Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Pancakes and Poetry (Really?)

  • In a dazzlingly original display of sexual bravado, Greenlee paints her body in Aidumb's poetry. (We're serious. She does. And it's gross.)
  • "Father-of-the-Year" Cryan Lavery makes (V-Tach-free) pancakes for Emma.
  • Angie yells.
  • Taylor cries.
  • Kendull complains.
  • Zach sulks.
  • Petey scores!
  • Randi... well, Randi doesn't do anything, really.
PVP founder and debonair commentator Taylor Crawford joins us this week as AMC chugs along under the direction of Chuckie Pratthole. Chuck is wrapping up old storylines while trying to expand some new ones. We're observing some hits, some misses, and some lost opportunities along the way. As our ass-toot bloggers have noted, history, TPTB, history! Just a little more, please! What else do you want more of? Tell us, darlings, here.

09/27/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

As ya'll mentioned, last week JR told Ryan "he'd never get past the guards and gate on the Chandler estate". I was thinking, doesn't EVERYONE get past the Chandler gates and guards? Ryan got past them to go in. Petey is always in the bushes and nobody knows. InsAnnie snuck out and back in her window the night she tried to kill Greenlee. When Dixie returned (pre-pancakes) she snuck around all over the place. There's always someone sneaking around the tunnels who shouldn't be there, and they always seem surprised when they answer the door. Those are some sorry guards.

Anonymous said...

BTW, enjoyed the podcast. Ashley, you've expanded your voice repertoire! The Frankie and Rancid voices were great. You could voice a whole AMC script by yourself.

LOL at "Poetry by Aidan Devane". He wishes he could speak that well. I think you should revisit that bit occasionally like a SNL skit.

Anonymous said...

RE Ashley on Petey spiking Bella: He didn't spike every bottle/box, he only got through one box before being struck by lightning. Amanda later remarked that one box had the seal broken on it. I guess Petey is hoping that spiking one box will be enough to bring down Fusion.

I'm loving Adam and Erica. They're perfect for each other. One snotty one-liner after another!

And Taylor, your Bella + Costco comment probably made me wake up my roommates at 2:40am with my laughing. Brilliant, sir. :D

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Taylor Crawford! How we've missed ya. Sadly not much has changed in Pine Valley but thankfully the PVP survives to give us all hope.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Oh.My.God. I hate Ryan with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. But the podcast, well that's a whole 'nother story. Welcome back Taylor Crawford!

Ashley said...

Howdy WMD!

Thanx for the Bella explanation, but I'm still confused... The opened bottle that Petey spiked ended up in Greenlee's suitcase. Besides, only one person to react from the Bella wouldn't be enough to do the company in. People have allergic reactions to products all the time, so that wouldn't be at all unusual. Plus, Petey assured Adam that he got the job done - that he spiked the shipment. And how the hell could he have done that? Anyone else have any explanations that can clear this up for your ol' friend Ashley? Or do I need to, in the immortal words of Taylor Crawford, "Suspend your disbelief!" ?

Anonymous said...

Alright...from what I saw it appeared that Bella's "big first shipment" (gonna have to suspending disbelief for that part) consisted of four large shipping boxes, each containing smaller boxes with the bottles. He spiked several bottles inside the one large shipping box. Greenlee's bottle came from inside this box. I imagine that having 1/4th of the initial customers react to it would be beyond allergies, although, not really enough to bring down the company - just Bella itself.

As for Petey telling Adam that he spiked the *shipment*, I'm guessing that he just lied to avoid being yelled at by Adam again (since Adam would probably not be happy with only a partial spiking).

Of course, TPTB will probably just have everyone react despite everything that's happened, in typical fashion.

Anonymous said...

Although I do miss Jordan, I'm happy to have Taylor back! I've so far only listen to a couple min. so far.

Norn Cutson said...

i love when Taylor does DI FROM THE STREETS!!!!

happy new week, ya'll!

Anonymous said...

Pillow Book, Taylor. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw all that crappy poetry on Greens. Why did it look so much better on naked men in the Pillow Book? On AMC it was just plain corny.

Why do I think it's just icky when Greendumb are doing anything the least bit sexual?

Jake is an analrapist? Since when? True he does seem to possess much more wisdom than the rest of the group. I love your references to anything arrested development.

Tad and Krystal are starting to take on the flavor of Homer and Marge. That's not a bad thing.

Ooh, Petey, he was one of the bright spots last week. He's starting to become less caricature and more character. He is a little sweety. One thing tho, when he's flirting with Colby, I keep thinking how much better these scenes would be with Amber C.

Best name for a TV character: Bob Loblaw.

Anonymous said...

I thought Looch looked very Erica 80's tonight on DWTS. She looked great and did better than most on a pretty dull night. I gave her all all my votes again. Can't help it, I like her so much. She could trip and yell a cussword and I'd still vote for her. Glad to see that CarrieBitch getting on board the Kane Train.

It was funny when they interviewed Cameron to see if he could share some "wisdom" from his season on DWTS. I swear I could hear crickets. What did ya'll think?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley,

About the spiked Bella: I figured that there only needed to be a few contaminated bottles to instigate a recall. Remember when someone was tampering with Tylenol bottles and even though only two had been found every bottle in the USA had to be pulled off the shelves? That's why Petey only needed to mess with a few bottles and not every single one in the shipment. But maybe this is all just bad writing that I'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt.

I agree with you 100% that beautiful Randi is DBTE. Why don't they just make her a mannequin in Myrtles dress shop and we'll never have to see her interact with a real person again and Frankie will be free to get involved with Taylor, the girl Taylor that is.

Terry in Toronto

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Monday's episode


• i like the print on KENDALL's dress. i bet it looks good on some woman with meat on the bone.

• just on friday, ADAM couldn't stop thanking ANNIE enough, now he's hangin her out to dry.

• GREENLEE's hair looks like a mistake.

• notice KENDALL is holding a daisy while they run a PUSHING DAISIES promo in the corner.

• they're too cheap to hire a day player for the role of the doctor?

• OPAL's all into her cards.
KWAK knows something is wrong.

that's the closest thing to a story ive seen on this episode.

(thats why im just commenting on people's clothes & hair)

• wait, they *did* hire a day player...but didnt use her til now?

• ZACH *should* have a daughter.

• very charming scene with AMANDA & JAKE. its actually romantic.

...& then TAYLOR plops her ass down!

TAYLOR has become the URKEL of Pine Valley.

notes on Monday's episode


• now *THIS* is a show!!!
opening with a bang!

• isnt LANGSTON 17? she coukd just move back to Llanview when she turns 18.

• love love love love love ADDIE!
& she looks so good!

• dang, the momentum of my action-packed episode was lost, because charlie gibson broke in to tell me theres a depression.

• CLINT is just too evil now.

• im enjoying this scene with MARCIE singing. they are due for another musical episode.

• oh, my respect for COLE just went up 25 points.

• ADDIE: "If it hurts, it can heal."

Arizonagal said...

Ha, TNT, DBTE should be a mannequin, would that make her Randiquin?

I'm getting a little tired of Angie's hysterics. She didn't used to be such a volatile harpy. I feel like the new PTB are losing touch with who Jesse and Angie really are. These are not the same characters that came back to PV a few short months ago.

Same goes for Kendull, she is so one-note now. Why the heck is Zach sticking around? Some of ya'll have mentioned she's becoming a young Erica, but I don't see it. Young Erica was cunning and shrewd. Kendull is a nagging stupid wife. I so agree with Taylor Crawford when he said the show would be better off without Ryan, who is at the center of the suxtet. His character just drags everyone down and I hate the way the women who "love" him become so lame.

I hope this tornado sucks him up instead of turning him into a friggin hero.

That's my beef for the evening.

Anonymous said...

I saw a blurb on the net today that referred to the show as "All Ryan Lavery's Children". Sad but funny.

Maybe Greenlee forgot to brush her hair after she woke up. She had a tough weekend. Maybe she ran all the way from Fusion to the police station or the air conditioner was broke in her car and she had to drive to the police station with the windows down. Whatever, that is a hairdon't.

All of a suddent Opal is so in touch with the other world. Last year she couldn't tell when Ghost Dixie was in the room standing beside her slapping herself on the ass.

Anonymous said...

When Taylor brought up and Aiden/Zach Def Poetry Jam Slam I laughed out loud on the street. And then I laughed out loud on my train when I got a treat of Di's voice. Oh man, come back more often Taylor!

I can't stand Ryan and I never have. When I began watching AMC I immediately disliked Ryan and Johnathan. I consider myself Anti-Lavery. Sadly, I don't see Ryan going anywhere. Now that he has hosting gigs, did DWTS, etc. I see him as the big name on the show (besides La Lucci). I bet AMC will bend over to let Ryan still be on AMC yet pursue other projects. UGH! I so agree with the podcast- if Ryan were gone, I think I might be enjoying the show more. The character just plan sucks. I didn't see Ryan when he was a con-man and stuff- all I know is this self-righteous, do-gooder, wuss and he's DULL.

I know we know who the first tornado death is, but do we know the second?? I know we can't post here, so could someone post a link?

Hooray for a new Lil' A! The old Lil' A wouldn't have wanted to be on the show last week cause that kid clearly didn't want to act. He only responded when they gave him a cookie- just like my golden retriever. And how come, unlike all the other kids who are 5 years old, Lil' A doesn't talk? Maybe new Lil' A will have a voice.

Norn Cutson said...

i loved LI'L A laughin while he was choking, that was classic one-take soap!

i'll remember that longer than anything else that happened last week!

Anonymous said...

Ashley- you need to suspend your disbelief on this perfume thing!!!! I mean seriously, do they want us to think the CEO's of Clinique sit there making the boxes? LOL

I too miss Taylors voices "I grew up on the streets." and of course "I'm a doctor! I can fly a plane pretty good too." hahahha Can we have a full hour of you guys doing the voices?????

Actually...what id like to see a full hour of is A-mam-da and Jake! AMC better not lose Jake, now that Josh is gone hes the hottest thing we've got!

Also, Jordan Hudson, are you on here???? Gossip Girl is boring me a little this season. But i will say that my mouth dropped to the floor when i saw "The Lord" screwing his step mother!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jillybean, you're insane! Gossip Girl has been crazy this season!! C'mon, Serena turning to a beotch last week was awesome. And Chuck's fantastic outfits- I swear the wardrobe department spends more on him than all the girls combined!

Anonymous said...

Melmel. nothing compares to Blair and (swoons) Nate making sweeeeeeeet love at the ball last season!

i HATE HATE HATE Serena, but i admit this week was good. i shed a tear for our Chuck!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jilly, we might need to exchange emails to chat GG!

Forgot to mention, did anyone notice last week the Fusion dock workers wore PINK jumpsuits? Hahaha.

And one wish for the tornado: COMPLETE DESTORY CONFUSION. I hate that horrible bar.

Anonymous said...

In the blog post from last week, Shelly asked:

Jordan, I really wish you would give spoilers on the podcast. Just tell people to close their ears that don't want to hear :) Besides since it's not live and Ashley goes back to bleep out words you can figure out how long you "spoiled" something and tell people to fast forward that much. I hate secrets and love spoilers.

What if you guys covered spoilers at the END of the episode. Do the woop-woop-woop to warn for spoilers, which would be the remainder of the podcast- sort of how TV gossip columns like Ask Kristen have a "Spoiler Zone" line.

Brian said...

Is anyone else annoyed by this weak version of Greenlee? What happened to the girl who would do and say thing she wanted?

My biggest annoyance was yesterday, when Greenlee and Anne were head-to-head at the police station. Anne said, "Greenlee, you can't have Ryan's baby." Why didn't Green's say, "well guess what, Annie, you couldn't either."

I'm sorry, but this newer and more considerate Greenlee is annoying. We need a moment when Anne finally pushes Greenlee too far and she just snaps on her. Tells her where she can shove her insAnnie crap. Being with Aidumb has crippled this once bitchy character. :(

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more about Greenlee, but I thought that particular comment was great. I just wish she snap on her like she did on Erica at Jack's a while back. I keep wondering if they are dulling her down b/c of the uncertainty of her contract. Maybe they don't want to make her too much fun to watch? I'm ready to see her bring it. Everybody is needling her all the time. The Real Greenlee wouldn't have any of this BS. Ash, Jordan, have you heard if she has decided to leave or stay?

Anonymous said...

Is Zach the best man going or what?! He was so perfect with Emma, preparing her to accept Kendall putting her to bed and then he is also a strong man who won't let anyone harm his loved ones. He also shows such amazing restraint with that wife of his who must just be getting on his nerves like she's getting on ours. I loved that he walked out and went to work when Kendall dared him to stay and talk. Funny that when he wanted her to talk she was all up in Ryan's grill but now she feels in the mood Zach should be at her beck and call? I don't think so. Well anyway I think he's almost too bleeping good to be true, a strong REAL man who is also sensitive and caring. Make it the Zach show and get rid of Cryan and the rest of the suxtet. If Budig and Minshew want to leave I say let them! Good riddance! Their characters have become so annoying that I'd be happy if Binks' return meant the end of the snap-crackle-pop eat-a-meal-already sisters.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Well, I know, "Ryan and Greenlee" was supposed to be really serious today. But, I was was cracking up!

'Uh oh, violation of personal space....Ryan step away from that ( regretably former) shrew...Be a good boy, and just back away!'-LOL!

One of my closest friends likes to raz me about Ryan. His favorite term for Ryan is "saintly sl*t". HA! Admittedly, Ryan does fall in love as frequenly as most people change their socks! ;-)

And--I guess, I'm really getting into the podcast. As, when Jesse was angry at Aiden, I kept imagining Ashley's imatations...Well done Ashley! :-D

Anonymous said...

"GREENLEE's hair looks like a mistake."

Hi, n69n! :-)

Maybe, the tornado hit her hair,first. Before, it actually touches down, in Pine Valley...ROTF!


Anonymous said...

Looch is safe for another week. I have to be a big fan to suffer thru 2 Jessica Simpson songs. She looked like she was going to eat the microphone.

Anonymous said...


I've missed you!

Don't give up on AMC. Did you hear that there will be a tornado? And then everything will magically be better.

So come back to the fold. You, Ashley, and Jordan together would be such an amazing podcast experience!


Anonymous said...

"...She looked like she was going to eat the microphone...."

Good Evening, shadow! :-)

I'm glad I wasn't the only one to think that. I really like the song, but her proxoimity to the microphone was very distracting.--Honestly, she might have gotten better sound quality, if she hadn't had it so close to her lips...

And, Ms. Lucci remains to dance another week. Yeee Haaa!


Norn Cutson said...

hey ya'll

notes on Tuesday's episode


• ooh ZACH has KENDALL pegged!!!

• that Chandler Security, always on the ball.

• i dont find CRYAN attractive at all.
he's a waxed & shaved caveman.

• KENDALL's tryon to play the blame game, ZACH wont have it.

• why is it so cold between TAD & OPAL?
is that a story is it something between the actors?

• that was so sweet & kind of ZACH to bring CRYAN EMMA's drawing.
i have a whole new respect for him.

• wow, Amanda Baker is getting so animated in her last days.

BABE liked that beer yesterday so much @ THE COMEBACK, now she's offering ANNIE one.

• KENDALL shouldnt be referring to ANNIE as a "bitch" while EMMA is in her home.

• at least OPAL is getting more to do.
but isnt it shameful that BABE gets such an elaborate write-off, while BROOKE basically got the BOBBY MARTIN treatment.

(i know i bitch about that a lot)

• ooooh i think we're gonna get INSANNIE back now!!

• i think its funny that ZACH has a nameplate on his desk that says "Zach Slater"...i would think that anyone going into his office would already know thats the big boss's office.

• JESSE's doing on impression of Ashely again!

• that was ***TOOOOO FUNNNNYYYYY*** when somebody off-camera made the "whoooooooosh!!!" sound as OPAL's cards blew off the table!

notes on Tuesday's episode


• look @ DORIAN having a breakdown in jail! some guy is visiting her and mentions RJ!

i miss RJ.

• BREE! we havent seen her in a long time! not since VIKI gave her the grapes.
TESS is reading ehr GOODNIGHT MOON.
BREE is such a serious baby!

• JARED looks like he's sitton on the toilet.

• i like COLE's outfit.
i'm gonna keep it in mind next tim i go shoppin.

• so BRODY & SHANE's screaming was taking place just inches away from DORIAN's confrence with RJ's friend?!!?

jordan hudson said...

Oh My I feel like Sabine. Lmao. Jilly I have to agree with melmel. LOVINGGGGGGGGGGGG Gossip Girl this season. I'm so Camp Blair, to me she is the true star of the show, such a strong layered actress for soemone so young. She will go places. Thou I will say Im enjoying Serena more this season as a bitch. She is more fun liek this. Her and Dan are a snore. On this show being Bad is good. Even Chuck is great thou not my taste as far as looks go. For that We have Chace Crawford and Father Humphry. I do Like Little J. and Can you believe the actor Conor who plays Serena's brothers was Starr Mannings first boyfriends years ago on OLTL. My he's grown up.
Thou Sunday was a Blast with the return of The housewives ( have to say I didnt think I was going to enjoy the five year jump but boy did I) and of course one of my peronal favorites Brother's and Sister's, nothing beat the relationship opf the walker siblings. See I cna so relate because my family is just liek that except Im puerto ricna so that means not onlt eh siblings but all the cousins too. So getting ready for tonight DSM people DSM

Luis Merino said...

Listening to the Podcast... and Ashley you mentioned how people are only watching AMC to keep up with PVP. And I can't tell you how true that is!!! PVP is way more entertaining than AMC.

Anonymous said...

Jordan, i am 100% camp Blair as well! i just need a tee shirt haha. Serena just rubs me the wrong way.

I agree Leighton Meester is an AMAZING actress. Did you know she was born in prison? Her mother was a drug dealer! Amazing how far shes come

Anonymous said...

YEA TAYLOR!!!! I've been listening since the beginning and it's so nice to have you back. I totally missed your Josh impression, especially since it would've been great to have you do it as a tribute to Josh when they so rudely evicted him from the show a few weeks ago. It was so nice to hear that impression again! As long as Taylor and Jordan are on the podcast (along with Ashley, of course), I am just ROFL! Loved the comment about Tad trying to nibble on a bacon-smelling Petey!!LOL and of course Ashley's Jesse impression. I'm laughing like an idiot right now just thinking about it.

Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I hate Ryan this week. Where the hell does he get off asking for full custody of Emma. Because of a gun? Come on! A year or so ago he didn't even know she existed! He's so annoying! As for Kendall, (while I don't condone female violence, being that I am a female myself), I would so welcome it if Zach would just slap the sh** out of Kendall. I'm sorry, but she needs to be manhandled, maybe she'll start getting some sense in that head of hers. It's like, "Hmm, my hubby keeps getting mad whenever I stick my bony ass into Ryan's business. Hey look, he seems happy right now and he's massaging my feet. Hey, Zach, guess what's going on with Annie & Ryan, blah, blah, blah" she says as Zach gets pissed and walks away. She cannot be that oblivious, and if she is, this is precisely why Zach needs to slap some sense into her.

Ok, just had to get that off my chest. Keep up the good work guys!

Anonymous said...

One more thing I almost forgot. Becky is right. ASHLEY, JORDAN AND TAYLOR SHOULD GET TOGETHER TO DO A SPECIAL PODCAST EPISODE!!!! And I know exactly when it should be. It should be the week that the tornado hits. You could do like a 2-hour special episode with the three of you on. That would be so cool!!! Think about it guys.

Oh, and why does Zach have a picture of Annie, Ryan and Emma on his desk? Have you noticed that? I think that's weird.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Wednesday's episode


• i like JAKE's hair.

• TAYLOR blew her game with her therapist.

• ooh now this JAKE & AMANDA stuff is goooooooooooooood

• GREENLEE grovelling to AIDUMB makes me sick to my stomach.

• FRANKIE & RANDI use the term "schlepp"???!?!?

• GREENLEE & AIDUMB's dreamhome..i hope he remembered to include a bomb shelter for her.

damn, not much to damn talk about.

notes on Wednesday's episode


• REX is havin an out-of-body experience and i'm already crying.

• there's my ROXY!
now i'm *weeping*!

• sharp editing on this episode.
i thought the gameshow concept would be corny but it was so well done that it worked (that is, if they dont drag it out too long).

• its very exciting to see COLIN & JEN...JEN hasnt learned anything about acting since she's been gone, and i always hated why am i so happy to see her???

• ROXY: "If that's all there is, he's home free...coz he's the toughest little scrapper there ever was...right, Bo?"

BO: "thats right, Roxy..."

somehow, they are gonna work it that BO's sperm got into ROXY & REX is their son.

dont know how they are gonan pull that one, but they will.

• loved that COLIN asked the question about MORRISS! i bet i'm not the only person who felt proud that they knew the answer!

• they're all praying for REX @ Llanview Hospital and ROXY is holding SHANE's hand...its the first time theyve seen each other since she found out he's her grandson.
i'm a cryin' mess.

Anonymous said...

LOL, after my cattiness with y'all last week, I am right on board with:

Greenlee's Hair: Get a better "did," girl!

Return of the Suxtet: Go away! Please say this is Pratt bringing it front burner to WRAP IT UP!

Bella, Costco Style--another victim on the highway from me swerving-while-laughing

"ANGELA!" Does anyone else have that play in the back of your mind when they hear someone screaming?

I don't know, Jordan, I thought the DH Jump wasn't as exciting as I was hoping for, but I'm finding that with all my shows returning. Don't get me wrong, I do like it...a lot...maybe I just built it up in my mind.

Speaking of building something up in my mind...this tornado better be good.

crs 17

Maura said...

Ok I rarely have anything to say but I need to vent about yesterday's show. First and foremost why would Ryan win Emma anyway? He didn't voluntarily donate his little super swimmers and unlike Spike, Emma's conception WAS done properly. What happens when Emma's lawyers talk about how he faked his death after finding out Greens was preggo back in the day.. He's not dad of the year here.. Glad he didn't pollute my tv yesterday though.

Secondly did Greenlee and Aidummmm really talk about doing it allll day? That made me want to puke. How stupid or desperate is Aidum that he sticks around after finding out his wife bailed a rich guy out of jail, followed him to his house and then went and rocked his daughter to sleep.

I used to love Ailee when it was Sabine and AT but it just doesn't work w/ Rebecca.. I love her but she can to better than AMC.. I dont know how much more I can take!

Maura said...

woops I meant Annie's lawyers not Emma's haha.. it's early. Ryan was a conman and I'm sure that will get overlooked too.

I think Cameron Mathison needs to move on.. put him and Maurice Benard somewhere and let both shows move on

Norn Cutson said...

"ANGELA!" Does anyone else have that play in the back of your mind when they hear someone screaming?

i always get "IT! WILL! ****KILL**** ME! FRANKLIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!"

btw, shouldnt we have seen some progress on the NEW BEGINNINGS storyline?
ERICA only has about a month to get her ratings back up!

jordan hudson said...

Crs I was like that with Ugly Betty it took me awhile to warm up to it and get back in a grove part me but also part show. i think it has to do with the fact that last season was so short due to the writers strike. What did not dissapoint me was the retunr of Dirty sexy money....loved it. Still on the bubbel with Lipstick Jungle...I want to liek it reallyn I do but it's missing something. What really suprised me was Private Practice...I actually did not mind it yesterday it was somewhat entertaining. I like David Sutcliffe or soemmthing like that as the SWAT office going after Addison, everything elss is so so but the fact that they gave them some real medical crisis help me get into it because god knows the cast is not all that for this show.

AMC UGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH still an experiment in frustration. I really don't feel that Pratt is any better then the previous writing team, so hence why change. I think I will be doing the podcast this week so will save my thought s for the show but UGGGGHHHHHH.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, and why does Zach have a picture of Annie, Ryan and Emma on his desk? Have you noticed that? I think that's weird."

Hi, nayer!:-)

It might not be all that unusual/wierd if the adults consider themselves an extended family, for the sake of Spike, Emma and Ian. The "kidlettes" will probably grow up seeing themselves as sibblings.


Anonymous said...

I'm way behind on viewing this week, but I have a few things to share so far.

Opal looks taller and younger.

Maybe Greenlee stuck her finger in a light socket.

Ryan kisses Emma like a pervert. Gross.

Emma and Randi took DBTE 101 from the same acting coach. Maybe Emma and Randi are both Cryan's children. None of them can make any facial expressions.

Was it the Xanax that turned Taylor's face orange?

I heard AMC has decided to delay the Jake/Taylor pairing to give it some more time to simmer and resonate with the viewers. I hope Jake doesn’t sh@t too hard on Amanda. I’d like the idea better if somehow Amanda became interested in someone else or even just decided she wasn’t that into him. I’d just rather see her be in charge of the relationship and make her own destiny rather than get dumped again. She’s going to need her mother to make her feel better—which got me thinking…

The tornado would be a perfect way to bring Janet back and redeem her. I love Kate Collins. I’m thinking the twister could hit Oakhaven. She could escape and save some small children, pets, Myrtle, whatever. That with some good meds should do the trick. Alternatively, she could get hit in the head with a flying brick that rattles her brain into thinking she is actually Natalie rather than Janet From Another Planet. As Natalie, Janet could be the mother Amanda never had. Then Timothy and Harold's grandchildren could come back. Perfect!

Brian said...

I know that we blame the [head] writers for the poorly written stories, but don't you think it might be the daily writers? Some of these scenes are just written crappy.

I do think that the pacing of the show is better. Now you can actually see from day to day. I just wish the story was broken up better for each day; always leaving the viewer wanting more!

I'm still upset at Greenlee! When Annie was at Fusion yesturday, why did Greenlee let her get away with what she said? I was waiting for either a slap or for Greenlee to pull Annie asside by the hair into the stripper room. How unprofessional for the these women to air their dirty laundry right in the middle of the office.

I think we need a Ashley impression of how this fight SHOULD have gone down. I thought the Annie blowing up Fusion impression was great. I tune in just for them.

Oh! And I missed Jordan on the show this week! I know that he said previously that no one comments on that, so I am.

Brian said...

Why have we not heard anything about Carmen's court case? Or what about Kathy's acting out. Why didn't we hear anything about this after Tad and KWAK went to talk to someone about it?

I'm confused about this.

Norn Cutson said...

I see Petunia Pig on UGLY BETTY!

Anonymous said...

Jordan is awesome! I missed him on the pcast this week. He and Ash are a riot together. Jordan u r no Sabine. U r more like our beloved Jill Larsen (2nd Opal).

Anonymous said...

Jordan is awesome! I missed him on the pcast this week. He and Ash are a riot together. Jordan u r no Sabine. U r more like our beloved Jill Larsen (2nd Opal).

Anonymous said...

I think Pedro was right about Petey, his comedic timing is spot on. He had me LMAO today when he was eavesdropping at Fusion and then on Opal and Erica.

Laura said...

Behind on the soap and the podcast, due to my mother-in-law's illness. But loving the Blog. Good to hear Taylor's voice again. Taylor I'll take you out to Bishops or Happy Joe's Pizza next time I am in Dubuque!

I wonder if the tornado and contract problems will cause Greelee and Kendall to be in a coma. Like OLTL did with Nora and Evangeline. Nora laid there for a year, and Evangeline is still in one, until they find a recast. Poor Kendall is so skinny she could easily blow away to Llanview in a tornado.

Shadow love your observations, but got to disagree with Emma and Randi. Emma is a kid, she can get better. I see no hope for Randi. Plus Emma is compared to an amazing young actress in Crazy Kathy. A young Patty McCormick in the Bad Seed. Emma would win an actoff with Coldby, Rancid, and Aidumb hands down anytime. Not that she is that good, but they are that bad.

This blog is such a pleasant website, every one is so nice. A welcome diversion from the stresses of daily life.

Jordan I saw the end of Dirty Sexy Money. I like that show, with Boston Legal gone, it will be that and Desperate Housewives for me. I hated it the year Pratt messed it up. I also watch The Office.

That is about it, other than a few reality shows like DWTS and Amazing Race. Bored with TV.

Waiting for the VP debates, Sarah Palin sometimes seems a little DBTE eyes herself.

Anonymous said...

I can give Colby and Randi time to improve their skills. What in the hell is Aidumb's excuse he has been there for 7 years almost and he is just a waste of space. He has had ample amount of time to improve.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I seem to have posted my following comment on last week's blog accidentally, so I'll repost here.

When is Jessie going to arrest Insannie for murdering her brother?? It seems that story has completely dropped off the map or did I miss something??

Is Bianca really going to get pregnant by Zach? What are these writers thinking.... oh yeah, they're not.

Erica Kane said...

To all my fellow Gossip Girl fans..I am so loving it this season!! Blair/Leighton Meester is so superb!! She is making the show for me. I too shed a tear for our Chuck this week he actually seemed like a human being this week. Jordan who are you liking on Project Runway?? I am all for Kenley I just love her, she has as attitude and she does not apologize for it and I love that about her. Our show this week....blech. I am going to need a new fast forward button soon. I am fading folks I am close ot just listening to the podcast for recaps. There are so many storylines that have just been left to dangle in the wind and we are just supposed to forget and move on. I get more disgusted everyday. I have been watching this show since it was Black and White and 1/2 hour long and I feel like it is such a chore to watch anymore. I just don't know how much more I can take.
Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

I love project runway but Kenley? The girl is mentally ill and such a chip on her shoulder, plus I seriously question her talent. The worst thing tho, she consistently disrespects Tim Gunn. That is such a no no. She is pretty though, but needs some serious couch time with an analrapist. teehee...

Just caught Babe telling JR and Krystal how they are going to live a long happy life. Ouch, that one's gonna hurt like Aidan's poetry.

Ryan needs to protect his daughter... Gimmeabreak. InsAnnie, no matter how psycho she goes, would never hurt Emma. Ryan is all beef and no brains.

BTW would the police really send detectives off to investigate Ryan's finding an unloaded gun under a bed? I know this is horrible negligence, but is it really a crime?

The fusionistas can't wait to go bail out Cryan. Barf....

So here's the deal JordAsh. If ya'll decide to bail on AMC, I would not blame you in the least, but please consider doing an OLTL podcast, or something else. I gotta have my JordAshTaylorPedro fix!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone read Superposter's blog today?

Possible spoiler!!

Coma Kendall is returning!! Call Taylor Crawford, cause I know he loooooved Coma Kendall. Ash, you must be stoked for this amazing character's return!

Anonymous said...

I wish Dorian was on AMC. She's great. Can't watch her though on OLTL b/c Vicki is still the most annoying soap character ever. Please, no more talk about "Bo's sperm". Ick.

Kendall is supposed to sooooo tired after all the Fusion drama, the 3 kids, etc. yet there she is lounging around in a cocktail dress looking fabulous. Where are the sweats and big old t-shirts or even the cute Nike track suit? Where’s the glass of wine or giant plastic cup of Diet Coke?

JR to Annie: “I’m going to check with security, see if they have anything”. HA!

God, please give Cameron Matheson a permanent game show gig.

Ok, Kendall needs to mind her own business, but c’mon Zach quit being such a dick.

Does Tad not like Petey or what?

Tad said “prognostications”. Aidumb's said something.

I hope Emma doesn't ready this blog. Maybe she isn't the worst actor on the show, but she is the worst artist. That is the weirdest smiley face I have ever seen.

Is it too early to call NuBabe DeadBabe?

So the gun was bad, but how did that spark this passionate paternal instinct of Ryan’s? And who is watering the Tree?

Somebody really did say “Woosh”. That’s funny.

JR said the property has “sensors”. So far the peeping tom has peeped in every window, walked in and out of the house, opened the tunnels, and yet was never sensed. And there’s Petey waving at Adam thru the window. In minutes he’ll be surrounded by the Chandler guards. Be careful Pete!

WTF is Petey wearing? WTF is in his hair?

Adam: “Mrs. Smith & Wesson is unwelcome here.”

Aidumb is tired from working so hard. Are they kidding? Aidumb sounds suspiciously like the Geico lizard.

Erica: “It’s not what’s up his sleeve that Adam wants to show me”.

Adam + Erica = old people sex. Again, ick.

Jake wears like 4 rings, 3 bracelets, 2 necklaces. What’s next, a grill?

Wow. Aidumb grew a pair today. That was so much more effective than him pitching a fit at Fusion. Nobody but Greenlee knew how pissed he was. Quiet rage. Ouch. Always a good idea to limit his dialogue.

Whoever dressed Petey decorated Frankie’s apartment.

OMG Amanda looks hot in Brot’s army jacket.

Erica Kane said...

Yes Brown Penny I do like Kenley the best out of the remaining designers. Yes she is mouthy, but that is one of the things I like about her. I liked her outfit this week better than Jerrell's I still cannot believe he one the challenge. I doubt she will win, due to her bitchiness, but one can hope. I keep hoping for a better AMC but someone somewhere is holding back.

Anonymous said...


I rather enjoyed today's AMC...Erica, Adam and Opal's oneliners...Annie commenting on how someone could shimmy up to the second floor--"Spidy Annie" should know! LOL!

Ryan and Greenlee's 'syncronized' tubbing/swimming scene-- RB is lovely, and CM is, well, seriously handsome, imho--and that was good enough for me.

Aiden 'puts a bug in Greenlee's ear' ROLF! Obviously he's having trust issues, after Greens put an end to her 'friendship', with Ryan. "The lady doth protest too much."

The young lady in the hallway,near Jesse and Angie's appartment is quite pretty and probably far more watchable, than DBTE and "Cassie". "Cassie" whinned--- alot!


Brian said...

I wish they would have Aidumb run out to get some ice cream for his loving wife and get killed in the tornado. He goes to the flower shop and BAM! (not to be confused with Bianca and Maggie) He is swept up and we never see him again. (leaving for the possibility of a recast)

Anonymous said...

ITA w/you Erica Kane, Jerrell's dress did not deserve to win, actually they all kind of sucked. I'm glad all four have an opportunity to strut their stuff.

Ashley, you hit the nail on the head. Ryan was a sperm donor. Can he really get custody? Did he ever actually adopt Emma? As a sperm donor, do you have to sign some sort of legal doc saying you make no claims to future offspring?

And, hell yeah, his scenes with Emma? totally creepy and disturbing. Ick.

I think from what I've read, Pratt is going to give us more of tortured Ryan than we can handle.

I think the show is going to improve with the turn of Hayward and Binx, and I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Loved, loved, loved Petey meowing to prevent Erica and his mom from discovering him eavesdropping. Priceless Petey!

Randi is pretty and dumb. Pretty dumb. It makes no sense that Frankie is whipped by a dumb hooker who he's never even had knowledge of, so to speak. Is that the effect of PTSD?

If not for Annie & Petey and Angie when she's not shouting, I really would quit AMC and just listen to the podcast. I am back to fast forwarding through any scene with Ryan or Greenlee or Kendall (except when Zach is onscreen).

Can't wait for Ashley's take on the goings on this week.

Terry in Toronto

Norn Cutson said...

notes on THursday's episode


• the music in CONFUSION distracts from the drama. even if it was good music (which it isnt), it would be annoying.

• ANGIE suggesting a roommate for FRANLIE!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

• someone @ AMC does not like Elizabeth one else gets all these shots of the back of their heads.

• ANGIE's just too evil!
because she knows *exactly* what she's doing, but she's playin' up the loving mommy thing to the hilt!

ANGIE: "I still see you as my little boy, with your thumb in your mouth, dragging you Bambi blanket behind you!"

• YES, the smartest thing GREENLEE has ever done.
i know we're supposed to be like "oh tragic!" but thats the best tthing that could happen for that girl.

• ANNIE's callit OUT on KENDALL!!! YES!!!

dang, they shouldve made more of that, because ANNIE was just speaking truth.

• i loved how OPAL & ERICA just totally bought that PETEEY saying "meow" was actually a cat (OPAL:"Oh, its just Napolean.")

...then again, if she has someone standin around her house sayin "WHOOOOSHH!"....

notes on Thursday's episode


• MARTY's havin nightmares about the rape.

• ROXY: "Amen, or whatever."

I love ROXY even more in grandma mode!

• this is a heavy duty episode, with BO talkin to SHANE.

• MCBAIN runs into an old cop buddy on the plane back from Columbia & with his guided meditation, he puts it together that MARTY is the mystery woman that TODD is hiding!

• ok, *now* MARTY is using a cane.
after we saw her scootin all over the house last week!
i like her snowflake nightie.

• i love BO.
that is a real man. responsible and sensitive. strong yet in touch his & others' feelings.

• they removed REX's spleen!
thats what happened to me this past summer & i was written off the canvas for three months!

• MARTY doesnt even ahve any slippers on.

OHHHH she's goin for LLANNET!!!!
(coz in Llanview, they dont have GOOGLE)


Anonymous said...

During the 10/3/08 episode, did anyone notice how, when Annie was thanking JR & Babe she embraced JR just slightly longer that she should have. Babe noticed.She had a slightly surprised look on her face for just an instant. Then it was business as usual.

I think, the writersare attemptong to convey, Annie doesn't know what to do, unless she lives her life on the edge of disaster. First it was Ryan (and Jonathan) who 'saved' her from "Terry the perv" and now it's Babe and JR, who are 'saving' jer from Ryan. Just a thought....


Arizonagal said...

Jordan, are you a TV critic in RL? Your insights are so on target and insightful and you appear to be watching everything on the tube. You must be getting paid to do this, right? If the answer is no, you outta give it a shot, you're really a pro at it!

Arizonagal said...

I wasn't finished, I also wanted to say that when I read your observations I frequently end up saying to myself "why didn't I think of that?".

Ashley, same for you, your talent blows me away. How in the heck can you go from doing Jesse to Opal? Doesn't it hurt?

You guys are just the best.

Brian said...





Are Babe and JR just leaving AMC? It says in the new abc HotSheet two people are LEAVING Pine Valley. And then over at Soap Central they report that they are buying a house in California. Does this mean she will NOT be a causality in the tornado? Oh gosh! Then who is going to die? I vote Aidumb.





Norn Cutson said...

notes on Friday's episode


• aside from everything else, i am glad that OPAL has been more of a regular these pas few weeks.

• ANGIE: "Keep rubbin', keep rubbin'."

• there's the world famous CHANDLER Security in action.

• dang, OPAL & KWAK got to The HUBBARDS real quick! & ERICA zoomed back to CHANDLER Mansion!

• oops, ABC NEWS Special Report! the bailout has passed. hooray, now we are all gonna be poor forever.

now Charlie Gibson has some people on tellin us why we should be releived that rich people just got richer.

we now return to ALL MY CHILDREN, already in progress...

• the boathouse!
we havent seen that set in a long time!

• dang, JESSE, let OPAL talk.
she isnt a suspect, dont be interrogating her.

• so it that girl JESSE's wife or his daughter?

• i wish we could've seen ADAM & EMMA's tea party.

• LI'L A!!!

• OPAL swore on JENNY's grave!

• i thought AIDUM was creepy when he was all reminding GREENLEE about her ring, but now he's full-fledged freak.

• JR: "You cant climb up the drainpipe!"

ANNIE: "Trust me, you can!"

notes on Friday's episode


• oh good, its a RAY MONTEZ day!

• crap, more bailout news.

OH HELL, now bush is gonna gloat about it in the rose garden.

...& i gotta miss my stories?!?!!?

we now return to ONE LIFE TO LIVE, already in progress.

• BITCHY BANGS is actin her ass off!

• there's DALLAS, playin peek-a-boo in her bathrobe.

• MARKKO: "Guess thats how the rich stay rich!"

so funny that aired on the day of the bailout!

• i sure missed a lot of story during that bush speech.

Anonymous said...

So a stranger (or is a stranger?) walks into Chandler Mansion and Lil' A says NOTHING? Well when he eventually gets kidnapped on the show, I won't be surprised.

I'm worried my poor Insannie is getting written into a corner, especially after reading the ABC Hotsheet. But now I'm routing for Insannie and JR to hook up- anything to keep Insannie around!

I FF'ed through 90% of the Ryan and Greenlee scenes. Are there really Rylee fans, cause I HATE HATE HATE them. While I still dislike Aidumb and his acting, I actually feel bad for him and his crappy marriage to GreenMeMeMeeeee.

Anonymous said...

• so it that girl JESSE's wife or his daughter?

Hi,n69n! :-)

I'd say, that young lady will turn out to be Jesse's daughter.

Even though Jesse told Angie he had been involved with a woman and the relationship was over, it doesn't mean he and the woman couldn't have had a child together--But, we'll have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

My money is on that girl being Jesse's daughter. I hate what they're doing to the Hubbards. They've both become shreikers and shouters and hiding a child is so not Jesse Hubbard. He's not a saint but I refuse to believe that the character we knew all those years ago has lost every ounce of integrity he had.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Jesse was gone for 20 years. For this woman to be Jesse's daughter, he and his lover would have had to have gotten busy pretty quickly! I was imagining Jesse having this affair maybe halfway through his ordeal, not right at the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Nice start to Friday’s episode with Opal, Erica and KWAK. Good, snarky banter.

KWAK to Opal: I can’t get your words out of my head.
Erica: Oh those poor words.

Nice to see Jesse and Angie relax a little, although they are still the loudest kissers ever.

What was Opal wearing? Tacky is one thing. Tasteless ineptitude is another. It is wonderful to see Opal interacting with so many people. AMC put her back in the opening sequence!

What happened to the back of KWAK’s hair? It looks like someone punked her with a pair of clippers to the back of her head.

What is with Colby’s forehead? Shouldn’t it stop growing by the time your 20? She should biopsy that thing.

Erica looks tired. All that dancing I guess.

It started off well, but seems like Cryan just came over to piss off Annie. Why is Annie still living at Adam’s anyway? Isn’t Cryan wealthy? She’s still married to him and I’m assuming she still has an ATM card.

I have a vision too Opal. After Babe heads yonder with the twister, InsAnnie is so going to hook up with JR. Can’t wait.

Ryan just dove in the water at the boathouse. I’m from Texas. Boathouses have snakes and you don’t dive into them. Maybe a water moccasin will bite his ass.

Finally! Greenlee washed her hair.

Does anyone wear kelley green pants? Trolby does. She looks like a leprechaun in that get up and with that forehead.

Angie doesn’t think the girl loitering in the hall isn’t weird.

KWAK: “Enjoy your beer”.

Aidumb is pathetic wussy. Bugging earrings?

Little A said nothing when a scary man in black walks in? Is the ghost of Dixie back? Maybe it’s just Father Clarence again. Maybe Lil A is just too near sighted to notice.

Anonymous said...

"Dancing with the Stars"' Tony Dovolani is bandaged, bruised and bleeding on the set of "All My Children"! "The Insider" was exclusively on the set of the hit soap opera when Susan Lucci got her dance partner into a little more trouble than he bargained for.

Did Susan get to into character as infamous 'Erica Kane' and go crazy on her dance partner? Did crazed fans decide that they had seen enough of Tony's rumba? Or did the twosome have a rumble with Kim Kardashian and Mark Ballas, who were in the same building filming their appearance on "The View"?

"Look what Mark and Kim did to me!? Guess they're sore about getting kicked off," joked Tony.

Well fortunately the reason is nothing quite so sinister! The explanation is simple: Tony is getting all gored out to make his debut as an injured patient on "All My Children." The two are certainly switching roles for the day. The dance master has become the soap student!

"I'm teaching her the Jive," said Tony, as Susan fired back, "And I'm teaching Tony how to be a soap star."

Norn Cutson said...

hey, she's got until sweeps to save her show!

Laura said...

Angie should have been suspicious just to see another black woman in Pine Valley that wasn't her daughter or her son's hooker girlfriend. Olivia is MIA and Lord knows they don't show a lot of people of color on ABC Daytime.

Anonymous said...

Is there gonna be a podcast this week? Hope everything's okay!

Ericka said...

I'm sorry if this was already stated and if I'm spoiling anything for people on Monday's episode, I apologize. However! Okay, Friday Jesse was having a fit when that girl showed up at his he's at the station, business as usual. Did I miss something?

Norn Cutson said...

omg, dont tell me that Jordan has Ashley locked up in a secret room in the basement!!!!

Maura said...

I just hope Ashley didn't go to the Martin attic!

Ashley said...

Sorry folks! Jordy got a little sicky, so we're going to to record tonight and will post later (probably much later) this evening.

Love, love, love!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear u haven't been feeling well Jordan. Hope u are on the mend!

Anonymous said...

Looch did good tonite but what is with the comments from the judges? This poor, classy woman tries so hard to smile but how does somebody prepare for this crap? The first week Carrie Ann tells to eat a twinkie. Who saw that one coming. Tonight the Italian guy is talking about her boobs. You can tell she's dying that the entire world is looking at her ladies.

Anonymous said...

Feel better Jordan. Tell you you did NOT eat peanut butter pancakes!

Are you dressed up in a nurses outfit Ashley?

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Hey all you Amc Fans. This week is an important week to show your support for Danny to TPTB! It would be very helpful to drop a quick email to the below mentioned people stating how much you enjoy Danny as Pete. Be sure to mention how you like his storyline with Colby, and are also enjoying his interactions with Adam Chandler.

As always thank you for your continued support!

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