Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year!

Yowza, people! Almost 300 posts in the last two weeks!

Since I think we're running out of space on this blog entry, let's just make another entry, shall we? Your ass-toot comments blow us away, and we don't want to miss a-one.

Jordan and I will be back with a podcast up next Monday with oh-so-much to say about the holiday festivities (All My Children and otherwise). Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting our little podcast this past year, and for all of the love and insight and friendship you have shared on this blog. We don't know what we would have done without you.

Enough sappiness! Krystal Carey -- grieving, confused mother, or lying cheating whoo-ah who doesn't deserve the crud on Tad's shoes? Discuss, here.


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen todays episode, but I hope they have Reese falling for Zach. Why can't they have a gay couple, with normal couple problmes? Or Why can't that have Reese fall for a girl

Norn Cutson said...

this is very fun...

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks n69n !

I got u babe!

I love it!

Shadow said...

I would have made fun of Bobbi Eakes singing so seriously why everyone else was screwing around, but she was funny when she said "that's my daughter. RIP". Cute.

Ok, I watched today. Here goes...

Adam's house looks sort of different today.

Looch looks rested today. New extensions and a bangin’ bod.

Reese is looking all butch today with her flannel and power tools.

Amanda awkwardly “boobed” JR at the front door. Looked like the scene called for them to run into eachother but they messed up and so she boobed him. Lucky him.

Jake pulled the grievance card and razzed David about his pathetic life. How many times are we going to hear that? David does need to be humbled. I’m tired of him being the 10 ton gorilla. I like it when my Martins are on top. Period. Martins rule. I want lots and lots of Martins. Bring ‘em all back.

“She draynk tea! And ohhhhh myyyyy.” I love Opal no matter what kind of stoopid crap comes out of her mouth.

After she fixes the opening, I hope the new Exec Producer fixes the way the show cuts from the preview to the opening theme. It’s so blunt and awkward these days. Where’s the slow fade?

Loud kissing from Greenlee and Ryanderthal making the bile rise in the back of my throat.

Here we are in the tiny little casino with the bad lattice looking wallpaper. Maybe it’s an homage to 1970. You know, I'm no architect but Reese hardly strikes me as cutting edge. Guess she’s never been to Wynn Las Vegas or Bellagio.

I guess that is Adam’s place but I swear it looks a slightly different over there around the study in the back of the parlor. There used to be more of a solid wall there that went to the tunnels.

Maybe the reason Fusion and all of Pine Valley is living at Adam’s is because they’re building the new sets in the projects and that’s the only set they have left at the moment. Kind os seems like Chandler Mansion is the new Boarding House. With less security than the Pine Cone Inn.

If Opal is having a heart attack KWAK should’ve called 911. Instead the whoo-ah who doesn't deserve the crud on Tad's shoes drove her to the hospital. She could have died on the way. It's one think to f+ck around on your spouse and quite another to kill their mother because you're an idiot. The American Heart Association would be appalled.

I think Ryan has a zit on his right teet.

JR and Jake are calling KWAK out about David. She’s a bad liar and a whoo-ah for David’s milk.

I prefer JR and Jake on the same side rather than fighting. JR needs a friend.

Could Boobianca be any more insecure? If I were Reese I’d be getting tired of it. Big deal, Zach licked her in the ear. It’s not she licked him back. And so she did some guys a while back, she left her fiancé at the altar, is having wild sex with Bianca and is building Bianca a house. She didn’t ask Simon to show up. What’s the girl got to do?

Wouldn’t most people have just called Ryan to see if he’s OK instead of showing up unannounced and ruining his boner again? I do sort of feel bad for the guy. Every time he gets wood, Annie breaks in or Erica storms in or Emma walks in. That would be frustrating.

Erica to Ryan: “I just hate to see him get into something he would regret.” I like bitchy Erica. She almost sounds like herself today.

Hey Greenlee almost said what one of you said about them slowing it down for Emma’s sake, etc. Of course they blew it off though.

What is with that unbuttoned puffy shirt of David’s? Is he expecting pirates at Wildwind? Sort of Zoro the Gay Blade-ish. Maybe it’s another homage to 1970. And look at KWAK just mouthin’ that big ol’ mug.

Holy Crap Erica is hot today. She looks great at the casino.

The casino has 3 slots, no craps and a tiny bar. Worst casino ever.

KWAK looked good in that gold dress until she fell over. I was hoping for some Erica/KWAK friction today.

Are David and JR wearing purple Tuxes? They must think this is a Barney birthday party for Lil' A.

Greenlee to Opal. “I don’t usually go for the voodoo stuff”. Disrespectful bitch!

OLTL: First time I’ve seen Alex in years. Man, that girl looks like she has had some major face work—implants, botox and a boob job. Sort of Joan Rivers looking. And you guys are right, Nora is a frump. What’s with the mansuit?

Anonymous said...

Monday 1/5/09

I know, it's not all that frequent that wordrobe gets extensively mentioned here, but I can't help myself.--I wish, at first, Tamara Braun didn't look like she got blown in by the tornado. But, I know it was a setup for Zach to give Reese a make over. So-- she then could show off, for him---and Bianca would walk in on it all. (Sigh--We saw that coming, didn't we?)

Aside from Reese's 'construction worker' look, all of the ladies in the casino scene ("Myrtle Fargate Carnival Room") looked great!-- Tamara Braun looked good with that lace trim on her dress. Eden Regal looks good, in Red...But, "Boobianca", that young lady needed a little more dress--imho 'nuff said!--LOL!

All the guys were lookin' very sharp,today. Was Vincent Izarry wearing a maroon jacket?--Impressive! Cameron Mathison in a tux/suit--I was a happy camper!

I think, I just realized why all of the festive wordrobe made me so happy. Soaps don't do big 'gala' events much anymore. I miss that...

Jordan, I know you've said you used to watch Another World. Do you remember--I think, it was called--the "Snowflake Ball"? (An annual "Corey Publishing" fundraiser)It was one of the two big parties, the show would have each year. In those days, all of the cast could be seen, dressed to the hilt! Now, those were some soap moments!


Norn Cutson said...

notes on Monday's episode

• ERICA's movin out of CHANDLER MANSION.


• OPAL: "The happiest day of her life will be her last!"

KWAK offers OPAL some hot milk.

oh my poor OPAL.

• all that off-camera chatter sounds more interesting than this dialogue we're supposed to be listening to.


this casino looks like a DAYS IN.

• REESE: "You didn't say anything at the memorial."

did she mis the poem?

• is this scene with ADAM & ERICA supposed to be funny?

• ERICA's an old biddy.

whoa, CRYAN isnt gonna stand up for GREENLEE to her?!!?

i'd be pissed!!!!

• thats nice to see MYRTLE's portrait in the background.

• HOT MILK!!!!!!

look at her chuggin' down that hot milk!!!!

• i notice BIANCA & REESE have not kissed once today.
just friendly hugs.

• gee, they spared no expense on this gala opening.

notes on Monday's episode

• DORIAN's face...i goptta rewind that!

• ooh, a BLAIR & TÉA confrontation!


• thats cool with BLAIR & TÉA on the pier & MARTY up on the roof.

• if i was MCBAIN, i'd be goin off on MARTY for worrying everyone & putting herself in danger.

• this is sweet with RENEE & NIGEL.
i hope Patricia Elliot's health is ok....she is a TONY winner, they should fix her wig a little nicer!

• ALEX: "Desperate times call for desperate measures."

DORIAN: "Indeed."

• MARTY is freakin out MCBAIN...thats good!

i think he realizes...MARTY aint the same person she was.

tsk, now thats ding-dong, MCBAIN divin' in after TODD.

somebody call 911!

• DAVID: "May I help you, Old Woman?"

• i just realized ST BLAZES is almost the same set as the airport!
just with some potted plants thrown in front!

• DORIAN: "...And of course, he'd have no trouble getting hold of the DNA..."
ALEX: "Right...there's plenty of it at *your* house!"

DORIAN smirks & shrugs her shoulders!

• MARTY's piiiiiiiiiiiiised!!!!

• Old Woman: "I don't need any help!"

DAVID: "Yes, you do; you're OLD!"

• THE MONK: "If we do not learn a lot in a day, we surely learn a little."

• DORIAN: "I'm a very simple woman to please...the very best will always do."

• what the hell is MARTY doin?!?!?!?!
she's goin FULL-ON BAD GIRL!!!!

• damn, this was a good episode!
i especially liked how DAVID's meditation wove all the stories together!

Anonymous said...

FYI...I jumped on the OLTL bandwagon (no pun intended for the recent plung of Todd). I'm liking it!!! I get to listen to it at work courtesy of youtube. Thanks, Jordan!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Hi! I have recently just discovered this podcast and I love it and have been spending the past 2 weeks getting caught up on old post and you guys are HIGHLARIOUS, no joke.. I almost broke my computer by spitting my Diet Coke on it because I was laughing so hard. But no harm no foul. lol

But I was coming here to point out how Amanda "boobed" JR at the front door, but I was beat to it. Doesn't change the fact that i wish i was JR at that moment.

Also tell me how many episodes do we have to watch where Reese and Bianca hug each other like they are besties from their sorority days.. I don't know, it just stands out. especially when they cut to Ryan and Greenlee in bed making babies.. I don't know its very unbalanced.. kinda like chuck pratt's balls I guess, but I'm not talking from experience.

Anonymous said...

My 2009 predictions for storylines in soaps: (NO SPOILERS!!!!!!!!)
• Kendall & Zach divorce when she wakes up
• Zach and Reese get together when Binks leave
• Jake & Taylor get together
• Erica gets a viable love interest
• Krystal & Adam reconcile
• JR & Amanda conceive
• Everybody else- Well…I just don’t care enough to contemplate
• Luke & Granddad Brian have an affair and Noah kills himself
• Meg gets with dusty
• Carly schemes w/ Craig
• Jack & Janet divorce leaving a reconciliation for CarJack
• More recasts are to come!
• Casey gets back 2gether w/ Emily
• Slutty Sam has a miracle baby
• The mob continues to dominate Port Charles much to my chagrin
• Nadine & Leyla die taking along with them more Quartermanes in the process in the Supposed Hospital Crisis all the while my eyes continue to roll at the screen as if I were that little girl from the exorcist
• Jax & Carly reunite
• The character of Claudia continues to be offensive to women

• Phillip Spaulding returns to kick a** & take names!
• Reva & Josh reconcile
• Dinah & Shane steam up the place
• Bill & Lizzie get pregnant
• Grady dies
• Natalia gives her heart to Olivia literally when she needs a transplant

• Guys I’m sorry but I got nothing, seriously! This is one of the most unpredictable soaps on air LOL
• Okay just one: Starr and her new teacher REALLY learn what forbidden love is!

More on Y&R and Days later!

jordan hudson said...

Casey welcome and.....OMG thank you for mentioning that. I was again beginning to think it was just me. I realized that yesetrday when Reese and Bianca greeted each other. If it was a straight couple who were in love and engaged they would greet each other with a peck on the lips. yet soemtiems these two give that brush of the ceek and I like your name for it " sorority Buddies hug" It pissed me off because it then reminds me these are (well one for sure) straight actress playing gay. The illusion is broken.

brtedi do I rememeber the snowflake ball. AW was so close to my heart of course I remember. AW had great fashion. That was due to a the work of Maggie Delgado who did costumes at AW then went on to do our beloved AMC and lastly ATWT. She rocked AW with fashion. I actually saw the difference wehn she came aboard AMC. Maggie Delgado rocks.

Amanda welcome to llanview and what a great time to come to town. I laughed my ass off yesterady with David Vickeroshi, Alex and Dorian and the gang.... and now Scott Clifton who was great as Dillon on GH is joining. It's great to be watching OLTL

Anonymous said...

Guys this article says the same thing we've been talking about in regards to Binks' relationships.

Shadow said...

Tori's predictions got me thinking about Colby for some reason today. Her forehead is sort of the elephant in the room in every scene. I was thinking it might be a good storyline if they address it "head on" in 2009. Maybe it could be the result of a massive brain tumor growing inside her head or something. They could operate, mask her face, and when they unwrap it it would be a new actress. You know the drill...

But as I pondered the death of Turdby, it dawned on me that I don't think I have seen her in a scene with Marian since she returned to Pine Valley. Has there been such a scene? Being Colby's maternal grandmother who lives in the back yard and is married to her uncle, I would think they would see each other more than they do. Marian is a meddler and her granddaughter is right there just over the hedge. I have a hard time believing she wouldn't be all up in Colby's business on behalf of Liza.

Considering that the Chandler clan is sparse these days and they are still rehashing the SOS post Babe's bleed out, Why don't TPTB use Marian more if they are going to keep Turd around. Marian (Jennifer Bassey) has been on AMC since 1983. That pretty much gives her vet status in my book. She has a distinct voice. She still looks good. She has a rich history having had affairs with Tad et al, the Zach Greyson murder/Daisey Courtland trial, the Liza/Jake/Adam sperm s/l. She's married to Adam's brother who is played by the same actor who plays Adam. She's a real estate agent. Hell, she could be AMC senior Edie Britt.

My point is that Marian can't be too grossly expensive. Everybody knows her. She's distinctive. David Canary plays both rolls of Adam and Stuart so using Stuart doesn't add to the cost. But in using Stuart and Marian together with Colby, they rebuild the Chandler clan with little money or effort and give the Chandlers another dynamic than what they've got now--JR hits the bottle-JR and Adam fight-JR is an a-hole to somebody-Adam is a grump.

Of course the problem is that BM can't act, but here's an opportunity to restore the Chandler clan and set the stage for Liza's return should it ever happen. With some extra Chandlers, maybe Pete could get out of there and take of his own aging brood and rebuild the Courtland empire.

AMC needs to clearly realign and restore the families in Pine Valley to get back on track. I would say the same thing of the Martins and the Kanes. Too many extraneous folks out there with no connection anymore and there ignoring the ones who are there with a history and desire to participate.

Jordan, do you remember seeing Colby and Marian together since Ambyr was in the role?

Anonymous said...

There is no way that Zach and Reese are going to get together. Once Kendall wakes up it will be back of the bus Reese or Reese who?

Anonymous said...

I'm betting all is not what it seems with Reese. At least its interesting and sort of soap opera-ish. I hope if there is more to Reese than what we see, AMC has the smarts to keep us guessing and not spill the details to SOD 3 months in advance.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I just think it is stupid they are even kind of going with the zach and reese storyline. Why can't they just have Bianca be in a relationship and just be happy instead of having the person she's with question her sexuality because that is sooo played out.

Also can someone please give Rebecca Budig something intelligent to say because I'm afraid she's gonna lose it. (She even might have already..)

Laura said...

N69 posted this last week, and maybe not everyone saw it. This wasso who do ya'll think these two blind items from Nelson Branco's column are???

lets speculate!!!!

"—Which east coast soap starlet refused to work opposite her gay and black co-stars? She was quickly recast, despite the fact that viewers began to fall for her portrayal of the character.

—Which east coast Emmy-nominated actress was almost strangled after getting into a fight with her co-star? There was even an AFTRA investigation (she accused him of strangling her). The popular actor was soon fired. The role has been recast three times and is now being played by a west coast star."

First one could be Ambyr which explains why she left so quickly. I knew something was fishy about that. We know who the black actor was, who was gay one? I recommend she go see Gran Torino, sounds right up her Alley. I did like the movie. I hope it's not her, because she's a good actress. Also possible rumors are being spread to explain why we have Coldby.

The other blind item maybe is As the World Turns, not sure but I hear they have a revolving cast.

Looking forward to next weeks podcast, behind came back from Dubuque, sometime home of Taylor, and Alejandro.

It was good to get away from the soap opera that is Illinois for a few days. We'll see if we have a senator or governor soon.

Arizonagal said...

Well "it's raining men" over there on OLTL as Todd leans into the wind from a rooftop and lands in the water, much to Marty's twisted glee.

David Vickers, dressed up in his buddhist robes, is talking to Clint and Nora and sees an old lady with a walker: "May I help you old woman."
Old woman: "But I don't need any help
David: Yes you do, you're old

After a scuffle with the old lady, he returns to Clint and Nora.
David: I did not wish to be rude, but I who have the gift of health, have a duty to take care of those who are older and weaker than myself. Clint, can I get you a chair or perhaps something soft to sit on?
Clint: (angrily) Namaste!

Nora: David you are much better person now
David: Nora, that warms me inside, I only hope that one day i can warm you inside. Namaste
Nora: Nasamte

Damn, Monday's OLTL was just one rich episode. I laughed, I cried, and a good time was had by all. OLTL has days that are just sheer genius. I loved the humor of the Vickers scenes juxtaposed with the tense drama of Todd falling into the water. Tea and Blair hear Todd's splash and continue having a very adult discussion, and John jumps in to save Todd. Marty looks on, leaving the viewer to realize just how sick Marty really is. WOW!!

Meanwhile over at AMC, Ryan and Greenlee begin smooching as soon as the door hits Emma on her way out to school. The distracting sound of lips and saliva and icky stuff ensues, smack, smooch, slurp. Gag...

Lots of filler stuff, with a really pointless scene, Erica is packing to leave Chandler mansion. Instead of saying thank you to Adam for his graciousness, she and Adam do their little mating ritual bitch-dance and flirt. "Adam, YEEOOUU kissed MEEE." At that point I got a headache from rolling my eyes. Get over yourself Ms Kane. She tells Adam what a strong, successful, powerful woman she is, and then she tosses her mane and reverts to acting like a spoiled teen. Are Looch's eyebrows getting higher? Barf. This group of writers do not know what to do with Eek. Clueless.

At the grand reopening of the casino, which looks to be about the size of my living room, everyone is gathering in one tiny corner, sniping at each other, JR drinks, David is all over KWAK like a sweat, Binx is suspicious of Reese, KWAKho receives a call and then collapses.

LOD, Opal (discussing Greenlee's tarot reading): I wasn't playing with a full deck.

Anonymous said...

"Dinah & Shane steam up the place"

Jordan, I started watching GL, when Jeff Branson began on the show. He and Gina Tognoni, have done some great scenes! The arson scene hasn't been the "hot moment", these days. LOL!


Norn Cutson said...

notes on Tuesday's episode

• OPAL: "Give Ruthie a hug for me, wontcha?"

• there's our CARMEN!!!!
she's still with JERKSON?!?!?

• PETEY's got a hootchie-woman.


• drunk JR sounds like CARTMAN from SOUTH PARK.

HOOTCHIE MCOOCH is getin down with drunk JR.

• this double wedding is a dumb idea.

BIANCA: "That'd be fun."

she's so they're discussing Couples Bowling Night.

i bet Pratt thinks he's so clever...this way, they can pretend they are having a "ground-breaking" gay wedding, but then it will be interrupted by GREENLEE's death, so they wont have to actually go through with it.

• ANGIE's bein a martyr again.

• PETEY is the only one i am carin about today.
oh no, the hootchie tracked him down.

our poor Elizabeth Rodriguez does not look happy (not just her character)...but she's still gorgeous.

notes on Tuesday's episode

• RAY: "Thanks to that puta Vanessa!!!"

• VIKI meets BESS.

• today was kinda dull on both shows, or maybe i'm in a bad mood.
(damn, i hope im not gettin a cold again)

• i like BESS confronting VIKI...VIKI looks genuinely shaken!

• aw, that puppy got so big!

• TÉA's just gonna gobble LOLA up!

• whoa, SNORA's gonna hang her case against TODD on TESS's testimony!

Anonymous said...

I do agree that yesterday's episode was kind of boring. I did like David's scenes. Homeboy is a scene stealer!!

I love, love, love Tea's accent! And I actually want Ray to get out of prison so he can be an awesome villan.

OLTL Rocks! Screw Pine Valley.

Anonymous said...

Laura, I saw that post about the blind items last week and I could not think of a soul. You speculated it might be Ambyr, and I hope you are wrong. But really, how could anyone expect to succeed and have longevity as an actor if they allow their narrow-minded views to interfere with their career? It almost doesn't make sense.

Tori4rmtexas, I loved all your predictions for AMC, OLTL, GL, except for one. I am so done with Reva and Josh as a couple. I love the chemistry and the adult relationship Reva is having with Jeffrey. They are perfect for each other. Reva and Josh? They are so 1999, not 2009. They make much better friends than lovers. As lovers they are too damaged and enabling, and my god, if they get together and then split again, I swear, I'll scream. Not a good track record for those two.

daisytex said...
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Melissa said...

Jason, I totally agree with your feelings about Reese falling for a guy. You're right. Why can't she fall for another woman???

Ashley, I laughed out loud when Ryan gave Greens a MOONSTONE ring! You're right, the writers are totally obsessed with the darned moon ;-)

Anonymous said...

Crazy Daisy: Pratt must have lost his virginity outside in the moonlight surrounded by 100 white candles. Again, the tought brings the bile up in the back of my throat...

I'm in the hospital waiting room. My wife is having her second surgery today. On her birthday. Doesn't that suck?

You Tubed yesterday...

Opal to KWAKho: Krystal, I wanna know what's going on with yoo and David...You're lying." Love love love Opal. Especially when she is doing something besides reading the cards.

Everybody's talking Dixie today. In fact, there is a lot of history talk today-Dixie. Babe. Myrtle. Baby stealing. KWAKho indescretions. Opal talking to Joe and Ruthie on the phone.

Oops..the surgeon. Be right back.

katya said...

Why are Colby and Petey GAMBLING in A CASINO? WHY? Do the writers not know how old these children are supposed to be? AAAAUGH.

Shadow said...

All is well.

Bummer. Rebecca hasn't died yet and Natalia is still around. Your right n69, Martyr Angie is on the scene tonight. Jessie has his own "Big Love" storyline going on. How about some "Swingtown" or "L" instead with Amanda, Annie, Reese, Jake?

The Hooker dancing with JR is Redic. Drunk JR is Redic. He doesn't do drunk very well and he dances like the whitest man to ever have survived the 80s.

Petey professes he'll wait forever for Turdby. He really needs to check those contacts. Or glue his glasses back together. Maybe effing the hooker would help turn him around. Isn't it interesting how many hookers are so easily accessible in our little PA town? And isn't odd word never spread to Opal that her sweet P was there with a ho? That's a scene Pratt should have put in there just for the fun of seeing Opal get all up in his business.

Hopefully she'll walk in on Pete doing the horizontal pokey with the evening lady.

How could they fire Carmen? Do we know if this is really true? Even barely doing anything she's better than most. She gave the hand to Jackson. Her accent sounds muffled but she did give Jerkson the hand.

Carmen and Pete would be interesting. They are both unlucky in love. Carmen needs a guy she can trust and some money to burn. Pete's head is going to explode when he finally has sex. I think Miss Sugar could handle him.

Is Amanda really so pathetic she is going to screw totally drunk JR? She's kissing him and you know he stinks. Drunk sex is only fun if you are both drunk.

KWAKho is so pissed she doesn't even want any more milk! Guess the Dairy Assoc didn't pay its bill. Thank goodness she didn't put up another christmas tree.

KWAK said: "Thayad's gonna know." Let's see. Angie saw them kissing. She almost burned the house down. Opal had the kids the whole time. Bianca saw her at David's. Etc. I think he'll figure it out too.

I liked KWAK so much with Adam and acting in the role of JR. I really dislike this depressed ho-KWAK. At least she isn't pretending to be Brooke. Now maybe they will bring Brooke back.

Frankie's acting like a dick. It's just now bothering him that Rancid is a hooker. Just now. After he finally had sex with him. Just because of some pictures on the net. The idea of thousands of random penises didn't bother him before.

Erica: "They're going to have a two-fer." Funny hearing Erica say "two-fer".

Anonymous said...

So when do we find out that Krystal is preggers with David's spawn? Maybe after he gets whacked! The Prince of Darkness has numbered days. He is just creepy and arrogant, and I guess I hate him.

Laura said...

Carmen and Jack equals Car-Jack. I wish she would stay and hook up with Frankie. Or teach Petey a thing or two to forget Coldby.

Shadow said...


Click. Cick. Click. :)

Adam said: “The SS Amanda” AKA Ho-tard. A Ho-tard is the state of being both a ho and a retard. I can’t believe she slept with drunk, mean JR.

Colby showed up at the Yacht. Walked in unannounced. Does anyone in this town ever lock a door? Or knock?

Colby speaks with all the emotion of the automated phone operator. “JR WE---ARE---SO---WORR---IED----A---BOUT---YOU.

Colby to JR about Amanda: “And what is she doing?” The girl is dumb. Dumby Dumbo. You really have to spell things out for her.

Now Greenlee is dressing Emma in stupid hats too.

Get over it Bianca. “I don’t know. How long did it take you and Simon?” Reese, baby, run. Run like the wind! Be gay. Be straight. Whatever. But don’t be shit on everyday. Life’s too short.

Nice shot of Greenlee in her undies. Then she licked the cream off Ryan. Ick.

Rinx are loud kissing. They must have mics on their lips on this show.

Did Ryan just pull that ring out of his butt? It looks like it. “Diamonds have been done so many times.” That’s right, diamonds are so yesterday. Who wants those anymore when you can have a piece of shit on four prongs?

All the Chandler kids have substance abuse problems. Skye, Haley, Colby, JR—all of ‘em. It’s a matter of time before we see Happy Lil A swilling vodka and rolling a fat one.

JR doesn’t look like he had that rough of a night.

And in walks David into the into Yacht. I guess Colby left the door open.

Who gets married in a casino? I guess people on a soap that can’t afford a set for a church.

Taylor is faking it. I knew she was being too cutesy. Ode to Phoebe. She was a faker too.

This scene with JR and David is kind of gay-ish. David is spitting venom and JR is thrusting his hips and flicking his suspenders and then they get in eachother’s faces like they’re going in for the kiss and then … commercial.
I like the way on OLTL even the stories on the periphery merge into the main storyline at some point. The AMC storylines don’t blend well.

Brot and Taylor made love “under the stars in the MOONLIGHT’. Of course. Surrounded by candles. Seriously, Brot and Taylor dancing is much sweeter, much more emotional and far more interesting than Ryan and Greenlee licking eachother.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Wednesday's episode

• Smilin' LI'L A!

• ADAM: "The SS AMANDA, the most traveled ship on the sea!"

• here's BROT & TAYLOR.

he's helpin her with her PT, he's so sweet & supportive.

• if they say that they are gonna have the weddings @ CONFUSION or the casino i am throwin somethin @ the teevee!!!!

• dang, ZACH & REESE, go ahead & do it. seriously, they couldn't be ***INDICATING*** it much more.

BIANCA really *is* her mother's daughter.

• i thought it's be fun to see drunk JR go off on COLBY, but its just flat & uncomfortable.

• GREENLEE got her some crème fraîche ala LAVERY.


• i feel bad for Eden Riegel....she is not enjoying what is being done to her character.
that is the same look thats been on Darnell Williams' face.
btw, he told Joannne of STARDISH RADIO podcast that he is pissed about his storyline, and that he fought it...& lost.

• TAYLOR has amazing crab dip.

you've got to try it! really!

i think BROT is the hottest guy on the show...but you can see TPTB have no real commitment to his character.

TAYLOR: "Dance with me?"

ok, now *thats* got me tearin' up.
god, i need a good cry.

thank you for givin me a little bit of *real* romance, AMC.

notes on Wednesday's episode

• why doesnt SNORA try to find that JANET woman?

• DORIAN: "Why don't you just call me 'SUGAH'? That's what you called me last night!"

BEAVER: "Did we sleep together?"

DORIAN: "All...night...long!!!"

its funny to compare/contrast this scene with AMANDA & JR.

• li'l HOPE/CHLOE is just smilin' away...that baby ***LOVES*** people!!!!

notice how her eyes always follow the men in the room, she's a little flirt!!!

• i gotta say, even when i'm in a bad mod, OLTL gets me smilin'...all this funny business with DORIAN & BEAVER is a perfect example....when they started jumpin' on the bed, i was crackin' up!

• i dont think any court would allow TESS's testimony...but it does make for a good story.

• i'm glad SARAH is confronting CRISTIAN.

• MEL!!!

• DORIAN: "Don't rain on my parade!"

MEL: "You do this, Honey, you gonna need a mighty big umbrella!"

• OOOOOH i cant wait til that VANESSA goes ***DOWN***!!!!

• i really like SARAH goin off on that dumbass CRIS!!!

• it sounds funny coz they are in ST ANNES. but JESS & BRODY are really romantic!

part of that is because they are not ***rushing*** their story, takin it i really believe these characters *care* about each other.

Shadow said...

Part of what irks me about AMC is that it's all tease and innuendo.
The Zach Reese thing is one example. Even David and JR's scene had a weird vibe yesterday like they were fixing to totally Brokeback Mountain eachother. Fine. Do it but don't tease. (That would be a ratings grabber.) Like when Dr. Sinclair told Ryan that Annie's breakdown was all his fault. After the commercial, she totally explained that away. It's gimmicky. I don't see that on OLTL. To me, it's an issue of credibility. After a while, you lose faith in what you are seeing. I feel less like the storyline is being advanced than I do Pratt is manipulating me. Does this make sense to anybody else?

The one exception are the scenes with Brot and Taylor. They are sweet and romantic, and Pratt doesn't sensationalize them. It's almost like a different soap when Brot and Taylor are on. But with the rest of it, they say these dumb inflammatory lines, go to a commercial and then back off whatever they said. Hate that.

Also, Brot and Taylor. While I like them. I don't see how they fit into anything else going on. Like I said before, it's impressive how all the stories on OLTL somehow fit into the big picture. The writers somehow bring it all together. That doesn't happen on AMC these days.

I think these were some of the same issues that dogged Pratt in the second season of DH. The characters were all in separate storylines. There was no overlaying story like the first season that brought it all together. The Alfre Woodard storline with the crazy kid in the basement didn't fit and not much else was happening.

He did do a good job on Melrose, but that was different. Total camp. 24 shows. Different writers supporting him.

I don't think the show is horrible. The good actors help the bad dialogue alot. But the difference in quality between AMC and OLTL is stark. Imagine what the good actors on AMC could do with material and words written as beautifully and with the sophistication of OLTL.

Seriously, would a Knne woman ever say "two-fer" let alone get married in a "two-fer" ceremony?
This whole "two-fer" thing seems like a cost cutting thing.

Shadow said...

Erica and Adam r another example. So much silly innuendo and teasing. They' re too old and have too much history. Barbara and the other dude did a. Etter job with them. Their banter was more sophisticated under their pen. Erica and Adam are over eachother romantically. They know how to manipulate eachother. They care about eachother but more like bro and sister or cousins or even frenemies. They "get" eachother an that's what makes them close, but it isn't a sex thing. With Pratt, everything is a sex thing. Stoopit.

Norn Cutson said...


Anonymous said...

AMC is BACK in 2009!
We may have all been premature is declaring the death of daytime/ AMC... today was classic. The scene between David and Jr were powerful, and well done. Brot is improving ( wish the same could be said for Colby, bless her heart LOL), More Opal we love it. A little less Rylee and if Reese were not fence sitting would be nice but we cannot be to picky given the drought we have been through. Thus, we must celebrate when the good in an episode FINALLY outweighs the bad. Besides it is a miracle what we can still recognize the good.

Arizonagal said...

Shadow, ITA, Adam and Erika are so 1999 with the flirting and the cattiness and the innuendo. Grow up for Pete's sake, it's so old and it's embarrassing to old pros act like that. They deserve better material, not this crap, which indicates to me that TIIC do not have a clue what to do with these two moldy oldies. Why not write material for them that showcases their strengths and intelligence and age? There is nothing wrong with mature, smart storylines. Take a look at OLTL.

How about respecting the pros on AMC, and while TPTB are at it, they outta throw a little respect at the viewers. We deserve so much better than this tripe.

BTW I hope your wife is getting better, Shadow. Here's wishing you both well, and while I"m at it, the rest of the marvelous bloggers here.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Thursday's episode

• even GREENLEE can see that ZACH & REESE are gonna do it.

• ooh, TAYLOR gave BROT an ultimatum...bad move.

• OPAL: "That is horse manure and I don't need tarot cards or tea leaves to know it!"

• DAVID & JR are totally gonna kiss.
there's a reason JR tied him up with his face @ crotch level.

• i like seein OPAL pissed!

• i *love* the realness of BROT & TAYLOR...but it does seem like they are on a totally different show.

omg i *LOVE* her touching his face!!!!

i want them to kiss!!!

• OPAL's movin in!

now OPAL's all about the hot milk.

OPAL: "You can't say one word about Petey's superhero jammies, he gets embarrassed."

its great that OPAL is getting more to do!

• tsk, KWAK has no self-control.

• ¡¡¡¡¡THEY KISSED!!!!!


i am smilin so biiiiig right now....& cryin too!!


ohhh, i am ****THRILLED****!!!!

i got the tears pourin' down but i'm grinnin' ear to ear!!!

• why would it be any of CRYAN's business who GABRIELLE's biologocal father is?

• i wish Eden Riegel was allowed to bring her sense of humor to this show.

yeah, REESE, good idea...put KWAK ahead of BIANCA.

notes on Thursday's episode


VIKI aint havin it!

• back to school with STARR & LANGSTON.

• UGH VANESSA & LOLA are in the credits.
(at least OLTL update theirs)

• here's ROXY & CHARLIE!

ROXY: "Sorry I put you in that compromissionary position!""

ROXY *likes* bein a grandma!

• BLAIR brought TODD muffins.

tsk, she must still love the bastard.

btw, i really enjoyed Nelson Branco's interview with TSJ.

!!!!!!!!MARTY's slung up with WES, BRODY's friend!!!!

that is effin' brilliant!!!

• love this fight with BLAIR & TODD...coz it sounds like the way real people fight!

• the new waitress @ the BUNEOS DIAS has a name...LUISA.
& she got some lines today.

ROXY: "You know me, I can be totally secrete!"

• wow, WES is a good guy.

• TÉA's sooooo good in these scenes with VIKI!!!

• COLE's got a stoner friend...but thats a pretty damn puny joint!

• WES could be really good for MARTY.

MCBAIN is just like "tsk, tsk, tsk"...that made me laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...


I've really started liking "Taylor and Brot's" scenes, over the past couple of days. Considering JR Martinez isn't a professionally trained actor, he's really come a long way since he began on AMC. He's started to loosen up alot more, lately. I think we're beginning to see some more substantive work from the writers, as well. I think, in the scenes with Beth Ehlers and JR Martinez, I think we are seeing a glimpse of what soaps should be,imho.


Anonymous said...

I just used "I think" a lot in my post. Next time: better editing-LOL!


Shadow said...

n69 said:

• DAVID & JR are totally gonna kiss. there's a reason JR tied him up with his face @ crotch level.

I don't think that's called a kiss!

Shadow said...

I fell asleep at the end of Wednesday’s episode so I’m watching the last 10 minutes.

Brot and Taylor. I’m totally won over by them. He’s rubbing her feet. She’s totally the sweetest thing talking to him. She’s tough but so feminine when necessary. Great actress.

“Dance with me?” My heart is jumping. He’s crazy. I don’t know how he can resist her. She makes you want to *hug* her and take care of her even though you know she could really kick your ass.

It’s funny how when Taylor reminisces about their relationship we never saw she manages to make it all sound believable and credible. Compare that to when Rinx reminiscing about all that joire de vire bull de shit. It sounded totally fake.

And how about that nice music Taylor and Brot danced to?. It was perfect. And no candles. No moon. I fear the end of the walker though. I will miss the Click.

“You never gave up reaching for me.
Because you hold me up so high
Give yourself with no condition
Because you guide me when I’m stumbling in the dark
You’re the one who won my heart…”

Sappy? Yes. A little American Idolesque? Yep. More romantic than anything on AMC in the past year?. Absoeffenlutely. And nothing seedy or overwrought.

“Have you been faking this all along?” Hmmm. Didn’t you pretend to be dead?

Cut to Ryan and InsecureBoobianca. Nothing spells love like a test.

It’s the weirdest thing. No matter who Reese is talking to I think to myself, “It would be hot if Reese hooked up with him/her.” She’s just got it. I’m thinking Rinx need lesbian swinger friends. Maybe start with Greenlee.

JR is wooping David. For some reason I want to root for David. JR is such a total loser with a cap “L”.


I’m excited to see this because of Elyse’s review!

“When you dance I could feel it”. Ha! Brot got a boner! We’ve all been there. Dancing with someone and then, Schwing! Well, I guess she could’ve been talking about something else.

“Sit down on the couch. Next to me…Not by the nearest exit”. Good dialogue today.

This is so fantastic with them. Closing his eyes. Her stroking his face. The right amount of dialogue. Good dialogue. I keep checking the channel to see if this really AMC.

KWAKho talking to Opal. Opal talking back without tarot cards and theatrics. She’s appalled but empathetic.

Opal to KWAK: “I’m movin’ in for a while. Help you to stay away from David Hayward. And since Tad isn’t around the job falls to me”. Am I dead? Is AMC-Heaven Version? Opal with a real storyline? Possibly on screen everyday? I hear angels and harps…

Oh shit there’s Ryan. Not Heaven.

Zach smiled! Ryan isn’t being an ass! Greenlee is acting interested!

N69 is right about JR. Hayward called JR a “sniveling, slobbering mess”. I just see a pretty boy with not a hair out of place, no wrinkles on his clothes, no vomit stain on his shirt. He look like he just got waxed and spray tanned.

Hayward has some cheap furniture. Round tables with skirts and a plain white couch. Guess he couldn’t afford much after he paid out all that money to Amanda.

Opal made some warm milk. Guess the dairy association paid their bill. Opal is a good friend. KWAK is a dumbass if she screws with her but you know she can’t resist her inner-ho ways.

“Hey Brot, this is me looking at you….Stay here with me…They don’t matter…Just us. Right here. Right now.” Then a kiss. A big QUIET kiss with some nice piano music! I must be tired and getting delusional. Not a candle in sight.

What the hell is so different? Who is in charge of today’s episode? Did they get new dialogue writers? I need to pay attention to the credits.

“You have tied a person to a piano!”

People just talking today. Relating. Not scheming, plotting, reacting.

Boobianca apologized again today. Run Reese, run fast. Don’t sign up for crazy jealous Boobianca. I don’t care for the Zach angle, but I don’t understand how Reese can put up with all the accusations and jealousy. I wish she would take a stand with Boob.

Reese mentioned “The Comeback” zoning and permit meetings. Wow, I thought that place was a goner. I guess now it will be called The Saint Babe Carey Chandler Memorial Comeback Saloon”.

Boobianca looks like a nun today. All she needs is a habit. Why can’t they dress her? That black dress is the pits.

Anonymous said...

I'm completely disgusted!!! The real Bianca would never do something like this!!! Get new writers!!

Also did all of you catch that comment Reese made when Gabrielle started crying in the beginning of todays episode? She said something like "well she's got a hearty appetite just like her momma." Oh my god, this totally proves everything you two have been saying on the podcast recently about the Eden Reigel!! OMG!

Brian said...

I want to see AMC go back to what I loved; back to the reasons that I have held on for 20 years.

1) The Families. I need more that one or two characters from a family. I want them to FEEL like families. {ie why doesn't Adam see his OTHER grandchildren? Where is Amanda's brother and why doesn't she ever see her mom?)

2) A full story, not bits and pieces. A beginning, middle, and end of a story. (ie Kathy vs KWAK, Erika's TV show Cancellation, Carmen's court case)

3) A good and bad side to "evil" characters (ie DAVID, ANNIE).

4) Longer scenes that let you get into, rather than emotionally edging. The scenes are cut too short!

5) A NEW into. No more cutting and pasting so the beginning is slow and the end speeds by.

6) Good actors. Actors who can act and actually care about the show rather than texting in performances. No more, "why did Greenlee do that?" "It's in the script." [by the way, one of my PVP fav clips]

7) COMPLEX storylines. Kinda goes with #2, but it needs to be said. The Soap Fanbase is not dumb! We don't need watered down simple stories. I want something that ketches me off guard. I want to say, "Hey! I didn't see that coming." not "Will they kill her off already!!!"

8) Dixie.

Melissa said...

Brian.... Thank you! I couldn't have said it any better. I so agree with your suggestions - I was stunned today when Kathy was all about Krystal when the storyline about Kathy wanting her dead was never resolved. WTF???

As for Family storylines, why can't they bring Janet back? Isn't she in Oakhaven? It would be a hoot to have her play "mommy" to Insannie. Imagine all the fun we could have with them.


Shadow said...

Crazy Daisy -- You are right on about Janet and InsAnnie. How great that could be! InsAnnie could be like her new Amanda. They think alike, act alike, have screwed up childhoods, sibling rivalries. It would give Oak Haven some meat. I've so got my fingers crossed. Besides in all seriousness, Amanda needs a family. And her scenes with Janet were always moving. It makes Amanda so much more understandable.

Norn Cutson said...

check out these items from Nelson Branco!

"• Looks like AMC almost came close to being cancelled in 2007 and 2008. “ABC wanted to replace AMC with its timeslot competitor, DAYS had NBC and Sony not renewed the show,” says one insider. “When DAYS was renewed, ABC brought back Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams instead, in an effort to save AMC.”

• Sorry, Pete: Don’t expect your onery father, Palmer, to pop up in Melrose Valley anytime soon. James Mitchell is spending the winter in his L.A. home, and has no plans to return to New York until spring.

• Chris Evans’ brother, Scott (Officer Fish), is out and proud. The Fantastic Four star told The Advocate, “Yes, I do have a gay brother. I’m down with the gays. Mostly I’m hanging out with him and his gay buddies, who are hilarious. They’re the funniest people I know.” Layla’s one lucky chick.

• Broadway star Charlotte d'Amboise, who recently starred in Chicago, has been cast as vice principal Dickinson at Llanview High beginning Jan. 16. The actress appeared opposite Jason Tam (Markko) in A Chorus Line last year."

Laura said...

I actually like some of the last couple episodes. Opal and Erica, Opal and KWAK, Opal and Tad. She really helps the show.

Did I miss something, but when did Ryan get divorced, help me out here!!

Ryan and Greenlee are stupid, Bianca is acting stupid. But the vets are doing there best. I agree Beth Ehlers is amazing. She makes Brot so believable. He is so much better when he's with a pro, not a turd like Coldby.

One Life to Live is smart getting all these Broadway actors. These people are not hair models, but real actors. But I miss R.J, and Catherine Hickland.

I think R.J. should go to Pine Valley and be a shoulder for Angie to cry on. That would wake Jessie up. And can you imagine Debbie and Timothy together! Hot. The braids meet the weave!

I thought AMC was so much better this week, but then I watch OLTL live after it and realize how far it has to go. This soap and Y&R have both been great lately because of the character driven storylines that go back to the basics.

I liked the new teacher on OLTL, and who is taping what? I also liked this actor on GH. I may start watching if Vanessa Marcil returns.

Nelson Branco is also a must read, read his article with Trevor Saint John.

Shadow, I am keeping your wife in my prayers. Hopefully her surgery went well.

Anonymous said...

DC has the promo for the end of Josh already up.....and I went to the doctor the other day and my blood pressure was a bit high...gee I wonder why...


Just kiding about the blood pressure joke, but seriously... Chuck Pratt needs to be shot in the head for what he haas done to Josh. The poor man. He's exacting revenge on Zach....the man that he stole millions from....the man that he was best friends with....the man that he watched hockey with.....the man that fathered his nephews....and apparently, the man that shoots him in the head.....gaduafhu;diohfajdurofcayhudfyfuhdh, sorry that was me slamming my head against the keyboard.

I can't take it!

Anonymous said...

DC has the promo for the end of Josh already up.....and I went to the doctor the other day and my blood pressure was a bit high...gee I wonder why...


Just kiding about the blood pressure joke, but seriously... Chuck Pratt needs to be shot in the head for what he haas done to Josh. The poor man. He's exacting revenge on Zach....the man that he stole millions from....the man that he was best friends with....the man that he watched hockey with.....the man that fathered his nephews....and apparently, the man that shoots him in the head.....gaduafhu;diohfajdurofcayhudfyfuhdh, sorry that was me slamming my head against the keyboard.

I can't take it!

Mel Got Served said...

Jill Larson (Opal) is's Hot Slut of the Day! I know that sounds awful, but it's a compliment. The HSOTD is basically the best person of the day, then can win for the week, month, and eventually the year. Warning: potentially offensive language for the swearing-impaired:

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Friday's episode


that was a lot of talking for EMMA.

• tsk, BIANCA.

• OPAL & ERICA...Jill Larson sounds like she's got a baaad cold (everyone in the city does!!)

• oh please, we know JR's not gonna shoot DAVID, & apparently KWAK does too, coz she only seems mildly upset.

• REESE: "She's got a hearty appetite, just like her mama!"

• wow, LOTS of OPAL today!
thats great!!!

there's KATHY.

OPAL's pissed.

• CRYAN: "Is it Kendall?!!?"
BIANCA: "No, no, she's fine..."

i mustve missed her waking up & coming home, since she's "fine".

• REESE is worried aout getting the COMEBACK contract?!
i thought she was the worlds hottest architect, & she's frettin about some measly job rebuilding THE COMBEACK?
besides, you know KWAK's gonna blow off that meeting.

• OPAL is reading CLEMENTINE to KATHY.


to hell with KWAK.

• ZACH: "Close enough to accept her fiancé?"
ERICA: "The way you did, with open arms...and longing looks?"

• OPAL (pissed!): "WHAT ON CREATION?!?!?!"
KWAK: "Opal...its not what you think!"


that old line!!!

"its not what you think!"


that! cracked! me! UP!!!

• KATHY: "Whats an elephants favorite game?"
TAD: "I dont know, what is an elephants favorite game?"
KATHY: "Squash!"

she got that bit of witticism from DAVID.

• REESE: "ZACH & I are *friends*. I know thats a difficult concept to grasp for someone who's been married ten times, but it *is* possible."

• ERICA's suite!

• tsk, ZACH.

it must have been a good episode, because thats the most notes ive taken in weeks for AMC.
i credit OPAL....put Jill Larson on contract!!

notes on Friday's episode

• what, who's filming taping TODD & BLAIR?

• it looks like it'd be fun to have a class with Langston!


i like NORA better when she's doin LAW & ORDER than when she's with CLINT & being SNORA.
i'm just not interested in seeing her in a romantic context.

it looks like Kamar has already checked out.

• the new science teacher wants everyone to know he's "a cool dood"

LANGSTON: "I'm gonna *like* this class!"

MARKKO's bent outta shape.

• TODD: "Thats're in this picture. Why do you think I would wanna look at this?"
BLAIR: "That's why God made scissors, so you can cut me out of it!"

• oh, TÉA with a new hairdo.

• ooooooh, STARR got busted for talking in class!

• omg, ANTONIO just recapped the past 6 months in one sentence & never even stopped for a breath!

that was exhausting!

Beth Ann Bonner is a good, she slows the scene back down.

• BLAIR: "You wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and slapped you upside the head, Téa!"
TÉA: "She's very funnyl I can see why you married her all those times."

• now someone's spying on NORA?!?

• they did a flashback of TÉA and she looked **EXACTLY THE SAME***

• oh man, poor STARR!!!

• mmhm, looks like MCBAIN & WES are gonna kiss! i like that!
they are a way hotter couple than JR & DAVID!

• MATTHEW wants to go to raves.

hey, here's MATTHEW's friends...they call him MATT, so i will call him that, too.

COLE: "Who you hang out with doesnt make you cool, its who you are."

• this is the first TÉA is hearing all the details of TODD's baby plan.
its driving her to drink!
sluggin' it right out the bottle!

• everybody's talkin' about JANET...she must be comin back on the show!

• TODD: "Oh, that was just God punishing me."

YES, TODD..."GOD" killed STARR's baby to ***YOU***...coz its always ***ALL ABOUT YOU***, TODD.

narcissistic asshole!!!!

• now they're spyin on MATTHEW i mean MATT?

here's RENEE!
she's cheerful!

• TALIA makes me smile!

you would think ANTONIO would be smilin more, coz you *know* TALIA's gotta be fun in bed!

• MCBAIN: "So I just saw Marty."
BLAIR: (hands him a beer)"I just saw Todd."

• the new science teacher is DR JOPLIN's SON!!!!!
the one TODD was blackmailing her about!!!

• ooh MARKKO shouldnt be teasin her about LOLA...

COLE doesnt want them to see him with his stoner friend.

• "BECCA"...sounds like trouble.

NORA drops MATT's backback...there's a skinny joint underneath his English Lit book!

WOW!!! that look on NORA's face....this is gonna be good!!!!

• somebody snatched RENEE!!!!

ITS JANET!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I stand by my comments that not just the defibrillator at the comeback works! Amc is back amongst the living. there was actual dialogue and Rylee did not make me taste bile nor did my skin crawl. Binx went all erica on us but pulled back just in time. There was real ADULT DIALOGUE that INVOLVED HISTORY! The writers may actually be paying attention !! YAY!!

Laura said...

Elyse and Susan,

I had to agree with you. The last two days were some of the best since Pratt came on board. Maybe, let's pray things keep getting better.

Shadow said...

Hey everyone! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. My wife is doing pretty well. The second surgery was tough on her, but she's recovering. She's got some stuff to work through to feel better, but the cancer is 100% gone and that's the main thing for now. I really appreciate you all. I've kept up with the show thru YouTube in the hospital and the blog on my Touch. It seriously was a blessing the past month.

Laura, Elyse and Susan- I still haven't seen Friday but I thought Thursday was greatly improved. It seemed like something changed. I don't know if they got some new dialogue writers of if Pratt has just studied up on the history or what but it was so much better. I did see a few minutes of Friday and they putting Opal to really good use. You're right--she really helps the show and as n69 said should be put back on contract. Hey there Dan, the Josh storyline sounds like it's going to suck but considering the past couple of days improvement, I'll reserve judgment till I see it.

I'm glad Tad's back. I know I've been fun of his hair, his weight (Tad the Fad Dad akd Tad the Cad) and I've accused him of being dull, but I love the guy. He's sort like comfort food. He may not always be the most exciting, but I like knowing he's there. PV is better place with him around. Nothing like absence to make the heart grow fonder.

As for Kendall's return. I'm ambivalent. She was really annoying last year. I think it was the way the character was being written, and I think they could turn it around if they give her something more interesting to do than meddle in Ryan's affairs and dog Annie 24/7.

One thing about Ryan that bugs me lately. He's all about Emma. She's really cute and obviously needs his attention since he drove Annie crazy, but what's he done for Spike lately? That poor little kid hasn't spent any time with him in weeks it seems. It's almost like they've forgotten Ryan is his father.

Shadow said...

Friday on AMC…

Tad’s back. Yeah! He has A LOT of bushy grey hair. Guess now that they cut his salary 40% he’s cutting back on the maintenance. I’d hate to see his kitchen if you know what I mean.

Who is KwakHO to cast stones at JR? Yeah, he’s drinking and that’s bad. But she’s f*ck*ng around on her husband again. If I were a betting man, I’d rather have to explain some drinking at the Pearly Gates. Some thing tells me “I’m a huge whore” is going to be a problem.

Bianca kind of looks like Elvira, Princess of Darkness.

Ohhhhh Binx, don’t you know better than to take relationship advice from Ryan and Greenlee?

So much Opal lately. I love it. Either someone is getting a clue or everyone else had the day off for a holiday.

What’s that poofy thing on Bianca’s butt? They dress her horribly. Maybe they can’t afford stylists anymore. I heard Kim Zimmer has to get dressed in the back of her car and do her own makeup now.

“What in CREEYATION?” Considering all the people who have plowed thru David’s front door and having just spent a few hours tied to a piano with a gun to his head, wouldn’t he think to lock the front door?

How many people have to tell KWAKho she’s screwed up? Jake, Joe, Opal, JR. I’m starting to dislike this character immensely.

Give her hell Opal!!!

OK, Kathy’s cute but no more Kathy comedy. That elephant joke was lame even by 5 year old standards. I like Kathy so much more evil.

Reese is givin’ it to Erica—“someone who had been married 10 times”.

Keep practicing that speech Zach. Maybe you’ll believe it someday.

Zach to Reese: “I thought you were stronger than that”. Zach’s had years to get used to Erica. Reese has had a month and he’s ripping her for letting Erica get in her head. Why does he abuse her so? One minute he’s waxing the pole for her and the next he belittles her. Talk about a controlling a-hole.

Ryan and Greenlee are so happy. She’s gonna die. Candle = Sex. Happy = Dead.

“Tad, I’m so glad you’re home”. NOT.

Erica’s suite? Is this a house? This is the cheapest looking set I’ve ever seen. Totally unbecoming of Erica. No detail in the set. Those sheer curtains with the blue light behind it? Recycled wall paper from the Casino? Must’ve got a bulk discount. I know the sets don’t matter that much but there’s a really big difference between this and Zach’s or Ryan’s place. Even Taylor’s place looks nicer.

How is it that Erica freakin Kane lives in the crappiest looking place in Pine Valley?

Zach is holding Reese and Voila! There’s Binx at the door.

With the exception of the scenes with Opal, this was an ok but not stellar day.

Anonymous said...

we agree with you completely. Let's start a ground swell because we cannot let the negativity win because ultimately we will be without this format all together.
Shadow we have to disagree Friday was great compared to what we have gotten used to this is a vast improvement. Sometimes we have to be willing to recognize a change for the best though we are not used to it.

Shadow said...

Elyse and Susan:

I agree Friday was waaaay better than most days. I just didn't think it was as great as Thursday, although I loved the Opal scenes. I'm quick to adjust my expectations about this show. It gets a little better and I immediately demand more. I appreciate that it's been much better the past few days. I wish I knew what behind the scenes is making the difference. Whatever the case, we need to stay after them. It's better but has a way to go. And lest we get satisfied to quickly, there's always a story like this Josh thing that's coming up. I'm not being negative, just hard to please until our show returns to its glory. We should throw them some praise and tell them what we like though. I'll say this, sprinkle Opal all over town. It makes everyone better and the show feel more like home. She should be on contract and given a place of emphasis in the opening credits.

I'm looking forward to hearing Ashley and Jordan's take on AMC this week! How about you guys? I figure they were as unimpressed as we were with the holiday eps, but the past few days have shown dramatic improvement. I wonder what they will say? I hope Jordan has tons of gossip and can fill us in on the Carmen saga.

Shadow said...

Check out this article I found. Is this the real truth or just spin from ABC? Who knows...


Thursday, January 08, 2009
Yahoo! Buzz

Contrary to ongoing reports, All My Children was never in danger of coming to an untimely demise unlike some of its villainous characters. A spokesperson for ABC Daytime disproved rumors reported by TV Guide Canada that the network came "this close to canceling AMC. Real close. Scary close." When the news swept across the internet, many fans of All My Children started to worry.

Aside from reports that ABC nearly pulled the plug on All My Children, there were other factors that contributed to fans' fears. First of all, the show's ratings have eroded steadily over the past few years, and even the top-rated The Young and the Restless has recently been forced to trim its operating budget. Additionally, there was talk about All My Children's ailing financial situation with Brian Frons, president of daytime for Disney-ABC Television Group, confirming that the network is having to "negotiate salaries down," including daytime's best-known diva, Susan Lucci (Erica Kane).

Meanwhile, there are still some unresolved rumors about the soap possibly giving up its Manhattan studio as a way to further cut the show's costs. Residing in New York is not cheap and moving All My Children to a new could potentially cut the show's operating costs significantly.

For now, All My Children fans need not worry. The important thing is that ABC has already gave its assurance that that the cancellation rumors are "absolutely not true." And that All My Children "was never in danger of being cancelled."

In other news, All My Children has also set the return dates for some of its recurring cast members, including Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart), Colin Egglesfield (Josh Madden), Tonya Pinkins (Livia Frye) and Elizabeth Rodriguez. You can read more about them in this previous article.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Soap Central

Anonymous said...

JR and Lil A must be going to the same Supercuts. They are both working the exact same mall cut.

David Vickers, marry me! OLTL is really rocking it and I'm loving it. Judos to Dorian, Clint, Nora, Jared, Jess, Brody, and the rest of the cast. Great week!


Laura said...

Shadow so glad to hear about your wife. I said a special prayer for her at Mass today.

Namaste to you Brown Penny and all the other OLTL fans here.

New week, new picture from the soap opera that is Illinois.

Laura said...

Did anyone see Gran Torino? I got an advance copy through my Puerto Rican connections, since I am Sorta Rican. It is great. Daytime Confindential loved it too. Must see movie.

I am watching Golden Globes, throught Bruce Springsteen was kissing Kathy Griffin, then I realized it was his wife!

Now I am wondering if the emails improved our show, crossing my fingers Monday keeps up for the better.

Shadow so glad the prayers are working for your family. This group is so supportive, and we are all thinking of you.

I can't believe that on Daytime Confidential people voted for Randi over Carmen, our own Norn/N69 told them like it was. Go N69 calling her Rancid on there. Go over there and vote. In the spirit of Chicago politics I will be voting early and often to change the poll!

Can't wait for the podcast tomorrow.

Help again, when did Cryan and Insannie get divorced?

Welcome MsCaseyShameless!