Saturday, July 16, 2011

An Exciting New Prospect?

Oh, the ups and downs of being a soap fan! The news is old by now, but for any of y'all soap fans that haven't heard yet (is that possible?), our All My Children and One Life to Live have been given a second chance at life online, or so we hope.

This week, Jordan and I mostly talk Prospect Park - and the prospects for our beloved All My Children - but we even threw in some recaps. (See, Brian - all you had to do was ask!) We hope to do even more recaps, as AMC has lots of stuff happening that is puh-LEN-tee recap worthy!

We're so happy to talk to you all, but we like it even better when you talk to us. Do your thing, dear viewers, here.

7/11/11 Podcast


Mel Got Served said...

Podcast!! :)

PS Ash, thanks for commenting on my blog. Glad you liked the recap!

Laura said...

Dear friends,
It has been a long time since I posted but I still have been enjoying the podcast if not AMC lately. But it has improved to the point of must see tv again. OLTL has been wonderful.

I cherish each of you and I think I was in denial so I didn't want to come here and see all the cancellation news.

Hopefully the lifeline will be a good thing.

I cherish each and everyone of you.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling fairly positive about the AMC online stuff. I survived the Peapack stuff with my Guiding Light. All that really matters to me with a soap is good writing.

As for JPL, he has been really good since Gigi died. And Jack technically didn't kill her. Her stupid ass turned on the generator.

P.S. Phelan is pronounced fey-lan. Fey as in Petey Cortlandt, and Lan as in how you network computer. :P


Oh my God...Jane is having me howling today! The scene when she falls back on the bed and!

And Brot looks like Freddy Kruger with that damn hat on...who's decision was that?! o_O

Anonymous said...

@The Flying Negro, Brot's hat is probably the brainchild of whoever it was that had Kendall running around with that red monstrosity back in January.

I loved the flashbacks today. I didn't know who half of the people were, but it was still amazing. Jane was hilarious with David. And Krystal was awesome with Marissa. I think our KWAK probably munched on a few muffins back in the day. That's how rednecks work. Trust me. :P


@armless-phelan, I agree, the flashbacks were amazing. I remember most of it, the glory days!

Krystal was amazingly understanding with LezBabe(no more eBabe). I think KwaK has had her cornbread dipped a bit too in college, and she actually has a TORSO...she finally came from behind the counter!

all hats should be banned in PV! We already know Jimmy Hats(condoms)are banned. ;-)

Shadow said...

LAURA!! I love love love you! So nice to see you posting again. Missed you and your astoot observations & warm sense of humor.

Shadow said...

I've weighed in on my love for LoBro already and how great I think she's doing. ITA that soaps need to ditch the "oops I'm pregnant" story lines, but I digress about the warts. AMC took the ONE truly hot girl on the show and gave her a disease of the hooch. That's nasty. Give that to Randi the HOOKER the hoochie coochie but not the girl we're supposed to lust for and adore -- even if the character was a one time skank. That is largely one reality check I can live without in my soap. I'd rather they be preachy about the love glove instead.

Classic Ashley: "I need shit to happen!" Ha!

Did y'all see Jessica pop Melissa Archer the other day. I think she's been training with Susan Lucci. And I think Lucci could kick her ass judging by that hit!

Leslie said...

1st of all Jordan wished me a happy bday yesterday on Facebook and I almost died! LOL

But as I listened to the podcast this morning I had an OMG moment when Jordan was talking about Ryan's Hope and the bar over on Broadway because I actually had a date there (Coogan's) on Fri nite and had no idea!

Lastly, I've actually been enjoying AMC lately and the episodes haven't been piling up on my DVR as much. And on OLTL, I liiiive for Todd vs. Todd (although I'm a TSJ fan)! RH's Todd is more like the Todd I remeber.

Anonymous said...

Nelson Branco just broke on a podcast that Prospect Park bought the AMC and OLTL sets. This sounds more and more legit every day.

Anonymous said...

Lorraine Broderick is a one hit wonder. Babe should stay dead. Bye AMC, I'm gone.

Mel Got Served said...

I think I mentioned this in the last blog, but since it was discussed on this week's podcast I'll post it here too! Jane had an adopted daughter who was the only person who truly loved her, since apparently Jane was a total uggo before.

Also, one her first day at AMC, did the actress who plays Marissa call the wardrobe people horrible names? Holy shit, they put her in the ugliest things. Her Reese's Pieces dress is the ugliest, most unflattering outfit I think I have EVER seen on television, PERIOD.

Crystal said...

Mel, I think the new outfit is almost worst. That tiny little thing looks like she has rolls under there!

Just wanted to say thanks for the new podcast, I am still listening! PVP is my favorite!

Michael said...

I remember reading an essay about the “Too Much Girl.” This was a girl who gave 110% even when the situation did not call for it. (She took her classroom flag home to press, and starched the banner so much that it snapped in half.) Marissa is the “too much girl” for me. I wish she could turn the volume down just a bit: she’s too perky, and the hair is too brassy and wardrobe is too ugly. Also, since the character’s history is a mystery to us, might they just have had the woman say she was bisexual, but afraid of her feelings. Instead of a beaming smile and “Hey mom, I just magically turned into a lesbian-- isn’t that crazy?”

It is a very small complaint, I am loving AMC these days!

JSpear8 said...

I am loving AMC! It seems like everyone is getting a storyline and they are not hyper focusing on one particular story line. Thank heavens they are going to give back Angie's sight or at least I think they are and they are going to bring the baby story line full circle. I see real heartbreak for Angie and Jessie but Im sure everyone sees this as well.

This storyline with Hayward and basically everyone is great also. I really want Hayward to get what he has coming! From knowing about Jane acting as Erica all the way to this project he has going, HE IS DOING TOO MUCH! ITS TIME FOR HIM TO GO DOWN! lol

Then Maria is back! :) Im just loving AMC right now. :)

JSpear8 said...

Not to mention the Bianca and Marissa angle! I love it!! The only thing I dont like is JR falling off the wagon YET AGAIN! I swear Jr is coming off so weak right now its killing me. Adam needs to show up and slap some sense in him. lol

Brian said...

So I love Angie on AMC, but did anyone notice when she was in David's office last week that she seems over being blind? She was making me laugh because she kept looking people directly in the eyes. She did it would Ryan, David, and Jake. I think she has had enough with this craziness and is craving the material that other characters are getting.

Terry in Toronto said...

Thanks for a great new episode of the podcast Ashley and Jordan! I've listened to it twice already and you're right, I am glad that I hung in with OLTL because it's on full blast right now for the summer.

Looking forward to David Canary's return to Pine Valley and will tune in when that happens.

JSpear8 said...

OMG, David C is coming back? Alright! Jr needs Adam to come back and let him have it in that way only Adam Chandler Sr. can! :)

Jen said...

When the F are they bringing Annie back for JR? did they think fans just completely forgot about them? Everywhere I go that question is asked and my answer is always IDK.

Anonymous said...

Well, Annie is coming back when Erica and Dixie escape from Oakhaven, so I don't know why people are freaking out on Twitter. Haha. :) We know she's returning. Just not for how long.

Brian said...

Dear Kara, please burn that ugly purple dress. Yeah, the evening gown with the ugly dark tassels in front that you have worn all over PV.

Anonymous said...

Mel and I were chatting on Twitter, and is it just us or has the pace on AMC picked up? Shit is happening. GOOD shit.

And Zombie Dixie is free to wander Pine Valley in search of brains! Which means Ryan and Randi are safe.

Anonymous said...

Jamey Giddens is reporting that AMC's TV run may end with a Dynasty style cliffhanger where anyone could die to get people to watch online and explain characters disappearing.

I wonder what's gonna happen. Annie, Janet, and Marian shoot the place up? Dr. David plants a bomb at a Jerrica wedding? Randi goes swimming in the local reservoir and the whole town of Pine Valley contracts syphilis?

In the hands of a lesser writer I'd be worried, but I trust Lorraine and Aggie to do it justice.

Shadow said...

I understand Jen's frustration. She loves Annie and can't wait to see her. I feel the same way about Brooke and Adam. They would have been my first calls! Marissa isn't perfect. Until now I've totally hated the character and never liked either actress, but I'm feeling Lesbian Marissa a little. In a perfect world Bianca would get a Power Lesbian and not another Convert, but they had to work with what they had to some extent. More than Minx I loved JR's response. For the first time in years I thought he was good. That's right. I'm coming out. I have always thought he had potential and he's a really nice guy, but I've not bought him for one second as the new Adam Chandler. I definitely see him as the guy trying desperately not to appear like Adam Chandler's loser son, but that's exactly who JR is. He is the male Paris Hilton. Entitled, attractive, legacy, but never going to be the scrappy, workaholic Adam was apparently at one time. I loved that scene where Scott called him out. I love that for all Stuart's goodness Scott isn't exactly ablaze with success either. Maybe sheer competitiveness will challenge one of these two to rise above mediocrity. I think they are much more fascinating to watch this way. Ditto Colby. Interestingly, even if sort of laughably, she's beginning to do something original and not handed to her on a platter by Adam. She may actually accomplish some success in large part because of the drive and protection, however warped it was, given to her by Liza.

Despite whatever frustrations and opinions we voice here, isn't it wonderful that we all have so opinions to share besides "It sucks"?

I think they are dogging Marissa with the hideous clothes because some nimrod thinks it looks more "lesbian".

Good news about the sets Armless Phelan. Thanks for sharing that!

Ah Laura, you're killing me. I shout out my adoration for you and POOF! you disappear again.

Anon, just curious and I mean no disrespect, how long have you been watching AMC and soaps? I've seen others who questioned LoBro's pacing. I disagree, but I do wonder if it's the difference between expectations. When I started watching and invested in AMC the stories weren't as event drivenand took a looooong time to develop. The pace of everything on TV has quickened obviously in part because they don't know if actors will renew, if the shows will renew, to keep viewer interest, etc. Do you think there is anything to that or do you just not like her style? I can see not liking her style, but struggle with "one trick pony". Promise you, I'm not dissing your opinion. Just trying to understand more about your perspective.

Jen said...

My frustration Shadow goes even higher when I keep on hearing that WHORE, BB snatching, PV cancer Babe might be coming back, nobody fucking wants that. Everywhere is asking when are Annie and JR allowed to be an endgame, especially now. This shit is ridiculous!

I don't give a fuck about Alexa, never called or seen anyone calling for her return. Annie is a more important in the Chandlers than Babe is, Lorraine Broderick is just an idiot.

Shadow said...

My suggestion is wait & see. We don't know what LoBro has in store for us. What if DeadBabe tells him to follow his passion to crazytown with Annie? LoBro usually brings dead moms back to comfort stressed kids. AJ is stressed. Babe just may be coming back to help him find his shell or help Mama find a new pimp daddy. Chillax and give it a chance. LoBro is God.

Shadow said...

I love JR and Amanda. So pitifully sad. Amanda: OMG. I don't want to hear that you dumbass. You got a second chance...".

I don't think people contract HPV and grow a tumor the next day. JR doesn't give a crap. He survived. Has no idea why. I always thoughtbi wanted JR to grow up, but under Kreizman & Swajeski JR was so dim and dull. I missed this loserish JR. And Amanda acting a little more skanky is more interesting too.

Remember that week of episodes with Tad & Dixie living out their dream life about two years ago?

Tad is getting an old man life and seems to be stress eating.

Asher & Caleb need to head back to the mountain.

Holy shit Greenlee's Flowbee is atrocious. She used to be so pretty. Now she's got that collagen injected duck lip and a weed eater hairdo.

Griffin has something to do! And someone to do! Guess the Mexican cartel from Africa lost the trail.

Maria Santos is in tge house!

Mel Got Served said...

More importantly: when are we bring Aiden back to the big farewell? HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA I crack myself up.

Shadow said...

Where did Dixie find a matching hoodie, sweats & keds?

The storyline transitions are so funny. Clearly the whole Jane thing gave them time to retool & rewrite. Now that the finale s/ls are starting Erica turned into Jane's life coach. "Shout it girl! I am Jane!" So silly, but Lucci has really honed her inner comic it was just funny. The best line was when Erica said something like "Now you change your face right back to the way Jane looks, ya hear?" Like that's just another day at the spa.

Ben is creepy. Looks, acts, sounds creepy. So bizarre.

I wish Trailer Park KWAK had been more honest about her acceptance of Marissa and said something like, "Sweetie, your sister and I were such whores. Who hasn't slept with a girl. Shoot, back in the day I had a hook up with a trucker named Sue. She knew how to shift my gears if ya know what I'm sayin'...".

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

Does anyone have ANY contact infor for Prospect park...I just think it's so weird that they don't even have a Web site!

armless-phelan said...

So, PP is currently in negotiation with Unions to figure out what the scale for pay should be. That's why there is no casting news.

The New York Post revealed this before things were done. That's why everything seems so whack right now.

trish-la said...

UPDATE** there is an update on Prospect Park on the website -- not too much detail, but some - apparently they issued a press release (PP) yesterday.

Some good news...looks like Laraine B. will stay on. And Frank V. as well.

Check it out...

Tina said...

WTF is this show trying to bring back that trashy HO Babe! That bitch doesn't belong here!

Shadow said...

What about the performances? Jacob Young, Chrishell Staus & Chrissie Lind are killing it. Such tragic sad characters trying to find their way in shadow of their larger than life parents. Adam spent his life trying to control and manipulate his family and then abandoned them. JR never really matured and is lost. All he's ever known was pleasing Adam. It was a terrible state, but yet he's lost without Adam. Bianca continues the Kane struggle to find acceptance sacrificing herself for an ideal she's not sure even exists and doing it in the spotlight of Erica's celebrity. Instead of selfish pursuit like Erica, she's generous to a fault, but what she longs for is the same...acceptance and love just like Erica. Amanda was brought into this world under auspicious circumstances branded with a Scarlet Letter of sorts from her first day, terrorized and stalked by a murderously obsessive mother who killed her father and forever tainted her if not in public opinion certainly within her own psyche. That is a LOT of material to mine. So different from say the "hooker with the heart of gold" or "bitchy society lady who kills her husband". After all these years it is tremendously satisfying to see all those layers come back together for the end game. Thanks LoBro.

Michael said...

Holy cow, “trashy HO,” “WHORE,” “PV cancer,” “B***h” I was going to ask who wanted to join the Alexa Havins fan club, but I guess I’d better hold off on that one.

Shadow, I always find myself nodding in complete assent at your every eloquent and witty observation.

Mel Got Served, your Tweets and FB posts are always soooo funny and your blog is fantastic! Seriously, the best reality TV observations on the planet!

Yes, I was a total suck up to get it (though I sincerely meant my compliment to her) but this made my day:

Very sweet - THANK YOU!!!

Direct message sent by Chrishell Stause (@Chrishell7) to you (@Amphitrion) on Jul 26, 9:10 PM.

Chrishell Stause follows me on Twitter? Who knew?

Lock your doors people, they must have burried their dead in Stephen King's Pet Cemetary because the Zombies of Pine Valley are flooding the Park!

Shadow said...

John O'Hurley of Seinfeld and DWTS fame is doing a short arc with Lucci as a producer/romantic interest. He's fun. I'm actually looking forward to how his presence plays into everything.

Arizonagal said...

wasn't ohurley married to eva larue once eons ago?

Shadow said...

Yes AZgal they were married! She probably tired of him talking like JPeterman during sex.

Anonymous said...

Christina B. Lind and Sarah Glendening new interview with afterellen

Shadow said...

Can't be too bad ass with a name like Mookie.

Brot the cop eating donuts...and Dixie just ran up and bogarted them when he walked away.

Nice material between Amanda & Cara. Chrishell is bringing it! Loving that Amanda is back in character. Dig the new hairdo too.

JR's being a prick, but his wife's a lesbian. His mom's a zombie. His housekeeper quit. Losing the housekeeper would make me start drinking too.

Dang! How many donuts did Brot buy? Thank goodness Dixie's pants are stretchy. That stuff is going straight to her thighs.

Shadow said...

I mean, I don't recall Dixie being so boobalicious but it's hard not to notice in those sweats. Who gives comatose people boob jobs? Oh sure, David does! 

She has on a bra. Do most comatose patients lay in bed in underwear and sweats? Ummm, no. Funny.

Shadow said...

Judging from The Chew preview, ABC saved 40% on AMC by not using hair, clothing or makeup stylists & having Pizza Hut deliver all the food. PIZZA, really? I can get a pizza here in 20 minutes w/ a 2 ltr bottle of DietCoke & cinnamon sticks w/o sacrificing 800 jobs & 80 years of TV history. And what is that rodent on top of Carla's head--the next thing they're going to cook? And why is Batali wearing a fishing vest? Is he rushing out to fly fish? If you are going to wreck your programming schedule & fire Susan Lucci, Alicia Minshew, Tuc Watkins, & a bunch of other hot people, dammit you better come up w/ a better looking group than these hobos.

Arizonagal said...

Most women throw their bras aside the minute they get home from work, I'm sure your wife can attest to that.

Hallaluleah (sp?), home from the TRIP from HELL, got about 50 hrs of soaps to catch up on, haven't seen AMC, OLTL, RH in two weeks. I am so glad to be home I nearly kissed the tarmac.

Can't wait to catch up on the suds after reading all the delicious posts here and at facebook.

Anonymous said...

The more I see the commercials for The Spew, the less I want to watch it. The show looks horrible. Is Megan McTavish scripting the ads or something?

Haven't watched today's AMC yet, but I did love Erica shanking David the other day. And Zombie Dixie stealing Brot's donuts was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lorraine OVERRATED Broderick,

Go to HELL!

AMC Fan who misses the love in the afternoon, JR and Annie, GreenLeo, The Chandlers acting like Chandlers, actual good soap plots, and doesn't kiss your ass like the rest of this freaking blog.

oltl lover said...


Esther Terblance (Gillian) is returning according to ABC SID

Anonymous said...

No AMC nor OLTL yet today, but I do have to comment on Gillian maybe coming back. Can she be welcoming Ryan into heaven? Please? I can suspend enough disbelief as to accept that Ryan Lavery won't burn in the pits of hell.

As for LoBro, I watched AMC under Kreizman. It was his best work, and mostly watchable, but his obsession with drag queens and MTF transgendered women was a little odd. I caught the end of Pratt and NOTHING made sense.

Lorraine is old school soap, which I didn't grow up on but caught in snippets and loved. And now I'm getting the soap opera I've always wanted and never got outside of OLTL when Frons was ignoring it.

And also, I'm tired of JR/Annie fans bitching. MCE was NOT fired, so I don't get the hate for the show on that end. And I enjoyed her exit story. It was totally Annie and she was hilarious.

*climbs off soapbox*

Shadow said...

milystar I can't help myself. I loooove LoBro.

Michael said...

Amen Armless P.

I myself am recovering from a nasty lip sprain from kissing LoBro’s ass, but hey, it was totally worth it.

Monday’s episode was perfect: funny, sweet, bitter-sweet and those Leo & Greenlee flashbacks sent my heart fluttering.

The show, for anyone hasn’t read the memo—is ending its 40+ year network run. If you hate it that bad you only have to stop watching for a few more episodes.

And Shadow, The Chew promos hurt my eyes. If I have to see Clinton Kelly give that precocious look as he teasingly peers over a tomato plant or bouquet of daisies, I will vomit. I did love Carla on Top Chef, but I see her now and can not shake the image of Sideshow Bob from the Simpson from my mind’s eye. I would not watch the show even if Mario Fat-tally held handgun to my forehead and threatened to never stop talking about ugly clogs or Spaghettini!

Michael said...

I saw this on FB-

Jordan Hudson:

Not Amused that I can't get on the PVP blog. Who is the nutcase hating on Lorraine. Look everyone has the right to express their opinions, after all it's like an A.H. everyone has one, but this person is just making child like statements and not really giving a reason for not liking what Lorraine is doing. If someone can post this for me on our blog for that pyshco to see would love you.

Arizonagal said...

A few observations, gone for too long, still catching up. Can I be a patient at Oak Haven? I am so loving this. The women I adore are all at the shrink tank. When I saw Janet's face, holy flurking shmit, the show is back!

Susan Lucci has come alive with this new material. She rises to the occasion, love it!

Jacob Young is so convincing as the town drunk, he's amazing, he's like every drunk I've know thru the yrs, it's spot on.

There's a sweetness with Binx/Marissa that I like tho I'm not totally sold on them yet.

Finally a storyline that explains the depths of David's ego trip.

Mel, be careful what you wish for, Aidan returning doesn't seem that far fetched, no?

I'm intrigued with the Amanda/std/cancer SL, not something we've seen here before.

Canary returns? Pinch me!

Ashley said...

OMG - adoring these posts! Just catching up after about a week off -- Amph/Shadow/A-Phe, y'all rock! As does AZGal, Mel, and Laura (come back again!!)... Such ass-toot observations, I'm worried that on the next 'cast I may not be as ass-toot-ly observant as y'all. I should have caught up on the blog before recording! Oh well -- it'll be up soon.

There's room for all opinions here, so to all a y'all "Anon"s who won't post with a tag, tag it, dammit! Nothing to fear here except a very smart, thoughtful and respectful analysis of any dumbass opinions.


Love to all a y'all!


Laura said...

Thank you all for making me feel welcome back. I posted a lot of astute comments that just ran into cyberspace, because I forgot my password.

But I love everyone here, except maybe the LB hater. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I loved OLTL homage to history when they had Mia Korf as Blair Kramer in the credits. She was the Asian actress who started the role.

There are so many dead people showing up on AMC, they may have a holgram of Mona and Dr. and Phoebe Tyler next.

The Chew makes me want to Spew, I don't want to waste another minute on it.

As an old time soap watcher. I remember John O'Hurley on Y&R. IMDB says he was on Loving, Edge of Night and as the World Turns. A regular Roscoe Borne!

I hope everyone is having a great summer, it's been pretty hot in the midwest. Stay cool and I'll come back soon.