Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm Coming Out!

  • Zoë wants the world to know, and she let it show (courtesy of Erica and "New Beginnings").
  • Krystal's got a gun - and she's really bad at using it.
  • Alexander Sr. (finally) gets shot. (Just wake me up when he's dead, okay?)
  • Greenlee's back - we just haven't seen her.

So, Zoë is gone and Greenlee is back. Have we seen enough of her to be dissing? Is it too early to tell if Miss Singh will take the "Diet" out of "Diet Greenlee?" You put the "post" in "post your thoughts" here.

4/27/07 Podcast


jillybean said...

ill never get sick of you guys defending Miss Dixie!! you go guys!!!!!!!!

sunshine said...

yeah seriously.. never stop ranting about dixie!!
i personally agree with you all the way, ashley.
i was crying when tad was talking to her last week not because it was sad, but because i'm still so mad about how they just wrote her off... it just sucks.

Anonymous said...

Great show Ashley and Jordan!!!

Thank you so much for that outburst about Cady/Dix I most totally agree because SHE SHOULD BE HERE!there should be a Tad, Dixie, and Kate reunion with family on screen now!!! no excuse as to why she's not! NONE! i mean Cady acted that character since she was 20 yrs old for 12 yrs where the f*ck is the respect?! same as with Julia B.(Brooke) who did it for 30 yrs. as for the show props to Michael E Knight! Tad has been pissing me off in this story line but when he prayed to Dix he just melt my heart. he is just so talented. as for David C.,Jacob Y., and Ambyr C. kudos to them as well.
i FLOVE Erica for what she said about KWAK: Spit on Krystal...HA!By the way, for the audience members at New Beginnings i think they were real because they were promoting for people to show up at the taping for that show and one with Erica and Jack.
also Hash=Hannah and Josh
i love them!i love how she cracks that whip on him. nu-Greenlee well i don't know about her but why is she so happy in her flash backs or while she's lurking? i mean didn't she leave angry from PV?!
Zoe/Zinxy- kudos to both Jeffrey C and Eden. both are fantastic actors and did their best with the crap that was given to them.
On the onther hand the video, sorry but LMAO! Why does Zoe look like a street walker?!
BTW, di you here who's coming back for a ghostly appearnce and flash backs? Terri I.(Simone),June 8 and June 20th, just thought you'd like to know.
like always thanks for the recap, very much appreciated!;o)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE yall's podcast. I hardly ever catch AMC nowadays (since my VCR broke and I can't bring myself to pay for an obsolete piece of machinery). So I LOVE all of yall's descriptions of the shows. I like to think of you as my own personal TelevisionWithoutPity AMC recapper (the current soap recaps on the web just aren't snarky enough for me).

So when I saw this article, I HAD to send it along. You are keeping wonderful company: Fug Girls: ‘All My Children’ Goes Transgender But Loses Fashion Sense.
And don't mess with the Fug Girls - the only thing better than their fashion sense is their wit.

Keep up the fantastic work.


Anonymous said...

^^^correction it seems from SOD Terri I.(Simone) will appear for June 6 and June 8.

Anonymous said...

Great show Ashley and Jordon,

They really are going back old school style with Erica getting some major airtime again and of course Janet's flashback to her old self with the big hair and big glasses. Now if only they'd truly go back and bring our Dixie back.
I'm holding out for the day when we see Amamda and Josh taking a Hot Yoga class!