Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Think I Lust You

  • That milk-'ho Krystal sleeps with David, and gets busted for it. (Hallelujah!)
  • Amanda sleeps with J.R., and it this case, I'm glad we don't see it.
  • Greenlee and Ryan slurp their way through the week, and it ain't pleasant.
  • And a special mention to Opal, who gives the Performance of the Week as the Mother Lion protecting her cub, Tad.
We're so happy to be back this week, people! We thought it'd be fun to get as interactive as our not-so-technologically advanced equipment will allow. If y'all happen to have any questions for us, we'd be happy to answer (we think). If not, feel free to go on and post, well, anything else your little heart desires! Either way, do your thing as only you all do, here.

1/09/09 Podcast


Laura said...

Yeah, I can't link though. I'll try later. Welcome Back.

jordan hudson said...

I have already told Ashley that the episodes regarding Josh, I'm boycotting. I will not watch or discuss Josh's final exit from the show.

All I will say is that while I knew what was going to happen...I did not realize how it was going to come about, until I saw the new trailer for it.

To say I'M NOT AMUSED doesn't even begin to express how I feel. I despise Chuck PRATHOLE. He has done more damage to my AMC then MCTAVISH all three times put together.

This only shows what a complete buffon this man is. If you knew this was the route you were going with Josh. Then why not have him on the show these last few months show him bonding with his family not just the Kanes but the Martins. He is an fing Martin you know. Have him fall in love with say Amanda. Then have an accident happen. Erica had to make a tough choice. A well written and deeply rich dramatic storyline. That would have had us reliving, The GH B.J.'s Heart storyline, Laura Cuddhay, Starr Manning loosing her baby. Something of that nature that we could have sinked our teeth into and could have given La Lucci another Emmy. No instead you destroy the character. Then bring him back as complete psycho. I'm just disgusted with the these turn of events. It shows a lack of imagination as a head writer to take a campy easy way out. I understand that in Frons and Pratthole's mind they think they are rectifying a wrong. Yet the situation is this....killing Josh off doesn't undo the fact that Mctavish undid Erica's abortion. And negated one of Agnes's most powerful storyline's. When you are given a make lemonade. We grew to care about Josh. We grew to accpet that this young man is Erica and Jeff's son. That is due in part to the wonderful actor that Colin is. He and we deserve better.

Guys I'm so hurting after seeing that commercial...I don't even want to see AMC anymore. Horrible. Sorry Elyse and Susan but after seeing what is coming and how it's coming. I don't see AMC being positive in 2009 not as long as they have an E.P. who doenst give a f&*% about her show and a writer who calling a hack would be an insult to hacks.

Anonymous said...

I know a little bit about whats going on with Josh and I try to stay away from spoilers, I have not the seen the preview yet.
My biggest problem with Josh was that he was an un-done abortion, an abortion that made TV History, I just wished before they get rid of him they had made him a twin of Kendall, since Erica did not remember that birth and I believe they never did a DNA test with a Martin.

I did enjoy Colin though, minus his Babe stalking days, those were horrible, most of all I'm going to miss looking at him!

Norn Cutson said...



Norn Cutson said...

omg, my jaw hit the floor when Jordan said he didnt care for LuPone!
all the color drained from my face!
my eyes rolled back in my head!
my hands went numb!

...but i'm so glad that you like INTO THE WOODS, & especially that you mention Bernadette & Joanna Gleason!

NO ONE IS ALONE from INTO THE WOODS is one of my all*time favorite songs!

Anonymous said...

Jordan, I am behind u two hundred percent...

I honestly think that Josh has been my favorite character ever since Leo left and Ryan became a Ryanderthal. His early story with Greenlee and Kendall sneaking into the sperm bank was pretty funny. Then they refocused him to New Beginnings where he was running around with Erica as her E.P. Even at one point, Erica tried to set up Josh with Kendall to keep her away from Zach. The look on Greg Madden's face when he heard about this was truly priceless. Then, they had all of that business with Greg going missing with Kathy and all. Josh was distraught and a lil pissed off at the world. Then, Zach found out about Madden fathering all of his inseminations, and Kendall had to get Spike tested.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Welcome Back! Sorry Jordon but I think that AMC will make a comeback in 2009 like YandR did in 2008. Josh is a good character but the unabortion wasn't welcomed so they have to undo it. Right know I am listening to the most horrible soap on the air Guiding Light

Erica Kane said...

Yay!! So gald to have you back!!! I am finally all caught up and ready for the new podcast!! I am not sure about AMC making a comeback in 2009, unless they fire Crapputhers and Pratthole. BUt I can still hope for a return to greatness. Jordan do you watch Law and Order SVU??

SOAPFAN said...

WELCOME BACK y'all! I hope you had great New Years! I missed you two last week when I started work!

I have a lot to say today. First off, Jordan, I feel you about the show, and about Josh. I know a little bit about what happens, and man oh man, I am fuming right now.

It wouldn't be so bad, but then you think back to when Greenlee kidnapped Spike, and how Josh was bonding with Zach and becoming a full fledged Kane, and then you realize that Pratt is a dick, plain and simple! He cares nothing for the history of the show, nor its multi-layered characters.

I have not been this disappointed in a storyline decision since I left the show in 2005.

Even though last week had it's moments, the show's writing has been absolute basura! Where do I start?

Taylor and Brot - Thankfully, among the only scenes on the show that didn't completely suck. I really enjoyed their tender moments, and Jr. Martinez really did a great job with the emotions. I am actually rooting for Taylor and Brot now, Eff Jake! RPG is okay, but I think Jake is starting to lose focus and steam as a character. Taylor looked pretty.

Reese and Zach - This storyline is getting on my nerves, mostly because of the way Tamara Braun is playing it. Now, the whole idea is that Zach and Reese are friends, and their interactions are innocent. But Tamara Braun is playing it like a flirtatious courtship. Every emotion, every action, and gesture is like a flirt. And with all the weirdness between she and Zach, no WONDER Erica and Bianca are buggin out.

First of all, I can't STAND Zach. He is such a sleaze, and sorry Thorsten, but you mumble and grunt every damn line! I always wondered why Kendall would not be with a much younger, less Gruff man. Zach reminds me of the Beast from that old TV Show Beauty and the Beast with Linda Hamilton. They need to bring back Rudolf Martin(Anton). I mean, enough years have passed, I think he would still be hot now, and he probably knows more English too.

And I want to know, in what universe would Zach not be more concerned about Kendall than he is about Reese. It's been...Always Only Reese for the past month now.

And what is gonna happen next in the saga(I won't spoil it), will make me go back to hating Zach. Thorsten, please go to OLTL and be with Marty, she needs some help right now, just make Zach disappear from Pine Valley, please?

I always hated Zach on AMC, but then there was a brief moment that I liked him...when he was in the hole with Greenlee and RIGHT after. This was mostly due to his interactions with my REALGreenlee, SABINE SINGH! I could buy their friendship and Zach was human to me, but when the beast Rebecca Budig came back, the whole show, including every relationship that I was invested in...went to pot. Rebecca Budig helped ruin the show IMO, and now I hate Zach again.

Bianca's Milk Bags - I guess the only consolation I had within this whole storyline was that we got to see those magnificent MAMS in full red color! She had on this red dress and those babies were REPRAZENTING! Bianca/Eden got some cans, even more that Melissa Archer (soon to be ex-Natalie OLTL). Quite a "CANNY" that Reese, she could use some arroz con pollo...she has nothing, I gasped when she came in with that nice dress on. She looked nice, but she is so damned skinny! And she doesn't have half the cans Boobianca has...Reese is quite UN-Canny.Lol!

Mad Props to Erica - I have to hand it to Erica, she is right on the money about Ryan and Greenlee. Anything involving them will be a disaster, and I love how she read a post-coitus Greenlee like a trashy romance novel.

I think Erica is right to be suspicious of Reese. All you have to do is look at Tamara Braun flirting in the scenes, and even Ray Charles would think something is going on. But yeah, Erica gets props from me for calling out Ryanderthal and GreenME. Speaking of vomit inducing forced destructive couples...

Ryan and Greenlee - They disgust me to no end. The ink on their divorce papers are barely dry, and you have these two sexing it up. Totally inappropriate IMO. Also, planning a wedding when:

(1)Annie is in a mental hospital

Is just beyond tacky and insensitive. Greenlee is such a fake c**t, cause she claims to love Kendall, but yet she is alley catting around with Ryan, planning a wedding, and acting like nothing is wrong.

That dumbass penis wrinkle Ryan always pretends to be so concerned about Emma's well being, but yet he pawns her off to the help at the first chance, so he can get all up in Greenlee's 20lb guts. I almost gagged when she showed up in his place dressed in lingerie(pronounced Lingeree)I can't take them anymore, so I have to FF almost every scene.

If rumors are correct about Greenlee, I can't say I would shed a tear if she were to leave PV again.

Adam/Jr/Erica/Colby/Amanda - Oy vey, this whole thing was a mess! Why did Adam seem like a chump all week? He hardly said anything, and when he did, he was cowering in fear at Jr. and FREAKING DAVID!

Also, out of NOWHERE, Adam suddenly hates Erica now. Mere weeks ago, they were carrying on like teenagers, and all of a sudden boom, he wants her out? Piss poor writing.

I did enjoy seeing Jr/JY "queen" out. He is getting a little portly, and he was sticking out his ass...I was like...jeez Lucretia's cookies must be made with Crisco in a can.

I liked how Amanda all of a sudden wanted to grow a conscience, but she still is coming off as a Tart. She looked REALLY tarty when they got her on the ship, the "S.S. Amanda". And why did they have to sleep together?! Ugh...Babe is barely in the grave, and Amanda is already under Jr.'s Troll Bridge.

The casino scenes were funny though, and a mess. I wanted to punch Greenlee yet again. MUST PrAssHole prop Babe, even after her death?

Greenlee: "Jr is really a mess, Babe was the only thing holding him together, without her..."

GMAFB! Babe was a HO! A kiddie pool hopping, adulterous, baby stealing, money grubbing, scheming HO who, with her HookerMama, helped take down the Chandlers. I'm surprised Jr. didn't drink MORE having to deal with the Country blow up doll that was Babe!

Opal and Krystal - Krystal makes me sick also. We know her special brand of "comfort" extends beyond PV, but I didn't think she would diss a stand up guy like Tad for the likes of David. And who is watching Kathy and Jennie?!

I am so glad Opal finally told her something about herself. I have been so happy seeing Jill Larsen/Opal lately. I hope they give her a contract again. There are no matronly figures left in Pine Valley, we desperately need one with the absence of Myrtle.

Petey Hears a Ho - I laughed at the Petey drama. He hired him a nice looking ho to make Colby jealous. I dunno guys, I think Petey looks better in nerd mode. They pulled a Stefan Urkell, and tried to cool him up, but it's just weird IMO. I love how Randi was shocked that Pete hired a hooker...she shouldn't be, since Frankie did the same thing...

I dunno about anyone else, but I would have at least had some fun if I paid all that money. And she was attractive. Tons better than Colby!

Carmen - I was kind of excited to see Elizabeth Rodriguez again, but then I found out this would be her LAST episode. They really dropped the ball with a character that had SO much potential. The actress was wonderful, and the character could have been a BEST FRIEND for Randi, and also could have really grown as a character. But I guess since she is not blonde enough, they had no use for her. Also, I think Pratt is trying to clean out everything B&E did. Sucks, cause I liked Carmen. 1 Carmen is worth 1,000 Reese, Rebecca, and Natalia(ugh).

Rebecca/Angie/Jesse - Can someone call me when the REALAngie comes back to PV. There is no way in hell a woman would let her man alone with his ex wife, who he has a child with, and apparently has feelings for. Rebecca needs to DIE, or go, or something. I love Laura Bonarrigo, but damn...this storyline hurts my brain and heart!

This is PodAngie. What is she smoking? Is David slipping her pills too? Jesse looked weird with no moustache. He looked like Joe Camel. He looked even more like Natalia, who I think looks like a giraffe.

Sad to say, AMC is pretty much done. I have little hope that things will get better. I heard the show was close to cancellation, which is what I think Frons is a shame that ABC let things get this bad. I will stick with the show until the bitter end, but I can honestly say I have little hope left. After 27 years...

OLTL is much better lately IMO. I am enjoying it, but I kind of think they are going too far with Marty...isn't she supposed to be a shrink? So now we see her acting like a crazy woman and looking like a deranged CHUCKY doll? Just doesn't make sense.

REX AND GIGI are boring and forced! Why are they subjecting us to this. JPL/Rex has more chemistry with Bo than with FF/Gigi...just putting it out there.

Great seeing Alex Olanov, even if she did look a little puffy and botoxy...she still looks damn good for a woman her age.

What the eff was up with Tea's hair? They have her looking like Lion-O from the Thundercats. DO yall notice that Florencia Lozano over pronounces the Latin words on the show? She sounds like those newscasters who mangle spanish sounding names, or add thick accents to the!

They can't ship Vanessa Y LOLA off to Colombia fast enough for me. I don't blame Sarah for what she did. LOLA is gonna try to steal Marco, and vanessa may indeed be a murderous wench. Tea is trying to help them, and she jumped out the bag on her. Something isn't right.

Well, sorry for writing so much, I had a lot welled up inside me last week, had to let it out!

Cheer up Jordan and Ash!

Arizonagal said...

Jordan, yes yes yes! This is the problem with AMC. They are totally effing up the Josh character, once again making really bad choices, instead of doing what you said - falling in love, being happy, bonding, etc. This is why I am so outraged after reading spoilage of the upcoming Josh arc. It's B.S. totally. I am just disappointed, but not surprised by TIIC decisions. These guys just don't get good drama.

And the JR stuff from last week really pissed me off. JR, acting like his usual a$$hole self, firing a gun in the room with David. I am once again getting an eyeroll headache. This connects to what I was saying above. TIIC think the only way to create drama is to have someone act like a total, over-the-top, jerk.

Damn! JordAsh, I missed you guys, so glad you are back and hope you had a great holiday.

tallytofu said...

Hey guys! Listening to the podcast now. Just want to say a few things. first - welcome back! We missed you.
I can't really make any comments about AMC because I'm not watching anymore. Somebody wave at me when Carruthers and Pratt are no longer destroying the show!

Second, it caught my attention when you were discussing Starr and Scott Clifton's new character on OLTL. Thought you might find it interesting that the actor playing Cole (Brandon Buddy) is 23 years old, and Scott Clifton is 22! Langston and Markko are also not exactly teenagers themselves - Brittany Underwood is 20, and Jason Tam is the oldest at 26.

Anonymous said...

You know, I feel where u guys r coming from about the writing of the show and Josh's exit/demise/whatever.

My problem with the show is that it is being treated like a primetime show and NOT a daytime show. I have been watching AMC constantly since 1985. I have missed very few shows in that time.

That being's not that I don't really "like" what's going on with the show, but I don't like the presentation nor the dialog that they are giving us.

You know, I love the fact that David is back, but when did he become a piano virtuoso? When did Opal become the Ms. Cleo of Pine VAlley? Why does Jack never age, but Tad went from 30 to 50 in a year? Why must we continue to see Aidan when everyone would rather see Josh and Amanda making love. Why do we NOT get hot action on AMC anymore? All of these questions and more constantly run through my mind as I watch the show.

You know, I like some of the ideas that the writers have (Annie going crazy is really good....but why is Ryan trying to marry Greenlee when he is still married to Annie). Who would blame Annie for wanting to kill Greenlee for trying to take her husband? I also like the idea of Jesse and Angie coming back, but why bring them back when you have nothing for them to do by walk through the town and interact with other characters? Come on, give me a break.

I also love Erica, but trying to push Adam and Erica together is not a great idea. Come on, if anyone knows their history of the show, they would not want them together.

I wish the writers for this show would do some homework. They seem to be concentrating on the NOW and not visiting the past. I miss the family drama that used to go on with Phoebie and Brooke. I loved the advice Mona used to give Erica and how NOTHING got past Mona. Give me more of that and less of the seducing JR to steal his son. Why not let Opal become one of the main characters of the show? Why can't Opal set Pete straight and tell him he cannot deal with Colby. Give me an OLD FASHIONED ROMEO AND JULIET storyline.

OK, enough of my ranting.

Take care,
Kelvin in Dallas

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Ashley and Jordan!

How we have missed you. I guess you know from all the blog postings. You are welcome to visit Canada anytime and especially Toronto with beautiful people in all shades, shapes and sizes. We do have a mustache-twirling Prime Minister right now who didn't get the memo that George-Bush-style tactics are so last year. Thankfully in our political process the other parlimentarians can keep him in check.

I can't believe you never saw Rent Ashley! It's such an amazing show. I was lucky enough to see the original cast on Broadway and I sat in my seat, tears streaming down my face and didn't care who saw me bawling in public. And Jordan. You haven't seen Leaving Las Vegas?! The only movie I went back to see at the movie theatre and paid full price twice. It was that good!

I am still not watching AMC and from what I hear on the podcast maybe I should be trying OLTL instead. It would hurt me too much to have to watch core characters like Jessie and Binks lobotomized like Pratt has done. I won't even go into what they're planning for Josh.

Great, great podcast this week and if you ever truly give up on AMC, or if Pratt succeeds in his goal of getting the show cancelled by the end of the year, you could just do a Cool TV That We Watch podcast. I got my DVR down to 48% and loved the first season of True Blood! Am back into the original Law & Order (they've really gotten back to the ripped-from-the-headlines format with commentary on Elliot Spitzer and child slavery in NYC). Looking forward to Big Love starting up again next week.

Hang in there guys because all us listeners depend on you.

Terry in Toronto

jordan hudson said...

N69 lol I never said I didn't care for her. All I said was that I don't worship at her alter like most do. For me it's Ms. Peters who gets me going. Yet I do enjoy and care for Patty as a performer.

Tasha I have to disagree with you 100%. Killing Josh does not undo the Unabortion. Josh still existed so why then kill him. It does not negate what Mctavish did and Craputhers allowed. The same way Ghost Dixie having a conerstaion with Tad give the fans the reunion we all so crave.

and the winner this week of making Jordan laugh so hard tears are rollign down his face goes to kelvin calling Opal Ms. Cleo of Pine Valley. Kelvin I thought it was juts me last week as Opal was warning Ryan and Greenlee. I thought maybe it was something I missed when I stopped watching the show briefly. Maybe she took some tarot classes. I never remembered the character being this intense with it dabble yes but now I'm waiting for her to pull a rabbit out of Angie's weave.

You all know Ms. Tonya Livia Pikens is coming back. The Battle of the WEAVES is on.

Terry welcome back to the blog.

Anonymous said...

I watched the movie Enchanted over the holidays and loved Tonya Pinkins in it. She had the same multicolor dreads hair going on.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

oops... couldnt finish my last post. Had to go to school.

...where was i? oh yeah...

The role of Josh had so much potential. Finally...FINALLY!!!! you have a character that can be anything that you want him to be. He's a doctor. He's a businessman. He's a TV producer. He can do no wrong...until he falls for Babe. I'm not going to lie... I actually liked the two of them together. She and him had this heat that I have not seen in many, MANY years. She was his hope through the dark revelations of Greg Madden. They had such hot scenes: the shower, the kiddie pool, the Fusion offices, and the abandoned island. It was amazing. Then, Babe had to be a dumb@$$ and go back to JR. What a jerk. I was hoping for a Josh/Amanda pairing, but to no avail. The character was forgotten, until Zach lured him to Cambias to take over Chandler. Then after Chandler goes back to Adam, you see Josh banging Hannah in front of Lily in the offices of Cambias. That was gross. I know that we make fun of Krystal for being a whore....Hannah still takes the cake. Then we come to Chuck Pratt's Josh....

It is truly a disrespectful shame to what they did with the character of Josh. Chuck Pratt didn't even have to have him interact with the Kane family at all. If he didn't want them to interact, then don't. He's a Martin. Have him be a doctor again and team up with his grandpa, uncle, and Angie against David. It couldnt hurt and you might be able to swing him into Frankie and Jake's orbit. But know, do u know what we get instead? BS! BS is what we get!

I still think that even if what is going down is still going down. I could write him out of it. Please hire me...

After the death and the later years, Josh reemerges from captivity. He goes to Erica's steps, bleeding from the side. Erica opens the door and sees him lying on the ground. She takes him to the hospital and he wakes up from being unconscious.
" it really you?"
"Sweetheart, it is you!"
He groans in pain, trying to move.
"Stay still, you need your strength."
"Shh....go to sleep. We can talk later." with tears in her eyes.
Later with Bianca, Kendall, Erica, and Zach in the room.....
"What are you doing here Josh? I thought that I killed you." -Z
"OMG Josh" -K with a hug
"Can you explain to us yet?" -B
"Sure" - J
"Are you sure that you're strong enough?" -E
"Ugh...I've been waiting for this for years...I need to do this....(pause).....Do you remember when I was being held captive within my apartment by Hannah?" -J
Zach sighs...
"Well, she knocked me unconscious and had me hauled off in a van and taken to an unknown location somewhere in Europe. I spent days trying to break out of holding. It was hell. Finally, Hannah walks towards me and smiles. Remember me babe? she said. I wanted to strangle her. She stopped, noticing my rage and grinned. Well if you hurt me, you'd miss all of the fun. I told her that I wanted nothing more to do with her and her psycho-sex. She laughed and said, not that kind of fun sweetheart... She turned on a television within my cell and what I saw horrified me. I saw me." -J
"What do you mean?" -E
"From what Hannah told me, there was a man out there that looked similar to me. Because of my close relationship with you, Zach. She decided to investigate it and found out about him. His name is Jordan and he was your son, Erica." -J
GASP (I'm in McTavish territory right now, but it's to save Josh, so bare with me)
"What are you saying?"-B
"Apparently, I was a twin... and according to the story that I heard, Jordan was a very weak baby and had medical condition after medical condition. Apparently, Greg couldnt take having an inferior baby of Erica Kane's so he gave her up for adoption." -J
"That bastard." -K
"It gets worse. Because I enjoyed a great life with Madden money and getting to know Erica and Jeff as my family, I was to be punished. So him and Hannah hatched this plan." -J

Now, this story may not be realistic, but it could very well save Jake, and I threw a shoutout to you Jordan on it. That way, none of what he's done, is actually him. It's not great, but Pratt hasn't given me a lot to work with here.

Anonymous said...

Guys, I know you all aren't loving it right now, but I really enjoyed Monday's ep. I thought it felt a little old skool, what with having to deal with the fallout of Krystal/Tad/David and Reese/Bianca/Zack. And of course anything having to do with Petey is pure gold.

David is coming off very Phantom-of-the-opera to me. I heard it's really him playing; he is a trained pianist.

La-la-la (fingers in ears) Josh (la-la-la) ;-)

Ms.Peters was on Ugly Betty last week. Represent.

At times, the show does morph into the Binx Funbags Hour. As a straight male, I'm not complaining (see Ms. Peters above)

I'm sending up words that Livia coming back is not so they can send her off a la Josh and Carmen.

I know Tad had a rough time over in Africa, but his salt and pepper just became a whole lotta SALT. He could at least do like me and keep it short. IT's too bouffant for me right now. Is he trying to out-act the Weave?

What's bothering me most about AMC right now is all this talk of hot milk. I DESPISE hot milk, and it makes the stomach rise every time they mention it. My milk must be ICE COLD or I won't drink it.

From Boobianca to ice cold milk? Hmmm?

crs 17

Puddin said...

The writing was a little bit better today (Monday 1/12) - at least they gave Reese and Tad some realistic lines.

Norn Cutson said...

ive been watchin that trashy TRUE BEAUTY.
even tho i think it represents everything thats wrong with everything in the wolrd...i like Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

The Tad scenes from today explained why he should not be absent during christmas....they were just brilliant...Now if only Dixie were to come back.....

The Colby scenes were awful....

Anonymous said...

hey, i know this is an AMC podcast, but Jordan I just had to mention...
LUKE AND NOAH FINALLY HAD SEX!!! FINALLY!! and it was HOTT!! all is good in the world!!!!

p.s. i know what is going to happen with Josh, and i agree, i don't like it at all.


Arizonagal said...

Just caught Livia and her funky weave on 24.

I'd be behind the Josh story if it was Ryan. I just can't stand Ryan anymore. I literally have to FF every scene he's in. He has pushed my last button. This character is a total waste of my time. I must confess, I don't want him to be happy, I don't want him to marry Greenlee, I want Annie to regain custody of Emma, I want to see this guy get on his chumpcycle and get the hell out of Dodge, once and for all! Leave Cameron, there are game shows and instant beauty pageants just waiting for a smooth, glib host like yourself!

Anonymous said...

hey where is everyone finding out what the josh story line will be? it seems that you all know something and i don't =(... ashley, i LOVE summer heights high!! you can get the soundtrack on itunes!! amc was a little better, having tad back.. but that's about it!

jordan hudson said...

Crs I'm going to assume Ms. Peters will be on for some more epsiodes of Ugly Betty. I will say this is the best season for Betty. It's been so touchign and deep. The way the characters are becoming close.

Kim you can go to Daytime Confidential to see the hideous commerical. Yet it must have started airing on TV. I'M NOT AMUSED about Josh's exit.

BXGAL, yes I saw Nuke do the deed in there own way. Which it would have been more romantic but they are two gay guys so lmao. I still say that Noah is not Luke's Holden. Luke needs a real man. if they follow my proposal...Luke's true love is a hot Latin guy and I will be willing to play that role and be Holden to Luke's lily...lmao yes I love me some Van Hansis. Noah not so much not cute and Dusty needs to do something about that hair.

Speaking of Hair Crs I'm with you in regards to Mr. Night why the grey doesn't bother me as much ( thou you would look a decade younger Michle if you colored it.) What really looks bad is when he has all bushy. When it is trimmed short it looks much more flattering and even makes him look slimer.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Monday's episode




TAD shouldn't be lettin JR drive dunk.

• PETEY, dont be a creep!
COLBY is askin you for help, dont be pawin at her.

tsk, PETEY blew his game.


• AMANDA: "There is blood on my yacht!"


• TAD: "Have you been sleeping with David?"
KWAK: "....uh...."

man, poor TAD.

KWAK: "I never slept with Adam after we were married, Tad."
TAD: "But you wanted to, didn't you?"
KWAK: "....uh...."

this is goooood!!!!

KWAK: "Because they make me feel ALIVE!!!!!"

• BIANCA is a little bitch.

ZACH looks like he wants to slap her.

i dont think she'll ever be BINKS again.
i dont even recognize her like this.

• i would jsut drop KWAK off @ WILDWIND & drive off.


• i love how TAD is playin this.

• PETEY's makin me cry!

• TAD: "You took Dixie from me. You're not gonna take Krystal from me; I'm *giving* her to you."


• DAVID: "Let me get you some milk."

notes on Monday's episode

• REX & GIGI are doin it again!
they are always either doin it, just did it, trying to find the time to do it, or being interrupted doing it!

• NORA's sniffin the joint.
she *RUNS* to the phone & calls BO.

• uh oh, COLE's goin for the pills.

• VIKI's at the door.
TODD: "What do you want?"

• aw man, BLAIR & MCBAIN are havin problems.

• damn, REX & GIGI are doin it again!

• ooh MCBAIN;s got her number!

• BO: "COCOA?!?!? Like a little stoner!!!"
NORA: "Let's go talk to the stoner."

• ha, SHANE walks in on REX & GIGI doin it.

• man, JANET freaks me out!!!

tsk, dont cover for her, RENEE!!!

• i want BLAIR & MCBAIn to have hot make-up sex.

• REX & SHANE are gonna talk about The Birds & The Bees, while BO & NORA talk to MATT about the joint.

• i loved everything with STARR & MR. J.
i *hope* it doesnt get romantic.

• VIKI looked good today!
she got me a little teary-eyed.

Anonymous said...

Norn, speaking of Rex and Gigi and the deed, you are so right. Don't these two have jobs? You never see them working. They are always pre, mid, or post-boink!

Also, regarding the stoner story on OLTL, I like this! That is one thing you almost never see on the suds, kids smoking weed. Lets face it folks, kids try that stuff and they sneak booze and they smoke their parents cigarettes. It's all part of growing up.

Mel Got Served said...

Here's how I was hoping the David/Krystal/JR saga would play out. David uses Amanda to destroy JR and get him on the bottle, thus making JR an unfit father. He can easily prove Adam Chandler shouldn't be responsible for Little A. This makes Krystal the likely guardian for Little A. To get Little A, David seduces Krystal, ruins her family life, gets her hooked on pills, and thus makes her an unfit mother. THEN, David files a lawsuit for custody of Little A and has the evidence to show he is worthy of raising the child.

I think that could've been a better way to handle the story, rather than David suddenly loving Krystal.

As for Ryan and Greenlee, Snooze. I have fast forwarded through every one of their scenes, unless there was someone else in the scene (like Erica). It does save about 10 minutes of watching time per ep! I hate the idea of the double wedding- why can't our Binx have a day to herself??

And I don't have as much history with the show as most here, but am I the only one who couldn't care less in Kendall comes back? Her absence hasn't bothered me in the slightest. The only part I dislike about it is the Zach/Reese stuff. Question: has there been a female on the canvas that Zach has interacted with or saved at one time or another? Pretty sure he'll magically erase Randi's porn past soon.

And I think the writers missed the ball with Frankie and Randi and his newfound jealously/anger with Randi's past. They failed to point out that the fact that Randi was VIDEOTAPED and essentially duped into porn is what is bothering him. Her sleeping around for money I guess is different than the ability for everyone to oggle her.

PS Jordan, I think we should trade emails and compare all the shows we watch, because you watch as many shows as I do (and we seem to have similar taste on many).

Laura said...

Mondays's show was half good and half awful. Tad can spin shit into sugar. It seems Tamara Braun can too. I agree that is pod-Bianca. My hopes of the show improving are not coming true yet. The spoiler with Josh was shown at the end of the show. Redic!

MelMel - David does not love Krystal. David loves David! He was a constant penis yesterday for sure.

I am watching the news in Chicago, and every day there is a Soap Trivia question. Today's was what 3 jobs did Josh have in 2006?


ER Doctor, Cosmetic Consultant, and TV Talk Show Producer. What about Pilot? Can Taylor do his voice when he returns?

From DC Confidential - Nelson Branco's blind item. Could it be true?

Which uber-popular Emmy winner is being phased out because he can’t remember his lines? The soap plans to keep them on the show on a recurring basis as their twin.

Oh the show is on now. I saw the most beautiful thing. Cameron lying dead and bloody. Damn - InsAnnie was just dreaming.

Jordan, you can go to Canada as long as you do the podcast. But for your better half being from Canada, just remember Ryanderthal is from the Great White North! So is Halle Berry's boyfriend though.

I loved the Broadway Diva debate, I am so jealous I got to see neither one live. But I did get to see Ms. Dorothy Loudon in Annie in Des Moines Ia of all places. Okay Broadway fans - is Merry Poppins worth seeing in Chicago?

Also look at the NBC website for the clip of the broadway stars on SNL last Saturday. Neil Patrick Harris did the guy from Rent. He even played that role.

Great podcast as usual, love from snowy cold Chicago

Norn Cutson said...

Laura, Dorothy Loudon is fabulous!

i'll link to one of my favorite clips of her when i get home tonight!

i didnt see MARY POPPINS, coz it aint my taste, but it does have clever set design.

are any other shows coming to your area?

Laura said...

N69, in Chicago we get a lot of choices, probably best place for theatre outside of New York, Mary Poppins is coming, Spring Awakening. Did you see that one? I saw Wicked and Jersey boys. Spamalot is coming back. Also a new musical the Addams Family comes here before Broadway. I do go to Broadway when in NY, loved Michael Jeter in Grand Hotel. Chicago also has great local theatre. It's not the choice of what to see, it's affording it all!

Our own Tony award winner Olivia is coming back to AMC for the battle of the weaves.

Mel Got Served said...

Laura, here's your skit! Save Broadway with Neil Patrick Harris

I looove NPH.

Puddin said...

I agree bigtime with the comment about not recognizing our beloved Binx. At first I thought it was just me - I've been having some issues with my TV, cable, VCR, etc. for the past couple of months and I've been confused and wondering why I didn't recognize her. Now I know.

The Kane really came out in her yesterday - she was in deed a bitch. OMG I never thought I would ever write those words, but it's true.

Laura said...

Thanks for the link for others. I love Hulu and Neil, too. Like how he is out and it hasn't affected his roles. Speaking of gay, I heard Sean Montgomery was supposed to come back and be the boyfriend of Jessie's daughter. I don't know if it is the same actor. Why the hell doesn't Reggie come back! He must be in the Martin attic.

Talked to my 75 year old mom on the phone today while AMC was on. She hasn't been watching much, not that interested either. She does like Tad and Opal though. We both agree OLTL is the best, she likes GH more than I do.

I may have to go see Rent with Anthony Rapp here in March, after the clip and the discussion on the podcast.

Mel Got Served said...

I would LOVE for Reggie to return. I had said a while back, when Cassandra was around, to bring Reggie around for Cassandra, and then we could have Erica interract with Jesse and Angie, since Erica is the ex-stepmother to him.

Laura said...

MelMel, the problem is we are thinking logically and AMC is far from logical.

Does anyone think Nelson Branco's blind item is about David Canary, and any discussions here?

jordan hudson said...

Laura...Chicago is much better for theatre then New York. And I say that being a born and bred New Yorker but also someone who loves the theatre. New York sadly is loosing it in reagrds to Theatre so many small theatres have closed. It's getting harder and more expensive for groups to put up stuff. Now Broadway is closing shows left and right. Mind you some of the stuff is crap anyway because the only way a show can survive is to be a musical by Disney. Chicago is home to real Theatre groups and have been the starting point for so many shows before they even come here if even. So hello Chicago love ya for keeping theatre alive in the states.

Mel mel we do need to talk about shows. and your not alone as much as I love my Alicia Minshew. Her character was forced down our throats so much in the last two years. That a vacation from Kendull was nice and I'm not ready for it to end. Now if only Zach and Ryan can go into a coma for a few months...

Lauar see Rent. Rent needs to be seen live. The movie was not horrible but considering that most of the original brodway cast returned...well for me, it seemed to be they were all texting it in for the film. The Incredible Tracie Thomas was the only one with passion and heart so the movie is worth seeing for her. Rosario Dawson tried belss her heart.

Brown Penny. I saw OLTL today and was just going crazy over it. Little Eddie is growing up and he was great as matthew today. He obviously is just as talented as his sister. The scenes with Bo/Nora/Matthew were so well written and so well played. This is great stuff. Yet what a great writing team that the whole epsiode would be mostly dealing with the relationships between parent and child. We got to see Cole and Marty. Todd and Starr. Shane and Rex. Today's episode was all about realtionships and I found it to be so incredible. And of course my Brody and Jess. whew......uh yeah have to catch up on AMC

Anonymous said...

Okay... so I think I'll get this Q&A thing started (forgive me but this is actually a serious question that could seriously be taken as a joke)...

Dear Jordan and Ashley,

I want to know what your thoughts are concerning the former soap, Port Charles? What did you think of it and how do you think that it has impacted the soap opera industry as a whole, not only on ABC Daytime, but CBS and NBC as well?

Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

I have a question... We know Jordan is a trainer but what does Ashley do for a living?

Arizonagal said...

Ashley, here's a question, or two, for ya.

What prompted you to start the PVP? You must have been enjoying it back in 2006. IMHO the show was starting to tank when you started the podcast. And what do you think started AMC circling the drain?

BTW, if not for this podcast, I'm so sure I would have given up on AMC. You guys are the only reason I continue to watch.

Anonymous said...

Yowsers, the podcast went long this week. I feel asleep partway through (it was past 3am!) but woke up in time for most of the OLTL banter...hehehe. I think the opening segment went on too long, mostly. Jordan, we know you love the 8 million TV shows you watch, but it takes a long time to go through it all! ;D

As for AMC, I don't feel anything for it anymore. I watch, but I don't feel any suspense, and, more importantly, I don't feel for the characters enough to hope that any story turns out any way. I'm curious about a few things (like what Tad will be up to now that he's back), but the emotions are not there.

OLTL is the opposite. See the above paragraph? Just reverse all that. Haha! Really, I can't think of anything other than intentional sabotage by Brian Frons for why AMC is so bad these days.

Allow me to add a few questions:
1. Why does JR, an alcoholic, get drunk on so little liquor?

2. Matthew Buchanan is OLTL's pick for the stoner kid. It seems that suddenly, Matthew is really (almost unrealistically) impressionable about older kids and things they do. Why is he? I've only been watching the show for two years, but I don't see any kid of Nora and Bo's acting this way - especially with the hardships Matthew has already had in his life. In other words, it just seems out of character for him.

3. The AMC previews seem to show Tad throwing KWAK out of the house. I would think that a PI like Tad would have figured out that his whole trip was a ruse, blame David for it (and using the time to seduce his wife), and not blame KWAK much for what happened. Is this just another example of Pratthole being Pratthole, or am I expecting Tad to think too fast? (The previews can sometimes show scenes two or more weeks ahead of their airdate.)

jordan hudson said...

WMD...have to disagree with you in regards to Matthew. I think Ron. C. is writing a great story here with Matthew's rebellion. Just because he has parents that love him and are there for him does not mean that he can't be led astray. No one is perfect. Matthew is starting High School. Kids are terrible and there is still a great deal of pressure to fit in. I think now more then ever before. In today's epsiode I think Matthew explained why he did what he did. he is being picked on. he got the joint so it would look like he is fitting in. I believe him when he says he had no intention of doing it but as he said the way Nora and Bo are treating him he is now tempted to do it. I think Matthew's behavior is totaly realistic and in character. He has been through alot in his short life.

Disco Dan and Arizongal you are our first two question and we will answer them on the podcast. I still ahve too watch AMC lol. funny all caugt up on OLTL, GL, ATWT hmmmmm

Laura said...

Question for everyone - who watches Big Love? I do and I am so looking forward to it's return. I watch very little primetime now. They don't seem to care about my age group. I think I have to get caught up on Mad Men, I have seen that one and I like it.

I also like Curb Your Enthusiasm, 30 Rock, and The Office. I don't care much for the CBS shows, they all seem the same. I will watch Idol at some point.

Ashley and Jordan can we do a live blog one night? We could do it when SoapNet is on at 8PM EST. For those without soapnet, they watch it on their DVR or VCR.

I don't think Jordan wants to do the Josh episodes! Anyone interested?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ashley and Jordan!

I haven't been posting, but I have been listening.

This week, however, I have to RANT about your podcast, and the larger culture of... (Tad) Martin worship.

OK, so I only started watching in 1990, but since then I have wondered, What is so great about the Martins, and Tad in particular.

I also didn't care for Dixie, and TadnDixie made me want to puke, BUT

remember when she had the miscarriage, and Tad didn't care enough? That was one of the sorrows that pushed her to David!

Now the same thing is going on with Krystal: a loss that Tad doesn't care enough about.

Remember how little Tad supported Krystal's grief at the beginning? Told her to get over it? Ooh, remember when Kathy was psycho and Tad wouldn't hear Krystal about it?

On top of it all, he up and goes to CONGO while Krystal grieves. He goes to Congo because his son might die, while Krystal's daughter actually HAS died!

He took the next plane.

No, "honey, I'll call you every day."

No, "Baby, this is so much for you to handle. Call whatever sitter or nanny you like and I will pay for her to live here while I'm gone, to help you take care of these huge responsibilities I leaving you with in the midst of the greatest ordeal of your life."

Nope, just

Peace, I'm off to CONGO tonight.

What kind of a husband is that? What kind of a FATHER is that?

Then everyone in town talks about how saintly he is, and I tune into the podcast for y'all to call him out about it, and you didn't!!

And what was his line to Krystal on Monday about "wrapping your legs around David." Talk about mysogeny!

I do love the show, and your show, but the Tad bias is too much!!


Norn Cutson said...

here's that great Dorothy Loudon clip!

Anonymous said...

If Tad and Kwakho are splitting up, can the ugliness be far behind?

Sigh... I hate this kind of crap on AMC because instead of making it real and focusing on the pain of separation/divorce, it's going to be more of Tad acting like a sanctimonious pr**k and saying very nasty things to and about Krystal, especially under this current regime of Pratthole and writers. It's going to be more of acting ugly equals drama. The pea-brained writers always see ugly behavior and revenge as drama. Oh, and lets not forget the inevitable custody battle. blech.

Don't get me wrong. Divorce, cheating, all that stuff really does produce mean, vindictive behavior, but it also produces pain, remorse, and deep heartfelt emotions and dialog. In the right hands this could be an intelligent story line with mature characterizations, but since Pratt doesn't know how to do anything with depth, with substance, it's going to be predictable.

And since when did Kwak become such a gullible fool? Everyone in PV knows his history. Kwak used to be a gutsy woman, now Tad and David seem to be pulling her strings. I hate weak women.

Damn, Jr has been drinking up a storm, sleeping in his clothes, firing guns at the ceiling, harrassing David, and sleeping with Amanda, and his supercut is still perfect. It really *is* a supercut. who knew?

And then there's Colby, trying to act and still not quite getting it. She does nothing for that character except damage it. Move on Petey!

On OLTL, Todd, manages to be a "bad guy" and yet I still want to believe he'll change. Compare him with the evil David Hayweird - no comparison. Todd is complex, and in his own twisted way, he believes in what he's doing. He's capable of love, but he's a sicko.

Starr is such a beautiful, mature young lady. So smart and yet she still commits the sins of youth. Same for Cole.

Rex and Gigi, ah young love. They have this nice place, but they still want to do "it" everywhere in the house but the bedroom. That'll get old pretty soon, but they are cute and I like them.

Blair and John, their relationship feels so real. They want to trust each other but they've both been around the block and they are so aware of all the things that can go wrong in their relationship. It's so honest.

Jordan, thank for turning me on to this show!

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Tuesday's episode

• ooh TAD got a restraining order on KWAK!!!

• yeah, EMMA, i bet ANNIE owuld just love some Wedding Photos.

• ANNIE has a nice dream.

• people @ PVH not only look @ porn on the job, they yell about it down the hall.

• oh *NOW* KWAK misses her baby.

does KWAK really think TAD is just gonna hand her Baby Jenny?!?!

• ANNIE's DR's earrings are highly unprofessional.

• thats my friend Darbi doing the voiceover!

"Welcome to the finest in Adult Entertainment!
This week's Video Vixen is really burning up the bandwidth!
Meet randy RANDI!"

• ANNIE: "I'm Annie Lavery, damnit!!! Where's Ryan?!?!?
I'm not crazy!!!
You can ask Ryan!!!!"

• GREENLEE: "I have to get to work."

• i say good for TAD!
i am proud of him!

i'm not feelin' very forgiving myself!

• KWAK's chuggin' that milk!


RANDI's busted!!!

• ANNIE has that nice dream again.


notes on Tuesday's episode

• wow, TODD & STARR @ HOPE's grave.

• poor COLE.

• i like that REX added "or another guy" to his sex talk.
that was cool, & OLTL *knows* their fans!

• this is the best that COLE has ever been. that boy has learned a ***lot*** since he began.

• i keep thinkin that BO, NORA & MATT are all gonna sit down & fire it up!!!

you *KNOW* NIGEL & RENEE would be runnin in for a toke!

• REX: "If a time comes when you're ready to start kissing...with tongue...or whatever...just know you can talk to me."

i loved all that with REX & SHANE!

• GIGI tells MARCIE & MICHAEL about SHANE walkin in on them.
MARCIE & MICHAEL laugh their asses off...& so do i!

• WHOAH, MARTY is "breaking up" with COLE!!!

she's "DUMPING" her own son!

• TODD: "Your mom doesn't want to be my little girl anymore. I lost my little Starr. I made her lose her hope."

TODD's got me crying!!!

• now BRODY's got me cryin!!!!

oh man, BRODY is sooooo effin' goooood!!!

JESS is awesome!!!

this scene & this storyline is KICKIN' MY ASS!!!!!!

• now TODD *AND* STARR got me cryin!!!

Tuesday is Cryin' Day in Llanview!!!

• MARCIE: "I'm sure Rex knows more than Dan Savage and Dr Ruth put together!"

mmMMPhh, i bet!!

• oh, you *KNOW* NORA & THE GANNON BROTHERS smoked up!!!


MATT: "The hell I am!"

***I LOVE IT!!!!!***

• BRODY talks to THE BOY.

• SHANE: "What's a clitoris?"

oh, man! i hope ya'll saw that scene!!!

ok, Tuesday is all crying ***AND*** laughing!!!

• WOW, i am ****LOVIN**** the realness of this BUCHANAN family turmoil!!!

i got freaked out, that was so real close to my *own* family life!!!

Anonymous said...

I was actually really happy with yesterday's episode for all of the wrong reasons.

Randi was arrested. HA! That was amazing. I hope that they send her back to the great attic in the nevermind. I wouldnt wish her on Bobby Martin, either.

It did creep me out a lot that Frankie wanted to watch the videos. And he's freaking out that all of the sudden, his hooker girlfriend used to also be some sort of a porn star. This is ridiculous. Fletcher was not that smart. Yes, he did have Randi sign a contract....(dumbest. plot point. ever.), but how would he even swing a camera into any of Randi's slumming zones. And didn't Frankie already get over the whole "You're a hooker" complex. Sigh....Pratt's ruining Frankie too. He must really hate me.

Chuck Pratt actually forced me to root for Aidan yesterday. He obviously needs to realize that we dont like Aidan, Ryan, or Greenlee. The three of them need to catch a venierial disease and go away. Aidan had every right yesterday to be a smartass, but he was terrible....(or as Frank Caliendo's version of Charles Barkley: 'Aw man, that was turrible. TRBL Turrible. When I listen to my stereo, there's only bass and turrible.). He couldn't deliver his lines with any infliction what so ever. I didn't believe as a smartass, I believed him as a bad actor. And he's growing a five head too. Congrats Mr. Turner.

InsAnnie = Hilarious. I'm loving her, but this Dr. Sinclair is starting to make me question this storyline. Pratt hasnt even hinted what this woman's deal is. My guess: I think that she's Annie's aunt from her mother's side and she's punishing Annie for driving her sister to suicide. Also, the less Ryan that Annie has to see, the better MCE is.

I liked David yesterday, paying off that lawyer. Anytime, and I mean anytime, anyone can make KWAK look like a dumb KWAK, I am truly satisfied with my life.

Tad...poor Michael E. Knight. He's trying to turn s@#% into sugar and it really aint working. Gotta love Jessie and Angie being torn up about it though.

Josh Day #1 starts today... I will literatlly be crying my eyes out, so prepare for a rant within the next week.

Norn Cutson said...

lets see if LOOCH can squeeze out any tears over this JOSH storyline.

Mel Got Served said...

Here's my Q&A question: Who is your ONE (and only one) favorite All My Children couple in the history of the show? And to open it up a bit more, who is your one favorite soap couple from all the other soaps?

Anonymous said...

A Q&A question? Hmmm. At what age did you both (Ash & Jordan) both start watching AMC? And, why?

BTW, Ty I enjoyed reading your post. (I could *almost* see you drooling as you wrote about Bianca, lol).

Anonymous said...

You know, I should have watched Monday and Tuesday before I posted my questions. It crossed my mind before, but I posted anyway. Doh! Tad has cleared most of his bit up.

But, Jordan, to respond to your thoughts about Matthew:

> Just because he has parents that love him and are there for him does not mean that he can't be led astray.

Not quite what I meant...I was going for inherited personality.

> Matthew is starting High School. Kids are terrible and there is still a great deal of pressure to fit in. I think now more then ever before. In today's epsiode I think Matthew explained why he did what he did. he is being picked on. he got the joint so it would look like he is fitting in.

I know about that stuff. I'm only 21 (today!) and I remember my school days pretty well. I suffered bullying and drug temptation even earlier than Matthew did (I was 11 to start), but even then I realized that giving in wasn't going to help me any. And I didn't have any cops or lawyers as parents to push the issue extra-hard.

In fact, it's my understanding that Matthew didn't just start getting picked this year. His description of being noted as the kid of the DA has always been true of him. So why is he suddenly coming to the conclusions that he is? When he said that he did it because he didn't want to seem like the loser who didn't have any drugs, I could only laugh. Harsh? Perhaps, but he's not a little kid. Peer and drug pressure start well before high school these days. And right in his own sentence... *he* is the loser for not having drugs? Amazing that he doesn't see it. If any of this was going to happen to him, it would've been much earlier.

This isn't to say that no kid whould fall for this in high school. Just not Matthew Buchanan, and not now. It doesn't fit his character or his history. He may have had some troubles in his life, but he's not a troubled kid. Heck, I could see more realism in the same story if Shane Morasco was a year or two older.

//grabs fire extinguisher... :p

jordan hudson said... lmao well first off you sure told us I will talk to ashley and we will make sure the podcast stays as close to an hour and on the subject of AMC and try not to digress into anything else.

In regards to Matthew we are going to have to agree to disagree. While I understand what your seems your speaking in absolutes. No one is perfect and a great realistic character has shades of grey. Nothing is so Black and White. You say why now is Matthew acting like this and not before and again I say, He just started High School.

When I was in JHS I was close to everyone we were like a family. Had so many friends. When we graduated, everyone, guys and girls were bawling. Next year we started Highschool we all went our seprate ways. Now your a small fish in a big pond where everyone is judging you. As Matthew says he is the son of the police chief and the D.A. Yeah people will pick on him, isolate him for that. It's totally realistic. And Matthew brought up another good point by calling his parents on there own use. I thought that was great. Especially that Nora choose to be honest with her son about her own past. Bo wants Matthew to behave then he needs to set an example. Bo drinking to deal with his issues is saying the exact opposite to his son. The bottom line is for me it works and I believe that Matthew had no intention of using it. he just wanted to fit in and not give people a reason to keep away from him. Was it the smart thing to do..uh no but he's a teenager and haven't we all at one point did something silly just to be recognized or fit in.

In regards to Josh.....I will report on it. I thought... what would my idol journalist Brook English do. She wouldn't like it but she would do her job. In honor of Brooke I will report on The demise of our beloved Josh.

jordan hudson said...

Alejandro did you see ATWT today. He's back one of the worse Latin actors playign the most sterotypped character flmaing Robbie Sanchez. AYE CARAMBA....You finaly allow a latin on the show Chris Goutman and it's this.

Well saw AMC today...... And I liked it for once. I loved the fact that characters were having real scenes with real dialogue. The only reason Im watching Aidumb and Dr. Sheridan Crane is for my insannie. Other wise DR. Crane go back to Harmony. Aidumb, Meanlee and Cryin SUCK IT!!!!

Nice mature stuff for Erica.

Yet the thing that stood out the most was how great it was to have Josh and Colin back and how stupid it was to let him go not once but twice. Unbelievable a hot guy who can act you dismiss but Aidumb marches on. Aye Caramba.

Becky you brought up some interesting stuff not just about Tad but the Martin Men. When Jake came to town he was intersting again but still a good guy. Now he has become a sexist constant penis. As far as Tad....For me Tad vansihed wehn Lorraine Broderick left the show as head writer. Mctavish made Tad do some un Tad like things the last two times she was writing. It's hard for em because I try to block out the last ten years of Tad because I don't know the man who would kill someone. That's not Tad...maybe it's Ted.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed today's ep. Colin was on his game, stealing plans from Reese and still being sensative and caring enough to go see Kendall. Maybe that's how they should have written him instead of dismissing him as "The unabortion of Megan McTavish". I hate how everyone is condemning him, along with his own show. I listened to the last DC podcast and they said their thoughts on Josh. They basically said that at least it's all over with. Basically an "Oh well...". This is ridiculous. Josh is a legitimate character and Colin can act. Pratt, you should be ashamed of yourself. You, my sir...can suck it.

SOAPFAN said...

I have to say guys, I think OLTL is pretty fantastic right now. The stories are stories that normal people can relate to. This is what's missing from All My Children.

Pratt had a chance to bring sucha storyline to AMC with the "Devil Seed" Kathy storyline, but they dropped this one.

I think the whole Matthew drugs storyline is very believable. I also really like Eddie Alderson(Matthew). I am so glad they are letting him grow into the role. Usually with boys, they always SORAS them and recast them with tall, hunky models to get some sex potential out of them, but I think Eddie is a fine young actor.

And remember guys, Matthew is a teenager. He was a good boy, but it is more REALISTIC to have him become a bit fresh and rebellious. I thought his scenes with Nora and Bo during "the talk" were excellent.

Instead of ridiculous special effects, and sperm storylines. Instead of "REAL" campaings and gimmicks, maybe they should just try to tell human interest stories. This is NOT MELROSE PLACE Chuck Pratt!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday WMD! I hope you have a great 21st B-day!


Anonymous said...

> lmao well first off you sure told us I will talk to ashley and we will make sure the podcast stays as close to an hour and on the subject of AMC and try not to digress into anything else.

I hope I didn't come off too strong with my comment there. I was only poking fun at you. It's all good. The show *has* been running long, though. :)

I don't have time tonight to go on much more about this, and I won't...only to say, Jordan, it appears that our school experiences were opposite. You had a great time in junior high, and high school was tougher. For me, junior high was awful, and my high school time was similar to what you said for junior high. It could have been that I went to a small school where I knew, to some extent, everyone in my graduating class...but whatever the reason, my thoughts on Matthew are based on what I experienced. It's certainly possible they do not match. Did he ever talk about school before? He wasn't on the air much. If we only have assumptions to go on, we end up disagreeing like so. I guess I'm a little harsh about it, which might come the fact that what kept me from ever doing things like this was that I really disliked the people I was supposed to "fit in" with, and that by high school, it didn't really come up, so I don't sympathize with or understand the behavior very much.

Perhaps the point is moot, anyway: this is a soap opera. If the characters don't have problems, there's no story! So even if I think he's not the right character to do this with, they have to have him doing something, and why not something important and relevant?

Anonymous said...

hey guys,

I don't know if you guys have been watching, but SoapNet is doing these amazing promos called "Sugar Free Valentines" where they're taking soap stars and either having them sing cheesy songs together or say the worst pick up lines ever. They are hilarious, and you guys should check it out.

"I Got You Babe"

Best part of this one:
Bobbie Eaks is pretty funny if you pay attention.

"I Think I Love You"

Best part of this one: RPG and MCE are hilarious.

"Worst Pickup Lines #1"

Best part of this one: Hands Down. Greg Vaughn AKA Lucky Spencer. Watch it and you will not stop laughing.

"Worst Pickup Lines #2"

Best Part of this one: Jason Cook and Darnell Williams are hilarious together.

Anonymous said...


some of oddball observations:

1. Why would Randi nearly get arrested for being a a hooker?--Did she have a sign on her back,saying "Rent me.", or something? She was just sitting at a table, wasn't she?---Bah!

2.Isn't Zach's casino supposed to be a high end, above board establishment, that doesn't cater to the hooker trade? And---If a hooker did happen "set up shop" on the premisis, wouldn't "Zach's men"/security deal with the situation, post haste? (They seem to deal with everything else)Hmmmm....

3. Icky 1970's green retro walpaper has seemingly taken over the entire casino--and it's counterpart,in white, has apparently invaded Erica's room at the yacht club, as well. AMC must have gotten some deal on wall paper. LOL!


Anonymous said...

u said it brtedi, this doesn't even look like a casino. It looks like Zach put a couple of slot machines in his basement. I'm not expecting Josh Duhamel to send the old Las Vegas sets over to Pine Valley, but cmon people...

Anonymous said...

Jordan, im back from vacay. Jordan i saw ATWT and the stereotype said Ay Papi to Derek, i was ashamed and embarassed for him. Is he a big mo or what. Larry Lau was awesome on his last day today, Greg Nelson rocked it today. Can u believe that Luke and Noah finally had sex after dating for a year and a half. I heard that the actor who plays Luke is gay in real life and is dating some broadway actor named Tyler Hanes, u hear about this Jordan. Are all the young guys on soaps gay these days, i mean who isnt gay, not that their is anything wrong with that, but i wish they would just come out already, its 2009 people. I think the actor who plays Noah is straight though. I voted on the as Agim87 poll that Luke was the bottom or they flip flopped, what do u think? I am loving me some Otalia on GL, did u see Emma and her my two mommies drawing, i lve that relationship on the show.

Jordan and Ashley since u live in NYC i would love to know every soap star u have seen in NYC and how were they? Wasnt that nuMaddie terrible and i am glad she is gone from As the Recasts Turn, Alex Chando she was not. I liked nuLucy and hear she is back in February. They should put her with Aaron, but o wait hes gone i think, he was put on recurring but hasnt been seen since Oct 28. One of the best looking guys in soaps cant get a storyline, what do u think Jordan? What is with ATWT they have had about 20 actors come and go within the last year, i blame the EP. I am living for OLTL these days, AMC not so much. I even find myself missing that crazy Zarf/Zoe. Jordan ur right AMC is the worst it has been right now even more than McTavish!!

Laura said...

Jord/Ash a long podcast was great, since we were deprived for a few weeks. I like the other stuff you talk about. You have convinced me to try to see Rent in Chicago. Also the OLTL talk was great. It looks like a lot of us watch it.

ABC now shows The View and GH online. Can AMC and OLTL be far behind. Glad about the view. GH not so much. I am more upset about this soap than AMC, probably I watch it more because of the podcast.

I saw Josh - I am not amused.

Randi is so bad, it looks like she has a tooth missing on the bottom. Must not have had dental insurance from Fletcher in the contract.

WTF is Aidumb up to? I don't pay attention to him but it's stupid.

Welcome back Alejandro. Thought about you in sunny Mexico while I was freezing in the Midwest. I bet you hate being back. You still in Iowa? Is that your native state like mine?

Oh Goody, OLTL is on SoapNet now. Have to pay attention to this soap, unlike AMC.

Christine said...

Thanks for this week podcast, hilarious as always!

What was the deal today with the bike in the living room at the penthouse. How ridiculous this idea was, who gets their bike delivered at their appartment? There's a child living there! Ridic!

I though that boobianca was a little goth today with the black outfit against her white skin.

Ahh poor Josh, risking his life to see his sister. Being careful to shut the door and drapes but when he leaves, burst those drapes without checking first... lame!

The worst was Reese, meeting a stranger (Josh), knows she has very confidential documents and LEAVE them there for everyone to see. Security is the more important thing in a Casino... lame!

I'm fed stories like I'm 3. Like I can't understand if it's too complicated.

This week I've enjoyed Tad, Opal and Erica... oh and crazy Annie.

thanks, can't wait to hear you next week!

Erica Kane said...

Loved the extra long podcast!! I so enjoy listening to the show while I am at work it makes the day so much better. I am glad the gifts I sent made it. I hope you all enjoyed them. Jordan I agree Friday Night Lights is great I hope more people tune in!! I am so loving Gossip Girl this season. I cannot wait to see who ends up being Lily and Rufus' son. AMC as usual is just bland unless Opal is on. Her and Annie are the only bright spots for me. Any news on the EP front??
Miss Kane aka Christopher

Norn Cutson said...

hey, the show was covering like 3 weeks worth!
it *had* to be longer than usual to cover both the shows & regular real life!

i love it, i was walkin down broadway today singin "I"M KRYSTAL THE WHORE" with a big smile on my face!

w3w said...

Hi Jordan & Ashley -

I am so happy to have the new podcast. Ahsley - LOVED the intro. I think it might be the best yet!! :-) In regard to the Q&A segment, I had another idea...

I LOVED hearing you guys talk about Opal and Langley. Maybe you all could have a segment that revisits some great AMC history that we haven't thought about in years. This could be fun! It would also provide some positive talk for Ashley since she gets so down about all the Pratthole stuff going on!! Just an idea to consider...

Keep up the great work - I enjoy the podcasts. This extra long one is carrying me through 2 workouts at the gym this week!! :-)

Anonymous said...

my official pvp question:

Ashley and Jordan, do you share the pvp with family and friends or do you keep it a secret? Do they know how famous and beloved you guys have become?

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Wednesday's episode

• AIDUMB: "Did the aliens get to you, too?"

ANNIE'S DR: "No, that was my last show."

• the music in CONTUSION is pure trash.

• here's OPAL!

i saw a glimmer of a good show!
it lasted all the way to commercial!

• so now ERICA lives in THE CASINO?

i wanna see REESE take one bite of those pancakes.

can you imagine ERICA KANE serving pancakes & bacon???

you *know* neither one of them is gonna take one single bite!!!

• ZACH: "I've never seen you this happy."

who's he talkin to?!?!!?
i only see BIANCA in the room!

• if i was REESE i woulda left PINE VALLEY long ago...ever since she got there, all anyone's done is mess with her head!

• yeah, security is real important in a casino.

thats why i spread my confidential documents out on the craps table in front of customers instead of in private office.

• notes on Wednesday's episode


CRISTIAN is ding-dong-dumb.

• ok, now i am ***NOT*** sayin i like VANESSA...but i *did* like the way she pronounced "TÉA DELGADO"!

• here's ROXY!

ROXY: "One minute ya wanna pound him, the next minute ya wanna..."

BLAIR: "No, nuh uh, we're not havin' this conversation..."

ROXY: "So would ya like some clean towels?
Or how about some clean sheets?"

• CRISTIAN: "Everything is fine"


• LOLA's hair wasnt done up like that when she left the house!

they sure let RAY use the phone a lot in that prison!

he must have a lot of quarters.

• i'm ***GLAD*** everyone's pointing out to BO that alchohol is a drug!

especially the way he uses it, as a way to deal with pain.

BO & REX are one of the best couples on Daytime.

• TESS: "Its a lie."

• oooooh LANGSTON gave TÉA the stinkeye!!!

Norn Cutson said...

fun photo of Beth Ann Bonner & Chrishell Stause!

Anonymous said...

Well it's 37 below right now and they canceled school today, so I'm gunna be on the blog for a while today.

Hows it going everybodu? lol

Anonymous said...

> i love it, i was walkin down broadway today singin "I"M KRYSTAL THE WHORE" with a big smile on my face!

lmao...there's probably only four people on Earth who can pull that off, and you're one of them. I salute you. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
discodan, are you in MN, too? It is crazy cold here.
Ashley and Jordan, thanks for the podcast, just finished listening at work-I stretched it out over 3 days, my co-workers wondering what's making me laugh out loud, but your intro song was just too much!
Tried to watch AMC on soapnet last night, essentially killing time until OLTL came on. It seemed like in the past that a Weds. or Tues show would be kind of like a filler show, but lately on OLTL you have to watch every day-no throw aways, every scene is worth watching, and unlike AMC, every character is worth watching. Even Gigi-because her dialogue with other characters really moved the story along. And Marci spitting out her beer when Shane asked Michael what a clitoris was-I really didn't expect that! I don't go "huh?" like when I'm watching AMC. AMC is SOOOO disjointed. There isn't one story line that makes sense right now.

Laura said...

Barbinmn Discodan and I live in Illinois, I guess we shouldn't complain about the weather here, yours is colder. But I heard Alaska was about 40 degrees today. I think it's like -7 now, without a windchill.

Most redic line today - Greenlee - 'I have to get to work.' Since when? Or is it 'David loved Babe just as much as I did.' For 2 damn years!

So Josh is now an architect and a robber too? Does he have a plane nearby to fly away in?

Oops Amanda's sick! JR can't be the father they just slept together a week ago. Or maybe she's pregnant by all three!

I have one good thing to say about the show, they are using Opal more and she's great.

Jordan, glad you are channeling Brooke English to report on the Josh re-abortion. Which is even stupider than the un-abortion. Actually I'm picturing you more like Rosalind Russell in His Girl Friday rocking the shoulder pads!

Anonymous said...

"u said it brtedi, this doesn't even look like a casino. It looks like Zach put a couple of slot machines in his basement. I'm not expecting Josh Duhamel to send the old Las Vegas sets over to Pine Valley, but cmon people..."

Hey, discodan! :-)

Josh Duhamel wouldn't have to send over the sets, but I wouldn't mind if Josh Duhamel (or if we had to settle--an actor who resembled him)happended to be available to great Greenlee at the gates of heaven. Or: Go to the light,Greenlee. Look who's waiting, for you! :-)

Speaking to your comment about Josh and Babe, I liked them, too. We all know Babe wasn't the sharpest crayon in the box, but I really enjoyed Alexa Haven's spin on the roll.

I always saw Josh as a party guy, who had never fallen in love,until he met Babe. When when he did, he got a little carried away by his feelings ( For example,fogetting to refuel the plane, when they crash landed on the beach);-)


Anonymous said...

Laura, my house is freezing. It's finals week at school and I was only suppose to be in school for half of the day. And because of MLK day, I have to wait until possibly next Tuesday to take my finals, pending this freezing cold not letting up.

brtedi, I wish for Josh Duhamel to make a cameo the same way that Bob Guza wishes for Vanessa Marcil when he goes to bed at night. But sadly, there is no way that this would ever happen. My question: what are they gunna do with Ryan now that Greens is a goner? My guess: Ryan/Kendall pairing coming soon....

Josh was the total playboy character, which if u think in context of Erica, that's perfect that her son would be a bit of a womanizing liason. Him and Babe were truly one of the hottest pairings within the last 10 years. Does anyone remember the shower? How about the kiddie pool? Fusion Offices anyone? I'm pretty sure that they single-handedly created the slutmetric. The only plus of the breakup was that he didn't have to deal with the frigid sex scenes with Amanda Baker. They could have at least kept him around as the liason that they tried to paint Jake as (he's too old). This is so sad to watch.

GH just got interupted by the plane crash in the Hudson River. Doesn't look like anyone is hurt so that's good news. Dumb geese,

Laura said...

I was watching Bonnie Hunt, and am watching the plane crash, GH is so bad now. Plane crash amazing. Hopefully everyone is okay. I am not complaining about the cold now. At least I am dry.

jordan hudson said...

wmd you didnt come off strong. You were expressing your opinions. The same way Ash and I can dish it out we can take it. Like I said we will keep try to keep the show to 45 minutes and only about AMC.

Yet the blog is open game


GO SEE REVOLUTIONARY ROAD. Kate Winslet is amazing. She got two Golden Globes.

Josh could have been our generation's TAD the Cad. Instead he has become our generations Jenny Gardner Nelson taken away too soon. STUPID THIS STORYLINE IS STUPID.


See Secret Diary of a callgirl SHO Billie PIPER RULES.

Also cant believe that Resse and Bianca have been together for a year and Bianca never showed Reese her face book page and said "this is my brother Josh who my mother thought was aborted but the fetus was stolen long story." Then Reese would say..."wow he's good looking.....if I was into guys which Im not."

SCRUBS ABC RULES.... Damages and Nip TUCK....Secret life of the american teenager.
Watch TV it's good for you.....

jordan hudson said...

By the way LAURA YOU RULE for the Rosalind Rusell mention. LOVE His Gal Friday. One of my favorite movies.... sigh they dotn make them like that anymore. HILDY!!!!!

jordan hudson said...

By the way LAURA YOU RULE for the Rosalind Rusell mention. LOVE His Gal Friday. One of my favorite movies.... sigh they dotn make them like that anymore. HILDY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda likin GH right now...not gunna lie. Jason having to make a deal with the FBI in order to save Spinelli, while having to sell Sonny out is brilliant, although, Sonny's being too dense for my liking right now. Claudia's become a lil too whiny, but its understandable because she's searching for Jerry's DVDs throughout Sonny's house. Maxie and Spinelli are hot and I hope that Maxie realizes through Spinelli's hardships and upcoming battle with ridiculously low self-esteem how much she really loves him. It's best couple on daytime and Guza better not touch em. Plus, Natalia Livingston is coming back, and even though its not as Emily, I hope that it ends up being Emily at some point. And there's a crisis sweep-stunt-ish, coming up so hopefully that'll be good. I'm very optimistic, Laura.

LOL Jordan, don't you know? Josh is a myspace man. He wouldn't be caught dead on facebook. Pshh.... lol

Norn Cutson said...

everyone on facebook says that OLTL was "shockingly sexual" today... i cant wait to get home & watch!

Anonymous said...

n69, u will not believe how far they went. I'm just gunna say that much.

Anonymous said...

LOVED the long podcast this week! I get so excited when I see that it is over an hour. I am so thankful that you all take your time to do it! As far as I'm concerned that means that you can talk about all the shows you want. It's nice to know that there are others that watch as much tv as I do.

On the Mathew Buchanan drug storyline-good kids try drugs too. I grew up with great parents, lots of friends,it was a pretty typical high school experience. I tried pot, not because I sad or bullied, just because I wanted to.

I hope you continue to talk about OLTL on the podcast.

Thanks for making my week!


jordan hudson said...

Laura I LOVE BIG LOVE TOO and can't wait for Sunday. Yes you need to get Mad Men. The sad thing is people say there is nothign of quality on TV. There is a great deal. It just doesn't survive sometimes or it's on cable. Friday Nights Lights is amazing but no one is watching they want realty ugghh. You should also get Swingtown which is now on DVD. Such a shame that it wasn't on cable. CBS is not the network for a show like Swingtown. Sadly they marketed as the "swinger show" and it was so much more...capturing an era were people in amercia were becoming free with sexuality and women were becoming more and more liberated.

Laura said...

Jordan, thanks for the info, glad you liked my movie reference. Friday Night Lights is on Hulu. Just found Mad Men on this website called Megavideo, full episodes.

I wrote a parody song for this week. Can somebody let me know where I could email it. Don't want everybody to see it, I want Ash and Jordan to screen it first before I get embarrassed if it is bad. Can you email me at Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura im still in Iowa, the Quad Cities and it feels like -30 right now, where in iowa are u from? Jordan did u get my post from Wed, would love ur answers? Im tuning back into Amc to see how they write off Josh, and i am not liking what they are doing, when did Josh become a gunwielding robber, what happened to him while he was away. I loved ATWT episode today, Kristina Sisco directed it who played Holden and Molly's daughter Abigail, who is Holden's firstborn, and she did a great job with the pacing. They should bring her back and Aaron, could u imagine all of Holden's 6 kids in one room, Holden sure did spread his seed. LOL. They even mentioned Bryant, Craig and Sierra's firstborn, whom they should have never killed off, could u imagine Craig and Lucinda's grandson right now, he would make JR Chandler look tame; hey if they can bring back Dusty from the dead why not him? What do u think Jordan or anyone else who watches ATWT?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys

For all of the fans of Billy Miller (or even the character of Richie Novak), I found this old youtube clip of him at a Charmed book signing. He was sitting there, answering questions from fans and told a pretty funny story about Alexa Havens. Check it out.

Laura said...

Alejandro, I'm from Clinton, Iowa just north of the QC area. I go back there a lot because my folks are there and my daughter is in college in Dubuque.

Welcome back from Mexico. I read in the Quad City Times the Latino population is increasing and thought of you. They need to make Iowa a bit more diverse. It was pretty boring when I lived there.

Norn Cutson said...


i wont type up my notes til the morning, but i just gotta say *O*M*G*!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dorian just wanted a taste...
I'm pretty sure the Slutmetric's cousin, The Cougar Detector 3000 was going crazy

Arizonagal said...

Okay, I missed something. What did Tad say about Jamie and Jeff? Did he find them, anything, why did he come home?

Ugh, here it comes, the inevitable custody battle with Tad and Krystal. I am so tired of custody battles on AMC. They are always so lame.

So Krystal is moving in to wildwind? Why in hell is she doing that? Does she have any feelings at all for David? Pathetic.

Jordan, I hope this is a rumor, but I've been hearing GL is going to be cancelled. I'm wondering if this is why they are bringing back Philip, to close out the show.

What a shame it would be to lose this historic 70+ year old soap.

jordan hudson said...

Arizonagal sadly that is the rumor flying around that GL has until April to get the ratings back up or else the light will be turned off. It is a very sad state of affairs. I think bringing Philip back is there last chance at saving the show. Funny to think that just a few years ago GL swept the Emmy winnign many acting awards and sharing best show with Y&R and now...... I blame Ellen Wheeler for changing the format. While now it seems that they are trying to at leats come across as a saop. It lost some viewers and almost lost me too. It was dreadful those first few months. I'm lighting a candle and saying some prayers for GL.

Alejandro..... Yes Holden is a HO! How many baby mama he have now. Anyway Atwt is bizzare they come up with soem good stories but then rush them or end them abruptly. As much as I loved Larry Lau he was short changed and so was the storyline. The way they wrapped it up like it was an episode of Murder She wrote. I do like The Alison/ Casey/Jade triangle. Still think Luke need to meet his true love that hot latino boy played by me. Nujade is starting to grow on me but still wish they would have broguht back Elena. Nu Maddie needs to stay gone and NULucy needs to be signed. I wish they would make Josie somehow be Jennifer. Hey if AMC can undoe an abortion from almsot fourty years ago....

Anonymous said...

Hi Ash & Jordan,

I've got another question for the podcast. Which character on AMC most resembles you and why?

Terry in Toronto

Shadow said...

Entry # 201…

Monday on AMC

Reese and Zach are touchy feely. I have 3 sisters-in-law and we never touch that much. Let alone share my sperm.

PV Rule 10.01: If a girl gets pissed, she must drive into a tree.

Shouldn’t David be spackling the holes in the ceiling rather than playing the piano?

JR is being written too 2 dimensional. KWAK’s been acting like a total ho, but where does JR get off? He’s been pathetic. What happened to that bond JR and Krystal had formed? AMC characters have no empathy for each other anymore. You’d think JR and KWAK would be somewhat sensitive to the mistakes they are each making out of their sadness and love for Babe. I’d buy them hooking up more than KWAK and David. David had no relationship with Babe. Anyway, JR should be as genuinely concerned about David getting inside KWAK’s head as he is distraught for Tad about her affair. It would be more interesting to see him struggle with his feelings for both Tad and Krystal and the effect that the strain has on him. Then I could see how that added strain combined with his grief leads him to the bottle.

Ash, Pete doesn’t make my gaydar go off. Are you sure? He just has a thing for big foreheads.

KWAK: “Tad, it’s not like that. David has been helping me.” Translation: “He screwed me in every position in every orifice every waking minute I was not drinking warm milk while you were gone.”

Kathy’s losing another Mommy. She should lose it now.

KWAK is determined to blame Tad and everyone rather than accept any responsibility. Of course, if David was able to manipulate Dixie and KWAK away from Tad, maybe Tad should consider what he’s doing that makes the women in his life susceptible to David Hayward’s mind games.

Amanda walks into David’s. JR walks into Amanda’s. Everybody walks into Adam’s. Everyone in Pine Valley must use one master key and lock.

There is no bigger turnoff than a needy, insecure nag. REESE GET OUT NOW WHILE YOU CAN. Maybe Bianca is just crazy with pain from the tiny scratch on her right cheek. Funny, car wreck, tornado, whatever, you get a scratch on your right cheek.

Amanda to JR: “Man up and jump”. Loser JR! It’s not like his mother is a crazy loon who threw his aunt down a well and killed her, killed his father and locked his dead body in a freezer, kidnapped a baby and blew up half the town at a charity event. Why can’t he just fill the void with meaningless sex like Amanda? Wuss.

Trolby bobs more than Jerkson. Pete is so sincere and this would be so moving if she could act. It would be great if another girl who could act was witnessing this and falling for him unbeknownst to him.

They actually wrote some great dialogue for Tad and he’s brought it home, but just about the time I thought to myself, “Wow, this is sort of good”, David reached for the gun. Stupid! None of these people are going to shoot anyone so I wish they’d quit reaching for the gun. They rely on too many stupid formula props. Guess it’s harder to write the dialogue.

Reese: “I can’t leave Zach. My 4 month contract isn’t up yet.”

LOD goes to Tad: “You’re not taking Krystal. I’m giving her to you…He understands you. And I don’t.”

BTW, there is no such thing as a Podcast that is too long. Every minute is a hoot to savor.

Laura said...

N69, I emailed you my parody song, tell me what you think, Jordan contact me at the email I put down, so you all can tell me what you think. Welcome back Shadow

Shadow said...

Entry # 202

Tuesday on AMC…

Now KWAK wants “her baby”. It’s been so long since she’s seen Jenny, she doesn’t even remember her name.

That brick on Tad’s house is fugly.

There is no basis for a restraining order on KWAK. A restraining order is an order made by a court where there is reasonable grounds to believe that an immediate and present danger of domestic violence exists or that a child is in immediate and present danger of abuse or abduction. A restraining order can grant temporary custody of a child, but it can’t be used only for that purpose. Stoopit!

Wouldn’t Emma be more protective of the only mother she’s ever known. She should pull a Kathy and knock Greenlee off a ladder.

Angie: ‘Joe felt like it was time for him to step down…he seemed so depressed about it all”. Please, Joe has never been depressed a day in his life. He's the epitome of positive thinking. I hate what they are doing to Joe.

Oh sure, two interns just standing in the hall downloading porn on a cell phone. And holding the phone in the air for all to see. No wonder Joe stepped down and is depressed. Cool phone though. Really good speakerphone.

Tad can’t be so surprised about KWAKho. As he said, it was an “arrangement” not love.

Now that KWAK is living at WildWind, what leverage does David have on the Martins? Seems like all this got him nowhere.

Dr. Sinclair is no Dr. Joplin. And what’s with the boobs? Wouldn't those mams disturb the crazies? Pratt loves the moon, candles, walkers, boobies…Where did this chick come from again? She sucks so far.

Jerkson/Greenlee/Ryan/Aidan: You watch so I don’t have to. Thank you.

Guess Aidan didn't see the big sign that says “NO CELL PHONES”.

Annie got another shot in the ass.

That ring on Greenlee’s finger is the biggest fakest piece of crap. How pissed would you girls be if someone gave you that pronged turd?

I can see Tad being pissed, but not letting KWAK see her baby? Dick.

Randi, Frankie = FF.

What is with Angie’s I LOVE LUCY weave? Livia’s Weave is so gonna kick The Angie Weave’s ass.

David’s lawyer Jay is stupid and they are writing KWAK dumber than she has ever been. In almost every jursidiction, including Pennsylvania, child custody is decided on a case by case basis. Adultery may impact custody if the adultery is proven to have harmed or impaired the children, but I don’t think that’s the case here and desertion wouldn’t apply. Obviously, they would get joint custody so the restraining order is just BS.

Rancid getting arrested is sweet. You know she's going to drive into a tree tomorrow.

I wonder if MCE ever gets tired of talking to herself at work all day? Easy money though. She gets to wear sweats every day. Her lines are short and easy to memorize. “Greenlee did it. Where's Ryan! Kill Greenlee”, and so forth.

When did ya'll say the eps get good? Wednesday? Guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow.

OLTL QUESTION FOR JORDAN: Whatever happened to Wanda Wolek, Larry Wolek, and Herb Callison?

Laura, you always come up with good stuff. I bet the parody is great!

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Thursday's episode

• JR boobies

• there's LIVIA!

poor David Canary.
i love that man!
i'm gonna miss him!!!

• just in case you missed it, JOSH has a gun.

• here's OPAL!

• TAD: "You look like hell!"

damn, if JR looks like hell, good thing they cant see me!

i wish TAD wouldnt keep encouraging JR to drive drunk.

• ZACH is givin ERICA a hard time, i like it.

• ANNIE acting with an air vent.

• i love OPAL tellin KWAK like it is!!!

KWAK's got her own stash of pills now, no milk required...she's double-dosin'!

• we got a montage of ANNIE's greatest hits.

• KWAK asks DAVID about his LI'L A plan, and he makes her feel guilty for even questioning his integrity.

• ANNIE's DR sets up a cage match.

that was the most life ive seen from Budig since she came back!

a reminder that GREENLEE used to be a sharp cookie!

• OPAL: "The idea of my granddaughter livin' with a two-timin' junkie just scares the bejeebies outta me!"

KWAK's on the stand, totally high!

She goes on & on & on about BABE...JENNY is just an afterthought.

JR is a dick.
the judge didnt have him removed?!!?!?

i'm enjoying the court scenes, but i keep thinkin how if this was OLTL, the court case would last a whole week, LIVIA would actually get to *DO* something & we would see KWAK break down on the stand & at least *TRY* to earn an EMMY!

if Bobbie Eakes was really PLAYING this role, i would have sympathy for KWAK...but because she's just stumbling through (& i *KNOW* she can do better), i just laugh at her pain.

• that ERICA scream was about the silliest thing!

notes on Thursday's episode



ooh DORIAN looks goooood!!!

• oh, this is gonna be a good TESS day!


• oh my, STARR looks *gorgeous* today!!!

• oh, i am ***ACHING*** for BRODY & JESS to kiss!!!!

before i wanted him & TESS to do it for the hotness, but now i want him & JESS to do it for ***THE REALNESS***!!!

• WES is a good guy.
i like how he treats MARTY.

• i dont think STARR should be hookin up with her teacher, but i gotta admit, they have chemistry!


NOELLE: "Nothin' simpler than prayer!"

• i love all these DELPHINA & DORIAN scenes!!!

• all this stuff about DR JOPLIN is breakin my heart.

• MARTY: "Being his mother *IS* my problem!"

damn, my jaw hit the floor.

i empathize with her, but its so hurtful!

• tsk, it looks like WES planted the gun on the kid to cover up for BRODY...w/o BRODY knowing it.

• DELPHINA: "No, I'm not gonna say, I'm not...ok...they're saying its an aquatic rodent..."

DORIAN: "BEAVER!!! Beaver Calhoun!"

tsk, that is kinda nasty!

• DORIAN: "I only need a few hours to get David into bed & to the altar!!!"

• NORA mentioned MARTY's lupus!
i like that.

• VIKI's got a short skirt on!!!
well, short for VIKI!!!

she's showin' knee!

• DORIAN' pawing all over delicous DAVID VICKEROSHI!

OH MAN, this is ***HOT***!!!

¡¡¡¡¡¡*****OH MY GOD*****!!!!!!


i gotta watch that again!!!!
i cannot believe what i just saw!!!!

(watches again)

yeah, i really saw it....& I *EFFIN'* *****LOVED***** IT!!!!!!

Ashley, i hope you had THE SLUTMETRIC™ 2000 plugged in!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thursday's OLTL...OMG!!! I'm so mad I can only listen to this at work right now. The Dorian thing really grossed me out (I mean she looks good for her age, but I don't ever like to picture old people having sex, even when David is HOT). The Jess/Tess thing broke my heart! I didn't watch it when she lost the baby. The whole "Why aren't you crying?" made me want to cry! Not liking this Marty situation trying to get up in John and Blair. Looking forward to today's ep, even if I can't listen to it until Monday. Bye all!

Norn Cutson said...

i didnt think it was gross!

i'm ***THRILLED*** to see A Woman Of A Certain Age get some HOT Buddhist action!!!!

Shadow said...


What's wrong with David Canary? Why are you going to miss him?

Anonymous said...

Well, today's the day I guess that I really have to go off.

First, before I start, I have to give special recognition to Colin Egglesfield. This man has been put through the ringer, with hell and high water right on his back and has acted his ass off. Colin has shown professionalism throughout the unabortion, to the embezzlement, and all the way to the heist. Colin has proven to be an actor that doesn't know the meaning of the phrase "Phoning it in".


Chuck Pratt, you need to take a good hard look in the mirror right about now and ask yourself if this is the profession that you really want to be in, because if it is not, then get out right now, because we will not let you stand there and bring the show down with you.

That being said...

Josh has been a complexity on the screen, since Scott Kinsworth debuted the role as a doctor in the fertility clinic that Greenlee and Kendall were attempting to break into. His free spirit and playboy attitude proved to be a good fit within the landscape of Pine Valley. His haunted past with Greg Madden and his new found family could have been a building block into a legacy character that viewers could have charished for years to come.

Could have...

I guess that's all that we have left of Josh. Could have. They could have turned him into the next 'Tad the Cad' and made him the womanizer of Pine Valley. They could have turned him (as well as Jamie) into the next generation of Martin doctors. They could have even found love within the landscape and settled down and started a family. That could have branched Erica out and strengthened her status as woman devoted to her family. Do you guys remember when Erica was trying to scare Babe away? Imagine her playing mother hen for years, and then finally accepting a woman into Josh's life, similar to the way that Erica treated Zach, in relations to Kendall.


Imagine Josh the father, Josh the brother. Josh the Martin. Josh the Kane. Josh the friend. I guess taht's all that we can do now. Imagine. The problem is that fanfic and hopeful thinking can only go so far and the only thing that is left is the loss of a character, a man, and Erica's child.

All My Children...

That's the name of the show still, right? Erica Kane is still the central figure of the show, as she has been for the past 39 years? How can you possibly justify killing your central figure's child? The unabortion storyline? It happened, alright. He is the transported fetus that grew up in the shadows of Greg Madden and never knew Jeff or Erica. Megan McTavish may have destroyed a legendary storyline, but something good came out of. Colin Egglesfield single-handedly stepped up his game and gave performance after performance that deserves immense recognition. His relationship with Kendall was magic. His affair with Babe was electric. His easing into a friendship with Erica, the mother that aborted him, was touching. His interactions with characters, such as Joe or Jamie, proved to be something to look forward to day after day after day.


There really isn't much left to say. Pratt is the only thing left to speak of. He inherited a character that could have been more. I've already listed the possibilities, so I won't go into that. The issue is with Pratt, and Pratt alone. He never gave the character a chance. From the day that Pratt's writing took into effect until today, the only writing of Josh was writing him into corner after corner; without a trace of remorse or knowledge of the character at all. Guns? Josh wouldn't be using guns. He was a healer, not a killer. Stealing money? He would not have been above using Madden money, the same way that Antonio on OLTL was not above using Santi money. If you use the money for good, good can only come of it. Robbery? He knows right and wrong. Yes, he drugged Erica once, but he regretted and paid for it. It never would have came to embezzlement nor armed robbery. That's not who Josh is. And this is why I am seriously considering turning off All My Children.

It's been one train wreck after another. Ryan. Greenlee. Bianca. Zach. Taylor. Kendall. Characters are being ruined left and right. Josh. Carmen. characters aren't even given the opportunity to succeed or fail because of the powers that be. Aidan. Colby. Randi. characters are main-stays on the landscape despite being terrible actors themselves. Erica. Tad. Adam. JR. Brot. Jake. characters are forced to swollow bad writing and character assasination for the sake of Pratt's ego.

Shame has become this show's mainstay and I don't see it getting better any time soon.

Norn Cutson said...

Shadow, its Nelson Branco's blind item this week...
its heartbreakin'....

I hope things are ok with you & your family!

i got my tickets for WEST SIDE STORY!
WOO HOO!!! Feb 26th!

Arizonagal said...

Being a "glass half full" kind of person, I'd like to think that altough losing GL would be tragic, this would also be an opportunity for OLTL and AMC to grab up some of the GL unemployed. Pretty much anyone on the GL cast would be a big score for other soaps. There is so much talent there.

I'd love to send a few of the GL folks to OLTL, but there is already a huge and very appealing cast there. Not sure they can squeeze in any more folks now.

I'd love to see Crystal Chapelle show up in Pine Valley. Kim Zimmer, she's such a huge diva that I don't really think there's anywhere for her to go on daytime. She's too much competition for the reigning divas. Still hoping AMC scores John Driscoll. Oh my god, i could just go on and on, so much talent at GL.

I am loving the pot plot at OLTL. It just rings so true and that little Matthew is one heck of an actor.

Shadow said...

Is it this one?

Which Emmy winner is beginning to worry that their head writer is out to fire them because of a past alliance with a former scribe?

jordan hudson said...

Disco Dan you rock....I cried reading your post.

Shadow I do hope everything is alright with your family. Was thinking of you earlier today and there was your recent post.

Arizonagal I'm with you that if GL gets cancel I would hope that the other soaps would take adavntage and get these incredible actors working. GL might have been through hell because of this stupid change in format but the one thing that has always stayed true is the cats is top notch. No Randi or Mongrieff's running around. And at leats with the Australian brothers I dotn have to put the TV to mute to understand what they are saying. First would be AMC hiring Beth Chamberlain as Liza Colby . Oh to Beth Chamberalin working with Knight and Canary...a boy can dream.

Sorry but I'm with N69. Dorian Robin Strasser is a sexy vibrant woman. I thought the scene was hot and tastefully done. Unlike when Kendull and Aidum went at it in the shed. Dorian has always had a liking for younger men and why not . As many times as we have to see Older men with girls young enough to be their Great granddaughters. It's nice to see a confident sexy woman going after a man. GO DORIAN YOU ROCK

Anonymous said...

JordAsh, you guys need to change this to the PineView Podcast... I am loving your OLTL recaps.

You are so right Jordan, it's terrific to hear you guys talking about OLTL because you are so upbeat and positive and excited about what's going on. I love your enthusiasm.

When you switch gears at the end of the podcast, you guys just come alive.


Norn Cutson said...

Shadow, here is the item:

—Which uber-popular Emmy winner is being phased out because he can’t remember his lines? The soap plans to keep them on the show on a recurring basis as their twin.

Laura said...

I posted the Adam blind item earlier, and it saddens me, but could it be he is not getting paid enough to remember his lines!

With the pay cut, he may say screw it, I'm 70 years old and I don't need to work this hard. Stuart is easy, and I can be with Marian in an adult storyline instead of being in a stupid one with Erica and a drunk kid, and a dumb one with a five-head.

Discodan, your post was amazing. I can't believe you are so young. I think you will end up being a writer one day. How is it we have such a talented high school kid on our blog who can write so amazing, and a show with tons of adults spins out crap.

Ashley, hope you don't mind, emailed you my parody song to recap a redic week.

I had to work today, so I'll get caught up tonight. I'm eating bland food so I don't get too much bile in my throat.

OLTL'ers I loved David and Dorian, but the scene a few years back on the kitchen counter is still my favorite. She's older, not dead. The smell of money gets her even hotter.

Anonymous said...

Well thank you everybody for your kind words...I just don't know what to do anymore. This show has let me down, yet again. It's not like I'm not used to it. I'm a Chicago sports fan, except for the Cubs because Cubs suck. I love you guys for being there for all of this because we definitely need a support system because I honestly dont know how much more of this that I can take. I guess it's kind of like that Dane Cook joke on how women come up with dumb excuses to stay in bad relationships.

"Oh, I left my CDs in his truck. There's like 10 or 12 CDs I left in his truck. I can't break up with him."

Laura said...

DiscoDan, I take back my kind words after you dissed my Cubs!

Anonymous said...

Aw cmon mom...i mean Laura. lol, u gotta admit...101 years of losing? Just saying... lol love ya

Anonymous said...

Taylor Crawford must come back in time to bid a fond farewell to Josh in the way only TC can do, and what the hell, he can throw in some "AlDino" too.

Ashley, it would be a gas to have a podcast with Jordan and Taylor. You guys rule.

I don't get Bo's outrage. Didn't he grow up in the sixties? Come Bo, tell the truth here. I was glad Nora fessed up.

As a new viewer to OLTL, I don't know any other Todds but TSJ, and I gotta tell you, he is so damned good. I love the ambiguity of his character. Is he good and just confused? Is he amoral? Is he evil? I'd say yes to all the above, and that's why he's so terrific. You never know which Todd is going to show up.

Norn Cutson said...

Laura, i take some comfort in your theory about David Canary!

Anonymous said...

Friday, 1/16/09

Some things I really enjoyed about today's show--and the thing I didn't...

Let me start with the good/funny stuff:

Jessie trying to distract Angie with the ConFusion menu. "Prime Rib..." I couldnt help but think,"What's Ashley going to make of that?"-LOL!

I like how Jakeguiver and Angie teamed up, determined to get the goods on David Hayward--

IMHO, this is one of the classic concepts of soaps: characters working together to combat a common foe/ problem.Soaps used to be about characters, and how they related to each other in very specific circumstances. I saw a glinner of that today, and I liked it.--Who knew the dress code for breaking and entering was a black trench coat?--I guess, if you break the law you, have to look good doing it...Go, Angie! LOL!

Finally, we really got to see Krystal fall apart! Good Job, Bobbie Eakes!!!

And now for what I could have lived without: the deconstruction of Josh. (Dang it!) Hang on this could become a rant! OK, I get it that Pratt doesn't like how Josh was initally introduced, but to re-tread his history?! If Josh was going to shun his family, that should have happened initially...He could have worked through all of his "issues" back then. But, no he has to embezzle and be extremely insecure. Trouble is, He's a Kane. They don't turn into wusses. They get even! They don't embezzle, They have more money than they could ever hope to spend. The odd thing is, he had money to begin with. Josh went from being in touch with his "inner Kane" (without even knowing he was one, at the time) to acting more like human Jello--- All shakey and nervous! Akk!

If Collin Egglesfield had to be written off (I wish it wasn't the case) then why coulnt he have died in a mishap/ accident?

And after Stacey Haiduck ("Hannah") left, why didn't he get to work with Rebecca Budig, instead of Aiden Turner? During that episode when Greenlee got drunk and left with Josh (staying over ) were so much fun to watch! When the actors delivered their "morning after" dialog, it seemed to me as if they'd worked together for years...They looked like they were having fun, working together! Instead, we get "Aiden" and fondue--Eeewww!

All I can say is, what where the writers thinking, back then. They really blew it!--JMHO.


Brian said...

I just wanted to leave a comment letting you guys know how great that opening song is! I was listening to the podcast in my office at work and was cracking up. Keep the great shows coming!

Brian said...

OMFG! Every day, watching AMC, all I want to do is take the script and make major re-writes. This week, we have a boring show with plots that are, again, choppy. When Pratt started, I actually thought he was doing an amazing job planning out days. Now the time line is terrible.

This week, Greenlee went to see Annie and all I kept thinking is Melissa has been a better actress this past few months than Rebecca. I have an idea with were they are taking Greenlee and all I can say is it is crap. They should have had Greenlee walk into Ryan's Penthouse and, after seeing him and Emma on the couch, realize that Ryan can't be with her right now and that she needs to let Ryan be a DAD! Greenlee then confronts Erica and tells her that she wins and she is leaving town. (she then gives her shares to Amanda).

I was really impressed with Josh this week. Although they have butchered the character and I'm against they exit, I am really happy with his performance. His acting was great! My biggest problem with this story is, why did Friday leave off with him possibly getting shot? I believe it was Monday that they showed a preview of Erica having to choose between Kendall and Josh. Why not end this week with that? DUMB!

And why do we have characters on the show who are featured for a day or two, then we don't see them for a week? Where is cured Rebecca? We see her daughter, but why haven't we heard from her? What is going on with Colby and Pete? And what happened to Carmen???

On a final note for the week, I was really impressed with the custody trial for Jenny. I thought KWAK was a little slow in the beginning, but her acting was great when she was up on the witness stand. And the conclusion with Tad was great! I'm actually happy with this story line. Lets just hope that we are shown that she is lusting for David for a chemical reason, because I don't believe that these two are soul mates. And I really enjoyed Angie and Jesse at Confusion. We found out that Confusion serves food! Who would have thought? And I thought RPG was okay as Jake. Not loving his conversation with Amanda, though.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Friday's episode

• what the hell happened to BIANCA?
i mustve missed it.

• have i mentioned that i hate CONTUSION?

• *finally* Bobbie Eakes is *acting*!!!

what was she savin' it for?!?!???

oh, that look of disgust & pity on OPAL's face!!!!!!!
& TAD looks like "Oh $&*#! I left with my kids with *THIS* trainwreck?!?!?!"

• Oh now LOOCH wants to do a li'l acting too!
She just shifted her eyes, alerting us viewers that ERICA recognizes the description of the ring!!!!

• ANGIE is beatin herself up over KWAK.
yeah, bringing REBECCA back to life wasnt enough, you should have saved KWAK from DAVITT & herself.

she's got a total martyr complex.


• is KWAK gonna say *one word* about JENNY?!?!?!

KWAK: "BABE BABE BABE...& BABE! Did I mention BABE?!?!?"

• wow, i jumped when BIANCA & REESE saw JOSH. that was good.

• OH i ¡LOVE! ANGIE & JAKE schemin'!

• KWAK: "And then I BABE'd the BABE with BABE...after BABE & I BABE'd, then BABE BABE'd BABE...with a side of BABE!!!!"

• JR is the dumbest drunk.


• JAKE: "I'll check the files!"

ANGIE: "I'll check the house for a lab setup!"

they're all SCOOBY-DOO!

but you *know* DAVITT would be too smart to leave a paper trail.

• i know ya'll love JOSH but all this yelling is givin me a headache.

• BABY JENNY looks freaked.

BABY JENNY: "Who the hell *is* this lady?"

• JOSH: "Kendall is one of the most decent human beings I've ever met!"

he needs to get out more.

notes on Friday's episode


DORIAN: "Oh, your lips are saying NO, NO, but your body is saying YES, YES!"

• JESS is in the mind cage!
there's BESS!!!

• STARR: "Nobody's pain is more important than anybody else's. We're *all* hurting."

• Bad girl MARTY!

• DORIAN: "Oh, would you cut the crap, David!
I KNOW you...I know you *really* well, you meat-eating, money-grubbing man!
And we know you've got *ONE* why don't you take that talent up the stairs and LET'S GET IT ON...OLD-SCHOOL!!!!"

• i'm sure that was Farrah Fath in those PLANNED PARENTHOOD ads in the subways a couple of years ago.


BESS is leaning in to whisper the secret to JESS (*very TWIN PEAKS*!)
& i am hanging on to TESS's every word!!!

• MARTY is givin MCBAIN she's full-on flirting!

• STARR: "If I don't lecture you, who will?"


• tsk, STARR shouldnt be wavin those pills around in the hallway!


omg, STARR, why are you doing this!?!?!?

• oh, MARTY you bad girl!!!!

i need a hug after this episode!!!
wooooo!!! i'm emotionally exhausted!!!!

jerrica76 said...

Ok I have to say it...I just youtubed a '94 special that CBS did on 50 years of soaps and it just about made me cry :*(
They used to be so good....what happened?

jordan hudson said...

Brown Penny as someone who has watched both Todds I will say they are both excellent and make the character their own. For me they are both different and I love both Roger's Todd and Trevor's Todd. This was a great recast but also they way they introduced Trevor as Todd helped a great deal for months we thought he was Mitch Laurence's Brother and the audidence grew to like Trevor and the chemistry he had with Blair. So when the reveal came., I think many viewers were like happy with it. Trevor also was greta at showing flashes of Todd. It was a great way to join a show. Soaps use to be evry good at recast. Not so much anymore.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that TSJ didnt get an emmy nod. He's done a great job this year.

Shadow said...

I really hope the David Canary rumor is false. If the show loses any more vets, especially one who is head of one of the few remaining families, ABC is going to have to change the name to "My Only Child".

Shadow said...


Why do they always show the back of Dr. Sheridan’s head when she’s talking? I bet Dr. Sheridan’s big secret is that she is really Zarf, post surgery.

The sets are bugging me today.

The quality of construction in Ryan’s loft is so much nicer than Erica’s crappy casino apartment, the entire casino, Opal’s place, Contusion, Confusion etc. Ryan’s place is more than just a square box. It has real windows, real wood beams, real doors, bookshelves, fireplace, mantle--some design element. Only Zach’s place compares in detail, but there’s a jungle outside the window. Do banana trees really grow in PA in the winter or ever for that matter?

The lighting in Contusion almost makes Frankie and Natalia look white and all the white people look dead. I hate that set. And whoa, back off Natalia’s big ass head! It's filling the entire screen on my huge HDTV.

The lattice wallpaper in Erica’s place is distracting. It clashes with everything. At least it isn’t dark.

Erica’s apartment is so small. The little breakfast table takes up the entire den. Not a becoming abode for the most famous character in Soap history. Seriously, pause the TV on that scene where Boob is standing in Erica's doorway. The wallpaper is giving me motion sickness.

I swear they bought that wallpaper at Big Lots.

Oak Haven is the cheapest ass set ever. I know why Frons must like it. No décor. No furniture. Costs Nothing. Don’t crazy people need a comfy chair? A TV? What if Aidan or Annie have to pee? Where’s the toilet? People in jail get that much. Compare Oak Haven to the place where Brody and Jess are staying.

Moving on...

I guess I'm ranting about the sets because the Wednesday ep is boring.

Boobianca looks thinner but Elvira-ish. That dog collar around her neck doesn’t help. She's so white she's almost gray.

Is Zach on a bath strike while Kendall is comatose? That dude needs a haircut, a razor, some soap and water. Maybe to cut costs they cut the water off to his trailer.

Erica’s gift to Reese wasn’t exactly personal. And I wouldn't have guessed Erica as a Tuesday Morning shopper.

Ryan, Greenlee, motorcycle, blah, blah, blah. FF.

Josh used to work at PVH. How’s he really going to sneak in? Does the hospital have tunnels too?

Josh blaming Zach for Kendall’s predicament makes no sense. And Josh was never stupid enough to think that Kendall would want him to kill her husband. Yeah, he’s acting his heart out, but what a nonsensical, dumb storyline.

ABSURD MOMENT OF THE DAY: You can see Aidan through the vent in Annie’s room. The wall is like 1/8th inch thick.


FRANKIE: “I caught some guys at my job looking at my girlfriend having sex. Dad, it’s all over the internet.”

Jessie: “So.”


Arizonagal said...

Shadow, you ff'd through the Greenlee and Ryan motorcycle scenes? You missed some unintentional humor.

Greenlee and Ryan nap on the couch. What could be more uncomfortable than that? Doesn't Ryan have a bedroom? I don't think I've ever seen it. Anyway, damn, now you got me distracted by the sets. I gotta tell you, Erica's place is a dive, about a step above the Pinecone, which at least has more room. Yes, I noticed the wallpaper and the cramped quarters.

Anyway... Did I hear this right. Did Greenlee say she was going to Bedazzle her motorcycle. Talk about tacky, but so Greenlee. I could just picture the little pink rhinestones and crap, though I don't think she's very artsy crapsy.

Then, Greenlee has a dream about Ryan riding her motorcycle, during which you can hear this creepy, echoey, maniacal Ryan laughter and the sound of the cycle going faster. Culminating in the oh so sweet sound of a crash. For me that would not be a nightmare.

Then comes the FF'able soap crap. Greenlee "Ryan you have to get rid of this motorcycle NOW!" And Ryan "but Greenlee, you just bedazzled it."

Groan. See here's the problem Greenlee, you lost us long ago. We don't give a crap. Your 2008 return of the REAL Greenlee was a major dud, to the point where you made us miss Sabine. At least she had energy, she was animated and she was a better fit with Aidumb.

And, finally, I don't really blame Rebecca Budig, who was given nothing to work with, her writing was crap and she just couldn't even fake it.

YOu said it Brtedi. TPTB should have put Greenlee and Josh together. They did have a one night stand, which gave me hope, but it was not meant to be. They blew it so bad with those two characters all the while giving Aiden Turner so many lines each week, that he was just speaking gibberish, and we are so used to not understanding him that we didn't even notice.

And on OLTL, shame on you Christian. Your relationship with Sarah wasn't even cold yet!

Anonymous said...

Christian needs to wise up and stop getting into terrible relationships. I hated him with Jessica because I liked Will better. I hated him with Natalie. I hated him with Evangeline. I hated him with Vanessa. I only liked him with Jen and I actually was one of the few that hoped he stayed with Sarah. I kinda wish they kept her name, "Flash", but I'll take it where I can get it.

Shadow said...

Arizonagal said:

Greenlee "Ryan you have to get rid of this motorcycle NOW!" And Ryan "but Greenlee, you just bedazzled it."

If only the writers were funny enough to really use a bedazzler joke. That gave me a much needed smile! I'm in bed with strep. I think that's what hanging out in the hospital for a few days gets you. I watched Wed but haven't motivated myself yet to watch Thursday and Friday.

BTW, AZgal, sorry for the additional distraction. The new sets are just so awful. It's so obvious which ones were built before the budget slashing went into effect.

In my earlier post I forgot to mention Kendall who is apparently going to wake up after a few months in a coma and an organ transplant. If there is any accompanying memory lost, I'm going to be totally pissed. There better be some evidence of weakened state though--at least a big bald spot on the back of her head or something. How great would that be? Every time she turns around there would be a shiny white spot on the back of head surrounded by her mangy curls.

It doesn't look like they're going with the cankles idea. Damnit.

Anonymous said...

"Nom yo renge kyooOOH... God!"

ROTFLLMAO. Go Team Vickeroshi.

How great were those scenes with Dorian and Delphina and David? Even Moe had some good stuff. Now this is what I want out of a soap, I want comic relief and boy do they deliver. I want drama, good dialog, strong acting and I am loving the way Brody, Jess, Wes and Marty are delivering the heavy stuff.

I really feel bad for Cole. How painful would that be to be rejected by your mom? Damn these OLTL kids are amazing, everyone of them, even Lola.

And, back in Pine Valley, the Josh scenes just really bummed me out. Him shooting up the casino w/that ski mask on just depressed the hell out of me. It's sad.

Zach is really pissing me off too. Who the hell does he think he is? No one deserve to know the reality of Kendull's situation more than the Cane women. Any way we can make this coma last a little longer?

I thought Opal was the voice of reason in those court room scenes, even though I also think Tad is no better a parent than KWAKho. Let's see, who would be a better parent, a murderer or a druggie?


Norn Cutson said...

here's a link in case anyone missed DORIAN & DAVID!

Anonymous said...

OMG I know we are spoiler free BUT THIS IS AN EXCITING BLIND ITEM!!!!!!!


With AMC in such a precarious position, they are thinking of doing the unthinkable (though it's not so unthinkable if you've been following this column). They figure this fan favorite could help pull them out and lure back old time fans. They have a wild story in the works if this goes through (and it will lead to a major reunion which will have fans cheering in the stands). I told you it wasn't over!

Sorry to have been away all week but this have been crazy busy


Mel Got Served said...

"You stole Dixie from me years ago, but this time, I'm giving her to you!" Tad, you RULE. Bringing MEK back has reinvigorated the show.

Discodan, your post about Josh was so unbelievable and so right on. I hope some ABC insiders read this blog and listen to this podcast so they can see how we the fans feel. I know there are other sites that hate Josh, hate Annie, etc... but there are those of us who see the show objectively and see how these characters, some of the newer to enter our canvas, could have changed Pine Valley for a lifetime. So a character linked to two core families of Pine Valley, with the ability to do every career in the world, who had chemistry with EVERY actress on the show is being killed off... and a certain marble-mouthed British PI with NO family connections, no successful relationships, and no reason to be in this town anymore stays.

Colin Egglesfield, I hope another soap scoops you up fast. Jump on the boat of OLTL or Y&R- I'm sure they'll appreciate your talent and not treat you like sh*t.

And in a non-Josh related discussion, this bullsh*t with Emma being so happy about Greenlee and Ryan getting married makes no sense. Does she not understand that Greenlee is going to be her new MOM, not new BFF? You would think another woman trying to be her new mom might bring up some issues- you know, like why are you putting mommy in a hospital and replacing her? I am counting the days until Greenlee is gone- sorry Rebecca Budig.

Mel Got Served said...

One more thing about the Josh SL: is there anyone for one iota of a minute who believes Erica would save Josh over Kendall? I hear Lucci's performance is amazing and heartbreaking, but give me a break TPTB- I'm not stupid. Even if we didn't know Kendall was coming back, I would bet my entire life savings that Erica would save Kendall, not Josh.

Anonymous said...


Mel Got Served said...

Here's my other gripe (I'm doing all 5 eps in a row right at this moment, so I'm a posting roll!): Josh pretended to be an architect to steal the security plan. OK fine... BUT... wouldn't Reese have seen a photo of BIANCA'S BROTHER???? He was at countless birthdays, holidays, etc. You mean Reese never saw any photos of Bianca's close family?

Luckily, the 5 hours of AMC goes quicker when you have the ability to FF through every single Rylee scene.

Anonymous said...

Elyse, where is the blind item? do you have a link?

Laura said...

Poor Colin Egglesfield. I hope his T-shirt line does well. He is from Chicago and was on the local news promoting it awhile back. Here is the link

I want to wear one at put Suck it Brian Frons and wear it outside during a taping of Good Morning America.

Jordan and Ashely have you ever thought about linking to Amazon or other sites like Daytime Confidential does, you get a part of the sales. Other websites do this. I shop there a lot and wouldn't mind part of the sales going to keep you watching so I don't have to! is great for downloading songs. I use it way more than ITunes now. Everyday an album for 2 or 3 bucks. Lots of free songs all DRM-free. I use all my Discover cash back rewards for Amazon songs.

AMC needs Brooke back as much as Dixie. I know about 10 people they can let go of to pay their salaries. Aidumb is at the top of the list.

Shadow said...


AMAMDA: JR, take a shower first.
JR: There’s no time.
I feel sorry for whoever has to sit by him in court. He’s going to smell like yesterday’s sex and vodka.

I can handle ConTusion with Livia there. I wish she had a permanent SL. She adds depth, credibility, and realism to the PV canvas. And besides, her weave kicks ass.

That return-air grille in Annie’s room is absurd. Not really maximum security. But convenient to advance the plot.

I just realized I’ve been calling Dr. Sinclair Dr. Sheridan. She’s made such an underwhelming impression on me I can’t remember her name. Dr. Sinclair has really blonde hair and really brown eyebrows.

Dr. Sinclair stormed in and asked who Annie was talking to. She wasn’t talking. Aidumb was. All she has to do is look at the grille and see his big retarded face.

Since I can't remember her name, would it be OK if I just call Dr. Sinclair Zarf? She's sort of manly and I expect her to break out in a rock song any moment anyway.

Livia. Opal. Adam. Tad. Erica. The “A” Team is here today. Give me some Joe and Ruth and it’s the Christmas episode we didn’t have.

Contusion isn’t so bad when the people aren’t standing at the bar with the light shining up their noses.

Tad and Adam on the same side. Talking a little history. Cool.

They always say JR looks bad, but he never does. He just gets a different hairstyle. He’s totally coiffed. Where’s the bedhead? The 5 o’clock shadow? The red eyes? The wrinkled clothes? And besides, that ain’t alcohol Adam smells. It’s Amamda. Ha!

Nice scene between Erica and Zach. Good acting and dialogue.

Greenlee to Rinx about the Chapel: We’ll fill it with candles. It’ll be beautiful. Are they going to have sex in the chapel? Or is someone going to trip on a candle and start a fire?

Opal: Did I judge you?...I mean C’mon… How weak are you?...I defended you until I walked in on you lock lipped with Satan… Loving Opal. She’s amazing. Give her a contract damnit.

I could handle it if they killed Kendall and let Josh live.

All that hair tucked behind her ears makes Annie's ears stick out like Dumbo. I’m ready for her to be hot again.

BAD PARENT OF THE DAY AWARD: Ryan packed Annie’s stuff and put it in the attic. And everything fit in two boxes! Who tries to erase their child's memory of the only mother they have ever known?

WORST DOCTOR EVER: Dr. Zarf Sinclair. She can’t tell when a patient is lying.

Merry Christmas! There’s JOE!

Greenlee in her bitchiest tone: Hello Annie.
InsAnnie clutching her fist: I forgive you.
Greenlee knows that look. She’s a better psych than Dr. Zarf.

Jake: You do sort look like crap. Not even wearing lip gloss.

Jake and Amanda on today too. Wow. The whole gang sans Turdby and Rancid. If only Pete and Ruth were in the courtroom too. Guess I shouldn't be greedy.

Opal is hilarious: "I don’t have a heck of a lot more to add ‘cept Krystal is hooked on drugs". That’s quite a detail and more persuasive than anything Adam and Tad had to say. Plus, her delivery cracked me up. She makes the most out of every word that comes out of her mouth.

My daughter heard Opal say “he scares the beejeebies outta me” and keeps repeating it. Funny.

They could have stretched this trial out for a few days.

KWAK should just admit she’s a Ho.

Out fall the pills. Way to go Davey.

Jake: Don’t have to be a Beeyotch, OK. That would be funny if these guys weren't always so disrespectful to the girls on the show. Too bad Amamda can't say something like, Don't be such a dick Jake.

Norn Cutson said...

i know how you feel, Shadow...
i just call her "ANNIE's DR"...because so far, she hasnt done anything that REQUIRES a name!

Shadow said...


Does anyone like Amamda ever accidentally get pregnant anymore? I don’t see her forgetting her birth control or leaving it up to the guy. That would mean she’s sleeping with Jake, JR and David without protection. JR who had Hepatitis. Jake who effed who knows what in Darfur. David who has probably tried so many experimental drugs his swimmers have 3 extra tails and a claw. She may be loose, but I don’t see her being stupid about sex.

And Jake: I’m just saying maybe it was in the alley behind the bar or the back seat of a car… I wish she would slug his smug ass. They have turned him into an unlikeable pig. Why would Taylor fall for him again?

KWAKho scrambling on the floor with her pills is pathetic and uncomfortable. The Tad I know wouldn’t let her grovel like this. It’s awful.

Myrtle’s picture is looking over Josh’s shoulder as if to say, WTF?

Compared to how shitastic the rest of the new sets are, ConTusion isn’t looking so bad.

That judge is sort of scary looking.

I’d like to see someone try to steal $10 million from a casino and live to tell about it.

Angie looks pretty in white and she’s working the Weave. She’s stepping it up with Livia on the scene. And so good to see her doing something current that doesn’t involve Jessie’s past. She said, Damn David Hayward!

Jessie: PRIME RIB!! I can’t wait to hear Ashley’s version of that line.

I have always liked Livia. I wish they would give her more lines. I really wish they would bring back Tom and give them a SL.

Even though KWAK’s made some huge mistakes, they all are sort are shitting on her and it seems mean. Just like when they took Emma from Annie. I hate when the writers punish women when they are down and out by taking away their kids. Irrespective of David’s shenanigans, somebody should take Lil’ A away from JR. I’d love it if Adam would do it. It’s all partly his fault but consistent with his past.

Gun wielding maniac on the loose and security allows Erica to stay in her room.

Jake to Ange: Remember Maria Santos Grey? We do but do the writers?

KWAK: Babe’s soul was so beautiful. Please, she was a whoo-ah.

KWAK says the pills help her focus. What is she taking? Adderall? Her lawyer sucks.

Why did Jake and Angie need to break into David’s? The door is always open.

Opal looks like she’s going to fall asleep in the courtroom.

I don’t see why Livia and the other lawyer showed up. Tad and KWAK did all the talking.

Thank God Tad backed down a little. I don’t want him turning into Adam.

Adam: So Martin is the hero once again...You so much as breathe on my family, you’ll never see me coming.. It doesn’t seem like Adam is having trouble with his lines. He’s still sorta scary when he needs to be.

I think the whole point of this dumbass Josh SL is to make us feel some sympathy and love for Rinx and give Erica a chance for an Emmy.

I hope Amanda didn’t pee on her hand.

Jenny looks like KWAK. She’s really cute.

Opal says nothing but says everything with the expression on her face.

Interesting that Josh considers Kendall the decent one.

Anonymous said...

Hey brown penny,

Here is the link to the blind item there is somthing about OLTL as well

Anonymous said...

Hey brown penny,

Here is the link to the blind item it mentions something about OLTL as well.

P.S. Sorry for the typos trying to school work and not concentrating on this post LOL

Erica Kane said...

Does anyone like Amamda ever accidentally get pregnant anymore? I don’t see her forgetting her birth control or leaving it up to the guy. That would mean she’s sleeping with Jake, JR and David without protection. JR who had Hepatitis. Jake who effed who knows what in Darfur. David who has probably tried so many experimental drugs his swimmers have 3 extra tails and a claw. She may be loose, but I don’t see her being stupid about sex.

Shadow thanks so much for that I needed the laugh... I actually snorted on the part with the three tails and the claw.
Miss Kane/Christopher

Mel Got Served said...

I'm not trying to be rude- trust me, in real life, I love kids and I think having kids is fantastic- but in the soap world, a who's the daddy?/pregnancy storyline to me is lazy writing and having nothing else for a character. Giving Amanda a kid? Big mistake in my opinion. Not every person in Pine Valley has to have a kid all the time, even if the show is called All My Children.

Laura said...

Yeah, Big Love tonight, a show written for an audience that is smart and witty. I wonder if Charlie Banks from OLTL will be back as Sleazy Uncle Eddie this year.

Laura said...

Did anyone see Jessica Tuck, ex Megan OLTL on Big Love.

Shadow said...

MelMel--You took the words right out of my fingers.

Mel Got Served said...

Laura, that's who that was! For the life of me I knew I recognized her but couldn't remember who it was.

What a great episode of Big Love! And usually, I won't lie, Barb annoys me, but this episode, I loved her. The beginning of this storyline is very powerful already (I won't say too much so that I won't spoil), but glad to have my Hendrikson's back!

Shadow, glad we're on the same page :)

Anonymous said...

For the record, I'm not saying Robin Strasser is gross. I think she looks great! Her character just creeps me out when she gets all turned on and stuff. It's just my hang up, guys, chill out! LOL

On that note...just caught Friday's OLTL eppy and OMG! Those two are HILARIOUS together! I loved it when he broke the vase. I was trying not to laugh so hard at work!

I do love me some Dorian, just not giving someone head..... ;)

jordan hudson said...

Okay have yet to seee Big love but just caught season premiere of Damages and Paige Turco and Alexandra Didario from AMC were on it.

Yes a shame that 71 and two month old GL looks like it may be on its way out. It is breaking my heart. While I was ready to give it up earlier this year after the hideous makeover to make it look like a reality show. I hung in there and was rewarded as it got back to its roots with compelling storylines that allow the actors to act. An incredible storyline and performances that have me screaming KEEP THE LIGHT ON! Yet it does not seem that's going to happen. So I suggest AMC hire the unemployed actors.
Beth Chamberlain Liza Colby
John Driscoll Sean Motgomery
Marcy Rylan Colby Chandler
Robert Newman Ross Chandler
and thats just for starters

Anonymous said...

So I have to ask a completely legitimate and honest question right now....

How many of you guys think.....that Ashton Kutcher is going to pop out from behind a hospital curtain, Josh and Kendall are both going to wake up, and Erica's going to say to've just been punk'd?

I mean, with Pratt, who knows?

Laura said...

Did anybody else think of the redic storyline of the dangerous peanut butter during this peanut butter snack recall?

Podcast this week?

Happy Martin Luther King day to all.

tallytofu said...

Jordash, I hope we see a new podcast this week! I need my fix. :+)

So I tried to watch the show today after tuning out for about a month. Right now we're at the first commercial break, and I just can't do it.
Josh's dialogue upon getting shot was awful (I just...wanted... a second chance...blech); we have Colby whining about Little A liking David's Christmas present (like that has anything to do with a possibly custody case!) and then Adam smashing it with a fireplace poker (seriously?) and finally, Zach coldly telling the EMTs how to do their job and that "I need that heart". Would that even be Zach's decision to make?

Not to mention Jake & JR's scene together... first, why is Jake an ass all of the sudden, and why do he and JR have to hate each other? Second, when did Jacob Young become such a bad actor? Is he just over the whole thing and so he doesn't care anymore? He used to be a kick-ass JR Chandler... now he just sneers and snarls his way through scenes.

*Sigh* Oh well... only 40 minutes until One Life to Live!

Anonymous said...

Jordan I love Damages, it's almost as good as Mad Men. Each week I have no idea what I'm going to get.

As for OLTL I'm still loving it, my problem with Vanessa is she looks to much like InsAnnie. I'm not hating the story as much as others and i'm curious to see how it's going to play out.