Monday, April 23, 2007

A Baby is Stolen in Pine Valley!

  • What the hell, people! I thought Megan McTavish got canned? Why the hell are we watching another stolen baby storyline??
  • Colby takes lessons in "Carey" and adopts the Carey motto (and name).
  • Binks and Zoe engage in super-sexy and romantic... er, uh, estrogen pill swallowing.
  • Breaking news: Blandie and Ryan have been recommended by the National Sleep Disorder Association as the fastest and safest way to fall asleep without drugs.

McTavish is out, and, by now, a new head writer is on his or her way in. (We hope.) Give them your favorite storylines (or at least ones that will make my heart sing) here.

4/20/07 Podcast


tallytofu said...

Hey guys, listening to the podcast right now and I thought I'd chime in about the abundance of stolen babies.
To start with, the great baby switch crossover resulted in a total of three kidnappings - "Little A" twice (first by Paul Cramer, then by Babe & Jaime) and technically, Miranda was kidnapped from Bianca and given to JR & Babe. Then later, Janet briefly kidnapped Little A from Babe to lure Babe up to that cabin in the woods. And while not a baby, Emma was briefly kidnapped by David & Dixie. This is all in the past three years!!

In the mid-nineties, we had Erica kidnapping baby Maddie from Maria and trying to pass it off as her own adopted child. Also, Maria temporarily kidnapped baby Sam from Kelsey when Kelsey decided she didn't want to give up the baby for adoption.
I'm sure there's another one, but that's all I can remember.

Anonymous said...

its just so predictable! lets see Tad get to raise one of his kids. now that would be a surprise

Anonymous said...

oh ok i got a good storyline. Josh and crazy Johnny are both secretly lovestruck for Amamda, Crazy John walks out on one of those great pine valley beaches and sees Josh and Amamda all over each other half naked on the sand. Johnny freaks out attacks Josh and they get into a huge fight over the rain... and Joshs shirt will DEFINATELY be off. thats a key aspect of the story line. (amamdas bra will be white and covered in rain for all you male viewers)

Anonymous said...

LMAO that impersonation gets me every time!

another baby napping s/l UGH!i hate this one specifically, every thing about it. the worse part is KWAK being tied to Adam or Tad for life through that's bad enough JR's tied to Babe now we have baby Jenny. that baby should be one of the truckers from the Trucker's Ball. wake me up when MMT's writing is gone!as for the Jenny scenes that had me po'ed. the name Jenny was suppose to be for TnD's second child together.then OMG he actually remembered his other child Kate for like a split second. all those scenes w/ him feeding the baby, Opal etc was a dagger to the heart.then the flash backs at the trial w/ Tad remembering Dixie but then you cut to him remembering Simone of him and her kissing what the f***? so Simone's his true love because if someone who was new saw that they would think that! I hate the a-holes in charge w/ a passion.
The adoption papers of Kate-thy...Stupid and contrived. i also hear the reveal will be back burnered i guess for Sydney P's maternity leave. whatever! TAHIC could go to hell...they don't care about that s/l. i have to laugh at Julie C. saying "it's still important but will be done at the right time!" please important since when? anyways as for Blandie/Diet Greenlee-Ryannie and that damn book! throw it in the fire place at Wildwind ALREADY! GAG why couldn't she drown in that oat meal bath.

kidnappings: aside from the ones already mentioned on top there was also JR by Dixie and Tad when he was a baby to protect him from Adam. then JR as a pre-teen kid napped by Lee Hawkins and put in a cage.that's a few of the reasons why he is so f-ed up! Colby, Tad again for Liza. Josh could also be considered as one. Madden did steal him from Erica's womb. anyways like always thanks for the recap!;o)

Anonymous said...

i agree with you ashley, why the hell are they making it so obvious that mini hands julia is pregnant? she was always the skinniest person on the show aside from kendall.. steamy shower scenes, etc. they "hide" her behind counters and boxes, but then she'll get up and walk across the room and you can literally see her pregnant stomach! not to mention the arms, she's gained weight, obviously, but they are doing the opposite of trying to hide it. it makes absolutely no sense and it's been driving me crazy! the clothes she's wearing make it obvious too, i can't take it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they have Mini Hands wearing tank tops because when you are pregnant you are always hot. So the tank tops are too keep her cool under all the lights? I really don't know.

But I do love the voices. I think Taylor should do the next podcast entirely in his Josh voice.

And with the kidnapping. I don't think anyone mentioned Binx stealing Bessranda from the nursery when she thought it was her baby that was dead..

Anonymous said...

The only storyline that matters is when Dixie (Cady Mclain not a recast) returns to Pine Valley and is reunited with Tad and they are a happy family with Kate again.

Anonymous said...

i'm all for josh and hannah!!

Ashley said...

dag, jillybean -- YOU should write for AMC!!!! the only thing i'd add is that the special jonny/josh fight at the beach should be in slo-motion. other than that, it's PERFECT.

you folks are good! i didn't remember half them baby-nappings! (jeez - i wish i didn't have to.)

Anonymous said...

they talked about all my children in ugly betty this week!!!!!!