Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Return of the King

  • Jessie's back!
  • Ryan seems like his old self again.
  • Richie is still alive.
  • Blandie is still alive (unfortunately).
  • Erica is still alive, despite the fact that she donated a pint of blood to Greenlee. (I do think there is a weight minimum for donating blood, people.)

Lots of "ins" and "outs" folks! Jordan and I differed big-time on our wish-list of characters we wish would return to All My Children. Join in the converstion, and give us your picks, here.

2/01/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Podcast was fabulous this week. Thanks for the laughs!

Angie is just absolutely beautiful. I still think the writing is bad but don't care if she's in the scene! It makes the world of difference.

Agree SO much with you about Aidan. If I see him ring his hands one more time and cover his face trying to cry for Greenlee...I'm going to scream (or cry). I thought he was doing a good job with Sabine (they had some good chemistry) until the day after the bomb shelter and Greenlee died for the first time and he had to try to cry and 'his love' brought her back from the dead. THAT was absolutely horrible. I can't watch him anymore. The few scenes with Rebecca have been bad b/c of him, thank goodness she saved the scene but felt bad for her. TPTB just need to let him take off his shirt, stand in the background or foreground, and don't worry about giving him anything to say or do. I've read somewhere that he was supposed to be getting another big s/l...PLEASE PLEASE don't let this be true, people.

About Ryan...I have to say I just can't stand him because of the way he treated both Kendall and Greenlee. He was so abusive to both of them, mostly verbally and at times threatened them physically. I know overall he's supposed to be a good guy...but, come on, we don't need "heroes" that threaten women and I don't feel that's really been addressed.

Thanks again for a great podcast! And for letting me rant about Aidan and Ryan...

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley,

You and Encyclopedia Hudson are a hoot! I love his knowledge of the show and it's history.

I agree with the poster above about Ryan. He's cute and hunky but he has been boorish with both Kendall and Greenlee. Poor Cameron Matheson is not the best actor. Someone needs to sit him down and tell him that emotion and volume are two different things.

I know I've said it before but I'm on Richie's side. Am I all alone here? I'd be so fine with Annie getting killed so he can stay in Pine Valley. We always need a bad guy in town to stir things up.

Josh would make such a good pairing with Julia. They had a brief thing when he first came on the show and the two of them need a storyline in the worst way. I'd rather see them anyday than more of the sad sap Aidan saga.

Love the Angie/Jessie/Frankie scenes. They're keeping me tuned in for sure.

Love the show

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley!
First, I must say to Terry in Toronto, I totally agree about Ritchie!!! He's an interesting, sexy character, and I want him to be more complex than just a one-dimensional psychopath.

My secret wish is that he kills Blandie and gets away with it! It could work... how many times has Erica killed on the show?

I just ordered Charm from soapnet. Laugh if you want to, but I also rocked Enchantment perfume not that long ago.

Melissa U

Anonymous said...

Great podcast this week. I have resumed watching due to your persuasiveness. ABC should put a little box in the corner and run live "Encyclopedia Hudson" explanations and commentary. I think it'd be a big hit!

beatchik said...

Thank you for letting me know when it was safe to come back. While I had been away the show, I couldn't be away from you. Thank you for suffering so I didn't have to!

And by the way....I totally agree with you about Ritchie!

- Jen of San Diego

Anonymous said...

Wow, what is it about Darnell Williams! The minute he's on board, there is electricity and excitement in the air. He is da bomb for sure.

I agree w/ya'll, I love the new hospital set. Great podcast Ashley and Jordan.

Rebecca's return was underwhelming, and that is how it should be. She is settling in as "real" Greenlee again. Personally I am hoping for a Greenlee and Zach coupling. So sick of Kendall and Zach. Kendall is just terminally stupid.

just mho

Christine said...

Am I the only one who saw Ryan flash his butt crack on Friday's episode when he was in Greenlee's hospital room getting his history lesson?

And would someone PUL-EASE give Tad a box of "Just for Men" hair color - he's much too damn young and cute to look so old.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but Kendall and Zach is one of the hottest couples on the show

Robin C. said...

I got a chuckle out of the Mandingo references because, coincidentally, a very young Debbi Morgan had a role (Dite) IN the movie "Mandingo". Not only that, but she had a topless scene!

Robin C. said...

Yes, Christine, you did, indeed see Ryan's butt crack. I had missed it (which was easy to do if you blinked), so I retrieved it from my Tivo recycle bin and looked for it. Around 33-34 minutes in, there it was! For your viewing pleasure (or disgust, depending on your point of view), I put an 11-second slo-mo snippet of it on YouTube at:

Of if you prefer, you can see a still capture at:

Robin C. said...

Oops, looks like the comments don't handle longer URLs very well, so here is a link to the photo of Ryan's butt crack (I can't believe I'm going to all this effort over his puny ass, but IS fun :-).