Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's Better Than a Sleeping Pill!

Is anyone surprised by the developments this week?
  • InsAnnie tries to kill Greenlee.
  • Greenlee remains oblivious to InsAnnie's craziness.
  • Kendall obsesses over Ryan and InsAnnie, but doesn't seem to remember that she has children.
  • Fletcher propositions Frankie. (Okay, even we couldn't have predicted the idiocy of this particular turn.)
  • Erica looks hot! (Now that is one lady who never bores.)
So glad to be back this week, listeners! The show is a tad slow, but you, our viewers, always delight! Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas here. (And Maybe Jordan will share that TV list of his, too.)

8/08/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! A New Podcast!

Anonymous said...

So glad you all are back!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hands down... the Best Intro ever!!!
I am on the floor in tears. Hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Happy to have you guys back! Can't wait to listen.

Anonymous said...

Leave Kendall alone I like her plus she is the only one who sees Annie for the nut she is. Everyone else is defending the nut it is not until she kills someone else or goes after the little one with a knife that People are going to say Kendall was righ

Anonymous said...

Also Kendall with Ryan again that would be the biggest mistake AMC would make since the peanut butter pancakes. Ryan is an abuser and should be by himself

Anonymous said...

Sorry OLTL has one of the worse storylines going in Marty and Todd

Anonymous said...

Also if the person in Arizona paid attention Kendall told Zach before Ryan came in that she wasn't a saint that she had done horrible and unforgivable stuff in the past mostly because she was anger. She hated her life and was jealous of anyone who had a better life. She told Zach the anger she had is the anger she see's in Annie especially when they found the photo of the women of Fusion and Greenlee's head was cut off.

Anonymous said...

If what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, can the writers get us back to Pine Valley and leave the sextet out there in the desert?? I'd rather watch the troublesome teens than those thirty-somethings yammering on and on the way they have been recently.

Great podcast again, JordAsh! I was listening for a mention of your upcoming appearance on BuzzWorthy Radio. Maybe that can be the opportunity for us bloggers to chat with you two! Of course you know we read about it on Superposter's blog. Don't be so humble. Promote your BWR appearance on the PVP!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Tasha,

Kendall turning on Annie and being the only person who knows what's going on with Annie doesn't make sense. ... unless she's psychic now and even Opal who supposedly has those powers couldn't pick up on all of Robert Gardners bad vibes. We know what Annie has done but they have given us no indication that Kendall has seen or heard anything whatsoever.

Kendall has no reason to be all up in Annie and Ryan's business while her own children are bonding with a nanny. I only wish the writers had the courage to have her overhear Spike calling Rachel mommy.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Sorry Terri but Annie has been acting out of character for a while. It is Kendall's business since Spike is Ryan's son and spends time with Annie. Would you want someone you don't trust to be with your son. Also Annie is her employee who is acting weird. Look if Babe sees' that something is wrong with Annie how can Kendall ignore it. Also like she said she can spot the anger she had when she first came to town. People see things in others that they know that they have in themselves. If Kendall can recognize that Annie is going through something. People should listen before it turns into a hot mess

Anonymous said...

Also Terri we can't say how much time Kendall spends off screen with her children. The are times when she isn't on the show that possibly she is with the children. Plus is you are going to fault Kendall you have to fault Tad, Krystal,Jr, Babe, Annie and Ryan. None of the parents spend time with the kids. I mean Annie was supposed to be a great mom not anymore. Emma spends more time at sleepover than at home. Plus Spike and Ian know their mom and if the show was also showing Kendall with their kids people would complain it was boring. I just love Kendall

Erica Kane said...

YAY Glad to have a new podcast!!

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I feel your pain! When Michael Knight joined AMC in 1982, he was HOTTTT! I spent my teenage years searching for my own Tad Martin. He was so sexy!!! He was also a lying, cheating dog with multiple ladies always vying for his attention. It wasn't just his HOT body, it was the way he would tease you and melt you with this devilish gleam in his eye. It pains me to see him as Fred Flintstone/Homer Simpson. I don't know what the solution is. Sadly, I don't think you can force him to dye his hair and lose weight. He's still the best actor on the show (possible exception David Canary) and deserves our respect. But it makes me sad. Wasn't it just a few years ago that he was believable jumping in & out of bed with Simone, Liza, & Krystal? Sorry, but I don't want to see him in bed with ANYONE anymore. How is it some men can look sexy with grey hair, but some just do not? Keep him in a suit jacket to hide the belly. Maybe send him a love interest to make Krystal jealous? Would a real story line motivate MK to take better care of himself? I don't know. Well, you 2 motivate me to keep watching regardless (I'll admit the show takes me about 20 minutes to watch, with all my fast forwarding). I think allowing people to phone in & join you on the podcast is a fantastic idea. Thank you both for watching every day so I don't have to!

Anonymous said...

Great, Great Podcast JordAsh!!!

Ashley do more KWAK, LaKane, Jesse, Zach impersonations!!

Kendull and Zach need their own storyline. I think we can all agree that the Sextet of Suck need to be pulled apart. Adults do not act like this.

Fighting in Fusion, how is that a storyline for Amanda? Everybody else has other things going on too what about Amanda? Who could they even put her with, Josh is gone and Jake is taken.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that the worst thing about the Pratt interview for me was that he didn't appear to have ever watched the show. So the history (which we only see the rare glimmer of, as A&J ass-tootly remind us) will continue to be lost and characters will continue to behave out of character and "actors" will continue to be hired for their looks, not abilities. *sigh* Maybe we'll be surprised by the new writing! That could be Father Clarence's X-mas miracle this year... a show we look forward to watching again (other than as fodder for A&J's hilarious podcasts). Anything's possible on a soap.

Anonymous said...

What about Tad and Taylor. She looks more of his age group. She looks so much older than Jake.

Anonymous said...


haha MCE is FERICE and i want to know your scoop!!!!!!!

GO ANNIE!!! and MCE SO deserves praise for her performance!!!!!

btw if u want to have a live call in show check out

Anonymous said...

Jordan i loved your Annie rant on Kendull and Greenmememe

haha i LOVE MCE too!!!!!!!!

(sorry for posing my I HEART ANNIE stuff over and over cause i listening and blogging at the same time :( )

Anonymous said...

So wait, This is Pratt's vision of Fusion as a real workplace?

Amanda told Randi that she was qualified because she wears make-up.

Fusion is still a joke!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It makes no sense whatsoever. Why doesn't Amanda ask Randi why she's currently unemployed. What's Randi going to put down on the forms? Stupid and lazy writing. That girl is no qualified for work at a company that's supposed to be internationally successful.

Ashley, I get what you're saying about the Greenlee and Aidan sex. That's all they ever do because that's all they have. Those wedding scenes today were so boring. This is supposed to be the most memorable days of their life and not only single tear! I didn't expect much from Aidan but Greenlee? I've seen catatonic people with more expression. Good grief. You know when a soap wedding is like this it won't last.

Anonymous said... I missing something? Who the hell talks to their bosses the way Babe and Amanda did? It doesn't matter if Kendall and Greenlee take a 3 year vacation to Malawi...Babe and Amanda are UNDERLINGS. They are lucky that Kendall and Greenlee didn't kick their asses out!

If this was the OLD AMC, and we had the REALKendall and Greenlee, they would have bounced Babe, who no matter how you dress her, or straighten her hair, is still trash. Not much different from her 'MAWMA', she fell into money, never did anything in life to earn money or title or anything. Babe and Krystal are just a perm and sundress away from being the true trash they are.

Tad should've known that if she would cheat ON Adam with him, she would eventually betray him. You can't turn a HO into a HOusewife, no matter how you cut their fur and clip their nails. LOL!

I love Yaya Dacosta, but damn if I didn't mute the TV when Cassie went into her little tantrum against Jesse. Why do they keep putting this girl in yellow clothes?lol! Anyway, I kind of wanted Angie to slap her. BTW, Angie's weave is coming UNWEAVED! They need a Black stylist on the show. A lot of these stylists and makeup people think you can throw any dead beaver on a Black woman's head and it will be okay, I say NO! They need to talk to whoever does Tika's(Layla OLTL) that's a weave in we can believe in!

How much you wanna'make a bet that Pratt is gonna phase out all the Blacks on the show? I give the Hubbards until the end of the year. Thank God for them though, cause they have been keeping me from just throwing a boot at my TV. Thank God for Jesse's sloppy clothes, Angie's weaves, Cassie's yellow disasters, and Freaklin's flaring nostrils and clay hair...yay!

Why are the idiots trying to ram Taylor and Jake down our throats? This is gonna be a BOMB! Mark my words. If they are smart(which we know dey' ain't mon), they will put Taylor in ADAM'S orbit. Have her be a rival with Krystal. Make that greasy Hot Wings and Hooters Honey have to fight for something for a change instead of getting everything dropped in her lap.

Jesse and Tad should be the new Supercouple on AMC...whaddya think? Loved them playing Mario Kart and bowling! Hot!

So sick of AiDUMB and GreenMee. Whenever they kiss, I groan, not with delight, but with disgust. And how come they gave Rebecca Budig back that annoying hair flip? I liked when they had her hair long and straight and natural. Whenever she gets the 'Fusion Flip', she gets evil.LOL!

Kendall needs to BTFU(back da ****up)amd get a life! I guess she forgets that she has 2 kids at home. She don't work, and she don't take care of her kids. Racheal should sue Kendall for custody of Spike and Ian. Racheal could leave town with them babies, and they would never know it. Where is the spitfire that we knew and loved? Who is this skinny annoying busybody who can't shut up about a woman who she was raving about 2 months ago? Now she hates Annie, and is lovey dovey with the woman who almost KILLED HER SON! She kidnapped your son and DROVE HIM OFF A CLIFF, and Annie is crazy? WTF ever Alici...I mean Kendall! Sometimes I forget lately, cause you can SEE the acting now on the show.

Thorsten Kaye looks bored, and he has to be mad that most of Zach's answers to Kendall's medalling are three word sentences:

KENDALL: Something's not right with Annie!

ZACH: Not our call

KENDALL: She's lying to Ryan!

ZACH: That's his problem

KENDALL: Zach, can't you see, she's unhinged?!

ZACH:Let it go...

Bleh...writing is shot!

Love Annie though. Not since Janet have I been so rooting for the crazy gal. Billy Miller is still good even dead! Wonderful!

Let me stop being silly. Welcome back guys!!!

Anonymous said...

It would've been a better storyline if when Amanda saw Randi she thought she could be the new face of Fusion. Then all the Fusion ladies get in over their heads when it's revealed Randi used to be a hooker. It would be a way to have them dealing with a business problem that's still soapy.

Anonymous said...

If you could say that about Kendall and her children what about Annie and Emma. You hardly see Annie with Emma or Babe with Little A. How come Kendall gets all the blame. Plus Annie has been acting weird what is Kendall supposed to do ignore it. Yes Kendall is intense but I love her and like crazy Annie but when it comes down to it I chose my girl Kendall all the time

Anonymous said...

JordAsh you made my day!!!!!!

Tyrone your post is hilarious. I agree with you, weave and all.

If Pratt is Smart...(side glance)... he needs to recognize the GEMS that are on his show and write for the ensemble cast... That includes Amanda.

My fear is that Angie and Jesse will just be busybodies like Kendull and Zach are right now. These are "mature" couples who need their own lives.

I love Carmen... Did she not look fabulous in that yellow dress with the red belt!

I cannot even talk about the crap that is Fusion.

Team InsAnnie!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So no qualifications necessary.?.?.

"All you have to do is look gorgeous and answer the phone"
-Amanda Dillon

WHAT IN THE HELL? Are they going to bring back those stripper poles next?

What kind of international business is this. What an insult to a company ran solely by women. What kind of sh!t is this? Why must these women be vapid, shrieking, idiots. They are professionals... they need to write them as such.

Anonymous said...

So Randi is applying for a job at Fusion? She'll be perfect. She may actually have a high school diploma, but probably not much else. She'll probably qualify for upper management since she's got all that great hooker experience. Why doesn't anyone in PV do entry level at fast food joints? Is that chicken shack of Palmer's still open?

What bugs me is the middle-class is only middle class until they meet one of the AMC characters. Then, suddenly, they are sky rocketed to fame and fortune and dating doctors. Blech.

I don't hate Randi, but why did TPTB hire her? Amanda could have gotten involved with Frankie and that would have been HOTTER and more fun to watch than this.

Anonymous said...

Jordan, I hope your instincts are correct. Kendall meddling in Ryan's marriage has to be MORE to it than she's letting on. It would make total sense if Kendall is still in love with Ryan and wants him for herself.

Anonymous said...


what was the scary clip at the end?


team ANNIE

Laura said...

Loved the shoutout Ashley. It did remind me of Romper Room. I have two very sick relatives in the hospital and it really made my day or year even.

Thirty posts in one day. Boy we have some astute viewers here. I loved Tyrone's comments.Is he Donna's old pimp?

Like ABC would hire a black stylist. They have Sherri in Wigs and Whoppi in dreads on the View, Angie in a half off weave, and a beautiful girl we never see on OLTL. Hire some more black actors first so the stylist can keep busy.

I am missing Josh, but then I missed him the last year! At least now he can do other things, like maybe go to AMC West, better known as the Young and the Restless. This is my favorite podcast, just not my favorite soap right now. I am very worried about our little soap. If it drops much lower, they could be moving Days of Our Lives over to ABC.

jordan hudson said...

Thank god for Carmen, Amanda, Babe
and yes Randi. I enjoyed them so much yesterday.

The Bromance was going strong.

Yet I was so bored with Aidan and Greens and Zack and Kendull. Thank god for InsAnnie when she showed up in a scene like a breath of fresh air.

Dre and Cassie: talk about warp speed. Yet another realization to why this is not working; when did they actually build a real romance for these two. That all of a sudden they are each others love and what not. I long for the days of cliff and Nina, greg and jenny.

Thank god for Petey! The only person who seems immune to the soul sucking virus that is Coldby.

I will say this our bloggers are the best. You guys brought up some good points in defense of Kendull getting involved in Annie's life. Yet I still feel that kendull is out of line by pushing the whole Ryan and Greenlee issue. It's still none of here damm business. Now making sure her kid is safe when he is at his daddy's house that I can buy. Yet let us remember how Kendull was all for Annie when Greens first came back. At this point I think they have made Greens and Kendull very annoying.

And as far as Fusion being a real company run by powerful women......HA HA come on guys the little credibility Fusion had flew out the window with the pole danicing episode.

Aggie would have been rolling over in her grave, sadly she is alive and had to see how they have butchered her show over the years.

A show that gave us such strong women. Erica may have been alot of things to alot of people but one thing she was never was a doormat to a man. She went out there and fought for what she wanted and built her empire the same way Adam did. Greens and Kendull are no Erica.

Anonymous said...

So everyone just ends up in Las Vegas and they all show up at the same wedding chapel? What a coincidink. I mean, what are the odds? Sometimes I find this stuff so irritating.

Confusion, the gin joint, has those weird lighted counter tops that give an eerie glow to the customers. Even Amanda and Randi looked odd in that light. Not a good idea for a pick up joint. I don't know many women who'd want to sit at that bar.

Back to Vegas. RyAnnKenZach are at the casino and there is no noise? You can't hear even one slot machine? Come on now. Vegas is one noisy place. Where was all the ringing and dinging? It didn't feel like Vegas at all.


Anonymous said...

I just gotta say I love me some Carmen. She even made Randi tolerable today. And that ending scene between her and Adam was so poignant. I don't want these two romantically paired but they need some more scenes together. They didn't need any words. She was just there for him and put a hand to his leg and it was great. Pratt, use her!

Amanda made the Fusion women look like vapid idiots. I mean they are but you don't go around telling everybody that. What she said to Randi was horrid. Make-up and being hot is all you need? If I was Randi, I would be insulted. How about brains and skill?

Las Vegas is nauseating. I can't stand it. Aidan and Greenlee are fake together and will not last. The only thing I enjoyed about the sextet today was Zach and Annie's discussion, they've got a great platonic chemistry. I love that he's not as far gone as Kendall and actually wants to help Annie. Kendall bugs me not because of her past, because she has acknowledged and admitted to her mistakes, but because she wants to shove out Annie (and indirectly shove out Aidan). She has this picture perfect idea in her head of her Zendall with Greenlee's Rylee and it's sad that she won't butt out of it. If Annie wasn't crazy, she'd still be in everyone's business because she knows that Ryan loves Greenlee

jordan hudson said...

Well I'm loving me the generation, Hubbard/Matin bromance. Yesterday we were treated to Jesse and tad, today Jake and Frankie.

I too believe that Carmen brought out the best in Randi. I'm more interested in there storyline then I'am Vegas.

Though Keri I agree with you about Zac and InsAnnie. I wish all the shows realize that sometimes the greatest couples/ Relationships/ Loves don't have to be sexual. GH Luke & Scorpio/Sonny/Alexis. OLTL Dorian & Viki etc.

I will say Adam and Krystal were great today. Carmen coming in at the end was the cherry on top. Why oh why is she not more involved.

I don't know about you guys but I'm tired of Jake being a recurring character. This is beyond stupid. You steal a nominated actor away from his show to bring him on to your show and this is how your treating him. I did love his conversation with Frankie. Love that he mentioned Donna, Emily Ann and Benny. Speaking of Vasili (Benny Sago) was on the Closer last night.

Anonymous said...

The thing I am most angry about is they aren't using Jake only because they are forcing him with this Taylor character. He could be involved in so much, but they're holding him back for this forced romance.

So glad InsAnnie is catching on- I feel smart for combining words to invent that one.

And another great non-sexual relationship on soaps: Carly and Jason (at least at this point in life)

Anonymous said...

PS AMC *thinks* they have the best relationship with Kendall and Greenlee. If anything, it's just annoying at this point.

Anonymous said...

Adam and KWAK were so good today. Did you see Adam's face! I felt bad for him.

Carmen and Adam did not even speak and they were Fabulous today. In that two second scene they upstaged every MonGrief performance.

Seriously why is Adien still on the show? I love Rebecca Budig and she has not gotten a worthy pairing since Leo. She deserves way better than Aidumb and Ryan. They bore me to tears. I would be more interested in a Greens/Jake/Taylor triangle.

How bored did Thorsten Kaye look in his scenes. Free Zach and Kendull!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is my first time to ever blog about AMC although I've been listening for about a year. I'm a 42 year old married father of 4 who grew up w/ AMC. I've watched it as long as I can remember -- since it was a 1/2 hour black and white show. Obviously I don't have many guys to share my AMC thoughts with, so I appreciate this forum so much. To me, AMC is like part of my family. The characters got me through certain times in my life that were tough. It gave me interesting people to care about when I needed it most. A show like this is different from most TV fare. It's on every day and every day you get to share a little time with people who ask nothing more of you but a little time and attention, and in return they share their secrets, take you on amazing adventures, and make you learn something about yourself along the way. In the past AMC always took time to set up a character and give you the reasons and emotional connections to care. New characters were introduced cautiously so that you understood why and to whom they were important to on the show. As a character was unveiled we would learn more about their background and how they became the person they were. Think about how much we new about the characters and their family ties--Brooke, Tom, Benny, Donna, Estelle, Mark, Ellen, Ross, Trevor, Haley, Natalie, Jeremy, Opal, Palmer, Myra, Nina, etc. The Tylers, Martins, Courtlands, Chandlers. Those names mean so much and evoke so many emotions and memories. We knew what motivated them and what principles they valued and how that drove them to the situations they got into. Obviously AMC had stinker stories from time to time, but in the old days they didn't just invent characters from dead fetuses (Josh) or conjure hookers out of the blue (Randi) or others who have no background with anyone in Pine Valley previously. Chuck and Donna's relationship simmered over time. Frankie is a good looking doctor who should be able to get the finest lady in PV with class and credentials. We're supposed to believe he worked his whole life only to fall madly, passionately in love with a skanky ho' who? This isn't the 70s. There is nothing romantic about hookers. There is some seriously nasty stuff out there that I'm sure a trained professional such as Frankie doesn't want to catch. AMC used to develop characters to dramatize pressing social issues of the day. Think Cindy Chandler. Now AMC has a doctor chasing a hooker, risking the safety of his family, and so forth w/o addressing any of the health or safety issues. The troublesome teens are another issue. We are supposed to care about "Petey" coming home, but how do we know it's Petey. Opal hasn't seen him. Palmer acknowledged it once, but honestly he's so old he may think eveyone is guy is Petey and every girl is Nina most of the time. Where was the scene where he showed up at Opal's house, or where Opal took him all over town introducing him, embarrasing him, and endearing him to us before he started testing blood on cars and professing his love for Colby? Cassandra sort of works because Angie made us care. All these new people, the teens, Randi, Dre, Bobblehead, mean nothing. They are just names. Just because they call him Petey doesn't make it so without Palmer, Opal, Courtland Manner, time with Tad. I hope I'm making my point clear. The problem with AMC as I see it, is that the core families are no longer well defined with tight relationships and periphery relationships. The writers are writing stories that start and end with people who come and go, but they aren't writing flesh and blood characters who invite us to participate in the stories they pass through as they grow and evolve with us. Where do these people live? Remember Donna's apartment? Stuart's apartment? There was a sense of community. Businesses had purpose and we understood the mission statement and watched how characters conducted their enterprise- Ross at Chandler, Erica at Enchantment,
Enchantment, Brooke at WRCW, Palmer at Courtland Electronics. Work now is just a place to bitch and moan. They could do that anywhere. The sets don't tell us anything about the characters anymore. The Hubbard home is a loft not a cozy place for the family at the heart of the show. How is it that everyone goes to the exact same spot in the park or on the beach. It's so generic and does nothing to further any story or character. I don't know who puts all this together, but it just seems so disjointed now. We don't need fancy, we just need sets that help express something about the purpose and personalities of the folks inhabiting the space. Which I guess is my long winded point. The new writer guy needs to back every thing up. In real life not every situation comes to a neat tidy close. Drop the stuff that isn't working. Rather than trying to dream up the next big story (which is likely to suck -- think Richie's murder, Greenlee in the hospital for some lame reason)take some time to reintroduce us to the families, the people, the town. What ever happened to the Valley Inn, the Glamorama , Myrtle's dress shop, the Goalpost, Wildwind, and stuff like that? Show us why they care about each other and why we in turn should care about them. Let the stories slowly develop out of the relationships of the characters. It doesn't have to be so forced. It's the people that matter not necessarily the story they are involved in at any one time. Finally, AMC should stop all the "edgy" production stuff--shaky cameras, campy outside shots at the marina, strange lighting and get back to basics--hot sex, bitchy banter, caring families, neighborly rivalry. Keep the good like Carmen. Bring home the gold like Brooke. And when something doesn't click like the teens, let it go. AMC could never air another day in the life of the terrible teens and let Annie get away with murder, but if they let Carmen mix it up with Adam and gave me back Brooke, I'd never ask a question about any of it. And finally, move the characters we love forward.--anywhere. Unleash Adam and Krystal on eachother so Tad can do something interesting too or forget Krystal and Adam and move on. It's like the same scene every day with them. The characters I love are action people. The make it happen, good or bad, every day. They dont stand still. After all these years, I'm getting a little restless. If something doesn't change soon, I'm going to have to pack my bags, hug everyone goodbye and move to Llanview with Taylor. Thanks everyone for indulging me. I carry this stuff in my head all day and it feels great to get it out.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say move to Llanview with Jordan not Taylor. Ha! Jordan, I used to watch OLTL all the time but bailed after Eterna years ago. AMC is my baby and I've stuck with it thanks to DVRs and SoapNet. The scenes last week with Dorian and Vicki were awesome and it's great to see Tina and Cord back, but they went back to Old West. I hate that crap. I just want my wonderful, compelling AMC in the here and now. My fingers are crossed!

Anonymous said...

Amen Shadow, You need to send your letter to the ABCD executives.

That is why all the stunt casting and may sweeps explosions will not save daytime television. Thought, effort, care, and intelligence needs to go back into the writing of all these daytime shows!

You people are so astute!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shadow, your stream of consciousness AMC ramblings are so true. AMC is fast food now, gone are the days where characters were nurtured and developed over time and with a plan. I seize upon what you said about Frankie pursuing a "skanky ho" and you are so right. Would a smart, health conscious doctor really pursue some nasty hooker he doesn't even know? Who knows who this lady slept with. I'd be screaming for a blood test.

Jordan is always talking about core families and character driven stories. That is what is lacking. Why has the show, in the last 10 years, become so Ryancentric? TPTB are obsessed with Cameron Mathison and yet they've written him so poorly. Why does he have to be the knight in shining armour for every thirty-something chick in PV? Personally, I find someone like Zach, someone who is a little morally ambiguous, far more interesting and compelling than one-note Ryan, who is dumb as a post when it comes to relationships. First he loves Annie, then Kendall, then Greenlee, and all of this with no real explanation. Yawn.

I remember the old BW days with Tara, Chuck, Phil, Erica, Martins, Tylers, etc. It was a much more traditional soap then, and much more intriguing. Still, there is hope. Bringing back J&A, Frankie and Jake could make a huge difference. And for god's sake, put Ryan, Kendall, Greenlee and Aidan, on the backburner for awhile. We'll see.

Do you want fries with that?

Anonymous said...

Right On Shadow! Why aren't you writing for AMC with Jordan? If all the serious viewers are saying that they want characters who we can get to know over time rather than be pushed and rushed into plot points and pieces why are the writers still serving up the disjointed meaningless drivel? Maybe because they don't know the characters and haven't been around as long as the viewers like Shadow and Soapcyclopedia Hudson.

KWAK and Adam were terrific today and I was actually interested in Randi's story for the first time thanks to Carmen. But then Randi lost me by being her same old 'can't act her way out of a paper bag' self. Carmen really delivered in that last scene with Adam. Keri you hit it on the head in your post. It's about making us feel something, not about pretty faces or hot bodies (I fast forwarded through the Greenlee/Aidan scenes including their wedding) it's about making us want to care by expressing true emotion. Elizabeth Rodriguez is an Actress with a capital A. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Wow! Well said, Shadow and Brown Penny. Two words from your posts sum up for me so much of what is wrong with AMC-- disjointed and "fast food." I, too, have been watching since the days of Phil and Tara, Linc, Ann & Paul, etc. It just ain't the same.

On a related topic, we're still waiting, Jordan, to see the proposal you sent to TIIC about your ideas for AMC. Come on, Jordan! Please share!!

Anonymous said...

Diane I have an idea about Erica I keep kicking around. I'm over New Beginnings. It was a cool idea when it started but it's a cliche at this point. I think one way to reacquaint everyone with the greatness that is Erica would be for her to run for office. If she were the mayor or a senator she'd have more reason to be in everyone's business. She could use all her coy, manipulative ways to get what she wanted when she wanted it. She would have a platform for her latest cause--women in prison. It would give that dumb story line some credibility. She could run against Sam, win and he could leave the show and it would make sense. She would have wrangled him in the way only Erica can, beat him at his game, and cast him off. The race could be a great way to honor Erica's past- her work experience, her triumph over adversity, the scandals! She could have some hell raising debates. Brooke could come back and moderate. Adam and Palmer could contribute to her campaign with misguided intention that somehow puts her campaign in jeopardy but more importantly puts them in a storyline together. Erica could eventually have an affair with a clerk. Her children could help with her campaign. She could woo major business deals and use her celebrity to influence friends and enemies. This is a woman who has raised children, married and divorced, stared down a bear, been to jail for white collar crime, survived alcoholism, clung for life to a helicopter. She's a survivor and someone who has been rehabilitated herself many many times. This latest jail stint gives her the basis for moving on to a bigger platform and setting herself up as the queen of the city--the one who rules and the one everyone wants to take down. I miss that Erica.--the one who was less selfless but hard working. The manipulative but not evil Erica. I also think Jack should move to where ever Lilley went.

Adam needs to get it together too. I like Adam lucid, self assured, kicking ass and taking names. Apologetic when it suits him, conniving the rest of the time. I don't like the way they have weakend Adam's character by having JR challenge him at work and by having him whimper over Krystal. I loved A and K together but it appears to be over, so I don't want to see my man Adam whining about it anymore. He needs to use somebody for some selfish goal like he used to. JR needs to be involved but needs to mature into an ethical Bobby Ewing type at conflict with his Daddy's ways. Drop the alcoholism story lines. Boring and nobody plays those scenes well. If Petey is so smart, let him take on Courtland Electronics a la Apple and let Chompers provide some insight now and then. Let Petey hire Ross and let Ross challenge Adam's company and JR's inexperience. Let Erica somehow get into the middle of it all.

It's not that hard to dream up interesting storylines that would engage the characters and viewers that don't involve burying people alive, multiple personalities (although I love Kate Collins anytime), twins, truth serum, or burying people alive. If we can do it, I'm sure the writers can too.

Anonymous said...

I love all my fellow posters. Wow AMC needs some serious help. Jordan how do u like atwt right now, i think its pretty good. I love me some safari jeff or rick decker, amc should of done more with his character. Dont even get me started on Josh, hes only ericas son. Well never here about him again or he'll be away on business like so many amc cast members before hand.

I cant wait for the pvp on buzzworthy radio on the 21st, we can call in. Have u guys ever tried to get an amc guess, cuz if u do u should get that delicious AmAmda, Chrishell Stause. Shes got a new web series to promote.

Im sure u guys heard about Carolyn Hinsey being fired which i love since i cant stand that bitch. On the Jossip story there is 1639 comments a record for that sight. A lot of peple and her former coworkers hated her. There was a post that said that Jacob Young is gay along with several other daytime stars even RPG. I dont know if this is true. I guess on GH he had a thing with his costar Coltin Scott/Stephen Martines who played his brother Nicholas and Tony on GL. I guess tptb had to intervene since it was notable on screen. I dont know since i didnt watch gh back then. What do u guys think?

Jordan I am loving oltl right now.Is Ashley watching yet. Tina and Cord today. Tess. 1968. Who do u think they should cast CJ ROberts with, I even heard they were going to make the character gay, I mean how could u not with Andrea Evans Tina as ur mom. I say Brandon Beemer from B&B and Days.
Anyway i also loved when Tess went off on Dorian last week. Jordan u gotta share ur scoop with us in a spoiler alert on what ur source knows on amc, do they know what really happened to Ambyr. we wont tell anyone. Is it wrong that I am missing Sabine and the apologies song, a year a go at this time Sabine was flying into a SEA OF BOULDERS with Spike. Ashley u gotta say I created rhapsody in red on the next podcast, ive missed it so much and it makes my day.

PS did u guys see Omarosa on Wendy Williams show, She WAS NOT AMUSED, we dont get it here, its only on Chicago,LA, and NYC, but its on youtube a must see.

jordan hudson said...

OMG Shadow your post made me cry. Yes it is sad but everyone it's not just AMC. The writing on all soaps have gone the way of fast food, disjointedness. It has to do with t.p.t.b thinking we are all suffering from A.D.D.

All I get from AMC,ATWT and GL are moments. OLTL is the only show which I really have to say is giving me the whole package.

Teens who can act. Starr and Cole have had scenes the last few weeks that some adults on other shows could not handle. They have to be a shoe in at next years emmy.

History is all OLTL is about these days, using the core familes and the different generations. The way they have introduced new characters to the fold is how you make the audience care about them.

Plus they are telling stories with beginnings, middles and not so much an ending but a lead in to the next chapter. I can't say it enough Ron C. and his team kick ass.

Cord an Tina together these last two days were amazing. Andrea Evans needs to stay.

Dianne lol I asked if anyone but crs wanted me to post my old proposal. Its kind of, but not really long. You all have to understand this proposal was written years ago. I think shortly after Leo was killed off. It was a fusion ( no pun intened) from my first attempt at a proposal for a 30th anniversary revamp. I will post the first page and if you all like it and want more then I will post the rest. If you all hate it then I won't post anymore of it lol. I had showed it to a friend of mine Greg "Lucci" who is an even bigger AMC fan then me ( if you can believe it) He loved it, which made me feel confident about submitting it. He also suggested I not spill to many of my ideas. So it is not as detailed as the rough draft....anyway here goes...

Draft 12-Month Overview

Here are some of the ideas I’d like to go with. Some more detailed than others. Continuity is stripped right back to the basics because the new viewers we want to attract have not seen the last 32 years worth of episodes. So characters, relationships, and history need to be establish in an interesting manner. Each episode should be fresh, interesting, accessible, and a jumping on point. We need to remember that the goal is to entertain. We need to give them what they want; make them laugh, cry, care about these characters. The villains they love to hate. The heroes they idolize. The star cross lovers they are rooting for. They want romance again, they want to be able to escape their own lives for a minute and at the same time they need to be able to see a reflection of their own lives as well. We need to get back to the days where Pine Valley was the place to be. When watching an episode is a necessity and missing one is not an option. Let us show the audience you can come home again and Pine valley is home.

To do this we need to first define whom these people are, what there desires and goals are. Once we have an understanding of the characters and there desires, then we can embark on creating interesting stories. We have to create big story arcs that act as an umbrella to cover the entire canvas of characters. It will then
allow us to create mini arcs, so that when one big story line has reached its conclusion, another one has taken it’s place or several major story lines will spring out of the ending one. We need to take risk and not listen to a few vocal fans or the press and immediately go back to the status quo. We need to add twist and turns and layers. We need to allow a story to play out and in turn discover new things about it. Let us start fresh and go in hard.

To start the new era we need to resolve some current story lines and get rid of dead weight. While laying a foundation for the new era. We can advertise its arrival, “ ALL MY CHILDREN: THE STORM”. Five episodes, Monday through Friday, told in real time like the Fox show 24. Taking place in Pine Valley between 3pm and 8pm. The week after that we will deal with the ramifications of the storm when each episode takes place that day, and spends most of the episode concentrating on re establishing major characters. Example: Monday will take place two days after the storm and will focus on the Martin family. Friday will put the spotlight on Erica Kane. Then after that we will begin the big story arcs: 1) The Fall Of Adam Chandler, 2) The Rise Of Erica Kane, 3) WRCW.

Anonymous said...

Sextet be gone!

I've never been such a vocal opponent of the Sextet until now. Unlike most of you, they didn't actively bother me...they were just dull. This week they are bothering me. Greenlee/Aidan didn't bother me with the old couple, until Ryan/Annie/Zack/Kendall showed. It's not as if any of these people need to go; it's just they need out of each other's orbit.

Kendall is truly KenDULL. Ugh...what has happened to this former spitfire of a character?

Loving me some InsAnnie though! I think it says something about the writing, when they cut to her watching Ryan and Greenlee dance and I feel sorry for InsAnnie !! Shouldn't I be looking at her and enjoying that she is steamed?? It's definitely not MCE's acting. I have a feeling I'm not viewing this the way Frons has trained me to. ;-)

The Bromance between Jake and Frankie is tres interesting. I have a feeling poor RPG isn't getting enough to eat these days. EVery time they give him food, he downs it like he won't get another bite in weeks.

You all are going to virtual slap me again, but I'm beginning to feel for Randi. I think it's because of Carmen now. I can only hope Pratt will tell us more about how these two know one another and keep their rivalry going. (And I'm with the rest of you about DC and Carmen's silent scene together)

Wow, Bobbie Eakes was incredible Tuesday.

Any truth to the rumors that Pratt AMC is no different??

crs 17

P.S. Jordan, that cannot possibly be all of the treatment you sent. It was just getting good!

Anonymous said...

Jordan did the TIIC respond to your proposal? What did they say?
I want to read the rest!!!!! Jordan did you summit to ATWT?

Shadow, I am going to say it again. Summit both letters to the TIIC!!!!

Brilliant bloggers!

Do you people think that TIIC are over daytime and half ass it because they want out? I do. NBC is not the only one. All the good writing and effort goes into primetime tv. Look at all the diversity, the smart comedy, and dramatic writing that goes into one show in primetime, We cannot see in eight shows of daytime television. Everything daytime started primtime took it and did it WAY better. It is like they went backwards.

What happen to the socially moving stories mixed with the right level of camp.

OLTL is good right now but it is still a bit dumbed down IMO.Thank goodness Mendora is over. It was killing the show for me.

Anyway my point is that daytime shows used to be groundbreaking.
What happen?

I think that the TIIC think people who watch daytime are dumb. Like we lack some level of intelligence. The writing on Disney out does daytime.

It is like sabotage IMO.

Anonymous said...

If I were the AMC writer, I would make the past 5 years just a novel that Janet is working on while in Oakhaven.

I know it's cheesy like Bobby Ewing on Dallas, but in these desperate times, you gotta get a little Melrose Place in order to save this show.

I would set it up so that we only find out that the past 5 years was Janet's novel, when a Tornado hits PV. Everyone is evacuated, and Okahaven is badly under the grip of the storm. Janet doesn't want to leave the facility without her book...the novel she has been working on for the past 5 years. This is where Jordan's idea would kick in and the dead weight could be resolved. Once the dust settles, we will see that things in PV are not exactly like we remembered them, some things are the same, but some things are extremely different.

This would give the writers a chance at a fresh start, unencumbered by many of the horrible storylines and decisions that are damning the show today.

I would undo a few things like:

(1)Erica's unabortion. I would retcon Josh as Kendall's twin who was stolen and adopted by Madden. Greg Madden would still be a madman, but now there would not be a freaky story attached to it.

(2)The Satin Slayer Story would be reworked comPLETELY. In my version, Alex Cambius Sr. would try to destroy Zach by having Kendall killed. He would send "Greenlee"(Sabine Singh) back to PV to infiltrate them and kill Kendall and destroy Zach. This fake Greenlee would be an author who met Greenlee while Greenlee was away. Cambius would trap her, hypnotize and mentally condition her to believe she is Greenlee. She would go to PV believing she is Greenlee, and telling people she had plastic surgery. She actually believes she is Greenlee, and since she knows all the details of Greenlee's life, she would have the 'memories' to go along with it. Cambius would then go and plant suggestions in her head, and she would try to kill Kendall and or Zach.

Months would pass before the REAL Greenlee(Rebecca Budig) would return and find this woman who is pretending to be her and trying to kill her best friend. She would also be none too pleased that her friends and family could not tell the difference between her and a fake.

(3)Dixie's "death" would be undone. In my version, Dixie will be comatose, and she would be taken and cared for by David Hayward, who skips town with her as revenge for the town demonizing him, and as revenge for Joe not saving his baby daughter Leora.Later on, it could be discovered that Dixie is actually alive, and being kept by David.

I'd also have a rival cosmetics company for Fusion run by a secret CEO. This company would be literally putting Fusion out of business. Nobody would know who the owner/boss is, but in true Kendall and Greenlee fashion, they would scheme and snoop around and finally find out(to their horror), that the bosses of the company are none other than Brooke and Laura English(played by a new actress Adrianne Leone). This would piss Erica off, and reignite their rivalry.

I know it sounds so SCI-Fi, but like I said...desperate times...

BTW, I am not Donna's pimp, but sometimes I can sure shake a bit*h!(just kidding

Anonymous said...

So now that Vincent Irizarry has been canned from Y&R does anyone think AMC will make way for the return of David Hayward? Wouldn't that be a sweet precurser to the return of Dixie as cleverly plotted by Jordan Hudson?

I know folks, I'm dreaming, wishing and hoping. Instead we're stuck with troublesome teens and the Scooby Gang sextet.

I'm as frustrated and bored as Ashley was two weeks ago.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Jordan did you notice on oltl how in 1968 rex said that maybe this is all dream like on dallas, don't you which the last five years was like that.

Anonymous said...

Do they feed Jake and Zach. These two crack me up that in their scenes they some how find food to eat.Lol

I love that they are not afraid to touch that prop food! No nivea gold lotion for them!!

Anonymous said...

Mona: I'd be happy to send my ramblings to tptb/tiic. Can you tell me how to do that? Surely they read this site. They couldn't fund a better focus group, and they are welcome to use any idea I post gratis!

I'm glad to read all the creative plot ideas. I hope AMC is paying attention to them. I really like Tyrone's idea about Janet's book. Sure it and the storm may be a bit over the top, but unlike the explosion a few years ago, if we wrote it, the focus wouldn't be the situation itself (Pine Valley exploded!) but how the people react and live through it and relate to eachother. We wouldn't just film hours of digging people out of the rubble, we would show them panicking to find eachother, reminiscing about eachother, having sex with eachother, mourning eachother, befriending eachother. The promos the past couple of years have seemed to focus on the fire! the explosion! the transvestite! but never just the relationship! God knows what they spent on that helipcopter fight with Jessie a few months ago. I wish they would have toned that down and invested that money in different sets that complement the characters who inhabit the Pine Valley world. Courtland Manner? A house for Jessie and Angie? It looks like they are filming the actors at the pool with a handheld minicam like I use for my daughters birthday parties. It's like tptb/tiic emphasize everything but what matters-character development. Colby is a great example. The character was an annoyance at first but she evolved from a spoiled brat to a caring, nuturing young adult. She became an ethical foil to the Chandlers excesses. It was encouraging and the viewers responded to the character. She became a godmother. People trusted her with their kids. Then in an instant, all that was forgotten. She had been transformed into a self absorbed alcoholic suspected of murder. She could have been the next Dixie, a character that binds families and characters together. Instead she's a cliched alcoholic teen. What exactly made her so depressed all of a sudden? How did all that love and acceptance from Tad, Krystal, Jenny, Stuart, JR, and Babe turn her into the unlikeable spaz she has become? There's no continuity in that. It's like someone without giving it a thought just decided on a whim to create conflict on the spur of the moment by turning her into a drunk because they weren't creative enough to think of something else to do at the moment. Well obviously we can think of a few things.

For example, mend the relationship with JR and Adam and restore Chandler Enterprises to its glory days. Dry up Colby and turn her into a marketing guru for the company promoting Green technology and products. AMC could do a nice PSA for the whole Green thing. Meanwhile, over at Courtland Electronics, Palmer has fallen ill and the company is faltering. Opal realizes she can't help but care about the old Coot and she and Petey move back in Courtland Manner to care for Palmer and shore up the company. Petey has to match wits with an aggressive JR. Opal uses all her extra senses and bubbliness to market the company's wares. She pulls out all the stops with help from her newly elected best pal Erica, and channels new energy into the Courtlane Electronics with an offbeat, feng shway vibe. Together CE rebounds and diversifies into wind energy, etc. But the bigger showier Chandler is hovering, stealing ideas and threatening Courtland's revival. Petey can't help his feelings for Colby who is beginning to feel likewise and is feeling conflicted about her father and brothers ruthless business practices. In fact, she knows Chandler Enterprises isn't as green as it purpots to be. Its been faking or exaggerating its greeness to win certain contracts away from Courtland. Will she cross the line to help Petey or stay loyal to the family business? It could get really interesting when Liza returns to Pine Valley and reminds Colby what a jerk the boys really are. Liza knows how to expose a fraud. She goes back to WRCW. And with Liza back, so comes Marian and Stuart. Maybe Petey could pull a coup and hire a vengeful Skye to help at CE....

AMC is obviously in transition and treading water. Maybe we can all entertain eachother with our own story lines until things start heating up for real.

Note to Pratt: I hereby give you permission to use any of the ideas I have posted without charge. Run with them! Have fun with them! We're bored. Notice I'm not talking about Ryan, Greenlee, Kendall, Aidan or Zach. I need a break from them, but anything you can do to work in Carmen, Amanda and Jake would be appreciated. And please, no hookers, time travel or biological experimentation. Just good old fashioned interpersonal communication and a roll in the hay several times a week with Amanda.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice Zack groping Kendall's ass on the dance floor?
Anything to get her attention off Ryan, Annie & Greenlee I guess.

Anonymous said...

I mean how GREAT is Carmen. It cannot be said enough. She brought some life to MonGrief today!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Carmen is a miracle worker...that's all I've got to say. All of her scenes were wonderful. You know what? I actually think the way she treated Colby had a little something to do with Randi, she looked regretful towards thend. Maybe she missed opportunities with Randi?

Seriously, why aren't you guys writing this show?!? They are so many brillant fans on the internet who know how to get this show back on track but yet we're stuck with these incompetent headwriters! It's a travesty. I love the idea of the past few years being erased. It's quick and easy and this girl would totally buy it. This show needs to go back on the basis of family and stop focusing on the stars of the show. That's not what made AMC the great soap that it was.

Anonymous said...

WOW, this is the week for amazing ideas to be posted on the PVP blog! You guys are all awesome!

I do think that the show is getting better this week. Mongrief impressed me a little in wednesday's dancing scenes.. I like her straight hair! (don't hurt me Jordan!) I am also loving me some Carmen. Her and Adam are hilarious.

So, when does the Pratt stuff start airing? Did that happen already?

Anonymous said...

Man, I love you two podcasting together. You brighten my day and I love to listen to the same podcast over and over. It helps me get through my workday.(Ashley and Jordan), you guys are soooo entertaining. Please do this podcast together forever. You guys are perfect together.

LI in CA

Anonymous said...

Emily, I'm not a big Mongrief fan but TPTB totally screwed up the character. I didn't like Ambyr at first when they had her acting like a brat. When they give Mongrief something interesting to do maybe she'll liven up. But that raises the question are she and InsAnnie/Blandie really getting any better, or is everyone else just getting worse under the weight of this crappy material they are being given?

Carmen is the exception. Carmen and Adam are smokin. Carmen is smokin with everyone. I'm not too excited about Randi and Carmen having a past though. I don't want it to come out that Carmen was a hooker too. I hope tptb sieze the opportunity they have with Carmen and let her roll with Adam.

I guess insAnnie is the only real storyline going on right now but I don't really get why she cares. Ritchie was a crazy ass. He kidnapped Babe and terrorized the town. He stole bone marrow! Who was really going to care she walloped him upside the head. And why does she care? It didn't bother her too bad he spent all those years in jail for something he didn't do. I hope she just comes clean, stops seeing zombies and all is forgiven. Then while Ryan is boring her to tears some great guy should come along and unexpectedly sweep her off her feet so she leaves Ryan alone and frustrated. All the Fusion girls will be matched with others and he will have no choice but to make a fresh hook up with someone else for a change. Those six have all banged eachother so many times it's getting oogey. Can't Ryan just be a player for a while? Maybe he in lonely despair he could hire Randi. Then at least her character would serve some sort of real purpose.

Arizonagal said...

JordAsh, answer me a question. Is Elizabeth Rodriguez (Carmen) the sister of Robert Rodriguez, the film director? IMDB seems to be confused on this issue.

Just curious, wondering if she's connected.

jordan hudson said...

This blog is the best because you all truly care about daytime and AMC. Thank you for making this blog so much fun.

YES OMG ALERT...NOT ONLY is Carmen another performer immune to the virus that is Mongrief. She actually counteracted her and made her look good.

No I actually agree with you hands down. The straight 'do is so much more flattering and gives her the supposed mature look that they wanted for Colby when they canned Ambyer. She looked great!.

I don't know about you guys but today has been the best episode in awhile for me. I felt like I was watching my old AMC. Scenes between characters with great dialogue, as they bonded and related to each other.

My god we saw Amanda...Amanda for more then four minutes. Her and randi were great. To hear her talk about her past and about her lunatic mom.

Carmen and Colby. What does she have to do to get a contract already!

Adam and JR. When Jr told Adam what it would to do to Slater if they stole his wife's company.

Tad and Krystal and my only complaint was going to be where's Kathy and then she appears with a look that says Bad Seed.

This is what I want to see friends, family, revenge, bonding,scheming, denial, love in the afternoon.

Yes the camp factor on OLTL is not for everyone and I know some people felt it was a dumbing down. The problem with camp is it's not for everyone and you have to just take it for what it is. I knew it was going to be brief and an homage so to speak for the 40th anniversary. I loved it thou. Tina and Cord it just broguht back memories when all the soaps were so much fun to watch.

Tori yes I caught Rex's line about Dallas and I so wish AMC would do that. I also thought was Rex old enough to be watching Dallas? I guess he was watching the reruns on Soap Net.

Alejandro...Yes I liked ATWT this week. It was a bit fast paced, yet quite entertaining. I liked that everyone was involved. I'm very excited about the return of James and Dusty.

Regarding OLTL and CJ. Rumors were that Brody was going to turn out to be CJ. Don't think that's going to happen now but you never know.

I'm suprised that with so many gay men at the helm of OLTL (I'm not going to out anyone. I'm not Perez) That a gay storyline has not been introduced on OLTL. Think they would do a better job then ATWT. Thou I do give ATWT credit for what they have done. Actually REX was going to be gay when he came on but they scrapped that idea.


I need to re work my ATWT proposal because my storyline regarding the Paul Ryan wont fly due to the fact that they are bringing abck his father James. Darn! yet I will send it in once I tweak it.The Powers that be did respond. They liked by proposal but felt it was dealing too much with the more mature characters and did not work with the direction they were going in. Which was YOUTH!

So here goes the next page of my proposal. Guys remember that this was years ago. Shortly after Ryan and Leo left. Dixie, Maria and the Hubbards were still off. The Carey women had yet to be introduced. It also is not as detailed as my rough draft so it doesn't have all my storylines for The Grey family, Bianca and some other. My friend Greg felt it was better to not give them all my ideas. Anyway you all seem to be enjoying it so here goes another page.....

jordan hudson said...

Monday- Episode 1: THE STORM-3:00 PM

A mystery woman is seen talking to her psychiatrist. She says she is finally ready to put closure on her past and own up to what she has done. In order to do that, she needs to go to Pine Valley. We see and envelope marked Jake Martin. She’s leaving now. Her doctor wishes her well and tells her to be careful it looks like rain. Liza Chandler is getting ready to take her daughter Colby to a 4:00 PM, doctor’s appointment. When
Adam arrives with there finalize divorce papers. The two get into a very deep mature discussion about their relationship and why it failed. While they are being honest, a great deal of soul searching is done and they

admit they have done the right thing. Liza tells Adam that she only wanted WRCW because she knows he

will do right by Colby. She plans on turning her attention to what she does best, her work. Liza leaves with

Colby. Marian Chandler has over heard the entire discussion and after Liza leaves attacks Adam for the hell that he has put her daughter through. The two argue with threats of vengeance being made, finally Marian leaves. Adam enraged decides to return to his old ways. He makes a phone call and ask his lawyer Barry to help him locate someone.

Mary Smythe is shocked when at lunch with her father, he announces to Greenlee and her that his wife has left him. Mary seems to be more destroyed then her father. He is invigorated at having a second chance at life. Greenlee and him leave together. Jackson Montgomery happens upon a distraught Mary to reconnect and discuss their shared past, which leads to Jackson taking Mary back to his place and comforting her in
his bed.

Palmer Courtland is trying to have a phone conversation with his daughter Nina. From Palmer’s
perspective we can see his disappointment that Nina can’t really talk. Petey is away abroad and Palmer is very much alone. Proven by the fact that the doorbell rings and the servants are nowhere to be found. Palmer gets quite the shock as he opens the door to find the prodigal son at his doorway Ross Chandler.
Father and son have quite a lot of catching up to do. Ross fills in Palmer on what has been going on in
his life. He has come home to make amends with his father and uncle, yet he tells Palmer that he does not want Adam to know that he has returned to Pine Valley just yet.

Joe Martin is doing some volunteer work at Brooke English’s homeless shelter. Joe talks to Ruth on the
phone and tells her he will be home shortly. Brooke meets a young blond teen Soraya Touissant. Her
family has just moved to town and she want to do some volunteer work at the shelter. Brooke is impressed
that someone so young is so politically active. Soraya makes an impression on JR, who has arrived with Jamie and Tad. Before taking the boys home, Tad tries one more time to convince Brooke to accept Liza’s job offer. Erica meets with her lawyers and is informed that it is Adam Chandler who has been behind the attempts to take over Enchantment. At the Bus station, we see a mystery man get off the bus. As the rain comes down and the storm begins, the man smiles.

Anonymous said...

Today's episode was very mature. The dialogue was good.

Carmen=Fabulous! Enough said.

Kudos to the director for the last two episodes, I don't know who but the show has looked great this week!

When Amanda was telling Randi her story she was fabulous. I cannot understand why they won't use her.

I think that Carmen and Randi are going to be sisters. Randi did mention a sister but told Frankie she was dead. I do not think Carmen was a hooker.

Laura said...

Oh my gosh I love this blog. Welcome to the new bloggers.

I do think Coldby looked a little better with straight hair. But the fivehead needs to be covered. Carmen looks hot with straight hair. Best find for AMC for 2008.

I think little Kathy will give Insannie a run for her money. I'd lock the room when little Jenny is in the crib if I were Tad and KWAK. Jordan did she have Rhoda braids on? I can't remember. She may be the next Starr Manning, and she acts better than Coldby.

Anonymous said...


Jake and Amanda go on a date next wk!!!!!! Only if we were not being forced fed Jake and Taylor, I could have real joy over this!

Now this is what I'm taking bout!!!

Anonymous said...

Jordan, who is the mystery man? Is it Leo? I really think it's time to bring Leo back. Of course, Josh Duhamel is not going to go back to daytime, but there are a lot of other young talented men who could play that part.

I loved your AMC ideas so much. Reading that really makes me miss Brooke, Marion, Mary S. You bring back all the structure that is so sorely missed right now. I don't know what your day job is but you outta be in the biz. You are so creative.

Anonymous said...

Of all the nicknames, "scooby gang" cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

Observations: Why is Randi at Fusion? Seems like she just shouldn't be there. When does she work? The dancing old pervs at Greenlee's wedding were creepy. The only thing worse than no sex on the show is creepy geriatric sexual inuendo. Ick.

I wonder when AMC will re-do the opening? Half the people in the opening are off the show for the most part, dead and/or zombie roadkill.

Kendall was sort of funny at the casino with lines like "Nasty pod Annie". They really should give her back her snap.

KWAKs boobs are front and center for Adam. She's not classic but dang she looks good in that zig zag dress. How is Tad the Cad not jumping her all the time?

I understood the word's coming out of Adum's mouth today!

Forget Mongrief, Frankie's forehead is HUGE. He sort of has a Dumb and Dumber haircut. Jessie and Angie are so animated. How come Frankie is so stiff? I think the son of Jessie would be intense-intensely hot, intensely funny, less of a stuffed shirt. He's best when he's opposite Jessie.

Jake has so much potential but has nothing to do. I bet he's bored with this job. He needs to get busy with somebody. I nominate Amanda for the job. If they have to kill time till Pratt starts, I'd rather see Jake and Amanda play with eachother and less of Jake doling out advice to the guys about hookers and whatever other drivel they make him do. Just think about that neck rubbing scene. They didn't need much dialogue and it was way more interesting than most of the stuff that went on that week.

I miss Amanda. I'd like to see Janet be more of an issue for her whether it's on or off screen. Everybody relates to having to care for their mother. It makes her so much more interesting to know what she deals with and how she supports Janet at Oakhaven. I'd like an occasional visit to Janet to keep it all real. That relationship is a touchstone for her whole outlook on life. They should fake phone calls or Amanda reading a letter from Janet. Seems like Amanda would hate telling dates about her family life. They should show her going on dates and trying to explain it all. Could be so humanizing done correctly.

Anonymous said...

Nobody beats MonGriefs 5 head. She was cute with the new hair but it made her forehead stand out more.

Arizonagal said...

Amidst the drivel of Vegas wedding, Kendull's constant Insannie bashing, and the rest of the baloney, two scenes stand out this week, IMHO.

First one, Carmen comes to the Chandler mansion and finds Adam sitting in his chair after being told by Krystal that she no longer loved him. Carmen pours two drinks, hands one to Adam and sits on the ottoman and they just look at each other. The looks on their faces said it all. It was an actual, honest-to-god real, mature, touching moment, and I loved it, loved it, loved it.

Second one, the Jake and Frankie bromance heats up over a meal at some burger hut. I just loved the way Jake devoured that burger and then went on to eat dessert, and still managed to talk up a storm. Again, another real moment. Do guys really just sit there with an untouched salad as Frankie did? I don't think so. That is such a chick thing. Erica, Kendull, for sure, they don't eat. But, put a good meal in front of most men I know, and they'll eat it and still recite the Gettysburg address in record time.

It's the real moments that get me every time. I want to feel like I know these people. I need that connection if I'm going to care about the drama going on in their lives. It's only two small scenes, but I felt some hope watching them.

And for pete's sake, please keep Carmen, she is a gem.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the blog is so good this week! I'm going to take the time to read all the comments right now...

but I actually dropped by to see if y'all were discussing the news that

*spoiler alert*

Vincent Izarry is BACK as Dr. David Hayward!!! This fall!!!

David Hayward is one of my favorite characters. He brought such motivation and depth to his portrayal of the egocentric, slightly destructive Doctor. Also, I love his chemistry with Rebecca Budig. Heck, I loved his chemistry with Erica back in the day.

Y'all's thoughts?

Becky :)

Melissa said...

David Hayward is back??? I've been praying for him to return to AMC! That's one of the best characters to come out of the show ever.

Here's the plan..... David has been away perfecting a new "face off" technique. He tries it on TROLLBY and bada bing! Ambyr's back!!!


Anonymous said...

Soap Net .com confirms that Dr David is BACKKKKKKKK

Anonymous said...

Hey all.Loving me some Carmen "Sugar" Morales, why is she not with Josh. Colby had some life yesterday i am in shock. I was just thinking about last year at this time, Sean and Colby were cute, JR and Amanda were hot, Alexas babe. I am missing me some of Sabines Greenlee really bad, to me she was entertaining, not always in agood way. Ashley you know u miss her admit it, i sooo miss ur impressions especially "I created RHAPSODY IN RED, can we hear it one more time for old times sake. When she flew into that SEA OF BOULDERS, dressed up as a hooker, aww good times. I miss that apologies song, why havent they played it since Rebecca returned, heres a reminder

I love Alicias Kendall but why is she such a busybody always whining, i only started watching in june of 04 but i heard sarah michelle gellars kendall was a bitch on wheels, i wish i watched back then, but i was like 6. Where is that kendall? I heard she kicked everyone out of Wildwind and became the Mistress of the Manor, and whos son was Anton. Jordan and Ashley what did u think of Kendall back then. i found a some good youtube clips

Jordan i am loving atwt right now and cant wait for greg nelson to come on for Lucinda. I like ali and aaron, but wish they would use them more, who do u like her with chris or aaron. Did u hear Dani Andropolous is coming back tomorrow. I loved me some rick decker. Btw who was langley wallingford, what was he like, damn damn damn i wish i watched amc when it was good because these last 4 years havent been the easiest to watch.

I created RHAPSODY IN RED!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had not heard about Dr Haywire returning, but if that's the case, can Dixie or Leo be far behind? Both have strong connections to Haywire. I wish, I wish.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear David Hayward is coming back but I still don't have much faith these writers are going to improve all that much.

Anyway, who will be David's love interest? GreenME? Krystal? Maybe give Erica a try again???

David and the nuBabe scenes might be weird at first given they are father and daughter which was so contrived to begin with......

Great job Ashley and Jordan, I always listen to your podcast on my way to work in the mornings..... :)

Brian said...

I have been thinking long and hard about where AMC should go. I was thinking that they should consider making PVU an ACTUAL university. Like with dorm rooms and sororities. It would require a recast for almost the entire young cast, but wouldn't it be cool to see Colby try to get into a sorority and fail? Or bring in real issues like date-rape? Binge drinking? Sexual experimentation. And there are many more.

What about talking about Krystal's bar? Maybe she is having problems because she is juggling all of her issues at home with Trolby and Kathy, Tad and Adam, and of course her baby-doll and JR (which we haven't seen her talk to babe about this relationship recently).

Anonymous said...

Glad Hayward is coming back. I hope he's the first of many returning vets. I just cannot believe they haven't patched it up with Julia Barr's Brooke. That would generate so much desperately needed publicity! As for Hayward, AMC definitely needs a smart bad guy. He and nuBabe could be interesting, and he's so different from (in a great way) from the Ryan, Aidum and Zach. One site asked if he could he could be harboring a big secret - like the fact that Dixie is alive and kicking somewhere and that maybe he was helping Dixie "haunt" Adam in the Spring! It's kind of dumb but if that's the way it's got to be to get Dixie back then I'll accept it.

Whatever happens

Anonymous said...

Does it say anywhere how long David is gonna be back for? ...I hope it's more than just a short stint. JordAsh how do you guys feel about him coming back? I have mixed feelings, I hated him before he left. But I think it was just really bad writing.. he was acting soo crazy with the whole Kemma thing. Here's to hoping Pratt will give Dr. David something to do. BREAK UP TAD AND KRYSTAL, anyone? :)

LOL alejandro!! Ashley, please do your impression one more time for us! Wow, I watched that video and I realized I kinda miss Sabine! She gave Aidumb a little spunk. ohhh well.

Anonymous said...

Where is more Storm? Jordan, you may be emailing me. I know some of you all want this!

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Hey CRS17, add me to the list of people waiting to hear what happens at 4pm of the storm. I also like Tyrone's idea about the last five years being a chapter from Janet's book. That would be a hoot.

I love this blog, so many creative minds.

Melissa said...

Brian, I LOVE your idea of making PVU more of a real place in the story. You're right, there are endless possibilities for storylines, and that would possibly make the teens more interesting.

You're right! Krystal's bar hasn't been in the show in a long while.

Does anyone else feel a vibe between Jerkson and Carmen? To me, it seems a bit icky, but who knows? She's adorable. Maybe with David? That would be kind of hot - she's so innocent and romantic and he's such a baddie. Hmmmmmm


jordan hudson said...

Tuesday- Episode 2- 4:00 PM

Erica heads over to the Chandler mansion to confront Adam. Adam admits to her that he has been bored and in desperate need of a diversion to his personal woes. He misses Erica in his life, the one wife who always made him laugh,and put a smile on his face. Erica declares he’s insane and warns him to back off her company and slugs him. She heads over to the one person who has always been there for her Jackson. Mary and Jackson discuss where they are going with their lives as they lie in bed after making love. Jackson heads into the shower. Erica lets herself in to find a naked Mary Smythe.

David calls Anna to inform her that he is stuck in Center City. The storm is now there and causing much damage and flooding. He has been doing community service at a clinic. Anna tells him to be careful and stay put. Chief Devane receives a phone call regarding the Mayor of Pine Valley; he’s died.

Liza is surprised to find Jake covering for Colby’s doctor. Jake informs her that the doctor’s wife went into labor. Jake examines Colby and we can see how much he still cares for the girl. Liza looks at how loving and tender Jake is with her daughter. She remembers their time together. The two old friends catch up and we see that a spark is still there. Jake has to go; his mother is cooking dinner tonight for the family. Liza wishes things had been different.

Julia Santos opens up to Trey about her life on the run and how her marriage went sour during that time; things she has yet to tell to her family.

Kendal calls her brother up and tells him to pick her up at the bus station, she’s back home. While waiting, she has an encounter with the mystery man. He makes a very creepy impression on our Kendal.

The woman with the envelope marked for Jake is seen driving along the highway.

Tad continues to convince Brooke. JR hits on Soraya.

DearCaptainObvious said...

I absolutely L-O-V-E it when you do your inSannie impersonation. Your Erica Kane is good too. Love your show by the way.

Arizonagal said...

Okay, pop quiz, Jordan mentions Trey, Kendall's bro. Who are Trey's parents, and how was Trey written off the show?

I vaguely remember he was arrested for something.

Anonymous said...


I like your idea about fleshing out PVU. The last time that was attempted, Maggie was staying in the dorm there. Rememer, she had that Asian-American love interest, Henry? His parents owned a Chinese restaurant in town... They eventually made Henry slightly abusive and wrote him off the show. However, I remember that he and Maggie had a sweet romantic scene in the dorm... I guess I'm the only one to remember that stuff? I liked it back then, and I'd like it now!

Also, I agree with you and other posters who have commented on the absence of the Comeback. What I'd like to see is Krystal working at the Comeback every day PLUS taking care of baby Jenny PLUS taking care of crazy Kate and getting attitude/tantrums from the latter. Meanwhile, Tad would be unemployed, playing Wii and "detective" with his buddy, Jesse. I think it would be a realistic relationhip-driven storyline if we were to see the strains on their relationship and just the slightest resentment between them. Maybe Tad will try to change careers and go back to school, or stay with the kids at home. How does that affect Krystal's feelings for him? Does she see him as a lazy bum, or not manly enough? Maybe Adam drops by the bar all the time to remind her that if he were with him, she wouldn't have to work because he brings in millions being a mega mogul power man. This, in turn, would upset Tad, wo would feel Krystal's growing distaste for him...


Becky :)

I know it's hard to imagine Tad out of work

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant to erase that last line.

But since I left it...

I was thinking that AMC should do some story related to the bad economy that we're all experiencing now. I think an unemployment storyline would be great. Tad and Krystal are supposed to be middle class, aren't they? What if Tad tried to switch careers and couldn't find work? Or what if he was just back in school or something, but not cutting back his spending and he and Krystal argue over that?

Oh, it doesn't have to be T and K, but they'd turn it out.

Becky :)

Anonymous said...

I love you guys!
First of all, I think that they need to keep Annie around. She's making the show for me, at this point. I mean, it's not like they've never redeemed a murderer before (Tad, Jonathan, Jonathan again...hahaha). She's really brought a dark element into Fusion that we've never really had. I don't care that Ryan loves Greenlee. Ryan really needs to get over himself, and maybe this is the way they can redeem Ryan. Anything to get him away from Crazy Kendall!

Arizonagal said...

Bear with me, I'm going somewhere with this.

This week on RLTL... I work full time and am overloaded at work, I'm taking meals to my very stubborn mom who is in a phys rehab facility after a fall (she won't eat their food), doing her laundry, picking up my grandson from school every day on the complete opposite end of town. My husband is at home, retired and not doing much but recovering from HepC. I can't tell you how unglam and totally exhausting my life is right now. I'm sure the rest of you all have similar circumstances. We all work hard and attempt to find time to play and relax.

The point is, I would love to know that there is a middle class in PV that shares these real life experiences. Someone mentioned Krystal going to work, taking care of a baby. Tad, not working, though I'm not quite sure why he's not working. I'd just like to see one person struggle with debt. I guess that's why I really hate it when low lifes like Randi find their lives being transformed, in the blink of an eye, by their good looks and their encounters with AMC characters.

Even among the troublesome teens, the focus is on the rich kids. Who cares about the annoying problems of over-privileged teens? Frankly, I think they deserve whatever they get, and yet I get the feeling TPTB, make that TIIC, expect us to feel sympathy. Yeah, right.

Whatever happened to the middle class in PV? Why does no one ever complain about being charged a left nut for a tank of gas? Do TPTB glam it up because they feel the middle class has enough to deal with? Does Tad have the kind of money sitting around that allows him to goof off all day?

And lets not forget the wealthy women of Fusion who consider it a hard days work if they watch the paint dry on their nails. If Randi ends up answering phones, she'll be working harder than all the fusionistas combined.

Sometimes, though I do think AMC shows signs of improving, I just want to see more than rich people f***ing up their lives and behaving stupidly.

jordan hudson said...

arizonagal. Trey is Kendull's half brother. They share the same father the child molesting b movie star. Trey is also half brother to David Hayward and Leo as they share the same Mother. Trey was played by Sam Page and was not liked by Brian frons so he was written out. Stupid move in my humble opinion. I liked sam and the character. And at the time it was nice to have someone on Kendull's side.. He finally payed for all his double dealing as a lawyer and had to go to Jail because of it.

Today was another day that I felt like I was watching my old AMC. To know that carmen and randi are form center city and as girls use to ahng out at Myrtle's shop. They should have introduced Taylor like this instead of how they went about it. Kathy's fantasy. Thou I have to admit if that plane went down and the only one to coem home was Insannie I would be okay with it. They really are making Greenlee, Ryan and Kendull unlikeable at this point and the three them need to move away from each other and get different storylines. It's been more thne once and to death. Give these three talented performers better material PRATT

Anonymous said...

Shadow I loved ur posts. But Jordan u were right AMC needs umbrella storylines, character who where brought in and had a link to someone on the canvas and were left to develop not and on fast-forward. I know society wants everything to develop quickly (think photos) TPTB think that is what we want. What they do not get is that this is not what we want ,we want a break from reality. If they want to attract younger views they need good interesting storylines. I am 22 and because of my mom have been watching virtually all my life. Speaking for the young demo they claim to want, I do not want quick fixes to get my attention I want good stories. I loved the time they took to bring Zack and Kendall together it. That was a true soap story like Hailey and Mateo (prior to Proteus).

I know you were down last week but the blog helps. Why? Because when things get bad we all try to out wit each other on the blog. Years ago I did something similar on the AMC message boards but they suck there was never the sense of community or of people caring. Why do we pay attention though the drought that is the soap now? What is the goal? A covet shout-outs from Ashley and/or Jordan that is what makes it all worth while. That is what makes us pay attention and sometime actually rewind (not done often mostly to see zack groping kendall or insannie picking her dress out of her ass). The Podcast also inspired me to start the DBTE List which prompted my many other lists. You guys rock and has certainly given us another level of enjoyment

Anonymous said...

Official spoiler which you probably all know about
- MVP is leaving , last air date is Aug 20 same day as Yaya.

Anonymous said...

Also I do not believe that Carmen was ever a ho BUT in true AMC fashion (well not recently but still) Carmen will turn out to be Randy’s sister. They have mentioned a past, Randy running out and once Randy said she had a sister and also mentioned Puerto Rico. Look I’m better P.I. then Cladumbo.

Anonymous said...

David is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This could mean Dixie, I mean she was hired on GL could another (believable) stint on AMC be far behind.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for the return of David, but I already see who they're going to pair him with.
It's going to be a David/Taylor/Jake triangle...sounds kind of dull if you ask me because of the repetitive Jake vs. David dynamic, but then again, we haven't really heard much from Taylor, with the exception of today with Frankie or heard from David since he left.

Laura said...


From Daytime Confidential.

Is Cady McClain returning to All My Children? Nothing is official but according to Nelson Branco's latest Suds Report "there are rumblings that Cady McClain could come back either down the road or with David in tow." Of course the "David" referred to is Vincent Irizarry's David Hayward who is returning to All My Children.

I now watch the show to keep up with the great blog. Shouldn't it be we blog to keep up with a great show. Ya take what ya can get. Is MVP a character, actor, or that Canadian Soap.

WE should hit 100 comments today. Go JordAsh. How about a Jar of Smuckers Jelly in memory of Richie for the 100th blogger!

Anonymous said...

I have missed so much in two days. I have to make time to go over all the posts. You people have outdone yourselves. Wow! What I have read so far has been fabulous.

David is back!!! Yay!! Maybe Dixie?!!

I am caught up on the show. I just have to say that I really enjoyed the show. This week overall has been good, with the exception of sextet. Annie is saving grace for that mess! Kathy is fantastic, with her little conniving self. I LOVED her today!!!

Shadow, I know has wonderful information on how to write to TPTB. They have everything. And I know JordAsh would also know. I think it is important to let the execs know how we feel about our shows. We have to help save this genre. Let TPTB know what we like and what we don't care for, we are the fans!!!!

Jordan, I love your AMC submission. I could only imagine what you would have done with the show now, with all the returns. I know your ATWT will be fabulous once you work out the kinks.

Anonymous said...

To be a little more specific, Trey was the son of Richard Fields (the B movie actor) and Vanessa (Leo and David's mom/Proteus). Jordan, I thought Trey left because he burned down Linden House and was sent to prison.

For some reason I remember a lot about this character, and this is probably a period I disliked AMC the most (even more than Mct's last two years). Trey was played by Sam Page, who was recently in Imaginary Bitches, Eden Riegel's online show. He was also in American Dreams and guest-starred in some other shows. He came to Pine Valley by way of Mark Consuelos agent, who played Mateo. Page was briefly considered as Mateo's replacement, but TPTB liked him enough to make him the Trey character. I too enjoyed Trey, (my mother thought he was the reason I named my son born that year Trey), he had much potential, that according to Jordan, Frons must not have liked. Sad. He could certainly come back and stir up trouble. Prison for arson could be over in five years.

WOW, I feel like Soap Cyclopedia Hudson with all this knowledge! Next I'll be babbling about Jackie Babbin. ;-) Love ya' Jordan!

Erica Kane said...

To quote Jordan I AM SO NOT AMUSED about David Hayward returning. I know I am in the minority but I was never a fan of David and I am not a Vincent Irizarry fan. I also watch Y&R and I was so glad to be rid if him when they killed him off of Y&R, only to now hear he is returning to AMC!!! I know I have said in tehp ast I would accept him back if he brought back Dixie, but until I hear for sure she is coming home I am not happy!!!
I am upset that our show has become such a chore to watch. I have never fast forwarded thru our show like I do now. I have watched since the early 70's and I have never disliked the show like I do now. I worry that if something good does not happen soon we won't get a 40th anniversary like OLTL recently celebrated.
Speaking of OLTL I am liking the Rex and Gigi storyline. I don't watch it regularly anymore but I can see me getting hooked on those two. I wish Ron C from OLTL could do double duty and write for AMC as well. Well that is enough ranting for now.
Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

I could do with or without David but I know I want him back to bring back Dixie!!! That's my hope!

Anonymous said...

We've hit the 100 mark! Yaaaahhh PVP!

I'm glad David is returning. Pine Valley needs a believable bad guy and Vincent Irizarry certainly delivers.

I agree with the posters who are tired of only rich characters. We need a return to the old days when teens and young people on the show were realistic like Jesse and Angie and Jenny and Greg. Remember Jenny in New York that summer when she wore the same jeans all the time because she didn't have any money and only one change of clothes. That's real life. Randi as a prostitute is the furthest from real life ever. ... and who ever talks about being a 'prostitute' anyway? get with the times AMC writers.

Can't wait for this weeks podcast

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...


Your post really struck a chord with me. Thanks for writing it. The people in Pine Valley should - at least sometimes - reflect real people... You know, like those of us who watch the show, work real jobs, and weren't born with silver spoons in our mouths!


Say it ain't so about the triangle. I love David, and when he is in a love scene I want to enjoy it. If he is in a love scene with this Taylor woman, then it will be impossible for me to do that. What about Greenlee? Or Amanda? Ha!

Erica Kane,

I totally disagree with you about David (see above), however I understand how it is to be in the minority as I have always hated (shhh...) Dixie! I have. I just remember her as this goody goody boring mom who always shoved her boobies in our faces. She annoyed me. That said, I know the vast majority of fans want her back, so I end up kind of hoping for her to come back just for everyone else's sake!


Who is the mystery man? Why is the letter written to Jake? I need more of your amazing story, Dreamweaver Hudson!

Becky :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see someone mention how wierd the lighting in Confusion makes everyone look. I don't get that at all. Nobody ever looks good when they are on that set. I wish that place would have an electrical fire or something.

It's too bad they don't know what to do with Carmen. Putting her with Adam was smart. That quiet scene between them was a perfect example of the small moments we all enjoy. I'm not sure I like the idea of Randi and her being sisters. Randi just seems like a doomed character. I haven't seen any sign that the girl who plays Randi develop into anything interesting that will sustain her character on the show. It was pretty unbelievable when Ava started working at Fusion. It's even less believable that Randi could work there. Remember how upset the Fusion girls got when Ava would do something they thought would reflect poorly on Fusion? I would think being a street ho would be even less desirable than anything Ava did. I'm not a girl and I don't know anything about makeup, but i can't imagine that many of you ladies would take the advice of a hooker when it comes to cosmetics.

I do agree that some working class people would be interesting. PV used to have lots of hard working, common people. Watching Kendall when she was struggling was so much more interesting.

Speaking of Kendall, why is it that she and Erica never have any screen time to talk. Erica needs friends and family. I think she should take care of Myrtle like an adopted mother in the absence of Mona. I love Myrtle.

Anonymous said...

Sorry my last post turned cryptic. We took the kids to SeaWorld for the weekend. They won't go to sleep and are fighting over covers. My younger daughter fell out bed, conked her head on a nightstand and needed some TLC. How's that for real?

Thanks to you all for letting me chime in this week. It's been a great diversion. I agree I look forward to the blog almost more than the show now. We've all made a great case for the continued relevance of the show. Sometimes I'll think, maybe this show or genre has just run its course over the all these years, but then reading over all these posts just confirms how much life they still could have if only the people who scripted and directed them knew as much. Classic AMC had a viewpoint and continuity. There was a vision for the show and it carried through in all aspects of the show. Current AMC seems much more like a patchwork effort. Characters are floundering and seem thrown together as if it's being made up as it goes along. There is no way the current OLTL story lines just popped into someone's head one day and were rushed to film. At OLTL the writing obviously honors the history of the show. The execution of the stories are presented with well designed sets, careful casting and production that blends everything into a cohesive piece of entertainment. You can tell how much thought was put in every aspect of the show--as if there are teams of people working in tandem to make sure the continuity is there from pen to paper to actor. AMC just seems to be throwing things against the wall to see if anything sticks and if it does, then trying to make something out of it on the backend. To me that seems lie a backward way to do it. I almost wish they would stop, show best of clips for a week or two and then reboot with a solid cast and vision. Despite its flaws, I so love this show and want it to flourish.

Ashley--your impersonations are spot on!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ash and Jordan, remember when you guys played that Jesse McCartney (ex-JR) song a few podcasts ago? Well I went to a concert yesterday and he was amazing! That kid has come so far. All his CDs are a must-have. hah.. just wanted to share!

Anonymous said...

Nelson Branco says that the TPTB love Carmen. So I hope they figure her out. She has long term potential!

Anonymous said...

That just gave me a great pairing that would steem up the screens and possibly make our lil Carmen's stay in Pine Valley more permanent.
Carmen and David!
I can see the sparks already...

Anonymous said...

Yaya is definitely out (boo!)

Samuel is gone! (yay!)

David is back! (surprisingly meh.)

They really ruined David for me the last year or two he was on. It was like they didn't have anything else for him to do but fight with Tad and keep getting knocked out. (Which eventually turned into a great running joke)

I was liking Friday's ep, y'all. Different feel and all; I'm thinking we're starting to see signs of Pratt's work maybe. It felt more homey, I think.

Finally finished the podcast today, and it was an AS-toot HOOT, y'all. You two were on fire. The zingers were flying, and I'm wondering if there wasn't a nice Shiraz involved. ;-)

Although you are sort've wrecking my mental picture of Jordan Hudson. I didn't figure him to be such a health and fitness nut, what with all the TV shows he watches! ROFLMAO! Sorry, Jordan, you know we love you!

Thanks for the shout-out again,

crs 17

Anonymous said...

I really liked Friday's show. I even enjoyed all of the sextet, and I HATED RYLEE1 and do not want to see a RYLEE 2 but i loved it all. I loved Zack and Kendall ( Thursday? i watched them back to back so they are running together in my mind sorry) when he told her they needed to get back to just them. Then tey acknowleged that they have not been with the biys in a while.

Also I believe that Friday supports more of my Randi and Carmen as sisters theory.

BTW did anyone see montgrief got rid of the curls? I hope she does not stay long enough to get the bangs she so desperately needs but this was a very small improvement. Could this be so the next one does not look too different? maybe the next NuColby has straight hair? I hope there is a NuColby soon I hate Trollby.

jordan hudson said...

Wednesday- Episode 3- 5:00 PM

Marian Chandler closes the deal as she sells a housing complex,(similar to the unit in Tales Of The City) to, Myrtle and Opal. The ladies are now partners.

Tad, Jamie, and Joe decide to leave before the storm gets worse. JR decides to stay so he can continue his pursuit of Soraya. Needless to say she is not impressed which only makes JR that more interested.

Erica and Mary Smythe go at it. Surprising is Erica’s reaction when Mary brings their daughters into their verbal battle. It sounds as if Erica is defending her first born. It is one thing for Erica to put down Kendal, another thing entirely for someone else to. Jackson enters into the middle of their argument. Yet, before he can deal with the two women in his life, he receives a phone call from Anna. He’s needed elsewhere.

The woman driving with a mission is almost upon Pine Valley.

Trey arrives at the bus station. Kendal is not amused to find her old rival Julia in the car. She hated the fact that her brother has been mooning over Greenlee, but now this thing he has with Julia. She has taken it upon herself to help her brother out. The ladies argue when Kendal demands Julia get in the back seat.

The storm hits.

Liza decides to take shelter nearby rather then continue home. She winds up at Brooke’s homeless shelter. While there the two women have a meaningful discussion. Liza reminds Booke of who the woman she
once was and still is. That she can make more of a difference in front of the camera then as editor of Tempo. Brooke agrees to join Tad as the co-host of Liza’s news program.

Erica’s car goes off the road during the storm.

Anna and Jackson have to deal with the effects of the storm and a mayor who just passed away. They
are informed that the dam in Pine Valley is close to breaking. If that should happen, parts of Pine valley and Center City would be destroyed in the flood.

jordan hudson said...

Thursday- Episode 4- 6:00 PM

Myrtle and Opal decide to look over their new property rather then head home.

The lights go out at the homeless shelter. JR continues to harass Soraya. Brooke bonds with Liza.

Erica is able to walk away from her car wreckage but is now trapped with fallen debris and is unaware that a tree is dangling above where she is. A man on a motorcycle gets to Erica before the tree hits her. Instead
of thanking him, Erica questions the sanity of continuing in the storm on a motorcycle. Spencer Finn
does not cower to our Ms. Kane but instead gets in her face. He gives her the option of staying out in the middle of the storm and become a casualty or get on the bike and they will look for shelter.

Jake arrives to the smell of his mother cooking. Ruth is happy to see her youngest son. She can’t shake the feeling that something bad is coming.

The Mystery man checks into the motel and signs in under the name Deacon Procter.

A three-car collision happens. As the Martin Men, the woman on a mission, and Trey collide.

Greenlee talks to her grandfather about life. The two agree that they need to move on. Greenlee looks at the paper and sees a position for an associate producer at WRCW. She decides she needs a change.

Palmer helps Ross settle in to Courtland Manor.

Trey awakens first and sees that the woman’s car is on fire. He races over and pulls her out. She is clutching the envelope marked Jake Martin. She begs Trey that she needs to see Jake Martin.
Trey carries her away from her car. He lies her down and takes the envelope and places it in his car.
Kendall calls 911 on her cell phone. Trey and Julia race back to the woman, who by this time, has the Martin men around her. Tad and Joe are shocked to find Ally, Jake’s ex- fiancee.

Anna and Jackson are at the Dam, when it breaks.

jordan hudson said...

Friday- Episode 5- 7:00 PM

The group at the shelter decides to head on out to be with their loved ones as word come over the radio about the flood.

We see that Deacon Frost has been studying Pine Valley and it’s players.

Myrtle’s boarding house is destroyed by the flood.

Anna and Jackson escape harm.

Ally is taken away in the ambulance.

The Martin men are fine and decide to continue on home.

Trey forgets about the envelope as Julia and Kendal begin to place blame for the accident on each other.

Erica and Spencer find shelter in an abandon barn.

Liza , Colby, and JR arrive home to Adam.

Brooke arrives at the Martin house.

Ally dies at the hospital.

Mary is quite shocked when she is greeted at the door by a very concern Greenlee. Maybe there is still hope for her and Greenlee. While in the kitchen cooking Ruth remembers the good times she has had with her family and then has a
heart attack. Jake hearing the fallen glass races into the kitchen with Brooke behind him. He begins to revive his mother. Joe, Tad and Jamie arrive as Ruth Martin passes away.

Next Week. I will give you the final pages of my proposal.

jordan hudson said...

Friday- Episode 5- 7:00 PM

The group at the shelter decides to head on out to be with their loved ones as word come over the radio about the flood.

We see that Deacon Frost has been studying Pine Valley and it’s players.

Myrtle’s boarding house is destroyed by the flood.

Anna and Jackson escape harm.

Ally is taken away in the ambulance.

The Martin men are fine and decide to continue on home.

Trey forgets about the envelope as Julia and Kendal begin to place blame for the accident on each other.

Erica and Spencer find shelter in an abandon barn.

Liza , Colby, and JR arrive home to Adam.

Brooke arrives at the Martin house.

Ally dies at the hospital.

Mary is quite shocked when she is greeted at the door by a very concern Greenlee. Maybe there is still hope for her and Greenlee. While in the kitchen cooking Ruth remembers the good times she has had with her family and then has a
heart attack. Jake hearing the fallen glass races into the kitchen with Brooke behind him. He begins to revive his mother. Joe, Tad and Jamie arrive as Ruth Martin passes away.

Next Week. I will give you the final pages of my proposal.

Anonymous said...

Wowza!! This blog is smokin' hot!!! I was away for 4 days and amazed to find the blog had hit the 100 mark and not slowed down. Woohoo!!

This blog is so much more interesting than the actual show lately. I discovered upon my return that my DVR had failed to record Tues-Fri but, hey, I know Ashley & Jordan are watching so we don't have to.

Jordan, thanks so much for posting your proposal. It just leaves us wanting more. In fact, I'd like to suggest that Mr. Frons kick Pratt to the curb and install Jordan, Shadow and Tyrone as the new writers for AMC. Let's start with tyrone's brilliant JFAP novel rewind idea blending into Jordan's storm. It could be so good again....

Thanks to all of you for sharing your very creative (and so much more interesting than the actual show) ideas.

JordAsh, please tell us more about the BuzzWorthy radio event on this week's podcast!!

Anonymous said...

Here is a great website and it has information of MVP leaving
The Soaps Up segment (airs only in Canada) said that Sam Woods (MVP) is leaving Aug 20 this site says in the near fuure.

Brian said...

PVP, I don't know what happened. But I actually fell in love with AMC as of Wednesday all over again. I don't know if the writers have switched over or what, but since that episode, they have all gotten better. Colby was actually not so bad when paired up against the excellent Carmen. Next, I love that new side of Carmen taking charge of the Chandler mansion and her broken relationship with her friend, Randi. I love that Krystal has FINALLY moved on with her old flame and begun anew with her life and relationship with Tad. It was great that Jackson FINALLY told Erica that he is done being her backup and that they should breakup for good. I LOVED that Erica told Sam that SHE broke up with Jackson, and even had reservations about continuing her fling with Sam. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the scenes with Cass and Franklin. Finally we see the siblings talking. I even liked the scenes with Ryan/Annie, Kendall/Zack, and Greenlee/Aidan. And what about that sex scene! I was actually into it, once I got past that it included Aidan. I LOVED the scene with Kathy and her fantasy.

Something happened on Wednesday that changed the show for me. I don't know what, all I know is that the show seems (to me) to be going in a better direction.

My ONLY complaint is that damn blue dress that Kendall was wearing in Las Vegas. It looked like she took that line of hooker clothes Babe borrowed from Fusion home with her.

jordan hudson said...


I read in one of the us soap rags that MVP will have a second season. Supposedly it has done well here on SOap net Have you heard this on your end. LOVE CANADA, CANADIANS, MVP, Slings and ARROWS, RACHEL MCADAM,SARAH POLLEY TALES OF AVONLEA, you get the idea

Anonymous said...

Oh no you didn't! Jordan, I can't believe you went there. Our beloved Ruth, dead of a heart attack? It's a bold move Jordan. You are fearless!

DearCaptainObvious said...

Ryan needs to just jump Greenlee's Bones already!

From the website Dear Captain Obvious: Advice For Soap Operas

Dear Captain Obvious: What a week I’m having. I fly to Vegas to renew my marriage vows but end up walking in on the ceremony of my ex-wife (a woman I still happen to be very much in love with. Don’t ask). We decide to take the same private jet back home and I had the dubious pleasure of watching her nuptials video and then fishing her wedding ring out of the toilet. To be quite honest I’m exhausted from keeping up this ruse of being happy with my wife while all the while fighting the urge to jump my ex-wife’s bones each time we’re in the same room together. How can I ease the pain? Sad.

To read more visit:

Laura said...

Thank god, Ocean's Seven is over in Vegas (Ken/Zac/Ryan/Annie/Richie/Greenlee/Aidumb.

Why does someone who owns a casino vacation in Vegas. The whole thing is stupid.

Did you read the rumor on Daytime Confidential is that David is back because something happens to Babe. I would like to see him up against InsAnnie.

Just back from the hospital with a dying mother-in-law. This blog is welcome diversion for a very difficult week for me. That and watching my neighbor get two silver medals in Swimming.

Thanks everyone.

jordan hudson said...

Brown Penny,

LOL...yes. I felt that while I liked havign Ruth back...for a greta many fans lee is not Ruth. So to open up storylines for the Martin would be better to get Mary Ficket out of retirement to give the character a real send off. I personaly want Ruth around but this show does not like having mature charcters and actors around .....sad.

jordan hudson said...

Okay one more page and then the rest will be in next weeks blog

The Next five episodes will take place on the perspective day following two days after the flood. Each one taking the majority of the episode to highlight a main character.

Monday- The Martins

Act 1-The episode will start out with a montage of the Martin men, Jake, Joe, Tad and Jamie doing a
morning routine. As they prepare for Ruth’s funeral.

Act 2 & 3- The town gathers at the church to pay there final respects to Ruth Martin.

Act 4 & 5- The Burial where we will see past clips and more honoring Ruth and the past of All My Children.

Act 6- The Martin men back at the house coping with their loss.

Tuesday- Liza and Marian

Liza and Marian will be the focus of this episode.

Liza convinces Brooke that the show must go. It will be without Tad until he’s ready to come back,
There guest has been confirmed, an hour with Legendary Carol Burnett. Brooke agrees but leaves early to go to an emergency school board meeting. Liza begins interviews for an assistant producer for the show and is not impressed with the applicants. Greenlee makes quite an entrance and pushes to win Liza over. Liza sees something of herself in Greenlee and agrees to hire her on a trial basis.

At the school board meeting concern parents meet with town officials including Jackson, acting mayor and Anna. The subject at hand has created quite the stir. Tad, Brooke, and Palmer find themselves going up against Adam. Due to the destruction of The High School in Center City, it has been decided that busing the Center City students to neighboring Llanview High and Pine Valley High. A heated debate begins with the end result being Jackson informing Adam and his group that come Thursday those student from CCH will arrive.

Marian and Enid decide to welcome the new family to Pine Valley. Soraya Touissant welcomes the ladies into the house. Enid is in for quite a shock, the man who she assumes is a butler turns out to be Cassius “Cass” Touissant, the reclusive African-American billionare. Marian is appalled at Enid’s blatant racist attitude. Marian stays and meets Cass’ uncle, Jeremiah and Soraya’s twin sister, Ayanna who is black.

The twins mother was white.

Liza announces to Greenlee she has first assignment, find another guest Carol Burnett had to cancel.

Wednesday- Brooke

Jamie is proud of the stand that his mother has taken regarding the busing issue. Mother and son begin to heal their relationship. Brooke visits with her Aunt Phoebe to reflect on the choices she has made. Brooke decides to spend her day in the park getting ready for her first day in front of the camera on Friday.While at the park she runs into Ross Chandler. The two old friends reconnect and sparks fly.
Myrtle can’t believe that her boarding house is destroyed. She and Opal will share the ground level apartment in the complex, giving them three other apartments to rent out. Julia Santos and Trey
meet up as they both apply for apartments. The ladies agree although Opal does not realize that Trey wanted the two bed-room unit because Kendal is moving in with him. Spencer Finn takes the top floor and meets Kendal Hart who makes her desire apparent.

Spencer we later find out is the right hand man to Cassius Touissant. Cass doesn’t understand why Spencer feels the need to get his own place. It seems that Cass took Spencer in when he was 16 and
has always considered the man part of the family. Spencer needs some privacy. Cass reluctantly gives
in. Spencer goes to his room to pack and finds a naked Ayanna waiting for him. Young Ayanna, is
quite the bad girl and has tried unsuccessfully to seduce Spencer who looks at the girl as a much younger sister. Cass has to answer to his uncle who is perplexed at to why Cass introduced him to Marian Colby
as Jeremiah Touissant and not Evans, Jeremiah’s true surname. For that, why even move to Pine Valley.
Greenelee finds the perfect replacement guest, a local celebrity, Erica Kane.

Thursday- The Chandler Men

Adam and Stuart finally find out that Ross is back in town and the three catch up. Stuart then heads
out to spend the day with Marian. Stuart is stunned when at the park he thinks he sees his dead wife
Cindy Parker. He decides to keep this from Marian. Adam and Ross bury old grudges.

Greenlee convinces Erica to do the interview. Liza is impressed with Greenlee’s move but now has to get
Brooke to agree, she does.
Ross approaches Erica with an interesting proposition.

It’s back to Pine Valley High as the kids from Center City clash. JR meets Ayanna and forgets about
Soraya. Yet Ayanna has eyes only for Jamie Martin. Bianca has a part time job at the High School as
a counselor. Ayanna gets into a confrontation with a CC student who questions her “Blackness”. A very poignante debate occurs between Odin and Ayanna. Odin’s ex girlfriend, Gina Delgado catches the eye of Jamie Martin. Soraya meets Bianca, who is quite impressed with how intelligent the teen is.

Friday- Erica Kane

The premier episode of the new program which is a mix of Oprah/Live/20/20 begins. The whole episode will be centered on the show within a show. Liza and Greenlee watch as Brooke interviews Erica Kane for
an hour. It will be at times funny as these two women who have so much history try to keep there
composure. Brooke will confront Erica with her rape and having a lesbian daughter. The two will come full circle in there relationship. Erica will even sing at the end of the interview. The episode will give insight
into Erica, her relationship with the people around her. Some startling admissions, laughter, and tears. It should come across as one of those Barbara Walters interviews.

Next weeks blog the end of my proposal

Anonymous said...

Nelson Branco is reporting that Alicia Minshew is in intense contract negotiations w/ ABC/AMC over money. I feel that she deserves whatever money she wants b/c the tptb work her like a dog and she herself has said that she needs a break and you know what she works her butt off no matter what crap they give her & that has been a lot and trust me its the writers not her

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law Laura. May this be a peaceful life transition.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Is there a new podcast this week?

Ashley said...

Hi Elyse --

Yes, there is. It wil be posetd by the end of the day.

Ash xo

Anonymous said...

awe man i really wanted to have it for my flight today. Oh well can't wait!

Ashley said...

so sorry, anon - will post soon.

ash xo

Laura said...

Thanks Terry about your comments for my mother-in-law. She is in kidney failure and starting hospice tomorrow. She's had a good life and used to watch AMC in the day. She liked Susan Lucci. She liked Days and Passions especially anytime someone was trapped in a well/buried alive.

I look forward to the podcast as always.

Petey reminds me of a young Matthew Broadrick circa Ferris Bueller.

I have a new name for Kathy, Bratty Kathy. JR was a brat so it takes one to know one. Jordan enjoying your posts.

People or CNN reports AMC is looking for a real Veteran from IRAQ to play Taylor's love interest.

What a great week on the blog.

Anonymous said...

taylor's love interest?? i thought she was supposed to be with jake. they even had the commercial that said- watch their love story from day 1.

Anonymous said...

The vet will play the love she lost. I think the life Frankie did not save .

Arizonagal said...

Laura, sending good vibes to you and your family. You said Petey reminded you of Ferris Bueller. I see the resemblance. I also see a young John Kennedy. I like him. HOpe they do something with this character.

Laura said...

Thanks Arizona Gal.

Link on CNN about AMC

Text info

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- An open casting call for "All My Children" is far from business as usual: The soap opera is seeking an Iraq war veteran to play an injured veteran.

Beth Ehlers plays an Army lieutenant on "All My Children." She'll link up with a soldier she thinks is dead.

The ABC daytime show has created a romantic story line to combine entertainment and a window into the challenges faced after combat, said executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers.

"All My Children" has launched a broad search to fill the role, inviting veterans to contact the show's New York casting director. The series also is working with a veterans' support group, USA Cares, as well as the military.

"It will make it such a heightened experience for the audience and for us ... to cast a real-life soldier, a veteran, and bring him into our created drama," Carruthers said.

The veteran-turned-actor will play the character of Brot, a key figure in a plot that's already under way and involves a visitor to fictional Pine Valley, Army Lt. Taylor Thompson (Beth Ehlers).

Taylor, who was stationed in Iraq and is on medical leave, has come to town to deliver medals to fellow soldier Dr. Frankie Hubbard (Cornelius Smith Jr.). But it's Brot, the soldier and lover she believes died in combat, who's on her mind.

Brot, however, survived. Unwilling to involve Taylor in his suffering, he's allowed her to think he's dead.

Their story will begin unfolding when the right veteran is found for the part, Carruthers said. The casting call isn't limited to those who were wounded in the war, an ABC spokesman said.

But the role will shaped around a veteran's experience, possibly including a war-caused disability, Carruthers said.

"It's a very delicate subject to begin with. There's so much about the individual person that's going to help us create the character, and whatever they bring and whatever their challenge is will be fit into the story," she said.

The show has woven potentially controversial events and themes into drama before, from the Vietnam War to, in recent years, a plot involving a lesbian mother who was forced to give up her daughter.

Also figuring in the "All My Children" wartime story is Jake Martin (Ricky Paull Goldin), an anti-war physician who provides differing social and political points of view.

Viewers accept tough issues in TV shows when they are dealt with on a personal rather than a political basis, Carruthers said.

"The audience embraces it because they relate to the people involved, who they care about," she said, allowing viewers to "surpass personal biases."

USA Cares, a nonprofit group that provides financial and other support to wounded soldiers and their families, is helping the show's writers assess the accuracy of medical and military details, said spokesman John Revell.

"They're great at drama but there are many nuances that can be left out without getting the reality from the troops themselves," Revell said.

The show also has sought help from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Carruthers said.

Sounded good until the last two words. Carruthers said!

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

If the PTB tries to put Ryan and Kendall back together they are stupid. Rendall was fine when it began then it turned verbally abusive. Kendall belongs with Zacg