Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful...

(I don't know why that's my title this week. It just is.)

Listen, folks, technical difficulties this week. So no podcast. Sorry. Please don't hate me. I feel guilty enough without having y'all mad at me, too.

Here's what we're gonna do, though. The show is so good right now (IMHO) that I'm gonna leave it up to y'all to write what I should have covered this week on the podcast.

What would I have covered? I probably would have talked about how much I cry every time I see Angie and Frankie on screen, how much I'm loving OldNuGreenlee, and how RI-DIC-A-LOUS "Charmed" is (listen, if my girl and aSTOUNDing romance novelist Tess Mallory can't get a Hyperion book deal with movie rights and worldwide distribution, ain't no way Miss Kendall can!).

I would not have talked (much) about Colby and Dre nor -- sorry Ms. Lucci -- Erica's "New Beginnings" Jack-a-thon. I would have covered, though, Blandie's dumb new deal with the devil, Ryan's gradual but exciting return as someone who is actually interesting, and the Fusion catfight. (Anytime Ms. Chrishelle Stause lights up the small screen, I'm a happy viewer).

Let's see... Oh, yeah -- Tad and Krystal are boring me to tears, but JR's hair? I would pay money for someone to find a picture of the Battlestar Galactica character that JR looks like! In that black turtleneck and iron-straightened hair and square head!? I love Jacob Young, but I kuh-rack UP every time I get a glimpse of our new man-girl!

I also definitely would have talked about the scab writers, and how I was concerned about AMC until I found out that AMC head writers James Harmon-Brown and Barbara Esensten were the scab writers! (Something about breaking strike for "financial reasons.") People, I'm sort of glad that the show won't gop too far off track, but scabbing? Not cool. I don't buy for one hot minute that these two can't afford to stay out of work. If anything, I bet the return of Rebecca Budig, Debi Morgan and Darnell Williams were all sealed with the news that the head writers would be writing for them. (Just my opinion, folks, just my opinion.) I just think it's crappy that they're scabbing.

But I am loving Jesse's return!! Oh, folks, I haven't cried this hard since Dixie died! (And I didn't actually cry that hard when Dixie died, because when she did, I was mostly pissed.) Everytime Jesse or Angie are on screen, I well up. It's just so amazing having these talented, loving, beautiful people back. I feel like a kid again!

Okay, enough from me! Post your "Podcast" here.



Anonymous said...

1) Personally, I don't think the writers are back just for the money...I think they just want to get back to writing this show! That's how I would feel if I were an AMC writer. The NYT article about them doesn't seem to say that financial reasons are what justify their return, but rather, the "financial core" system the WGA has is allowing them to return.

2) Shockingly (good!), Angie doesn't look a day older...

3)...but Jessie does. Haha! I haven't watched anything this week so I can't say how good he's doing. It still bugs me that he should be dead, and it'll probably keep bugging me for some time.

4) Kill. Blandie. Now.

5) I was happy to see Kendall in a somewhat light-hearted storyline with her book after months and months of pure tragedy. Doesn't look like it'll last, courtesy of Greenlee.

Anonymous said...

Only one thing to say...nothing else can compare to how absolutely beautiful Debbie Morgan was and is!!!!!! She amazes me. Darnell Williams has even become more handsome as he has aged!

Unfortunately I can't say much about the writing.

Anonymous said...

I would have gone ON about the sets.. old and new!

PVH is modern now!! And did you notice that the staff all wear white?

OMG, the Pine Valley Inn is back! Does this mean that lunch will be fun again? Couples will spy one another across the diningroom. Deals will go down over scotch in the bar. And love will be made in the rooms upstairs. The Pine Valley Inn!! Thank GOD!!


Anonymous said...

Uh, the podcast isn't here...

Anonymous said...

I miss the podcast, hopefully it will be back next week! I totally agree about Jacob Young. What is he THINKING??? Long hair on guys is hard to do right, and he definately isn't pulling it off. Oye vey... At least the show is getting better, I hope Zach and Greenlee hook up, they have some fabulous chemistry.

Anonymous said...

Did the illness cause Greenlee to seize, or was it when RB realized she had to act against Aiden?

Debbie Morgan proves black don't crack! Prettier than ever. I love those dimples. Even bigger than Maurice Bernard's. Jessie has aged pretty well. Does anyone remember what the scar on his forehead is from?

Who was surprised Adam's ring for JR had a microphone chip in it?

The best part of the show are Angie, Jessie and Frankie. I am white and I missed the color on the show. More true to life. Mario Van Peebles sure is cute, too!

Anonymous said...

Three comments: First, Kendall must be Supermom. She runs a cosmetics company, takes care of a baby and toddler, boinks Aiden, searches for her missing husband, and STILL finds time to write a "journal" that is so compelling and well written, it's going to be published. Gag...

Second... JR what're you thinking? The locks are becoming a bit too feminine, the eyebrows are so over-plucked and shaped. He's starting to look like an attractive young lady, and so not a hunk.

Third, Angie girl, you are gorgeous and you've found the fountain of youth. How GREAT is it that Angie and Jesse are back. And this new Frankie really rocks it.

Miss ya Ashley!

Anonymous said...

This show is getting to be "All My Patients," rather than All My Children. They spend more time at the hospital than General Hospital! I'm glad Angie is back and gets to utilize her profession right off the bat, but at the same time, I'm getting a little sick of people being sick, or in an accident, or just plain nuts.

Ashley said...

I agree, Lucy. My *biggest* complaint is that there ain't no real suspense in Greenlee and Frankie being "deathly" ill. Do the writers really think we're scared that Greenlee will die? Rebecca just got back to AMC! Puh-leeze! And Frankie?! Fans would revolt if they killed Frankie. So we know that ain't nobody gonna die. Gimme a break!

Other than that, though, I'm lovin' the show. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Girlfriend!
Thanks for the plug and for telling the world how DUMB this book deal on AMC is. The "fast track" for February? Puh-leeze ! It would be hard to do that since the book distributors buy their books 4 months in advance!! ha! and yeah--where the heck is MY movie deal??? Check in early next week for a new Recap, 'kay? I am lovin' the return of Angie and Jesse, and what's funny is I didn't even like Angie back then. But I really like her now, dimples and all! Now as to how Jesse was an angel and took Jillian for a walk down Heaven's Hallway...but things are looking up for AMC. Last week was better than the entire last YEAR!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say -- I LOVE YOUR PODCAST!--on the air and in the blog-- Love it, love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ashley,

We PVP fans are an understanding bunch. We love ya ... as long as there's a podcast next week!

I think you'd have talked about how the extras are getting lines all over the place. I was shocked when a nurse had a line and then a doctor had two. Of course he had to fawn all over Angie. I agree with him (and you) wholeheartedly that she's the best thing going right now. I see her onscreen and she doesn't even have to do or say anything I just am happy with the show. She sure hasn't aged at all and while Jessie has some gray showing I still think he's gorgeous. Compared to what Tad looks like now! I'll say no more.

...But speaking of teletubbies, what's going on with Jacob Young? Everyone has mentioned his girlie hair (which I don't mind) but what's up with the expanding waistline? Is he trying to prove that he's really Tad's son after all?

The new rumor is that along with all the others, Sydney Penny got the axe too. That makes me mad because I love her and the character of Julia who hasn't gotten a fair shake in ages. Not since they killed Noah. How about bringing back Keith Hamilton Cobb?
I wish Julia got a real storyline and had a real romance or have something interesting happen in her life.

Am still loving Tim Miller and his portrayal of Richie. He's walking that fine line between being a psychopath and yet having that tender, needy, I-just-wanna-be-loved undertones. I do have hope that he can turn his crazy self around. If he killed Annie he'd be my hero and he could get on to the task of having hot sex with Babe.

Erica needs a new hairstylist. That big poof with the wispy bangs are too 80's to be retro. Time for a makeover Ms Kane. I think she's going to jail a la Martha Stewart. Maybe she'll meet a "sassy" hairstylist in the Big House and end up with cornrows to entice Mario Van Peebles. Has Erica ever had an interracial affair?

Love the show right now. I do, I do!

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley! Hope all is well with the technical problems. But I have an idea for you. On weeks when you are unable to get a podcast done, you should post old podcasts (if you still have them) .. like starting with the very first one. I think some of the newer viewers/listeners would love to hear what you guys had to say back then!
Just a thought!

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Luv you gurl!!!
OK, about the writers...The reason they went Fi-core is because of some loop hole, they can't be fired after the strike. ABC would have to honor there contract until the next "session" or whatever it's called. Brian Frons is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Hi, babies!

I wanted to comment on summin -- what's up with Kendall not wanting to leave the hospital to be with Greenlee? She couldn't stand to spend two minutes in the hospital with Ian. Where is Ian?

Miss you, Girlfriend!



Ashley said...

Dag! You people have outdone yourselves with your "Pine Valley Podcast" this week! I was cracking up, folks!

As for posting old eps, that's an awesome idea. I am still mising a few from when we first strated, and a few of you have sent some old ones... If you have any on your computer from June - July 2006, please, please, please let me know!

ash xo

Monica said...

I well up everytime I see Jesse or angie too, its like two long lost friends I have not seen in years!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the writers are the second to worst to Ms. McTavish. They are ruining a great couple like Zendall