Tuesday, April 14, 2009

He's Baa-aack!

After a 6-month break from All My Children, Taylor Crawford, the co-founder of The Pine Valley Podcast is our guest host this week. (And he's none too excited about the "changes" he's seen.) Among the gems:
  • Annie isn't really crazy - it's all her brother's fault that she killed and killed again and again.
  • Zach and Kendall are clearly on the outs. (So much so that they kiss this week.)
  • David Hayward obsesses over his genetic material, whilst Krystal remains "missing."
  • Erica Kane has been to paradise, but she's never been to me.

We didn't discuss on the podcast, but our Chuck Pratthole has been all the buzz on DaytimeConfidential.com. The di&#wad sucked it again: first, he sets up Jamie "No A$$ Kisser" Luner for a huge fall with his stoopit comments, then blames the hot mess of a lesbian wedding storyline on Eden Riegel! What a di&#! What do you think? Let us know, here.

(Huge thanks again to Taylor Crawford for his fun appearance this week. Jordan "Toodles" Hudson will be back next week - it wouldn't be the PVP without him!)

4/10/09 Podcast


jason said...

Welcome back Taylor!

Robin C. said...

Welcome back, Taylor!

As far as Scott Chandler goes, he is DEFINITELY not Stuarts biological child. He is the child of Cindy and Fred Parker. Stuart adopted him after he and Cindy were married. Fred Parker was a drug addict and HE is the one who passed the AIDS virus on to Cindy.

One thing that I always thought was hilarious was that Cindy's sister, Karen (also played by Ellen Wheeler) had the last name of Parker so that we would know she was Cindy's sister (because looking EXACTLY like her wasn't enough of a clue, apparently). But Cindy Parker was only Cindy Parker because she married Fred Parker, so why did KAREN have the same last name?

Karen kidnapped JAR when he was a month old, so she got sent away and haven't heard from her since.

Terry in Toronto said...

Yaahhh Taylor!

I can't wait to hear Taylor's astoot take on what's been happening with All My Children. I was home on Monday so I watched snippets just to see what was up. Erica in the bathtub was fun although I kept wondering how the cabin was so clean if no one had been there in a long time. I loved Zach giving Ian advice "respect your mother" before David came over to make a house call. Where else but in Pine Valley does the head doctor of a hospital make house calls?

n69n said...


thank you so much for this SPECIAL EPISODE!!!!

jordan hudson said...


I was going to be away from the blog this week. Hence the toodles but this whole Prattgate scandel has got me fired up.

Frons and Pratthole are the Devil incarnate. How he can blame his wretched writing on the actresses involved, when it was their professional and talented work that gave any credibility to that insipid material he called a storyline. Disgusting!

Another thing, this is not Liza! No disrespect to Jamie Lunar. Pratthole either doesn't know the character's history or just doesn't give a flying fig. Hey PRATTHOLE! Liza gave her virginity up to Tad in Highschool, only to find out he was bedding her mother. She then went on a rampage of one night stands, the final one resulting in her getting beaten and left for dead on the side of the road. She was found by Opal's Bf at the time, Sam. Liza almost loosing her life realized the path of destruction she was on. She fell for Sam who rejected her. She then developed feelings for her Boss Cliff Warner, then left town. When she returned years later we learned that she was involved with Dr. Kinder. She went after Tad who she still had feelings for. She later fell in love with Jake, then Adam. And when she was alone and hurt she turned to Ryan for comfort. She is not a loose woman. It's not in her nature and character to have meaningless sex on a casino roulette table with Zach you DUMB ASS.

If you were even a bit of a writer instead of the worthless hack that you are you would know this. You sir are a piece of &*^%! Pratt I despise you for destroying my beloved show. People like you, talentless, that keep getting work because your blowing the right people, are who bring the industry down.

Craputhers and Frons you are no better for not getting rid of this imbecile before he puts the nail in the final nail in the coffin.

At least Ellen Wheeler was big enough to admit the errors of her way and did all she could do to turn GL around.

And anyone who watched today, Tuesday's GL would see an incredible epsiode of Daytime TV. The moving forward of The Otalia storyline. Most of all you would see great mature dialogue with respect to the history of the characters as Reva & Edmund's storyline came full circle. He went out as he came in. You would see why Kim Zimmer deserves to continue working instead of talentless razor thin models and wannabe actors like Mongrieff and Vaseline.

Sorry but I had to vent. IM NOT AMUSED!

Terry in Toronto said...

Ooooh Jordan you took us to Church with a capital C!

Why oh why are you not writing this show?

I agree that Liza and Zach on the table is crap but what else can we expect from Craputhers and gang? I'm fine with Zach and Kendall having problems but this should be a learning opportunity for them to work it out not an opportunity to write the easy way out which is just embarking on another round of bedhopping in Pine Valley.

tallytofu said...

Taylor! So good to hear your voice again. I'm listening to the podcast right now.
Friday's show was the only episode I watched last week, and I actually thought it was decent! Miss Lucci's little meltdown was fantastic, and Ashley I'm was SO happy to hear your rendition of it!
Jordan, and everyone else, thank you for commenting on that awful, horrible and downright OFFENSIVE interview with Pratt. He really expects us to believe that he thought he had Eden for 2 years?!? Everyone with internet access knew that both she and Tamara had short-term contracts before they even appeared on the show. Between this and the article about Jaime Lunar, the man is one interview away from alienating both the entire cast and audience.

Speaking of that, one quote really stood out to me:
"So we thought about making Reese bisexual — kind of an Anne Heche who bounces back and forth —"...Okay, didn't Craputhers just recently say that any bisexuality on Reese's part was just something that we morons in the audience only imagined, and it wasn't real? Now this cabrón says they actually were toying with the idea after all. These people need to get their act together! STOP TREATING THE VIEWERS LIKE IDIOTS!!


Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Okay, Pratt just totally made me completely hate him. How can he blame Eden Riegel for his horrible, horrible writing? Hell, her acting ability was the only reason I even gave the tiniest little sh*t about that story line. Like you said Jordan, it shows how stupid Frons and Crapputhers are for NOT FIRING THIS HORRIBLE MAN! I cannot believe he still has a job. It's redic! Like I've said before he better not run into me on the street because I honestly don't know what I would do.


Arizonagal said...

Today, on a very special episode of the Pine Valley Podcast, Taylor Crawford, the eccentric and enigmatic co-creator of the PVP returns for a rare hour of quirky observations and banter with our favorite chica, Ashley Mendoza!

Taylor, "a rocky place where his seed could find no purchase" - Raising Arizona?

It was Grrrrrreatt to hear from Mr Crawford this week and we were rewarded with your Josh Madden, woohoo!

Ash I agree w/you about the Scotty, he's cute and smart and I hated the way TPTB immediately had scott and JR at each other's throats. Blech. Enough of the nastiness. I like the kid.

tallytofu said...

Arizonagal -
So true re: JR & Scott. I get that soaps are largely about conflict, but does EVERYONE have to hate everyone else?
Except for maybe Franklin/Taylor/Brott, why is no one allowed to have friends on this show who are just friends, and not potential bed-buddies?

- Topher

Mel Got Served said...

Welcome back Taylor! If only Di were still around so you could do your amazing impression.

Also, I think Scott Chandler, appearance-wise, could have made a good Special Johnny recast.

And sorry to be so horribly blunt, but Chuck Pratt can EAT ****.

Shadow said...




And one more thing...

Thanks for the nice shout Ashley! :)

brown penny said...

Jordan, you are right on with your assToot assessment of Prattwipe, Crapothers, and Snorf (Frons spelled backwards). Ellen Wheeler has more integrity and talent in her little finger than the three of these bozos combined! Thanks for not staying off the blog this week. We need you Jordan, you galvanize us, you inspire us, you speak for us dude.

WMD said...

Ok, hang on everybody. I know everybody hates Chuck Pratt, and so do I, but I think we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let me quote him again, taken from the DC site:

AMC head writer Chuck Pratt blames the mess on Riegel’s exit for pilot season. “I was led to believe we had her for longer than we really did — suddenly I got word that Eden is leaving now,” he says.From this, it sounds like he's blaming somebody from casting for giving him a wrong timeline, so he had to rush the story later on. Even if he made that up, he never blames Eden directly. Indeed, she made the best out of crap, but reading Pratt's own words, he says nothing to contradict that.

What am I missing?

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I'm sorry, I can't see it the same way you are WMD. Although he does not just come out and say "Oh, it's Eden's fault", he is the HEAD WRITER of the show, if he doesn't know what the exact stipulations that are in someone's contract it means that he is doing a shotty job as a head writer. I mean seriously he is basically one of the CEO's of the AMC company and he trying to say that he didn't know when one of his employees were leaving? That's redic. He is just trying to blame others for his failure as a writer.

And like someone said on TVguide.com, it seems like Pratt is on the verge of being fired because these public little outburst are that of a desperate man on his last leg with a show.. I hope this is true all though it probably is not (A girl can dream, right?)

-as you can see I am heated over this issue...

kim said...

so great to have you back taylor, listening to you two brought back memories! well everyone, i'm getting MARRIED on Sunday!!! so i'm gonna be missing the podcast, and amc next week while i'm on my honeymoon. i'll be thinking of you all on sunday, unfortunately i'm not allowed to bring my laptop. can't wait to listen when i get back, and to read all the blog posts i missed. so thanks for watching, so i don't have to!

p.s loved the dead on erica this week ashley, i can never stop laughing when you do erica!

Chloe said...

GL was absolutely incredible today! Of course Kim Zimmer was fantastic (as usual), but I think Crystal Chappell absolutely stole the show! The scenes at Gus's grave were spectacular. Hey Pratt-ass, watch GL and see how a real love story between two women is done. And guess what? Neither one of them are angry!

Pratt should be kissing Eden Riegel's @ss instead of blaming her for his atrocious storyline. She is a beloved Emmy winning actress, who plays a beloved character. Bianca is Erica freakin' Kane's daughter for goodness sakes! Pratt is going to realize how many fans Eden Riegel does have because I have seen so many angry posts about his comments. Imaginary Bitches has been a huge success not only because is it creatively brilliant, but Eden's loyal fanbase follows her everywhere.

I think I know why Pratt blamed ER. In the latest SOD, Eden said she and Tamara Braun "never wanted the dramatic storyline of the Reese and Zach kiss". He had to go and "punish" her because she dared to speak against his writing. I love how both actresses have been vocal about this disaster storyline.

I have to say that Pratt-ass and Craputhers create more behind-the-scenes drama than they do for AMC. He has already set Luner up to fail.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

This has nothing to do with AMC, but I know you guys love West Side Story so I decided that it was appropriate to post this her.

I just saw the new Broadway cast of WEST SIDE STORY perform 'America' on Dancing with the Stars. And all I can say is...eh.(that's a Lady Gaga song, isn't it?) but yeah I am not too impressed especially by the Anita. And I don't like that they changed the words to the song. I guess I am just too much of a fan of the movie, but from what I saw it's really lacking the comedy that the original 'America' had and it feels like it is trying to hard to be great. I am kind of bummed because I am in the middle of planning a trip to New York just to see the revival of West Side Story (and the new Nine to Five musical). So needless to say I am kind I'm not too happy.

Has anyone seen an early showing of West Side Story who can offer their opinion on this matter?

WMD said...

Replying to Ms.CaseyShameless:

>he is the HEAD WRITER of the show, if he doesn't know what the exact stipulations that are in someone's contract it means that he is doing a shotty job as a head writer. I mean seriously he is basically one of the CEO's of the AMC company and he trying to say that he didn't know when one of his employees were leaving? That's redic.

I don't think the head writer deals directly with contracts. That's what casting does, that other person we hate, Judy Blye Wilson. If she (or somebody in that department) told Pratt the wrong contract time length, why would he immediately doubt it?

> He is just trying to blame others for his failure as a writer.

No doubt about that. I bring all this up because there seems to be a lot of extra hatred going around based on WHO he blamed, and if it's not really that person, I think it's unjustified.

> And like someone said on TVguide.com, it seems like Pratt is on the verge of being fired because these public little outburst are that of a desperate man on his last leg with a show.. I hope this is true all though it probably is not (A girl can dream, right?)

I would say you're right on the money - if his boss was anyone other than Brian Frons. Frons seems to hate these shows, so he may not mind watch Pratt run one of them into the ground. If he takes Pratt's outbursts more personally than that, he might just fire him anyway, and hire a different shitty writer who keeps his mouth shut. I don't know Frons, so I can only speculate.


Totally. I will never defend his writing (which alone should get him fired), but I think he may not be quite as evil and hateful as he's made out to be.

Arizonagal said...

I have to say Jordan, when and IF GL ends in September I am going to miss Olivia and Natalia as much as I would miss a close personal friend. Those two women just touch my heart, and it has nothing to do with sexuality at all. It's about loyalty, love, friendship, inspiration. When I think of how Olivia resisted this friendship in the beginning, how Natalia managed to keep hanging in there without being a sycophant. but just by being herself. And you just know, this is the first time Olivia has ever had a real friend, a bff. Damn, I hate that this is going away.

Shadow said...


Idol ObservationsAdding a 4th judge totally screwed up the season. Because they have too many judges, now we get too little Simon.

WTF does Quentin Tarrantino (however he spells it) have to do with anything? And if he's so cool, why couldn't he talk them out of these Bryan Adams songs?

You know I hate to comment insensitively about someone on TV, but QT is one ugly dude. Were Barry Manilow and Andrew Lloyd Weber busy tonight?

Ok, it went like this...

RED HAIRED ALLISON: Red leggings and a big ol' belt. Simon said she was the "girl's only hope". Ouch! Sucks to be Lil.

ADAM: He's like 1/2 boy 1/2 girl. And totally creepy. Paula said he's great because "he dares to dance in the path of greatness". Guess she had chinese for dinner. I had to pause the DVR to spray the remote with Lysol and take some antibiotics when he was through. If it is possible to catch a communicable disease through the TV, it will happen watching Adam perform.

MATT: I keep waiting for the wart in the middle of his head to open it's eyes and sing back up. I think he's in trouble tonight. He was a glass box of emotions while the judges were ripping him. I think the wart was beading up.

ANOOP: He can sing, but he couldn't be a bigger dork. What was that letter jacket thing he had on?

DANNY: Time to do the Hokey Gokey and SURPRISE! The guy sang another dead wife song! Endless Love. It was like Lionel Richie meets Michael Bolton.

KRIS: The judges didn't feel it. I think he's the only credible performer with a chance of selling CD to the mainstream audience. The song was really sort, but it was nice enough.

LIL: She changes her look so much each week, she's hardly recognizable. I want to be-weave in her (ha! be-weave--get it?) but she just can't get it together. Seems like a nice girl. I'm sure she's awesome at church. But this just isn't her thing.

PAULA: is wearing a sparkly dog collar of some sort and talking in fortune cookie-speak. HOWEVER...

KARA: Needs to take a hike. Three's company. Four + Ryan just throws the show off.

Chloe said...

Oh Shadow...I love your American Idol recaps. I actually thought of you when I realized what song Danny was singing! He's pulling out the dead wife card...again. I just read on TV Guide today that Scott had a liver transplant about 2 years ago, but didn't tell producers because he wanted to be judged by his musical talent only. What a concept! Not that I think Danny's terrible, but he bores me and I don't understand his popularity.

Adam returned to that screaching mess again. Because of you Shadow, I look at him like he should be wearing a giant condom. LOL! Thanks!

I liked Allison and Kris, even though I wasn't familiar with the song he picked. I'm too distracted by Matt's wart when he is singing. He did start off well, but then it turned into a complete mess. Ugh...Anoop seems like a douche! I do feel bad for Lil because I didn't think she was that bad.

Simon seemed extra grumpy tonight. Why did they hire Kara? I also want to hear Simon's comments after each contestants performance. Plus, Randy seems to be the only one who likes her.

I'm guessing bottom 3 will be Matt, Anoop and Lil with Anoop going home.

Shadow said...

Monday on AMC

Rancid can't believe she won't get to touch Frankie anymore. I can't believe our good fortune.

Erica is turning all cougar on Ryanderthal. He just turned into a big dumb boner. He's only tolerable with her.

Another akward segway to the opening parade of dead people.

Erica screaming into the phone is kind of funny. Let's see her climb a tree.

Look up Beaker the Muppet and tell me that he isn't Scott's muppett twin.

If there are as many people having sex in hospitals as this show would have us believe, it's no wonder staph infections in hospitals are so rampant. PVH is like a big semen pit.

Took Jessie long enough to open the door. The apartment is only like 2X4.

Yeah! Lil 'A has to testify. That means a Lil 'A scene. He's the best actor on the show.

Why can't Scott just look straight ahead when he speaks? His head is always looking down and his eyes looking up with raised eyebrows. Maybe it's the Stuart-effect.

Ryan is making faces like Erica's feet really stink.

That Red White and Yellow crib is the ugliest crib is obnoxious. It's more like a cage. Because Ian is such a wild animal!

Nothing against Beth Ehlers, but do you think she's looking around the table at Brot, Rancid and Frankie and thinking, "WTF happened to my career?" Or "Shit, they canceled GL now I'm stuck on this fuckin' show."

I really like Messy Erica. She looks good all dirtied up.

Hey, did Zach take a bath and wash his hair? He and Kendall look so, so, so clean! No bandages, feeding tubes, facial scratches. Now he should shave.

That's an awfully clean, well appointed cabin to be wide open in the woods. Is this the cabin where Janet and Babe hung out?

Scott wears a sweater like his Dad but the collar isn't screwed up. And he drinks out of a straw like his Dad too. Awww. Don't his eyebrows get tired?

Wow, KWAK is at the hospital but without any head trauma or fallopian foibles.

Do Erica and Ryan really need a blanket between them? They each have each had sex with half the town.

Rodeo Powder Soap really bubbles up, doesn't it? Did he use a water hose to fill that tub up?

ZACH: Tells Ian "to always respect his mother" and never forget that all other PV women are big fat slutty whores.

Everybody's saying bye bye to Frankie but Natalia is nowhere to be seen. Who cares!

Rock and Roll Angie in leather. wow. Wouldn't Angie carry a Blackberry or Iphone rather than a Razr? She's a doctor.

Erica is sitting in a big old tin tub. Where did they find the tub? What if the owner walks in? I like the scene but this is a wierd setup. At least it isn't at the hospital or ConFusion. Mike Roy? Tom Cudahy? Chris? Jack. No No NO it wasn't Jack Erica! It definitely wasn't Jack. Forget Jack. He makes me dizzy.

Is Erica playing with herself! She just let out a big screamin' O moan.

Oh it was a bug. And he's holding her naked in a blanket. Silly, but amusing.

Bxgal said...

I'm just warning all of you... especially Ashley, that AMC on abc will most likely be preempted today. because starting at 1:30, the new archbishop is having his installation.

So fire up the DVR, VCR for SoapNet!!

Mel Got Served said...

I finished the podcast- a Di impression! Oh that made my week! "I'm from the streets"- ROFL.

PS I went to a sneak preview of the next Pixar movie, UP. It was so great- I put a spoiler free review on my blog if you wanna check it out.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

WMD-I completely understand what you are trying to say, but I just can't agree. I think it is redic to say that the head writer didn't know how long an actress was staying. He is in charge of planning out the story. There is a big difference between having someone for 4 months and 2 years. I mean if he really didn't know how long she was staying all it would have taken was him asking someone "Hey, how long is Eden staying?" So either way he dropped the ball and is trying to blame others for his mistake.
Also I don't think the outrage is solely because of who he tried to blame. Yes, Eden does have a lot of loyal fans, but I know for a fact if it was any other of the respected actresses from the show their would be just as much outrage if not even more.
And I don't know the man personally, so I cannot make any assumptions about the type of guy he is in his day to day life, but I can say looking back at his career and seeing how many shows he help ruin I can say that he is a horrible and evil writer and should never work in this industry again.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Plus I was offended by the wording he used in the article. Talking about how he was maybe going to make Reese "bisexual- like Anne Heche". Is this man living in the 90's because I am pretty sure there are other representations of bisexuality in the world. Plus why did he feel like he need to explain bisexuality. I think people know what it is.

n69n said...

notes on mondays episode

• NATTY KNOCKERS & JARED both got their tetas out.

• i agree that ZACH got scarier after the the first few days, when i got over his nasal voice.

• here's my ROXY: "You dont owe that conniving bitch anything!"

• i think there must be some truth to those Roger Howarth rumors & thats why Trevor St John is giving a pissy performance.


• damn hothead REX!
you just blew it!!

• i am TOO PISSED about them burning the evidence!

Ty said...

LOL@ Mexican tapeworms!

Shadow said...

Did ya'll see this article?


AMC and OLTL delivered record audiences to Soapnet for the 1st QTR.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Thanks for the article Shadow! That's at least some good news for AMC in the midst of all this Pratthole hoopla.

Bxgal said...

I personally wouldn't say thats a good thing because it means that new viewers think that having amc under Pratt's control is a good thing.

jason said...

My two cents about Pratts interview: FIRE CHUCK PRATT! I can't believe he is so stupid to make these comments! As a head writer he should know how long he has the actors in order to write a proper story.
And he WOULD make Reese Bi Sexual. Gay people don't all of sudden turn bi! Anne Heache is crazy! Of course he would mention that Reese would have been an angry lesbian. Well you’re the one who would be writing her that way! Why not bring back that one night stand Bianca had a couple years ago with Leslie or Biancas divorce lawyer? If Pratt-hole wanted someone already on the canvas, we don't know if Natalia is gay or not!
I hope you guys are right that Pratt-hole is on the verge of getting the axe, I hope that Frons hires a good writer this time.

jason said...

I hate to say this after what Pratt-hole said, but I've been enjoying amc this week and last week. Yes there are still some things that annoys me like the missing scenes, the whole Zach, Kendall, and Ryan love triangle and that ugly ass blue jacket thingy that AiDUMB has been wearing, but I haven't fast forwarded as much.

jason said...

One last thing does Jordan or anyone else here like Britney Spears?? I'm going to her concert tomorrow hehe

n69n said...

so im a couple of weeks behind watching with my sister & last night we heard FRANKIE say, "Well, Shucky Ducky, Quack Quack!"

& we had to rewind it a million times to make sure we;d heard it right!
what the hell!!!


Shadow said...

That was thing about the Anne Heche comment-she is crazy as a loon not so much bi-sexual.

N69, I think I posted the shucky ducky quack quack thing. I played that back a few times too. Cornelius shouldn't improvise. That was just goofy.
But I LOVE that u r commenting on AMC!! Give us more!
WMD, your points are fine but it comes down to this: PRATT SUCKS!! Screw all that other stuff. He's a bonehead and he and Crapputhers know they effed that s/l to hell. It sucked from the beginning with the whole joie de vivre sperm thing.the break downs are better lately but the stories are still pitiful.
Casey, you are a sweetheart!

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...

I LOVED Erica's oil-covered tantrum! "I have to get back to what's most important - ME!". Perfection. The cabin scenes were great too. I missed the Erica I grew up with.

Amamda and Jake watching "todos los ninos". How fun is that? I have been enjoying some moments of the show this week. The Krystal baby mystery may be something good, and seeing Scott and knowing Liza is on her way gives me some small glimmer of hope.

Erica Kane said...

Oh wow, for as bad as AMC is OLTL is rockin!!!! The chemistry today between Todd and Tea' had my slutmetric going crazy and they hadn't even done anything yet!!!I am officially a member of the Destiny fan club she is awesome!! I am thisclose to not watching AMC and just relying on the podcast to fill me in. It is so hard to watch what has become of our show. Someone needs to put a curse on Pratt-HOLE and CRAP-uthers!!!! Why can't Frank V and Ron C do double duty and take over AMC as well as OLTL.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Jason, I love Britney! She is my girl! Haha. And I actually went to her concert like 2 weeks ago and get ready to have a FANTASTIC time. It is not just a concert, it is a spectacle! She really makes it feel like a "circus".

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Erica Kane,

I loved OLTL today but I was holding back since I couldn't say anything nice about AMC.

I loved Rachel and Matthew and then Cole and Starr being guided back to each other by their friends. Those Llanview teens could teach the Pine Valley adults a thing or two about being grown up. I liked how clear it was that Marco was in a bad position wanting to help Cole yet wanting to do the right thing. He finally peed in the cup but he was able to convey the complexity without making a corny and unrealistic speech. The scene was simple and small but perfect combo of writing and acting.

Not so sure I'm liking Tea being under Todd's spell because I want her to be a strong independent woman but am willing to give the show the benefit of the doubt that Todd has a magic wand that she can't resist.

I just love me some OLTL!

Amanda said...


I want to disagree with your comment about Trevor St. John. I think he does a good job as a "new/old" Todd. He plays his anger more subtly, so you don't know what he's thinking...

and on that note...OLTL was HOT today! OMG Todd and Tea!!!! I LOVE IT! I can't wait to see tomorrow's. Those two are great and I hope they keep Tea around!! OMG!

jason said...

Ms.CaseyShameless I love Britney too! I've seen clips on youtube and it looks amazing! I'm so pumped.

EricaKane I always wonder what AMC would be like if Ron C. & Frank V. helmed AMC or people equivalent to them, it's been so long that AMC has been top notch like oltl

Erica Kane said...

Jason I love Britney too!!! I would love to see her in concert, but I am alas too old I would just be annoyed by all the teeny-boppers.
Shadow i have to disagree with you about Adam Lambert I love him I want him to take the whoel se-bang!!! I also love Kris Allen he was amazing this week. I cannot believe they used the save for the Mole-Man!!! Next week is disco and do they think he is going to break out with a disco song...everytime he does a faster song he gets worse!!! And poor Danny are there any Dead Wife Disco tunes?!?! Whatever will he do to pull on the heartstrings of middle America????

Erica Kane said...

I meant Whole She-Bang!! above

Miss Kane

arizonagal said...

Shadow, I agree with you about Beth Ehlers. On the rare occasions when we are lucky enough to see her, I can just see the thought bubble sayin' I left GL for this crap?" Poor Beth, she had such meaty stuff on GL and created such a memorable character in Harley. AMC is wasting her, do you hear that TPTB? This is a woman who can act up a storm and deliver anything, and she's reduced to this crapola.

Along those lines here's my beef. We have the talents of Michael Knight, Ehlers, Goldin, but they are given nothing. What we do get is Ryan ryan ryan, Zach and David. Blech. I am so sick of those guys. Front and center are all the nauseating characters I am sick of. It makes no sense to waste the talent and I am surprised they stick around for this abuse.

I guess times are so uncertain they are just glad to have a job, no? I wonder if MEK ever wonders why he hasn't left, when he sees the other young talent get canned from AMC and move on to beter material and success on YR and other shows.

I get why Looch sticks around, but the rest of them, I don't get it.

And add me to the Todd fan club on OLTL. I love his performances, he can be so menacing in one scene and then next time he's a loving father. TSJ gives us a rich layered performance every time.

Just MHO but I think the weakest actor on OLTL is the chick who plays Gigi. That face she makes when she's trying to act sad drives me nuts. Everyone else knocks it out of the park.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...
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Ms.CaseyShameless said...
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Ms.CaseyShameless said...

OMG!! EVERYBODY CHECK OUT THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO! It's Pratt having a conversation with Crapputhers! Soo funny!


Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Hey Jordash,
want to let you know that this week was the best podcast in a while, even though Taylor Crawford was not exactly positive, he was not so down on it.

Also you HAVE to watch this, Nelson Branco posted it on facebook http://tinyurl.com/dx5k2d

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Haha, there is a second episode up on YouTube now of "Pratt Falls" lol this is the best thing I have ever seen. Who ever is making it is a genius.


BELINDA said...

RE: "Shuckey duckey, quack-quack!" This is the trademark catchphrase of Cecil Armstrong, a comedian who uses the stage name Shuckey Duckey. I interviewed him many moons ago ... not sure if he's done anything recently, but he has videos on YouTube and MySpace.

jason said...

Those you tube videos are hilarious! And sadly true. I love how Pratt doesn't know who the fans are.
Here's another one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZfS_ir5mF8

Shadow said...

It usually takes the audience a while to warm up to a new actor. The wierd thing is, we all liked Elizabeth Rodriguez, Beth Ehlers and RPG pretty fast but the writers blew their storylines. They get score big returns like Angie and Jessie but then botch their storylines. They all get backburnered and we're left with the SOS and the Sucktet.



Maybe we should all start using that picture of Pratt with the X for our photo. That way, if TPTB are observing our community, they'll get a visual message even if they don't take the time to read the blog.

Ms. Kane I totally agree that Adam is talented and entertaining. But doesn't he make you itch just a little? I acknowledge his ability but I feel like I'm going to break out in blisters watching all those snarling sex faces he makes. My pick for the final though would be him and Kris. Nice juxtaposition of styles. Followed by Allison and Hokey Gokey in 3rd and 4th.

Gokey will have an endless list of depressing dead wife songs to choose from the disco era. He could sing a sad version of Roberta Flack's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face". He could go a little more upbeat with "Don't Leave Me This Way" by Thelma Houston. "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. "Yester Me, Yester You, Yesterday" by Stevie Wonder. "She's Gone" by Hall and Oates. Who knew?

He could even try "Dancing Queen" by ABBA. Ok, it is a pop, disco song and not about dead people, but he could explain how his wife loved to dance and when this song comes on the radio, it makes him feel closer to his "Dancing Queen". Brilliant!

I'm disappointed in Gokey. He missed a real opportunity on Michael Jackson night. He should've sang "She's Out of My Life".

I love JHud but was a little disappointed in her song last night. Sort of dull. Miley sounded OK but I think she tried to out-Diva JHud and that just wasn't going to happen.

n69n said...

notes on tuesdays episode

• we finally get some VIKI & CHARLIE love!!!!

we shoulda been gettin that all along!

oooh CLINT's intruding on VIKI & CHARLIE's romantic evening!

poor ol' VIKI....always havin to be so supportive of everyone else, not gettin her own story...

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Is anyone/Jordan still watching BETTER OFF TED? I just watched last nights episode and I have to say it was by far the best of the series so far. I was laughing so hard! If you haven't checked this show out yet. You definitely should!

Bxgal said...


i went to her concert in march and it was AMAZING!!!
hope you had a good time!!

Crystal said...

OMG that youtube stuff is too funny!
Who is it? You should interview them on the show!!!

Terry in Toronto said...

OLTL is so hot! I just want to say a big Thank You to Jordan Hudson and the PVP for turning me on to One Life To Live because that show gives us Friday episodes every day of the week! I totally was not prepared for the John McBain cliffhanger at the end of Thursday's episode and I loved the way the writers had Tea turn Todd's misogyny right around and right back at him.
I can't wait to hear what Jordan thinks about this hot hot hot show on this week's podcast.

Crystal said...

Tea is the cat that ate the canary today! AWESOME.
I wasn't really into it until today. How could I have doubted OLTL?!

n69n said...
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n69n said...

notes on Wednesdays episode

• i like all the LAW & ORDER stuff.


• i like that TÉA & TODD talk to each other like adults.
(even if TODD is so immature)

• oh good, a scene with RACHEL & MATTHEW.
now we'll see what she can do. she seems nice enough, she's just more glam & model-y than i think of the character.

• oooh yeah, DESTINY's gonna face-off with those little bastards!

DESTINY: "the only reason you two have is being EVIL!"


• MATTHEW: "Maybe it wouldve helpd if I'd had better advice than JUST SAY NO."

• TÉA: "Lose my number!"

• MARKKO can pee in my cup anytime, mMMPHhh!

• SEAN: "You gonna lose the use of your behind if you dont get your tail back to school before Mama hears about this!"

• MATTHEW: "I cant drink more than 4oz of water an hour or I wet my pants!"

DAMN, that is some reality you are never gonna get on AMC!!!!

i'm *GLAD* MATTHEW threw those little shits outta his house!

• hmmm....so SEAN & DESTINY have a mystery brother, who must be tied to the history of the show....who can it be?!?!?

• LANGSTON is a good friend!

• AWWWW COLE's here to see STARR!!!

i cant *WAIT* to hear what ya'll think of this TODD & TÉA scene!!!

Chloe said...

Part 3 of "Pratt Falls" is now uploaded! It is just as great as the first two.

BTW, these videos come from a few brilliant and hysterical women over at the Reese and Bianca forum. Pratt should know that you do not mess with the beloved Bianca or Eden Riegel!

Robin C. said...

Shadow said: Ms. Kane I totally agree that Adam is talented and entertaining. But doesn't he make you itch just a little? I acknowledge his ability but I feel like I'm going to break out in blisters watching all those snarling sex faces he makes.*
Since this is the Pine Valley Podcast, and Adam is a character on AMC, I had to do a double-take when you said he was making snarling sex faces. Are you watching PV After Hours on Ashley's HDTV? :-)

Shadow said...

Ha! Sorry for the confusion Robin. AMC's Adam was quite the Alpha Male in the day. These days not so much, but I love the character still. Hoping they leave Stuart and Adam alone. I don't like the rumors I'm hearing. Whatever happens, I hope Marian gets her bitch on and takes down anyone who would do Stuart any harm.

Amanda said...

OK, it was not a good idea to watch OLTL this morning at work. I got TOTALLY hot and bothered. Todd and Tea are SMOKING! LOVED IT! I didn't even care about everything else going on. Give me MORE!

I need to go take a cold shower now....

Shadow said...

Here's an interesting article that puts a grade on Pratt's work to date. The author makes some good points, but grades Pratt's efforts too generously. Check it out:


Shadow said...
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Shadow said...

Aside from the PVP and The Thong, PRATT FALLS is the most entertaining AMC related thing I've seen in years. I hope whoever is behind it keeps it up. You know those three episodes are making the rounds at ABC. Here are a few of my favorite clips:

PRATT: "I am the King of Romance. I'm responsible for that brilliant scene when Kendall and Ryan engage in hot monkey love following a trip to the morgue to view the partially decomposed body of Greenlee."

PRATT ON REESE: "The useless angry bisexual lesbian that has been loitering around Zach and Kendall's house..."

CRAPPUTHERS: "Pratt, do you suffer from seizures? Are you having one now?"

CRAPPUTHERS IN RESPONSE TO PRATT'S CONCEPTION OF THE ZACH SPERM DONATION: "Any lesbian? Or the lesbian who happens to be the sister of his wife?"

CRAPPUTHERS: "Will Reese be a bisexual or a lesbian?"

PRATT ON KWAK/DAVID: "They are the hottest couple on TV."

PRATT: "Curses. So when you told the fans that there was nothing going on between Zach and Reese, when something really was going on between Zach and Reese, and I made it so blatantly obvious that even the infant playing Gabrielle knew that something was going on between Zach and Reese, you're telling me the fans didn't buy that?"

That's funny stuff. And sadly, heartbreakingly dead on accurate.


Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Yes Shadow I totally agree.
I think I am even enjoying Pratt Falls more than I am enjoying the actual All My Children. I would love to know if Pratt has seen these yet and better yet I would love to see his reactions lol. My favorite quote by far has to be "Even the infant playing Gabrielle knew there was something going on between Zach and Reese." Gets me everytime. And I love the line from episode 2 where Pratt says "And we need more sick babies.", so funny. There is just something about those dead pan computer voices that makes the lines pop even more lol.

Crystal said...

NuLiza- EWWWW EWWWW EWWWW I don't like this new slutty Liza. I think I will call her Lisa, ha ha. (that wasn't a spoiler was it?)

Maybe someone else finds that hot, but not me. If I want to watch a porn with no story I will watch one!

Course, it is Zach, I can understand her getting her panties twisted up but, hold your horses honey! Has she not got any the entire time she has been out of town?

Shadow said...

I watched Tuesdays AMC. Erica was good with Ryan, Kendall, Adam and even David. I really like less glamorous Erica this week. It's all in the attitude and Looch is working it. The odd thing is the sets. I'm ecstatic they aren't in the hospital or Confusion but where did this cabin come from? Erica, Kendall and Ryan just helped themselves. And Erica is just bathing in front of everyone. And then she went to Adam's to shower because of a plumbing problem at the casino. Why not Kendall's or the yacht club or gym? And then David walks out of the tunnel. Is there no lock on the outside door? It's like the tunnel goes from Wildwind straight to the Chandler estate. The tunnels are so damn stupid at this point. And how is it that there is a tunnel entry on every wall? I've never noticed the tunnel by the booze. And why is Adam taking so slowly? He's either acting this to the hilt or really fucked up.

I just don't trust Pratt. Even when he manages to pull out decent show, I feel like I'm just waiting for him to do something stupid. Like have David walk out of a wall.

As much as I've enjoyed Erica since Friday, the stories don't seem to be going anywhere. Annie breaking out is dumb. Binx needs to just send for Reese. I'm done with that one.

Chloe said...

I just got word that Episode 4 of Pratt Falls is up and running on YouTube! It is just as hysterical as the first three! Enjoy!

BELINDA said...

Here's my new ANTI-PRATT anthem, to the tune of Hall & Oates "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do):


Sleazy, hating women all the time
Where does it stop,
What more does Frons need
To draw the line?
They brought in Chuck Pratt
Who has killed our show
His writing stinks, no doubt it's
Time to go

Yeah, Ash ... Ash & Jordan watch
So we don't have to-ooo, yeah
They watch each week so faithfully
So we don't have to-ooo, yeah

'Cos we can't go for Pratt, no ... no can do
No, we can't go for Pratt, no ... no can do
Oh, we can't go for Pratt, no ... no can do
We can't go for Pratt
Can't go for Pratt
Can't go for Pratt
Can't go for Pratt

Chuck Pratt's reign of horror must be stopped
Overthrow this tyrant before
Our soap gets dropped
The show's falling
Into a Pratt-hole
Ooh, forget about it
Chuck Pratt must go

We'll ... we'll do anything
'Cos Pratt's an effing tool
And we'll do almost anything
To get rid of this fool


Crystal said...

Bravo, Belinda!!! I love it!

Shadow said...

I glanced at Friday's ep. I recall Liza being manipulative and troubled, but I would never have called her a skank.

Luis Merino said...

"Lesbians... we have Lesbians on our show?"
-Chuck Pratthole

Shadow said...

PRATT FALLS 4 is just as funny. I pray the link to the PF series has been posted on every blog and fan site and that it has been emailed to every single ABC executive!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

haha I love the new episode.

'Do not worry Julie, I have everything under control. I have 5 year olds getting drunk off scotch.'

discodan said...


love you guys. watch

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Haha good one Discodan!

I actually made a video as well. Let's just say it's Colby and Aiden having a conversation. lol


Erica Kane said...

Shadow.. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond.... I actullay do not feel all durty(lol) after watching Adam Lambert. I feel all dirty after watching Kris Allen that boy is HOT HOT HOT!! Adam does not make me all itchy I just enjoy watching him I guess I haven't noticed the same things you are. All I have to say is MOLE-MAN better get the full-fledged boot this week!! He is to Idol what Pratt is to AMC!!

Ericka said...

Hello all. I was coming on..way after the fact...to comment on who Scott's parents are but Robin C said it all. Miss ya, Taylor and your Josh and Di voices. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear you and Ashley create a scene with all your voices you do. That would be so funny!

BELINDA said...

Craputhers: "But the lesbians are not interested in having sex with men. That is what makes them lesbians."

Pratthole: "Well, how was I supposed to know that? Why didn't anybody tell me?"

Priceless! This series is made of awesome!

Laura said...

I was out of town this week. Had to go to Dubuque, and loved listening to Taylor on my way back. When I saw Mole man on Idol last week, he reminded me of a young Ron Hale now Mike on GH, ex-Roger on Ryan's Hope. He is a good actor but the mole annoys me. But so does InSannie's.

If you have questions about West Side Story, N69 is the man, he saw it and is a Broadway authority.

I saw Friday's episode. I liked Erica. Since I was out of town, I wonder if they let us know what info Adam has on Krystal. At first I thought she came to her senses, but no she was blackmailed. I have to watch Pratt Falls.

Anne Heche is is not a lesbian, she's a whack job. The lesbians I know tend to be in long committed relationships. I'm excited for my girfriends that are getting married in two weeks in Iowa.

Did anybody watch Grey Gardens on HBO? I liked it but I liked the documentary. I think it helps if you know the background story. I would have loved to have seen the musical.

I saw Britney in concert with my daughter and she was okay. I don't mind her music. It's funny how one person says they like her and we all come out of the Britney closet.

Hey maybe Ellen Wheeler can come back as Karen Wheeler. Isn't that character still alive. While she's there she could warn Pratt about having a show get cancelled is not a good thing for your career. But Frons will probably do a stupid talk show with his big loves, Cameron and Kelly Monaco, with Aiden Turner as the announcer. Yuck!

Luis Merino said...

Since the Xtranormal.com videos are "all the rage" these days, I decided to throw a little something together with Ashley and Jordan...

It's basically, the Pine Valley Podcast, animated (it's only about 2 minutes of one of march's episodes)


Terry in Toronto said...

I LOVE IT Luis! That is the perfect ad for the PVP. How can we get this out thre so that more people will know about the PVP and Ashley and Jordan?

tallytofu said...

LOVING the Pratt Falls videos! They are too funny, and sadly on target. Only thing I don't love is Carruthers being presented as the voice of reason, since she's just as bad as he is (she gave the green light to death by pancakes!), but for the sake of these videos it's hysterical.
Luis, Discodan, CaseyShameless - loving your vids too. :+)

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Laura, I loved the HBO version of Grey Gardens. I thought it was absolutely brilliant, but I also agree that you really have to see the documentary first to fully understand just how good the HBO version was. I was so surprised by Drew Barrymore performance as Little Edie. I mean she was dead on. I hope she wins the Emmy because she deserves it. On the other hand, although I liked Jessica Lange's performance, I thought her portrayal of Big Edie was a little bit over the top.

tallytofu said...

Hi all! With all the traffic the Chandler Mansion tunnels have seen since David's return, I had a couple questions I was hoping that Jordan or anyone else who is good with the show's history could answer.

I seem to recall years ago that there was some mention of the tunnels originally being part of the "underground railroad". Am I remembering this right? If so, did the show ever delve into that history at all, or was it just sort of a reference point?
Also, in the old set for the Chandler Mansion (you know, back when it actually looked like a mansion!) did the tunnels exist, and does anyone remember where the entrance was located? I can see that old set so clearly in my mind, just not the tunnels.

Also, one other really stupid question - where does Erica live now? I've only been tuning in to AMC sporadically since the tornado, so I'm sure I missed something along the way.

Thanks in advance to anyone who might have any answers!


Laura said...


this is my take on the pine valley podcast.

Laura said...

I'm not sure how to post a link but if you copy the above. I made a movie like Pratt Falls, featuring the astoot comments of some of our bloggers, especially Jordan. Hope you like it. And Jordan sorry you have red hair, not too many choices for people, but the sports gear is why I picked that person.

Let me know if you like it.

Chloe said...

Episode 5 of Pratt Falls is up! IMO, it is the best one yet!

Ericka said...

Has anyone gone onto Daytime Conf site and view the cartoon movie with Pratt & Carrothers. if not, u should!

jason said...

I'm glad I got some people to admit their love for Britney Spears lol

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Haha yeah I love Britney and I am not afraid to say it. lol Actually my name "Ms.CaseyShameless" is inspired by the Britney song "Piece of Me", when she sings "I'm Mrs. oh my God, that Britney's shameless". I just added my own name and made it smaller and viola there's my name lol

Shadow said...
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Shadow said...

Loved all your Xtranormal.com videos. Luis, yours was pretty amazing. Laura, it's funny to see all our comments and thoughts with faces! Jordan, you with a blonde mustache and bowling bag is quite a site! And I hope ABC gets copies of these with Ashley telling them to "Suck it". The one with Aidan and Colby fretting over smart viewers was inspired. I haven't tried to make a video yet, but I might. Does Xtranormal.com have an avatar character that resembles a turd with blond hair?

Crystal said...

Waiting for the show. Can't clean my house unless I have it. LOL

brown penny said...

What did I miss here, what prompted Krystal to testify as she did? I was so confused, I guess I"m going to have to start watching more often! AMC, it's not complex, but it is confusing.

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...

Good grief! I know we shouldn't expect much from Trollby, but really? Her glycerine was smeared on like vaseline - it was really distracting me from her "acting".