Monday, September 24, 2007

Gimme a Break!

(Well, just a little one.)

I'm out this weekend, folks. Out someplace I've barely heard of (Newport, Rhode Island) at a wedding for one of Carlos' homies. Not a whole lot of "flava," if you know what I mean, but man! Them mansions are ridic-a-lous! I highly recommend this place, people.

So I'm sorry to say, no podcast this week, but let's dish on the week instead. Krystal thinks she's busting Adam, but really she ends up testing Stuart's devotion to Marion! (You can't tell me that Stuey didn't feel a little tingly after that kiss Krystal planted on him!) Ms. Erica Kane gets Kendall to take a second look at cochlear implants, and my heart breaks (again) for Ms. Kendall. (That child was gorgeous, people! Cassie de Paiva's son -- she plays Blair on One Life to Live -- looks just like her, and he did a great job playing the deaf child that Erica has on her show.)

What else? Oh, we find out that the guy who held up Babe is Richie, Blandie's brother, and Babe has to go ID some dead guy we all know ain't Richie because we already know that new Babe is gonna have some kind of relationship with this wacko. She works up some tears for the scene after the viewing of the body with Goofy Wes, and I'm just pulling my hair out. (I will not miss Alexa Havins' crying jags!)

Who did I miss? Oh, J.R. gets creepier! This thing with Ava? The kiss? Gross, people, gross. He's turning her into some kind of porn star, and smirking his way through every freakin' show. Oh -- Di made an appearance. (Taylor, you missed out!) Hannah continues to impress me -- although the woman is now half her original size. (Rice and beans, girl, rice and beans!) Plus her hair looked bad on Thursday. Her chemistry with Josh? I ain't feelin' it yet, but I'm hopeful.

The only thing I want to say about Freaklee is that Kendall pretended to be all nice to her, saying that she would reconcile with Greens just so that Kendall could move on. I was about to throw something at the high-definition television because I cannot take a "Kenlee" reunion, but then my girl turned it on! She walks out of Greenlee's apartment after this ridic-a-lous meeting with a smirk and says something like, "She bought it." I am very intrigued by what our girl has in store for Freaklee! (Suggestion: blunt objects are messy, so choose your weapon carefully. You want to make sure you get the job done, girl. You can do it!)

Okay, enough rambling from me. What are your thoughts? Please, keep me going and post them, here.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited to be getting the real Kendall back! I can't take anymore scenes of her being all crying and emotional.

Freaklee.. haha I love it.

Ashley, you deserve a break, so have some fun!

Anonymous said...

Okay... I'm thinking that Wes might be Richie. dunno, but that goofy Wes has got to have some reason for being on the show, and I just have this feeling...!

Anonymous said...

I love having Kendall back. Maybe she will pull a Janet and throw Greens down a well! Better yet a black hole and she can send Adain with her! HEHE

As for the whole Blandie, Wes aka Richie thing. I think maybe Blandie is the Phsyco and Richie or Wes or whoever is there to save Pine Valley from his Sister.

Babe is like a fungus she just kind of grows on you. I for one will miss Alexa when shes gone. I guess we will she what happens with the new Babe.

Have fun on your break Ashley! Can't wait till next week.


Anonymous said...

Ashley, enjoy your well-deserved break. I am listening to old PV podcasts this week so I can get my fix. One question - did Taylor take the slutmetric with him?

Tina in Tucson

Anonymous said...

Ashley...I miss you so much! I tried to listen to another podcast this week and not only were the announcers so bland and boring, but they barely knew anything about PV history...I mean they could not remember Tom Cudahy's name for crying out loud! Enjoy your week off!!!

Ashley said...

yikes! i heard that podcast too!! i was shouting at them, "Cudahy! Cudahy!" but then remembered that they couldn't hear me.

in their defense, those folks watch *all* the shows, and they seem to really love GH, so... whaddya gonna do?

i'll be back next week - hopefully, with pedro!


PS, Tina - the slutmetric was broken for a while. it gets wonky if it's not used. :(