Sunday, February 10, 2008

Love the One You're With

  • Ryan has forgotten Blandie, and wants to spend time with Kendall.
  • Blandie knows that Ryan doesn't want to spend time with her, so she spends time with Zach.
  • Zach worries that Kendall wants to spend time with Ryan, but Kendall is actually stuck on a plane with her unintentional paramour, Aidan.
  • Aidan doesn't seem to need to spend all that much time with Greenlee.
  • For someone who's so concerend about the danger his loved ones are in, Jesse sure is spending a lot of time around Angie and Frankie.
Taylor Crawford is back on the PVP this week, people! Give Taylor a PVP Shoutout (and perhaps your own PVP thoughts, too) here.

2/08/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Go figure, I am actually feeling sorry for Annie and I'm gonna be really pissed off when Ryan dumps her and goes sniffing after Kendall.

I think AMC is much improved, but still streaky. I had to FF through all the verbage between Ryan and Kendall and Greenlee. Way too many flashbacks also. Seen it already.

Welcome back Mr. Taylor Crawford. You are such a peach!

BELINDA said...

I had ALMOST forgotten how hilarious Taylor is! I love Jordan and Pedro, but it was quite a pleasant surprise to have Taylor co-hosting this week! The only thing that could have made his visit better would have been an impression of Josh for old times' sake!

On another note, am I the only person in the world who:

A) Has little or no trouble understanding Aidan? Although I DO think someone should tell him to slow it down a bit. But then, we wouldn't have Ashley's side-splitting Aidan impersonations, would we?!

B) DOESN'T want Kendall and Ryan back together? I would rather chew on broken glass than have these two reunited!

Anonymous said...

You are not the only one who would rather eat glass than Ryan and Kendall back together. Kendall has finally found her perfect match in Zach an real man who understands her.

Anonymous said...

The Return of the King indeed. If only I'd paid attention to Ashley's hint in last week's post. Taylor Crawford is the MAN! He and his humour hit the spot just like Zach and his ale rule Pine Valley.

Great show guys! I listened to it twice!

I didn't want Kendall to break up with Zach but now I see that's inevitable and I'm warming to the idea of him and Greens finding solace in each others arms. I'd even OK a Ryan and Kendall reunion if Richie gets to kill Annie or at least run her out of town. Why oh why is she still around but hottie Hannah goes off a cliff?! Where's the justice in Pine Valley?

Why is everyone acting as if they haven't seen Frankie since he was a kid. The character was on the show about six years ago as an adult played by the model Jason Olive. Am I the only one who remembers him? He was only on for a short time. This Frankie does look a lot more like Jessie.

I want more Opal! 21st Century Glamorama, and whatever happened to Josh? How about him and Julia having some heat? Josh and Opal even?

I can't wait for Erica's steamy scenes with Mario Van Peebles. ... and the commentary on PVP.

Show's on a roll, let's keep the momentum going.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Oh, add me to the list of people who'd rather eat glass than see a Ryan/Kendall reunion. I am so done with that b.s.

OTOH, I would be interested in seeing Zach and Greenlee give it a go. Theirs is a nice chemistry. Ryan and Kendall, no chemistry and they just end up being mean and idiotic (more so than usual).

I agree with Jordan - Bring Back Liza!


Anonymous said...

Taylor!! May I echo others' comments? You and Ashley together are so funny! You should go on the road.

As for AMC, I am loving the show these days! I especially love Zendall -hot hot hot! And I am dying over the fact that Zach will soon find out about Kendall's one night thing with Aidan. Ah! Why does my favorite couple have to pay for a horrible mistake by awful writers?

I think RB and Aidan are moving toward chemistry. Maybe they will stay together, and the triangle will by Ryan-Zach-Kendall? As long as Zendall comes out on top, I'm down.

Ryan with amnesia is too funny. There's the old jerk we used to love and hate.

Thanks for your hard work, Ashley and crew! Can't wait to listen this week!

Anonymous said...

Okay Ashley, Pedro, Jordan, Taylor, is there a place on the canvas for Annie if/when she and Ryan split? I think, at long last, she has grown on me and become an interesting character. MCE has been giving some nice, layered, performances lately. I like this current conflict but fear her days may be numbered. What do ya'll think?

Anonymous said...

I used to think that Annie was bland, now she bugs the heck out of me. I can't believe that she can't give Ryan any space to figure this out. She is in his face all of the a stalker. BTW, am I crazy, or when they were on their first date, did Ryan say excuse me SIR to the WAITRESS???

Unknown said...

Just want to chime in and say how delightful it was to hear Taylor this week. I laughed so hard during the bit about what issue Kendall's third baby would have (flipper arms!) that I almost had to pull over.

Can't wait to hear what you folks have to say about the pregnancy test that Kendall is having such a hard time keeping in her purse. She really needs a bag with a zipper. Or maybe even a luggage lock.

Anonymous said...

So good to have Taylor back this week!!
Not that I don't love Pedro and Jordan.
Does anyone know (spoiler-wise) if Kendall really is pregnant? Because if she is I don't think I can take another "Bring me my baaaaaybaaayyss storyline.