Monday, July 21, 2008

Who's That's Girl?

  • Blandie is kicking (Greenlee's) ass and compiling baby names.
  • Angie and Jesse worry about that nasty Randy taking their precious Franklin for a ride (literally).
  • Ryan rescues Greenlee, but Aidumb gets all the thanks (if you know what I mean).
  • Jake is still waiting for his storyline to arrive - and it's coming on July 24th, with the arrival of Beth Ehler's "Taylor."
I'm sort of looking forward to Beth Ehler's coming on as "Taylor," but this reeks of the TPTB wanting a "sure supercouple" in RPG and BE. Is it so sure? I say, this ain't Guiding Light! Let's move on people! Still, who cares what I say. (I'm sick of hearing myself talk.) Tell us what you, our ass-toot listeners, think here.

7/18/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Um Ashley.

As a new viewer, Zach comes across very arrogant and full of himself all the time.

I took that scene as both of them were comparing shoe sizes.

We all just love Zach becasue he is all MAN baby!

Anonymous said...

Beth Ehlers is coming on as Taylor, but I know what you mean...I guess it will all depend on how she plays the character.

Ashley said...

Yikes - Jordan and I called her Harley all episode!!!! Thanks for the correction Tyrone.

ash xo

jordan hudson said...

LOL uh Ashley I thought you were doing it on purpose so I wen tlaong lolol lmao hehehehehehe

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

You two are the funniest ever!

What did viewers think of Erica fighting off that big Leona Helmsley standin today on the show? Where did she get the muscle from?

I'm so sick of Kendall, Greenlee and Ryan. Don't they need a vacation?

Terry in Toronto (on vacation again)

Anonymous said...

That scene with Erica and Sable was too awful for words. They had the S.W.A.T. team with their riot gear and everything. I don't know where Erica found the strength to get away but we knew nothing would happen to La Kane.

I'm sick of the whole sextet (Annie/Ryan/Greenlee/Aidan/Kendall/Zach). I don't like how Kendall and Greenlee are obsessing over the possibility that Annie had an affair. They're too protective of their precious Ryan. IMO they were worse than the teens today. Today was just not a good AMC day.

Anonymous said...

Terri, didn't you hear?! Erica's been lifting weights in jail. LOL.
those scenes were so weird. I was LMAO when all the sudden 82 pound Erica elbows the she-man and breaks free.

Love you JordAsh! Great podcast this week. I listen as I go about my day and people are always looking at me strangely when I start to crack up! Did I mention how cool that opening is? Love it.

Anonymous said...

Did You guys catch Aiden Turner on TV Guide's sexiest soap stars.

Hahaha! Still couldn't understand him!

Ashley said...

Just to remind everyone, our godd friend of the podcast Luis created that opening for us. Thanks again, Luis!!!

Anonymous said...

Luis did a bang up job on that opening, unlike our show which SUCKS!

What the hell were those scenes with Superstar and that he/she man/woman. TERRIBLE!

OOh. The Grief! The Mon Grief! I cannot take it!

Thank you JordAsh for being the only good thing about AMC right now! Great podcast!

Anonymous said...

That debacle envolving Jerica was just like a scene right out of the pages of a James Riley script via "Passions" whoo!

B&E is showing us their finger with these scripts. No thought put into them at all!

Anonymous said...

Jake and Greenlee should be a couple, due to their fantastic chemistry. Maybe Taylor and Jake could become best platonic friends. I could see that working, like Carly & Jason on General Hospital if Carly didn't moon over Jason all the time. Because recreating supercouples is pretty much always baaaaaaad. Then Taylor would be free to float around and find a natural match--like Tad after KWAK ditches him for Adam again.

BELINDA said...

Jordan: "Get out the Vaseline, I'm taking off my earrings!"

Best. Line. Ever.

jordan hudson said...

Okay so it was not just me then.

I was so over AMC today.

The Erica Debacle was a horrid way to end what was a great story up until this point.

The sextet has been annoying me for months because I always felt they were writing this storyline as they went along.

The kids.... thank God for Petey and Cassie.

I did love Adam, Jesse and Krystal. Thank the lord they were on.

For those GL fans, I sure hope you watched because for the first time since the new format; I felt like I was watching MY Guiding Light again. OH JOY! Of course that was due to the fact that the entire episode was the Reva & Josh storyline. I was so Happy good old fashion Soap Opera pulling at my heart strings. Thank you Ellen W.

ATWT made me just pull out my hair today. The Meg/ Paul storyline was wrapped up in thirty minutes. Choppy does not even begin to describe it. Shame on you Chris G.

Yet hands down the best episode today was OLTL. What a way to start off the 40th Anniversary. From Dorian getting a visit from Mel. Bo and Rex going back in time a la Dark Shadows. To Carlo making Tina watch her daughter go over the water falls. Andrea Evans rocked. To Vikki going to heaven and meeting God played by none other then Aggie Nixon. Seeing Asa and being guided by her grand daughter who had died played by Erin Torpey the Original Jessica. Ron C Frank V. I bow to you both .

Anonymous said...

Amanda where the f*** is Josh?

Here we go again... Dynamite kiddo and the Green Butterfly. Sigh.

What another boring day in PV!

Anonymous said...


Josh has been dropped to recurring.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Pratt's cleaning house for sure. I wonder who is next.

BELINDA said...

I haven't watched in a coupla days ... please, PLEASE, PUH-LEEZE don't tell me Dynamite Dodo and the Green Guttersnipe are back!!!


Anonymous said...


You have spared yourself that queezy feeling. Rylee 2.0disgusting!

Arizonagal said...

Is it just me, or has this show been in limbo? Kudos to Ashley who actually found something positive to say about the show. I get that JordAsh doesn't always want to be negative, but it would be darned near impossible to do a one hour podcast about all the good things going on right now on AMC.

Whoopdeedoo, Ryan has his memory back.... Yawn.

Anonymous said...

Ok, don't slap me Ashley, but yesterday, I started to think I could get into this Frankie/Randi thing. For once, I think the writers are doing a nice slow build. (Unlike Dre and Cass who were all lovey-dovey at the pool yesterday-Why?)

Petey provided the spark with the teens at the pool yesterday. I think there's hope here. nuColby even stepped up ever so slightly to the occasion. But the slipping rum into her drink is nextastupid. Not EVERYONE in the family needs to join AA, know what I'm sayin'?

AT the end it was very confusing with the editing and all to realize Annie had overheard the teens at the pool, and quite frankly, the only reason I know for sure was because my DVR guide told me.

Do you think they are prepping us for a GL-style production mode? Rumors are flying...

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say:

Loved when Angie was being all devious at the end inviting that nurse to dinner. That's good soap and makes me look forward to the next scenes with these people.

Also, I wasn't aware The Hair was only signed for recurring. Hmmm...methinks they better get it back pronto. Didn't like what was going on today instead.

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Thank Gawd for Petey, he is the only one who was acting like a normal kid at the pool. I'm liking the new kid on the block. However, I refuse to accept MonGrief. It ain't gonna happen TPTB.

Also bugged by the "MonGrief makes a Mojito" scenes. Why, or why can't AMC have normal teens who are just experimenting w/alcohol, like we all did back in the day. Please TPTB, no more interventions, she's just being a normal, annoying teen.

I get the message TPTB, plaid is the international fashion statement for geeks/nerds/square dudes. Just to make sure we all know Petey is a nerd, TIIC hook him up red plaid trunks. Dre's trunks were so low, I could almost see his butt crack. Colby's bikini was drab, not memorable at all. Cassie was working the yellow bikini and the sheer cover. She looked great.

Amanda looked absolutely GORGEOUS. Her hair was perfect, makeup perfect. How is this lady not getting any face time on AMC? She has nice comic timing and really could be the new Simone. For pete's sake, please give us some Amanda. Enough with the Ryan and Greenlee stuff. Who the hell cares about those two. If they reunite, I'll lose my lunch. I swear...

And, it's official, I waited, I watched, I took my time, I wanted to give the chick a chance, but Randi? She is DBTE.

brown penny

Anonymous said...

LOL! MonGrief Makes A Mojito. It's like the title of a short story or something. ROFLMAO!

IT's a sad state of affairs, though, brownpenny, when you commented more on the actor's swimsuits than the storylines! LOL! No offense, girl; that's just how AMC is right now...

I don't want Amanda to be nuSimone. I never was crazy about Simone anyway; she was pointless comic relief to me. You can be comic relief and still have great storylines (witness: Tad). I want Amanda INVOLVED. And I wouldn't mind JFAP coming back in the form of Robin Mattson (or Kate Collins) to assist. Sigh...with Pratt this ain't hap'nin' though.

crs 17

Anonymous said...

I just watched Tuesdays show and did anyone else notice that Frankie called Randy Mandy or Maggie ( anything but her name)? How can he help if he does not know how she is? Does he even care?
I rewound it 5 times and he did NOT call her Randy it was Mandy or Maggie.

Also, do any of PV's children see sunlight? Because every time they are at the pool it is adults, the adults are swimming and or playing with toys.
Does anyone know if poor little Ian has ever seen daylight?

Anonymous said...


All My Children, A/ABC — A tornado hits Pine Valley? Ehlers debuts this week!
Sources are telling me hot newcomer Yaya DaCosta is leaving the show as Cassandra mid-August. Also, spies claim new head writer Chuck Pratt Jr. is planning around “a tornado” as his big umbrella storyline. “Two characters die,” they report. No word if GH scribe Bob Guza is pulling Pratt’s puppet strings. Also, expect Pine Valley “to look very different come 2009,” says the snitch. ABC doesn’t comment on rumours.

Whatever you do, don’t miss Beth Ehlers’ (Taylor) debut on July 24. Taylor is a relatable war hero from Iraq (is there any other kind?) and is connected to Frank. Taylor will butt heads with Jake immediately, but won’t be romantically linked to him for a while, maintains a show spy. AMC creator, Agnes Nixon reportedly loves the timely storyline, which reminds her of the Vietnam opus she told decades ago.

Mario Van Peebles, who is recurring as Samuel, is said to be exiting the show. The big question is: will anyone notice he’s gone?

Insiders insist Melissa Claire Egan isn’t leaving as the increasingly disturbed Annie, but as one reliable setsider pointed out, “we have a new head writer so most of us don’t know what he has planned, but from what I hear she is a goner.” More proof: a tornado is reportedly brewing… and it will hit Pine Valley (couldn’t it make a pit stop by Springfield, first?). Plus, how long can we have two Greenlees running around town chasing after Ryan? This soap needs more blondes!

This just in: A major star has been fired! Unfortunately, the actor has not been informed yet and I’m sworn to secrecy. Expect a few more exits in the near future as AMC whittles down its cast.

Reportedly, Leven Rambin (ex-Ava/Lily) made a last-ditch effort to stay on AMC, but producers told the actress it was too late and “to hit the road,” according to my sources. No worries, Rambin landed a role on Fox’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Blind item alert: which former AMC player allegedly had her co-star fired because of their on-set affair?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Amanda always has to be the one chasing after the men. She is drop dead gorgeous and her hair and dress were absolutely beautiful yesterday. Although I want my Jake and Greenlee, the scenes she shared with Dr. Martin were hot. Smokin' sexy actually. I loved how she had him continue to massage her neck. I don't like how the audience is being forced to accept Jake and Taylor aka Take. Take, take Taylor and Jake. Hello TPTB, Taylor isn't needed. RPG has great chemistry with everyone he's in a scene with and Jake could do extremely well with Greenlee or Amanda. They just don't recognize magic do they?

Kate said...

Hey, Ashley...I know how much you are loving Ricky Paull Goldin as Jake. He should have a love scene with someone, right?

Have you seen this on YouTube:

That's from Guiding Light when he was Gus. And it shows how hot and amazing he is in a love scene. This also shows the heat he has with Beth Ehlers.


Anonymous said...

If the Green Butterfly returns, at least make her go crazy again and try to trapeze on the Fusion Roof- that was the most ridiculous thing, I laughed so hard.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I am in the minority but I did not see sparks with Jake and Amanda. Their scenes were great and funny but I did not see that chemistry like I do with Greens. Maybe I just want them two together so bad, but I was not feeling him with Amanda.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh Kate, I just watched that Youtube scene with Gus and Harley. When was the last time AMC had a scene like that? The only one I can think of that comes close is the one Ashley mentioned from years ago, with a hunky Tad and foxy Dixie.

I'm off to take a cold shower!

Anonymous said...

OHHHHHHHH! Kate I LOVE IT!!!!! RPG MMMMMM MMMM GOOD! like campbells soup. Whoo I loved it!

I love me some Ricky Paull Goldin!

Thank you so much for that Kate. That made me very happy!

lucyb24 said...

OMG! Thanks for that, Kate. I literally had to turn the air conditioner on!!! RPG was Hot Hot Hot!!! I think I'm in love.

How about that Erica yesterday? I know the first thing I'd want to wear when I first come out of prison is an orange outfit....

Anonymous said...

Question, Why does the whole town know that Ryan had a vasectomy?

Anonymous said...

Did I imagine the Desperate Housewives slant to the background music when Amanda was plotting with Greenlee about getting Dr. Jake to look at her neck? Fun! But I was disappointed that I didn't continue hearing it when she was receiving Jake's chiropractic treatment. :-(

And I'm sure I wasn't the only one to laugh out loud when I saw Erica's orange dress as she arrived at her new PVYC apartment/suite/whatever. Is that something her fabulous seamstress at the prison fashioned from a no longer needed jail jumpsuit? Still LMAO!!

Anonymous said...

The whole town knows Ryan's business about his little swimmers. They get so much mention, they're in the credits. Because everyone knows how Spike came to happen, I imagine that's how everyone knows about his vasectomy.

I think a triangle is one the way for him, Greenlee and Aidan.

Anonymous said...

I could live with a Greenlee/Ryan/Aiden triangle(Gag me) as long as Zendall have nothing to do with it! I am so over the sextet!

Zach and Kendall need to have their own storyline. And Kendall need to mind her own damn business. Did KenDull forget she has two kids?


Arizonagal said...

Okay, here's the reason I can't get into the Randi/Frankie thing. What does Randi have to offer if you take away her stunning beauty? NOTHING. She's a whore, she's mean and has a huge chip on her shoulder, she is not engaging, she has no sense of humor, she's just full of hate and attitude. There is no way Frankie would be panting after this gal if she was homely.

So what, so she had a tough upbringing. Well boo hoo, so have a lot of other people, who can still find the time to be nice to the people in their lives. This is a spiteful, shallow, DBTE girl who has not one bit of gratitude for the people who are trying to help her.

This is typical of the way TPTB write their characters now. Remember back in the old days? Donna and Estelle were hookers, but they were two of the sweetest, most likable women on the show. Did we wonder, years ago, why Chuck fell for Donna? Heck no, it was obvious, she was a sweet, kind person. Same for Estelle.

I just have to shake my head at how the writing for AMC has devolved! Why can't TIIC see that the viewers need characters they can care about.

Okay, I'm done with the bitchfest... for now.

Anonymous said...

Okay CRS-17, If Ashley can't slap you then I will. Damnit man, snap out of it, come to your senses. You are so starved for genuine, compelling entertainment on AMC, that you are allowing yourself to be seduced by the dark side. Step away from the Frankie/Randi fiasco You are a person with keen observations, sharp wit, and mad blogging skills.

This is said with love. Hang in there CRS-17, have yourself a little MonGrief Mojito and hope for better days on AMC.

And you're right, when the most interesting thing on the show is teen swim fashion, it's time for Amanda and Janet to be front and center!

Here's hoping Ryan's swimmers stay out of the pool while the troublesome teens are swimming. Eeeww... sorry.

brown penny

Anonymous said...

Notice in the yacht club scene between Jack & Greenlee how her hair was blowing all around in the wind, while Jackson's didn't move.

Also, what's with Ms. Mongrief wearing a scarf around her neck in the heat of Pine Valley summer? She looks like she's dressed for a cold winter day.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jordan as long as MonGrief is on the show I will leave Randi alone. Uhh.

Why did I even bother to catch up this week!

Enjoyed the podcast this wk JordAsh!

Anonymous said...

Ok how many times does Jake have to snap at Angie before she goes Good Times on him like she does her family!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ashley/Jordan,
This is my first post, but I've been listening to you guys for over a year, and I think you should seriously pitch yourselves to SOAPNET as the new hosts of "Soap Talk". You would both be fantastic, and Jordan's elepantine soap memory would come in handy. I love that you enjoy the bloggers, and I've watched this show on and off since it started, so I might drop two cents here now and then.

Just FYI, the locale for the Pine Valley Yacht Club is actually the Port Washington Yacht Club, the Newsday did a story about the location shoots in June.

And did you see Erica's feast when she got sprung? "Filet mignon, lobster, risotto.". Notice all we got to actually SEE was the risotto. Same with her conversations with her MIA son and daughter, where are they?? Maybe one less field trip to the Yacht Club could buy us a day with Josh in person??

Keep up the good work, and how about a demo tape for your television talk show??

Cathy in Las Vegas

Anonymous said...

(recovering from brownpenny's slap)

Um, what a blow-out the Big Taylor Reveal was. Jake bumps into her jogging for three seconds? I know this is "to be continued," but it was PUMPED UP for weeks that today was Beth Ehler's first air date. Very disappointing. I can only hope we get lots of air today.

The best thing about Thursday was Angie and Jake. Lurved when Jake said Liza and Angie stuck her finger down her throat.

No one has any comments about Josh being bumped to recurring? By the way, saw Amanda on her Fuse show for a moment yesterday. Dumb show, but Amanda, as always, is smoking and funny.

Anonymous said...

I hate that Josh is being bumped to recurring. Agnes Nixon had a vision and such a groundbreaking storyline. I hated when the writers rewrote history and while I still hate that, I've come to be a fan of Josh's. This character is both a Kane and a Martin. He's hardly on now as it is and now they're giving him even less screentime? It's insane. Colin has grown as an actor since he first came on, he's a good actor and has tons of charisma. TPTB just don't know how to use the talent that they have. Instead we get stuck with characters like Cookie Cutter Colby and Randi.

Speaking of Randi, did anyone else hate the comparison Frankie gave today. Randi is no Cindy Chandler or Jesse Hubbard and it's a shame that the writers can't think of any other way to make us care about her. I want Randi to make me care about her. I wish they would stop comparing her to beloved characters that were great and achieve remarkable writing on their own. I don't care about Randi and having Frankie use other past characters as examples won't help me care about her. I'd like to see that there's more to her than being an angry prostitute. Frankie says that she's smart, show that. Frankie says that she's got potential, show that.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! as always ya are more entertaining than the bore of the show so thanks for another great one.

*Phew* long time, eh? LOL what can i say it's summer and AMC fails to hold my interest ta the moment so... however, finally they are showing signs of a bit of Tad Martin life and so if he's on, plus his beautiful new found daughter...i'm there. unfortunately, his scenes had to be w/ Krystal With A K (and yes Jordan i get what you're saying, but i still can't help it... the damage is done. i still can't stand her and this week alone; scenes w/ Adam/Jesse respectively, shows exactly why, but i digress.) now being someone who is studying in terms of child care which has a bit of psychological aspects to it...i feel like going more in-depth w/ the Tad/Kate-thy/KWAK scenes. first off, {biased opinion} i hate the fact that she's anywhere near TnD's child. now that i got that out of the way, onto the the stupidly handled scenes [this i will blame on the writers]...why oh why aren't her or Tad suggesting professional help, instead of winging it? then to make matters worse since when is it a smart thing to argue in front of a child? i mean the reason Kate-thy picked up on the fact that Tad/KWAK weren't on the same page was because she chose to point out IN FRONT OF Kate-thy that Tad undermined her decision. then we go again, acted like a yes man...[GET YOUR STONES BACK, MAN!]all to be in his wife's good graces...instead of worrying about what the best decision was for his kid. i'm so disappointed in him, should have stuck to his guns and also take it a bit further, get her PROFESSIONAL HELP. anyways either way a problem was created and KWAK is now seen as the evil step mother because Kate-thy knows the reason she had to go to day camp was because she said most likely views her as some kind of threat. that was apparent today, when KWAK wanted to comfort her and she was not having any of it and just asked for her daddy. although i'm not heart broken about it, but just pointing out a few interesting things i noticed.

i will give a bit of a KUDOs to the writers, i love how they are making an attempt to showcase Kate-thy's insecurities...something is something; be it a scare, nightmares, bed wetting etc. although i'm hoping for more...we shall see. also on a positive note i also like how they seem to showcase in the she has her bio parents' personality traits. such as how when Tad was explaining to her about KWAK/day camp issue...she brushed it off and said "So does that mean i still have to go to camp?", stubborn...very TnD-like. has a sense of humor like Tad and a sweet disposition like Dix. of course the physical resemblance. yup love this kid...perfect fit as TnD's kid. now if only we could get momma ALIVE and in the pic.

onto a worrisome scoop...okay who's the major actor getting fired and doesn't know it, yet? hope it's not any vet. BTW, in other news Laurence Lau (Greg) is heading to ATWT. his character's name is Brian Wheatley...starts August 18th.

as for Beth E. i have nothing against her coming on (although i would prefer pulling out all the stops to bring back others-vets, but that's another story). however, i'm not liking the agenda behind all this...IMO it's a recipe set for disaster to bank on lightning striking twice (although i didn't notice it the first time...funny how that clip posted is what made up my mind on how these two do nothing for me. i mean if i couldn't see the "heat" in that clip...all i saw was awkwardness, then i don't think anything will do it, but who knows...maybe it was in the directing. LOL) i also didn't like the promo saying it's some LOVE STORY...takes away the mystery of it all for me. i just wished they would have established them on canvas first, before hyping it up so much. i understand that it was most likely geared towards jumping aboard GL viewers, but it's a shame for the already AMC ones.

until then...


BTW, i'm going to see if i can post the TnD clip, mentioned. although it will most likely be in download-able/savefile form...don't know how to post direct links from Window.

Anonymous said...

i hope it works..if it does click download twice and you should be able to view (open) or even save it!

BTW, Ashley all they showed was mostly their faces? LOL at least if i'm not mistaken, i think that's what you had said. the reason i question it is because there was some pretty bad editing for those scenes...i even felt a bit bad for Cady due to the few boob shots, shown. anyways ICAM MEK was...definitely perfection like Cady said [her first impression] "They don't make them more beautiful than that" and although a bit chunky, still is IMO, HOT!!! just more to love...more to love. ;oP


Anonymous said...

oh yeah let me not forget to give credit: clip is from the site in favorite clips section...courtesy of Claudine.

Anonymous said...

Ugh gag me green with KenDULL and GreenMeMeMe, IMO the only thing worse then them (besides the teens) is the whole KenLee (i mean KillMe) friendship!

Go ANNIE!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

I am through with Josh going down to recurring. I guess that should have been expected since we haven't seen him in forever. Why is Julia still in the opening credits? I love her and all but it just makes me sad when I am reminded of another great talent AMC didn't use and then got rid of. We beg, beg, beg for good actors and characters to get storylines and instead it's the same old boring Kendull, Greenpea and Ryan over and over and over again. I fast forward through their scenes now. And notice I didn't even mention Aidumb. Nuf said.

I like Petey, Dre (yes Dre, he's grown on me) and Cassandra so it will be a shame if they let her go. Poor Colby (the character) has had a lobotomy so I've given up any hope that she's redeemable. Maybe she'll be killed in the Pine Valley Tornado along with Aidan and one-note, cardboard cutout pretty Randi. I also hate that they've turned Frankie into a scary stalker for someone who's a zombie!

Maybe it's time to stop watching AMC again. I don't know how much more of this I can take?

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

The Official DBTE List

5) Sam Woods
4) Dred Woods
2) Sam Woods ( Yes he deserved to positions as he was just that DBTE)
1) Montgrief

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I have to ask were/ are you an actress? Your impressions were so dead on this week ( as they are every week) we had to ask. Please keep it up we LOVE the podcast.

Erica Kane said...

OMG people was our fabulous Erica really fondling a STAPLER today at the end of the show??? Looking wistfully at nothing (like so many people do these days on our show) and fondling a silver STAPLER. Ashley I know you have the big HD TV was it really a STAPLER??? If so all I can say is Bless her heart.

Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

Please slap some sense into me somebody.

I was actually almost, just a little bit, liking the scenes with the troublsome teens at the pool.

Petey had me laughing.
Yaya was working that yellow swimsuit. Dred was not terrible.

I still do not have anything nice to say about Mongrief, so I won't say nothing.

Anonymous said...


All this HYPE and we didn't even get a continuation of Beth and Jake on Friday? (sic) I am NOT amused!

That being said, I actually saw signs of life in the Erica/Sam Woods storyline. That was probably the highlight of Friday's ep. I still can't help but think this is all been-there, done-that, put-the-tee-shirt-back-on-the-rack-because-it-was-too-small. Can we please have a storyline with Erica that doesn't have her in a triangle with Jack? After that beautiful wedding, viewers only got a moment of happiness before first husbands and former-movie-star senators started showing up.

Line of the day, though goes to Sam Woods, "Everybody likes a little chocolate." He did not just say that.

I hate transitions. This week, (and last) has been a chore. Writers are spinning their wheels till Pratt gets there. I hope things pick up soon...or we'll be talking swimsuits and Jordan's segment on OLTL will get longer. ;-) (Do not make me start watching another soap, Mr. Hudson!)

crs 17

Brian said...

So I watched this weeks episodes of AMC. What a drag! The week was slow and annoying.

CONS: I'm so annoyed by the teens ALWAYS talking about Richie. Most people would shut up about killing a guy.

Coldby's annoying drinking problem has been written so bad. Are we just supposed to believe that she picked up drinking because of the one party she got drunk at (for no reason).

Evil Annie is getting to me. She is plotting like crazy and no one really cares about who killed Richie except her.

My last CON is that the writers had a perfect opportunity to give Erica a new rival in her replacement, but it doesn't appear they are going to take it. Why not give Erica a struggle to get her show back. It would be interesting and something other than relationship drama that we have been seeing for the last year with all of the characters.

PROS: Erica was fun to see getting a day of pampering and I enjoyed Jackson walking in on her and Samuel. It was great that Jackson told her what we have all been thinking about her using him as a backup man. Although I don't think she see's that.

I'm loving this new Ryan who is in love with Greenlee. Although I think it came out of no where, those two have played it fairly well. With the long glances and such. I just hope we get more romance out of these two than we did with Ryan and Anne (post their wedding).

I like that Jessie has figured out that the teens might have hit Richie. Gives him a complication in his new job.

DON'T CARE: I really don't care about Kendull & Zack. These two need something all on their own.

TORNADO:Does anyone know who the two are that are killed in this (dumb assed) tornado? I assume Annie. But who else? I hope Aidumb, ConFusion, Coldby, Samuel & his son, the new yacht club, Annie and her nanny cam, and Randi & her pimp. Make a clean sweep for the new writer.

Anonymous said...

I just read an article that said Chuck Pratt is going to do a trianle between Adam/Erica/Jack! Van Peebles looks to out. Fans never cared about him anyway!

Any thoughts?

Arizonagal said...

Haven't seen Ehlers yet, but to TPTB, please don't make her a war hero with a chip on her shoulder. I am so tired of peeps coming to town with a friggin attitude. I like BE, she can play the heck out of any role. Hope the writers have a good character in store for the viewers.

Someone mentioned a triangle with Ryan, Meanlee and Aiduhm. Now that scares the bejesus out of me.

Anonymous said...

Hey CRS 17,

Loved the Sam Woods chocolate bit. He and Erica finally spark a bit and he's history. The highlight of the week for me was Jackson finally locating his BALLS and telling Erica in essence to grow up. He was also right on point that she loves the chase more than catching the man. ... and his head didn't bobble!

I like Petey. They've indicated that he's super smart so maybe he will be a weapon for Palmer to use against Adam in the business field.

Tad's un-touched hair is just fine. He's real and doesn't need to fake it in any department.

Terry in Toronto

Laura said...

Daytime Confidential has posted their podcast of the top 10 ways to improve All My Children. Basically two words - Dixie and Brooke. Our astute viewers couldn't have said it any better.

I am praying that tornado brings them back to town and takes Aidumb, Coldby, Dre and any other DBTE's with them!

Does anybody notice how wrinkly Jerkson's forehead is. I think his forehead does all the acting. But better than all these botoxed others.

All My Children, the soap that let Maurice Bernard, Peter Bergman, and Robin Strasser leave! Along with many talented others, missing you Amber!

Another great podcast as usual. Thanks for watching during the lame duck writer period so I don't have to!

Anonymous said...

I don't mind Tad's au natural hair, but Terry, did you notice the spray tan? Maybe it was just my TV, but I thought his face looked way too tanned against that graying hair. Spray Taddie?

marron centavo >;-)