Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Countdown Begins

And we can barely hold ourselves together.

As we prepare for the last precious episodes of our beloved All My Children, we begin with a brief tribute to Mama Ruth. We also wax not-so-nostalgic for the amazing few weeks we've had of our dear LoBro and the writers bringing it all together, and consider our "last-viewing" plans. As for life after Pine Valley? JoHud and I are still scratching our collective Puerto Rican heads over that one. (Some suggestions from you, our beloved listeners?)

We hope you enjoy this week's episode of the 'cast, and pray that you'll leave your ass-toot comments, opinions and condolences (as you always do) here.

9/16/11 Podcast


Shadow said...

I wish we could all watch together--at least virtually together. I can't think of a better way than with all of the folks here at PVP.

ArmlessPhelan said...

Downloading the podcast now. But I know I plan on live-tweeting the finale. :( I WILL be watching online, however. Even if I have to pay a subscription and there's no Lucci. I've come to love AMC and the folks here at the PVP. :)

Shadow said...

Sweetest post I saw today by an AMC fan: By Rosalyn Wamble via FB: "Goodbye Pine Valley, Erica and AMC. Thanks for growing up with me." 

That one just killed me.

Mel Got Served said...

I postponed my normal podcast schedule for Mondays just to fit in PVP!

Mel Got Served said...

Oh and I am not going to be in town on Friday so I'll have to wait to watch the finale but I fully give anyone permission to spoil if they kill Ryan HAHAHA

Ashley said...

Mel, sadly something tells me Cammy ain't goin' nowhere.

Shadow said...

Just like in college, I want to skip everything this week and watch All My Children.

brtedi said...

I missed the Susan Lucci Maratham, but I watched the wedding episodes. on Sunday. Was Nina Palmer's niece or his daughter?--Wow, Those bridesmades dresses from hell--all that pink toul (spelling?) in the vails--LOL!

On the plus side though, loved seeing Colin Egglesfield at "Josh's" ornery best! I was tickled to "Special Johnny" and "Lily"--Those scenes reminded me why I enjoyed the show as much as I did, at that point... My favorite episode of the marathon was when "Greenlee and Leo" wed at the boathouse--Loved that! The arrangements came off simple, yet somehow, classy. RB looked wonderful in that dress. "Leo" giggled, at the toast. Bravo Josh Duhamel. I would have been such a fan of "Greenleo" back in the day! (((sigh)))

On SOAPnet they've already removed AMC from being mentioned as part of the ABCdaytime newsletter...I hope everything reguarding AMC online works out.

Anonymous said...

Is AMC going online? There have been positive reactions months ago. Have not heard anything these past few weeks...Does anyone know something that is " For Sure"!

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Can't wait to listen to the Podcast. I just finished writing my AMC farewell blog, yes my boss is letting me post about the show. It'll be up Friday

Arizonagal said...

I am most likely going to watch alone and in real time. I had planned to watch it with my BFF but she had a life altering event a few mos ago and has had to change her priorities to become someone's guardian angel.

When GL ended a couple of years ago, she and I gathered at my house, drank wine and watched the episode at my house and it was so emotional. Two old broads just sitting there crying and remembering the past 40 yrs of GL which we had watched since we were wee kids.

Jordan you are on the money w/your YR assessment. What a soulless piece of trash this show is. I have been trying for two months to get into this crap show because I need me some suds. YR is hard, glitzy, all style no substance, no heart, no soul, no middle class, just a bunch of spoiled mean rich folks. It is populated by the most vile back stabbing citizens. It's just nasty. What they have done with Genie Francis is unforgivable, her character is awful.

Please god let the Hubbards have lil Lucy back. Maya is just another stupid teen mom who has no plan, no common sense, no resources. If Opal whipped out her crystal ball we'd see her couch surfing and whining about day care and school tuition. That is nauseating and I do want a happy ending, so if there's a bus crash or whatever, please let her be a passenger.

It is apparent that JR is coming to no good end and didn't we all see this coming years ago? He's a pathetic dude drunk or sober, and well-played by Jacob Young. He reminds me of so many addicts I know.

I can't believe this is the last week. I hope you all will be on the blog on friday and sharing your thoughts. Don't we all feel like we are losing an old trusted friend? Aren't we all going to mourn the loss of AMC and isn't it a pity BF doesn't realize the magnitude of this devastating loss to loyal viewers?

Thanks to Ashley, Jordan and Shadow for everything they do here, at the podcast, on facebook. I love you guys!

p.s. my BFF's husband is an alcoholic. He did not drink himself to death. Even worse, he drank himself into permanent severe brain damage, "wet brain", something we had never even heard of. He now suffers from dementia, memory loss, a host of health problems, and she is now a caretaker for someone who might live for many many years. It is caused by poor nutrition and B12 deficiency. Please drink responsibly.

Arizonagal said...

Man that Mario Batali gives me the shivers, and WTF is he wearing on his feet in those C**W commercials? They look like pink crocs. He is just one big fat pile of icky.

Mel Got Served said...

I followed Ashley's advice to Jordan and made a vision board. What do you think???

Ashley said...



Ash xoxoxoxoxox

donna said...

Mel, your vision is my dream.

Sadly, PP doesn't share either.

They just announced Cameron Matheson and Lyndsay Hartley as the first actors signed to continue AMC online!/TVGuide/status/115923498102304768

Terry in Toronto said...

Love the podcast. Loads of emotion. Getting through it will be hard for us all.

Ashley said...

Lyndsay Hartley?

Ashley said...

How embarrassing. It's Cara -

ArmlessPhelan said...

Yay for Cara staying on. Meh for Ryan. Love me some Lindsay Hartley. Cameron Matheson is meh. But it's progress. Hopefully PP can make Ryan less douchey.

Mel Got Served said...

Love love looooove Lindsay Hartley. My vision board has already failed me.

Shadow said...

But look at it this way, it's a sign that Prospect Park is dealing for real. I'm no Ryan fan, but if he signed others are sure to follow. Hartley is a great add. She's won over a lot of new fans. When's the last time a new character was introduced who people rallied behind? Prospect Park should pass over a few and go for Elizabeth Rodriguez and piece together a cast of characters like the old days. Although I've come to like CBL, I'd take advantage of ER being canned by YR and cast her as a modern, stronger, wiser power lesbian and get her some genuine meow mix, if you know what I'm saying. The actress is nice, but Marissa is a bust. Minx is way too goody goody.

ArmlessPhelan said...

Judy "Blight" Wilson is GONE from AMC! I feel bad for YR, but Pine Valley is FREE from that horror!

Shadow said...

WaHooooooo! Finally, a problem solved. Didn't even approach her about it! It's interesting to see that maybe the Prospect Park guys might hire outside the gene pool while ABC hires Kreizman for GH and Y&R hires Wilson. It's like there are only 5 people in Hollywood.

Arizonagal said...

OMG todays episode had me in tears. I effin hate BF, nothing the network puts on is going to have this much heart, what a brilliant episode. I defy anyone to watch it w/o tearing up. Jesse and Angie, what a freakin' supercouple. Darnell and Debbi brought it today, as did VI and Lindsey. This all just has me asking why why why is this going away. :-(

Prospect Park, high hopes are riding on you!

Mel Got Served said...

FYI- Howard Stern and Robin are talking about JR Martinez. Said his dancing on DWTS is amazing and he's such a great person, hero, etc. They said how can you not route for him. So true.

Ashley said...

JR was AWESOME last night. He was so happy to be there! And when his partner said something like, "I'm s sorry for what you went through," he took her by the hands and looked deep in her eyes and laughed and said, "Don't be! It brought me here to you!"

I almost cried!!! Amazing man.

Mrs. See said...

2 More "Tops" for Elyse and Susan:


Ryan trips, falls and his p_nis falls into her v_gina.

Arizonagal said...

Yes I admit I watched DWTS and I agree w/ya'll JR Martinez hit it outta the park. This guy has just the most amazing personality, he just lights up the stage, LOVE him and wish him only the best.

brtedi said...

I couldn't help myself. ;-) After checking out a link, here at PVP reguarding CM & prospect park. I went to CM's twitter page. Apparently he and the actress who plays "Cara" are set to do AMC online. The online version of AMC is still a go. That's good news no matter how you slice it!

brtedi said...

I intentionally watched , The View, this morning, in order to see what day was devoted to AMC. (I should have guessed, Friday, duh!) They had one of those Chew people hosting at the table--I hope the don't do the same, come Friday. That would be nothing short of suck-tastic! :-(

brtedi said...

"...Judy "Blight" Wilson is GONE from AMC! I feel bad for YR, but Pine Valley is FREE from that horror!...."

Hey, armless! :-)

Oh, great!--I startd watching Y&R - again- after Jeff Branson was on board and working with Elizabeth Hendrickson. I hope JBW doesn't muck that, show up. In Jordan's words, "I am not amused."

Shadow said...


RyLee remarry on Thursday, but on Friday Mondo the fat orange croc wearing caterer guns everyone down at the reception.

ArmlessPhelan said...

I loved AMC today. Some people complained about the confessionals and the 4th wall breaking, but I enjoyed it. It was new and they had to use them because flashbacks weren't possible because of recasts.

With three days left, does that mean retrospectives on The Chandler and Martin families, followed by the big cliffhanger on Friday? Because I would love that.

Also, Hey to you, too, brtedi! :)

donna said...

A really wonderful, articulate and heartfelt blog piece written by Michael E. Knight for the Daily Beast.

It reaffirmed my 20 year plus love affair with Tad and his portrayer :)

Arizonagal said...

Eek Shadow you mentioned Mondo and I immediately went back to Blazing Saddles and farts by the campfire. So they are orange crocs, eh? That's near as bad as birkenstocks, creepy bad, scary bad.

As the week wears on I am more and more pissed at that BFer, but AMC is going out on a high that can't be beat by any mere flawed human.

Michael said...

I think they are chef’s clogs if that makes any more sense. Chefs wear them because they are comfortable when they have to stand on hard kitchen floors. Why the man has to run around town in them is completely beyond reason. He already carries an unnatural resemblance to an H.R Pufnstuff character (or perhaps a fast food mascot) without donning the orange accessories.

Does anyone remember this man’s horrifying Food Network show? Likely not because it was cancelled a while back; he would be whipping up tortellini and pig snout salad or some such dish and all the while he would be spitting out uninteresting facts about Italian cooking in such excruciatingly boring detail that his three forgettable guest’s eyes glazed over. The Spew is doomed.

Of course Clinton Kelly’s advice continues to mystify me with its wisdom. “You can use a vase to hold your flowers-- or you can use your imagination.” OOOOH that is clever. Hey brainless, try holding water in that imagination thing. I’m fairly certain America already knew they weren’t forced by the constitution to keep their flowers in a vase!!!! 41 years of social relevance is an obscene trade for this drivel!!!!!

Emily said...

can taylor crawford come back for the end of AMC?!?!

Shadow said...

Every writer beats JR down. If Babe is alive JR will do something stupid & accidentally kill her again. He'll be like, 'Ah crap!"

What kind of cheap ass tablet is Erica using? It's 2 inches thick & looks analogue.

Does anybody in Pine Valley have a different picture of Myrtle?

Kendall asked Zach if he wants to take a shower. Finally! The dude is going to break out in a huge zit by Friday if he doesn't wash up.

I may like JR better as a sloppy drunk man-whore with a bone disease than this angry obsessive child scaring freak JR.

I guess Babe didn't notice the machine gun in JR's hand.

Okay, the Kane thing ended well. I'm a sucker for a family gathering.

Shadow said...

It is so easy for me to nit pick. Of course it's also fun to snark, especially since the show is good. The Kane show was odd, but ultimately satisfying. Rather than rehash the past which we've seen 1000 times it was nice getting a sense of how family gatherings will be in years to come. There will be strong, slightly dysfunctional personality clashes, raging estrogen and heated debate, but nothing that can ever really destroy the Power of Three: Erica, Kendall & Bianca. Not even a great and powerful Chandler on his worst day. And the men who love them will always be there doing what they do, rescuing them when necessary, enabling their dysfunction in every way possible. You could see where Lilly & Reggie would have been fitting, but I'm fine with it. Side note: Rebecca Budig in her younger days was really, really cute. She LOOKED like a prissy, spoiled rich girl.

All in all, from today through Friday, LoBro and Aggie are free to employ use of any and all soap cliches they can think of be it ghosts, doppelgängers, split personalities, comebacks from the dead, miracle babies, SORAS, revisionist history, whatever. They do it with style and good dialogue and honestly it comes across to me as a celebration of their heyday, a nod to the genre and a middle finger to those who Spew like they have all the answers. I awoke today to a sweet comment from Jill Larson on FB. Judging by her recent comments & others, they all seem satisfied with the stories. That gives me peace.

By the way it bears repeating how much I enjoyed this podcast. TWO glorious hours of recaps, brutal honesty, impressions, intermittent bawling, hilarity and heartfelt, thoughtful analysis by two of my favorite people on the planet and brightest STARS from the world of ' All My Children'. Something tells me Agnes Nixon listens to each podcast and snickers joyfully along with the rest of us. Big hugs and props to Ashley and Jordan for giving the sometimes 4th - 6th place, demographically challenged, eternally Fronsed up soap opera a real home on the Internet for fans to gather. You two are like our Joe and Ruth, only much funnier and more Puerto Rican. Or maybe our Phoebe & Langley? Mona & Charles? Nah, you are originals who could never be recast!

Arizonagal said...

Ditto what you said about Jordan and Ashley, Shadow. They have created such a wonderful family here, mostly a love fest, occasionally a squabble, just like any other real family.

This podcast and blog have gotten me thru some tough times in the last five years, just as I am sure they have been there during the dark times and the good times for all you bloggers.

Even if I didn't post, I have been here reading the posts daily (with a few days off), and have come to know and value the opinions of all the bloggers.

Did anyone make a connection with the Kane women and the Kramer women? I was glad they did not use flashbacks. It was a sweet episode, a few moments of Lucci overacting, but I could feel her emotion and I just love her loyalty to this show. Under-use of Ryan on this episode, that's as it should be, he's window dressing, nothing more. Then the ambien kicked in and I know I saw Babe and rewound a few times, but it's a dim memory now.

Mel Got Served said...

I've been listening to the PVP since I think the 3rd episode? In all honesty, it's the only reason I've kept up with the show. I will mainly miss AMC for this podcast. A lot of you have watched for years and years. I've always been a bit of a soap drifter and the PVP is what kept me on AMC.

And if you do ever talk about other shows on your podcast, it would be an HONOR to be able to call in and talk to you two. I watch the reality for Ashley, the scripted for Jordan :)

And it's been an honor talking to all of you these years and having great discussions and debates on this board. I look forward to still discussing shows and other soaps. I've already set my DVR to start recording Days of our Lives next week, a show that sees the power of veterans to this genre.

Arizonagal said...

You know, Amphitrion, if you google "chef's clogs" you come up with about 1000 images of butt ugly crocs, birkies and other clogs. Who knew! Never heard of chef's clogs before.

Shadow said...

I wonder whose turn it is to beat the snot out of JR today?

I haven't watched today, but yesterday when Griffin and JR were fighting did anybody notice those enormous feet under the blanket? Those weren't Babe feet. Those were Sasquatch feet. And how come all those live dead people at Orpheus have their heads covered? Seems like it would impede breathing. And how did Dixie get a private room, custom fit Juicy sweats and a chalkboard? If it weren't for these types of holes in the storyline it would be way more believable. LOL.

brtedi said...

Hot dog!..It's Stewart! I'm a westcoaster, so I just watched. Yay!

brtedi said...

"...He already carries an unnatural resemblance to an H.R Pufnstuff character (or perhaps a fast food mascot) without donning the orange accessories...."

After that, all I can say is, "Thank you", Amphitrion. ROTF!

ArmlessPhelan said...

Love the Babe reveal, and the mystery character at the end reveal. But that leaves one more zombies, doesn't it?

Also, I hear what went down with JR and Adam is par for the course. Is this true? Because David Canary was on his way out when I started watching.

Crystal said...

The show was SO FREAKIN GOOD today! I am actually crying and I hardly ever cry.

Shadow said...

One of my biggest hopes for 'All My Children' came true today. Stuart Chandler is alive! In other words, Fuck You Chuck Pratt. And ABC too.

Shadow said...

OMG, Dr. Joe looks fantastic!

Poor JR, he dreams about dead people all the time. No wonder he's losing it.

Funny, I really didn't care much for Alexa on AMC. She was so boo-hooey all the time. I absolutely loved her on Torchwood.

Yay! Joe & Ruth are moving back! Opal's reopening the Glamorama! Dixie's NOT wearing a Kohl's sweater set!

Ohhh, Jamey has an unfortunate haircut.

David: "It could be one of a million reasons!" Shadow: "Uh, like he's dead?"

This is the first week in forever I've felt like I'm watching the real All My Children. Joe even said 'All My Children'.

Adam looks good too. His hair is wavier. Everybody looks fantastic. Brooke looks better than last time. Less Botoxy. I hate Botox.

Shadow said...

Yay! Hubbards! I was a little worried we wouldn't see much after Monday. Everybody is in play. LoBro makes it look effortless.

"Tad, I can't believe how old we are." Love that.

Oh Shit, Dixie proposing. Now come the waterworks. Does she have gray roots?

I hope Tad and Dixie don't start talking dirty. Ruth might pass out.

Nobody fills up the screen like David Canary. He is electric.

Ok JR I wouldn't buy this "I cut you out of the will for you're own good" BS either. Money doesn't guarantee happiness, but being depressed and poor sucks ass.

brtedi said...

Shadow, over at twitter, I meant to say, "RE: Stewart--Even a bad storyline can't keep a good character down"--Opps, my bad...LOL!

Shadow said...

Not quite a butt dial, but just as effective.

Ah, a picture a Kate!

"Daddy, are you and Mommy really getting married?"

Wonder what Damon's doing?

These episodes are so great. I cant believe how many core cast members were on screen today. Jordan must be a mess this week.

Arizonagal said...

Thrilled that Stewie's alive, but what about Marion, wasting away at the Psycho Neurotic Institute for the Very Very Nervous? I so hope we get to see a Marion and Stewart reunion. Cut Marion free for pete's sake!

Oh, watching Taylor Lautner on Regis and Kelly. He just said he did martial arts, "competing competitively." Such eloquence.

Lee Meriweather looked faboo. So did Doc Joe. Missed them! Every episode this week has been gold.

Crystal said...

Ugh I am a big crying mess again.

ArmlessPhelan said...

Today was fantastic. I so want tomorrow to come so I can see how things end for All My Kids ABC run, but at the same time I don't want to see the ending.

brtedi said...

On Wednesday's episode I loved SMG and her vampire references-- and "I'm Erica Kane's daughter"

Eva La Rue--"I've got a call into Miami"--LOL!

Alexa Havens: I mayn't always have been a fan of some of "Babe's" escapades, but I always appreciated the actress' work, from the time I started watching AMC 7 yrs. ago.

"Stewart", from today's eppy--what can I say. Agnes Nixion and LoBro can fix Pratt's blunder anyway they want--and they did. Stewart is the heart and conscience of Pine Valley. The town, and its citizenry, needed him.

The mere re-introduction of Stewart restored a sense of balance and redemption, simultaneously for his brother, imho.

I knew, some of you had to be sobbing, when it came to the scenes between Stewart and Adam and then Stewart and Scott.

Michael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael said...
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Michael said...

I have spent some time shaking an angry fist at the heavens this past week. An imperfect universe is wresting my beloved soap from me, and in a sense, things on this blog (which I have come to cherish) will also be forever changed.

Yes, to every thing there is a season. Endings are sad things. I will miss All My Children badly.

I am so grateful for the show. I am completely thankful that the program is ending with the dignity it deserves. The finest writing and acting on daytime has been on display right up to the end. To think the actors care enough to give such heartfelt performances with their future so uncertain is an astonishing thing.

Thank you cast of All My Children!

Thank you Susan Lucci for giving us the ageless, flawed, beautiful and fascinating Erica Kane and for the legendary graciousness you always shared with your fans!

Thank you Ashley and Jordan, for taking time from your lives to share your incredible, electric, hysterical and insightful personalities with us and asking nothing in return. You guys are the very soul of warmth and generosity. Whether it’s on the internet or television, the universe has big rewards waiting for you both!

Thank you Shadow, you masterfully maintained this blog and reached out in friendship to me, and I am so grateful for you efforts and so envious of your wit and writing skills!

Thanks to all the PVP family of posters. You guys are amazing and funny and wonderful!

I work tomorrow, but I plan on breaking all kinds of speed laws to rush home and watch the last AMC off the DVR. I will be thinking of all of you (well, maybe not Dominica) -- I will be thinking of most of you and will be very grateful that I got to spend time with this assemblage of people

Robin Coutellier said...

I posted this on my Boogie Chillen in the wee hours of Thursday morning and I thought I'd share it here with my PVP friends, too. I don't always contribute to the blog, but I listen to EVERY podcast and love them ALL!

I'll have to post this in multiple parts because it blogspot won't accept it in one chunk.

Part One:

All My Children, (almost) All My Life

Watching the show this week has been heartrending as the days count down and I realize that it won't be there after Friday. Non-soap-fans don't and can't understand how important AMC (and long-time soaps in general) has been to the lives of so many people.

For long-term AMC fans, it goes much deeper than a show being canceled. AMC has been there for most (in some cases ALL) of our lives. When things went wrong in our own lives, AMC was there; we could escape to Pine Valley. It was a never-ending story! But now it IS ending. Watching this last week of shows has driven home to me just how big a part of my life it has been.

AMC has been in my life since I was 15. I couldn't see it every day, of course, but I ALWAYS watched it if I had the opportunity and caught up fairly quickly each time. AMC was there when my son was born. It was there when he grew up and went off to war (TWICE). AMC was there for my first and last jobs. It was there through my falling in love, falling out of love and devastating heartbreaks. It was there when I was doing well, and it was there when I was in a very bad way.

In 1982 I bought a VCR so that I could record AMC every day, and I've missed very few shows since that day. My son grew up with AMC being on. He didn't watch the show on a regular basis, but he still knew many of the characters, simply through osmosis. He liked Palmer's deviousness, had a crush on Maria and thought baby Laura Cudahey was really cute (she reminded both of us of my adorable niece as a toddler).

Watching montages of past shows didn't just bring back memories of characters when they were younger or characters and actors who are no longer with us; they bring back memories of our OWN lives and what was happening in real life. Fashions and hairstyles came and went on AMC and in real life, albeit on a much smaller scale for most of us. They had babies and we had babies. They lost beloved family members, and so did we. We've met good friends, on-line and face-to-face, all brought together by our devotion to AMC in all its nuances.

We can chronicle our lives by something that was a constant presence. It was a touchstone, always there for us, tugging at our emotions, making us laugh, cry, get angry, or just plain serving a need to ridicule something. I know it often made ME feel superior to some of the characters at times, and that was okay. Who better to feel superior to than a fictional TV character? It was reassuring to know that at least *I* hadn't been married 10 times, never had grief sex with someone other than my SO, never married someone to spite someone else, never had to wonder about the paternity of my child and usually didn't jump to ridiculous conclusions based on seeing a hug or hearing only PART of a sentence (notice I said "usually"). AMC was there for me to vent, one way or another, M-F, year in and year out.

And now it's ending. Time marches on. Our lives will continue, but we'll be missing something that was very significant in our lives. Non-soap watchers cannot understand the immensity of this loss. No, it's not the death of a loved one, but it IS the death of something we'd always thought would be there for us, no matter what. Like family, AMC could sometimes try our patience and make us want to wring its TV-neck; but like family, those of us still here at the end stuck it out through good and bad, because it HAS been part of our lives and it IS like family. It's been fun, thought-provoking, tedious, sexy, stupid, smart, disappointing, uplifting, painful and rewarding, all rolled into one show over the course of nearly a lifetime.

Robin Coutellier said...

Part Two:

All My Children, (almost) All My Life

NO other TV show has been quite as important to me as AMC. Not a single one has been there for me on an almost daily basis the way AMC has. It has been there for all of my adult life and half of my teens. I will never again feel the kind of devotion and loyalty to a TV show that I have felt with AMC. How could I? Other shows come and go and there are hundreds of TV channels to choose from, not to mention the internet and whatever other forms of media are yet to be invented. They are temporary; they start and end like standalone books. They have seasons and reruns, but don't usually last for more than a handful of years at the most, and first-run shows are only on once a week in any case. AMC was there for the long haul.

Losing AMC may not be as devastating as losing a loved one in real life, but it IS a significant loss.

Robin Coutellier

Terry in Toronto said...

Watching Susan Lucci on The View right now. She is such a class act and even though I know the end is here it seems unbelievable.

Terry in Toronto said...

Greg & Jenny reunion on The View!


Elyse in Toronto said...

My blog is posted please check it out (I even got in a shout-out to the PVP crew)

I posted it here too but please stop by the site and leave a comment.

Here is my goodbye to PineValley:

Welcome (back) to the Planet Forward blog and excuse us as we stray a bit from our usual blog fare. Today marks the end of an era in television as the long-running ABC daytime drama All My Children ends its forty-one year run. All My Children, or AMC as we fans refer to it as, has long been on the cutting edge of daytime television. AMC tackled timely and taboo social issues before anyone else. The show educated and informed while telling compelling storylines, creating a true sense of family and community, all with its trademark wit. This show has been a training ground for stars like Josh Duhamel, Colin Egglesfield, Eva LaRue, and Sarah Michelle Gellar. It even brought about the real-life union of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos and spawned iconic characters like Erica Kane, Tad “the cad” Martin, and Adam Chandler. Not to mention the first African-American super couple Angie and Jesse Hubbard. However, anyone who mentions All My Children would be remiss if they neglected to acknowledge the granddame of daytime Emmy winner Susan Lucci who has been with the show since its inception.

All My Children image courtesy of
This show and its viewers have a unique relationship. Personally, I’m in my twenties and have arguably watched the show my entire life. As a second generation viewer and someone who was raised with this show as part of their daily life it is sad to see it leaving the air. I remember coming home from elementary school, high school, and even university and watching my daily taped or now DVR’ed episode of AMC with my mom. I’ve made friends all over the United States and Canada through the Pinevalley Podcast community and other social media channels. What amazed me was the cross section of people who were involved from every age group, area, race, and gender. No matter how different we were, we all shared in our love of these characters and became emotionally invested in them over the years. We’ve bought soap magazines and scoured blogs for teasers, behind the scenes gossip, and storyline information.
I was even involved in the fan outcry to try and save the show. The announcement came that ABC was cancelling the long-running daytime drama along with its sister show One Life to Live. After months of campaigning, an announcement was made that was a true sign of triumph to the loyal viewers who never gave up. Production Company Prospect Park was buying the rights to both All My Children and One Life to Live! Prospect Park intended to give these shows a new home on the internet. While rumors surrounding the transition abound and many are skeptical about the survival of this medium, let us remember that it underwent such a transition before. The medium started out on radio and then transitioned to television in a time when not everyone had a television set. It was a risky and bold move back then and was without guarantees. Today far more people own a computer and have wifi than owned a TV set back in 1952. Perhaps this move online is All My Children’s chance to be daring and groundbreaking once again. While I will miss my beloved show airing at 1pm everyday, I will follow and support any form it takes.
Soap fans are a loyal bunch and nothing can or will replace our beloved show. Even though this isn’t goodbye, that doesn’t mean that fans won’t mourn the loss of the show that has been an integral part of our lives for so many years.

Ashley said...

Just getting through all of the posts now... Getting kids ready for dinner/bath/bed, but just wanted to thank all of you for you beautiful, thoughtful and ass-toot sentiments on this special day (special week, special month/s....). Thank you to all of you who have contributed - you've welcomed us into your homes, cars, subways, workplaces, and we've loved having the privilege of being a part of your lives in this small way.

Thank you also to the AMAZING folks at AMC (except for YOU, Julie Hanan Craputhers. You can kiss my dimpled Puerto Rican ass, lady.). The caring, talented, and generous folks at AMC gave us so much this past month - not to mention what they've added to the lives of many of us who either grew up with AMC or just enjoyed or discovered it recently. Anyway, AMC rocks, Aggie Nixon rocks, Lorraine Broderick rocks, Susan Lucci rocks, and the rest of you - too many to name, rock and have rocked our worlds for the entire time we've had the joy (and sometimes pain) of watching.

Love to our AMC family, each and every one of you.


ArmlessPhelan said...

I won't give any spoilers, but I LOVED AMC's season finale and can't wait until January to see it.

What I will miss is our hosts giving their as-toot opinions on the happenings in Pine Valley, but I WILL be coming back to blog about the mischief in Pine Valley and probably Salem, too. Genoa City is just a horrible mess.

ArmlessPhelan said...

And by Pine Valley, I meant Llanview. *facepalm* Even so, All My Kids should return come January!

brtedi said...

What will become of the PVP blog????


Terry in Toronto said...

Hoping that PVP will live on even after AMC. I can't imagine losing Ashley and Jordan too so keeping my fingers crossed, saying my prayers and looking forward to the next episode of the podcast.

Maybe everyone on this blog can write in their suggestions for our fearless duo who used to watch so we didn't have to. What do you want Ashley and Jordan to talk about henceforth?

I vote for more observations of life on the NYC streets from the safety of Ashley's car, interspersed with reflections on the classic Pine Valley moments with healthy doses of Ashley and Jordan's life story updates.

brtedi said...

While I realize this is a sad day for AMC fans, there were some things I totally enjoyed about the final (televised) episode of ‘our show’.

Marion and Stewart: They were so sweet. The actors did a superb job, conveying the joy----and relief at cessation of grief.

Tad’s speech: I think it was intentionally poignant representing both the characters and they actors who portrayed them.

Erica & Jack: I say this hoping not to offend their fan base. I loved it! Jack finally got a backbone! We all know Jack was generally written to be supportive and very much in love with Erica. But, sometimes it seemed as if Erica took advantage of that. From what I understand Erica, while she loved her family, knew it was her world and everybody else just lived in it. I cheered when Jack said something to the effect of “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!” ala Gone With The Wind. After all, if you think about it, if anyone is in touch with her inner Scarlet O’Hara Erica Kane definitely is.

In a final note, I was struck by the irony of something. Most of us are aware of the Dallas story line, “Who shot JR?” Now, we, the fans of AMC, are left with the question: “Who did JR shoot?” I would like to think, this is the perfect jumping off point for the online series. If not, there is always the realm of online fan fiction.

Anonymous said...

Terry in Toronto,:-)

Thank you, for your suggestions. Like you I'd love to hear more of "Jordash" doing "on the street" observations from Ashley's car--about other soups or whatever they feel is pop culturally relevant (to them).

Arizonagal said...

I remember the very first episode of AMC that I watched, back in the 70s when I was babysitting my little nephew. Back in the old days AMC was 30 min, B/W and it caught my attention on that day, I was channel surfing the 4 stations we had here in Tucson, back then. I came across Erica Kane, getting ready to wreck havoc on Phil and Tara's budding relationship. I was intrigued, it was the beginning of a 40 yr relationship. It was MY soap.

I finally watched ABC's final episode about midnight last night. Great episode. Marion and Stew, about damned time. So glad they brought Bassey back for this one, too sweet. Why is it when Brooke and Adam are in town, it's like they never left? They are such a huge part of the foundation of this show. There was so much good will on the show and folks, good will doesn't have to be boring. It felt good to see the love fests starting for David, the mending of relationships, Jesse thanking David, so many powerful little words and phrases were spoken and heartfelt.

And running through the show that miserable little JR wanting to rain on everyone's parade, so full of self loathing, wanting everyone to share his misery. So glad Dixie and Tad realized, reluctantly, that they could not save him. The cliffhanger ending was minimal, expected, and didn't ruin the joy of this episode. My heart just breaks for Lil Adam and I thought the kid brought it, I could feel his disappointment in his dad, his confusion, his refusal to give up hope.

Seeing the Chandler mansion revived, and Winifred! When Adam shouted "Winifred" it gave me chills. The scenes at the mansion, I just kept looking around and, damn, everyone was there and looking fab.

And finally, Erica and Jack, how perfect was that. Real Erica wins, this is who she is, it's always going to be about her and she ultimately knows nothing different than that. This is what Erica would do, loved it. I am hoping this signals a Jack/Krystal reunion. I'm going to be optimistic and hope this show returns next year, it has to!

My biggest fear, not the economy, not droughts, wild fires, tsinamis and tornadoes, but the fear this blog group and podcast will fade away (well sort of kidding). But seriously I am selfish after having had five years of this podcast to get me thru work days at the Bee Lab, or on long drives in the city, or whatever. I really would miss all you guys and your asstoot comments here. I know Jordan has jobs to find and Ashley is raising toddler twins (eek), but hopefully JordAsh, we will hear more from you two. And Shadow, you keep this blog alive and fun. Thanks and hugs to all of you.

ArmlessPhelan said...

If you want to keep this last week of AMC forever and save DVR space, I have a link to download the eps via bit torrent. :)

The finale:

And here's the rest of the episodes!

brtedi said...

"...about other soups...."

Opps, I meant "soaps"--LOL!


Norn Cutson said...

I can forgive anything in exchange for MARIAN & STUART having a happy ending.

Shadow said...

Rest assured the blog is here to stay. We will keep it and refresh it as long as our little family continues to thrive here. One of the more common criticisms we get is that we don't focus exclusively on Pine Valley, so I have no doubt we'll find plenty of things to fill in until AMC 2.0 premiers online. Eventually Prospect Park has ti start dishing deets about who has signed. I would love for Ashley & Jordan to weigh in on their ideas for Prospect Park and whoever signs up. Of course we have many OLTL Fans here so maybe we'll have more Pine Valley Podcast: Llanview Editions. You know, I had never heard of Lady Gaga until y'all started talking about her. We've talked Lost, True Blood, GH, OLTL, Days, YR, Idol, Mad Men, every show Jordan records, music, concerts, and very hot pop culture topic that comes up. And you know Frons will do more dumb shit we can make fun of. Just let your fingers do the talking whenever you van. The new TV season is starting. Maybe we can find a new temporary obsession. Blog On!

Shadow said...

As I listened to the poignant words of Agnes Nixon's beautiful poem recited by the young stars of 'All My Children', I was reminded of these touching words which I hope will offer us all some reassurance in these uncertain times:

We go together, like rama, lama, lama, kadingy, kading-a-dong
Remember forever, as shoowop, shoowalla, walla, yippity, boom-de-boom
Chang-chang, changadee-chang-chibop, that's the way it should be, wahoo, YEAH!

We're one of a kind, like yip, ayip, ayip, shoowa, sha wooly-woo.
Our names are signed abooglde, booglede, booglede, booglede, shooby, shoowop, shabop
Chang-chang, changadee-chang-chibop, we'll always be like one, wa-wa-wa-one!

When AMC goes off the air, and we're just sitting there, with nothing else to do ooh ooh.
Log on to PVP, where you can type and blog,
Baby, you can share the love (Lu Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uve).

Rama lama lama kadingy, kading-a-dong
shoowop, shoowalla, walla yippity boom-de-boom
chang-chang, changadee-chang-chibop
yip, ayip,ayip, ayip, shoowa, sha wooly-woo
booglede, boogldee, booglede, booglede, shooby shoowop, shabop


We're for each other, like awomp bama looma awomp bam boom
Just like my brother, nanananana yippity, dippty doo
Chang-chang, changadee-chang-chibop, we'll always be together, wahoo, YEAH!

We'll always be together. Pine Valley Podcast Forever... (repeats out)

Shadow said...

My thoughts during finale:

The AMC opening theme song. It's like some kind of hypnotic TV VooDoo. If you hear it, you will watch.

Hey Kit! Hit the trail shithead. Mother of God! The REAL WINIFRED!! If Mrs. Valentine wheel's herself in, I am making nachos too.

Dixie needs to sing that song that calms JR down. You are my sunshine.... (I hate it.)

Jamey rang the doorbell at The Chandlers. When is the last time anyone in Pine Valley rang a doorbell? Knocked? Cleared their throat even?

Stuart cracked me. Seemed extra goofy.

Dear Christina Bennett. You are a beautiful woman. Please always wear a black dress with plunging neckline. Aye Carramba!!

I just can't believe Winifred is there. I love her. Did Liza say anything today? MEK said "All My Children". Sigh.

Okay, Adam proposed. I am sold. THAT was fantastic. The perfect juxtaposition to Erica & Jack. Wow, this is good.

Ok, a little desperate for grown up Erica but this really wasnt tye ending they wanted either. After 10712 episodes we couldn't get the long closing credits?

ArmlessPhelan said...

Bobby Martin has been found!,0,3168704.story

Arizonagal said...

Shadow would you mind putting those lyrics to good use and sing us a few bars?

brtedi said...

Shadow, I'm happy to read that the blog will continue. IA, there is much to discuss involving the new primetine televison season--and as you said lest we forget we are all in the habit of discussing the soaps that remain in daytime. As for me, I'm optimistic about Prospect Park and what they have set for January. I know, Jordan and Ashley will have more than a few things to say about that. :-)


ArmlessPhelan said...

As I'm getting ready for tomorrow and watching Days of our Lives, I have to say that to anyone else Friday's episode seems to have been made as a great primer for AMC fans making the switch. Everyone should check it out. Especially former Days fan Jordan Hudson, who I'm sure will love it. :)

Arizonagal said...

Now we just have to figure out how to get Jordan back here. Jordan, can you post anonymously. We miss you here.

jason said...

ah i haven't been here forever. Sorry guys, life just got in way. But I never stopped listening <3. Finally watched the last amc and it was hard to watch. I don't like the idea that it's not going to be on anymore and that the characters won't be living on for us to see like that have been the past forty years.

Love and miss you guys!!

ArmlessPhelan said...

LaLucci is open to staying on AMC with Prospect Park! She's just in negotiations. Fronsie must've let that shit leak earlier.

Crystal said...

ABC has been trying to lure me into watching some new fall shows but, my stubbornness will not allow it. I now only watch OLTL. I did however tune into 'the chew' today for a bit of a realism smack in the face. AMC is really gone. 'the chew' (no it deserves no capital letters) was really as bad as I thought it would be. I can only say manic, manic, manic with an overly enthusiastic crowd. I have been home sick and watching crap I normally never do because of boredom. I've seen a lot of Jersey'insertnamehere' and horrible dating shows and I couldn't stomach t.c. for more than a few minutes at a time. I am biased of course, but I do have to say Mario B doesn't bother me, I quite like Clinton and I love Carla so that should offset it a bit.