Monday, September 17, 2007

You Know You've Overstayed Your Welcome When...

  • Even Blandie doesn't want to talk to you (Aidan!)
  • Even Kendall doesn't want to hold you (Ian!)
  • Even a prison shrink wants you out of his office (Ryan!)
  • Even Ava won't have sex with you (J.R.!)
  • Even Taylor Crawford stops watching!
Yes, people, it's Taylor's last podcast (at least, for a very long time). The man just couldn't take the "gifts" that AMC keeps on giving anymore (and can we blame him?). He's taking a break that he may not ever come back from, and we will miss him. Taylor, we're glad we knew ya'. Your thoughts, folks — any and all — here.

9/14/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Taylor!
OMG you're LEAVING? Taylor we hardly knew ye!
Speaking of overstaying welcomes;
I wish Greenlee would just get the #$@k outta Dodge already!
Ditto for Ava, Annie, & Ryan (who should ride his motorcycle over a HIGHER cliff this time).

Anonymous said...

I was glad to catch Taylor in what I hope isn't really his last time on the podcast. At least promise to make a guest appearance from time to time. How about Taylor Crawford as a Pine Valley Podcast phone-in contributor?
Thanks for the storyline updates guys. If Julia is back I should try watching again ... at least every now and then. I hope they give her a good storyline which involves reuniting Kate-thy and Tad.
Hannah is definately another reason to watch again. Will she be back in the steamroom/boardroom/bedroom with Josh? Now that was real heat being generated when those two got together.
I guess I could just fast forward whenever Blandie, Ryan, Aidan or Greenlee are onscreen. Sounds like a plan.
As always thanks for a terrific show Ashley.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Ashley, of course I am going to seriously miss Taylor and his significant presence and contributions to the podcast. But you, Ashley, are da Bomb! Thank you for providing your loyal fans with your keen insights and raucous sense of humor. Love the podcast!

Oh, and Ashley, are you going to watch Ryan dance with the stars?

xo... tina in tucson

Anonymous said...

I was got so sad listening to that medly of your songs. It made me miss the old and good times on the show and it made me miss YOU already! I wish you all the best in whatever it is you do, hope you can come back to the podcast someday. I will miss your Di and Josh impressions very much, this week's Di one was hilarious!!!

Keep up the great work! I'm glad you're sticking with both AMC and the podcast. I look forward to hearing from Jordan and Pedro soon! I love listening to Jordan, he knows so much!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

oh man Taylor you will most def be missed but IA i hope it's not the last one. (make sure you make an appearance when *wink* Cady/Dix comes back alive!*wink* i believe it will happen, when? is another story. LOL) also you're definitely irreplaceable. somebody will come to accompany Ashley (who we love and will stick around for) but you are you and they are them and will have their own place but not yours.

anyways ROTFLMAO loved the compilation of your song dedications but my absolute favorites were Tad to the bone and Josh w/ the kid is not my son to Colby...ah i'm going to miss that impersonation..."i had a plane but i crashed it!"!

as for who needs to go: Ava, Greenme, KWAK (sorry, BE's a great actress but i can't stand the character) others that either they use but if they don't they could go as well like Del and so on...

like always great job guys and i wish you the best Taylor, you are loved and oh don't be a stranger!;oP

Anonymous said...

Oh Taylor, you will be missed again. Tell us you are leaving to be a head writer on AMC!

Anonymous said...

Taylor, it is a total bummer you are moving on. We were lucky to have you for the last year and a half. Hope to see you visit from time to time. Ashley I hope you will stick around for awhile because you rule, girl.


Anonymous said...

You can't leave me!!! I mean, I love Ashley, but it's just not the same. I quit watching AMC when they killed Dixie, and now I watch ATWT. I listen to you guys so I don't have to watch AMC EVER!! I catch myself doing your "Di" voice telling people I'm from the street! How else am I going to try to return my Hi-Definition television to Circuit City or Best Buy? No one does Josh's voice like you!
I'm gonna miss you Taylor! I wanted to say all that before I get p*ssed off you're leaving!
I loved the medley at the end! I'm going to have to pull out the archives to get me some more Taylor-made AMC songs.
We love you, Taylor!


Anonymous said... head is spinning from trying to do the math...On the "very special" Sept. 11 show (which I think they did a nice job on), Krystal said Babe was in High School. 9/11 was six years ago and Babe came to town about four years ago and at that time, I thought she and JR talked about how they were 19 years old. How old do you think Babe is supposed to be? I always thought that whole group was supposed to be about 26..are they going to make and effort to "young them down" for us?????

Anonymous said...

Taylor, can we dare hope that once in a long while you will drop in on Ashley and say hi? Gonna miss your spot on impersonations of Di and Josh most of all. Thanks for all the laughs. Miss ya mucho!

Anonymous said...

I will miss Taylor terribly...he is great. I can't help but hear the similarities in his voice and "Pedro." Coincidence??????

Anonymous said...

Taylor!! I will miss your wit so much! Please come back often!!