Sunday, July 27, 2008

Too Many Teens!

  • As our troublesome teens get dumber, Blandie gets evil-er.
  • Ryan loves Greenlee, and Kendull tells her so.
  • Erica "eats" her first post-jail meal.
  • As Angie's weave gets smaller, Tad and Krystal's riff grows.
Julie Hanan Craputhers, Megan McTrash... Just two classic ABC Daytime TPTB that have made our Hall of Shame. We've got a new one to add: for her recent casting brilliance in putting on the canvas a NuColby and a New Randi, Judy Blye Wilson is responsible for many a fast-forward in the past weeks. (Not mine, of course, but I've been tempted.) Trouble is, we don't have a nickname for her. Can you help? Give us your ideas, here.

7/25/08 Podcast


Erica Kane said...

Judy Blight Wilson The Blight os AMC. How is that one??

Erica Kane said...
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Erica Kane said...

I meant to type Judy Blight Wilson the Blight of AMC.

Erica Kane said...

Jordan the song you were asking about is Believe by The Bravery. It is a real song.
Some other names for Judy...
Judy Blind Wilson Blind to the fact the actors you hire SUCK!

Judy Bland Wilson choosing BLAND Actors!!
This is kind of fun...
Miss Kane


CURSES! Foiled by Erica Kane, who beat me to the punch! I was gonna suggest "Judy Blight Wilson" as well; instead, I will second the motion and chalk it up to great minds thinking alike! ;-)

Other suggestions:
-Judy BLAH Wilson, for obvious reasons
-JUDAS Blah Wilson, for betraying the fans with craptacular casting decisions

Laura said...

Like the names so far. Got to combine the best so far and add a bit. Judas Blight Wilson Schmilson. With credit to Erica Kane and Belinda.

Or just say Wilson real loud like Tom Hanks said to his volleyball in Castaway. I am picturing her looking like that Volleyball.

Can't wait to listen to podcast on my way to work. Keep up the great works. I am so proud of you for getting like 60+ responses in this blog. Very popular blog. My favorite of course.

I posted it last week, but check out Top 10 ways to improve AMC. Two hours to say Brooke and Dixie. A must listen for our fans.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I like all the JBL name suggestions!

I just dropped by to see if y'all heard the rumor that Mongrief is OUT... Please please please please let it be true!


Anonymous said...

LOL! I love WILSON, Lauras suggestion.

The woman is obviously dumber than that damn ball.

Do not toy with my emotions Becky.

jillybean said...

How about Judy BILE Wilson lolol cause everytime i see one of her new actors thats what i taste

jillybean said...

LOL also that is SO FREAKIN TRUE about doctor appointments in New York!!!!! i have an infected lymph node in my arm and they cant see me till October, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like Bile... that's great.

Anonymous said...

Something lame. Ryan never had a vasectomy, and yet Annie, who's been having sex w/the guy for, what, a year now, doesn't get preggers until she finds out about the unvasectomy? That is LAME viewers. Come on. How many women has he been with since he got this supposed vasectomy. You'd think there would be at least one pregnancy Not to mention the fact that Ryan is awake while some doc is diddling with his "area" and, well, eeeewww, 'nuff said.

And, why does Ryan love Greenlee now? What's different now? He didn't much care for her when she was played by Sabine. When Ryan and Annie got married, Kenduhl went out of her way to keep Greenlee from interfering. Now Kenduhl is this busy body who is insisting to Greens that Ry is the guy for her? Too many contradictions.

brown penny

Anonymous said...

What exactly was Ryan's doctor doing down there then?

Maybe I don't want to know! EWWWWW!

susan in Toronto said...

How about Captian Judy Blight

Anonymous said...

I was really liking Blandi today. I think MCE is doing a really good job!

Anonymous said...

WTF is wrong with KenDull, she in a romantic room ALONE with ZACH!!!! and she thinking about Greenlee and Ryan. Something ain't right.


GOOD ONE, JILLYBEAN!!! I think all the names suggested so far should be used interchangeably!

Anonymous said...

Great show as usual Ashley & Jordan!

I was listening to the podcast at the printers while getting copies made and was laughing out loud while everyone looked at me like I was crazy. You guys are too funny!

Since when did Ryan get psychic powers? He was grilling Annie today like he knows something or can read her mind. This is so weird since for the past two years he has been like a lapdog who accepted everything she and everyone else has said as gospel truth. This change is too sudden and unexplained. It came around the same time that Kendull also got the ability to figure everything in the world out like where Richie was taking Babe and that Annie has a secret and is not to be trusted. None of this is making sense.

MC Egan is really doing a good job with the developments in her character and today it was great how she turned on the tears for Ryan and told him just enough of the truth to keep him in her clutches. This is the Annie I've been waiting two years or more to see emerge. Done with the mom-pants.

Greenlee was hot in her romp with Aidan. Thankfully he was all wrapped in the covers and outtasight. Loved how Zach artfully removed Kendall's shoe and slowly caressed her foot and leg. That was one of the better romantic scenes in a while. Still nothing close to Josh and Babe in the shower. Oh for the days of Colin and Alexa. Sigh.

J&A are terrific. Now if only Fletcher would kill Randi in retaliation for what Frnakie did. ... and Coldby/Mongrief too. Great case for Jessie to investigate and Olivia to defend in court while Jackson prosecutes.

Terry in Toronto

melmel said...

Loving Annie right now- you are not alone Jordan!

Colby's instant alcoholism is annoying me. It could be really well done but it seems like she's drinking just to make a point, not for any other reason.

And as for OLTL's 40th, did anyone else get a little vaklempt when they saw Agnes Nixon? Looooved it.

Judy Bleeeeeeeckh [Vomit Noise] Wilson

Arizonagal said...

T'nT, you are so right about Ryan's interrogation of Annie and the AnnieCam. I was waiting for her to pick up a table lamp and finish him off. How annoying. Plus, Annie has become quite the little liar lately, and she wasn't able to think on her feet. That seemed out of character.

When Zach took off Kendull's shoe I was hoping her feet didn't stink. If someone did that to me, I'd die of embarrassment!

So who do ya'll think is going to bit the green wienie in the tornado? I'm thinking one of them will be Josh. Since he's now on recurring, they either need to kill him off or give him a damn story. Still po'd about that unabortion, then Josh becomes a likable character, then he disappears. Talk about STOOOPID!

Does PA really have killer tornadoes?

keri said...

Some behind the scenes scoop!

Amanda may not have a man but her portrayer Chrishell Stause sure does!

Anonymous said...

How about Judy "Blah" Wilson?

Anonymous said...

You go Chrishell Stause! Graham Bunn is hot. You better get your groove on in real life since TPTB aren't giving you any breaks on AMC.

I bet that Annie and Carmen and Josh are the frontrunners to be twirled away by the upcoming tornado. Too bad it won't be Mongrief and Randi.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

I read that major characters will be killed so I am thinking Aiden and someone else. Carmen is not really major, it would dumb for them to kill her off without developing her charcter outside of Erica story.

Aiden needs to go he is dead weight.

keri said...

I can't believe I'm about to say this but I actually sort of tolerated NuColby today. She was a lot more sympathetic than Cassandra and her lying self.

JR and Babe? I don't know what's going on there. What makes JR think that he can take away his father's company and get Fusion for Babe. Also can someone remind why JR is pitted against Adam this time? The two are a pair of morons and it's sad because I used to love JR but now he's Babe's lapdog. I'll never understand why he picks the Careys over his own father.

Why does Frankie keep comparing Randi to characters from the past. It's sad that the only way he can justify his feelings is to compare Randi to Cindy Chandler and Jenny Gardner Nelson. He knows that he has NO reasons for stalking this girl and has no bearings for wanting her in his life. Cassandra and Frankie were ridiculous today. I don't even recognize Frankie anymore, Randi had dragged him down to new lows.

BTW, how old is Randi? She can't be that much older than Colby. TPTB should have kept Ambyr's Colby and paired her with Frankie. It would have been a lot better for both characters.

Ty said...

I wanna know how the character of Frankie could have fallen so far. Why on Earth is a DOCTOR, a SOLDIER, chasing after a ho?!

I know she has pretty eyes, but jeez, is this the same guy who helped rescue Greenlee and Zach from the hole? He has become a new character.

And what happened to the Hippocratic Oath? The medical Prime directive...First, do no harm? He beat a man senseless! WTF?!

Greasy Fletcher! I love how AMC brings on generic criminals and hookers, and makes them the WORST stereotype possible? Next I am expecting an asian prositute that says 'Me love you long time!' I swear, they really cut mad corners to save a bit of coin.

I think that Lucy Merriam(Emma) might be helping Judy Wison with the casting. She might even be helping B&E write the dialogue.

Anonymous said...

I think Frankie going off the deep end should be a story about his post traumati stress because a lot of drama happened to in the past year and half. He went to Iraq,he lived in the woods, his dad came back alive, and papel. He might be going crazy and slowly losing himself. They have never delt with his PTSD and this is a potential story, him losing his damn mind.

This is the only reason I would think he would act like this. Him and Jake should be dealing with a lot inside.

But sadly I doubt that's what the TPTB are doing, even though it would make more sense.


TY, I think Frankie might have taken the HYPOCRITICAL oath instead!

We should only be so lucky to have Emma as a casting assistant ... she certainly couldn't do any worse than Doody BLECCH Wilson!

Anonymous said...

You're so right Mona. It would be great if Frankie's insanity was explained by PTSD as a result of his tour in Iraq. I would even accept it if they said that Randi was a Santeria bruja who had stolen his soul (didn't they say she had family in Puerto Rico?) His insanity today threatening to kill Fletcher was unbelievable. I loved how Jessie asked him if he did the 'do'! I'd even buy it a little bit if they had been intimate and he was now whipped by her golden you-know-what. Anything would be better than what we're getting.

I thought Cassie and Angie were really good in their scenes and believable too. Cassandra is so scared that she's lying all over the place and doing it badly. Angie wants the truth but also doesn't want to alienate her daughter. Much more believable than DBTE Coldby reciting a monologue to Krystal.

Terry in Toronto

Keri said...

Was anyone else put off by the fact that Frankie is willing to give up his medical career for Randi? I had forgotten to mention that earlier. I think our boy needs help.

crs 17 said...



LOL, Love that Jessie, can't wait for Ash's reindition.

Did I just see Greenlee's boob?

crs 17

dianne said...

OMG, Brianne Mongrief has been taking acting lessons from Walt Willey, bless her heart! Did you notice her bobblehead action today when she talked with Cassandra on the phone? If there was ever any doubt about the significant difference in the acting abilities of these two, it should have been erased today.

Thank you, Terry and Keri, for your on target comments about the male lapdogs on AMC. This seems to be a growing trend for several years. I love to see strong female characters but it doesn't mean the men have to be emasculated. In addition to Ryan and JR, I would add others to the lapdog list: Jackson, Zach, Aidumb, Frankie...

I read that Chuck Pratt intends to help these gentlemen relocate their ... well, you know which part of their anatomy the writers have misplaced, bless their hearts. More power to you, Chuck!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of great pimps, how about Roscoe Orman, who played Tyrone, the pimp who threw Donna Beck from a moving car? He was so convincing I freaked when I saw him on Sesame Street, where (unbeknownst to me) he was a regular. Eat your shriveled little heart out, Fletcher!

Anonymous said...

He was Gordon on Sesame St! Who knew that Gordon was a pimp. Does that mean that Susan was a prostitute?

Terry in Toronto

shoegal21 said...

I think the whole rylee thing is ridiculous. How can he just remember EVERYTHING, including Gillian, Leo, his life with Kendall and Annie, but decide, nope it's Greenltee that I won't/ Its more believeable if it was Kendall just because, for one, she was the reason he got shot in the first place. But maybe I'm just being bias because I am a rendall fan. Here's a link that I thought you guys mught want to tcheck out. Great show (again) btw! :)


jordan hudson said...


I have missed you all. The Blog is hopping with amazing ideas. I still stay you guys together can write a more accurate show.

Thank you Erica Kane. I went out and bought there CD.

Hate to say it but Yes Taylor's character is yet another military person with a chip on there shoulder, jonesing to get back out there. YAWN. I love the idea of a more reality base storyline especially after the Satin Slayer crap. Yet if you can't put your own twist on it ala ARMY WIVES (love that show) or just do it right then don't do it at all.

You guys nailed how many holes are in the Frankie character and how they have not given us insight to why he left and was in the woods.

I will say this The Hubbards made the last two days for me and I mean all, Cassie included. See how good Ya Ya is when she is put up against real actors. The writing was good and boy was the acting top notch.

J & A Monday and Father and Son and Mother & Daughter yesterday. Thats good drama.

Also realized that we are missing the soul of AMC with Stuart not being involved. When he showed up I was thinking why has Staurt been M.I.A. the last few years. He needs to be front and center like in the good old days.

Still no Carmen.

I'm liking this JR/ Adam storyline. Also like the idea of him trying to steal Fusion for Babe . Lets see if they follow through.

Terry you slay me Randi La Bruja. Yeah this storyline is dead in the water.

Can't get into Ryan and Greens. Silly so silly. Thank god For my little nutjob annie. She is like a modern day Heather Webber/ Cyndi Harrison. See we need more charcters like that on Soaps. Okay what Soaps are those charcetrs form. the first one is simple but the second. I know you guys know,

Anonymous said...

Jordan you are so right,

Cassie was so good with her mom. Yaya really held her own with Ms Debbie Morgan.

And as crazy as Frankie is, Cornelius Smith did a bang up job with Darnell.

I thought the Hubbard scenes were really good Monday and Tuesday. They have so much life in them, I love them.

I am really liking Annie, I cannot call her Blanie anymore, they should have made her a schemer from the jump.

And we finally got some Zendell love.

Anonymous said...

We finally got some Carmen just in time for Jordan! She looked great today and her reaction to seeing Erica was so perfect. I loved her being Jackson's coach and pushing him back into the ring while Zach was trying to get Kendall bolt from all the craziness.

What was the point of all of Aidumb's scenes today? He interrogated that secretary who would never have promised to help him against her new boss. She doesn't know him from a hole in the wall. She was just as dumb as he is. .. and what was the point of him grilling Annie? This is all just dumb, dumb, dumb. The clinic sent the papers to Ryan and they got lost in the mail. Is it unheard of in Pine Valley that the post office lost something? This is not a reason to suspect that Annie's done anything shady. I used to hate Blandie with a passion but now I'm loving Annie because she's more interesting than Ryan, Aidumb and a couple of other characters put together.

Still dreaming of a Josh-Amamda pairing even though I now know it ain't gonna happen. Why, oh why aren't Ashley and Jordan head writers for AMC?

Terry in Toronto

Brian said...

In the podcast, I know that the Ryan sperm check was talked about, but did anyone notice how he was gone for alike a minute? I know that it is soaps, but did the writers not even think that what this lack of thought means about Ryan? Maybe there is a reason we don't see many Ryan love making scenes... because he doesn't last long enough to film one.

And also, did anyone notice that when Zack and Kendull were at conFusion, that she ordered a "soda". WTF? Shouldn't she have said what kind? Sloppy writing.

Brian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brian said...

Why don't the parents of these "troubled teens" come together to cover up the whole Richie death? Between Adam, Samuel Jesse, and Angie, this whole thing could be covered up. You got the old money, political figure, dirty cop, and medical examiner. This whole problem could go away.

It would also leave a way for Anne to stay on the show. Although, she has been on the road to crazy town since she started taking those hormones.

Justin said...

This is my first time posting a coment on the show, and its only the second time I have heard you all. SO with that said, let me say I LOVE YOUR SHOW! Finally someone I can listen to talk about my f avorite soap, ALL MY CHILDREN!! I watch the show daily, and yes I am a guy. lol I was addicted in college and well I have stayed with it ever since. Keep up the good work guys! Oh before I forget, Ashley, you had a 29 year old black man on the floor laughing on the floor when you did your impressions. Especially Erica's and Opal's. I am serious I was in tears! :-)

Umm... Something for Randi.... Round-randi. Hear me out. lol I would call her that because she is round like a door knob, and for the right price EVERYONE can get a turn. lol Franklin, (remember he does not like people to call him Frankie) is better off without this girl!

Anonymous said...

How about Judy Blunt Wilson, because that lady is definitely smokin' something. Her casting choices are abysmal failures and yet she continues to cast the young, beautiful and talentless.

I have not been able to verify anywhere online that MonGrief is really out. Anyone... anyone?

brown penny

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...

I agree with you guys about the Ryan / Greenlee forced storyline mess. Also the thing about Trollby's "alcoholism" is ridiculous! All of a sudden, she's decided to be a lush? Amber's Colby would NEVER do that!

Did anyone else notice today (Wed) that during the scenes between Jake and Frankie, the extra behind them had this huge burger and was pretending to eat it - she took bites, but the burger was clearly fake and didn't have any bites out of it. I had a hard time focusing on the dialogue with that hilarity in the background.

Also, I was thumbing through an Avon catalog at the doctor's office yesterday, and I noticed that AIDAN is the pin up boy for Black Suede cologne!!! I wanted to tear it out and scan it to Ashley, but there were too many people around.


crs 17 said...

I liked Wednesday's episode. We had Carmen, which always spices it up. We had Zendall, but outside of the whole Rylee mess. And Annie was just about perfection...did you see that devious little smile? Plus, some Jake/Franklin Bromance and TPTB decided to let us see a little vulnerability in Randi (ps. who was looking hawt). There was a different tone, somehow, to this episode, and I was enjoying it. Others?

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Wednesday was good. Got some Jake. Jordan I know you have sources, when will we be getting more Jake story. I am tired of him being a day player.

melmel said...

Crazy Daisy/Melissa- I've seen Aiden's modelling too! My friend's mother owns a salon and there's a picture of Aiden and his co-model is Beth Ostrosky, aka Howard Stern's bride to be. It's from a few years ago but I always love to stare at the picture and giggle a bit!

Jake will only get a story when they force him with Taylor. WHY force this- let it happen naturally aka WITH GREENS. What about pairing Ryan with Taylor? Get him out of the stupid 6.

Mona said...

I agree that whole six MESS needs some refreshing.

Ryan has already slept with everyone in town. Hell probably Randi too.
He has been on the front burner too long, they need to give him a break and put others to work (like our Amanda).

I am soo GLAD that we had Zendall away from sextet so far this wk. Now I hear they will follow them all to Vegas so Kendall can spy on Ryan and Annie. Im Royally pissed about this crap! They are so good. Why don't they have their OWN storyline.

I hope they do not destroy my Jake for the sake of a forced pairing with Taylor.

ariel said...

Ashley, Jordan, you guys will be happy about this, I'm sure as will we all! Word on the street is that AMC is canning Brianne "Mongrief". BUT Ambyr may not be the replacement. Could be yet another recast. Just telling you what I've heard, but it seems promising and definitely not shocking!

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...

Woo hoo!!! I hope it's true about MyGrief getting the sack!!!

I can't believe anyone didn't mention how SMOKING HOT Erica looked in Wednesday's epi.


Arizonagal said...

Why is Kendull so obsessed with Greenlee and Ryan? If I was Zach, I'd wring her neck. Boooorrrring and lame. I wonder if Minshew cringes when she reads her scripts.

If we can't have Ambyr back, how about Krystal Hunt? She'd be perfect for the part. Not as perfect as Ambyr, but close.

Oh, and Ashley, when you do your Zach impressions, can you please say Arrrr at the end?

Keri said...

Did anyone else feel sorry for Pete today? Colby was so rude and spiteful towards him. I wish he would rat her out and kick her to the curb because he can do a lot better.

It's okay, Pete, I like you!

P.S. - Why are these teens so redundant and stupid?

melmel said...

When did Colby become such a, watch out for my bleeped out swear, such a ****head??? She used to be so lovable- suddenly she's a demon.

mona said...

This is the writers half ass attempt at making Coldby like Adam? Im not interested. Grief cannot pull this stuff off at all.

The stuff that is coming up for her character with her alcoholism, it is not going to work. The acting just won't be there at all.

And I felt so sorry for Petey. He played the emotions in his face today. I felt him. Like you said Jordan, you have be able to act without saying anything. You cannot just read the script (Aiden and Coldby).

jillybean said...

Hey Ashley, i was bored the other day and looking through my iTunes, listening to some Classic PVP songs. And now correct me if i am wrong but once you had Carlos fill in and he sounded a lot like our friend Pedro LOL

jordan hudson said...

while I dont wish unemployment on anyone....Mongrief needs to go. Yes that is the annoying thing. You could hire an actress from another show Crystal Hunt, Stephanie Gerscaht (or however you spell it) or Justice from OLTL ( if the rumors are true that she has been let go from OLTL) or any of the talented blond hair actress that I know here in NYC that can act. I have twelve of them that would knock the part out. Honestly with the money they pay Judy Blight........

Yes Ms. Lucci was in rare form Wednesday. MY GOD, she has to have that potrait in the basement ala Dorian Grey. Breath taking.

Carmen proves her worth as she is a breath of fresh air and lights up the scene. She made Jerkson look good.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous Keri,

I totally felt for Petey today. Why is he "into" that loser NuColdby when she is such a biotch to him. .. to everyone lately. I thought the actor (don't even know his name) was great and has shown a full range of emotion in the short time he has been on. He's also kind of cute too. We need some scenes where Petey turns to Opal and Palmer for dating advice. ... or better yet they embarras him by trying to give it unsolicited in public.

They need to get a real actress to play Colby and the writers should go back to the character Ambyr played not this alcoholic evil-twin Colby. That would be funny if it turned out that Mongrief had the real Ambyr/Colby locked in the attic the way Adam had Stuart hidden away when the family first moved to town.

Speaking of twins, Jillybean my dear, I have noted in the past how much Taylor, Pedro and Carlos sounded alike and Ashley even kidded about it briefly. Now Jordan Hudson, there's a persona all unto himself. They certainly broke the mould after he was formed.

Did anyone else think it was weird that Jesse was going over the Richie Novak case with Angie and not a detective? It's one thing if professional stuff comes up in pillow talk but she was like a consultant in his office. Isn't there a Law Authority professional code of conduct that includes confidentiality? Oh wait, maybe Jesse didn't get to that course yet since he never went to college.

Ericka said...

I love Frankie! The actor is from my home town area. But with that being said.. you all are right, I agree. Randi's pretty and all but so are a lot of nurses at the hospital, SO IS AMANDA!!! That would be hot. But maybe he doesn't want to hook up with a nurse because you don't get your honey where you make your money!! Maybe it's a hero complex with him. He feels he can "save" Randi so that's what's attracting him to her.
On a lighter note, I'm watching a past episode of ER from 1999 and low and behold our Carmen is on there as a OB nurse helping Carol Hathaway deliver her babies!!! I heard her voice b4 I saw her and she looks EXACTLY the same.

Ericka said...

I don't know if this has been said but the thing about Annie getting pregnant only after finding out Ryan didn't have the V..I'm thinking it's because she starting shooting hormones/fertility drugs in her body. I wouldn't be surprised if she took that extra step and poked holes in the condoms.

Ashley said...

You people are too much! Honestly, I even had Taylor and Pedro on the same show, and y'all still believe that they are they same person!!

Ugh. I'm catching up on AMC right now, and Coldby is telling Krystal what happened with Richie. It's weird - on my hi-defintion television, I can see Krystal sleeping while Coldby is talking. KWAK seems to be doing headbobs and I can see a little drool in the corner of her mouth. Anyone else notice this?


dianne said...

Has anyone else heard that Carmen and Randi have a past connection? I read that on the SON prevues. Any word from your sources, JordAsh?

Keri said...

I hope the rumors about NuColby are true because once again her drunken scenes were horrific. I love Petey, he's being played by Daniel Kennedy and I find him the most talented of the bunch.

Jordan, did you love Annie today? MCE was rocking in those scenes with the car. She stopped her fake asthma attack on a dime. Crazy Annie is brillant ;)

Mona said...

It's official I FLOVE ANNIE. I was on the floor on today's ending scenes with her faking the accident. Her crazy so funny.

"You better call me back Ryan, and you better not be with Greenlee"

I love it! Cannot wait for Ashley to do it in that Blandi voice!

Keri said...

Forgot to add - I think there may be a connection. Because remember when Randi was in the hospital and mentioned a cousin from Puerto Rico? Maybe she and Carmen are somehow related.

Anonymous said...

They better keep Annie like this, she worked it in the fake accident scenes. Sheer Brilliance on MCE part! Took two years to see something interesting about this character.

I wanted to slap the S**t out of them teens today. Especially Cass and Coldby!

elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

When you think this is the worst AMC has ever gotten just remember:

the top 5 story lines that AMC views have lived through:
5)Erica's Trial for kidnapping Maddie Grey
4)Leora Hayward's Death
2) Satin Slayer
1) Jim Thomasen - child pornographer

Please feel free to add to this list of crap.

So perhaps Ashley things are not as bad as you think they are. I mean even Dred showed signs of life this week. Injections of life may have been given all around as sammy woods seemed almost playful ( on Thursday at least)

P.S. This list has replaced the DBTE list, this week only.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Dr. Madden and the unabortion!!!!

Arizonagal said...

No list would be complete without Dixie and the case of the Poisoned Peanut Butter Pancakes, McTravesty's last bitch slap before her departure.

Anonymous said...

I forgot about Haley being buried alive.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Sorry the post above was us.

melmel said...

Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm kind of routing for an extreme May/December romance between Carmen and bobblehead Jackson- maybe it could make him a little more fun.

Elyse in Toronto said...

Melmel I like that idea, I saw it blooming the other day as well, and that would be a cute triangle when MVP leaves (I heard I rumor), Erica fighting what she created.

Elyse in Toronto said...

Was it just me or did Montgrief look like she was channeling Sinatra on friday? I think the scenes with her and the hat at chandler Ent. were the worst EVER for her Thank goodness she is LEAVING ( Bless her heart)

Also, was saying they all drove the GREAT PLAN the hatched? that is just sad, it seems the writers have really checked out. I wish they had come up with anything better, going to Jesse and saying we killed Nipples Novak would have been better.

Oh and Annie by the car calling Ryan I loved it when she stopped crying and panting , it was funny and just a great scene just her and the car.

Anonymous said...

So I heard Randi gets a job at Fusion!! All the women in this town work at one company...Why?

But I also read that Randi and Amanda will become friends.

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...

As much as I want more Amanda, the idea of her and Randi becoming friends give me hives. I agree with you 1000% Ashley! Randi is completely uni-dimensional and boring! Frankie's obsession is groundless - there's nothing to obsess about, and he's too smart to be just into her for her looks. It's a silly, silly storyline.

On the brighter side, Friday's scene with Annie and the car were priceless. Watch her become interesting and then get taken off the show...


Anonymous said...

I hope Pratt fleshes Randi out because it's not working for me. This week they tried to give her some vulnerability when she was insecure getting ready for her job interview but they got to do better than that.

maybe Carmen is staying longer than we thought because it does seem that they are connecting her to Randi.

I hope Carmen stays.

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...

I would totally put up with Randi to get more Carmen!!!!!


Anonymous said...

AMC would certainly be looking up if Randi and Amanda becoming friends was the route the writers took to hook up Amanda with Frankie! Once Randi sees that Frankie is over her and into Amanda she decides to go ply her trade in Tokyo or Moscow and is never heard from again. ... Oh, and Angie just loves, loves, loves Amanda and keeps asking when she's going to make her a grandmother.

Annie needs to stick around and really make Ryan's life hell after he divorces her.

Terry in Toronto

crs 17 said...

Wow, this board is smoking this week! I think AMC was up just a touch over last week in quality.

Personally, MCE with the scene with the car, working herself up into a hissy, making the call, and then snapping off the hissy was the scene of the summer . If Annie is going to be written like this, and MCE is going to play it like this, by all means, Pratt find a way to keep her around.

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Yowsa, Frankie and Amamda, that would be some smokin' drama. And add me to the list of viewers who want MCE to stick around. I'd love to see her cause some serious grief to all the smug Pine Valleyites, or would that be Pine Vallians, or maybe Pine Villains.

brown penny

Anonymous said...

They should have Frankie save Amanda, since they want him to be a hero. Save her from being all alone, that poor girl has no one.

She could also be a cop like her dad Trevor was.

Anonymous said...

Amanda as a recuit at the PV Police Academy would be hilarious! She would bring some serious high fashion improvements to the uniform for starters. I would love to see Amanda in a uniform punishing 'bad doctor' Frankie in the bedroom. That would bring the slutmetric 2000 roaring back to life.

Anonymous said...

Yes we need the slutmetric back!!

Arizonagal said...

Colby needs a posture pal. That girl was so hunched over. I couldn't help but compare her posture with Krystal's when they were walking and talking at the yacht club. As my dad used to say, STAND UP STRAIGHT GIRL!

Erica Kane said...

WOW this blog is really rockin this week!!! I have never seen so many comments on here!! I think ABC should hire us as story consultants!!!

jordan hudson said...

OMG Arizongal,

Thank you I have been saying it since day one about Mongrief's posture. I thouhgt it was just me.

God Yes MCE better stay on because Annie is way to much fun to get rid of now. Her antics are old school and Im loving it.

Yes This week was an improvement since last week for sure. The Hubbards coming front and center. Love the Adam/ Jr stuff. Y

et egads Mongrief even sucked the life out of Krystal in those scenes. Poor Bobbi Eakes. I love Petey he is great.

How hot was Susan, she made Alicia look like a sack of potatoes which is not easy to do because she is hot but Susan was just too much on Wednesday.

Now the word is Josh is off the canvas people. UGGGGGHHHH!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mongrief stands like she has a hump on her back. Imagine if it turns out that she has scoliosis or something.

I can't believe they dumped Josh! One reliable hottie on the show and they get rid of him. I bet Ashley is going even further into withdrawal for her Colin Egglesfield.

Terry in Toronto

Janet From Another Planet said...

im a little late for the party this week but i got to say, THIS is a Friday cliffhanger

GO MCE!!!!!!!!!!