Monday, September 05, 2011

The Beginning of the End

We're a little verklempt (with an occasional Puerto Rican rant) here at the Pine Valley Podcast. We're pretty sure we don't need to tell you why.

As the end draws near, there's one thing we know for sure: we're incredibly grateful that we have you all to share this with. Please - give us your thoughts, feelings, last viewing party plans, and anything else you want to share, here. We love - and need - to hear from you. Now more than ever.

9/2/11 Podcast


Alejandro said...

So happy...ive missed me some Jordash.

Mel Got Served said...

Hooray for a new podcast!

armless-phelan said...

Loved the podcast, and agreed with you guys whole heartedly on Baz. That guy can ACT! But he's been sacrificed for the boring middle Ford. Sigh.

Also, Ashley is right. TSJ can be amazing when he wants to, but most of the time his lazy ass phones it in. I'm happy to see him go.

Sarah Glendening has won me over. Marissa is still a thankless and stupid character, but there's nothing wrong with the acting. And Jacob Young is clearly relishing his material because he's the best right now that I've ever seen him.

Alejandro said...

i literally just laughed out loud listening to an old podcast in the library when Ashley was talking about Vaginessa from OLTL and her smelly ton ton and Jordan was like how do you know she has a smelly ton ton. Ashley was like i just know.

I can't believe I've been listening to this podcast for 5 years, happy 5 years this past May. I hope it will continue during the AMC hiatus, Jordan and Ashley can talk about the other soaps haha. Id listen to u guys talk about anything, thats how much i enjoy it. Heres a clip if anyone forgot about Vaginessa haha.

armless-phelan said...

I love LaLucci, I really do, but she's crazy.

The only other way she'll get a job is if Y&R hires her, and just look at the crap they're giving to Genie Francis. They're trying to save the show, and she's being a diva.

Meanwhile, OLTL has picked up 4 actors already, including the PVP favourite Kassie De Paiva and the show's star Erika Slezak.’s-slezak-easton-depaiva-and-king-confirmed-for-prospect-park

Things are interesting with Prospect Park. I really think they want this to work, and I'm right there with them.

Terry in Toronto said...

Yay for a new episode! I've missed you guys something awful.

Amphitrion said...

Ashley and Jordan, I can’t say it enough: Thank you, thank you, thank you for the podcast. We truly appreciate them!!!!

Mel Got Served said...

Haven't finish the whole ep, but so far so good. My prediction: Zach is again soooo much smarter and better than everyone and is pretending to be David's ally to take him down. Because Zach can do no wrong. Blekch.

I actually disagree about the pacing of the show. I don't think it's moving fast enough and knwoing there's 2 1/2 weeks left and, IMO, so far from any end game is a little annoying. The Prospect Park stuff, who knows who is sticking around for it, so I'd like some resolution.

Crystal said...

Thanks for the new podcast! I do have to disagree though, I think Gillian looked STUNNING. In fact I think she looked way better than when she was on before.

Chicken Dixie is funny. Good memories.
Opal looked HOT! That dress was smokin'!

Loved 'seeing' Tess today, I miss her. 8(
I wish they would just stop showing Jack on OLTL. He is a waste of screen time!

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Can't wait to listen to the podcast. It's bitter sweet but I hope you all keep recording, we love hearing your views on everything and anything.

Shadow said...

Osama Babe Laden! Hee.

armless-phelan said...

Do you think Prospect Park can get Carol Burnett to play Verla Grubbs on a recurring basis? Because if so, I'll be saying "Erica who?" so fast Fronsie's head would spin.

Terry in Toronto said...

Great as always Ashley and Jordan. Sorry to hear that the recession is hitting you so hard Jordan. Would a paypal button on the blog help?

You guys smacked me back from denial that AMC really is coming to an end. I've started recording it again. Not sure when I'll have time to watch but I will save it for a rainy day.

Glad I've stuck with OLTL, despite bumps in the road it has been worth it. I don't want to even think about January even as beloved characters say goodbye and clever cameos go by. Seeing the original Jess with Christian today was sweet.

Keep on Keeping on PVP because we need you, whether our shows are on the air or not.

Shadow said...

I thought the scenes with Agnes & David and with Agnes and Erica were sweetly touching. I love the little ways they keep Mona, Myrtle, Phoebe, Adam & Palmer with us. I get a pump of adrenaline every time they show a picture of Adam. I really miss him and Brooke. I know the Castillos aren't everybody's cup of tea, but I've really gotten behind Cara. The actress is great. I actually found it refreshing when she said she "needed that" after sex with Dr. Dave. I'm no prude. Man or woman, sometimes a booty call is just what the doctor ordered. In fact, I can think of several people I'm dealing with right now who I wish would get laid.

I've tried to care about Marissa, but I don't. The actress is completely fine, but I cringe every time I hear AJ call her Mommy. Rather than see AJ turn away from JR, the one constant in his life, I'd rather see AJ either light a cigarette and pour a scotch and fiercely, sadly defend his Dad or confront and redeem JR. Sure AJ is young, but you don't grow up in the house that Adam built naive or timid.

That condo that Minx is buying looks rundown and needs a landscaping intervention. Also, despite the phenomenal skill LoBro has displayed putting the pieces together in the Hubbard clan, I'm kind of over them. I am just not into blind, angry, boo-hooey, Hubbards. I think they handled it sweetly. I think they handled it is smartly. I just wanted Mookie, Maya and the blindness to disappear as swiftly as that one line Dixie had when she said "I was dead and now I'm not." That totally worked for me.

Shadow said...

Whatever happens with AMC, Susan Lucci has reclaimed the show as her own. I have loved every second with her for several months. She transforms with good, character driven writing. I sincerely enjoy this version of Jack and Erica where he loves her and her faults and isn't threatened by them. I love that they talk and don't scold. I love that he holds her accountable, but doesn't judge--at least where she hasn't given him reason to judge.

Best of all? I love that Opal is being written as a central character in her own right. She is opinionated, defiant, and proactive. She is driving story not babysitting it. My favorite thing was when she got a chance to tell Erica 'No'. Even better was when Erica accepted it and even took up for Opal and told Verla Opal was her best friend. It is refreshing to see a friendship there. For too long Opal has filled the voids left by Grandma Kate and Val. She getting rich, funny, touching material and the chance to show off the reasons fans love her so.

Carol Burnett is a delight! I'm a huge fan. I would love to see her involved online. She looked great on the show too. Literally the best I think she's looked in a while. You can tell Susan, Jill, Carol--everybody had fun with it. It's nice to watch when the actors seem at ease and contented. Even Ryan and Greenlee have been tolerable.

David is intriguing. I was totally behind Kendall and Griffin. I'm sorry. I know this is heresy to some. I can't stand Zach. I've never liked Zach. I didn't miss Zach. The only reason why I care about Zach is because so many people watch when he's on. He's like Eden Riegel in that way. When they are on, ratings rise. He's just so incredibly arrogant. I want a cement block to fall on his head. If I came back from the dead and was married ti Alicia Minshew, er, Kendall, I would be completely at her sexual beck and call. I would not be chasing David and Ryan around town. I would be following Kendall around like a trained puppy waiting to do tricks on command.

Tad and Dixie are nice. It is always pleasant to see Cady. I like what Cady represents to AMC much like I enjoy what Brooke represents. Honestly though, I was into Tad and Cara. Sort of hate to see that end, but Tad N Dixie are too important to too many people so I will live with however it plays out. At least I get Brooke and Adam back for a bit.

The podcast is greatness as always! Hope I haven't caused too much of a stir with my Hubbard/Zach opinions. Let's face it though. Zach has enough money to bathe. Angie needs to get the sight back in at least one eye so can ffind where she put The Weave.

Mel Got Served said...

Shadow, we are so on the same page. I'm over Zendall, wanted whatever goofy name you'd give Kendall and Griffin (Grendall??). I really enjoyed Cara with Tad, but I know he has to be with Dixie. I hate that Zach is always so all-knowing and almighty.

Things I love though. Jackson/Erica progressing- Shadow you summed it up perfectly. Carol Burnett's plastic surgery- she looked amazing. Cara in general- LOVE HER. She is even making David tolerable.

Speaking of David, I don't totally hate him. He still irks me a little, but overall more tolerable. The cloud scene was the most likable and human he's been since I've started watching. But man, can that guy ever bang around without becoming immediately obsessed with the woman? He can be kind of a creeper.

The Hubbards... well, I'm glad it resolved but I can't think of a more depressing way to end 40 years of a show.

I really feel like the end could be Who Shot JR? again because he is a mega-douche.

Arizonagal said...

Baz good... Ford boring. I agree! Baz has potential and I think Ford has already given us his best work, he has nowhere to go and I think TIIC might have figured that out, hopefully.

Wow, they actually brought back the original one and only Sam Brady. Damn he has aged well and so has Opal. Carol Burnett, not so much, kind of scary looking.

Thorsten Kaye, for pete's sake take a friggin' shower. He's got that bum vibe going, his skin and hair are almost the same color. I so did not miss Zach. Wasted opportunity for a real SL w/Kendall and Griff.

I really am not that impressed w/AMC since LoBro took over. Sure, it's better, but it's not rockin' my world like OLTL.

Not feelin' Tad and Dixie. Yeah, when my relationship is in trouble I go searching for that chicken suit. And is it just me, every time Tad does that wheezy breathless laugh I just have to mute the tube, so annoying, nails on a chalkboard to me. And again, it's just me, but Dixie's nostrils are driving me nuts, they are distractingly huge. When she's on, I can't take my eyes off the end of her nose.

Ryan, we all know how obsessed you are with Hayward so just get it over with and lay a big wet one on Dave's moist inviting lips. What a huge waste of time Ryan has been for the last 20 years.

Wow, feeling snarky today, must be the ions?

Amphitrion said...

It must be the sentimental fool in me, but I am hanging on every second of the show and so very sad when the hour slips by in a heartbeat. Ten shows left and I respect this writing and acting team so much, I will go with them into that network soap opera sunset anyway they want to take me there.

I am not a Zach fan. I never loved Dixie. I never even really liked Carol Burnett, but the show is perfection. Verla Grubs was fantastic, and at 78, I agree with Shadow, the woman looked phenomenal. Opal was smoking hot in that dress too. Never once have we seen her whip out the tarot cards and sense danger a’comin.’ I barely remembered who Sam Brady was but the broad comedy was so welcome and refreshing.

I love the Castillo clan, but I am so grateful that Amanda and Jake were the endgame. David is human. Blind Angie broke my heart a million times during her amazing scenes at her daughter’s grave. And the topper on the cake is Erica, Erica, and Erica. Write Ms. Kane well and AMC is solid gold.

God, I am gonig to miss this show!

donna said...

Some sad news for the beginning of an already tough weekend. Mary Fickett passed away on Thursday:

Godspeed, Ms. Fickett.

Arizonagal said...

Okay TPTB have finally done it. They gave David a heart and soul. WTF took so long writers!? It makes all the difference in the world to his character. I wanted more of the scenes with him and Cara watching the clouds, it was *perfection*.

Now that he's the whole, imperfect, package, I just want more and more. I loved the comfortable and real chemistry between David and Cara *did I reallly just say that???

On OLTL, who was the woman that Christian talked to in the classroom? Are we supposed to have recognized her?

The scenes with Tea and Blair, I love that friendship so much. It's so real and everyone should have and be friends like that.

donna said...

ArizonaGal, that woman Cristian was talking to in the classroom was Erin Torpey, the original (and best, IMO) Jessica Buchanan.

Sweet scenes.

armless-phelan said...

I'm loving David so much, even more than I did during the brief time he was married to Greenlee. I've always liked the Castillos, but I can see why they'd end the show with Jake and Amanda. Not Zach, though. He should have stayed dead.

I'm gonna miss Angie and Jesse, and poor Debbie Morgan is just gonna be the 1st and the 15th on Y&R. Because those showrunners are racist. Especially Hogan Scheffer, who got rid of all the black characters on ATWT, too.

When GL ended, it was clearly time for it to go. I loved that show more than anything, but it had been withered into nothingness. It died the show I loved, but it died a sadly deserved death.

There is still lots of life in Pine Valley these days, though. If you didn't know it was ending, you'd have no idea. I'm definitely looking forward to what Prospect Park is going to give us since they have LoBro and Agnes on board.

And Cady McClain has given her own thoughts on the murder of Daytime Dramas for any interested:

Ashley said...

Thanks, A.P., for the Cady blog! I left my take in the "comments" section. Good reading!

And yes, I've caught up a bit, and I think I may be one of the not-so-enamored, I'm sad to say. I'm trying to accept the Orpheus stuff, but it's so very hard. :( Not sure there was much of an alternative to getting our faves back, but it still.... Ugh, and Ryass' phony-ass indignation is making me nauseous. I'm feeling that bile in my throat every time he's on the air!

But yes, I've grown to love me some Cara Castillo (sans the post-sex groans) and ADORED MS. Verla Grubbs and Opal! And Erica is so completely, totally ERICA that it's just delicious to watch.

10 eppies????? UGH. What are y'all planning for the final eppy?

Mel Got Served said...

While Brian Frons has crapped all over us, Days is rewarding fans and really making a huge effort. What's funny is I quit Days for AMC and now with this preview, I think they'll have me back.

armless-phelan said...

Loved AMC today, especially the Erica stuff and the callbacks. And seeing LaLucci's star made me smile.

Wasn't as big a fan of the Orpheus stuff, but it would take four people to outsmart David. But then again, Ryan, Greenlee, and Zach put together only have half a brain between them.

And Thorsten Kaye got the award for Worst Acting in Pine Valley today. I know it's not a popular opinion, but he was AWFUL. Just screaming in an unintelligible voice.

brtedi said...

Well, before I start my day doing the things I should be doing, I thought I’d make a comment or two regarding a commercial for two mini-marathons scheduled for SOAPnet this weekend—the Susan Lucci/”Erica Kane” marathon and “The Great Romances of All My Children” Part of the ad said, “Before the last week of All My Children, see these one last time….” Hey, don’t rub it in!

SOAPnet/Brian Fronz should have run a lot more of these kinds of marathons long ago—not as some vein show of crocodile tears. When I first started watching AMC and GH, marathons such as “Tad the Cad” and “Chasin’Jason” were excellent primers for those of us who were neither familiar with the characters’ histories, nor the shows. Programming like these are what SOAPnet should have been all about.

AZgal,the young lady you refer to is Erin Torpy (spelling?)--Before I could ask him, my best friend and longtime OLTL fan said she was the previous "Jessica" proir to Bree Williamson. I figured she had to have a major role/history with the show, since she also appeared as the adult version of "Jessica's " miscarried child, during the 40th. anniversary episodes

brtedi said...

While I'm on a role, I still have another comment--

I was quite amused at the episode where evil-Zach shot Ryan. I more that assumed the non-Ryan contingent was standing in ther collective living rooms, watching, compelled to do the wave. LOL!

But, more than that, I actually prefered "Evil-Zach"-like I asked a friend once, is Zach a corrupt business man, a gangster, or is just plain rude?--I never really knew. Not being a fan of dark, brooding, functionally mute characters, I never truly knew where he stood. At least for one, brief, shining episode I did--and , I liked him. ,

ArmlessPhelan said...

Loved AMC yesterday, and loved it today, too. A lot of people call it boring, but they're younger and grew up on Fronsie's idea of a soap opera.

I'm loving OLTL, too, even though a lot of people are pissed that TSJ is gone. I hated Roger Howarth on ATWT, but he's MUCH better on OLTL. This is his character.

As for GH... I like the Matt and Liz stuff. Lucky can go chug a bottle of vicodin and die in a potato field for all I care. It's much better than it was, but it's still not good. And I'm NOT happy Luke is back. The show was just fine without him.

Ashley said...

Ah, Tuesdays AMC! If this were the last eppy, I would have been so happy with how it played. Loved the "4 in the morning" setup, even was shocked!!!! to have seen Cameron Matthison acting! Ryan having a drink with Jake and waxing nostalgic over his effed up family was good! And JR Martinez was superb in his little bit with Natalia. I loved Natalia here too! Loved their lovemaking scene.

I also remembered why I liked Greenlee. Her midnight confession to Kendall about her fear of being left alone was lovely. And then Ryan comes in and I ACTUALLY LIKED THEM AS A COUPLE FOR A SPLIT SECOND!

Then, as if I couldn't ask for more, we see Liza and Krystal on the verge of friendship, binding over hard liquor and full fat ice cream. Women actually talking to and carin about each other. And THEN.... Colby walks in after packing up her stuff at the place she's called home for the past 4? SORAS'd years, and her Mommy, seeing her in pain, hugs her little girl. And her little girl hugs back. I'm a MESS at this point! Krystal looks at Osama Babe Laden, and I get all excited, hoping THIS is the espy we get her back. Oh that would have been perfection. Bt I just loved this beautiful, quiet, loving eppy. Oh, and Scott talking to Colby? LOVED. And the whole time I'm thinking, how the EFF can those fat bastards at THE SPEW replace THIS???

Can't way to catch up on Wednesdays eppy! Mu h love LoBro, Aggie, and all the good peeps at our show!

BTW-where the h-e-double hockey sticks is Jordan Hudson?

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

When we first came to this blog some of you might remember us making up and sending in top ten lists. As All My Children ends it's televised run we wanted to send in some podcast related ones...hope like them, we laughed writing them.

Jordan and Ashley-isms and impressions
1) I created Rhapsody in Red
2) Poetry by Aidan Devane
3) AMC/OLTL was HAWT this week
4) Prattatonic
5) Making shit into shineola
6) Ass-toot commentary
7) 20 years Ang-u-lah
8) Slut-metric 2000
9) Who sends a def kid to music camp?
10) Trouble’s a coming (Opal)

Nick names
1) Frons-hole
2) Pratt-hole
3) Ry-ass or Ryanderthal
4) Insannie or blandie
5) Brianna Mont-grief or five-head
6) Boobie-anca
7) Minie-hands Julia
8) Olive oil
9) Special Johnny
10) Julie hannen crap-others

Crystal said...

Elyse & Susan, Don't forget Di from the streets. LOL

Amphitrion said...

Too funny Elyse and Susan in Toronto!

Whoo Hoo Ashley, we are on the same page!!

ArmlessPhelan said...

I thought I'd share this with everyone. Soapnet seems to give a fuck, even if ABC proper does not.

I'm loving the show so much right now. AMC is the best soap opera on the air and I can't believe there is only one week left before the hiatus until goes online.

Debbi Morgan has made it her mission in life to make me cry. All the actors are stepping up their game. And when Brooke showed up, I finally realized just how much Pine Valley needed her. Fucking Fronshole.

At least Frank Valentini is the boss of that stupid bitch Julie Hanan Craputhers. Prospect Park hired him as the VP of serialized dramas AND is letting him continue on as the EP for OLTL.

And where the hell is this misogyny on OLTL all the haters talk about? I'm not seeing it. The closest might be killing Gigi, but that was a mercy kill more than anything else. Frank and Ron took mercy on us all the stupid bitch off.

Terry in Toronto said...

OMG Crystal! I have been saying "Di from the streets" a lot lately because she's been showing up everywhere.I just did a Damages marathon and spotted her on there.

I'm finally getting to the AMC episodes I've been recording. Tad and Dixie in the chicken suit. I love those two together.

Been enjoying OLTL although I can't believe they gave nu-Jack such a huge storyline. Why couldn't the killer have put him in a coma while killing Todd. I don't get why Matthew is out of site but we have to put up with nu-Jack especially since original Jack was so amazingly good!

Blair and Tea are the only supercouple.

And I do miss the slutmetric 2000. Will Taylor Crawford make a guest appearance for the end of AMC?

brtedi said...

I have a few random comments regarding AMC, OLTL, GH –and of all things “Ringer” with Sarah M. Gellar on CW.

Erica and Brooke—Does it get any better than that? Not really. While I wasn’t watching back in their hayday, any longtime soap fan appreciates the idea of two former rivals, who beneath it all, somehow found respect and even admiration for each other. It was so deceptively simple. There they sat, across a table just talking.

And then there was what surprised me most of all: Cara and (apparently not so evil) Dr. David Hayward. I really like those two.

Zach and Kendall: Never a big fan. However, I love that moment when he was a ‘regular guy’ draped in a snuggy— (supposedly) watching the Red Wings “Do you want me to get you a sandwhich”—“Would you?”-They were pretty normal. And, Kendall freaked out…ROTF!

On to OLTL:

Florencia Lozano! Oh My Goodness! Initially, I didn’t have words to describe her scenes prior to Victor’s funeral. Honorable mention has to go to Cassie DePiva. “Blair” making sure “Tea” made it into the shower—even making her smile a bit. During a person’s darkest moments, humor can come in the most unexpected situation. Florencia made some wonderful choices as an actress: a disheveled bathrobe,. hair seeming to do as it wished---and best of all no makeup.

Then, as if that wasn’t good enough, the scene in the church, after the funeral, when “Tea” spots “ Todd”/Roger Howarth—and she screams, crying and hitting him! She nailed the sense of pure, fresh grief, mixed with rage—IRL that’s the level of emotion one expresses, after losing someone- if one is home alone. I don’t know how she did It, but she did.

Lastly, GH:

Kate Howard: I finally figured it out—It’s not the actresses who play her. I just don’t like the character. I think, “Olivia” is what “Kate” should have been—JMHO.

Finally, “Ringer”—I just saw a moment or two, between baking my grandma’s recipe for oatmeal cookies, it’s very soapy –and could be very good.

Shadow said...

OMG Brooke and Erica. Nothing compares. They are my favorite couple on AMC. Of all time!!

"I hesitate to say this because you blow everything I say out of proportion. PV has NOT been the same since you left."-Erica to Brooke. (And me since 2006 to anyone who will listen.)

Erica to Brooke: "Well, I don't like you very much because you have a superior attitude & I hate that about you, and you have a very irritating way of provoking me for no reason at all."

Shadow said...

5 episodes left. How is that possible? I cannot believe it is happening.

Shadow said...

Biggest surprise ao far? Zach in a Snuggie. Never saw that coming.

Thoroughly enjoying Cara and David. Would pref she not be pregnant. For one thing, they are doctors and should know better than to have unprotected sex or not use birth control. Secondly, Amanda has warts. She could have got them from David. I hate to see another hot chick saddled by a baby or warty snatch.

Shadow said...

Although it looked like they shot the scene w/ a cell phone, I got goosebumps when Erica stepped over Susan Lucci's star. As a long time fan of AMC I love celebrating the success & the longevity of the cast--especially Lucci, McDonnell, Barr, Knight, Morgan, Williams, Larson. You know that scene was special for Nixon and Lucci so it made it more so for me. I wonder if newer, younger viewers get the special bond Lucci & Nixon share? I find it quite touching and all the subtle reflections of Mona & so forth just jump out at me no matter what else is happening. I am amazed how LoBro is linking together people and events through history trying to make sense out of all the dumb shit that has happened since they left. They are trying to right so many wrongs and setting things up for for 2.0. It's amazing they find ways to utilize and make sense of Bailey et al for example.

Terry in Toronto said...

I love seeing Amanda mature as a woman. We always loved her as the beautiful Amamda and I'm so glad to witness her dealing with real life on life's terms.

What is everyone doing for the last week of AMC?

Shadow said...

You're right Terry. Isn't it interesting how mature and enlightened everyone gets at the end of a series? I Like this Amanda. In fact, I like how everyone has evolved lately. The self awareness makes it seem like real people not just puppets on a string. They know why and we know why things happen. So much more rewarding than the latest pointless plot point.

Shadow said...

Are y'all watching the I Love Lucci marathon? It's great!

Arizonagal said...

DVRing I love Lucci marathon. I have to have some episodes saved Damn, just saw Mona and Marion at the Cliff and Nina Wedding. Makes me wonder, are TPTB going to bring back Nina or any other old timers.

Yeah Zach in a snuggie, to me it was like too little too late. He's still an effin' idiot who I so did not miss. Loved Angie getting her sight back. So much good stuff this week, it's breaking my heart! Oh Damn, Sybil Thorne!? This is an old episode.

I agree w/you Shadow about Cara's pregnancy, but still I enjoyed David's reaction. This could have been a super couple, those two rock.

OLTL scenes with Tea and Blair, once again proving that a friendship can be just as compelling as a love affair.

Just finished the Steig Larrson trilogy. Anyone have any book recommendations?

Mel Got Served said...

Hunger Games!! Maybe you can pick up a copy in the CHAPTER BOOK section at Erica's book signing. HAHAHA. You'd think writers, people who read and write, would know that is a term for children's books and not an actual bookstore. I died.

Arizonagal said...

OMG Susan and Elyse, the Slutmetric 2000, I miss that gadget!

How about "we watch so you don't have to!"

Crystal said...

Last week of AMC on ABC. I feel sick. 8(

Anonymous said...

I am so sad! All 3 soaps I ever watched are now gone: ATWT-GL-AMC...I would love to pick up another soap and give it support! I have NO idea what is going on, the other soaps?!?! I was thinking of watching "Days"! Give me a clue about what is going on with that one! Thank You:)