Monday, July 07, 2008

Troublesome Teens & Other Summer Scenes

  • NuColby & Co. are up to summer hijinks - too bad we don't care.
  • Greenlee, Kendall and Babe go "Extremities" on Richie. (It was kind of weird if you ask us).
  • Blandie is full-on evil, letting Richie escape and possibly killing the man. (Gee, you think that's what happens?)
  • Jake still has no storyline.
Do we all know what's about to happen? Doesn't it make an already challenged show a little more boring? Tell us what you think of them (the spoilers, of course, and anything else you want to opine on) here.

7/4/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

OMG! Ashley I was totally eating breakfast when you started talking about older people smell!


Ashley said...

I am going to hell for that one....

Meanwhile, I was surfing YouTube for David Canary footage from Bonanza and Gunsmoke, and HE WAS TOTALLY HOT! I mean, super friggin' hot!!! You must look at this:

And this!

I want me some Candy!!! And shame on me for my thoughts about our beloved DC!!

Ash xo

Kate said...

I want Danielle back. I liked her. She's way better than the teens we're watching now. Reggie should return too. Reggie and Danielle were really cute together.

Drunk Colby was so hard to watch and digest. It only got worse today - Monday.

Actually, the whole week was a bit hard to watch. There wasn't much to enjoy.

jordan hudson said...


Im glad you said it. I thought it was just me, but I to was in awe of how worse seeing drunk Colby got but today's episode , her performance was just dreadful.

You are right thou Reggie and Danny could act circles around them. The only probolem with them was they were not really fleshed out as characters or given the attention they deserve from the writers.

Anonymous said...

I stand in awe of the train wreck that is drunk NuColby. Wow, that was just an embarrassingly bad performance. Haven't seen Monday yet. Not sure I can stomach it. Does anyone feel like this is a repeat of Sabine's Greenlee VS. the REAL Greenlee? I hope poor little Breanne doesn't read this blog.

About Reggie and Danielle. Not sure if Danielle was much better, but the kid who played Reggie (I think his name is Michael Jordan?) was wasted in that roll. I've seen him elsewhere and he's really good. Same for Joni. Look at her now.

And lastly, Extremities 2, or Where is the Satin Slayer when you need Him? Silly, but slightly less embarrassing and more entertaining. Those Fusion chicks really rock the revenge, but why did anyone of them take their eyes off Richie?

Anonymous said...

Watching the NuColby is like cruel and unsual punishment. I don't understand why they're digressing the character so much. Before the recast, Colby was the last person on the show I expected to get so wasted. She hated it when JR drank because she saw what it could do.

Hopefully Petey will be able to save the teen scene.

I loved the scenes between Billy Miller and Melissa Claire Egan, in my opinion they've always had this inappropriate chemistry. I just loved their bickering in the car.

Why didn't Zach, Aidan and JR rush in when they arrived at the cabin? They shouldn't have been sitting outside talking about it!

Anonymous said...

If the writers were going to go all "I Know What You Did Last Summer at Crystal Lake" they should have went all the way. What kind of half ass story is this. Completely out of nowhere.The kids should really have something to be guilty about because the possiblities were endless of Adam Chandler's daughter, the politians son, the pv police cheifs stepdaughter, and Cortlandt son being invovled in a murder or a crime. IMO it could have been good. All the parents would have been invovled. That would have been some drama for the teen scene and the vets. Not no oh I think but I am not sure if I killed someone.

They could have even just copied the movie for all I care, have them dump the body and really feel guilty. It would have been contrived but better than this CRAP on my screen!!!!!

The Colby drinking storyline could have even worked if they built it up right and of course if Amber was playing the role.

Instead of just regressing her and having her drink for no reason, make it real. Make her have a Real reason to turn to the bottle instead of because we need a quick teen scene story.

I see they tried to have something there when JR was all " I don't want her to be like me" but there were no real demons for her to fight, why the Hell is she drinking. But of course they screwed up what could potentially been an emotional and real story for the teen scene.

I only started watching in January BUT I know Real Colby would have turned a CRAP storyline like this OUT.

I Am Not Amused!!!
(as the very astute Jordan Hudson would say)

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Love me some Jake and Greenlee!!!!

They make me all GIDDY in their scenes. So Good Together!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love you ashley but i can't listen to the podcast anymore, i don't want to hear the spoilers. i've been listening since the beginning but you used to announce spoilers, now jordan is just shouting them out. it's ruining the show for me. i'll miss you. and jordan, stop calling her stupid.

Anonymous said...

OMG. If NuColby and Little A were in a category together for an Emmy, Little A would win by 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It makes me so mad!!! i feel like firing Ambyr was the worst decision since Death By Pancake. Brianna Mon-Grief needs to go. They can fill up just as much time if they make Josh and Amamda have hours of mad love making. Are they unaware of this??????????

Anonymous said...

wait a second. i LOVE me some Jake...but does he even work at PVH????????

jordan hudson said...

Im so sorry about that. You are right I should not assume and make an ass of myself by thinking that everyone has heard or read about the storylines. I cna only hope that you will give us a second chance and I promise not to tell any spoilers.

I love it Mon-grief is a whiner I mean winner.

Anonymous said...

Jordan, you make fun of GL and their little fried chicken scene, but bottom line is that on GL, even those scenes work. GL has no troublesome teens and is still finger-licking good after 70 years!

Plus I adore Ellen Wheeler (ex Cindy Chandler) and she's done a great job at GL and also reaching out to the viewers with a social conscience when she took the cast and crew to New Orleans and Mississippi to rebuild houses. That was special.

Why did Ryan give Jesse so much grief when he was being questioned about Annie. Jesse is just doing his job. How does Ryan even remember if Annie is a good wife or not? Ryan's manic gestures (and Cameron's manic acting) were a little OTT in those scenes.

Damn, I'm gonna miss me some Richie and his cute little Smuckers face.

I feel like Annie is being shafted here. What has she done that's even half as nasty as any of the Fusion girls? They all have many bad deeds in their pasts.

I hate it when TIIC take a character from nice girl to nutjob in so short a time. Jordan, you said it, why does Annie have to be a psycho, why can't she just be a bitch like the rest of the 30-somethings in PV?

It's the same thing as when someone gets drunk a few times on AMC. Before you can blink an eye, they are going to AA meetings, instead of treating the occasional bender as a rite of passage. That drove me nuts about Hayley and to a lesser degree, JR.

Thanks for turning us on to OLTL Jordan. I'm enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley and Jordan,

So is it true that Annie (MCE) is leaving, i love the character and the actress is GREAT (and she is NOT Bland lol). IMO Annie has leading lady potential and can still be redeemed because she is interesting unlke Kendull and Greenmememe (although AM and RB are fabulous). and i really hope Ritchie comes back from the dead cause the Novack Sibs can RUN THINGS, you would never know what would come next. i really wish that their past was explored more so we can see their constant need for survival even when they shouldent be worried

and i miss Ambyer too, Jordan, was she fired or did she really quit because they arent going the frankie rout and keeping her in the teen scene so what is the truth behind that

Anonymous said...


Love, Love, Love the podcast every week!!!

Just wondering would you ever do a podcast with more than just the two of you?

I know you two have big personalities and GREAT chemistry but I was just thinking it.

Anonymous said...

"What's wrong? Something's wrong. I can see it in your eyes."

I knew Zach had to be talking to MCE, because there was no way in Hades he was talking to nuColby. There is NOTHING behind her eyes. Brianna Mon-Grief (hey jilly!) should be saying:

"Never Have I Ever Acted In My Whole Life."

The problem is she thinks she is Acting with a Capital A. The only thing saving this whole story is Yaya. I think Girl is Working It. You all are gonna hate me, though, because I think this has actually been the best way of getting teens involved in a while (even if it is derivative of I Know...). I don't hold hope for it lasting long, as new HW coming in, but that's OK...

So what now for Babe and JR? I am not sure what Pratt has in store for them but B and E have written them into Happily-Ever-After-Move-to-Seattle "Tara-tory."

This whole who-killed-Richie storyline MIGHT be more interesting if it weren't obvious. And if it weren't about to be over in two shakes because of Pratt. Thank Goodness, I guess.

Anything to get Opal on screen more. With Petey, maybe they should be getting her on contract. She can read Rose's cards all she wants. And there is NO DOUBT that Pratt is nextastupid if he doesn't keep Carmen and DC together. Love how DC was playing it.

Didn't care for Angie's "do." That's all I'm gonna say about that.

Jake and Greenlee? Hot-cha-cha! Loved their scenes. I really like what Pratt has coming up with Jake and Taylor (Ehlers), but I hope Greenlee is a spoiler in all this, although...

OK, I can feel the virtual slap about to come, but I-liked-Aidan-and-Greenlee today. (steels self)

crs 17

Anonymous said...

I read that Pratt plans to have Adam and Erica front and center when he comes

And he is soing to figure out what to do with the crap that is fusion. If he gets rid of it Ill be thrilled!

Sounds good to me so far.

Anonymous said...

I love it that Carmen has blown into town. I also love that she has so quickly sparked Adam's attention. DC is such a great actor. He's so easy to read. You can see how he is both annoyed and intrigued by her. I thought Carmen looked hot in that little black dress and apron. Hopefully it won't be long before she's teaching Adam the cha cha.

JordAsh, do you know when Petey is coming to town? I don't know whether or not to look forward to his entrance IF they are pairing him up with PodColby.

Oh and loved your new beginning (no pun) to the podcast. That was very cool and really sets the mood.

a fan

jordan hudson said...

Brown Penny,

I'm a big Ellen Wheeler fan dating back to her days as an actress on Another World (for me she will be the only Marly & Victoria Hudson...Thou I eventually grew to like and respect Anne Heche...never liked Jensen).

I applaude her for trying to do whatever it takes to keep the show on the Air.

For me the new direction is not working. Sadly many agree with me as they are rock bottom and hitting new all time low's in the ratings.

The scenes are very short at times. Storylines are very choppy at times. Sometimes I'm listening to a song for a whole act. Watching people move around rather then hear dialogue. Or I'm watching the back of heads speak or seeing scenes from yards away.

This is not the same GL of 2007 and before that gave me Tammy's death, Billy falling off the wagon, Reva's Cancer, Jonathan Randall's, Alan's shooting, the brilliant 70th Anniversary episode about the history of the show, Dinah's melt down, Everything and anything with Beth Chamberlain and even as recent as Bill's return and the lovely Lizzie and Bill's love

I'm only watching for Bill and Lizze and Reva. I hope that somehow the writers will find there way back. Right now they are lost. Gus a crooked cop come on that was a low blow. Harley leaving behind her two kids. Josh and Cassie. Then they have people they dont use like Alex, Blake, Blake's kid who should be on the canvas as teens and young adults. Yet I have to watch The aussie brothers, one who is responisble for the death of Tammy, thats silly.

Just like AMC. I love GL and wnat it to be the best it can be. They deserve the emmy last year. Yet you cant tell me the quality of the show is the same.

I'm glad your liking OLTL. I'm sorry Elyse couldnt get into it. It's hard but I'm so enjoying all of Ron C.'s nods to the history of the show on this there 40th Anniversary. I'm amazed at the detail and hard work the writers are doing to keep the storylines flowing with out sacrficing on characterzation and history. If they can do then so can other writing teams.

I too think loosing Annie know is a mistake but if she did kill her brother.....all I can say is it would have to be some redemption storyline but it would require the writers to really write.

I'm sorry crs but I loved Angie's new do. She looked hot to me.

Janet only Amber and TPTB knwo what really went down. All I know is that something has to be done. I hate to kick a dog when it's down but Mon-grief is just unbearable to watch at this point.

Ya Ya should get an emmy for having to work those scenes today with the energy zapping super villan Inertia that is DRE.

Come on Chuck forget ricky and beth..... RICKY AND REBECCA.. the sparks they unite. Such great scenes today with them.

Anonymous said...

Petey comes to town this Friday July 11! Thats what the spoilers say anyway!

Anonymous said...

You liked it Jordan? After all you said about Livia's braids? (Which I loved!) Oh well, to each his own. But it's no wonder Julia Horrible Corroded can't pay for Richie; they have to save money for Angie's Big Hair. It's like another actress.

Let's hope all this vigilante justice on AMC the past few years comes to a halt now that Jesse's chief. It's dark and McT.

How much do we have to pay Pratt to keep Carmen in the Chandler mansion? Those scenes made the show for me this week.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or has Kedall been extra annoying and nagging lately!

Can anyone explain to this fan what has happened to my Kedall. The Kane women are suppose to have real cojones. What happened to Kendalls. She is getting on my nerves lately.

Jordan i agree Dr. Hubbards hair is nice. Her and KWAK are looking fierce.

Anonymous said...

HaHaHa!! Jake and Greens dialogue is so good. There back and forth banter is too natural.

I wonder if they improv most of it because this chemistry can not be written by these lazy ass writers.

Anonymous said...

Wanted you to know that I caught some GL on Youtube, because I HAD to see what everyone was up in arms about. I kind've like what they're going for, but there are two problems:

1. The more realistic scenery only highlights the melodramatic dialogue (maybe this was just the part of the epi I saw)

2. The cuts are really jarring. Josh was talking to someone and went around the corner into another room and somehow became a policeman walking around the corner of a jail cell. Huh? And for no good reason, they'll have a long shot of Cassie talking to Kim Zimmer in the middle of a sentence. It's as if the directors and editors are the problem moreso than the new production style.

Of course, I don't watch regularly, and this is based off parts of 2 episodes on youtube, but...ugh. Jordan, your mother was right. We could be GL.

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say:

Ashley, where did you get the interview with DC at the end? Have you heard the whole thing and is it good stuff?

Anonymous said...

Bring back Reggie, pair him with Cassandra. Then we could have Erica/Jesse/Angie scenes, since Erica is the mother-figure Reggie had.

Or bring him back and pair him with Amanda. It's what I say about everyone- pair them with Amanda!

Melissa said...

I couldn't agree more!!! I came on here to vent and it's all be done for me - These scenes with Colby's birthday party made me pray for some kind of vomit choking incident where she's drive drunk, crash the car, need plastic surgery and be transformed in to Amber!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think GL has a very indie film feel to it, or at least, that is what tptb are trying to achieve. It is very art house and doesn't fit neatly into the soap genre. However, the acting is always superb, the cast is stellar, and the dialog is shrewd, subtle, and at times hilarious. The people just feel more real, even when they are in ridiculous situations. I admire Ellen Wheeler's vision.

AMC has a more sumptuous feel to it, and definitely more traditional. It looks good but has suffered at the hands of McTrashit and JHC (and no I don't mean Jesus H. Christ). With the return of Jake and the Hubbards, I expect good things.

And finally, I don't know how I feel about Jesse being the COP. I'd hate to see him go the way of Derek. TPTB don't waste this guy, he's too damned good. Oh, here's a factoid, did ya'll know that Darnell Williams used to be a Soul Train dancer?

jordan hudson said...

OMG why why why do I have to see Mon-Grief and Dre the black hole every day this week and last but no Josh and Amanda. I dont understand I must be misisng something. Tell me people who would you rather see.

So Randi has relatives in Puerto Rico hmmmm. So is she Puerto Rican ? Too bad they didnt hire someone who looks more like Carmen. That would have been an interesting twist, Carmen turning out to be her supposed Dead sister.

YaYa deserves a medal of honor for carrying the scenes today with no help from Mon Grief and DRe who was beyond dead behind the eyes. Okay guys be honest with me, is it just me because I thoguht he was the worse he has ever been today.

Brown Penny

I think your feeling about Jesse is on Point. This all seems so forced and fast. As I said in this last pod cast, Im so afraid Jesse and Angie will be on the back burner.

Yet how good was MCE as Annie. Okay so she didnt mean to kill him. If they could keep Natalie on after she killed the real Silver Kane. They can keep Annie.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for Petey to come back! Where has he been anyways? I loved when Kendall had to babysit him when she was in Aspen with Michael Cambias. LOL. I hope the new actor is good, and I think a pairing with Colby would be interesting considering their fathers, but I don't know if I can take anymore NuColby!

Jordan, LMAO at the fried chicken scene! I caught a couple of minutes of GL the other day (i've never watched it before) and it was soo weird! Why do I need to be looking at the back of this guy's head while another guy is talking to him?

Great podcast this week guys! I may be "not amused!" by NuColby and Black hole Dre, but I am amused by the PVP!

Melissa said...

... a Soul Train dancer??? I'd love to get some You Tube of that!
The Jessie / Zach scenes today (Wednesday) were hot, hot, hot!!!!!

Oh, and Soapcyclopedia Jordan, I've just DVR'ed OLTL just for YOU!!!


Anonymous said...

Frankie is acting like a stalker the way Josh was all over that damn Babe.

Very annoying!! I am not feeling this storyline.

Anonymous said...

Another great podcast, you guys. I have to disagree with you though, Ashley, about the scene with Sam and Erica in solitary. I love Mario Van Peebles (back to the days of Sonny Spoon!) and was thrilled when I heard he was coming on AMC but I felt he could have been reciting his grocery list for all the emotion he put into the story about his wife wanting to stay home on 9/11. Didn't see any chemistry between him and LaLucci either. A little better today, but it still ain't working. Maybe it's what Jordan said, that Sam isn't on the show often enough for us to get to know his character and get invested in him.

I do like Angie's new "do" and I love that Jesse commented on it.

What I don't like is the death of drama on AMC. If TPTB had written Gone with the Wind (I can't help this reference; I'm from Atlanta!), Scarlett and Rhett would have been married within the first 15 minutes. There is NO DRAMA. Storylines are wrapped up before the next commercial!! Will Angie get on board to Jesse being police chief... Who killed Richie... Babe was kidnapped by Richie and located within 15 minutes...

I could go on and on. Do the writers think we all have attention deficit disorder and can't follow a story line for more than a few minutes... or are they attentionally challenged themselves?

Thanks for letting me vent. I don't know anything about Mr. Pratt, but I can only hope he will give the viewers a bit more drama... something that lasts longer than it takes to make microwave popcorn.

Anonymous said...

Some are saying:

RPG = How you doin'?


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Great podcast, glad I found pvp!

Did Randi's make-up say fusion on it?

Jordan it is not just you, Dre was worse today. It's like the more drama they give him the worse he gets. What the hell was up with his scenes, I was cringing.

He has been on the show for a while shouldn't he be improving a little. He is HORRID!


Anonymous said...

crs 17,

I say Dr. Jake and Josh!

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

I just got back from vacation so two and a half weeks of AMC and three podcasts to get through. Hopefully I'll be caught up by the weekend.

I think Billy Miller has done such a great job on the show that it is a shame that the writers have painted Richie into a corner.

Terry (back) in Toronto

Brian said...

Just watched Wednesday's episode and I'm actually happy the way they have dealt with Richie so far. It was great that Richie pushed Annie over the edge by saying hew would haunt her with a letter after he left Pine Valley. I would have hit him, too!

My only beef with the Annie/Richie story so far is that why hasn't Annie just confessed to Ryan that she killed Richie on accident? Or even telling Zach, considering that she had some touching scenes awhile back with him. Those two men have done just about everything and would be more than happy to protect Annie. If only she would say something.

YaYa is the only good thing to come out of the young cast. And why aren't they going to their parents? Don't you think that Angie or even Adam would help cover this up?

It was only a few years back when the whole damn town worked together to get rid of Michael Cambius.

Anonymous said...

Jordan, I know this is an AMC podcast (which I just love), just wanted to weigh in on GL. I just started watching GL again earlier this year (used to watch it years ago). I must say that something's happening past couple of weeks, not as good as it's ever been, but better than it's been in a while...I was in tears with Josh and Reva where Josh was talking about his anger issues, I was laughing at the Olivia and Dinah wedding planning, Olivia and Dinah snarking at each other, the Billy/Reva scene at the nail shop, Buzz/Reva's interaction, today Buzz at the jail threating Grady - OMG Justin Deas is fantastic. There's just something with these people - they don't need words...they act with their expressions - Good Soap Opera Acting! So many of the new actors just don't have the talent that these do; even with an eye roll Crystal Chappell just can knock you over. I think GL has been missing humor and romance, everything has been way to serious for way too long! thanks for the PVP! Keep up good work!

tallytofu said...

Ashley - Thanks for the YouTube clips of DC on Bonanza! He was wicked handsome back in the day.
Oh, and can you PLEASE do some imitations of Erica during her "interview" with Sam Woods this week? That's all I could think while watching those scenes - "I hope Ashley uses her Susan Lucci impersonation to recap this!" :+)

Jordan - No you are NOT the only one who can't stand the teen scenes! I have never understood why AMC has such a hard time casting teens who can actually act! NuColby is not only totally expressionless (DBTE, just like you say) but her diction is terrible, and Dre is no better. Honestly it's like I'm watching a high school intro to acting class all of the sudden!

I do want to say (perhaps more tactfully than some others) that I also do not read any spoilers, and I do appreciate that you guys usually warn us before discussing them! Although this one didn't bother me too much because I really could care less about Richie & Annie! Why is this story taking up our screens when Josh & Amanda get nothing? I do agree with you Jordan, that MCE could be a fun bad girl if they wrote the right material for her and just let her cut loose. Too bad she whacked her brother - another character written into a corner!

In general, just want to say that I don't post on the blog very often, but I LOVE the podcast, and I think you guys are great! You two just go ahead and be as opinionated and silly as you want - that's why the podcast is so much fun! Anyone could record themselves talking about AMC... it's your personalities that make it actually entertaining to listen to. Just stop picking on Palmer & Adam, Ashley! lol
P.S. - The new "opening" is fun - you should keep it!

jordan hudson said...

You guys are so much fun here on the blog.

You have to know. I'm a big soap fan. I have watched Soaps since I was a baby. My mom was a stay at home mom. So when she watched her soaps I was right there with her. My first words were Erica.

Thats why the condition of daytime Dramas as a whole is so disturbing. It's almost as if they are setting these shows up to fail.

They keep screaming about ratings going down, and they have yet to try and figure out a new way to gage it. Not just for daytime but night time as well. They say people are turning off to daytime. Well its hard to stay watching when you get rid of the people we have grown to watch and care about and replace them with untalented younger actors.

I know it seems like I'm being harsh on Dre and NuColby but you just have to look at the younger actors on other shows to see that yes there are a million talented good looking younger performers. LULU on GH, Cole and Starr on OLTL, Rafe and Daisy GL, Gwen, Maddie, Both Caseys, Will, Luke on ATWT, Why can't AMC get some. I'm praying that Petey is a real honest to good actor. I heard some good feedback from my source on him so here is hoping.

Sadly it seems all the E.P.s feel we the audience are suffering from A.D.D. It's gotten worse on ATWT. What was suhc an enjoyable show for me even a year ago has went down the path of totaly bizarre. I just don't get it at all.

You hit it on the nail Dianne. it goes back to the writing. The lack of hard working writers who are actually telling a story. My problem with GL , AMC and ATWT is that at times it seems as if they don't know where they are going with characters. A lack of direction. Writing a soap is an art. The great Harding Lemay who wrote for AW in it's golden years once said he tackled it like a play. It's why I'm appreciating OLTL so much right now because Ron C. get's it. He also worked under one of my favorite daytime writers the incredible Claire Labine.

To My GL friend on the BLOG. I agree GL has a top notch cast. That is why the writers should respect that and give them materail worthy of them. A scene about chicken is not daytime emmey material or interesting. I want to see Frank and Natalie falling in love. I want Blake and her kids on the Canvas. I want Beth on contract and in a real front burner storyline. I want Shane and Marah back. Move Dinah Forward, enough with the stalking Mallet. Alex needs to be on more.

Arizonagal said...

Jordan, you have just stated so eloquently what I have thought for YEARS. We all know there are bazillions of talented and good looking young actors out there. So why does AMC, in particular, seem to end up with the likes of Dre and NuColby and others in the past too numerous to mention?

Is this more of that casting lady, can't remember her name, giving us models instead of actors? Dre looks like a male model type, chiseled good looks. Brianne Mon-Grief (LOL, who came up w/that?) is college educated, but she acts like her degree is in biology, not the arts.

And why do other soaps, as you mentioned, Jordan, have the ability to hire talented young actors? There is way too much talent out there for AMC viewers to end up with the pods we so often get.

Starr on OLTL would have never made the cut on AMC. She doesn't have model good looks, she looks like the girl next door. But, she is a compelling young actor. Same for Daisy and Ashlee on GL.

Enough bitching. What I appreciate about JordAsh, is you guys make us really think about what is going on at AMC, and I love the comparisons to other soaps, whether or not I watch them. It is eye opening, and I can tell you guys really care about AMC and you're shrewd enough to see the b.s. for what it is, and you make suggestions for how it can improve. You two always have such great ideas.

PS - I love this blog and all the bloggers!

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I know what podcast you were referring to when you spoke of someone wanting Dani Frye back. I listen to it occasionally myself (just for the AMC tidbits), and I am most always disappointed. I like a couple of the voices I hear, but the others...

After listening to PVPodcast, other AMC opinion just does not compete. That other show - most of the time I could do a better job than those bozos! They are always at least a week behind the story, they don't seem to watch on a regular basis, and they know less about the plots and characters than I do. It's infuriating!

I know it wouldn't be smart of you to point out the obvious flaws of your colleagues in the podcasting world, but certainly it is OK for me to do so.

Ashley, Taylor, and Jordan, y'all are the best. And this blog is so fun! Yay, arizonagal, I love all the other bloggers, too!

Becky :)

Anonymous said...

You are correct good actors like the young lady who plays Star would not make it on AMC and that is their problem.

I know the "other" show you speak of and they cannot compete with JordAsh! That other podcast has me FF all the time. Very annoying!

ABCD needs to do something because even OLTL ratings are dropping, which is sad because it is the best show on right now!

You guys are such astute bloggers hope I can keep up with you all!


Melissa said...

I've been slowly catching up on the podcasts. I'm finally up to the one about Teen Scenes, so y'all might have said what I'm thinking here.

When I began watching AMC, it was when Tad, Liza, Jenny, Angie, Jessie, etc. were the teens. Those characters were fascinating, and to this day, I can't think about them without feeling very nostalgic. The writing was impeccible, the acting was perfection - I loved it!

Back then, there were such fantastic older characters too. Even though I was a child, I remember really caring about Langley, Phoebe (who was hands down the funniest schemer on TV), Palmer, Myrtle, Mona, Opal ... I could go on and on. Myrtle's boardinghouse and the Glamorama were the hot spots, not all these bars and restaurants. There was humor and fun!

Jordan, you remind us often that today's AMC is very fast-paced and forced. I remember the delicious waiting for stories to unfold. When one of us was absent from school, they would take notes for the rest of us (pre-video / dvr). Angie and Jessie's first time was a mandatory home sick day from school!

I love soaps, and they seem to be going the way of everything nowadays - writers are afraid that we have the attention span of goldfish and all the stories are choppy and disjointed. I was a founding watcher of Santa Barbara, and to this day, it remains my favorite soap - the writing was fantastic! Now, that's a show I wish was at least on Soap Net as a rerun.

Okay, I've rambled big time here, but I love the blog and all of our passion that enables a soap geek like me to do this :-)

JordAsh rocks! Thanks for bringing us together!!!!!


Anonymous said...

OK i love Jesse and everything. Hes def one of the best actors on right now. so no offense to him, this one, as usual, goes to the writers. Now, im wondering why Jesse is trying to solve the case. I mean, they brought a detective over when someone broke into my grandmas house and stole the heating pipes....dont you think they would bring in a detective for homicide???????????

Anonymous said...

OK Guys I've finally caught up on AMC episodes and on podcasts. Love the new opening theme and your version of Alanis rocked Ashley! Keep it up and soon you'll be an honorary Canadian.

I have to agree with everyone else that NuColby is no actress but then again neither is Randi. She's very pretty but (sorry Jordan) not ready for daytime and not up to Frankie's level. I do think that Dre is not bad if only the writers gave him something to do and I actually enjoyed Corinnanna and her nerdy boyfriend last week, at least way more than regressed drunk Colby.

The writing has been uneven but then again TPTB have switched writers so many times in the past few years that it would be impossible for the characters not to seem schitzophrenic. Babe and Colby are perfect examples of characters that have been both written and played by different people and as a result don't even know themselves who they are.

The problem with the writers is that they're cooking on a hot plate and not on a full stove. They have one storyline going at a time when there should be a front burner with several others cooking and simmering at the same time on the other burners. There also has to be a full range of ages and perspectives to make the show interesting. There should be teens (realistic ones) and twenty somethings and forty somethings and the seniors too to keep it interesting. They have also missed so many obvious opportunities for serious social commentary. Why was there no follow up on Frankie's Iraq experience? Why is Randi just another recycled pretty hooker and not an opportunity to look at the problem of human trafficking that has become so prevalent? How can Jesse be appointed a university professor when he never even went to college? and then chief of police? What does the police union have to say about that? Why is everyone in Pine Valley so rich that the mortgage crisis and the rising cost of gas hasn't affected them at all?

Why isn't Amamda having sex with anyone? I would love Josh and Amanda to have some kind of storyline. Any kind of storyline ... and even better if it means that Kendall and Greenlee and Ryan and Annie go on the backburner. Send them to Club Med in Costa Rica for the summer or maybe basketball camp? It's time to have a hot Josh, Amanda and Jake triangle with her unable to decide so both men move in with her in a reverse of the polygamous families who got raided in Texas. Now THAT would be groundbreaking television AMC!

Liked Sam and Erica kissing. Wish that would be explored more. Maybe Erica could face some racism from people who don't accept her dating an African American man and so she gets to experience it first hand.

Opal needs to get involved with Tad and KWAK and baby Jenny and she should find out that KWAK still loves Adam which would give her the chance to do some meddling.

Love ya Ashley & Jordan. The PVP and online community is the best thing going for AMC right now, spoilers and all.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Hey guys...I must say I really like Beth Ehlers, have for years. There's all this buzz going on but I'm scared what the writers are going to do with her once they bring her on. Is it going to be like Debbie and Darnell? They have the talent to make horrible writing look fantastic. I caught a scene of Angie eavesdropping outside of Randi's hospital room talking to Frankie - is this a storyline worthy of Debbie Morgan???? Why would they waste her time and talent even for a few minutes? Look at what they've done to Rebecca Budig's return, it just makes me depressed.

Seriously - Does anyone know how people get jobs writing for the soaps? I sometimes they would just recycle some scripts.

Anonymous said...

Hey bloggers, a question. Occasionally you all mention other soap podcasts. I can never find them! While I know I have stumbled on to the Bestest soap podcast EVER, I am curious about the other ones. Can anyone here point me in the direction of a OLTL podcast or another AMC podcast? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jordan Hudson,

I know you'll like this one. Angie's new hair reminds me of Willona Woods and one of her wig of the week specials.

Frankie has gotten totally out of order bringing Randi home and putting her in Cassandra's bed! Is this supposed to show that he's gone right out of his mind? You know that is what Angie is going to say. How dare he bring this person into his mother's home?! As well there is a strict code of ethics that doctors have to abide by and it certainly does not include taking a patient home. The time is right for Frankie to have a Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome moment flashing back to his service in Iraq and kill Randi but have no memory of it. Then Beth Ehlers comes on as a new psychiatrist who treats him and falls in love with him but Jake is in love with her but Greenlee is in love with him.

Take that and run with it writers.

What was up with the continuity on Thursdays episode? We saw Jack escort Kendall to Erica in prison and then in the next scene he was at the marina with Carmen in a totally different outfit and that was followed by a scene with Erica and Kendall still talking. Love love love Elizabeth Rodriguez. Carmen from the cellblock had me LMAO!

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Can I just say something?

I know it can't be all thrilling and bang-up all the time, but what happened from those last two weeks in May until now? Were those different people writing this show? And how can we get them back? I don't understand. Did B&E not give a crap because they were leaving? I mean McT's last two weeks weren't spectacular and then nothing...LOL, it was nothing all along. I just don't get it.

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Maybe B&E are indeed texting in their last work.

They probably do not care since they were fired!!

Is Petey suppose to be like Spinelli?

Anonymous said...

Ashley why are you not watching oltl I know you would love it.I would love Ashleys astute observation on oltl. I have to watch it at 1 am on soapnet because of school trying to stay awake. Great podcast though. I remember reading that the reason Aiden Turner got a storyline is Because barbara essenstens aunt loved AT and wnated him used, can u believe that. It looked like Mctavish was going to pair Sabine with Josh which would have been hot I loved their relationship and their sex would be hot. But then it was dropped, even him and Rebecca are hot. what would you guys think of Josh and Carmen, it would be great. Why does AMC never have any hot love scenes like the other soaps?

Ashley did you see those pictures of Chrishell Stause and Amanda Baker on Daytime Confidential a couple weeks ago, those two were hot. just type in Chrishell Stause. Did you hear she got a job at Fuse as the host of some music show. Why do tptb not use that delicious AMAMda. Showing her in lingerie would definitely increase ratings, put her with Josh or Frankie. Jordan did you notice Francesca James directed Fridays episode and what did you think of Petey?

Jordan you were so right about ATWT it is hurting and it is so choppy. Why was Sofie on everyday, where are the summer love storylines with Ali, Aaron, Chris, Luke, Noah. Where is the country club pool or snyder pond.I dont care about Parker and Liberty or Brad and Katie. Bring back hogan sheffer it was so good back then from what i hear and watching some clips on youtube. i just started watching last summer but caught up on the history online.

I loved Jordans oltl talk but wish it was longer. Jordan im lovin me some Tina and i just started watching in June of 04. Tess is taking names and i love it. David Vickers the bitch. Thank you Ron Carlivati for making a soap worth watching.

Omg Colby this week was even worse with those troublesome teens. Corinna could act circles around her even Little Adam. Is it wrong that i just started watching bold and the beautiful instead of watching the second half of AMC. Only watching since June of 04 how was Kendalls other brother Trey Kenyon, what happened to him.

Jordan i tried to watch guiding light but i just cant its not even the same show. My grandmother learned english from that show since she was from Mexico. I used to have to take a nap during it at 2pm since she watched me when i was little. i always remembered the bad guy Roger.

Jordash did you listen to Cady McClains interview on blog talk radio's Buzzworthy Radio, they also have some other amc cast members.Go to

Brian said...

Did anyone notice that the last two days this week that everyone looked a little more refreshed? I thought Greenlee looked beautiful on Thursday with Ai-dumb. And Babe is looking good too! Even Annie and Ken-dull was looking good. Wonder if they got new stylists or hair people? It seemed like Rebecca's eyes weren't so raccoonie. The dark makeup was lighter.

Anonymous said...

Brian, Greenlee has such huge gorgeous eyes and perfect features, I wonder why she needs any makeup. I think, for her, less is more. Actually all the women are gorgeous and I hate to see them with so much makeup on. Hope they did get a new makeup person. No woman looks good with so much hoochie crap on their face.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jordash
Thanx for the triple X rated podcast.I learned never to eat or drink while listening to the podcast as I nearly choked while driving because of the laughter.
I would like you to know the level of commitment I give the podcast this week in order to listen to it I had to burn it on a non re- recordable disk,. yes I used up a cd for ur podcast but it was SO VERY well worth it.
my mom and I would like to start a petition to get Jordan to be the head writer and Ash can be the acting / dialog coach and casting director. How should we do this?

Anonymous said...


You should check out Daytime Confidential and summit your 10 ways to improve All My Children!!

Also read the suggestions of many others.

Laura said...

Coldby is horrible. She gets worse every week. I can't call her NuColby because I associate new with improved except for New Coke. I still think there was some issue with Amber to let her go.

I liked how Aidumb had cue cards. First time I could understand him. We should all write in and suggest he use them when he talks! On my High Def Cable, close captioning is not supported, so I am usually lost.

I tried watching GL but the filming reminds me of a cheap porno film.

Thank God for OLTL. Did anyone see Andrea Evans on the View Friday talking about the show and her stalker,etc.

I am a long time soap watcher, I used to be a fan of General Hospital but that soap is pretty bad right now. But I did like Night Shift last year.

Another great podcast. Thanks for watching so I don't have to. Thank God for my DVR and the two of you.

Anonymous said...

I thought of a good idea for a storyline for Babe and JR. Let Babe, fed up with Fusion, team up with JR to start their own company. It could be that online venture JR wanted, or how about a competiting fragrance company? Fusion usually bores me, but a battle of two companies would be interesting- and it'd give Babe and JR another storyline besides the on and off again marriages.

And then once they go into business, send Colby to an out of state colle to learn about fashion and leave her there for years!!

Anonymous said...

Whoops- maybe I should've finished Friday's episode before making my previous statement- LOL!

Brian said...

Did anyone notice that the scenes with Pete were just sad? Come on, the kids on one day and he has to act with these "wonderful" teen actors? I feel bad for him.

Also, did he fall out of a computer geek stereotype? Thick classes, overly tight clothes? Come on! They could have sexied him up a little.

The worst line of the week that made me stop my VCR and say WTF was when Coldby introduced Pete to her friends as a guy who has had a thing for her for "years". WTF!!! She left when she was 5, came back when she was 16, and is now 18. I understand they are trying to show a relationship, but this is laughable. AND THEN! Colby turns her head while Pete is talking and says "I'm Sorry"? Cold! So cold! Seemed like something Colby 2 years ago might do.

Anonymous said...

So right Brian. This is a totally regressed Colby.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

I think AMC wants their own Spinelli with the intro of Petey as a geek