Monday, August 18, 2008

Split Decisions

  • Greenlee marries Aidumb, while Ryan re-marries InsAnnie.
  • Jack and Erica break, and Erica and Sam make.... small talk?
  • During her first week in town, Taylor is all charm (uh, not really) as she graces Jake and Frankie with her presence.
  • Amamda continues her personal quest to represent and promote strong women of the world everywhere!
Jordan and I are like two ships in the night this week. Not only did we record our latest podcast in the wee hours of the morning (so no song this week, folks), but we also had very different opinions of the week's events. Our blog is rocking this summer, so I know you'll tell us where you fall on the All My Children Spectrum of Suckiness. Post your thoughts (and maybe some new nicknames), here.

(And a special shout-out of love to Laura. All of our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.)

8/15/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

I'm liking AMC right now. I think it is on the upswing (fingers crossed, lol)
Cannot wait to listen to the podcast.
BTW, Jordash you 2 really should be on soapnet/ satellite radio because you are just that entertaining.

tallytofu said...

Hey guys... listening to the podcast right now, and I have to say I totally agree with Ashley: Adam & Krystal's scenes were boring to me, for exactly the reason you said! They NEVER advance the relationship between these two characters; they have been having the same conversations for the past year. BORING!

I'm also right there with you about Carmen. I really do think, whether it's the material or the actress or both, that Carmen started out a little cartoonish, and has become much more real since she got out of prison.

And my absolute favorite moment of the week was when Kathy finished her little daydream, and turned to Krystal with that evil look and said, "you wanna play a new game?" Creepy, and I loved it! :+)

Arizonagal said...

Haven't listened yet, but just had to say I am loving Kathy, the bad seed. I just hope they add some complexity to this character. Did she remind anyone of little Binx when she twisted the head off that doll? I was waiting for her to set fire to her doll house.

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I CRIED laughing at your impressions this week! Thanks for doing the rhapsody in red one. ahh hilarious. Can't wait for the buzzworthy interview! Should be interesting and fun.

I wanted to thank Shadow and JordAsh for really nailing it on the fact that most of us have grown up with this show and that we know how good it can be and we just want it back! Although all the interviews or previews with Pratt have not interested me, I am still optimistic in that David coming back... and hopefully we'll have Cady back as a Christmas miracle? A girl can dream... :)

Anonymous said...

omg i am absolutely LOVING little Kathy right now!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY a kid that has some issues!!!!!!! and theyre legit! Krystal is not, and never will be, the kids mom. I can't wait to see what happens when David Hayward comes back and finds out that Kate is with Tad! (and when we find out that David has Dixie in a coma somewhere!!!!!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Hello, everyone. I'm in the middle of listening to the show and must agree with Ashley. Adam and Krystal definitely need to spice things up. Incredible talent like Bobbie, Michael and David should be given worthy material.

On to the good. Elizabeth Rodriguez is brilliant. I'm really happy that she's getting a chance to showcase her awesome ability.

Well, that's it for me for now. I'm really hoping to become a more active member of this wonderful blog. A gigantic thank you to Ashley and company for providing us with amazing entertainment every week. You'll definitely be hearing more from me in the very near future. May everyone be happy and healthy until next time.

Anonymous said...

Great podcast JordAsh. You two had me cracking up. People thought I was crazy.

Ashley, I love the name Cryan! Thats so funny!

I agree with Jordan, all AMC has right now are moments of genius.

Why can't Jake like Taylor with no make up. Maybe Jake likes a woman who doesn't wear nivea gold lotion either!

Jake and Amanda were so cute today. To bad it means nothing.

I still hate Randi. How many people have to run after and beg this damn woman. So annoying!

Have you people read the fall preview. I have mixed feeling about the stuff that is coming up in PV.

I hope Aidumb dies!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Comments on your podcast:

I think Beth Ehlers is going to be a great addition to AMC. She can take their crappy writing and make it sound like Shakespeare.

Oh God you said it, the writers have a problem writing women. They are either hos, braindead, whiners or bitches. TPTB thinks this give them an edge. NOT true. Just makes us avoid watching. I hate that TIIC are writing InsAnnie so over the top. It makes no sense.

I googled plantar faciitis, and here's a factoid or two for ya. it's also known as dog's heel and flip-flop foot.

I don't think I have ever seen EEK open mouth kiss anyone, ever. since AMC started. Come on Erica, open wide, duty calls.

Oh, and one last thing... cRyan is a major doofus.

Anonymous said...

Luv your pod cast, Just found it on itunes and am HOOKED! Big ups to both

BTW note from my 6 year old nieces, The fast runner in the Incredables was the boy

And a comment on the "panic" room. Maybe AMC can save some money by borrowing Rick Lansings old room from GH (Were he kept Snarly when she was preggers with Morgan)

Luv to all - Shel

Arizonagal said...

The good the bad and the fugly

The good: Our precious little evil Kathy. I love a good “bad seed” story line. Nipples Novak, is creeping it up real good. How did TPTB let this guy go? Billy Miller is so good and there were so many opportunities to redeem this character. I’m just shakin’ my head of that one. I did think Richie was looking a little less dead than usual. MCE, InsAnnie, is knocking it out of the park. Think about it people, MCE went from Blandie to InsAnnie with the swing of a jack. HungryJake, he’s so yummy. Carmen just lights up the screen whenever she’s on. She is so good, she makes everyone she interacts with interesting. Amanda, dumb as a post and cute as a button. Petey, smart and funny. JRs new haircut.

The bad: Kendall – shut up already. Her obsession with cRyan and Greenlee is just plain annoying and boring. Randi – I don’t feel this character, she’s not doing it for me. If I hear one more person say Mont-yummy, I’m gonna scream. Fusion is such a chore, a bore and a joke. Hell ya InsAnnie, blow that sucker up! The Chandlers’ takeover of Fusion, give me a break, been done to death and remind me, why does Babe deserve Fusion?

The fugly: HungryJake’s workout clothes make him look like a choreographer. Tad’s old-fart wardrobe - he is starting to channel Life of Riley. Mongrief’s posture is so bad that I started to take note of my own posture and I am sitting up much straighter these days! Fletcher, very icky and slimy.

Okay, what did I miss?

JennyP said...

I think AMC is looking up (at least a bit.) Now if they'd listen to you about everything, and put Amanda, Greenlee, & Jake in a triangle, and Taylor with Tad, and send Aidan and Ryan on a nice long vacay, things'd be grand.

Anonymous said...

Have we felt the influence of pratt yet? I do think the show is improving. I actually watched an entire episode yesterday and didn't FF once.

OMG Ryan and his harem, it's just plain silly. Come on ladies, there's a lot of beefcake in PV, look somewhere else for pete's sake.

I agree that the Adam/KWAK scenes are just so much recycled crapola. I'm not sure I can get behind this Fusion takeover, but we'll see. It's been awhile since Adam pulled any corporate stunts.

My little Krystal ball tells me that Kathy is going to cause some serious, and entertaining, fun at the Martin household.

What was up with Asa on OLTL? He sounded like an old jewish guy which was strange as he was wearing a 10 gallon hat. Oh, I just read on IMDB that he's from New Jersey. He sounds just like my uncle, that accent never goes away! Speaking of OLTL, damn that show knows how to do it right!

JordAsh, you guys are the best. Week after week you come up with the best podcast. Infinitely more enjoyable than the actual show. I hope you all know how much you are appreciated. And that includes Pedro and Taylor. I miss those guys and love to hear from them too.

Arizonagal said...

I have been watching the Carmen character very closely since she came to the valley de piƱa (rolls eyes). As a latina, I did not want to see a stereotype. She does not disappoint, though at times I still think TPTB don't know quite how to write for her. I can almost feel the dilemma TPTB have. They seem to think they have to walk a fine line between racial stereotyping and watering this character down. Please TPTB, have a little finesse with your characters - All of them. Let Carmen be Carmen. What I don't want to see is Carmen turn into another rich bitch Fusion clone.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there not blood sisters. There are adopted or foster sisters or step sisters. That might work better.

Anonymous said...

Great Podcast as usual Ashley & Jordan.

I love little Cathy Blair and can't wait for her head to spin and the spewing of pea soup to start. It totally fits that Tad wants to be the perfect Dad in her eyes and this time it's backfiring on him.

I could buy Carmen and Randi being sisters if they have the same PR mother but different fathers and Randi's dad is black. I agree that they're both dressing way too upscale and why didn't Randi get fired for sitting chatting with Frankie when she should have been delivering coffee to work?

Billy Miller as Dead Richie is so much more talented an actor than Aidan, Randi and Colby combined! I guess good for him that he got a job immediately on the #1 rated soap Y&R. Hopefully they treat him better than David I. Glad the Irizarry is returning. PV needs a complex villain who's not a buffoonish cartoon. Alex Cambias and Robert Gardner types just don't cut it.

Amanda and Jake were great together but I just couldn't buy that he carries an eye patch around in his back pocket just in case he comes across a woman who's eye has been poked out by a flower stem. What the hell are the writers thinking? Do they really believe that viewers are in a coma or were they assuming we'd fastforward that scene? Note to AMC scribes: We only ff through Aidan and Colby scenes not anything with Amamda or Jake which gets played over and over and in HiDef if and where possible. I want Amanda and Jake to take off as a couple so that they can put Taylor with Frankie and kick Randi back to Center City with Fletcher where she belongs. That would be interesting if Angie was at first relieved to see Randi go and then against Taylor and Frankie together when she learns that Taylor is 15 years older than him.

Sorry to see Yaya go as she's been doing a good job with Cassie until they made the character a whining, crying, liar. Why do they hate good actors? Why? Why? Why?

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Erica always kisses like movies from the 1940's. I always laugh when I see it.

I was kind of hoping maybe Carmen was just like Randi's babysitter or cousin, and Randi always followed her around? Sisters won't work for me, IMO.

PS Did anyone notice last week that when the teens were at the Yacht Club pool they were in the EXACT SAME wardrobe as when they were there like 4 weeks ago? If you're going to film scenes in advance, at least remember costume changes!

Anonymous said...

Good grief, please don't make Carmen and Randi ex lovers (not that there's anything wrong with that). I just don't get a gay vibe from either one of them.

Beer goggles, LOL. Beth Ehlers is an attractive woman, but the last few years she has really seemed to not care very much about her appearance. She was pretty ratty looking on GL with that thin stringy over bleached hair and sloppy clothing. I think she was really getting into the Harley character, who was kind of on the skids towards the end.

Gotta hand it to BE, she really goes all out for her characters and doesn't care at all what she looks like if she thinks she's getting the part right.

Looking forward to buzzworthy tomorrow JordAsh.

BELINDA said...

I was kidding about Carmen and Randi being ex-lovers ... I couldn't see Carmen putting up with that insufferable little twit for long! If they DO turn out to be sisters, full or half, I think it would be kinda interesting to leave their parentage unexplained. After all, Latinos come in all races and colors, from ebony to ivory ... from Cameron Diaz to Sammy Sosa. The Puerto Ricans and Cubans in my family range from the blondest of the blond to those with very distinct African features. So it's equally plausible that (if they are sisters) both their parents could be of mixed race; Randi's father could be black - Latino or not; one parent could be this, the other that ... and so on and so on and so on.

Maybe they're cousins instead of sisters. Or maybe Randi is a relative of Carmen's deadbeat ex. Or maybe Carmen is an ex-madam who kicked Randi out on the cold, mean streets, where she was forced to survive doing the only thing she knew how to do to make a living. (I'm grabbing at straws here, LOL!)

But enough about that.

As I mentioned earlier, I refer to Tad's little demon seed as Psychopathy Kathy, while a friend of mine calls her Catty Kathy, Bratty Kathy and Batty Kathy after the "Chatty Cathy" dolls that were popular in some long-ago era!

Anonymous said...

I actually got to watch in real time today. I forgot that our local station is always a day behind Soapnet. They show better promos during the day. I watched the stuff I FF thru last night.

Is it awful to say that I'm beginning to lighten up a little about Randi? I don't like how it started. I don't think she's the best actress. I still don't think a doctor is going to waste time with a hooker, but I've decided to try to ease up b/c it's improving slightly. She is hot too. At least it's a story that doesn't involve a girl worshiping Ryan.

Time for Cassie to go. I liked the idea of her at first, but all she ever does now is cry and whine at Jessie. Boring!

I think I'm going to like Taylor. She seems like a good actress. I like her chemistry with people. I'm not sure how the whole war thing is going to go, but it's more interesting than anything else they have had going in a while.

Tell me, who ever gets locked in an airplane bathroom? Geez. And I liked Richie too but am I the only one tired of the zombie pop ups? Seems like pointless filler to me.

The Kathy/KWAK storyline is great, especially with respect to Tad. It would be so predictable to continue on with the tug of war between Tad and Adam over Krystal's heart. It's far more interesting to see little Kathy twisting off the doll's head and Tad having to come to grips with the fact that one of his children may be a little twisted herself. And it's a real conflict that can manifest itself in so many problematic ways for Krystal, Jenny, etc. And it does a little justice to the importance of the memory of Julia in Kathy's life. Maybe we'll get lucky and see some flashbacks with Julia.

As for Fusion, I do think it's kind of funny that the writers are making a story out of how pointless the place has been. I like the idea of seeing JR and Babe together as a powerful, successful duo. Babe has always been flawed and I don't like how goody goody she has been. It could be fun to see her and JR actuall unite and succeed together and be strong and happy, albeit a little greedy and selfish. Let the tables turn and let them have a shot at being happy and cunning together and enjoy some joint success after all these years of teraing eachother apart. It's time for Kendall and Greenlee to be humbled. They seem to be so far removed from there touchstones. They take things for granted. They don't manage their lives well and they take advantage of everyone else. What would happen if their luck turned and they had to rebuild or at least struggle a little. Now I'm not saying Kendall didn't struggle with the kids and the ear implants. I am saying however that that was boring as hell. I'm talking about work, relationships, etc.

I like Adam coniving and strong so I'm glad to see him plotting something rather than seeing ghosts and singing the blues over a lost love. I'm not sure I get what's going on here with him and Fusion and JR. I must have missed something. I don't find it very believable for some reason that Adam is going to make a play for Fusion. I'd rather see JR and Babe do that and screw over KEndall. If Adam is behind it, it would be nice to see Erica uncover the plot and secretly outwit him. Or maybe try to outwit Adam but still have JR and Babe manage to come out on top nevertheless.

Wherever it goes, I do like seeing the Fusion gang feuding. It's boring when they are all friends and/or all fawning over Ryan.

Amanda and the eye patch was silly but still good to see her for a change. She and Babe have been unlucky in every respect for so long. I agree that it's questionable whether they are qualified to run the company, but it would be fun to see their luck change for the better.

Anonymous said...

Hey all,
Wanted to pass on a letter from Vincent Izzari, from his website. It discusses his leaving Y&R and return to PV.
What he says about Pratt is very encouraging.( read carefully jordan, lol)

Anonymous said...

All I was about to find out for you about MVP the series is that season one is out on DVD. Here is MVP's official website
Hope this helps
P.S. Do you have Slings and Arrows on DVD? all three seasons are out now.

Anonymous said...

Where and How do I listen to JORDASH on the radio ( via internet i hope) tomorrow.
As I am sure this is the first of many appearances so that the world will know what we already do that you two together are an unstoppable force.

BTW this weeks podcast was great. You guys continue to hit new heights and we ( the listeners) reap the benefits.

Anonymous said...

i remeber something about randi saying she has a puerto rican cousin, maybe carmen?

anyway i am SO tired of the sextet too, Annie is the only good part of it.

i really want her out of the sorry 6 and maybe team up with Adam or hook her up with JR or David, i bet one of the bloggers here can thing of a great s/l for her

Love the podcast!!

Anonymous said...

i just had an idea, maybe annie is acting out because she has DID (like jess/tess on oltl [thank you jordsn for getting me into it])

haha i know its not that impressive but im not as creative as the other bloggers :(

Anonymous said...

I've been reading the posts and I cannot believe what some of you all have been saying. I might have to be feisty with the blog this week, as JordAsh would say...

I mentioned last week that I thought there was a different vibe (can't remember which day it was) and today (Wed.) I thought the same thing...there are shades of ol' AMC, and I thought it most with the fact that EVEN THOUGH they weren't sitting on Myrtle's couch, Erica and Carmen were still drinking coffee and talking. That's ol' school soap, and I don't want it happening all the time (we've advanced as viewers since then), it is still important to have REAL discussions that ADVANCE the storyline. There's been so much wheel-spinning on this show in the past few years, it's not funny.

I love the good, the bad, the ugly, and the fugly. I've heard Pratt's plans from other boards, and I'm liking the direction; here's hoping the execution is up to par. I can see why Frons liked his bible.

The only thing that upset me today was that Annie said, "You b---!" and went chasing Kendall off-screen, but they didn't come back for TWO ACTS to let us know what happened and by then they were already apart. Don't show me claws without some fur flying!

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Janet, I love your idea of pairing Annie up with David. Now that would be really entertaining. I also would love to see some split personality going on with her. Sorry six... LOL. She doesn't deserve to be with Cryan, a man who now says he never loved her because he's been in love with first Kendull and now Greenlee. Blech.

I may one of the few people who will miss (ever so slightly) Cassie. Yaya has a lot of potential. BTW is that Yaya in that shoe commercial, a dazzling woman of color dancing on a table and jumping into a pair of shoes? Sure looks like her.

Go for it CRS17, get feisty with us! You crack me up dude.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Elyse & Susan for posting the link to Vincent Irizarry's statement. That was so touching and heartfelt that now I'm looking forward even more to David's return to Pine Valley. He truly sounds like a very special person.

I haven't read the spoilers or anything about Pratt's plans for PV so please no one reveal them here on this blog. ... without a "spoiler alert" warning if you can't hold the news in.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

That is Yaya in the Dr Scholls commercial. AMC is not slowing her down.

Anonymous said...

belinda m. paschal, I LOVE Psychopathy Kathy- but even better, combine them! PsychoKath(y)! Oh I love this little girl- best young actress on the show now! (sorry little Emma)

And JordAsh, have you gotten ahold of Footballers Wives yet or am I going to need to find a way to burn my DVDs? MVP's got nothin' on the amazingness of Footballers Wives (sorry MVP viewers!)

PS Did anyone read the Fall Previews from Soapzone (linked from SuperPoster's blog)? I don't really know what to think...

Maura said...

Hi everyone.. I'm new to this board.. very familiar with SP though! I agree with EVERYTHING you guys say. Especially about the sextuplets from HELL.
Basically at this point they should just let this "rumored" tornado kill all of them except InsAnnie.. LOVE MY MCE!!! Melissa is the only positive in this whole mess.. and of course the occasional Richie viewing.

I can't deal with anymore Rylee 2.0. Seriously it makes me sick to my stomach. Please send Aidan to GH with his family and let him go all super spy with Kelly Monaco.

Why is Spike at music camp.. isn't he like 3 at the most? Is he a music prodigy? so stupid. I really wanted MCE to beat the sh*t out of Kendall yesterday.. i want to see a real catfight and I want MCE to take the cake. Just beat Kendall and Greenlee both.. please. Annie has a point why does Kendall act all bff with Greenlee after everything? HYPOCRIT!!!!!!!

I dont want Jake and taylor..
I agree with Ashley I want some more realistic storylines.. NewBabe doesnt work for me so I dont care about the fusion takeover.
I would've liked to see a real storyline about Adam having a REAL panic disorder.. they totally dropped that storyline. Being someone that does have panic disorder I wouldve liked them to show the real stuff.. yeah it does feel like a heartattack but what about all the other times that hits you??

I have an idea.. Have Sonny corinthos come to Pine Valley and try to start a mob.. have ryan try to save the day and let them all kill each other so theres no mob on GH and no sexpooplets on AMC.. problem solved!

Anonymous said...

Damn, when was the last time we had an honest to goodness catfight ON SCREEN?

I think it's time for one. I wanna see if Kendall's already split ends can be split even further by Insannie.

I actually like Randi.People are just jealous. I bet you all wish you could be hookers with temp jobs at agencies where nobody works! I know I do.

And guys, I'm sorry, but Freaklin's nostrils are bothering me. Whenever a scene calls for Cornelius to be scared or animated, his nostrils flare up like the exhaust pipes of a rocketship.

So far, Beth Ehlers seems to fit right in on AMC. She is reeeeal natural. What's not natural is her pairing with Jake. I really think this is gonna' be a bomb pairing. TAYLOR/TAD/KRYSTAL/ADAM people...THIS is what it should be. A Quad instead of the Suxtet.

I want Kendall and Greenlee to DESTROY Babe and Jr. How stupid are they to try and take on K & G at the same time? Now, I think Adam could hold his own, but Jr is sloppy, and Trailer Barbie(Babe) is just an idiot. I hope K&G ruins them. And where does Jr. Get off on saying K&G are spoiled girls. Jr. NEVER worked for anything in his life. He got everything handed to him and instead of making his own company like his Dad, he inherited things. he is a douche like Donald Trump. Babe was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, then she married money, and lucked out in business.

The only reason she is working at Fusion is because Greenlee used her to get revenge on Kendall. Babe deserves nothing! So what if K&G leave all the time, it's THEIR company! I guess Babe does work, it's hard work slutting around in a kiddie pool with your bosses brother while you are married. Much like the pig she is named after, Babe belongs in a mudhole eating slop. DIE BABE!

I am harsh on AMC, but I do love it, and will be watching until the end. Been watching for 27 I have a right to be mean. LOL! Just buggin yall!

Anonymous said...

Tyrone, your post is funny and your point about Babe and JR well taken. At this point, I'm just sick of Greens and Kendull and find JR and Babe more interesting. Even if the Fusion takeover blows up in their faces, its a better storyline than what I've seen in a while.

Yesterday I saw a newspaper article about Walt Willey aka Jack the bobblehead. The article said he is a stand up comedian and performs his routine when he isn't shooting 260 AMC shows. I've never thought of him as funny. Anybody ever seen his act?

Soapzone Fall Preview said that Cassandra is going away and coming back as a "recast". I knew YaYa was leaving but didn't know they were recasting. SZ said it was part of the "house cleaning" that happens whenever a show gets new writers.

Anonymous said...

Spoiler Alert. SZ also said insAnnie is qoing to quit Fusion and hook up with Adam in his fight for Fusion. That's an interesting pairing. Adam needs a young hottie.

Anonymous said...

Adam and InSannie??? I'll never tune out again. That could be fantastic!

That Soapzone fall teaser also mentions [POSSIBLE SPOILER?] Jake dating Amanda, but being interested in Taylor. What I HATE about this is yet again she'll be Can't-Land-A-Man-Da. WHY must Amanda always lose out? I know I'm jumping the gun here, but it's obvious TPTB are FORCING Jake and Taylor.

Tyrone, your post about Babe made me LOL at my desk.

Arizonagal said...

Okay - a moment of eeewww here. MCE is 43 years younger than David Canary. I'd love to see them team up, but not romantically. That would be totally icky. If anyone was bothered by the age diff between Coldby and Frankie, then they should be bothered by this. Adam needs someone more age appropriate, like Bobbie Eakes. I am holding out hope that MCE and VI will pair up romantically.

Keeping my eyes out for Frankie's nostrils.

Anonymous said...

I understood the SZ article to mean that MCE and Adam are "hooking up" just so Adam can take over Fusion and insAnnie can exact some revenge on Kendull and Greenlee.

I also fead that Amanda will be after Jake and trying to thwart his relationship with Taylor. One good thing is it means Amanda will be at her smokin hottest.

tallytofu said...

I think at this point, the fact that they're using Amanda at all is a great sign. I was afraid she'd be out the door just like poor Josh. Glad to see Pratt is actually interested in writing for her.
Anyone else think he's already writing? I mean we've seen Amanda more in the past 2 weeks than we have the whole year!

I'm watching today's show (Thursday) and it's the first full episode I've seen this week - it's actually enjoyable, except for the Fletcher/Frankie scenes. I love InsAnnie more with every scene these days, and even Randi wasn't so bad. I like the epdisodes that feel more balanced, in favor of the ones that are totally focused on the sextet.

Loved the Jake/Taylor scenes. Jake's faux flirting with Aidan on the phone was too funny! I have to say, I finally get why some people think he comes off a little gay sometimes. In this case it fits the story (since obviously that's what Taylor now thinks) but honestly, if Jake WERE actually gay, it would be totally believable.

(And just in case anyone wonders, I mean absolute none of that as a negative thing - I'm a gay man myself, and someone coming across as a little gay or feminine is not an insult in my book!)

Anonymous said...

Jordan did your sources tell you Fletcher leaves. I cannot take him any longer. Everything else is moving along except that mess.

Anonymous said...

I also liked the father/son scenes with Joe and Jake. It's nice to see Joe in a context outside the bogus ER scenes. 5 cc's STAT! or whatever. It can't be a picnic working with or for your dad, so I appreciated the realist admonishment he gave Jake about his attitude at work and the heartfelt concern he expressed about Jake's living arrangements and all that. In some ways the hospital is a Martin family business, so I like seeing them sort out their personal and professional relationship. Those small moments are what flesh out these characters and make us care about them when they get caught up in some major plotline. Which makes me think of Opal. I got spoiled with all the Opal time the past few months. Now she's never on. WTF? Petey is back! When is she going to surface again? With Petey on the scene, she should be everywhere. I would think she would have an pretty strong opinion about him romancing Adam's daughter.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen the epi yet where Jake flirts with Aidumb. I don't hope Aidumb dies, but I do hope he gets in touch with his feminine side and discovers a long buried desire for Jake. You know, that little twitch in his jeans that he previously only felt for Greenlee. He's talking to Jake and he has one of those "I think it moved" moments. Now that's entertainment!

In fact, hell, I hope that whole sorry sextet discovers they are gay. At least then, they'd have some new sexual partners to screw over and cheat on, and we wouldn't have to worry about cRyan spawn.

As for Jake, that guy is all macho man, that is why he is secure enough to wear leotards and jazz pants and "flirt" with another man. He was just throwing Aidumb a bone. He is just that secure in his masculinity and knows, w/o a doubt, his sexual preference.

Whoever said SUXTET, you win, that one little word says it all!

Now TPTB, stop fiddling around and get Jake and Amamda together!

Anonymous said...

hey can someone tell me the link to Buzz Worthy's actual site? the one where you listen to the show live. I went to and it looks like it hasn't been updated in a while..

Anonymous said...

You can go on blogtalkradio website. But on page they have a link directly to their blogtalk page.

BELINDA said...

Shadow, I've never seen Walt Willey's stand-up act, but I've heard it would make stodgy ol' Jack Montgomery's hair curl! Apparently, it borders on X-rated ... who'da thunk it!

Excerpt from an Aug. 14 interview with the Mundelein (Illinois) Review:

"Maybe I am uninhibited and a little scatological by nature. Interestingly enough, I have had people say, 'Oh my god, not what I was expecting' followed immediately by 'But I laughed so hard.'"

When Willey started doing stand-up he didn't want to be limited by the expectations of his loyal soap opera fan base.

"So in some ways I went as far away as I felt I could."

According to the interview, his 13-year-old son sometimes opens for him, doing parody songs, and Walt tones down the raunch at those shows.

Anonymous said...

hehehe I saw Walt doing his standup a few years ago. He was soooooooooo bad, and did a abso-tivley halerious song about the AMC Storylines (They were ALllllllllmost as goofy then as they are now)

after the show he signed autographs and did pictures with everyone and was such a sweetie

Brian said...

Does anyone else think that Angie is being played a little over-the-top? Why is she looking so into the fact that Cass can't cope with her new family. It is understandable. The girl is 18 and comes to Pain Valley to meet her mom and her new husband. Then, she gets caught up in this mess with Coldby.

I agree with Cass on Chief Hubbard being too much of a cop and less of a father to Cass. The guy needs to lighten up and protect his family. He turned a blind eye to HIS son almost killing a pimp, but it is completely unacceptable for his step-daughter to be involved in an alleged hit-and-run.

I liked Cassandra, but she was sometimes too annoying to handle. I just wish they bring her back in a few years (as a recast).

Anonymous said...

What was up with yesterday's Aidumb & Greenlee? When he came home and saw Greenlee in her undies, he left the door open. Hello?? I guess he didn't care who else could walk in besides Jake or Jack.

Anonymous said...

I have been scrubbing all afternoon to try to erase the word STUPID, which is obviously written on my forehead and that of other AMC viewers. Otherwise, why would the writers think we were interested in this inane story line of Frankie trying to raise money to pay off Randi's contract with the dastardly Fletcher?? Come on, Mr. Pratt, give us a little credit. No one's going to buy this asinine rubbish. Blech!! Put an end to it!!!!

Arizonagal said...

Dianne, i just looked in the mirror and saw nothing on my forehead but a few well-earned wrinkles. Scrub no more, your quest for stupidity begins and ends with the writers.

Anonymous said...

I am not feeling Beth Ehlers because truth be told…I can’t stand looking at her. It’s harsh, but that’s the way it is. I don’t care how much chemistry she has with Jake…Amamda’s still hotter with him. She’s still the hottest girl on the show, even with one good eye. And if you can’t revive the Slutmetric with Amamda & Jake sex scenes, I’d settle for ones with Jake & Aidumb. Jake has enough chemistry to even make a one-sided phone flirt with Aidan smokin’.

Also, since when does Pine Valley have an Army base? Is it by the famous Pine Valley coastline, mere moments from Atlantic City?

But the truth is that I’m just all bitchy because I can’t stomach the whole Fusion storyline. Greenlee & Kenorexic own Fusion so if they want to go off gallivanting they can certainly do that. That’s why they have employees. It’s Babe’s job to do the work. Maybe the GED didn’t cover corporate hierarchy.

Oh and the whole Spike at music camp thing….can we slow down Kendull & Zach with the uberparenting? The boy just recently got his hearing back and now you’re sending him off to music camp?

I like Randi, btw. And I’d actually like to see her with Dr. Hayward when he comes back with Dixie. If he has to blackmail her into the relationship, so be it.

Okay, now that I've gotten that all off my chest, I can breathe and watch my OLTL.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, AZgal. My skin was beginning to get a bit raw!

It's just so insulting that we're supposed to believe a physician (whose father is police chief!) and a war veteran would kowtow to the demands of a two-bit pimp.

Hoping the promised tornado blows Fletcher far, far away.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jordash,
You guys ROCKED!!! I never knew about buxxworthy before but will listen now. You two totally need a call in show every once in a while.
BTW I called in to buzzworthy and was not chosen.I listen for over 40 min on the phone, but i loved every minute of it.

Anonymous said...

Stayed on hold for 40 minutes on Buzzworthy and didn't get to ask my question, so I'll ask it here. What is the time constraint on the podcast, JordAsh? I'm guessing you target one hour, but you know your loyal fans would listen to a longer podcast any day. Is it ITunes? File size? Or what?

BTW, enjoyed both of you on Buzzworthy, but really you should have your own radio show! C'mon, guys, you can do it!

Anonymous said...

OMG sorry i meant buzz not buxx so sorry for the typo!
I should also note that the 40mins was long distance! LOL

Arizonagal said...

JordAsh, you guys were terrific on buzzworthy. You are both naturals and should do your own all in show one of these days. You both have larger than life personalities.

Yeah, I tried to get through too, but they only took two calls. Bummer. It was great to hear Alejandro though and I though he did good. Who was that first caller?

Ashley, was it hard to do an hour?

If I had a chance to get through I would have asked you what you thought about the return of David and also, did you ever think you'd still be doing this podcast two years later? Oh, and also, you mentioned your first podcast with special Lily. I missed the first few months of PVP. Do you have those files stored anywhere? I remember once you said you'd accidentally erased them.

Ashley said...

Thanks for listening to the Buzzworthy interview!

Yeah, I kinda thought the whole thing should have been call-in, 'cuz you guys know us better than anyone, but hope you enjoyed it. Matt and NaVell are pretty damn hardworking!

I *never* like David Haywward. he was a bit too "dastardly" for me, and Libidizone and his other hijinks didn't help! BUT - the show has been so bad for me, and the newcomers so disappointing, that I'm longing for ANYONE with a history on the show, so I'm really, really happy to have Hayward back. Plus, he's another nail "out" of the coffin for Dixie, and if she came back, well... Ashley would be in soap heaven! (Okay, Dixie AND Brooke would be soap heaven!)

I said it last night and I'll say it again -- the show is lacking characters with HEART. Brooke brings that. I find myself YouTubing these days to see her scenes!

I have the first episode, I think but I lost about 4 months after that! If you go back to the first show on the blog space, you can download the first episode.

Sorry that some of you waited on the phone lines!

Ash xo

Anonymous said...

I was only kidding about slamming down the phone. It was no big deal but would have been fun if more of our bloggers could have been heard. Go, Alejandro!

What about the restrictions on the podcast length, Ash? Are you guys just shooting for an hour arbitrarily?

Ashley said...

Nope. It's an artistic decision. ;)

I've been going over - between 10-15 minutes sometimes, but I think an hour is a good length.

Always leave them wanting more! ;)

Ash xo

Anonymous said...

jORDaSH, Here's an idea for an alternative to a call in show. Bloggers could email you their questions as wav or other sound files and you could answer during the regular podcast. Just a thought.

Can't get the debut episode on the blog, get that lame 404 message thingy.

Have a great weekend ya'll!

Anonymous said...

I have a prediction about Taylor and Jake. She overheard him talking on the phone to Aidan and now mistakenly believes that Jake is gay. Jake is now looking for a new place to live, not wanting to intrude on the newlyweds. Taylor wanted to go back to Iraq, but now she won't be able to for a while, so she'll need a place to stay. I think that they'll end up roommates because Taylor thinks he's a nice guy who happens to be gay, so he won't hit on her. Although the timing is ridiculous, in PV time, it's entirely possible that Greenlee and Aidan will have a their new, custom-made house built, ohhhh, let's say a in a week or so, which would leave Greenlee's penthouse vacant and she could insist Jake move back into it to keep an eye on the place, rent-free. Hilarity ensues.

Anonymous said...

hey all, great podcast this week. Ashley thanks for the shoutout, but i only wish it was longer, why do i miss miss sabine singh so much, i know she wasnt the best actress in how she portrayed greenlee, but i loved every show she was on because she was entertaining. I love Rebecca but since she came back the character is not the same, they whitewashed everything Sabine did as greenlee, like kidnapping Spike and driving him into a SEA OF BOULDERS, its like they want us to love her again, i still wish i could see how Sabine would portray greenlee right now, i miss greenlee as a bitch. Ashley, iknow u miss watching Sabine, and i so miss ur weekly impressions, i need another one for old times sake. I didnt think it existed but i found the scene where greenlee says i created rhapsody in red, aww good times.

I was loving me some insAnnie this week when she said u bitch i was crackin. I want crazy Kathy to get an emmy, cuz i love her, does she even know Dixie is her mom. Did anyone notice that it now says that Chuck Pratt is a consulting producer, maybe that is why the show seems different. Why o why are they writing Kendull this waay, i miss the bitch. Did anyone notice they forgot Ians birthday in the last week of July, spike always has a big birthday, poor Ian. I hope they do recast Cass, and i think Davetta Sherwood, who played Lily on Y&R, like Dru and was a bitch would make a great Cass.They better not kill Annie off, Jordan do u have any insider info? Did u hear they might kill Myrtle off, I AM NOT AMUSED, that would be like killing off Palmer, did u know that actor just turned 90, i didnt think he was that old. They might kill Myrtle to bring back Skye, whats their relationship. I love me some Skye, and if she does come back i hope she raises holy hell and takes names at casa chandler. I wish Carmen or someone would call Carmen, Carmen Sugar Morales, cuz i loved that name. I loved me some AmAmda this week,im so glad shes being used again, one thing right chuck pratt, how great was
her talking parrot,how funny was that. Is it just me or is she
the prettiest woman on soaps, i found out shes half Japanese and Spanish, her look is just stunning, anyone agree. I so wish there would have been a Josh, Jake, and Amamda triangle, Ashley i know u would have loved that.

Ashley i loved talking to you on buzzworthy radio, but i get so nervous when i talk on that. Great job on the show, but i wish Jordan was there from the beginning. Just curious but did u find out about the site from me when i gave u the link for the Cady Mcclain interview, it worked for me, great interview. I hope they told u how to get in touch with the pr department to have interviews with the actors. i would so love to hear u interview chrishell, cuz i know she would love u. how cool that they get to go to the oltl set.

Ashley are u watching oltl, if so what do u think. Jordan i was loving me some Tess and Tina this week. Shes such a bitch and i love it, this is what Annie should be. Jordan did u see Lindsay as olympia last week when she met Renee, she called her the head ho-ah, and i was laughing so hard, it reminded me of Hannah when she called herself a ho-ah and Ashley did the impression, i miss me some Hannah, and her and Josh, they were hott. cat hickland has been awesome as olympia, but they better put her back on contract, she has no story coming up, bring back her son will. I was so mad when she didnt get her emmy nom this year and for kathy briar, they so desrved it this year. Jordan were u watching when Lindsay confesses to murdering spencer, it was a tour de force performance that everyone was talking about, i found it if anyone wants to watch it which i highly reccomend. In this episode Lindsay confesses to killing Spencer and we see how Jared met Tess, it was a great episode and it was only the second episode that Ron carlivati wrote on Sept 24. Too bad not this much happened one week of amc back then.

Jordan are u stillwatching atwt?, if so what do think, i hate how it is so choppy, none of the stories intertwine like oltl. I am tired of seeing Paul and Meg everyday, they bore me to tears. Parker and Liberty need to stop being on all the time also, it is so wrong the actor just turned 15 and the actress is already 22, and the characters are cousins, but not really. If people thoght amc was bad, gl is 100 times worse, why does it bore me too tears, it is hard to watch one episode. get rid of Cyrus and Grady, and bring back Shayne and Marah as a bitch like Reva. They have one of the smallest cast on daytime, what is their budget 18 dollars, i dont get it since the company that produces it p&g, is a multi billion dollar corporation.

Jordan we still need ur list of shows u watch , and i thought i watched alot of tv. I usually watch it live if i can, since i dont have a dvr. I sometimes watch b&b, days, and y&r, anyone else watch these shows. Ashley i live by Dubuque Iowa, in a big city for Iowa, and it reminds me of Taylor Crawford, who needs to make a guest appearance for some Josh impressions, who was gone when he was taking care of his sick aunt in Dubuque iowa. Do Taylor, Jordan, and Pedro know each other because if they were all on the same podcast it would be a hoot. Ashley when will the new podcast be up u said, Monday afternoon? Anyway, talk to u later everyone, and have a great week everyone.

Anonymous said...

Where the F**k is Opal?
Jordan does your source know if Jill Larson have an appearance soon?
I mean we see Fletcher more!

Are we suppose to believe that Petey only sees his mom on Saturday and Sunday when we don't see?
Erica has not seen her best friend since she got out of jail?
Kathy is acting a hot mess, where is Opal?

If Pratt kills Myrtle off, then in a violent way (a tornado). I will be Pissed! It was one thing to shoot up Julia at the wedding but you DO NOT kill Myrtle all out the blue in a TORNADO!

If Eileen Herlie is ready to go you give her a fleshed out goodbye story, not no damn tornado! She could have Dementia or something but I cannot do a tornado!

Someone had the idea to have Skye come back and have Adam give her Fusion to run. We need some rivalry that has nothing to do with Ryan's sperm!!

Laura said...

Ashley I cried when I read your special shout out of support for my family. My mother-in-law is dying a peaceful death, but it's hard. Thanks for your support.

Not much time to watch or read the blog this week, but I loved Amanda in the pirate costume. Her and Jake are hot, Beth Ehlers should just be happy to get some better lighting than GL and stay away from Amanda's man.

I loved everyone's comments this week. I'll have to listen to Buzzworthy radio soon.

Alejandro, glad you made the podcast from Dubuque. My daughter goes to college there. I used to think of Taylor everytime I went there.

I agree Skye needs to come back to run Fusion.

Myrtle deserves an Asa Buchanan style funeral. If all of sudden we see her, you know she's gone soon.

I actually am enjoying AMC a little more, the Frankie story is bad, but the girl is beautiful. Let those dumb chicks have a hooker as the face of Fusion.

Thanks for the welcome diversion everyone. Jordan I think the powers that be listen to your podcast. You know on Daytime Confidential Luke called Adriana Bitchy Bangs, and Ron C. wrote that in an episode. Stranger things have happened. I pray they take your Dixie/David story.

Norn Cutson said...

ya'll are my new best friends!!!
i heard the buzzworthy interview & when i heard Ashley doin her impression of ERICA, i totally cracked up & subscribed to your podcast, put it on my ipod & went out shopping...but then when you did your impression of Jesse, i FELL DOWN ON THE FLOOR OF THE GROCERY STORE IN A LAUGHING FIT!!

you are tooooooo hilarious, such sharp observations...& all your commentary (& humor) comes from the heart...i think your show is pure joy!

i am actually more of an OLTL person...growin up in our house, AMC was my sister's show & OLTL was my show...but we both totally support & follow each others shows!

love ya'll & i am so thrilled to find your blog & show!

Brian said...

I thought it was interesting that AMC built a set for Myrtle's old dress shop. And didn't they mention a month or so ago that Opal sold her hair salon and gave her chicken recipe to KWAK?

These are the kinds of things that we fans love. Bringing back past stories! I would love to find out who took over Erika's place on New Beginnings while she was in jail.

My only hope for Mr. Pratt is that he actually changes the fusion set. I think it is so dumb that Kendall and Greenlee not only share an office together, but they also have other lower level people in the same area like Anne (accountant), Babe (assistant), and Amanda (Babes assistant?). At least they put Randi out of the room and in the hallway. Seems strange to me that they would all be cluttered in the same office. If anything, I wish they would feature some of the OTHER employees at fusion. It would actually be an interesting way to bring in a new character. Show him or her working in a different department of the building.

Anonymous said...

Brian, I agree, I'd rather see the fusion chicks in aprons, sweaty, greasy and frying chicken. Now *that's* entertainment. Wonder if KWAK is selling Opal's chicken at the Comeback? BTW, WEHT the Comback? Does KWAK work anymore?

Love the show, Hate Fusion, it's never felt like a real, successful, legit business. It's always the center of stupid bitchy petty drama. None of the fusionistas ever seem capable of running a high powered corporation.

Unknown said...

oh please please please don't let Frankie steal drugs for Fletcher! He is just too sweet to ruin like this -- I know a few of ya'all aren't crazy about him but I think he's an honest character... i'm lukewarm on Randi, but for me, she's getting better and more real. I think the writers are probably gonna turn her into a people-user though... but maybe then she'll realize that Frankie really loves her and blah blah blah she'll turn around. But please don't let him steal the drugs!

Anonymous said...

Great job on buzzworthy radio Ashley and Jordan!

Terry in Toronto

Shadow said...

OK there is just no way Frankie would steal drugs for Rancid, I mean Randi. Here's a guy who must have struggled his whole life to overcome the loss of his father and all that to become a respected physician. He's got no addictions, a loving family, decent looks, money and out of all the women he could date he has zeroed in on a hooker. I don't have any real experience with hookers, but I've never seen them look this hot. A girl as hot, well dressed, etc as Rancid could easily get her way paid by lots of guys without truly prostituting herself by some fruity john like Fletcher. Randi is growing on me, like a rash, but nevertheless I'm getting used to her, but she's only believable when they aren't putting her in the hooker context. She was good at the dress shop. She's OK at Fusion. But the minute she starts talking about going to get blood tested with Sherry, it's over for me. Remember Estelle? That was a hooker. She had a reason to hook. She looked like a hooker. She wasn't glamorous and she wasn't politically correct. A hot hooker that goes for regular testing is just ridiculous. Obviously this is being written by a man who fantasizes about disease free hot ho's. We still don't know why she did it. Remember Donna's vulnerability? And there just is no reason for Frankie, the police chief's son, the son of the no. 2 doc at PVH, to contemplate stealing drugs. I know Jessie and Angie strive to be fair minded but they should be wigging out over this a la Phoebe/Chuck/Donna. They just reunited after being separated 20 years by some FBI criminal. Angie was kidnapped at gunpoint not too long ago. Cassie is is trouble. And now Frankie is risking all their lives and his life for this hot hooker. No way. Frankie is no Chuck either. Remember how Chuck worried and suffered for Phoebe? He was flawed, genuinely scared at the circumstance, intimidated by billy clyde tuggle and the whole situation. Frankie is instantly all up in Fletcher's face with nostrils flaring and his own 5head brooding. I just don't buy it. Meanwhile Randi is saying lines like, "I'm enjoying people using my mind rather than my body". If we have to do this story, AMC should let a girl write it. And Fletcher isn't scary. He's no
Tony Soprano.

I like InsAnnie. but they should write her less desperate and more just vengeful. She wss pathetic at ConFusion. BTW, I really ConFusion. It's a wierd set that make everyone look bad. Wjy would Annie go there after quitting. Why not go to KWAK's place?

BELINDA said...

RANCID instead of Randi - PRICELESS. Way to go, Shadow!

Norn Cutson said...

ooh child!!!
so i spent this weekend catchin up on that Carolyn Hinsey story...
i will never look @ Cryan, Zach or even my li'l Rexy on OLTL the same ever again!!!

luv ya'll
cant wait for this weeks podcast!

Anonymous said...

hey Ashley!! You do the BEST, BEST, BEST impressions!!!! could you possibly do a podcast with you doing all of your AMC impressions??? that would be great!!!

Anonymous said...

Rancid!!!!!! I was on the floor with that one Shadow!

I am glad Frankie did not steal the drugs, it would out of character. He is not that dumb!?!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else hear Carmen say that she couldn't understand Adian and Jackson reply that sometimes Aidan needs subtitles? I almost peed myself!

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Terry! So is it the writers or Elizabeth R & Walt Willey who are listening to the PVP?? I had the feeling they were about to call him Aidum!

Except for the scenes of Kendull and Greenme interfering in Cryan's business, I thought today's show was great. I loved seeing Erica back in her "I don't want him but I certainly don't want anyone else to have him" mode. Just classic Erica Kane!

And I hope Yaya is on a short trek to another acting gig. She was terrific today telling Angie and Jesse goodbye.

Opal was actually on! Jack put Erica in her place ("And how does that [having numerous relationships with men] make her any different from you?")! And I love the developing conspiracy between Adam & Insannie!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the first week that Chuck Pratt's material begins airing? I'm optimistic after today's show.

Crystal said...

OMG I couldn't believe Carmen and Jack's conversation about Aidan needing subtitles. LOL

What was up with Erica's boobs today!?!

Anonymous said...

I swear Carmen is the Pine Valley voice of the viewers!

Anonymous said...

I have on my calendar that Pratt's material starts airing on Wednesday. Hopefully they will air an updated intro. KWAK and EMC are both blonde now. Lily, Ava, Julia, Josh, Richie, are gone. Chompers and Myrtle are hardly ever on.

Speaking of Myrt, surely they aren't going to send that poor lady to death by tornado. After all these years why not give us snippets of her past and precious scenes with Zach and Erica and show everyone what a stabilizing influence she has been. Geez, she took over for Mona after Mona died. With her actually being alive it is such an opportunity to celebrate her career on the show and make her loss even more poignant. But to just suck her up in a twister out of the blue is so pointless. Instead of all the great interaction and recollections-via a birthday party or Erica's conscious (oh, I haven't seen Myrtle lately.. I should be better about seeing her...nice montage piece..)it sounds like they may just send her to Oz and have a one day funeral/best of clip show. That would be a total lost opportunity. They could build so much history into her exit. Ditto Palmer.

Belinda, Anon- Glad you like Rancid. Seems fitting.I keep trying to come up with something for Kathy/Kate but no luck yet. You got any suggestions?

The workout scenes strike me as funny. I appreciate AMC for trying to develop a new set, but there are 2 machines and a rack of dumbbells. Greenlee was killing herself to lift a 10 pound weight. If you slow play it there are only two little weiths on the thing. Even Kathy could lift that. Ryan and Aidumb were sweating buckets and groaning while lifting a little 20 pound dumbbell.

Anonymous said...

Just read that Susan Lucci will be on Dancing With the Stars this fall. And she shoots her 10,000th episode this fall. Cool!

Anonymous said...

That will be just disgusting if they kill off Myrtle and don't take the opportunity to tell an important story about how much she means to everyone and what the experience of being older is like. I will be so through if they push her out in a Tornado instead of Aidumb, Randi, Coldby, Dre, NuBabe, Comatose little A. Kill anyone else. Why can't we get Myrtle once every two weeks so there's a break from the suckstet? Ugh! Stoopid writers make me SOOOOO mad!

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Where is all this "myrtle dies in a tornado" stuff coming from? Has someone heard something about who dies in the tornado? I did hear...


that Petey gets struck by lightning and becomes Super Petey, but that sounds so ludicrous, it can't be true, right??? wink wink, nudge nudge >;-)

Anonymous said...

I believes that the conversation between Carmen and Jackson, proves that at least one writer listens to the podcast. As we all know that Aidiumb needs subtitles simply because most of us ( like Jordan) have to watch his scene with subtitles.

Erica Kane said...

Is there a new podcast for this week?? Just got home from vacation, and was hoping to have two to listen to at work in the am. Yes I am behind I just got last weeks tonight.

Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

Ashley and Jordan where are u? we havent seen u on the blog, and we miss u, will the blog be up tomorrow, did u get my questions? I got a new name for colby, fauxlby since she is a faux. omg i could not believe Carmen said she needs subtitles to understand Aidan, they must be listening to the podcast, cuz Ashley u said u used to put on subtitles to understand him. Ive been trying to think of aname for Kathy or Kate, Krazthy since shes crazy or Krazte for Kate, or Krafty since she has become pretty crafty. Let me know what everyone thinks.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! did anyone watch today. carmen says "i couldn't understand anything greenlee's husband said" and jackson says "yeah aidan needs subtitles". that was a total tribute to the pvp, they must be watching!!!

Anonymous said...

Wheres the podcast this week?