Sunday, January 20, 2008

Welcome Back!

  • "The Real Greenlee" (as those marketing geniuses at ABC prefer to call her) returns to All My Children looking like her old self again.
  • Debi Morgan returns as Angie, looking like her very young self again.
  • Opal and Palmer make an appearance (but we won't talk about their ages).
  • Finally, newcomer Cornelius Smith returns as "Quentin," and we here at the PVP can't wait to see what's next (even though we already kind of know).

Like we said, we here at the PVP can't wait for Jessie and Angie (and "Quentin"). Angie's just about here, and Jessie, well, we'll get him at the end of the week, we think. How do you want to see this unfold? Do you even care? Let us know if we're crazy (or just Jessie-and-Angie crazy), here.

1/18/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Great podcast Ashley and Jordan!
I have a question though,
If Blandie and Ryan were just going to the Wildwind stables, how come they had to take an airplane?
I could have sworn there was a scene with them on a plane. Just wondering..

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hehe, one of my old comments was mentioned briefly... ;)

I believe Ashley mentioned something about a new child actor for Little Adam. I actually noticed this myself last week; it looked like a different kid. However, there are actually two kids signed for the role, a primary and a might have been the backup kid. Either way, they could use someone new...that kid is a zombie on screen!

And I totally support the breakup of Kendall and Zach so that Zach and Greenlee can be together. I didn't imagine it being so good between TK and RG! My dilemma is who to stick Kendall with. Putting her with Ryan would be a good way of kicking out crazy Annie and Ritchie, but I'd hate to leave Aiden out in the cold. ;)

Anonymous said...

Missed ya Ashley. I think the show is going to be great in 2008! For months I watched maybe one episode a week, and of course, listened faithfully to your podcasts. Now, with Angie back and Jesse on the horizon, the show just feels different. It's exciting and there is finally a promise of good things to come. So, my question, is this scab writer stuff we're hearing now?

I like the Zach/Greenlee coupling. I am sick of Kendall and her never-ending stupidity. She deserves to be stuck with Aiden. Kendall and Ryan? Been there, don't want to see it again.

One small thing, it really bugged me the way Annie kept sticking her hand in Ryan's armpit when they were lying on the ground. Ick.

Anonymous said...

okay...I am TERRIFIED about AMC rewriting history. They already took away Erica's abortion...what are they going to do to Jessie? He died and that was part of the shows history. Does anyone remember his GHOST visiting Tad? How are they going to get around that? I hate it when they rewrite the past. It invallidates the present because anything can be changed.

Anonymous said...

Just finished listening to the podcast (over 3 days-it was a doozy!) and I actually have tears in my eyes after listening to Angie cry "come back, come back"! It reminded me of how many times I have been moved to tears by the story lines, instead of because the shows writers have done so many stupid things with the characters in the recent past. I will have to contact my old college roomate and tell her that Angie's back on and Jesse is on the way-she may come back to the AMC we all loved.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that a wonderful new storyline will negate any problems with the past death of Jessie. It's just way too good to see them again! I used to skip school to watch back when those guys were on.
I sure do like the makeover that the PVH received. The room that Greenlee is in is new, and the place seems expanded and more hospital-like :-)

Anonymous said...

Ashley and Mr. Jordan Hudson Rock!!!

I'm going to admit something, gang...I *LOVE* Father Clarence! I really do! I'm no longer one of the cool kids, huh? I loved him ever since I was a little kid and watched him as Kevin on Ryan's Hope.

I just finished watching all of the shows for this week. Tell me, how did Julia change her clothes in a phone booth in between Fusion and the hospital? And why was EVERYONE that worked in the hospital wearing white and the lights were so bright? This was Friday's show. (Am I crazy? This did happen, right?)

Again, love youz guys!

Looking forward to the next podcast.

Hugs and smoooooches,


tallytofu said...

Hey guys, great show as always!

I did want to mention 2 things after listening:

#1 You may have already seen this, but apparently AMC's headwriters, James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten have gone back to work! They opted for something called "Financial Core" (Fi-Core for short) that means they can return to work, but they are still technically part of the writers guild. The New York Times has an article about it here:

Again, if you've already seen this - nevermind! ;+)

#2 The name of Anna Devane's sister who left with Dimitri was Alex.
(Ashley you should remember this - it's how we ended up with your favorite guy, Aidan! lol)

Anonymous said...


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