Monday, January 19, 2009

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right

  • Josh Madden goes down, along with All My Children's ratings.
  • In a shocking turn of events, Frankie figures out that Randi was a hooker!
  • Reese and Boobianca patch things up with an air-kiss.
  • Krystal goes cuckoo for Tic-Tacs on the stand!
We had so much fun answering your questions this week! Feel free to keep them coming, and share anything else that's on those beautiful minds of yours, here.

1/16/09 Podcast


Anonymous said...

God, Erica just drives me up a wall.

Everyone (the powers that be..)kept saying on how heart wrenching of a performance that Susan Lucci gives during this time. And when Josh was lying there, saying how much he loved everyone, I believed it.

The scene where Erica is saying good-bye to Josh with Bianca in the room....oh I am going to go after you, Ms. Susan Lucci, because you are going into recent Rebecca Buddig and Denise Vasi territory.

In those scenes, Ms. Lucci was not only DBTE, but it was truly played to the wrong emotion. La Lucci, your son, the unabortion, the angry guy who supposedly embezzled millions and got outta town, was just shot in the head by your son-in-law and she just seems to be looking at Josh like this was an inconviencence. It's almost as if she's telling him: "Oops, I never got to know you and now you're dead. Sorry." That is effing ridiculous. She should be a sobbing headcase, hitting Zach, and doing whatever it takes to save both of her children, even if it is to no avail. I want tears. I want heartbreak. I want to believe that the mother-son bond was there, despite the lost years and forgone relationship.

And do you know what they call this, Ms. Susan Lucci? It's called phoning it in. I am not amused.

Shadow said...

The only thing I could offer is that maybe she just thinks the whole thing is as stupid as we do. They undid her groundbreaking storyline, caught shitloads of flack about it, and then after she tried to make it work destroyed his character anyway and cut her salary in half. She's probably glad to have the whole Madden saga behind her for good. Until, of course, a new head writer decides that writing Colin off was a mistake and decides to have his retarded twin show up in Pine Valley.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm only 27 minutes in right now, but I have to break my own rule and comment now.

Despite not posting every week, it appears I'm famous now. Under multiple names. :D I love you, Jordan.

No idea what the rest will be, but this is hilarious so far, especially when Pedro walked in.

I will post the rest of my thoughts when I finish listening.

Anonymous said...

Shadow, I am pining for Josh's retarded twin. You have no idea.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm the new running gag of the show. It won't last, so I'll enjoy while I can...hahaha. Seriously though, even at 89 minutes this week, it seemed more focused than usual. I noticed that my mind didn't wander like it sometimes does. Maybe there was just a lot to talk about on-topic? Makes sense - Josh is back!... for a few days. Gah. More on that later.

The show need not be only 45 minutes ever, especially when OLTL is fair game. I agree with Ashley, it's ok to talk about that one - it's on right after AMC and is a damn fine show. If any show other than AMC has a place on the podcast, it's that one.

As for fast-forward...I could do that, although I didn't need to this week. I use QuickTime Player for the podcast, and it has a special fast-forward feature where I can still let it play, but at double or triple the speed, so I can still roughly hear what's being said, just really fast. Then, slow it back down when "unimportant thing X" ends, or something. It's great, the rest of you should try it.

Ok, now on to the show. Josh Madden, we hardly knew ye. This guy was barely on the screen for five seconds, and I realized how much I missed having him on. I felt the same about David, but he's been hit-and-miss since then. (It's the writing! hehe.) As absurd as it was, he played through it great. It's a performance that will piss off every last viewer when he's gone.

Randi getting arrested was hilariously retarded. That was entrapment, plain and simple. At least Jesse was able to get her off. And speaking of Jesse, PRIME RIB!!! I couldn't help but crack up.

Will Annie kill Greenlee, taking RB off the show? These days, I can only hope. Greenlee and Ryanderthal are so nauseating, and RB has been phoning it in for months. Why do TPTB keep trying to put these two together? They were never good together, not even years ago. At this point, however, I don't see any way to make Annie normal again. This leaves Ryan alone. Maybe Annie should kill him, too.

Two timin' junkie. And this woman is not on contract? At least she's been on fairly often recently. Please, TPTB, run with this!

Now, on to OLTL. As riveting as Jessica's story is for everybody, picky little me still can't get over the fact that they swapped a premie and a full-term baby and nobody noticed. Whatever. I have hope that Ron C. will put the reveal of this at just the right time, and with Marty acting out and blowing off Cole, it must be pretty soon.

BTW, Ashley, I cracked up when you called Marty "that bitch!" Yikes. But it's true. This is the old Marty, which makes sense, but is sad to see. Will Cole's kid being alive do anything for her? I do know that real amnesia is not fixed by any one stimuli; the memory just sort of comes back randomly. Of course, that's not dramatic enough for TV.

Ok now, Matthew. I figure I have to say a little more here...I can put it this way. What I said last week was based upon my own experiences back in school, which apparently do not match the norm. Unless I was extremely out of the loop with my own friends, I didn't know of any good kids turning to drugs the way, and for the reasons, that Matthew did. So it didn't relate to me. I was not at a normal high school, which might have had something to do with it. That's why I said what I did last week. If I'm way off, than that's that, but that doesn't help me with the story.

Ok, that's enough. It was funny to keep hearing my nickname called out, but that ironically lengthened the show a minute or two, when it's all added up. :p Either way, the show stayed focused, regardless of length. Well done.

Erica Kane said...

Well I for one love it when the podcast runs long it is the most entertaining podcast I have ever listened to. I don't see why you would want the podcast to only be 45 minutes. Just my two cents on the issue.
Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

45 minutes was Jordan's number. I'm not suggesting it.

JennyP said...

I love it when the podcast is way overlong. I was hoping Ashley'd manage to sneak in "Sober House" but Jordan was just too vigilant. Josh's death scene actually made me teary eyed, and I wish Kendall would wake up and kick Zach to the curb for all but murdering her brother for his spare parts, although I'm sure it won't happen. (And a side note about Santa Barbara--my favorite couple was Eden and Robert Barr! Not Cruz.)I LOVE it when the podcast goes off topic.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess maybe we should all throw in our two cents on couples:

Since I only have watched seven soaps in my I go..

AMC: Leo/Greenlee
OLTL: Todd (RH) and Blair
GH: Sonny and Brenda
DAYS: Marlena and John
Y&R: Michael and Lauren
PC: Livvie and Caleb
The OC: Seth and Summer

Anonymous said...

and in honor of the Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights Aids event and also because I love me some MCE, here are a couple of vids to catch your attention.

The Lady Marmalade vid is sexy. Not gunna lie. The fusion women in those tight little....oooooo I'll let the vid do the talking.

The next one is a short behind the scenes vid with MCE. It's pretty odd how the character and the actress is so different, but I love it.

The last one, is just for any haters of the suckstet. This is for you guys... BURN AIDAN! BURN!

Shadow said...

Another Feel Good Monday on AMC…

“Keep him alive. I need his heart!!” WTF? How twisted is this!

What is with Adam’s goofy Grandpa act? Is that Adam or Stuart pretending to be Adam? The Adam I know doesn’t flail his arms or play goochie goochie goo.

Lil’ A’s really gonna be pissed about that fire poker stuck in his steering wheel.

Jake, David, JR and Amanda. Next week on Montel Williams, Montel helps Amanda Dillon answer the question, “Who’s my Baby Daddy”?

With Amamda in the motherly way, now more than ever would be a great time for her to seek guidance from the mother of all mothers, Janet from Another Planet!! Or maybe she could just phone Tim for some brotherly reassurance.

10 minutes into the show and nobody has said anything nice to anyone else. Lots of insults. Josh got shot in front of his mother and Zach’s yelling “Keep him alive. I need his heart!” How effed up is Kendall going to be when she finds out she’s alive with her dead brother’s heart and she’s the stepmother to her niece? Or her niece’s uncle is her own husband?

Remember how nonchalant KWAK was about Babe’s death? Erica studied KWAK’s performance carefully, and then managed to do less.

You know my biggest beef lately is that this is all so extremely unpleasant. I mean, Adam burned a kid’s Christmas present.

JR said, Don’t worry Dad, I won’t be seduced by David Hayward. I mean we may get together and Tickle the Pickles if you know what I mean, but I will not be seduced!

Adam needs a haircut.

Josh is on life support.

ANGIE, speaking glumly says, “The wound was too severe for us to be able to help him. There’s no brain activity. The machines are the only thing keeping him alive. Sorry Erica.

“Sorry Erica? Boy that’s deep. Wonder how many times they had to rewrite that? Why not just, “Oh yeah, he’s a goner. Man that sucks for you. Sorry we couldn’t be more help with that whole dead brain thing.”

To which Looch replied, ”What do we (sniff) do now? What do we do now? Well, if someone told me one of my kids was brain dead I would go into cardiac arrest. I’d throw up on them. I would have fluids shooting out of my nose! We know Erica is upset because she **sniffed**.

I wonder, if Kendall gets Josh’s heart, will she start craving beer? Start reading the Sports section in the bathroom? Constantly feel the need adjust her imaginary sack?

Jake’s friend Gordon looks like a sex offender.

I don’t suppose we’ll have a funeral for Josh or have Jeff or Jamie come back for a Very Special Episode.

Angie, "Jake I know, David is nasty, but he’s a damn good cardiothoracic surgeon."

Can you imagine Erica’s photo albums? "Here’s my oldest daughter Kendall in her first coma. Isn’t that spiddle cute? Oh and here she is in her second coma. I had that feeding tube flown in from Italy. Nothing but the best for a Kane woman! Now this is my son Josh. Exactly, yes! The one I aborted! Isn’t that wild? Well this was his first coma. I really think the head wound makes him look so distinguished…"

Anonymous said...

"...a new head writer decides that writing Colin off was a mistake and decides to have his retarded twin show up in Pine Valley...."

Shadow, if it meant Collin Egglesfield would return, I votr for the 'twin' idea.


Anonymous said...

And--(I wish this blog had an edit feature) Shadow. How horrendous was it that Adam distroyed Little A's car?

While I realize, over the years, soaps have become cliche for characters breaking bar glasses--But to beat a child's toy and pit it in the fireplace???? Not good. Not good at all. What is Little A supposed to learn from that???


Anonymous said...

..."my nose! We know Erica is upset because she **sniffed**."

If Eek managed a sniffle it's because that's the only thing left on her face that hasn't been botoxed.

Haven't seen Monday but reading here that Adam burned that friggin' toy car? And here is the problem with AMC, ugly behavior by ugly small-minded people. No on in PV would ever make it past the first week on "True Beauty". No one to cheer for on this show.

I know there are a lot of Kendall fans here but I am not one of them. If she wakes up and it's more of the same bitching and whining and obsessing about Ryan Ryan Ryan, I'll just scream!

Anonymous said...

"Haven't seen Monday but reading here that Adam burned that friggin' toy car?"

Hi, Brown Penny!

Yep! We see Adam, at first take a fireplace poker to the car (supposedly) braking it apart.Then next, we see most of the parts burning...All because, David had gotten Little A the car.

When asked about this by JR, Adam basically said, "We'll get Little A a better one, in the morning."--Bah!


Norn Cutson said...

i think *SOME* PEOPLE are makin a lot of *DEMANDS* from a *FREE* podcast.

Kaylea said...

I enjoy your podcast no matter how long it is. Like that you talk about everything. Since I also watch OLTL I like the extra time spent talking about OLTL.

Thanks for an entertaining show.


SOAPFAN said...

Hey guys,
Y'all really took me back with your greatest soap couples.

Jordan...what about Tricia and Trucker on Loving? They were my favorite couple.

Interestingly enough, I think the show started on the down spiral when Babe and Krystal came on the scene. Babe's baby stealing storyline was the beginning IMO

Anonymous said...

Jordan did you hear?

Anna Stuart is returning as Mary Smythe. Maybe she can bring some life back to Rebbecca.

Laura said...

Another great podcast. At first itunes only downloaded 37 minutes. I was devastated. Then I reloaded the whole wonderful thing. Thanks for playing my little song. I don't sing, so I didn't realize that was such a hard song to sing.

The car in the fireplace was stupid. I kept thinking about the smell and smoke from the plastic in that thing. Haven't they heard of enviromental hazards! Little A should go live with David so he can breathe clean air.

I like Mary Smythe or at least the actress. Who knows how she will be written.

Did you do your favorite OLTL couple? I have many, Larry and Karen come to mind, Larry and Meredith as well. Jake and Megan, Carla Grey and Ed Hall for the old timers.

Who is watching the inauguration? Thank you Barack Obama for saving me from the horror that is the murder of Josh today.

jordan hudson said...

WMD I love you. Everything was in jest. Ashley actually agress with you and is always trying to keep the podcast from running over an hour. I on the other hand say
"whatever". Yet we both do like to talk about other things and now that she is watching OLTL..... I have yet to see onday's AMC guys....I'm trying to prepare myself. Plus I was trying to catch up on some of my nighttime shows (God I watch way too much TV)

Laura I loved me some Larry and Karen and Ed and Carla those were the days . I remeber the O'neils. rafe, Samantha, Delilah..... sigh

Anonymous...I knew that the character was mentioned in a future script. Yet knowing AMC habit of skipping important scenes...I didnt know if she was actually going to be on heir let alone played by the incredible Anna Stuart. Such a shame because. Lucci has not hada rival this good since Julia Barr. Anna's Mary VS Erica was the only time I like Jack and Erica.

Ty yes I did love Trisha and Trucker...hate what they did to them at the end. Loving really destroyed itself with the Loving Murders what a horrible way for a show to go out. Steve and Trisha was such a beautiful storyline because of the innoncence of there love.

SOAPFAN said...

^Jordan, I can only hope and pray that they bring back Anna Stuart. The actress shouldn't be doing anything right now. Also, I am hearing that Reese's mom is being cast as well. Let's see how this turns out. I can’t wait until Greenlee is dead personally. They should have kept Sabine.

I am loving OLTL right now. I have always been OBSESSED/focused with multiple personality storylines and "twin" storylines ever since I was a little boy watching Bewitched with Samantha/Serena. Also I am a comic fan too and there is a character named Rogue who had MPD that I fell in love with. I always felt more for the other personality, and not the main personality.

The same is true here. I FLOVE Jessica/Tess/Bess, but kind of wish Tess could just stick around for for a year or two. That would be interesting instead of having her completely vanish. Bree gave a great performance. I don't like how Vicky said that Tess wasn't "A real person" when before she was saying "Tess you are my daughter too". But that is a nit pic. OLTL is so amazing right now.

Not digging Vanessa. The actress is weird, she looks like something from a Pedro Almodovar film, She is a decent actress, but let's hope the story gets more interesting. I can't wait until the VEGA boys are gone for good. I think they have outlived their usefulness. How did you guys Like Antonio/Kamar's hair plugs/toupee?

Ashley, I agree with you, McKenzie Westmore (Dr. "StinkClair") is not a great actress. Passions always had mediocre California actors with bad plastic surgery (IMO). They did get a few great talents like Juliet Mills, Amelia Marahall(Ex-Belinda Keefer), and freaking Andrea Evans, but for the most part, their actors were just pretty faces with mediocre skills. I even hear one of the actors Kelli McCarty(Crazy Beth) is doing porno now. I will rent it and let you know how it is ;-D just kidding!

Guys, I am telling you Bobbie Eakes uses a lot of botox...that is why she looks like she's phoning it in. Watch her eyes and brow...THEY DON'T MOVE! Botox is heaven and makes actresses look smooth, but it robs them of their ability to emote!

Jordan. Frankie was played by Alimi Ballard. He was a great Frankie too. The only one I didn't like was this lifeless model they hired during the whole Mia storyline, but most of the Frankies have been good.

Melissa said...

Wow! Interesting comments, everyone. I've been away from the blog for a little while...

Did y'all notice our Livia on '24'? She has a teeny part (so far), but hopefully, she'll get more lines.

I'm excited that Mary Smythe is coming back. She's deliciously evil.

As for Josh, what was the point? Just to give Second Coma Kendall a heart? I can't believe how bad the writing is.

Krystal - I actually enjoyed the courtroom scenes. They had the old-soap flavor. She did a nice job, imo.

Does anyone know if burning plastic in an enclosed space causes toxic fumes? Sure seems like it would.

Anonymous said...

Ashley and Jordan,

Wow, thanks so much for airing my feelings about the not-so-nice side of Tad. I understand that the Martins are supposed to be one of the moral centers of the show, so I put up with writing inconsistencies in the Martin characters... for the most part. As you know, this whole thing with Tad rushing off to Congo, never even calling!, while Krystal falls apart, meanwhile being blessed as a saint by everyone in town, has had me nuts!

Jordan, I agree with you that it was weird to hear Adam speak so cavalierly about Krystal. I actually thought David Canary was emoting care and concern, even though what was coming out of his mouth was bunk.

Man, I love Adam. This Krsyal storyline would've made much more sense if it'd been Adam she was rushing off to see. It would make sense that she'd want to be in the home where Babe spent so many years, near Babe's son. Then we could've had a classic Chandler-Martin tango, not this stuff with Davis whom, as y'all point out, Krystal doesn't even know!

Jordan, I know you watch Damages, right? Have you noticed how hansdsome MVP is looking on that show? Ashley, don't you still wish he could be with Erica? I do!

Love you both!

Becky :)

Laura said...

Ironically Colin Egglesfield just became my friend on facebook today! A great facebook site is Catherine Hickland, sent me a nice personal note and said she went out to lunch with Hillary B.
Smith yesterday.

I want to promote our friend n69's products he has for sale, nice cards, mugs and t-shirts.

Anonymous said...

I appriciate you guys answering my question about Port Charles. It wasn't exactly about the story itself. It was more about the talented actors and actresses involved. Thorsten Kaye, Lynn Herring, Jon Lindstrom, Michael Easton, Kelly Monaco, Brian Gaskill, Erin Hershey Presley, and Kin Shrier. That is a kickass cast list, and even if it was stupidly written, it was fun to watch to a certain extent.

Oh and by the way, just FYI for everyone....

The last head writers for PC were in fact, James and Barbara. Yes, our James and Barbara. LOL

Is this question thing going to stay because I really love it. I got one for you guys...

Where would you guys like to see Colin Egglesfield land? Personally, I would like to see him come on as the character of CJ, Cord and Tina's son, on OLTL. The character has never been casted as an adult, and there is so much potential.

Anonymous said...

Colin Egglesfield as CJ Roberts...I didn't even finish the sentence, and my mind was shouting, WANT! WANT! Not that I know much about CJ, but he's Colin, and it's OLTL. haha

Luckily, ABC did not schedule their daytime shows today at all, so we won't miss anything. But I hate shortened weeks! It throws things off, since the scripts are written with week blocks in mind. Nonetheless, to our new President! \o

Anonymous said...

I know that me and Jordan talked about it on a previous blog, but I wanna know what Ashley thinks of it too. I think that it would a great opportunity and he would start off attached to the canvas and with so much potential. Hell, he was in the air force so maybe he ran into Brody and Wes.. who knows? maybe this could lead to a return of Paul Cramer, since they were friends in the Air Force according to what Paul said when he first came into Llanview. (I'VE BEEN PRAYING FOR THE RETURN OF PAUL FOR YEARS!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Indeed, to our new pres! How sweet it is!
Ashley and Jordan, could you please make the podcast even longer!I don't care who or what show you talk about, you are both so interesting and hilarious! Being in MN, we don't run in to celebs (soap or otherwise) very often, so I have to tell you about the one time I ran into Erika Slezak, at a garden center on Long Island, sometime right before Christmas in 1985! I was a nanny at the time. It was during the time of one of the first appearances of Nicky Smith! She said hi to me, probably because I was staring at her, trying to place the familiar face. I almost peed myself! What I wouldn't have given to run in to Susan Lucci!
At the time I only watched OLTL to kill time while the kid was napping. It has never been hotter than right now. My heart breaks for what AMC has turned in to. I don't know if anyone has told you this lately, but thanks for watching, so we don't have to. Truly appreciated.

Anonymous said...


OMG Ashley! You crack me up!

You guys gotta understand, I'm new to OLTL, but no matter how sexy or pretty an older person is (and yeah, homegirl looks great!), the idea of old people doing stuff like that grosses me out! Same for like Erica and Jack doing it. It would be like me thinking about my grandparents having sex! I'm just saying!

Ok, that scene was funny as HELL! Both great actors given great stuff. I'm just sayin'!

I'll put myself out there, I don't even like thinking about me having sex because I'm fat. I don't wanna see fat people fooling around. I'm not judging. I just have my preferences. The scene was funny...I'm ready to move on! Gimme more David!!


jordan hudson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jordan hudson said...

RE: AMC MONDAY'S EPISODE finally saw it and all I can say is
I'M NOT AMUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a piece of manure. Horrible writing and even worse was the acting. I'm this close to washing my hands with this show. Anyone who was moved by this episode needs their head examined. I will be the first one to admit that I'm not a Zach fan, but now I truly despise the character and want him off the show. Why did Zach have to shoot him. He is not a cop. Why wasn't it Jesse . Now Zach has become a vigilante. Jesse doesnt arrest him. Erica feels no anger at Zach. He shot Josh purposley for the heart. My god what has this show become....I can't even talk about it I'm so mad Stupid stupid Stupid

Anonymous said...

Amen to that Jordan.

Zach definitely needs to be cleaned up. Pratt has made this character so unrecognizably dark that I can no longer take him seriously as a viable love interest to Kendall, Reese, or any other female, gay or straight that he may or may not attract (I enjoyed Tamara more when she had a bullet to the head giving birth [Can I get a wink, GH fans?])

This show really is getting on my last nerve...

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say THE LONGER THE PODCAST THE BETTER and I love it when you guys talk about other things

Arizonagal said...

Oh Jordan, I so agree with you. TIIC have taken Zach, a character I grew to like, and totally effed him up and I hate it and now I don't give a rats ass about him. He's become evil and warped and once again TPTB give us this sh*t and call it "drama", which it isn't, it's just B.S. I can't stand anymore of this.

How inhuman to treat Josh like some piece of meat that he can have hacked up. And does Zach ever have pangs of guilt, regret? Nah, it's all about him and his friggin' thermometer of a wife. Evil!

I knew this Josh storyline was going to piss me off. I thought I could take it, but I can't.

DMV I hear you on the high school thing, I went to a friggin' parochial school - for awhile - and was harassed mercilessly by a fat old penguin, until my parents pulled me out of that house of horrors.

Anyone watch the inauguration? Awesome!

Erica Kane said...

Discodan I agree with you about Colin on OLTL as CJ. That is a great idea!!! I liked the actors on Port Charles, but the stories were iffy. I do miss Erin hershey Presley and her cute husband. I wouldn't mind seeing them come on AMC as Kelsey and Bobby or heck anyone at least we know they can act. I cannot believe Susan texted in those scenes with Josh's death. She didn't even try. What a waste of time and energy. I love the podcast whatever length it is. Jordan have you watrched the dvds yet that I sent..I was wondering if you teared up. All I have ot do is put in the 20th anniversary dvd, and I tear up just seeing Ruth and Phoebe on the couch together. As for my favorite soap couples...
AMC Tad and Dixie / Jennny and Greg
ATWT Luke and Noah / Jack and Carly
OLTL Jake and Megan
AW Dean and Jenna/ Rachel and Mac
Loving Trisha & Trucker/Ava & Alex
Y&R Nick & Phyllis
EON Raven and Sky
Ryan's Hope Siobhan and Joe
I can't think of any others right now, but if I think of more I will post more later.

Miss Kane

Erica Kane said...

Oh I forgot the Inauguration was awesome!!! What a day!! I wish I had not had to work I would have went down. I did think of a question for you guys.
What moment will you never forget from AMC's past??
Mine was Jenny's death on the jet ski. I have never to this day gotten on one, and if I am ever asked if I want to ride on one I always just say I had a friend who died on one and I refuse to ever ride one.
Well anyway
Love, Miss Kane

Laura said...

During yesterday's episode I really noticed how much work Susan Lucci has had done on her face. I think it prevents her from showing some emotion. Too much botox and other stuff. But she still could have acted it out a little bit better.

Anonymous said...

Erin Hershey Pressley hasnt been on a soap since and she is wonderful. I always thought that if GH wasnt going to get Alicia Leigh Willis back as Courtney, I thought that Pressley would be a fine addition. Heck, I'd love to see her on AMC as a blonde Mia. They could pair him with Frankie since they were together before, and had a child. It could be hott.

Anonymous said...

Your podcast is awesome! All my children has gone down hill for so long. I am glad tad threw Crystal out of the house. The only "highlight" of the 12th!

"We watch so you don't have too!"


Anonymous said...

Jordash, Pedro's cameo on your podcast was a hoot! Pedro I hope your frost bitten little tootsies get better soon.

Speaking of running into celebs, when I was a wee kid, I saw Jimmy Durante at a See's candy store in Hollywood. Now that outta tell you how damned old I am. Jimmy who?

And further proof of my age, and I think I said this before, regarding Beth Ehlers, when she articulates, she's a dead ringer for Al Lewis, at least from the nose down. She's a beautiful woman, but her mouth and enunciation have always driven me nuts.

Amanda, sex for women gets better after 40 so I can understand Dorian and her use of sex to coerce our cute and funny Vickeroshi. That was about the funniest sex scene I have ever seen anywhere, daytime, primetime, wherever.

Maybe Looch is texting it in these days, since she and the other major players on daytime have had to take pay cuts. If I lost a child, no matter how long I'd known them, it would be devastating to me.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Monday's episode

• Drunk JR: dumb.

• poor AMANDA....she's gotta re-read the instructions to see what the plus sign means!

• look @ Minshew acting like she's being shocked.

• poor ol' JOSH.

• serious LI'L A....guilty of driving after bedtime.

tsk, ADAM broke LI'L A's favorite toy.

• maybe its just coz i've got a cold again, but this show is dumb & seems to be goin nowhere.

• you know two days after her transplant KENDALL is gonna be stompin around sticking her self-righteous nose where it doesnt belong.

• that nurse was checkin' out JAKE's ass.

• Looch isnt gonna squeeze out one little bitty tear.

i dont think *anyone's* heart is in this show anymore.

• ADAM burned LI'L A's know thats filling the house with all kinds of toxic fumes.

• how could ERICA have faith in ANGIE, she said the exact same thing about REBECCA's life support & look what happened!

• ERICA keeps sniffing, to make us *think* she's crying.

• REESE: "You saved my life!"

OH PLEASE, no way was JOSH gonna hurt her!!!
she was just his shield to get to the car!


• i am hurtin for Chrishell to have to speak these stoopit words.

• BIANCA can work up the tears, why not Looch?

i guess thats why they had her in the background, to cry the tears that Looch can't.

they didnt even splash some glycerin on her face.

• i hate this JESSE.

notes on Monday's episode

• i love that li'l HOPE/CHLOE.


• i dont like STARR lying like this, even if its to protect COLE.

• oh BLAIR sees MARTY kissin on MCBAIN!!!

• BESS is screwin up JESS's mind even more!

• i really like that we get the whole flashback of BRODY, WES & THE BOY.

• BLAIR's ***PISSED***!!!

• oh man, i really thought the HOPE/CHLOE story was gonna be resolved this week!!!

• BLAIR's gonna haul off & smack MARTY.
this is intense.

• i wanna hug that li'l HOPE/CHLOE!

• i'm scared of what BRODY's gonan do now.

• STARR & COLE sure do have a long break between classes.

• now *I* wanna smack MARTY!!!

• oh my heart goes out to BRODY & THE BOY!!!

• HA! VIKI knows that secret is bogus!!!

Anonymous said...

So, I've been reading some spoiler sites and Superposter, and have two questions:

1. Superposter wrote that AMC is going to put a major character on recurring status as their twin because they can't remember their lines, and he speculated its Adam. Really? Most days he and Annie are the only characters worth watching.

Does anyone have any more insight into this?

2. On, one of the Spoilers said that "With AMC in such a precarious position, they are thinking of doing the
unthinkable. They figure this fan favorite could help pull them out
and lure back old time fans. They have a wild story in the works if this goes through (and it will lead to a major reunion which will have fans cheering in the stands)."

Does this mean that they are bringing Dixie back from the dead again?

Laura said...

Mark, another Nelson Branco thing said David Canary is working out so much he should be on Men's Journal or something like that.
I posted here earlier I wonder if his pay cut didn't cause the memory loss. TIIC may be using this as a way to get rid of his salary, and make it look like they are caring by still letting him work.

Wait maybe he inhaled the fumes from Little A's car.

Even with full on Alzheimer's any actor can beat Coldby, Rancid, and Aidumb.

Today was the best ABC daytime programming since Brian Frons has come on board. He had nothing to do with it! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley & Jordan,

The podcast was amazing this week! You guys were on fire and I loved how you interspersed the questions with the recap and commentary.

I watched the show starting in the days of Greg & Jenny and Jessie and Angie then stopped back in the 1990's. I started watching AMC again only after I stumbled across the Pine Valley Pocast and fell in love with you guys. I'm not watching AMC right now because I just can't stomach what's being done to the show but based on your recaps I'm starting to itch for OLTL. Sounds like some really good stuff is happening over there in Llanview.

You guys are really terrific and I so appreciate all the effort you put into creating the podcast. You're stars in my eyes.

P.S. How long until a soap mentions Obama? I would tune in again to see Amanda doing an "obama Girl" routine.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

AS of Monday, I officially hate Zack Slater.

'nuff said.

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Here, my friends, is some stunning dialogue from Monday's ep, courtesy of Chip Hayes...

ADAM--David Hayward is playing a sick game!

JR--You don't have to worry about me and Hayward...

ADAM--David Hayward is playing a STUPID sick game!


And my daughter comes in and starts doing her Coldby Fivehead impression and I decide she should audition for the part because anyone would be a damn sight better than Brianna MonGRIEF (I love how Jordan says it, going up into a high-pitched squeak on the GRIEF)

crs 17

And, oh yeah, my question for you offense, but do you two work? Not that you HAVE to, but I just never hear you all talk about going to work. Just curious...

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, and who the hell is DMVWMDABCEASYASONETWOTHREE? ANd why are they making demands on the podcast. I love my PVP, whether it's ten minutes or one hundred and ten. (Although I prefer the hundred and ten). I don't watch OLTL, although I've been intrigued, but I cannot afford to add any more television to my plate at the moment, but I'll be damned if I don't sit through the entire podcast listening to OLTL commentary because JordAsh is so entertaining. I love when they comment on Sober House, Britney Spears, Pedro's fashion choices (love the cameo!), or any other topic they deem entertaining. I am VERY AMUSED at all they have to offer. ANd although I enjoy getting my weekly podcast, I even don't blame them if they would go to an every-other-week, because they do this for FREE and they watch so we don't have to (although I still do)

AND, IMHO, someone pulled the plug in the tub around the time Hayley had a poisoned tattoo. Shortly afterward, it started draining. I thought the drain was clogged for a minute when Ms. Agnes Nixon returned and outed our Bianca, but then the water started draining again with Proteus. Right around Satin Slayer and all the other darkness, though, was when the water started circling the drain. I've been watching this show almost twenty years now.

crs 17

Shadow said...

I used to hate Mondays. They are always so ridiculously hectic. By the end of the week the fires are all put out and all is well, but I have always dreaded Mondays. Maybe I'm too Type A for my own good. But a funny thing happened when I found PVP. I sort of started looking forward to Mondays. Suddenly my horrendously long commute was filled with laughter-like driving to work with two of your funniest friends. Now I look forward to downloading the new podcast, checking to see how long it is and rushing to the car to give it a listen. I've moved much closer to work, so now I'm taking the long way, getting a coke, whatever to get a few more minutes of time to listen. From the second I hear Ash say "this week on AMC" I'm smiling. I don't care what u talk about or how long you talk. If the two of you are having fun, so am I. I appreciate the chance to listen in. And I just about laughed myself off the road with the titty talk and Jordan's "lickey Lickey" remark. You guys are real and real funny. Thanks for doing what you do and sharing with us. If anyone thinks it's too long, I'll listen so you don't have to.

BTW, AZGal, You crack me up. Fat old penguins . Ha!

Arizonagal said...

Back to the Pine Valley statutes:

S1.007.5 Any woman in Pine Valley who is pregnant must faint at least once, before anyone knows said woman is pregnant.

May I add:

S1.007.6 Any woman who purchases a home pregnancy test kit will act suspiciously, become a terrible liar, and fail to adequately conceal the kit.

If used, the kit will be discarded in a trash can where it will be obvious to everyone, and yet, mysteriously, after many false scares, will not be discovered.

Women purchasing EPTs are always trying to hide the fact they are pregnant because they are not sure of the paternity of the baby.

Now I know the above is all baloney because when I was pregnant I could still lie with the best of them.

CRS17 said "Oh, yeah, and who the hell is DMVWMDABCEASYASONETWOTHREE? Did I miss something here? I can't translate that. Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Would doctors really perform a heart transplant on a person in a coma? That seems rather bizarre.

jordan hudson said...

Becky all caught up on damages and yes agree with you. See what happens when you work on a show with a budget you look ten to fifteen years younger. MVP looks so different on Damages. I think AMC did not do his makeup right. he look more natural on damages and it gives him a very youthful appearance. Then the harsh look he had on AMC.

If your not watching Damages guys your missing out.

Also saw Toni Collete on SHO United States of Tara. Started out weird but have to say by the end of the epsiode I was hooked.

Mel Got Served said...

Thanks for answering my question Ashley and Jordan! :)

Anyone here watching the last Days of John and Marlena? I'm DVRing them and having a sobfest this weekend. Every time I see the promo on TV I get vaklempt.

Luis Merino said...

SORAS? Does anyone have a serious SERIOUS problem with this?

Anonymous said...

Arizonagal, crs17 was talking about me.

> Oh, yeah, and who the hell is DMVWMDABCEASYASONETWOTHREE?

Not bad. Quite amusing that I never came up with funny ways to express the nickname myself.

> ANd why are they making demands on the podcast.

I've never demanded anything. I made a comment, just like any of us do, and Jordan ran with it. He seemed to be having fun.

> I love when they comment on Sober House, Britney Spears, Pedro's fashion choices (love the cameo!), or any other topic they deem entertaining. I am VERY AMUSED at all they have to offer.

That's all fine. In fact, I laugh at a lot of it myself. I don't feel like repeating myself, so read my previous posts (this and last week) if you want to know what I said.

n69n> i think *SOME* PEOPLE are makin a lot of *DEMANDS* from a *FREE* podcast.

Nothing demanded, and Ashley and Jordan didn't have to listen to me, or any of us, ever. But they did. Make of that what you will.

Luis Merino said...


SOAPFAN said...

I know the show is strapped for cash right now, but I think the producers are missed a GOLDEN opportunity with the Annie/Oakhaven storyline. They should have tried to get Kate Collins back for a few episodes. She and Annie could have become friends or partners, and I think she could probably have helped Annie to escape, or in general helped her out.

It would be good especially now that Amanda is pregnant...she needs somebody right now, and not drunk, sloppy, man-titty having Jr.

And on the same note, how come Amanda cannot have any family? Since we know they are phasing out vets and trying to bring in newbies for cheper, why can't they just recast Tim Dillon? This would give Amanda some Family in PV. Hell, I would even settle for Harold the dog. I'm sure that once the $400,000 woman (Rebecca Budig) leaves, there will be some cash to spare. DAMN THIS FREAKING CAPTCHA ON THIS SITE!!!

Anonymous said...

Bianca: "It's not just about Kendall. It's about mom. She'll be grieving."

Ryan: "Erica will be fine."

Ryan Lavery, you are officially about to ripped a new one. How dare you insult a family, and how dare you, Bianca Montegomery. You just lost your brother and yes, he held your fiance at gun point, but he's still your flesh and blood and you got to see the good in him, even if it was for a short time. Ryan, you should be ashamed of yourself. Never ever mess with a grieving family. I know you have your own agenda, keeping Greenlee from falling into her fears and nightmares, but CMON!!!

Erica and Jack are pissing me off. He's making it all about their relationship. Shut up! Quackson Montegomery needs to go die. I don't care how. I don't care why. I don't care that Walt Wiley is such a nice guy. Jack can suck it!

Greenlee needs to remember that she slept with Josh before I kill a kitten. She seems a bit too giddy too. I realize her best friend just got a new heart, but a man just died and she's not being sensative enough. In fact, that seems to be a habit around PV.

JR throwing something off of the pier and falling in has got to be one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. And this drunk guy storyline is getting really tired and unrealistic. Is Chuck Pratt trying to get Jacob Young fired? I don't trust the guy.

Zach should go die. He is way too happy. He just murdered a man in cold blood. There's no reflection. There's no sign of remorse. There's no flashbacks to the good in Josh. There's nothing. It's plot point to plot point, following the story as if nothing ever happened. And if I see that damn moon one more time, I'm going to drive to NY and kick Chuck Pratt's ass myself.

I'm so p/o at this show that I'm shaking.

SOAPFAN said...


Anonymous said...

Jordash, love the podcst this week and thanks for answering my question, living in Iowa, u dont run into lots of celebrities, all we have is Ashton Kutcher. Any other hot soapstars u have seen and question do they usually look hotter in person, and do u see lots of the younger stars, like i think Jordan said he once saw Colin Egglesfield in Chelsea. My question and demand, jk WMD, is that you make the podcast longer or as is and talk more about OLTL, i love when u guys go off topic and talk about other shows, especially Ashley's reality shows and loved when Ashley talked about American Idol last year, and when Jordan talks about his dramas and his other soaps, and if Jordan could talk about ATWT and GL, how sad it might be cancelled, my Grandma learned English from that show and never missed a day until she passed away in 98, and she would always have me take a nap at 2 pm so she could watch her show, i always remember that evil Roger. If not too personal would love to know what u 2 do for a living, and if u like your jobs, throw in our beloved Pedro and Taylor too. I am also disgusted with what they have done to Josh, and daytimeconfidential doesnt know what they are talking about, saying they are glad he is dying, they dont have the history and have not been watching as long as you too.

Anonymous said...

All I've got to say is that they better have some sort of memorial or service for Josh, or I am done.

Anonymous said...

And what the hell was everyone in Pine Valley thinking? They did more consoling for Ryan because this is similar to what he went through with Gillian than grieving for Josh. I hate this town. I don't get my Brot and Taylor. I don't get my Petey, or my Frankie. They're ruining my Hubbards, and they're turning David into Mitch Lawrence's wannabe brother, Miles, and they've already turned the character of Zach into Ed Deline from Las Vegas, killing people, getting away with it and having no remorse for anyone ever. Let me tell you this. Thorsten Kaye is a great actor, but he aint no James Caan.

I hate complaining, but someone has got to say something...

Anonymous said...


And Jordan I hope that Kendall is pissed at Zach for shooting Josh!
BTW Do you watch Big Love on HBO?

Ashley I always thought the actor who played Petey was gay!

Laura said...

For Jordan and other Big Love and Friday Night Lights Fans, Daytime Confidential has info on these shows.

Arizonagal said...

Ha, I've been looking for Sober House since Ashley mentioned it! And that other one about the has beens that Jordan mentioned. I love it when you guys go off on a tangent and talk about the other shows you watch. I'm a total tube junkie.

Just caught Monday's episode on YouTube and damn ya'll are so right. Looch really could not muster up a tear for our poor Josh. Colin really gave us so much more than anyone else in those scenes. Someone chop up a vidalia for Eek, quick.

Trivia question coming. Back when Gillian was shot, didn't her heart go to someone? If so, who?

Ty, I agree, Kate Collins at the shrink farm would have been great. I miss my Janet.

Discodan, rant away, you are just saying what we are all thinking.

Erica Kane, you just made me miss Phoebe and Ruth. TPTB don't miss this opportunity to put Opal into that matriarch role, God knows Eek ain't going there.

My favorite soap couple? Ashley and Jordan, aka JordAsh!

And Shadow, get yourself on the next bus and do a podcast with Ashley and Jordan. I'd love to hear that.

Anonymous said...

Poor Jeff.

Laura said...

WMD, we are kind on this board. You took some good natured ribbing. Anyone here can express their opinion. One thing I like about this board is people don't jump all over each other. Please let's keep it that way. Except when I give Discodan a heard time about being a Sox Fan.

Discodan, you've got a Sox fan in the White House now. Did you see the Sox mascot on the Illinois Float in the Parade? I like the Sox too, but the Cubs just a little bit more.

Alejandro, you're right you don't run into too many celebs in Iowa. And who cares about Tom Arnold?

I did meet Jessica Lange once in Des Moines, she was there to discuss filming a movie. The one she met Sam Shephard in. Many years ago. In Chicago you run into people.

Bernie Mac used to live by me and a lot of people would see him at the movies. Couldn't miss him in those Crayola colored clothes. I miss him. They also film a lot of movies here.

I am watching it on Soap Net now, I saw Zach's smug face and I may throw something at the screen.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Arizonagal. I guess its the teen angst or the hormones, or maybe common sense talking. I dont know

All I know is that this is how I will always remember the Kane family. By this picture, and this picture alone, and I encourage you all to remember the same.


Anonymous said...

LOL I found this...


Anonymous said...

You are All My Children.

Anonymous said...

Well Laura, I gotta tell ya... I'm not an Obama fan, so having a Sox fan in the Oval Office isn't my ideal situation. I'm pretty conservative in most categories as far as politics go and am not a fan of some of Obama's ideals, although I hope for the sake of our country, that he succeeds. I do think that it's a big deal that we have a black president and I respect the accomplishment, but I'm just not a fan of the guy. Kind of a sore subject for me, I suppose....

I post way too much... LOL Does anyone actually read my crap? Ha

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Wednesday's episode

• look, all this death get CRYAN turned on. He tries to get GREENLEE involved in some lip-smacking, but shes not into it.

• "oh no, what will DAVID say after the opening?!?"

gimme a break.
i bet we'll be beggin for her next coma within two months.

• more photos of case you forgot about her.

look @ that dipsh*t drunk.

...& there's Serious LI'L A!

this is disgusting.

JR doesnt *deserve* custody.

• ANGIE: "These aren't hearts and flowers!"

• does ERICA remember that ZACH is the one who shot JOSH?

• hey ho, JOE.
whaddaya know?

• ERICA has not shed one single itty bitty tear.
are her tear ducts sewn shut???
if Susan Lucci doesnt even care, why should we???

• LI'L A: "You stink!"


• AMANDA: "There is no way in hell I'm ready to be a mom."

she's got that right.

• ANGIE: "Its time your BEE-HIND was stopped!"


so now JR is gonna go drunk driving?!?!!?

& no one's gonna stop him?!?!?!

that really pisses me off!!!

• i guess BIANCA & REESE used up their quota of kisses for the week...its just friendly hugs today.

• i guess LI'L A doesnt miss his car.

• JR: "My father thinks I'm a loser!"

no, we *ALL* think you're a loser!

• ERICA's not even bothering with the *sniff* today.

she throws REGGIE in JERKSON's face.
he's like, "Who?"

if something is happening between ERICA & JERKSON, they need to cut the sh*t & get ON with it.

• REESE: "I cant wait to meet her!"
ZACH: "You're gonna love her! She's gonna love you!"


he's delusional.

• JERKSON's back; did i accidentally skip into tomorrow's episode?

• ZACH: "Your Mom's gonna be home real soon!"

SPIKE & IAN dont care.

• poor AMANDA, havin to put up with drunk JR yellin @ her.

now his drunk ass fell off the pier.

• to *HELL* with JESSE.
he's not gonna charge ZACH, but he's gonna charge ANGIE?!?!!?

to hell with this.

• i feel ashamed of Susan Lucci.
i have defended her as an actress & she has proven all her critics right.

• KENDALL's having a total eclipse of the heart.

• why is REESE fiddlin' with sleeping ZACH?

• oh, AMANDA!

notes on Wednesday's episode

• TODD's @ LA BOULAISE, he wants to see the kids.

• BO & NORA are in the principal's office; BO is pissed.

• here's TÉA with another new hairdo.


i hate when GIGI slathers that lipgloss on, it looks so porny.

• damn, CRISTIAN, stop crying about SARAH & get on with your life, why dontcha?


• uh oh there's that BECCA!
she's a bad influence!

LOLA's checkin out MARKKO's ass (cant say i blame her)

• i think CRISTIAN is jsut an ass, the way he treated SARAH.

• ANTONIO is such a ham.

• i like the little confrontation bewteen TÉA & NORA.

• tsk, why is RENEE hiding JANET?!?!?

• oh i wish DORIAN would walk in & see TODD & BLAIR hugging!
she would go ***OFF***!!!!


• tsk, MARKKO, dont be encouraging LOLA.

• someone mentioned ANTONIO's new hairplugs...i was wonderin why his hair was suddenly got a lot bushier.

• SAM is so cute!
his shark but TODD on the nose.

JACK is so happy to see TODD!

• what's with the quick shot of TALIA & LAYLA?!?!?!
they werent in this episode til then!
i'd be pissed...they didnt even get any lines!

• STARR can tell COLE is effed up.

• SAM, JACK, TODD & BLAIR are playing lego. thats sweet!

i can tell you i already ahte that trashy BECCA, gettin our MATT in trouble like this!!!

• the principal gets all hardline with TÉA!

• oooh MR J has a letter from DR JOPLIN!

• here's JANET!!!
she's giving herself up to NORA!
oh my gosh, thats great!!!!

Anonymous said...

> WMD, we are kind on this board. You took some good natured ribbing. Anyone here can express their opinion. One thing I like about this board is people don't jump all over each other. Please let's keep it that way. Except when I give Discodan a heard time about being a Sox Fan.

As a Cubs fan, I can relate... :D I mean only to defend my statements, not to jump on people. Don't worry.

Laura said...

WMD, I didn't mean you, I just don't want anybody giving you a hard time. Got your back, fellow Cubs fan.

Anonymous said...

I hate Zack even more today.

Not because he did anything in particular in today's ep, but just because The Hate had one more day to nestle itself deeper into my heart.

ANGIE--Your BUTT needs stopped.

She was fierce with an assist from the weave.

I think Jack and Erica had some nice scenes today.

I also think those were nice scenes with Erica and Ryan talking about Gillian. Nice touch of history. Lucci had some good stuff all the way around today. When she was facing the camera delivering her monologue and Jack was over her shoulder in the background, that felt like old school soap...the way it was written and the way it was shot...good times, good times.

JY is way too OTT with all this. Let me just say something from my expertise. You do not have to always be fallin-down-drunk to be an alcoholic, OK?

When did Jake become an ass? He was a little kinder today, but still...are these RPG's choices? know what the problem is? The writing! ;-)

Another stupid Pratt-hanger with Amanda jumping in after JR at the end. All we need for this to truly be Pratt-tastic is for Amanda to miscarry because she was exposed to the icy Pennsylvania ocean waters.

ERICA--I'm just trying to make some cosmic sense out of all this insanity!

From your lips to God's ears, Ms. Lucci. THis storyline is a mess, bless its heart.

crs 17

P.S. And for DMVWMDOPPYEAHYOUKNOWME, I apologize if I came off a little harsh. I do not know how you expressed your opinions, because I wasn't on the blog late last week. I just think when people are doing something out of the goodness of their heart, I try to express my opinion a little more gently.

Laura said...

Our little Matthew (Eddie Alderson) is now on Law and Order. He's getting better parts than lots of actors. Jesse McCartney was on Law and Order SVU earlier.

Anonymous said...

SHadow, when you say it in your head, does your voice get high at the beginning like Ashley's?

"THIS WEEK, on All my CHildren..."

LOL, mine does. And I always catch myself saying it in the car with her.

And guys, the songs at the beginning which I used to think was the corniest part of the podcast have been kick-ass the last few podcasts. Although Krystal and the Milkshake have come within a hair, I don't think anything will ever top, "Colby, Go and Wash Your Hands."

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention...when watching today's show, I couldn't decide if I was watching Heroes with that damn eclipse or Lost with that damn Dharma Initiative Casino wallpaper.


crs 17

Anonymous said...

crs 17,

I can't even sing "Leavin" by Jesse McCartney normal anymore. I always have to sing it with Ashley's lyrics.

And I still laugh at the thought of Kendall sending a deaf kid to music camp, and the subsequent Spike impressions. LMAO

Anonymous said...

And didn't everyone love when JR hugged Little A and he said,


LOL, cause that's zactly what I was thinkin'!

Literally and figuratively.

crs 17, who keeps forgetting all his as-TOOT comments and has to post again.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Spike impressions, Ashley had a great one awhile back, what happened to it Ash? It was similar to that cigar smoking, unibrow, bonnet wearing baby in the old cartoons.

This week's "Shame on you":

Shame on you Adam Chandler for having a tantrum like a 7 yr old and burning Lil A's toy, releasing noxious fumes for everyone in the mansion - Disgusting.

Shame on you Zach - you cold-blooded SOB, I am so over you. Repulsive.

Shame on you Erica for your bland reaction to your son's death. Boo Hiss!

Shame on you JR for acting like a total dick. Someone please put the cork back in this idiot's lunch.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Pratt and the moon again...

God? I would like to file a bug report.

Shadow said...

Wednesday on AMC...

Amazing that the only person who acknowledged any remorse over Josh was David Hayward. That one scene with him and Erica was pretty good.

Enough with drunk JR. He’s a cartoon. And it isn’t funny.

Serious Lil ‘A is getting chunky.

Wow, Jake acknowledged to Amamda that he’s been an ass. Since this is TV and totally fake, it’s OK to say this. I hope she has the abortion. Please no more kids for a while. What is the fascination with sperm on this show?

Speaking of which, Angie blew her wad too early and Hayward’s going to get her.

Zach to Erica: Kendall is alive because of you. BS. He’s alive because of Josh.

Even dumbass Ryan thinks it’s a little too convenient how Kendall needed a heart, Zach shot Josh and his heart was a perfect match. It’s almost like TPTB know this sucks and they’re bragging about it.

They obviously spent some money on the hospital set, but I’m so tired of everything happening there. I don’t want any more medical drama from this show. Most of these people would be homeless now but for the hospital. I don’t want my characters in the hospital, psyche ward, jail or other community gathering place which really just makes for a cheap set. Those places require redick story lines for it to make sense why everyone is there. Why can’t these folks just visit at eachother’s homes like normal people?

Ah there’s my Joe. I love Joe, but not even he can pull this dumb shit off. Erica and Joe together. I love them paired up so I’m going to just turn the sound down and make up my own dialogue for these two.

Oops, there’s Jerkson. I’m going to have to turn the picture off too. Hmmm, no sound. No picture. That’s going to make watching this a real challenge.

Ryan and Erica are trying to make “cosmic sense” out of this turd of a S/L.

Jerkson said Kendall has her mother’s spirit and her brother’s heart. And my vomit.

Lil ‘A: You stink. As an actor?

So I thought Jake was there to make Mandy feel better, but he’s there to make her feel guilty about her decision to abort. He’s a judgmental assmunch. Can’t he just listen and be a supportive friend rather than lecture and patronize her?

Angie has been married long enough to a law enforcement officer to know that her procedures were illegal and inadmissible in court.

Jesse can’t arrest David just because she wants him to.

Zach had a choice and he’s no hero.
Don’t worry Zach. Kendall’s first thought will be, “Why haven’t you showered? What’s with the greasy hair and nasty beard?”. Her second thought will be, “OMG, I have a huge bald spot on the back of my head!” Her third thought will be, “Why am I lisping?” Followed immediately by “Holy shit, I’ve got cankles”.
Wouldn’t you love to take an episode, use the video but dub in your own dialogue the way it should have been written and said?

JR to the Moon: “You hear me? You messed up! “ He sounds like Sylvester Stallone.

BTW, I watched that OLTL ep. I can’t believe Dorian gave David Vickers oral. That’s hilarious.

Meanwhile, back to the biggest downer on TV. I just noticed that Erica’s “penthouse” is just the same hotel room that Dixie stayed in at the Casino. Just with wallpaper. The bathroom is in the back like before. The window just has curtains. The door is in the same place.
Kendall’s doing better so now Zach goes home. Stoopit.
I still see no reason to tie these two weddings together.
I guess now that Walt and Susan are locked into new contracts, they’re gonna hook them up again.
Jesse let Ryan go after he hit a cop but he’s gonna arrest his wife on David’s word. He can’t arrest David on Angie’s word about the pills though. Let’s see. Jesse ran away and faked his death for 20 years. Immediately hooked up with a white chick and had a baby. Finally came back to Angie when the white chick got a terminal brain tumor. Lied to her about the white chick. Humiliated Angie by dancing with the white chick all over town. Totally cuts all his friends slack with the law. But is totally ready to arrest her the minute the town bully demands it. Why does she love him again?

CRS17-I do hear Ashley's voice in my head when I think of "this week on AMC". It always makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

"i think *SOME* PEOPLE are makin a lot of *DEMANDS* from a *FREE* podcast."

My appologies, n69n--

It may appear that I was complaining, but I was venting a bit. Sometimes, my typing sucks!--And don't see my mistakes, until, I've already posted a comment...My bad.


Anonymous said...

I missed a few scenes today...Someone please fill me in. Was there an actually good reason to show an eclipse? What didn't I get, about this????


Norn Cutson said...

brtedi, you are totally sweet!
& you never did nuthin wrong in your life...except like CRYAN!

(just kiddin'!)
(well, kinda!)

Anonymous said...

OLTL was so good.
I wished when Matthew was walking up those stairs, angry, he would have turned around, looked Bo straight in the eyes and said:

"I wish I was a Rappaport!"

Shadow said...

I heart brtedi too! My blogging skills would suck (worse) without her!

Anonymous said...

The drug story on OLTL is boring me, but I must say that little Matthew is a regular kid. I want to go home and scold my 9 year old out of EVER doing those stupid things like buying pot or hanging out with kids that drink underage (you can only drink underage when you're

I don't blame Bo one bit for going and getting Matthew. I felt like yelling at that kid myself. When he said "You made me look bad in front of them." I would have yelled back "It's your own damn fault! Not mine! YOU made yourself look bad by disobeying ME!"

That kid's going to juvie, and if I was his parents...I'd let him.

Anonymous said...

Shadow, I thought of Marlon Brando when JR was at the pier raging at the moon (again with the moon). I was waiting for him to shout "I coulda been a contenduh. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am..." Got that right JR, you a$$wipe!

And again you're right. WTF was up with Joe Martin. He was talking to Erica with NO emotion at all. This is his grandson. He was talking to her as dispassionately as if he was talking about some stray dog. Unbelievable.

I know if Jeff had been there, we would have seen some drama, some regret, something. BTW where is Jeff? Will he come home for a funeral? Will there be a funeral for Josh? I bet not.

Since the tornado the casino, the Chandler mansion, the hospital, have all been rebuilt, and Eek is still in that sad little room.

Anonymous said...

Hey, shadow & n69n! :-D

Well I guess, you busted me!--My fatal flaws (at least as far as this blog is concerned) are Cryan and typos! ROLF!


Anonymous said...

As far as OLTL goes, does anybody else think Vanessa is one of those 'Black Widdow' types: manipulate the husband/boyfriend and then make sure they're out of the picture--Either somebody dies, or they are framed for a crime and locked up?

IMO, Tea will find out what Vanessa is really up to.


Anonymous said...

Who would want to live in a casino?

Brian said...

Did anyone else want to slap Jackson on Wednesday? Why can't he just leave Erica alone? He has just said a few months back that he was done with her. Then, he dumps (or I guess is dumped by) Carmen (who I hope we see again) and then he is back to trying to get with Erica. I was actually screaming at the screen!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you see Colby today? Good lord she *almost* seemed alive screaming at Corina and that guy. Maybe Brianne Mongrief has a pulse afterall.

Laura said...

A Farewell party for Josh here in Chicago.

I want to go so bad, but I'll be driving back from Dubuque. I'd like to bring Taylor there so he can say I crashed my plane!

I got this from being his friend on Facebook and a fan of his Shout-Out Clothing line.

"Josh Madden Killing Off Party"
Event Info Host: Colin Egglesfield
Type: Party - Goodbye Party
Network: Global
Time and Place Start Time: Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 6:00pm
End Time: Friday, January 30, 2009 at 12:00am
Location: Crimson Lounge
Street: 333 N. Dearborn St.
City/Town: Chicago, IL

Contact Info Email:

Come celebrate the tenure of Colin Egglesfield as "Josh Madden" on ABC's "All My Children". This is Chicago's going away party for Colin Egglesfield as he leaves "All My Children" and New York for the lights of Hollywood!

Anonymous said...

Laura, I would love to go....but I'm only 18.

Shadow said...

AMC Thursday…

The Opening….

WTH is Opal talking about? Chinese? Eclipse? Time to change the title: All My Moons

Opal does look purdy today. KWAK does too with all that underboobage and makeup. Although Opal should smack her for talking to her that way.

The Hubbard annihilation continues…

Damn. JR didn’t drown.

The Intro

Blonde Annie.

Brunette Tad.

Dead NuBabe

RIP Myrtle

MIA Chompers

DRE Who?

If they are going to use people who aren’t on the show anymore or dead, why not put in good characters? Leo? Dixie? Brooke? Uncle Porkchop? Mona?

The Show

Brot and Taylor at ConTusion? She looks pretty today too. I feel bad for Brot though. Not because he doesn’t look good, he’s fine. It’s not because he has to try to eat while he looks at Turdby’s forehead. I feel for him because we’ve all been in the situation where we felt out of place. This s/l is good because it’s real and it’s relatable. I hope he stays for a while. They are *the best* thing on the show.

BTW, Brot’s appearance in a restaurant wouldn’t phase me. But choking down that prime rib would be tough with that giant 5 headed turd in the room.

I like Opal talking about Petey and Palmer. I know Palmer won’t be available for the show for much longer. I wish they could give him a proper sort of send off while he has the strength. I’m assuming he has the strength. I’d love to see a poignant, respectful, short if necessary, S/L for the ol’ coot with maybe some Gillian Spencer and Taylor Miller for old time’s sake.

OPAL: Do it your own damn wrong way.

I was going to say I hope Tad and KWAK could rebuild their friendship. But once a whoo-ah always a whoo-ah.

OMG, Amamda’s mams. I am slipping… into…a… trance…..Can’t….typ…e…

Hey, what’s that bright light? You can see out Amamda’s windows. The blinds are never open in there. There are 100s of sail boats out there.

GH Promo-some stupid airborne disease is hitting that soap. Wow, that looks like it’s going to suck worse than the tornados. I don’t care b/c I hate that show.

JakeGyver to the rescue! PussyJR got hypothermia. Pregnant Amamda did not. I like the idea of Jake and Amamda hooking up and not telling JR. It would be great if that would play out over a long, long time like Tara, Phil and Chuck’s baby drama.

Hey Amamda called JR a dumbass and nobody even called her a whore bitch!

Who’s the dipshit with Corrina?

Even though it’s horrible, I’m so glad to hear the screaming Hubbards because that means Ashley’s going to impersonate them!

Tad imitating Opal is cute. And he’s just talking to her and not patronizing her. Pratt, you’re onto something here. Use them together more.

OPAL: Krystal might run off leavin’ Jenny bobbin’ like a cork. Tad smiles. I think she makes this up. Pratt couldn’t write lines for her the way she says them.

Lots of Dixie talk lately. Makes me wonder if the wild rumor may have some merit. Smart move but Julia Barr would be smarter.

OK, it’s nice that Turdby is trying to stand up for Brot, but she’s just making a bigger more uncomfortable scene for him. There isn’t a lot of subtlety in this scene. They should have just had Colby address their snobbery and cut to a squirming Brot so we could see how their idiocy affects not only him but other people like Colby as well. Less grandstanding and more nuance would push this story over the edge to greatness. And is that girl with the glasses Corrina? I wouldn’t let that bitch near my kids.

I really want to like Jake. I wish they would give him a likeable S/L.

I like the way Tad is talking today. He’s attempting to be compassionate. He appreciates the fact that she is the mother of their daughter.

Opal ain’t buying it though. What. David cracked a horn? Ha!

Angie should hire Livia. The Justice Weaves!

How come Angela is so worked up about KWAK, who she barely knows, but she’s all good with Jesse’s baby mama?

I would love it if Baby Jenny looked a KWAK with her big brown eyes and her tiny sweet little voice and said, whoo-ah!

Jake and JR actually do have some chemistry.

Anyone want to bet whether David or JR is the baby daddy? It’s obvious they are setting us up for some big Who’s Your Daddy S/L, and I’m sure the ABC spoilers will be out any minute. So before they ruin it, who do think is the donor? My money is on Hayward’s swimmers.

TAYLOR: That man is a soldier. And you’re welcome.” She is divine. The dialogue is a little choppy but as Ashley would say, she can turn shit into shinola.

Wow, MEK is just acting his but off---gritting his teeth, grabbing KWAKho, trying to get through to her. And damn if she didn’t shed a tear! But she still doesn’t get it. This stuff with Opal, Tad and KWAKho has been really good today.

David quoting St. Peter and finally finally Jesse gets pissed. David even looked a little scared too.

I’m going to say it…Today didn’t suck!

5 minutes of OLTL

Do Rex and Gigi do it on every episode?

The sets on OLTL are still nice and its ratings suck. What gives?

Arizonagal said...

I hope Colin goes on to have a great career. If he's headed for the left coast does that mean he's done with soaps? I IMDBd him and see he's in an upcoming indie film, probably a small part. Interestingly enough, there are quite a few soap actors in this movie, such as Mallet from GL, Randi the hookuh from AMC, Rachel the constant babysitter from AMC, and a bunch of ATWT bit players.

jordan hudson said...

All joking aside you guys keep me hanging on. Knowing that there are others out there that care about AMC and remember how good it was and can still be ......I need you gusy because at times I"m ready to throw in the towel and this has been the worst week ever in MHO. I don't know I feel like I'm trapped in soem bizzaro world. Just a very pathetic week for AMC

OMG but did you see Tea today on OLTL> Effortless, I forget that I'm watching a show. Pay attention people at AMC this is how you get it done. Charactres working off each other.

Agnes said...

/tiptoes in quietly...
/takes the comfy chair at the back of the room...

Hello PVP'ers!

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am to find you!
I won't go into the details of how I found you, just know that I am so very happy that I did!
I spent the last 2 weeks listening to your previous podcasts and reading your blog comments and now I feel like I've finally found a place in space where my favorite show is discussed and doesn't make me feel like I'm in the twilight zone. :)
Now I know that I am not alone. :)

Ashley and Jordan, I could listen to you two talk all day's been so long since I've laughed so much. I can happily say that my tummy and cheeks HURT from all the fun! LOL. This is my new guilty pleasure!

On a more serious note, I have to agree whole-heartedly with Jordan, the writing for this show is bad bad bad bad bad.

I'd love to feel the emotional involvement of the good old days when I watched Tara agonize between Chuck and Phil. I'd love to see another wickedly delish matriarch like Phoebe again with her in your face butt-in-sky self! I want to see scenes that make me believe there are 2 or more ways to get to the next scene and I'm waiting with baited breath to see which one the writers have chosen.

And YES, in order to get it, I'd even promise to hang on long enough to let the writing(if it is 'good' writing) build, build, build. I won't be like the 'Sesame Street mentality' target group who only pay attention for 2 seconds before boredom sets in(if it is 'good' writing), who then jump onto the boards and scream "I am so tired of blah blah blah," so that Brian Frons can turn around and say, move it along writers, our viewers are getting no no, I will be patient(if it is 'good' writing)!

I watched the interview with Agnes Nixon where she mentions that the Stuart-Cindy-Aids story, took a year to tell. Imagine that! And to think, I watched it all! No 13-week story arch, get in time for sweeps hacking. Tell us the story! Please make me WANT to re-watch a scene like I'd want to read a good book.

I know it'll take time to fix. I don't expect it to happen overnight, in 13 weeks or even in 6 months. Pine Valley is 'family' :)
I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet(if it is 'good' writing). Don't misunderstand, there are a few stories that need to be told quickly such as dream sequences and fantasy sequences like the 1968 storyline or the High School Musical storyline on OLTL. However, the day to day great family drama needs time to build. It just does, plain and simple.

And while I'm patiently waiting for it to happen, once again, let me tell all of you PVP'ers, how wonderful your online community truly is and that I am so so so happy to have found you!


Norn Cutson said...

wow, Agnes, your post was great!
especially this bit :
"I want to see scenes that make me believe there are 2 or more ways to get to the next scene and I'm waiting with baited breath to see which one the writers have chosen."

i know exactly what you mean!
i think you're gonna fit in well here!

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Thursday's episode

everyone's mean to BROT.
i knew i hated that place!!!

• i dont like the way TAD is talking to OPAL.
i wouldnt be trustin KWAK with JENNY in the water!

KWAK's blowin off JENNY to go help DAVITT.

its not that i think TAD is so great & perfect, its that i have NO SYMPATHY for KWAK.

• wow, look how nicely AMANDA's hair dried...& curled.

• i ****HATE**** JAKE discouraging her from makin HER choice!!!

• look, COLBY has that CORRINA?
COLBY's friends are assh*les.

ha ha, i love ANGIE yelling!
this is a time when yelling is appropriate!!!
you can bet I'd be yelling bloody murder!!!!

KWAK: "What you;ve been giving me is just a mild sedative!"

...coz withdrawal from mild sedatives often make you go FEMALE TROUBLE on your Christmas tree.
its a common side effect.

why is everybody so much dumber than DAVITT?

• OPAL: "Krystal might've run off & left Jenny bobbin' like a cork!"

TAD thinks its funny, but i think she's right!

in fact, i wish they had shot that scene, but you know they are too broke for a pool.

• OMG, COLBY just earned ***major points***!!!
(as a character, not an actress)

• TAD's delusional, defending KWAK.

KWAK: "If you really care about me, you'll leave me alone!"

• F@#K JESSE!!!!!
F@#K DAVITT!!!!!
F@#K this story!!!!!

• wait...did i miss something?!?!?!?
KWAK was leaving the police station with DAVITT...but now she's home with TAD & JENNY?¡? what???
that doesnt even make sense.

• AMANDA, QUIT talkin to DAVITT!!!
just walk away, you dont owe him any explanations.


TAYLOR: "Yeah, I *do* have a problem...with stuck-up bitches who strut around like they;re all that, when they're not even close!
They're just shallow, ignorant snobs who look down on people when their whole contribution to life is...what, handing out menus?!?!?"

that goes TRIPLE for me!!!!!

• to hell with KWAK, talkin trash about ANGIE!!!!

i am *so frustrated* with this show!!!
& this bad stuff happennin to ANGIE is raising my blood pressure & PISSIN ME OFF!!!!

& if TAD defends KWAK to OPAL after this, then hell with him too!!!

• ugh, if i hear *one* person whine about how JR's rights as a father are being violated by AMANDA's choice, I AM GONNA SLAP THE HOLY HELL OUT OF THEM!!!!!

& if ANGIE spends the night under the same roof as JESSE, then I'm gonna be pissed @ her too!!
I'd be tellin that assh*le to get him a room @ the PINE CONE, & take REBECCA & NATALIA with you!!!!

notes on Thursday's episode

• oh hell, now REX with the candles!

at least he said he got his smoking jacket form the thrift store, you know CRYAN would *never* say that.

• TODD's depressed, TÉA's pissed.

• MARTY & WES are drinkin liquor.

• NATTY KNOCKERS is back to bein a bitch.
tsk, dont off on VIKI, she's got enough crap to deal with!

• REX is doin GIGI PORN-LIPPS's feet.

REX: "...And then, after dinner..."
PORN-LIPPS: "Dessert?"
REX: "...And then some!"

• maybe i'm jsut immature, but if i was BLAIR, i'd be pissed too!

i mean, i wouldnt excpect MCBAIN to throw MARTY *out*,, but i would expect him to stand up for me!

ooh, the fight between BLAIR & MCBAIn is escalating...they better dial it down or there'll be no turning back.

• BLAIR: "I'm a jealous person. I am so jealous of Marty Saebrook. I cannot stand that you may have had feelings for her in the past. I cannot stand that you may have feelings for her now! I cannot stand that she touched you, I just want to push her out a window!!!"

i love that!!! BLAIR's feelings may be immature, but i think it is *very mature* that she's being open & honest *about* her feelings, & not just lashing out.

whoah, i dont think they;ve ever done it @ LA BOULAISE before!

• i like CHARLIE & JARED bringin in firewood, thats a nice real-life touch.

• TODD & TÉA are playinga board game & havin popcorn.
TODD's bein a little flirty with TÉA.
TODD tries to cheat & TÉA dumps the popcorn on him.

• BLAIR & MCBAIn git it on.

• WES falls asleep & MARTY tucks him in.

• JESS looks @ baby pictures.

• BRODY looks @ old war pics.

• NATTY KNOCKERS cant sleep, coz she's so pissed about JESS.

• CHARLIE roasts marshmallows for VIKI.

• REX & PORN LIPPS get it on in front of the fire.

Arizonagal said...

Yay Agnes, welcome aboard. It's great to have a new member at our blog and I loved your ass-toot comments.

Jordan, don't despair, we will take your hand and lead you through the dark times. If you sink in the quicksand, we will throw you a rope! We are all in this together. Feeling the love yet?

Sending everyone here virtual hugs.


Shadow said...

n69n comes out swinging today.Bring it n69n!

Jordan, hang in there.Did u see yester day? I thought it was a little better. Lots of Opal! No Rancid. No suxtet! And virtual hugs from AZgirl.Fighting n69! New Agnes! I got new multifocal contacts and progressive lense glasses and can see the keyboard on my blackberry again! It's a GREAT day!

Welcome Agnes. Glad you found us. Loved ur post.

w3w said...

Hi Jordan!!

Thank you for talking about some AMC history on the podcast this week!! I was so HAPPY!! :-) I also loved the Cindy storyline.
I'm not sure that it perked Ashley up, though. Let's try again next week!! I can't wait to see what you come up with this week...

Oh - here is a question for the next podcast...who has been your favorite "bad guy" on AMC?

I LOVED the podcast this week!! Keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said...

I actually hated Angie on Thursday. She was so over the top. Maybe it was just poor bedside manner. Or Maybe the weave was just strangling David.

The reason I am leaning towards David and KWAK right now is simply because I am so tired of this storyline that I just think that if Krystal is that stupid, then she deserves it. And anyone that tries to reason with this situation is wasting their time and subject to me telling them off. LOL

Anonymous said...


I have a bone to pick, regarding Zach’s reaction to Kendall not being ‘the same’. Duh! Did he expect her to have a fresh makeover, from the spa at the casino? I don’t think so! She’s in a coma and she’s been totally sedated, from major surgery. And then, there’s the ‘her heart’s not the same’, idea… Bah! Oh yeah, she could be different. She could be dead. Kendall is who she is because of her personality and how she interacts with those in her environment. She is not the sum total of her body parts!

My question is what were the writers thinking, when they came up with the whole 'not the same' notion.? They could have just as easily written it, as if Zach was nervous or concerned that Kendall was really going to be ok, and that's why he bent down to hear her new heart beating. She had a heart transplant. They didn't remove her personality!

Thanks to Josh’s heart, Kendall just might come out of this with some of her old spunk back, having the opportunity to reconnect with her ‘inner Kane’, hopefully having a thing or two to say to Zack! He definitely has some explaining to do.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I for got to comment about Colby, from Thursday's episode. She defended Brot. I actually paid attention to "Colby", in that scene. Go, Colby. Go! :-D


daisytex said...
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Melissa said...

AMC left me cold again this week. The only decent scenes were between Tad and Krystal on Thursday. When he grabbed her and tried to get her to snap out of it, her eyes really did look dead... like the eyes of a cult member or something. Those performances were great. The rest? Not so much.

OLTL, where have you been all my life??? I really can't remember the last time I actually enjoyed AMC, but in grasping for good daytime, I finally jumped onto OLTL, and I'm so glad I did!

jordan hudson said...

IF this rumor is true I will be one happy camper. They are syaing Anna Stuart is returning to AMC and sating until Greenlee leave . Please let it be so and let the writers realize that Erica needs a woman on her level to battle and keep Anna. Greenlee Smythe is dead but long live Mary Smythe

Laura said...

Welcome Agnes.

Shadow loved the idea of the Justice Weaves! LOL

I don't know if I even want to watch tonight, just not feeling it unless Tad and Opal are on. He's been great.

Anybody else remember when Dr. Polk was the shrink for both towns, Llanview and Pine Valley? He treated Nikki/Vicki and whoever else in Pine Valley. I think they should have one shrink again, and get rid of Dr. Sheridan Crane.

Shadow said...


Here's a great question for the next podcast:

What do you think? Good genes or good docs?

Anonymous said...

Shadow, it's good docs. It's not even a question. Hell, I'm pretty sure that even her tears during her emmy speech were tear duct implants. ha!

Anonymous said...


Brot & Emma:

I really liked that little scene, where Brot got Emma to calm down.

The questioning expression on her face, looked very genuine, to me. I know it's a soap, but I wonder if they waited to explain anything to Lucy Merriam, until after the scene was done...Just a thought.

Most little kids would simply ask: What happened to you? Or, how did you get hurt?--And that's cool,imho.

As a person with a disability, I'd much rather have a little kid ask whatever they want to know, giving them a simple answer. Since it teaches kids not to be afraid of someone different than themselves.


Anonymous said...



I know, this is a little off topic, but what did you think of "Lara's" memorial service, on Guiding Light, today?

Jeff Branson and Gina Tognoni are acting their faces off!:-)

You know, Shayne is going to pull Dinah back before she slips, and they'll both fall back from the edge! Hehe. For me,"Shayne and Dinah" are a little like Springfield'a version of Bonnie & Clyde--They get into trouble, but they keep bailing each other out...Marshmallows anyone??? ROTF!


Shadow said...

Friday on AMC


Pointlessly Bitchy Erica at Fusion.

Ryan, Greenlee, Zach having fun to infinity and beyond. Another Disney reference. Ugh.

This is going to suck to infinity and beyond.

InsAnnie talking to the vent.

I should really finish LOST, Idol and Biggest Loser, bathe the dog, pay bills, floss and then, if there’s time, watch this episode.

The Show

Wow. Even Erica gets it that she’s homeless.

Spike is cute. He’s looking around the casino with those big round eyes. He’s deaf, but he’s not dumb. He knows ugly wallpaper when he sees it.

WTF is the psychiatrist’s name? Dr. Sinclair? Dr. Sheridan Crane? I cannot remember it to save my life. I’m sticking with Zarf. And how come she can hear
Annie talking through her door but can’t hear Aidumb talking through the door immediately behind her? Is she deaf in her left ear?

I think Annie is morphing into Lilly. She’s going to start spouting numeric formula soon.

OMG, it’s going to be the double wedding from hell. Best Man Sperm Donor Zach.

I think the GH airborne disease s/l would be more believable if it infected PV and killed Randi, Colby, Ryan, Greenlee, Aidumb and Zarf.

How come sweeps on ABC = death and destruction. Can’t there be some Love in the Afternoon? Romance? Comedy? Dorian guest starring on all the shows? I’m still blown away by her and Vickers last week.


I never noticed before but Brot and Amamda have matching eyebrows.

I would like for SuperPete to make an appearance and tell Erica to piss off. You know, I’ve seen Erica be crabby, selfish, insensitive, catty and all that. But she always had a reason or a purpose. I know they would say she’s behaving this way because of Kendall and Josh, but I’m not so sure. They just seem lost with this character right now. Pratt knows she’s valuable, but hasn’t a clue what to do with her.

Jake to Brot: Man, you are a bastard…I had feelings for her and pushed them aside. Don’t tell me it was for nothing.

OK, Zach killed Josh for his heart. Now he thinks she’s different because she has a different heart. You know, I got nothing witty to say about this. It’s stupid and makes no sense. I can’t get this 5 minutes of my life back.

Greenlee sent a 5 year old to the kitchen to get something out of the oven. Why doesn’t she just throw her over a rocky cliff like Spike?

How come Zarf can hear Annie through the door, but Annie can’t hear Zarf and Ryan talking right outside the door? And how come Zarf can’t hear Annie and Aidumb talking while she’s talking to Ryan right outside the door.

Annie and Aidumb are only holding hands now, but on Monday’s episode, Aidumb cuts a glory hole in the wall.

Ok, I love Brot but if anything is going to scare the freaking hell out Emma it would be Brot in that scene. She burned her hands and is freaked from the pain. She’s totally upset. He walks in and says I’ve been burned too and shows her his worst side. How is she supposed to understand what he’s talking about? What if she thinks that is what’s going to happen to her? I’m surprised she didn’t start seizing.

I am so not moved by Zach listening to Kendall’s heart.

1 -------------suck-0-meter--------------- 10

Norn Cutson said...

the best thing this week was LI'L A sayin, "YOU STINK!"

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Friday's episode

• meanwhile, back @ FUSION...

how fast would you quit if you worked for ERICA KANE?

• SPIKE's staring @ the camera...
there's no bonding or recognition between SPIKE & CRYAN.

kids are just props on this show.

• ANNIE's back talkin to the air vent.

• here's BROT & SPIKE together!
thats cool!
SPIKE accepts BROT just as he is...meaning, he ignores him just like he does everyone else.

ZACH's givin BROT a job, thats cool too!
it would be great to anchor BROT more firmly to the canvas.

• ANNIE'S DR is a dipsh*t.

ANNIE: "NotRichieNotRichieNotRichie
***GET OUT!!!***NotRichieNotRichieNotRichie

she can hear ANNIE talking but she cant hear AIDUMB answering her???
she cant see his big dumb head thru the vent???

• BROT turns down the job, & gives some attitude to the concierge.

• EMMA wants a snack.

EMMA: "I have a lot to teach you about meaing a Mommy."

• is this crap with ANNIE & AIDUMB supposed to be romantic?!?!?!

• uh oh, BROT's gonna start drinkin'.

• now ERICA sounds like my boss.
(which is why i'm secretly lookin for a new job)

• REESE catches up with ZACH.

* JAKE's comin to drink with BROT.
JAKE's hair looks better like this, not so foofy.

i'm disappointed.

• ZACH: "The heart I love, Kendall's heart, is gone."

ok, thats just *****EFFIN STOOOPIT*****


• ANNIE'S DR is wearing a c*ck ring around her neck.

remember when MATTEL recalled all those DISCO KEN dolls for that?

• JR's Suddenly Sober.
(sung to the tune of SUDDENLY SEYMOUR)

i sure wish we had scenes of AMANDA *thinking* about her choice, weighing the alternatives, deliberating, coming to a decision...that would have been interesting & given us richer layers of character.

instead, she's just done a 360° with no explanation or reason.

• ok, i saw a spark of life in RANCID when she's acting off PETEY.

BIANCA, pull that stick outta yer ass.

• here's BROT & EMMA, i like that they are mixin him with the other characters, even if they are doin it so clumsy.

TAYLOR's more in love with him than ever.

• all those people would ned hairnets & face masks to be in KENDALL's room.

ZACH hugs BIANCA but looks @ REESE, & ERICA, peepin thru the blinds, notices.


notes on Friday's episode

• DORIAN's chanting.

DORIAN: "Namaste, Cramer Women!"

• DAVID: "You speak the truth, oh Maker Of The Sacred Flan."

DAVID: "The past is history, the future is mystery; the present, a gift."
NOELLE: "That's beautiful!"

i think so too!

• BO & NORA are questioning JANET, with TALIA & ANTONIO.

i'm glad BethAnn Bonner has a job, but wouldnt you get pissed with your character not even getting any lines?

• TODD & TÉA wake up together.

• DORIAN looks great in that turban!

• DELPHINA: "Aw, get outta here, ya Buddah pest!"

• DORIAN: "David Vickeroshi made me see that my life was filled with excess; that I had filled my coffers, but left my soul bankrupt."
ADDIE: "Did you read that in a fortune cookie?"

• DORIAN's feeding the homeless, thats cool!
but they aint too into her nettle soup!

• MATT sees COLE with his drugs.

• are BO & NORA just trying to scare JANET? i dont get it.
they gotta know if *they* dont play ball with her, TÉA will!

• ADDIE sees thru DORIAN.

• MATT's goin on about that bad BECCA.

• DORIAN: "Do not chill my mellow!"

• JANET's wearin a wire!

• is there anyone on the planet who cares about VANESSA & CRISTIAN? NO.

• DAVID tells DORIAN she's gotta get rid fo everything & live like the homeless.

tsk, TODD sees thru JANET.

• uh oh, COLE left his lock undone...& MATT got his pills!

• DORIAN's giving everything to MO!!!!!

Arizonagal said...

Reserve your excitement about the rumors of yet another Dixie return. Ya'll know that if she does return, TIIC are gonna blow it just like they did the last time. Their track record sucks. Previous recent blown opportunities? Jesse and Angie, Greenlee, David Hayward, Jake. So we're running about 100% here. Let's dissect this.

All the hope we had for the Hubbards is being dashed - slowly. Jesse is assuming the Derek Frye role and turning into a real dick. He has no real story line. He should have taken the Prof job at PVU, so many possibilities to explore there. Angie gives us her all but ultimately she's the victim of bad writing.

The REAL Greenlee? How botched was this? A year with Aidumb and then Ryanderthal and put a cork in her, she's done. She was a shadow of her former self and made us occasionally cry out for Sabine, who we spent an entire year dissing.

David is more mustache twirly than ever, no layers, no subtleties, just an evil misogynistic bastard victimizing women to use in his evil games. At least he uses his surgical powers for good.

I was so excited when I heard that RPG was the new Jake. Talk about wasting his talent. This is an actor who can deliver, but they've have martinized him. He's morphing into another mean-spirited smart ass who has no respect for women.

I'm with everyone here who says bring back Brooke instead. IMHO, she was one of the most human, real characters on AMC ever. Women could relate to her, understand her sometimes flawed behavior. Her competitive relationship with Erica always produced great stuff. She made Looch better in every scene they were in.

Dix has had her chances, too many of them, and if Cady has any self respect, she'll seek employment elsewhere. Why would she come back to a show that fed her poisoned pancakes to kill her off and make sure she was dead? It's so over for Dixie. Bringing her back would be a bad joke.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, some one like DBTErica...

Norn Cutson said...

discodan said...

Apparently, some one like DBTErica...

Apparently, KWAK's not the only one chuggin' the hot milk.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Yesterday's episode had me switching camps. I never really cared for the characters of Annie or Ryan. However, after watching yesterday's episode and seeing how Ryan can easily dump a woman he basically chased into marrying him so that he can go back to Greeenlee ( the love of his life for now) makes me see that Ryan is a man without much character. I don't see how the tptb want to paint him as a hero when clearly he is not. What has Ryan ever done that was heroic in nature. The bullet for Kendall ok but come on he did blame her for trying to kill him and it was all his nut case family.

It also made me strong in the conviction that Rendall is dead and buried and it should never be brought up again. Ryan will always abandon the "love of his life" for another woman. Let Kendall stay with Zach and work out their problems and Annie get with Aidan.

As for Josh for me it was self defense and let's face it the character wasn't done right. If Erica had another child she had given away it would have been better but the unabortion was just a horrible idea.

Also I have watched OLTL since the time Tina went over the waterfall and Vicki was pregnant with Jessica. I remember when Starr was five I also saw the orginial Marty rape and was disgusted with the rapemance storyline.

Anonymous said...

Tasha you are right on. Ryan's hero status stumps me. And I hate it when anyone says "you are the love of my life." Hasn't Greenlee said that a couple of times to different women? Same for Greenlee, she says that and I always think, what about Leo?

Ryan's brains are in his pants. Just once I'd like to hear someone say "you are the best sex I've ever had." Now that's something we've all probably said.

Laura said...

Did anybody else used to watch Falcon Crest? I loved Angela Channing. A post on Daytime Confidential reminded me about this great actress. I also loved her in Magnificent Obsession. A real old time classic movie.

My line of the week. Zach to Erica - You saved Kendall's life. She needed to say - You killed Josh.

He needs to go save Marty on OLTL.

Jordan I was so proud of you reporting on this stupid week. You channeled your inner Hildy Johnson.

I decided to channel her too, by finding out that Colin is moving to Hollywood through my facebook connections. A Pine Valley Podcast exclusive!

I wish him luck. Maybe he could go to AMC West - The Young and the Restless as a recast for Kevin Fisher if he leaves. He'll know people over there!

N69 - I loved the Suddenly Seymour for Suddenly Sober, but you know I love Broadway songs.

Anonymous said...

I think that it's time for Pratt to start a serial killer storyline, because this show needs it. This could really boost ratings, especially if they kill off some bigger names and reveal the killer to be someone big. DAYS did it a few years back, and it boosted ratings only to watch them fall, as all of those killed actually survived. (DUMB DUMB DUMB)

Here's the people on the hit list:
and for a kicker, the killer could be Jack. It could be pretty interesting.

Laura said...

They just had a serial killer, how could you forget the peanut butter pancakes Dan?

I like the disgruntled fan storyline. They could tie it to New Beginnings. Everyone Erica is upset with could be killed by her number one fan. They could tie each of those people to pissing her off, and her deranged fan could get rid of them. Anyone of us could play the disgruntled fan!

Anonymous said...

Please, the Satin slayer was total bull and everyone knows it. They just wanted to kill some Fusion women, and half of one of the biggest all-time super couples in the show's entire existance, get some of the Fryes out of town, explore more of Zach's daddy issues, oh and beat up Zarf. Really accomplished a lot.

And besides, that was a while ago...

They do need to clean house with a lot of characters and I think that this might be one of the most interesting ways to do it. The reason I left Ryan off of this list was simply because that since Greenlee is going to that big soap opera heaven in the sky anyways, his character might MIGHT be salvageable if they don't screw him up...again.

Shadow said...

I'm telling ya'll the thing to do is just let someone from Port Charles walk around the casino or the hospital and spread some of that virus that's going to attack GH. Maybe they could fly in a specialist to do something for Kendall and while they in PV they breathe on Zach and have sex with Randi, Colby, Rebecca and Natalia. On the way out of town they could stop by Oak Haven for a 3 way with Adumb and Dr. Zarf.

Shadow said...

n69-Here's some Patti LuPone for you. It's pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jordash,

Just finished listening to the podcast and have a few comments:
1) as usual it was very entertaining but should be longer do not try to keep it to 45 min, we love the long podcasts

2) The podcast was the bright point in my mom' (Susan) day. She just had surgery yesterday and this cheered her up.

3) Ashley you are so luck to have 3 male friends who watch AMC, my mom and I only have each other. i tried to recruit but to no avail.

4) you think it is cold in NYC well it is -25 with the windchill here in Toronto.

5) How did that listener ( sorry didn;t get the name) send you guys stuff? I mean where did they get the address , i am sure they can;t just send to ur names and NYC

6) here is my Q sorry it is too late for this week but maybe nextweek : would you ever post a pic of the 2 of u

7) please do a Q & A every week, we love it

8) Jordasj u are stars to us and be proud of the community of listeners you have accumulated.

9) Jordan you should come to Toronto ( when it is warmer) especially during Pride weekend or TIFF ( Toronto International Film Festival)

10) it just sad to see Josh's Character assassinated at the alter of connivence. NOT A SPOILER BUT A RUMER, we may not have seen the end of Mr. Madden

11) Canada love Obama and is happy to be the recipient of his first official visit.

Anonymous said...

Shadow, I know you're not the biggest fan of GH, but this airbourne toxin storyline really wont be as bad as some may think. It seems to me that it is starting poorly, because they're trying to do the start from the end and work their way backwards thing that they also did with the metro court hostage crisis. They are killing a few pointless characters, but they are also incorporating several aspects of the show, including the hospital, Robin's PPD, the mob, the feds, the benefit for Michael, the appearance of Rebecca (played by Natalia Livingston, ex-Emily), and the Spixie drama. Plus there will be a blizzard going on as all of this happens, and several secrets will be coming out, which should prove to be some big payoffs for a lot of fans.

I'm looking forward to it.

Shadow said...

It will be a GREAT s/l if it infects a few PV residents! Ha!

But seriously, it's fair for you to call me out. I never watch GH so i don't really know what's coming, but those promos look cheesey to me. I'm always suspicious whenever the shows have mass death and destruction storylines. They always seem overplayed, overhyped and only for trimming staff. I really hope it works out well because anything that works out good is good for ABC Daytime and hopefully a little good will trickle down to AMC. I'd just rather see a few people relating under more normal circumstances at the mercy of their emotions than all packed in a hospital at the mercy of an infectious disease or tornado.

Brian said...

I don't watch GH, but why not send Angie over. She specializes in infectious disease.

As for the podcast, if we are making requests, I would like more impressions!

Last thing, did anyone get to the end of Fridays episode and forget that it was a Friday episode? No cliffhanger at all. What a letdown. I miss, Megan McTrash. At least she could plot out a (terrible) story. We used to get the big cliffhanger; now we get nothing.

Erica Kane said...

N69 I still have my Earring Magic "Queer" Ken I bought it when the recall was just beginning. LOL He looks like Jack from Will and Grace in the flashback episode. I hate Megan McTavish with a fiery passion but like someone else said at least she could plot out a story even if it was horrible. Is anyone loese watching Prayers For Bobby on Lifetime???
Miss Kane

jordan hudson said...

Elyse I hope your Mom is healing fine, send her our love. My goal is to get to Canada before year's end. So many actors/actresses that I love , admire and desire are from Canada, so many of my favorie shows are filmed there.

Yes I have to give GH props when they do these big disaster storylines they tend to be well done. Why you ask because unlike the recent Tornado that hit Pine Valley. GH tends to really show how the disaster is making an impact on the lives of the characters and how the characters deal with the situation. Some what like one of David Kelley's best show PICKET FENCES (1st season on DVD check it out.

I remember when the hotel was on fire a few years ago. Some great work. See to win best soap all you have to show is I think two epsiodes. So All you need is two well written well acted epsiodes so what if the rest of the year sucked. Same with the performers they submit two epsiodes so what if they had no real storyline thw whole year. The people who decided are not real Soap watchers. They changed the way they came up with nominees last year hence why everything was in favor of CBS and DOOL. This year no one even wnats to air the Daytime emmys SAD SAD SAD especially when the first Daytime emmy for acting wen t to our own Mary Ficket If I remember correectly for her role as Ruth On AMC sigh

Shadow said...

Rank Show This Week
(Rating/Share) Last Week
1. (1) Y&R 3.8/13 3.8/13
2. (2) B&B 2.7/9 2.7/9
3. (3) Days 2.1/7 2.3/7
4. (4) GH 2.1/6 2.1/6
5. (5) ATWT 2.0/7 2.0/7
6. (6) AMC 2.0/7 2.0/7
7. (7) OLTL 2.0/6 2.0/6
8. (8) GL 1.5/5 1.6/5

These shows are all neck and neck with each other.

Anonymous said...

Shadow, it's totally cool. If you want to tune in at some point for this storyline, this is probably the week to do it. I know that Patrick and Jason are going to be central figures, as is AMC alum Mark Pinter (ex-Roger). He plays the federal agent who's been in town trying to get dirt on Sonny and the Zaccharas, and using Spinelli as leverage against Jason to do his biding. It's weaved really well, along side Claudia Z's secret that she and her brother hired the guy who shot Michael about a year ago. Plus, you have Jason as Robin's friend as she's battling PPD, and Patrick in denial of it all. I may hate Robin but Patrick's stuff is going to be amazing because he will be in charge of the hospital since Monica Q is going to succumb to the effects of the toxin while she's in the ER along side Elizabeth, Patrick's brother Matt, Layla and the anestecisologist (terrible spelling) from NightShift season 1. (Don't worry Monica will be fine). However, she will think that she's dying because of the new girl in town, who looks like Emily. She will think that Emily is leading her to the light. Alan might make an appearance at some point, and Jason the son, might make an appearance as well.

Bob Guza might catch a lot of flack from everyone, but you gotta give him credit. He knows how to weave everyone together for a sweep stunt.

Jordan, I loved the hotel fire. I hated that it killed Cameron, Zander's dad. And I hate that Scott Baldwin has never been punished for starting the fire. But the fire itself was amazing. Carly and Alexis in the elevator. Emily was hit with a shandaleer. Sonny and Alcazar working together. Dillon, Georgie and Sage being trapped in a hotel room with Georgie trying to make Dillon jealous with a hired boyfriend. Luke and Skye and Faith walking around looking for the burried treasure. Luke taking charge of the room in chaos. Jason and Carly trapped in a bedroom revisting an old flame in one special kiss. Nikolas and Emily with her heartbreaking goodbye from that helicopter.

It was amazing. And the entire thing is on youtube if you wanna catch it

Anonymous said...

Hey all,

Jordan, Thank-you for the well wishes, she is doing better today.

I cannot believe AMC is beating OLTL they are normally tied. This is great the rating are up!

Shadow said...

Elyse-good news about your Mom!

DiscoDan-thanks for the recap! I'll probably pay a little attention.

Jordan, did you watch Lost this week? I've watched the first hour. Later today I'll watch the second. Not sure what to think about the time shifting but the show is so engrossing. I feel lost in time while I watch it--the way AMC used to make me feel. Anybody else watch Lost?

Erica Kane said...

Shadow I am an avid fan of LOST. I am not sure what to think of the whole island jumping thru time thing just yet, but I love love love the show. Lost, SVU, Gossip Girl, Nip/Tuck, House, CSI Miami, BSG and Smallville are my favorite nighttime shows right now. I like the fact that the ratings are up, but to me it is just going to validate Crapputhers and Pratthole and they will continue doing the stupid things they do....
Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

God this is dumb...

DC is reporting that Jacob Young is being courted by B&B to be Rick Forrester. Frickin A!

Shadow said...

Miss Kane:

My head is spinning from that last hour of Lost. Who was the the white haired lady in the cape with Ben at the end who said, "Then God help us all?"

Man I was jumping out of my chair with the fire darts, Sayid waking up and attacking Jack, Juliet's hand, Locke, Sawyer's foot. And I don't know where Ana Lucia came from. That was a lot of stuff to have happen in 43 minutes.

I'm always a slow convert when it comes to new TV shows. My wife loved it when it first came on. I thought it was the stupidest thing ever. How can anyone today get lost on island? They would be all over that. But slowly I got drawn in and now I'm so hooked.

I watch Lost and Desperate Housewives, but House and Mad Men are starting to intrigue me. I just don't have enough time to watch much else. I sort of avoid the new shows till they catch on. I hate it when I get caught up in a show and they cancel it.

Nip/Tuck is pretty cool. Occasionally I'll pick up SVU and Without a Trace. Those don't require too much of a commitment.

Other than that, Survivor and Amazing Race are big in my house. I can't tell you how much I'm dying to compete on Amazing Race. Jordan and Ashley should do it together. I can see their "description" now: "Soap Opera Podcasters".

w3w said...

Hi Everyone -

Hoping for a new podcast soon! Brian - after Friday's episode I was just sitting there thinking...what - was that the last segment? WHere is my cliff hanger??? BORING!! So sad - what will it take to get these writers out of here????

Shadow - and others - I also LOVE Lost. It is so weird and wonderful and i have no idea what is going on!!

Do any of you listen to a Lost Podcast? I tried a couple, but they are really too silly for me...I want some answers!!! Jordan - do you watch Lost? I'd love your take on everything!! Maybe you could talk about it instead of OLTL one week!! (Sorry OLTL fans!!)

jordan hudson said...

I'm a big LOST HEAD. Watching an epsiode of Lost is like a one hour mini movie. I'm always amazed at the amount of blood sweat and tears that go into making every episode. So extradionary from acting, directing, writing, cinematograpgy, hair, score, makeup etc. Lost has never once disappointed me.

The problem with our society today is that we have become a world where we want everything right away and quick, like fast food. We are in such a rush to get to our destination, that we forget to enjoy the journey.

Ashley is putting the finishing touches on the new Podcast. Should be up sometime today. It was a heated one, hope you guys enjoy it. Just know that even when I'm angry at AMC and it might make me say things in the heat of the moment...I would be sad to ever see it leave the air. I just can't take much more of this current regime's lack of respect for the cast and the viewers.

Yes BIG LOVE is another must see show. Watching one episode is like watching four because so much happens in that one hour. To show and humanize this society and their beliefs. We forgot that we should allow people to live the lives they wnat to live as long as they are not harming others in the process. We are all different. yet I'm amazed at the honest potrayal this show paints. While the adults seem to be okay with this lifestyle, the different reactions that the children have to it....I just love BIG LOVE.

Also check out SHO United States of Tara if nothing else for Toni Collete's amazing performance.

Last but not least my guilty pleasure Secret Diary of a Call girl with the gorgeous sexy Billie Piper. It's just funny and touching and very real.

Erica Kane said...

Shadow, The white haired woman has been on before. She was in the episode about Desmond's constant if I am not mistaken. She could see the future in the episode she was previously in. I was glad to see the whiny guy get the fire arrow though. I kept saying he was a "red shirt" and indeed he was. LOL If the next fifteen episodes are as good as this past weeks we are in for a great season of LOST.

Anonymous said...


LOL! Jakguiver mentioned to Taylor that he'd suggest that all men where thongs when giving out advice if he became some relationship guru?

Well , if TK's favorite hockey team can be incorporated into the show, then why not a reference to Cameron's thong? :-D


Unknown said...

DiscoDan - wasn't Rick Young on B&B as Rick Forrester before or was he just on Y&R? My mind is wandering...

Shadow - I'm a big Lost-head, too. That white haired lady is Mrs. Harrington and she met up with Des a few seasons ago and told him that no matter what he does, he will not marry Penny and he will be on the island. You also saw her picture on the desk of the head monk where Desmond was, uhm, monking (is that a word?).

Jordash - just got a chance to finish last weeks podcast (sick daughter kept me busy last week). It's all I can do to not laugh out loud while I'm on the train. While I love hearing you talk about AMC, I look forward to your take on OLTL and wish that you could do more of that, or a separate podcat.

Anyway, waiting for today's podcast so I can get caught up and have another (silent) laugh on the train tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Jordan you listed my entire Sunday line up (minus Desperate Housewives) You are so right about Big Love, it's always a jam packed episode, and it was worth the wait for season three.
I love Secret Diary, Billie Piper was snubbed at the emmys and golden globes and lastly I liked the first episode of Tara enough to add it to a season pass.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jacob Young was on B&B before as Rick Forrester. He left in 1999, and took over the role of Lucky Spencer on General Hospital in 2000.

As a GH fan myself, he was probably my least favorite Luckys, although to be fair, Jonathan Jackson will always be Lucky in the eyes of many. Greg Vaughan is a good actor, but the writing for him is simply awful. The character of Lucky Spencer has been written as an idiot cop, who is afraid to color outside the lines and always jumps to the wrong conclusions. I think that this youtube video sums up my Greg Vaughan as Lucky feelings.

As for Jacob Young, he left GH in 2003 to take over the role of JR Chandler on AMC later that year. He's been great. We watched him evolve and blossom into a character with a lot of depth, and though Chuck Pratt just likes to make him drunk all of the time, he's deeper than that. He's had to overcome the love/hate relationship with his brother. He's had to overcome the limbo of his mother's life. He's had to overcome losing/finding Kathy. And I haven't even touched on the subject of Babe. God, where do I begin....I know!!!!


Anytime I can bring him up, I am a happy camper. But anyways, that marriage, Babe's affair with Jamie, the babyswitch, pushing Bianca off of a balcony, getting Little A back, custody battles, healing torn wounds with Babe, tyring to kill her, her friendship with Kendall destroyed with building supplies, the reconciliations, Josh Madden, Di Henry, Amanda Dillon, heck even Zarf got her say. And I haven't even mentioned one of the toughest things about the character of JR.

Being a Chandler. It's a big name to live up to, especially when you are Adam Chandler Jr. The complex relationship between Adam and JR has so many layers, and when you bring Tad into the equation, it becomes one of the best father-son layered complexities in daytime.

You know, I never realized how much I liked the character of JR until now. I always took him for granted, but no more. I now hope that it is his baby, so that he gets his second chance at happiness and another Chandler heir is born.