Monday, January 26, 2009

We All Make Our Beds and We Have To Lie in 'Em

  • Kendall gets her damn heart, Josh Madden be damned.
  • Erica "mourns" Josh by "weeping inconsolably."
  • A"mam"da is preggers, and a "Baby-Daddy" mystery ensues. (And those mammaries will only get bigger as the pregnancy progresses. Yowza!)
  • Something happens to InsAnnie where she "holds" Aidan's hand through a vent and Dr. Sinclair yells at her or something.

We're back to the AMC blues, baby. We're frustrated and not-so-hopeful. What will happen to our beloved AMC? To us? Cheer us up, darlings, here.

1/23/09 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Alex P. Keaton....
LMAO I love you guys!

...except the abortion talk, but we won't go there. LOL

Norn Cutson said...

SHEEEEEEEEEEEEITTT...after today's episode ****I'm**** ready to go ****OFF****!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I will say this about today's episode...

I love me some Taylor and Brot.

...and that's it.

tallytofu said...

Norn, discodan, I agree with both of you. I tried to watch the show again today, and the ONLY thing that didn't make me crazy was Brot & Taylor. In fact, their scenes were nice to watch. I love that the man playing Brot isn't a trained "actor" - his performances have such a genuine feel to them.

As for the rest - all I had were aggrivated questions:
Why is that Dr. Sinclair so incredibly unprofessional? For that matter, why is she on the show at all?
Why does Jake Martin have to be such a jackass to everyone? A person can be dry and a little sarcastic without being a jerk!
Why is Brianne Moncrief still employed on this show?

Unknown said...

Did the fact that Amanda made her decision NOT to abort coincide with the anniversary of Roe V. Wade (1/22) slide by everybody? Was this a subtle political statement? on which side? Hey, I don't want AMC to become political, sorry. As far as all the crap that's happening, I'm just starting to appreciate AMC for what it is -- a madcap comedy!

Unknown said...

BTW I think Dr. Sinclair must be an ex-girlfriend of Richie's and she's trying to get revenge on Annie for killing him.
KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ON THE PODCAST! I usually listen to it while I'm grocery-shopping and I'm sure all the other customers must think I'm loony as Annie, the way I'm cracking up!!!!!!

jordan hudson said...

Hillbilly fairy welcoem your new to me. Disco I mean Alex P. abortion is a hot topic and I was surprised that we went there but sometimes we digress. Like all of you. I once again was looking at the TV screen saying W.T.F. The only thing that worked for me was Taylor and Brot. Jake's character is heading into Zach territory for me. The whole manly man attitude is a bore. Your not a man by treating women badly. And if someone...anyone can tell what the point of DR. Sheridna Crane and Aidumb is...has not our dear insannie suffered enough. Let her heal and move on with some real actors put her with Frankie, Jake, Tad. Then I watch OLTL and GL after AMC and I'm laughing and crying and caring........ sigh

jordan hudson said...

also check out DC if you have not alreday they actually posted the fight scene from Generations with Jonelle Allen and Vivica Fox. I so remember that fight because I said finaly a real cat fight because that was the way the girls in my neighbor hood went at it.

ABC SUCK IT. How dare you put Ugly Betty aside for anything. It's bad enough you are letting that &*%$ Brian Frons destroy daytime but you canceled my Men in Trees, Dirty sexy money and Pushing Daises. SUCK IT ABC

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Monday's episode

• Serious LI'L A has been watching FINDING NEMO brought to you by DISNEY™ & PIXAR™.

• BROT & EMMA are very sweet, even if it is dumb.

• ANNIE'S DR is "one of the top forensic psychiatrists in the country".

yeah, & I'm The Queen Of Sheba.

wait...are you telling me that "one of the top forensic psychiatrists in the country" doesnt know that ANNIE killed RICHIE???


• I cant wait to listen to this new podcast because i need to hear ya'll go ****OFF**** ON THIS DUMBASS SH*T!!!!!

....just so i know *I'm* not the one thats crazy!!!

• COLBY: "Whats going on with you? You've been weird all day."

you mean like, SOBER?

• KWAK's jealous of AMANDA.

• EMMA & BROT like each other.

BROT's gonna get a job at the hopsital.

• ANNIE'S damn Dr needs her license revoked.

• ANNIE'S DR: "Lucky for you, I'm an expert and I'm going to prove Annie is as sane as the rest of us!"

ya'll...i dont think i can watch this crap for a whole week. i've got *some* self-respect.

• i like seeing BROT happy, orderly?
this man almost lost his life fighting overseas & the best they can come up for him is a job as an orderly?!?

not to put down orderlies, but...FRANKIE was goin on about his bedside orderly doesnt get much chance to demonstrate bedside manner. an orderly empties pee jugs, bedpans, collects fecal samples, changes orderly doesnt get a lot of chance to stand still & talk to patients.

i thought FRANKIE was gonna suggest a counseling postion, maybe activities coordinator for the children's wing...but an orderly?

& are you telling me that BROT isnt receiving any assistance for his sacrifice? no compensation, no support, no skill training or job placement?

if not, then *THATS* a story.

seriously, the man is burnt over 40% of his body, almost lost his life fighting in an illegal & immoral war that was about nothing but gettin fat ass Dick Cheney & his buddies rich, & the best they can come up with for him is ORDERLY?????

• this show is not fun, its not entertaining, & except for BROT & TAYLOR, there is no heart.

• COLBY: "Amanda's having. Your Baby? How can. That be?"

• i could be doin a lot more constructive things with my time than watching this dumbass crap.

i love ya'll & that's the only thing that's gonna get me thru this episode.
But all bets are off for the rest of the week.

i feel like i'm gettin' *dumber* watching this.

• TAYLOR got all gussied up.

• CRYAN's *really concerned* about EMMA's burn.
BROT cared more than that!
that poor kid.

"yeah lets have a sleepover!!!"


• AMANDA *should* abort, because both JR & DAVITT are gonna see her as nothing more than an incubator...for *THEIR* baby!

to hell with that.

• so if KWAK is off the pills (with no withdrawal symptoms)...then what is her excuse for bein so damn dumb???

• i'm gonna quit this show, & then CRYAN & AIDUMB & ANNIE'S DR & her magic c•ck-ring can have a big sperm-slingin' 3-way & i hope Chuck Pratt licks the floor clean!!!!!

• BROT & TAYLOR are sooooo does that mean BROT is gonna die?

i aint watchin that.

• wait...wasnt AIDUMB just standing talking to ANNIE'S DR???
& now he's back at the vent talking to ANNIE???

i cant take it.

• i dont wanna see bad stuff happen to AMANDA. i dont wanna see bad stuff happen to ANGIE.

i love these characters.
why would i want to watch bad thigns happen to them?
& listen to KENDALL screech & yell on top of that?
why would i want to punish myself like that?
why would any self-respecting person wanna watch that???

ya'll can i dont have to.

notes on Monday's episode

• TODD ips off JANET's wire.

• LANGSTON's all hot for MR J.

• i wanna slap the hell outta that little douchebag that givin MATT a hard time.

• i love seeing the kitchen of THE BUENOS DIAS!

• MO: "Lady, did you spike your herbal tea this morning?"

• COLE's pissed, he wants his drugs. he needs some hot milk.

• uh huh, what are all the Cramer Women gonna do when they come home & find they dont have a place to live?
they're gonna be PISSED!!!

• dang, STARR, look a little bit more guilty!

• tsk, MATT is in a spiral.
i'm glad COLE is givin him a hard time.

• who's this maid @ LA BOULAISE?!?!

• ANTONIO: "I'll never stop until I bring you in!"

tsk, we know that aint true coz we all know that he's already quit!

• NOELLE: "Mo, have you been makin' your daddy's wake 'n' bake brownie recipe in that high-tech kitchen?!?"


i like NOELLE even more when she's pissed!

• uh oh, LOLA's huggin on MARKKO.

• stupid damn ANTONIO LOSER VEGA!!!

• oh, MR J holds the key!!!

Mel Got Served said...

If anyone wanted to see disrespect to veterans, watch last week's farewell to John and Marlena on Days. So rushed. In 4 days John spent 2 with no memory, 3 regained it, and on the 4th they remarried in the hospital and that was the end. What a slap in the face to fans of John and Marlena, and their show in general. At least I know AMC isn't the only soap writing like sh*t lately.

Last week's AMC was only 4 episodes, but man did they drag.

PS Did anyone read Nelson Branco's report about the Soap Cruise? He talked to Ricky Paul Goldin and RPG revealed someone else getting involved with Taylor....

Shadow said...

I'm sure everyone wants to be involved with Taylor. She's the only one getting decent s/ls and dialogue. And she's the only one who isn't phoning it in IMHO.

Mel Got Served said...

What I've noticed about AMC as of late is that Chuck Pratt only seems to want to write for HIS characters, meaning Taylor and Reese. Taylor hasn't been on as much lately, but the show is turning into All My Reese. To me, Pratt writes storylines for the others because he has to, and instead plans these elaborate stories for his creations.

Mel Got Served said...

Forgot to ask, why is Aidan so hell bent on protecting Annie? When did he fall for her? As much as I love my Insannie, that storyline needs some answers pronto.

SOAPFAN said...

Ashley/ can call Vanessa "Vaginessa" since you think she looks like she stinks.

I can see that. Some people look like they stink. Certain people I look at, I can just tell they must have bad breath.

BELINDA said...

Amigos ... niñitos ... aqui llegamos/Con muchas sorpresas en Villa Alegre ... La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, Villa Alegre!!!

Check out:

''¿Qué Pasa, U.S.A.?'' has its very own page:

Mel Got Served said...

Jordan, I have Degrassi Junior High Season 1 on DVD. I bet you can get it cheap on Amazon. I used to be a fan of Degrassi: The Next Generation so I found all the old episodes online and had a mega marathon a few years back (I was a bit young when the original debuted). I love Joey Jeremiah and his fedora! And the fact that later there was a character named BLT. They knew how to write realistic teens. The new version? Not so much- turned into a soap, rather than a series that seemed more about real kids.

SOAPFAN said...

Aww man, you just brought back memories for me. I used to love Degrassi. I remember they had that MONO(nucleiosis) storyline with one of those twins...I think her name was Erica.

I kind of had a crush on Kaitlyn. I used to watch PBS all afternoon. I would watch Degrasse, then I would flip to NJN and watch Dark Shadows and Uncle Floyd.

In fact, I loved Dark Shadows, cause it reminded me of All My Children...Classic All My Children that is. Langley was on that!

Anonymous said...

Melmel, I saw the last couple of episodes of DAYS, and I look at our show.... wow,

Dena Higley + Chuck Pratt = The Omen

Jordan, I know that you are going to laugh, but since I'm a youngin, I did watch Degrassi the Next Generation for many many years. In fact, this year is actually the first year that I'm not going to watch it, simply because they've gotten rid of their entire cast and gotten a whole new group of kids....dumb writers/producers.

Sound familiar to anything?

Anonymous said...

Hey all,

jordash, u two can talk about OLTL all you want just warn us first, this week I shut the podcast off when there was 21 minutes and 12 secconds left. Thank-you for the warning as we hve no interest in OLTL

Jordan, the IMAX screen u spoke of ( AKA Colby's forehead), was invented in Canada. Yet another great Canadian idea.

In the age of Obama, why does AMC still stick to a sterytypical portrayal of African Americans?

Once again my question for the next podcast is will we ever get a pic of the two of you?

Anonymous said...

Elyse and Susan, I have been wondering the same thing as well.

I know that this is going to sound simply ridiculous, but I found the podcast right around the return of Angie and Jesse, and so, because of that, for some reason, everytime I listen to the podcast, I am picturing Debbie Morgan and Darnell Williams saying what you guys are saying. LMAO You should here me cracking up when Ashley does her Angie and Jessie impressions.


Anyways, I loved Tad today. I miss that. And we finally got to see a glimpse of the real Ryan today. Him and Tad were pretty good finding info on Dr. Sincrazy. My guess on the situation? Doc fell for Richie during that two year period.

Norn Cutson said...

i didn't think there was anything wrong with ANGIE goin off on JESSE...if my husband did that to *me*, screaming & yelling would be the *least* of his worries!!!!!

DancingElf88 said...

Hi Ashley and Jordan! I'm Semi and I'm a new listener. I found about your podcast about 2 weeks ago and fell in love with it! I listened to like 10 of them in one day. I think you're hilarious and thank you for working so hard. I'm a relatively new AMC viewer and I love the show (well some parts).

I love Taylor and Brot. And I love Annie..she's my favorite. Even though you're not a fan I love Aiden also but I still laugh when you call him Aidumb.

Keep up the great posts!

Brian said...

I'm so over these storylines!

n29n, I agree about Ryan ignoring the fact that his daughter was burned! What the heck?!? I can't believe that a judge thought that he was the better parent!

This Annie crap is dumb. I want this to MOVE ON! Give MCE something else to play. I'm so mad that they wrote her into a crazy corner (just like Hannah and Josh). I want MCE to play normal, sexy, bitch; not crazy-Annie. And why havn't we seen Janet or heard her mentioned? They are in the same place. It would be very cool to just hear a mention.

I think Hillbilly Fairy was right about the doctor. She had something to do with Richie and now WE are being punished for it. She needs to go!

DancingElf88 said...

I don't like this Dr. Sin. She is way too sheisty. She basically gave her agenda away today when she talked about the bond between doctor and patient bordering on love. My guess is that she was a former lover of Ritchie's who used her and she blames Annie for it. I need Annie to get better..MCE is fabulous and she needs to interact with other people now.

At least Ryan is showing some concern for her and actually following through with it..go figure.

That baby is obviously David's. It's too soon to be JR's and too late to be Jake's. If David finds out it's his...that adoption thing is out the window.

I found it so disrespectful that Erica, Binx, and Reese were giggling away about a wedding woth Josh's death. I guess I shouldn't be surprised but Erica was just bitching people out Friday and today it "La-di da wedding dresses?" Ay dieu!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Great podcast! the smelly tonton had me rolling on the floor!

Jordan do you also watch Big Love? That's a great show and so much is happening in the new season that just started.

Terry in Toronto

Norn Cutson said...


Erica Kane said...

Hey all, loved the podcast as usual, I made it all the way thru without laughing out loud until the Vaginessa part. My co workers were like what are you laughing at and I just said a smelly tonton. They had no clue lol. I never got to watch Degrassi as we never got that show where I grew up. Does anyone remember The Great Space Coaster?? I too wondered about Amamda making her decison on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade but I don't think anyone at AMC is smart enough to catch the fact that it was the anniversary. Jordan for once I have to disagree with you, for I am so TEAM MILEY!!!! Selena just gets on my nerves.
More later,
Miss Kane

Unknown said...

yeah WHat Was With the Wedding Dress scene? Why did we need to see that? I didn't even get the point.... Erica didn't like the dresses? she did like the dresses? Booby-anca looked like a Grecian milkmaid in hers and Reese looked like a dressed-up twig? I dunno. But I kept thinking it was a little soon after Josh's death for all that...and that scene with Miranda pulling the curtain. Who didn't see that coming.... duh. Thank god for DVR and the fast-forward button.

Unknown said...

and I agree with comments about Brot. An orderly? He'd be better off working for Zach.

w3w said...
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w3w said...

Hi JordAsh

Loved the podcast, as usual! Thank you so much for all the blood sweat & tears you put into it!! (mostly tears lately!)

After watching today's episode - I am hating the whole boobianca/reese story even more than before. It seems silly at times and today's wedding dress scene was pointless. I thought Reese's dress was hideous - who would pick that for a wedding dress????? And I agree with what others are saying - isn't this a bit too much right after Josh died? I HATE these writers.

I also HATE the Dr. Sinclaire story and the actress. She seems very fake. I do think she was involved with Richie and is seeking revenge for him being killed. DUMB DUMB DUMB At least Aidumb is off the screen for a while!

Questions for the next podcast:

1) Jordan would you please remind me about Brook's daughter Laura that you all were talking about. I thought she was killed by a drunk driver as a small child.

2) what are your hobbies outside of the PVP - BESIDES TV shows, Jordan!!


Shadow said...

Monday’s AMC….

JAKE TO AMAMDA: Rosemary’s Baby? How is that comforting? And all his baby-ish talk. Was Ricky Paul Goldin this stupid on the other show? And did he have bad hair then too?

ADAM WATCHING NEMO? No way. If Adam were to watch TV with Lil ‘A they would be watching The Sean Hannity Show. Of course it’s ABC so it would have to be something like Nightline on DVR. I could see Adam reading The First Billion is the Hardest by T. Boone Pickens for a bedtime story. But goofy cartoon watching grandpa? Never.

BROT AND EMMA are sweet, but I still have problems with this. I don’t think this would play out so easily with a kid her age. Last week my 4 year old asked a bald guy what happened to his hair. He asked a guy with a limp what was wrong with his leg. Sunday he was all over a blind guy’s dog in a restaurant. (Yes, we’ve talked about all this stuff. The hair comment cracked me up, but I thought I was going to die on the spot with the limp guy and blind guy.) My point is, there was no way Emma wasn’t going to have a million questions. Last week they didn’t show her ask Brot if his face hurt and I found that unbelievable. Should she? No. But 4 year olds tell it like it is. Their thoughts roll off their tongues. In reality, Emma at her young age would have no reference point for his injury. She would either have had a million questions or she would have been scared her hand would end up like his face. Besides, if she was really in pain and that upset at that age, I don’t think a stranger could calm her down so easily let alone one with a disfigurement. The reason I’m picking on this scene is because IMHO they are beginning to take the easy way out with this story. To me, it is one of the more promising, but it’s never realized its potential. They sort of side-stepped the war issue. Instead we got Brot hiding in closets talking to the Turd. It’s like they are afraid to let the characters be political. Some would support the war. Others would protest against it. Whatever the case, TPTB are afraid to get political. They won’t even admit that Adam of all people would more than likely be conservative and grooming Lil ‘A in the Alex P. Keaton way. Instead he’s watching Pixar cartoons.

The Brot/Taylor s/l morphed from a promising, controversial, thought provoking war story to your typical character lurking in the shadows of PVH to an after school special (to quote JordAsh) about people who look different. But even as an after school special I think they are missing an opportunity to show the depth and reality of what Brot deals with by showing the honest reaction of a kid. I don’t know if I’m explaining my thought process well enough about this. I just would like to see them make some harder choices in the storylines and really flesh it out like OLTL does. Lately, I’ll see a spark of a good idea, but then TPTB miss the opportunity and the storyline just fades into something bland and disappointing. We know the characters stand for something, for certain points of view – Adam-brash capitalist and control freak, Taylor—consumate soldier and guy’s girl, Tad—former Cad turned principled family man, Jesse—devoted husband who would give up his existence to protect his wife. AMC puts them in these Points Of View but then doesn’t really commit to letting the characters react honestly from their POV. (Jesse would ****never**** arrest Angie.) Their actions aren’t consistent with the Points of View their characters were invented to play. Joe, a source of stability and fairness for 30 years suddenly a wimp who buckles at David Hayward’s idiotic schemes? I don’t think so. Joe took on Adam and Palmer for years.

OK, one more thing about Emma. Emma had to open the oven door, feel that rush of heat, reach in with both arms, grab the cookie sheet with her bare hands and hold on for dear life.

And then there’s Ryanderthal. He ruined Annie’s life over an empty gun under a king size bed that posed no threat unless Emma dropped it on her foot and got one of those bruises on her toenail. Greenlee, on the other hand, may as well have locked her in the oven. Ryan kissed Greenlee’s head and told her she was a great Mommy. Stoopit!

How is it that AMC flies through all the good storylines missing all sorts of promising opportunities but bullshit like this Annie/Aidan/Dr. Crane thing pokes along pointlessly?

Somebody posted that one of the other soaps was recruiting Jacob Young. That might not be such a bad thing. He’s played out. Why not poke a fork in the Babe Carey era and let him move to CA? They could use the money to bring back a more interesting Chandler kid like Skye.

David Hayward sent a “surprise” to Amamda while having wine with KWAKho. Krystal was always tacky, but when did she turn into a dumbass?

Billy Miller is pissed.

Jake/Amamda/KWAK/David. Remember when people were nice to their friends? Natalie and Donna? Erica and Olga? Brooke and Tad? Derek and Trevor?

I think I may prefer Aidumb talking through the vent. I don’t need to actually see him.

Greenlee is always sitting on Ryan’s lap. Ladies, do any of you sit on your man’s lap? The women on this show get carried to bed and have to sit on their man’s lap to talk. I find that odd.

Taylor got gussied up because Brot got a job. Orderlies pay $20-30,000.00 a year. Not a lot to go shopping for big hoop earrings and a designer gown.

AMANDA: Did you ever hear of knocking? Has ****anyone**** ever heard of knocking in PV?

I don’t take the issue of abortion lightly, but Amanda is self destructive and has low self esteem. I see her reacting quickly in this situation and ending the pregnancy. It may bother her deeply, but she would bury it in her subconscience and abort. I’m not saying women who abort have low esteem or anything like that. I’m not commenting on women in any generic way. Just specifically Amanda. She just doesn’t strike me as one who would give this any more thought than she apparently did birth control or sleeping around. I don’t think she has the coping skills. She would just react like she always does to everything and solve her “problem” even though there is a strong likelihood it may haunt her later.

Nothing about Adumb’s tenure at Oakhaven is remotely realistic. Who is paying the bill? Dr. Sullidan or Cranivan or Zarf, whatever, got rid of Adumb’s Psych somehow and now is trying to figure out what Adumb is up to. Why not pull the medical record and find out who his insurance company is and if there is anything unusual about how his file and account are set up? Pull his social security number and run a background check on him. Find out how he was diagnosed and check his medical history. He’s a psych patient so I’m sure she could easily check his background. He would have to have a legally appointed guardian ad litem to make medical decisions on his behalf. That would be in the file too. Re-dick.

Who is watching Jenny and Kathy?

I like Jake and Taylor as friends but they don’t need to date.

After giving all the peeps at ConTusion a good cussing, why would Taylor and Brot go back there? And why would Taylor dress up like the menu passing HOstess rather than herself?

I’ve never known a pregant woman who craved tomato soup.

Shadow said...

Tuesday on All My Codependent Emotionally Crippled Children

The last thing Adumb did before Dr. Cellophane burst into his room was close the vent. Now both sides of the vent are open and Annie is asking for him. The good news is he’s missing.

Annie talking to a vent. JR talking to a headstone. Everyone’s talking to the moon. These staff cutbacks are too much.

Reese is an architect. Why is she at Fusion?

Why is Erica talking to Bianca slowly and loudly like Bianca’s impaired?

ANNIE: If you could tell me where my friend is. I need my friend. Where’s my friend. Blah blah blah.

DR. CRANULVAN: Oh well, the specifics aren’t important. Annie killed a person. Stabbed another. Threatened to kill Greenlee. How are the specifics not important?

I hope Annie kills Dr. Zarfidan before she gets well. Remember that scene in the Wizard of Oz where the witch mocks Dorothy with “Auntie Em, Auntie Em…a hahahahah” I keep waiting for Dr. Sullizarf to do the same to Annie thru the vent. Mr. Stone. Where are you Mr. Stone. A hahahahahah….

I have to check the color on my HDTV. Tad’s looks like he’s wearing a hideous bright blue velour jacket.

PROMO: Something about Reese getting naked with Zach. I want to see Reese have sex with everyone. Except Zach.

David being nice to Brot. Man if Brot can bring out the nice in these characters, they should definitely put him on contract.

So over loser JR. And if Ghost Babe comes back to help JR with the kids I’m done.

Boobianca is the only girl I’ve ever seen who can look fatter in a black dress. Maybe it’s just that she’s standing next to StickGirl.

The only time I like Greenlee or that she looks like she’s having fun is when she’s sparring with Erica.

When they brought Erica into Fusion I thought she would really run it professionally and make it a powerhouse. She’s even less professional than Greenlee and Kendall. She has the staff organizing her shoes. Missed opportunity to show what a pro Erica really is.

Greenlee finally shows up at Fusion and all she wants to do is “have fun” and order takeout. And she sends everyone home.

“A Little Charm Goes A Long Way. Happy Valentine’s Day”. Reminds me of the pitches Darin used to make to Larry Tate on Bewitched.

Dr. Sinzarfidan talks to Annie like she’s scolding a little kid. When does she act like a doctor?

Wow, Boob’s dress looks like a giant white terry cloth bath robe.


Boob’s tit flopped out.

Now that Pete isn’t spying for Adam I see no reason for him to be shuffling paper at Fusion. He’s a genius and heir to a fortune. Why isn’t running Courtland Enterprises.

Is there no where else Amamda can go for medical assistance?

My wife had 4 challenging pregnancies, but she didn’t run around town puking everywhere.

Annie, please kill Dr. Sullerdarf.

I’m not going to watch this dumb Annie crap anymore. I like MCE but I hate this entire, pathetic, re-dick storyline. Flying monkeys. It’s not funy anymore. It’s a sad waste of time. I hate it worse than Ryan and Greenlee.

Apparently Dr. Sullidarf doesn’t have caller ID. And she’s so brilliant she isn’t worried about this interview popping up out of no where. No questions. She just goes straight to Confusion.

OPAL: “Myrt, we need ya”. Boy do we. When did Erica start taking style advice from Opal?

Oh, everyone is so happy and having fun with the dresses and, oh I hate be a downer, but remember how ya’ll killed Josh and harvested his heart? Wasn’t that like, yesterday? Shouldn’t we be planning a funeral rather than hemming a dress?

TAD: There aren’t too many people who can compartmentalize.” I have to compartmentalize all the time watching this show.

Reese’s dress is FUGLY and doesn’t fit correctly. The bathrobes looked better than their dresses.

And here’s the part where Reese gets naked in front of Zach. I just don’t have anything to say. No quips or observations other than it wasn’t funny and it isn’t right. Again, here was an opportunity to tell a real story about an iconic gay character. A chance to be groundbreaking. A chance to write a romance for the ages. Brokeback Valley. And they missed it. It’s just devolved into a substandard plotline with the Icon being played the fool.

Anonymous said...

> 1) Jordan would you please remind me about Brook's daughter Laura that you all were talking about. I thought she was killed by a drunk driver as a small child.

I'll get this one. Some years after Laura was killed by a drunk driver, Brooke adopted another girl...also called Laura. Quite bizarre, but that's how it happened.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Tuesday's episode

• ok, i'm doing an experiment for the rest of this week.
i'm just gonna ffwd til i see a character who interests me.
I've *never* ffwd'd before, i thought of it as "cheating"...but my blood pressure can't take any more of ANNIE'S DR.

• oh, there's PETEY...he's a pervert.

here's BIANCA & REESE's wedding gowns.

• i'm fwding...

• here's BROT.
BROTTY Baby, you steer *clear* of DAVITT! Love BROT even more when he's mixing with other characters.
he looks hot in his scrubs.
i love him bein cool wiht FRANKIE.

• i'm fwding...but notice all that greenery behind look out your window, do you see anything in green here in the NorthEast?

• ok, back @ FUSION...
AMANDA's eating & she's really eating!!!

ERICA"s yammering & i'm not listening. love PETEY & AMANDA, i wanna see them get all perverted together!

• i'm fwding...

I would wach TAD but CRYAN scenes are no longer allowed in this household.

• back @ CASA DEL's OPAL!

you could fit three KENDALL's in each of BIANCA's boobs!

seriously, it looks like she's smuggling something!

she's givin NATTY KNOCKERS BOOBS BUCHANAN a run for her money!

• i love PETEY, but can you imagine how get so depressed over COLBY?!?!?!?!

• i'm fwding...

• if DAVITT screws BROT over, thats it.

• OPAL: (looking heavenward)"Myrt, we need ya!"

You ****KNOW**** Jill Larson ad-libbed that, because ***NO FRICKIN WAY*** did Pratt write that line!!!
Too real & too much heart!!!!
I loved it!!!!

• i like seeing MIRANDA hanging out...oh, i spoke too soon, she just becomes a prop.

oh, let me guess, now we will have scenes of BIANCA & REESE blaming themselves & their bad luck for GREENLEE's death....i didnt just eyeroll. my eyes rolled outta my head & down the hall!!!

• AMANDA is beautiful, she is even more beautiful to me when she is trying to act....her story sucks, but thats not Chrishell's fault.


notes on Tuesday's episode

• STARR's practicing her testimony.

• i dont beleive ive ever seen TODD @ THE BUENOS DIAS.

• Wow, i *LOVE* DORIAN's hair!!!!

DORIAN & JACK have a little scene!

• JARED: "Show me The Way, David..."

mmMPPhh, i'd like DAVID to show *me* The Way!

• here's JESS, BESS & TESS!

• hangin out in the kitchen of LLANFAIR...

disregarding VIKI or DORIAN, which kitchen do ya'll like better, the one @ LLANFAIR or the one @ LABOULAISE?

• love love love STARR & BLAIR havin mother daughter time!!!!



ya'll, i am originally from Asheville, which has become a huge new age center, & every other building there is a Zen Center, Crystal Healing Center, Yoga Center etc etc etc so that is just ***SCREAMINGLY**** HILARIOUS to me!!

legal documents get DORIAN ***HOT***!!!

DORIAN goes a li'l bonkers on NORA...

• all this between DAVID & JARED seems *real sexual* to me!

• ooh the DR is tryin to wake up TESS!

• here's DORIAN @ THE BUEONS DIAS, she got her chauffeur to drop her off...& she makes a crack about the ANGEL SQUARE neighborhood!!!!

OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH that *LOOK* DORIAN gives when she sees its JARED!!!!!

that is classic!

DAVID: "Some store in Llanview is running low on these robes..."

oh this scene is so good, DORIAN & JARED both *know* that they are both *TOTALLY BULLSH*TTING* each other, & DAVID VICKEROSHI is blissfully oblivious!!!

• STARR: "I'm not afraid of Téa Delgado!"

whoa, JACK goes off on STARR for testifying against TODD!!!

TÉA's a backdoor woman!!

• DORIAN *must* be *all wrapped up* in her scheme coz she's passing up the chance to meddle with TODD & BLAIR!

DAVID: "The look on your face..."
DORIAN: "Describe it to me!
Is it joy?

• BESS just turns the DR *off*, he doesnt know who he's dealin with!!!

• i ****love**** DORIAN getting DAVID to sign the papers!!!!

DORIAN: "Just put your little David Vickeroshi right there!"

• ooh NATTY KNOCKERS is gonna keep HOPE/CHLOE away from JESS!

• ooooh tomorrow looks ACTION PACKED!!!

Shadow said...

n69 said, "you could fit three KENDALL's in each of BIANCA's boobs! seriously, it looks like she's smuggling something!


I caught the last part of OLTL. Pretty funny stuff with Dorian, but I think she looked like the Bride of Frankenstein in that robe with that pale skin and streaked up-do.

Hard to believe the ratings aren't rising at OLTL. I don't remember it ever being this entertaining. Dorian and Jessica are powerhouses.

Shadow said...

Soap Opera Digest’s Random Quotes

"Erica's children are both in such vulnerable and innocent positions when she's called on to make that choice — I thought very much about Sophie's Choice."
Susan Lucci (Erica) on Erica having to decide to give Josh's heart to Kendall.

Funny neither Sophie’s Choice nor any other Oscar winning movie crossed my mind during that AMC episode. Sophie's Choice was a 1982 American drama film that told the story of a beautiful Polish immigrant, Sophie, and her tempestuous lover who share a boarding house with a young writer in Brooklyn. At one point, she recounts the night she arrived at Auschwitz with her children, and how a Nazi officer forced her to choose life for one child, and death for the other. The movie is regarded as Meryl Streep’s finest performance. Looch just ~sniffed~.

"That's just the downside of being an actor. You go through what your character's going through. You can feel a bit down, even though you intelligently know it's not actually happening to you."
Aiden Turner (Aidan) on suffering when his character suffers.

Ok, it’s just funny to hear him using the word “intelligently”, and that’s not even counting the fact that he used it incorrectly. Ah, Aidan Devane, master of the English language.

"We all hate it, because we love Colin."
Alicia Minshew on Colin Egglesfield's character, Josh, being killed off.

Nice way of saying they all thought the whole thing sucked too.

"It's pretty bad when the friend you're confiding in is an ex-boyfriend. Then you know you're really reaching."
Chrishell Stause (Amanda) on her character talking to Jake about her pregnancy.

Even she thinks it’s dumb for Amamda to be talking to dickhead Jake.

"She says no. She's having bad dreams."
Cameron Mathison on Ryan's New Year's Eve proposal to Greenlee.

Obviously he thought it was lame too. Cameron as a guy is OK. Ryan as a character is played out. CM needs a new gig on Password or some other game show.

Arizonagal said...

AMC is so chillin' my mellow (Dorian!), harshin' my buzz, bummin' me out and just plain annoying and boring.

I don't even know what day I'm on, I think I just finished last week. Eek is treating everyone at Fusion like total crap and I am hating it. Once again the black ugly hearts of the small minded folks of PV are on display for all to see. Yeah, that's entertaining (rolls eyes).

I think this absolutely dreadful writing, and the mean shallow people inhabiting PV reflects directly on what type of person Pratthole truly is. When Eek insults her staff, it's because that's what Pratt does. Misogynistic behavior? Pratt all the way. It's all Pratt, people.

Sorry folks, I am just amazed at how awful these PV people can be, and on a regular basis. This is not entertaining. I work my tail off everyday and when I come home, what I want is to escape with good entertainment, compelling drama (Lost, Big love fan here too), comedy (Office, Scrubs), reality (big loser, top chef, intervention).

What I don't want to see is JR acting like a drunk a$$hole, Eek being a miserable shrew, David victimizing stupid willing women, Zach saying b.s. like he did about Kendall's heart not being hers - blech. Jake, for no good reason, sticking his nose into Amanda's choices, too preachy and totally not his business. And Amanda, being the doormat she is, doesn't tell him to mind his own bidneth, she just blandly listens to this b.s. instead of being insulted, which is what any smart woman would do. Don't be preaching to us AMC and stop dumbing down the women!

The one thing that did melt my heart was Brot talking to Emma. How sweet was that, and how real. I love Brot.

Last night I was so relieved to get thru an episode of AMC so I could watch OLTL and I was so rewarded! Dorian Lord, girl you RULE! Give that woman good material and she makes a gold mine out of it.

I'll say it again, TSJ as Todd amazes me. One minute he's playful, like when he wakes up and finds Tea in his bed. That boyish charm is out there, he's smiling and playful.

A few scenes later, he's talking to Janet (Lee) and he is so dark and menacing and truly scary. Great writing, great acting.

Vickeroshi and Dorian, I just eat them up, I devour every scene they are in and I am grinning ear to ear at the comic genius of these actors.

Delphina, a treat as usual. Love her. I love the way OLTL writes their recurring characters. Everyone has good lines, they aren't just case aside.

Jordan, big Almodovar fan here and Antonio Banderas in Law of Desire was amazing. The gay love scenes were not raunchy, they were passionate, emotional, and sexy. I don't think Almodovar's intention is to titillate as much as to explore different aspects of sexuality. Same for Cuaron, he treats sexuality as a normal physical response, there is an honesty there.

Shadow said...

Colin E. and Tonia P. apparently are back during the first week of February. I'm not sure the extent of Colin E's ghostly residence, but Miss Thang will be on and off sporadically.

SOAPFAN said...

I am so looking forward to Tonya Pinkins! I think that the show could use Livia right now, and I would hope she could be friends with ANGIE, cause Angie is too good for damn Krystal!

I didn't really feel that scene with Emma and Brot. Jr. Martinez has been awesome, but the scene was a little unrealistic. First of all, in real life, Emma would have probably screamed if she saw someone who looked like Brot, and second...she would be even MORE scared to have someone look at her burn if she saw someone like Brot that had been burned.

I think the writers meant well, but it was just so unrealistic.

Luis Merino said...

Question to all PVP fans here:

Has anyone used a message board/forum on the web before?

Do you think PVP would benefit from using one?

Would you be more or less inclined to participate in discussions (AMC, OLTL, and otherwise) if we had a message board/forum?

I want to help Ashley put one up here on the PVP site to help with our varied discussions. Let us know.

Shadow said...

Bring it! As long as it retains Ashley's brand of good natured, ass-toot humor I'll try it. My only concern would be that if it divided the conversation too specifically. I think all the random conversation is helpful in getting to know the personalities, and it usually serves the purpose of emphasizing a point being made about AMC.

Hey Luis, thanks for what you do with the opening. As a listener, I appreciate how much time it must take and it's fun to hear.

This is cool site full of talented people.

Mel Got Served said...

Hey Luis- I used to post on an excellent Days of our Live message board ( and I always enjoyed the thread way to post to related topics. It's the messageboard I compare all others to. I think we could benefit because we can have threads like "INSANNIE SAVES THIS SHOW!" and "Chuck Pratt is ruining my life!" and then we can rant. Then we can also have threads for all the other shows we watch, be it daytime or nighttime... or just a general "Good Morning!"

There could even be a section for "live posting" during the show.

Mel Got Served said...

Wanted to put this in a separate post: I agree about Emma's reaction to Brot, and that's because I have real life experience.

When I began kindergarten, it was the first time I met someone burnt. He was 98% burnt on his body, and I won't lie, it was very scary for a 6 year old. At first, I was afraid to interract with him and it took an amazing and inspirational teacher to open my, and my classmate's eyes, to how great this kid was. After that, we became good friends. Played a recess, went to a big charity event, etc. So, after all that, what I'm trying to say is, Emma being frightened, to me, would've been an OK and natural reaction- moreso than all the people at Confusion.

By the way, recently someone was at Confusion for lunch (Angie and Jesse or Brot and Taylor), and yet Confusion was bumping with people at the BAR. Who goes to the BAR at lunchtime- and that many people?

Anonymous said...

All I gotta say about the return of Josh and Livia is that Livia is probably going to be playing lawyer #4 and Josh is going to be a dream caused by undercooked pork roast or something stupid. There's no way that Pratt can do justice to any character. Ever.

Norn Cutson said...

Hey Luis!

I can see the good points of both formats!

The good point of a message board system is that you build community, & it allows for deeper discussion of specific areas of interest...& thats great!

The good thing about the current blog format is that we are all participating in ONE conversation, albeit a free-ballin', we're all in it together.

Norn Cutson said...

I got a thank you card from Erika Slezak today!

it says:

Dear Mr Cutson,
Thank you so much for the delightful illustration you sent me - You really are very talented and clever -
I hope you will continue to enjoy ONE LIFE - All the best for a happy and healthy 2009 - Sincerely
Erika Slezak

Anonymous said...

i really like the forum idea! i love the blogspot but it's hard to read all the posts and come back and get lost, especially with some people posting huge daily recaps that i'm not interested in.

Anonymous said...


Well, if the little labcoat and horns sticking out of Amanda's belly didn't already give it away, just did.

Ashley said...

For those of you posting recaps: I LOVE THEM! I laugh out loud, especially at Shadow and n69, and you make my job easier 'cuz we can't cover all this fun stuff on the 'cast every week! PLEASE keep them coming!


Anonymous said...

Oh, and my question of the week...

If Skye were to come back, how would you guys feel about Skye's daughter, Lila Rae, amongst the likes of Emma, Kathy, Little A, Spike, Miranda, Ian, Gabrielle, and Amanda's baby when they are all aged? Who will be the super couple? The tramp? The addict? The whore? etc.

They are building for quite the teen scene in a couple of years. Hopefully, we're still around to see it...

Anonymous said...

Oh, and my question of the week...

If Skye were to come back, how would you guys feel about Skye's daughter, Lila Rae, amongst the likes of Emma, Kathy, Little A, Spike, Miranda, Ian, Gabrielle, and Amanda's baby when they are all aged? Who will be the super couple? The tramp? The addict? The whore? etc.

They are building for quite the teen scene in a couple of years. Hopefully, we're still around to see it...

Crystal said...

WTF is going on with this show?!

Why is Natalia suddenly in a uniform with a hat perched on her giant hair? I always feel like I missed a couple of episodes. Why didn't they show the rest of Angie's hearing or whatever it was? Why on earth would Tad meet Dr. Sherinclare at the Confusion? Maybe they should just rename the whole show to All My Confusion!

The only time I stopped watching before was when they gave one of 'our' babies to another soap. That was the last straw and I started watching again when I heard he was going to be brought back. I am so close to quitting it again. I think I am only watching so I can laugh along with you guys.

MORE OLTL please and, the shows are NOT too long!! I get my cleaning done while listening to the show, you wouldn't want me to have a dirty house now, would you? ;)

Arizonagal said...

Zach has entered the ranks of the unredeemable. First he kills Josh because he needs a heart for Kendall. When his plan becomes a reality and the stick gets a heart, he still isn't happy. Why? It's not Kendall's heart beating in her chest. Aaarrrrgh! For petes sake dude, stop whining. Didn't that piss anyone else off? And again, why would the docs put a healthy heart, something that surely comes at a premium, in a comatose patient?

Lol, Eeek compares her choice to Sophie's choice? And our ever asstoot Ashley refers to her acting as a choice of "paper or plastic"! Ashley when you said that I burst out laughing and had to replay it again. You guys make me laugh at the most inopportune times and I love it!

Arizonagal said...

Here we go again... Ryan and Greenlee decide to go upstairs, again not sure which day, I think Friday. Of course, he's carrying the little squirrel up the stairs. The record stands, women being whisked off for a little romance must never walk up the stairs. They must be carried so they can conserve their energy for the sweaty action ahead. Meanwhile I'm picturing Ryanderthal dragging Greenlee up the stairs with a club in one hand and an ample handful of Greenlee's hair in the other.

Meanwhile over at OLTL, Blair and John are also going upstairs for an evening of wild monkey love. The difference? They WALKED up the stairs with their arms around each other. How refreshing was that!

Luis Merino said...

Thanks for the replies everyone,. Shadow, thanks for acknowledging the themes. I absolutely love putting them together.

As far as a forum goes, I'll do what I can to help Ashley make the transition, if that's the direction she decides to go.

Laura said...

Hey All, great Podcast, half way through it. I'm here in the Dubuque area. I'll listen to it on the way home. Hey Alejandro, going to the QC area tomorrow on the way back to Chi-Town. Thanks for watching so I don't have to while I am out of town.

Anonymous said...

it's definitely up to ashley, but i love the forum idea. although i'm happy to read everyone's post on here. suck it amc, it's so terrible right now. i honestly can't wait for kendall to wake up!!

BetseyD said...

WTF is going on with this show?!

Why is Natalia suddenly in a uniform with a hat perched on her giant hair? I always feel like I missed a couple of episodes. Why didn't they show the rest of Angie's hearing or whatever it was? Why on earth would Tad meet Dr. Sherinclare at the Confusion? Maybe they should just rename the whole show to All My Confusion!


You took the words right out of my mouth!

The last thing I knew, Natalia was merely thinking about being a Cop. Now we are supposed to believe that she has made application to, and been accepted into the Police Academy, gone through what is usually months of intensive training, and is now officially working as a full-fledged police officer with the Pine Valley Police Force?!? It is like we have gone through some kind of Time Warp, or something, and missed months of elapsed time here!

Don't even get me started on that ridiculous hat/hair thing! Personally, I am finding it hard to believe that Natalia's hair-do is exactly department regulation; unless I am wrong; would anybody be able to either back me up, or correct me, here?

Exactly what was the outcome of Angie's trial??? Did I miss something, or was there no actual conclusion with a ruling/sentencing? Why the Hell were we even made to sit through any of this nonsense??? What was the point of this whole "Angie gets arrested" storyline? Was it just so that we could watch Angie and Jessie get into a fight? Quite frankly, the only thing that I was able to focus on was the utter ridiculousness of that hat, perched oh so precariously on top of Natalia's giant hair! Maybe this was all brought about so that we could witness Natalia modeling her new Police Hat and Uniform? Give me a friggin' break!

Last, but not least, WHY would Tad arrange to meet with Dr. Sheridan Crane at Confusion?!? The minute he suggested this I thought to myself: "Ten to one, someone he knows will spot him, and then blow his cover, when they invariably come over to say hello!" - and, of course, what happened? For a supposed "smart guy" this was an absolutely moronic move on his part! You could see this coming from a mile away!

Anyway, my rant being over, I just wanted to give a shout out to both Jordan and Ashley: I LOVE you guys and your hilarious (yet insightful) Podcast! I started listening to the PVP after hearing an interview you gave (I believe it was Ashley) one day on BlogTalk Radio. I now really look forward to starting my week off with you two, because you always provide me with a great laugh over what otherwise would be a very painful, and aggravating, viewing experience!

I also wanted to add that I am totally enjoying your commentaries on OLTL! I love that show, and it is great that the two of you are also loving,and discussing, it as well!

Jordan and Ashley, keep up the great work - you guys are definitely a wonderful way to start off every week!


Norn Cutson said...

notes on Wednesday's episode

• i'm continuing my ffwding experiment.

• i'm gonna put up with CRYAN for AMANDA's sake.


• ....fwd....

• ANGIE: "Oh, *BABY*?!? You sure weren't *BABY*ing me when I was being booked!!!"

you tell him, ANGIE!!!

• ....fwd....

• aw, AMANDA....

• ....fwd....

• you can see the steam comin' out of ANGIE's ears!!!

JESSE: "Jackson, will you *please* tell her she left me no choice..."
ANGIE: "I AM *STANDING RIGHT HERE*, I don't need Jackson to tell me *ANYTHING*!!!"

JESSE has looked the other way with TAD, CRYAN, RANCID & ZACH...we've all seen it. So this is all bullsh*t about him doing his "job".

• ...a lot of fwwding...

• i love AMANDA but i;m not gonna watch DAVITT torment her.

• KWAK just dropped the bomb on TAD. oh man, TAD is *HURT*.

oh man.

now *this*, what Michael Knight is doing, is "understated"....what Looch was doin was not "understated", it was "lazy".

• ...a lot of fwwding...

oh damn, i accidentally fwddded right to the end!

notes on Wednesday's episode

• here's VIKI.

• damn, TÉA is playin' STARR.
is she gonna let STARR believe that TODD jumped off the roof of THE PALACE HOTEL over *her*?

• i am crackin' up watchin' DORIAN try to keep smiling while REX is needling her!!!

• uh oh, COLE meeets WES.

• NATTY KNOCKERS is gettin all heated.

• OHHHH REX totally blew DORIAN's game!

• WES & COLE are gonna do it!

not the greatest fight scene, but that aint what i watch OLTL for.
i *did* like seein 'em hump up on each other!

• VIKI brings HOPE/CHLOE to see JESS.

• DAVID: (makin the goofiest face) "I feel such bliss!"

look, you can tell Tuc Watkins is trying to crack up John-Paul Lavoisier!

you know how Jordan was referencing the Carol Burnett EUNICE sketch where Tim Conway was killin' everybody with his adlibs?
they couldnt breathe coz they were trying so hard not to laugh...& failing?

that is *exactly* what Tuc Watkins is tryin to do here!!!!
DAMN, i love that man!!!

DORIAN: "So close...and yet so far!"

• Oh now COLE is givin MCBAIN attitude.

• tsk, they shouldnt be leavin JESS alone with that baby, not even for a second.

OOOH VIKI *KNOWS* something's not right!!!

• wow, i am in moral dilemma about TÉA right now!!!!

i really don't know if she's done a bad thing or a good thing.

i'd love to get ya'lls take on that.

• whoah, STARR's cant get ahold of COLE, cant get thru to LANGSTON, so she seeks out...MR J!!!!!

OOOHHH yeah, they ae goin there!!!!

Anonymous said...

Even though I know that Mr J isn't near in age to Todd, I have a feeling that Starr looks more to him as a father figure because she doesn't have her dad right now.

When I saw the preview for that scene, I thought she was hugging TODD!

I think Starr is mature enough to realize that she cannot get "involved" with her teacher, but she has no one else to turn to right now (where the hell was Blair? oh yeah, with TODD!).

I really hope they don't turn this story into a teacher/student relationship thing.

But I have NO idea where the trial is going to go. I've been pretty spoiler free on that. I have no speculation of the outcome as far as Todd/Starr's relationship.

P.S. Love that Tea calls her Estrella. I wish I watched the show back then when Todd and Tea were together.

Shadow said...

Ashley, you're awesome. Thanks for the kind words. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...


Susan Lucci looked fabulous, in that (green) dress, but was up with that ugly balloon (brides) decoration?!

Anna Stewart! Anna Stewart! Anna Stewart! Woo Hoo! I watched her for years, as Donna Love (Hudson) on Another World. It’s wonderful to see such a gifted actress on screen, in daytime, again. :-D

Erica, you go, with that snowball!—I don’t exactly know why, but that scene with Bianca made me feel so much better!

Reese confronts her mom!—Yay, Tamara Braun! Reese’s mom needs to stay in Pine Valley, and go a few (verbal)l rounds with her daughter, and Erica .

I’ll take “dead Josh”, over no Josh, any day of the week! He needs to haunt Pine Valley!!

Am I seeing shades of what Ryan is intended to be? Oh, I hope so! :-D

Brot, you tell doubting Dr. David! David looked at Brot, as if to say, “Who are you to question me?”

What do you know, Ms. Westmore finally has something to do.

Boy, that tire iron needs to be under contract…It really gets around. LOL!


Anonymous said...

Hell, Brtedi, I'll take Josh anywhere that I can get it.

On GH, you can bring him on as a son of a lot of different possible characters such as...


Oh man! If they brought him back as the illegitament son from one of Alan's affairs...MORE QUARTERMAINES!!!

You can bring him on Y&R...don't know what character, but you could throw him in a triangle with Billy and Chloe, along with Cane and Lily, that would be hot.

You could bring him on OLTL as CJ, but we've discussed this before. You could also bring him on as the son of David. He's a sleazy con man turned buddhist. It could happen, and he kinda looks like him anyways. Plus, put him in a triangle with either Rex and Gigi or pair him with Layla. She's not doing anything. Or even with Talia now that Antonio is leaving. Possibilities are endless with Colin Egglesfield.

Luis Merino said...

I absolutely loved the scene in OLTL today when Jessica said goodbye to Brodie. Good stuff.

Shadow said...

Thursday on AMC

Ahhhh. Lesbians in bed doing lesbian things. Damnit Erica, shut up!

Tad told a ~little white lie~ and got right into that ~maximum~ security mental institution.

I’m over depressed KWAKho. She was fun when she was f*cking Adam, but she’s been a drag ever since. I’m ready to just forget about Babe. That character was a travesty. KWAK has Jenny so move on. I hated NuBabe & OldBabe so I wish they would all get over it. The Babe era to me signals the beginning of when AMC started to tank.

Did you see the back of Dr. Sherizarf’s head? Remember that scene in 16 Candles when they had to cut the back of the girl’s hair because it was stuck in the door? I think that is what they were going for with this hairdo.

Erica’s dress looks like green spit up. Bianca looks like a hotel maid. Reese is all hot lesbian lusciousness.

Hayward must be going through man-o-pause. He’s a moody prick. And KWAKho just keeps taking it. I don’t remember her being this wimpy.

Small guest list. When did Rancid and Turby get to be friends with Rinx? Wouldn’t it be nice if Erica and Carmen were still friends and she was there? It would make sense to me if Angie was there too.

REESE’S MOM Claire: Just like the one you got at your last shower. The party’s looking up!

Hey! The tube is on the other side today! You know they say people in comas can hear what you say. He should tell her now about the sperm thing.

ERICA to KENDALL: You may have attached yourself to this wedding like a barnacle… Too bad they can’t just have these two act together for the rest of RB’s tenure.

Man, bitchy Claire doesn’t even want to meet the baby. Who hates babies?

BOOBIANCA: Who might that be?

Look at Dr. Sherullivan’s thin little lips and big brown eyebrow and InsAnnie’s big juicy lips. I don’t really hear what their saying. I just see lips moving. Ick, and that snot dripping out of InsAnnie’s nose.

CLAIRE to Rancid and Amamda: Are you two a lesbian couple as well?

RANDI to CLAIRE Oh, no. I’m a hooker!

AMANDA to CLAIRE: That’s hilarious! No, I’m not a lesbian. God no. I’m pregnant! Although I don’t know who the daddy is. I have narrowed it down to three guys though.

Annie, grab the tire iron and impale Dr. Zarfillan! Save us all from this dumbass storyline!

Why do they keep bringing people back just for the purpose of killing someone?

Boobianca would look much better if she would just put on a better bra that would pick those things up off the floor.

Throwing a snowball at Boobianca is the best thing Erica has done in months.

It might be interesting if Reese’s Mom was actually in the closet and jealous that Reese is stronger than her. Whatever her deal is, she’s awfully up tight. Somebody should get her one of those “Rabbit” thingies.

TAD to KWAKho: Just go away.

Greenlee went home and had to sit in Ryan’s lap again.

KWAKho is scouring the place for drugs. And voila’ Hayward pulled them out of his ass.

Have any of you ever been turned on by someone screaming I hate you! while beating you in the face? Not for me.

REESE: “Is it because you found yourself in a marriage that is unhappy with no sex at all?” She’s putting it all out there.

Not having a funeral for Josh makes no sense. Either forget him and stop showing him or do it right and have some sort of ceremony. Is that ghost scene it? I keep hearing they wanted to correct all McTravish’s mistakes by getting rid of Josh and Babe. Ok, they did it. So move on to stories that don’t involve them.

Shit, she woke up. Who has been putting the fake eyelashes on her?

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Sorry I have to say I don't mind the Josh dying.

Jordon if one soap has to go it must be Guiding Light because it has been bad for so long. Jeff Branson as Shane does nothing for me except make me turn the channel with all his screaming. Sorry but GL is really bad!! Stick with AMC

Norn Cutson said...

this is dedicated to REESE's MOTHER

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Thursday's episode

• this is the third day of my ffwding experiment.
i dont feel like i've missed a thing.

• BIANCA & REESE talk about a Toulouse-Latrec painting & then smooch.

its already valentine's day?
oh, its the shower.

• ...a lot of ffwding...

• ERICA's dress is way out of season...& inappropriate for the occasion.


• ...ffwding...

• here's one of ERICA's suprises....REESE'S MOM.

• ...ffwding...

• oh i see BROT, i;ll stop & watch.

• REESE'S MOM is a lotta laughs, aint she?


REESE'S MOM asks AMANDA & RANCID is they're lesbians too.

• BROT's got a *GREAT* scene!!!!
he talks about dying on the operating table, several times.

BROT: "Waking up was like dying all over again."

• they got MARY SMYTHE back & *thats* all they do with her?!?!??

BIANCA goes off on REESE'S MOM & then starts goin off on ERICA.
ERICA throws a handful of snow @ BIANCA.

• ...ffwding...


...& ZACH SEES!!!!
ok, that'll be fun, if ZACH really goes *OFF* on her!!!

• ERICA goes back to her cheapass dumpy room.


KENDALL opens her eyes.

notes on Thursday's episode

• NORA's havina nightmare.

• whoah, COLE sees TODD & TÉA!

• TALIA is JANET's police protection..
BO delivers a pizza & brings MARTY to see JANET.

• here's BRODY & JESS....oh, his heart is breaking...he;s realizing he has feelings for her....

oh, its makin me feel all gushy inside!

• wow, TÉA hands TODD a flash drive, so cool.

• MARTY: "Get up there on the stand and *BURY* Todd Manning...or *I'll BURY YOU*!"

JANET is crappin her pants, she's so scared!!!

• COLE: "You're gonna have to excuse me, coz I don't speak Bitch!"

• ooooooh now JESS is realing *her* feelings for BRODY!

• this is so good with with STARR & DR J....but he *knows* he holds the key!

• NORA's rehearsing her case.
this is the best she's been in decades.

WOW, the trials starting!!!

this is gonna be good!


(never thought i'd ever say that)

cool camera angle of TODD & MARTY.

• aw, BRODY's all alone.

• JANET's goin nuts


oh hell, NORA's whole case is falling apart!!!

Luis Merino said...

Did anyone notice that Todd was at the Buenos Dias Cafe ALL DAY (before the Trial).

He was there in the morning w/ Tea, then in the afternoon w/ Blair, then in the evening w/ Tea. ALL DAY LONG.

jordan hudson said...

BELINDA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was crying like a Beeyotch. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I was beginning to think I imagined it all. I use to love watching this show and the other one ( I can't spell it) and Joya's fun school. Yet everyone I talked to did not remember it. I have been playing the theme song every morning and Dancing to it. hehehehe!

Ty when ever I mention Dark Shadows it is with so much love. I'm a huge DS fan. I own the original series and the the 90's version with Joanna Going ( love her). I hope someday to make a revival sigh. I have yet to somehow see the pilot that was done for the WB a few years ago. Damm you WB for not picking that and Lost in Space up. DS was brillant while the acting was a little over the top depending on the actor and the special effects were zilch. The writing was great! I still remember an incredible monolgue that Barnabas had about life and death. Powerful for a soap about a vampire better then AMC's current writing regime. And they only had two writers so suck it Chuck Pratt.

Tasha girl I love you because your a new yorker like me but we are going to have to agree to disagree. I love my shows but I'm not blinded by my love for them. When they are wrong I call them on it. At the beginning of the year I was saying GL should go. The change in format was dreadful. Not just in the way they shot the show but in the way the show was being written. While they are stuck with that format... the writing has improved leaps and bounds. More character driven storylines. The veterans we want to see. I'm glad that Philip and Edmund are back not at the expense of Coop. I loved Coop and Beth and thought it would be more interesting to see Philip battle Coop for Beth. While Jeff has had scenes were his character was angry and yelling. He has had many tender quiet subtle scenes ( obviously those were the days you were watching Rachel Ray). His first scenes talking to Reva via phone were incredible and there was no shouting there. GL has earned the right to keep shining.

As far as Josh, you just don't like the character and I can respect that. What I don't get is how you can't see that the way they went about getting rid of the character was wrong . Especially because I know you love Zack. Zach's character was destroyed in the process. You might not think so but he was Tasha. That's not my opionion thats a fact. It was not self defense. Zach was in no danger. Jesse is a cop the chief of police and standing between Josh and Zach when the the incident went down. Zach killed Josh to get a heart for Kendull. Maybe if this was 1868 and an Emily Bronte Novel that would be considered romantc. But it's 2009 Pine Valley USA and that was murder.

Mel mel....Ashley is so deprived. I never got into the new degrassi but my sister, sister hudson lives for it. Yet the original was sigh....oh I love was so special to me. I could finally relate to a show. Before there was My so Call life, there was Degrassi.

Anonymous said...

Haha. I didn't notice that about Todd. Pretty funny!

I like that they jumped right to the trial from Nora's rehearsing. I was under the impression it would be drawn out until today or even next week. LOVE OLTL!

Janet freaking out what friggin awesome! Nora doesn't even need Starr's testimony. Janet's getting the frack out of there!

Anonymous said...

"Have any of you ever been turned on by someone screaming I hate you! while beating you in the face? Not for me."

Good Morning, Shadow! :-)

I absolutely agree!

I'm the first one to say Vincent Izarry and Bobbie Eakes are wonderful actors---Both hace the capacity to do multilayerd performances. But, this? This? What is this we're watching? We've had some bad writing days for these two! "David" has been reduced to "Snidely Whiplash", from the old Dudly Dowright cartoons. All he needs is the mustache...Bah!

Where is David's essence. Even as a late comer to AMC, 5 years ago, give or take. I could see VI "wheels turning", as her performed. I didn't even need to know the specifics of the grudge David had with the Martins.I just knew he had one...David had been wronged (Or, at least felt he had been). VI was able to convey that. He has "David" down cold. The actor was having fun. At least that's what it looked like to me...But, now, not so much. There's just something so wierd (and disapointing) about this storyline. Sadly, I'd have the same reaction to "David & Krystal" if someone put up cardboard cutouts of these characters.---The actors can do the work. They need to be given something to work with.


Anonymous said...

So apparently, Chuck Pratt must have been a part of the writing team for "Gone in 60 seconds", because that's how he just lost potential storyline after potential storyline again and again. I made a list of potential storylines that they touched upon and totally ruined in today's episode.

#1. Kendall wakes up
#2. Greenlee and Kendall
#3. Greenlee and Ryan
#4. David
#5. Mystery doner
#6. Zach and Kendall
#7. Fight that they had before the tornado.
#8. Kendall wants to give Zach a little girl.
#9. Something is off? (BTW, WTF IS THIS BS)
#10. Erica and Kendall
#11. Worst quote/justification for a murder ever

"There was an accident...."

Erica Kane, I could punch you in the ovary for saying that. That's aweful. Your son was dead, and the murdering bastard is sitting next to you making nice nice with your daughter. Have you no shame?!

#12. Grieving sister
#13. Zach's everything is fine attitude
#14. Wedding talk
#15. I want to see the boys
#16. Spike and Ian update
#17. Dual wedding?
#18. Bianca introduces Reese.
#19. Zach explains crapes
#20. Who's the doner?
#21. "I wanted to tell you".

We're watching Blackjack in motion here people.

Anonymous said...

Things that make you go mmmmmmm.......
1) Where is josh's heartless body?
2)Did Rebecca die? was there a join secret funeral?
3)How long have gabby, ian, and spike been napping? they have not been spotted in a long time.
4)When did kathy start giving a crap about Kwakho?
5)What is different with Kendall's face (although she is still stunning, something is different)
6) Why does JR have 1 drink and becomes a slobbering drunk where as Jake makes a game of bar hopping and is just a little buzzed? why are these drunks not running into each other? (literally)

Christine said...

I have no medical training at all but I find it odd that someone who hasn't been awake for 3 months (no talk, drink with a tube in her throath) can talk so well after 5 minutes... oh and just got an open heart surgery! wow, she is a miracle! And who will bombard someone with that much info? weird! I would have never said that before but I'm glad Kendall is bad... and yes I found her to be changed in the face, she seems fuller which suite her very well!

Christine said...

wow, weird typo I made... I meant I'm glad Kendall is back... not bad!

Luis Merino said...

Question about OLTL:

*Is MARTY a witness in Todd's latest trial? If so, why are they downplaying her testimony? If not, why!?

I noticed today she said that they still had her testimony, but up until today I was under the impression the only 2 "testimonies" they had, were STARR and LEE/JANET's.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jordan,

I finally went and did it! I took your advice from these past months and I taped the whole week of OLTL and watched it all. I LOVED it! The show is so well written and even though I didn't know who the characters were it was so easy to get caught up in the storylines which by the way are all interconnected. There was drama and action and humour and plain old good soap. I hope that die hard AMCers don't get upset with me for posting this here but this one week of OLTL proved to me just how bad AMC has gotten. I'm sad for Pine Valley, having watched on and off for 30 years, but feeling up again now that I have a good show to look forward to.

Can't wait for this week's PVP.

Terry in Toronto

jordan hudson said...

Terry welcome to OLTL. Don't worry when a show is well written it is easy to get familiar with the characetrs and there history. I still remember when I first started watching GL. I thought I would nto be able to get into or care for it after loosing my Edge of Night and GH ( without Laura I dont watch this was the first time she left) But I quickly came to grasp the familes and there connection so qucikly and found favorites like Reva and Beth and Billy and etc. I'm so glad your watching OLTL it's a good time to come on board

Anonymous said...

n69n> wow, i am in moral dilemma about TÉA right now!!!!
i really don't know if she's done a bad thing or a good thing.
i'd love to get ya'lls take on that.

I think Téa went to Starr in a devious attempt to throw her off, but couldn't help but feel for her once there. She does still care for her and Todd. Her calm "took care of that" routine to Todd later on was, I think, Téa trying not to show her feelings.

> wow, weird typo I made... I meant I'm glad Kendall is back... not bad!

Freudian slip, perhaps? :p (I'll be watching the Friday show in a little while...personally I don't care much for Kendall. She comes off as too whiny to me.)

Anonymous said...

hi all
OMG i know we are spoiler free but READ THIS!!!!!!!! Suds Report Jan 302009/Soaps/Suds/Articles/090130_news_nelson_NB.htm?isfa=1
it's Nelson Branco from tv guide canada and OMG read the AMC section near the bottom.

Shadow said...

Friday on AMC

Reese is gonna look like a gargoyle after receiving the punch her mother threw.

I’m glad Reese is staying for a while. I’m tired of Boobianca coming and going. I could accept a recast of her role if they got the right person.

I think I’m glad Kendall is back. Somebody needs to call BS on these dumbass storylines. With Boobianca leaving and Greenlee dying, it would be nice if Kendall and Taylor could be friends. Now is a perfect time. Taylor is rehabilitating and she could help motivate Kendall.

KWAK and David just had sex on a snow white couch. Man, I hope he had it scotchguarded when he bought it.

If this keeps up, they are going to have to put the vent in the intro along with the Tree, the Weave, the Moon, the Candles. I really miss the Walker. Click. Click. Click.

Kendall is awake with plucked eyebrows, longer, straighter hair and a darker dye job. But no lisp and didn’t even notice that they just cracked her chest open a week ago and put a new heart in it. I’m holding onto hope for the cankles.

Dr. Shereezian is giving Aidumb a cavity search!

Poor Kathy is so bored with nobody in the house to try to kill.

KENDALL TO ZACH: You look different. When is the last time you to a bath? You smell funky too. Are those crumbs in your beard? Could you take my finger out of your mouth?

Tad needs to stop being a dick now. He’s being awful self-righteous considering he screwed KWAK while she was married. Hayward isn’t there so he should let Krystal see the girls, and he just made poor little Kathy feel like shit. Watch out for those ladders Tad.

It’s hard enough to understand one Aidumb talking let alone two Aidumbs talking at the same time!

ERICA: Get the f*ck out of my way Zach.

Kendall wants to give Zach a girl. Kendall has a big gash in her chest from a hear transplant. She’s just coming out of a 3 month coma, but the vajayjay is open for business! She is ready to get busy with her man and have a baby!

I love the expression on Kendall’s face when they drop one of these bombs on her. She looks like someone farted. That’s right Kendall. It’s all turned into one heaping pile ‘o shit while you’ve been gone.

Did you ever notice how many trench coats KWAK has?

Kathy is long gong. Serves Tad right. He needs a nickname. Anyone got any ideas?

About those millions Aidumb extorted, whatever happened to that money?

AIDUMB TO DR. DOOLITTLE”In heeya to maek surah dat beetch stays locked up fuh the res of her lof”.

KENDALL to BIANCA: “What’s with your boobs?”

BOOBIANCA to KENDALL: Zach was our donor.

KENDALL to BOOBIANCA, REESE & ZACH: You bitches are going down!

Nobody told Kendall jack before the tornado. Now she’s awake for 5 minutes and they are dumping everything on her instantly. Kendall is going to be so pissed she didn’t suffer amnesia and forget all these people. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her clubbing herself in the head.

jordan hudson said...

well you all are in for a heated new podcast lol. Ashley and I did not see eye to eye on the bridal shower. For me it was just too preachy and heavy handed. It did nothing for the LgBt community. You dont answer ignornace by spewing your own hatred. two wrongs dont make a right.

Anyway GL has been so good where all my GL viewers on this blog. Bertdi I think your one of them. I know ashley doesnt like women beign carried off to bed but she might have felt different if she saw coop sweep up Beth this week. I really hate that GL is getting rid of Coop and it looks like it will be a definite send off. Yet at least it will be in a powerful storyline that will further the show overall. Unlike AMC's demise of Josh. GL has been so good this week. Love romance, betrayal.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Sorry Jordan love you too but you want to talk character destruction GL wrote the book the way they wrote Phillip off was horrible. Now they bring him back because their show is dying and will be gone. GL will continue to be last in the ratings sorry to say. I don't even watch at work but listen and hell even the theme song is horrible. Bye Byr Springfield.

AMC does need to improve especially if the spoiler I read is happening it is just stupid. I did however like the few minutes of the Zach and Kendall reunion it was touching. The look on his face and his holding her hand. Yes I love Zach why because on a show filled with pretty boys(Ryan and JR) he yum to say a word. A man who will take charge. Jr whines and drinks and Ryan is to fill with rage

I never had a problem with the character of Josh but if it came down to a choice who had to go him or Kendall. My vote would be for him. Sorry I am a Kendall girl till the end.

Laura said...

N69 and Shadow, thanks for all the recaps. Good for me since I missed this week. Even when I watch, I enjoy your funny comments.

I'm sorry I didn't go to Colin's farewell bash in Chicago. It even made the local ABC Chicago news. He also showed up at some event Jerkson had west of me. His parents are in the next town over, though. Good luck Colin in Hollywood.

Sounds like OLTL was great this week.

I saw our little Matthew Eddie Alderson in Changeling. He was great, this kid is everywhere now. He got to be directed by Clint Eastwood.

Welcome new bloggers. Took the time today to read all the posts. Amazing group of fans. Can't wait for the podcast.

Anonymous said...


Ms.CaseyShameless said...
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Anonymous said...

Love the podcasts. I have watched AMC since 1983 and used to be so upset if my Mom didn't tape it for me or if I forgot when I got older. Now I don't even bother. There have been no memorable story lines for such a long time. Jordan and Ashley, what would be a storyline or moment that you found memorable?

For me, some moments I remember are Jenny getting killed, Langley singing the fantasy song - No one cares about Langley, Tad and Edmund dressed as women, Jillian and Ryan in lurve, the day that we met Leo, Maria giving Brooke her baby before the plane went over the cliff, and when Brooke was held hostage by some guy and Tom had to find her. (I remember the last one so well because they played Every Breath You Take by the Police over and over).

In any event, I wish there could be more interesting storylines and that there could be more humour in our show. That was one thing I loved about AMC years ago - it usually gave me a laugh at least once an episode.

Tad isn't even funny anymore. SIGH!!!

Anonymous said...

Jordan, I will say this about GL. Those Phillip promos made me look up the character and I might have to look some stuff up and he sounds like an interesting character,

Something that I hope that if AMC keeps on truckin and Josh Duhamel ever decides to make a comeback, to use...not that anyone important will still be left (Greenlee's gone, Ryan's a douche, who knows where Binks will be and David's being written into a corner)

but I'm sorry.... those cameramen on GL need to be taken out back and beaten. They need a normal set. Would that be so much to ask? Also, where I live, GL comes on at 9 a.m. That's really obsurd, if u ask me.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the podcast this week!

Terry in Toronto

jordan hudson said...

Discodan.....sigh lol yes Philip returning to GL is a big deal. Correcting a wrong. Although Grant left on his own, it was due to what he felt was a downward spiral in regards to the show. He was very vocal about his disappointment in some of the turns the story took. They didn't want him to leave but he did and it did hurt the show. His character is very vital to the show and he has connections to most of the characters on the canvas. The possibilities now are endless. I just wish they would not have gotten rid of Coop. As I said before Beth and Coop's love story has been a highlight for me. To have Philip her first love return would make for a hot triangle.
Sadly the sets and the handheld cameras are here to stay they can't afford to go back. I'm just grateful that they stopped shooting those intense closeups where all you see are flaring nostrils for a whole scene. Or the back of people's head or my favorite when the whole scene is shot 25 yards away.

Just saw Big intense roller coaster of a ride. I can't begin to tell you if your not watchign this show you are missing out. It's like 4 epsiodes in one so much happens. It is so character driven.

Another show to tune into Friday Night Lights. I have yet to see an episode of this show that did not have me crying. You feel like you are wtachign a documentary. The cast is incredible.

Okay got to go watch my naughty Secret diary of a call girl and U.S. of tara night you all.

jordan hudson said...

Discodan.....sigh lol yes Philip returning to GL is a big deal. Correcting a wrong. Although Grant left on his own, it was due to what he felt was a downward spiral in regards to the show. He was very vocal about his disappointment in some of the turns the story took. They didn't want him to leave but he did and it did hurt the show. His character is very vital to the show and he has connections to most of the characters on the canvas. The possibilities now are endless. I just wish they would not have gotten rid of Coop. As I said before Beth and Coop's love story has been a highlight for me. To have Philip her first love return would make for a hot triangle.
Sadly the sets and the handheld cameras are here to stay they can't afford to go back. I'm just grateful that they stopped shooting those intense closeups where all you see are flaring nostrils for a whole scene. Or the back of people's head or my favorite when the whole scene is shot 25 yards away.

Just saw Big intense roller coaster of a ride. I can't begin to tell you if your not watchign this show you are missing out. It's like 4 epsiodes in one so much happens. It is so character driven.

Another show to tune into Friday Night Lights. I have yet to see an episode of this show that did not have me crying. You feel like you are wtachign a documentary. The cast is incredible.

Okay got to go watch my naughty Secret diary of a call girl and U.S. of tara night you all.