Sunday, October 10, 2010

Uh, I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick

Okay, folks, so it's been forever-and-a-day since you've heard from us, and, well, no - things are not a whole helluva lot better for me with All My Children. I mean, yes, Erica is back, but a girl cannot live on Erica and Fat Caleb alone! That's like eating pork rinds on rice crackers. Nass-tee!

This week, we dish on the Kids, One Life and GH, as well as a little primetime, a little pop-time, and an OT (that's "off topic" for those a y'all who don't speak blog abbreviations) rant or two. I will warn you - I'm still blowing out the sound a bit, so the 'cast may get loud in spots. This loud Puerto Rican apologizes in advance, and warns you to listen at your own risk!

Seriously, though, Jordan and I are so glad to be back, and we're so glad that you're still listening. Now it's our turn to listen to you: leave your ass-toot thoughts and opinions on anything and everything daytime (or anytime) here.

10/06/10 Podcast


Mel Got Served said...

Yay new podcast! I was going to post in last week's thread but since the new one is up, I want to be current! I need to say this:

Everyone rent/Netflix "Every Little Step" which is the documentary about casting of the Broadway revival of A Chorus Line. Jason Tam, Marco from One Life to Live, is BRILLIANT in his audition. PHENOMENAL.

Unknown said...

Not up on itunes

Ashley said...

it's up now --

ash xo

Anonymous said...

its still not up :(

jason said...

so excited for the new podcast!! i've missed you guys!!!

Norn Cutson said...

Hey ya'll~
I'm visiting my sister, so Ive been watching AMC & OLTL with her!
some thoughts:
ANNIE & JR are the closest thing to a real story, but its almost as worn out as the BLINDNESS story (though I'm glad Debbie Morgan gets to do SOMETHING!)

Its an insult to OLIVE OYL to call this brittle drowned rat "Olive Oyl".... the REAL Olive Oyl has personality!

My sister HATES ASHER... she yells at the screen about "why are they wasting my time with this character?!?!" I like seeing his body but I'm nto paying attention to anything that comes out of his mouth.


uhoh Susan Lucci's got GIGI PORN LIPS.

JAKE's got a gut & Farrah Fawcett hair.

are you kidding me?!?!?!
It was three episodes before I realized this girl wasnt just a day player working in FUSION!!! Talk about ZERO PRESENCE!!! NO PERSONALITY, NOTHING COMPELLING... I am never gonna care anything about this era of BIANCA.

Was the thing with JESSE and the blindfold supposed to be funny?

ECHO: "I'm totally sober... except when I'm drinking!" [winks]

DANI is really good, and she and STARR are totally believable as half sisters.

Norn Cutson said...

Also, I couldnt help noticing ANNIE's ass... MCE must do a LOTTTA squats!!!

Shadow said...

Are you trying to kill me? I was driving over an overpass when I heard that comment about Whoopie Goldberg! Jordan, Whoopie does not count as "going back". You're in good company-Ted Danson, etc. but I don't get it. Imagine hee "sex chatter". OMG. And then Calista Flockhart? She's a rib cage with lips! We can hang though. We certainly won't be cock blocking each other.

ITA about Colby. She's pretty. Kind of in a porn star kind of way though. She should fix those chicklet teeth.

Dr. David? Again, it was time to make a break from Hayward. He was an evil clown. I just don't see a replacement on the horizon. Asher? Vomit.

the Lord! Norn is back! I flove n69n-Norn recaps!! And I agrtee with every single comment-esp NuBiAnca. She's a snooze.

Unknown said...

I really need to comment more on your podcast, I yhink the reason I don't is because there's so much to talk about and I don't want to ramble on.
I agree with Jordan that there are definite moments of 1980's greatness. The problem is I wish the whole show was like that! I think that's the same way I feel about OLTL too, I *love* parts of it but loathe others. I still think Ashley should watch it though since there are definite awesome parts of the show.
I almost had a heart attack when Ashley said she never liked David Hayward, but when Jordan mentioned that David was so much better with is family, I got it. I liked the softer side of David but hated the villinous cartoon character he became under different writers.
Thanks fir the podcast guys, it's always great to hear ftom you, and yes, people still listen!

Shadow said...

I've thought for a while that amc
should bring back Jake's aka Joey's Emily Ann. And Ross. And Brooke. And Hilary. And Pete. Carmen Thomas and Julia Barr both said they would return. I think Emily Ann lost her primetime gig so that should be a snap.

Lisa said...

Glad your back but Ashley pleeaaase stop yelling over Jordan! He can't get a thought out! LOL

Love Britney on Glee. Did you know the actress was Beyonce's back up dancer?!

Ashley said...

I hear you, Lisa - I interrupt so much, I interrupt myself! I get a little impatient sometimes if you haven't noticed.

Sorry J!


Ashley said...

Holy S - the actress that plays Britney on Glee is on my list of ladies I'd love to love - but not before my Chrishelle.

WELCOME BACK NORN!!!!!! xoxooxoxox


Mel Got Served said...

THE GOOD WIFE IS ON FIRE!!! Jordan, I don't know if the guy who plays Cary Agos is on your list, but I call dibs!! And Kalinda vs. Jason Street- ahhhh so good. This show is the shit!

What a good Glee tonight. So good that I didn't even realize there was no Sue until someone pointed it out. Now when is someone going to duet to "Past the Point of No Return" from Phantom? Now that's my duet jam. I am also counting the days until at least one Sound of Music song is used.

Haven't been watching AMC. I had my kitched remodeled last week and just didn't make the time to watch. I just haven't had much interest. I think JR is a douche (even if he has chemistry with Annie), I am tired of Angie sobbing and this insane storyline, and I HATE HATE HATE Ryan and Greenlee with a passion.

Also, don't mean to be a griper, but I think the new mic gets "hot" when you guys get loud. I have to listen pretty much to max volume since I ride the subway to work and sometimes I get a little startled from the "hot mic." Maybe someone here has some sound engineering tips to make the mic sound less "frazzled."

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Mel, OMG OMG Thank you. I thought I was the only one watching The Good Wife. This has to be one of the best shows on Network Television right now. This season has been on fire. The writing is superb. Whoever is handling the casting should be given an award and should handel casting on AMC.

Tuesday night has been come my busy night with seven shows that I watch but the first two are always Glee and the Good wife.

Yes Cary is on my list have to find a great pic of him.

OLTL was also on fire today.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Shadow we would be great wing men. We so dont have the same taste. LOL.

SOAPFAN said...

Excellent podcast guys, I especially loved your commentary on the state of diversity on TV. I feel like a big problem is who is primarily behind the cameras...the producers of content.

When you only have one type of people making the content, then naturally they are only going to have one perspective. We need to try and get more people of color and from diverse backgrounds to create the content, if for no other reason that to get different perspectives.

AMC...ugh. It is so boring lately, and the writing is really disjointed.

No matter how much they try to cram Caleb VS Jr down my throat, I will NEVER accept them as the next Adam VS Palmer. Jr is a weasel, a spoiled runt who got everything handed to him, and nowhere NEAR the man Adam is. Caleb is just a bloated, sausage fingered wannabe Palmer. I like how they are letting Michael Nouri's hair go white...HE AIN'T ADAM, silver hair be damned! If PV needs a new doctor, why not bring back Dr. Cliff Warner(recast with Bradley Cooper)?This could also bring back Taylor Miller as Nina.

Does Krystal have a lower body? All we ever see is her upper torso. She has no function other than to serve drinks and give AJ diabetes with all those DAMN COOKIES!

I soo agree with Norn's assessment of NuBianca. While I like the actress, she is just a Bianca-Bot. She has no purpose other than to be Zach and Kendall's voicemail service. She is like ROoie from the Jetsons. They just recasted Bianca to stick it to Eden Riegel.

I am so over Ryan/Greenlee/Kendall again. They are eating the show again with such tripe storyline. They need to be separated. Kendall needs a storyline for herself. I would cast Deirdre Hall as her mother Alice Hart. RB, AM, are being wasted yet again.

I hear they are gonna try and chem test her with Jordi Vilasuso (Dr. Griffin Castillo). I would love to see how they explain Zach leaving his kids. Why not recast Zach with Joe Lando(Dr. Quinn/OLTL)if Thorsten don't wanna move?

Jordan, your taste in people rivals mine.People look at me crazy when I tell them I find Reginal Vel Johnson hot. lolz

you really should make up with that Queen Ellis. Life is too short to let petty things come between you and your BFF. Who is going to watch your stuff while you sneak into the men's room of The Cock for a quickie? lol! For real, I hope y'all patch it up.

Ashley, I want some more delicious song parodies :-)

Shadow said...

Ok, seriously, stop this. I love you all and believe me, I'm down with the brown. There is no color preference on my part and I'm totally good with curves. Having said that, you guys are talking about Whoopi Goldberg and, if Google serves me correctly, Urkel's neighbor! Ya'll are just punking me or something, right? I fear somebody is fixing to post an entry that they are having sex dreams about Joy Behar or one of the Stooges.

Shadow said...

But Ty I'm 100% with you about everything else. I just cannot
believe Palmer died and left
Anything as consequential as CE to BFC rather than Ross, Pete or Nina. And with Jesse, Angie, Tad & Liza why would a writer even bother with a fake BFC? So much history to play with by using one of Palmer's real offspring. Add Brooke back to the mix & you a mature generation of vets with plenty of 20 something characters to cover all the demos.

NuBinx woes may be the bland writing. Krystal's no fun without the trailer. She's a boring Brooke-Light, Myrtle-Light, etc. While JR is steaming it up with Annie, I don't see him ever holding a candle to Adam. It's so unbelievable to me when he goes all corporate on somebody. He's a clueless dolt who inherited everything he has and can't even maintain that much. I'd love to see Skye come back and wrestle control away and run it all like Daddy. And I'll on record with this: I hate everything Cambias so I don't care what happens to Zach. I think he's a total dick. I wouldn't mind him fleeing the country with Gabrielle & Ian and disappearing forever.

Mel Got Served said...

The problem with Krystal is that she is nothing without Babe. Babe was her heart and soul and main purpose of being. You can throw a fake-twin in the womb to try and get that effect, but it doesn't work. Bobbie Eakes is a great actress and looks smokin' in HD, but without Babe she has no point.

Jen said...

JR is coming to his own. I think veteran watchers dislike him b/c he has Chandler handed to him, guess what. Chandler is his birth right, Adam is not capable anymore to run it. 50,000,000 heart attacks later Silver Bullet needed to step down. Watching JR right now is like watching Adam Jr. growing up. Yes Chandler was handed to him but he sure as hell is doing his job, love/hate, love to hate and striking hard at his enemies.

Look at what he even did at the police station, Adam isn't taking care of the family JR was trying to get Scott out, Scott refused, eventually we know JR will get him out. But look at what he did w/ Annie in that episode, speaking for her, she got pissed, ragging more on Scott as IMO how he messed his father's company w/ his admission but that last scene

I'm going to save Chandler, I'm gonna get my son back....then you and I

I know what Annie was feeling there, part of her wanted to admire that, the other part was DISGUSTED!!! JR like said that to her, like her opinion didn't matter. That was straight up possession talk.I don't even think JR recognized it.It's just happening to him.

Shadow still throwing up at the mention of Whoopi over Randi?

Shadow said...

Maybe they could bring Krystal's Baby Doll back in a Parent Trap-type story. You know, the girls met at a massage parlor, realized they were twins, & switched places. Only while Marissa was in PV she got squished in the tornado & bled out her ass. Real Babe returned pretending to be Marissa. The brown hair, bald spot, elevator shoes and horse teeth threw everybody off. The reason why she flunked the Bar exam is because she's reallyt stupid Babe not smart but dead Marissa! It could happen.

Jen said...

It's not gonna be Alexa taking over Marissa's role but something you guys said and JoHud and AshMen said made me think. David Hayward again he is also a character that I really didn't care much for and I agree w/ JoHud his lifeline had to be pulled for all the sh.t he did, ex. raping Amanda (YES THAT'S WHAT IT WAS PPL!) in the backseat while bb Trevor was a hostage, ugh god! anyway, Mel raised a point of how Krystal sucks w/o Babe, I'll go opposite, she's a more rootable woman w/o Babe, a mature woman who is grounded.

Why do I bring this up? Krystal has a daughter who loves her, but they don't show her sharing many scenes w/ Bobbie Eakes, again w/o AJ, Marissa is "invisible" so what's left for this character? why do I think that David's killer will turn out to be his own daughter, it'd make sense in so many ways if it's Madison but the HWs love Stephanie too much, so who has no pairing, who has no role whatsoever, who has no real family scenes whatsoever, Marissa. I think she's going off the canvas by November.

Mel Got Served said...

In my 1st post this week I mentioned Jason Tam in "A Chorus Line" having an amazing audition. Turns out it's on YouTube- enjoy!

Michael said...

Another thrilling, engrossing episode of CSI: Snatchalie unfolded--

Greg: Tea is alive.

Sncatchalie: What?

Greg (Gasping): Tea is alive.

Snatchalie: What does that mean?

Uh, Snatchalie, I think it means Tea is A L I V E, but I haven’t had your kind of special CSI training or anything.

Snatchalie decides to get to the bottom of it all just as soon as she flashes back to her romp with Brody six more times and overhears seven or eight random conversations about how important it is not to lie about who fathered you child.

Thanks for the link MelG; Jason Tam is such a talent!

Thank you so much for the podcast guys! It is a real treat to hear you two talk about anything and everything!!

Stacy said...

My fantasy of the day. JR and Marissa are duking it out in court and it is looking bad for Marissa. Court is dismissed for the day and Caleb tells Marissa (current actress) that she needs to do something drastic. Back at home, we see Marissa opening a pharmacy bag and pulling out a box of something that looks suspiciously like peroxide. Cut the the next morning, court is about to start and Marissa is no where to be found. As the tension builds, the courtroom doors open and in walks the new Marissa played by our beautiful Alexa Havens!!!

Brian said...

Love your dream story Stacy. But it would never happen. It would require planing on the writer's part. They don't seem to do any of that!

Arizonagal said...

I don't know why I was so bummed that my DVR didn't catch AMC or OLTL on Mon and Tues. I found them on the soap channel and then realized I did not miss much, esp. on AMC where the focus was on the ridiculously humorless idiots Kendall, Greenlee and Ryan. Being a Glass Half Full kind of lady, I seize the opportunity to save about 30 minutes of my life by FFing through all of that stuff and moving the heck along. I did hit the play button when it looked like Rebecca Budig might actually get down with the karaoke, which she didin't.

(Ashley scream on) Okay Ms Budig, I gotta take a moment and rant here. WTF is wrong with you!?! Get a pulse already, I'm sick of this mopey, morose, depressed Greenlee. How friggin annoying, I don't tune in to watch this shit, so start acting woman, you are getting paid to do a job, so stop being lazy and effin' do it! (scream off)

AMC has some good moments when Scott, JR, Annie, Marissa are on. Also enjoying Colby and Damon. Asher... meh. And yes, I can't explain this, but I do like fat Caleb and since I know I'm alone on this one, I have to question my taste. Obviously I'm seeing something in the guy that no one else is seeing. Glad Eek and Jack are back and like their new digs

Over at OLTL, fairly entertaining. I hear ya Jordan, I really do like Inez, she is so not a typical soap woman. She's real even when her situations are not. Also, it's nice seeing a woman of color in this role, though I don't buy the Fords as even half latino. Eli has morphed into total mustache twirling wild-eyed evil. Subtlety, Eli, subtlety!

My name is Cristina and I am a TV-holic. Therefore, it stuns me when I see a bed-bound Jessica sitting in her bed without a television, a video game, or a book or anything to pass the hours. When I get home from work I turn on every TV in the house.

Arizonagal said...

geez, not sure why this posted so many times, sorry!

Elizabeth said...

Guess what guys? I passed the bar exam!!!! I really can't believe it and I just had to share my good news with all you!!!!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Elizabeth....CONGRATS!!!!!! Knew you would now can you please go to Pine Valley and help tudor hotmessa.

Arizonagal.....believe it or not the youngest Ford is part Latin.. his last name is Ortiz-Platt. But I hear you would have been nice if they would have cast E.J. Bonilla who played her son and who can really act as one of her sons but they needed to make them all lok very A&F. Can't say I'm happy again about the future of OLTL. While I'm enjoying it a great deal right now. I don't feel that they are going to focus on what I want to see. For example I want to see more of Sean, Vivian, Destiny, Darryl, his brother and Mama and Papa Evans. Instead we got two very similar guys coming on one as Joey and another one as who knows who. Then they just announced that terri whatever from ATWT was hired and honestly I never understood her popularity on ATWT. While I'm not a big Maura West Fan can't deny that she can act and is captivating to watch. Terri is like dirty dish water.

I want to see the vets front and center. Having Kim on as Echo has made me actually stomach watching Erika Sleazeak(and yes I spelled it like that on purpose. Enjoying the Clint turning to Asa. Matthew going to the dark side. This is good soap. Don't care to see GEEEGEEE becoming the next picasso.

Is anyone seeign the sleeper hit series Terriers on FX. What a surprsie this show has been. The last episode was intense. Laura Allen who played Laura on AMC is a series regular. LOVE IT!!

Norn Cutson said...

I watched some more AMC with my sister today.

ERICA is those boots!!!
I thought she was gonna pull out a whip!

My sister is goin' on & on about how she hates ASHER.
Me, I'm just thinkin' about doin ASHER is in his pretty li'l mouth. He is total porn and I mean that in the good way as well as the bad way.
I think Frons must have shown some specific actor to AMC & OLTL and said "you need to hire guys that look like THIS whether they can act or not!" because ASHER and THE FORDS look SO MUCH ALIKE, it aint coincidence.

At least this COLBY carries herself like an actress, not just moping, mumbling and bumbling her way through her scenes. The actress seems to actually WANT to work, imagine that.

KENDALL, lookin' like a bodybuilder, folding baby clothes.
Yeah, we are supposed to believe KENDALL does her own laundry.
While dressed like that.

SCOTT's gonna scare those fish.
Oh, I love seein' STUART, even in flashback.

You can see Susan Lucci's receeding hairine beneath ERICA's bangs.

ASHER: "My boys were put in a vice by Erica Kane!"
mMPPph, I like that imagery.

I feel bad for Alicia Minshew, wasted in someone else's dumbass storyline. I hope they are paying her well, coz I would be pissed if I came from NYC to LA for THIS.

JR: "I got a name for ya: DAMN FOOL!"

that was funny to me...I could hear ADAM saying that line.

LIZA *DOES* look like a man!!!
All jowly!

This is the first I'm seeing DAMON.
He's got kind of a pinched look, but its clear he's a real actor.

I like BROT being on the PVPD but I doubt its gonna develop into much of a story. Thats a shame, you can tell JR Martinez has been studying his acting.
Do you follow his FB status or tweets? He's cool.

Although I HAVE TO SAY I think it is DOUBLY WRONG for JESSE & BROT to be dicsussing NATALIA, both as a COWORKER and as a DAUGHTER/BOYFRIEND.
I would be PISSED if I was NATALIA.

btw, NATALIA is another one who is an actual actor... she WANTS to act, but she's stuck with a dumb character & no story to speak of.

Whoa, JR's botox is out of control.
You can bounce quarters off his forehead.

Mel Got Served said...

HOLY CRAP. Just read a OLTL spoiler on Daytime Confidential that I NEVER saw coming (re: Destiny). I don't want to spoil it for the non-spoiled, so link below if you want to read it.

#1 Daisy Fan said...

Wow...that Destiny spoiler seems so.....RANDOM!!!! Other than that...this show is the one to watch! Captivating, which is exactly the opposite of AMC right now. I am finding it to be a total snooze-fest. Here is hoping the writers have pumped up the storytelling for the new cast members...WHICH REMINDS ME! I am so glad that we will have a new Scott, it will make ABC FINALLY have to change the opening!!!

Michael said...

The writers of today’s episode of AMC must never have served a day of jury duty much less consulted with an actual trial attorney. Ah, Objection!….Speculation! Hearsay! Argumentative--every question and every response was nuts….that was one of the most ridiculous lines of questioning I have ever heard on scripted television.

I won’t sprain my arm patting myself on the back, but I pegged that Destiny spoiler a mile away. OLTL has been great fun, but you have to suspend belief to fully enjoy it. The five-story Cherryvale Clinic where everyone winds up in the same 5th story room and no one else is seen coming or going from the clinic? Eli revived from the brink of death by a bottle of saline and some pain killers? Come on, but it is good soap in the tradition of “The Perils of Pauline” and “Santa Barbara.”

What has never been explained to my satisfaction is why Eli killed Dorian’s sister. Wasn’t the woman in a catatonic state for years? It makes no sense that she would be murdered. If I missed something, let me know people!


Norn, you are a funny man.

Shadow said...

Norn, you continue to crack me up my friend!

Daisy, I would like to think you are right about the opening, but we'll see. Half the people in the opening are retired, dead, off contract or barely recognizable.

OK 'Mad Men' fans in honor of Don Draper's nuptials, let's play a round of 'Who Would You Rather'---Faye or Megan? (I'm curious to see how Jordan and I come out on this one.)

Mel Got Served said...

As a lady picking a lady, I think I'd go with Megan because I speak a wee bit of French and enjoy the idea of life being just like The Sound of Music. Faye is a strong woman and a woman we businesswomen strive to be, but she's kind of a Debbie Downer sometimes. Plus I bet Faye hates Disneyland.

Now if you say Melissa, pick a guy and you can't pick Don, I'm going Roger. A wiseass that enjoys vodka- we're 2 peas in a pod! Maybe Harry as I like his nerdiness and he watches a lot of TV too.

Arizonagal said...

On Mad Men, kind of a fluffy episode for a season finale. When Don proposed to Megan I thought it must be a dream sequence, I kept waiting for someone, anyone to wake up! Not surprised he fell so hard, Faye was too much of an independent adult woman for him. Don needs someone he can dominate and feel superior to. So glad Joan is keeping the baby and good to see Sam Page again, hope he plays a bigger part next season.

Crystal said...

Just finished the podcast. I remember having a lot of comments but, didn't write anything down so now I forget. ;)
I do remember wanting to say something about David. VI is SO good and David, when written well, is SO good it is just a shame it had to end that way. I am sad to see him go because, I was one of the ones that liked David. Of course, I tend to side with the 'villains' anyway. lol

MCE at ConFusion yesterday was weird. First there are the overly rowdy boys hanging around this weirdly lit bar/lobby looking place then MCE is dancing, if you can call it that, on a table (or something??) with no shoes on and a weird grandma dress. It was not HOT.
JR is good as the bad guy but, he needs to do something. I can't believe he is letting eBabe get away with the temporary custody thing.

I like the judge.
I hated the bar tender and the bar boys.

I love Damon working for JaLu as long as they keep any weird sexual tension out of it. That was gross. I am sorry Ashley, I am not with you on liking that boy. I think he is a good actor.

OLTL, I agree with Jordan it has been really good lately. I didn't like the Ross change either but, he is gone now so it doesn't matter. I really am missing Kimberly right now. Didn't I hear she might come back? She would be right there next to Clint while he is scheming.
I do not care who the Daddies are. It's not like they will even show the kids. They never show Bree anymore.
If I have to see Brody and Natalie in bed one more time I am going to puke. I also can't stand that bugged eyed look Natalie gets that is supposed to be guilt or something.
Also, Eli is still HOT! He needs to get a job on one of my other shows! The big thing I think they screwed up with is once they showed Eli was the bad guy he never was very convincing when he was trying to act good.

Courtney said...

I was finally able to listen to the new podcast!

Where do I begin?

I am loving OLTL right now! LOVE ME SOME SHAUN!

Still not back to AMC. Its too soon

Glee was AWESWOME! Britney S. Pierce was HOTTTTT...and better than Britney Spears.

Loving The Good Wife, I am glued to the TV

Undercovers is okay. It's not great, but not horrible to the point where it deserves cancellation. A few tweaks and it could be great.

Ash - I am so with you. I wish we could get to the point where writers just write a good show and cast the best person, regardless of race...but we are a long way from that. I have heard a few stories where a person of color was cast for a role made for a white person...but that rarely happens. When it comes to "writing for minority characters"..they focus so much on being authentic, they forget about being good...and you can't blame them because there is always someone saying.."a black person wouldn't do that".

So we have what we have. Baby steps. Maybe we have to start by focusing on the fact that minorities are in the show to get attention...until it becomes normal.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hi All,

Haven't been on the blog much as work is CRAZY right now.

Loved the new podcast, Ashley's yelling and all. I get how frustrated you are girl with all the BS that viewers have to put up with the ABC soaps.

I like some bits of OLTL right now but as many have pointed out some annoying parts remain despite strong fan feedback. Who really wants to see Gigi anymore? and Rex and Kelly as private eyes? Puh-leeze!

Donnie and Marie are coming to Broadway so I thought I'd share this.

#1 Daisy Fan said...

Does anyone know what the actual first air date is for Daniel Cosgrove? Just bored at work and thinking of more important AMC!

Norn Cutson said...

you know, instead of AMC, I would rather just watch & learn MCE's & Crishelle's workout routine.
I cant stop lookin' at their butts.

Arizonagal said...

Jordi Villasuso paired up with Amanda would be hot hot hot. Also, I'd love to see a new leading man type take some time away from Ryan. For the last dozen years this show has been so friggin Ryancentric, it's excruciating. Time to move the hell on from Ryan and his little backup dancers, I am so over them all.

Someone or something needs to break up Jake and Amanda. They are so boring and tho I loved RPG on GL, I really don't care for him on AMC, Jake is such a tool and we all know it's only a matter of time before his not quite dead wife Carolyn comes to PV.

I hope Zzzzach doesn't come back to AMC, but I'd love to see him on OLTL.

Can't wait for Daniel Cosgrove to take over the Scott role. New Scott will really kick JR's ass. AMC needs a Chandler with patriarch potential and JR is so not it. Other than being an asswipe, he doesn't have any of Adam's qualities and I just don't buy him as a corporate bigwig.

Annie "dancing" on the bar was just plain embarrassing and painful. That scene was so badly acted by all. Yeah, I get it, JR is being a rescuer and so here we go again, another dumb ass woman needs rescuing by an even dumber ass guy. I can't stop my eyes from rolling over this crap.

I loved seeing the annoyance on Damon's face over Asher inching his way into Colby's life. I'm glad TIIC aren't writing Damon like a fool.

Okay, Ms Lucci must have had some work done during the summer. And was there a sale on Fusion blue eye shadow?

Shadow said...

Turns out Fusion Green was an expensive bust. They couldn't produce it profitably in this economy. What you're seeing now is the new Fusion budget line called Fusion Skank. Ho'Bloo is the first release. Soon you will start seeing posters of Randi wearing belly shirts, Ho'Bloo, drawn on beauty marks and toe rings. Next up is Fusion Anti-Herpe' which makes your lips shine and provides anti-biotic relief for annoying cold sores your may have contracted sucking dick before you became a famous cosmetics model.

Arizonagal said...

Shadow you just reminded me of that line from "hollywood shuffle". At the Winky Dinky Dog hot dog stand some dude is selling Winky Dinky Ho Cakes, cuz "hos gotta eat too."

You know Randi must be pretty good at faking it. Wonder if Frankie's ever thought of that?

Shadow said...

The first Fusion Skank fragrance is called "Boink!" And there's a Skank hair gel called "StickyWorkxxx", and a bodyspray they plan on marketing like Axe only it's called "WetSpot". In a throwback to McTavish the Women of Fusion will introduce the Skank concept during a pole dance for the press.

Arizonagal said...

Mr. Shadow, you gotta get yourself on the PVP, you are too funny! My god, can you imagine a podcast with JordAsh and Shadow? There would be no straight man.

Shadow said...

Aw shucks, thanks for the nice words Azgal.

I get that most everybody is feeling the love for Jacob Young. I think he's done a good job too. He and MCE have great chemistry. I find JR credible when he's on a vindictive terror to destroy someone's character, screw them over, or commit almost any of his many personal attacks upon the residents of Pine Valley; however, it all gies out the window when JR starts talking about "the Board of Directors" or the Chandler/Courtland business empires. David Canary and James Mitchell somehow established some credibility for their characters as astute businessmen much like JR and Bobby did on Dallas. I don't recall if it was just their presence, stature, storylines, age or what exactly, but I believed those two salty dogs could run a business from the ground up. JR is a buffoon. Everything has been handed to him. Sure his mommy died 3 times, but he always had a cushy trust fund to fall on. He's a lush, a loser dad, and been divorced almost as much as Adam & Erica. He doesn't learn from his mistakes and he never gets any smarter. He's an intellectual lightweight and emotional child. Whenever he starts talking business it's like breaking the 4th wall to me. Suddenly I'm noticing how short he really is, that his hair is too yellow, does he have tip stand on a box in his scenes with other actors? Until JR struggles and wins through hard work and tenacity, I just can't buy him as the true heir to the throne. I hope Csleb wipes the floor with him. I'd like to see JR have to buck up, start over a d earn it like his daddy did. (granted Adam was a tricky one, but he was self made.)

Ashley said...

You made me laugh for the first time today, Shadow! Love me some 'HoBloo! (The mispelling of "blue" is too gat-damned clever for words!)

I love me some Faye from MM, but you're dead on Chree-teen-ah, when you say that she was too smart and strong and independent for Don. She sees right through him. Don needs a pretty little innocent doll-child who can't see thru his hot mess - just like Roger. Or maybe he just likes to angelicize his ladies - Anna was a pretty smart cookie...

Love that damn show. Any coincidence that it's on AMC? (Get it? AMC?)


Shadow said...

Glad I made you laugh Ash! Sorry to hear your first chuckle o' the day didn't happen before 7:47 pm though! Yikes! Hope it's a good weekend!

Shadow said...

URGENT CALL TO ACTION!'s AMC home page is polling whether Ryan belongs with Greenlee, Madison or someone else. Sadly, "Angel of Death" isn't an option. Greenlee is winning with 52%!! Y'all know all those votes are just Frons with a powerdialer. For all that is good, toggle over there and vote to end the Rylee madness or we will never be free of this horror!!!!!

Shadow said...

AMC should turn Randi into a Hoarder & Madison into a Weird Cat Lady. I'd love to see Ryan walk into Mad's kitchen & find poop on the counter.

#1 Daisy Fan said...

I am just catching up on this week's episode's and I have to agree with Shadow: JR is NO ADAM CHANDLER. This week has made it painfully obvious that he is still a spoiled brat (with no education - either college or the school of hard knocks). It is so sad watching him trying to stand up to Caleb and you are right Shadow, it does make you notice how yellow (and Justin Beibery) his hair is. Does Jacob Young thing he is still an 18 year old on The Bold and The Beautiful?

Norn Cutson said...

those pants they have JR wearing makes him look like he's got adult diapers on underneath.

Jen said...

LMAO. Wow JR is starting to get some notice here, some good, some bad, and now MN's Caleb is being rooted on. Jesus and they say JR can't be a partriach CALEB ISN'T SH!T W/O JR IN THIS STORY! Now you want someone to take JR down, WELCOME TO LOVE TO HATE CHARACTER, w/ LAYERS.

It's never been that JR couldn't do the business, it's that he always rejected it. And please STFU about ppl that own business and are self entitled, half this blog prbly was cheering Zach Slater years ago, but no one mentioned a damn word when it came to him not being business savy, WTF did Zach do to earn Cambias? I didn't hear any college, H.S. from what I heard and saw Zach was handed Cambias by Ryan Lavery who was handed it from his father. But wait nothing about that right?

Tad being P.I. he went from Cad to P.I., Erica Kane trying to own Cortlandt please... and then some of you have the audacity to say Petey should run Cortlandt when he has no business expertise whatsoever. All he had was a passion for science and chemistry.

People get it right, Adam taught JR everything from Chandler Ent., JR was told board room bed time stories when he was w/ Adam, Adam drilled it in his head how he is the namesake, how CE is his legacy. JR use to rebel against it, JR didn't want it, now he realizes he loves it. That's the story. He didn't forget any teachings, Chandler is within him, he's just accepting it and now teaching his sister about it. Scott put the company in jeopardy, he's no worthy opponent, what b/c Daniel Cosgrove is now going to be Nu-Scott, what changes? he's written in the same path, Scott said Chandler corrupted him, he doesn't want it, JR would squish him like a bug, b/c Scott will never ever go as far as JR would for the family, he'll coward out, play a "I'm not evil" act and then try to save himself, mind you this is the same guy that started some porn site betting on a girl named Becca Tyree. That's as evil as he goes, he goes anymore that's not Scott. Next time he might shoot himself when it doesn't work out.

I love this b/c I knew all this was going to happen w/ JR, people under estimate him, and continue and continue. You guys don't get it, he knows what he wants and is focused and is multi-tasking.

1. Chandler (which he has and BTW Cortlandt too, something daddy could never do, for awhile now)

2. AJ

3. Annie

Another words, get use to it, he's driven to prove his dad and anybody that is in his way that he's for real. God you guys really don't get how rare this is in soaps, JR is the most complex character in all of soaps, and this SL has become about him not asking, not trying but taking the throne from his father. Adam is gone, JR is here and has plenty of years left in him, JR is what late 20's early 30's you realize how rare to get a love to hate character at that age is? and a legacy character at that? Srsly and I say this w/ alot of love SHUT THE F!CK UP.

Longtime Lurker said...

Although I usually find Shadow spot on, I also have to disagree with your take JR as heir apparent to Adam Chandler as head of Chandler.

It would have been nice if J.R. had gone to college (and remember that he was slated to go but ran away to get away from Adam) but, really, what soap scion does? On Y&R, Nick Newman might have taken a pottery class or two at Genoa City Community College before he took over at Newman Enterprises and Victoria "worked her way up in the company" in between posing for naked pictures so as to piss off daddy and trying to hook up with older men.

I think that JY has paid his dues and deserves a front burner story, so maybe I'm biased towards J.R. b/c I admire JY so much as an actor. I just explain J.R.'s newfound power as J.R. having learned enough at his father's hand to take over at Chandler.

This storyline does suffer, however, because there aren't office sets. I get why Caleb might not have an office, but are things really so dire on the budget front that AMC can't pull out an old Chandler office set so that the Chandler living room isn't company headquarters?

Shadow said...

It has nothing to do with a college education or any of that. Adam & Palmer were from humble beginnings in Pidgeon Hollow. As for Pete, there are quite a few young computer and chemistry geeks running major e-type companies in the world today who could be my children. Social Experiment? Yes JR has the drive. Yes he learned from the best. Yes JR is legacy. Yes JY has stepped up. His chemistry is hot with virtually everyone. He's been one of the most used and abused characters ever, but he's a totally lost soul. He deserves a front burner story. I'd just like to see him win for once with some shred of credibility. And I'd like for amc to portray him somewhat realistically in terms of his CEO position. They dumb it down too much for today's audience. And if anyone has proven she has a knack for business and promotion it's Ericaam she's the Career Barbie of soaps. Jen, I agree with you about Caleb. He's much more interesting opposite JR. Ryan, Zach? Not my faves-both kind of Douchey. Tad? Victim of bad writing for the past several years but before that he worked hard and made a living. So, I like JR, I just want the writers to give him some more that distinguishes him in his own right as a success. That would be a real triumph for the character.

And nothing says love like 'STFU'.

Jen said...

Well then "STFU" since it's all love. I think the poster before you put it perfectly. And as for Petey he has never shown that drive to take over Cortlandt, never, they never wrote him that way, it'd be as OOC as Scott running Chandler. Scott was a film maker, film geek, lovable, adorable, worked WRCW media. And when they put him to run Chandler, that was a joke.

As many ppl love Palmer and Adam, no one can really say how they built thier business, honestly I wasn't alive in those days. What you are seeing is this SL although you want JR to earn it, and he will, just not your way. That's why the Tad convo. w/ him telling him he's better than this and etc. that RL is breaking as JR sees Tad didn't want to help him, he realizes how much more Adam meant in his life and how he's going to do anything possible to keep the legacy going. Everything JR is right now is b/c of Adam, and the SL suffers from no Bd. room sets. Which I'm guessing comes to play soon sometime before the end of this yr.

You want JR to earn it, Shadow he doesn't have to, it's already his. It is his to lose. Adam is gone, he's not at health to man the ship, JR his son has taken over and Adam knows that. Part of him loves it too. Because deep down inside he knows JR can cut it, even though he hates what he did, otherwise JR wouldn't have had any shares w/ Chandler.

This is a SL of his son taking the ship his father left to be rightfully his. We're 6 - 9 mths. into this SL, JR for 4-6 yrs. has been involved w/ CE and now it's not daddy making the decisions, he is the new daddy.

Arizonagal said...

Regarding the JR SL, it's all a matter of perception. I see JR as nothing but a train wreck. He's been given the reigns of CE, it's his ship to sink and that will not happen, at least not permanently, because there has to be a CE on AMC, tho JR does not necessarily have to be at the helm.

I gotta go along with Shadow's assessment of JR. He's short, slightly chubby, he has yellow Bieber hair and not even a HS diploma. Didn't he drop out of HS to live life on a tramp steamer after he was dumped by Laurie? Tho I think JY is a good actor, I have never bought him as the head of Chandler. He doesn't have the maturity or gravitas of an Adam Chandler or Palmer Courtland. In JY's hands, JR is a spoiled thug with little business savvy.

I actually think JR would be a more interesting character if he was not living in the C Mansion, but had his own identity away from all that b.s., as his own self made man.

Who are these people voting for Ryan and Greenlee?

Mel Got Served said...

I tried to write in the Grim Reaper for who I want Ryan with, but they don't allow it.

Shadow said...

Tad and JR are always poignant. Too bad Tad's advice never sticks in JR's thick head for very long. Such is soaps.

I wanted to vote 'Angel of Death' but couldn't. Honestly, you know there aren't THAT many people voting. I voted from my ipod, blackberry and 2 computers. I know others voted who are anti-Rylee still Greenlee went up a percent. Frons and Crapputhers probably stayed up all weekend voting from different computers--just wandering from Best Buy to Apple to the library--anywhere they could find a working laptop. If y'all tweet, go to Twitter and the Stephanie G and all the #AMC people to vote against Rylee. Go from computer to computer at work and cast a vote. Whatever you must do to make the madness stop. The Chandler storyline has all sorts of possibilities. I don't love Zach, but he and Kendall can be sweet. But sweet Jesus get us off the Rylee crazy train.

Arizonagal said...

On AMC - This trial is a joke. WTF is up with Erica? She's such a diva she can't turn it off for two minutes of decorum on the witness stand? Eek there's a difference between confidence and arrogance.

Annie doesn't have two nickels to rub together? Certainly she could scare up a few thousand even tho her assets are frozen.

Finally Madison gets pissed off enough at Ryan's b.s. to walk off. I've been waiting so long for that, tho she'll probably come running back w/tail between legs.

On Project Runway, Michael Costello, get it together dude! What an embarrassing display of fake tears, i never saw one snot bubble, one tear rolling down his cheek, nada!

On OLTL, Friday's episode had it all, I did not FF thru anything (except GeeGee and Christian... zzzzzzz). I enjoyed the little stake out with the Ford bros and Langston, loved their totally normal interactions. The big Evans secret was totally predictable and I hope TPTB don't ruin the Evans family, I love them. Destiny's birthday party was a bit sad. And ending with an explosion? KaPOW!

Dexter - never been a Julia Stiles fan, but loving her in Dexter. Man, just when I think TPTB have pulled out all their gross-out cards, comes last nights disgusting maggot-filled corpses. Don't watch this one while you're eating dinner.

Boy do I miss Mad Men.

Michael said...

AMC…please put me on the edge of my seat for five minutes. I love you, but you are getting on my last nerve with the humdrum, snail pace, nothing special, nothing horrible, day to day stories. Greenlee, Kendall, Annie, JR all can sizzle and Erica (we all know what she is capable of right?) I wish they could have sent David out in a blaze of glory like OLTL’s Eli. Pine Valley needs some adrenaline infusion and an office set besides the skank and shank Fusion set.

Asher can not act. He moves his eyebrows when he speaks, and I believe that is his own special and private way of acting. Take a class kid.

Thanks for the laughs Shadow!!!

Now AZgal talked Project Runway. Michael Costello lives in Palm Springs. I do not know him, but I have seen him around town. He seems like a happy, fellow and the other designers were so horrible to him, I was pulling for him a little. BUT, I never wanted to give someone a Patton-slap across the chops in my life as when he had his hysterical, yet tearless, elimination meltdown.

Anyone watching any reality show has got to be checking out Mel Got Served’s blog. It is smart and very funny.

And for anyone else watching Top Chef Just Desserts, we all know now that pastry chefs are, as a demographic, largely insane. “Ted Bundy” Morgan, “These Red Hots are for my Mommy” Straight-Jacket Seth, “Disco Dust” Zac—it is a freak show, and I never miss it!

Mel Got Served said...

Just watched this week's Boardwalk Empire and noticed Al Capone's kid looked familiar. It's the former Spike Lavery and the little actor is playing a deaf kid.... again. I hope his stage parents broaden their range a little.

Mel Got Served said...

PS Thanks for the shoutout Amphitrion!

Brian said...

Here is my current dream for AMC..... A end of the David "Mystery" and the Zach farewell.

Greenlee is found innocent of killing David, leaving Liza in a heap of trouble with Mayor Blanco. She is called to Blanco's office, where Damon is asked to watch Blanco's young daughter. He uncovers that the mayor has a grudge against David. Damon tell's Liza he thinks she may be involved. Liza works with Jesse to reveal that the Mayor killed David to end his blackmail on her.

A party is thrown for Liza's conviction and Greenlee's freedom at Krystal's restaurant. Zach suggests that he and Kendall take the boys home, but she want to stay, so he takes the boys home and promises to see her later. Meanwhile, Asher is driving Colby to pick up Damon at Krystal's restaurant (aka the party for Liza), when he get into a fight with her and crashes his car into Zach's car! Back at the restaurant, Jesse inform's Kendall of the accident (Greenlee drives her to the hospital). We find out the boys are in stable condition with only cuts and scraps, but Zach was severely injured. Kendall asks to see him and falls asleep by him in his hospital bed. She is then visited by a dream-Zach where he tells her that he promised to see her again and we see a recap of the Zach and Kendall romance. It ends with him saying goodbye to her, tells her to stay strong for their boys, and that he has always loved her. She promises and wakes up to find out Zach has died.

Shadow said...

You know Bruan, Mayor Blanco killing David is exactly the kind if out if left field bullshit I'd expect from AMC if in fact VI is really off the show. I still think this storyline was tactical pending negotiations. If he cone back it was a ploy to frame Ryan. If he doesnt return Mayor Blanco did ut whi cares about her? Of course that's why it sucks. They can write for JR & Annie because they have them locked in. Caleb's heating up now that Jerica are back. Caleb did nothing but whittle and eat Twizzlers all summer in their absence (you could see it on the HD flatscreen). When the stories are dictated by contracts and length vacations, they always suck. When they are thought out carefully and paced appropriately they can be quite intriguing. Nobody seriously gives a crap about the trial. The Hubbard storyline is insipid, but still tremendously more enjoyable because it's relatable at the core- a lving couple growing their family under very unusual and soapy circumstances. People want a bond like Jessie and Angie have. Most people empathize with pregnancy. Not so with Dr.Doom and his henchmen. Nobody relates to faking death, dying by digitalis, and all this other junk. I hope whatever happens Liza loses, quits in disgust and goes to WRCW where she belongs.

Jen said...

Arizonalgal, the problem w/ "your perception" is you want JR doing the same thing that Adam did. You really don't get how JR doesn't have to do that, b/c no matter what he will never be Adam, he's going to do it his way. And yes some of it will be underhanded and dirty, lower than his dad ever has done.

JR is JR, Adam is Adam, JR doesn't need to be Adam, b/c he already has some of his traits, 2 different people, 2 different methods of getting the job done. Adam use to have Barry, JR has a kid named Asher and P.I.'s. He's getting connections through the company. I don't get why you want him to earn anything, that's the joy of the SL, he took it and reguardless what happens he's running it.

I love these short jokes, if James Mitchell were alive he'd love them too. Amazing how these observations came when he was paired w/ Brittany Allen, who is one of the tallest women in soaps for now, other than that, never once was that brought up w/ JY.

Lets see whatelse did I notice w/ AMC, this trial needs to end. Loved seeing vindictive Annie return w/ Madison at the end of last night's epi. Greenlee ungrateful runt much, Jackson is such a great father. Zendall zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................zz............zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

P.S. how many more Rylee cliffhangers do I have to endure in an epi. you know they have cliffhanger in the 1st half hr. too and I swear they cliffhangered Greenlee telling Ryan that she has to say out loud what she really wants.

LIKE GMAFB! and the epi. ended w/ Ryan listening to Greenlee saying she loves him, Fri. we also had a Rylee cliffhanger, we start Monday w/ a Rylee cliffhanger... UGH!

I can't stand Zendall but how is the fact that he has marks after him and his family not a cliffhanger, or how is JR's convo reveal w/ Asher not a cliffhanger, he told JR, Caleb killed his mother on Halloween, that should have closed out the show. Spooky feelings.

BTW I see Trent (Asher) is getting jumped on and he's what 2 mths. into acting? I see him playing a role as he needs to, mysterious, cocky, airheadish, I can't make an evaluation on him until atleast 3 or 4 more mths. he's not great but he's not horrible. For you ppl that criticize him remember Finn started worse. Adam Mayfield was given a free ride, and he was horrible. Another words, give it time especially for someone his age.

Michael said...

Michael E Knight, Josh Duhamal & Darnell Williams are just a few actors that joined AMC when they were in their 20s, and with very little or no acting experience, you could tell they had a star quality within a couple of days of their first appearance. They are the exception to be sure. Kelly Ripa has repeatedly said she couldn’t act when she started on the show, and took classes to improve. She created a legacy character.

You never know Jen; I hope Trent Garrett grows into the role. I would never say he has zero potential.

I think if Asher was supposed to be a college-age stoner, he would be hitting it out of the park every day. I have trouble with him as a Machiavellian computer whiz hell-bent on revenge.

He is great-looking, and that counts for a lot in daytime.

Shadow said...

I think I'm going to have to quit typing blog entries on my iPod. Too many weird typos. Sorry.

Arizonagal said...

On OLTL, one thing I really appreciate is that it took three years for the Eli story to unfold. Of course, that's because Eli was probably never supposed to be a mustache twirler, but still, when he started to unravel, it did happen at a nice pace. Same thing with Hannah, who I love. She has been terrific. My god, how does Farah Fath still have a job when she's surrounded by so much talent. She's so awful, why isn't it obvious to TPTB? And now she's sucked Christian into her dreary vortex, not that it was hard to do that.

Reality shows: Amphitr.... I liked Michael Costello, but I did not get his "poor loser" act last week. Can we say drama queen ? Boo friggin' whooo, suck it up dude. I think people who are predators (like 90% of the designers) just naturally pick on weaker prey (Costello). Initially I felt sorry for him, then I was just pissed that he didn't grow a backbone. On Just Desserts, some of these chefs are just plain creepy, crazy and/or perverted. Biggest loser, WTF? Rick went home? Total surprise. DWTS, Jennifer Grey is coming apart at the seams, way out of control last night, but I think that football player is going home. There is so much more drama on these two shows than we'll ever see on AMC or OLTL!

And may I echo your support for Melgotserved? Mel your blog is insightful, and a hoot! I don't know how you find the time to do it.

Brian, there is no more perfect ending than your ending for Kendall and Zach, beautiful. I wish TPTB would take notice.

Great posts this week and Shadow, don't let the typos scare you off the ipod, we know what you're saying.

Can't wait for Glee's Rocky Horror riff!

Anonymous said...

Is the next podcast gonna be after the holidays?

Mel Got Served said...

Arizonagal, thanks for the support too! The blog has become easier and I keep trying to think of ways to add more, like maybe recaps of old favorites, etc.

Ashley said...

WTF is wrong with Charlie Sheen?????? He's the richest man on TV! What a friggin' a-hole.

Shadow said...

I just saw a peculiar ad in Entertainment Weekly. All the vampires (I guess all the vampires--I dont watch the show--- not into vampires) from 'Vampire Diaries' are standing around a Ford Fiesta. Seriously? Shouldn't the UNDEAD at least find a way to score a Lincoln? Perhaps a loaded Taurus? Maybe a convertible pony car? Nope, they're all standing around a gray Fiesta looking all hot and horny. Because Fiestas are legendary pu**y wagons? It's like Anerican Idol giving the winner his own Fiesta. WooHoo! "A moment like this...some people wait a win a Ford Fiesta...ohhh I can't believe it's happening to me...I was really rather hoping for a Porsche Cayene"...

Arizonagal said...

Ash, you know when ya stop and think about it, Charlie Sheen is the real world's version of JR Chandler, unending sense of entitlement, spoiled little rich kid riding the waves of his daddy's success and pissing it all away on booze and broads.

Arizonagal said...

My Gleecap on RHPS...

Time Warp - good

Sweet Transvestite - Bad

Mel Got Served said...

My Gleecap from last night: BLAH. BAD.

Watch The Good Wife because it's INSANELY GOOD!!!!

Crystal said...

I loved most of GLEE. I am not a fan of rocky horror and I still liked it. LOVED Becky's halloween costume. lol

Arizonagal said...

Well I'll be darned, if I didn't get all warm and fuzzy during the scenes with the Slater family. Zach and Kendall are naturals with those adorable little boys and it was nice to see a genuinely happy family, even tho we know it's only for five minutes.

Anonymous said...

According to Soap Opera Digest:

Sarah Glendening (ex-Lucy, ATWT) has been tapped to succeed Brittany Allen.

She will first air on December 20; Allen's last ep will be broadcast on December 17. Glendening had previously auditioned for the role of Madison, which went to Stephanie Gatschet.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

OMG Daytime Confidential announced the new Marissa.....LOVE HER. Sarah Glendening was one of the only recast that worked for me on ATWT. If she is anything like she was on ATWT this is going to be awesome.

#1 Daisy Fan said...

Just getting around to watching Wednesday's "classic" episode. So painful, because it is so much better than what we have now. I realized right away that the show was more interesting because the characters weren't all so in love with one another. Kendall against Ryan and still stuggling with her relationship with Erica, Zach and Maria and Edmund..great triangle. Can we please go back to some of that? Let's have Kendall and Greenlee hate each other again. Maybe Kendall can do something that alienates her from everyone. She is so much better as a "villan!!!!!"

Arizonagal said...

The recasting of Scott and Marissa makes me wonder, is Judy Blight Wilson still the casting honcho? And why are TPTB seemingly so committed to Denise Vasi? Adam Mayfield and Brittany Allen could act circles around Ms DBTE.

Oy, I am still reeling over the Project Runway finale. So very wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!

brtedi said...

With all of the Halloween goings on in Pine Valley, I realize we see a lot more of Spike, Ian, Miranda and AJ. But this makes me wonder if was Gabrielle sent to the Fall session of Spike’s music camp, or is she simply stowed away in the Martin’s attic?—LOL!

Stacy said...

hmm...New guy coming to AMC as "Ricky Torres." Am I crazy to dare to dream that he is Simone's brother and that she is alive??????

Ashley said...

Wassup Norn!!! A shout out to our beloved - sent us the most awesome-est book on the history of soaps. Dag, I need me a look back. I'm so bored by what's happening right now, I need some inspiration, some time-travel back to the days where folks in daytime cared about soaps, about story, about character... (Sigh.)

Love you Norn!


Shadow said...

OMG, this was an exhausting weekend. Kid activities day and night. Tournaments. Halloween. Trick or treat. Work in between. I think I've had a case of 5 Hour Energy in 2 days. No amc. No Survivor. No running. Ok, I managed to watch one episode of Hoarders. Boy that show will make you feel better about your problems, won't it? It's like "I am sooo tired Well, at least the house isn't full of dead cats, my clothes dont smell like urine, there's no animal poop on the table, and the bathroom isn't full of Stsr Wars toys and Cheetos bags."

Shadow said...

I'm flying thru 2 weeks of AMC. I wouldn't mind Asher, Colby & Damon except the Asher kid is a shitty actor. Nice to see Opal and Krystal starting to get some time. I do like Damon and Liza. I haven't been as big a Damon fan as Ashley and Jordan, but these two have something. So glad Erica is back. What's wrong with Tad's face? It's fat on one side like the Juvaderm took wrong. Annie is talking to mirrors. I she doesnt start seeing herself wearing a pair of black glasses in the reflection. Madison and Ryan are the acting Plastics. Like if Barbie and Ken could talk. Old Marissa is just odd. Annie is hot hot hot. Remember when Kendall was fun? Where is Bitch Greenlee? Victim Greenlee sucks. Glad Miranda Center is back bwish Reese was too. Or not. I'm just ready for Bianca to get on with it already.

Shadow said...

Jessie and Angie talking around the kitchen table. Very nice. Why did they waste hiring this lady to play the judge? Why couldn't AMC get Sean Young instead of Y&R? Angie is great because she has a point if view that is very clear. She's a strong Christian woman and she isn't afraid to express her values. Why can't the others be so perfectly defined rather than morph back and forth as needed for the story. Joy Behar makes me nauseous. This trial is dull.

Shadow said...

Wow, the Party City in Pine Valley is way better than our Party City. The costumes in ours are all papery and don't close all the way in the back. Caleb is "hiding something". A girdle I think. He's a fattie. He's having a party and left Sonya Reyes' file laying around for Erica to find. As if he wouldn't bookmark it on his computer and would actually have a piece if paper. Wasn't Reyes the name of Adam's love child? Lame Halloween ep. Where was Amanda dressed as a sexy Mummy? Meh.

Shadow said...

If I had a deep dark secret on paper in a file, I would file it somewhere where nobody would see it. I would not leave it on the coffee table next to my wife's stack of Soutern Living for Erica Kane to stumble across. Some day somebody is going to look at Erica and say " Bitch, stay outta my private files. Yes, including the ones on the table by Southern Living.

Arizonagal said...

Party City USA is right! Never saw so much Halloween decorating and so professionally perfect. Wish I could hire a decorator to put up my skeletons. Reminds me, WEHT Center (C) City? Wasn't that the bad ass place on AMC about 20 years ago?

Still trying to get thru last week. Annie looks great when she's freezing in her underwear but the trail is dreadfully boring and damn I am sick of Rylee... groan.

So Marissa walks in on JR and Annie. Yo forehead queen, JR's a free agent now, get over it. If Marissa had phoned first. I hate these contrived situations.

Wonder what's Zach's big mystery?

Happy BD to my son Adam, my little halloween boy!

Crystal said...

Oh yeah, Simone's brother was in a coma or something from a drug overdose. Ricky sounds right too. Hmmmm Remember what a douche her Dad was?

Stacy said...

Yeah, wasn't Simone's brother dying and Frankie chose to take video of him? I think I remember that coming out during the brief Frankie/Simone romance....anyone????

Arizonagal said...

Heads up folks. Robert Newman (Josh Lewis on GL) and Melissa Claire Egen will be on Criminal Minds Wednesday night. I don't watch the show, but will watch this episode!

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Hey all,
sorry we've been MIA but life has been crazy and hectic!

I just wanted u all to know Rebecca Budig is doing ABC's new show skating with the stars. what's up wiht that?

take care

Anonymous said...

First I have to admit I am a Zendall fan mainly because of the way they came together. Organically not made by writers. I loved the family scenes and wish we could get more romance between Kendall and Zach.

I have to agree I would like Kendall to get her bitch back and go after Annie for all she did during the Stuart murder. Annie was going to let Kendall take the fall for Adam.

I also have to admit I see why Marissa took AJ. Jr is turning into Adam and the last thing this show needs is another drunk (AJ).

Now on to One Life to Live
This used to be my show but god I don't recognize half the people on it. Where is Cord, Max, Kevin? Todd and Tea a supercouple since when? Hey chica he punched you in the face like you were a man and you love him? Vicky and Charlie dull. Where are the couples to like on this show. How many times is Starr going to be kidnapped she might as well hang a sign around her neck reading" Hostage". I like Natalie better than Sybil sorry I mean Jessica. Yes, she isn't super skinny (lolipop head) but she has a fire Jessica doesn't. However, I still love John and Blair best

Crystal said...

I agree Jessica is dull but, that girl can act! I love Tess. I hope she goes all crazy again when she finds out her sis slept with her man.

Arizonagal said...

Jessica might be due for a visit from Tess and/or Bess. Seems like TPTB take the alters out of mothballs about once a year, no?

I know Starr is almost a professional hostsage, but is this Hope's first kidnapping?

On AMC, Asher's fall down the stairs was laaaaame. Padded stairs, gentle tumble and yet he's totally knocked out.

I loved it when Caleb cuffed JR near the fireplace, not sure on what. It was perfect when JR put on his kissy face and tried to sweet talk Annie into releasing him.

I would like to see a little more fire from Madison. Don't know who dumped whom, don't care, but still, she should have been nastier to Greenlee. That little encounter was way too civil.

Crystal said...

Arizonagal, nope Hope was kidnapped last time too. Remember she kept crying and the kidnapper kept yelling to Starr to shut her up.

OK, Someone please explain to me this Asher situation. I thought Caleb said Adam got what's her name pregnant and that is why they broke up. So wouldn't Asher be Adam's kid? So either I am remembering this completely wrong or they are changing their story now.

Mel Got Served said...

Here's what I think happened with Asher. Asher is the kid that they tried to find months back for JR's bone marrow (who had a different name at the time- something more Latin), but he wasn't a match (because he was never Adam's to begin with). Caleb thought the kid was Adam's, but it was his all along.

Mel Got Served said...

Oh and Caleb's wife probably lied about the kid being Adam's because she'd rather the kid growing up a prep with popped collars rather than dressing like a lumberjack.

Crystal said...

yeah but, didn't they test that kid? Like Miguel or something and he was a match and that is why they were waiting for him and he disappeared.

Mel Got Served said...

Ohhhhh yeah. I forgot he was a match. Scratch that!

Shadow said...

If Asher was Caleb's kid he'd probably be bigger and fatter. Maybe Palmer planted the seed so to speak and Asher is Coutland spawn. He sort of resembles Pete. Whoever the mother was she must have had some kind of magic vajajay.

Mel Got Served said...

Just read in EW that Colin Egglesfield is starring as the love interest in a movie where Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin (Margene from Big Love) fall in love with him. SUCK IT AMC. Congrats to Mr. Egglesfield.

Shadow said...

So I'm watching Monday. Still hate Ryan but for the first time I really liked Madison. Her breakup scenes with Ryan and Greenlee were great. Her calling out the Ryan's rescue thing was great and I appreciated seeing a woman call it out.

I liked Erica and JR. They are always great together. Although it cracks me up that once again Erica found a file sitting out on a table. So absurd. I really think they need to leave Jerica alone. They just need to be. Setlle in together and stop dating. They are too old. I'd like to see him love her in spite herself and she love him because of it.

Shadow said...

And why is it that all Jake and Amanda do is eat and kiss with food in their mouths? Vomit!

Shadow said...

I like Colby and JR. She's starting to evolve. Caleb makes Erica look older.

Shadow said...

Even though I don't give a shit about Big Fat Caleb or Asher, I was impressed Michael Nouri could cry real tears.
I had to laugh MCE said Annie Novack McDermott Lavery Chandler Chandler

Shadow said...

About OLTL, when did Marty get her teeth fixed? Finally!

Arizonagal said...

What? Huh? Marty got her teeth fixed? Helll, I'm gonna watch just for that! Actually I'm enjoying OLTL right now, cheap thrills. Gonna miss our beloved nutty Hannah.

Thank GOD it's Friday, crazy at work. I'm too old for this sh*t.

Shadow said...

I think Marty did something. Her teeth are definitely whiter which may help make them look straighter, but they look like a bad cap job. I swear I could see black lines where the teeth meet the gums. Her teeth totally distract me.

Michael said...

For me it is the long hair. Susan Haskell is a fine actress even when she doesn't have much to do, but Marty Saybrook is a grandmother--it is time to lose those "Malibu Barbie" tresses!

Great posts Shadow, I always agree with you. Caleb is good; I only wish they had gone the “sophisticated tycoon” direction (i.e. Dmitri, Adam, Palmer) I think the character they wrote would have been a great foil for Adam, but without a contrast, the concept lacks sizzle. The actor is borderline exceptional, but still there is no payoff for me.

OLTL by contrast had at least three doses of WOW Factor today. I have not watched THR or FRI AMC yet, but One Life has me tuning in first. I worried about Kim Zimmer, but she has been great. Her performance has been filled with many affectations of diva-dom, but it works, and she has shown some real vulnerability as Echo. Clint was off the hook today!

Arizonagal said...

Regarding Marty, exactly my point, she's not aging well, she looks frumpy and haggard. The girl needs a makeover, she could be a pretty woman, but damn, the hair, the teeth, she's looking like a little brujita.

Unknown said...

Did you hear the spoiler about Zach Amc is quickly losing me. I don't care a flying flip about Annie( made my bed so let me lie in it) Rylee is about as hot as dishwater. For me Zendall was a couple that had great charisma and potential. They could do romance, comedy etc. Great job Frons. Ruin AMC, Ruin Gh with Brenda, Brenda and now all is left is OLTL which I don't watch.

Ashley your not as loud as Tea on OLTL that woman could bring a house down. Daniella!!!!!

brtedi said...

Right now, it’s 1:00 am where I’m at and I have the latest AMC repeat on via SOAPnet on and I need to vent. I tried to give the actors a chance but I don’t like “Caleb” and I certainly can live without “Asher”. As a matter of fact, this evening, I saw a preview of NCIS, in which Michael Nouri reprises his as “Ziva David’s” father. I smiled. Get the guy back in to primetime as far away from Pine Valley as possible!

“The Kid”—“Asher” just reinforces how much I miss the actor in the role of “Damon”. While I know every actor has to start somewhere, not every part was made for every actor. Take Jacob young for example. When he took over the role of “Lucky Spencer” on GH, I don’t know if it was the scripts or what. But, there was no difference between watching “Lucky’ and waiting for paint to dry, IMHO. For JY, oh how times have changed! “JR” is light years away from his days as “Lucky”—and, fans are grateful

Stacy said...

Go on youtube and watch some old clips of Jacob Young on the Bold and the Beautiful (with enormous blond Bon Jovi hair to boot!). He was awful. It is ridiculous that AMC is now in LA, the land of actors and they are still casting newbies with that vacant look in their eyes and a single expression that covers a range of emotions.

Anonymous said...

Still no podcast

Thank god this is free because I would have asked for my money back a long time ago


brtedi said...

Stacy--I had no idea JY was on "the Bold and The Beautiful"--Thanks!

Today when Greenlee climbed over the balcony--and fell-- I laughed, thinking she should have taken lessons from Annie, who shimmied down a drainpipe (in heels and in the midst of having a miscarriage, mind you) after trying to shoot Greenlee!--LOL!

BTW, Anonymous, I'm not trying to be harsh...However, most of us know that Ashley has twins to keep up with. We all have fun. blogging away...And, we appreciate podcasts whenever they are ready. :-D

Shadow said...

I appreciate your enthusiasm about the podcast Anonymous. It's just an unusually busy time for everybody, but we try to keep things humming with the blog in between podcasts. I try to re-set the blog a few times in between podcasts, but I haven't been diligent about that lately & I apologize. The conversation & participation have been so awesome I haven't wanted to disrupt the flow of conversation. We love our little community and don't mind a barb or two about our scheduling challenges. The posts here really help the podcasts, so blog away, ask questions, and speak your mind! Hope you all have terrific weekends. I'm off for a big run.

Arizonagal said...

If I had toddler twins, I would never get anything done, EVER. I don't know how Ashley does it. At this point I bet the twins are way more important than us needy bloggers. I miss JordAsh, but love it when they chime in here and I so appreciate the hard work Shadow does in keeping this blog going. We have an amazing group of bloggers here and the PVP crew is the best. I guess they can't help it that they leave us wanting more!!

Michael said...
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Michael said...

I love the Podcasts. I love the blog. I am grateful for the time and effort that go into both.

Brtedi, I totally agree with you on Asher. I think a better actor in that role would have been better for AMC..

Azgal you nailed the problem on Marty. I do like her new “crazy self” though.

Shadow, you are making me feel guilty with all this exercising stuff! I haven’t had the oomph to jog for weeks now. I’ll let you inspire me once more

Arizonagal said...

Okay I did hold out some hope for Asher, BUT after those scenes of him "emoting" with Caleb, I gotta say this actor is so not ready for daytime drama. Those scenes were painful, grimacing and gritting his teeth seemed to be all he could do to summon some angst. I was actually in awe of how bad he was.

He's trying hard, but he is not there and this is his training ground. I still don't think he's as DBTE as Vasi, but when he's acting with JR or Caleb or anyone else with talent, his lack of talent is embarrassingly obvious. Also, didn't feel any chemistry between him and Colby. More Damon, less Asher, Please!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else seen the Griffin backstory mvid?

RIP Zack. Hel-lo, Griffin!!

Becky :)

brtedi said...

My main comment reguarding the introduction of "GRiffin Castillo is: Opal was great--"... Dr. buttercream" ROTF! I may like how "Griffin" is written--with a touch of humor and being a bit of a flurt, combined with an unpredictability. (He looks up to David Hayward) We don't know what the actor can handle, yet. But if the actor can hold his own and the and the writers really come up with some good scenes, we may have a winner! (Something more than just a 'human torso'.)

I have to make a comment about Rylee in the cave, today. Romance isn't the first thing I think of when I hear the word "cave". When it comes to caves I think of bats, rats, bugs and dirt--ala Indiana Jones--Blech!

Arizonagal said...

When I hear the word "cave" mentioned on AMC I think of all the people who have been trapped in a cave in the last 40 years, Ryan among them.

Haven't seen Jordi in awhile, but IIRC he was pretty good on GL back in the day.

OT comment about Eva Longoria divorce. I love her on DH, but seriously, when are women going to learn, you don't marry pro sports players, because that's exactly what they are off the court too, players!

Michael said...

Jordi Vilasuso is hands down the best AMC casting choice in years. I know he has a resume and daytime experience, but he is new to me and a real find. I keep thinking he would be great with Greenlee, but we are stuck with the insipid “Rylee” pairing for the foreseeable future. Regardless, he’s already added some much needed spark to the canvas and given a fresh dimension to a tired mix of actors and scenes. Griffin, however, IS a ridiculous name.

#1Daisy Fan said...

Amphitrion..I agree, this guy has been great so far. Griffin...What is it with AMC, they have used up all the Latino first names they can think of with the Santos family? lol. Also, I don't know about Griffin with Greelee. Last time she was with a Latino male on the show, it was a disaster. Can you say...Juan Pablo?

Arizonagal said...

I agree, the Griffin name annoys me. But... Jordi, va va voom and hubba hubba. This guy is going to my new favorite. So far he's playing it just right and who could blame Jake's ex wife for hopping on that truck?! God I love it when TPTB hire someone with talent.

Michael said...

I just watched Friday’s episode. That scene between Kendall and Zach was beautiful and quite moving. There were a few clich├ęd lines, but the sentiment and the chemistry between the characters endured and made a lovely bit of television!

Anonymous said...

I understand that Ashley & Jordan are busy. But I want you to know that you are greatly missed. I am going through a divorce( after 23 years).I have 3 beautiful boys (2 are special needs) My life is a soap opera- forclosure,Ive got Lupus am now Disabled ,no child support,no family ... yada yada
Very LITTLE Me time. I LOVE to just hear you two chat it up. I don't even care if its about AMC or OLTL anymore LOL. I'd listen to you wash the dishes or do laundry... The 2 of you are like old friends that get together and
dish. THATS what I MIss.
Come Back soon ,guys!! You used to ask if anyone was REALLY out there LISTENING... We are.
Much Love & Peace
Raine D.

Anonymous said...


Jen said...

Yipee..yay... David mustache twirling Hayward is back. God what a nonsense this character has become. We couldn't just leave him dead?

Arizonagal said...

Okay, I gave Skating with the Stars a shot because of Rebecca Budig (who skated quite well). But... yawn...

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Hey guys! Long time no.. blog? lol I'm sorry I've been slacking on posting in our little community here. But this "college" thing is running me ragged. haha

With that being said, I am loving AMC right now. I know I am probably in the minority, but there really is more that I am enjoying than the small things I am not.

Alicia's reaction to Zach's death was great (although what an ugly cry..). Although, that's what I loved about it. It seemed like a genuine reaction to losing the love of your life. And, I'm not sure, but did I see LaLooch shed real tears? She always does her best work when she is opposite her Kane daughters. However, I couldn't help but think how amazing those scenes would have been if Eden was in the mix. I like Christina Bennett Lind, but she doesn't have the proper connection to Susan and Alicia to make scenes that powerful seem realistic.

David's return. Eh. I'm not happy about it, but I am glad that this Greenlee murder trial isn't going to be dragged on any longer. However, I am hoping for Greenlee to be paired with someone else. This Ryan and Greens BS is PLAYED OUT harder than Jackson and Erica.

JR and Annie are smokin' and Madison and Frankie need to have sex. lol

That's my two cents right now. Hope everyone in the PVP community is doing good. And I can't wait to hear the next podcasts, whenever it may come. I'll wait patiently. lol

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Oh and one more thing. Saw Skating with the Stars and Eh, it was alright. Rebecca Budig did amazing. But why the hell didn't she just do DWTS. Stupid!

Stacy said...

So, I just got around to watching last Thursday and Friday's show. It is odd, on paper, the plot of Zach being killed should illicit some sort of feeling in me, but I felt completely indifferent to it. It felt to me like the actors, especially Rebecca, did not really emote much at all and read her in lines in a somewhat monotone voice. Also, perhaps in the land of soaps, where characters don't ever REALLY die...I just don't have it in me to really believe he is gone, so why should I care? On another note, was anyone else completely irritated that RYAN, who doesn't even like Zach was the one to run into the water and Greenlee stood by as a helpless waif? UGGGGGG!!!

DancingElf88 said...

Stacy I know how you feel. Maybe my indifference has to do with the fact that I didn't like Zach. But Budig didn't really do it for me...but then again she never does. I FF through all her scenes, Ryan's scenes. I still have things about AMC that I enjoy like JR and Annie (that's a given), I want more sl for Damon instead of being the workhorse boyfriend who shows up every third tuesday of the month for 3 mins and 17 seconds. Can Blind!Angie be able to see again PLZ? I like that Griffin...he's hot. Another positive: RPG got a haircut. Thank God!

Shadow said...

Happy Thanksgiving PVP!

Norn Cutson said...

thanks ya'll, for the friendship & laughs.
even when you don;t hear from me, please know I'm always checkin' in & reading everything!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!!!

Terry in Toronto said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Terry in Toronto

Terry in Toronto said...

According to Wikipedia, Chrishell Stause was engaged to Matthew Morrison from Glee. He was the original Link Larkin in Hairspray on Broadway. Who knew?!