Monday, August 25, 2008

Winner or Snoozer?

  • InsAnnie gets crazier, but doesn't catfight Kendall.
  • Greenlee and Aidumb keep having not-so-hot sex.
  • Carmen goes for Jackson, and doesn't get bitch slapped by Erica.
  • Fletcher offers Frankie a deal that Frankie would prefer to refuse (and a storyline that I prefer would go away).
I'm losing my patience, folks. I'm sure Esensten and Brown are gone, yet the silliness remains. Please keep me hangin' on - and cheer me up - here.

8/22/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

yeah new podcast! I've been busy with school I haven't been watching AMC a lot, but OLTL I watch everyday.

Norn Cutson said...

i cant wait to listen!

some notes from Monday's epiosde:


• if they infalte ERICA's bra anymore she gonna be floatin on the ceiling ith JERKSON lookin up @ her!

• CASS: "i'm sorry we caused you so much trouble!"
girl, if you & DRE run off you gonna be causin a whole lot more trouble!

•ADAM with INSANNIE, CARMEN, OPAL & ERICA all in the same episode?!?? this might be a good sign!

• aw, Ya Ya's depatrure is makin me cry.
that girl deserved better writing, its a shame how her character turned into a whiney irresponsible mess.

• ooh, you can see DRE's got a boner when he's liftin those suitcases.

•CARMEN is so awesome! they better giv her a real story & not just make her OPAL 2.0.

• GREENLEE to KENDALL: "i knew i'd find you here!"
what, @ work?!?!?!?

Ashley, come to the LLANVIEW side of PA!

Anonymous said...

So glad to have a new podcast. I previewed it. Clever opening as always. I'm hopeful things will start to get better. Hang in there Ash! I have to tell you, it's such a bright spot in the week to hear you say, "This week on All My Children...". You have such a contagious enthusiasm.

So I've been thinking about all the OLTL comments. That show is always an interesting comparison to me. Seems like historically they haven't always been great together at the same time. One is hot, the other cold. Clearly OLTL has the momentum. I'm hopeful for AMC though--new writers, new actors, Susan Lucci will get tons of promotion for the show on DWTS and her big 10,000 episode. All good signs.

The shows always seem to build momentum when they have an actor who serves as the lightning rod character. Sometimes it's a couple, sometimes just one person. AMC has had plenty in the past--Bianca, Jenny, Dixie, Adam, Tad. Many of them are still around--Greenlee, Kendull, Adam, Tad. I know they are trying to set up Jake and Taylor as the next big thing. I'm just not sure about them though. It's more than just good writing. It's an actor who transcends the material good or bad that just has "it". The kind of person who makes you stop for a second when you're flipping channels. Bianca had it. Those huge sad, sweet eyes were almost hypnotic. If you saw them you just had to stop and look. OLTL's Jess/Tess has it. I haven't watched that show in years. They lost me with all that Wild West/Eterna/Mendora crap way back in the day. But you get flashes of her in the promos during AMC or see her at the end of an AMC DVR and something about her makes you want to watch--at least until they cut to 1960 whatever. What is it with time travel on OLTL? She extraordinarily beautiful. She's a really good actress. She isn't meek. She hooks you and slowly you start paying attention to more of the show. That streaky blonde guy on OLTL has it too. AMC needs to find that person. They killed Dixie who, honestly, had probably seen best days though I love the character. The totally effed over our dear Brooke who I never tired of ever. They ruined Ryan, emasculated Adam and JR, turned Tad the Cad into Tad the Fat Dad, and just simply ran the characters of Greenlee, Kendull, et al into the ground thru overuse and sloppy writing. They let Bianca get away too early. The one person on the show with IT, in my opinion, is Amanda. She and her family have a long history with the show. She's neither the goody goody or one note bitch. She's got some money, but she's got questionable class. Her mother is a nut job. She's totally hot. She's comedic but can be dramatic. She has a presence that transcends whatever material they give her. In lesser hands that pirate costume would have been the most absurd thing ever. I hope they'll give the sucktet a break and give Amanda the front and center story she deserves. She's interesting because she's complicated. I would like to see them bring back one of the other kids like Tim, Charlie, Cecily, Hayley, Skye, Brian, Laura,Bobby--somebody with a history. They tried with Petey and totally screwed that up. In the meantime they should take advantage of Erica's anniversary to highlight the shows rich lineage of characters for as much time as possible versus a day or two. Wouldn't it be great to see Mark or Elle come for a visit? Or for Brooke to come back for a go round or proper send off? It would be really great to see that stuff while we start to build a new it character. But we aren't going to find that person on a reality talent show-sorry Ya Ya. ABC needs to step up and invest in AMC. Alicia Minshew, though I'm tired of her sloppy storylines, is worth the cash. Pay up and move on. The returns will come. Find, seek and pay for the new talent. If they don't deliver, move on. In other words, buh bye Trolby.

Norn Cutson said...
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Norn Cutson said...

ooh jordan you so clever with your comment about CLINT becoming ASA...after we saw JARED/CLINT say he would NEVER be like him!

& ashley, if you saw BLAIR & MCBAIN's sex scenes you would be hitchhikin to Llanview!

RE: CARMEN & JERKSON...i think CARMEN is smart & she's workin her own secret plan to get ERICA & JERKSON back together! she dont want no "montyummy"!

Luis Merino said...

I started listening to this week's podcast, and when you guys mentioned buzzworthy radio, I quickly downloaded that and am now listening to it! You guys are great! And thanks for the mention Ashley & Jordan!

(btw, Ashley, I sent you a new version of the Theme last week, just as sort of a headsup)

(I enjoy PVP much much more than AMC)

Anonymous said...

How do delete a post? I accidentally put one in the other day I wasn't ready to send and wanted to do that but couldn't figure out how.

Anonymous said...

Another amazing podcast! I agree with what you guys said about the possibility of Myrtle being killed in the tornado. What I don't like about it is her having to go this way. It reminds me of Days of our Lives and the Salem Stalker (Marlena) and when she MURDERED Alice Horton with her famous donuts. Luckily, everyone from the Stalker survived in some parallel universe-y, DiMeras capturing them way, but I never forgave the show after that. It's just disrespectful to the fans and veterans. If the actress wants to leave, that's fine. Let Myrtle pass nicely and not in some contrived storm-for-ratings.

My 3 reasons I am tuning into AMC lately:
1. Carmen
2. InSannie
3. Adam

Those 3 keep me going! LOVING them right now.

Anonymous said...

IMO, Jordan, you are right, and Ashley, you are wrong.

Ashley, you have plenty of personality and pizazz on your own and should not feel we wouldn't listen to you without a co-host. Jordan's contributions and your chemistry together certainly do kick things up, but you're great on your own, too.

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I have one reason for you to stay with it!


The fact that we love you so much, don't give up on us.

You make the show great for me. Listening to your impressions and you guys make fun of people makes it all worth while!

Do it for us! You can do it!

Anonymous said...

Did you people hear what Josh will be doing this fall in the spoilers! Unbelievable! I'm pissed.

Norn Cutson said...

ass-toot point, ashley!
if they are going to get rid of MYRTLE, make it a STORYLINE and NOT JUST A PLOT POINT.

give MYRTLE at *least* that much respect!

...& if they are bringing back SKYE anyway, bring her back while MYRTLE is still ***ALIVE*** & let them have some scenes together!

Anonymous said...

I recently read an article on Mary Fickett, aka Ruth Martin. Here are a few excerpts from Soapcentral:

"... Fickett lives in Colonial Beach, Virginia, with her daughter Bronwyn "Anne" Congdon. A fire last year destroyed many of Fickett's personal mementos, including photographs, letters, and countless other memories. Now 80, Fickett is confided to her bed, her memory is fading, and she occasionally has trouble finishing sentences, but Fickett still fondly recalls her life as a television star."

Pretty sad story. I remember her fondly. However, having said that, I also really liked Lee Merriweather as Ruth. I would rather see Lee than no Ruth at all. I wish the show would do more than pay lip service to the older Martins. I miss them!

Arizonagal said...

BWAHHHHAHAHAHAHahaha, cough, splutter

The new Spike voice should have come with a warning. I am in my office trying to look professional and then I hear you guys and I'm spraying Crystal Light all over my keyboard. How undignified!

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with Josh? Apparently Zach is going to go gunning for him in a few weeks?

Anonymous said...

I read that Leven Ramblin aka Lilly-Ava will be playing the part of Riley, John Connor's girlfriend, this fall on Fox's Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. Guess that explains her quick exit.

Anonymous said...

shadow, where did you get your info????
Please don;t taught us with Josh rumors, we heard he was gone for good. We would love him back, we really like him.

Anonymous said...

From Tad the Cad to Tad the Fat Dad!!! Oh God I love it Shadow.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Love your podcast one thing Spike at music camp. Remember he has his implant and can hear sounds like singing and other things. They really don't even treat Spike like a child with a hearing disability. Secondly unlike us pwf( people with flavor) white people tend to schedule their children for activities when they are young. Soon as they are out the womb they are at soccer. So it make sense that Spike " rich, white, kid" would be at some type of activity

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Cryan is finally standing up to Greenlee and Kendall. Time for those girls to butt out of his business and tend to their own men before some other women step in and take care of stuff.

I'd love to see Amanda with Jake. They would be great fun. Taylor is already an interesting character and I'd like to see her with Tad or Frankie. I'm not feeling her with Jake. He's being all stalkerish with her and I'm not seeing what he's after. She's much more interesting in any scene he's not in.

If we all pray for Aidumb to be whirled away in a Tornado will that make it so?

Terry in Toronto

Erica Kane said...

OK I am seriously annoyed with the opening credits!! There are so many people on there who are gone/dead/ or just horrid (Coldby)that just should not be there anymore!! I half expect to see Jenny Gardhner and original Ruth Martin on there they are that outdated!!At least OLTL just erased their deadwood from the credits, AMC won't even do that. I agree with whoever said AMC has no heart anymore. It is not like the old days when we had Dixie, Brooke, Mona, Phoebe, Natalie, Binks...all of those women we just loved to watch. Even Hayley had more heart than any of the cardboard cutouts we have now. There is no one with rooting power anymore. Erica is just a shadow of what she should/could be...they write her as some vapid 60 year old version of Paris Hilton when she should be the main attraction. She should be Pine Valley's version of Viki from OLTL. I don't know who it is that won't let them call Erica a grandma, but I really don't think it is Susan she is a grandmother in real life. I think they should write a mature storyline for Erica, but they continue to waste the character. These writers/producers today do not understand legacy characters, and they are the reason that the ratings have dropped for all of the soaps. I remember everyone blamed the OJ trial for the erosion in the ratings after they took the soaps off that summer, but I truly do not believe this is the reason. OJ is innocent on this one folks it is the crappy writers and producers. Anyway back to the Legacy characters..Kendall should/could be so much better that she is right now she is being written so poorly, Greenlee could be a Legacy character, but she has no rooting factor. I am loving Insannie right now, but how are they going to get her out of this murder?? Tad got away with it, why can't Annie. Tad is a legacy character, but I don't think he belongs with KWAK. ABC needs to move heaven and earth and get Cady back as Tad's soulmate and let them have some peace for a little while. Send KWAK into a trangle with Adam and David Hayward, or even a quadrangle with Taylor in the midst. Another legacy character that is being ruined is Amanda she comes from a great time in AMC history, and she is being so wasted. I see a glimmer of hope with her and Jake but TIIC are intent on putting him with Taylor. I honestly did not think magic was going to strike twice, until today when Taylor and Jake were butting head over the apartment and she thought he was gay. There was a shard of something there, let's hope it expands. OK enough ranting for now, have to get ready for bed. Still have not listened to the last two podcasts, but I get to spend all day on the computer at work tomorrow so I will be caught up by noon, so I will be back with thoughts tommorrow night.
Love to all of my fellow bloggers
Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

Favorite line of the day: Adam to Opal: "Hello Opal". Opal to Adam: "Hello Lucifer". Loved it! Two little sentences evokes so much emotion. Anon, those white folks have tons of flavor - more than most anyone else on the show. So much hidden context and meaning in the simplest situations with characters like them. they have got to bring some of the old gang back to the foreground and let them guide the newbies.

I'm encouraged. Several things I liked today. The Hubbard scenes were great. Wish Jessie and Angie had a more familial storyline rather than this Rancid stuff. It was sweet watching Angie breakup over Cassie leaving.

I really liked Erica and Jack today, and they usually make me cringe. The writing was better. The acting was better. They both look better. Erica looks the best she has in years. Good hair and complexion. Less frail. They need to not squish the boobies so tight though. Jack looked healthy and bobbled less. Then conversation was classic Erica and the jealousy and protectiveness was hones and truthful.

I love that Adam is out of the house and scheming all over town. He and Annie would be hot. Since this is make believe, i sort of wish InsAnnie and Ryan's baby would be written out (to put it lightly). I'd prefer that nobody be saddled with anymore kids. We have Little A, Crazy Kathy, Jenny, Spike, Ian, etc. With the exception of Crazy Kathy, I'd prefer the kids all go to music camp for a while. CrazyKat needs to stick around and terroize PV suburbia for a while.

I actually liked the relatively normal conversation Ryan, Greenlee and Kendall had today. I'm glad Ryan didn't lose it and go all dramatic. I admire that he acknowledged that despite InsAnnie's plotting and scheming, he's put her through alot and he has some obligation as a husband and father to confront her, try to understand and forgive her and not just run away with Thing One and Thing Two (Kendull and Greens) just because they think he should. Our situations in everyday life may not be so outlandish, but we still have to work on our relationships and find peace with the flaws and mistakes of the ones we love. I like that Ryan called them out on their meddling ways. They should but out. I like that Greenlee called Kendull out on her need to meddle too. Maybe it's an acknowledgement of the writer's flaws the past year and a sign that Kendull is fixing to move past all this.

I like Carmen. Period. It's always interesting when Erica takes on a muse and then turns on them when she feels threatened. If their relationship is to advance, they should have some conflict and get on more equal footing as friends. Ultimately, they should respect eachother and get along.

I like that I saw a Primetime ABC promo that promoted AMC prominently and on par with other primetime ABC fare. If they want us to watch, they need to treat it with the same reverence they do the nightime shows.

I liked everybody eating at the Terrace and not some wierd outside setting that looked like it was shot with a home video camera.

My one beef: Jordan has mentioned that that the Hubbards need a warmer home. I agree, but Erica is the one that needs a home--a stylish fantastic home. I don't think the most fabulous lady in daytime is going to stay in an efficiency with nothing more than wood shutters and one palm tree plant. The more I look at it, the more it looks like Lilly's room redecorated. Considering she's done 10000 shows, give the girl a house to call her lair.

Jordan, bringing back Skye is a good idea. I don't think she is on the same plane as Brooke or Dixie-maybe just one rung below but powerful nonetheless. Maybe since she's been on all the other shows, it will draw some viewers back to AMC. Ratings last week were in the cellar.

I keep hearing about a tornado or hurricane. You know, Desperate Housewives did that last season. Not sure how I feel about that or all the references Pratt has made to Ugly Betty and such. I'd rather
AMC be so good those shows copy it!

I've made my position on Myrt clear. They shoudln't suck that sweet old bird up in a twister. They have such a perfect opportunity with her passing to celebrate everything good about AMC. Erica could reminisce about Mona and Myrt. Skye could come back and we could time with them. It would be so wonderful and when her time comes, i would rather see her move on naturally. Not every death has to be some far-fetched effects laden thrill ride. Myrtle is our touchstone on the show and needs to be treated with reverence.

However, when it comes to Lee Meriwether's Ruth,I don't really care. Mary Fickett was Ruth. Who could ever forget that beautiful eulogy she gave at Mona's funeral? You can youtube it. Lee has never had enough to do to believable fill the part. So I don't really care how they send her off as long as it gives the Martin clan a good storyline. JordAsh mentioned putting Myrt in a home rather than killing her. I think that would be a great storyline for Lee's Ruth. For one thing, she is a good acress and could pull it off. As a way to honor Fickett, they could give her the same disease and maybe showcase what it takes to care for someone with that illness. It would be a great chance to show how something like that affects a family, a marriage, etc. Joe would be amazing as a doctor and loving husband dealing with a personal crisis of this sort. They could show some great Fickett flashbacks. It Emmy all over it!

Obviously I'm having fun with the blog. Thanks for indulging me in this lengthy stream of consciousness. I love AMC and am so happy to have people to share this stuff with!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone get the feeling they are being watched?

We say we can't stand how hypocritical Kendull is sticking up for Rylee...

...the writers have Ryan criticize Kenlee for being hypocritical.

We say we need subtitles for Aidan...

...Carmen mentions how she can't understand a word he's saying.

We say we think Jake and Amanda are HAWT, HAWT, HAWT...

...Amanda is dressing up in a pirate costume to meet Jake at ConFusion.

We say we think Kate-thy is a little too accepting of her current situation...

...Crazy Kathy locks Krystal out and throws the Poison Apple away.

We say we'd love to see Adam and Erica in more scenes together... energized Adam and fierce Ms. Kane show up at the Yacht Club.

(cue Twilight Zone theme)

Winner or Snoozer? I haven't heard the podcast yet, but for me, Ash, this show is on the right course thus far. I'm giving the man some time to clean up, and I know his official first date is not until tomorrow, but so far, Loves it. I haven't been this entertained by the show since the Baby Switch died down. People are starting to act like themselves; even Kendull is starting to show sparks. All I need is for someone to dial down the Sextet and tweak the Hubbard tuner up a notch. And thanks to whomever is responsible for cranking up the Carmen Control.

crs 17

Norn Cutson said...

some notes from Tuesday's epiosde:


• rollin my eyes @ the JAKE & TAYLOR endin up in the same place. the "movin into GREENLEE's place" story someone else predicted is actually more realistic!

• ooh, i cant wait to hear ya'lls take on KATHY's fantasy!

• the music in CONFUSION tells me that all the FUSION mess is aimed @ people who burned their brains out partying in the 90s.

• ooh, INSANNIE, the jig is up, girl!

INSANNIE: "I know how horrible that sounds when I say it out loud!"
ashley, she totally sounded like YOU when she said that!!!!


ERICA: "Yes, definitley the lobster!"

tsk, ERICA, now that really *is* immature.

ERICA (to JERKSON): "Sometimes, I wonder!"

ADAM (to CARMEN):"You've got a wicked mouth!"

• ok, now KENDALL sounds nuts.

• KATHY (whispers): "I'll save you, Daddy!"

• AMANDA: "Are you one of the movers?"

ok, now we are gettin somewhere with the JAKE & TAYLOR story!
some character development!

• CARMEN (to JERKSON): "Get me out of here!"

• ooh that devil child's gonna kill KWAK!

Anonymous said...

FYI, some of us have flavor.

Yes, I saw the Josh thing and not sure how I feel about that. To me, that's Josh circa 2006, not the 2008 model. It would make more sense if it were Tad's.

The whole conversation in her room with Carmen and then the stuff in the Yacht Club. Ladies and gentlemen, this is where Ms. Lucci excels. I love the look in her eyes when she is conniving to make her ideas sound like someone else's! Classic Erica. I never love Ms. Lucci more than when she is like this.

I did read the Fickett article, and it is sad, but part of the circle of life.

Speaking of circle of life, if Eileen Herlie wants to retire or is too ill to continue, we'll let her, but please not like that.

And speaking of retiring...are you thinking of doing so Ashley? We certainly love that you crank out this intelligent, yet hilarious and satirical show week after week, but if you need a break, maybe you should take one. I'd rather have a week or two of no PVP than a lifetime without AS-TOOT observations. (Didn't Julia Roberts say something like that in Steel Magnolias?)

I would NOT be amused. ;-)

crs 17

Norn Cutson said...

(oops i left out somethin, it was late)

• CARMEN (to JERKSON): "Get me out of here!"

what, did CARMEN get hit on a the head with a coconut & now she thinks *she's* ERICA KANE? CARMEN wouldn't say that, that's totally an ERICA line!

i also wanted to say: ashley, do not put yourself down.
even if you have a face like a brick (which i know you dont), your humor, intelligence & soul come thru so much in the podcass, that that beauty couldnt help but shine thru.

& jordan, everyone knows you're fine.

Anonymous said...

Can someone point me in the direction of these Josh spoilers? You've piqued my interest!

tallytofu said...

Ashley, I feel your pain! I'm not quite as bored with the show as you, but close, and I've had a lot of those days recently where it's just a struggle to stay interested.
Honestly, I think it might be harder for you because you do this podcast. Meaning, one way I keep the show a little more interesting is to skip a few episodes here and there - you obviously don't have the luxury of doing that! And trust me, we appreciate it!
I hope it never gets old hearing this: you guys are so much fun to listen to! I look forward to the podcast every week. And personally, I like it when you guys digress into other subjects every so often and get silly... it's hysterical!

Anonymous said...

CRS, I think you are right. the items you pointed out have to be more than a coincidence, so maybe some of TPTB are paying attention to what we say here on the blog and what JordAsh astootley point out on the podcast. What if some of the anons are actually APTB? Clearly they believe in Ashley as we do and they are subtlely acknowledging our concerns. They are clearing dead weight and bringing back some of the old guard. The characters are talking to eachother, and suddenly there are more people talking than just the sextet. JordAsh I think you're making a difference. Where else can TPTB go and get such meaningful, instantaneous feedback. So stay cheery! You are making our AMC better for everyone. Ya'll were talking on the podcast about the old intros AMC used with the old Love In The Afternoon campaign. It would be so sweet if all the AMC viewers could hear every episode start with Ashley's version of "This Week On All My Children"... It always makes me smile.

jordan hudson said...

Jordan's Televison Show's

All My Kids

The Secret Life of The Amercian Teenager

The Closer

Sordid Lives
Janice Dickison Agency

The Soup
Chelsea Latley


Secret Diary of a call girl
The Cleaner

Mad Men
Bad Education

True Blood
Big Love
In Treatment

Rescue Me
Nip Tuck
The Riches
Sons Of Anarchy


Prison Break
Sarah Conner
The Simpsons


One Tree Hill
Gossip Girl

Going to give the new 90210 a chance just for Shannon Lori and Rob

Everybody Hates Chris

Brothers and Sisters
Desperate Housewives
Samantha Who
Boston Legal
Pushing Daisies
Dirty Sexy Money
Private Practice (But IF it Doesn't get better this season Im going to stop watching it)
Ugly Betty
Grey's Anatomy
30 rock

My Name is Earl
Friday Night lights
Lipstick Jungle (But It needs to improve to or else...)

Maura said...

oh my god I'm at work and listening to you guys and I just got to the part where you're talking about sending spike to music camp.. "she sent a deaf kid to music camp". OMG YOU CRACK ME UP!!!!! I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

I love you guys!! You always put a smile on my face.

Anyways, on Monday's episode (8/25) I about fell off my chair laughing so hard when Carmen said she can't understand Aidumb and Jackson said Aidumb needed subtitles.... I wonder if the writers listen to you two?? :)

I would have to say I'm loving this week since Colbewww hasn't been on.

Jordan, how do you find the time to watch that list of shows and still have a life? I need some tips b/c I watch alot and I feel like I need to cut my list down. Are you going to watch Knight Rider w/ Justin Bruening? **hottie**

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I forgot.... you keep saying that ABC can't afford to do the "next time on..." segments, but they still are putting previews or whatever they're called at the end of the shows, so why won't they just bring back the "next time" or at least on Friday's show do a "next week" peek?? They're not having to shoot anything new b/c it's already been done. Please PTB bring it back... I hate surprises and can't stand having no clue going into a show :o\

just a thought

jordan hudson said...


the magig of dvr girl thats how I do it. I will admit my dvr is almost full because I also watch movies on TCM and my masterpiece theatre on PBS. I think I have all my shows but know Im missing some.

Well people only La Lucci could gte away with wearing that outfit the other day. I thought she looked hot and showed that age is a number if you have it flaunt it and she did.

Again she looked sexier then many women half her age. Just because one is getting older doesn't mean they need to let themselves go.

Well MR. Pratt made his debut today. I will say this out of 10 I give him an 8. I do enjoy that there seems to be a more paced out storytellign going on. I like that they seem to plan on a real storyline for Jesse and Angie. ( Thou this issue should have bene addressed from Day one. As much as I love J & A there whole return was RUSHED> So hopefully this will flesh it out. Perhaps another woman and another teen for Jessse is in the works...hmmmm. First time I was ever able to stomach the fusion storyline was today so kudos to Mr. Pratt for that.

Love the old school feel of the the Jake and Taylor storyline but still stick by my feelign that these two characters are bettre off friends then lovers. You can't captue lightning in a bottle twice people. There is no spark between jake and Talor other then then the fact that the PTB are trying to force it. Be smart Pratt and move these two interesting actors and characters to others.

Anonymous said...

I am listening to the radio show now. love how the hosts know all of the nicknames and stuff from the podcast. FAB!

Anonymous said...

Jordan, I just emailed Ashley to tell her I watch basically everything you watch, minus a few, add more. TV addict here too! Thank god for multiple DVRs! I even plan TV strategy sessions to optimize nightly viewing. And yesterday, I programmed all the season premieres in my Google calendar so I wouldn't forget.

I never expressed it on the board, but ever since they brought back Jesse I had wondered if the show would address what Jesse *really* did over the past 20 years? I mean, he had to have tried to have some sort of life? I think this could be a good REAL storyline, based on emotion, etc. Cause Angie moved on because she thought Jesse was dead; however Jesse knew Angie was alive but couldn't be with her again. I think it could be very interesting.

PS I googled the Josh spoiler some were hinting at and I don't like it one bit. Seems way out of character at this stage.

Anonymous said...

Well if Jordan can post his TV list, so can I!

Msterpiece theatre, esp Linley and Prime suspect
project runway
biggest loser
OLTL thanks to Jordan
shear genius
the closer
big love

And i do all this w/o a DVR, and it ain't easy folks!

Haven't seen Pratt's stuff yet.

What are ya'll watching on the tube?

Anonymous said...

LOVED the podcast this week.
One day...when I get older and have children...and one just happens to become deaf....I wanna send him to music camp just like Kendumb herself!
I am hating on some Kendall right now...
God, I cannot stand her right now. She has a mother that just got out of prison. She has a husband (whose only storyline lately has been settling down Zach but they need to give him something to do, and this whole gunning for Josh SL coming up does not make one bit of sense at all. Josh is the best babysitter these people have ever had. [yes, she's better than Rachel]) She has no idea what's going on in her husband's life. (Zach's forced to talk to my lovely InsAnnie about how he's dealing with Michael's bday a couple weeks back.) Someone seriously needs to slap her, and I am hoping for the perfect redemption: When the tornados hit, someone she cares about gets hurt and comes close to dying (CHUCK PRATT, YOU LISTEN TO ME RIGHT NOW! IF YOU HARM ONE HAIR ON MY INSANNIE'S LOVELY LITTLE HEAD, I WILL COME DOWN THERE AND SLAP YOU! just a warning), and Adam takes Fusion (hopefully giving it to Skye (Bring Lila Rae with though!). She'll seriously be so at loss with everything in her life that she'll realize what a nosy little biatch that they've made her into.

Anonymous said...

I can't find the Josh spoilers ya'll are talking about. What are they saying?

Anonymous said...

all it says is that Zach is going to be going after Josh..
makes no sense but at least we get our Josh!

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what's going on with the show, this blog is hot.

Which brings me, Jordan, to your promise a couple of weeks ago, to ooohh, I hate to throw your own words back at you, Jordan, but, I quote: "the rest will be in next week's blog"

Don't think we've forgotten or lost interest, because we haven't! More, Jordan, more! Please......

Anonymous said...

btw Jordan,
I dont know if anyone addressed this in the last blog.
But you mentioned Phoebe in your script.
Phoebe's character actually died off-screen a couple of years ago.
The only real mention of it at the time though was when her will came out and she stated that Jamie would be the heir, as long as he broke up with Babe.
Love the script though.

Anonymous said...

For those who want to know! Josh Spoiler!!!!:

The spoiler says that he is embezzling millions from Cambias and Zach will find out.

Zach is not amused and wants Josh but Kendull helps him leave town, which will put a strain on the Zendall marraige.

Anonymous said...

awwwww cmon
why would josh need to embezzle money?
he's a successful businessman working for his brother-in-law. he's a martin. he's a kane. he could be a doctor if he wanted to be. he's got madden money.
this is stupid
but at least they're not killing him.

Anonymous said...

Hi!--I'm new here, to the the Pine Valley podcast. I heard about this site through DOTE (Dancing On The Edge)--a Ryan and Kendall fansite.

I'm hopeful of the changes we are beginning to see with Charles Pratt:

1. The writers should have given Annie a wrench to work with long ago!--LOL! Melissa Claire Egan must be having more fun...

2.Kathy's dreams/nightmares about Krystal are a trip! :-)

3. Bravo Carmen! The actress is really making the character her own.


Anonymous said...

Josh will embezzle money because......... OH because its in the script!

WTF! Plot Point!

Erica Kane said...

Why is Jesse having a DNA test doen at PVH?? Does the PVPD not have a CSI Unit??? Heck Petey tested the blood on the fender of Coldby's car faster than the hospital can do it apparantly. I did like the pace of today's eppy, but I just don't see the appeal of the suxtet. Pratt has said these fools are where the money is at AMC. I think he means Monopoly money. Still have not caught up on the podcasts, and I can't do it tonight Project runway and Shear Genius are on!!
Hopefully tommorrow!!!
Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ashley that Skye is not on the same level as Brooke and Dixie. Sorry Jordan but the level of connections don't even compare. Pratt and Frons need to get Julia Barr and Cady Maclain back before they start talking about Skye.

I liked Amanda as a pirate and good for her for going after a man instead of just moping around. She and Jake are way hotter and more interesting than Jake and Taylor. I want Amanda to finally get a man even for a little bit. She deserves it after all those lonely nights since the hot scene with special Johnny after which he told her he wanted to be friends.
Putting Jake and Taylor in the same apartment was just ridiculous and the pushup contest was as stupid as the jogging race. All of that just makes me not want them together even more. I want to see Jake giving Amanda a full body contact massage!

I hope Insannie gets to keep Cryan and they actually face up to the cracks in their marriage. Walking away from a commitment and two kids shouldn't be easy ... not as easy as it's been for Erica time and time again.

I want me some Myrtle. She and Zach have more chemistry than anyone else in Pine Valley.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Just read the Josh spoiler. Does not even make sense! Is Josh in love with a hooker and he desperately needs the money to buy her contract from her pimp?! Did these writers even graduate from the kindergarten of REAL LIFE? That is so NOT Josh! He is a Babestalker and a Doctor, Pilot, Cometics executive, Corporate Executive and all around resident Pine Valley stud but not what this spoiler storyline is saying. Ugh! Sigh! More lazy, foolish writers.

Terry in Toronto

Luis Merino said...


Is anyone just really annoyed with the whole SORAS thing!? It really, and I mean REALLY irks me.

Petey was born in 1992
and Colby was born in 1999.

Which SHOULD (but obviously doesn't thanks to SORAS) make Petey 16 and Colby 9.

But now they are both expected to be 18!?!??!

If they want to use SORAS, at least make it somewhat even...

Take JR for example. He was born in 1989, THREE years before Petey, yet they are portrayed to have a 7 or 8 year difference. ANd then Jamie and JR are expected to be the same age, yet Jamie is closer in age with Petey than JR (he was born in 1991).

And then there's JAKE (who was "born" in 1979) and AMANDA (who was born in 1992, same year as Petey, yet is now way older).

Jake SHOULD be 29 and Amanda SHOULD be 16 (which is very wierd) Especially since in 1997, Jake was played by a 29 year old and Amanda was played by an 8 year old.

This incredibility really makes it hard to take shows like this seriously.

Erica Kane said...

Luis I totally agree kendall should be in her early 40's!! She was born when Erica was 14 and Erica was 17/18 in 1970 when AMC premiered. Which should make Kendall 42!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jordan Hudson. My brain is working in summer vacation mode this week. I forgot to give you biggie props for calling Ryan out on the podcast this week. I couldn't agree more that "he is not a good man". He is deceiving Annie intentionally and making it worse by telling everyone else (Kendall, Greenlee, Zach) his true feelings for Greenlee so that once again everyone knows but Annie. The good thing is that this is true to Ryan's character of con artist who only thinks of himself and his needs. I never bought him loving Annie and that whole fairytale princess romance. She should reap her just rewards for what she did to Richie but right now I'm on her side against that lying Cryan and his two ex-wives. I love how this is all turning back on Kendall for right the moment.

Anyway, how do you find enough time in the day to watch all those tv shows, and work and work out? I'm barely keeping up with AMC and PVP?

Terry in Toronto

Norn Cutson said...

some notes from Wednesday's epiosde:


• "WORKING GIRL"...coz i wanna smell like a working girl? dumb.

• ooh, i likes me some JAKE bedhead.
who's got the bigger di*k, JAKE or TAYLOR?


• lovely shot of ANGIE looking wistfully through the window.

• look @ TAYLOR's face; she hates AMANDA! that's because she's totally attracted to her.

• JAKE: "David Hayward's cabin"
cue spooky music

AMANDA: "the place has been vacant for years!"

hm, sounds like the perfect place to hide DIXIE.

• Didn't INSANNIE kill RICHIE with a crowbar? i thought she just used the wrench on the hood of her car.

& if she hit him with the lug wrench, it wouldve left an identifiable mark, that would not be confused with...oh, why the hell am i lookin for reason in Pine Valley!!!!

• WHOA! GREENLEE mentioning the economy! i am impressed. is this a Chuck Pratt thing, more topical stories? i'm ready for some realness.

• here comes INSANNIE & she's got this biiiiiiig smile like she's a character from PEANUTS!
good for MCE, she's taken ehr character from annoying drip to a bright spot of entertainment!
& now she's makin these faces...i think she's learned something from Bree Williamson!

• i just love ANGIE & JESSE, havin them back has really added a lot of happiness to my life.

the firescape dinner JESSE made is very romantic...but looks kinda uncomfortable...not much room out on that firescape!


• OH YES, gettin topical with JAKE & TAYLOR. i am ready to go there.

• uh oh, ANGIE's gonna go diggin for somethin she's not gonna liiiiiike.

• in real life, i would dislike TAYLOR, but i am open to experiencing her character & seeing things from her point of view.
but if i were JAKE, i would go runnin the opposite direction, right to AMANDA.

i mean, TAYLOR really came across as unpleasant; why would he want to keep chasing after someone with that attitude? that is just setting yourself up for heartbreak!
oh yeah, this is a soap.

would it be rude if i shared my OLTL notes with ya'll?

Anonymous said...

Good Evening Ashley & Jordan,

I just finished listening to your latest podcast (8/22/08). One of the first things I felt the need to comment on was: Greenlee's fondue dinner was a 'fondon't'- LOL! Did Aiden really need a trail of crutons to locate his wife???--I think, not.

This leads me to a secondary point. Aiden Turner and Rebecca Budig, as professionl actors, are really trying to make "Aiden & Greenlee" come off as the next great supercouple of Pine Valley--and that's their job. (I don't blame them for the characters not working, as a couple, imho.)
Something is just-- missing-- in a lot of their scenes, together. Call it chemesty, if you will.

Now, for me, the opposite is true for Rebecca and Cameron Mathison (Coming for me, that is an interesting thing to say, since I'm a diehard "Ryan & Kendall" fan)
Cameron and Rebecca look like their having a blast!

It's sort of a sad comment that when I began watching AMC 4 years ago, I watched because of talented actors like Alisha Minshew, Rebecca Budig and Cameron Mathison. (Thank goodness, for some very helpful messageboard posters, who directed me to clips on YouTube, for background information, on characters.) To a great extent, up until now, it has always been about the actors and their performances---not the storylines. Hopefully, with Charles Pratt coming on board, the changes in writing will be just as enjoyable as the actors' work.


Anonymous said...

Ashley, I don't blame you for feeling down about the show. I only catch an episode here and there, hoping against hope that maybe the storyline has improved. If I watched every day I don't know what I'd do. I love the podcast, though. Way better than the actual show. Hey, if things keep going downhill or the show gets canceled, will you and Jordan do a different podcast?

Anonymous said...

Terry, maybe he needs to pay off all those college loans. When you have 6 degrees and a jack of all trades, I bet you're in debt a bit

Luis Merino said...

Is it just me or did Wednesday's episode move faster than usual?

I liked it. Usually one conversation (for any given storyline) lasts the whole dang episode.

But Wed's ep seemed to move things right along. I really liked it!

(Am I crazy?)

Norn Cutson said...

didja notice RANDI was tryin to act yesterday?
just a little bit, @ the beginning of the episode, when BABE unveiled the prototype of "WORKING GIRL"...

it wasnt much & it wasnt great but i give her a star for at least *making an attempt*.
we gotta encourage that!

btw, i cant believe they named a hooker character "RANDI"...coz thats british slang for "horny".

so we could just call her HORNY THE HOOKER or something.

Unknown said...

I can't warm up to the Taylor character. All those push-ups! And what she actually needs is... a push-up bra. That was kind of rude, sorry. I do appreciate, however, that AMC likes to integrate real life stuff into the story-lines. Some soap operas go on like there isn't a "real world" out there. So the discussions of the Iraq war are great. Next thing you know, we'll see shots of Kendull eating, and oMG, maybe going to the bathroom! no, seriously, let's see something happen... TODAY! I think they nixed the Frankie drug thing though!

Unknown said...

BTW i havent gotten a chance to listen to the radio thing yet, but ASHLEY! C'mon girl! no more of that bad mouthing yourself! I've heard your podcasts when you've been solo and you're hilarious. So just stop! You're a funny girl with a lot of insight into what makes a plot work, etc etc.... and Jordon, he's the icing on the cake. Love it love it love it don't ever stop.

w3w said...


I have recently come into the 21st century and gotten my first ipod and found your podcast!! I LOVE IT!! Thank you so much for doing this every week. I have watched AMC since 1980 and I love hearing you all talk about the show and I love reading all the posts.

I just have to say that I LOVED me some Amanda today. I almost cried when she mentioned Harold her dog. Oh - those were the good ol days, weren't they?

I anxiously await the podcast each week. Keep it going. I just found you and don't want it to stop!!

Anonymous said...

This Josh story - embezzling - why would Josh have to embezzle money? As TnT mentioned, "He is a Babestalker and a Doctor, Pilot, Cometics executive, Corporate Executive..."

Sounds like he's got his hands full and should be making tons of money. First TPTB unabort, then they totally destroy this character, but not untl they make sure the viewers like him.... I just HATE this crap and there is no reason for it.

I know it's been mentioned before, but why is Josh being written out when he could have been farmed out to stud, instead of Aiden? Makes no sense whatsoever that TPTB would keep Aidan and lose Josh. Aiden Turner must know where the bodies are buried.

brown penny "I used to have a plane but I crashed it" in honor of Josh and missing Taylor Crawford's most excellent impressions

Anonymous said...

Just got a chance to listen to today's blog and I absolutely loved it. Ashley, I would still be listening to this podcast if you were to your lonesome. You're inquisitive and a bunch of fun, girl! Don't doubt yourself!

So far this week of AMC hasn't been to bad for me. Pratt seems to be progressing things along. While I may not agree with his storyline ideas, I'm glad the stories are moving. Like Kendall finally telling Greenlee the truth. While I don't enjoy Kendall being a busybody, I didn't think that the secret should have been kept from Greenlee. She should know how Ryan feels so everything is built on a lie. Even though Kendall gets points for telling Greenlee the truth, she demerits for pushing the Rylee issue. Breaking up Annie and Ryan doesn't equal Greenlee and Ryan. Hello, Kendall, Greenlee has a husband!?! He may be lame and a loser but he's her husband. Stopping pushing your own agenda and consider your so called best friend's feelings. Something is not right with this girl, I think her meddling has more to it.

Jordan, I agree with you about Ryan completely. I've haven't found anything redeemable about Ryan for the past four years. He's supposed to be this hero and this honorable man but he's far from it. I would have liked the writers to have given Annie some dignity and dump his good-for-nothing self but they chose to make her crazy over this man and his sperm. Ryass ruins the women in his life. I don't feel sorry for him. I'm so glad that Aidan punched him, it's a long time coming.

After today's episode, I'm torn on Jake and Amanda. At first they were hot but now I think they are turning Amanda into the man chaser again. We know they won't be together because Jake will probably view Taylor as a challenge and Amanda being too easy. I just don't like the teasing...

Anonymous said...

In regards to the Josh spoiler, I'm not liking it or buying it. What reason would he have? If Josh absolutely has to leave and do something horrible on the way out, I would rather him be proven to be a fraud. Re-write history again and have Erica's abortion back on. That's the only way I would want Josh to leave...not that I really want him to.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the Josh spoiler, I'm not liking it or buying it. What reason would he have? If Josh absolutely has to leave and do something horrible on the way out, I would rather him be proven to be a fraud. Re-write history again and have Erica's abortion back on. That's the only way I would want Josh to leave...not that I really want him to.

Anonymous said...

Damn, Amamda even had hot chemistry with that lizard!

Anonymous said...

Amanda had hot chemistry with the mechanical parrot on her shoulder!
Doesn't get any hotter than Amanda. Why the F*&K don't they let her get some love in the afternoon?!

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Good Afernoon, Ashley & Jordan!

Oh, boy!...After watching the 8/28/08 episode of AMC, I could write as essay on Insannie. I knew, "Stepford Annie" (the version who enjoyed writing fairytails and taking a long 'romantic' soak in a tub of oatmeal, as a treatment for chicken pox--LOL!) had long since 'left the building'. But, she is now so obsessed with vengence towards Kendall and Greens, she is willing to sacrifice the only thing holding her marrage to Ryan, together--Their unborn 'miracle' baby. So much for her love and determination, to keep Ryan at any cost. In a way, she is the downfall of her own, twisted, scheme.

On a more serious note, Melisa Claire Egan has to be having a better time, since her scripts have moved beyond "Pepe" the pink poodle and pitchers of purple lemonade!


Anonymous said...

I just finished listening to this week's podcast, and um...I need to ask a question of you bloggers (even all the new ones we have this week):

ARe you having trouble hearing Ashley as the podcast goes along?

I don't know how podcasts work, but are you sitting further and further from the mike as you relax into it, ASh? LOL! Maybe it's my car stereo, I don't know, but everything starts out fine and then as the podcast progresses, I have to keep turning up the knob when Ashley speaks. I fear I'm missing good stuff!! It's not Jordan; he always comes in crystal clear (sometimes a little too clear, esp. when I've got it cranked up to hear Ashley and all the sudden Jordan's big booming voice starts echoing down the highway!)

Just me, y'all?

crs 17

Anonymous said...

I seriously had a dream last night about Jake and Amanda...and I was Amanda. Must be all that Jake/Josh/Amanda sandwich talk. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

And now I want to say something about Pratt's first episode:

There were two jarring occurences for me:

One, Ryan/Annie/Kendall/Zak are all in bed (no, not together, sillies looking for the Slut-Metric) and then it's not even the next act (I don't think) and Zak and Ryan are at ConFusion. Even my daughter was like, "Dang, they got there fast."

And didn't Angie and Jessie go home for lunch and then two seconds later, she comes out in a nightgown and asks if he's coming to bed. Did a whole day just take place, because TAylor and Jake just got done sharing orange juice?? I would've thought Angie was being all sexy with her Love-in-the-Afternoon-Delight self, but she was wearing an honest-to-god-I'm-ready-to-hit-the-pillow-and-snooze nightgown, not a Victoria's Secret.

I don't know if anyone else was awaken out of their AMC stupor when these two things happened, but it sent me out of what was otherwise, a nice episode.

crs 17

Anonymous said...

omfg i just listened to the new podcast and i loved it one of the best podcasts to date. Ashley, not good by herself, blasphemy, poppycock. Ashley u are the pine valley podcast uve been there since the beginning, i loved hearing u on bwr and hope u guys get invited back. Jordan how was South Africa, were u only there for a week. OMG i loved the talk about the Latin food. My family is of Panamanian descent and my favs are empanadas con carne, patacones, flan, and do u guys have carimanolas, fried yucca with ground beef inside, or ceviche im there. Ashley i think u have become jaded by amc and i dont blame u, try oltl and u will be happy everyday. The comments on Spike had me rollin, sending a 2 year old to death music camp. i can just picture it, but what is worse is what happened to Ian, they totally forgot his birthday last month and he is never seen.

Kendall to Zach- Where's Ian?
Zach- With Corina and he started calling her momma. Since when did u start caring about Ian, u sent a deaf 2 year old to music camp!!
Kendall- Im busy, i gotta be a big ol bittie in Greenlee, Annie, and Ryan's lives. The kids are my last priority.

Ashley i knew u missed Sabine as do i she was entertaining and i looked forward to ur impressions each monday, did u see the youtube clips i linked last week? I gotta disagree with u about Amamda though, i love her and think she can act. She has grown alot since she started in May of 05, its all about the writing, they never wrote her as a fleshed out character. She either didnt have a storyline or had a bad one and i dont think its the actresses fault. She was awesome in scenes with Janet, she brought her game up, remember when she visited her in the sanitarium or had to put her away, i cant find the exact clip but here is one.
I was just remembering but does anyone remember when she kidnapped Little A and renamed him Rembrandt or Remmy that was awesome?
I love me some Kate Collins.
I am lovin me some Insannie, she is my favorite character on the show, and i hope she comes up with some more crazy schemes. She reminds me of Tess on oltl a little. Does anyone remember Harold the dog, i heard about him and remember when Amanda sent him aletter to heaven last year, what happened there. Why did the suxtet except insAnnie eat up the show, i hope Pratt fixes it because it has become a hot mess. why is amc's teen scene so bad, i love petey, but Fauxlby and Dre seriously. Why cant they be like oltl.

Jordan i hope u got my questions from last week and the week before, would love ur astute thoughts and commentary. OLTL is on fire right now and im loving it Tess, Todd, and Tina. I like the actress who plays Sarah, but i wish they wrote her as taking after Tina and her grandmother Maria, who i heard was a real bitch on wheels. Do u like her with Christian? They gotta bring back CJ since tina is in town. Question is this how Tina has always been sort of ditzy and always getting into trouble, anyone. Jordan did u know that the actress who plays Dallas and Renee 1968 is Bob Woods real life wife, and that his 17 year old son played the real Bo 1968, i thought that was pretty cool and well acted. I loved Renee, the head ho-ah a la Hannah.

I tried to watch GH since Laura has returned, but boy is that show one big ol hot mess. I now call it General Mafia, i stopped watching regularly like a year ago sine it was so bad and it has gotten worse. Russian mob, Zaccharas, Jason, Sonny. And i thought GL was bad, i now sometimes watch that instead of GH. It seems like oltl, the red headed stepchild of abc daytime is the best show on the lineup. Ron C should write for all three shows.

Jordan u must discuss atwt, ive only been watching for a little while but it got me hooked, i love most of the actors on that show. But boy are there some bad storylines Parker and Liberty who ate the show, its sad how their parents storyline revolves around them. I like Ali and Aaron, but why did he propose, they were never on and havent even had sex since hes been back, now we are supposed to believe he is in love. I hate the pacing and editing on the show, how the stories dont flow and there needs to be more character interaction. I dont wanna see characters like Paul and Meg on 4 times a week, while other characters have no storyline, what happened to an ensemble cast.
I heard a terrible rumer, that something terrible will happen to little Ethan, if they kill him off i will be pissed. This is not Days of our Lives where they kill off toddlers like Zach Brady by his on sister. I hate when they kill off legacy charaxters offspring like Bryant, Craigs son, Jennifer, Barbaras daughter, or Rose, Lily's more interesting twin, what is the point. If they do kill him there better be a purpose and not just to get Lily and Holden back together. They better bing back
Abigail, Holden and Mollys daughter who has been gone for six years, she hasnt even met her brother Ethan or sister Natalie, does she even know that Luke is gay. I just wanna see a scene with Holden and all 6 of his children in one room together. that toddler that plays little ethan is so cute, almost as cut as baby jenny? Is it wrong that i wouldnt mind if something happened to little A, because that actor is not the sharpest crayon in the crayon box. And they gotta change that name or he is gonna get beaten up in school how about A.J. for Adam Jr.

Almost forgot Ashley i relistened to the June 23rd podcast, yes the podcasts are that entertaining and Ashley said that Kathy should not adjust so well to her new family with Tad and Ashley u got your wish, Jordan calling baby Jenny a goon from Popeye and Ashley saying u are going to hell, LMAO. btw who are the goons from popeye? Ashley and Jordan we need some more fake slapping and ows and more than one, when Ashley liked nuBabe and JR, classic. Has Colby or Kathy even been on this week?

Jordan thanks for ur list of tv shows. It can be hard cant it, especially without a dvr, and im a 21 year old college student and try to watch as much as i can. I might as well post my list too.

AMC usually
OLTL always
GH had to stop
GL occasionally
ATWT always
B&B occasionally
Y&R sometimes for Hogan Sheffer
Days off and on, but not now.

Gossip Girl
new 90210
ANTM 13 maybe
Family Guy always too hilarious
Big Bang Theory
How I met Your Mother
Law and Order svu and original
CSI Miami at times for Maria Santos
Dirty Sexy Money
Nip Tuck
Rescue Me
The Office one of my favs
30 rock
new Knight Rider
Kath and Kim
Chelsea Lately
E news and daily 10 at times
the soup for joel mcchale
conan awesome
kathy griffin flove her
Entourage awesome
there is probably more but school gets in the way and its hard to watch live thank god for soapnet,
and i gotta keep up on my studies.

Jordan do u think they should fire Jean Passante and bring back Hogan sheffer, from what i heard he was pretty good and won the sho alot of emmys? Ashley loved the leavin parody, keep up the songs and the podcast and its way better than amc. n69n bring on the oltl daily thoughts, would love ur insight.
Have a great week everyone.

Anonymous said...

I am loving AMC right now, there has been a shift in the last week or so and Pratt's eps have been very good.
Today I LOVED that Zack was telling kendall to get herself a life... WITH HIM. It is Always only you not always only you, Greens, cryan and Aidumb and insanie.

My major problem with the show today ( thursday) was the short love making scenes. The slut metric may have turned on with J&A but it was NOT long enough. Neither with Zack and Kendall BUT I love Zack so whatever I get makes me happy.

Happy that Frankie FINALLY told Jesse about Fletcher.


I also loved the other day when Adam and Jack called each other names.

SAVE OUR MYRTLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A New list has been born.
Those whose acting is worse then just dead behind the eyes:
2)Trollby (she makes the list because her past performances were just THAT bad)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else see that beneath the geeky exterior Petey looks and sounds like a young Justin Justin Bruening (ex-jamie).
I just want him to stop wearing those stupid ties.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


I Cannot WAIT for Gossip Girl Season 2!!!!! have you read the books?

Erica Kane said...

Jillybean..I am right there with you I cannot wait until Monday for season 2 of Gossip Girl!!! I am reading the books right now, I am in the middle of book 3 and I am loving them!!! I just bought the first season on DVD and they included a Audio book version of the first book!! Did anyone else watch Shear Genius???

Anonymous said...

I love shear genius we will not see the finale till next week though is it the same in the US?

if u liked Gossip girl read the spin off It girl with Jenny H

Anonymous said...

We saw the Shear genius finale last night. i won't spoil it.

Anonymous said...

I love how a lot of us all watch a bunch of the same shows!! Jordan, I LOVE Pushing Daisies, Samantha Who, Private Practive, and Ugly Betty. I'm an ABC girl. :)
Alejandro, I'm OBSESSED with The Office. I'm always repeating office quotes LOL. I don't watch any other soaps besides OLTL occasionally. I'm not home during the day! and I don't have DVR.

ASHLEY LMAO at the podcast this week. People always look at me weird when I crack up laughing while listening on my ipod!!

Luis, I totally agree with you about SORAS! It bugs me every single day that Amanda is only supposed to be 16, JR is supposed to be 19, and Colby and Petey are not at all supposed to be the same age! I mean, I know that they need to age them a little or else there would be way too many little kids, but seriously.. I think it's too much. What do you think JordAsh?

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Please no one in Pine Valley should be talking trash about Kendall meddling because they all do it. It just show's this town is full of hypocrites. I will always have Kendall's back because she is the reason I started watching this show. She is my favorite character and I can't wait until she is proven right about Annie and Babe. She can tell them to bite it big time

Norn Cutson said...

some notes from Thursday's epiosde:


• i cant believe ZACH is so waxed. yu know thats got to be one grizzly bear of a man.

• dang, they got lizards like that runnin around Pine Valley?!?!

• here comes my boy PETEY!

• KENDALL: "i just want to be a good friend!"

i love KENDALL but...lets say i get frustrated with her.

• why is INSANNIE packing cds for the BELLA CONCEPT LAUNCH PARTY?
is she gonna be the dj?
what kind of music would INSANNIE play?


• look how fast INSANNIE got to the hopsital..and think how long it took JULIA to get help!!!

• it isnt for politcal reasons that i am not warming up to TAYLOR. its jsut that i dont wanna be around people who are trying so HARD to prove themselves. its just not pleasant.

• why isnt FRANKIE calling security?!?!
at this point he is being irresponsible by NOT alerting them to FLETCHER! if not for himself & RANDI, then on the hopsital's behalf!


what the hell!?!?!?!
that was like 5 seconds of hotness!!!

...& they wanna spoil the mood by cutting from the hot sexy bizzness to FLETCHER's uglyass face?!?!!? that aint fair!!!! how long have we all been waiting for that scene?!?!!?

• i bet of KENDALL ate something it would calm her jangled nerves.
then she could just sit down & relax.

though i wish he didnt lash out @ JESSE while telling him...theres no reason to hurt JESSE's feelings!

i ***LOVE*** JESSE in "dad mode"!

• what is that funny run TAYLOR's doin with the flappin arms?
maybe its just me, but TAYLOR's character better do something to make her likeable quick.

• POW!!!!!

Anonymous said...

why are they making Petey such a nerd!?!? ahh it's so annoying. He did NOT ace chemistry when he was ten, Kendall had to make him do his homework when she was babysitting him. He was a little troublemaker! Do the writers not know ANYTHING? that was only like 6 years ago!
hah sorry for my rant, but it just makes me angry because he's a really good actor and he's quite attractive.. he could be sooo good if he wasn't such a stereotypical plaid shirt flood pants kid!

Anonymous said...


As it stands, Ashley's not the only one with a high-def TV. I saw those CDs and I know what InsAnnie's playlist consists of....

Cypress Hill - "Insane in the Membrane"
Gnarls Barkley - "Crazy"
Patsy Cline - "Crazy"
Madonna - "Crazy for You"
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - "Crazy=Cute"
Beyonce -"Crazy in Love"
the newest up & coming tween star from the Disney machine: Krazy Kathy with a K -"My Step Mom Must Die"

lucyb24 said...

As much as I enjoyed the love in the afternoon with Jake an Amanda--thought it happened much too fast. Sure the girls has been going without, but where is longing, where is the sweet buildup? When it's so fast like that, seems to me it's not going to last (especially when Jake keeps saying that she's not his girlfriend so adamantly). Looks like our Amanda is just going to get hurt again and be only the plot devise for the buildup for Taylor and Jake. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm finding nothing attractive about Taylor--looks or personality.

Anonymous said...

jordan!! no project runway, no flipping out, million dollar listing, vh1 shows??? NO project runway?? i'm surprised, but my list is very similar =)

Anonymous said...

The Kendall Problem

I was catching up with AMC last night and, for the most part, liked what I saw. Adam, Erica and Jack seem to be getting their mojo back. I like the honesty (for the most part) the characters are expressing with each other and the thoughtful conversations between Ryan and Annie, Jessie and Angie, etc. Lots of time with Amanda is great. I’m withholding judgment on Jake and Taylor, but at least they are good actors and bringing in some new less sensational stuff as opposed to hookers, unabortions, and so forth. But just about the time I’m lulled into satisfaction with the way things are presented, BAM! Kendall shows up and it’s like a time warp the wrong direction.

It’s nothing personal. She’s a great actress. The writing for everybody else has stepped up, but for Kendall it’s just the SOS. It’s been a slow decline. They took a gorgeous dynamic antagonist, turned her into a hot but somewhat dull MILF, and now she’s just turned into a bitchy anorexic mess, a BAM if you will. There is nothing likeable about Kendall right now. She doesn’t pay attention to her husband or kids. She ignores the mother who was just released from prison. She is downright hostile to her employees. Nobody could talk to employees the way she does, and no one would keep working for a shrew like her. Granted Working Girl was stupid, but her reaction was typically disrespectful and over the top. Aside from Greenlee or men she has slept with, she really doesn’t have any friends, and even the suctet is tiring of her BS. AMC doesn’t even present her well anymore. The lighting in ConFusion makes her look even more gaunt. The uplighting just shadows the sunken areas of her face so she looks even more skeletal.

So I was thinking about what they could do to turn things around for the character of Kendall. I think all the pieces are there. Most of the women I know who work and have kids are constantly struggling to balance work and home life. Even if they like their jobs and have great childcare and supportive husbands, they worry about the effect a career has on the kids. I remember when my wife was working. Dropping our son off at daycare was always hard. After a while he was comfortable with it and started getting really attached to his teacher. One day, instead of whimpering about getting out of the car, he was all smiles and giggles and so happy to see his teacher. He barely noticed my wife leaving. Man, that was a bad day. On the one hand my wife was really happy that he was in a place where he felt safe and happy. On the other hand, it tore her up that this other lady was gaining so much favor with him. We can debate all day long about what is normal or healthy to feel in that situation, but that is beside the point. Mommy guilt just is what it is. When you least expect it, it sneaks up on you.

So here’s Kendall, mother of two with a special needs child. Great husband with a thriving business of his own. She runs a successful cosmetics company and has diversified the brand into a restaurant and club business and a successful publishing venture with Charmed. She could continue to expand the empire into clothing, sheets, home accessories a la Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart, etc. She could even go into business with Erica and create a media empire with New Beginnings and so forth. Who knows what she could do professionally. But she has to do it while she balances her homelife. She can’t do it without help at work. Even she acknowledged that Babe did a decent job of keeping things going and not screwing it up while she’s been busy. But all her success comes at a toll. Rather than send Spike to deaf music school and misplace Ian, why not show the sacrifices she makes for them and the compromises she faces at home and work? Sort of like a more glamorous, higher powered Lynette on Desperate Housewives. If she is going to ignore Zach, why can’t it be over work or the educational needs of her kids, or a special fund raiser she takes on to benefit research for children with Spike’s affliction? And while she’s doing all those things, she suffers at work, but she does actually work. She may not be the most appreciative, responsible or thoughtful boss, but she doesn’t have to act like Satan either. Employees like to see people who are committed to the company. They want progress and promotion. If you aren’t there, things can get messy. People can embezzle. People can scheme a takeover. People sluff off and start to get competitive. People can have affairs on their desks! Competitors can steal your customers. Husbands like attention too. If you ignore a spouse, someone else may garner their affection or at least try to garner it. Zach works at a casino. He’s not getting any sex from Kendall. Wouldn’t it be interesting if some casino chic started messing with Zach. We could watch him struggle with doing the right thing. What if he didn’t really do anything but Kendall noticed the girl trying? Or caught him cybersexing? It could be her watershed moment where she realizes things have to change with her--that her life is out of balance.

Sometimes everything is going great and sometimes it feels like you aren’t doing anything well enough. That’s every parents conundrum. Why can’t she have this conversation with Erica? How interesting would that be? Erica certainly faced these challenges many times in her 11 marriages. Her wisdom would be priceless. They could incoporate the story into Erica's big 10,000th and do all sorts of flashbacks. (I love flashbacks)
The point is there are many things Kendall, a vibrant, smart woman, could be doing and worrying about without meddling pointlessly in Annie, Ryan and Greenlee’s love lives. The stories she’s had recently don’t seem to have much purpose other than to fill time. Characters don’t grow, mature, or evolve because of their interaction with her. Kendall is a fabulous woman, but even with all the money and fame she faces some very real issues like every mother or woman does. I hope the writers will stop her purposeless bitching and show us a more introspective, but no less exciting of a character who bears some resemblance of her mother Erica Kane. Refocusing the character would make the Fusion storyline work. It could set it up for a takeover by the Chandlers, a save by Greenlee, a show of support from Zach, etc. It was interesting listening to the Working Girl pitch. Kendall IS the working girl (non-ho kind). With all of her advantages and in spite her personal struggles and insecurities, she is a mom trying to make it all work. She didn’t have the best upbringing, but she overcame it. The challenges haven’t stopped coming just because she has enjoyed some success. I would like to see her work through those issues like we all do without needlessly stirring someone else pot just to stir up some trouble where there isn’t any. She should lead and inspire those of us who live far less glamorously. I don’t want to make her a martyr or expect her not to behave like a Kane at times, but even Mama Kane errs to her humanity occasionally. And when she flips her lid, lashes out, pitches a selfish fit, like we all can do, it will have real impact.

On another note: Adam, "Jerk". Jack, "Dolt". Almost as good as "Opal. Lucifer."

Anonymous said...

beatchick, don't forget Micahel Jackson's "Smooth Criminal".

Anonymous said...

Comments form the peanut gallery on the regime of Charles Pratt Jr.

- faster pace, not dragging on for eons
- less trollby ( a definite pro)
- clearer and more concise dialogue
- there is an actual plan, unlike with MCtravistyh who never knew where any story line EVER would end up.
- the whooshing shound effect, did someones fluch the toilet? i hate it.
-love vinettes much too fast
-Taylor do TPTB know who she really is and whats her deal
- evil kathy rocks

Anonymous said...

OK, I was going to get on here to comment on Pratt's first days--from the whiplash pacing to finally getting a glimpse of the Petey/Opal dynamic (loves it!), but I think I'm just going to sum it up in five words:



I was grinning like a fool; my face was lit up and it had been a long time since I'd had that response with this show.

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Woohoo!! Finally a scene with Opal and Petey today!! Not sure I like the "I heart PV" mug or the stereotypical Opal in leopard skin print shirt & leather pants....

Slick politician with the spray-on smile...

Aidum/Cryan "fight" scenes... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!! (bless their hearts)

OMG, loved, loved, loved the scene with Erica & her devil and angel personalities!! What fun!! Liked the reference to Enchantment also.

And gotta love Erica threatening to feed Adam's lips to a pirhana!

And, Taylor, bless her heart, there's something about her ears.........

I'm feeling optimistic about where AMC is going. Maybe somebody needs to give me a dope slap and wake me up!!

Norn Cutson said...

shadow, your ideas for KENDALL are wonderful, & that would be a show i would love to see!

KENDALL is core family & the possibilities for her character are endless, so it EXHAUSTINGLY FRUSTRATING that she *CHOOSES* to limit her horizons to GREENLEE and CRYAN.

some notes from Friday's epiosde:



(let me rewind that)


• there's my PETEY..with his little creamer cow of BLAST!...& ADAM's face!

• Aidum: "Oym 'eah uh beat't outta ya."

• OPAL:"Stuff a soggy sock in it!"
look at her I HEART PV mug!

OMG we ***finally*** get to see the relationship between OPAL & PETEY!
finally, something REAL and WONDERFUL and...OH NO!!!!!!!!
put down that damn creamer cow!

• BABE: "BELLA is there to say HELL YES, you deserve the best! And thats what i'm gonna bring them!"

• tsk, GREENLEE stirs the turd.

• AMANDA: "You have warts?!?!?!"

• i cannot believe that all we got to see of JAKE's magic hands in action was like 5 seconds long!

• CARMEN: "I love you, Erica."

i love that CARMEN is so open with her feelings. i was certain that this was all just a plan to make ERICA realize her feelings for JERKSON.

• ERICA: "Thank you, but I have other engagements I'm juggling at the moment."

oh, i'm so sad about this development. i want only love between ERICA and CARMEN!

• PETEY tells OPAL to take an oatmeal bath.

• INSANNIE goes into atomic overload!!!

• OMG, DEVIL ERICA & ANGEL ERICA sound just like ASHLEY!!!! they sound more like Ashley doin ERICA than ERICA!

OH this is a & gorgeous* scene with the ERICAs! this is *classic* ALL MY CHILDREN!

DEVIL ERICA: "Oh, your halo is on too tight again! Its stopped you're brain from workin'!"

i loved DEVIL ERICA mentioning ENCHANTMENT...Susan Lucci played it like she was doing product placement!

Anonymous said...

WTF was that komodo dragon in the cabin? And Amanda just picked up like a kitty? I was ready to call BS on it, but I googled it and PA really does have spiny lizards. Who knew?

Can someone please give Petey a Beauty and the Geek makeover? Where is Trolby anyway? Maybe she is getting a makeover and will come back as Ambyr Childress!

Annie is cramping! I can say this since it’s TV, I don’t want her to be pregnant. This show doesn’t need any more kids.

Taylor does have some Dumbo ears. Did any of you ever see the ‘Friends’ episode where Phoebe runs?
Phoebe running was hilarious and totally reminds me of Taylor. I don’t think they let you flap your arms like a chicken in the army. You know, my wife and I barely see eachother during the week. Taylor and Jake are tripping over eachother all over Pine Valley.

Finally! Amanda and Jake getting naked. Porn music is cued. Cool, but Whaat? Why is Fletcher there? That was like pouring a big ‘ol bucket of ice water at me. BTW, he needs Frankie to get him a bottle of shampoo and conditioner not drugs.

That hotel room that Kendall and Zach looks suspiciously like Erica’s room at the Yacht Club.

Kendall is a fool. I wish my wife would take me to a beach hotel and try to talk me into an exotic honeymoon. The kids would be at music camp immediately.

Dad Jessie is great. It’s nice to see Frankie and Angie holding him accountable for disappearing for 20 years though.

Aidan is an ox. I have no idea what he said today. I hope Ryan gets up off the floor and hits Aidan so hard he knocks that dumbass accent out of him.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY Amanda gets some! Yeaahhhhh! I actually like the character of Taylor guys. The show is finally doing some social commentary and I'm interested in seeing a veteran who's served in Iraq and hearing how hard it is to adjust back to regular life. That's a very important story to tell and I think the actress is doing a great job in all her scenes so far. I don't feel the chemistry with Jake but I do like her with Frankie ... and they do have the shared history ... and it would provide many more options if they did the inter-racial, older woman-younger man thing. Jake and Amanda are just too hot together. Amanda deserves Jake and we deserve their hotness together. Are you reading Chuck Pratt?!

Erica and Carmen's scenes just tugged at my heart today. At first I hated that they put Carmen in Jack's bed because I didn't believe she would really do that but then when Jack and Greenlee both just let loose on Erica I was in heaven. She finally needed to be called on the spoiled brat that she is. That's what I'm talking about. We love her for it, but ... This is hardcore AMC. And then followed up by La Lucci and Elizabeth Rodriguez hitting it out of the park in their scene together right after. I really believed both of them and bought the hard time both characters were going through with the conflicting emotions. I have not been this satisfied with the show since Dixie and Tad started getting closer right before they pancaked her to heaven.

I'm hopeful people. This week feels like a definite turning point. Even Aidan and Ryan didn't induce FFbuttonitis.

I hope this keeps up.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

I have to admit Zombie Richie was great today.

Ryan spent the past year getting over amnesia and a gunshot wound and now Aidumb is beating him in the head?

I don’t buy for a second that hot Latina Carmen is going to do the horizontal pokey with a man who wears a vertical striped robe and corduroy HOUSE SHOES! Ashley you called it. You said a Puerto Rican woman would never screw over her friend and today Carmen proved it when she told Erica she loved her. A little late but sweet. Too bad for Carmen Erica isn't Puerto Rican too.

Who is dressing Jake in do rags and purple velvet shirts?

Finally the mouthy bitchy Greenlee I love. She should rag someone out every week.

OMG Opal burped! If you can get away with burping on a soap, you should be on contract.

Finally we see Opal and Petey together. She called him her "man boy" and he inadvertently poisoned her. Worth the wait.

Ryan keeps professing his love for Greenlee. Maybe InsAnnie should find that crowbar and knock some sense into him.

Wow. Vikki and Jess only have one alter personality each. Janet only sees one person in the mirror. Erica can split into 3! Angel Erica has a nice rack!

Anonymous said...


At first I was thinking that it couldn't be "Smooth Criminal" because after all of Insannie's trials & tribulations with Terry, she certainly wouldn't want a child molester in her CD collection, but then I remembered that it was Blandie involved with Terry, not Insannie. It's a totally different character....and if she doesn't care if Ryan's miracle baby miscarries that she probably doesn't mind rocking out to a little MJ. I have a hard time remembering that bland blonde in the mom jeans.

Anonymous said...

Ryan and his constant annoying and cloying professions of love for Meanlee is making me want to blow chunks. Someone toss me a barf bag. This, IMHO, is the most nauseating storyline going on right now and I totally hate it hate it hate it. Not to mention that, as many here have said, it makes absolutely no sense.

happy holiday weekend folks!

Erica Kane said...

Happy Holiday Weekend to all of my fellow bloggers!!!
Kiss Kiss,
Miss Kane

Brian said...

I don't know if anyone has read this yet, but last week in the ABC Hotsheet, they gave the results of a poll for the best new character on AMC. I'm shocked to see that Carmen got only 2% of the votes compared to Randi's 27.4%; Jake won with 70.5%. What? Carmen is SO much better than DBTE Randi.

Anonymous said...

Jake is fabulous but Carmen is on fire! Randi is pretty but that's about all. Make her go away. How many times can I say it people. Taylor fits with Frankie, Jake is great with Amanda and Randi and Fletcher are a pair who move back to Center City never to be heard from again.

Terry in Toronto

Norn Cutson said...

i loved DEVIL ERICA & ANGEL ERICA so much that i had to watch again & transcribe it!

[...cue jazzy TWIN PEAKS-ish music...]

DEVIL ERICA: He thinks you're alone. Alone! No companion. No man. I bet he's about to call the paparazzi!

[cut to ERICA looking alarmed]

DEVIL ERICA: Who the hell does Jackson think he is!

[ANGEL ERICA appears]

ANGEL ERICA: It was a wonderful, generous thing you did for Jackson & Carmen! You should be proud!

DEVIL ERICA:[to ANGEL ERICA] It was all an act, you simp! Erica wasn't about to let Jackson and Carmen see the blood that they drew!

ANGEL ERICA: But Carmen is your friend! And she looked so happy!

DEVIL ERICA: Friend?!?! What kind of a friend betrays you like that?!?!
You send your former cellmate back to prison!

ANGEL ERICA: But you gave Carmen permission to see Jack. She asked you before they went on their first date.

DEVIL ERICA: Oh, your damn halo is on too tight again! Its stopped your brain from workin'!

[to ERICA] Carmen is not your friend; Carmen is nothing but a two-faced phoney!
You got her her freedom and what did she do to repay you? She went right after Jack!

ANGEL ERICA: Stop it. Erica has grown! Matured.
And Samuel is a very attractive man.

DEVIL ERICA: This has nothing to do with Samuel.

[to ERICA] Jack brought your so-called friend into *your* bed.
You teach him a leson that he will never forget!

ANGEL ERICA: But you still love Jack!

ERICA: At this particular moment, I'm not so sure how I feel!

[to DEVIL ERICA] Let's teach them *both* a lesson!

DEVIL ERICA: That's my girl!

[fade out]
[fade in]

DEVIL ERICA: Something...devilish that Jack and Carmen won't see coming until its too late!

ANGEL ERICA: In time, Jack will realize his mistake. He always does!
And he always comes back to you!

DEVIL ERICA: [interrupting] Invite Jack over for some legal nonsense, spritz the bed with ENCHANTMENT™ perfume...and open the door in that new negligee he hasn't seen yet...and lead him on!

[DEVIL ERICA disappears]
[ANGEL ERICA disappears, leaving ERICA alone]

Anonymous said...

Thanks, n69n, you inspired me to rewatch the scene also and I loved it just as much the second time around. I hope Trolby and Rancid were watching, bless their hearts. The facial expressions on the "real" Erica during the angel/devil conversation spoke volumes.

Was anyone else reminded of Eden Riegel's imaginary bitches?

Anonymous said...

Carmen probably got a low percentage of votes because until recently she hadn't been on much or had much to do. Jake hasn't much to do, but at least he's consistently had time on screen. Rancid has had a fair amount of screen time as well. If they did the survey this week, Carmen would probably do better.

Ever notice that Rancid can't really change her facial expression?

Did anyone else catch Opal's burp? I thought that was hilarious. Only Opal.

Anonymous said...

Never really noticed it before, but Shadow, you pointed out that Randi has no facial expressions, and boy are you totally right. She also doesn't have much of a resume, other than modeling and dating celebs (big surprise). Blah...

Anonymous said...

After watching the Friday 8/29/08 episode, I have a few comments regarding Greenlee, Aidumb, Ryan and Insannie.

. Greenlee should take a little of the blame, for Aden pummeling Ryan. Did She mention, that Ryan was trying to put his feelings, for her, in the past. No. She did not. Did she mention he was ‘commited’ to Insannie and their family. No. She did not. She waa the one who kept pushing him, about his feelings for her. JMHO.
(Actually, as frequently as Ryan used the word “committed”, this week, There has to be a college drinking game going on somewhere: Here Ryan say, “commited”, take another drink! LOL!)

As for Aidumb, I think, much of his reaction came out of his insecurities, steming from Aidumb’s/ Greenlee’s/Ryan’s past relationship history. Heck, Ryan, so far, has been determined not to mess with Greenlee’s marriage to Aidumb . As far as, Ryan not really defending himself, with Aidumb, I’d say, he feels a tremendous amount over his current feelings about Greens—and he is determined not to lash out in anger, as he would have in the past.

Now on to Insannie. So much for her stress level and looking out for the welfare of “Super Baby” She will be the undoing of her own, unstable plan. However, I do understand why she’d leave Ryan, at this point.


Anonymous said...

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am SOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY, I know love Taylor!!!

Anonymous said...

Aiden told some of us fans that hes off the show and will be killed in the tornado.... looks like Ashley gets her wish of him leaving (if only nuColby would be killed as well.....)

Anonymous said...

A while back I posted a comment on how I pray TPTB don't send Myrtle to the Pearly Gates thru a funnel cloud. I stand by that. However, I have no problem with the tornado sucking up Aiden. None at all. Maybe the tornado will send him flailing thru the city causing him to inadvertently kick Colby in the head (big target, it could happen) requiring massive plastic surgery and when they remove the bandages it will be OldColby. Crikey Mate!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Ashley & Jordan!

I really enjoyed the 9/2/08 scenes between Lucy Merriam,Cameron Mathison and Melissa Claire Egan. That little girl is a doll!


Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

So let me take up for my girl Kendall. Yes she is being bitchy but ever good soap need a bitch. Of the ryan-annie-greenlee-aidan-zach-kendall group. Kendall is the only one who seeing Annie for who she really is . I like that she will call the other characters on their crap.

We don't see what Kendall and Zach do on the weekends with their children