Monday, February 18, 2008

How Many Really Know What Love Is?

  • Angie finally sees Jesse - alive - on a train to nowhere. (With that train going in reverse, thank goodness Angie makes it off the tracks alive to see him.)
  • Ryan finally realizes that Kendall is a way hotter catch than Blandie.
  • Fusion goes "Red" - and I'm red with embarassment at the shameless product promotion of a certain soup company. (It is keeping our little show alive, though...)
  • Note to Erica: People of color (and women) can do accounting, too.

I wanna know: in spite of silly haystacks and oddly classic train cars, were you hurtling tears as I was when Jesse and Angie saw each other for the first time? This and anything else you wanna talk about, you do it, here.

2/15/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

yes ashley i was CRYING!!! angie was AMAZING! even my husband was teary eyed! it was great! also.. did you see justin brueing on knight rider? he was great and he's gonna be beyond famous, i'm really happy for him. it's funny that knight rider was michael knight too, i thought that was kinda weird!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I must be heartless...I didn't cry at all and haven't cried for this show at any time recently...maybe Dixie's death but I'm not even sure of that. (My last known crying for a soap was Todd's "execution" on OLTL.) When Angie was crying kneeling on the train tracks, I started imagining, "Okay, now the next train rolls right over her...."

Either way, the show (at least this part of it) is better than it's been in years - and that's coming from someone who was born the year Jesse "died" and thus has no history with J&A. One thing I rolled my eyes at though - Angie fainting. It seems like every woman in existence faints on this show, and always at opportune times. But, I guess it's a TV show. Did anyone else notice that when Jesse went to buy his train ticket, Llanview was on the station list? Gotta love it. They should cross someone over between them again.

Kendall, making me mad since 2002. I have little experience here, but if this was Aidan's kid, that was two months ago...I don't think she would still look like a 98-pound twig. And yeah, 3 kids, 3 fathers. They do politically correct things like "heart-healthy" product placements and Julia's in-mansion clinic, but having 3 kids with 3 men is fine?

I'm a technology person, so, two notes on that front. Where does Adam get these audio bugs small enough to fit inside a ring, yet can run for days on one battery and can be heard all over town? And nitpicking slightly, Babe tries different grandchildren for least 4 times. Most computer systems lock you out after 3, or at least slow down, to once per 30 seconds, after that. Oh, I guess you could throw in Kendall's 1990s PDA for checking the calendar...but they do still sell stuff like that for 15 bucks in various stores. But I'm sure Kendall could afford better.

Okay, that's enough. Keep up the good work - and that goes to both AMC and the podcast!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ashley

I love your podcast, keep it up girlfriend. I just wanted to remind you that Erica Kane, the diva herself, has THREE kids by THREE different daddies. Just wanted to clarify that. Kendall can never be trailer trash. JMO! Love you and Jordan. I was crying like a baby with Angie and Jesse.....


Anonymous said...

Hey, Ashley/Jordan! great job as always!

as for the show, JnA's w/ Tad included, scenes were beautifully done! KUDOS to all especially the actors! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! y'all the only ones who are holding this together. now if only Cady/Dix was part of the package it would be perfection. i could just imagine 2 old school AMC super couples fighting side by side!*sigh*

OTOH, i really could have done without KWAK's involvement in all of it. i mean even though we got great scenes out of this. she just doesn't fit and i absolutely hated that Angie said to her that she's now her best friend! CONTRIVED!also how stupid was her plan? setting JnA up in public w/ danger lurking!!! given the fact that she knew that and now thanks to her JnA are will most likely be exposed! then much to my disappointment at the end, Tad. what the hell was that? it made no sense. i mean he knew why Jesse was doing this yet he started acting so careless towards the end and if that's not bad enough Jesse already knew of Angie's plans so why would Tad even try to trick him?! therefore, i came to the conclusion, it was to give the sucktastic pairing that is TWAK/Trystal some BS cosmic connection w/ having the same dumb plan...Give me a break! anyways as for the rest ZZZZzzzzz! don't care! all i have to say is Kendall take that damn test already!

as for Colby/Ambyr C. love her but sadly i read in one of the mags (SOW?) she might be on her way out! then the funny thing is a rep has confirmed that Leven R/Lily & Ava is actually staying even after her contract expires...GO Figure!

BTW, here's another scoop of who's involved in Jesse's disappearance. it's someone related (uncle) to a prominent/core character and connected to a real evil SOB from AMC's past! no wonder Jesse has been freaking out! heck i'm freaking out of what that could mean for characters and actors (could be a way for them to exit, you never know...serial killer/Satin Slayer s/l anyone? *shudder*). anyways not putting a direct link for those who don't want to know specifics because it's spoiled in the link but all you have to do is click where it says: Meet AMC's new villain!

to end thanks, very much appreciated! ;o)

Anonymous said...

oh yeah i almost forgot about location and the train. here's the info:

was filmed at the New Hope, Pa. train station. New Hope is a quaint historic town on the banks of the Delaware River (not far from the fictional town of Pine Valley) it is home to many antique and art shops, quaint and funky boutiques and restaurants. The train station is preserved as a tourist attraction, not connected to main commuter lines.

Anonymous said...

Okay Jordan, this is for you. "how to get the man's foot out of your ass", AKA "Badass" was actually a critically acclaimed film with an admittedly bad title. It was an homage to Mario's dad and a really good flick! Ash and Jordan, watch TPTB blow this. I just don't see Mr. VP sticking around long.

AMC seems to have a history, more than I've seen on other soaps, of hiring actors, giving them a few scenes, and then deciding they aren't working out. Bobby is still in the Martin's attic. Don't know if they ever explained Sydney's departure (Sydney who?). They never fleshed out Josh and Sean who are soon to be gone. What a waste of the Josh character.

OMG Ashley, ITA, the bit with Kendall pulling out that damned preg test every five minutes was so friggin' annoying. Yeah TIIC we get it. How lame. I know I'm in the minority here, but I just think Kendall is dumber than a bag of hammers and I can never buy her as a CEO of a successful company.

Debby and Darnell, you guys rule and - WOW - what chemistry. I had forgotten how much I love Jesse and Angie.

good work Podcasters, loved your show as always.

Anonymous said...

An earlier post got me thinking. Does anyone in PV have two children with the same father, besides Joe Martin? Lets take a look at parents, Pine Valley style:

Erica: Bianca, Kendall, Josh, all diff dads
Tad: Jamie, Jenny and Kate, diff moms
Adam: Hayley, JR, Colby and Claire (?) (deceased)- four diff moms
Zach: Ethan and Ian, diff moms
Opal: Tad and Petey, diff dads
Dixie: JR and Kate, diff dads
Kendall: Ian and Spike
Ryan: Emma and Spike
Krystal: Babe and Jenny, diff dads
Palmer: Nina, Petey, Ross, all diff dads

Those are the ones that popped into my brain. What did I miss?

Jordan, here's a chance for you to exercise your scary super powers of soap trivia.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, but can you really count La Lucci in there? I mean, she THOUGHT she aborted Josh, and Kendall was the result of a rape, so really, Bianca is her only child with a father that she planned.

Anonymous said...

in reply to an earlier post. When your 2 months pregnant it is usually impossible to tell by looking at the girl. Some people havent even found out at 2 months.

Anonymous said...

As far as different fathers go, here are some more:

Opal: Adrian, Tad, Jenny, Petey (3 fathers)

Brooke: Laura 1.0, Jamie (2 fathers)

Cliff: Bobby, Michael (or whatever the 2nd kid's name is) (2 mothers)

Greg Madden: possibly HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of children via surreptitious scientific methods

Vanessa Cortlandt: David, Leo, Trey (3 fathers)

Eric Kane: Erica, Mark, Silver (3 mothers)

Travis Montgomery: Bianca, Molly, Sean (2 mothers)

Tara: Charlie (aka Little Philip), Kelsey (aka Kate)

Anonymous said...

Jordan had mentioned Cliff and Nina having sex practically the second they saw each other after he was finally found in the Brazilian jungle (he had been thought to be dead). I just remembered that there's another aspect to that. Nina and MATT had just had sex in that same room and bed about a 1/2 hour before that -- I mean it was downright GROSS! There was, of course, then an ensuing who's-the-daddy storyline.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley/Jordan! I'm a new fan of your AMC podcast and I just had to say that I absolutely love it. I've been listening for the past couple of weeks and you guys have such great insight and are beyond hilarious. I also loved the Angie/Jesse scene and teared up when Angie started running after the train. Jordan, I really like your storyline ideas for Frankie and Jesse and Angie!

Anonymous said...

I know I'm in the minority here, BUT that scene with Angie screaming like a banshee JESSSEEEEE did not ring true for me. She truly believes the guy has been dead for 20+ years. Would she really be so sure that was Jesse on the train that she'd run after it screaming? I think a more appropriate reaction would have slightly less exuberant, more questioning. That scene would still have worked when Jesse got off the train and they finally saw each other. Minor gripe, but it bugged me.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree!
i don't think Angie should have freaked out that much. I mean, Jesse was dead for 20 years. And he wasn't even looking, she barely saw his face.


Anonymous said...

i agree with you guys about angie, i loved it and i was crying but still, it was over the top. the whole time she's been in pine valley she's been talking about missing jesse non stop which is a little ridiculous, after 20 years you don't have to keep bringing it up over and over again, it's like it just happened. a little ridiculous, but ashley trust me i love the storyline!