet brewing RL w/ Damon who I hated but now like

We need to find a Dixie, a Becca Tyree type, not only a good girl but hot, and I'm guess the new Cortlandt will be young and hot too.

Arizonagal said...

Oh and one more thing. I was watching last night and saw Scott, who hasn't been on much lately. Occurs to me, the guy has not had a real SL or a girlfriend since he came back to PV. It's about time to get him some drama, he's being wasted. TPTB use Ryan in so many SLs they seem to forget there are other, more interesting, single men on the show.

And when did Scott develop such a distaste for Annie?

Mel Got Served said...

My guess is Scott is angry with Annie for sleeping with JR, likely out of jealousy too.

Mel Got Served said...

Jordan, while I too wish maybe we go a little more closure with Adam, I kind of like that it was quick. It was sort of like a "let's get the hell out of her together" kind of thing. And really, with his wife cheating on him and his son betraying him, it's not like Adam really had a lot of loose ends. I mean, maybe an epic goodbye to Lucretia, but that's about it. He didn't have any friends in town, so him just wanting to leave with the woman he loves makes sense. He said his goodbyes with Colby, which was a nice scene and I thought Colby did a good job. I like this new Colby and a recast was needed, not just being the other actress sucked, but to change the character in a more manipulative and bratty teen. Brianna Moncrief would never have been able to pull of this Annie hate material.

I still can't love new Emma because she's way to LA child actress to me. A little to chipper for a kid that was kidnapped and witnessed murder.

Just read a major Greenlee spoiler and I'M NOT AMUSED! (c) Jordan Hudson. I won't discuss, but it sucks and I think it's a stupid direction for the character.

I laughed out loud on the train when you called Marco a dope. OMG died. He is seriously the densest character I've ever seen, and there have been a lot of gullible morons.

Ashley, Treme's first episode is quite long and I had the same issues watching it (I watched in 2 sessions) but it gets better episodes 2 and 3, where characters really begin intermingling, stories make more sense, etc. DEFINITELY tune in.

Jen said...

'My guess is Scott is angry with Annie for sleeping with JR, likely out of jealousy too.'

Mel, Scott can go after Amanda or Randi...Annie would walk all over him. He can't handle her, and I swear that's gonna piss off the ppl waiting for JR & Annie to get together, they put JR on backburner for awhile now, MONTHS actually YEARS..it's time he gets a hot vixen, that helps him be the true JR Chandler, not some milk toast/cookies girl and certainly not related to Babydawls and mamadawls, I think Marissa is prbly next for Scott b/c remember he was in love w/ her first. But honestly I'd have him break up Amanda & Jake or Frankie & Randi, go after his and create tension down the line.

Shadow said...

I haven't watched this week, but I'm loving all the attitude from Azgal, Jen and Mel. Y'all ain't taking any shit this week! I have to admit, after months of glorious non-stop, Kendall-less, Randi-less, Madison-less, non-stop Adam and Brooke goodness, I'm having a hard time getting psyched for this week. I mean Palmer's memorial was EPIC cool with Daisy, Nina and ALL the vets front and center. Now we can't even get Real Hilary. Instead we get her husband who we've never seen and who has no meaningful connections to PV. WTF? And now we're going to get Fake Coutlandts instead the many real ones we know are out there. Ross. Julie. Pete. Nina. Etc. I don't mean to be pessimistic. Maybe it will be great. JR Martinez tweeted that he and Denise Vasi started acting lessons this week. (Seriously. I know...). But it's just impossible to get motivated to watch this rag tag team of Pine Valley waanabes after watching the awesome talent showcased last week. The only hope I have is Kate Collins. I know her stuff is often OTT but I have adored her since she first showed up as Natalie. She and Erica had some wild throw downs. Her affair with Jeremy. " Nursing" Palmer. Her icy marriage to Adam. Ross raping her. Janet throing her in the well. Everything Janet From Anither Planet. She's fun whenever she's on. Again, another serious talent who will make the cuurent lineup's shortcomings glaringly obvious.

Shadow said...

Please excuse all the foregoing typos!

Jen said...

Shadow, you explained most of the trouble AMC had, under using the good actors in thier prime. Ruining perfect chemistry pairings. Remember Beth Ehlers? her and Tad had smoking chemistry..smoking..I bought them, b/c they weren't so forced as Jake was w/ her..now it's like you look around PV and wonder, who's the good girl now, who has that presence? that the fans will buy into?

Imagine an epi. featuring

Jake/Amanda, Brot/Natalia..Fusion and Frankie/Randi

Would you watch that? I honestly wouldn't.

I was this close to leaving when they finally touched on D/G as big bro/lil sis then it just got near making me want to throw up when they got closer than that...why oh why couldn't they move on w/ him and Liza, or how about since Erica needed a new man why not David? why some random guy..ugh

Rylee is stopped for now (GOOD!)
Ryan/Madison have peaked my interest
Colby/Damon have peaked my interest
JR/Annie have me from the first stare, and they're evil, she's playing homewrecker and he's playing the dog..and STILL I want this.

Oh I forgot to touch on something Ashley said on the podcast, how those couples never work out, the ones that never try to change who you are or love you just for you w/ your faults...Ashley! what was Leo/Greenlee..EXACTLY THAT!

Shadow said...

They showed the Yacht Club today for rhe 1st time since the move. Nice to have so many sets now.

I hate it when they bring in parents who act like Damon's fake Dad and Reese mother. Stupid.

They keep saying "ADHD" like they just discovered it. It's a little "after school special-ish".

Glad that JR has hair again.

I'm ready for some Adam flashbacks.

Nice to see Liza acting like herself. Still wish it was Marcy, but JaLu is OK. Man, telling Damon about Tad in the middle of the Yacht Club. Sparring with Angie. That takes me back. Even a Greg and Jenny mention. I love our LoBro.

Jack & Erica were good this week. He held his head steady.

Great cliffhanger! Something to look forward to! Seems like Oakhave would have noticed something is amiss by now.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Verla Grubbs

It is so nice to be able to talk RH with you. This has been such a treat to watch storylines that I have never seen before. I started RH when Marg was already Sibohan and Roscoe had left as Mitch. While the show got me hooked it wasn't until Clare Labine came back that I really fell in lvoe with the show hard. Then stupid ABC axed it. I had read all about the major history points. I knew all about Mary. Yet many storylines I knew nothing about. I was shocked that Frank and Faith hooked up. I see were Agnes was inspired for her Marion/Tad/Liza traingle. This Rae/ Michael/Kimberly storylines is beyond great. Yet most important just like you I'm under the spell of Rose Alaio and her character. I'm enjoying every moment of this stoyline and I know that it will soon come to an end. When I started watching there was no mention of Rose and Jack was with the coma inducing Leigh Kirland. I don't know what happens or why she was written off. To me Jack and her are a super couple opf the highest order. 30 years later and it still has me glued to the tube. I wish Soap Net would show old AMC, OLTL , Gh and even Loving. I bet you anything the ratings would be higher then old OTH,OC and OLD 90210.

Terry in Toronto said...

Ashley, I'm totally with you about Damon. I find him irascible and fascinating. There's obviously so much going on there and the new head writer has created a wealth of stories to be mined in the future ... if the right writers come on board. I do think he's attractive and can almost imagine him as a young version of David Canary. He has that old school classical leading man thing.

I also agree with everyone who wants Scott to have a storyline. I think the actor is good and they just need to give him something to do.

On to OLTL. I am glad that the Marty-John baby storyline has progressed to focusing on Cole's actions and the ramifications of that. I do hope that Todd will pay a bit for what he's done in some way because the character can never be rehabilitated or even garner an ounce of my sympathy if he never pays for any of his evil deeds. It also challenges my understanding of Starr that she would love him so unconditionally even after he pushed her down the stairs and stole her baby and beat up her boyfriend. How is Cole's actions any different from what Todd did when he found them in bed together. I would love to see Starr in therapy with Marty uncovering the reasons why she loves Cole and how much Cole is like Todd. That might bring about some revelations for Marty as well.

Loved Blair and Tea in the hospital bedside scenes. They both love him, know what he's capable of and don't forgive him unconditionally. That's both good writing and terrific acting.

discodan said...

I miss you guys too... I've just been super busy with college..

I loved the Palmer episode. Opal, Nina, and Daisy were so amazing... The Angie stuff was probably past my time, because I couldn't figure out why she was there. I wanted to see Ross and Petey, but I understand that Daniel Kennedy kinda ostracized himself in the media, and Ross just hasn't been seen in forever.... The fact that Palmer had been in town for weeks was a little far fetched but I guess I'll suspend my disbelief and the fact that he let Jake be his doctor, seems plausible...


lemme just make that clear...

trish-la said...

SOOOOOOOO many great treats in the pod cast! Loved it.

1. Jack the Bobble head -- OMG, thank you JH...I thought I was the only one it was driving crazy and I have noticed how he's toned it down a bit.

2. AMC history - I relish in remembering the good ol' days of AMC -- and you have such an incredible memory!! It's a delight to stroll down memory lane w/ you guys. I agree Palmer's send off was fitting, would have liked to have more. Where was MYRNA?? I was so hoping for a clip of her, especially after they showed us PC and his dobermans.

3. OLTL - I am ffwd'ing through the Kelly stuff, afraid to say, unless she's with Dorian. But enjoying this whole Todd, Starr, Hannah, Cole, Marty bit...good ol' soap stories are never a mistake, even if we've seen them before -- written well, it doesn't matter. Getting a little bored with John McBain and ready for Markko to have his heart ripped out.

4. JR & ANNIE - this, too, is good ol' soap fun. finding Marissa boring - but I guess she's gonna finer her dark side?? MAybe that will pay off.

Again THANKS for the podcast - it's so fun and fun to be participating on the blog!! (I'm still kinda new)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Brian said...

Why is it people are have such hatred for NuNuColby (Hall)? She is worlds better than NuColby (MonGrief). I'll admit that she isn't perfect, but her acting outshines quite a few of the young actors AMC have had in previous hires. I'm just getting tired of all the hate, thankfully I have found most of it is on the ABC boards; not as much here.

Meanwhile, I'm still enjoying the show. Just kinda scared for the new writers. Lets hope (this time) the promises made by the new writing team are followed through. I would love to see the families re-established and the show become again more about characters and not dumb plots that mean nothing in a year.

Crystal said...

Dixie: "Uncle Palmer...Welcome home."

Palmer: "What in God's name did you do to your hair?!"

ha ha ha ha

So I thought Todd thought he killed Dani's other Dad (can't think of his name right now.)

Shadow said...

Brian said: I would love to see the families re-established and the show become again more about characters and not dumb plots that mean nothing in a year.

Brian, you couldn't have said it better. All the history and relationships between the vets gave Palmers memorial depth and meaning. That's why it was so spectacularly wonderful. That's what we remember, not who blinked who with a tire iron last Tuesday.

Shadow said...

...who boinked who with a tire iron...

Jen said...

Wow... I'm not gonna spoil it, but there is a strong SL arc coming up on AMC. This is a big impactful SL.

Elyse in Toronto said...

Hey all,

Just wanted to tell you that I will be going to a private event on the eight where Nelson Branco will be interviewing Joshua Morrow. Any questions you want me to try and ask Nelson? It's good to have connections.

Sadly my mom will not be able to attend because she just had surgery and is bedridden.

Any pictures i get i will put up on Facebook... So get a working page soon Jordan!

Mel Got Served said...

The slogan to Greenlee's campaign is "It's A Natural" and the ad is a picture of a naked Natalia and it is calling her "its." No not "She's a Natural", "IT'S a Natural." Classy, Fusion!

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Just watching AMC and *spoiler alert, to those who have yet to finish watching Mondays Episode* when I saw Natalia in the closet and Janet had a Gun, all we could hear was Jordan's voice shouting "DO IT! and let Randy stand in front of her"!

Jen said...

It's official Jake/Amanda are boring. Thank god for JFAP...I wish they'd end this couple, eversince Amanda got pregnant and married she's just sucked, when JFAP was talking I was actually agreeing and LOL.

Mel Got Served said...

Babies on soaps... kiss of the death for the mom character. Insensitive I know, but fact. And since I read a big spoiler that only those who don't look up soaps period on the internet, I fear the future of someone else.

Jen said...

I know who you're talking about and no she definitely doesn't need a baby. The only future baby I'm praying for is a little hell raiser in the making between JR and Annie's genes, just to erase the Carey stench brought to this show. That would be an epic Chandler in the making and it'd bring future rivalries between AJ or Emma and whoever the hell JR and Annie create.

Shadow said...

The whole baby thing gas been done. To death. And Miracle Babies are the worst. If the person to whom you are refering gets pregnant that will be completely ridiculous. I keep hoping there's something to that we don't know-atopic pregnancy or whatever. After 10 years of baby swapping, custody battles, unabortions and all that, let's move on. This show doesn't need anymore kids. It needs more adults cast in the roles of the legacy characters anx families who founded the community.

Arizonagal said...

Well rats, I just had to know who the rumored pregnant woman is (thanks google), and if this baby goes to term, we're talking demon child, the omen. Remember back when little Kathy was going in the bad seed direction? I actually enjoyed that. If we're going to have so many kids in PV, can't one of them have a loose screw? I'm tired of all the treacly sweet little kids.

Shadow said...

You would think AJ would be demon seed-son of Babe and JR, grandson of Adam, mee-maw is trucker gal. That lil' tyke should be drinking and smoking by summer or he's no Chandler.

Remember how much fun it was when Kathy locked Krystal outside and pushed the ladder out from under her? It may take too long to SORAS the current embryo so maybe Trevor should be the crazy one and do Grandma Janet From Another Planet proud.

Arizonagal said...

With all the dysfunctional families and crappy parenting they should all be bad seeds. I'm a sucker for those evil kid SLs. Hell, just toss us a brat every now and then. Perfect kids are boring. I want to see some mayhem and foolishness as Niecy says.

Shadow you mention kids drinking and smoking. Here's a question for ya'll. Have any core family characters ever smoked on soaps? Certainly way back in the 50s and 60s there must've been smokers among the good citizens, no? Hell, even Lucy and Ricky lit up from time to time.

I do remember last year Buzz smoking on GL, and before him Gus smoked, something usually only the bad guys do.

Seems like on the soaps, everyone struggles with alcoholism and pill popping, but not cigarettes or pot.

Mel Got Served said...

Krystal is absolutely pointless right now. Without Babe, Krystal is nothing. She has no ties besides a kid with Tad (and is anyone really routing for a Krystal/Tad pairing? doubtful) and is kinda friends with Angie. No one even cares about Marissa, so her being her mother means nothing. She's a glorified Corrina at this point, just babysitting all these kids. She's not even the sassy hillbilly she used to be. Bobbie Eakes looks amazing in HD, but I think the character of Krystal has run it's course.

Jen said...

The Limoges vase is my favorite prop tool that was on AMC in 2010.

Shadow said...

Finally watching a little amc. I LOVE Kate Collins. "I made it for you in Arts & Crafts. Mama's home!

Glad to see Opal heading towards a real storyline. And nice to see Brot getting some depth again with the Iraq s/l. LoBro could do it justice. Would be nice to see Taylor briefly for the anniversary of their ambush.  

Shadow said...

Ha! "Sassy Hillbilly". I do miss that aspect of Krystal.

And I LOVE that Janet is going to impersonate Natalie again. I do wish that Janet could undergo some experimental surgery and get healthy enough to get out of the psyche ward. But since she's still nutso, I hope she blows something up this week. Like Fusion.

Arizonagal said...

In praise of Kate Collins. I like JaNut, always have. It's great to watch an actress so obviously enjoying herself and Kate Collins does have fun with the role. She plays it big, with joy, over the top and always with a wink and nod to the viewers. Janet is crazy, she's dangerous, she's unpredictable, and yet she's still a sympathetic character and someone who makes me smile. There is always something intriguing about Kate Collins. Back in the old days as Natalie with the long blond hair and great body, she was so gorgeous and sexy (yes you young viewers, she wasn't always chubby). Remember when Nat and Trevor (or was that Jeremy) were stranded on that desert island and she spent a month walking around in that tiny little blue bikini. She was a goddess back in the day. I always felt the biggest mistake TPTB made was killing off Natalie after the failure of the replacement TweetyNat. Of course, in later years, we had a few obligatory visits by ghost Natalie, but really Nat and Janet were gone and I remember just feeling so sad for the loss of Kate Collins. It's great to have her back for a few episodes. To me she just feels like one of those characters who bridge the gap between the old PV and the modern day PV. Legacy character? Not quite, but definitely someone who's earned their place in PV history.

Anonymous said...

Aww, you guys! Thank you so much for this beuatiful episode! I loved you two talking about your favoruite Palmer moments and the last Adam/Brooke episode. And that song you played at the end? Killed me. Thank you guys, for pointing out what's wrong with other shows and so right with AMC.
Dari [all too infrequent commenter]

Anonymous said...

Jordan, have you notice that the 3 ABC soaps all have their own separate identity with the new bumpers?

Ashley said...

Uh-oh - I think we have a "Becca" problem. Remember the incredibly charismatic Leo with pretty-but-oh-so-boring Becca? Niu-Niu-Colby ain't doing it for me with Damon. Oy - just when I was getting excited about this pairing. He's dangerous, but there's no intrigue about HER. No surprise. No sense of dangerous, forbidden first love with the little rich girl. I want to root for them, I really do! But I ain't feelin' it. Leaves me colder than OLTL's ratings. (Ouch! Couldn't resist!)

Jen said...

I sorta feel the same way about NuColby...I think that'll change soon b/c she first came off as his friend, then all the sudden he likes her, to her ok maybe why not liking him. She hasn't done the caught doing something she shouldn't scene yet. So I'll reserve judgement.

I think I finally multiple experienced something during the AMC updated version soap... like I did when Adam walked in on them, yes I'm pretty sure I did again, I had the blue walls during that JR/Annie scene today. Pls stop that HWs, you pull me in only to get my hopes up sky high, then pull the rug out from under me.

Jen said...

Oh a few other things, Marissa is a lawyer right? does that make sense that she can't put 1+1 together? Is JR lovin' her that good?

Adam punished Annie, Adam gave Scott the control over his son, Annie yesterday said 'the only fool in this house is you' mouse run on the wheel in her brain, what has changed in that house? What major thing has changed in that house...Think! you're a future lawyer! Why does he all the sudden seem distant after DC trip, why is he insistant of moving out? THINK!

Shadow said...

I gotta say it. Sorry Ashley. I'm not feeling Damon at all. NuColby isn't terrible, but I think Damon sucks. Without Hilary, this whole thing just sort of irks me. The only part I really like is Liza being a complete self centered spiteful bitch and spilling the Who's Your Daddy beans. I think we're gonna get saddled with Baby Stuar. Again since he's a Martin. NO MORE BABIES!

Also, we have so many nicknames for Ryan but I found a new fave today on Serial Drama that I cannot stop smiling about: "Lord of the Douche People" is now officially my favortie description of Ryan Lavery ever.

I can't help how silly Janets story is. Kate Collins is FUN-something amc isn't very often anymore. Wish she could stay.

Finally, and this will be no surprise to anyone, I miss Brooke. She sort of glued everybody together. Hurry back Julia Barr.

I wonder who the next short term return will be?

The Ghost of Verla Grubbs said...

OLTL- I am very sad and somewhat disturbed that a can FF through 40 - 45 minutes of an episode and still be "caught up." Tired of the rehashing, tired of this new teen musical, more than tired of Langston and "pass the Ointment" Ford. Wouldn't it have been better if the Cramer woman who died was actually better tied to the canvas than Melinda? I mean she was last seen like in 86 was it when Sharon Gabet took the role? Cassie has ties with Cramers, Buchanans, Carpenters... would have been better story if it were her, or least I'd be more involved.

Best for last....

Ryan's Hope, still playing catchup but THIS is writing. God bless you beautiful Claire Labine. The Xmas Eve and Xmas episodes were flawless. There is no plot driven storyline on this show. EVERYTHING is driven by character, period. Labine and Co. did not go for the big reveals... there is ANGST in these performers, there is REGRET, there is SOAP OPERA! Rose Alaio...no words when talking to her dad about her past and the secret she's keeping. Based on how Rose has been written and formed over the past few months though we BELIEVE that this is a secret that has been eating away at her although she's never mentioned it. It's in the fabric of who she is. THAT is writing. Plus LOVE how Delia and Bobby are like the poor man's Luke and Bobbie Spencer circa late 70's. Bobbie was the schemer and Luke would help her out (hello Laura and Scotty!). Here though Delia is the schemer and Bobby is her protector. He knows some of her ideas are just way out there and going too far but he is damaged himself; always the "sidekick" or "best friend" to handsome, smart Frank Ryan. That is what drives him and that is what makes up his psychological tapestry and the WRITERS WRITE TO IT!

brtedi said...

Good Evening Everyone!

I'm puzzled--and would like some input. I was just on my facebook page...I have a friend request. from a "Tina Sloan-mcpherson — 4 mutual friends".

I had to think for a minute (or two) this wouldn't be Tina Sloan from Guiding Light would it???? -That would be the only Tina Sloan I'm personally familiar with...I'm off to check some off to check some of our mutual facebook friends pages to see if they are one of the four, who may have TS as a friend...Do actors usually request fans to their fb pages? Hmmm...Curious....


brtedi said...

Yep!--It's the same Tina Sloan who played "Lillian"--Long story short, I looked her up, at IMDb.com (to see a clearer picture) and wikipedia. How cool! :-D

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Sorry I have not been on here much, busy looking for work and will be setting up a new facebook page.

1st LOST I'M NOT AMUSED!!!!!! I could not believe it. I CRIED SO MUCH. Will say no more in case some of you have yet to see it. UGHHHHH!!! It was very well done but NO!!!!!!!!!!!

In regards to AMC....look I'm not saying that everything is flawless. There are certain characters and storylines that could be axed. For me the fact that I can actually watch the show without feeling the need to hit the F.F. button, hurl, change the channel or turn it off, is enough for me. The show has not been this enjoyable for me since Lorraine's stint as headwriter.

Like Shadow, I loved Kate Collins as Natalie. I never got into Janet from another planet. She was just O.T.T. for me ( kind of like when Erika Sleazak plays Nikki Smith). Also never got over what Mctravish did by bringing Kate back as Janet. It destroyed all the beautiful work that Robin Mattson did as Janet. Not to mention killing off Uncle Pork chop.

Now I look at AMC and I see the glass over half filled. I'm enjoying the Tad/Damon storyline and the house of Chandler. Everything else is decent. Except for Randi will never be able to accept her.

OLTL has been hot with very little Rex and GIGI and Snatchalie. Kelly still bores me to tears, ( never thought I could feel that way about Gina T.) Yet with the week focusing on the two generations of teens and T-N-T, I'm good to go.
I still say OLTL power couple is Tea and Blair. In 1997 when they first battled I thought this is the next Generation of Vikki and Dorian. 13 years later they still have so much chemistry. The thing is that if the two characters did not have so much history they would have been the best of friends. Today they knocked it out of the ball park. I'm enjoying all the teen stuff, I can see how for some it may be like rehashing but for me it's all in the execution. Love Darren and Destiny today. Alos torn because while I do like Nick. I'm team Matthew all the way. How can Danni break Matt's heart. The one thing is enough Marco needs to find out. We get it Marco is a dumbass but enough put the boy out of his misery most of Llandview knows.

Even on RH circa 1980 Frank found out about Jill and Ken and Jill found out about Frank and Faith in less time.

Yes Ano. I did notice the different bumpers while I do give OLTL an A for creativity, the Nora one is so so. I liked Bo/Starr and dare I say it Snatchalie, Mcbain's was quirkly but hate FORD'S. I knwo I'm a hypocrite after drooling over Brody's skipping rope with his shirt off but Brody has much more to offer then his looks. Ford and the actor are becoming OLTL's answer to Pamela Anderson. Enough we get it he has a ripped body but is there anything else.

brtedi said...

On Friday's AMC, WWU with "Marissa's" grey, frumpy shirt dress with the tied belt in front? I'm no fashionista, by any stretch. But, I felt badly for her. Not all styles, no matter how 'cutting edge', suit every body. Her dress seemed so loose--I thought it swallowed her.

The person in charge of wardrobe should re-think some of the options given the actors,JMHO.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...


Will let you know when I have my new facebook page ready . I want to be able to communicate with you all.

GH has been on fire. On Monday I had to make sure it was Monday because it felt like a Friday. Powerful episode. Incredible performances and writing. Embarrasement of riches this show is. Sonny vs Dante, Lulu vs Carly. I will give NuMichael (or as Elizabeth and I like to call him Chaka) a B+ for effort. It wasn't as powerful if Drew was still playing the role. GH really screwed up and should have played the storyline out and send Michael away and have him return with Chaka playing him. Also how off the chart has Morgan been. Dreading seeing today's episode NuMorgan starts. GH should know that they lucked out with these four outstanding younger actors and if you think replacing the adults is hard......

Speaking of did OLTL let Judy Blight Wilson cast the guy for Kelly on OLTL. My source said he was bad but that was being nice. I felt like Gina T was talking to a brick wall.


Arizonagal said...

Brtedi I did notice that dreadful dress Marissa was wearing. Marissa has become downright dowdy lately. When she first showed up in PV wasn't she supposed to be a little hottie working as a masseuse? Now she's channeling Olive Oyl. Her plain janeness is glaring while she's living under the same roof as Annie. For the sake of her marriage she outta be glamming it up a bit more and realizing JR is only human. A wise woman would take control of that situation pronto.

How many times is Tad going to bail out Damon? I guess he's not much on tough love. This is getting ridic. Sometimes you just need to push back Tad.

trish-la said...

SHadow, I am glad that I am not the only one not feeling "Damon"... ! Can't believe we haven't seen Hillary through any of this - she'll probably show up right when Tad falls in love with someone new!

Shadow said...

As y'all keep pointing out, Amanda has gone stupid. She was always sort of a dim bulb, but she had some spunk. Now she's rather witless. She went from rhe scheming sexy emotionally damaged daughter of JFAP to domesticated clingy witless rarely-steaming-hot one-step-away from mom-jeans wearing dingbat. WTH?

Jen said...

You can thank Jake Martin for Amanda's stupidity. God, are they a lifeless couple to watch. Him being in this SL w/ her mother is just plain creepy. The last memory JFAP had of Amanda and Jake was at the WW well when Jake near his 30's rescued little Amanda Dillon who was 6 yrs. old from drowning. He use to baby JR/Jamie & Amanda...how sick is that. I understand JFAP, I understand.

brtedi said...

"Now she's channeling Olive Oyl. Her plain janeness is glaring while she's living under the same roof as Annie. For the sake of her marriage she outta be glamming it up a bit more and realizing JR is only human."

IA, AZgal--"Marissa" wore the same ruffled, tablecloth, with a belt during both Thursday's and Friday's eppy. I took a second look at her garb, on Friday's show...Ruffles, it has to be those dang ruffles, among other things I just didn't like about that dress.

You make an excellent point about "Marissa's overall wordrobe, though. In the very begining, Marissa was a masseuse struggling to pay her tuition for law school. Now, she's a Chandler. You know, at some point JR would have given her a platinum credit card--LOL!

As we see most characters, in daytime, transition to better paying jobs and/or economic circumstances-- often by 'marrying up'-- So too, should their wardrobe improve accordingly.

In stark contrast, did you see Gina Tognoni's two tone black and white dress, she's been wearing on Thursday's and Friday's OLTL? Say what you will about "Kelly", the actress looked absolutely stunning, in that dress, IMO.

Mel Got Served said...

Possible AMC spoiler referenced:

Just read ABC's sneak peaks. Please don't tell me they are going to make Amanda crazy like Janet too. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

brtedi said...

And, as you said, AZgsl, if I I were Marissa, I'd be uping the ante, with Annie hovering around.

Shadow said...

Amanda just needs to have more sex in Brot's army jacket. Or have sex with someone and screw them out if $5 million like she did to JR. She is do goody goody. I dint want her to be crazy though.

Amanda said...

Jordan, do you read the LOST Diary on TMZ? That guy is funny, and he brought up an interesting point. Why should we care about what's going on on the island or in the flash sideways when we don't know which one is "reality"?
That being said..I lost it when Hurley started crying and then Jack.

I don't know why you guys hate OLTL right now. I'm loving this. Todd's "nightmare"? Priceless! Todd in the hospital bed? Hilarious! Tea and Blair made me cry. I LOVE Blair and Eli! I have nothing horrible to say about OLTL except I do think they are wasting Kelly, and I don't give a !@#$% about this Reed guy.
I want my David Vickers back!

Jen said...

JR is almost out! GOD HELP ME... I cheered when she gave him the ring...GTFO and STAY OUT!!!

Mel Got Served said...

Just when I thought, "Man JR is lookin' HOT!" he goes and dyes his hair to match a Tin-Tin comic. C'mon JR, stop fighting your natural hotness.

Also, if JR/Marissa and Scott all move out of the mansion, are they leaving Colby there to fend for herself?

PS I am LOVING Liza. I am glad they brought the character back to the original roots and not some Melrose Place hot bitch who seduces everyone. Liza is awesome and I feel like I'm getting to see the Liza that you all loved in her hey-day. (Me, I only saw Liza when she was helping Babe and "Sweet Baby James" run away)

I fast forward through every scene with Greenlee and Ryan. Saves me like 10 minutes a day.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Okay all my kids! I put up a new facebook page. I tried to respect facebooks wishes but they showed me no love so F'em. So hit me up. Because if Betty White can get SNl via Facebook. I need you all to help get me with Tori Spelling. Not that tired Perez Hilton

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Just saw season premier of Friday Night Lights with new series regular Michael J. Jordan (Ex- Reggie AMC) boy oh boy did he grow up. This show needs to keep going. With great casting as future teens join the team. The heart and soul is this town. The human condition. I cried like a baby...again. I wish that soaps would take a lesson from this show. Being married does not have to be the end of a couple. It just shows a lack of imagination on the writers part. Coach Taylor and His wife are sexy and interesting to watch.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

How incredible was BETTY WHITE ON SNL. I hope I'm around at her age and still as vital and active and an inspiration. She blew me away on SNL. When I saw her last year on My name is earl and then read about her age...I was shocked, 88 amazing. With so few of the greats left let alone actively working. I'm so glad to be able to see her working. I love you Betty white.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

What a night I had torn between the two men I would marry in a nanobeat. First Sam Page (Ex-Trey) on Desperate Housewives, then Luke Mcfarlane (the Candaian hottie) On Brothers & Sisters. I will have sweet dreams tonight. sigh.

Jen said...

I know Ashley Mendoza is somewhere LOL'ing at that one sentence Olive Oil said.

"You know when I was sat at your bedside and said goodbye to you...I knew that I was saying goodbye to the love of my life"

Goodnight everybody.

jason said...

I'm in the middle of Friday's AMC. I love Janet and Kate Collins. She brings camp and humor to the show. Chrishell is doing a great job with those scenes.

OMG JR TOLD MARRISSA! And finally Marrissa is interesting! She should still leave the show though, or recast her with Alexa.

Liking Oltl for the most part, loving Tea And Blair. The guy who plays Cole in the play is so hot lol. I'm kinda excited for the musical and prom.

I've been really busy with school, but I just wanted to drop by and say Hey to my pvp family! How are you guys?

Shadow said...

Ok, I finally caught up and did a marathon speed watch. Damon still bores me. The Annie/JR/Scott thing is great. Even Marissa was sort of interesting after she got pissed. However, she should not part her hair on her bald side. Did anyone else notice that? Maybe the hair color is making it fall out. Finally, Amanda got to act something meaty! Loved her scenes with Janet in the hospital. Another thing that continues to impress me about LoBro is how she mined the last few years of horrible storytelling and revisited things to make it right. For example, Trevor was a major character and his death was such a toss off for shock value. It gave no reverence to the stature of the character. In the scene where Janet told Amanda that it was her fault Trevor died because Amanda loved him more than Janet, she finally gave Trevor's death some meaningful context. That was such a powerful, heartbreaking scene. Amazing how Kate Collins can jump in and out this so easily. I hope the seizure "fixes" her-maybe she wakes up thinking she's Natalie or something. I don't want her to go. Like Julia Barr, she acts in circles around some of the others. Jake played it all nicely. Red Liza is doing great. Madison is getting a little more interesting. Poor Denise Vasi. Those acting lessons she's in with Brot aren't producing much result. Some of Brot's stuff has been nice. We'll see where it all goes with the new writers. For now it's not OTT fantastic to me, but it's interesting, entertaining and not WTF implausible for a change. Wish somebody would have an Adam flashback. Where are the Cortlandts?

Mel Got Served said...

Shadow, we two peas in a [mean] pod because I kept staring at EBabe's part too.

The Amanda/Janet stuff at the end of last week was great. I thought the scenes were powerful and finally Amanda wasn't some dumbo. I hate to say what I always say but Amanda as a character has been dulled down because... they gave her a kid! Happens to them all.

Speaking of kids, Greenlee might be pregnant?!?! She and David had sex like 3 days ago. Works fast, huh? I actually have no clue what has been happening in Rio because I refuse to watch a single scene containing Ryan and Greenlee. In fact, I don't watch any Ryan scenes unless he's with a character I might have interest in.

I don't mind Damon but there's only so much of his F-ups I can take.

Eventhough I like the David and Greenlee pairing, I've really been digging him and Liza lately and I really think these 2 manipulators could be a powerful couple.

If we have to revisit the TERRIBLE story of that stupid DA's murder and that lamebrain Madison, I will go insane.

Did anyone see Friday Night Lights this week? There's some new girl on it and how crap, her acting is horrrrrrible, which is unusual for FNL. I dare say, she gives Randi a run for her money. Hopefully it was just first episode jitters for her. However, the episode itself was great and it's so awesome to see Reggie Montgomery on TV again (looks like he's finally out of basketball camp).

Mel Got Served said...

My one criticism of the Janet thing, and this is actually just an ABC programming kind of thing I guess. I absolutely love Janet, her nuttiness, one liners, and amazing acting, but I just spent 3 weeks with the nucking futs Allison on One Life to Live so I think I need a nutjob break for a solid 3 or 4 months before I can take another one.

Arizonagal said...

Damn, my weekend was so busy, haven't been on the blog. Had to wait to get to work before checking in! Writing this before I read any recent posts. The scenes with Janet and Amanda were heartbreaking to me. Those two women can friggin act and when they are together, wow there is this complex energy and you can really feel the love between then, the confusion, frustration, hopelessness. Great stuff. Brava to Kate Collins and Chrishelle Stausse. I watched it on mother's day and then spent the afternoon quietly crying about my own recently deceased ma, first time I've had to deal with tears in at least a year, I rarely ever cry.

And then JR and Marissa. She put a lot of heat into her performance and I loved the way she dished it out to JR. She was right about everything she said. Face it people, JR is a huge F*** UP, always has been. He has been a crap husband with all his wives, he blames everyone else for his F*** UPs. He's stupid and impulsive. So what does he do when Marissa leaves and Annie returns. Well of course, he accuses Annie of screwing it all up. JR will never get it, BUT I find him entertaining and I loved Marissa's performance too. Here's the thing though, JR had nothing to gain by telling Marissa about Annie, he was, as usual, stupid and should've kept his trap shut.

And lastly the snoozefests. I was slightly curious about what David and Madison were talking about, but mostly found it boring. Any conversation between Ryan and Greenlee I FFd thru and I was left only with regret on the occasions when I stopped FFing and actually listened to their drivel. Tripe!! Jeez, I just friggin hate Ryan, he is nails on a chalkboard.

OLTL, mixed bag. Who is Reed and why do we need him and why are TPTB putting Kelly with all these dudes? Can we please get to know her before TIIC throw her into all this needless drama? Gina T will develop heat with some guy and I'm sure it'll happen soon, but so far it's not Reed, Todd, or John McBain. Loved the scenes with Tea and Blair, so beautiful. Interested in seeing how much crap Hannah will dish out, glad Starr is on to her. Can't wait for the musical.

I am just beyond bored by R & G - Do I mean Rex and Geeg or Ryan and Greenlee?

Arizonagal said...

Yo bloggers, Do you want to see our lovely Carmen Thomas (ex Hillary Wilson) back in town? I know I would love to see her stirring things up with Tad and Damon. If you want to see her return, please write Fronsie, I have it on good word that he can read.


Mel Got Served said...

I'm watching OLTL for the first time in weeks on Hulu and I need to ask: is Ford a pedophile?? That's a bit of an extreme word since they're not like kids or anything, but I mean, he gets off on underage girls (even if it is like 16-18). Jessica may be like 31 but has the mind of a 16 year old. Langston was barely 17 when he was trying to get on her (but she waited til she was 18 to get down and dirty), and Hannah was 18 but still. It's pretty gross to think this 25-ish year old guy is trying to bed high school girls. At first I thought he was just a playa, but now with him trying to get some Jess action, despite her mental state, it's just gross. I mean, he's not Pet-a-feel Terry from AMC but it's still kind of awkward.

Also, Marco is still a dunce!! And Starr can't pronounce "Hannah." I love Todd putting Hannah in her place.

Downside of watching on Hulu: can't fast forward through Rex and Gigi easily.

Mel Got Served said...

PS Why does Rex have Little Orphan Annie's locket??

Bxgal said...

Hey Jordan, I know you'll love this... Being Erica has been renewed for a third season coming out next year! So happy, its such a cute show!

Jen said...

Before I get into AMC talk, my quick comment on shame show that I follow at times...Dear CW, leave Dixon/Ivy alone, they deserve happiness for all the sh.. you put them through. End rant/

AMC, the only time I've recognized Amanda has been w/JFAP, every time she's w/ Jake, she's Bimbanda, part bimbo, part anda (sound it out)

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

I'M NOT AMUSED! Once again the daytime emmy nominations are a f'ing joke. Pathetic! Who ultimatley decides this. So much politics. Guess it is who you know and who you bl*&! ATWT seriously with so many nominations. OLTL may be heading into trouble waters with this new direction but this was about last years material . I wont even get on the outrage I feel that Florencia was not even given a pre emmy nod. The only thing that I'm happy about is that GL got three acting noms. all deserved. I will be beyond estatic if Beth Chamberlin wins. She was always on point givign a 100% no matter what the GL. writers through at

Mel Got Served said...

Drew Garrett AND Scott Clifton nominated!! Suck it ABC Daytime for your stupid choices.

AMC for outstanding writing- I just threw up in my mouth. This Pratt's regime that was nominated. Horrible.

Jen said...

LMAO how Pratt was nominated for Pain Valley. The town of death and wild gun play.

Don't even get me started how the ppl nominated for AMC..really don't belong there...oh f' it I'll come out w/ it.

Bobbie Eakes and Ricky Paull Goldin, really? I mean really?

Amphitrion said...

AMC nominated for the year that never made sense to anybody. (What happened to Dixie's REAL killer anyway? Why did Reese and Zach kiss? Why did Kendall think she killed Stuart when she didn't. Why was Why-an jonesen for some grammie lovin'?)

Ricky Paul and Bobby EEEKs!--not my first choice for acting luminosity in daytime last year. I'm still waiting for Dr. Joe and Safari Jeff to team up and find out what weird jungle gas tured small-town Dr. Jake into an edgy New Yawwker with a telenovela fetish.

Okay, AMC's been solid, so its nice to be able to complain about something again.

Shadow said...

I don't even remember what story Bobbie Eakes was in last year that would be worth any consideration. Imnot knocking her. I just can't recall a major story. Maybe she just sucked less than Vasi & Co.? Aside from some people maybe deserving a "shit to shinola" award, amc deserved no recognition. It was awful. No wonder nobody watches the daytime Emmys. There's no integrity in the system.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

The Emmy nominations are a joke! First of all, Stacy Haiduck (or however you spell her last name) is easily the best actress in all of Daytime right now and she didn't get a nomination? Rediculous! And MCE didn't get a nod in the best supporting category? Insannie was the only saving grace during the dark Pratt years. These nominations just go to show that the people who nominated to actors, actresses, and shows watch nothing more than the reels they are presented and couldn't give two poops about the Daytime genre as a whole. I say we here at the PVP come up with our own awards and it to the people who truly deserve it.

Shadow said...

I'm gagging over the naked teens romping thru Chandler Mansion. It seems sooooo inappropriate watching it. That place needs a broad like Red Liza or Skye running the place. Or maybe Lucretia. I keep thinkin "If only Adam was there...".

Shadow said...

Has anyone noticed that Jacks office looks exactly like Erica's old Enchantment office where Cambias attacked her?

Mel Got Served said...

I think one thing that is important to see why a person was or wasn't nominated was to see what episode they submitted. For instance, I was absolutely shocked Alison Sweeney didn't get nominated this year on Days. But then I remembered Daytime Confidential said Alison didn't submit the scenes of Sami grieving over the death of her baby, rather the episode where she completely bitched out Nicole for discovering Nicole had Sami's baby all along. I think if the more depressing emotional scene was submitted the nomination might be different.

Shadow said...

How awkward are those Rancid Madison scenes about David Hayward? Rancid makes Madison look like Meryl Streep. The only way to save those two is lesbian sex. They should get it on. Reese/Otalia style. Radison. Mandy?

Marissa's being a bitch-the most interesting she's been so far. But that bald spot bugs the shit outta me.

Why is Greenlee dressed like a pirate?

Those new writer people showed up in the credits today.

Why is Annie running to Ryan? He hates her.

Why is Liza acting so happy for Adam? They used ro hare each other.

Why is JR turning orange/blonde again. He's like a skinny oompah loompah now.

OMG, OLTL is going Glee on Friday. I smell the stench of Eterna. WTF?

Hey, they have two slot. In the casino now.

Since David is such a medical genius, he should make some kind of hair growth tonic for Marissa's bald spot.

Can anybody tell a difference in the writing? Thank God LoBro and Addie are still there.

Ryan is ever so slightly less irritating. JR is being a pussy again. When is enough enough?

Shadow said...

That hobo in the park that mugged Annie looked like Alice the Goon on Popeye. I hope Annie has the tire iron in her purse.

Shadow said...

Is it wrong that I love watching Hoarding? It's fascinating.

Elizabeth said...

If nuMichael is Chaka than nuMorgan is Fred Savage (Kevin) from the Wonder Years. I can't stand that kid. I feel bad because he's just a baby, but I want the old Morgan back! :(

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

OMG Elizabeth we so think alike. I thought NuMorgan was Fred Savage as well lmao. He tries but I wnat the real Morgan back as well.

brtedi said...

A couple of cheeky observations about AMC:

Just how will David get proof that Madison 'did the deed' with Ryan? Will he use a video camera or have Madison dusted for Ryan's fingerprints?--LOL!

"It's a miracle!" Not only does Damien know how to remove his own cast, but he's completely rehab-ed, as well!--Yeah,right!--Ha!

I hope the viewers aren't left with whiplash from any subtle 'adjustments'.


brtedi said...

"NuMorgan was Fred Savage as well lmao. He tries but I wnat the real Morgan back as well."

Jordan, yesterday, I was on the phone, with my best friend. He compaired nuMorgan to Fred Savage, as well...I too, kept picturing the former morgan in those scenes, too.

Anonymous said...

NuBianca is here!

Mel Got Served said...

Julie Hanan Craputhers, you are out of your [bleeping] mind if you think having a new girl playing Bianca, no matter how much goodness she oozes, will be a "very easy transition for the audience."

Crystal said...

Being Erica is renewed finally! Yay!!!

Arizonagal said...

Hmm, I just googled the nuBianca and she at least looks the part. I am not so dead against a recast. I think a Binx return could be a good thing and if not Eden, then why not try someone else? Hopefully this recast will go better than the "Real Greenlee" fiasco (I still feel bad for Sabine). I'm just thinking of successful recasts

Will Courtlandt
Dixie Martin
Janet Dillon

To quote Dr Frederic von Frankenstein, "IT COULD WORK!!"

Oh Shadow, I think you watch a lot of TV and I love it when people admit their guilty pleasures. Not hooked on Hoarding, but have seen a few episodes. When I see that Hoarding commercial where the lady is bemoaning the loss of her children I always think, lady they are in your house somewhere buried under a pizza box, an old tarp, and an empty KFC bucket.

My guilty pleasure this year was RuPaul's Drag Race!

Shadow said...

I just had never heard of this hoarding diagnosis. I would just have said they were "lazy pigs", but I know now that I was being insensitive and profiling. They are "hoarders". I wonder if the show pulls up in one of those giant trailers like they used to do on TLC's Trading Spaces? Can you imagine if you woke up and saw a big Hoarders bus parked at the neighbors house? Hello Crazy! And apparently Hoarders love cheese nachos, but who doesn't really? I love it when the loved ones talk about hiw the house smells and Aunt Bittie is a crazy ol' bat and then when theysee Aunt Bittie they have to act like they don't notice any of the piles of trash teetering over their heads. And then Aunt Bittie says, "hey, would you like some cheese nachos?". And then they clean everything up.

brtedi said...

From what I see, no one has commented on Annie's mugging,yet. IMHO,The two day players hired as muggers, were sort of lame,but I thought MCE was great!

At the end of Wed's. eppy there was a single thug. However, at the begining of Thursday's show, there were two... Annie clobbered the first one!:] With me, you know a scene is either really good, or really bad, if I start talking to my tv--I was like, [I]"Good girl, Annie!" [/I] Scott came up and knocked the second guy down. (But, he still got away with Annie's purse)

The best part, though, was that Annie already had a bad day--recieving divorce papers-- , She was in absolutely no mood to let her bag go without a fight.. Kudos to MCE...Very funny!

It's good to see female character hold her own. But, what else would we expect from a character who is determined enough, to try and shimmy down a drain pipe, while having a miscarriage, after a failed attempt to shoot the rival for her ex-husband's affections?--ROLF!

Mel Got Served said...

Llanview High must be really liberal to a high school play to be shown about teen pregnancy. My high school, which had a huge award winning drama department, wasn't even allowed to do West Side Story or Grease for fear of gang activity (and because of Grease's sex stuff). Nonetheless, half excited for Starr X'd Lovers because it should be good times, plus I saw Brody sings!!

I should elaborate on my recast comment about Bianca: I'm open to a recast, but the show has to be dumb to think recasting such a fan favorite legacy character is going to be easy and smooth for viewers. Please love Eden Riegel. I have faith this girl could be amazing, but I think the show is underestimating the feelings us viewers have.

I don't even think I can list a "guilty pleasure" because 1. I have too many and 2. I have no guilt over watching this crap.

RuPaul's Drag Race is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

check out nubianca acting reel


Jen said...

I haven't commented about the mugging b/c it's a contrived mess to set up Scott/Annie, the version 2 of JR/Marissa. Already we're seeing to pair her w/ Scott she has to be someone she isn't, a damn victim.

JR brings Marissa down, Scott makes Annie someone she's not...it's already pissing me off. I knew I couldn't trust these writers.

Jen said...

Oh shyt...I meant Marissa brings JR down. Sorry about that LOL

But srsly can we get this girl away from him, my god.

Arizonagal said...

I'd love to see Annie have the upper hand with JR, Scott, Adam, hell anyone. If that girl had the upper hand, she'd know how to use it! Why does JR treat her with such disgust? He might have the Chandler pedigree, but he is no pick of the litter.

I was surprised TIIC were trying to write Ryan as a kind, sensitive guy who'd just hand over wads of cash to Annie, but then I realized that was only so she'd have a reason to fight for her purse during the mugging. So now Ryan can go back to embracing his inner asswipe.

Can't wait to see the OLTL musical, and also can't wait for Marko to find out Langston's riding a Ford.

Bxgal said...

JORDAN you may get your own TV show after all!!! Oprah is having a contest where the prize is your own TV show on Oprah's new network.


Amphitrion said...

Mel, you are so right about the subject matter for High School plays--too funny. My drama teacher wanted to do an incredibly sanitized Rocky Horror and was shot down by the administration. Still, as a theater geek, I am all “jazz hands” with anticipation for the musical OLTL (though I’m sure it will be more than a little cheesy).

Another good question is why all these billionaire's kids are in public school anyway.

“Why is Greenlee dressed like a pirate?”—Shadow, you slay me.

Big Mike is gone from American Idol, taking with him all the chubby kid’s dreams of a career in the fitness industry. I kid, because I am a chubby kid too. Although I pray I never have to see that tiny hat crammed onto his giant head again.

DancingElf88 said...

It was a little cheesy. but I'm loving this musical episode. Mark Lawson...that man is smoking. I love the songs too. I really liked that one at the end..I think I heard it before now I have to search.

Oh AMC...really liking it so far. I love Annie. I'm sorry but I think Scott and Annie are so adorable but JR and Annie are hot but Scott and Annie can be hot too. JR needs to stop acting like he's too good for Annie. You're not boo. MCE rox...I cheered when she fought that mugger.
Rani needs to peace out off my screen. I really don't care for Madison. Liking Greenlee and David though.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

AMPHITRON LMAO LMAO LMAO not nice but so funny and true. Look as a Personal Trainer I can say Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. I don't think that a trainer needs to be ripped and looking like Brody to be a trainer let alone a great trainer but I do think it's hard to be inspired if your trainer is not in some sort of decent shape. Needless to say If I was looking for a trainer. I would not pick him to train me or sing for me. Never understood his appeal.

Danicng Elf you make me feel so old lolol Pat Benatar We belong was the last song on OLTL.

Crystal said...

I can't believe what's her name came clean with Ryan! I am so glad we didn't have another 'I have a secret but, now I really am in love with them and they can't find out or they will leave me' type story.
I hope Greenlee kicks Ryan and what's her name out on Monday! I really can't remember her name. I am medicated right now. Oh yeah, Madison never mind.

LOVED OLTL today! I have been sick and have NO voice so I couldn't sing along 8( but, I did save it. ha ha ha

I hated the Starr Crossed whatever song and fast forwarded through that but, the rest was great. Why was Destiny dressed up like she worked with Roxy during the number? It seemed a bit weird. Brody can sing to me all he wants!!!

I love Jess bringing out the worst in Layla. Although, I don't know many high school kids that are that self assured and confident.

brtedi said...

I can't believe I'm going to use the word "refreshing", as an adjetive describing AMC. But, here gos:

I enjoyed Lorraine Broderick's work emensly--and wish she would continue. But, if she doesn't, the new team's work is refreshing, say compared to Pratt McTavish, etal.

1.) Can we hook up Marissa up to booze IV perminantly? She should stay plastered! LOL! At least, that way, she'll speak her mind.

2.) I love MCE and Adam Mayfield in scenes together! Scott will be her friend. I think, he 'gets' her. He just won't take her garbage...He's got her number, and Annie knows it.

3.) I liked how the writers didn't drag out the whole Madison/David/Ryan thing...Ryan just called David out on the plan and Greenlee overheard , everything., The whole thing was went , bing,bing,bing., Then. it was done.

Was it just me or did the writers try not to be too heavy handed, in these scenes--letting the characters just be the characters?

4.)I have to mention Mark Lawson/"Brody", from OLTL...Was it just me, or did he look great in that blue pullover?...If I'm not mistaken, it matched his eyes. :-D

Shadow said...

Guess we won't be able to refer to NuBianca as Boobianca anymore. Just sayin...

Jen said...

"Oh AMC...really liking it so far. I love Annie. I'm sorry but I think Scott and Annie are so adorable but JR and Annie are hot but Scott and Annie can be hot too."

Jannie is hotness w/ AWESOME sauce

Scott/Annie are a contrived adorable, just look at how that Annie was nowhere near the Annie we know, that Annie was a victim, they had to do the 'he's my hero' scenerio here...I'll be quite honest JR/Annie do not need propping, Scott has no SL to speak of, he's going to be either broken hearted again or worst case scenerio they kill Jannie like they did w. the original JAM pairing and strap JR to Borebabe for the whole summer in this I love you but no in love w. you scenerio.. and put Mr. Magoo aka Scott w/ Annie in attempting to turn her good... keyword is summer, and if Madison/Ryan is all I have to look foward to on AMC heading into the summer, b/c Jamanda sucks and DaLee has no life in it to speak of, then I'll just YT AMC and turn off the DVR. Because this is not what I want to see.

I said I had faith in AMC w/ LoBro, theses new HWs are already failing to me, in so many ways.

Arizonagal said...

I'll tell you how old I am. When I was in HS the school play was "our town."

Mel Got Served said...

See I'm torn. I love the idea of Scott and Annie, and I love the idea of JR and Annie. So what's great about that is it's a fantastic triangle. The best triangles are the ones where you really can't decide who is the best pairing. That's why Kate/Sawyer/Jack is so good on Lost (well, actually I'd prefer Sawyer/Juliet but RIP and either way, the main triangle has kept us compelled for years).

Here's what I think of both sides. Scott tames Annie, and in a way, that's needed. He's sort of her conscience and calls her out on her crap, but is sensible. And they have a fair amount of heat too. I don't think Scott necessarily tries to make Annie good, or by being together he's making her good, he just sort of accepts Annie for her craziness.

JR and Annie, on the other hand, are the same person. They bring out that devious anything-it-takes side of each other. There's passion and fire.

I'm so torn! Either way, I am so looking forward to what is coming in this triangle!

DancingElf88 said...

Sorry Jordan but thank you!
Mel I'm torn too. That's exactly how I feel about the triangle.

brtedi said...

Excellent points,mel! :-)

With JR, we get to see Annie's scheming, manipulative ways. When she's with Scott, we sometimes get to see why Annie feels she has to do so.

Jen said...

In the end Scott is left broken hearted again, b/c there is no way I can buy Annie not wanting JR over him, he's the one person she hasn't bs'd to, b/c she can't. Scott here's how I see him, I almost don't care, he has top control of Chandler household, he has the company...and again him getting the woman... you know what it is, it's two scenerios

Scenerio #1 Greenlee/Leo/Laura and Scott is Laura in this.

Scenerio #2 Jake/Amanda/JR and this secret triangle b/c that's what it was ended up killing a fanbase and ratings even more while pushing a weak couple and killing a strong potential supercouple THAT ACTUALLY HAD A LONGTERM BOND SINCE THEY WERE KIDS! unlike that contrived crap that Pratt created in not knowing that Jake when he was 30 was Amanda's babysitter, rescued her from a freaking well... eventually that's why E-Babe showed up to seperate JR from Amanda. Which btw when does Amanda actually have sense on the show anymore? all her smarts just got lost in watching telenovelas...which btw Jackass Jake it's novelas not telenovelas, I hate when ppl screw up spanish.

So on a show that has no rootable chemistry couple what to speak of, other than Ryan/Madison, I so pray they don't go there, b/c that would be painful to watch, it'd be hypocritical watching Annie's turn to good after all the crap she's pulled, while using JR's character again to prop another lame pairing.

I'm so glad summer is right around the corner, depending where they go SL will determine me continuing to watch what these HWs may or may not damage and contrive.

Terry in Toronto said...

The Musical OLTL episode on Friday was great. Brody was so dreamy in his uniform. I only wish they had more to his song than just the darkened stage and Jessica at a dressing table. As someone who grew up in the 80's the music took me back to the day. Gogo's, Pat Benatar, that's some real music.

... and I've been in "Our Town" Arizonagal.

Shadow said...

Now wait a minute, Our Town was written in 1930-something so anybody's HS could have performed that one. More telling is DancingElf's comment "I think I've heard it before". Kills me that 80s music is considered vintage or kitsch now. The other day I read it was Laurence Lau's 57th birthday!! I thought, holy shit, Greg and Jenny--the epitome if classic young soapy love, would be like 60 years old now. I keep reading about Tad being the "New Joe". That makes me feel like a fat old fart too. Ok, I'm not fat and I'm not Greg old, but let's just say suddenly I feel as if I'm being SORAS'd rather swiftly.

I keep seeing lots of SATC2 ads. I was an unabashed fan of the series. It was pretty unique when it first came on in the early 90s. I'll never forget watching it with my in-laws once. They had never seen it and wanted to watch it because they heard how funny it was. It was the " funky spunk" episode. The Mrs. and I were dying. It was like being stabbed for 30 minutes. Funny now. So awkward then.

My favorite scene in SATC was when Carrie lost her shit on Big on the sidewalk in the last season. "4 years!" still kills me. One of the funniest to me was the ep where Carrie's boyfriend broke up with her on a Post-It. I still love that concept.

Every time I see the Sex and the City 2 promo of the girls in the desert, I think to myself, "Ishtar 2".

Laura said...

Brody in his dress whites, showing us he can sing and Kassie singing the old OLTL theme song made my day today when I fired up the DVR.

I saw some Y&R today and was glad to see Bianca and Maggie or whoever they play on Y&R. The characters I don't think crossed before, but they will become friends I'm sure if they know what they are doing.

When I was in high school they did plays and a musical. The musical was Music Man, but then I grew up in Iowa.

The best news is that the girl who plays Destiny got a contract. She was beautiful, she has lost so much weight, even my husband said he didn't recognize her and she looked hot. Congratulations to her. She doesn't need to be Gigi thin, but she looks so good.

I haven't been watching AMC much, maybe one day I'll get caught up. This blog tells me what I need to see.

I did see mini Fred Savage today. Speaking of which I saw Winnie Cooper looking kind of sexy in my husband's Maxim.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

I played George in Our Town in College. I love Our Town simple but powerful. My Emily was obnoxious and oddly It was my father in law who I thought was hot but he was a mental case nothing ever transpired....I digress.

Thank you to all who made us aware. Ashley is going to submit us for the Oprah Contest wish us luck.

OLTL needs to keep Kassie's rendition of the 80's theme. And why wont they uodate the opening credits for OLTL AND AMC like they did to GH.

brtedi said...

"...Thank you to all who made us aware. Ashley is going to submit us for the Oprah Contest wish us luck...."

Jordan, what Oprah contest????

Terry in Toronto said...

Did anyone else catch the guy who plays Ross Rayburn on OLTL doing a guest spot as a defense lawyer on Law & Order? He looked even hotter clean shaven with his hair nicely styled and in a suit.

I can't believe they just canceled Law & Order. That show epitomizes NYC for me in so many respects. I'll miss it.

Shadow said...

Survivor had a killer season. So much fun this season. Loved the finale. So want to be on that show. Ashley, you could be the next Sandra! The only two time winner is Puerto Rican! Come to think of it, Jordan you could be the next Sandra! Hee.

Ok, I caved. I FFd through the Musical OLTL Glee-a-thon. It was done pretty well. I agree Star's take on Pat Benatar was pretty good. The whole show was done well. I kept thinking how interesting it was that they pit in all that effort and got so little promotion for it. I don't get ABC marketing. In contrast, they promoted that crap outta the amc dance-a-thon which made Eterna look like Shakespeare. I'm glad they promote AMC. I just don't get how with Glee mania there weren't OLTL posters and promos everywhere-maybe even a primetime preview. These days, the concept of daytime/primetime seems arbitrary if not arcane to me. ABC should promote quality programming 24/7 irrespective of what time it airs on their schedule.

Terry in Toronto said...

Shadow, it is as clear as Rancid's lack of acting ability. ABC doesn't give a rat's a$$ about OLTL. They just don't. Even at its worst AMC got all the props and all the kudos and even at its best OLTL receives nada. I'm so over the network politics.

Shadow said...

My question is, if they aren't going ro promote it why spend the money on the sets, songs, etc? Why not just air another episode of "When Bo Met Nora" or star Lessica or whatever alter Jessica has worked her way up to in the aplhabet? They could have totally gone viral with it. Idiots!

AMC Note: Kate Collins wraps thus go around of Janet on Wednsday so I wish she would wake the hell up from her seizure I duced coma. Thank God Daisy, Nina and Brooke were all able to make it back out of town without any lasting cranial deformities

The Ghost of Verla Grubbs said...

Ryan's Hope - Not digging the new Siobhan (who is in reality the actress who played Kelly Taylor's drunk-ass mom on 90210). I know she's like the fill in before Marg takes over but still... too young and cheery for my tastes and really not tied in with the Siobhan character yet...and she made my Rose cry! Not good!

Arizonagal said...

One thing that bugs me about OLTL, why would so many adults be excited about going to a senior prom? kind of silly, but still looking forward to the musical and I really don't want to see Layla get hurt tho I know that's coming >:-(

Jen said...

Layla?.. how about freaking Brody...unfortunately he's in love w/ an amnesiac that keeps looking at her ex. like he has the golden balls and Brody is just in her way. UGH..Jessica is so pissing me off, at this point I'd tell Brody to go bang who he wants to. LOL how Langston found out..and how Marco found out.

Ok what was good on AMC. JR is seperating from E-Babe, he's beaten Prancer *figure it out* DaLee I'm sorry I just can't..it hurts watching that and thier makeouts are almost gag worthy, Ryan/Madison has some type of allure, Amanda's SL doesn't make me feel anything b/c it's just rushed through w/ no real purpose.

Oh for those of you who care, May 24th Star Mag. swimsuit shoot w/ AMC's JR/Colby/Amanda and Annie..also joined by GH's Dante and Lulu. So that's it for me.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Hmmmmm in shock that NBC has picked up J.J. Abrahms new show Undercover. The husband and wife team are Boris Kadjoe and some woman I never heard of. OMG can it really be that a major network has the two leads be people of color. That's right NBC not UPN, WB or CW.

With that said the rest of the lineup for NBC sound like a bore.

Parks shelved to Midseason, not a good sign.

Mel Got Served said...

I'm dying laughing right now at Monday's episode. I don't know who is an I Love New York/I Love Money watcher, but Heat is one of the extras at BJ's who was looking at Marissa like "this girl's crazy!"

OLTL FREAK said...






Arizonagal said...

This whole Amanda SL? Laaaaammme. Chrishell is giving it all she has but, c'mon, really, this is one stupid waste of time.

Don't "flame" me, as they used to say in the old days, but I am enjoying the hell out of Marissa. The girl can act, who knew? Does she remind anyone of Leslie Caron?

Impressed by some of the talent on OLTL and relieved Christian didn't buy the desperate teenager act.

Can't believe Langston is such a fool, she has a lot to learn!

That Darrin kid is a bit stalkerish.

Marty and John? meh... But, Natalie and John is going to be a snoozefest.

The musical? I ff'd thru a lot of it but listened to enough to know it was just so so. Perhaps I shouldn't have watched it after watching NPH on Glee. Damn that dude rocked the show big time! And how much does Rachel resemble Idina Menzel? Remarkable.

Anonymous said...

Shadow I seen tons of promo for OLTL & GH on cable channels TNT,USA.VH1 and even BET these past 3 weeks and when i saw tons i mean 3 commercials in the same hour. The only i haven't seen promo for is AMC.

Mel Got Served said...

I've been digging the OLTL prom too, but I admit to fast forwarding through a bunch of the musical numbers cause I'm just enjoying the plot so much. However, I did fast forward through Starr and Cole because I find them sooo dull. I know everyone loves them together and they're supposedly meant to be, but I don't see it.

LOVED the whole Langston/Markko/Ford reveal where Langston learns the truth about Ford and Markko learns the truth about Langston.

That Darren kid is kinda weird (totally agree Arizonagal). I didn't like how he was creeping Destiny out but one Michael Jackson dream sequence later she's ready for a smooch. Also, why did Darren's fantasy include Danielle and Nate hooking up? You'd think in his dream he'd just focus on Destiny and not some other people.

Read a spoiler (or I guess it was on a promo) about my Brody and to quote Jordan, I AM NOT AMUSED! But at the same time, I don't think I can blame Brody cause Jessica has treated him like shit (was going to say garbage, but quite frankly she's been terrible to him).

I am so tired today because I stayed up until 12:30 last night because after I watched Monday's OLTL I had to see Tuesday. Excited to see today's ep as well.

Shadow said...

Anon, that's great! I see AMC and GH promotions everywhere. GH was on CNN all day about Franco returning. Maybe I'm just missing the ones for OLTL and need to watch more BET.

Jen said...

Mel, my fellow secret 90210 fan, WOW did that finale have cliffhangers left and right, I mean left and right.

I honestly didn't see any of that coming, And I'm still f'n shocked Dixon just packed his bags and jetted, I'm a Divy fan but wow did that shock me. Poor Naomi, Poor Annie she's alone for the summer, poor Debbie and etc.. etc.

But F U! HWs how do you leave me like that!

Mel Got Served said...

Jen, I haven't watched yet :(

Promise I'll try to watch tonight! But I'm glad your post wasn't too spoilery. And PS there is never poor Annie because that character could disappear forever and no one would bat an eye!

Stayed up late again to watch OLTL, though I really only watched the Ford/Langston/Markko stuff (AWESOME), as well as Jessica and Brody. Poor Brody, man. But god was that scene between Jess and Brody where he tells her what happened to her powerful. Ahhh I love them and now that horrible faux-ginger Natalie is showing up at Brody's place drunk and annoying (and since this is soaps, likely pretty fertile).

Jen said...

They Brody/Nat just need to do the deed, I'm sorry Jessica fans!! that bitch is pissing me off. And Brody is the only one I care about there. McLame also is getting on my nerves.

OMG Mel, just watch it (90210), that's why I was careful w/ my post.

Mel Got Served said...

I don't mind Brody getting some action since Jessica's been acting like such a brat, but I wish he could get some action with someone other than Snatchalie.

Jen said...

LOL Mel, he'd have to be drunk not to use a rubber.

Mel Got Served said...

He is drunk! Hahah! C'mon we know in soaps once you sleep with someone you're not supposed to, you get knocked up. Heck, Natalie wanted to get pregnant before by Jared so it wouldn't shock me if they did this.

Jen said...

Oh crap.. I never even thought of that... Jess is gonna hate her, I mean she's gonna hate her.

Crystal said...

Saw Darnell Williams on a show about Soul Train last night! I am going to have to see if it is coming on again. What I saw of it was really good.

Mel Got Served said...

Jen, just watched 90210. Holy Emily Valentine! Also, Naomi's story is HEARTBREAKING. When he told her she cried wolf so no one would believe her, I wanted to cry. Absolutely devastating.

I'm over the Ann-slaughter story. Send her to the slammer for a while- looks like Liam and Jasper could be there!

Glad the 3 couples have at least some niceness to end on. Peace out to the parents. And Mr. Matthews is a total mess!

Great finale!

Terry in Toronto said...

Former AMC star Colin Egglesfield all over the gossip pages as he films new movie with Kate Hudson.

I will never forget him and babe in the shower.

Jen said...

Mel, I told you so. I was like OH GET THE F... OUT! at the end w. Liam, Harry/Debbie, I still can't believe Dixon just walked out, in the middle of the night there. Wow he's turning into a delinquent w/ no direction..Debbie is talking about just that, he takes it in and walks out, to Australia I guess, him and Liam should so be roomies.

Oh I know how you feel about Annie, trust I'm there too at times, her and Teddy hopefully blow up in the end of S3. Naomi wow I just never saw it coming, never saw it coming, and she's all alone. Ryan is so effin' drunk out of his mind he's going to wake up w/ burn scars or in jail. Dixon/Ivy still together, Navid/Ade and you know..

Jen said...

COLINNNNNNNNN! ugh! w/ that whore.

Mel Got Served said...

Grey's Anatomy- OMFG!!!!!! That was an INTENSE finale.

brtedi said...

I just finished watching Thurs. OLTL, on SOAPnet. While I realize Bree Williamson gives here all, no matter the material, will someone please suggest to tptb an anvil be dropped on "Jessica's" head...So this craptastic storyline will come to an end!

And I haven't even started with Ford! Ewwwww! He's gone from playa to predator. He knows Jessica is one taco short of a combination plate and he's still on the make..

The one thing I did get into was Marko, finally, getting a spine....

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Grey's Anatomy was ON FIRE!! I haven't watched it in like 2 seasons, but this finale had my heart pumping. Well written, well executed, and I am not even going to lie, but I cried a couple of times while watching it. I am actually excited to watch the show next season, they have set themselves up to have a lot of interesting things coming down the pike. Sandra Oh is still on top of her game, I forgot how amazing she is as an actress. If you haven't watched it, it a definite must see, but it's not for the weak of heart! lol

Crystal said...

I've never seen Grey's before but, I watched it last night. It was really good!

Saw Greenlee in her jogging outfit while I was stuffing my face with fries, ugh.

Jen said...

She's too young and vibrant for David. I'm sorry, the only time I actually still pay attention to GreenPea or Madamn Green Butterfly is well that little scene w/ Emma and her confrontations w/ Erica.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Hey guess what....A new podcast should be on here hopefully Monday!

Elizabeth said...

YAY! Can't wait for the new podcast!

Terry in Toronto said...

Yes Oh Yes to a new podcast!