Monday, April 20, 2009

Sex & Tornadoes

  • Liza, er, we mean, Jamie Luner, effs her way back into Pine Valley (and it's with Zach, no less).
  • Krystal seems back to her old self as she betrays David on the stand.
  • Jake's rescue-complex kicks in (or maybe it's just guilt?).
  • Jesse and Angie make love. (Ahh... Now that's good soap!)

The folks at All My Children have done it again. They've introduced (or reintroduced) a female character by having her boff her way onto the screen. Is that all Chuck Pratt knows? Sex and tornadoes? A thousand Romans can't be wrong! We're all saying the same thing, people! Is this man just too dazzled by his own "brilliance" that he thinks that his pen shits roses? And somehow, he's gotten the top brass at ABC to believe that. Oy.

If you haven't already, you must check out the Pratt Falls series on YouTube. These brilliant gals are saying it all, and much more brilliantly than we ever could. What do you think? We want more, more, MORE of your thoughts here!

4/17/09 Podcast


Ashley said...

I'm the first to comment this week! ;)

I just want to thank Luis and Laura for their high-LARIOUS Xtranormal cartoons of me and Jordan! Luis, your talent is ASS-tounding, and Laura, your heart is huge. So great of you to give our bloggers a voice in 2-D!

Belinda, your song was hysterical, too! I've been singing it in my head all day now!

I know we get a little down, but you folks really keep us going. Thanks for all the love, and for supporting this great community!


Wilson Wonders said...

Help! bad link to the podcast!

BELINDA said...

Glad you like my song, Ash! ;-)

BTW, the podcast link isn't working for me, either ... save me before the withdrawal pains kick in!

Erica Kane said...

It's not working on itunes either!!

Crystal said...

Haven't listened to the show yet, so forgive me if I am repeating something.

To me it is BAD writing to bring on a known character and not have the viewers know who it is. If it were someone unknown but, related, to the show like Taylor's sister or cousin or something then, ok have us keep guessing. It is ridiculous imo.

This show is starting to suffer the 'Passions syndrome'. I know Jordan hated that show but, Dh and I LOVED it. It was so bad it was hilarious! Anyway, we always said that TPTB at Passions never thought anyone had watched the show more than once. So on any given day they expected only new people to be watching the show and that is why they recapped incessantly and had 'surprise' old characters. Stuuuupid.

Oh and on Xtranormal in the peeps there is a girl that looks like 5head Turdby. Just sayin'.

mcfutch said...

I can't access the podcast either, help!

Anonymous said...

I can't hear you.
Podcast is not working.


Ashley said...

Sorry folks - it's not working for me on iTunes either. It is working if you right click and download the file to your computer. I'll call Taylor and see if I can get the iTunes feed fixed tonight.

So sorry - xoxox


Erica Kane said...

Hey it is working on itunes now!! At least it says it is downloading...will let you all know!!

Erica Kane said...

It is working now on itunes it took awhile to downloadbut it is working.

Terry in Toronto said...

My computer says the download is happening in itunes only it's going to take 10 hours. I'm willing to wait though because Ashley and Jordan are worth it!

crs 17 said...


After a week's worth of decent shows (I actually enjoyed last week and am waiting to see what the two of you think), we may be back to stupid. Here we have:

--Annie and Aidan make a mad escape in a stolen ambulance to the Pine Cone OFF FREAKIN' SCREEN, PEOPLE!

--I'm actually liking Annie in this hair.

--I kinda like Jamie Luner. Is she Liza? I'll withhold judgement for a bit.

--but it's amazing how Jake got that haircut in between leaving Amanda and meeting Liza at the casino

--Oh, good, Gawd. Trollby Fivehead as Jamie Luner's daughter. Do you see that? That's the circles Luner will act around BriannamonGRIEF.

--"It must be lipstick from the woman I just had sex with." Damn, Zack, that's cold. It's not out of character, but these two are getting to be like TAd and Dixie when Dixie came back. They've hurt each other so bad, I don't even want them back together.

crs 17

mcfutch said...

Thanks for fixing it, I needed my snarky AMC update, dammit! Hilarious as always. And I LOVE the fact that you won't refer to Jamie Luner's character's name!

Brian said...

So, do we know who Jamie Luner is supposed to be? And when is Liza coming back? She CLEARLY isn't Liza. AHHHHHH! I HATE PRATT!

Anonymous said...

Liza who? I hope and pray this is a twin that is poddin the real Liza. Pratt is a JA

Anonymous said...

Liza who? I hope and pray this is a twin that is poddin the real Liza. Pratt is a JA

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Hey all,
Jamie Luner is NO LIZA COLBY!!!!!!!! She is a little DBTE thought so I guess she COULD be trollby's mom.

Also she is he frist women (maybe person) EVER NOT to have chemistry with zack. I mean he was hotter holding the queen of hearts then with her. Am I right?

Finally, did anyone notice the ewww moment when she showed zack pulling her panties down her leg, we could not believe it and I had to rewind the PVR. IT WAS GROSS.

I hate being down on the show, I try to find the good in all of it BUT I hate his impostor Liza.

Shadow said...

I've been scanning some spoilers. I have avoided that for a while but I've started hearing some distressing storyline news. What other sacred AMC beloved veteran characters can TIIC denigrate, disparage and dishonor? Why not have a big party on Mona's grave and hock loogies all over it? How about having a dog drop a load on Phoebe's headstone? Chompers could trip and choke on a denture? Zach already spoodged up the table in the Myrtle Fargate room at the casino. Erica is homeless. Joe was demoted. Bianca was blamed for everything. Brooke was forgotten. Dixie was killed by poison pancakes. And now this. I am officially appalled as I have never been before with this show. We'll see what happens in May, but this may be it for me.


Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

redblaz18 I agree, could she please be Mia impersonating Liza alla Di and Dixie? But that would entitle forethought and Pratt has none of that.

WMD said...

Hmm, the podcast won't download all the way through. Still trying, but I've only managed 1h 24m so far. That's enough for one comment, at least.

Another shoutout for me! Except, why would I be mad at your screaming, Ash? I don't remember making a comment like that. Either way...nope, I'm not a lawyer or a law student (though I did take one law class last semester)...rather, I'm just overly picky. I didn't want to come off as defending Chuck Pratt per se, I just felt that, from reading his interview, he wasn't wildly stupid and evil, just your typical idiot. I think people WANT him to be supremely evil, because it's more fun that way - something "Pratt Falls" proves in droves. But in the end it doesn't really matter - he should be fired anyway. The show is a disgrace.

And, I don't know how I missed Shadow's comment last week, but...BEAKER!! LMAO!! I knew I had seen this new Scott somewhere before! Of course! We just need to have Scott say "meep meep" a few times, and the world will be in harmony.

jordan hudson said...

I'm all know how I feel about Pratt, but I love Pratt Falls.

AMC the last two weeks was watchable. Making ATWT the soap I found unbearable. That may soon change, as all the spoliers are true. My source confirmed it for me today. I wont go into details for those of you that don't go to Daytime Confidential or superposter.

Knowing what Pratt has in store for Adam, Stuart, David, KWAK and former Melrose Place Star Jamie Lunar has me just scratching my head.

Look I love camp. Decades ago channel 9 Wor-Tv in NYC hd a show called Dangerous Women which I adored. Camp is fun when done right. I will also admit that I was never a big Melrose fan. The thing is AMC is not Melrose Place and it seems that is what Mr. Pratthole is trying to recreate, outlandish storylines, characters acting bizzare. I truly was hoping after the last two weeks that maybe just maybe someone higher up was forcing him to tone it down. I was wrong.

I feel for Jamie Lunar. She is in a no win situation as far as I'm concerned. Her scenes with Jake were a bit better and I saw flashes were I thought maybe I'm saying maybe, she might have been able to pull it off. If the character was being written as Liza Colby. The fact that Pratthole has no desire to respect character history and continuity and that the actress also has no desire to try and stretch herself and play against type leaves me giving up hope that I can ever accept this recast. Jamie has talent but she seems to feel comfortable playing the same character vampy vixen. It's a shame that she didn't do her homework and study Liza Colby.

This is why I respect TSJ at OLTL. His Todd is not Roger Howarth's Todd in the sense that he is not trying to mimick RH. What he did was capture the essence of the character. That is what a smart actor does.

I also hate when TPTB let personal differences effect what is best for the show. (EX: Mclain VS Mctavish.) I also hate when writers use the " We have done all we can with the character" as an excuse for getting rid of someone. Just shows your lack of imagination.

So Marc Cherry was a Pratthole for getting rid of Edie and Nicolette Sheridan ( who I would rather see playing Liza at this point then Jamie Lunar.) I do give props thou for giving the actress and character a proper sendoff. DH was amazing this Sunday and the kind of episode that says this show still has life to it.

Also great ( even thou Ashley hates it) was my Brother and Sisters. HOT HOT HOT! I love this show and how the characters interact. They really seem like a family.

One day I pray that I will make a dent in my DVR. Miss you guys.

Shadow said...

You know, there are so many interesting, significant, emotional things that happen in a person's life every day that don't involve repressed memories, forgotten twins, amnesia, sperm, or murder. Personally, I don't know personally of anyone who had a life altering memory from when they were 3 years old. I don't know anyone who has discovered a twin they didn't know about. I don't know anyone who has killed anyone aside from a self defense domestic abuse situation 35 years ago. I have never known anyone who has suffered from amnesia. To my knowledge, nobody I know has been caught in a "whose spunk was it" drama of any kind. Generally most people do not gift, steal or misplace their sperm. I don't think I know any bi-sexual lesbians. They tend to be comfortable with just being lesbians which then precludes being bisexual. I don't know anyone who lives in a house with tunnels, and I have some pretty wealthy friends who would possibly have tunnels in their home if that weren't such an idiotic soapy cliche. Wheee I live, people generally knock before entering. If you walk in unannounced and I feel threatened, I can shoot you as long as I don't shoot you in the back while you are fleeing. If you are fleeing, then I am in no danger. I don't know where to buy drugs. If I tried I would probably buy it from an undercover cop and get arrested. I don't know any doctors who use their education to purposely harm people for their own gain. Most of the docs I know got into the profession to help people feel better.

This show has no foot, not even a little toe, grounded in any sort of reality that I can relate to. Even when the characters are involved in something that isn't over the top sensational, the act so unpredictably that they are ubrecognizable to me. I could tune in to ATWT and have just as much of a clue as to the character's personalities. I have never seen that show! After all these years, these people I have watched and loved are being KILLED and morphing into something I don't recognize. People coming into the show have no respect for the commitment I've made to the show all these years. Jamie Luner isn't going to look at any of Marcy's work! Really? She doesn't have enough time or respect to learn about the character and wht has happened among us all these years? She's just going to show up and make it her own? Isn't that like saying she doesn't care about me and the things I've been through with this character and show all this time? Doesn't that just invalidate the audience as a whole?

Ms. Luner's attitude is systemic with this show from the top down. It is an issue of respect and appreciation of the genre and the unique relationship viewers have with these shows. People like Tom Casiello (sp?) at Y&R get it. The writers at OLTL get it. My hope is that the groundswell of frustration is finally making an impression on someone at ABC, but with the things I'm hearing it seems doubtful. I'm not sure what I can do but vent my frustration with friends like you and pray that together we can reach someone with the guts and the passion to to stop the INSANNIE-ty (ha!, get it?) and start making fundamental changes to restore this show to the core values that made it great.

My thumbs are exhausted!

SOAPFAN said...

Welcome back Ashley and Jordan! I was so pleased to hear Ashley singing again during the Taylor Crawford episode. One day, you guys need to do a Holiday Special with Ash, Jordan AND Taylor!

AMC has been watchable of late. I dunno about anyone else, but I think Jamie Luner is doing a really good job. She will have to grow on us as Liza, but her acting skills are pretty good so far. I think the 'vampy' aspects are just a cover for her insecurity. I am sure we will see some scenes where the facade cracks. I feel that Luner did well at conveying emotions. I will give her a shot. Then again, I liked Sabine Singh(Greenlee), Carrie Genzel(Skye), and Robin Matson(Janet). I typically like recasts if they can bring something good to the table. I even liked Jordan's so called "Tranny Carly" Jennifer Bransford on GH. The only recast that I can honestly say I didn't like in my soap history is Christopher Lawford as Charlie, he looked like a horse, and the Reed Richards Grey hair on the sides made him seem MUCH older than he should be. I prefered Charles Van Eman's short stint as Charlie.

Damn though , Liza is hot! I kind of liked the Casino scene with Zach. I thought it was zexay! He ripped them draws OFF! I even enjoyed the scenes afterwards with Liza and Zach's casino manager. I think she may have feelings for Zach, it would be cool if she became more fleshed out as a character.

OMG Jordan, I loved Dangerous Women! My favorite character was Faith/Cronin. I love stories where a woman comes back with a different face or! And come to think of it, wasn't there a trashy character on there named Crystal? Lol! I was sad when WOR canceled the show.

I agree that Pratt is trying to turn AMC into a trashy nightime soap. But that's the thing, the lighting fast pacing and outrageous setups are fine for a show that comes on once a week, but for a daytime soap, the pacing is awful.

I hear Pratt is shopping new shows to write for, I only hope it means he will leave All My Children. This is a wish of mine and it might sound horrible, but I would like to see Buffy creator Joss Whedon pen a few episodes of All My Children, just to see what he would do with it. I mean, after Pratt, it can't hurt.

Ashley, I saw your pics of Gucci on Facebook. Oh man, that is one cute dog! I hope NORN can make a cartoon of Gucci in that santa suit when December rolls around...priceless!

I wish that Pratt would wrap up the Aiden and Annie "she crayzay" storyline. The story is about to jump the Annie put on her Julia Roberts wig. And didn't Aiden do this same thing with Greenlee a few months back? Disguise her and smuggle her off?

Adam/Kwak/David - How smoking hot was Krystal in her orange dress? The courtroom stuff was great, and it was great to see David Canary's Adam in rare form...even from a hospital bed! lol! I think I have figured out Krystal's secret, and if it is true, I can see why she didn't want David or anyone to find out. David needs to be with a nice blonde IMO.

I think the actor that plays little A is amazing.

All in all, the show has been tolerable. Thanks for doing what you do Ashley and Jordan!

Terry in Toronto said...

So good to have you back Jordan. Glad you liked Ladies no. 1 Detective Agency. It is certainly unlike any other show on tv right now. Have you ever watched In Treatment? Gabriel Byrne plays a psychologist and he has four clients every season. The first season last year was amazing and this season which just started is even better. If you're interested in well written, character driven, realistic stories, then this is the show for you.

Thanks for devoting so much time to OLTL because that show really deserved the attention this week. Everyone was so good except Crystal Hunt as Stacy. She really is one note and can't even rise to the level when Schuyler tries to help her out. Scott Clifton is really growing in leaps and bounds in this role.

I loved yesterday when we got to see Viki and Charlie have a bit of a storyline. I hope this continues. Mature people working through real life issues. That's why I watch soaps.

Amanda said...


I think the Mayor is the KAD killer. That's not a spoiler, that's my opinion.

Who's with me?

He get's arrested. Bo becomes Mayor and McBain gets his job back. Boooya!

Shadow said...

KWAK looks pained to me all the time these days. The way she held her stomach the whole time in the orange dress she looked cold, bloated and like she needed to grunt. She is like the anti-Luner to me-the opposite of sexy.

Luner is hot no doubt about it. The show has been less atrocious but it's like a calm before the storm. Finally, after all these years we get rid of Babe and, well, check out superposter. Adam starts acting like Adam. Marion is coming back, and for what? Again, I defer to superposter and DC. The Satin Slayer? Are you kidding me? I'm just saying- those girls at Pratt Falls are going to have plenty of material to work with for a while.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Yay! Jordan, I am so happy that you are still watching BETTER OFF TED. You are right, Portia de Rossi is perfection in her role and the woman that plays Linda is hysterical, she makes me laugh every episode. I just hope that this show finds an audience soon because I am afraid that it is going to be canceled after this season because from what I've seen the ratings are not very good at all.

On to OTALIA. I am convinced that this beautiful story line is the soap opera God's way of making it up to us for every crappy BS relationship Binks has ever been in on AMC. I am just so happy that they are playing it truthfully and honestly. I love that these two women are confused by their feelings yet they can't deny them. It is just so true to life. The scene between them in the gazebo was flawless. I just don't know what I am going to do once September rolls around because I have grown to love Guiding Light so much.

Anywho, wonderful podcast as always. You guys give me a great way to start off my week and I thank you for that.

Shadow said...

Just testing out the new picture. Maybe if we all use it someone will notice.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Love the new picture Shadow and I totally agree, everyone should use it, it will be like putting a visual to our thoughts lol.


Terry in Toronto said...

After hearing others on the blog say that AMC is becoming watchable again I decided to check it out for myself. Today I watched the second half and it was terrible. Ryan referring to Emma as "my daughter"! Give me a break. Ryan is the worst father in history. How old was Emma when he even found out that she existed? Also at the end of the episode where he burst in on Annie and Aidan brandishing a gun? What was that all about? Who made him the law in Pine Valley? Oh, I guess that was Chuck Pratt. Cameron Matheson's idea of acting is waving his hands in the air and opening his eyes wider. He's awful and I say that knowing full well that he's Canadian. I almost wish he weren't. He's an embarassment to our fine tradition including even, cough, sputter, William Shatner.

I did enjoy the montage with Taylor and Brot. Too bad it was just some images of them and no real story. Why is it that rich characters played by talented actors get sidelined?

Starting at 2:00 One Life To Live was HOT HOT HOT! Since this blog is spoiler free I won't say more but I was riveted throughout.

lisa said...

Pratt Falls is great.
Better Off Ted is great.
Pine Valley Podcast is great!

Anonymous said...

hello Ashley and Taylor
just finishing up this weeks podcast, and as usual, LOVES IT!
Just wanted to tell you that I agree with Taylor and the dislike of Gigi on OLTL-when I see her, for some reason "Lips McGee" pops into my head.
Barb in MN

Luis Merino said...

I agree with Ashley COMPLETELY about Stacy/Gigi/Rex. Sorry, Jordan, but there are some of us who dig Gigi & Rex, and are not buying into the crap that their trying to feed us.

"I don't know how God works, Gigi, but you broke your promise with him"

She is such a whore. The end.

BELINDA said...

I'm jumping on the photo bandwagon, too! FIRE (I've got another F-word in mind) PRATT! STOOPIT MUTHACHUCKA!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

haha Belinda, I think 'MUTHACHUCKA' is now my new favorite word.

Bxgal said...

JORDAN!!! I totally agree with you! Brothers & Sisters was SO HOTTTTTTTTT HOTTTTTTT this week. It was all about sex and I loved it!!

especially the scene where Kevin and Scotty were about to have sex was so HOT, even though it was only like 10 seconds. and i loved sarah's scenes with cal too!

Its finally getting hot again, don't you agree?

Mel Got Served said...

Jordan, I am loving The Unusual, Harper's Island, and Better Off Ted as well. My Boys is back on TBS too and that's a really fun show.

But I think I watch almost all the reality shows. On my blog I do Reality Rundowns every Wednesday and Friday- Ash you'd love my Idol criticisms I'm sure!

What I DON'T love are the rumors that Adam Chandler could be killed off. It seems like Pratt would rather introduce HIS characters and focus on them. I barely saw Liza when I began watching, but I know that the ginger from Savannah is NOT Liza (I love gingers, btw, I just wanted to call Liza that)... I think I'll still call her Whyza, and is "WHYZA she on the show when she doesn't need to be right now?" Jamie Luner should have been introduced as a new character, not as a legacy. If she hadn't been brought on as Liza, I think it would be much different. Also, if Pratt shut his fat mouth.

I wish I had 5 more hours available in the week so I could watch OLTL. I suppose I'll have to last on online recaps and 15 minutes of the PVP!

-melmel aka Mel Got Served

Shadow said...

JORDAN...I have a timeline question you may can answer. I thought that Liza and Zach were on the show briefly at the same time. I wasn't watching regularly in 2004 which is the year Marcy Walker left and the year he joined so I'm a little fuzzy on the events that took place that year. I think her last episode was in September 2004. If I recall correctly she came back briefly in 2005 to help Jamie and Babe play hide the baby from Adam and JR. By the fall of 2004 his character would have been in full swing. I checked YouTube and found the December 28, 2004 AMC opening in Which both Thorsten Kaye and Marcy Walker appear. Do you know if the two characters ever met or had a scene together? I bet Pratt and Co. have no idea Marcy and Thorsten were on the show at the same time.

Laura said...

Ugh, I just saw a commercial with Ginger-Liza on the View. I saw her, and she is no Liza. I have watched since Liza was on at the beginning. She is like the same age as InsAnnie and Kendall, not Liza. I did think she and Jake had some chemistry. At least Tranny-Carly was pretty much acting the same character.

I couldn't believe it when they said something about how she got a law degree to support herself. What being a tv producer is the same as slinging hash!

Chuck Pratt sucks it.

I am enjoying the podcast, part way through it. Thanks for the shout-out.

Also not liking Adam rumors I am hearing. Also how obvious is it that this girl is probably Crystal's. Another red head. AMC has been invaded by the gingers!

Laura said...

I'm testing out an oldie but goody profile pic I created awhile ago. I am putting the blame all the way at the top. Frons has to go!

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

HEy all,
her is the definition of the PRAT, according to the online slang dictionary and I think it is very fitting for our pratt.


A person that chatters or utters childishly or foolishly. British slang, derived from the word prattle.
Don't be such a pratt.
Submitted by Calbraith, Ottawa, ON, Canada, Mar 02 1999.

idiot, un-cool, not liked.
That person is such a prat.
Submitted by Pieter B., Germany, Jan 01 1999.

Elyse in Toronto said...

OMG i so agree about brother ands sisters it was SOOO HOT! that is what AMC should be, complicated, funny, sexy, with drama and it pulls on your heart strings we need Greg Berlanti! maybe ABC can get him to consult.

Susan (NOT KRYSTAL) in Toronto said...

do you watch in treatment? Why can't insannie have a shrink like Paul? that show is intriguing and unique.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Our unique podcast community should have the ability to get PRATT and Julie H. crapload FIRED! AND have our very own Jordan Hudson, made at the very least a writer. Not head writer at first as the pratt falls tells us fans don't have a a lot of power, but damn it we have some.

WE bough one bottle of V8 Vfusion to help save our show... they owe us!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Hell I still buy V8 VFusion! They definitely owe us something haha.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Hey all,
Chrishell Stause is on twitter. Are any you?

Crystal said...

melmel- WHYZA=Liza I LOVE it!!! ROTFLMAO!!! JordAshe have to steal that!

Laura, I am a little fuzzy with this lawyer business too. I can see if she is still in hiding (being wanted for kidnapping and all) that she couldn't use her real name or resume´ but, I can't really see her using a fake name to go to law school and then using that. Sounds suspect to me. Plus she is kind of in plain sight now, lol.

I am going to see what I can find out about Zach and Liza possibly having met before. Of course, Zach has never met Jamie aka Whyza.

Crystal said...

Oh and Zach came to town I think the beginning of July 04 and Liza left around Sept so...

Mel Got Served said...

Laura, AMC has a case of Ginger-vitis!!

I'll only believe this girl is Krystal's daughter when she steals a baby and then everyone still considers her a saint. I kid- I occasionally miss Babe.

Shadow- I think you're right. I started watching around '03-'04 and I recall Liza being on AND Zach being around. And considering Zach knows everybody's business, it's shocking he wouldn't know a woman who: has a child with Adam, loved Tad, etc.

PS Elyse, thanks for finding me on Twitter! We'll have to tweet about AMC often!

Susan in Toronto said...

I read the rumors about David Canary, and I have been a fan of his since day one and given the caliber of his acting ability, I am sure he would never want to seem off his game.

lets pray he feels the love and respect we feel for him, and that as much as it would hurt us to lose him if it gives him dignity then so be it.

Shadow said...

And just because went to law school doesn't mean you are licensed to practice law. You have to study for and pass the bar exam. There is an exam in every state. Liza would had to have graduated from an accredited law school, studied for the bar, and passed the state exam. Just because you are licensed to practice in one state doesn't mean you can practice in another state. Some states have reciprocity, but most require that you take their bar exam. This is really stoopit. When Old Coldby came back 2 years ago, I think she mentioned that Liza was hiding in Europe. There are no correspondence law schools like the University of Phoenix. At least none that I have ever heard of. You gotta show up in a brick and mortar building. Again this is another example either of how dumb Pratt is or how simple headed he thinks we are. It's as if he thinks I'm sitting here in a trailer eating pork rinds and drinking Schlitz watching AMC in between UFO sightings with my wife Minnie. Biiiii-setchual lezbeeins! Woohoo! And gawlee if miss thing didn't git herself a legal deeploma like dat der' Judge Judy!

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

OMG David walked into the chandler mansion AGAIN! this time though an open patio door! Why do they NOT shut the doors????

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

OMG David walked into the chandler mansion AGAIN! this time though an open patio door! Why do they NOT shut the doors????

Shadow said...

I wish nothing but good things for DC. Even tho i'd hate for him to go, i would understand if he was ill or wanted to retire. A skilled writer capable of understanding the genre and DC's importance in the show's history would write him out with a dignified, appropriate story-not this shit. That is my concern. Pratt and Dignity. Aren't those mutually exclusive? Stuart and Cindy changed national opinion about the most terrifying health crisis of the 20th century. DC is iconic-one of the great TV viilains and heroes of all time. He invented the whole good/bad twin thing on soaps. He was on Gunsmoke for heavens sake! I'm sure all that will be lost on Pratt as he spends the month playing 'Who Killed the Retard'?

crs 17 said...


--OK, how many times can Insannie break out of Oak Haven? This is getting riDICK. I need this storyline to go somewhere...FAST!

--This is very nice. Brot is doing his motivational speech and it's the real thing ('cept it's being taped). It's all very sweet and real, and JR Martinez has really grown as a performer and then...

---...Erica's boobs.

---Erica's boobs. It's the gift so nice I just had to say it twice.

--Who the f is this queen running the front desk at this massage parlor? And why the f is he calling Susan a beeyotch? Whatever. It will probably all lead some place nextastupid, but at least this Marisa thing is intriguing me for now. IT's about time there was some mystery and intrigue on this show, and I'm not talking dumb murder mysteries, like Who Killed Michael Cambias, Who Buried Madden, and Satin Slayer.

--good for Scott and his lanky self coming on strong. HE's got cojones and me likey

--aw, what a cute montage with Brot and Taylor

--"Krystal is always willing to spread" At first I cackled, and then I thought, "That's kinda gross."

--And then Ryan walks in and ruins it all at the end holding that dumbass gun. Why do I have the feeling we're going to come back together and no one will say anything about how they got away; it's another Pratt-style Phoney Cliffhanger. Suck it, Chuck Pratt! Suck it!

(by someone not as technologically gifted to make an animated version)

--Pratt, not only are you tone deaf, but your pacing has all the subtlety of Richard Simmons.

--Julie, I'm intrigued by what you call "pacing." Is it something I should pay attention to?

--Pratt, viewers enjoy when you hit all the dramatic and emotional beats of a storyline. They do not enjoy when you rush through and drop the ball by playing major scenes off screen.

--I am not worried, Julie. I'm Chuck Pratt and in the name of all things good and holy, I can solve this pacing thing by making the viewers excited to view the inner workings of massage parlors and heart valves. Viewers will be intrigued and forced to continue watching.

--Pratt, Do you understand vomiting, Pratt?

--Julie, why do you ask this?

--Because, Pratt, some viewers have been induced to nausea by witnessing your misogynistic overtones in your writing.

--I am fascinating by this thing you call misogyny, Julie. Why don't you explain, you effin' ho' bitchbag.

(Craputhers faints. End scene)

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Hey Jordon,
At the beginning of the podcast you said that you never heard the phrase "unique and euphonious" on any I Love Lucy episodes.
From one I Love Lucy fan to another this is for you.
Pregnant Women are Unpredictable - I Love Lucy episode 51, season 2, originally aired 12/15/1952
In this episode, Lucy was “with child” and trying to think up the perfect names for the baby. Lucy kept changing her mind and Ricky just wanted the whole “thin’” to be settled.
Lucy Ricardo: “I want the names to be unique and euphonious.”
Ricky Ricardo: “Okay. Unique if it’s a boy, and Euphonious if it’s a girl.“

Badump bump!

jordan hudson said...

Wow the Blog is jumping.

Yes to My canadian women. I do watch In Treatment. I love good writing and acting. I am behind but trying to catch up. That show is something I like to give my full attention to and sit down and watch it straight through.

As for Brothers and Sisters. Yes the fact that everyone was feeling as my friend from down south use to say "fertile" was hot. I also loved what is going on with Kitty and the Senator and of course Nora.

ATWT it seems will hold Number 1 as the soap I hate to watch. 3rd week in a row.

AMC while not perfect has become watchable for me at times. I like Scott Chandler. Blight cast someone who can act and not some model pretty boy. He comes across very old school soap actor and I LOVE IT! I also love Mirabella or whatever her name is who started today. I know it's too soon but after watching AMC answers to the Kardashians (Rancid, Coldby and Natlaia) She comes across like Dame Judi Dench. Here is to a Scott and Mirabella becoming the next generation of young lovers on AMC.

Now I wont spoil it for anyone who Mirabella is but you don't need to be Aidumb to figure this one out. Weird storyline.

Also for me Cameron hit an all time low as an actor. He was beyond wretched. Aidumb and him were so bad that they even drew Darnell into overacting. I thoguht I was watchign a bad skit from SNL.

As for the other I mean Chandler twins played by DC....well it's been everywhere that one of them will be leaving the canvas. All I have to say on the matter is...... A heart wrenching storyline could have played out for us to say goodbye to a beloved character. Instead it will be played like a storyline from Melrose Place. I'M NOT AMUSED with what is going to happen how it has been written so far and how the actors are being asked to play it.

Death is part of life. Anyone who saw the 70th Anniversary tribute of GL where the cast did a whole epsiode on Irna Phillips and the history of GL, knows what I'm taling about. She had a scene where ( Beth " Taylor " Ehlers played Irna) talked about killing a popular character off, her assistant as well as the network were not sure. Yet she said this is part of life. This had all coincided with present day Spingfield as beloved ingenue Tammy Randall sacrificed her life for husband. Her death and the aftermath was great material. So far it does not seem that this is what AMC is going for. I hope I'm wrong but what my source told me so far....... uggh.

OLTL was great. I really wish they would reconsider letting Ray and Lola go. I love Rachel Gannon. Something about that girl. Bob Woods has been so great. I'm sorry but I would rather watch Older, out of shape BOB Woods act then the shirtles HIMBOS ON AMC!

The Unusuals is so unusual and I would not have it any other way.

I have to wtach that I love Lucy Episode.

Shadow said...

CRS17 said, “effin’ ho’ bitchbag”. I think I’m going to try to use that in a sentence tomorrow.

All My IdolsI don’t KARA for the new judge. Ha! Get it?

Ryan recapped The Wart’s save… in case we forgot what happened 5 days ago.

LIL: Girl, what is with the wig and the catsuit? She’s not EveryWoman. She’s Catwoman. In a bad way. She looked like she was fixing to go all Ghetto on Simon though. “Oh hell to the No…”….

KRIS: He and Simon are wearing the same shirt. The main difference is that Kris has pecs and Simon has moobs. Kris made the song work. I’m with Ms. Kane. This kid has got “it”. Paula and Simon are talking about Kris’ underwear. Ryan got a boner.

KARA spoke out of turn and RANDY was PISSED. I think they all hate her.

HOKEY GOKEY: I don’t think this is a dead wife song. Although it sucks, I now know the words Michael McDonald is saying when he sings the song.

ALLISON: Another catsuit. Except this one has been Bedazzled. Did the girls raid the stripper store this week? She sand fine.

ADAM: A total disappointment for me. It’s Disco Week! I thought for sure he’d come out in a glittery mini-dress at his LIZA with a Z best. He sang his song in the key of AAAHHHHHHooooouuuuuuu as usual though. Like Liza, he always thanks the arranger. Drama queen! If he wins, the press will eat this poor kid alive.

MATT/THE WART: OMG, he wore a hat! He’s trying to suffocate The Wart!! Seriously, Matt’s a nervous wreck. And you know you’re in trouble if Paula Abdul compares your performance to her “bowling game”.

ANOOP: He’s very serious tonight. I know because he’s waving his index finger at the camera. PeptoBismal pink shirt and tie. Nice guy. Nice voice. Not going to win.

My predictions: Bye bye Lil and Wart. Anoop will be on notice.

Anonymous said...

Jordan - you were right on Brothers & Sisters. It was GREAT on Sunday night. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

Does anyone know if Holly on this show is pregnant in real life? They were hiding her belly...then she kinda looked pregnant in that pink dress. The folder she was trying to hold in front of it didn't hide a big belly.


Anonymous said...

Oops - I didn't mean Holly on Brothers & Sisters - she is too old. I mean the lady that playes Sarah - the oldest sister. Is she pregnant?


Anonymous said...

On One Life to Live - the nurse at Rex's dad's long term care facility.....

Does anyone remember the episode of Sex & the City where Samantha met Smith Jared? He was a waiter at "Raw" (and she said, "I'd like him to amuse my booshe anytime", that is one of my favorite lines!) - anyway, all the women in the restaurant were fighing for Smith's attention (back when he was Jerry). One by one they all leave - but the last lady to fight Samantha for him - - she looks EXACTLY like the nurse on One Life to Life!!!!


Mel Got Served said...

Jenny, I think the actress who plays Sarah is actually pregnant. I thought I heard that on a blog a while back. I love when they hide pregnancy bellies- it's so fun.

Shadow- love your Idol observations. I felt the same way. I'll have my Idol thoughts on the Reality Rundown I post on Friday's on my blog. All I can say about disco night: talented but ZZZZZZZZ.

Shadow said...

Glad you liked it Mel. I try to keep the Idol stuff short.

Listening to the podcast. Great as always.

My favorite Erica pairing was Nick and Erica. Wonder if Nick is still alive?

Erica Kane said...

Shadow I loved your observations about IDOL...I have to confess though there was a moment when Matt smiled last night and the Mole was obscured by the hat, that he actually looked attractive...a split-second, but it was there. As soon as Lil started I'm Every Woman I knew she was doomed. I was so hoping she would pull out some old Diana Ross or Donna Summer. I think she could have rocked Last Dance or On The Radio. Kris rocked for me he was so good, and I enjoyed Allison. Gokey..I just don't get the appeal. It was ok, but he sounds like a wedding singer to me. Adam was not as great (for Me) as he usually is. Then there was Mole Man, I kept yelling at the tv that he was one mole short to do the Bee Gee's but he did it anyway. And Anoop he was forgettable for me. I have a friend who said that last night was the first time Kris wowed her, and I was like what show have you been watching on Tuesdays???
I am definetly a Rex and Gigi fan I hate Stacy and wish someone would push her down an empty elevator shaft at the hospital. I really really really want to know who Rex's dad is, and who the mystery brother is of Destiny and Shawn. AMC has been so bad I can't comment. I do have to say that Pratt Falls is the funniest thing I have seen in a very long time!! I laughed out so much I thought my neighbor was going to call the Lilly Law on me.
I have to agree with everyone Brothers and Sisters was HOT HOT HOT!!! I was so happy to see Kevin and Scotty going at it like they never see that on TV unless you are watching re-runs of Queer As Folk and even then it was on Showtime. I love how they just use Kevin and Scotty like the rest of the couples. That is the way it should be on daytime. The gay couples don't need "special" storylines, they just need good ones. All right that's it for now, more later I am sure.
Miss Kane/Christopher
I am a little nervous that Matt and the mole will somehow survive tonight and Anoop will go home with Lil.

Shadow said...

Ms Kane-I share your thought about Anoop and Matt. They have him so wound up I thought he was going to have a breakdown during the judges comments. He may get some sympathy votes. It would feel awful to get voted out last week, saved by the judges and then voted out again this week in spite of the save. All I know for sure is that Ms. Rounds has a pretty "LIL" chance of butchering a song next week. LIL- ha!

Shadow said...

OK, even if we concede that Liza and Zach never met, I still find their casino scrump ridiculous. There is no way one of them didn’t at least know of the other one. I’ve been checking out the history of the show. Think about these things:

It is impossible to believe that Liza would not know of Zach through his role in the widely publicized and reported Satin Slayer murders. For one thing, her daughter Colby was smack in the middle of it all. If Liza didn’t notice it on the news, I would think that Colby, Tad, Marian or somebody in the town may have mentioned it at least in an email. Zach was linked to the Satin Slayer murders that killed Dixie and Babe, both of whom Liza knew very well. Their deaths were national news because of Fusion, the company Liza helped fund with Kendall, Greenlee, Simone and Mia. I think Liza is the one who actually gave the company its name. Plus, at the time of the murders, the international Fusion business was tanking and that was widely reported in the news. I’m sure, as a former reporter, she would have seen a picture or something even if none of her friends told her what was happening. Besides, “everyone knows that anything having to do with the Kane women is breaking news”. I'm finding it very difficult to believe that Liza didn't pick up a paper, log online or not read the articles about Kendall and her billionaire husband Zach Slater.

Isn’t Liza’s sister Mia still working for Fusion in the California branch? Seems like she might have passed along a few updates to her sister at one point or another. Mia slept messed around with Edmund, Aidan, Frankie. Adian and Frankie are still around. She seems like the type that would keep up with her exes.

Liza kept up with Babe and Jamie after she left town. She helped them hide the baby from Adam and JR. I’m assuming she kept up with the lives of Tad as well and would have known that Dixie came back and died again.

BTW, don’t Mia and Frankie have a kid somewhere?

Marian and Stuart live in the carriage house. When Zach took over Chandler Enterprises I would think Marian or even the Turd may have dropped Liza a line. Marian loves money. Adam’s loss would have had a detrimental effect on their standard of living.

Let’s see, what else?

Zach held a gun at a SWAT team in PVH which I'm sure made news.

Seems like Zach would know all there is to know about one of his biggest rivals, Adam Chandler, including all the dirt on his past wives.

Liza was still around when Ethan was in town holding a big grudge on Zach. Ethan and Kendall were dating, and he hung around Fusion.

Cambius Industries went through 3 CEO's (Ryan, Ethan, Zach) in just a few years and Liza never heard of or saw a picture of Zach?

They both ran in wealthy business circles she as the former Mrs. Adam Chandler and owner of the local tv station and he as the wealthy former Cambius. They would have so many common friends in acquaintances.

UpChuck Pratthole doesn’t do his homework.


Arizonagal said...

Groan, I was at soapcentral and read disturbing spoilers. did not see anywhere that DC is leaving. Is this rumor or fact? Who's got the scoop on this one?

I cannot express strongly enough how much I date that pond scum Ryasswipe. There are so many things wrong with AMC lately, but IMNSHO, the biggest problem is Ryan. It's all Ryan all the time. God, this dude is just making my eyes bleed.

Ryass is on nearly every damned day, and yet, his SL is so narrow and lame. He's after Kendall - that's it - no complexity. Just him acting like he owns this woman, him acting like a stupid tool, him acting like an effin bully, him acting like Greenlee never existed, and CM trying to act. Which brings me to my next point. Is Cam more annoying when he's trying to act and failing miserably, or when he's actually acting? Toss up, no?

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I decided to treat myself to a day off and not record AMC today, just OLTL.

It's time to unleash the serial killers on PV. Cambias and Sledgehammer need to go in and clean house, finish the jobs they started, and this time, no eff-ups, no satin, no flowers. Time to rescue their failed serial killer careers and do it right!!

If Cambias and Sledge contact me, I will gladly provide them with a prioritized hit list.

Mel Got Served said...

Arizonagal, you gave me an idea. Let's all list ONE character (eventhough I know we could name at least 7) that you'd want the Satin Slayer to kill.

My pick... RYAN.

jordan hudson said...

Mama Hudson was watching AI when I was ovr and I got to see my favorite performer Kris....sigh. he is so dreamy lol and I loved what he did with the Donna Summer song. Made me think Of David Cook. I love when artist really come into their own. I'm also rooting for my Alison and Danny but not that hot mess who comes across like a walking STD (that was mean I know ) Adam. LMAO

brtedi said...

I have to make a comment reguarding the 4/21/09 scenes with Brot and Taylor...While it was excellent seening "Brot" give a presentation to vets, as JR Martinez would do irl, wwu with that Brot and Taylor scene in the hotel? I get it that the writers are trying to convey that Brot is trying to stand on his own, for the sake of pride or whatever...But first he treats Taylor like she's gum stuck to the sole of his shoe. Then, in half a beat everything's fine???! I know, it's common pratice for soaps to 'flip a scene'--having it start off in one way, then take a sudden shift. (Like with that kiss between Ryan and Kendall, the other day) But, wherre was the transition of mood with Brot and Taylor???--- The emotional shift with them was like viewer whiplash---We just didn't see it coming! :-(


D-Money said...

I recently started listening to the podcast and now I'm totally hooked. While I'll always be an All My Children fan, I love the smart alleck comments but they're so spot on. :) So, here are some random thoughts I had on recent episodes. I appologize if someone else has already mentioned these.

First, nevermind the sex on the poker long was Liza in that room by herself? All those damn chips were on the table the whole time she's in there by herself. I don't care who you casino is going to leave you alone with their money. I would have snatched up those chips and hauled butt right out of Pine Valley.

Talk about thankless...when Krystal bailed those girls out of jail, the 2 no-names just marched right past her without so much as a thank you or a smile in her direction. Totally ungrateful! Hell, I had sex with the person that bailed me out of jail. Of course, it was my husband so I guess that's OK. :)

Thanks for the great podcasts, Ashley and Jordan! I'm a (new) huge fan!

Arizonagal said...

MelgotServed, you picked Ryan!! That was my first choice too. Hell, picking Ryan is almost a given. Is there anyone here who still likes this fruitcake?

My second choice - Jamie Luner - not Liza. I'm with JordAsh, unless it's Beth Chamberlain or Marcy Walker, fuhgeddabout Liza.

Now how can we get the two wannabe SKs to think outside the box and take out Chuck Pratthole?

Mel Got Served said...

I've hated Ryan since I started watching in '03 or '04. At that time, I was using Live Journal and joined a community called ANTI LAVERYS because I hate him and Jonathan (this was when he was abusive Johnny, not special Johnny). There has never been a single moment I have liked Ryan- I wish he would've crashed that motorcycle way back into oblivion.

Also about the casino sex, casinos are filled with cameras- thousands of them, so likely all of his security staff saw him banging Whyza.

Shadow said...

I would turn the Slayer loose on Aidan. He serves no purpose. He isn't related to anybody on the show anymore. He can't speak. His storylines suck. I realize whoever he is blowing and/or tugging to keep his job will be sad, but these are tough times. Looch gave up some bank. They should have to sacrifice too.

Laura said...

My choice - Aidumb, Coldumbo, whatever you want to call him. He could get close to solving the murders and get killed. I actually think Lyn Herring would have been a good Liza but she lives in LA. Actually there are a few good actresses out there that could have played her. Now I'm sorry I didn't want Beth Ehlers playing her. She would have been better than Jamie Lunar.

Just for information David Canary was on Bonanza. He played Candy. You can youtube him. I saw him last week in an old episode.

Welcome D-Money. This is a great group, glad you found us.

Jordan, I am going to make a point to watch Ted tonight on ABC. I loved Portia on Arrested Development. She is very funny.

I watched Idol and I think Anoot (not sure of spelling) and Lil will go. Or maybe mole-boy. Anoot has a bigger hill to climb because there are few
Asian Indian singers out there.

Alexis said...

Jordan love you and Ashley on the podcast. The new James Spaulding on GL is hott, he reminds me of Chace Crawford on gossip girl but can actually act. Did anyone see Kathy Griffin's special last Wed, Kathy Griffin She'll Cut A Bitch, Jordan are you a fan i am. Jordan or anyone are you watching the Real Housewives Of New York City on Bravo, i love it and cant wait for the New Jersey Real Housewives. Ashley you must start watching GL, it needs all the support it can get, and is really good right now, and i am sure Jordan could fill you in on the deep history.

brtedi said...

Ashley, I just finished listening to the 4/14/09 pod cast…Give GL a try. I bet, Jordan will fill you in on Shayne’s days in the wheelchair, back in December, and all of his very bad behavior. I loved it!—Stuff I’ve never seen on tv, for a character with --a temporary-- disability . He wasn’t self pittying, but he was a hot angry mess!—in a good way.

Back then, from his chair, “Shayne” tried to start a bar fight, hit “Mallet” intentionally with his char, broke up a wedding and participated in arson to help “Dinah” (Gina Tognoni) out of a tough spot, etc. I think, the character got tossed in to jail, about 3 times during a six week period…All of these things I would definitely not recommend irl. But, events such as these do make soaps fun!

As far as “Shayne & Dinah” are concerned, the writers actually know how to build a gradual relationship/romance…Go figure! LOL!


brtedi said...

"...Hell, picking Ryan is almost a given. Is there anyone here who still likes this fruitcake?...."

Hi, AZgal! :-)

Yep!...Me. ;-)


SOAPFAN said...

In case anyone is interested, here is a site with many OLTL/AMC/SOAP alumni. You will be amazed at how they started out!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

It would be a dream come true if they killed off Ryan. I seriously can't stand him what-so-ever. I am sure Cameron Mathison is a very sweet guy in real life, but I am sorry. He can't act and when he tries he annoys me so fricking bad. Like today's episode I was doing everything I could to stop me from pulling my hair out while he was on screen. Why does he think gritting his teeth and whisper yelling is a good way to act angry. Did he go to the Jack Bauer school of acting?

Anonymous said...

I just realized something...

How does Amanda have healthcare?

She has no job. She gave back all her money to David.She's living with the Martins for goodness' sake!

I really wish AMC would get real about healthcare. So many stories take place at PVH, and there has not been one story about healthcare. Something like 15-20 percent of Americans don't have healthcare. And how many are under-insured? It would be a compelling and important storyline if just one person had an operation and then found out it wasn't covered by their insurance, or if one person on the show had to make a life decision based on where they could get health coverage.

Love the podcast and blog! Thanks for keepin' it real, JordAsh (and Taylor)...


crs 17 said...

So Wednesday was very very boring for me. I honestly can't think of one thing to say. It wasn't bad, just meh.

Is this why ratings tank on Thursdays and Fridays? The writers peter out by the middle of the week. What happened to Friday cliffhangers?

crs 17

jordan hudson said...


) Talia who was a supporting character that was barley two years old got a better send off then Grennlee on AMC. We got to see her co- workers in shcok. Her man came back and mourned her. Kamar was so good and Im not a fan of his but he knocked it out at the end. " How do I say goodbye to my heart. I was crying like a Beeyotch. Her best friend Layla was working like a Latina woman at a funeral. See she didn't go and fall on Antonio's Penis. That's how you do it Pratthole.

And another thing Pratthole you want sexy back then watch T.N.T. because they were back baby today. Two people who have a compiacted history and attraction going after each other. Todd & Tea having sex in the! Even some slap and tickle action. Florencia you can do me likt aht anytime. Unlike former melrose Place star Jamie Lunar and Zach.

Then it's a Wednesday episode and we get three Cliff hanger endings. RJ Gannon is back. I hope he is there to cause trouble and not wisk Tea away. Yes Tea and RJ hada thing way back when. I was totaly suprised to see him did not know Mr. Stickney was coming back. McBain is out and on the run to catch a serail killer. Dorian is caught between two men as David returns. Hot! ! How can you get rid of Ray and my Loca Lola. Her snitching on Marko and Cole reminded me of a teenage Erica telling Phillip he was adopted way back when. Beeyotch love LOLA. Then of course also how great is NURACHEL. I don't know but this woman I'm feeling big time. her scnes with Cole were on point. wow all this in one episode, hump day no less of OLTL.

I bet when I go see AMC later let me guess David is still sneaking into the Chandler Manor. Ryan is still grunting his lines, still can't understand Aidumb. Colby and Rancid are still dead behind the eyes. UGGGHHH!!!

jordan hudson said...

Sorry I'm the worst typist. So need to proof read before hititng it. But you all know what I mean.

Chloe said...

Episode 6 of Pratt Falls is now up and running on YouTube!

D-Money said...

Laura, you called it right on American Idol with Lil and Anoop going home. I'm so bored with this season that I DVR results show and just ff to the end.

Thanks for the welcome!

Shadow said...

IDOL REPLAYThis was the first time I have ever found a results night to be more entertaining than performance night. But I don't know if I was entertained for all the right reasons...

PAULA: Nice to see one of the judges actually do something besides sip Diet Coke and collect dust. Paula actually does/did have some talent and did work for her fame. The kids lip synched the song, but danced OK to her moves. It was sweet. You know KARA wanted to kill somebody when the kids gave Paula flowers.

Speaking of KARA, OK reported that KARA blew a gasket after the show last night. Apparently Randy really was pissed when she interrupted him. OK says Randi gave Simon a "WTF?" look and Simon subtly flipped her off. Sweet.

LIL: Gone. At least they got it over quick and didn't terrorize her. She should have talked more about her starving babies. It may have worked for her like the dead wife thing works for Gokey.

DISCO GEEZERS: The first lady, Freda, was way more concerned about being sexy at 80 than singing well. So wrong. My vision is still sort of spotty from the shock of seeing her short and curlies in that see-through gown, her cleavage falling out when she bowed and her armpits waving around everywhere. I was like AACCKKK! AARRGGGHH!CRAP!!

When the next lady came out, I thought, "Man, Tonia Pinkins better put away the ho-hos. Then I felt bad because I realized it was Big Bird. That bird has some nasty moves and skinny legs.

Finally, Fozzie Bear, ehr, KC and the Sunshine Band came out. For a minute I was thinking it's like a whole Jim Henson theme show. Anyway, KC cracked me up dancing in his Tommy Bahama shirt and dockers. He is so far removed from that era now but loving being on stage. He was mouthing "Get Down Tonight" but in his head he was singing "I'm dancin'...On Idol...With hot chicks...all around me..."

WTF, WART is safe? It so sucks to be Allison today.

David Archuleta has to be the most huggable Idol ever. He didn't sound great tonight though. He should have sang Crush.

ANOOP: He came up a LIL' short on the votes. Ha! LIL' short. I love it. His arrangement was bad last night so I think it's fair.

BTW, did you notice Adam swinging that arm and thrusting those hips at the end of Paula's dance? There's a joke in there that I don't think even I feel comfortable posting. But I'm scouring the house now for some penicillin or antibiotics. The other IDOLS managed to shake what their mamas gave them without making me fear for my health.

Anybody know what next week's theme is?

Arizonagal said...

Poor Frank on GL. Dumped at the altar again! I thought he was so sweet talking to Natalia about "postponing" the wedding. I also love the way GL has kept Doris Wolfe around and actually given her some meaty stuff to do.

That's what I love about GL. Everyone's lives are complicated and messy and not black and white. There is going to be a goldmine of incredible actors available come September when GL shuts down production. AMC make room for Marcy Rylan as Colby. We've quieted down on our MonGrief bashing, but that's only because we've said all that can be said.

Gina Tognoni and Jeff Branson could be a long lost Buchanan couple on OLTL. So many others, too many to mention, but I just know I am not looking forward to saying goodbye to the GL cast.

Ashley I am so in agreement with you about Langston on OLTL. I was not impressed with her at first either, but damn, she is so adorable and sweet, still with an edge. Maybe it's the pink hair? Hell, all the teens on OLTL are rocking it solid.

Teen story lines bore the crap out of me on AMC, but on OLTL they are just as interesting and effed up as the adults.

Oh, Jordan, who is this Roc guy on GL? How did I miss his entrance?

Laura said...

Barely saw any of AMC today. But I did yesterday's and today's OLTL. So hot today. I hope the slutmetric wasn't on it would break. I knew RJ was coming back. But I screamed when I heard his voice. I triple love him. All of a sudden Llanview has become the most racially diverse show on Daytime, and it wasn't that hard. It's not like it's a black storyline or a Latino storyline. It's storylines with good people who have families and are connected.

Rachael Gannon kind of reminds me of the beautiful Eileen Holly who played a black woman trying to pass for white when the show first started. Same type of pretty eyes. I wonder who will be her love interest. I hope it's Shawn, but probably the doctor brother. I want Shawn to get some action.

My thoughts on AMC - Angie's hair looks great. Nothing else good to say.

w3w said...

Best Line on AMC on Wednesday...

From Ryan to Kendall (who was demanding sex because she was jealous about Zach's encounter)

(I'm paraphrasing - can't remember exactly) "No Kendall - there is just something a little off about this."

Uhhhh...yea. That could apply to the whole show!!

Terry in Toronto said...

Amen Jordan to everything you said about OLTL and AMC.

My tv set is still smoldering from Wednesday's OLTL. I also love that people in Llanview get served consequences for their actions. I love how Tea and Todd got caught by Marty (of all people) and the fallout is going to continue. I love how Cole got busted and the firm yet sensitive way that Rachel dealt with the news that he faked the pee test. I can't wait to see Lola get hers. Daddy Ray should put her on his lap and give her a spanking! It was so amazing to see Ray really trying hard to be moral and do the right thing. Tad used to be like that on AMC but ever since he got away scott free with killing Dr Madden it's like he's tainted and soiled.

Poor poor Pine Valley. Frons and his lackeys have really killed our show. It's so very sad. I'm just thankful for OLTL and am praying that Frons doesn't get his way and that his efforts to wreck that show fail. I hear Ron Carlivatti is going to be responding to the fans decided dislike for Stacy despite Frons wanting her onscreen all day every day. I hope Stacy gets stabbed by the KAD killer next so we never have to see her again.

Amanda said...

I have a quote from The Office after watching Wednesday's eppy of OLTL.

"A little blood rushed to my..."

I'll let you guys think about the end to that, because the finished quote talks about a guy, and I'm a girl.

That was like watching safe porn. I LOVED it! But it just reminded my why I like watching rough sex and not actually participate in it. Damn!

Please please please do NOT get rid of Tea!

BELINDA said...

Just testing out the new photo, or as I call it, "the two-headed beast spawned from the fetid loins of Satan in the deepest bowels of hell."

Erica Kane said...

Ok after the disaster of Idol last night I needed a few hours to collect myself. I cannot believe Mole-man got more bvotes than Allison this makes me think the show is actually rigged. No one voted for him last week, who all of a sudden decided to vote for him this week??? As for the disco divas I would have rather had the kids lip-sync some more than watch that hot mess. I kept thinking well if they ever decide to do a musical version of The Sopranos KC would be a perfect Tony Soprano. I feel bad that Anoop had to go instead of Mole-Man, but I can't see him lasting too much longer. I loved T&T in the courthouse yesterday!!! I must have dozed off because I don't remember RJ.

Mel Got Served said...

I think Allison was in the bottom 3 because, while she's an amazing singer, her personality is lacking, and her style is pretty atrocious. She needs a makeover badly.

Belinda, excellent photo!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Haha the new Pratt Falls is great.

Best line.
Crapputhers- "She is an imaginary assistant."
Pratthole- "Imaginary, what a bitchy thing to say."

The girls who make this are geniuses.

Terry in Toronto said...

Did anyone catch the Law & Order repeat last night? The young actor who plays Matthew on OLTL had a guest starring spot.

I just heard that Chrishell Stause is officially out as Amamda. Do bloggers think there will be a recast?

brtedi said...

"... who is this Roc guy on GL? How did I miss his entrance?..."

I don't know the caracter history of "Roc Hunter". (I'd like to know that my self) But, if you look at:


you will find a list of Micchael Sabatino's various acting credits. And --He just happens to be Crystal Chappel's husband, irl. They met working on DOOL. She played "Carly Manning". Michael Sabatino portrayed "Lawrence "Alamaine"

From an old SOAP TALK (SOAPnet) interview, I believe he said he's been on every soap, playing basically bad guys/shady dudes for years.

Chloe said...

Roc Hoover is played by Mark Schlereth, who was a NFL player. I know he played for my hometown team the Washington Redskins, as well as the Denver Broncos.

He often joins Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio. I'm a big sports fan, so I often listen to ESPN in the AM and this clip played on air a few weeks ago. The hosts, who made a cameo on GL, talk about it's cancellation. They mention at the end Mark Schlereth's character Roc Hoover.

Mike & Mike: Goodbye GL

jordan hudson said...

W.T.F. is happening to ATWT! It has Prattitus. I can't belive that that dimwit at CBS cancels my GL but gives As My Stomach Hurls another year. Are they watching both shows. Goutman must be loosing his mind. I just don't understand.

Van Hansis was excellent when he came on as Luke Snyder. Now all he does is Yell and yell and yell and whineyell.Yeah great gay role model. He is no Binks even when she is in a dog of a storyline, Eden carries herself with class and grace.

I loved Noelle Beck as Trisha Alden on Loving. She is not Lily. It's sad. Poor Roger Howarth. How could he not want out of this sinking, stinking ship and go back to what is hands down the hottest Soap OLTL.

Have not seen today's episode of AMC. yet did see my OLTL and it was hottttttt!!!!!

Classy adult parting of the way for David and Dorian. Again I say how cna you let Ray and Loca Lola go. The teens rock it out. Rachel is my new hero. Bo and Nora everywhere. Todd/Tea/R.J. need I say more. Then when John kissed Blair...I'm sorry that is powerful stuff when something so brief and left to the imagination was so fing HOT!

Laura said...

It seems gay is now in on soaps. Y&R has this lawyer Rafe who is supposedly gay. I hope they don't botch it like every other soap except GL does. I would watch GL, but I never had an interest in Another World since the 60's when my grandmother had it on. I agree they cancelled the wrong soap.

AMC - boring again. Except for Angie and Tad. I only watch the last half hour now. Too much Rancid for me today. An the tri-fecta of bad actors together. Cryan, Jerkson, and Aidumb. I don't know who won or lost that act off.

So stupid, like special ops Aidumb could be tied up by 90 pound Annie with an electrical cord and he could not escape.

Daytime Confidential raked Pratt over the coals this week. When will this end.

But OLTL was good, I will miss David. And also Ray. He and Lola are getting good. But I am so glad to have my favorite RJ back.

Shadow said...

I haven't watched this week, but I read that they showed Zach peeling off Jamie Lunar's panties. For real? Pratt is clueless. He's confusing romance and passion with sleaze. Maybe we should call NuLiza "Gape"--as in big gaping vagina. We haven't seen the character since 2005 and the first thing we see is her on the receiving end on a card table. She put into play immediately. We could call her "Firecrotch"--she has red hair and is clearly so fired up for sex she'd do it with strangers anywhere.

What would Phoebe or Mona say? Or Enid? Can you imagine them watching the panty scene being filmed? Appalling....

Arizonagal said...

If yer going to call Luner "Gape" then why not call Zach the "vagina whisperer". He seems to have that special talent.

This is so not Liza. Liza was not a one-night stand person. She was always smarter than that.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Pratt sucks, Frons sucks, Crapputhers sucks, Jamie Lunar sucks (she is not Liza), Zach now sucks. This whole show sucks and that sucks because I once loved this show so much and now watching it feels like a chore. I swear I get a massive headache after watching this crap. I can't stand David mustache twirling antics. Seriously, I want someone to just shoot him in the head and call it a day because his character has become incurably annoying and I can't ever see him getting any redeemable qualities. I think once Binks and Reese leave I am going to be done with the show. I think my mental health will suffer if I continue watching much longer past that.

And Shadow, the real question is "What would Myrtle say?" being that they did it in her honorary room. Thank God Zach removed her picture or else she would have gotten a front row seat to some major sleaze.


Anonymous said...

I don't how many of you watch GL but today was just made of win...unlike AMC the hour flew by and I can't wait for next week

and I will also leave amc with Eden although I haven't been watching much anyways but will still be listening to the podcast because that too is made of win


Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Everyone,

I watched The View today and Jamie Luner, contrary to Pratt's claim, is a major asskisser! The first thing out of her mouth was that she was more nervous to come on the show than to be on AMC because she loves The View and the hosts and they're so great and she watches all the time, blah blah blah. It was all so fake and badly acted even those ladies who are accustomed to BS on a daily basis looked a little taken aback. She's not even going to try and get into the character she was hired to play she'll just do what she's always done and play herself. Jamie Luner, celebrated redhead. I think the most interesting thing in the interview was when Whoopi Goldberg asked if the rug matched the carpet. That's the kind of level the interview was on.

Poor, poor, Pine Valley.

Mel Got Served said...

Get Whyza off my screen. If Jamie Luner isn't get to get into the character and be herself, then go somewhere else. You got hired to play Liza. While you're not the real Liza, just the ginger Whyza, suck it up and become the character. In real life Vincent Izziary is probably a delight but he gets INTO THE CHARACTER and plays a total a-hole to a T. Do a little character research and have some respect to the people who have watched this show and know the character that has been on the canvas for over 20 years.

P.S. Since she hasn't worked in a few years, it's clear that Hollywood wants people to play characters and not just themselves.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Haha Terry! While I was watching The View this morning I thought the exact same thing. Jamie Lunar was a major ass kisser. It was redick, yet kind of funny because it shows once again that Pratt has no idea what the hell he is talking about.

jordan hudson said...

Sylvie.......I'm so there I watch GL and OLTL and it seems to go by in 2 seconds meanwhile AMC and especially ATWT lately seems like five hours.

I refused to watch former Melrose Place star Jamie Lunar on the View. Ashley said we should but I told her why. It's not like it would a real interview ala Chelsea Latley. My first question would be why do you refuse to play the character instead of yourself. Followed by "Do you realize that the majority of the fans 99.9% feel you were miscast?"

I will say this I like Mirabella and Scott on AMC. I really do!

Mel Got Served said...

Daytime Confidential says Beth Ann Bonner just got cast on Guiding Light. Looks like unemployment didn't stick long for her!

Congrats to Beth Ann!

Anonymous said...

I don't know OLTL is she any good? or can we expect another Daisy


Mel Got Served said...

I've never watched GL, but Beth Ann Bonner (Talia) was good on OLTL. I think she got the short end of the stick because her main love interest left the show and she didn't really have another story to jump into compared to others.

Crystal said...

What was up with Erica's dress today? It looked like she had leeches or sparkly poops all over it. LOL

I do quite enjoy Kendall being jealous. That does seem very like her (and her mother).

Crystal said...

What was up with Erica's dress today? It looked like she had leeches or sparkly poops all over it. LOL

I do quite enjoy Kendall being jealous. That does seem very like her (and her mother).

Terry in Toronto said...

Poor Beth Ann Bonner. She got cast on a cancelled soap. I guess in these economic times a short term contract is better than no job at all.

Mel Got Served said...

Just read the latest ABC Hotsheet Spoilers.

REFERENCING SPOILERS HERE SO NON-SPOILED, SKIP THIS!It says Opal has blood soaked images of Tad and Adam... tell me Chuck Pratt isn't going to go all McTavish again and make Tad a murderer. It sounds like they'll try to implicate Adam in Dixie's death. Seriously??? They better not make Tad kill Adam- or actually kill Adam. HUGE mistake.

END SPOILERS!!P.S. I posted my thoughts on American Idol (and other reality shows) on my blog today- check it out Mel Got Served. It's not as detailed as Shadow's excellent recaps, but just summing up the episode and some quick feelings on my part.

Anonymous said...

Lola is nuts - sorry she is leaving OLTL....

but someone needs to bleach that mustache of hers.


Shadow said...

How many times are they going to make Reese wear that fugly brown shirt with the ruffles? I hope they lose her luggage on the way to Paris and that shirt is never seen again! Apparently she would rather wear the same thing every day than anything from NY and Co. Maybe they don't make sizes less than zero.

Anonymous said...

We probably won't see Reese, the shirt or Binks ever again. Thanks to UpChuck Chucking all over the damn place. Fire Chuck Pratt!


Shadow said...

He'll probably SORAS Gabrielle and Miranda next year so Ryan has someone to date.


Mel Got Served said...

Shadow said:"He'll probably SORAS Gabrielle and Miranda next year so Ryan has someone to date."ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! Same thing for Lil A- Kendall will find herself bored and needing attention from someone else.

Shadow said...

Mel, you know Pratt will read our Soras comments and ponder the possibilties at least for a few minutes.


Mel Got Served said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mel Got Served said...

Good point, Shadow. Chuck Pratt, if you're reading this SORAS Lil' A... and have him KILL RYAN.

And for a bonus, Randy and Colby.

PS Just starting Thursday's episode and the Randy and Natalia scenes we were. I wouldn't be shocked if while Randy is into Hubbard's of either gender. That's the vibe I was getting.

Mel Got Served said...

Saddest news on this wonderful day: Bea Arthur passed away. I've loved her since I watched Golden Girls as a kid. So sad.

jason said...

Hey oh my god that Casey Shameless! lol i love the song Piece of me!

It's seems like AMC is just the same thing over and over again. I hope Pratt Hole leaves to ruin the new Melrose place.

It's amazing how much better oltl handles death. Can't Ron C. write both amc and oltl??

BTW I am white and my family has a spare key hidden outside for the house. lol!

Erica Kane said...

Mel Got Served I am grieving with you...Beatrice Arthur was one of my faves but I go all the way back to Mame and Maude. She was great in everything she did, and Dorothy Zbornak was her triumph. The world has lost a great talent....

jordan hudson said...

Needless to say it does not get any easier. As much as I love all My Golden Girls. Bea Arthur was my favorite. Yes I go back as far as Maude to Ms. Kane. No one could deliver a line Bea. She was always a riot and relevant. I still remember her at Pamela Anderson'd Roast. Another great one gone. Here is to you Bea.

Casey Shamless the minute I saw your name I knew you were a fellow Britney fan. I love Britney...while I love Circus. Blackout is my favorite CD with two of my all time favorite songs by Britney Toy Soldier and of course Piece of me.

Okay so catching up on some shows. I'm all caught up on Southland. I saw the first episode and there were two scenes were the dialogue was a tad heavy handed. I tend to write a show off when I don't believe the material or a scene is just o.t.t. (I know why do I still watch ATWT and AMC then. But because of the cast I decided to go on with it and I'm glad I did. Episode 2 did not try as hard and by the third it found itself. It's not everyone's cup of tea as it's very slow paced and character driven. I like it.

I like The Unusuals more and very upset that the ratings are bleeding out. I hate getting hooked on ABC shows just for the network to cancel them. (EX DSM, Pushing Dasies, Men in Trees, Six Degress, Invasion....) ABC needs to support some of the shows they have on the air give them a chance to develop an audience. They need to face facts alot of the shows they renewed are almost at the ends of their runs. I'm glad that they are given Ugly Betty a proper and respectful welcome back.

I just caught up on No 1 Detective Ladies Agency...... OMG... this last episode was just deep. the show has been very warm and heartfelt but this last epsiode took the show to another level. So rich. Jill Scott is amazing sorry beyonce wishes she could sing and ACT like MZ. Scott. Jill Scott can act...... Anaki Rose amazing. then to ahve one of my favorite actress guest starring CCH Pounder who was just her incredible bad ass self. See for me alot of my favorites are the people that are not in Star ever week. Sam Waterson, CCH Pounder, Latanya Richardson, Wanda Dejesus...I could go on.

Oh T. Ashely sent me the email with the link for Dangerous Women on You Tube. How I miss that show. It was campy but excellent fun. They dont make then that good anymore. NU90210 Blah!

Saw Former Melrose Place Star Jamie Lunar on the View. MUAH I guess she does kiss ass. Big yawn fest just like I thought! No respect for the character's history.

Shadow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shadow said...

I saw some of Monday and Tuesday. The falling panties were in unbelievably poor taste--especially with the racing stripe. (damn HD). The Turd gave a shitacular performance. Zach's casino goon looks more like Liza than Gape.

Erica looked great in the orange dress. JR should avoid spread white collars on blue shirts-makes him look far and stumpy Beaker is a decent actor. He sort of reminds me of Cliff, although I don't see how making documentaries prepares one to make heart valves.

My big concern is Annie in the wig. Who is she trying to be-- Hannah Montanna? Either get her out of the crazy house or get rid of her and end this dumbass s/l. Just when I think it couldn't get worse than talking to gray walls and vents...I did think it was nice watching her and Emma have a picnic where Greg Madden was buried alive. Annie couldn't pick a more a less public place to kidnap her?

And how gross was the fat guy on the massage table? Should we be thankful his back wasn't hairy with festering blisters? Is Pratthole trying to drive away viewers by grossing them out? Does he really think that women across the country are clamoring to watch a skank drop her panties around her ankles or naked fat guys rolling around a massage tables? What a fucking dumb ass. It is truly astounding how out of touch this guy is. And how creepy was the guy at the reception table? Although he earned his paycheck when he asked KWAK, "Who are you bitch, the etiquette police?"

Brott and Taylor are sweet. But their like another show. You can't show me vets and inspirational pieces and then switch to KWAK and a fat guy at a massage parlor. This show makes no sense--the stories, the editing, the production.

And I feel sorry for Adam. Not sure what I feel about the JR s/l. I like Scott but this is another story aimed at or at least having the effect of demoralizing and ridiculing JR. Is it any wonder the guy can't stay sober? Adam has been twisting his nutsack his whole life.

And no matter what fine little gems may be buried in the show this week, I beg ABC to...


Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Jordan, 'Toy Soldier' is seriously one of Britney's best songs and I have to agree that Blackout is the superior album, although Circus is still great. I just loved Blackout's whole dance vibe. Britney needs to leave the ballads behind, although 'Everytime' is a good song and all. 'My Baby' and 'Out From Under' from Circus are semi-laughable.

As for your musings on Jill Scott. Again I totally agree. I have to admit though I was pretty skeptical when I heard she was taking a shot at acting (on a TV show, none the less) and I am glad to say that I am more than surprised. She completely embodies the character. As for Beyonce, I just saw her new movie 'Obsessed' and just let me tell you people. Don't waste your money. Nothing suspenseful or even remotely intriguing, and I found myself laughing at moments I think I was supposed to be taking seriously.. Plus, Ali Later is annoying as hell.

Shadow said...

Nobody holds a gun straight on this show. They all hold it crooked. Guess someone told them holding it like that looks cool. Hopefully Special Ops will wrestle it from him and accidentally shoot himself and Ryan.

I watched a little OLTL. The sets are so nice by comparison.

How many seizures can Adam have in 3 minutes?

Zach is all dirty again. Liza so wouldn't have sex with him. I like Francheska. She should do Zack. That could be interesting.

How is it that KWAK and Marissa have the same dye job?

Mel Got Served said...

Loved the Scott/Frankie scene. New bromance! Goonies is a fave, so I laughed out loud. But there seemed to be a piece of cardboard trying very hard to create emotions with a lot of makeup and fancy clothes in the chair next to Scott- very odd.

What I also like about Scott is that I think he physically reminds me of David Canary- he really passes as the son of Stuart.

Really hoping for Kendall to enter coma #3. I am already sick of her- again.

As for Annie's wig, Chuck Pratt (FIRE HIM!) must have had a say in it, because she suspicially looks a lot like Sydney from Melrose place (click to see image)

Anonymous said...

Brian Frons on facebook. On a hunch I took a chance and wrote in his name and it popped up it might not be him but I was tempted to ask why is he and Pratt destroying AMC

jason said...

My heart broke when I read about Bea Arthur. We lost a legend.

On the topic of Britney, I love Blackout. It's an amazing album and unappreciated because of all the crazy stuff that Britney was going through. I love all the songs but Toy Solider, piece of me, gimme more and ooh ooh baby are stand outs. My favorite Britney album is In the Zone, every track is different and its her most personal album. In the Zone was ahead of its time. Haha awe I enjoy a Britney balled but My Baby is a lol corny...Tiny hands...

Anonymous said...

Will there be a podcast tonight?

Laura said...

Ha-Ha Annie Montana, another ABC-Disney tie-in.

Robin C. said...

Annie in a wig strongly reminds me of Julie Chandler (played by Lauren Holly). click to see comparisonRobin C.

Mel Got Served said...

Alexander Cambias on Monday's ep: "Poison pancakes- this was the work of an amatuerish, foolish clown!"

You mean MCTAVISH?? ;)

jason said...

Is there going to be a podcast this week? I hope so!

Anonymous said...

Watched exactly 7 minutes of today's show before having to turn the channel. With the exception of Erica's unbelievably gogeous dress, everything else was just too hard to watch. Oh wait, and Tad begging Ryass to leave JR out of the Cambias nonsense. Otherwise, cripes. JR and Scott with the SAME EFFIN dialogue that they always have.
Shadow, love your comment regarding JR:
" Is it any wonder the guy can't stay sober? Adam has been twisting his nutsack his whole life. "

Fire Chuck Pratt.

Eric said...

Hey guys, im new on here from Toronto but im a huge fan!
i just finished watching AMC andi just wanted to add that i really like the scenes with erica/Bianca/Kendall today and yesterday it made the show somewhat watchable

you guys rock!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I totally agree Eric! I love scenes when all of the Kane women are together.

Anonymous said...

Although I love the scenes with the kane women and I love the Kinks relationship the way it was before they acted like the last few months did not happen. One i'm sorry and it's all forgotten you can't fix your screw up plot by passing over the redemption period. I know Bianca can get away with murder (literary) because they always make her go through so much shit but i needed more of an explanation as to way she used zach as the donor without asking kendall

And where is the podcast, i'm in withdrawal


BetseyD said...

Hey, Shadow and Mrs.CaseyShameless:

LOVE your Avatar!!!

I hope that you two don't mind, but I ended up lifting it for myself to use, over at the SOC Boards!

Thanks! HEH HEH HEH!!!


BetseyD said...

By the way -

Is there going to be a Podcast this week?

Just wondering.



Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Sylvie- Although, I do agree with what you are saying. I can't hate that they are trying to "fix" all the crap that has happened in the past few months. And I thought, I may be mistaken, that they have stated a couple of times the Bianca's reason for not asking Kendall if she was okay with Zach being the donor was that she wanted to make sure that the pregnancy took. However, stupid that explanation may be, I guess we have to take what we get.

And Betsey- Feel free to use the avatar. As long as you are spreading the "Fire Pratt" message it is alright with me. lol

jordan hudson said...

hey everyone we will have a podcats up in less then 16 hours maybe even sooner. Sorry for the delay all will be explaines LOVE YA ALL
Jordan (Sabine ) Hudson

Mel Got Served said...

Jordan "I Created Rhapsody in Red" Hudson!

I wish more people I knew watched AMC so I could constantly tell people I invented Rhapsody in Red.

BetseyD said...



I have already started using the UpChuck Avatar over on the SOC Boards, where it would seem that PrAss is universally hated!

Actually, I have yet to see a Board, or even a single post, anywhere on the Internet where PrAss is hailed as anything but the obvious HACK that he is!!!

Jordan, can't wait for the next Podcast!

Thanks, Guys!


Shadow said...

Betsey-I'm thrilled you are using the avatar. I hope it gets copied by message boards everywhere so ABC gets the message. However, I think it was our Laura who created it. I copied it from her. :)

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I made this particular avatar. But I am sure that I am not the first person to think of putting a big red X through Pratthole's face. lol

jason said...

Just saw Mondays OLTL. Wow Starr and Cole were amazing yesterday. Brandon Buddy has come a long way. I hope they both win Emmys. They put Colby and Petey to shame x10

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Jason,

I've been quiet on the blog because I can't bring myself to watch AMC anymore. It's just too depressing. I have been hooked on OLTL though and am so glad you brought it up. I agree that Cole and Starr have been really good and so has Langston and Marco. These are teens that it's easy to care about even when they act like crazy mixed up teens!

Just have to add that Brody with his shirt off yesterday and today was HOT HOT HOT! and then he and Jess finally made love today. It was so sweet and hot and amazing because this has been building for months not a two-week storyline like Pratt delivers on AMC. I hope Ashley and Jordan pull out the slutmetric 2000 for that scene because it will surely be off the scale!

Crystal said...

I agree Starr and Cole were fantastic this week.
I haven't watched today's show yet. I was saving it until my 3 y.o. went to bed so I would have to ff the juicy parts! Wooo baby!

jason said...

Terry I know what you mean. I watched AMC right after Oltl and it was hard to watch right after an action packed oltl.
I HATE HATE that Satin Slayer is back. It makes it look that Frucks, Crappothers and Pratt Hole wants AMC to suck. With him coming back it makes me wonder why I still watch amc.
Langston and Markko are great too. I also love whenever they put David and Vicki together.
Oltl is so kind to give us a Shirtless Brody for three whole days. They have the hottest male cast. I can't wait to see Brody and Jess make love!
Someone on another board brought up that Fish and Kyle could be ex lovers. I can see it, since it's always awkward between them. That would be a hot couple.

Erica Kane said...

My thoughts on tonight's Idol.....
Kris was ok but did not wow me like he has in the past.
Allison picked one of my favorite songs from that era...I thinki she rocked it out!!!
Matt I agree with Randy he was pitchy...he has not been one of my faves and he still isn't.
Danny...veering into Taylor Hicks territory tonight...Again with the hand signals...wish he would let it rest.
Adam..Hands down best performance of the night!!!
Again just my thoughts.

Chloe said...

American Idol...I enjoyed tonight's show. I usually agree with Simon, but tonight he was on a totally different page than me. I thought Kris was good, but I disagree with Randy that it was his best ever. I loved Allison tonight! Simon seemed to go out of his way to put her down. I wasn't crazy about Matt, though it picked up at the end. I did enjoy Danny. I did not like the arrangement to Adam's song. Maybe it's because I like the original version so much, but it seemed all over the place to me. LOL @ Kara calling him sleazy!

AMC...I actually watched today's episode. And no I wasn't smoning anything. I like the Kane women today. I know so much has happened, but I blame Pratt for writing Binks and Kendall so OOC. I miss the old Kane women! And although the storyline sucked for Binks/Reese, I enjoyed their scenes. I think it was mostly due to the great acting by TB and ER.

OLTL...All I want to say is that Brody should be shirtless in EVERY episode! Though, I'm not to sure what happened in his scenes today because I was distracted by his fantastic abs!

Laura said...

I watched Idol, I thought this was Danny's best performance. Wart head did better, I don't remember his name, but he can go. Alison wasn't as good as usual and neither was Adam, but he was still good. Except for the Johnny Cash week, he's been pretty good. When I think of Rat Pack I don't think of Jamey Foxx, he played Ray Charles, not Sammy Davis. I think maybe he was on because he has a movie out but they didn't mention it. I do like Jamie and it looked like he gave them good advice.

Word is Martha Byrne is going to GH as the Mayor's wife. I like John Bolger. Maybe this could be good for GH. Not much has been good on there lately.

Oh yeah, I am sick of AMC and the Satin slayer, unless he takes out our assembled hitlist.

Eric said...

also, today's OLTL
OMG JESS & Brody!

Shadow said...

Sorry about that Ms. Casey! Pratt-X Avatar is a stroke of genius though--simple and to the point. Thanks for letting us use it!

Shadow said...

Idol Gossip....

How many prom dresses do you think Paula owns?

Hmmm. Rat Pack songs. Jamie Fox. That is stretching it a bit. They were singers who could act, not actors with one hit wonder songs. I have never heard JF on the radio.

Wanda is my fave Jamie Fox character from In Living Color. Wish Wanda would make an Idol appearance. Could be funny with the guys.

Simon makes so much money but wears tshirts. Everday. That look like have been slept in. And has a buttcut hairdo. Seems like the show's stylists would clue him in a bit.

Ok, Kris. Did a good job. Why do they always talk about something weird in his comments-underwear, throat olympics, being wet? Although I'm sure people everywhere are all wet dreaming if some throat olympics with this guy. I think all the judges want to do this guy.

Seriously, seems like Simon is trying hard to screw Kris and Allison over so they get an Adam/Gokey finale.

Allison sang a bluesy, smokey version of Someone to Watch Over Me and it was really good. I think she's a contender. Simon's comments about her wanting it were stupid.

Danny's performance was ok but still Hokey. Very cheesy in a Michael Bolton kind of way IMHO. Or Taylor Hicks kind of way. I can see it coming to a bowling alley near you: the double header-Taylor and Hokey In Concert!

And why does Danny always look like he is trying to pinch one off?

Matt-go home. Boring, off key. His big notes were unsettling. The hats are bad. Ever since he started smothering the Wart, he has sucked.

And then came the big entrance by Adam. Like a Vegas showgirl he dramatically descended upon the stage in a white/silver pantsuit. It would have been more authentic if he would have worn a headdress with big feathers sticking out of it. And maybe some high heels. He gave Jamie the full bodied man hug like sorority girls do. Jamie immediately sprayed himself with disinfectant.

Adam sounded screechy to me. He owes me for all the broken crystal. I may call him Screech.

If I were the others, I'd be pissed that Adam keeps getting the last spot, the best lighting, etc. And the judges fawn over him excessively. It's hard to understand Paula while he is teabagging her.

And did you see that was of spit? OMG, can swine flu be spread thru TV?

Ok seriously, Adam makes for good tv, but could you listen to an entire CD if OOOHhhhhhAAAaaaaaaaahhhhhh! He's just so over the top compared to Kris who is a bit more nuanced. The guys never sell well after the show like the girls do. Maybe they should be pushing Allison.

Shadow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shadow said...

I hate autocorrect on my iPod. I meant, "did you see that WAD of spit"...


"could you listen to a whole cd OF Oooooaaahhhhhh!"

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Auto correct on the iPhone/ iPod is a little devil in deguise because you never figure it screwed you up until after the fact lol

And I don't even watch Idol, but Shadow your comments made me laugh, especially, "Can swine flu spread through the TV?" lol

SharlaDawn said...
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Arizonagal said...

Random thoughts on the suds:

This Rex/Stacy/Gigi triangle has one weak link – Gigi. The girl can’t pull her weight in this storyline. Her response to everything is to pout like a bratty adolescent and try to squeeze out a tear. I don’t hate the story, don’t love it, think it’d be better with a better actress than Farah what’s her name. Gigi has the intelligence of a small appliance, but I don’t think she’s supposed to be so friggin clueless, is she?

Can’t wait to find out who the bed-ridden bone marrow donor is. Any guesses?

I know a lot of people hate Crystal Hunt. I think she’s doing a decent job. I’m not bowled over by her, but IMHO it’s more the writing than her acting. Lola is the character that Stacy should be. I love Lola and wish she was sticking around.

My God, did David Vickers look completely edible this week? Tuc Watkins has something so magical. Does he have another gig elsewhere? Why does he come and go from Llanview so frequently?

Jess and Brody – FINALLY!! That is one hot couple. I always thought Brody was boring until he and Jess hooked up. Va va voom.

Starr and Cole – holy freakin’ cow – those kids are amazing.

On AMC, maybe it’s because I just saw the movie, but Ryan pointing that gun like some really white wannabe gang banger looked more like Hellboy brandishing his big fat gun, with that bulging brow ridge and all that menacing rage. I just can’t take this guy seriously any more. I either have to FF thru Cam's “acting” or watch and laugh at this tool.

Eric said...

okay is anyone kind of 'meh' about OLTL lately? the last week was kind of dismal for me... minus Brody and Jess of course! omg HOT but the whole KAD killer and that, i hope they wrap it up and start some cool summer storylines...

also, on AMC i wont lie, i LUL'ed at Colby being worried about Adam in the hospital..
thankfully she has JR in her scenes which for me makes it all better