Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Wedding, a Funeral and a Heavenly Reunion

  • Tad and Dixie reunite - in heaven. (Ugh. I mean, it's nice and all, but c'mon, folks! It's not for real.)
  • Greenlee finds out that Aidumb cheated on her with Kendall, and proves she's an actress worth her weight in Emmy. (The woman cries over Aidumb daily. That's talent!)
  • Colby and Dre continue to amaze with their sparkling dialogue and compelling storylines.
  • And on a serious note: our Mini-hands Julia dies this week, and we will truly miss the gem that is our shining Sydney Penny.
In my recent absence, y'all have kept this little blog here abuzz with ass-toot observations and witty banter. And there's oh-so-much more to discuss! Charles Pratt hired, Beth Ehlers chumped, Leven Rambin dumped, not to mention the mourning of the loss of another fine actress from the show. Keep on discussin', folks, here.

5/30/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Why do my eyes glaze over when Colby and Dre are on screen? And I gotta tell ya, I did not like Friday's episode. It felt like TIIC were tying a neat little bow around Tad and Dixie's relationship and throwing the T&D fans a tiny little dried up bone.

Adam and JR had some great moments. Two great actors. JR really moved me and that almost never happens, but he really sold those scenes.

Yes the wedding in the round was nice but having backup dancers at a wedding? Come on now. That was lame. This was J & A's day. Would they really want dancers stealing their show? That seemed very weird, no?

So what are you saying Ashley. Beth Ehlers is not coming to PV at all? I haven't heard anything about that.

Brown Penny

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley and Jordan

if ABC can afford Timbaland, Life house, Missy Elloit, and Snoop Dogg for OLTL, why not Alicia Keys for AMC

Just Wondering

and is Annie going crazy or what, she is my favorite character, but lately im thinking she is just as insane as her brother!!!

and the Bugs name was Gwendolyn lol

Laura said...

Why is nobody letting Brooke know about Tad!! WTF

Anonymous said...

You Know what would have been great, if the FABULOUS Janet From Another Planet aided in Adams escape from oak haven

which reminds me... WHERE THE HELL IS AMANDA (we got josh at least)

Anonymous said...

Well, if the first floor was a casino then im guessing the wedding was in a penthouse or a luxury floor with then hotel under it explaining the flights of stairs to get up to the roof and the fact that they had to go up from the hotel suites to go through the wedding

but i dont know for sure

Anonymous said...

Sorry for all my comments

but with Tad seeing ghost Dixie...

didn't Tad see ghost Jessie during the PV tornado (and wasnt jesse a organ doner)

maybe its s sign she will return

Anonymous said...

im posting as i listen to the podcast

and THANK YOU for defending Annie, MCE can act, she is great (although i still dont find her bland, and when she found out Julia died, she (like every other person in those scenes) were able to show all their emotions on there face without speaking

though i am PISSED Julia is dead

but for annie, they need to stop destroying her character... move her out of the Sextet orbit and get rid of her desperate need for ryan

they should put her with Josh, have her become friends with Amanda or even put her with JR (they have a lot in common: Ritchie hate, odd relationships with their parents, young kids, misunderstood)

remember when Annie was friends with Julia and Di and smitten with Ryan, that was SO much better then her being "friends" with Kendall and Greenlee and being obsessed with Ryan

Anonymous said...

Terrific podcast, Ashley & Jordan! Pedro and Taylor are great, but you two have got incredible chemistry. Lovin' the way you play off each other.

Finally today Dixie reminded Tad about Jenny. Although I enjoyed last week's what could have beeen scenes with Tad and Dixie and I could understand why JR and Jamie might not have been mentioned in them, I couldn't help wonder what the heck happened to Jenny. I guess she would not have existed had things played out between T & D as they did in these scenes. Is that the logic?

Even though he had only one line today, I LOVED the scene with Palmer and Opal. When he took her hand, Jill Larson said so much without saying anything! Wonderful, wonderful! Thank you to TPTB for not letting Opal die and to people like Ashley and Jordan for stirring up some fan opposition to this plan.

Anonymous said...


do you have any more inside information for us

is NuColby going to get better??

Love the podcast!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the podcast! You guys have me cracking up on the 5 train every Monday. But Jordan, you have to work on your how you doin, yours sounds like Joey on Friends LOL

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Ashley's Ricky Paull Goldin (however he spells it)loooove. He's quickly becoming my favorite, he's so good. And a Josh sighting today! Banner day in Pine Valley.

Anonymous said...

Is it jut me, or did Spike's "Happy Birthday" serenade come off more like a funeral march? Poor thing! I have a feeling he's not getting ANY of that huge cake!

Becky :)

Anonymous said...

Well we know Kendall isn't going to eat any birthday cake either!

Hey Ashley, you were calling for a hot pairing for Josh to spice things up. How about a Josh and Jake couple ... except they would have to explain that Josh really is a Madden and not Safari Jeff's son to remove the creepy incest factor. Hey, I'm out on a limb here because the lazy writers have pushed me to the limit. The current characters are still ripe with promise and they ignore them (Josh, Amamda) or kill them off (Julia, Dixie) to bring on new characters that we don't care about. Oy Vey!

Do you think the end is near for Pine Valley?

Terry in Toronto

Unknown said...

I just walked by a tv here at work and it was showing tomorrow's (wed) scenes and I saw Ryan and said to myself "oh yeah, I forgot he's on the show." Interesting?

jordan hudson said...

Okay I will say this. I still think the writing is uneven.

Bad choice to mix storylines. All I wanted to do was fast forward to The Tad/Dixie/Krystal/Adam stuff.

I cried like a beeyotch. I was doing it the Jesse "Manly" Hubbard way Ashley don't worry.

The whole gang involved in the tad & dixie storyline thank you for showing how powerful , talented, and great you and our beloved show can be.

James Mitchel and Jill Larson one scene with a few lines more powerful then all of last year under Megan Mctavish.

RPG with Lee as Ruth OMG loved them wanted more.

Bobbie Eakes must be emotionaly drained.

Jacob Young giving the best work of his carrer these last few episodes. and on and on even Katehy was amazing.

Sadly I'm with you Terry. I feel like Frons wants these shows gone.

For those of you icthing for some real 100% proof old school daytime Drama. You are missing out if your not letting the DVR flow over another hour.

My hats off to Ron C. and Frank V. at OLTL. Guys, every day this show is a must watch. Today was a Monday episode and it felt like a Friday. And this is just the beginning. Wait to you see what spirals from today's epsiode. Guess what it's June. Sweeps ended last week. See they understand with a soap every day is a Friday and sweeps month. You have to be on all the time to keep fans tunning in. Today Dorian made Adam seem like Mother Teresa. Hello Llanview.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys great podcast. Although, I wish you would have talked a little bit more about what you guys thought of the Tad and Dixie scenes.
Personally, they just made me even angrier about this whole "righting a wrong" thing with Megan McTavish and whatever. I don't think this is what T&D fans want. It's not satisfying anyone. What I think would be good is if they brought Dixie back and showed the whole thing with them finding the adoption paper and then figuring out a way to tell Kathy that she was really T&D's daughter. There would be some great scenes between MEK and CM, and that little girl is soo cute, she looks exactly like Dixie.

I was thinking about this: Dixie could just be in a coma somewhere with David Hayward and these scenes that we have been seeing are just their 2 spirits meeting up. And since Jake was in a coma, that too could be the explanation. For Adam, the explanation could just be that it is his imagination.

Really, I'll take ANYTHING. I mean after all, Colby is only supposed to be nine, and JR is only supposed to be 19. If we can believe that, then we can believe anything. Just get Cady back on the show!


Anonymous said...

I finally realized after bawling my eyes out at the Tad & Dixie astral reunion that what really got me devoted to the show and keeps me devoted is the love stories. .. the TRUE LOVE stories like Greg & Jenny, Angie & Jesse, Tad & Dixie and even Adam & Krystal. That's what fills my heart (and tear ducts) and not the Scooby gang storylines, or the Evil Diamond hunter/CIA torturer plots, definitely NOT Satin Slayer capers or the bedhopping twenty something's shenanigans. When will the writers and producers get it. What made soaps a genre to be reckoned with is the stories of great love that can withstand any challenge or pitfall. It's the love that we want to see, not pole dancing, not senseless shooting, not teen boy bands, and definitely not "pretty" actors who can't act their way out of a paper bag even if it was ripped wide open. Kate and Emma do a better job at creating believable characters than NuColby does. Palmer and Opal were more powerful in one minute without words than Annie and Ryan have been all year. Where is Myrtle to show in one look or pat the power of her true love for Zach? Yes folks, true love doesn't have to be sexual. Even Adam and his love for his kids demonstrates what I'm talking about. .... Respect the power of true love, real love, mature love and the viewers will respect All My Children by watching.

Terry in Toronto

jordan hudson said...

Terry I love you and your preaching to the choir here.

I told Ashley this week the night before taping the podcast I was on you tube watching old scenes of AMC. Thank god for you tube.

Yet it just made my heart break because I don't understand why they just don't get it.

I thought we expressed how we felt about those scenes in our opening. While we both agreed that you cant go wrong watching the magic that is Tad and Dixie. And while today and Monday's episode was incredible. I cried when tad found about Julia and Kathy being Kate. When everyone got on Adam. When JR was with tad and then disowned Adam while all of this was heart wrenching and entertaining......Dixie should be there. And while in real life we could not bring her back....this is a Soap Opera, a TV show, where anything is possible. So unlike reality we can bend the rules at times and if ever it called for it this is it.

Bring Back Cady Mclain as Dixie and right a wrong. If they could do it in the first Superman Movie and Dallas we can do it here.

Anonymous said...

Okay, this just chaffed my a$$ yesterday. I was watching the big Kathy/Kate reveal and it was just as I predicted. Everyone immediately forgets their joy at discovering Tad's lost child and they all launch into self righteous tirades at Adam. Now I must admit, after the SOS I hit the FF button, so I might have missed it, BUT did Adam ever remind Tad and anyone else within earshot, that Tad screwed Adam's wife and got her pregnant and broke up his marriage? Karma's a bee-ouch Tad. Adam was just getting even in the best way he could. Sorry, but I just get sick of Tad's self righteous behavior. He's always so eager to point the finger at others, and he never engages in a moment of introspection. Ugh!

Oh, and Kendall, for gosh sake, get over the Greenlee thing. I am sick of hearing her whine about how she has to fix her friendship with Greenlee. Who gives a rat's butt?

And finally, Ashley, you can't have RPG Jake, he's MINE! Drool...

Anonymous said...

Damn! Terry in Toronto, you just summed up perfectly what I have thought about AMC for years! I felt the same way about the Palmer/Opal scene being so evocative of genuine emotion. I could actually feel the love between those two when Palmer put his hand on hers. What we get is style over substance and what we want is substance, TPTB, SUBSTANCE!

As good as AMC is right now, there are times when I just have to shake my head in amazement at some of the bad casting choices (I still can't get over replacing Ambyr Childers), some of the bad stories.

Excellent post girlfriend.

Brown Penny

jordan hudson said...

Oh did they mess up. Today when Erica let Adam have it for what he did, He said "Your Erica Kane you have done worse." or somthing to that effect. She told Adam not like this. Except Erica did keep Maddie away from Maria for months and went to jail for it hmmmmmmmm. Kettle meet pot

Unknown said...

I just wanted to take a moment to say that I LOVE YOU GUYS! Keep up the good work.

Oh -- I would love to be in the middle of a Josh-Jake sammich! mmmm-mmmm-mmmm!

Hugs and kisses!


Anonymous said...

After Monday and Tuesday's episodes:

"Blast it, woman!" I love when Adam says that. It's so Pigeon Hollow.

Isn't it amazing how quickly RPG is slipping into the role of Jake? It's like he's been there all along.

MEK is pulling in Emmy work here. And it's so subtle, no over-the-top snot-crying, "Give her the d--- shot!" stuff either.

Budig is doing some swell work here too. She is always so great with the comebacks and barbs.

I also love the subtle work consistently from Thorsten Kaye. I was NOT a fan of Kaye when he first came on; I'm not a fan of brooding. In my mind, no one broods like Edmund Grey (LOL). Nevertheless, at Spike's b-day, his work was effortless and he shows he has chemistry with all the young ladies, even...dare I say it...Blandie? I think you can tell when Kaye enjoys the work he's doing, and right now he seems to be having a good time. ANd the man EATS! I love watching Zak eat. I remember for a few weeks, back when McTrashit was still writing, Zak was always eating something in all his scenes, and unlike his bony wife (sorry Minshew, luvya!) he enjoys his on-screen eating. (Which leads me to one of my fave recent AMC moments when Greenlee looked into Kendall's empty fridge and said, "Geez, Kendall, eat a cookie or something.") I digress...

How cute is baby Ian?

And then there's that moment between two people...when Palmer reached over and put his hand over Opal's, my heart simply melted. People, this is where I came in at. I started watching AMC because this eccentric character named Opal trying to snag rich stuffy Palmer Courtlandt kept my eyes glued to the screen, and then the rest fell together from there.

I know B&E are on their way out, but I have to give them props for using the vets so wisely over these past weeks. They have been a treasure, and I hope Frons realizes this; I hopes the fans are tuning it so the ratings are increasing. This is what they listen to. I certainly hope this type of thing is not out the door with our new headwriter. Rumblings are making me worry. B&E have me CARING, and even tearing up, and that's not something I've done with AMC in a LONG time.

crs 17

Anonymous said...

You've hit it on the head Arizonagal about Tad becoming so incredibly self-serving. I was so disgusted at Krystal and JR (of all people to throw stones!) for getting on Adam's case. Better late than never I say. He didn't have to bring Katethy to Tad EVER. He could have taken the secret to his grave. Instead of thanking him for doing a good thing they're focusing on the time it took him. Hell if JR wasn't forgiven every other month for some misdeed or other he would have been run out of town by now.

Soap Opera Digest revealed that Billy Miller and Richie are history. I'm going to miss him. I wonder is JR going to kill him? JR's crazy/drunk/badass act is wearing thin.

RPG is great! He's doing amazing things with the character and putting JR in his place was perfect. Been a long time coming. I didn't watch him on the other soap and have taken to him in a flash. Real manhood is returning to Pine Valley and Zach and his cojones no longer stand alone. Not a moment too soon.

Loved Blandie crossing the Pine Valley city limits into Llanview for her fertility clinic appointment. Sneaky little Blandie.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Former JR, Jesse McCartney is #1 this week on the billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart with the remixes of his single Leavin'

Terry in Toronto

Ericka said...

I just listened to your recent podcast and it was brilliant as usual. There were two things that you all didn't know about and you've probably already figured this out but anyway 1) The 4th in the helicoptor was a paramedic. He was also on the ground working on Tad. He came in with the police. 2) For all intensive purposes, Julia was Kathy's mom. She adopted her. But the reason why Julia didn't want Kathy to come to the hospital is because she said she brought Kathy there when her mom died, she didn't want to put that little girl through that again. Kathy does know that her adoptive parents were dead, Julia told her way back when that they went to heaven. I don't know if she knows she's adopted though. I was never clear of that.

Again thanks for the wonderful podcasts!!! Gotta watch Jessica on OLTL go crazy over Nash.

Hear ya later!!

Anonymous said...

Comments on Wednesday's epi:


(Can Opal and Krystal go home and change clothes already?)


Anonymous said...

Hey, you two (4?), have you listened to Mimi Torchin's podcast over on Daytime Confidential yet? Great stuff on the state of the soap industry, as it were. She talks about the lack of respect for fans, the egregious error soaps have made focusing on teenybopper characters, and the horrific "undoing" of Erica's historical abortion. It's over an hour of juicy gooood stuff. Hope this woman works again soon.

Also, what I just love about the place is the respect WE HAVE for one another. Even when we disagree, (like Jordan did with me on this week's podcast) we always do so very respectfully. I believe we are the intelligent fans Torchin refers to in her interview.

crs 17

Ashley said...

Hi CRS! (Maybe one day you'll share what the CRS stands for? :) We LOVED the Mimi Torchin interview! We plugged it on this week's podcast, actually, and we thought she was talking about us, too!!! Great minds think alike, I guess!

Ash xo

PS -- I'm kinda likin' the slow pace of these past two eppys - and I dig the Jackie Kennedy tribute (having Krystal and Opal wearing the same clothes they were wearing when Tad was shot). I DO think, though, it seems oddly anti-climactic to have Tad in a hospital bed when he should be getting to know his daughter. I wouldn't be able to sit still if I knew my long-lost kid was alive. MEK's work is still amazing, though.

Anonymous said...

So Ryan thought he had a vasectomy and he didn't? I don't mean to be indelicate here but wouldn't he be awake during this procedure? Wouldn't he have some after surgery discomfort and swollen, er... areas? How exactly does one fake a vasectomy? I don't get this. I FF through a lot of the show, so maybe I missed the explanations. The surgeon, was he a doctor or not? Plus, after a vasectomy, don't ya have to go back and get a sperm count?

I think the show has been great lately, but these little plot devices with holes big enough to drive a semi through, really drive me nuts. Still, not as bad as Erica's unabortion.

Bottom line, AMC works best when TPTB respect the intelligence of their audience.

Ericka said...

Friday's Episode

Okay, I've been hearing on the podcast that Soapnet doesn't show soaps anymore. Is that really true?? I hardly watch Soapnet b/c I'm home during the day to catch it on ABC. Today, the soaps aren't going to play because of the Detroit Red Wings parade and rally so I'll miss it :-( I don't know if it will show at 1am (I hope so). So I'll be checking back here to read what happened.


Ashley said...

Hi Ericka -- the idea that "Soapnet doesn't show soaps anymore" is a bit of an exaggeration on our part. :)

Jordan is commenting (correctly) that a lot of the "filler" stuff on Soapnet isn't really about soaps. TPTB at Soapnet (read: Brian Frons) have made it clear that they think soaps are on the way out, which is why Soapnet has been adding lots of Jason Priestley "Movie of the Week" type-stuff and less of the daytime soap-centric stuff we love.

However, you can still catch AMC, GH, and OLTL as well as a few others (Days, I think?) at night, late at night, and early in the morning, and I think they are still doing the week of shows in the weekend.

I also discovered, and for a $5/month charge, you can watch all eppys of the ABC shows online, and you can even download them, too.

No need to miss Dr. Jake in action, Ericka!!! (I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy!)

Ash xo

Unknown said...

Will someone please tell mewhen the Greenley pity party will end cause it is getting on my last nerve. So what they slept together. You took Ryan away from her and you took her kid. You are no saint why is she all of a sudden the angel. Please make it stop make it stop.

Anonymous said...

I love how when Adam told Erica that he had been seeing Dixie she goes, "what is she alive again?"
Hey, if Erica can believe it, so can we all!

Anonymous said...


Having some knowledge of I would say you are correct in your assessment. Perhaps even as-toot. You are awake during the entire thing and afterwards there is...well...funniness (it's not pain, just strangeness), and yes, you must go back and check to be sure "it took" as it were. So, yes, Mack-truck-eighteen-wheeler pothole here.

And now that I've given a little TMI, I'm going to leave it up to Ashley, Jordan (whose Soap Syclopedia Self might figure it out), and the rest of the blog (should they choose to ax-cept) to determine what my handle (CRS 17) is all about. I've already revealed how I came to be a fan of AMC in this blog. My handle has something to do with AMC and how I came to be a fan. It's obscure, but something that has stuck in my mind for years. Think Libidizone in a way.

crs 17

P.S. Love the "Jackie Kennedy" idea, Ashley. Very as-toot!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, CRS 17. Does CRS mean casual revenge sex? This is too hard. We need more clues! I love a puzzle, but throw me a bone here.

Ash and Jordan, why were the headwriters fired? I thought they were doing a great job. Have the ratings improved?

B Penny

Anonymous said...


Why would Dr. Joe Martin be at Confusion? He looked so out-of-place there. And what was up with Jake's sweater? Was he trying out for Mr. Rogers? Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to Friday to see if Ms. Greenlee snags her some Jake.

MEK has so much Emmy material here, but unfortunately, he will be overlooked because (a) it's too early for next year's Emmys and (b) the way Emmy voters overlook the good in AMC, because there's a lot of not-so-good and (c) the Emmys would rather see hysterical snot-crying than the subtle work MEK is bringing. So much going on that was not being said nor on the page between MEK and DC that brings a lot of depth to the scene.

I have a feeling our podcasters are going to feel it's phony, but I thought the Kendall and Greenlee interview with the magazine by speakerphone was a somewhat clever and fresh way of having them argue. RB was so great in those scenes. Like you all, I'm a little tired of this, and I'm hoping they go in an Erica/Brooke rivalry direction here, since that is no longer a part of AMC.

OMG! Why did it take turning her into a hooker to breathe some LIFE into Babe 2.0? She looked GOOD too. (I've never really had a thing for blondes.)

crs 17

ps. brown penny, look earlier in the blog comments as to how I came to AMC. It has to do with two characters who are still with us, but not on screen as much. Not Casual Revenge Sex. LOL.

Anonymous said...

d, I agree with you! Man, I love Rebecca Budig, but the Greenlee pity party needs to end. I am just bored to tears watching her boo hoo on the shoulder of every man in Pine Valley. Please, TPTB, make Kendall and Greenlee enemies again! Have Kendall revive Enchantment and take on Fusion, her former company.

On the bright side, how believable were the two relationship talks on today's show?

Although I question why Tad and Krystal were having their conversation in the hospital (couldn't it've waited?), I was so believing them! And I so felt for Krystal: what a decision to have to make, and she doesn't want to make it. Wonderful, wonderful stuff...

And the Zach/Kendall argument was so real, too! The writing was excellent: true to the characters, and for a purpose. They obviously have a lot of work to do to restore trust in their relationship. It ripped my heart out to see them fight, but of course this is what we want from our story. As you say, Ashley and Jordan, keep the story lines simple and real.

I can't wait for this week's podcast!

Becky :)

Anonymous said...

Where do I begin with the holes in the babe-as-a-hooker plotline? There're more holes than story! First off if Trina was a real hooker and found some newbie on her turf she would either beat or cut Babe or both. She would never take Babe under her wing immediately and wouldn't be promoting fresh meat to her pimp. That's a classic reason to lose her position in the pecking order and status on the totem pole ... so to speak. I'm glad that when the John ripped Babe's top off to reveal the red bra underneath it didn't turn into a Janet Jackson style nipplegate scandal. ... although that would have been more interesting than the rest of that story.

Loved Loved LOVED Amamda telling off the guy who tried to pick her up. Why oh why don't TPTB come to their senses and give Amamda and Josh a storyline involving steamy love scenes? Can astoot person splain me that?

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...


Yay! Amanda! I know she's going, but let's get this girl on screen as much as possible. She was so good Friday. My fave Amanda moment? I think Annie and SS-Greenlee were cat-fighting in the lobby of Fusion and Amanda was yelling, "Get her hair, Annie, get her hair!" You knew it was completely ad-libbed but it was funnier than hades when AMC was down the tubes.

And I loved Greenlee getting wasted with her men. In the flashes for Monday, it looked like she took one of them to bed, but you know she's getting a massage. LOL, let's hope she's getting it from Erica's Sven, YAH! On the other side of this story, I'm tired of Kendall whining about being Greenlee's friend; I'd walk out if I were Zach too. LOL!

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a week. I loved that scene between J.R. and Jake, when Jake says that he's been gone a while, and the same cycles just keep repeating. Amen to that! I am so sick of the "sextet" that is Kendall, Zach, Greenlee, Ryan, Annie, and Aidumb. Although hopefully Aidumb is now out of the picture. So boring.

d, I completely agree about the Greenlee pity party. UMMMM, didn't she DRIVE SPIKE OFF A CLIFF????? While I don't condone what Kendall and Aiden did, please, it was a mistake.

I was so relieved that Ryan and Greenlee didn't hook up. They just don't have chemistry. At least not for me. It's been done, move on. Now Greenlee and Jake, mmm, maybe that could be something... At least it's relatively new...

While I am liking Evil Annie, I hope she doesn't get pregnant. Too many babies. Plus the thought of using an innocent baby to entrap Ryan is disgusting.

Lastly, I was happy that Tad thanked Adam. Yes, Adam was a complete arse. Yes, he deserves to be reviled for keeping Katethy from Tad for so long. But, it's Adam. The fact that he told him at all deserves props. Plus, Tad DID screw Krystal and get her pregnant. Not exactly the "Saint Tad" that is portrayed. That scene Thursday between Tad and Adam was very touching and well done. Hopefully we can move on.

Love the show, Ashley, Jordan, Pedro, Taylor, you all rock! Here's an idea, why don't you all get together for a podcast sometime, do a round table discussion. That would be so fun.

P.S. How beautiful did Bobbie Eakes look this week. OMG, that dress with the sweater??? So pretty!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Jordan, I know you like Kendall, but enough is enough! It's unbelievable how she continues to whine to Zach about her jealousies regarding Greenlee when she (Kendall) is the one who slept around.

Enough already! Zach is beginning to turn into the lap dog for Kendall that Bobblehead Jackson is for Erica.

Send Kendall on a vacation and let Greenlee and her pity party go with her. Maybe we'll get lucky and neither of them will return!!

Fed Up

BELINDA said...

I'll have to comment on the podcast later 'cos I done MADE MYSELF LATE FOR CHURCH writing the following plea on behalf of Ms. Cady McClain ... to the tune of Justin Timberlake's "Sexyback" ...


1. They should bring Dixie back (Yeah)
These little newbies don't know how to act (Yeah)
They're bringin' in a writer who's a hack (Yeah)
Just bring back Dixie, she'll pick up the slack! (Yeah)

(Give our girl a break!)

2. Ditch NuBabe (Uh Huh)
Bring back Alexa H, 'cos she's our fave (Uh Huh)
And get our Ambyr, too, it's her we crave (Uh Huh)
All this uncasting can't go on this way (Uhn-UHN)

(Take em' to the chorus!)

Cady, girl!
(Hey, Frons, get on with it!)
Bring Cady back
(Go 'head get on with it!)
(Go 'head get on with it!)
Listen to me
(Go 'head get on with it!)
Please stop treatin' our girls like s**t
(Go 'head get on with it!)
Read my lips
(Go 'head get on with it!)
Better make me smile
(Go 'head get on with it!)
'Cos I'm tastin' bile
(Go 'head get on with it!)
AND ...
Bring our Dixie on!
(Go 'head get on with it!) (8x)

3. They should bring Dixie back
Them mutha****as must be smokin' crack
They need to make up for being so wack
'Cause they're pissin' us off, that's a cold, hard fact!

(Give us what we want!)

(Repeat verse 2)

(Repeat chorus)

You ready? (Yeah!)
We're ready! (Yeah!)
For Cady! (Yeah!)

Anonymous said...

Love the song Belinda!

Great comments this week!

I love RPG as Jake. It really feels like he always played him. He fits in so well with the cast.

Jordan-I completely agree with you about OLTL. I think this was one of the best weeks ever. I was emotionally drained after each episode this week. They are doing some amazing work on that show. If only AMC's writers would learn something from OLTL we might get our show back!

Thanks for a great podcast!
Kitty in Tulsa

Anonymous said...


I AM Amused!

Does Ashley take requests? ;-)

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Cady Returns Soon?
Craputhers Really Sucks?

Okay CRS 17 those are my guesses today.

Now, would someone please put some duct tape over Kendall's mouth? What a dumb broad (No offense to the women out there, of which I am one). I can't believe Zach puts up with her. She must have an inner dialogue with herself telling her to sabotage this marriage because she just won't shut the heck up about the Greenlee thing. Put a sock in it girl, sick of it.

Brown Penny

Ashley said...

Belinda - YOU ARE THE BEST! It was too late to use your song next week - maybe we'll try to do a special edition of it for you. (You should record it and send it to us!)

Our listeners are UH-MAY-ZING!

Ash xo

Kate said...

OMG, Ashley, I was cracking up so bad when you went on about your love for Ricky Paull Goldin. I feel the EXACT SAME WAY! I LOVE Ricky! I wanna marry him, have a kid or two with him, and make love with him every night. LOL!

I'm a Ricky fan from his Guiding Light days, and I've watched AMC for about 12 years. So, as a fan of both, it's interesting to hear or read what AMC fans think of Ricky as Jake. I've seen the previous two Jakes, and Ricky is just amazing. He shines as Jake, and I love all his scenes. My eyes are glued to the screen when he's on.

Also, I adored the Tad & Dixie fantasy/heavenly scenes. They were bittersweet because they showed how Tad & Dixie use to be when they were happily married. And they haven't been truly HAPPY together since 2002 or 2001. I enjoyed seeing Michael E. Knight and Cady McClain play some happy, funny scenes again. It just sucks that they weren't REAL. I want Dixie ALIVE!!

And the wedding drama was exciting. WOW! The acting was brilliant, but Alicia Keys would have been a better musical guest.