Tuesday, September 04, 2007

An Action-Packed Week?

  • Tad kisses Krystal!
  • Kendall spikes Spike's juice box!
  • Zach kangaroos Ian!
  • Blandies makes love to Ryan! (Just so you know, the exclamation point on the end of this headline is a stretch, people.)

Okay, so Blandie still has a secret. I think I know what it is (although I haven't read any spoilers), but the real question is, do you care? Let us know, here.

8/31/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

first off great job guys: Ashley and a special props to the ones filling in Pedro and Jordan. however, i still miss Taylor and i hope to hear from him soon!

as for the show same old same old, getting tiring of hearing the same names over and over like Kendall, Zach, Greenlee, Annie, & Ryan w/ a few characters mixed in. the only thing that was different was Tad's b-day which IMO the best part was of course the vets MIA, always love seeing them as well as everything else up to a point and that is the worst(sorry Ashley but i have to STRONGLY disagree) was the thought (couldn't bring myself to even watch it let alone type the words now)*blech* Tad and KWAK kissing which reminded of what Kendall once said about something in ref to Babe /Josh if i recall "doesn't it just make you want to loofah your eyes out!"...thank you Kendall for those words because that's exactly how i feel. not to mention to make matters worse WTF was the point? nothing but a contrived/disgusting spectacle! also LMAO at Kung-fulia(mini-hands Julia) coming back and the only one that seem to notice/welcome her back was Babe/Jon...i guess she's not that noticeable. LOL as for Wes the hair ROTFLMAO, 'nough said.

also WTF was the point of the cut off pic of Tad/Dix. you could still see her honey blond hair, you bastard IIC & why zoom into it at all, the other picture weren't cut offs. for those who want to see what i'm talking about here it is at 00:35-36 in the clip:


they showed it w/ Tad in a tux w/ a piece of her hair, in a grayish/black coat of some sort sticking out.

anyways like always thanks for the recaps, they are more entertaining than the actual show so it's deeply appreciated!;)

PV podcast fan said...

A few comments. First of all, NO!!! I totally do not care about Blahndie's secret.

Ashley, you are right, our man Tad is looking a bit portly these days - Puff Taddy? I thought he was celebrating his 50th birthday, he looks about that age. Not that there's anything wrong w/that!

I loved the scenes between Tad and Krystal, such a sweet, comfortable chemistry. It's the first time I've found Tad appealing in quite awhile. Almost made me forget about the fact that he has not paid for MURDERING Greg Madden. I think it's time AMC returned to a kindler, gentler Tad.

So glad to see sexy MHJulia return and I'd love to see her hook up with Josh. It's been too long since Josh had a GF.

love you guys...

Anonymous said...

ok guys... the writers have seriously been listening to the podcast because did you hear what Julia said to Josh on Wednesday's episode? Something about him always changing careers? haha i love it.

Anonymous said...

hley and co: LOVE the podcast! Pedro and Jordan do great work as co-hosts, but I, too, miss Taylor and anxiously await his return. Ashley, you two should sing "Reunited" when Taylor gets back.

Regarding MEK's figure, didn't he and his wife divorce a year or two ago? I had been attributing the weight gain to this life change.

And speaking of appearances, can we please "out" Melissa Claire Egan's obvious plastic surgery? Her lips are so distracting! I think that busted lip job should be the secret that Blandie is keeping. "Ryan, these lips aren't real!"

Thanks for the great work!!


Anonymous said...

Just finished watching last week's episodes and you know what? This show really is improving. I see a lot of positive things happening. I loved the scene with Kendall and Zach when she reveals what's under the trenchcoat. It was cute and sexy.

Adam pretending to be Stuart and Krystal, that was just sweet. The show is getting it's heart back and revealing the characters to the viewers again.

Hugs and kisses to Ashley, Taylor, Pedro and Jordan!