Monday, August 04, 2008


And I'm not talking about the song by Grace Potter and The Nocturnals.

Y'all are heatin' up this blog, and I'm afraid I've brought it all to a screeching halt.

Alas, I was not able to post a podcast this week. No Jesse/Frankie re-enactments, no Erica on a "date" with Sexy Sammy, no Coldby rants, no Blandie "blowups." I will be back next week - I promise, but until then, here's an oldie but goodie for you.

And please, folks, keep the DBTE list, the rants, the ass-toot commentary, the Amamda-Frankie-Jake-ANYONE ideas flowing here! Lord knows that your posts are keeping me tuned in right now, because our lame-duck head writers definitely aren't (bless their hearts).

11/30/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

:( Missing Ashley, Jordan and the Pine Valley Podcast.

Terry in Toronto

JSpear8 said...


Anonymous said...

Missing my Monday morning podcast fix. Hope all is well with you, Ashley.

Anonymous said...

We miss you JordAsh, but, heck, ya'll deserve a week off, so lets keep this blog going with our own comments on what happened in PV last week.

I didn't see every day, so can someone please tell me, what kind of device was in Greenlee's fireplace?

Also, the most priceless moment I saw last week was Annie making that hysterical call to Ryan after beating her car up with a wrench. She went from hysteria to disgusted and determined in a fraction of a second. I had to rewind it, that was so funny. The look on her face, her body language, was priceless. I am loving Annie.

Also thought it was funny, whenever she put down that purse, CLUNK, and Zach didn't notice?

We have to come up with a new name for Annie, she is turning in some terrific performances and I'm loving it. Seeing Annie with Nipples Novak again was great.

Also thought Yaya was great last week. Too bad we're losing her, she's becoming a good actress.

Did anyone notice, no flat screen plasma TV for Greenlee? Thought that was strange.

And Colby DOES need a posture pal.

All in all, last week was more good than bad, IMHO.

brown penny

Anonymous said...

Insan-nie. I loooooove MCE right now. If they write her off, it's a mistake. I like that finally someone is willing to stand up to Kendall and Greenlee's me-me-me BS.

New Colby NEEDS to go. She ruined every single scene she was in last week. I even FF'ed through the amazing Bobbie Eakes because Colby was so horrible.

Thank god we had some Carmen last week to make it all right!

Erica Kane said...

Missing my weekly fix of the PVP and I hope everything is well!!
Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

JordAsh, I miss you!

Boy, those teens sure are STUPID!!

Im glad the adults were there to pick up the pieces from these terrible teens!

Jesse, Adam, and Tad made those police station scenes for me.

Everything else today was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Anonymous said...

Truly sad about no podcast this week. Can I say something? I know it was overplayed, but based on the song, I checked out Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, and they're actually quite good. I still think, however, that someone is a relative of Grace that works on AMC, though. ;-)

I thought today was so well-directed. Loved the cutting btw. the three teens and Ryan/Annie getting the ultrasound. Liked the ending with Adam being arrested, and Jessie's little digs he's getting in on "Chandler!" The music playing underneath it sounded like The Dark Knight.

Picking up a bit...

Only wish JordAsh were commenting on it. :-(

crs 17

Arizonagal said...

My rant about last week, and I'm sure I've said it before is Kendull. Get over it already. Why is she so obsessed with Ryan and his undying love for Greenlee. Blech. It's so one note and boring. She keeps talking about Annie being a loose cannon and how she doesn't trust Annie. It seems like TPTB just don't know what else to do with Kendull right now. Lets talk a look back, courtesy of soapcentral, at some of Kendull's bad behavior:

Falsely accused Dimitri of rape
Locked Bianca in a crypt
Perjury (Sentenced to jail time); Claimed that Erica knowingly stabbed Dimitri because she was jealous that he had seduced Kendall.
Forgery; Forged documents stating that Corvina and Dimitri were switched at birth which would mean that Corvina and Anton would inherit the Marick fortune.
Blackmail; Threatened Dimitri by saying he would tell Anton who is real parents were.
Child Endangerment; Left Bianca alone with Richard Fields [1994]
Called a minor's parents and lied about the girl's alcohol use.
Lied to the landlord at the Pine Cone Motel about moving in with Ryan in order to skip out on the money she owed for rent. [Mar 2002]
Providing alcohol to a minor (Bianca). [Apr 26th, 2002]
Called Donald Steele to leak the news that Bianca had gotten into an accident while driving drunk. [May 2001]
Corporate espionage; Took secret Enchantment files to Revlon. [May 2nd, 2002]
Perjury; Lied saying that Bianca stole the alcohol. [May 2002]
Held Erica at gun point. [May 3rd, 2002]
Destruction of property; Destroyed Greenlee's gown and other items at a bridal show. [Jun 19th ,2002]
Disorderly conduct/Assault; fought with Greenlee at a bridal show. [Jun 19th, 2002]
Theft; Stole Bianca's key to Erica's office at Enchantment [Aug 8th, 2002]
Aided fugitive Aidan Devane's flight from the authorities. [Jan 2003]
Breaking and entering; Broke into Michael's condo to try to (unsuccessfully) steal money from his safe. [Aug 8th, 2003]
Did not call the police upon finding that Michael Cambias had been shot. [Aug 29th, 2003]
Upon the conclusion of Michael's trial, Kendall was accused of the following crimes:
Criminal trespass (Felony)
Conspiracy (Felony)
Hindering the prosecution (Felony)
Abuse of a corpse (Misdemeanor)
Tampering with evidence (Misdemeanor)
Perjury (Felony)
Burglary (Felony)
Theft by deception (Felony)
Intimidation of witnesses (Felony)
False swearing (Misdemeanor)
Two counts of criminal trespass (Misdemeanor)
Unsworn falsification to authorities (Misdemeanor)
Arrested for the attempted murder of Ryan Lavery [Nov 4th, 2003]
Hid inside a large trunk so that she could eavesdrop on Ryan and Greenlee [Jun 2004]
Had Greenlee falsely arrested for kidnapping Spike. [2007]
Forged journal entries in which she posed as Greenlee claiming to want Spike. [2007]
Held Richie Novak hostage at knifepoint. [Jul 1st, 2008]

Anonymous said...

Too too funny Arizonagal. Kendull is getting on my nerves too. I just want someone to tell her to go home and take care of her children and stay out of everyone else's business! Your list of her transgressions was priceless. Wouldn't it be terrific if Annie typed up a list like that and handed it to Kendall?

I used to hate Blandie with a passion but the new Feisty Annie is wonderful! Finally she's interesting and it's believable that she's so desperate to keep Ryan that she'll do anything. Did anyone watch Oprah today?(Monday) She had a couple on talking about their open marriage. I immediately imagined how Annie would react if Ryan came home and told her he loved her but that he wanted them to try out an open marriage so that he could sleep with Greenlee every now and then ... but that he still loved Annie and that this wouldn't change their marriage but rather make it stronger. He could use all the rationalizations that the couple used like "I can love more than one person". By the way Dr. Gail Saltz was on as an expert (sexpert?). She is the real shrink who played the psychiatrist who asked Ryan to consider why he remembered Kendall and Greenlee but not Annie.

Brown Penny. There was no device in Greenlee's fireplace. The gas line was unscrewed with the gas on so of course gas was flowing freely into the room. Funny that Aidan smelled it before Greenlee who supposedly has the magic nose. I guess that's only for 'charmed' fragrances and scents. "I created rhapsody in red". Oh for the days of Sabine. I was about to fast forward during Adian and Greens' scene when I caught Rebecca asking if he could see the mood going out the door. I can't believe that the writers ever came up with that. RB brings so much to the character and keeps me resisting the urge to ffwd.

Yaya has been good these past few days playing Cass rebelling against everything Angie has taught her. Too bad Mongrief hasn't learned anything or grown at all.

Can't wait to see what Adam does in jail.

Terry in Toronto

Laura said...

I think we should make Ashley and Jordan proud with over 100 posts this week. Last week was over 80. It's hopping here, even if the show isn't. To keep us occupied this week on a no podcast week I have a few suggestions. Listen to Daytime Confidential's podcast of top 10 ways to improve All My Children and watch Eden Riegel's Imaginary Bitches. I loved that little show. Discuss amongst yourself!

Love ya, fellow bloggers and Ashley and crew.

Laura said...


TV Guide is reporting that Billy Miller (ex-Richie AMC) has been cast as John and Jill Abbott's son Billy on The Young and the Restless. The former All My Children, star was let go from last month from the ABC soap.

Last seen in Genoa City, the youngest Abbott heir was at his father's funeral shortly before moving to Hong Kong with big sis Ashley and his neice Abby who have both since relocated to Los Angeles.

No word on the actor's first airdate.

This may be a reason to switch. Actually Y&R has been better. I watch it online at night. I bet he will be great, figured he'd be snapped up soon.

Anonymous said...

:( I miss you guys. Hope everything is o.k. I am so sick of people that I like or are starting to like, going crazy and being killed off on AMC. I have to admit I am becoming an Blannie fan. Slowly. I have to call her Blannie because she's not as bland as she used to be. I'm loving her crazy schemes. Oh, and speaking of crazy people being killed off,I just found out that Billy Miller has been cast as Billy Abbott on Y&R. When he comes on I have to check it out.

Royse City Teen

Anonymous said...

missed the podcast. y'all do such a great job with it. keeps me laughing - oh so much better than the actual show! I just can't believe the writing. I can't believe actors are still coming to the show - I would looove to see what they are being paid to come to AMC. Makes me wonder if they've watched it any before they signed the contract.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for Billy Miller. I don't watch YR. I also read he'd been considered for a role on OLTL. Too bad YR snatched him up. He is so good.

Anonymous said...

I read that scabs might actually be writing the show! Bless their hearts.

Anonymous said...

Why is Kendull such a shrew. Her whining is like nails on a chalk board. Why is Annie and Ryan her business.

I love Alicia but Kendull is getting on my last nerves.

I love your list Arizonagal!

I have a feeling that even though Pratt is not writing yet, this stuff is his influence. He did write with Guza and we know how Guza writes for his women characters on general Hospital. It's tragic!

I hope I am wrong!

Anonymous said...

When I see Annie, I think of Jessica Rabbit, "I'm not bad, I'm just written that way." Here's the dichotomy about the writers. They finally write Annie into a compelling character we can't wait to see, and simultaneously, they are writing her into a corner with a one-way ticket out of Pine Valley.

OTOH, the rest of the unholy trinity, Kendull and Meanlee, have the luxury of playing both sides, good, bad, good, bad... and ultimately just plain booorrring.

And what's this b.s. about JR wanting to get Fusion for Babe? That really makes me sick.

I'm very curious to see what Pratt has up his sleeve.

brown penny

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to add this. Jordan, thank you for turning me on to OLTL! These past few days with David Vickers and his little pal, David Vickers, has me ROTFL. This guy is too much, I totally lurve him. I've only been watching for maybe a month, but I am getting hooked, which ain't easy, boyfriend, with a full time job and a *real* life to live (RLTL).

brown penny

Anonymous said...

Okay, last one then done. Adding to my comment about OLTL, I also watch GL and was blown away by the acting yesterday when they killed off little Max. Heartbreaking! Which makes me realize, it's so easy to find positive things to say about other soaps, but not quite so easy to give kudos to AMC. I hate to sound totally negative, so here's my list of reasons to keep tuning in to AMC:

Amanda - anytime she's on, I'm glued to the screen

Jake - he's hubba hubba hot

Annie - or InSannie - as someone referred to her, she's too much fun right now

Jesse - I love Darnell

Angie - she can act circles around the troublesome teens

Adam - David Canary rules

Krystal - I look forward to a friendship with her and Angie

That's my list. What did I miss?

Anonymous said...

Brownpenny you forgot "Thaddeus"!

MEK is perfection!

Anonymous said...

New spoilers say,

Carmen is going to date Jerkson!!!

mmmm! Atleast she is staying. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Carmen and Jack? hmm something tells me that Jack is only doing it to get back at Erica. I never thought he took Carmen very seriously. I could be wrong though, I have only caught bits and pieces of episodes for the past few weeks. What do you PVP bloggers/JordAsh think? :)

Erica Kane said...

I am so happy Billy Miller is coming to Y&R I watch it every day, and it makes me long for the days when AMC rocked it like Y&R does. I think Billy is a great actor, I just never liked Ritchie. I can't wait to see him play against Jess Walton on Y&R!!!

Arizonagal said...

I think if Jack and Carmen are going to be a couple, it's only so Jack can stick it to Erica for dating Sam. I'm not a big Jack fan, but Carmen might make him interesting. What I can't wait to see is EEK's reaction. Ya'll know she's going to be jealous as heck about it. She's perpetually stuck in that "I don't want him, but I don't want anyone else to have him" loop.

Nipples Novak was starting to look a little undead today. Is he supposed to be looking deader and deader each time we see him? I love the scenes with him and Annie.

Anonymous said...

Jordan and Ashley, I'm missing you guys, hope everything's okay. I have to say I'm excited that Billy is heading to Y&R. I loved David Tom in the role but Billy Miller will rock it. Billy Miller opposite Peter Bergman? Yes! Here's my question of the week: Why did Jesse arrest Adam but not Frankie, Colby, or Cass? Frankie for assault, the girls for obstruction. Keri

Anonymous said...

Missing Ambyr!!!

The teen scenes in the last few days have made me feel embarrassed for Brianne Mongrief, bless her heart. Even Dre was convincing compared to her and Yaya has been really growing into her role (so sorry she's leaving!).

Makes me sad to think what Ambyr could have done with these opportunities!

Laura said...

Watching Eden Riegel's last episode of Imaginary Bitches gave me a new name for Coldby. Brianne MonQuief. Look it up in the urban dictionary. She needs to go now. I still think something was up with Ambyr and they needed someone ASAP, and now they are looking around for a replacement. Hope Ambyr is okay. I loved her.

Anonymous said...

I do think Yaya has raw talent and a lot of potential, but that girl needs to grow a backbone. Cassie reminds me of a spoiled rich girl, pampered and protected. Then she comes to PV and her life becomes tumultuous and she doesn't know how to react to all this calamity. That is probably how she's chosen to play Cassie, a little gutless and immature.

I don't know, I like Yaya but Cassie annoys me at times.

Anonymous said...

I hope everything is ok, it is so weird for Jordan or Ashley not to have commented by now.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else tired of Fusion? I'm tired of Babe complaining about Kenlee being absent from Fusion when she's barely there herself. Why doesn't she let her bosses in on the fact that JR plans to take Fusion? Also how can Kendall compare the Satin Slayer to Annie? They are not one in the same. I know that Annie killed Richie but Kendall isn't aware of that fact. Her line about surviving Annie didn't make any sense to me. Does she plan to fire Annie? Annie's pyscho but Kendall doesn't have any basis other than Annie turning on Zach and being pregnant with Ryan's baby.

Adam fired Carmen! and I'm not happy about that. Their scenes were so much fun. What will Carmen do now? I hope she finds some employment soon. Because spoilers say someone gets an offer at Fusion and it's not Carmen in the spoilers. Carmen is slated to be dating Jack but she might end up with a mystery man instead.

What's wrong with AMC? First they let go of Peter Bergan, now Billy Miller to Young and the Restless. I don't mind because I watch Y&R myself but can't they recongize talent? How long is the list going to be?

1) Peter Bergman
2) Amelia Heinle
3) Vincent Irizarry
4) Elizabeth Hendrickson
5) Billy Miller

BTW, Jacob Young was amazing in his AA scenes.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you are tired of Fusion there is no hope for us yet. We will see a lot more of it because everybody will be working there.

You guys know Pratt is doing office politics as one of his storylines. So there will be more Babe, Amanda, probably Randi and Carmen whining about their absentee bosses Greens and Kendull! I hope he makes it interesting.

But Carmen lights up a scene anyway, so her working there will not bother me.

The past two weeks have not been bad, there is some good rotation going instead of the same storyline on everyday. Things look better when they break that damn sextet apart.

Now I looved Adam/Erica/Carmen today. Erica and Adam work so well together. That is one Pratt storyline I am looking foward to.

Anonymous said...

maybe ashley went InsAnnie on Jordan (Richie) and killed him with a car jack, and now she's off trying to have Pedro's love child.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to comment on Erica and Adam. They were stellar today. I hear that Pratt plans to put them on the frontburner so that's one thing I'm looking forward to.

I agree, Carmen will probably be the saving grace at Fusion. I was just so turned off by today's show. I don't see how Babe can be complaining when she's hardly at work also? None of the women do any real work. Annie carries around her folders, Amanda makes copies of things, Kendall works behind a computer, Babe flips through papers and Greenlee goes sailing. I'd like to see some more contrast so I can get into this employees vs. bosses storyline.

Melissa said...

As long as Carmen is put on contract, Erica and Adam get center stage, and Aiden gets abducted by aliens, I'll be happy with AMC.

Arizonagal, I LOVED the Kendall recap. That girl was pure bitch, and I loved her! She has no storyline!! None! WTF???

Randi - BORING
Trollby - HIDEOUS
Jessie - HOT
Zach - MANLY MAN!!!!!

... and where the F&ck is Josh???


Anonymous said...

Kendull and Greenmememe are getting on my LAST nerve

they need a MUCH better storyline (preferably away from each other Kenlee(killme) friendship, they are holier then tho bitches

and why is Kendall all up on Annies case... remember when Kendull broke into Greelees apartment and set up that weird Spike shrine, yet annie is psychotic case she broke into greenlees apartment?


Anonymous said...

I agree, I am TEAM INSANNIE!!!!!!!

I hope she is the new reigning bitch on the show! We need one.

They need to stop before they write her into a corner like they did her brother! Just make her a bitch!

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone who has questioned what's up with Kendall. Her hating Annie makes no sense unless she's a psychic and even then as has been pointed out Kendall has done ten times worse things than Annie (that she knows of).

Loved Angie trying to fix that young nurse up with Frankie and then forgetting all about it. Meddling mothers are classic soap. Debbie Morgan was so good playing that scene off so that we totally get her concern for her son but not all out to manipulate and control him.

Adam, Erica and Carmen were exhibit #1 for Old School AMC. True to their respective characters yet giving a wink and a nod creating comedy that wasn't cornball. Carmen is a gem and I hope TPTB realize that.

Quote of the week: Amanda to Kendall about her less than generous offer to keep her and Babe from quitting Fusion "Sounds like crap tables to me". Lurve, luv, looooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee me some Amamda. They should pay her extra for todays acting job.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

I LOVED Jacob Young in the AA scenes! Colby was DBTE as usual, but JR helped me forget about her for a while. lol especially because there was a lot of emphasis on the part where he was talking about his mom......

Anonymous said...

JR was fabulous! Coldby....... no comment!

Angie and Frankie had some good scenes together yesterday. They act so naturally like mother and son. Great chemistry with the Hubbard family.

My poor Zach has been reduced to this Crap! He is a growm manly man and they put him with these whining idiots all the time.

I have to say how refreshing it is to see the people of PV interacting with each other. The police station scenes last week were nice because they had everybody in scenes together interacting.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say that I enjoyed the Woods family scenes as well. Showing men bonding is always nice.

lucyb24 said...

Ashley? Jordan? Where are you? I'm beginning to get concerned.

Laura said...

I hope Ashley and Jordan didn't follow Billy Miller to LA to do a Y&R Podcast.

Anonymous said...

Ashley and Jordan (I hope you guys are okay!), I think you were the ones who suggested listening to Daytime Confidential's 10 Ways to Improve AMC. I listened to it last night and thought they had some really great ideas to get AMC back on track. I wish TPTB would listen to the Pine Valley Podcast and Daytime Confidential because you all are so intelligent and the fans are the ones who truly know what's best.

Anonymous said...

So what were some of the "ten ways to improve AMC"? Anything said there that hasn't been said here?

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, they had a lot more than 10 ways! LOL the duration of the podcast was a little bit over two hours. I summarized the podcast for a board I go to, so I'll post some of it here.

Fusion needs to go and be done with. It's more like a dorm room with all of the gossip that takes place instead of work. They don't like the idea of all the woman in PV working there. They also suggested that Amanda follow in her father's footsteps and maybe work within the police station.

Sextet should be wrapped up and the characters need to be pulled apart. Stop forcing couples and let the pairings click. Have Ryan stop playing the hero and have some of his original personality return. End Kenlee and give Zach and Kendall a story. A suggestion was to bring back Anton, have him kidnap Kendall and have Zach rescue her.

The Careys , they believe that since Alexa is no longer in the role, Babe is no longer a controversial character and not needed. Babe shouldn't be friends with those she hurt (Kendall and Greenlee) Krystal can stay if they don't plan to bring back Brooke.

Dixie just needs to be back on the show.

Chandlers/Martins Tad and Adam are being ruined by plot points. Adam is a JR Ewing type character but wouldn't go as far as to keep children away from their parents. Tad wouldn't kill a man and keep JR, who he raised like a son, from his own son. JR vs. Adam is stale. Bring back Skye Chandler (possibly Scott too) and have her wreak havoc in town. Have her against Kendall or Greenlee, romancing Tad <-- a better dynamic for the Chandler/Martin fued.

Jesse/Angie should be left alone and not messed with.

Erica 's jail story was a good idea but badly executed. Give her an adult storyline.

Younger Cast Better actors pretty much. This show gave us SMG, Kelly Ripa and Josh Duhamel. Bring actors with charisma already there.

Getting back to the core of AMC Agnes Nixon created a groundbreaking show and it was groundbreaking because she wrote socially relevant stories like having Ruth Martin as a war protester and Erica getting an abortion. The belief is that the show should get back to targeting their largest demographic and write stories about today’s American women. AMC originally focused on the have and have nots (Erica’s infamous introduction), it should get back to that. All of the characters have it pretty easy. Adam, Erica and Tad are the cornerstones of the show and family should be fleshed out from them. Right now there is no longer a core on AMC to stabilize the show. Beyond the writing, the show needs to reclaim its identity.

IMO it's all minor tweaks that could make a major difference.

jordan hudson said...

Hello All my Kids,

You are all so sweet. I miss doing the podcast this week for you guys. Sorry that I have not been on the blog.
What can I say that you all have not.

God help Chuck Pratt if he get's rid of inSannie. MCE is working this like no one's business and I'm loving it. Camp and all. She is old school soap girl who will do whatever it takes to hold on to her man. It's fun! If tad can commit premeditated murder and stay on the show. Then so can she, when her's was in the heat of the moment. SAVE InSANNIE!!!!!

Thank God for the Hubbards. Angie and Frankie were incredible. on Wed. YaYa we hardly knew you

Where the *&^% is Petey!

If wed's epsiode did not show the potential that the character of Carmen has nothing will.

Can Susan Lucci look any hotter. My god woman you put the young ladies on the show to shame.

Guys I really hate what they are doing to Kendull. Poor Alicia.

I'm still NOT AMUSED about Josh.

Hoping for hope they wont get rid of my Amanda.

Crazy Daisy lolololol Trollby

Brown Penny
Im so glad your on board with OLTL.Can you believe that even the four legged David Vikcers is a better actor then Mongrief (ouch that was low but true).

I have been amazed this week with how consistent the writing has been on OLTL. The stories flow, everyone is being used and interacting in each other's storylines.

Dorian crashing Viki's party and without knowing it giving Tess an idea on how to deal with Natalie.

Tina saying Cord instead of Cain.

The 1968 stuff is just fun and everyone is having a good time.

I don't like Farrah Fath and GiGi. But God darn it that girl has me hooked as Emma Bradley.

My only complaint about OLTL is More TIKA MORE TIKA as Layla or let move to Pine Valley and meet Frankie Hubbard.

AS for our other Mutal show, GL. One of the reasons I have found it hard to give it up is because of the incredible actors on the show.

Finally the writers have step up to the plate and given them some real meaty stuff.

As horrid as the movie storyline was the payoff was huge and worth it. Josh and Reva they just are amazing together but Reava and Jeffrey, oh my. And if you only knew what will be coming next month with Reva. Suprises!

And of course everyone involved with Baby Max. Especially Lizzie and Bill.

Even ATWT has some hope coming with the return Of James Steinback and Dusty Donovann.

Gh has my Genie Franics on the way and when she's on I'm watching and when she leaves so will I!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Jordan's back!!!!!

I was seriously going through withdrawls!!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo, Jordan is here and weighing in with all his asstoot observations.

LOL, Jordan, so you're saying a shitzu is a better actor than MonGrief? Hey, sometimes the truth hurts. But it's true, when that shitzu is on, I'm glued to the screen >;-)

Anonymous said...

So wait, Randi signed a contract. Is that what they do? A WTF moment!

Anonymous said...

Randi better not be on contract when they got rid of Brooke, Dixie, Josh, Richie! I am not amused.

Is Pine Valley now officially the kidnap capitol of the United States of Soaps? Why would Fletcher need to kidnap Frankie to deliver that message? I wish we had time and space to go through all the kidnappings that have happened in the last year alone but it seems that every other week when the writers have nothing to do they go "Yeah, we'll have someone kidnapped. Yeah, that's the ticket." Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I don't want to see any more kidnappings for another decade at least! Sheeesh. Kids in high school english class could come up with better writing than this.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or was today's episode unbearable?

That old couple gave me the creeps. I thought they were horrible actors, and should never have been cast anyway. If Woodstrock was in 1968, and most peope at Woodstock were in their early 20s, then these people should've been born in 1946 or 1947, which makes them only about 61 or 62. That isn't so old! Sheesh, my parents are 59 and they do not have grey hair and wrinkles like that!

And how many holes can we post in the Vegas storyline?
- There's only one casino in Vegas?
- Ryan should take his pregnant wife to Vegas?
- The couples drink at 10am in conFusion, but don't drink in Vegas?
- There's only one wedding chapel in Vegas?

Also, how hard was it to watch the excellent Billy Miller knowing that he's gone for good to another soap. Painful!

I agree with Jordan, inSannie is so good! She is the only thing keeping me tuned in these days.

I wish the teen set would all be sent to jail, or military camp, or the moon.


Anonymous said...

Becky, I'm with you about Vegas. I don't understand what the difference in location is going to bring to the story. It's stupid, contrived plot points so that Ryan can see Greenlee and Aidan together. Of all the casinos and all the chapels...

The old couple and Ailee are way too campy. I just can't get invested in this pairing. IMO they don't have any depth, they're like cotton candy. They're all fluff and no substance.

Anonymous said...

Why is Greens so sweet? Since when? All four were so sickening!

Why couldn't Greens and Aiden have gotten advice from Joe and Ruth? Who the hell are Babs and Foster!!

Cassandra's voice is so annoying, I liked her but now she is getting on my nerves. I cannot listen to her whine any longer. That was the most unbearable part about today for me.. Oh and of course Coldby!

Today's episode was so boring! snoozzzzzzeville! Last week things were looking up and now......

Team InsAnnie!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

One good thing about today was Tad and Jesse playing Wii!!!

Thought the bromance was nice.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know when Jake and Taylor will stop running?

They have hyped them up so much for this summer and summer is almost over so... WTH

Brian said...

Just finished watching Thursdays episode. What is with the "old" people? They didn't seem that old to me.

I loved Erika and Carmen over at Adam's house. Very typical for Erika to open her mouth before thinking about how she may affect people around her. It was great.

I'm also loving that this week we actually saw Babe and Amanda working! A week with Amanda in itself is a special thing to see. I love how they are writing that the girls are over worked and need some time off. It's completely understanding considering that we haven't seen Greenlee, Kendull or Blandie working since their "brilliant" day-to-night idea. I LOVED that Amanda was pining after Jake. Those two are so fine alone, but together, they have great stuff. My TV actually gets a little steamed-up when they come on screen. I have to wiped down the screen just to see them.

Anyways, I'm still hating Coldby. That Randi is kinda growing on me, although I wish they could give us a reason to like her more than just sympathy.

It was great how Fletcher told Frankie to pay up for her loss. How lame is that. Then he wiped out the contract. WTF? I just don't even know what to say. Even frankie said he could hold her to anything in court. What was the point of showing a "contract"? I'm so lost on this.

To end the week, all I can say is I'm looking forward to seeing Carmen and Randi at the bottom of the pole over at Fusion.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHa! Brian, Carmen and Randi at the bottom of the "pole"

You people know what I mean. Those fusion girls love a good pole!

Anonymous said...

Those Fusion girls are more familiar with poles than Firemen at the station!

Anonymous said...

So sorry I haven't been on guys. Very busy week here.

I'm not quite done with shows, but here are my observations thus far:

* I kind've liked the old couple. The reason it couldn't have been Joe and Ruth is that Joe and Ruth would've "seen through it" and recognized Aidan and Greenlee are NOT true love. I don't know. It worked for me.

*It is contrived they would run into each other at the same casino in VEGAS.

*Why the heck is RPG running in those clothes ??? Who runs in dress pants? STOOPID.

*At least Ehlers got to say more than two words. Still waiting for this thing to start.

*Liking Randi a bit more (ducking from tomatoes)

*A contract?? WTF??

*Cannot STAND what they are doing to Kendall. Give this girl her own storyline pronto Pratt!

*Carmen, DC, and Erica. Magic.

*Erica has been mucho hawt lately.

*Carmen and Randi at Fusion? Must everyone work there?

*You have Melvin Van Peebles on screen and the only words you can put in his mouth are, "Let's stop fighting, son," and "Now we're a real family." Those scenes needed more flavor.

*So when Yaya comes out of her bedroom, is it going to be the new actress. A Babe transition if you will

*In the vestibule of the Chandler manse, the scene with JR, nuBabe, and nuColby...I couldn't help but think how much better those scenes might've been with Alexa Havins and Ambyr Childers, however...

*...Colby and the alcoholism is NEXTASTUPID. I like that she wants to drown her sorrows, makes sense. But to be an alcoholic too. This show, for the most part, was somewhat realistic (for a soap) concerning the struggles of alcoholism, but not in the past five years. Contrived to give Mongrief something to do.

*Where is Petey, Josh, and Opal???

*...but at least we got some Amanda! And with Jake too. Yum-O!

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Petey has already become the new Josh! Where the f*** is Petey?

I actually kinda liked Randi and Frankie scenes in Confusion...but that Fletcher ummmmm! He is just Bad.

Why the f*** is Amanda a day player! Is she not on contract. Use her.

What is up with Ryan being this tortured soul. What else can they do with Ryan Lavery... kill him off in tornado. He is like the Sonny Corinthos of AMC, on all the time doing the same thing. Does he have a real purpose anymore. He need to be on backburner for like a year.

Aiden and Greenlee are not soulmates and neither are her and Ryan, so they need to spare us all. I get what the writers were trying to do but the execution was Meh!

The old couple in Vegas were weird and awkward. IMO. I mean did they go to acting school with Fletcher. It's like they were trying to hard to make us believe it and I did not buy their performance.

Friday's episode was Dull! What happened to Friday cliffhangers?

Laura said...

Welcome back Jordan!

Glad people listened to the Daytime Confidential Top 10 about AMC. Lets hope the powers that be do.

Another question, anybody watch Imaginary Bitches on YouTube, better than AMC at this point.

Rumors from Y&R are that Elizabeth Hendrickson ex Maggie will be pregnant with Billy Miller's baby when he comes on. Sorry but Y&R will be hot with those two together. I watch it on the web once in awhile.

Please have a podcast this week. I am in withdrawl.

Anonymous said...

4) Fletcher
3)Sam woods
2)Dred ( his vortex son)
and it goes without saying....

honorable mentions: Randy and sadly Frankie when in the car with Fletcher who sucked the life right out of his eyes.

Anonymous said...

Who was CRACKING UP on friday when Coldby threw the water at Krystal? Wow, those scenes were painful. Even Miss Bobbie Eakes can't help Mongreif.

Anonymous said...

Pratt may be the answer to our AMC prayers and not the nightmare we expect. Check out this link I originally got it form superposter.

Anonymous said...

Pratt says he's always been a fan of Julie Craputhers. Nuff said! I'm not hopeful at all. ... and as for Ryan being honourable? Clearly Pratt didn't do all the homework he claimed in the Soap Opera Digest interview. I would suggest that those fans who recall the Ryan Lavery character who first slunk into Pine Valley know he was anything but a decent guy. That was what made him interesting. As Ashley would say they've cut off his balls and put them in Annie's purse. Now they're looking to have him be whipped by Greenlee who he ditched coldly and cruelly. Am I the only one who remembers the motorcycle going over the cliff?

Terry in Toronto

jordan hudson said...


I too was not impressed with the chuck pratt interview as you will hear in the new podcast. And from my source it does not seem as if much has changed a month into pratts run as head writer.

Anonymous said...


do you know of any truth to the rumors of MCE(annie) being "out" at AMC


Anonymous said...

What's the scoop with Yaya? Why is she leaving? Is it another scenario like Ambyr where she says "I want to do other things" and TPTB say that she was let go?

Anonymous said...

Just 1 question that perhaps you'll address on this week's podcast... If you found a disconnected gas line in your fireplace, would you not wonder HOW or WHY it got unscrewed? I thought Clodumbo would be on the case... instead they just go drinking and forget about it! Will the gas fumes she inhaled cause Greenlee to marry Aidum?
LOVE your podcast, A&J, and can't wait to hear this week's episode.

jordan hudson said...

All I know is that MCE is still working and will be airing into mid SEPT. Have not heard anything about her leaving. They would be stupid to loose her.

Have not herad anything official about YaYa either, but she is not on contract and like Petey is recurring.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info :)