Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Many Happy Returns

From Maria to InsAnnie to Marian to J.F.A.P. to our beloved, suddenly donut-lovin' Dixie, we're starting to be treated to the returns of the vets we've so loved. (Not to mention the return of what some of us consider the magnificent Lorraine Broderick.) If you can say anything good about the end of our All My Children, it's that a) Frons has left it (mostly) the HELL ALONE, and b) that has resulted in the return of the All My Children that we grew up with, that we love, and that feels so much like home.

We hope you like this week's podcast. And even if you don't, you can let us know, here. We can take it. (Sort of.)

7/29/11 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Downloading now! And I have to say, I can't wait to hear our lovely co-hosts gush about how wonderful the show has been!

Ashley said...

I mostly gushed! ;) Hope you don;t get TOO mad at me, AP!


Anonymous said...

AMC and OLTL going to cable? Maybe...

I'll post my thoughts on the podcast tomorrow, but I definitely did NOT get mad at you, Ashley. :)

Mel Got Served said...

Ok, I started listening but my commute isn't super long so I didn't hear it all. So far, so good!

Now here's my opinion on the show: I am overall enjoying it, but have a minor issue. The thing is, this Orpheus story to me is writing a complete end-game story.... except now the show isn't ending. So then what?

I'm also bummed to get super invested in Tad/Cara and Kendall/Griffin just to know it's been a waste.

The Amanda stuff. LOVE. When Amanda wept into Jake's arms that she's not ready to die yet, gah I wanted to cry.

Oak Haven is amazing, especially Opal sneaking into Oak Haven as a fake crazy!!

That's it for now!

Mel Got Served said...

Oh and Madison looks like a goofus with her new fierce thing.

Shadow said...

Project Orifice is interesting, but still sounds like a porno thing to me. Oogie Dr. Dave snatching women's bodies, putting them in a coma and doing who knows what with them. But then it's sort of like Camp Coma too. People laying around in chic sweats and stuff. Dixie had on a matching bra and pumps. What comatose person wears Juicy, Victoria's Secret & Jimmy Choo? And not a cankle in site, just some stiff legs which, again, could be because it's really Dr. Dave's Porn Project. If there are any dudes like Zach in there, that's probably a one off to pacify Nurse Gayle.

I hear you Mel about Cara/Tad and Zach/Kendall. I'm torn. Since I like them all I'm open to any of the scenarios. I could see and understand where Tad tells Dixie it's nice to see her again, but he's over the whole DeadDixie LiveDixie thing. Besides, that Zombie shuffle isn't so appealing. However, I could live with him crushing Cara's spirit and telling her he loves Dixie even if she is some sort of freakish mutant who hovers somewhere between the living and the dead.

In all honesty, y'all know I've never been a huge Zendall fan. I support them just because the rest of the world seems to be Zendall fans and Zendall keeps people tuned in. To me Zach is a greasy pushy dickhead, but Kendall likes a guy with edge. If I had to lose Kendall to a dude, I would have an easier time with her hooking up with Griffin. He's a doctor. Fairly legit. Reasonably successful. Ridiculous muscles. Five o'clock shadow & all that. But despite all that manly appeal, Griffin's voice has that whiny crackle line he's constantly about to burst into tears. That annoys the hell out of me. So as to Kendall, Griff & Zach, it's a draw for me.

The amazing & refreshing thing is there are actually options that don't include Ryan and Greenlee and one way or tg other I'm sort of rooting for everybody. I'm even rooting for David to pull through all this. Irizarry & Lucci have been a blast. The biggest waste on AMC is Scott. The actor us a gem--a guy's guy without the typical soap smarm and a pinup for the ladies. Madison is a drag, but Stephanie herself is great. Fusion does nothing to prop up a ill-conceived character. Caleb can go unless he starts poking Opal. Asher can just evaporate or whatever right now. They seem to be putting Randi to her best use. (Snark.) Minx, Oak Haven, Star Returns--all delightful, old school goodness. I think AMC should give Marian back her sanity, release her & undue what Pratt did to her. Kate Collins? I never true of her. Still crushing after all these years. Chrishell? Hot, gorgeous, moving. Pulling out all the stops w/ a story I wasn't excited about. Jacob Youbg is surprising me every day. I think it helps him & Chrishell that LoBro knows how to write those characters. Life is good, interesting and fun again in Pine Valley.

Shadow said...

(Prior post is supposed to say:) "Kate Collins? I never tire of her. Still crushing on her after all these years."

Mel Got Served said...

Dixie is like a pack rat right now. Twitchy, weird, scavenging for food.

Laura said...

Yeah, a new podcast. Can't wait.

Arizonagal said...

Downloading now, woohoo! a few comments.

Love the Oak Haven scenes (mostly). But, I wish it less slapshtick and more touching. It's almost an insult to these fine veteran characters to be the backup comic relief to Eek. She's no better or saner than any of them!

Kate Collins, LOVE HER! She just makes me smile, I love the way she throws herself into whatever TPTB give her.

Love the way the writers are tying years of David's machinations together, brilliant and tho it's crazy, it all makes sense.

It's bittersweet but AMC has me excited again and I'm loving it, tho reminding myself there's a month left, then what???

Arizonagal said...

Oops, one more thing. Anyone wonder if Leora (David's daughter) is alive?

donna said...

Yay! for the new podcast.

I'm not sure this news will be greeted the same way, lol.If I remember correctly, JordAsh don't care much for Smidge, do they?

I love Alicia Minshew's response. Adorable.

Anonymous said...

Loving AMC and loving the podcast. Although I'm fairly sure Dominicana isn't. ;P

Haven't seen the last few days of the show, as I've been busy, but I have LOVED every episode of the last few weeks. And I'm looking forward to getting to watch Greenlee and Leo, even if it is likely just for Rylee propping. Ugh.

OLTL is also fantastic, as usual, and even GH has been good when I've watched it. And I HATE that show. It just goes to show that whatever Frons touches turns to shit, but when he leaves it alone it improves drastically.

Arizonagal said...

David Vickers to Dorian - "I'll protect your opening!" referring to the premiere of their film. ROTFL.

So Robin Strasser has a really bad back, that's the reason she left early. I would not have guessed, she's such a professional.

Roger Howarth, now I get it Jordan. This guy is amazing. I never watched OLTL when he was on before.

I really hate the way Todd yells at Jack and calls him names. It hurts to hear that stuff.

Rama and Vimal reuniting, thank God! I love the Bollywood stuff and would have liked a musical number at the premiere, so many moments to break into tune and dance.

Did not feel sorry for Nate, the little slime deserved it and sooooo glad Deana is gone. She will not be missed.

Marco looks terrific. Damn fine with that new hair do. Yum.

Okay anyone out there know who Sam's parents are?

donna said...

Arizona Gal, Sam's parents are Crazy Big Head Margaret Cochran and TSJ/Todd.

She kidnapped TSJ/Todd, held him hostage and raped him. Sam is the result.

Amphitrion said...

AZ Girl -

Sam's father is Todd Manning(after TSJ started playing him) so he isn't related to "The Man With the Scar"

His mother is the deceased "Crazy Margaret Cochran" who kidnapped and raped Trevor St. John's Todd. Blair has been his de facto mother since he was an infant.

With the recent turn of events, it seems he will no longer be a half-sibling to any of the other Manning kids.

Amphitrion said...

OOPS- Donna beat me to the punch!

Anonymous said...

Aiden Turner tweeted he is not coming back to AMC.

I'm sure everyone here at the PVP is just crying at this news. Crying tears of joy! :P

brtedi said...

I just saw Josh Duhamel’s new scenes with Rebecca Budig. Greenlee and Leo: I get it…I get what all the fuss was about! I missed those years. So, I never saw the original storylines…Both the actors, as well as their respective characters must have completely rocked!—The combination of the actors and the writing are the stuff of how soaps should be. As a soap fan, it just makes me a all warm and fuzzy---and a little sad, simultanously.

Laura said...

Lollopolooza is here in Chicago, and I have been having Soapapolooza at my house. I loved the scenes with Leo and Greenlee. I haven't really like her since he left.

I did a OLTL marathon and loved Star and Todd 1.0 together. He is such a good actor. The clips were so good, but they should have has some with Kristen/Star when she was little, she has been on here since she was little. She played a good brat, sorry they changed the character away from that.

AMC was funny today, with all the escapees running around. Marian said Darling again and that made my day.

I am behind on the podcasts. Still listening to the first one.

I am also behind on GH, but as part of my Soapapolooza, I will try to watch it this weekend based on everyone's recommendations.

Have a great rest of the summer everyone, and stay cool.

Mel Got Served said...

Ok, who else lost it laughing with Erica mentioned the poisoned pancakes?

Anonymous said...

Finished this week's AMC, and I have to say that it was fabulous.

The Oakhaven stuff slayed me, with all of the escapees throwing their history at one another, and the Janet talking about being Kendall's cell mate.

Also, Kendall and Marion chatting about the shooting in the courtroom and Stuart's death was a nice use of an AWFUL story.

And I have to say it, Denise Vasi was wonderful this week. I don't think I've ever enjoyed Randi more. Definitely the work of her career!

Brian said...

Is there anyone that hasn't been announced yet that we would like to return before the finale of AMC? I have to admit that I'm happy with the returns so far.

I only have two wishes that I would like to see before the end of AMC: 1) why David was about to shoot himself after Babe "died" only to be stopped by Krystal and 2) will we ever find out what happened to Amanda's brother, Tim.

Otherwise, I'm really happy with this explanation of why people have so easily come back from the dead in Pine Vally and it really explains a lot as to why David has always felt he was better than everyone else in Pine Valley.

Anonymous said...

The reunion of Tad and Dixie was magical and I had a big, stupid grin on my face. And I've only been watching AMC for two years so I never saw their history.

Ryan is still a douche, and Zach is crazy, but Greenlee's hair is still one of the most offensive things about this show. Someone needs to make her wear a weave if she doesn't want to cut it.

Shadow said...

The thing that cracked me up about Dixie is that aside from Erica nobody acted like "WTF?" or "You're alive?!" or played 20 questions or asked to see the mole on her ass--nothing. Tad was like "Hey! We gotta catch up. Don't go dyin' on me again. I hate it when you do that. Now let's kiss". Opal saw Dixie and said, "You're back?" Krystal saw her and said, "Welcome home." Kathy said, " you like just like your picture..Can I call you Mommy? Krystal bugs me. I tried to kill her once. I locked out of the house. She's got that scary trailer thing going on and got all up in my grill".

Honestly, I loved it. I appreciate the pace -- no laborious, drawn out, absurd explanations. Just swoosh! Made the rounds. Got all the howdy-dos over in 36 minutes so we can move on down the road to the good stuff. I am surprised how worried I am for Cara. I really like her under LoBro's pen especially now that they've dropped all that stupid ass Africsn Mexican drug lord crap. She's just a girl in a sham marriage saved from death by an evil genius who fell in love unexpectedly with a man whose wife just returned from the dead for the third time. That is a lot to process for a hairball. I always love Tad & Dixie because they are a real couple that make many other relationships make sense in Pine Valley. This is the first time Dixie has been on canvas when I hesitated about reuniting them. Cara & Tad have chemistry. If I were him, I'd be weighing pros and cons: let's see, you have had cancer. Possibility of recurrence. But you have died like 8 times. Hmmm."

It's always good when Cady is on. Period. She validates Tad's relationship with JR. She adds dimension to Tad. She's a genuine link to the Cooney/Cortlands. As I see it, Pine Valley needs Erica, Brooke, Dixie, Opal, Tad, JR, Scott, Amanda, Jack, Angie, Jesse as Tentpole characters which is not to diminish how much I've enjoyed everybody overall. Those characters link all the families and have sibs, relatives, etc to bring in. In AMC 2.0 I'll be flexible. I could easily sub out family representatives. As long as they get a few key players for familiarity. Lucci aside, the first person I would contract is Jill Larson. People love her. She has a huge personality. She's got Pete, her lost black son., all the Cooneys, links to the Warners thru Palmer. This supporting players could all be effectively recast. Then I'd try to keep Tad for the link to Opal's people and the Martin clan. Seems like Dixie would stay if Tad does. They can always deal with her disappearance. I'd keep KWAK cuz Eakes really is a class act. It's official. I like the Castillos. Since we're never going to see Angie again, I'd kill her off and try to keep Jesse & keep Frankie. Of course I want everybody. I'd love to see this incarnation of Scott & JR under LoBro. Guess my point is if we can't have all the Kane/Montgomerys I've made peace with it. I can envision Pine Valley. Tad, Brooke, Opal & JR could be enough to make it work. They better lock up Jill Larson.

Ok this post is huge. Sorry.

Shadow said...

PS. Don't you like it when people write huge letters and add a PS at the end. Like it's just a teensy note that doesn't really add to the enormity of the rambling stream of consciousness above? And then it's always something random like "I love my cat!". Don't get me started on PSS.

Anyway, I pray Lucci stays. I really would like her & Jack stay. Just accepting that it may not work that way & I'll still support it. They could cast any combo of the Kane/Montgomery clans. Binx/Kendall/Greenkee are strong enough characters to carry on the family tradition.

Anonymous said...

It seems Ms. Natalie Hall is really doing well for herself out there in The City of Angels!

Jordan Hudson definitely knows how to pick em!

Laura said...

I am finally caught up with OLTL. Who else laughed when Jack said a woman in Springfield had been cloned. I missed RH's sense of humor in the role.

Now I am getting caught up on AMC. Now I am watching the stupid poison pen on Kendall's neck flashback.

But I am looking forward to the Zach/Kendall reunion.

I can't believe Aidumb isn't coming back. He must have a hair modeling session to attend.

Amphitrion said...

While both One Life and AMC have been delving into the realm of science fiction these days, I have to say the latest developments in Llanview have been a little over the top for me. Yes, there is a long history of “out there” storytelling on OLTL, and that’s great, but I think the show has shot itself in the foot with casting once more. Barbara Rhodes would be perfectly acceptable as a mother gently counseling her daughter in a feminine hygiene commercial; I can’t see her as a ruthless genius running a shadow CIA’s rouge mad scientist project. As Jamie Giddens pointed out, Victoria Wyndham would have been perfect in the role, or they could have gone total bat-stuff crazy and made Victoria’s alter Jean behind the whole thing. I still love the show, don’t get me wrong. I have always cared less about what a show does and more about how they execute their stories. The story does not have to make sense, but the character’s actions inside the story have to make perfect sense in order for the story to work. And most of the actor’s are really selling the story.

All My Children is telling, arguably, an even more far-fetched story--fraught with people coming back from the dead every 15 minutes or so, yet when I watch, I don’t doubt it for a second. Great writing and great actors are making daily magic on AMC for me these days.

Ps (unrelated in honor of Shadow): How much nicer are Pine Valley parks compared to Llanview? Apparently Tad and Kendall, Jessie, Angie et al all live on the fringe of a verdant botanical garden and have to walk through it to go anywhere in town.

For a town like Llanview, where everyone either IS or is a blood relative of a billionaire, the city parks seem a little shabby. One Life’s location shots look like they were filmed just off the interstate, guerrilla-film style before the PoPo has a chance to cite the film crew.

Shadow said...

Amphitrion I noticed the same thing about Llanview parks. I really don't like OLTL outside shots. They seem cheesier for some reason. I've gotten used to AMC park shots. But aomething about the way they film seems less home videoish. Maybe it's the HD. Funny thing though, now that the writing is good and the performances are great I don't pay much attention to the location. When it sucked, I' d get bored and start thinking about how stupid it is that the entire cast is wandering around the park which is near everything including the graveyard, Fusion, Ryan's would irritate me that everyone was at the hospital whether it made any sense for them to be there or not. Good writing & rich characterizations cue a lot of ills. Other than the night Erica stabbed David we've hardly seen ConFusion.

Amphitrion said...

Well Shadow, I learned it from you: If someone is going to get stabbed, it will happen at Fusion. I am suprised Erica did not ask Dr. David to move into the toilet area though!

Shadow said...

I'm telling you ConFusion is the place you go to die. It's not even just the restroom that's dangerous anymore. Now you can get shanked right out in the open! Did you see the hacksaw that Erica picked up off the bar to stab David? WTH kind of drink was the bartender mixing that required the use of what looked like a machete? That's the kind of knife you use to gut a moose, carve a totem pole, cut through jungle brush, but kind of overkill for slicing limes. All funny.

Was there any reason why Bianca was wearing that flouncy party dress for 3 days? It was lovely, but completely bizarre. I can't think of a woman, lesbian, MILF, or otherwise, with 3 kids that saunters around in a breezy cocktail dress like that. Even Erica's clothes are more practical.

I still wonder whose wardrobe Dixie raided? That would be weird. Not only is Tad's dead ex back, she's in your clothes. Remember how pissed Krystal used to get about Dixie? Now she just hugged her & went upstairs. Again, I'm good with all this. Just humors me. I think for the tight, tight schedule they're doing an amazing job tying things up and selecting what to explain, how much time to spend explaining it, and what to let slide. I know they won't waste money on it, but I wish they'd put Cady in the opening credits where Annie was. She deserves it.

I think I've watched Janet & Mandy 500 times-when Janet tells her Amanda she'll be fine. It's so emotional knowing this really may be the last time you see a character. Even when Kate Collins isn't on the show there's the chance she'll return. Watching what could be a final scene, I'm like 'Wow'. Sort of stupefied.

Crystal said...

Shadow, they all wear weird clothes. I only have one kid and I am in my Lands End "uniform" most days, lol. I thought that dress was a little strange too. Loved Janet and 'Mandy' too.

PS (insert random comment here)


Anonymous said...

Did anyone else see Mama Evans slap Nora on OLTL? I haven't seen a slap that amazing in YEARS! As someone on TWOP said: Mama Evans slapped HBS back into the role of Margo on ATWT!

And I'm not at all surprised Natalie keeps money in her bra. It's not safe to carry around a wallet when you're standing on the street corner.

Haven't seen yesterday's or today's AMC, yet, but I hear they were fairly awesome.

Mel Got Served said...

Hey guys- not to come on and be a self promoter, but my reality blogging has paid off a bit! I'm going to be doing a weekly post on Saturdays at recommending good/bad shows/movies that you can stream online. Just wanted to share with you and I hope you all read my first post about the British show Misfits!

Mel's article on

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Go Mel! *clicks link*

Ashley said...

Clearly, Amph & Shadow, you know what you're talking about re: the OLTL exteriors. Most of them are shot off of the Palisades Parkway - the "scenic rest area," to be specific. (I know this because I once used that area to nurse 4-month old twins, and I can tell you the place was lousy with pervs, so much so that I was terrified and pre-dialed 911 into my cell phone just in case!!! And this was during the day!)

Scenic exteriors in LA vs. NY? You're comparing apples to oranges, darlings. This *IS* New York City, you know! ;) I LMAO at your ass-toot commentary, though!!!


PS - my daughter is beginning to put verbs and nouns together pretty ass-tootly. Last week she exclaimed, "Mommy farted."

Amphitrion said...

Oh no, how long before you hear her tell the mailman: “Daddy dutch-ovened mommy.”

Ashley, you are so sweet and generous to share stories about the twins. I heard you mention they were entering the terrible twos and I could not believe it! I remember how girls were so much quicker with language skills than boys. I noticed it with my nieces and nephews. My niece would be talking a blue streak and my nephew was still making clicking noises with his tongue to call the dog.

Even though Llanview and Pine Valley are right down the street from one another, I guess filming on opposite side of the country make continuity in the parks system a little tricky. I also wondered how a city the size of Llanview (with its ugly parks and all) had two newspapers when huge cities like Denver and Philadelphia struggle to keep one paper going.

Plus a quick
Congrats to Mel G, if this internet thing turns out not to be a fad, you’ll likely own it one day!

Jordan Hudson said...


Jordan Hudson said...

THE BITCH IS BACK!!!! HOLLA!!! I hate computers and I hate facebook. What i had to go through to get back on the PVP Blog. Okay who the hell is this nutcase who keeps dissing my Lorraine.

On here you have the right to express yourself. Even if I dont agree with you. Take my girlfriend Dominica and me. But when you make comments that sound like a four year old "DUH Lorraine is a one trick pony DUH" Seriously...that sounds like Chuck Pratt. Express yourself tell me why don't you like Lorraine. I have more respect for your opinion when you can speak like an adult.

Flying Negro (I love your reminds me of sally Field) I like black guys. You obviosuly have not seen my facebook page.... The problem is that the Blacks and Latins I like are here in NYC and are not movie stars. they are real boys who are tight. Shemar Moore is so soft. Yuck. He has nothing on my Morris Chestnut.

So will catch you guys up who are not on facebook but only here. ( like Terry)

Went out today for the first time in a long time with that Queeen Elis we were both beyond broke so could not stay out to logn no money for it has been a rough few weeks...but you guys mean so much to me. You keep me laughing, smiling and my spirits stay up you guys give me hope. Thank you!

AMC...I love that Lorraine is concetrating on the establish sign of Caleb, Asher, Randi...a hint of Madison and no Ja lu. It is more important to give center stage to the vets. I'm not a Zendall fan but can't help but feel invested in this....Alicia is that good. Loved J.R.'s reaction to Dixie. Also how Tad is handling it.

OLTL....... Even more important then the mystery of the Todds.....Don't &^%* with Mama Evans kid's. I won't say what happened...except my ass will be home Monday at 2PM to see this story continue. Honestly if OLTL is going online they need to bring Mama & Papa Evans on contract. The scenes with her and Destiny broke my heart. So beautifully done.

Now I see why Ron did what he did. This turn in the tale has made it go beyond the typical teen gets knocked up. This and the two Todds united against a common foe. I still say when Snatchalie and Rex are in a scene together it's a race to see who can be the as bad as NuJack. Jeez she was awful yesterday but he stole it today. Can they get rid of them before Jan please.

What a set of balls Jill Faren Phelps has. I can't believe that this ....I won't say it....has the audacity to plead with the fans to save GH. Now she is worried about not having a job anymore. The person who damaged so many Soaps before she came to Port Charles (SB, GL,AW, OLTL). Fired Ms. Zeman forced Genie out of town. Brought in Megan Mctavish. Allowed Guza to kill off the Quatermaine Clan and turn GH into Daytime's answer to the Sopranos. You can kiss my P.R. ass!
NuGH is killing me. I have been saying that today's headwriters need to watch Claire Labine's Ryan's Hope to see how soaps use to be written. Then comes garin Wolf who fing get's it. I just can't take it. The writing is so tight. Yesterday the scenes with Carly & Sam were dead on! They were made even more powerful with the addition of Monica, proving that we need our vets back on the show. (Come home Genie come home.)

Jordan Hudson said...

ALSO if you are not watching SUITS on USA and AWKWARD on MTV you are missing out on the two best summer shows.

Also have to mention TEEN WOLF MTV, Against the Wall LIFETIME.

Who needs abc ,cbs and nbc and their reality shows.

RazzleDazzle77 said...

Thanks for another fun podcast! I'm loving AMC! I'm finally at a point where I make sure I tune in every day. I have not felt this way about AMC in a long, long time. It's just a shame it took this long for the show to be what we know it can be.
I totally agree about GH! I know some are not sold yet, but I can already see changes since Garin took over. The canvas is more rounded. Characters are interacting with each other. And most importantly, I see a respect for history!
And OLTL. Oh, how I LOVE OLTL! I know this is the PVP podcast, but OLTL is my favorite! There is so much I could say, so I better just stop right now before my comment gets too long. lol
P.S. Can I just say how much I love the 2 Todds story! GENIUS! No disrespect to TSJ, but RH just brings life to the character of Todd!

Anonymous said...

Preach it, Jordan Hudson! Though, JFP may be out of a job regardless with that Tom guy from Days now available. You know, Frank V's mentor.

All 3 ABC soaps are watchable at the same time. GH still annoys me as I'm not a fan of the mob stuff, but it's greatly improved, and OLTL has hit its highest ratings since 2008.

The only downside to AMC is Mookie and Maya. I like Maya, and she works in the Baby Lucy story, but Mookie has got to go.

Crystal said...

Awesome Mel!!!!!!!!

Terry in Toronto said...

Thanks for the update Jordan. Your life is more exciting than the ABC lineup. You and Ashley should just keep doing the podcast focussing on your own escapades once there are no more soaps left on TV.

I just got back from a little holiday and am listening to the show (loved hearing about Papa Hudson's cooking and all the PR words for vajayjay) as I catch up on a backlog of episodes on my PVR.

Keep on keeping us entertained!


Lol, I'm just messing with you Jordan because of the Dominicana stuff. You are worse than me though when I talk about Jamaicans. Lol.

I don't blame you for not wanting crusty old Black men coming up to you in the Hangar or the Monster. I also feel for you about the dating scene in NYC. I feel like in general nowadays, people don't take time to get to know other people. We live our lives in texts, and status updates, but we forgot how to deal with real live people. Ugh, I sound like the end of a He-Man episode...

I was so tempted to photoshop a Platano Patch kid for you and Ashley, but I think it might be too offensive.

I think you should change your browser. In general, I think Google Chrome works the best with Blogspot. Internet Explorer is probably the worst.

Lorraine Broderick may not be for everybody, but that's okay, because she is appealing to classic AMC fans (like myself).

eff all the haters.

Anonymous said...

SoapNet is dropping Ryan's Hope...

Shadow said...

Well, Jacob Young is out. He signed with CBS' Bold & Beautiful to recreate his old role. Said the Prsopect Park thing sounded promising but the delay worried him. Dude's gotta eat. B&B literally has a cast of 1000s. How does that work?

Shadow said...

So JR & Angie are out. It can still work, but just to be on the safe side, AMC better find Winifred, Mrs. Valentine, Val, Bitsy, & Frank & Caroline Grant.

Shadow said...

Chuck Pratthole's gaping lack of talent opens wide on ABC Family tonight. Yep, I hear his new show sucks ass. Anybody else feeling as unforgiving as me & hoping his new show is an embarrassing career imploding disaster?

Anonymous said...

I want Pratt to crash and burn. He works better as a consultant than a show runner. You know, ask his opinion and then do the opposite. Perfect recipe for success.

And It turns out that Prospect Park is using gigs on their cable shows as incentives to stay on at AMC and OLTL.

I think the OLTL people will consider it more than the AMC people, as there is no huge gap in production/airing times.

Laura said...

Welcome back Jordan, glad you got online.

When Natalie grabbed the money out of her boobs I had a feeling she had the coin purse and a big old coach satchel in there as well. I am sure they would have fit in there!

I loved the Mama Evans slap. When she talked about Destiny being the help, I screamed Oh no she didn't!

This is how a true mother would react.

AMC has been good, but they should have had Amanda having visions with the real Trevor aka "Uncle Porkchop".

I don't blame Jacob Young, but it looks like Brot and Randi will be headlining AMC. Goodness knows Denise Vasi can't find an acting role anyplace else. Unless Pratt takes her.

I even watched some of GH today. I am sick of Sonny and the mob stuff.

The Chew commercials came on while I was listening to the podcast at the gym. I feel the bile rising in my throat when they come on.

Prospect Park needs to sign a few big name stars to get these shows to work. Or a good writer like Claire L. But I'll try to be positive and at least enjoy what I am seeing now.

Laura said...

Before I forget. Happy Birthday to Mel!

Mel Got Served said...

Thanks Laura!

Laura said...

Just found out Marcy and Michael are returning to OLTL. Kathy Brier who played Marcy is pregnant in real life. Chris Stack the recast is coming. What ever happened to the crack head Marston, he really messed up his life.

I enjoyed them and am looking forward to this.

Shadow said...

Happy Birthday Mel!! You always crack me up!

Laura, Lorraine Broderick & Julie Carruthers are on board with Prospect Park. Normally I'm no JHC fan, but she will provide some consistency as the show transitions. She'll have to put up or shut up with these new guys. If AMC scales back and succeed, actors will come back. I think we'll see a tighter cast for a while. What PP offers is potential exposure at least during transition coverage, promise of participation in other PP shows, and flexibility. I'm guessing PP will accommodate scheduling around other projects easier than ABC and be generous w/ time off for the older vets who sign up.

Shadow said...

I mean Mookie, Maya & a few others we regularly mention here could disappear and make virtually no difference. Vasi is completely irrelevant now. Madison - who cares? Sweet lady but it isn't working. Colby? Meh. Maybe if Skye or Scott are around too. Liza? She's basically gone already. Caleb who? Asher already got his big guitar solo exit. I see lots of Fryes in our future.

trish-la said...

I could HEAR Jordan's words, clear as a bell in my head when Mama Felicia Evans slapped Nora. "WORK IT GIRL" that was the best slap on TV ever.

Anonymous said...

AHAHAHAHAAAA!!! The Pratthole BOMBED The Lying Game! I feel bad for the actors, but this is so karma!


Ooh, Happy Belated Birthday Mel Got Served, your posts often get me through my work a Media Buyer no less(ironic, right?)lol.

Arizonagal said...

I disagree about the bitch slap to Nora. I just hate it when women on soaps slap someone. It's such a double standard, just cuz she's a woman doesn't make it okay. Actually I thought that whole scene was so over-acted by Mama Evans, like she had her five minutes to shine and she was gonna go extreme.

Loving OLTL, the 2 Todds are terrific playing off each other. Vicki has come back to life. Hope Clint goes upstairs and finds Bobby in the attic, he boring me lately.

Jessica has balls now, you can really see the integration of Jessica and Tess. Bree Wmsn is amazing.

I am finding Dixie's nostrils huge and distracting. Do little furry creatures live in there? Realizing now she's back again, I really don't care for her and never have.

Zach back again... meh. I prefer Kendall with Griffin. Zach is so monosyllabic and cave man macho, that gets old.

Crishelle, love her performance, I really feel it.

Happy Bday Mel! Hope it was a great one.

Terry in Toronto said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mel!

Mel Got Served said...

Thank you all for the birthday wishes :)

Shadow said...

Tuc Watkins is hilarious. "The wrath of the death stair". Even just the way he says PA is funny.

Kelly sucks. Dorian's explained senatorial departure seems half-hearted. She really seemed to be disappointed & a little defeated. Kelly's fake "you Go girl' made it even more awkward.

Tea & Blair were Great. Loved it when Tea started hollering in Spanish, except she is sort of loud. I felt bad for ToddVictor. All the agency stuff is contrived although NP more so than Project Orpheus. The performances make it all work for me.

Y'all know I don't watch GH, but the 'Who Will Jason' be s/l sounds interesting. There are things about that show that seem to be more familiar to me.

Still, my heart's in Pine Valley. Glad Dixie raided somebody else's closet. Not sure why she keeps picking those FUG sweaters. Sweet when Tad told her he loves her. I almost thought for a nano-second that he was going to pick Cara. Dumb I know, but it was written well. Liza spotting! I was kind of happy to see the ol' gal.

Anonymous said...

LaLucci is being offered pretty much the same deal she had with AMC. Prospect Park REALLY wants this to work!

Also, last week OLTL and GH both beat YR in the 18-34 women's demo! Talk about kicking ass.

Anonymous said...

Unconfirmed rumour that Bravo, home of those TERRIBLE Real Housewives shows, may be the cable outlet for OLTL and AMC.

AMC and OLTL are both blowing me away. And GH is, dare I say, good!

I'm happy JR lost custody for trying to bribe a judge. It's realistic! And Jacob Young has to love his material, because otherwise he wouldn't be giving it his all.

The Cara/Tad/Dixie stuff has you empathizing for everyone involved, and Cara and David at the end of today's episode was HOT!

I hated Roger Howarth from his terrible run on ATWT, but the man is back home on OLTL and really impressing me. TSJ is still hit and miss, though. But today, he really made me feel for him.

Shadow said...

I keep wondering about Agnes & LoBro's original finale. Remember when Erica was trapped how she went thru the photo album of loves and important people? Now all the Zombie returns. What if half of PV is in some sort of Lost type Purgatory with Angel Dixie fighting Devil David for lost souls? Do we really know Who's alive or dead? Maybe that was the ending.

Terry in Toronto said...

With all the 'final days' returns on OLTL does anyone think they will bring back Kish? I would much rather see Kyle and Fish with the baby than Stacy any day. I am so praying that we never have to put up with more than hands and feet in a hospital bed because that would be just too much. ... and I was just celebrating Gigi being gone and someone had to suggest that she was coming back. Please tell me these ghostly appearances are at an end!

Shadow said...

Did I miss something with Maria? She had aphone conversation with Griffin about David, but then I never saw her again.

Maybe these Zombie people are just clones. David cloned people shone liked or needed or presented the opportunity. Still don't get how he found Zach and the Ricky connection.

Shadow said...

Kind of nice to see characters leave happy and well rather than shot dead.

Shadow said...

Rex & Natalie are too much with the crazy eyes.

The Jason commercials for #GH look great. ABC always has great promos. Too bad that os the only thing they ever get right. They make the shittiest s/l look awesome. Of course lately the s/ls actually are awesome.

I just saw a toned down Chew commercial. I liked it even less. That is one gawkey, unattractive, squirrely looking cast.

Amphitrion said...

Oh, those wonderful commercials for The Chew. I have heard some of the most amazing tips from that spectacular cast of basic cable rejects: Clinton Kelly – you crazy imp- telling me to use dish towels for napkins at my “messy” outdoor bar-be-que. I have taken that jewel of a tip one step further and decided to use my bath towels as table cloths and my oven mitts as a toilet paper cozy and now of my household linens are on a magical adventure! Michal Simon telling a morbidly obese nation to pile fatty pastrami on top of their greasy hamburger with a wink and a smile--that is daytime gold baby.

Anonymous said...

Billy Miller is gonna be on Ringer, SMG's new show.

The boy is definitely going places.

Shadow said...

Best Alt Name I've Heard Besides 'The Spew': 'What Not to Chew'. Ha!

Shadow said...

SoapNet AMC Marathon, Sep. 17 & 18. Some real classics and I Love Lucci.

oltl lover said...

So that I love you and Goodbye is all we get between Gillian and Ryan

Did I miss a scene or something? WTF!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OLTL Lover,

It was just a quick cameo. I really didn't expect much, but yeah it was weird.

Anonymous said...

Julia Barr, Jill Larson, and Linda Dano have a web series coming out... sometime.

I've really been loving AMC lately. There are a lot of people fighting over the JR/Marissa/Bianca story, but I don't think it's out of character. JR was always worried Bianca would steal Babe, and she did steal Marissa. So he's reacting in the most hateful and hurtful way possible.

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

I'm just catching up on OLTL...good Victor Lord! "Irene Manning" isn't going to be doing Medea on B'way anytime soon....

Also, why is there no mention of the true male Lord heir...Tony Harris Lord? He was the product of Victor's affair with Dorothy Randolph (Viki's mother's sister). His body was never found in Lebanon....

Arizonagal said...

Gone for two weeks to Seattle. Lots of dvr to watch, almost caught up. a few observations. On OLTL obviously no one can do Todd like RH. However, TSJ really sort of broke my heart with his realization he's Uncle Victor. There was some complexity to his performance, tho I still don't think he ever really "nailed" it, always felt like something was lacking, almost like he just didn't always care. Playing opposite Florencia was huge for him, she makes him human. Damn she's just so friggin good. RH OTOH just steals every scene and I am loving his return.

Bye bye Joey and Kelly, don't let the door hit ya in the ass. Hello to Kim, damn I missed her. I am in denial about Dorian leaving and have never loved Robin more. The Kramer matriarch gone? NOoooooo. OLTL just too friggin good right now. OLTL just has such a huge heart and soul.

Wondering if at this late stage TPTB would do a crossover SL and have David Hayward bring Gigi back from the dead?

AMC is good, but it's not grabbing me like OLTL. So now we get the real JR, a bigot, a drunk with an oedipal complex. Not much there to like. Ryan going after Hayward like some obsessed stalker is so old, been done to death, really irritating. Get a life already Ryanderthal. Tad and Dix, yawn. Cara sleeping with Hayward, didn't see that coming. Not sure I hated it, but thought it was a little icky.

Mel Got Served said...

Brot might be on Dancing with the Stars!!!

Arizonagal said...

Hey Mel, Brot would be cool on DWTS. I've also heard Nancy Grace and Chaz Bono. Could be an interesting season!

Anonymous said...

I love JR Martinez and think a turn on DWTS might be good for him. Provided Nancy Grace doesn't eat him alive on screen during one of her demonic fits, of course.

Brian said...

I need some clearing up. Did Marian get a farewell scene? I saw Annie and Janet say goodbye to their people, but I don't recall Marian talking to Liza or Colby. And this is the moment where their relationship needs her most! If anyone can talk some forgiveness into Colby, it would be her Grandmother.

So did we see the last of Marian?

Shadow said...

I wondered the same thing about Marian. Thankfully she had the chance to say she isn't crazy to Kendall, but that was it. As a matter of fact, Janet and Marian just sort of faded. No real conclusion there that I recall.

Today's LOD: "We'll hope that apple fell far, far away from the trampy tree." --Erica to Bianca about Marissa & Krystal.

Shadow said...

Wow, Cara explained to David how sex between them amounted to nothing more than a one night stand. No secret plot. No ulterior motive. I love that a soap character had a bootie call and pretty much is willing to leave it at that.

Shadow said...

2nd LOD": Erica to Dixie after needling Dixie to remember something about being dead: "Well, that doesn't help me at all!" Classic Erica Kane.

Arizonagal said...

Anyone know if David Canary is going to return for the grand finale? I'd love to see just a bit more of Adam and Brooke.

JSpear8 said...

Just saw the show and I must say, Debbie Morgan acted her azz off today! She give me great acting a lot of the time but today she really hit it out of the park for me! Now that was Emmy worthy in my opinion. If you dont feel that way cool but for me that was worth it! I havent seen her act that hard since she thought Jessie died on that operating table.

Brava Ms. Morgan! :)

Anonymous said...

Agreed JSpear! Ms. Morgan looked at at Erika Slezak and said "Trick, you're crazy if you think I'm letting get that Emmy!" My heart was BROKEN!

And I saw Victor Lord get shot. Good. I'm not a TSJ fan. He half-asses way too much for my taste. I hope he stays dead.

Amphitrion said...

Everyone likely knows this, but I just read it and it made me sad

August 30th - Cast of All My Children Last Filming Date

Oliver said...

people were talking about their ideas for the end of AMC on We Love Soaps so I thought that I would add my idea here.

I really wanted AMC to end on a full circle moment. We are frequently shown anniversary shows with the scene from the first day of AMC when Erica tells Nick that she is getting out of Pine Valley and she is going to "make it be big on Hollywood and Vine."

So, here's my idea - Erica is given another chance to turn her book into a movie. The last movie with Mike Roy was a disaster so this is a chance at redemption. However, Erica turns down the offer because she feels that she has to stay in town with her girls. BUT - after a short time Erica begins to feels the disappointment in how her girls turned out and what her life has become in Pine Valley.

SO at some big party Erica gets a final chance to speak her mind. To Kendell she talks her disappointment that she fought so hard for reproductive rights that it cost her two of her marriages, then Kendell has two "who's the daddy" stories when she should have used protection. To Bianca, she talks about how passive she is in love, when Erica wanted something she went out and got it - and she never had to steal someone's lover (Marissa) - they came to her. And finally to Jack who says he loves her but really wants to change her just like all of the other men in Erica's life.

When realizes that she has tried to change but others have never appreciated her for who she is - she decides it is time to leave town and follow her dreams on her own....

I worry that there will be some kind of Erica tribute, but that is not really true to the character who grew up longing for acceptance. There has to be some callback to Erica at 19

brtedi said...

Amphitrion,I haven't really been keeping up with soap related articles (or farmville, as you may well have noticed--LOL!for quite awhile now) My computer computer goes into shock, if I try to do 'little things' like downloading anything major. , So, I actually was wondering when the last day of shooting was., Thank you! :-)

Sadly, I was wondering if any of the set pieces/props would be showing up on ebay....


Shadow said...

Prospect Park has leased the sets and stuff so I don't think EBay is in the future just yet.

There is a great article in TV Guide online about Lucci's last day on the set. She talks about the disbelief and how great she thinks the finale is. She says nice things about Prospect Park and only that negotiations are ongoing she said the key for her is Agnes Nixon's continued involvement. She said it's been very much a collaboration.

Dan Kroll at Soap Central tweeted today that Lucci is releasing a new print of her book with an updated chapter for AMC's cancellation in which she lays into Frons and Sweeney with gusto. Cannot wait!

Anonymous said...

Same here, Shadow!

brtedi said...

"...Prospect Park has leased the sets and stuff so I don't think EBay is in the future just yet...."

Hey, Shadow! :-)

That's the kind of news that makes this soap fan a happy camper--If Prospect Park is renting sets/props, then they really do mean business...Unlike all of the online rumors pertaining to Guiding Light moving to LifeTime, etc...((sigh))

brtedi said...

Erica has mentioned Mike Roy--alot lately. Will someone fill me in on him? I assume Erica Married him, at some point, well before I started watching AMC.

Arizonagal said...

Is it just me or is Cameron Mathison starting to look more and more like Ron Perlman (sorry Ron, ya know I love you)??

Three weeks left and tho I'd love to believe in an AMC reincarnation w/Prospect Park, the fatalist in me isn't buying this. Logistically I just don't see how this can all work tho I'd be overjoyed if I was proved wrong.

Shit, 40+ years I've been w/amc thru the good and the bad and to think it's all ending in sept. WTF!! This is huge and it's gonna hurt. And you know what else scares me? What is going to happen to this blog? I can almost not process all of this.

Shadow said...

The toughest issue with AMC is casting. Budig, Stause, RPG have said they are moving on. Morgan & Young already have moved on. However, Broderick & Crapputhers are on board. Nixon is on board. Lucci is interested if Nixon is on board. Prospect Park offered Lucci basically the same terms as her contract w/ ABC. Lucci still has a multi-platform deal with ABC either way. Larson, Eakes, Knight, Lind, Minshew, are willing to give PP time. Minshew & Stause have both declined other soap offers. Both Castillos have said they would stay. We may see some of the same faces and some others we haven't seen in a while. PP is apparently reaching out to others. It's ambitious, but it could happen. I think PP is smart. The speculation keeps people talking and protects the finale surprises. it keeps people from flipping out about who makes the jump and who doesn't. They have have been completely secretive this far. I don't see that changing, but clearly they have a plan and people are being positive (or at least not negative). There's been so much talk about OLTL lately and whether or not it deserved cancellation. No it didn't, but the conversation is pointless. What's done is donjon ABC. What does matter is AMC ending its network run in weeks. Fans need to vocal again and help it go out with a bang - more conversation, more buzz, better ratings, etc. As the first to go it's setting the pace for OLTL and others that follow. No matter what, I think PVP will be fine. We're still here despite all sorts of challenges. We have lots of things we follow and discuss. We have Mel and her reality rundowns. We have Jordan who is like a living, breathing TV encyclopedia/screener/critic. We Ashley to astootly navigate us along with her hilarious hijinx. And we basically have a stable, devoted, delightful group of bloggers and listeners who regularly contribute and participate. FB, Twitter, etc are all fun and have their place. It's up to us to keep our special little community well, special. Just keep doing what you're doing and PVP will be fine. Happy Labor Day to you all!

Anonymous said...

Jordan Hudson says...

We just finished a podcast should be posted in the next few days. If someone can post this on the PVP blog...yet again I can't get on UGHHH!!

Anonymous said...

Woot! A new podcast coming soon!

Arizonagal said...

Shadow thanks for your comforting words. It is the great unknown for soaps in the near future, tho I do think the networks are now realizing they can't dick us around as easily as they thought. There are still millions of soap fans no matter what TPTB think of their demographics. I don't watch the View, won't watch the Chew, and I give a resounding middle finger to TIIC who have screwed with this beloved form of entertainment.

NYCBound said...

Hey guys i'm a longtime listener and a first time blogger.I just wanted to say how much I love you guys!

NYCBound said...

Actually Jordan knows me, its Dereck from Facebook lol

Shadow said...

It's true! A podcast has been recorded & is getting polished up for your listening pleasure. Keep checking back and keep posting your always astoot comments right here.

By the way, is anybody here watching Torchwood besides me? It's great but now it's getting weird. I didn't realize Jack was 1000 years old or whatever until last night when I was catching up. Gwen rocks.

Project Runway. I'm a week behind. They sure are pimping Kors & Nina this year. I'm ok with that. The fear of Nina in the contestants eyes was palpable a few weeks ago. The designers seem even more sophomoric to me this year. I felt bad when they made them run for Heidi's athletic challenge. As if that poor kid probably hasn't taken enough grief in his lifetime in athletic challenges. That was bad.

The girls watch something called 'Dance Mom's. That instructor is the meanest, scariest bitch on TV. It could only be better if she ate fried chicken legs while she talked and screamed at everybody. The Mom's are vapid. The kids are sweet but hopelessly screwed when they grow up. You wonder if that much dysfunction can be real rather than scripted.

My guilty pleasure continues to be Hoarders & occasionally 1000 Ways to Die. I'm not sure what that says. Maybe just that scripted TV sucks right now.

Fall is around the corner. Trying to decide what looks hood. Pan Am looks derivative but I see it everywhere. Not sure I like the Desperate Housewives as murderers. Sort of sounds like on elderly version of 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' and 'Pretty Old Liars'. Hee. Waiting patiently for Mad Men & Walking Dead. Sarah Michelle Gellar's show sounds good. I was never a huge fan, but I like that she spoke out about The Chew sucking. Charlie's Angels I predict will be this year's Bionic Woman. Broke Girls is a maybe. What are y'all excited about?

Shadow said...

Hey Dereck! Welcome. Jordan loves you!

Amphitrion said...

What a treat to see weekend posts on the PVP blog!

I am in love with All My Children right now. It is impossible to believe there are merely a scant few episodes left and over four decades of life in Pine Valley will vanish from network programming.

It is bittersweet because the show is flawless. How amazing is it to see Erica Kane being Erica Kane – beautiful and tenacious, but flawed and riddled with an insecure vanity. When I read that Agnes would have a message for Ms Kane from Mona, I rolled my eyes and thought we were in for a silly kind of “I’m proud of you baby” but no, LoBro kept the incredible dynamic of the two alive. She wrote Mona dishing out the pragmatic advice and Erica dismissing it and doing exactly what she wanted to do in the first place.

As for Prospect Park, I am hopeful for the best, but only cautiously so.

Shadow, I watch Project Runway, but it is a little early for me to get behind any of the contestants yet. I like old dude and the lady that started sewing three days ago. I am digging Ludo Bites America on Sundance, Top Chef Just Desserts and looking forward to new episodes of Modern Family and The Middle as well as Parks and Recreation. Hope you are feeling well my friend!

Brtedi, I do miss you on the farm, but I have tried to waste a lot less time there myself.

Always great to read posts from AzGal and Armless too!

Happy Labor Day!!

Only 14 episodes left guys, I wish we could all watch the last episode together!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you, too, Amphitrion! :)

LaLucci is updating her memoir, and letting that fat old closeted queen Fronsie have it!

It's nice to finally hear her say what she couldn't whilst under contract. Bravo, Susan! Bravo!

And suck it, Frons! You don't get to piss off the REAL Queen of Daytime and get away with it, and I'm not talking about that bitch Oprah nor you!

Jordan Hudson said...


Jordan Hudson said...

"She continues, 'I watched Brian Frons’ decisions destroy the production of our show and the lives of people on both sides of the country.' Lucci said Frons appeared 'self-congratulatory' delivering the bad news to the cast, and he “has what, for me, is that fatal combination of ignorance and arrogance”... 'I cannot fathom any network executive choosing to alienate millions of loyal viewers in these economic times'

"An iconic show was losing out to greed ... If Brian Frons could show his bosses that he could save the network 40 percent ... he could keep his job even if the rest of us lost ours," she writes, referencing the decision to go with a cheaper show -- food talk show THE CHEW -- in the place of the classic soap. "I watched Brian Frons' decisions destroy the production of our show and the lives of people on both sides of the country."
I will say it for you Susan..... HEY ABC F U , Your little dog and that troll Brian Frons

Jordan Hudson said...

The bitch is back! Let us see how long it will take for google to block me again from getting on the blog.

donna said...

Something to start some conversation while we await the latest podcast. RPG posted some pictures on twitter from the final day of shooting at AMC.Everyone is dressed up, it seems.

A party to celebrate something, perhaps?

Jordan Hudson said...

SOOOOO addicted to Doctor Who. I decided to watch all the reruns. I'm glad I did they were ideal jumping on points. I got on for David's first epsiode as the Doctor and a great jumping on point for Martha Jones. I can't get enough of the Doctor.

AWKWARD!!!!! every episode tops the last...I honestly do not know how I'm going to deal when they go on hiatus. It's bad waiting just the week.

I know it is the kind of show you either love or hate. I know some found it demeaning to women..thou I never felt that way. It was raw and dealing with issues that people did not want to deal with. I'm going to miss Rescue Me.

Can't wait for AMC. Sam Brady back for Opal. Carol Burnett back as Verla....bring it!
GH needs to put Robin Christopher on contract a.s.a.p. Again Garin Wolf has my respect. I can't get enough of the All New GH!
OLTL after three intense days it was nice to breathe for a second today but still the twist kept coming. That ending with Kim....yeah nice twist. Love how Ron and his team connect everything. OLTL will go out in a blaze of glory
Sigh...sorry I have been m.i.a. but it is getting harder to deal with the closer we get to the end.. It realy hit home when Robin Strasser left OLTL. They are truly coming to an end. Even with the Charles Street park online deal they won't be the same. Debbie is already at Y&R.

Terry in Toronto said...

I can't wait for the new podcast!

Loving OLTL and I so wanted to see Kish when Kim pulled out the photo of Sierra Rose.

Mama Evans vs Nora Buchanan. Bring it.

Will have to watch AMC until the finale.

Anonymous said...

Now what to watch at 1:00 pm? I'm not into any other soaps! The 3 i use watched are gone "ATWT" "GL" AMC"
I don't know what is going on with other ones!!! So SAD:(