Sunday, February 24, 2008

We've Got Tonight...

  • Jesse and Angie make love, but not future plans, as Jesse insists he has to leave Pine Valley for good.
  • Babe and J.R. make love, numerous times, as Richie makes more evil plans. (This one makes Libidozone and poisonous pancakes look like child's play, people.)
  • Greenlee and Aidan make love, but thank goodness we don't have to see it.
  • Erica makes money, and a new enemy in Samuel Woods, who locks her up for insider trading.

This week on the podcast, I asked Pedro this question and now I'll ask you: for those of y'all who weren't around when Jesse and Angie fell in love twenty years ago, are you as moved by their storyline as those of us who were? Discuss this, and anything else your little heart desires, here.

2/22/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

I didn't watch 10 years ago and I love this story. The passion is amazing.

Was there a sale on short sleeved turtle necks somewhere in NYC? Angie was wearing an off white one at the cabin and Annie was wearing the same one in green when Spike's implants were switched on. I don't find these tops flattering at all.

Anonymous said...

Oops. I meant 20 years ago.

BELINDA said...

I wasn't a viewer during A & J's initial run and I can honestly say they're one of the few reasons I'm currently watching AMC!

Anonymous said...

I already answered this week's question last week, so I'll skip it.

Jesse putting off telling anybody who's after him is so typical for an AMC plot that I didn't even notice. Haha! I'm not too concerned about it though, because I have a hunch about something else.

Remember that Jesse said that someone tried to kill and bury him, but he killed the guy and ran off instead? I think (and I have no sources, I'm just guessing) that this guy is Remmy, aka, Sticks from the bomb shelter. Buried in the middle of nowhere, guy knew Jesse after Jesse comes out of hiding (whenever that may be), he'll be tried for murdering this guy. And Angie dated him once! I love this idea. Generally on these shows, if a character tells a story of some past event, it must have some relevance, else it wouldn't be on the show.

I don't have much else this week, except...Vanessa the drug lord, was called *Proteus*. And, I fast-forwarded through all the sex scenes this week. I love my VCR!

Christine said...
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Christine said...

Does Tad have SORAS? He looks even older this week, and has more grey hair than last week.

He's too good looking to look so damn old.

Anonymous said...

I'm an old viewer of AMC and I loved Jesse and Angie the first time around. I'm loving them more now. They are older, they have more depth, and Debbi Morgan and Darnell Wms are just awesome actors. And the actor playing Frankie, Damn, he is good and he looks like he could be their son. This is the first time in so long that I am actually reading good things from the fans about AMC, here and elsewhere. Don't blow it writers!

PVpodcast fan

Anonymous said...

I started watching AMC right around the time Jesse died. My mom was a fan. Over time she stopped watching and I have watched ever since.

Since my mom heard Angie and Jessewere coming back she has called me to sit down and explain all the ins and outs of Pine Valley for the last 20 years! (talk about alot of catching uo LOL)

We are convinced that Jesse's I DON'T KNOW answers are his way of not telling Angie that what the people wanted to know is something that has to do with her. (but, hey I could be wrong it is a soap)

I have to say I am loving Pine Valley these days it has finaly gotten back to what AMC used to be.

I just want to see them give Josh and Amanda something to do I am so tired of them being underused. It is such a waste.

P.S. Loved the podcast this week but let Peter be Peter if it makes him happy LOL ;)


Anonymous said...

FYI: the link on the first page of the site say "Cick" instead of "Click" ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Talk about Sex in the City!
What's going one in Pine Valley?
Pole dancing! Judging by the previews it looks like 3 women are going to fling themselves on Ryan!
Can't wait to hear your next podcast. Something freaky is going on!

Anonymous said...

I'm a recent viewer. just started watching in 2007 and I'm not gonna lie, Jessie and Angie bore me to death, but i LOVE Frankie!!!!!

also, i think some of the fusion girls were made to look awkward on the runway intentally, like Colby and Corinna because that would be in character for them, IMO.

I'm also LOVIN Annie, she kicked Ryan to the CURB and she is growing a backbone. I've always liked her but now she one of my favorites and I love her scenes with Zach. MCE is doing a great job and knocking it outta the park!!!

but one thing that is really getting on my nerves is Kendall and Adian, i just want them outed so we can stop hearing about it!!!

Ashley, i was wondering of what you thought of the recent fusion scenes, are we finally seeing the real Annie come out and not the stepford one, do you think that there is going to be a history rewrite and Annie will turn out to be psycho to make room for rylee 2.0... just wondering because things are about to get interesting.

Ashley said...

i dunno. i'm kinda on the other side of this one. i think Blandie's (and yes, i'm still calling her Blandie) "change of life" is coming a little too late for me. i almost see it as kind of a sad attempt to invigorate a character who is quickly falling to the back-burner.

i also *hated* the fusion pole-dancing scenes. i thought about my girl, cady mcclain, when she wrote on her blog that the majority of people who watch soaps are women, so why should we have to witness them as weak, powerless, vindicative, etc. (she was referring to how ATWT turned the great rosanna character freakin' crazy.) i thought about this as the girls were stripping and gyrating on the pole. WTF???? it's EMPOWERING for a woman to strip in front of other women? i know when i wanna let off some steam, i rip off my clothes for my girlfriends and gyrate around a pole!!! (not.) i have a feeling i'm in the minority, but i was annoyed. it felt, i dunno, icky.

i also think that Blandie may have actually done the wrong thing by kicking Ryan out. she needs to fight for that man! i can't imagine if my man lost his memory just kicking him out after 2 weeks! she might as well ESCORT him to greenlee or kendall!


on a positive note, :)i do find all of these developments interesting. and while i found the JR bone marrow kidnapping COMPLETELY ridic and over-the-top, i'm for some reason enjoying how it's playing out.


Anonymous said...

Who was the guy who was trying to pick up Annie today. He looks so familar but I can't place him.

Anonymous said...

Ashley I totally agree with you. I couldn't even watch the poll dancing scenes, I had to change the channel a few times. I can't believe they made such a big deal out of it with all those commercials. It wasn't like it was a big event or anything.. it was just.. weird. I know that they have to have little filler storylines about parties and other events (the campbells thing), but I think they should just stick to the real stories.. I mean, not everyone can have a guy from DWTS just fly in and teach them how to pole dance. JMO.

I don't really like the whole Richie kidnapping JR thing. First of all, where were they when he put JR in that bag?? It did not like like PVH and I was really confused. I'm not really a fan of Richie, he needs to go.

Love the podcast! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Well remember to drink your V8 fusion while you listen to love affiar and read charm while watching dancing with the stars... Seriously there should be a quota on endorcements

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley and Pedro!

well let's start w/ the love scenes...didn't like any of them either, partially for different reasons than yours. w/ NuBabe and JR, not only do they not have chem but i kept wondering who was the girl. JY i love you but cut the hair. i thought NuBabe was w/ Zoe. onto JnA okay first off i didn't see them in their initial run because i wasn't even born yet but yeah i'm liking them. however, i have seen clips of them so i am familiar w/ their history/love. even of Angie and DW's doppelganger Jacob and man were they hot! but sadly for me, TIMES HAVE DEFINITELY CHANGED and well i was glad the love scenes were chopped up(IMO there's an obvious reason as to why that was done, like them and all but still, just saying.)...heck they still showed too much as far as my eyes go! really glad they showed the flashbacks in between, that helped. in the minority i know but hey "different strokes for different folks", right.

side note keep Tad in that orbit..get him away from those Careys indefinitely. this is where he belongs/needs to be in order to shine! finally i could watch him again. the Tad i love is slowly emerging and i'm glad to almost have him back. i say almost because he needs his Dixie (the only one who could bring the light into his eyes and his heart in one fell swoop)...plain and simple!

now let's discuss Frankie and how it seems he never came to PV before this year. at least the writers haven't brought it up. reason i say this is because didn't Frankie have a kid w/ Mia who then gave him up for adoption? not to mention Greelee, Kendall, and i think Aiden should know him too. yet they don't? i guess we have to ignore those facts like others. anyways, the Colby scenes w/ him this week were fabulous but i don't want anything to happen romantically between them...i'd like for a Jenny and Jesse part 2 type of friendship to happen between them in the long run. although at first it's starting like their own respective parents' relationship...combative! she thinks he's a jerk and he did come off that way. LOL

okay so moving on, the rest boring, name it!

however, the strip pole crap was appalling, humiliating and offensive. i feel for those actresses and believe me Ashley as far as the women go, you're not in the minority and we are already being vocal about that (the problem Cady mentioned...the disrespect towards women in general) especially w/ what they did to Kendall today...almost getting raped. stop victimizing women on soaps,'re one sick BASTARD!

oh yeah and sadly those stupid pole scenes are not over....
****Spoiler Alert****
an unexpected character(when i say unexpected, it's UNEXPECTED! not joking and not a woman), it seems will take a turn and i can't believe that character ever would. goes against that character's personality...RIDICULOUS!!!

oh well that's AMC PV now a days for you...a pathetic shell of it's former self!

lastly as always you guys rock, very much appreciated!;-)

Anonymous said...

I just looked up the cast list of the CITY and it looks like Frankie was the same age back then (13 years ago) as he is now? I love having this family back on the show, but I really don't want the writers to completely ignore this families history.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen The City, but Frankie must have been aged on that show. The current AMC Frankie is about the right age given the normal passage of time.

Anonymous said...

Angie and Jessie are the only good thing going on.

And the pole dancing by the women of Fusion...I know at the jobs I've had, my boss had us team build by learning pole dancing instead of doing a "ropes" course, NOT! Can you say sexual harrasment lawsuit? I was insulted by this; yet another way to demoralize and subjugate women. I want to see women on soaps doing what Angie did - putting herself through med school, or even like Opal - doing hair to support herself and then opening her own Glamorama chain. I want to see women just being strong women with REAL jobs/careers...journalism like Brooke, business like Barbara (first go round), or even Marian when she sold real estate. Strong women with personality and more than one dimensional characters.