Monday, January 14, 2008

Out With the Old, In With the Old

  • Hannah goes nuts, tries to kill Kendall, then falls off a cliff with Zach.
  • Sabine bravely works her way through what's left of her storyline.
  • Ryan goes loopy - and gets interesting again.
  • Del? Jonathan? Ava? Sean (sort of)? Anyone there?
Happy New Year, folks! Lots of "New Beginnings" (and Frons-style endings, sadly) are on the horizon for All My Children. Tell us what your wishes are for the show in 2008, here.

1/11/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley,

Welcome back! Happy New Year!

I agree with you that Hannah and Zach had some really nice moments up on the rocks. It was very emotional having her bare her soul about feeling abandoned and Zach is so amazing at conveying empathy and understanding in a manly way. I'm a Zach fan too ;) It almost made up for all the crazy stuff the writers made Hannah do beforehand.

I do love Billy Miller as Ritchie and hope he is around for a long time but you're so right about the men on the show having done some messed up stuff and getting away with all of it. Jonathan has killed how many people now? Three by my last count and he's not been punished plus Tad killed Greg Madden and no one's doggin' him but Hannah has to die and Janet gets locked up in the looney bin permanently.

I think there's some major sexism going on in Pine Valley. We need a real feminist in town and I don't mean La Kane. Let's hope Dr. Hubbard can bring back a strong female perspective. ... and where has Olivia been with her crazy hair self?

By the way I heard it's confirmed that Jeff Branson is leaving so maybe now Crazy Johnny will be doing time with Janet.

Terry in Toronto

Melissa said...

That scene with Hannah and Zach was beautiful... makes me wonder why she didn't tell him sooner and not be blackmailed by Adam!

I have to give my .02 cents about this Greenlee mess. I think it's TACKY the way AMC is advertizing for "the real Greenlee". Poor Sabine! She's acting her heart out and is proving what a lady she is under pressure. I'm disappointed at how this is being handled. At least they could have said the "original" Greenlee. Jerks... :-)

Anonymous said...

So Ashley, last week you were "down with a cold and in with the flu"? Stomach flu, that is. Glad you are feeling better.

I disagree Ritchie can't be redeemed. Most of the PV folks have done way worse than he has and they are still walking around free - Tad for instance. If Tad's murder can be conveniently swept under the carpet, then Ritchie can certainly be rehabilitated.

For 2008 I'd like to see TIIC make good use of Angie and Jesse. DON'T BLOW THIS INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY!


Anonymous said...

Correct me if this has been mentioned before, but did anyone notice that Hannah has MAN HANDS? It was a great, emotional scene and all that I could think of was damn....look at those gigantic man hands!!!

BELINDA said...

Just a small quibble: Sean is 19, not 17. Either way, his hookup with Hannah was still skeevy!

Speaking of Hannah, the backstory about what Cambias Sr. did to her was riveting and heartbreaking. It's a shame they waited till her final moments to make this character halfway interesting.

Glad you're feeling better, Ashley! Kisses to Pedro!

Christine said...

I LOVE THIS PODCAST! I have been a faithfully listener for over a year now and I have some behind the scenes questions about the podcast. Do you watch the episodes daily or save them all up and watch a weeks worth at once? I like to record them and forward through the commercials. {sorry sponsors} Any chance that some of the AMC actors could be guest podcasters with you?

Thank you, thank you for having the passion and drive to create this podcast. It adds a whole new dimension to my AMC experience.