Monday, September 26, 2011

All My Family

I started watching All My Children with my beloved Mendoza family, and I ended the series watching with them. Since Jordan and I were not able to watch together, I spent Friday, September 23rd, 2011 with my Titi Belen, my cousin Chris, and my Mami Gloria, and decided to share that experience with you all, the REST of my beloved AMC family.

Jordan and I will definitely be recording our thoughts and ass-TOOT observations on the series ending this week, and we look forward to sharing them with you soon.

(And if you want to comment some more, please! Do so! Here.)

9/23/11 Podcast


Terry in Toronto said...

I can't wait to hear the podcast Ashley and so so soooooo happy that you and Jordan will continue to enlighten us all with all of your asstoot commentary.

PVP forever!

Jonathan Ramon said...

Hey All!! I'm so happy to hear that there will be another podcast! ABC took away our AMC but I was afraid that they would take away the always awesome PVP. Keep on podcasting you two! My commute to my job is always so much better when I have a new podcast to listen to!

BTW-I just watched that show "Dirty Soap" and well I didn't like Farah Fath as Gigi on OLTL and I DEFINITLEY don't like Farah Fath playing herself lol

Jordan, you mentioned all these fall shows that you were starting to watch but I was a little shocked that you didn't mention Ringer(with Sarah Michelle Gellar). Well if you haven't watched it, it's amazing and much better than I thought it would be!

Can't wait to hear what you both thought about the last week of AMC!

Arizonagal said...

Ashley I just started listening and I'm already tearing up *and* laughing. Bless you Mama Gloria and Titi Belen and Cousin Chris. Ashley, I loved your family and how special was it for you to be able to share that last episode with your family. They all sound like the kind of people you want to watch this show with. Titi Belen is right on with the commentary. Heck all your family was spot on and actually they sound a lot like you! What is chocolatee mendoza?

Ashley "How do Puerto Ricans mourn, Mom?" Mom "Oh jeez."

I love your family Ashley!

I didn't hate the ending at all. I liked the cliffhanger and I do have hope the soap will be back. The C**w will fail miserably and ABC daytime will become a sinking ship. AMC may not have all the actors returning and it will be a new beginning, a new trajectory for the show, I am hopeful and I can envision new possibilities.
And... from the Sun Times:

"This is what “All My Children” died for?

That’s the question soap fans must have been asking after Monday’s premiere of “The Chew,” a new show “about food, family and fun” that ABC slid into “AMC’s” long-held time slot.

Problem is, nothing feels very new about “The Chew,” which is trying to be “The View” but with food.

“The Chew’s” team of five enthusiastic hosts (most of whom seemed jacked up on Red Bull) includes a trio of celebrity chefs: “Iron Chef America” competitors Mario Batali and Michael Symon and “Top Chef” finalist Carla Hall. All three hail from food shows far better than this one.

Joining them in attempting to whip the studio audience into Oprah-like hysteria — but with free pizza instead of iPads and VW Beetles — are Clinton Kelly (“What Not to Wear”) and Daphne Oz. Oz’s regular “Chew” segment, “Things My Dad Taught Me,” is hardly tantalizing TV, since viewers can fill up on Dr. Oz wisdom by cutting out the middleman and watching his show.."

Has anyone here caught Dirty Soap? Wow, like a cheaper more pathetic version of Real Housewives. Farah Fath shows herself to be the least charming person on any show ever. I felt pangs of real pity for JP.

Mel Got Served said...

Looking forward to it!

Michael said...

Only half done, but I have to post and echo AZgal-- I love your family!!!! This is just the kind of closure I needed. Soaps are all about family. There could have been no better send off for network AMC than this.

Arizonagal said...

JR Martinez is blowing my mind on DWTS, he is that good. Wonder if he's dating that gorgeous woman who played Natalia on AMC? She was in the audience looking gorgeous.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

it's been awhile since I have posted, but I wanted to truly thank both Ashley and Jordan for their amazing support of this iconic show. Even when the show was at it's worse, you both stuck through and gave me a reason to watch. If not for the actual story lines, but for your hilarious commentary. I will miss All My Children dearly, but I think what I will miss most is both of your witty commentary on the drama taking place in Pine Valley. I can't believe it is actually over. However, here is to a bright and wonderful future for All My Children on the web and here is to a bright and AMAZING future for us all here at the Pine Valley Podcast.

I hold a special place in my heart for everyone here..


AJ said...

Lawd, they r showing AMC from back in the day right meow on soap net 2am ct, first Colby, yay.

ArmlessPhelan said...

Thank you Ashley, for inviting us to "watch" AMC with your family. And I could've sworn I heard you get a smacking on this podcast! ;)

Arizonagal said...

The "classic" AMCs are running on soapnet, as are the OLTLs. Caught a glimpse of Tad w/his grecian formula working overtime. So they are not really classic episodes, but I'll take it! Started taping DOOL, noticed Julia Santos is there looking fab. I'm desperate! AMC I miss the holy hell out of ya, please come back soon!

Norn Cutson said...

⚡❤⚡ I LOVE your family, Ash!!!! ⚡❤⚡

Terry in Toronto said...

Tika Sumpter formerly of OLTL joins the cast of the remake of Sparkle!

Shadow said...

Hey all, as you have probably heard Prospect Park's new network airing AMC, OLTL and other programming is called The Online Network. Pretty easy to remember and a bit less vague than bullshit names like HULU et al. Should be easy for people to remember and that's a good thing for a startup. Go to to sign up and receive forthcoming details from new net. All you need is an email address. No password required.

Brian said...

Does anyone else find it strange that AMC is so slow at announcing who is in the cast? OLTL has announced (at my count, now) 5 cast members. AMC has 2.

So who do we AMC fans want to see on the new show? Has anyone discussed which actress should play Bianca now that Eden is free of Y&R? I would love to see the show refocus on a new family to spice up the show. Maybe a new power family and new middle class family. Thoughts?

ArmlessPhelan said...

I like Christina B Lind, but if Eden is open to it she should definitely be Binks again. Then again, Crapputhers is still there and she's the one who drove her off after Pratt left. So who knows.

I've been watching Days of our Lives this week, and it's been amazing. Character moments, plot setup with interesting looking stories, and decent at worst acting. It's on par with OLTL in terms of writing.

OLTL is all kinds of over the top campy fun. Irene Manning may just be my favourite character right now. She's just so batshit crazy and evil and the actress plays it as such. And watching Jessica smack Natalie around around today was so much fun.

GH is still terrible. I try and I try with that show, but it's back to insulting my intelligence. I'm about to quit again. Garin Wolf is an improvement over Guza much the same way Kreizman and Swajeski were improvements over Pratt.

I think a lot of the AMC actors are waiting to see how things go with LaLucci before they sign on, because they know she IS All My Children. I'd still watch without her, but a lot are saying they won't.

And for Susan and Elyse and Terry, Prospect Park has confirmed that Canadians will be able to watch online.

donna said...

Not that it matters, but I do enjoy being petty :)

More Disappointing Results for the New ABC Daytime Talker

New ABC daytime talk show The Chew, which replaced long-running serial All My Children, dipped on Tuesday after its already lackluster start one day earlier. Based on the 54 metered markets where it airs, The Chew averaged a 1.8 rating/6 share on Tuesday, which declined by14 in households and one share point from Monday’s 2.1/ 7, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Two days to-date, The Chew (1.9/ 6) is down by 32 percent from its lead-in average (2.8/ 9), and 10 percent from the year-ago (Sept. 2010) time period average (2.1/ 7). Considering recent ratings for All My Children were at an historical low, this is a very disappointing week one to-date for The Chew.

Arizonagal said...

Go ahead Donna, be as petty as you want. I so enjoyed reading the Chew Review. Some friends of mine gave me a tiki glass from Hawaii a couple of days ago and I immediately thought about putting flowers in it. Would never have occurred to me if that Chew dude hadn't suggested using items other than a vase to hold flowers. ;-)

I;m trying to catch old Ryan's Hope episodes on youtube. Soapnet left me hangin' with the question of Edmund's paternity. Damn I wish there was a place we could all go to watch the moldy oldies. Thanks to Jordan I got so hooked on RH.

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

Hey, AZgal, did you ever find out who Edmond's daddy is? Let me know and I'll fill you in up until 1982 lol.

I think the saddest part for me on Black Friday (AMC's last day) was the last 2 minutes of The View when poor Aggie stood there, being propped up by Mama Susan, crying. And that BITCH Julie Hanan Crapothers stood there with the lamest look on her face as if she went to the Denise Vasi School of Acting and had to perform the "oh I'm suppose to be sad now" scene. Agnes Nixon basically built ABC Daytime as well as most of the nighttime programming with the money the shows brought in throughout the 70's and 80's.

I'm still surprised Fronshole let Susan cohost. I would have bet money that the day before there would have been a release that she was "sick" and unable to be there.

Shadow said...

It spoke volumes that old bat Barbara Walters wasn't there. Funny, nobody gives a shit about Crapputhers but there she was as if she meant anything to fans. If she hadn't sucked at her job maybe AMC would still be on network. OMG Agnes looked distraught. It's the stuff like that that kills me. Her legacy at that company, and Lucci's fir that matter, is undeniable. Even if it really was time for AMC to depart ABC it's the way Frons let it all go down that is so tremendously offensive. Nixon and Lucci should be to ABC what Lucy & Carol Burnet were to CBS or Bob Hope was to NBC. it all could've been done with grace, class and integrity and, quite honestly, have been a boon to the Disney brand & reputation. They could have had Lucco hosting & promoting shit at Epcot, on TV, all over the place. They could have lauded and applauded Nixon's ground breaking legacy via every award show for 2 years and had endless, boundless goodwill and coverage. Instead, Frons failed to display even the slightest courtesy to anyone and seems to have completely set Lucci up for embarrassment. Fortunately, his brand of assery is hard to hide. Everybody kniws the score. It's just so sad a brilliant, gifted group of people can't be celebrated rather than diced around even in a separation if ways. I just have no respect for that kind of treatment of employees and business partners.

On an unrelated topic, don't you wonder how much room in the studio that damn Chew set took away from AMC? No wonder they went to all this outside scenes. Fortunately the story lines were so good we didn't notice, but if you think about it they were in the park or eating wings at Krystal's most of the time.

Shadow said...

And I will vote for the Mendoza family guest hosting with Jordan & Ashley anytime. They were terrific, warm & funny and I enjoyed how sweet and genuine they are about the show. They perfectly encapsulate the characteristics of what makes the experience of being a soap fan so special and unique. When people say they don't understand, I'm just going to tell them to download that episode and listen to how you talk and laugh, love and share. And cuss and scream about that Bitch & Fronshole--my favorite parts of course. The whole thing was hilarious, thoughtful and poignant. Nobody in my family really cares anymore about soaps, so it was nice to have that moment with you. Thanks for sharing it. Can wait to hear you and Jordan together soon!

Patricia From Freeport said...

I loved your Puerto Rican New York family, it reminded me of my Panamanian New York Family. I will miss AMC but I enjoy listening to you and Jordan, so please keep podcasting, and keep us up when AMC returns in January on the Web. It will be Fabulous! Just Fabulous (LMAO) Actually, A lot of us may not be able to keep up with webcasts, I'm not even sure what they are. Maybe iTunes can hook us up like they do your podcasts. So we need you to watch, cause we may not be able to, and keep us abreast of the happenings in our little Pine Valley.
I love you and Jordan! See you on Facebook.Kiss those babies!!!!

Terry in Toronto said...

Thanks for sharing your family with us Ashley. That was so special to listen as you all said goodbye to AMC and shared what the show has meant throughout the years.

I still haven't watched the last episode yet. Letting go slowly.

Shadow said...

Do you ever re-read your own posts and wonder WTH is with auto-correct? I would like to formally go on record here (in case an important executard at Apple or Google is following our blog) and declare that I hate auto-correct, instant search and any other annoying auto-text app they may be considering to deploy in the near future. Get this: My iPad didn't flinch at "executard".

Ah, my friend, thank you for allowing me to get that out!

Listen, we will try to keep everyone up to speed on the Online details for AMC & OLTL. My suggestion is 1) subscribe to this podcast 2) 'like' the Pine Valley Podcast Facebook page 3) 'friend' Jordan Hudson and/or me on Facebook. On FB I'm 'Shadowus Userus'. You won't get spammed to death or anything, but we'll share info as it becomes available. I post links on the PVP Facebook page relevant to Prospect Park frequently. Ashley is on Twitter: @pvpodcast and I am too @shadowusr. At this point there aren't many details but you can sign up at to be on Prospect Park's email list. As far as programming, it is amazing what you get on a PC, laptop, iPad or other tablet for $8 with HuluPlus or Netfilx. If I didn't have kids or anybody else to worry about I would ditch satellite & cable and not miss a beat. All you can watch for $10 or less is phenomenal. We pay $189 for Dish which is just stupid. Not sure how The Online Network is going to work-fee based, subscription, free w/ commercials or what. It is starting to sound like a regular network just online. Who knows, but if I hear anything I'll pass it along. You do the same!

Much love to you all,

Arizonagal said...

I'd love to be an honorary Mendoza, nothing would make me prouder! Ashley your family rules.

Shadow "executard" might be one of those new words in the urban lexicons. Love it! Can apply this word to so many network weasels.

Watching the soapnet episodes from 2006, back when Tad was busy accusing Dix and Zach of Madden's murder, when we all know Tad was the guilty one. Reminds me of how painful the show was at this time. This was shortly before the ruined Dixie character was poisoned by PB&P pancakes. Was this during the Pratt years? The show was pretty ripe with the stink of Pratt or some other crappy HW.

Armless one, I started watching DOOL after finally giving up on YR and I am hooked! You are so right, I never expected much from DOOL but it has the ONE thing I must have from a soap - heart. Over the years I've watched just about every soap there is including DOOL and YR way back in the day. Was so surprised to see Marlene and Maggie looking almost the same. These women have great plastic surgeons.

Verla I youtubed the RH scenes revealing Edmund's paternity. Frank's the dad, hope that's no spoiler here >;-) Poor Edmund, both of his dads are dickheads.

ArmlessPhelan said...

Ron Carlivati is going online with OLTL!

Also confirmed: Melissa Archer (I like having her around), Jerry Ver Dorn, Kelly Missal, and Andrew Trischitta (the universe hates me).

brtedi said...

Haven't watched "The Chew" intentionally. My kitchen stays cleaner, with that 'extra' hour, these days-LOL! Does anyone think this show will last 40+ years? Nah!

If I want to watch cooking programs I have the food network and the cooking channel...

I did, however, catch "Dirty Soap". Not normally a fan of reality shows, I do like this. I especially liuke seeing how the soap production process works.

If, and I do say if, Kelly Manaco's boyfriend situation is real--You never know due to editing-- the whole senario my be something else entirely--No one, no matter how well meaning, should push her to dispose of things, if she's not ready. Loss is loss. No matter if it is due to death, or the end of a relationship. She should do what she's comfortable with, no matterr what others may say, JMHO.

ArmlessPhelan said...

I haven't seen Dirty Soap, but I heard Farah Fath is a majour bitch in it. The PVP finally gets the validation it so deserves.

Norn Cutson said...

TODD: I have to figure out what to do about your crazy grandmother.
STARR: Addie?
TODD: Your OTHER crazy grandmother.

Shadow said...

It is almost 4 in the morning. I can't sleep. Fortunately Tina's back on OLTL. Classic Tina line: "Did you ever stop to think how that made ME feel?" Classic Tina #2: "It wasn't my fault."

Shadow said...

Is Mr. Vickers going to pee on the bomb & short it out?

Shadow said...

What is with Todd's earlobes?

Shadow said...

No. 1 thing that roped me back into OLTL time after time? Tina.

Shadow said...

This chick playing Irene is the worst actress ever. After Todd threw the ring she did the "no no no" pole dance/hair toss thing and then she actually growled. Like a dog. Seriously?

ArmlessPhelan said...

Proctor and Gamble just sold ALL the rights to their soap opera catalog! Guiding Light, As the World Turns, Another World, Search for Tomorrow, etc.

This is HUGE news!

Terry in Toronto said...

That would be amazing if we will be able to go online and access classic soap like Search For Tomorrow.

... or maybe not so good if I start missing days of work.


Ashley said...

I'm with you on Irene Manning, Shadow. I'm also puzzled by the two-dimensional writing of the character. Jordan would accuse me of not knowing the show's history, and maybe he's right, but Carlivati is usually so good at giving more justification for his evil-doers.... Dunno, folks - LOVING the storyline because ANYTHING with Roger at the forefront makes me happy, but Mrs. Manning? Not so sure....

BTW - did you catch what Todd said after Irene shot him in the leg? "There goes my tennis game." LOVE HIM!

Ashley said...

I'm just sayin'......

Arizonagal said...

Anyone notice OLTL Jared Banks, Snatchalie's dead hubby, was the victim du jour on the Dexter premiere? Love me some Dexter.

Can't wait for today's OLTL. Any chance the bomb blew up Jack? I can't stand the way he works that tiny little girl mouth of his and that blank stare. He's not a good actor and that always amazes me. In NYC there are a zillion talented actors who look good too. Why pick some talentless tool who isn't even really eye candy? Sorry that was mean but it is what runs thru my head when I'm watching the show.

Ditto for Irene Manning. She's just stanky, was this stunt casting?

Jordan, we miss you here! You were so right about Roger Howarth, he just rocks as Todd. Love him!

I think Debbi Morgan starts on YR this week so I'll tune in to see if that's worth following.

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

Ok, granted Irene won't be doing Medea on B'way anytime soon (my FAV Jo-Hud line...ever) but she is a "famous" broadway actress (Barbara Rhodes) and I think is acting as if she was on a stage. I think the writing doesn't help mainly because Irene Manning Clayton was such a "noncharacter" even when she was on screen. Ron doesn't have the on-screen history to fall back on with her.
The thing that bothers me is the timeline.... When Irene brought Tina to Viki, Victor has already dead.... that means that Irene had to have had Todd and Victor before why did Tina not know she had twin brothers? Did Irene send Tina to live with Ted Clayton (the cad who she thought was her bio father?) I don't think this has ever been addressed since 1994 when Todd became the Lord heir.

I tried to watch Bold and the Beautiful to fill my AMC time but I just can't do it.....

Do you think Broadway Video would release the DVD collections of the P&G soaps like what was done with Dark Shadows? Those things brought the show back into existence and now there's a movie with Depp and Pfieffer coming out.... a DVD release may revive classic soap opera

Mel Got Served said...

I'm telling you if you are looking for a soap to fill the AMC timeslot, WATCH DAYS. The show is valuing history, veterans. I just can't wait.

Ashley said...

Just wanted to post a lovely email I got from a longtime listener, but not a regular poster.... This is why soaps matter. Smooches to Joann!


Ashley and Jordan,

A big hello to you both!! First I just wanted to let you know that I think you definitely have more than 5 listeners, because including me thats like six. LOL

My name is Joann and I have been listening to the Pine Valley Podcast since the very beginning; albeit I might not have ever posted anything on the blog, but believe me when I say that I have been a faithful listener of yours for a very long time.

For me personally even though I'm still young (just 23), I have been watching All My Children for literally all my life. Growing up, my mother had been a stay at home mom and I vividly remember her sitting at noon everyday to watch the show. When I was little I ready didn't get it, and honestly I think I preferred to watch Sesame Street than some program about a whole bunch of people in some town I never heard of. But then that changed for me when I was around ten. I have a non-serious, but very problematic bone condition that effected my left hip, resulting in a surgery that left me in a cast from the hips down. Pretty much, I was confined to a bed for more than two months. And wouldn't you know the T.V. in my room not only didn't have cable, but it was also the really old kind that you had to get to change. So guess what I watched everyday for more than two months straight? Yup, all of the ABC daytime line-up. Now while I loved to watch One Life To Live and General Hospital, there was something about AMC that totally kept me captivated. There was a realness to it that wasn't as prevalent on the other two. And I mean seriously my very first crush was of Josh Duhamel as Leo De Pres. Now of course my viewing patterns weren't always consistent, eventually I was able to go back to school, but every time I had a break or was home sick I was once again watching All My Children. So even as time past, and I grew up, as head writers came and went I kept watching. I was lucky to have more free time in college to devote to my soaps, but I now find it very ironic that just as I am about to graduate and have even more of my afternoons free, I will have nothing to watch.

Because while I might not have been alive for the show's heyday (and not everything is on YouTube), when I found out about its cancellation I was most certainly devastated. Because for me, like so many others, All My Children isn't just a show. It was a fixture in my life, tied to memories and experiences that I won't soon be forgetting. It kept me interested and occupied during the days I literally couldn't get out of bed. It had me crying when some member of Pine Valley had been lost- and smiling when some character who was horrible finally was written off. But most of all, it was something that I now know I took for granted because I never thought it would end. And now that it is nearly over, I've become so appreciative for its existence and for people like you all; people who understood what the heart of the show was, and never stopped believing in it. It was some time in 2006 that I somehow found your podcast and I quickly realized that I loved the show even more because I now had a smart, funny, and insightful commentary to go with it.

So to try to wrap up this long winded email, while I'm positive there will never be anything quite like All My Children on television again, I've finally come to terms to what it meant to me. Why I kept watching when it was so hard to. Why I have been so proud that in its last few weeks it's somehow managed to find itself, and is going out on all cylinders. Given the fact that I will most certainly not be watching the Chew, I will continue to watch the rest of One Life To Live and General Hospital, and so I would love to hear whatever you two have to say about these remaining soaps and whatever else your watching.

Thanks Again,
-Joann from Los Angeles

Arizonagal said...

Holy freakin' cow, JR's (Brot) dance tonight made me cry. In fact I think my hubby was tearing up too. That guy is just an amazing human being.

I agree w/others here, watch DOOL, it is good, who knew! Last time I watched DOOL I was home recovering from surgery and some serial killer was going around killing everyone in Salem. Then Marlena was in prison and she was killed and came back from the dead, and everyone was alive on some island, blah blah blah. It was all too weird and as soon as I went back to work, I tuned it out.

I've discovered that I can't not watch a soap, I have to have one or two, it is my escape, my desert island. I love to get lost in a soap, nothing else does it for me. I don't drink or do drugs, soaps are my drug of choice.

I hope this news about PG selling off their library bodes well for us chronic viewers, I'd love to go back and revisit Gl and EON and damn, I miss RH. Damn you Soapnet!

Brian said...

Mario Batali has made a statement about the daytime fans that are upset with The Spew for taking over AMC's timeslot.

He needs to realize fans of AMC are not mad directly at The Spew. We are mad at ABC for taking off a long running soap opera in exchange for this poor excuse of a talk show. I don't hate The Spew (since I haven't watched 1 minute of it), but I do think the show looks ridiculous.

And for Mario to think that people hate him because of this is crazy. I have hated him LONG before The Spew. I hated his cooking show, I hated in on Iron Chef America, and I hate the slap-in-the-face ABC.

Shadow said...

Hey guys. I deleted my earlier post about the Prospect Park FaceBook page. Apparently it was a fake.

Shadow said... is real though. Sign up for notices from Prospect Park!

Ashley said...

"And for Mario to think that people hate him because of this is crazy. I have hated him LONG before The Spew."