Sunday, March 01, 2009

You Call These Cliffhangers??

  • Adam knows Kendall's secret - oh!
  • Krystal tells David she wants to marry him - my goodness!
  • J.R. sees A-Mam-da embrace Jake - crazy!
  • Ryan "cries" over Greenlee - amazing!

Oh listeners.... How quickly things change! From a fairly decent week of daytime drama last week, we get little better than a diaper commercial this week. (Scratch that - I love that Huggie's Pull-Ups commercial!) I'd be depresssed if I wasn't so pissed about it. What do you think? Tell us, here. (And send your questions to us at We love 'em!)

2/27/09 Podcast


Bxgal said...

First!! YAY!!!

I have some possible questions that you could answer on the next podcast:

1. Have you ever considered doing video podcast.
2. Would you ever consider changing your format of the podcast and recapping each episode, instead of what happened throughout the week?
3. (Off Topic) Could each of you please list all of the tv shows you currently watch? Just interested.
4. DO, MARRY, KIll. Which current AMC characters would you do, marry, kill.
5. If you could change one story line, what storyline would it be and how would you change it.
6. If you could recast any of the current AMC characters with other actors (not just from soaps) who would they be?
7. Have you considered doing podcast for any other soaps, or other tv shows?
9. Who would make up your ideal AMC cast? Could be anyone living or dead, soap or other tv shows, movies.
8. If AMC ended tomorrow, how would you end it?

I know its a lot of questions, but I have so many more. I just thought these questions would generate discussion.


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that the podcast is up early! I can't wait to listen.

There's nobody I'd really like to do on AMC right now. I would've done Josh but they went and killed him so I guess I can't marry him either. I'd kill Aidan, Colby, Randi, Rebecca's daughter, Pratthole, Craputhers. Did I miss anyone?

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

LOL Terry yeah I agree with you I would have done and married Josh as well......stupid writers.....and no I don't think you missed anybody in your hit list but I'd kill David and Ryan as well and I'd actually do Jake come to think of it.


Arizonagal said...

I'd DO Adam Chandler, I'd MARRY Adam Chandler and then I'd KILL Adam Chandler. No Prenup of course. As a grieving widow I'd take the money and run right the hell out of Pine Valley so I could take up residence in Llanview where there are scores of eligile smart sexy men. Of course, the one I really want is David Vickers, but I'd kill some time with McBain!

n69n said...

oooh ya'll are makin me so glad i am not watchin AMC...

i just got to a point where i dont have the time to watch OLTL... & if i dont have time for OLTL, i sure as hell dont have time for AMC!

so i am depending on ya'll for the "WE WATCH...SO YOU DONT HAVE TO!"

n69n said...

i miss SIMONE!

that Terry Ivins was awesome!

n69n said...


jordan hudson said...

n69 thank you Myra I could I forget Elizabeth Lawrence . Lord I'm getting forgetful in my old age . Or my brain can only hold so much information. Thank you. Last soap she was on was Guiding light.

Mona said...

I don't usually blog but I had to share. Brianne Moncrief and Shannon Kane in the Emmy pre-noms for AMC Outstanding younger actress.

MonGrief WHAT!!!!! and Shannon Kane has not even been on but for two seconds.

Shadow said...

U have got to be kidding! Unless they actually have an award for props like Outstanding Performance by a Turd or or her 5-head is up against the tornado for Best Special Effect, BM cannot seriously be up for an Emmy. As far as props go, I'd still vote for The Weave & the Tire Iron over her. I didn't watch most of last week, but I'm assuming she didn't turn into Meryl Streep or something. Doesn't create much credibility for the Emmys to give her a nod.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Haha!! I just started listening to this weeks podcast and I needed to stop it to just tell you guys that I think this may be the best opening of the podcast ever.. I seriously can't stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

Is this a re-run podcast?

melmel said...

Can Ryan wear anything besides form-fitting turtlenecks? It really bothers me.

I didn't even finish last week's episodes because I was so bored. Even FF'ing through every Ryan scene couldn't help.

And thanks everyone for the puppy name help. I ended up naming him Schroeder (like the piano player from Peanuts)- here's an adorable picture of him napping

Ginger said...

You two are killing me. I'm sitting here at work trying not to laugh out loud hysterically. I love you!!!

I wish you two would do a One Life to Live podcast too.

Thanks so much and don't stop anytime soon.


Ashley said...

Mel! Your doggie is so gorgeous! (Though I gotta admit, I was secretly pulling for "Chompers.")

Did y'all see this? You may have. My cousin sent it to me, so I thought I'd share. It basically says that Julie Hanan Craputhers thinks that ALL of us are idiots:

(If anyone knows how I make this a hotlink, let me know.)


Anonymous said...

The singer you are talking about is Christte Michelle!!!!


Alejandro said...

Jordan i so agree ATWT is a hot mess, im not buying Jon Lindstrom as Craig, i miss me some Scott Bryce original Craig. Goutman didnt like him personally so he fired him, how unprofessional. Im sorry but Peg needs to go or die, i cant take it anymore, poor Roger Howarth. Breaking news, our Cady McClain is returning as Rosanna on May 20th, i hope they dont mess up her return again, Their goes our Dixie coming back as the big Return, Pratt was talking about, who could it be. Justin Deas was outstanding lately and deserves another Emmy. AMC has been terrible lately, and thank u for watching so i dont have to, this show is unrecognizable. OLTL is awesome and it makes me happy.

Jordan i just started watching Friday Night Lights and love it, i dont think i have ever liked a show so much. I watched the first 6 episodes on or, people give it a try, all seasons are online for free, but i recommend starting from the pilot. If u like soaps, u will love this show and how real it is. Laura, i just found out i got accepted to the University of Iowa for fall 2009.

Arizonagal said...

Jesus, I can’t believe I didn’t notice that Kendall didn’t mention Josh at Krystal’s stupid soupfest – boy that was one extravagant affair, no? Damn, this show is giving me a headache, and forgive me Ashley, but I am just sad as hell that you guys are continuing to torture yourself with this shit. It’s not fun anymore. AMC has no heart, PV is a miserable little town.

Jordan why do you accuse us women of ignoring the misogyny? WTF? I believe this issue has been mentioned quite a bit in the blog. Trust me, this is not lost on the women viewers and bloggers and we hate it.. HATE IT!

Anyway, Jordan you are so right. On GL my heart is just breaking for Buzz and I can see it on his face as clearly as if he had really lost someone… HEARTBREAKING…. My god, when I watch him I actually feel like he’s going to keel over from the grief, it’s palpable. It’s like when Tammy died a few years ago, and Nicole Forrester just fell apart in front of our eyes. No one knows how to do grief better than GL.

Why does death mean nothing on AMC? Well for one reason, you can see TIIC trying to think. They never did anything with the Josh character so it was convenient. When they kill off anyone else, they are rarely really dead. We all know Greenlee is going to be back, like I give a rats ass. Same with Dixie, I’ve heard she might come back. My advice to them? Stay as far away from Pine Valley as possible, even if it means staying dead!

Ashley, speaking of hermaphrodites, you need to read Middlesex! That five hours a week you spend watching AMC is wasted, use it to read a good book.

You know Jordan I used to wish people like John Driscoll and Beth Chamerlain would come to AMC but now I would not wish that fate on anyone. AMC doesn’t deserve these actors. RPG and BEhlers had such great stuff on GL, but look at the crapola they get now. No decent actor deserves to come to AMC unless and until TPTB take care of the huge mess they have now and I just don’t see that happen.

And finally, for now, who gives a rats ass if Ryass has a good ass?? All the time he spends working out on the buttmaster he should be taking acting lessons. I get the impression Cameron Mathison is just so happy to be earning a steady paycheck, he just doesn’t have the brains to ever question the crappy scripts he gets. He’s just happy to spew out whatever crap they give him and he thinks it’s good. Man, I am so over that guy.

Ashley for petes sake FF thru this crap, why torture yourself. You want to know what you’re missing? NOTHING!! Not one effing thing.

May I once again suggest the PineView podcast, or the SpringView podcast?

n69n said...

"All My Children" Lesbian Wedding Storyline Makes History — and Mistakes

here's that link, Ashley!

smart essay...& i love that they call out Crapputhers for her blatant lie & snide attitude.

Laura said...

I just had to google who Shannon Kane is.I didn't even know or care. WTF Natalia and Five-Head!

They don't stand a chance against the girls on GH and some of the other shows. Who got the pre-nom for best prop? The weave, the vent, or the tire iron? Or Krystals baggie of pills and JR's bottle.

I really enjoyed the Pine Valley-Llanview-Oakdale-Springfield-Broadway-Oscar-Mormon-SoberHouse Podcast this week.

Alejandro - Congratulations on getting accepted to U of I. I can't say Go Hawks though being a Cyclone Alum.

Discodan - Which Steinbeck Novel did you have to read? He is one of my favorite authors. I agree with you Y&R is good. Cane is okay away from Lily. But Billy and Chloe are smoking.

Mel-cute dog like the name.

I've talked about everything but the show. It is stupid. Just watched it and the preview of Cryan and Greenlee made me almost throw my size 10 shoe at the screen. But I couldn't because I'd miss my OLTL.

Jordan I agree with you the Mitch has got to be Rex's Dad. I thought that months ago when they had Natie and Jess talking to the nut job about Jess's family. I know this was a strike story, but Jess and Rex will end up to be brother and sister. Could be good because he'll be torn between supporting Natie or Jess.

I should watch GL, I do want it to survive. Because when it goes, AMC will probably be the lowest rated soap, which it deserves right now.

Thanks for watching so I don't have to.

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...

All of us on this blog must be living in an alternative universe where Brianne MonGrief and Aiden Turner are stellar actors and we're the ones who are confused! I can't believe she is being considered for an emmy. Against who? ROXIE'S BEAVER??? (wow, that didn't sound good...)

Arizonagal said...

These are just preliminary nominations for the Schmemmys as Kathy Griffin likes to call them:

AMC Debbi Morgan (Angie)
Bobbie Eakes (Krystal)
ATWT Maura West (Carly)
Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda)
B&B Susan Flannery (Stephanie)
Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke)
DAYS Renee Jones (Lexia)
Lauren Koslow (Kate)
GH Laura Wright (Carly)
Sarah Brown (Claudia)
GL Kim Zimmer (Reva)
Gina Tognoni (Dinah)
OLTL Kassie DePaiva (Blair)
Susan Haskell (Marty)
Y&R Jeanne Cooper (Katherine)
Judith Chapman (Gloria)

AMC Darnell Williams (Jesse)
Thorsten Kaye (Zach)
ATWT Michael Park (Jack)
Grayson McCouch (Dusty)
B&B John McCook (Eric)
Ronn Moss (Ridge)
DAYS Peter Reckell (Bo)
Thaoo Penghlis (Tony)
GH Maurice Benard (Sonny)
Anthony Geary (Luke)
GL Robert Newman (Josh)
Daniel Cosgrove (Bill)
OLTL Michael Easton (John)
Robert S. Woods (Bo)
Y&R Peter Bergman (Jack)
Christian J. LeBlanc (Michael)

AMC Melissa Claire Egan (Annie)
Alicia Minshew (Kendall)
ATWT Kelley Menighan Hensley (Emily)
Julie Pinson (Janet)
B&B Alley Mills (Pam)
Heather Tom (Katie)
DAYS Arianne Zucker (Nicole)
Tamara Braun (Ava)
GH Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth)
Carolyn Hennesy (Diane)
GL Crystal Chappell (Olivia)
Marcy Rylan (Lizzie)
OLTL Bree Williamson (Jess/Tess)
Kathy Brier (Marcie)
Y&R Adrienne Frantz (Amber)
Amelia Heinle (Victoria)

AMC Vincent Irizzary (David)
Jacob Young (JR)
ATWT Van Hansis (Luke)
Trent Dawson (Henry)
B&B Willam Devry (Storm)
Kyle Lowder (Rick)
DAYS Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip)
Stephen Nichols (Steve)
GH Bruce Weitz (Anthony)
Bradford Anderson (Spinelli)
GL Lawrence Saint-Victor (Remy)
Jeff Branson (Shayne)
OLTL John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex)
Tuc Watkins (David)
Y&R Michael Graziadei (Daniel)
Ted Shackelford (Jeff)

AMC Brianne Moncrief (Colby)
Shannon Kane (Natalia)
ATWT Marnie Schulenburg (Alison)
Meredith Hagner (Liberty)
B&B Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy)
DAYS Molly Burnett (Melanie)
Rachel Melvin (Chelsea)
GH Kirsten Storms (Maxie)
Julie Marie Berman (Lulu)
GL Caitlin Van Zandt (Ashlee)
Bonnie Dennison (Daisy)
OLTL Kristen Alderson (Starr)
Farah Fath (Gigi)
Y&R Christell Khalil (Lily)
Emily O'Brien (Jana)

AMC Daniel Kennedy (Pete)
Cornelius Smith Jr. (Frankie)
ATWT Billy Magnussen (Casey)
Mick Hazen (Parker)
DAYS Darin Brooks (Max)
Blake Berris (Nick)
GL EJ Bonilla (Rafe)
OLTL Eddie Alderson (Matthew)
Y&R Kevin Schmidt (Noah)

My personal pics:
Best actress: Susan Haskell
Best actor: Darnel Williams
Supporting Actress: Bree Williamson (Crystal Chapell should be in the lead actress category!)
Supporting Actor: Tuc Watkins
Young Actress: Kristen Alderson
Young Actor: Daniel Kennedy

Arizonagal said...

I did a spit take when I read Brainne Mongrief and Shannon Kane were on a list of potential noms. See, this is why I think Oscars and Emmys are a joke. The nom list is just not credible. Give me the Indie Spirit awards any day for quality over popularity.

Oh ick, that slimy David is just totally creeping me out. His whole Svengali sctick is just sick sick sick, disgusting, creepy, disturbing, immoral, hateful, completely disrespectful to his victims, and inconscienable. And, are women really this stupid?

Funny thing about Kendall and her accusations against Zach and Reese. Did she forget about her boinkfest with Aiden? Another sexcapade under the guise of seeking comfort.

Shadow said...

Thanks for watching so I didn’t have to last week. I ff’d and had a few more comments on our show…

Tuesday’s AMC…

Ya’ll held out and didn’t mention that we have a new prop—the red boa. I wish AMC wouldn’t use sex props—candles, boas, body paint, pink’d thighs, Aidan. And you know if you see KWAK’s big black granny bra, she and Hayward just did the deed. Sex always presented like a bad Fabio-Harlequin romance cover. I’ll take Rex and Gigi’s raw sex, Brody’s shower scene, or Dorian’s gumjob any day over this crap.

Remember when we used to beg for screen time for Amanda? So much history with this character and so many ties to so many legacy characters. Ditto Jake. Now we get more of them but their time is wasted on another sperm story. They should just put a cumshot in the opening sequence—maybe in the flyaway to replace Bianca’s picture after she leaves again.

For heaven’s sake though, don’t take out Dre’s picture. He’s such a vital part of the AMC canvas.

Oh that Babe. That baby switching, man eating, tomato juice loving Babe.

OMFG, Jerkson and Ryan. In a scene. Together. Why not make it a party and invite Aidan over?

Why can’t Reese hold a mug by the handle like a normal couple? Reese is the only person who can make a mug look enormous.

Kendall got a blue Gumbi shirt just like the green one she wore the day the tornado struck.

Zach has bedhead. Or maybe it’s a Something About Mary thing going on. You know how careless he is with his sperm.

The Coma was good for Kendall. She looks very Vivien Leigh/Scarlett O’Hara-ish. Boobianca looks like she’s going to eat her with her big head.

Adam: ”Amanda has no heart, half a brain and schizophrenia in her DNA”.

Boobianca is puckering her lips. That’s how you know she’s crying.

Ryan and Emma release a paper butterfly. Shadow holds back the bile.

Bye Boobianca. Stay away from the French bread and cheese.

Glad we got to hear a lame montage song than have to actually listen to some well written dialogue.

Shadow said...

Thursday's AMC...

These Go Red decorations look like a High School Prom gone wrong. Seems more like “Carrie”.

Jerkson/Turkey Neck is gobbling away at Erica about how he sad he is about Greenlee's death. Nothing like a warm cup of tomato juice to make a person forget the death of a loved one.

So Kendall is prissing around the den in her tight jeans and tighter shirt. Exercise and eating right are so 1999. Everybody knows a nice, long coma and a heart transplant are the keys to health.

Campbell’s must be so proud to have a hooker and a who-ah throwing a party on its behalf.

Erica and Reese are fixing to grab some chairs and duke it out.

Aidan to Annie: I’m one of those people who don’t even know what they’re thinking. That’s the smartest thing Aidan has ever said.

Me? I’m one of those people who can never understand what the hell Aidan is saying.

Ahhh, there’s Greenlee in the Campbell’s poster. Because nothing sends a Heart Healthy message like a dead girl in a red dress.

Shadow said...

I Don’t Know What Day This Is but….

Why would Erica be at Babe’s memorial service? She hated Babe.

Who are those frumpy bitches standing beside David Hayward?

Babe, Babe, Babe. I would actually rather that they just read the label on the back of a can of Campbell’s soup.

Pete is wearing his red Campbell’s tomato soup glasses.

You know those Campbell bitches are thinking, “Man this show sucks ass.”

Fusion is in the toilet but Kendall ponied up $250K. Erica asks everyone to pony up. The only other guests are Randi and Amanda.

Holy Shit! Brot and Taylor! And he looks sort of debonair and she looks like Mrs. Cleaver!

David to the AHA Bitches: “This is Brot. He’s a burn victim.”

They couldn't let Taylor and Brot be happy for just a few minutes before they started bitching at eachother.

Hmmm Taylor and Tad may have possibilities. It sounds good anyway, T-aylor and T-ad.

The economy is finally getting to the Chandlers. Turby said, What if we’re POOR? I know it wasn’t supposed to be funny, but it cracked me up.

Turdbynomics: “I know the economy sucks, but what if we become one of those people I’ve read about? Poor Lil’A. He really wants a pony for his birthday.

KWAK looks horrible. Even Amanda looks shiteous in that hospital light.

Where is that piano music coming from? What happens if someone dies and the piano is in the way?

Why don’t they just drop a house on Reese’s head?

Ryan to Adam: She likes women. You’re not going to get any.” Ya’ll are right about everyone on this show acting so crass.

I LOVE TAYLOR. She makes shinola from shit. They should just cut the staff and let her act all the parts.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Erica have an affair with Jake a long time ago. It led to Ruth having it out with Erica, telling her, "You seem to have an obsession with the Martin Men". Erica responded, " Your right Ruth, you had better keep an eye on Joe, he's kind of cute".
If that's not word for word, its pretty darn close...I loved it.
As I Love you, Taylor, Pedro and Ashley! Keep up the great work!

Pattie b. From Freeport

Shadow said...

Last show last week…

Amanda said “cankles”. They are totally reading our blog posts and using our comments! I wish they would do a better job of ripping off our ideas. They can’t even plagiarize well.

If we hear Amanda complain about her smelly ton-ton, we will definitely know they are checking us out.

The Weave is going to kick Frankie’s ass. He should have his medical license taken away.

Who knew Adam had a thing for lesbians. Chandler Mansion is the new Myrtle’s Boardinghouse.

FFd to the end. Good night!

Mr Brown Penny said...

Yeah, cankles, I never knew what that was until today. I guess I was picturing barnacles or cockles. Anyone know what cockles are? Surely our resident genius, Shadow, knows of cockles and cankles and such.

I am a new believer in the power of the weave after reading in the webpaper about that woman who's weave stopped a bullet and saved her life. Makes me wonder if Pedro's merkins are as powerful as Angie's weave?

I am dying to find out who's in that bed. Who was Roxy talking to? Damn I am going to miss Vickers and can't wait for his return. I hope he makes it big in Hollywood.

Funniest thing I saw on the suds today? A twofer on GL. Buzz and Alan are having argument which becomes physical. Buzz goes after lan with a tire iron. Both men are wrestling over the tire iron when Alan goes down clutching his chest. Buzz stands over Alan laughing about Alan dying right in front of him. Then Buzz clutches his left arm and drops to the ground and we have a shot of two feisty old goats laying in the snow - cut to the GL theme. It was brilliant!

brtedi said...

Mel, what an adorable puppy---Thanks for sharing the pic!

I have two main points to make about today's AMC, for the first:

1. Zach ripping the front door off the hinges-- If he was angry enough to do that, his anger wouldn't dissipate, as if it were a puff of smoke...When someone is that angry, they get all worked up, going red in the face, absolutely furious...When Zach did finally calm down, it would take a few minutes for him -anyone- to regain composure. That's human nature. People can't turn their emotions on an off, like a faucet. Zach may fall silent after considering his actions, but he would not have fall directly into Kendall's arms, after such an outburst.

Out of instinct, Kendall would have stepped back with, at the very least, a look of shock or fear on her face. To use Jordan's phrase, regarding bad writing, "I am not amused."

2. Now on to Brot & Kendall, regarding intimacy and scars/body image.
I can see why, in Kendall’s case, she would feel uncomfortable. Much of her more recent past has centered on beauty, glamour and outward appearance. She felt insecure (and “hideous”) that she wasn’t “the same” woman she was before. There’s a bit of dialogue from a movie, “The Doctor”, starring William Hurt, in which a woman with a heart transplant scar wonders how her husband will react to it. Hurt’s character says,

“Tell him, you were a Playboy centerfold and you have the staple marks to prove it. “ I love that! It all depends on one’s perspective.

In Brot’s case, it seems to be more about overcoming fears of letting Taylor down somehow…She loves him, the rest would work itself out.

Overall, I think, both Taylor and Zach handled their respective scenarios well…Each loves their respective partner/spouse, knowing and accepting them for who they are and who they are not, regardless of physical externality.


David C said...

Another great podcast!

Here's a question I'd like you to answer:

What year was the last year that you considered AMC to be really good? And I don't just mean watchable, I mean really good with quality writing and stories that you cared about?

Thanks guys. I always look forward to your show. Somehow, even though the show is so horrible, hearing that others hate it too somehow makes it easier to watch. At least that way, I know I'm not alone when I wonder what the hell the writers are thinking.

And to answer my own question, I'd say about 2002 was the last year I truly cared about the show. I'll always care, but that's the last time i cared about watching. they should really bring back richard culliton to write for the show!!!

melmel said...

Ryan to Adam: She likes women. You’re not going to get any.”

If that was the case, then you wouldn't have called off the wedding Cryan!!

Anonymous said...

Wait wait wait...So on Tuesday's epi, Amanda stands up to David and says, "I don't need you" and "you paid me" then something about getting Lil'A away from JR, while Jake is right there, and Jake doesn't inform Kwak-ho, who is now planning on marrying David? Did I miss something? Wouldn't that make a dif to Kwak-ho if she knew for sure that David is only trying to get Lil'A for himself? WTF? I cannot tell you the depths of my disgust at the way they are treating Amamda. Now Jake is taking her home to do what... clean up after him and Tadd? Wow. That worked out well for them. Why do the writers hate Amanda sooooo much?

Excuse me, gotta barf at the wedding of David and Kwak-ho.
Barb in MN

Arizonagal said...

I caught part of today's between napping, stayed home from work. Drumroll... I am about to say something positive. I loved the little slice of life scenes with Tad, Jake and Kathy. It was cute, real, and most of all, it was just people being people and being nice to each other. Amazing how a little kindness can go so far. I liked Brot and Taylor too. JR Martinez amazes me. He is a natural in front of the camera and I like his performances.

Okay, is it just me? When I see all this negative crap, all the hate, all the back stabbing, day after day, it actually has a huge effect on me. It saps my strength, gives me a headache, puts me in a bad mood. There are days I have to FF thru everything on AMC.

Thank G today I slept thru most of the wedding. I don't get why David married Krystal. He can't possibly be in love w/her, what is his agenda?

Crystal said...

"Why can’t Reese hold a mug by the handle like a normal couple? Reese is the only person who can make a mug look enormous."

That is because she has 0% body fat and is cold at all times. She needs the heat, ha ha.

What is up with Crystal's hair today. First it is down then it is some half-princess Leia doo then it is back down perfect again???

Crystal said...

I think the tornado blew the whole town into bizzaro Pine Valley.

What the heck. What is Tad's deal with Taylor. What is up with Adam and Erica, they have never been a love match. I just don't get it.

David and Crystal's wedding...vomit.

Shadow said...

Reese is so skinny she could hang glide on a Dorito.

melmel said...

James Scott, ex-Ethan from AMC, on Days looks like he raided Ryan's Nivea Gold Lotion stash about 9 times. Boy is he bronze!

Shadow said...

Deep Thoughts About Monday by Shadow

Why are the transitions from the opening recap to the opening credits so awkward now?

KWAK has coon eyes and a bad dye job today.

Will TadNTaylor be the new TadNDixie?

The Brot/Frankie scenes are honest and believable. No contrived story telling. Just two good friends sharing some friendly banter rather than their sperm. Nice, rare moment.

Even if she did wrong, you can't talk ugly like that to a pregnant woman.

Amamda looks like she may have pink eye or something. Maybe she really does have morning sickness. Pale and puffy.


Taylor looks awkward in that red dress, but I like the beer and memory lane. Maybe that's the point--she's a little out of her element. She is so good in every scene.

I bet the dealer wishes Tad N Taylor would shut up and play though.

HEY PRATTHOLE: Could we go one week without calling a girl a bitch, slut or whore?

KWAK drugged in bed with a double chin. If I couldn't see her head I might think that was Jerkson's turkey neck. Why would you want to show people in the least flattering position possible?

The opposite of the Suxtet is Jake, Brot, Taylor and Tad. Nice foursome.

Maybe all this is finally a setup to get Jake and Amamda together like we all said should have happened a long time ago.

Dang Zach has a cheap ass front door. Why can't he just admit he did wrong and apologize to Kendall. He just wants her to move past it.

Love silly, fun Taylor and Brot.

David needs a better cell phone. Bad video quality. Worse sound. Those orderlies in the hospital who like to watch RandiPorn have awesome video/sound playback on their PDAs.

David waltzes into Chandler Mansion, as does everyone and spills it all to JR. Hmmm. Shit meet Fan.

Zendall making love. Could do without the chin closeups but me likey the booby play. I'm beginning to feel the scene, but No wait. ACK! SCAR!! OMG, my weiner just shot out my buttcrack!

Way to Melrose Place.

Brot and Taylor foreplay, by contrast, is sweet and funny. No gimmicks or gimmicky props. No surprise scars. Just sweet thoughtful lovers in the doorway making there way to the bedroom.

Are we supposed to make some sort of mental connection between Kendall's scar and Brot's face. Overreaching.

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...

Jake on a dating site! His scenes with Tad made me cry I was laughing so hard. I paused the Tivo to try to read his description, and it was so cute. Jake, honey, you can always find a warm bed in Las Vegas at my house... he's such a cutie in his fuzzy, purple socks.

Erica is always gorgeous, but her scenes with Adam on Tuesday's episode made her look like she was in her 30's! As for Adam, I can't imagine him having problems with his lines - he is so forceful and vital on screen. Poor guy. I hope it's not true!

Erica, Fusion is a place of business, not a place for knock-down-drag-outs? Really??

Krystal's wedding dress is hideous! It looks like a white garbage bag cinced at the waist. What's with the costume department? Her hair, too. Looks like an elementary-school librarian. I can't believe she went through with that horrible marriage - and since when do they recite the 23rd Psalm at a wedding! That's for funerals (pretty appropriate, however)... and signing that prenup? Keeeerazy with a K!

Question for JordAsh: If you could trade lives with any AMC character, past or present, who would it be?

Shadow said...

Look at Monday again. Adam totally flubbed that line and looked at a card.

That scar! You know most surgical scars are straight lines. Kendall should be pissed with that zig zaggy cut. Looks like the surgeon used a fork instead of a scalpel.

And I'm assuming Zach took the time to fix the door before they had sex in front of it. Not that it matters since there are no curtains on door. You can just walk up and watch the Slaters hammer down.

brtedi said...

"...Are we supposed to make some sort of mental connection between Kendall's scar and Brot's face...."

Hi, Shadow! :-)

Yep! The writers tried to draw a parallel, between the two. Personally, I thought the way it was done with Brot and Taylor was very "old school" classy. Viewers aren't dumb. Leave something to the imagination...and the next morning what do we get? Breakfast in bed, as it relates to their history as a couple--The stuff relationships are supposed to be made of. Yay!


Shadow said...

Suds Report mentioned a rumor the ABC is letting Erika Slezak go. Blanco says ABC denies it.

Justin said...


Could you plese stop yelling into the mic. Nothing is worse than having I pod ear buds in your ear and someone yells about someone thinking you are an idiot.

My hearing can not take it. lol

Justin said...


Could you plese stop yelling into the mic. Nothing is worse than having I pod ear buds in your ear and someone yells about someone thinking you are an idiot.

My hearing can not take it. lol

melmel said...

Hey does anyone here Twitter? I just started and love it. Would be great if others here did too and we could put has tags like #pvp or #allmychildren so we know it's Pine Valley Podcast related.

If anyone wants to follow me I'm @melgotserved.

Arizonagal said...

melmel, My niece just sent me a twitter invite so I signed up, just yesterday, and now what? I'm not sure what to do with it. I did notice all the local news crew had twitter sites and the weather man was updating the weather every hour or two and I'm thinking, "get a life dude". What is different about twitter?

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...

I just watched the E True Hollywood Story about Kelly Ripa, and I loved the old AMC stuff. I so remember the day she came to Trevor's house and moved in. They really showed some great old stuff.

brtedi said...

I have to say something about day 2 of Bobbie Eakes and the "wedding coat". I know why poor Ms. Eakes kept that white coat on. Her dress was horendous! When she did take her coat off, in a scene with MEK on Tuesday, I was certain the wordrobe/prop department mudt be missing some white swag drapes.

Reguarding one small, humorous thing about GL on Wednesday, I know where they got "Lara's" music box. It arrived in Bosnia by way of Target, for under $10.00. LOL!

Is anybody taking bets that Mallet and Marina's new baby from Bosnia, will turn out to be Lara's? That baby/babies had such blue eyes...Such a cutie! I do believe he saw himself/herself on a monitor. GT spoke, slightly, as if he had... (Something along the lines of, "Is that you?", when looking off stage.)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jordan,

Can you enlighten me please. How are Rex and Natalie siblings with different mothers if we don't know who Rex's father is?

Terry in Toronto

jordan hudson said...

Sorry guys Im so busy with this project right now.

yet Terry here goes. Roxy raised Natalie and Rex as brother and sister. Natalie was stolen at birth and landed with Roxy. She did not know until years later that she was A Buchanon and Jessica's twin. As it stands now. Mitch Lawrence is Jessica's dad and Natalie is the true Buchanon heir being that Clint is her bilogical dad. yes they are fraternal twins by different fathers. Unless that changed somehow when I was not wtachign . Oh you got to love soaps. lol

Laura said...

I David and KWAK got married! No point in watching that. Thanks for saving me some time.

Jordan and others. Watching my old Boston Legal tonight on ION. Old Boston Legal better than anything else on tv except Big Love.

I think Rex and Natalie will end up being brother and sister. Also you know that locket of hair Star has will be used for a DNA test. I hope Vicki doesn't leave. But I'd rather see her go than Dorian. Any thoughts on the serial killer.

Is Mitch Lawrence in a coma by day and killing at night?

jason said...

God I can't not stand AMC. How many times are the Chandlers going to call aMAMda a slut? I half like Amandas storyline, I just wish is could be better.
The worst character on the show is Zach! Who does he think he is? PratHole was ruined him to point of the no return. Please TK leave the show!
OLTL on the other hand is pure perfection and I can't wait for the upcoming weeks it's going to be hot.
BTW jordan your go f*ck yourself joke made me LOL in a silent classroom lol

jordan hudson said...

OMG OLTL was hot yesterday. The reason I'm tooting OLTL is because they are able to tell more then two storyline's at a time. Everyone interacts with each other. Their is a true group of supporting characters who are just as much fun as the principal's. Everyone can act. Maybe not at the same level but no dead behind the eyes. Most important ,The women on OLTL are treated like human beings, equal to the male characters, strong, independent, sexy and vibrant.

John and Blair were hot yesterday. When John grabbed her to show her what he wnat and kissed her. That's what I want to see. Not women being abused verbaly on a daily basis. Romance, couples to root for. Love triangle's. Because I tell you...I'm hoping Ray stays in town. A Ray/Dorian/David traingle HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Hey Jordash,

Thank-your for answering our questions.

I just wanted to let you know we spent like 10 minutes on the phone (long distance) to try and speak to a person at ABC about AMC. Let me tell you the level of incompetence is astounding. My mom was rudely spoken to my someone named John and sent by Amanda to a another line that endlessly rang. To those in NYC please call on our behalf we tried very hard but to no avail.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

What's better then the Hot Topics on the View? The PVPC! It cover a host of topics ranging from
a salute to broadway, to an American Idol recap, to the Oscars and extensive coverage of OLTL (weather you like it or not) and maybe even cover AMC. More bang for your buck in these tough economic times. Keep up the good work!

Susan in Toronto said...

I tried to watch OLTL again and your standards for acting are extremely low, in our humble opinion.I have equate the level of acting with Joey Tribbian's smell the fart acting on Friends, which is giving the OLTL actors too much credit.
They may have writing but their acting makes Aidan look like Olivier.

Much Love

n69n said...

i was just tellin Laura some of my thoughts on WEST SIDE STORY, i thought i'd share em here...coz i still wanna be a part of ya'll...but i damn do NOT wanna watch AMC these days!!!


one thing ive learned from my soap watchin...*ANYONE* in the role of ANITA will seem better than anyone else in the cast, because the role of ANITA is the only one with any real character development.

the worst is the guy who plays TONY...he seems way more into BERNARDO than MARIA.

MARIA is sweet, but this actress would be much more suited to playing Audrey Hepburn's role in ROMAN HOLIDAY....she seems more like undercover royalty than a poor immigrant seamstress!

jordan hudson said...

Much love to you and your entitled to your opinion. What is someone's nightmare is another person's dream. And while you don't care for the actor's on OLTL and they are not to your liking, that has nothign to do with my standards on acting. It's real simple. I want to be moved an believe what I'm seeing. For me the cast of OLTL as a whole team does it. Yes some are better then others. On AMC there are some greats and then there are people that should not be acting. Models brought on because of their good looks by a casting director who has made a mockery of acting. For her to say that Acting can be taught.... Again that is my opinion. The same way it is my opinion that Friends was the most boring stupid show with a cast that was overpaid for thier medicore skills. Yet one thing that is a fact is AIDAN TURNER CAN'T ACT! NO one not Mongrieff, Vasi, or the cast of friends can make Turner look like he knows what he is doing. So you can say what you want OLTL actors and I don't care but lololol I will argue you on Aidan Turner.

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...


Because of you, I am now watching, and loving OLTL. Brilliant stories and fabulous acting - your taste is impeccible ;-)

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Just wanted to let everyone know I just e-mail Brian Frons to tell him how much Chuck Pratt sucks.. If you want to as well here are the addresses I found.

I also found him on Facebook, but I don't think he is going to accept my friend request lol.

jordan hudson said...

OMG. Today's episode was an all time low for AMC. Not since the days of the Satin Slayer and our beloved Dixie's death by pancakes has the show been so wretched. Thank god for Mary Smythe, and the real Kendal. Guys this week has been horrible. How could frons think that Pratts writing is excellent. If I hear one more man yell at a woman or use some degrading term to address her; so help me GOD!

Shadow said...

I read on the internet that all the women on AMC are going to start wearing "fashions" from New York & Co.. Isn't that the cheap ass store next to The Limited in all the malls? Honestly, I thought it was the "Big and Beautiful" version of The Limited. I don't see Erica or Opal or Kendall in a $9.99 mumu dress. Not that there is anything theoretically wrong with that. I just like to see my soap stars dressed in ways we aspire to emulate. What next? Ryan buying thongs at Walmart? Ouch! I just hope that we don't have to endure a special "shopping episode" with a montage of the Kane women at NYCo. and The Limited. Or an episode where Angie and KWAK are drinking coffee whilst they peruse the NYCo. catalogue.

Like the Campbell's Soup American Heart Association's Go Red Ball, I guess it's not such a bad thing if it helps with the budgeting woes on the show. In fact, maybe the start of something big. Today everyone may be wearing a polyester ballgown, but in a few days they will need something for the rash it leaves. Voila! ABC Daytime will be giving us an inside peek into the PV medicine cabinets full of Neosporin and A&D Diaper Rash Ointment.

Well I'll write more later, after I satisfy my uncontrollable urge to drink a V8 and take my blood pressure.

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...

I know this is a bit after the fact, but does anyone recall when Annie remembered that Aiden is not Mr. Stone??? I must have blinked, because I sure don't remember that. All of a sudden, she was back to calling him Aiden.

Well, it's decided. When I die, I want my funeral to be in a bar!

melmel said...

Arizonagal, we'll have to follow each other on Twitter. Now that you have it, you can post little updates or one liners up at 140 characters all the time. A lot of people use it to live "Tweet" about shows, so you write your message and use these hash tags, #, to make a common thing so people can read it. So I might say, "Coma Kendall on #allmychildren!!!" And anyone searching for allmychildren would be able to find it. The help docs on Twitter are really helpful. I've become hooked. I follow a lot of friends and celebrities and comedians who post really fun updates.

Susan in Toronto said...


even though your opinions are slightly askew, I will fight for ur right to say it. That is the Canadian way !!!!

much love

Anonymous said...

I was floored when I heard Brianne MonGrief got a prenom. I know AMC doesn't have a lot of younger actresses, but couldn't they pick Yaya, Kathy, Emma, or maybe baby Jenny....

elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

our hope was for Ian, Gabby and Amanda's fetus to be prenomed over trollby! David's milk foeverone that day on set!

Anonymous said...


I've finally joined you in angst. I cannot watch AMC.

AMC is the only soap I watch, and (except for a flirtation with Days back in high school), the only soap I have ever watched. It pains me so to be without it now.

Recently, I've been on the Zendall fan wagon. Pratt killed my Zendall! And with it goes my affection for the show in total. Every other character is as impossible to recognize as Zendall is, so there's nowhere to turn for refuge.

I'm in mourning, and not for Greenlee.


Shadow said...

And the Emmy goes to Brianne Turd Turdby Trolby 5-Head MonGrief.

Good Grief.

Laura said...

Becky try OLTL please. We'll help you if you have questions. Or Y&R, a lot of actors from AMC are there now. Good actors like Billy Miller. Disco Dan and I can help you.

I watched it today. What happened to Reese? Now women are beat up? Is she going to have some stupid blind storyline, where Kendall helps her with some miracle cure in Europe. OMG I don't think I can take it.

I was glad to see Mary Smythe and that was about it.

Why in the heck would Jerkson have Aidumb speak? First of all nobody can understand him, second of all she left him.

I am watching OLTL now. I miss David V.

Arizonagal said...

And just when I think the show is trash, there are the little moments. Loved the way Tad knocked that drink out of JR's hand. Perfection.

There are a few people who can resurrect this show simply by their presence and Tad is one of them.

I really hate slobbering morose drunks... it's not entertaining, but I did appreciate Tad attempting to talk some sense into him.

Okay, has JR had some eye work done? Botox maybe? His eyes are looking different, some sort of medical intervention.

JordAsh, if you were a network weasel and you had to can one soap, which one would it be, AMC or GL?

Anonymous said...

Some interesting quotes from a very recent interview with Tamara Braun. Pratt completely lied to her about the storyline and she doesn't seem too happy. Pratt is a complete tool!

TEG:'ve been causing quite a stir in Pine Valley, what do you have to say for yourself?

TB: Yeah, Well... Reese? Yeah, Reese? What the hell happened is what I'm saying.

TEG: Now we're fully into it, when I spoke to you before you hadn't I don't think you'd even started shooting yet.

TB: No I was full of hope (laughs).

TEG: Aw, we still are. I think just for even having it out there is in important. I want to ask you about your costars, but first, do you think Reese and Bianca will have a happy ending?

TB: Oh yes.

TEG: Is that good enough for you? To take this detour and then come back with a happy ending or were you just wanting it t be smooth sailing?

TB: No, I don't think there should ever be complete smooth sailing. The conflict, and the issues that were dealt with were not the ones that I thought were going to be dealt with. It's the writers and story editors' decision. It's not what I came to play, but I'm playing what they gave me to the best of my ability. And trying to make it real and truthful.

She was told that they would explore same-sex relationship issues, like marriage (a real one I mean), adopting children, etc. Later, of course after she signed and started, was blindsided when they said they didn't want to get too political, yet they were still mum about the direction they were going with Reese. She always thought the Zach/Reese thing was just a tease for the audience and was shocked when she read in the script that they kissed. She also sounded excited to! Who could blame her! Pratt will never get her to be in anything he is a part of again! What does it say about a man that lies to their actors about their roles? Pathetic!

That's probably why Thorsten Kaye is at a standstill with his contract because of the way Zach is being potrayed.

Shadow said...

I caught half the show today.

How could this many people know the truth about Amanda's baby and David or JR not figure it out too? Redick.

Natalia is now a desk jockey on the police force. Ugh. And she doesn't know who Kendall is? Effin Redick.

Ryan plays his telephone recording over and over and over to kill 10 minutes of our time.

Is Erica going to pole dance at the memorial today? What is with her boobs today?

A memorial at a bar? I guess it should come as no surprise considering that it's frequented by hookers and pimps and people are fairly regularly stabbed and killed there. That place has to have the highest crime rate in PV.

I usually hate all of Aidan's couplings, but I am absolutely going puke an organ if I have to watch him ruin Annie. I'm glad she's not crazy but I see her heading back to Blandie. And why can't she get it together without depending on a man?

KWAK and David are uncomfortable to watch. It almost makes me want to look away or turn off the TV. I vehemently dislike their pairing. I can't even think of a joke about it. I just hate everything about them.

Similarly, this Zach-Reese thing makes no sense. There is nothing for us to cheer about or invest in this story. They fucked over Bianca - one our most cherished characters. They have no passion between them. They have no chemistry. And after pining away for months over her comatose body and making her life hell since she woke up, Zach totally disregard's Kendall during the memorial to babysit the woman who is at the center of the controversy that is destroying his marriage. Makes no sense.

Erica talking about Josh to Mary seems to somehow minimize Josh even more.

Amanda says at the memorial: Oh, she was a hard ass....ABC pays for this crap people!

I think I'm about to have one of Ashley's donut holes in my AMC viewership.

Arizonagal said...

WARNING - this ain't about AMC much!

Last night I watched an episode of AMC, the one where Reese falls, David is creepier than usual, Zach, JR, and Ryass are tools. I know that probably describes most days.

Then I watched a GL episode from some time this week. I never really know what day I'm watching. I laughed, I smiled, I got a lump in my throat. Colin McCabe (the best doc character ever) showed up to cheer Reva on in her chemo and pregnancy. Jeffrey finally spilled all the stuff he's been internalizing since Reva got pregnant. It was so friggin' REAL. There was not a moment when I wanted to FF thru anything. An amazing episode. Nothing earth shattering happened. It was just solid acting, intelligent, evocative writing and when the show was over I just thought... WOW.

I always thought Jeff Branson had a lot more to give than his gig as Special Johnny and he so proves it as Shayne on GL. How many actors has AMC canned who then go on to knock our socks off elsewhere? I loved the friendship between him and Marina.

The bit with Jeffrey and Reva painting the nursery really hit home. Jeffrey has been walking on egg shells during Reva's pregnancy and finally he cracks. I could so relate to that. For the last year I have been busting my ass at work and leaving a sick husband at home who has been going thru HepC treatments.

I'm no different than anyone else. I don't know how many days, esp. lately, I've felt like Jeffrey, just sick of holding everything in, holding it all together, and protecting the sick guy. It gets old people!

It's not the big moments, not the CGI tornadoes, that make me watch. I want people I can relate to. How precious were those moments when Natalia, Olivia, Jeffrey and Josh were just shooting pool? It's nice, it's comforting, to watch a show and feel like you're spending quality time with old friends. If GL goes away, it will be a huge loss.

And one comment about OLTL, did I see sparks fly when Dorian and Ray finally faced off? This could be good.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Gosh, this week of AMC has really been a test on my brain... I swear if it weren't for OLTL and GH I would sitting right next to Annie in Oak Haven... I can't believe Pratt is still head writer.. It's depressing me, hopefully Frons will read the letter I wrote him and his eyes will finally open up.. But probably not because he seems to be as big an idiot as Pratthole. And if I were Tamra Braun I would want to kill Pratt, lying to her to get her on the show and then switching it up.. How sneaking of him.. Plus she already went through this with him on GH.. KICK HIS ASS BRAUN PLEASE! DO IT FOR ALL OF US HERE AT PVP!

Jordash, I'm about ready to fly to New York and join you guys in a picket outside of the AMC studio.. I think it's the only way.

Anonymous said...

LadyScorpia here & I would like to rant!
WTF have the writers done to Zach??
How can he make love with his wife one instant then go chasing behind GayOrNayReese the next??
Then he had the AUDACITY to blame Kendall for Reese getting hurt!
If that were MY husband he would be getting foot to ass syndrome!
The writers (And I use the term loosely) can all SUCK IT!!

melmel said...

Arizonagal- what is your username on Twitter?

n69n said...

Shadow, I am so glad you are postin again!!!!

& i'm so glad i dont have to watch this....its heart-hurting.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Seriously.. what have they done to Zach.. If I were in Pine Valley, I would personally open a can of whoop ass for him.. Thorston Kaye should really not renew his contract...

Arizonagal said...

Minor nitpick here. There was a day or two this week, maybe last, where Ryass was home all day and people kept stopping by to see him. Why did no one bring that man-ape a casserole, a six pack, a happy meal, a little debbie snack cake, dinty moore chili beans, perfect time for Campbells friggin soup, prime rib sounds good - but - dude gets nothing, zilch, NADA? Isn't death usually accompanied by thoughtful casseroles and tempting platters of yummy food and relish trays? It would have been a perfect time for some product placement.

Just sayin', thought it was strange.

Oh BTW Jordan, I'm with you on Meryl Streep, chick bugs me. I'll take Helen Mirren any day.

kim said...

Yes Jordan this week was terrible, all time low. The only highlight for me was Tad and Jake on I am however, intrigued by Reese and the glass. I can't even stomach Zack's character, totally ruined for me.

Susan, I totally, unfortunately, disagree with you about OLTL, but I guess you have a different perspective since you don't watch regularly.

For you Jordan, I'm gonna work on a letter, Amc is so bad, nothing is making sense to me. Krystal makes no sense, and i hope they're not trying to act like she married David just to protect little A because that's the only way to save that story, but no that doesn't make sense either. And they want to set up Tad and Taylor, fine. But it made NO sense when Tad showed up at her apartment with lunch, I was totally confused and wondering what I missed.

I really can't take it anymore. Thank god for the podcast!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,

I would totally recommend you start watching OLTL. I gave up on AMC a year ago but still listened to the PVP religiously. I finally gave in a month ago and started watching OLTL because Jordan kept saying how good it was. Well, he is so right! I am still getting to know the characters and their history but in one month I got more enjoyment out of OLTL than in the last year I watched AMC. ... and that's no exageration. The characters are so real and the storylines incorporate everyone. Talk about your six degrees of separation. The ripple on OLTL affects everyone in the pond not just the people who've been decided will be in a storyline like happens on AMC. I only wish I'd started watching sooner. I'd encourage even Susan and Elyse in Toronto to give OLTL a try. Do one week and then evaluate.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Laura and Terry,

Thanks for your kind words. I have to take a pause from daytime. When I collect myself, I may try moving on with OLTL.

Still sad...

Arizonagal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
n69n said...

yesterday i saw Jill Larson on the street!

i smiled at her, but i didnt say anything.

melmel said...

There is only one thing Chuck Pratt has gotten right in his tenure... the Jake and Tad scenes are magic. The rest are S***. Watching the show is tedious and feels like homework so that I can heighten the enjoyment of the podcast. Like right as I'm typing I am watching Y&R on Soapnet out of choice and enjoyment!

Arizonagal said...

Saw a great movie last night. Jordan, and others, have you see "little children" with Kate Winslet? She's not one of my favorite actors, but she, and Jackie Earle Hayley, were incredible.

Haven't finished this week's episodes, it's a lot of work to get thru 3 soaps!

Back to BXgal's question "if you could change one storyline, which would it be"? I'd have to say the Binx/Reese story. There could have been plenty of drama without calling Reese's sexual pref into question. That storyline destroyed some of Binx's character and when she went back to France, it was ugly and Binx felt tarnished.

What the hell, I'd also kill David. I'd write the baby as JR's.

Jake would find a love match on that website who would turn out to be Laura English returning from China. This would of course bring Brooke back to PV too.

Jesse would get fired as C.O.P. and take that damned Prof job at PVU where he meets Layla from OLTL. An innocent friendship slowly morphs into something more complicated.

Safari Jeff returns and sparks ignite between him and Eek.'

Sigh... I could go on all day.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Sorry but for me Zendall is the only reason I watch AMC. If Thorsten (Zach) should go I think I might leave as well. I really can't root for Rendall especially since Ryan called Kendall a souless cancer. Ryan is such a tool, jerk and I wish he would have followed Greenlee off the cliff

Shadow said...

PRATT to TAMARA BRAUN: So Tammy, babe, sit with me and talk for a sec. C’mon… Lil’ closer… Lil’ bit… There you go. Now, when we first started this journey together, our plan was for you to be a lesbian hero…one half of the first lesbian wedding on national TV. And believe me, we are still committed to that vision. However, Fronsy and I have been talking some and, well, we’ve decided to tweak the story a little bit. Lil’ bit…teensy bit…just enhance the drama by a hair. See our thinking is, you and Boobian…I mean Bianca will get married. Definitely tie the not like we planned. The catch is, and here’s where the direction of the story gets slightly revised from the original…Just a bit. Lil’ bit…No big deal. OK, get this: Everyone thinks you bagged Zach the night before the wedding. Greenlee rides off on her motorcycle to warn Kendall so she can warn Boobian…I mean Bianca, but instead she drives off a cliff and dies--allegedly. YES! In her wedding dress! That was my idea. Nice touch, huh? Anyway, Boobian, I mean Bianca, gets pissed, annuls your marriage and leaves the country. You stay behind and become the town pariah. Every day people will just pummel you with how much they hate you and how you ruined their lives because they think you’re a confused lying whore. And so it doesn’t get boring or anything, we’ll make you go blind and cut your face up and make you look hideous and desperately insecure. How cool is that? Man, stick with me kid. I’d never steer you wrong.

Shadow said...

Friday on AMC

Uh oh, a storm’s a brew’in outside Tad’s place.

“And everybody's goin' "Whooooosh, whooooosh ... I feel the snow... I feel the cold... I feel the air.". Oh wait, I sat on the remote.

Hey, who is that hideous witch?

“Da da da da da da da. Hee hee hee. I’ll get you my pretty.” Crap. Wrong tornado!

Ok, here we go. Let’s see, JR, Amanda, Jake. OMG! Is that a flying monkey?

Oh wait, that’s David Hayward.

It looks more like Reese burned her face on a waffle iron or something.

I don’t think Opal is making Ryan feel any better. Greenlee’s cold and alone. How comforting! Every show is like a very special Halloween episode.

Tad looks paunchy again.

KWAK is a sucker for trench coat, especially heinous coats with brown flames that make you look like a Biggest Loser contestant.

Adam had to look a cue card to remember to call Amanda a “lying little…[looked down]…bitch”. Seems like that would be one of the easier one’s to recall. When in doubt, he should just holler, “Bitch” or “Whore”. With Pratt at the helm, the odds are in his favor that one of those words will be the correct one.

Ryan looks like a monkey. They should put wings on his back.

Kendall just can’t figure this shit out and doesn’t know how to move on. Believe me Kendall, I totally emphathize. I keep hoping there’s a hidden message in this. Pratt is saying, “We hear ya. We’ll wrap up this dumb shit and move on?." Don’t think so though.

Why do blind people on TV always look down at the floor? At least she can’t see the leaches on her face.

Poof! There’s Jessie! Like Glinda the good witch he appears out of nowhere.

ADAM to JR:“Where he she keeping your manhood? In a little box on top of the fridge?” I bet Pratt thought that was clever, but it was crass and juvenile. What fuckin’ dipshit.

KWAK to DAVID about the Chandler Mansion: That house is as safe as this house, probably safer. Um, no it isn’t. Anyone can get in Chandler’s place. I have a year’s worth of video to prove it.


Amanda’s eyes still look screwed up. Jake watches telenovas and plays with dolls.

Laura said...

I see Superposter posting on Daytime Confidential. Can't you get him to plug our little podcast or at least link to it.

n69n said...

i drew my vision of ASHLEY, JORDAN & GUCCI!

Shadow said...

That is hilarious n69. Brilliant as usual. If u put a bone in her hair though Ashley's pic would sort of resemble a Puerto Rican Pebbles! Ha!

Laura said...

The best Norn! I didn't see it on your facebook. But I see you plugged it on Jamey of Daytime Confidential's wall. I went there to plug our little podcast as well.

It is raining like crazy in Chi-town. Better than snow I guess. I think Rhianna and Chris Brown would be good AMC characters. It would fit in with Pratthole's vision of how women should be treated. Did his Mama abandon him or something.

n69n said...

thanks ya'll!
yeah, i got Jamey addicted to PVP!

kim said...

great picture norn i love it!! ashley's adorable lol

brown penny said...

Yeah Norn, how cool is that!! My vision of Ashley is a little diff, taller, thinner, and wonderful crazy hair, sort of like mine! I think you got her personality and there is soooo much of that in our little puerto rican princess. But Jordan, dude that is perfection. You are too talented.

Arizonagal said...

One of things bugging me about AMC these days is if the men aren't being misogynistic, then the women are suffering serious inuries. Kendall just awoke from her second friggin coma; Taylor recovering from paralysis; Amanda having a troublesome pregnancy; Reese blinded; Babe killed in tornado; Greenlee's redic death; Erica stabbed in a restroom; and Annie becoming Insannie. Practically every woman on the show has been hospitalized in the last year. CP loves to see women as victims. Gimme a break.

On GL, I really like the way Grant A is playing Phillip. This Phillip is quiet, thoughtful, determined, and yet you know at any moment he can be explosive. He's warm and fuzzy one moment and scary the next. GL makes me feel like I'm part of their family.

In Llanview, are we going to see romance between Matthew and Destiny? I am loving their friendship. They would make a cute couple.

OMG the shower scene, so Psycho, very freaky, very hitchcockian, but wouldn't Blair have a nicer shower curtain than that? it was so walmart.

Tsk tsk, Mr Joplin. I'm not convinced Joplin is a good guy.

Anonymous said...

Ashley & Jordan -

PLEASE say hello to me. I am running a 1/2 marathon next weekend (March 15th) and I will be listening to you guys as I run! About 45 minutes into your podcast, please say "go Jenny!" - that will give me the push I need to continue for the whole 13.1 miles.


Anonymous said...

The picture or Ashley and Jordan is great Norn! I love it. Is there any way for it to be posted on the blog frontpage? What do Ashley and Jordan think of it? I pictured Jordan leaner, but still with all the muscles and Ashley, well, her infectious laugh is what stands out for me. I can't wait to hear whether they think you're accurate or not. Are we going to get a photo for comparison?

Terry in Toronto

Laura said...

I think this picture would be great for a facebook group. Norn since you own the picture. Do you want to start it or do you care if I use it and I'll start a fan page site.

arizonagal said...

Jenny I so admire anyone who can do marathons. Please let us know how you do. I wish you the very best and Ill be thinking of you on March 15... my god 13 miles. I hope you kick ASS!

Laura said...

Jenny I am imaging in Forrest Gump where he sees her over the crowd and yells Jenny and then Jenny comes running. Who's going to be Forrest Ashley or Jordan. Good luck to you.

I am on twitter as LauraKoni. I don't use it much yet. I may try to follow some people to see how it works.

jordan hudson said...

Jenny you got it.
Guys there will be a new podcast for the past week. We will be a tad late with it due to the project I'm working on.
Get it a "Tad " Late lol
Anyway Norn...lmaolmaolmaolmao. I will let Ashley speak for herself. I it. It's so adorable. I'm not that big. Yet the big smile and the eyes are dead on, so is the hair. No moustache thou. Yet I have to say I love it. For never ever meeting me. I felt you truly captured my essence. Im so flattered and honored. OMG!!!!!

Arizonagal...I worship at the Alter that is Helen Mirren. She is an Actress. While I don't negate that Streep can perform. She just doenst make me feel anything. It's very calculated and cold. Kind of how I feel about Erika Slezak on OLTL. Give me passionate, fiery Robin Strasser any day of the week.

Guys...I don't know what to say truly was painful to watch AMC this week but I will save it for the podcast. I will say this they need to focus on what works. The Brother Martins, the Hubbards when they have a real honest storyline.The Kane Women. They also need to stop with the misogynstic crap already. It can be a drinking game, except you might get alcohol poisoning.

Arizonagal...I said it before in the podcast and I know it upset peopel but If i had to choose between AMC and GL right now for the axe. Well call me Simon Cowell but it would be AMC. GL is really putting all stops to try and get viewers to watch. All AMC has done is continue to isolate viewers and insult our intelligence.

Ashley said...

OMG NORN! That pic is hilarious! Carlos loves it, and I do too!!!!

I feel, too, that you captured my "essence," right down to the door-knocker earrings!!!!!!! I'll tell you the truth - I *wish* my hair matched my personality the way it does in the picture, but it's damn close! (The color is good, too!)

Here's my problem about publicizing our little show: I know how to do little else but make a podcast. Louie2K put up a great alternate blogsite, and I'm not sure what the feedback was.... I actually did put up a PVP Facebook page, and, well, it's not going very well. And the MySpace page? I'm tempted to take it down because I can't keep up with it!

Superposter is a good friend of the PVP, and he's plugged us many a time. We try to plug him when we're not ranting about AMC.

Jamey G. from Daytime Confidential is now a fan, and has contacted us for an interview! I think we're taping this week, but I'm waiting to onfirm the date. (THANKS NORN!!!)

I will try to incorporate the picture Norn drew on all of our stuff - we love it so!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all again for your support! And thank you, as always, for spreading the word!


Arizonagal said...

Well Jesus H Christ, I just made the mistake of reading an AMC spoiler, and though I won't reveal it here, I have to say it makes me sick. My guts are churning and although I should be surprised, I am not, I'm just disgusted. I'm sure this is what Jordan was referring to in a previous post.

jason said...

oh no ArizonaGirl! That's one of the reasons why I stay away from spoilers I don't wanna know how worse it's going to get.
I love the drawing N69 That's how I imaged Jordan and Ashley lol!
And Ashley I'm glad your little podcast has expanded to a big podcast.

Laura said...

Ashley there will be a Celeb Rehab 3. Something to look forward to. I love Jamey. I am friends with him on facebook. I can't wait to hear this interview. My three favorite people.

Ty said...

Wow...those little avatars of Ash and Jordan are hot! N69N does it again! Lol!

I would like to have a doll of the Ashley Avatar!

brtedi said...

Hi, n69n!

What a great job you did with your concept of whatAshly and Jordan look like! :-D

And you see Gucci as a chijuajua!--A very good friend of mine is a chijuajua--He's not actually my dog, though. A more accurate discription is, I'm one of his humans. LOL!


Arizonagal said...

Yeah Ty, Ashley and Jordan bobblehead dolls. Take down that Virgin of guadalupe and put Ashley and Jordan on the dashboard! I can see it all now. Ashley, once on your podcast, way back when, you said you were a great marketer. You are being handed a golden opportunity to capitalize on the Cult of PVP!

Think of all the merchandising opportunities you have here with your rabid following of loyal fans.

All said tongue in cheek, but hey, there are possibilities here!

Norn, have you done a David Vickeroshi? I've seen your Roxy and Tina and they are awesome.

jason said...

When can we expect the podcast? I wonder what big project Jordan is working on?

Emilysunshine said...

here's my question.
does Taylor really have a sick aunt?
..or was he just reeally sick of AMC (I don't blame him, and I love Jordan, but I miss my Taylor!!!)

Ashley said...

Yes - Taylor had a sickness in the family -"All My Children" was sick! I asked him to come back, but he hates the show *that much* that he won't do it. Even our tender loving friendship can't get him to come back! Sorry folks.

If you want to send him a messsage, please send it to me at and I'll get it to him.

New podcast will be up soon!


Anonymous said...

Noooooooo DIMITRI MARRICK was the Love of Erica Kane's life!

Mike Roy before he came along, but always and forever was the Count and his Bride~


romello said...

DONE with this show. It is off of my DVR and i am all about OLTL! Pratt has managed to RUIN tis show beyond repair. He ruined Kendall and He destroyed Zach and Bianca. This idiot has no respect for any of the legacy characters and he does not have a clue how to write strong female characters. He gave Kendall back her teeth when she came out of her coma and then yanked them back out by putting her with that Milktoast Ryan. Kendall is Erica Kane's daughter! She would NEVER,EVER,EVER stand by a let another woman take what is hers without a FIGHT! Whoever the idiots in charge are that want to keep shoving Cameron(i should be Ryan Secrest)Mathison down our throats,needs to be tied to a tree and worked over with a chain saw!