Wednesday, April 29, 2009



  • "Liza" is back, and she's unrecognizable in every way.
  • Zach and Kendall are a hot mess.
  • Ryass continues to be Ry-assy, while Ins-Annie gets Ins-Annier, and Aidumb gets Aidumber.
  • Erica continues to stun us with her fabulousness.
  • Brot and Taylor who?
Sorry for the late 'cast this week, folks. Family affairs took away from our podcast time. There's loads to talk about people (dead Chandlers, anyone?), so please: do what you all do best, here!

4/24/09 Podcast


Terry in Toronto said...

I can't wait to hear your screaming Ashley! I've been in withdrawal, shaking and shivering just like Cole without the regular fix from the PVP.
Thanks for the new podcast.

BetseyD said...

Podcast won't download.

My iTunes shows three hours remaining!



jason said...

AAARRGGH!!!! lol Itunes says 15 hrs to download for me.

Brody and Jess making love=HOT HOT HOT

SharlaDawn said...

ACK!!! 12 hours to download??? I want it NOW!!!! :(

Terry in Toronto said...

Mine still says 4 hours remaining BetseyD, Jason & SharlaDawn and I've been at it for 2 hours already. I'm patient though because Ashley and Jordan are worth it!

Since we're talking about itunes, can everyone who listens to the Pine Valley Podcast and enjoys it (which is everyone of course) go to itunes and give the PVP a 5 star rating in addition to a review. Let the itunesiverse know how much you love Ashley & Jordan.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Thank the Lord the PVP is finally up. With a week like last week on AMC I couldn't go without hearing your guys' opinions on the show.
First, I would like to point out that you both are correct. Apparently condoms do not exist in Pine Valley. Not only did Zach not use one on Jamie "Looked Like An Ass Kisser on The View to Me" Lunar, but if you remember Aidumb didn't use one with Annie in their oh so sexy (note the sarcasm) romps in the Looney Bin. Plus, with all this no condom use Kendall should have like 12 of Ryan's kids. It's just extremely irresponsible of the writers to not make a point to at least show a condom once. Yes, AIDS is not a death sentence in America anymore, but the spread of it has increased exponentially since the 80's and it would be nice to see a little responsibility taking place in P.V. every once in awhile. However with a man like Pratt in charge, that might be a little too much to ask.
Speaking of Pratthole, please tell me that today's episode is not the way they are wrapping up his brilliant storyline (note the sarcasm again, I'm full of it today) of Bianca and Reese. Seriously? This is all you are going to do to make up for all the shit you put Binks fans through these past couple of months? Oh Lordy, I feel bad for Eden Riegel and Tamra Braun. The are both beautifully talented actresses and they have to spew this shit from their mouths. It's non-sense. And I hope ER has the sense to not come back to this show for a very, very long time. She needs to make sure there is a new head writer before she graces Pine Valley with her presence again.
On the subject of certain people's acting abilities. Ryan has to go. Sorry Cameron Mathison, but you suck. You suck so hard. I seriously can't stand to see your bug eyed, gritted teeth face anymore on my screen. And I don't want to hear your whisper yelling, which I am sure you believe is good acting, but it is not. Nope, it's not. Go be a host on E!. Please. Cameron and Pratt should help each other clean out their things from the ABC lot because they both HAVE TO GO!
And just one last thing (well probably not the last thing, but close) Alicia Minshew and Thorsten Kaye stuck around because Frons split up Rebecca Budig's old check and gave it to them. I mean, if they didn't get pay raises to stick around. I don't know what made them stay.
Also I just looked at Chrishell Stause's Twitter and it said something pretty funny. Here's what I read- "Vending machine lunch again today... Recession= no Kraft services at ABC!" haha so they have cut back on the use of good sets and feeding the cast and crew, but paid 3 million dollars to put GH on in HD.. Way to go Fronsie. If you cast doesn't leave the show because it's shit. They will starve to death.


BetseyD said...


I have been downloading the PVP for a little over three hours now.

iTunes is stating that I have 26.9 out of 43.8 MB downloaded - AND - I still have three hours to go!

Seriously - does anyone know WTF is up with iTunes every week - that it does this?

I have also tried the right-click download straight from the website, with the same result!

Figures!!! LOL.


Anonymous said...

still listening to the podcast but had to say the intro by ashley was hilarious!!! love it!!


Shadow said...

Idol Stuff- Wart be gone! Adam be humbled. Taylor Hicks be awful!!

AMC Monday- Reese and the bad sweater. Boobianca looks good this time. Glad she isnt wearing some merino wool sweater. The fake baby on Zach's shoulder was hilarious.

Adam looks like he has to poop when he has an episodic seizure. It's probably a physical reaction to his scenes with Turd. She speaks. He poops.

Jake wentfrom gay pirate shirts to Flinstone bowling shirts. Birth videos? He is a doctor!

Bloody Annie Montanna in the window. Opal seeing things. Pete in a green sweater. It's like she's the lost Halliwell sister from Charmed.

Why couldn't Boobianca be this cute before? Guess she read the blog.

Cambius said greetings and salutations? Pratt is quoting Charlotte's Webb now. Somebody kill me please. I fear this story will make me actually less smart. They are comparing that dumbass story to Jack the Ripper.

This feels like Bianca er Eden R is taking the blame. Love her with Alicia. Hate the story.

Too bad they can't flashback to old Liza. We need a better nickname for Luner. How about Snatch?

BetseyD said...


10:00 p.m. - the Podcast has downloaded, in it's entirety, and is synced onto my iPod!!!

It only took stupid, stupid iTunes about seven hours or so to complete the procedure, a procedure that should have taken, at the most, less than a minute! But at least I now, I have my PVP!!!

Peace Out Guys!!!


mcfutch said...

I am sending you both a giant bag of Ricola to soothe your throats, sore from screaming about how bad AMC keeps getting. That podcast was hilarious! The worse the show gets, the better and funnier the criticism. I didn't hear you mention Lynda Hirsch's interview with Pratthole where he pimps mAY Sweeps:
by Lynda Hirsch
"All My Children's" head writer, Charles Pratt Jr., says his May sweeps will really show what he has been working toward since replacing Megan McTavish. "When you take over a soap," explains Pratt, "you just cannot dump every story line. There were plots that needed to be wrapped up. Some plots needed to be advanced. This May, I take all credit and blame for what will be on screen." Pratt promises more of Michael E. Knight (Tad). "We know he is a loving father. Tad has always had a fun side. It is time to bring that back. A major occurrence in his life will bring about a major physical change for him. With that change will come the merging of Tad the Cad and Tad the Dad." Also, a major character is going to be killed off. There has been lots of speculation elsewhere as who is going to literally be axed. We don't deal in guesses, so we will not speculate. Just be sure to tune in to "AMC" in May. It will be like watching a whole new soap but with it going back to basics."
What? Why not take the blame for what you have ALREADY done, you idiot?
Gee, there's so much to look forward to...

Terry in Toronto said...

Loved the Jessie's Angels opening! Was there ever a person of colour on Charlie's Angels ever?

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Ashley and Jordan for taking me back to Little House on the Prairie. I read all the books as a kid and watched the show religiously. Melissa Gilbert was so perfect as Laura and the relationship Laura and Pa had was what every kid hoped and wished they could have with their parent. I know I did. Nellie Olsen Jordan? Was she the original mean girl or what? At this point can we hope that when Frons cancels All My Children (because let's face reality people, Pratt's mission is to give Frons the reason to cancel AMC) he will replace it with reruns of Little House?

Thanks for devoting so much time to OLTL and for giving credit where credit is due. So much good stuff going on in Llanview. Ray is a strong male character with morals and a backbone. A Martinez needs to stay.

I agree with Ashley that the Stacy storyline is crap and Crystal Hunt isn't helping because she's sleepwalking through it. Yes Jordan, Farah isn't the best actress and Gigi is doing dumb things that are hard as hell to believe in which doesn't help at all.

I do believe Schuyler Joplin is coming into his own and I just want more and more of him onscreen. He has been good with Starr, Todd, Stacy and now even Rex. Most of all though I'm so rooting for Brody and Jess. I can't wait for him to promise her a baby when Chloe is finally revealed to be really Hope. When that happens they better get busy as all getout ... to make up for the loss and heal Jess's emotional pain of course.

Great podcast and I agree that you guys get better as AMC gets worse.Loved

Crystal said...

No Pratt, the perfect storm is you, Craputher, and Fronsie. Bleh

Chloe said...

Episode 7 of Pratt Falls is now on YouTube! It is another BRILLIANT episode! Warning: Make sure you are not drinking any kind of liquid while watching!

Crystal said...

Ashley I LOVE me some Zach. Mmmmmmmm baby. Sorry Jordan. I agree that OLTL hair was bad but, I had stopped watching by then. That was in MY OLTL doughnut.

Don't worry about the bad review. You are right. As I like to say 'put on your big girl panties.' ;) We love you so...

We don't get enough hanky moments nor do we get enough hanky panky moments. At least not any we want to see.

Annie was far away by then. She may have even been as far as the ice machine or even the vending machine if she was running fast enough.

Jordan, I can't believe you didn't know what a dutch oven was. That is why they had that pbs type show on The Soup called dutch oven.

I would like to see Beeker go after an older woman. Maybe Kwak?

I loved Marissa's sleazy boss too!
I think we should call her Mabe.
I can't believe those other girls didn't thank Kwak for bailing them out of jail. They were definitely NOT hookers with hearts of gold.

Anonymous said...

Ashley, Jordan I have been listening to this for the longest. I love your impursenations of Jesse, very funny. Also Jordan I love "No1 Ladies Detective Agency", can't get enough of it.


jordan hudson said...

Terry it was the 70's no way but if they were smart imagine if they had gotten Pam Grier to replace Farrah. Smoking hot Charlie's Angels would have been.

Nellie Olsen ( who is touring with her one woman show where she talks about beign a child star. Hope I get the chance to see it this year) was the first and when she grew up and left town. Mrs. Olsen adopted another blonde girl who was so nasty her name was Nancy Olsen and her catch phrase was "They hate me!" God I loved that show.

jordan hudson said...

Just saw Wednesday's OLTL. That is how you write a daytime drama. One minute I'm crying as Starr tells Cole a story and just as I'm bawling we cut to Tod and Tea in court as Todd smiles at her and she roles her eyes and I'm laughing through my tears. Later again Starr and Cole have me crying then I'm lmao as we cut to Matthew getting his gift from his new big brother David.

I want to be touched Pratthole, I wnat to cry and laugh with them. To see real three dimensional people. Who have desires, passions and are not afraid to take a stand. Rachel is amazing to me. her scenes with Nora. The only complaint I have is don't get rid of Ray (A. Martinz) My god Dorian has not been happy with a man since Mel and that was almost 10 years ago. While david is great and they have chemsitry and are always a hott together. Ray is the Dorian's equal. She needs a strong man who is going to put her in her place. That was the beauty of Mel and even Herb Callison. Show Dorian and Robin Strasser some love and respect. Keep DORAY alive!

P.S. Did see the performances of A.I. this week love standards had to tune in. Heard about the result show. If your judging by the performances that night then yes Adam deserved to be in the bottom two. He was his usual Patti Labelle ( never going to be that fierce of a Black Woman so give it up Lambet) wannabe self. The best two were Kris Allen and Allison. The final two should be them or one of them and Danny Gokei or whatever his name is but it should not Be the Screaming Queen!

Shadow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shadow said...

Jordan said: "I want to be touched Pratthole...Jordan, you might want to rethink that one. We're always looking out for you here on the PVP!

Arizonagal said...

Ashley, girl, I've said it before, you are going to damage your vocal cords with these hardcore Jesse impersonations. Strained vocal cords aren't noticed until the problem is severe. People who use their voices for a living or who shout or scream frequently are at particular risk!! We love you Ash, don't hurt yourself.

Jordan, every time you talk about Puerto Rican food I start to salivate. Please, when you have time, give us the recipes for pernil and totones, hope I got the spelling right.

As per usual, AMC has been mostly b.s. Last night I forced myself to watch an episode and I didn't hate it. I was actually intrigued by googly eyed Alex Cambias stating that he did not kill Dixie. I also could not believe Ryan read the stuff. I was so expecting him to toss everything into the fireplace.

For Pete's sake Adam, comb that damn hair. It's distracting!

Not loving JaLu (jamie luner). I agree with whoever said she'd be a better Skye.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the podcast, I can't wait to listen after it's done downloading. I love the kendall ryan (aka rendall) moments this week, I have been able to catch up on my vacuuming!

brown penny said...

Pratthole is finally acknowledging that the Brot/Taylor SL doesn't fit in with the rest of the show? I'm surprised he didn't blame Eden Reigel for the failure of the Vets story. Give me strength!

Shadow said...

In our quest for a name for Jamie Luner, JaLu, is a pretty good one. I could go with that. Not too long like "the former Melrose Place actress..." or Gape, Firecrotch, Snatch or the other slutty names I proposed. Character intros/re-intros are done so poorly on this show. Scott punched JR. Liza greeted Pine Valley with a wide open vajayjay. Can't somebody just say, "Hey, welcome back! You've been gone so long. It's nice to see you. We missed you." before they get in a fight or spread their legs over a game of blackjack?

And while I pine away wishing for the return of Brooke, all I get it Cambias, Fake Liza, Fake Scott, Dead Stuart, More Dead Dixie....

I think I ranted last week about the loss of the family dynasties. With Amanda leaving, that's the end of the Dillons. I'm sad at the prospect of no more Janet From Another Planet Kate Collins. The English Family is gone. The Courtlands are almost gone. Petey is hardly living up to the task of being Palmer's seed. The Martins are a ragtag collection of people living in Tad's house. The Hubbards have their fake daughter. The Santos clan is a memory. I was thinking that aside from the Kanes and Chandlers, there isn't much left in terms of the traditional AMC family. But then it hit me that the "families" on AMC now are and have been for some time the Slaters and Laverys. I've ranted forever about how much I dislike Zach and Ryan, but I've never thought about it in terms of their "families" being so central in lieu of say the traditional Martin and Wallingford/English families. This show needs to end the rule of Laverys and Slaters. They are horrible families. We need to restore, recast and reemphasize the core families that made this show fantastic. Drop the miscellaneous putzes that have no relation to the core like Aidumb. Turn Annie from a cartoon crazy into someone with a real mental disorder like bi-polar or something -- like Ann had in the 70s. Show how she really copes with it and lives through it or get rid of her. Let Opal be the heart but not a fortune teller. Don't kill characters for the sake of sweeps!
Keep a strong focus on Erica but move her forward toward Phoebe territory--updated Phoebe. Give people real jobs. In fact, ground the show in some sort of realism.

Someone with talent and imagination and respect for the genre, fans and actors could take all this history and talent and make something wonderful again. It is so maddening that they can't get it together. This doesn't have to be end like GL. ABC could make a ratings companion for the View with proper leadership! How do these dickheads keep their jobs in the face of this avalanche of criticism?

I'm going to lunch.



Michael said...

First, thank you, thank you, and thank you for the podcast. It is ridiculously entertaining and I look foreword to it every week. Ashley, you are preposterously talented and insightful, and please never believe any bad itunes review—you are a star! Jordan you are an amazing force of nature with an incredible sense of humor and an infectious laugh. I love your show and will keep listening faithfully.

Luis Merino said...

There should be a rule, that an episode should no longer end with Ryan and Kendall. BARF.

Crystal said...

Nightline commercial showed something about the soaps for tonight 4/30 it looked pretty good.

Arizonagal said...

Argh, posted this in the wrong place, here we go again. Random thoughts on the suds:

This Rex/Stacy/Gigi triangle has one weak link – Gigi. The girl can’t pull her weight in this storyline. Her response to everything is to pout like a bratty adolescent and try to squeeze out a tear. I don’t hate the story, don’t love it, think it’d be better with a better actress than Farah what’s her name. Gigi has the intelligence of a small appliance, but I don’t think she’s supposed to be so friggin clueless, is she?

Can’t wait to find out who the bed-ridden bone marrow donor is. Any guesses?

I know a lot of people hate Crystal Hunt. I think she’s doing a decent job. I’m not bowled over by her, but IMHO it’s more the writing than her acting. Lola is the character that Stacy should be. I love Lola and wish she was sticking around.

My God, did David Vickers look completely edible this week? Tuc Watkins has something so magical. Does he have another gig elsewhere? Why does he come and go from Llanview so frequently?

Jess and Brody – FINALLY!! That is one hot couple. I always thought Brody was boring until he and Jess hooked up. Va va voom.

Starr and Cole – holy freakin’ cow – those kids are amazing.

On AMC, maybe it’s because I just saw the movie, but Ryan pointing that gun like some really white wannabe gang banger looked more like Hellboy brandishing his big fat gun, with that bulging brow ridge and all that menacing rage. I just can’t take this guy seriously any more. I either have to FF thru Cam's “acting” or watch and laugh at this tool.

brtedi said...

I think, I should probably duck as I type this LOL!--Ryan & Kendall: Smiles and dancing work for me. :-)

I guess, I have a different perspective. I don't have the same attachment to the show's history as most of you do. I;ve only watched for approximately 5 years. So I get a kick out of screen chemestry more than anything when it comes to AMC. JMHO.

On a more plot based point, how did "Lunar Liza" know where Zach lived? Did I miss something????


jason said...

Thanks JordAsh for doing a midweek podcast! I'm about 30 min. into it and I must of been living under a rock cause I didn't they were killing Stuart off! This sucks! Knowing Pratthole it will be done in a tasteless way.

Ugly Betty is back tonight! I watched Better of Ted for the first time last night and it was hilarious!

Crystal I came here to let people now about Nightline tonight to. it's actually going to focus motley on All my Children.
Heres a link:

Mel Got Served said...

TGIPVP! Great episode Jordash!

I wish you commented on the Frankie/Beaker bromance- I liked that portion of the scene (sans Randy)

Anonymous said...

I am sort-of a newer I don't know this.

Who is Special Johnny?


Crystal said...

Jenny, John is Ryan's little brother. He was evil but, then discovered he had a brain tumor and that was making him bad. He had it removed and was mentally challenged for a while. I think he did a good job with it myself.
He had a romance with Jack's severely autistic daughter until he got his mojo back and she found out he wasn't like her anymore. It was sad. 8( They kind of just stopped having him do scenes. It was really weird.

brtedi, I loved Ryan and Kendall back in the day. When he left her and drove off from the Pine Cone on his motorcycle that one time. Oooh that was so horrible. I cried and cried. I just feel like the magic is over. It is so blah to me now. I think rushing it has something to do with it but, I don't know. There is just too much history now it is almost like they are family or something (other than being Spike's parents I mean). There is just an ick factor now. I am not feeling it at all.

Whyza showing up at Zach's today. Gross. Is she horny already?! Maybe they will play strip poker now. *snort

Pratt Falls 7 was awesome!

I do have another criticism for OLTL. I try and not judge too quickly because things usually work out so great but, the whole Mo owning Dorian's house thing really needs resolved. It is ridic!
I do love Bo and Nora. They were together when I used to watch OLTL the first time and I love them together.

I am happy for tonight..Betty! Betty! Betty!!!!

brtedi said...

"I am sort-of a newer I don't know this.

Who is Special Johnny?"

Anonymous said...
I am sort-of a newer I don't know this.

Who is Special Johnny?"

Hi, Jenny!:-)

"Special Johnny" is Ashley & Jordan's nicname for "Jonathan Lavery", when "Jon" had a combination of physical and cognative disabilities whilr he recovered from the effects of surgery for a brain tumor. At the time Jonathan was emotionally involved with and briefly married to a teenage girl with autism, "Lily Montgomery", aka "Special Lily". In this fans opinion, Jeff Branson and Leven Rambin did some outstanding work, in these rolls!


Anonymous said...

Oh - Jonathan. Thank you.

I miss seeing his face. He was so cute...even though he was crazy. But they lost me with him and Lily.

Thanks to all for the clarification!


brtedi said...

Hi, Crystal! :-)

I have to agree with you on the pace of "Rendall rekindled"--Pratt didn't let it unfold, properly. That said, all my "Rendall" moments have been via youtube. So, in spite of the pacing/timing glitches, I'm happy to see anything Rendall 'live'on my tv, anytime at all!:-)


brtedi said...

Oh - Jonathan. Thank you.

I miss seeing his face. He was so cute...

Jenny, you can see Jeff Branson in the role of "Shayne Lewis" on Guiding Light. :-)


Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Hey all,
The Pratt effect strikes again. Not only is he trying to pull AMC down, apparently his dastardly scheming goes for all of ABC's programming as he is slowly killing the nighttime shows as well. we were watching Ugly and noticed it really sucks and said with a chuckle that Pratt must still be involved. I then checked IMDB and it says "Ugly Betty Consulting Producer: 2007 - present". What will he do next will the Satin slayer start killing[people on dancing with the stars? Should we be warning them of eating poisoned pancakes'? And too boot the guy that played Ray gardeners brother (the one that kept Jesse away from Angie over an diamond stuffed into a elephant) was on ugly betty this week.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

we have to say we prefer Daniel Cosgrove's Scott to the new scott-light. :)

Elyse in Toronto said...

OMG I actually hear levity coming form Ryan!!!

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

sorry from not form

Arizonagal said...

Toronto chicks, I love Daniel Cosgrove on GL. I remember his Scott Chandler. I don't think he was on very long, and it was during the period when Kelsey Martin was in town. He is so great on GL and would have been a real score for AMC. Minor nitpick, but shouldn't Scott be around 35 and out of college by now? Seems like years ago he was a young teen when Cindy Chandler was alive, no? I think he'd at least be as old as JR.

Beaker is growing on me, finally TIIC hired someone with talent. This Scott is book smart and street smart and I love that in a man!

Shadow said...

Beaker seems a little Cliff Warnerish to me, which is a good thing. This is how I think Petey should be--mature, professional, passionate. He's a Courtland after all. How interesting could a mature Petey, Scott and less victimized JR be. They could have some electrifying stories like old times if we didn't have a writer that sucked. They could pull together the Chandler and Courtland houses. Instead, JR has been virtually castrated, poor Beakers sweet 'tard dad is a goner, Petey is a joke, Palmer's in the poor house, and Opal sees dead people.


(and please rehire Julia Barr!!)

Shadow said...

RE Melrose Place. It did suck the first season--that is until they hired Heather Locklear. She turned it around in season 2 and it was a blast. We used to have Monday Melrose parties. I remember when they ran full page ads in the newspapers with huge pictures of Heather Locklear that said "Mondays Are A Bitch" over her head. That was cutting edge 20 years ago. The show was fantastic until about the time Lisa Rinna joined then it started to slide. By the time JaLu arrived it was in a total nosedive. Her character sucked!! And Ashley is right. She just plays the same character over and over. Not much depth if you ask me. She's hot, but not Heather Locklear smokin' hot. Ahhh Heather,..excuse me for a minute while I ponder her hotness...

Laura said...

Now watching Nightline, showing how the recession is hitting Pine Valley. Crapputhers is on. I hope that Tan is not fake and she shrivels up and dies.

Who else are they interviewing. Cameron, of course. With a picture of himself without a shirt on in his dressing room.

Did anyone else see this?

D-Money said...

Jordan...I'm to the point where I'll kill nurse Gail for you. That b**** annoys the hell out of me. When I was in jr high, I was the lead in a play called "Mystery of the Masked Marauder." Basically, I spent the whole play sneaking around doing dastardly deeds. Just like nurse Gail. And her acting is as bad as mine was!

I'm so glad I found this poscast and blog. Everyone needs to laugh so hard they cry at least once a week. :)


jordan hudson said...

Okay well I just finish SouthLAnd. Love me my Brenda from 227 all grown up. Regina King ROCKS!

That said.... OLTL was HOT! Frons I rather watch the mature BO and Nora then all the the vacant newbies you have running around Pine Valley. I'm sorry but today showed why you need the veterans around and you need to give them a storyline. I loved Bo and Nora and it was that wretched producer Phelps (who destroyed SB , AW, Gl and GH) that broke them up. Bo and Nora still have it. So simple but powerful were their scenes. Then comes the kids from Cole and Star to Destiny and Matthew. So damm good. The only thing that would make this perfect would be if Roger was still playing Todd. No offense to TSJ but the fact that they got the same actors who played Zach and Powell and the original Marty and they are revisiting this important storyline from OLTL past..... loving the respect and care that R.C. is putting into it.

Then I watched GL which has been a joy all week. Wow to see people happy and having fun and opening up to one another. Relationships blooming and rekindling. GL is on such a high despite the lousy cinematography.

I told Ashley the big problem with AMC right now is there are no couples to root for. No one for us to invest in. In a matter of fact since he took over the only couple he has given us was Rianca and look what he did to them.

Shadow said...

D-Money: Cool Huskey pic! Those dogs are beautiful.

D-Money said...

Thanks, Shadow! I actually have 2 of them - one boy and one girl. They're my babies. :) Here's a picture of them sleeping through All My Children:

D-Money said...

OK, so I don't think that address worked for the picture so I just changed my default picture to the one of them sleeping through AMC.

Shadow said...

D-Money, that's hilarious. I think they are both asleep on the bed. Erica in the background is great. You have to keep that as your picture! Maybe TPTB will get the message that even the dogs can't watch some of this crap.

AND ASHLEY, I too am a huge fan of Little House. My sister and I used to watch it all the time when we were kids and my parents were bowling. Yeah bowling. Don't get me started, but I digress. I love that show, the song, Pa and Half Pint. I had a huge crush on Mary. (Ma wasn't so bad herself.) Mr. Edwards was a favorite too.

So I'm driving to work, laughing MAO along with the podcast and then about 2 minutes before I get to work, BAM! I'm crying like a sissy girl listening to Half-Pint and Pa! I can't start ballin' right when I get to the office! Thank God for the Jessie's Angels.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Not a spoiler just my theory, Marissa will be the one who tried to kill Babe and ended up killing our beloved Dixie. what do you think?

Mel Got Served said...

I twittered it to you too Elyse and Susan, but I LOVE that idea.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

I know Mel I replied I just wanted to tell everyone here as well :)

P.s. anyone else on twitter i'm @elysev

Arizonagal said...

My guesses on the big upcoming "who offed Dixie (WOD)":

Di - green eyed monster after Dix stole Tad away from her.

David - just cuz poisoning people is what he does best, right crs17?

Alex Cambias - he's lying, he's a psycho, is it a stretch for him to lie about a murder?

Amanda - her contract is up and she meant to kill Babe so she could have JR

Ryass - just cuz I'd love to see that tool convicted and sent away for life, with Bubba as his butt buddy

Aidan - see above Ryass

Mel Got Served said...

"Love" how on Ugly Betty last night ABC wouldn't even let the show reference SoapNET (they called it Soap Channel)... uhhh ABC, haven't you heard of cross promotion? You OWN the networks!

Arizonagal said...

Someone was talking about legacy characters, think it was Mr Shadow.

You are so right dude. Everything in PV is so Ryancentric and if this is what we get as the center of the universe then where in the hell is a black hole when ya need one.

The Laveries aren't legacy, they are white trash and the only one left is Ryan. Special J, gone, Europe I think. Erin, dead. Chris Stamp, step dad I think, dead. Mama Lavery, dead, no? Laveries don't fare well once they hit PV.

Hey, what is Spike's last name. Lavery? Spike Lavery? What, is he one of the dead-end kids? The little rascals?

Swine flu tip of the day: Sneeze or cough into your elbow or sleeve, not your hand!

Shadow said...

For a normal flu, we say 'achoo', but for swine flu we say 'achoink'.

jason said...

I'm on twitter to!

Does anyone know about this boycott ABC Soaps day, which was today? It only truly matters if you're a Nielson family, but I still boycotted AMC, but not OLTL cause oltl has been AMAZING this week.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I like the Amanda guess with what happend to Dixie because that was right around the time and her Babe hated each other. So it's plausible.

And you all are so right about the show being Ryancentric. Pratt doesn't care about legacy, he has proven this over and over again. I really want to know who Cameron Mathison is blowing at AMC to have the whole show revolve around him. I just don't get it. I never cared about the Lavery family and never will.

Moving on to Guiding Light, which is AMAZING right now, but one question. Is anyone else completely annoyed by the character of Ashley? I can't tell if it is the actress or how the writers are writing the character (I'm leaning towards the former), but I do know that I cringe whenever she is on screen. Anyone agree?

Shadow said...

Just read in the check out line that Amanda Baker is back filming at AMC. Don't know if it's flashback or FFd. Is this the "major return" we have been hearing about? NuBabe? How do you un-bleed from your ass? Ugh. I guess this is his attempt to remake AMC in the image of Lost. Has this guy ever had an original idea?


Shadow said...

Chuck's next big idea will be to send Erica to Eterna or the Wild west.

Anonymous said...


Agree on both counts love GL and Ashley is sooo annoying and I think it's more the actress although i use that term loosely. Can she please at least not scream her lines, does she not know they use microphones


Crystal said...

hmm interesting about Amanda Baker. Wonder if the Marissa is just a decoy and she really isn't the twin. Maybe she really is just some friends kid. That is awfully generous to pay her law school bill if that is the case!

Mel Got Served said...

Just saw Wolverine- some of the dialogue was so bad I thought Chuck Pratt was a co-writer.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Funny as always. Ashley you and I have something in common. Thorsten Kaye. He is hot there is just something very manly about him. I mean I appreciate that he is not tooo pretty like Cameron.

When Zach was looking through the glass he was looking at the family he lost ( Ian and Kendall) and the look between them is meant to convey that they don't need words to communicate. They is still some much love between this couple. I love them

Walker said...


You want to Undo something here is where you take the Who killed Dixie storyline.. Feel free to steal this from me, I won't even ask for money.

Tad and Jesse look into Dixie's "death". Tad decides he needs to dig up Dixie's coffin to run test for clues. Tad, Jesse, JR are at the grave yard when the coffin is opened and it's EMPTY. We all know Cady is starting back on ATWT but damnit CHuck Pratt, give the fans some hope that one day she will return. This is an easy way to undo what MCTrash did.

Thank you

~Cyber~ said...

I was wondering when one of these pets would hit AMC....

Well ABCFronsTv has at least three of these refugee actresses from other shows that land on his shows that he will promote, market and give unprecedented screen time by placng them in storylines they need not be in just to have them on air.

1. Sam GH, 2. Stacey OLTL and now this one on AMC the "Sexylina" New Liza Colby. I haven't seen her yet; As a huge Liza Colby fan who missed her when she left; I'm scared the response thus far hasn't seemed too favorable from what I've been reading on boards...

Its his formula that has played out repeatedly...

He will allow her to strut her stuff in bikinis, love scenes...steam rooms, hot tubs etc "which is ok" I dont' have a problem with that---its a soap.

My issue comes when "other" characters are minimized to the point of oblivion for "his chosen ones" (usually actresses).

eg the show's history being changed, the pimping and propping by other characters who usually takes the hit and/or thrown under the bus, written with a less positive focus is what irritates me with "his Pets."

err can this actress act? I am on a clips basis right now with soaps on this network.

Well as for the boycott I think some fans have had it on General Hospital. I have no idea re: AMC....since this is a "sweeps umbrella."

I read somewhere it was only to "highlight" fans was effective last week. I don't much else about it eg how long its been going on

via SON
week April 20-24, 2009
5. AMC 2,423,000
6. GH 2,360,000 <-- new low
7. OLTL 2,288,000 <--new low

Terry in Toronto said...

I was waiting for OLTL and decided to check out AMC. What a mistake! I saw Zach asking Jamie Luner what her name was!?%&* What the hell was that about? How could Zach after all these years not know who this person is. It must be because Jamie Luner is NOT Liza. Would have made more sense if they had Colby asking what this red headed woman's name is. Speaking of Coldby, I saw her talking with Erica outside Adam's room. I've seen High School plays with kids reading off cue cards that were more believable. She is really really bad and has not improved in the year since I stopped watching the show. Susan Lucci's breasts however in that red/black pushup dress were standing at attention! She should get full salary for that performance alone!

Melissa said...

Quick OLTL Todd comment... Ash, I have to disagree with you about Trevor St John's work (even though I love your asstoot take on most everything else). I think that Trevor's interpretation of Todd is more the bored, priviledged guy - you know those guys that couldn't be bothered showing any real emotion - kind of too cool for school.

Just a thought. I actually like how he plays Todd. I get a kick out of him.

Elyse in Toronto said...

Hi all I have julia bar news courtesy of the spoilers from
Julia Barr (ex-Brooke) has been busy since being let go by AMC. She traveled w/ her husband, is working on a web project w/ Jill Larsen (Opal), & is volunteering at an animal shelter. She has never regretted her refusal to go to recurring, but would consider a return to daytime, including to AMC.

Mel Got Served said...

Crazy Daisy, ITA about Todd. I never saw the old Todd's, but what I love about Trevor St. John is the same thing you said- it's almost like a "*** you, I'm better than everyone" kind of attitude- very aloof. When he acts, it seems so natural- like the perfect impression of an a-hole, haha.

Shadow said...

I think Pratthole and Crapputhers are afraid to bring Julia Barr back. Can you imagine the press it would get? The hoopla? The fan euphoria? That would probably be too threatening to their fragile egos. I saw where she said she would consider AMC or OLTL. The way characters have gone back and forth over time, how sweet would it be to see OLTL pick up the character of Brooke and run with it.



Arizonagal said...

Yeah, Susan and the twins were rocking that red dress. I'm with Ash, did she have work done or is that one effin spectacular wonder bra? I gotta hand it to the old broad, she is looking amazing for 62. I'm jealous!

JamieLuner is a fine looking woman, she's got the smoky deep voice that Marcy has, but she ain't Liza. She's too young, too fire crotch, too sexy and Jordan has planted Beth C in my mind as the only logical substitute. Old Liza never flaunted her sexuality. She used her brains, not her tonton. I find her coming on to Zach so distasteful. OTOH his response to her seems logical, he can get back at Kendull and enjoy himself at the same time. He's a man, he's wounded emotionally, so of course he's gonna go for it. no offence intended to you men, but come on, ya'll know you'd go for it!

note to Shadow - I vote for FireCrotch - it's kitchy, it's catchy, it's perfect.

Hugs and kisses to all you bloggers, and Ashley and Jordan, have a great upcoming week. The hubby and I will be in San Francisco and Berzerkley next week. Business for me, pleasure for him. Can't wait, love the bay area. Jason, where's a good place to eat?!

Arizonagal said...

Oops, forgot something



Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Jordan and Ashley we are very hurt that you believe we would write a bad review, we WROTE A GREAT REVIEW for you two, and I believe it was the second review EVER!!!!

Jordan, when you were coming to Toronto we were considering inviting you over for a big Italian meal but now we are hurt you cut us to the quick. we love you guys and the only complain we made was about the OLTL section of the podcast because you become ebullient when it came on and for that we have gotten a very bad wrap. You called us out on daytime confidential, fine started calling Krystal Susan bug me a little now we are hurt.
How did we become the fall guys for everything that is negative. we are the ones who want to start the fire Pratt and then hire Jordan Hudson campaigns.

jordan hudson said...

Elyse and Susan I joke a great deal. I'm sorry if your feelings were hurt. I adore you both and I love that your so passionate about your opinions. Believe me If I did not respect and care for you I would never mention you. Trust me it was only a joke. Please find it in your heart to forgive me. Now I feel bad that you thought that I was being mean to you. I truly from the bottom of my heart am sorry.

Ashley said...

Susan and Elyse --

We love you both! We made a joke about you ladies being the bad reviewer, but we NEVER THOUGHT IT WAS YOU!!! You ladies are awesome! And as for calling Krystal "Susan," it was the first common name that popped into my head! I didn't mean to offend!

You guys are right to question us (or anyone else) when you don't agree with us. That's what we all do here! We love you both and I'm so sorry that some of the fun we've had with some of our commentary has been hurtful to you. After all, you ladies brought the PVP to Canadian TV!!

We love you!!!


Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Thank-you for clearing the air. We are very happy that there could be a peaceful resolution to this conflict as we need not to be infighting but focusing our attention on our common enemy Chuck Pratt.

Canadians have great faith in Obama , do you think he could help us with this pressing issue? As Chuck Pratt is as dangerous to Pine Valley as the H1N1 pandemic is to the word.LOL

Lots of Love

Mel Got Served said...

WHYZA returned to Pine Valley and a week later H1N1/Swine Flu invades America. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...


jordan hudson said...

LOL OMG the Kwak Susan thing. LMAO I went with it because if the Whitney Houston song.

Thansk for realzing we were only playing Susan and Elyse muah.

I'm off to see Lady GagGa in concert tonight.

brown penny said...

I know why this blog is such a great place. Ashley and Jordan joke around with us. They kid because they love. I don't know if JordAsh realize how rare this is. This is the most fun blog there is. Other places I've posted have been battle grounds for so much bullshit, it just gets redic, but here we can all take a joke. Thank you JordAsh for making this blog a place where we *can* all get along!

Bxgal said...

Jordan! you went to see lady Gaga?!??? how was it? i was gonna go but i was too busy tonight :(

And Southland is one of my new favorite shows. its so gritty and real.

does anyone here watch supernatural?? if you're not... its an AMAZING show that a lot of people aren't watching.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Shock! I was just on imdb and I came across futher proof that AMC is turning in to Melrose Place Light. Do you know that Chip Hayes (scriptwriter) also worked on Melrose Place. Not only did he write for the show but produced some episodes as well and guess what his time intersects with Charles Pratt(headwriter for AMC and producer of you guessed it Melrose freaking Place:( Tell me there is some sort of conspiracy at AMC going on. Soon we will see Grant Show or the guy who played the evil doctor as the D.A. just my prediction

Mel Got Served said...

Watching some late night OLTL and I didn't notice until Jordan pointed it out how big Gigi's lips have gotten. And then I realized who she's starting to look like. With the hair and big mouth (just overall mouth size, not lips)... Kate Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus 8- LOL. But I agree about her acting- she seems to be getting worse because she was great on Days.

jason said...

Jordan you're so lucky!! Let me know how Gaga is!

jordan hudson said...

BXGAL and Jason.....everybody who likes a greta entertainer you must see Lady Gaga live. She was unique , outrageous and the girl sang....I mean she didn't just sing she sang. You know what I mean!!! It was incredible from her outrageous costumes, to an inventive concept and set pieces. She knew how to work the audience. The choreography was sick. I wanted to just get up on stage and join her. Her music is fun, the crowd sadly was drunk and obnoxious but everyone had a great time. It was very mix young, old, people of every race that was cool. I never saw so many queens and there fag hags in one room before. I live for the Lady. Her rendition of Poker Face on the piano was awesome. The girl has chops boy can she belt. I had such a good time. nighty nite!

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this has already been asked...

The guys that are playing Marty's rapists on OLTL - Zach and Powell -are they the original actors that played those parts back in the day?

I wasn't sure if they were re-creating the flash-back scenes or not.

Ashley & Jordan - had a 6 mile race this morning and you guys came along with me - you kept me going and laughing out loud on mile 4. Thanks!!!


Anonymous said...

Matthew Buchanan comes from one of the richest families in Landview...and no one can buy him an electric wheelchair??

Becca needs to touch up those roots. Why is it she looks like she's 18, and the little shit Justin looks like he's 12? Bad casting.

Holy Crap - can Todd & Tea get any hotter? They are AMAZING! Florenza is a lucky lady..


Norn Cutson said...

hey ya'll!

i apologize i havent been dont mean that i dont love you!
ive been out in the woods for a month & not watchin' television...
i'm @ a point where i need to focus on my *own* drama, whether i want to or not.

*anyway* i think this is an important story about Neilson Ratings....THEY'VE BEEN WRONG THIS WHOLE TIME!!!!!

Nielsen Probe Finds People Not Pushing Buttons Properly: The Bigger The Audience, The Bigger The Discrepancy

Shadow said...

Welcome back Norn. We missed you.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Jordan! I am sooo jealous you got to see GaGa live! I love her! She is definitely the new face of pop music. From all of the videos I have see on the internet, her live show looks spectacular. I bet 'Paparazzi' was amazing as well. You're so lucky!

KaeKae said...

Bxgal-I LOVE Supernatural. I am getting ready to watch the last 2 episodes this morning. I can't wait!

OLTL was outstanding this week.I like TSJ's version of Todd. I also watched RH and thought he was amazing too. I took a several year break from OLTL and just returned when the Jess/Tess drama started. I have been hooked since then. This week was terrific. Cole and Starr were amazing, I loved Brody and Jess too! The only problem I have is with GiGi. I have never cared for her. I really want to wipe that lipgloss off of her. It might not be so bad if she only wore it on her lips and not on the outside of them. I wish they would have taken more time with Stacy. I think if they had let us know more about her then her storyline would be more believable.

Jamie Lunar is not Liza. I like the actress, she just wasn't cast in the right part. Too young, and they have her acting too slutty.

Elyse and Susan I love your theory about Marissa!

Crystal said...

Jenny, Yes, other than the new Todd the other guys are the original actors. I actually remember then cause I used to watch then. That really surprised me this week.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Hey all Jordash were write in saying we should all e-mail about firing chuck pratt, here is what we will send and hope of all of you do as well.

All My Children Declaration of Independence EST. 2009

We hold these truths to be self-evident:
That all core families are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator, Agnes Nixon, with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that, to secure these rights, head writers are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the fans; that whenever any writing regime becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the fans to alter or to abolish it, and fight for a new person to be at the helm, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that writers who established a long history of good work should not be changed for light and transient causes (like James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten); and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards to avoid cancellation. Such has been the patient sufferance of the All My Children fans; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter the current writing team. The history of the present head writer Charles Pratt JR, is a history of repeated injuries and character assignation, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over Pine Valley. To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world.
He has had Josh Madden hunted and killed like big game, with nary a funeral or memorial service.

He had Bianca, one of the most beloved heroines conceive a child with her brother-in-law without her sister’s consent.

He had Zack betray Kendall a second time by kissing Resse, who happens to be a lesbian.

He would not allow the Resse and Bianca to have a proper storyline but rather rushed his work and gave us crap that made very little sense. Then added insult to injury when he had the audacity to blame the fans and then Eden Riegel for his sort comings. The true mark of this man.

He made Ryan insufferable.

He had Krystal fall in love with David because he drugged her.

He had Kendall and Ryan have sex while she was still married and Greenlee’s body was not even cold, under the guise of “grief sex”. THAT IS NOT HOW PEOPLE GRIEVE LOVED ONES.

He has given up any sense of reality the show ever had by giving David access to anyone in anyplace at anytime.

He had our beloved Jesse in a relationship that made no sense, further no plot and gave him a child no one likes, who serves no purpose.

He brought on Ricky Paul Golden and Beth Ehlers only to back burner them.

He has assonated the character of Liza by bring on Jamie Luna, who is playing her as whore, which not what Liza EVER was.

He is misogynistic, as through his storylines it is clear he thinks women are vapid, stupid, tramps. He does not understand that most of his audience is made up of WOMEN and we want to see strong women not weak ones.

He is bringing back the Satin Slayer, which was one of the worst storylines in All My Children history.

In every stage of these oppressions we have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms; our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A writer, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant, is unfit to work in daytime.

Nor have we been wanting in our attentions to our writers. We have warned them, from time to time, of attempts by Pratt’s team of writers to give us unbelievable and horrific storylines.
We, therefore, the representatives of the fans and people of Pine Valley, do, in the name and by the authority of the good people of many message boards, blogs and websites solemnly publish and declare, That Pine Valley ought to be, FREE AND INDEPENDENT OF CHARLES PRATT JR .

Stop before tyranny before the anger turns to apathy and no cares or watches.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Thank-you KaeKae

Elyse in Toronto said...

All My Children
(212) 456-0800

Ericka said...

I'm sorry if this was already said BUT I have to say it again because I'm just now listening to the latest podcast. Anyway. Jamie Luner was at Zach's house and looked at the picture of him and Kendall and said "You married?" or something like that. Did she not recognize Kendall from the picture? Considering that Liza financially backed the start up of Fusion and Kendall was in it since the beginning, wouldn't she recognize Kendall from the picture?

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Seriously, the only explanation is that it is someone pretending to be Liza because she would know this shit. Pratt sucks.

Anonymous said...

Not that this has anything to do with anything currently going on, but since Jordan mentioned that David I. had been on GL as Lujack, I went on Youtube to look it up. I found out that he was not always a HAM...he could act. I also found a lot of AMC faves..>Chuck Tyler, Larkin Malloy, to name a few. That was fun!

Terry in Toronto said...

It wouldn't surprise me if Jamie Luner is playing an alien escaped from a Star Trek plot. That would make more sense than what they're trying to pull off.

Norn Cutson said...

i am just listenin to this week's episode now & ya'll got me cryin!!!!!

Norn Cutson said...

me singin the old OLTL theme

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Haha Terry, good one.. Definitely wouldn't surprise me at all.. You can't put anything past Pratthole.

jason said...

Jordan I've seen clips on youtube and from that the show looked amazing. Glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that Erica's left breast is larger than her right one??


Ashley said...

OMG Norn!!! I am soo freakin' happy you're back!!!!! I was giggling like alittle girl at your OLTL theme song!!!

New podcast sometime tomorrow, folks. And apologies about the slow loading. I contacted my web host provider about it, and they suck.


Unknown said...

LOL Norn
Your song was awesome! :P
Blast from the past!

Can't wait for the new podcast!

Shadow said...

So I was a'breezin through the this past week's AMC and had a few observations. Did anyone else notice that the room Alexander Cambias was sitting in where Ryan visited him was actually Viki (OLTL)'s cellar? It was exactly the same set where Tess locked Natalie. Interesting.

AMANDA: I'm ready for her to do something besides sit on Tad's couch and whine.

JAKE: Needs to F##K her already. Nobody does all this who isn't getting any tail in return.

STUART: Can a person get more retarded? Suddenly he's dumber than usual.

ADAM: It's getting harder to tell him apart from Stuart.

BEAKER: The more he settles down, the more I like him. I like him sparring with JR.

JR: Is the quintessential titty baby. He has no sense of self worth. He's been so demoralized he doesn't have a clue about the reality around him. He has sucked Adam's teets for so long he can't survive on his own.

CHANDLER MEN: Wouldn't it be great to see the Chandler men together? I would love scenes with Adam/JR on the one hand and Stuart/Beaker on the other. There is so much opportunity for so much drama and humor in that.

TAD: is getting fat again. If he wants to start looking for Dixie's killer, he should do it while he jogs.

OPAL: doesn't even need the tarot cards now. She's all Ghost Whisperer, Phoebe Halliwell, I See Dead People, and Medium rolled into one.

ERICA: is earning her paycheck.

DIXIE: Who cares really. It's going to be tremendously frustrating if we have to sacrifice another great character for to try to redeem the dumbass storyline of a dead one. I don't think they need to kill Stuart or Adam to resurrect the hope of a Dixie return sometime TBD. Or kill one of them just to try to erase, alter or fix a storyline that occured 2 years ago. It was a dog and can't be undone. Even if they were to undo it and recast Dixie, how can they bring her back after her ghostly visit last summer?

If they have to kill somebody, why not mercifully kill Palmer? They could write an awesome storyline of him in declining health, bedridden, but still in control and calling shots--getting his house in order for those he loves. Maybe even exacting revenge somehow on Dixie's killer before his death--all from his bed.

Better yet, why not leave it alone and just rehire Julia Barr. I'll forgive Dixie if they bring back Brooke.

BABE: Please stop talking about Babe. They talk about her more now than they did when she was on the show. I hear about her more than Brot and Taylor. Ugh.


Crystal said...

Shadow, they had ghost Jessie and they still brought him back. 8)

Bxgal said...

JSYK: Maribella... oh... uh.. Marissa's secret (i use that word loosely) is revealed this week.

i wonder....

Shadow said...

I just don't want to lose another legacy character because of some dumb plot or ratings ploy. I especially don't want to lose a character, not even a twin character, to Pratt's effort to "fix" the Dixie storyline. It can't be fixed. She died eating poisoned pancakes. Even if she was killed by mistake, she still died eating poison pancakes. It was the dumbest thing AMC has ever done. If they are actually going to bring her back and have her secretly under contract, maybe I will be ok with it. But if not, and this is just some stupid plot line that Pratt has mistakenly convinced himself will endear him to the fans, then he is mistaken. I never want to hear "satin slayer", "madden" or "zarf" or any of that dumbshit ever again. Trying to explain Jessie bombed. You can't unshit a turd or spray perfume on a turd. Dixie's death was a turd of a storyline. Her ghostly return was a turd of a storyline. Leave it alone already.

BRING BACK BROOKE. It would be so easy. No big explanation required. Just somebody says, "Hey Brooke, what's up. Seems like I haven't seen you in forever." Done! Brooke is back in action. Screw all this other dumbass Cambias crappola.

The vets are my touchstones. I don't feel well, have a bad day, whatever, I tune in for some Dr. Joe and a little Erica. Maybe some Tad, Opal, Adam/Stuart, Brooke, Marian, Chompers, Hubbards, any of their sibs and kids, and everything seems better. I accomodate the Annie's, and other newbies, but those sort of players aren't what represents AMC. I like new people to keep it fresh, but I like the new people who somehow relate to the legacy families. Don't overload me on Slaters and Laverys. Why is it that AMC keeps dredging out people from those two families. I realize they have been central for the last decade or so, but that also coincides to the time AMC's ratings sank into the toilet. I want all Martins, Wallingfords/Englishes, Brents, Chandlers, Courtlands, Dillons, Kanes all the time. Notice I didn't say Montgomery. No more Lilly, Jackson or any of his borish, mentally challenged brood. Get rid of fake relatives like Natalia and recast Cassie. Natalia infuriates me because she's so pointless. Admit you made a mistake Pratt or blame somebody else and get rid of her! Quietly with no fanfare.



Norn Cutson said...

Ash & Jordan, please know that even when i go thru these times when i just CANT sit in front of a teevee (it aint even about the quality; i just gotta get stuff DONE!), i am *always* gonna be listening to the podcast & readin' the blog!

i love this community & i always wanna be a part of it!

Crystal said...

Erica to Scott today:
"I frankly didn't know Cindy very well. I mean, she died when you were just a little boy. I would have been, what, 4 or 5 years old then."

OK maybe I added that last part in. It seemed implied though, ha ha ha.

Melissa said...

It sure is convenient that adopted kids' parents are always killed at the exact same time to foster the reunion with their birth parent! What are the odds?

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

--To send your comments regarding the ABC TV Network Daytime and Primetime Entertainment shows:
Go to
Go to the bottom of the page
Click on “Contact ABC”

brtedi said...

"...Matthew Buchanan comes from one of the richest families in Landview...and no one can buy him an electric wheelchair??...."

Hi, anonymous! :-)

In truth, Mathhew'a use of a powerchair would depend on the extent his upper body was affected by paralysis---and what would be considered 'normal' level of activity, for him. Some people prefere to use power chairs, while some don't. Others (like me) use both, depending on specific needs in a situation. It all boils down to what the situation calls for, and how one can best manuver in a situation.