Sunday, April 15, 2007

Baby Come Out, Please!

  • Colby gives Krystal's baby a hand - literally.
  • J.R. gives Babe a kiss.
  • Bianca gives Zoë a geode.
  • Julia gives Jamie restraints.
  • Blandie gives viewers the creeps.

Snow cones at Blandie & Ryan's wedding? An oatmeal bath is the most romantic thing Ryan has ever done for her? (And we thought Terry was creepy!) Is it me? Let's get this done once and for all. All those in favor of 2007's "Breakout Couple of the Year," post your thoughts here. (We're willing to be swayed, but it better be good.)

4/13/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? AMC has NO breakout couple of the year. NONE! Not even seeing Kendall and Zach being all family friendly makes me jump for joy (oh where, oh where did Erica's conniving daughter go?).

I certainly hope whatever this show has planned for the rest of 2007 is better then the sink hole McT, Currethers, and Frons put this show into. (it's easy to blame the headwriter but the EP and the head of the division have to take blame too and they still have jobs.)

Ryan and Blandie jsut don't pop. I will never understand why they just didn't cast her as a Greenlee re-cast. At least then she wouldn't have to play such borning material. Give the girl some dark edge, past, something. Listening to her give Bianca love advice I wanted to rip my ears out. Annie will only work if Annie can go toe to toe with the Diva's and right now she can't. Either that or pair her with Julia and deal with this odd chemsitry those two 'pals' have together.

Hannah brings a little fresh air to the show unless they place her in the obvious location as a foil to Zach and Kendall because they can't be more creative then that. If they drop her in with much younger JR or Josh - although please not at the same time - let's not rehash the Babe fest. I could see Hannah take the cake as one half of a breakout AMC coupling.

Speaking of Breakout coupling - or maybe just odd moments that make a viewer wonder. Is JR positioning himself to be Krsytal's new boy toy? Because there are times I feel Jacob playing that angle for all it's worth.

Cross Aiden off the list of taking the Breakout couple award. This man is talented, plays a character related to an ABC legacy character, he has a cool past and job and is attractive and yet he has NEVER - EVER had a lover story that was anything but fast forward wrothy. So don't get me started on this Ava thing - GROSS!!!

Jack and Erica are splitsville with Barbara taking the spot that should be Brooke English's. Where is the fairness in this development? The character is a great addition to the show but not if this story was meant for Julia Barr. Just wrong. So cross this messs off and coupling best of lists.

And this Bianca and Zoe thing. Are you kidding me? Homophobe viewers applaud as Bianca slow dances with a biological man who rightfully puts the breaks on Bianca. This once powerhouse character that looks like Bianca but acts like a character we have NEVER seen before (at least not since she drank David's spiked punch years ago!) breaks my heart with each passing day.

The 'you wanted me and now that you have me you don't want me' thing tell me -

"Binxs see a shrink and deal with the Maggie break-up before jumping into a relationship that makes Maggie's many years of claiming to not be gay seem like a cake walk. How about fixing your baggage before hoisting up everyone elses? "

So your girlfriend needed to be sure before she said forever to you. Considering the way you are wideeyed about Zoe after, what, an hour of screen time I don't think I blame Maggie for needing some space.

If Binxs was sticking around they might have saved this mucked up mess by showing her loose it - slip back into her eatting disorder, develop Mommy's addiction issue with pills or drinking and then join JR and Erica in AA but as it sits now AMC has managed to undo a landmark character in record time. Then again this is the team that undd Erica's abortion just so she could have a male offsrping old enough to date.

So basically Kendall is turning into Myrtle as the voice of reason in Pine Valley. And Colby is starting to be the most level headed and responsible character in Pine Valley

Maybe that's it some assitant at AMC has just been tyoing scripts wrong and giving ircorrrect characters incorrect scenes.

Heck we all know they must have meant to have Jonathan be the killer right? Not some character no one cared about and will cause us all to ywan when he ends with the same fate as his rapist son.

And it was Aiden that was supposed to get the Bianca "I love Zoe" scripts.

And Bianca was supposed to get Zoes' the "I'm a lesbian" speech when she joined the local marriage equity orgainzation of Pine valley.

And Julia was supposed to give Annie the oatmeal bath before joining Bianca at the marriage equity rally where Bianca gave Annie the "just love her" speech.

Erica was supposed to get all the Hannah I am stealing your company Adam stuff

At least the show got one thing right - Michael Knight and David Canary are rocking the house. If only they appeared on a better show.

sorry for the long rant but my favorite guilty pleasure show is in the toilet and it ticks me off.

Thanks to you two for making me laugh about how bad it's getting. Hopefully someday soon you will find it hard to find your great material because the show will just get that good.

Keep it up

Anonymous said...

oh man you guys need your own TV show where you could role play w/ wigs and accessories the AMC characters as you do your recaps...too hilarious! although i could of done w/o the song for this week sorry Taylor not one of my favs *ewww* hard to burn the image out of my head.
I agree w/ the poster above that there really is no break out couple of 2007 certainly not Borannie ZZZzz-it's not the Barney and Seasame St. show head a-hole in charge, Frons and that B.S. Frons and JHC need to go ASAP in order to get our true soap back not the one that's been posing w/ the name for about 5 years now. as for the show well i'm sorry guys but i won't be tuning in(transcripts are just as resourceful and of course this podcast not to mention i want my Cady/Dix back alive to be able to stomach anything.) not even for a few token scenes w/ our vets, who i know are great as always they wouldn't be award winners if they weren't but THEY DESERVE BETTER, especially not while the show is still acting like "All My Careys!" i can just hear MMT now, "you want to fire me then i will take this show down with me: i'll make Adam into the ultimate evil incarnate(good for David C. putting his foot down having them change the scene and do over the other horrors he was suppose to act), as for Tad i'll make him even more of a hypocritical pompous jerk along w/ his mini me Jamie even after the fact i made him into a torturer and had him forget about his true love/Dix and piece of immortality/Kate-thy of said love, JR i'll make him into a major Carey bootlicker and the list goes on w/ character assassinations at the alter mainly of the Careys her horrible creations and down fall to this once iconic soap.
other topics Hannah and Josh = HASH! from what i read seems interesting and it seems she would be the one w/ the pants in the relationship. he needs that after his Babe-itis. JR and Babe i don't care how much chem Jabe has they are toxic and i want JR freed and moving on to someone new perhaps new Greenlee but anyone other than Babe.the rest don't care for but like always thanks guys for your hard work.;o)

Anonymous said...

Off Topic- but Ashley i remember you commenting about Antonio and Blair so i was wondering if you saw the scene between Jessica and Nash OLTL in the rain if so what did you think about it? In my opinion that was HAWWWT!
damn where are those type of scenes for "All My Children"? and no Ryannie in a barn is not going to cut it or i'm sorry for the Bosh fans but Babe and Josh on the roof in a kiddie pool isn't either!

Anonymous said...

loved the dixie flashbacks on tuesday...
even though it was of her dying =[
i guess i'll take what i can get.

love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

is anyone else reeeally not looking forward to this baby stealing storyline??
it's just way too overdone.

Anonymous said...

A baby kidnapping on All My Children? you must be kidding me? thats sooo groundbreaking. hahaha oh god and Adams got Kath-eys adoption papers so hes about to nap both of Tads girls from him. ugh!!

Anonymous said...

4/16 podcast = Funniest podcast ever!
Blandie = Most boring main character ever
Blandie and Ryan = Breakout couple of the year - NOT
Colby = most improved character
Josh = biggest doofus ever
Most original plotline = Well it certainly ain't baby stealing.

Groan... here we go again. Baby stealing and custody battles. I just hate to see that rehashed. TIIC seem to have forgotten the rest of the old soap standards of infidelity, romance, intrigue. Instead, in PV, we just get baby stealing. Yawn...

Love your work T and A!


Anonymous said...

Josh i would say instead of doofus is another wasted character. we've seen he has chemistry with numerous female characters (minus Erin), and i think if the writers would give him something other than a Babe storyline, he could be of good use. Also hes genetically blessed and good eye candy

Anonymous said...

For a while there Jamie and Julia were getting hot but then we stopped seeing them together. Blandie and Ryan are the couple I'd vote to never see together again. It's way too creepy the way their intimacy is linked to kiddie themes. Do the writers not remember that her ex-husband was pedophile PedoPhil? Hannah and Josh might be an interesting combination and they both seem to have sparks igniting below the surface. I can easily see her using handcuffs and a whip on him and Josh just loving it! Colby and Shaun are most improved and could be a sweet summer couple. Definately the only breakout couple so far in 2007 is Adam and Janet! I've enjoyed their scenes more than any other couple and that about says it all.